Indian Student Makes Rs 500 Wearable Device To Alert If Anyone Gets Closer Than 1 Metre

Indian Student Makes Rs 500 Wearable Device To Alert If Anyone Gets Closer Than 1 Metre

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. To take down the novel coronavirus, the whole nation has gone under lockdown, with only essential services accessible to citizens around the world. 


People who are stepping out are concerned about getting infected while keeping a safe distance from strangers. Many might also think how cool would it be if a small device could help us keep a track of everything. Well, an engineering student at Lovely Professional University has created just that.

Prabin Kumar Das, a B Tech student, along with his professors has created a small IoT pendant (which he calls Kawach) that is designed to promote social distancing. The device is loaded with a bunch of sensors that help the wearer not just keep track of his health, but also if he/she is coming too close to someone, breaching the safe space of 1 metre.

Along with this, the pendant has a vibration motor on board that vibrates every thirty minutes, reminding the wearer to wash their hands. 

Along with that, the pendant has a thermal sensor that monitors body temperature and in case the body temperature goes over normal levels, it shoots a notification on the wearer's phone.


Dr Lovi Raj Gupta, Executive Dean of Science and Technology, Lovely Professional University says, “While the whole world is grappling to find a vaccine for Covid-19, ‘Kawach’ is our effort to contain the spread of this deadly virus. 

He further added, “Kawach enables one to achieve just that by warning people in case their safe space is breached. Additionally, it also offers a handwash reminder, a very handy tool in these times. We have already tested it internally and are now looking for the right partners to commercialise it.”

The device is priced at just Rs 500 per unit, and they say if mass-produced, the price of the device could be further reduced to Rs 400 per unit. 

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