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Harriette Cole: My friend won’t stop her weird behavior
Jealous Best FriendDEAR JEALOUS BEST FRIEND: I have a problem with the concept of “best friend.” I know some people will think that’s extreme, but my reason is that just by definition, it indicates that this one person takes precedence over all others. Related Articles Harriette Cole: I’m afraid to tell my boyfriend what I’m doingHarriette Cole: How can I make her see this man is wrong for her? Harriette Cole: My fiance hates his job, but I’ll be living well if he keeps itHarriette Cole: What should I say when they ask how I afford my apartment? Harriette Cole: I don’t know how I’ll pay for my son’s college You can assure your best friend of how much you love her and appreciate her friendship. Harriette Cole is a lifestylist and founder of DREAMLEAPERS, an initiative to help people access and activate their dreams.
Letters: Column was wrong, require training to get benefits, clean energy efforts
Letters to the EditorReader says column on Community Shelter Board was wrong-headed victim-blamingTed Decker's Oct. 14 column "More blame for stealing from people in dire need" blaming the Community Shelter Board for being the victim of a well-organized, multi-defendant white collar crime scheme is wrong-headed victim blaming. More:Theodore Decker: About internal theft, Community Shelter Board has more explaining to doWhile the Board clearly had to plug a hole in its procedures, the criminals worked hard to create a clever scheme. DeWine on efforts to find clean energy solutionsLast month, the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum joined with businesses, organizations, policymakers and citizens across the country to celebrate National Clean Energy Week. His proclamation highlights this fast-growing, bipartisan movement supporting clean energy industries. So, it’s fantastic news that Ohio now ranks eighth in clean energy jobs and saw over $250 million in investment from the solar industry last year.
KPREP results show that learning recovery from COVID-19 is everybody’s business
Brigitte BlomOpinion ContributorThe Kentucky Department of Education released the results of the 2021 student assessments on Sept. 27. That said, the results reflect the impact of COVID-19 on student learning and, therefore, are a set of important metrics which must serve as an urgent call to action. Ignoring the results of the Kentucky Summative Assessments could have dire consequences for the future of our state. Combined, these dollars can be spent on community solutions - such as after-school learning programs - that will truly help our students catch up. Learning recovery from COVID-19 is everybody’s business.
Be honest about restorative practice benefits and check your confirmation bias at the door
Then, Dr. Stumbo submitted a well-written response in a column. While Dr. Stumbo is entitled to express his opinion about restorative practices, he cannot disseminate inaccurate information and imply malicious intent. So, if Dr. Stumbo read the 132 page RAND study, then we read the same document. Dr. Stumbo certainly has plenty of patience regarding other people’s children. Their ideology can blind them to quantitative and even qualitative data.
Why no outrage for new Kentucky election laws? They're no better than Texas or Georgia
Hayden DubloisOpinion ContributorA Democratic governor signed an election integrity bill into law — with Republican support. Instead of the traditional cacophony of media smears and outlandish claims against yet another governor trying to hurt voters, especially minority voters, Kentucky barely made headlines. Or that Texas’s law expands early voting hours and improves protections for voters seeking time off to vote early. As Kentucky voters head to the polls for a special election on November 2, they’ll see these new provisions and protections at work. Let’s take the Kentucky approach and emulate it in other states to show that election integrity really is just plain common sense.
Build back solar: the Puerto Ricans who see sun as key to resist climate shocks
But thanks to the rooftop solar system, Marrero could stay cool and watch TV without worrying about the food going off in the fridge. Puerto Rico is a tropical Caribbean archipelago and US territory located a thousand miles or so south-east of Miami. A resident tries to connect electrical lines downed by Hurricane Maria in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, in October 2017. It’s widely agreed that Puerto Rico’s energy system is in disarray. Since Maria, hundreds of rooftop and onsite solar systems have been installed at homes, emergency services and critical businesses around Adjuntas, known locally as Pueblo Solar (Solar Town).
What’s actually in Biden’s Build Back Better bill? And how would it affect you?
In much of the press coverage of the fight over Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, politicians, pundits and media talking heads often focus on its $3.5tn price tag. The Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill, is one of two huge pieces of legislation that form the centerpiece of Biden’s domestic agenda. The passage of Build Back Better would expand Medicare services to cover vision, hearing and dental health needs, which it currently does not. Progressives and climate advocates had hoped for sweeping climate reforms that did not make it into Biden’s Build Back Better bill – and that omission continues to be a fight between the far-left and centrist Democrats. The Build Back Better plan aims to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, far short of the Green New Deal’s goal of 2035.
Opinion | Trump Missed the Part About No Do-Overs
Bret: It would be nice to think that his obsession with 2020 is solely a function of his personal insecurities. Within the Republican Party, he’s making the stolen-election fantasy a litmus test, which Republican politicians defy at the peril of either being primaried by a Trump toady or losing vital Trump voters in close elections. At the national level, he’s creating a new “stab-in-the-back” myth to undermine the legitimacy of democracy itself. He was the U.K.’s Labour prime minister during the “Winter of Discontent,” when the country seemed to be perpetually on strike. Bret: I still think the most pro-worker thing the White House can do is get the infrastructure bill passed.
What Biden Needs to Declare Victory on Climate
Added: 18.10.2021 2:56 | 22 views | 0 commentsIn the past few years, a historic shift has occurred in American public opinion: For the first time ever, and across a variety of polling outlets, a majority of Americans say that they want to see the government take serious action on climate change. This shift has accompanied an eruption of climate-related disasters. Wildfires now paralyze the West Coast. Heat waves have killed elderly people in their homes. And record-breaking floods have destroyed farms, shut down cities, and drowned children in basements.
Biden Is Not Jimmy Carter & This Is Not the 1970s
Biden Is Not Jimmy Carter & This Is Not the 1970sAdded: 18.10.2021 3:52 | 21 views | 0 commentsThe right's facile comparisons of the two presidents miss the vastly different circumstances facing Biden and distort Carter's record.
Y: The Last Man recap: Taking a stand
Furious, Nora confronts Roxanne, who claims that it's not personal — even though it obviously is — and states that Nora simply isn't one of them. When Roxanne informed Jenna about this, Jenna shot back that Roxanne was simply jealous of the attention she was receiving. To cheer Hero up, Roxanne brings her outside to a bonfire surrounded by the rest of the group. In the aftermath of the fire, the PriceMax group is in disarray. Pleased that Roxanne has accepted the bargain she proposed, Nora puts Roxanne's PriceMax name tag in her pocket.
Texas' Holocaust both-sides-ing debacle is scary. Worse? It's already happening.
Unfortunately, we don’t have to wonder about the chilling ramifications of both-sides-ing the Holocaust — it’s already happening. In the U.S., we have monuments to Nazi collaborators in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, among other states. Parades honoring Holocaust perpetrators are held in European capitals, where veterans of Nazi divisions that exterminated Jews and Roma are feted as heroes. Most often, the governments and far-right groups whitewashing Nazi collaborators claim their “heroes” weren’t fighting alongside Hitler but rather against the Soviet Union. Even more perversely, these Holocaust perpetrators, many of whom were defeated by the Red Army, are often cast as victims of the USSR.
Sir David Amess: Westminster to pay tribute to MP
PA Media Copyright: PA MediaLord Jeffrey Archer, a close friend of Sir David Amess, says "he'd have hated" the suggestion that MPs should have security when meeting constituents as he was a "one-on-one person". Lord Archer tells BBC Breakfast the tributes to Sir David "quite rightly have been about his amazing constituency work". "I fear in future that we are going to have to consider things that David wouldn't have enjoyed. For example I suspect one-on-one meetings will have to have other people in the room at the same time," he says. Read more: MPs could get police guards at surgeries
Austria's disgraced conservative former leader was without qualities
Just 35 years old, Kurz has the distinction of having been ex-chancellor twice already. But he was a master of public relations: rebranding the staid Austrian People’s Party (OVP) as a “movement” suggested youthful dynamism. But the reality was the opposite: what Kurz sold as a “new style” consisted of the OVP having to accept his total dominance. After all, it contrasted with the squabbling in the grand coalitions between Social and Christian Democrats that had dominated postwar Austrian politics. Christian Democrats and center-right forces more broadly need to rethink what they stand for, beyond a claim to technocratic competence.
Sokol Artists' Village in the Colors of Autumn
We need your help now more than ever. Independent media outlets and journalists in Russia are being increasingly targeted with “foreign agent” and “undesirable” labels, threatening the existence of the free press day by day. Your donation to The Moscow Times directly supports the last independent English-language news source within Russia.
[Us and Them] People living in poverty become targets of hate in Korea
NATIONALBarbed wire is installed along the fence between the general and public housing sections of Gwanak Dream Town, an apartment complex in Gwanak-gu, southern Seoul. They accounted for 29.8 percent of all complaints related to rental housing.Some residents of Seohyeon-dong -- part of Bundang in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province -- protested the large-scale public housing plan with a banner comparing rental housing to “refugee villages.” “Public rental housing threatens the safety and security of residents,” read one pamphlet.Humansia is one of several apartment complex brands that offer low-priced public rental units throughout South Korea. I was told, ‘It’s a neighborhood where poor children live. Only 57.1 percent of families with elementary school children said so.For mothers of elementary school children living in the affluent districts Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu and Songpa-gu, the figure was just 37.5 percent.Dungmyong Elementary School in Gangseo-gu has 104 students, the smallest number of any public elementary school in Seoul. However, for those who fall outside the boundaries of “normal,” life in Korea is riddled with hurdles and sometimes open hatred.
Rotterdam: Violence breaks out between police and protesters in during a protest against housing policy
Rotterdam: Violence breaks out between police and protesters in during a protest against housing policyProtesters in Rotterdam clashed with police on the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Thousands showed up to the protest against the governments housing policy and rising rental prices.
Journalism Turns on the First Amendment
And none of it fell under the First Amendment. On a small scale, journalism is now a weapon to take First Amendment rights away from those deemed politically unsuitable. But one is a threat to the First Amendment and one just likes to hear himself talk. Why did Mathias, HuffPo, and the congresswoman go so far out of their way to get McCaffrey out of the Air Force? And, biggest picture of all, that’s what is left of journalism at this point.
What to know about the latest fight over Trump’s executive privilege claims
Of the four, only Bannon is currently facing contempt proceedings — potential depositions for Meadows, Scavino, and Patel have been delayed. Steve Bannon team has fired off another letter to Jan 6 committee repeating that they will not cooperate citing Trump executive privilege claims. Trump’s letter is not an official invocation of executive privilege, as PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor points out. It’s unclear whether Trump actually has any grounds to claim that privilege, particularly when it comes to his communications with Bannon. And as former federal prosecutor and Brown University professor Jeffrey Robbins told the New York Times, Trump’s arguments for executive privilege are “patently bogus” and lack justification, such as protecting national security.
The Pentagon’s Bloated Budget Undermines American Democracy
Amid a climate supposedly riven by polarization and obstruction, few things remain capable of uniting America’s political class quite like the Pentagon budget. Military spending allocated for 2022 considerably exceeds the cost of five separate Green New Deal bills. Fundamentally, however, the case against the Pentagon’s ever-expanding budget is a democratic one. But bipartisan support for the Pentagon budget remains so ironclad that most military spending votes are basically perfunctory — a legislative rubber stamp which lends legitimacy to an outcome everyone knows is a foregone conclusion. But over half of discretionary public funds being cursorily earmarked every year to America’s bloated military apparatus represents an issue altogether more serious and profound than mere waste.
Browns' Kareem Hunt carted off with a calf injury
Associated PressHundreds of people were ordered to report for jury duty Monday in Georgia for what could be a long, laborious effort to find jurors to hear the trial of three white men charged with fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery as he was running in their neighborhood. Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan are charged with murder and other crimes in Arbery's death on Feb. 23, 2020, just outside the port city of Brunswick. Arbery's father said he's praying for an impartial panel and a fair trial, saying Black crime victims too often have been denied justice.
Commerce head out to save US jobs, 1 computer chip at a time
Joseph Raimondo lost his chemist job at the Bulova plant when his youngest child was in sixth grade. More than 20% of the state's jobs were in manufacturing then; now only 8% are, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Raimondo’s story is a microcosm of the the American economy, which emerged from World War II with its manufacturing might intact. But lower wages overseas siphoned off factory jobs and the economy was reengineered for college graduates and a digital age. The smartest or luckiest children of former steelworkers and autoworkers got degrees from the best universities, as did Raimondo.
U.S. Congress stares down long odds for bringing Trump to book
Bannon is being pursued under the more streamlined 1857 criminal contempt statute making non-compliance a federal crime punishable by up to 12 months in jail. The runes aren’t great: The department said in 1984 it would not prosecute executive branch officials for criminal contempt of Congress when “executive privilege” formed the basis for non-compliance. Since 2008, the House has cited at least six current or former White House officials for violations, yet no action has been taken. The dust-up between Congress and the presidency over Richard Nixon’s White House tapes led Congress to pursue a third option: civil enforcement through the courts. And such threats don’t make much sense in any case when the investigating lawmakers and the White House are on the same side.
Everyone has climate anxiety these days. The 25% of Americans who believe, or want to believe, that Trump is still president cope with climate anxiety by living in an alternate reality. Trump was sent by God to hasten the destruction of the biosphere, in order to fulfill prophecies about the Tribulation. The worse the climate catastrophe, the worse the plague, the happier they are that Judgment Day is near, and the more they cling to him. Only then can we, with the help of our Higher Power, save the planet.
DK Preppers: Pot Luck
Soon, that con artist pulls the nail out of the pot,and, both he, and the villagers, all enjoy a nice meal. Now, I had nail soup. I make a bowl of this, to eat,using frozen bread, one slice, broken up,one more slice of cheese (pasteurized process American),with a few ladles of my seasoned nail soup. That is my essay on nail soup. Those things we need to do:stay physically strong and healthy,stay financially stable,maintain moral standards, in all we do.
Sinema Gets Max Donations From Top GOP Donors.
Well file this under the least surprising thing ever, In fact, the longest part of writing this diary was the 20 minutes or so I spent trying to find something that would literally shock me less. But anyway, I digress, it seems according to FEC records obtained by Mother Jones Several GOP donors who have previously supported efforts to elect Donald Trump, have maxed out their support for the ulcer inducing, “Mavericky” Senator from Arizona. So in fairness to Kyrsten Sinema she is not just tanking Democrats chances in 2022 for the sake of Big Pharma, No, She is tanking Democrats chances in 2022 for Big Pharma and a whole posse of the worst people in the world. They and many other Republican mega donors who donated to Sinema also donated large sums to bring fascism to America in 2016. Click here to read the sordid details.
(Had we several parties of relatively equal strength, this takeover most likely could not have taken place.) The GOP shows no indications of withdrawing their support of Trump, admitting to the errors of their ways or even acknowledging their support for democracy. Yes, independent media has aided in this respect but they have their counterparts who wish only to misinform the public. This is the question we should be asking ourselves, whether it's all just a game of PRETENDING purpose, goals or even ideology. Sad to say, but I've come to suspect that the "truest believers" among us might soon prove themselves the biggest suckers of all.
Should Religious Exemptions Be Available for the COVID Vaccinations? Will SCOTUS Intervene?
The lower courts sustained the governor’s actions and in an unprecedented action the Supreme Court, without any oral argument, overturned the actions of the governor. Does the rule of law, public safety and general welfare trump any claim of religious exemption? On December 1st the Supreme Court will revisit Roe v Wade and expectations are the six member conservative faction will overturn or seriously limit. Has the Supreme Court exceeded the authority envisioned by the Constitution? Some proposals to overhaul the Supreme Court — like the institution of term limits and a modest expansion of the bench — would arguably be salutary.
Yes, respect Native sacred ground...alternatives?
It’s about time Native land is recognized and stop Keystone Pipeline, Then we turn around and ask OPEC and others to produce more oil. After giving Republicans the green light on massive military, we need to do better! What alternatives to Keystone Pipeline? One strange idea is to use land owned by Republicans, to see how they feel about oil if it is in their backyard. Using Alberta oil is better than importing abroad.
Hey Kyrsten Sinema, Unlike Sexuality, American Politics is Binary.
I wish Kyrsten Sinema (who cut her teeth fighting an anti-gay agenda in Arizona) could understand that unlike human sexuality, American politics is binary. If you cripple Biden’s agenda for whatever reason you think important, you get a Republican congress in 2022. Does anyone doubt that will lead to a fiercely anti-LGBTQ agenda? American politics in binary. If you are committed to LGBTQ rights you must not destroy the only party that defends those rights.
Rogue edition: Tweets of the Week
Our friend oldhippiedude is taking a break for a couple of weeks, so I’ve collected some tweets for TotW addicts to tide us over until his return. — New York Times Pitchbot (@DougJBalloon) October 13, 2021x So true pic.twitter.com/axxEHU7Dhq — Bob Young (@BobYoung2036364) October 16, 2021x Democrats have a plan to stop the giant meteor that will end life on this planet. — New York Times Pitchbot (@DougJBalloon) October 15, 2021x Whenever a guy says,"Treat you like a queen", I assume like the medieval kind where they see you like livestock to sire heirs. pic.twitter.com/Cd5qeki8Fx — Extra Spooky Skyler Jay (@SkylerJay_) October 15, 2021x Trump to Skip 2024 Campaign and Go Straight to Claiming He Won https://t.co/O2btLNPWQ7 via @NewYorker — John McLaughlin (@je_mclaughlin) October 13, 2021x Same guy, ten days apart. — Dean Gloster (@deangloster) October 15, 2021x Death Santis announces campaign for President — larueart (@dlarue16) October 15, 2021x Unless 90s NBA had a lot of unprotected sex during games, I don’t see how this is equivalent.
“We have built a civilization based on a world that doesn’t exist anymore"
It explores climate change projected impacts on water, drought, wildfires, and food security. Attribution: Jack Taylor/AFP via Getty Images,WATER (or lack of water) is associated with extreme weather events, drought, wildfires, and crop failures. Over five billion people are expected to have an inadequate water supply within the next three decades. expected to have an inadequate water supply within the next three decades. North America’s southern regions are expected to be impacted by severe drought by 2100; the north-east US will experience more extreme rainfall events
Krugman: Future historians will be 'astonished' that we let the planet burn to protect coal
The world is burning, but as long as the wildfires don’t touch Manchin’s scattered piles of coal cash, he’s more than willing to let it burn. Manchin opposes the bill’s Clean Electricity Performance Program, which many climate activists say is the linchpin of President Biden’s climate change plan. Why is he holding up meaningful climate action based on a dying industry with no future? I’ve poured untold resources into dying relationships with no future, but eventually I smartened up. Or, if you prefer a test drive, you can download the epilogue to Goodbye, Asshat for the low, low price of FREE.
Nuts & Bolts: Apathy is always at risk
Voter apathy isn’t just, “Well, I don’t want to vote.” It is often a result of voter suppression that puts hurdles in voters’ path to the ballot box. If the voter isn’t the bad guy in voter apathy, how can you give a voter and a candidate a way to talk about apathy as a problem without that framing? Voters need a reason to vote, most often a positive reason. But unless the opposition is an unbelievably terrible incumbent, potential voters also need to hear something positive about you. Republicans fall in line and will vote for their candidates, but Democratic voters need to fall in love with a candidate to really get out there.
Reason off the Rails;by David Breeden
"John Lewis got it right: “Democracy is not a state. .”It’s time for people who care about words and about reason to examine our assumptions. So many progressives are astonished that the products of the European Enlightenment don’t get the respect they once did. One reason for that could well be that most people never got asked what they thought about the whole thing. If we consider them worthy as goals, it’s time we use our noodles reasonably and decide to act like they matter."
Build Back Better Legislation: New Keynesianism or Neoliberal Public Relations Stunt?
Some provisions of Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation benefit the masses of Black people, but this legislation is a bare minimum effort to blunt some of the sharpest contradictions of the system while attempting to maintain the neoliberal order. Even the editors at the Wall Street Journal, the flagship paper of the U.S. ruling class, argued that adjustments to what has been called neoliberalism had to be made, and the editors of the Financial Times, the paper of choice for the international bourgeoisie, made what was a startling claim on April 4, 2020 that the era of neoliberalism was basically over.
The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails; by Donald Ayer Reagan's U.S. attorney /principal deputy solicitor general
Justices who once derided judicial “meddling” are now meddlers themselves.As the court begins a new term, regrettably, its recent history suggests that it lacks a majority of justices with sufficient concern about the basic continuity and integrity of the law or the ability of government to function. To merit the public trust, their judgments must not appear simply as assertions of individual value choices by the justices or willy-nilly discard long-established court precedents that profoundly affect people’s lives. Nor should they actively undermine the ability of governments to advance public purposes as established by a fair democratic process." Mr. Ayer was a U.S. attorney and principal deputy solicitor general in the Reagan administration and deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration.
Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Burning Future of U.S.-China Relations
How much more swimmingly could relations between them go on this planet of sickness and heat? Economically speaking, however, as the New York Times reported, he didn't not when it comes to China anyway. We face a future all-too-literally embroiled in what, as he explains, could be the hottest "war" around. Of course, politicians, scientific groups, and environmental organizations will offer plans of every sort in Glasgow to reduce global carbon emissions and slow the process of planetary incineration. Only the United States and China, by far the world's top two carbon emitters, are in a position to do so.
The Empires That Brought Us Here
What might be helpful would be a clear-eyed historical account of empires rising and falling, written by someone aware of all of this and dedicated to both cutting through centuries-old propaganda and avoiding simplistic explanations. And that we now have in Alfred W. McCoy's To Govern the Globe: World Orders and Catastrophic Change, a 300-page tour through empires past and present, including the empires of Portugal and Spain. McCoy provides a detailed account of these empires' contributions to genocide, slavery, and in contrast discussions of human rights. McCoy interweaves considerations of demographic, economic, military, cultural, and economic factors, with some interesting consideration of what we would today call public relations. Empire, no matter how many empires there have been or what ugly company they place the current one in.
How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America Gone?
From Hartmann ReportWe are close to either a collapse or a renewal of democracy: which way will America go? While there's apparently "nothing to see here" when it comes to conservative media outlets and even, in many ways, mainstream media, it's worth asking the question: "How far down the road toward authoritarian oligarchy, or even outright fascism, have we gone?" As a German college professor told reporter and author Milton Mayer just after World War II when Mayer essentially asked him, "How could you guys have let this happen? "Our work is guided," Hayden wrote, "by the sense that we may be the last generation in the experiment with living." As Hayden wrote, "Freedom and equality for each individual, government of, by, and for the people these American values we found good, principles by which we could live as [citizens]."
The General Strike of 2021
All told, about 4 million American workers have been leaving their jobs every month since last spring. You might say American workers have declared a national general strike until they get better pay and improved working conditions. No one calls it a general strike. This general strike has nothing to do with the Republican bogeyman of extra unemployment benefits supposedly discouraging people from working. It can't be the reason for the general strike.
Where Is Cancel Culture When You Need It? Ted Nugent Appears at Wisconsin State Hearings
From Ted Nugent's Facebook (undated)(Image by Global News) Details DMCAWhere is cancel culture when you need it? Yet the rocker/hunter provocateur was invited to speak this week at Wisconsin's legislature in Madison to lend credibility to new hunting bills sponsored by Republican lawmakers. At the hearings, Nugent called sandhill cranes "rib-eyes in the sky" and suggested eating them with butter and garlic. Money For DNRsMost of the Wisconsin bills seek to simplify or reduce Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulations for hunting, trapping and fishing which are indicted for serious sportsmen attrition. For years DNRs have operated programs to give young hunters "the bug" to replace the loss of older hunters.
American History for Truthdiggers: The Jeffersonian Enigma (1800-1808)
Below is the 11th installment of the “American History for Truthdiggers” series, a pull-no-punches appraisal of our shared, if flawed, past. Part 11 of “American History for Truthdiggers.” / See: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9, Part 10. For the American republic to blossom, it must remain a nation of small, independent farmers. Jefferson’s American republic, in fact, so feared the Haitian rebels that the U.S. would not recognize the independence of this sister republic in the Western Hemisphere until the American Civil War. ? John M. Murrin, “The Jeffersonian Triumph and American Exceptionalism,” Journal of the Early Republic 20, Number 1 (Spring 2000).
SEP electoral members denounce removal of COVID-19 safety measures as “profit-driven”
Electoral members have linked the rising popular opposition to government refusals to protect the population from COVID-19 to the anti-democratic electoral laws pushed through parliament with bipartisan support on August 26. On Sunday October 31, the SEP will hold an online public meeting to explain its COVID-19 eradication policies and their crucial connection to the campaign to defeat the electoral laws. To join the SEP campaign against the legislation, sign-up as an electoral member today. ****Dmitri, a 23-year-old writer from Adelaide in South Australia, became an electoral member in 2020. These electoral laws are another way to slow the movement of the majority away from capitalist politics.”Aden, a 28-year-old Victoria University student from Melbourne, became an electoral member early this year.
Huge opposition from television and movie workers as union calls off strike and pushes sellout deal
“This is a Hollywood ending,” IATSE President Matthew Loeb said in the press release. While IATSE workers have historically turned out in low numbers, (20 to 30 percent, according to an IndieWire article from 2018), over 90 percent of workers turned out for the near unanimous vote to authorize a strike. A good many have already taken the measure of the current IATSE leadership with calls already appearing to have them replaced. Workers are fighting for a substantial increase in wages to keep up with a relentless rise in living expenses. That will not be done by replacing one union boss with another.
Strike by Deere workers challenges decades of union-backed concessions, sparking fears on Wall Street
That is why the UAW is doing everything it can to isolate the strike and undermine the powerful position of Deere workers. The rank-and-file committee established direct lines of communication with autoworkers in Detroit and with Volvo workers in Belgium and other countries. The recently formed John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee is leading the fight to unify all Deere workers, demand full income from the strike fund, and call for joint strike action with Dana workers and common struggle with autoworkers and Deere workers throughout the company’s international operations. To fight a transnational giant like Deere, workers need real international unity and a coordination of their struggles across national boundaries. Workers have taken a decisive step by forming the John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee.
The ‘Great Resignation’ goes global
For the average worker in a developed Western economy, there are reasons for encouragement. “The truth is people in the 1960s and ’70s quit their jobs more often than they have in the past 20 years, and the economy was better off for it,” wrote Thompson in the Atlantic. “Since the 1980s, Americans have quit less, and many have clung to crappy jobs for fear that the safety net wouldn’t support them while they looked for a new one. But Americans seem to be done with sticking it out. And they’re being rewarded for their lack of patience: Wages for low-income workers are rising at their fastest rate since the Great Recession.”
EDITORIAL: Amid ‘defund’ rhetoric, murders soared
Last month, the FBI released its 2020 crime statistics. The increase in homicides jumped off the page. In 2020, there were an estimated 21,570 homicides in the United States, a whopping 30 percent increase from 2019. FBI statistics show that more than half of homicide victims are Black. Is it any wonder that the “defund the police” movement has failed to garner significant popular support among Blacks?
McCaughey: Dems go on the attack against smart kids
Parents whose kids excel in school need to be on guard. Leftist school administrators across the country are banning gifted programs in elementary and middle school and Advanced Placement courses in high school. The study also underscores the importance of helping gifted children early on overcome barriers to success. These parents need guidance on buying into the educational achievement culture. California proposes eliminating accelerated math before 11th grade and requiring all students to study math together.
Editorial: Democrats need concrete spending priorities
Unfortunately, these seem to be concentrating not on setting priorities, getting value for money, and presenting intelligible choices to the country, but on creative accounting. As it happens, though, the plan’s tax increases don’t cover the proposed new spending. Remember that these enormous new commitments were proposed on top of an unprecedented expansion of spending and borrowing due to the pandemic. With inflation running at a multi-decade high by some measures, these gigantic numbers surely warrant more caution than Biden and progressive Democrats have allowed. Progressive Democrats proudly see their spending ambitions as radical and transformative.
Sisolak suffers ‘minor’ injuries after two-car crash Sunday in Las Vegas
Steve Sisolak was involved in a two-car crash at the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Russell Road at around 1 p.m., according to a statement. Steve Sisolak gives an update on Nevada's vaccination efforts at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, in Las Vegas. Steve Sisolak was briefly hospitalized Sunday after a car crash in Las Vegas, a spokeswoman said. The two-car collision occurred at the intersection of South Rainbow Boulevard and West Russell Road about 1 p.m., according to a statement. Sisolak and another driver both suffered minor injuries and were taken to University Medical Center.
Miles: Michigan undermines public trust without transparency
The state is falling behind in transparency, which is critical to restoring public trust. It undermines trust in our leaders and raises questions about the independence of our press. Wondering if more signs had been missed when Schlissel appointed him in 2017, The News requested Philbert’s personnel file, a public record. So how did the university evade public records norms for so long? If Michigan wants to restore credibility — in elections and health, in universities and local communities — it needs to strengthen transparency.
Spain's PM vows to ban prostitution, warning it 'enslaves' women
Spain could outlaw prostitution after its prime minister pledged to ban it in the country. Speaking to supporters at the end of his Socialist Party's three-day congress in Valencia, Pedro Sanchez said the practice "enslaves" women. The industry has boomed since it was decriminalised in 1995 and estimates suggest that about 300,000 women work in the sex industry in Spain. Image: During a gender-based and sexual violence demonstration in 2018, protestors opposed a union supporting sexual workersIn 2016 the United Nations estimated that Spain's sex industry was worth €3.7bn (£3.1bn). Several protesters carried signs that called for the ban of the practice, with many unhappy that the government allowed a sex workers' trade union to form.
Gowdy: Republicans must put 'differences and ambitions aside,' let American people restore balance in midterms
The former South Carolina congressman urged congressional Republicans to "put their differences and ambitions aside long enough to let history and the American people restore balance" in his opening monologue Sunday as the country looks ahead to the 2022 midterm elections. "Do political parties over-read election results?" "Perhaps this is how people respond when political parties forget about them. "Perhaps the American people like checks and balances, perhaps we like change or perhaps this is how people respond when political parties forget about them. "Will Republicans put their differences and ambitions aside long enough to let history and American people restore balance or will Georgia repeat itself?"
Whether Virginia brings back parole could hinge on who wins power in November
Earlier this year, senators tabled a bill to reinstate parole while the Virginia State Crime Commission studies the issue. Morrissey said it’s challenging to explain to the public and even lawmakers that parole eligibility does not mean someone walks out the door — it only means a panel of experts can evaluate people to decide who should qualify for release. Matthieu Belanger, a 2020 graduate of Washington and Lee University School of Law who helps people in prison schedule appointments with the parole board, said the public doesn’t get to see the details. Many people in prison committed crimes when they were young after growing up exposed to drug use and violent crime. After years of therapy and rehabilitation in prison, “a lot of them express a great deal of remorse for what they did, and an understanding that they’re never going to be able to fully make it right because they can’t bring that person back.”If they’re released on supervision, many want to mentor teens or find ways to help prevent crime, he said.
Winning numbers drawn in 'Cash4Life' game
BURKE, Va. (AP) — A man who works for the sergeant-at-arms of the U.S. House of Representatives has been charged with possession of child porn…
Top Democrats woo Black voters in Virginia governor's race
Abrams told the congregations that in McAuliffe's first term as governor, he increased funding for education and ensured that tens of thousands of former felons and others who had been removed from voter rolls had their right to the ballot box restored. "I know you get tired of being called a bellwether state but I’m going to tell you — as someone from one of those newly purplish states — we’ve got to look to you for wisdom,” she said, referring to once reliably Republican Georgia backing Biden and two Democratic senators last cycle. During a subsequent stop, Abrams appealed to her audience: “What you say in 2021 will show the world who we are in 2022 and 2024 and beyond.”At Faith Deliverance Christian Center, where congregants gathered in a gymnasium, the pastor, Sharon Riley, thanked Abrams for not being elected Georgia governor because “we now see that God had a plan” and that Abrams' work since in defense of voting rights has made her one of the “most significant” people in the nation. Abrams said when she first began running for office, she felt mixing politics and church was bad. But, she said, her mother eventually reminded her that “politics is always in the church” and her father said that the Bible “is one of the most intense political texts ever written.”
‘How is this acceptable?’ Essaibi George blasts Mass and Cass response
“Over the past six months, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in tents and uptick in violence, and new substances have flooded the area. Both of the candidates — one of whom one will be the mayor in just one month, Nov. 16 — align somewhat on the latest hot-button Mass and Cass issues. Trash, including cigarette butts and the bright-orange caps from hypodermic needles, spilled from the tents and across the sidewalks. “How is this acceptable,” the city councilor-at large turned mayoral contender asked. The Boston Public Health Commission this weekend issued a warning over a dangerous rat-borne disease called leptospirosis putting the homeless at “high risk” as the rodent population booms alongside the squalor.
Pretrial release defense cherry picks data
Consequently, on any given day, there are simply a lot of accused criminals free on pretrial release. “Only 13 of the cases analyzed — fewer than 1% — involved arrests for first-degree felonies while defendants awaited trial,” the Journal reported. Otherwise, 13 easily prevented first-degree felonies is a horrendously high number. The study found that just under 5% of defendants were arrested for new violent offenses while out on pretrial release. The records cited by our Supreme Court to “prove” dangerous offenders aren’t being released into the community show nothing of the kind.
Low-income students in Virginia are filling out fewer FAFSA forms and putting off college
After a year-plus of taking classes online, students also questioned the logic of paying thousands of dollars for more remote classes. While many classes have returned to an in-person environment, a chunk of classes remain online at schools such as Virginia Commonwealth University. “It didn’t make sense to all our students.”There are benefits to filling out FAFSA of which most students aren’t aware. Plus, students can have a better shot at being accepted to a college if the college knows the student’s financial situation. College enrollment has dropped, tooAfter FAFSA rates declined last year, a lower college enrollment followed this year.
Persons in recovery from substance use disorder can provide powerful help to others in need, but not all are allowed to help
“This peer can offer them the resources that they need to navigate that path to recovery, whether it could be inpatient ... whatever it is and also some additional case management,” he said. ******Carey, now a truck driver, said he would jump at the chance to get back into recovery counseling work. Even though it could mean a cut in income, he said he believes his background helps him help others. We can understand some of their thought processes and the low self-esteem,” he said. It is also harder for someone in recovery to fool someone else in recovery about how they are doing or what they are feeling and thinking, Carey said.
It’s hard to get your voice heard in a Japanese election
A friend of mine once happened upon a former Japanese prime minister. The former prime minister (in office from April 2001 to September 2006) was immediately recognizable from his wavy, Richard Gere-esque hairstyle. Koizumi is one of the few Japanese prime ministers to become easily recognizable to people outside of Japan. Prime Minister? Jones reportedly grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Japanese elections are noisy!”Well, at least he made the news.
Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism
Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascismTens of thousands of union members and other Italians gathered in Rome to stand up against rising fascism Saturday, a week after right-wing extremists forced their way into the headquarters of Italy's most powerful labour confederation while protesting a COVID-19 certification requirement for workplaces.
Nun imprisoned over peace activism, Megan Rice, dies at 91
— Megan Rice, a nun and Catholic peace activist who spent two years in federal prison while in her 80s after breaking into a government security complex to protest nuclear weapons, has died. Rice died of congestive heart failure Oct. 10 at Holy Child Center in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, according to her order, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. “Sister Megan lived her life with love full of action and zeal,” said Carroll Juliano, American Province Leader for the order. Rice later earned degrees from Villanova and Boston University, where she earned a Master of Science. Rice spent 23 years in West Africa working as a teacher and pastoral guide.
Justice Department plays politics in letting Andrew McCabe escape punishment
In yet another sign of how politicized it is, the Biden Justice Department has restored disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s full pension. The dismissal two days before his planned retirement cost McCabe various perks as well as reducing his pension. “Politics should never play a role in the fair administration of justice and civil service personnel decisions,” McCabe smirked. But his lies more than merited Sessions’ punishment, even if it doesn’t serve Team Biden’s political interests to make that case. Too bad that politics matters more than good government at the Biden Justice Department.
Biden’s plans mean stagflation and other commentary
Businessman: Biden’s Plans Mean StagflationPresident Biden’s huge “transformation” bill would “drive us over an economic cliff, former chain-restaurant CEO Andy Puzder warns at Fox Business. “Summary executions, stoning of women, and beheading and cutting off the hands of accused thieves have returned; court cases and juries are no longer part of the legal system. Women’s activists and journalists fear being tortured to death.” That’s Afghanistan under the “candid and professional” Taliban. Joe Biden embraces his son Hunter Biden, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. A report can resolve the issues — and determine if foreign powers have “compromising material” from Hunter’s laptop files.
Pope Calls On Powerful Institutions To Change Status Quo To Better Serve The Poor
Pope Francis on Saturday delivered a speech that demanded powerful institutions change their ways of operating in order to better serve the poor, stressing that the status quo keeps people in poverty, creating an unjust society. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) October 16, 2021“In the name of God, I call on powerful countries to stop aggression, blockades and unilateral sanctions against any country anywhere on earth. We have already seen how unilateral interventions, invasions and occupations end up, even if they are justified by noble motives and fine words. On Saturday, he reiterated his support of protesters ? specifically young people ? who use their transformative power to fight injustice. “Do you know what comes to mind now when, together with popular movements, I think of the good Samaritan?
Letters: Sir David Amess’s election to Parliament inspired working-class Tories
SIR – I first knew Sir David Amess when he was a hard-working councillor in the London Borough of Redbridge prior to his selection as the parliamentary candidate for Basildon in 1983. Sir David Amess dedicated his life to making positive changes for the vulnerable among us – and he leaves behind a lasting legacy. To honour his memory, we will add a leaf with his name on it to the Peta Tree of Life memorial, which celebrates individuals who made a difference – and Sir David certainly did that. Terry FossettSwayfield, LincolnshireSIR – It was heartening to see Sir Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson side by side in Southend on Saturday morning, paying tribute to Sir David Amess. The Russians view current problems in the European gas market as entirely self-inflicted.
Rep. Schiff: We're not messing around here... No one is above the law.
"We intend to go after anyone who doesn't provide information that they're lawfully compelled to, to our committee.," says Rep. Adam Schiff on the Jan. 6 committee moving to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying the subpoena.Oct.
Letters to the Editor — Oct. 18, 2021
The Issue: A plan by a city commission to remove an 1833 statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall. Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King are two of my heroes (“Lame-duck DeB’s latest Tomfoolery,” Oct. 14). Gabriella BassThe Issue: The sentencing of Luchiano Lewis, who was found guilty of the 2019 killing of Tessa Majors. Luchiano Lewis received a nine-years-to-life prison sentence for murdering Tessa Majors (“Tears for Tessa,” Oct. 15). Murder at will.”David EmersonManhattanAfter reading the comments of Luchiano Lewis, I see an individual who shows absolutely no remorse.
Opinion : Biden’s Supreme Court commission has good ideas. But the court’s problems run deeper.
When it comes to term limits, the commission is much more positive, arguing that such a reform would remove the element of “luck” as to who can appoint justices. With staggered 18-year terms (each president allowed to make two appointments every two years), Supreme Court nominations would become less than do-or-die political brawls. The commission offers several ways of constructing the staggered terms and addressing the duties of justices who cycle off the court. Though the commission is divided on whether to accomplish this by statute or constitutional amendment. Unfortunately, Biden on Friday blithely dismissed the idea of term limits, undercutting his own commission and demonstrating a lack of urgency about court reform that continues to frustrate his base.
Opinion : Supreme Court term limits wouldn’t solve anything
Neither the court nor its members are above rigorous scrutiny and criticism. Yet when we inch this institution toward ordinariness, law itself loses something of its stature. It is true the court has made its share of tragic mistakes. Balancing the shameful chapters of Dred Scott, Plessy and Korematsu against the glorious moments of Marbury and Brown is no easy task. For all their unquestioned devotion to the rule of law, the justices are aware that they stray far beyond public consensus at their peril.
Opinion : How a lie becomes respectable, step by cowardly step
The Jan. 6 riot momentarily shook Hagerty’s Trumpian resolve. “What is happening at the U.S. Capitol right now is not peaceful, this is violence,” he said on Twitter. “I condemn it in the strongest terms. We are a nation of laws and this must stop.” When the Senate was able to resume business, he and Blackburn both voted to certify the electoral results after all.
Princeton welcomes professor whose lecture was canceled at MIT
The professor whose lecture was canceled at MIT after backlash over his political views is now gearing up to speak to a massive audience this week. Dorian Abbot, the University of Chicago professor who was set to give the prestigious John Carlson Lecture at MIT this month, will instead be presenting his science lecture at Princeton University on Thursday. After MIT nixed his lecture following his comments on diversity, equity and inclusion, Princeton University’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions invited Abbot to speak. His lecture has generated major interest across the country as about 8,000 people have already registered online — an unprecedented total for the Princeton program. MIT had canceled Abbot’s lecture in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, citing the “current distractions” following the Chicago professor’s comments on diversity, equity and inclusion.
My Thoughts on Life After Death - The New York Times
The week before Easter, Thomas would lead a Tenebrae service — a gathering focused on the waning light as Good Friday approaches. Reading the Bible, I notice how Jesus’ death too feels like a journey interrupted. After his death, most of his closest friends hid out, lost in grief and fear. Pete and Thomas were close friends and he told me about how he would miss their weekly breakfasts together at the Waffle House. What struck him anew was how it would feel to be in deepest grief and then suddenly see your friend again.
Biden Is About to Drive Us Off an Economic Cliff
Biden Is About to Drive Us Off an Economic CliffAdded: 17.10.2021 13:16 | 32 views | 0 commentsIt is difficult to imagine a worse time for massive increases in taxes and spending, yet that's exactly what President Biden and Democrats in Washington have in mind.
Yes, Virginia, There Is a Deep State
Added: 17.10.2021 13:16 | 30 views | 0 commentsA major untold story of the Trump era has been the political comeback of the CIA, NSA, and FBI, who thanks to an ingenious marketing campaign now enjoy widespread support among young liberals
Civil Liberties Trampled by Exploiting 'Insurrection' Fears
Added: 17.10.2021 20:58 | 14 views | 0 commentsFollowing the 9/11 script, objections to government overreach in the name of 1/6 are demonized as sympathy for terrorists. But government abuses pose the greater threat.
As Trump Thunders About Last Election, Republicans Worry About the Next One
Republicans believe they have a good shot at taking Congress next year. But there’s a catch. In a series of public appearances and statements over the last week, Mr. Trump has signaled not only that he plans to work against Republicans he deems disloyal, but also that his meritless claims that widespread voter fraud cost him the White House in 2020 will be his litmus test, going so far as to threaten that his voters will sit out future elections. “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020,” Mr. Trump said in a statement last week, “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. They worry he could cost Republicans otherwise winnable seats in Congress and complicate the party’s more immediate goal of winning the governor’s race in Virginia next month.
Opinion | Last Chance to Save American Democracy
The road to Democrats’ maintaining control of both the House and the Senate was already difficult, but with widespread voter suppression, the path looks even more daunting. If Trump decides to run again in 2024 (and he is already hinting that he will), voter suppression will up his chances of winning. With Trump once again in the White House, a Republican Congress would be able to federalize voter suppression. Republican groups are already working to draft legislation so that they have it ready to introduce in Congress if Trump is elected. For Democrats, this voting rights bill is a top priority, but from now until something is passed, it should be the only priority.
My Thoughts on Life After Death - The New York Times
The week before Easter, Thomas would lead a Tenebrae service — a gathering focused on the waning light as Good Friday approaches. Reading the Bible, I notice how Jesus’ death too feels like a journey interrupted. After his death, most of his closest friends hid out, lost in grief and fear. Pete and Thomas were close friends and he told me about how he would miss their weekly breakfasts together at the Waffle House. What struck him anew was how it would feel to be in deepest grief and then suddenly see your friend again.
Kennedy & Kat Timpf Top 5 Most Embarrassing On-Air Moments
The FOX Top 5 podcast. From greatest Presidential quotes to favorite family traditions, to guilty pleasures… Join your favorite FOX News anchors, reporters, and personalities every week, as they pair up to share their top five lists on a wide range of topics. This week, host of Kennedy on the FOX Business Channel & host of Kennedy Saves The World, Kennedy, joins FOX News Contributor & co-host of the Tyrus and Timpf podcast, Kat Timpf, to share their top 5 most embarrassing on-air moments.
Risky business: Some Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers
A judge told another New Yorker that he may have incriminated himself during courtroom arguments. Fellows told McFadden that he used what he described as a “loophole" he had read about online to disqualify a different judge overseeing an unrelated case in New York. In denying Fellows' bid for release, McFadden told Fellows that he admitted to likely obstructing justice in the New York case and considering it in his riot case. McFadden appointed lawyers to serve as standby counsel for Fellows and Bauer and assist at the defendants' request. A fifth riot defendant, Brian Christopher Mock, began representing himself last month after having an assistant federal public defender as his attorney, court records indicate.
[Adrian Shahbaz, Allie Funk] Governments are challenging the power of Big Tech
Governments around the world are increasingly wielding their regulatory power to subdue free expression online and gain greater access to private information. More governments are pressuring companies to remove broad swaths of content, often under the pretext of protecting users from misinformation, incitement to hatred or material that is harmful to minors. Many require companies to undermine end-to-end encryption in their products, or mandate that user data be stored on servers located within the country. For instance, Chinese regulators have been among the most aggressive in addressing monopolistic practices by the country’s tech giants. Allie Funk is senior research analyst for technology and democracy at Freedom House.
Fauci on why he's polarizing: 'Sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people'
Fauci said some people likely find the truth he has spoken about COVID-19 and the pandemic "inconvenient" and that it has contributed to some people's negative views of him. "That’s understandable because what I do, and I try very hard, is to be guided by the truth," the doctor added of his critics. "And sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, and so they react against me. Fauci echoed a similar sentiment earlier in the pandemic in response to the release of his emails. At the time, Fauci said that "a lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science."
The Future Role of Nuclear Propulsion in the Military
The NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence is pleased to present a research paper titled “The Future Role of Nuclear Propulsion in Military” written by Centre’s Subject Matter Expert Mr. Lukas Trakimavi?ius. This paper reviews existing nuclear propulsion systems and examines if the development of nuclear-powered vehicles and weapon delivery systems would benefit Western militaries. However, instead of focusing on the potential impact of this technology on strategic stability and nuclear deterrence, this article shifts its attention to the more technical, political and operational issues related to the development of nuclear propulsion systems. The author accomplishes this task by providing a brief history of the use of nuclear propulsion in the military and reviewing the existing nuclear propulsion technologies and plans for future development. Then Mr. Trakimavi?ius reviews the potential pros and cons of developing new nuclear propulsion-based military vehicles and weapon delivery systems in the air, land and sea domains.
The incredible, disappearing — incompetent — Team Biden
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been reportedly on paternity leave since August as the supply chain problem grows. Nor are those of his surrogates not on paternity leave offering more reassurance. Last week, Biden chief of staff Ron Klain retweeted a tone-deaf reference to the supply-chain issues as “high-class problems.” Really? Asked if holiday gifts would arrive on time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was positively arrogant: “We’re not the Postal Service,” she huffed. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo/File PhotoThanks for your concern, Madam Press Secretary.
‘Build Back Better’ — or ‘Build BIGOTRY Better’?
President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act should be rechristened the Build Bigotry Better Act and then buried in a shallow grave on Capitol Hill. Once stripped of accounting gimmicks and augmented with $200 billion in debt-service obligations, this leviathan’s true, 10-year cost totals $5.9 trillion. President Joe Biden delivers remarks promoting his “Build Back Better Agenda” at the Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford, Connecticut, October 15, 2021. President Joe Biden returns a salute as he boards Air Force One for a trip to Connecticut to promote his “Build Back Better” agenda, Friday, Oct. 15, 2021. No, it’s the radical, fundamental and explicit reordering of American society around the Marxist concept of racial equity,” warns Stephen Miller, senior adviser to former President Donald Trump and founder of America First Legal, a public-interest law firm.
CNN's Stelter frets Katie Couric editing scandal further damages media's reputation
CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter bemoaned Katie Couric's admission she once edited out newsworthy remarks from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to "protect" her, complaining Sunday it further damaged the wider media's reputation. "This contributes to a decline in trust in media," Stelter said on "Reliable Sources." "She admits years later that she basically covered something up … It contributes to a lack of trust in media." In her new memoir, Couric wrote she omitted some critical remarks Ginsburg made to her in 2016 about national anthem kneelers having "contempt for a government" that made it possible for their elders to have a "decent life." "Couric chose to obscure a sitting justice's views on a newsworthy topic — the journalistic equivalent of a lie by omission.
Peter van Scoyoc for East Hampton supervisor
East Hampton Town might be located at the most eastern edge of Long Island, but it sits squarely at the convergence of numerous issues that will shape Long Island for generations. Incumbent supervisor Peter K. Van Scoyoc, 62, a Democrat from Northwest Woods, has been a deft and effective manager in his two terms. As for East Hampton Airport, the town can regain control from the FAA by closing it temporarily and then reopening it. Van Scoyoc worries helicopters and planes will fly to smaller Montauk instead, creating more noise across the town, and proposes a two-month closure followed by curfews and other restrictions to see what works. Newsday endorses Van Scoyoc.
US ‘underestimated vaccine hesitancy’, outgoing health chief admits
Dr Francis Collins, who is resigning from NIH before the end of 2021, told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Saturday that he and others “underestimated the vaccine hesitancy issue” when efforts were underway to develop the Covid-19 vaccine last year and begin a nationwide distribution program in 2021. “Looking back, I think we underestimated the vaccine hesitancy issue. He went on to blame the persistent spread of Covid-19 misinformation and false claims about vaccines for the deaths of thousands of Americans every week from Covid-19. Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation has been rampant on social media in recent months as well as just in everyday life, where millions of Americans are still adamant about their refusal to get vaccinated. According to a tracker operated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 77 per cent of Americans ages 12 and above have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.
The G.O.P.’s Race to Out-Trump the Trumpists
“That wasn’t the step you took.” During the 2016 Presidential primaries, Brooks initially supported Senator Ted Cruz. Earlier this month, Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, a purported establishment figure who, at eighty-eight, is running for an eighth term, came onstage at a Trump rally in Des Moines. Trump, meanwhile, has endorsed Mark Finchem, a state legislator at times associated with QAnon, in the race for Arizona’s secretary of state. Trump’s attentiveness to a race for a state election official is unsettling, given the pressure he exerted on such officials to shift results in his favor in 2020. The Republican leaders who defer to his preferences and echo his delusions now are building the scaffolding for his own next campaign.
Teamster Insurgents Are Preparing to Unseat Their Union’s Old Guard
Whoever wins will have two enormous items at the top of their to-do list: scaling up logistics organizing, including at Amazon, and bargaining the country’s largest private-sector union contract, UPS. The UPS contract already had a two-tier division — the part-timers who make up the sorting and loading workforce start at just $15 an hour under the contract (UPS often pays more to attract workers) — but Article 22.4 expanded the lower tier to include drivers, too. The Vote No movement should have won in 2018, when a majority of voting UPS Teamsters rejected this agreement. UPS Teamsters are still angry about it. The Vairma slate advertises itself as the diversity slate, with more women and people of color.
West Virginia Leads U.S. in Flood Risk, Adding to Manchin’s Climate Dilemma
FARMINGTON, W.Va. — In Senator Joe Manchin’s hometown, a flood-prone hamlet of about 200 homes that hugs a curve on a shallow creek, the rain is getting worse. Those storms swell the river, called Buffalo Creek, inundating homes along its banks. Climate change is warming the air, allowing it to hold more moisture, which causes more frequent and intense rainfall. And no state in the contiguous United States is more exposed to flood damage than West Virginia, according to data released last week. He described helping his neighbors, Mr. Manchin’s sister and brother-in-law, clear out their basement when a storm would come.
Bari Weiss' next act: a Substack newsletter that serves as 'the newspaper for the 21st century'
New York (CNN Business) Bari Weiss says her publication on Substack, Common Sense, is meant to be "the newspaper for the 21st century, ultimately. One year after quitting The New York Times, Weiss has not drifted off into obscurity, as detractors hoped she would. I recently interviewed Weiss about her business model; about free speech; and "woke orthodoxy." That's one of the first things I asked herThe 'self-censorship' problem"Thought crimes" are top of mind for Weiss. And so if an institution -- whose job it is to uphold, let's say, liberalism broadly defined -- decides not to do that anymore, why should it be a surprise, then, that that institution becomes illiberal?"
Video: Candlelit vigil held in honour of MP Sir David Amess
Video: Sir David Amess reported 'upsetting' threat to the police but decided to go ahead with his weekly surgery... just days before he was knifed to deathMourners gather at a vigil for Sir David Amess, a conservative MP, who was fatally stabbed. People gather to pay their respects, holding and lighting candles in the evening.
Timuel Black, Strategist and Organizer for Black Chicago, Dies at 102
In 1955, soon after he had begun his career as a high school and college teacher, Professor Black saw the Rev. In the coming years, he helped build support networks for Dr. King while commuting between Chicago and Alabama. In the South, Professor Black also met the labor leader A. Philip Randolph. After Mr. Randolph established the Negro American Labor Council, an advocacy organization, he enlisted Professor Black in 1960 to run its Chicago division. In 1963, Mr. Randolph and Dr. King put Professor Black in charge of organizing residents of Chicago to attend the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
As Some Black Staff Members Leave Congress, Those Who Remain Call for Change
When Chanda Jefferson, a science teacher from Columbia, S.C., got the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill, she was thrilled to use her classroom experience to help shape education policy. She also hoped that when her fellowship was over, she could expose her students at home to a different, exciting career path. It wasn’t until she arrived that she realized how impervious the halls of Congress were to change. In her office of more than a dozen people, there are no permanent Black staff members. “It was shocking to see so few individuals that look like me,” Ms. Jefferson said.
Fake Polls and Tabloid Coverage on Demand: The Dark Side of Sebastian Kurz
For years, Austria’s conservative party had languished far behind its rivals. Then in May 2017, the polls spectacularly reversed, giving the conservatives newfound credibility that helped them convince voters that they had a real chance of winning. The man credited with the miracle was Sebastian Kurz. Only 31, well-dressed and well-mannered, with slick hair and even slicker social media slogans, he became Austria’s youngest-ever chancellor and formed a government with the far right. Prosecutors now say that many polls before that election were falsified and that Mr. Kurz and a small cabal of allies with cultlike devotion to him paid off one of Austria’s biggest tabloids to ensure favorable news coverage.
Book review of Red Roulette: An Insider's Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today's China by Desmond Shum
At the heart of Shum’s book is the story of how he and his wife, Duan Weihong, amassed a fortune by exploiting their relationship with Zhang Beili, the spouse of then-Premier Wen Jiabao. After first meeting at a social engagement, Duan built trust and friendship with “Auntie Zhang” (as she was affectionately known to the couple), which soon translated into access to a growing number of insider-connected business deals. As their relationship with Zhang grew, it also afforded intimate contact with other political elites, including Xi. At the height of their business dealings, Shum and Duan (who went by the English name Whitney) had business and social connections with nearly all the top political players, including Sun Zhengcai, a rising party official thought to be a possible successor to Xi, and Ling Jihua, the head of the Communist Party’s General Office, which functions as the nerve center for party administration.
Wreckage of legendary military ship found
Associated PressA crowd of 100 people wreaked havoc in downtown Portland, Oregon, this week – smashing storefront windows, lighting dumpsters on fire and causing at least $500,000 in damage – but police officers didn't stop them. Portland Police Bureau officials say that's because of legislation passed by Oregon lawmakers this year, which restricts the tools they can use to confront people vandalizing buildings and causing mayhem. “The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with House Bill 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,” KOIN reports that Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen said in a neighborhood meeting Thursday.
Review: In Shotgun’s prickly ‘The Claim,’ asylum is no safe haven
Shifting and squirming; barely containing a sigh, groan or expletive; flushing with anger — these are not the audience reactions most shows hope to inspire. At “The Claim,” though, they’re a sign that Tim Cowbury’s prickly script is working exactly as intended. The subject is asylum and its flaws, which many of us know only in the abstract — the bureaucracy, the racial profiling and stereotyping, the cultural and linguistic misunderstandings. Mysteriously, the agents seem just as nervous as Serge is, Santos perky yet comically clipped, Rao with the eyes of stalked prey. If that’s the case, the sense of menace isn’t fully fleshed out; it’s more an add-on, arbitrary injection of more drama.
Five charged in Capitol riot go without lawyers, defend themselves
A New York man charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection wants to bill the government for working on his own case. A judge told another New Yorker that he may have incriminated himself during courtroom arguments. In denying Fellows’ bid for release, McFadden told Fellows that he admitted to likely obstructing justice in the New York case and considering it in his riot case. McFadden appointed lawyers to serve as standby counsel for Fellows and Bauer and assist at the defendants’ request. A fifth riot defendant, Brian Christopher Mock, began representing himself last month after having an assistant federal public defender as his attorney, court records indicate.
Top Democrats woo Black voters in Virginia governor's race
Abrams said when she first began running for office, she felt mixing politics and church was bad. But, she said, her mother eventually reminded her that “politics is always in the church” and her father said that the Bible “is one of the most intense political texts ever written.”“Voting is an act of faith,” Abrams said. “I need you to do the job.”Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.
Top Democrats woo Black voters in Virginia governor's race
Abrams told the congregations that in McAuliffe's first term as governor, he increased funding for education and ensured that tens of thousands of former felons and others who had been removed from voter rolls had their right to the ballot box restored. At Faith Deliverance Christian Center, where congregants gathered in a gymnasium, the pastor, Sharon Riley, thanks Abrams for not being elected Georgia governor because “we now see that God had a plan” and that Abrams' work since in defense of voting rights has made her one of the “most significant” people in the nation. Abrams said when she first began running for office, she felt mixing politics and church was bad. But, she said, her mother eventually reminded her that “politics is always in the church” and her father said that the Bible “is one of the most intense political texts ever written.”“Voting is an act of faith,” Abrams said. “I need you to do the job.”
Family of Sir David Amess pay tribute to MP: 'He was a patriot and a man of peace. Nobody should die in that way'
The statement in full:The family would like to thank everyone for the wonderful, wonderful tributes paid to David following his cruel and violent death. We have realised from tributes paid that there was far, far more to David than even we, those closest to him, knew. However, there was still so much David wanted to do – this we know from the events of the last few days. It is the next chapter and as a family we ask everyone to support the many charities he worked with. We are absolutely broken, but we will survive and carry on for the sake of a wonderful and inspiring man.
Denial as a form of mind control.
I had never fully considered how tortured his mind was, and what he had come to fear that led to his own premature death. In a world that has filled the oceans with death in the form of plastic bottles. The Oceans will rise 10 feet by the end of the Century, how many of us are aware of this? Denial and Mega-Lies Block ProgressThe political aspect of denial, a form of mind control, has become part of daily world politics, especially here in America. Huge resources are spent promoting a false and dishonest history of both our country and the world.
Religion 102: Good-Evil dualism
In the mythologies of many religious traditions, there are stories of battles, fights, and conflicts between good gods and evil gods, between noble warriors and evil demons, dragons, and other entities. In monotheistic religions, dualism is often evident in the belief that certain religions are good, and others are evil. In these places religion has been the explicit cause of literally millions of deaths in the last ten years.”A few examples of good/evil dualism are described below. More recently, many Christian Protestant fundamentalists characterize Islam as an evil religion. Like other monotheistic religions, Islam sees itself as the only true religion.
The Inoculation Project 10
PROJECT #1 Project: Geometry with Legos Resources: Help me give my students Legos so that they can experience some hands on learning! PROJECT #2 Project: More Boundless Books Resources: Help me give my students additional copies of The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. x x YouTube Video This interview with Toni Morrison about The Bluest Eye runs over 20 minutes, but it’s such a pleasure to hear her speak! x x YouTube VideoLast week, our main project was completed, mostly by TIP donors, and our long-term project met its goal with a lot of help from us as well. Founded in 2009, The Inoculation Project combats the anti-science push in conservative America by funding science and math projects in red-state classrooms and libraries.
Eroded trust in the media as an institution has consequences...ask Katie Couric!
I’ve always felt that our new media is just as much at fault for their coverage as they are for what they do not cover. I was usually pretty happy to listen to many major media representatives, one of which was Katie Couric, but have lost faith in the ability for many of these media ‘stars’ to be unbiased. By employing the sin of omission, the media protects its progressive heroes and, in the process, picks political winners and losers. Katie Couric was so careful not to do harm that she actually created a massive problem. Its no wonder many folks have lost faith in the news media with so much noodle soup being served up to the public these days.
North Carolina Open Thread: This guy, Cops demand Freedumb, EPA steps in, Offshore wind, Cawthorn
Mark Robinson, they are “filth.”“Yes, I called it filth. And if you don't like it that I called it filth, come see me about it." Like other bullies called to account for their actions, he dodges, deflects and doesn’t, as he promised, take responsibility. At best, it is a cynical ploy to find a way to profit, at least politically, from his divisive rhetoric. Mark Robinson is an unapologetic antisemitic homophobe, and Sen. Berger is a staunch defender of child marriage.
Kyrsten Sinema, In Just Two Words, Illuminates The Ego Of Kyrsten Sinema
Literally volumes have been written about the disloyalty shown toward the Democratic party by two senators. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, however, is different. As I reported in a profile of Sinema for the magazine, Sinema even protested outside of a Lieberman campaign event when the senator was running for president in 2003. That she likely believes she is overqualified shows just how naive she is about the responsibilities of the highest office. It seems Kyrsten Sinema loving herself some Kyrsten Sinema is the only thing she is actually qualified, to do.
What diary hijackers don't understand about the seven most dangerous things from climate change.
The global warming emergency and its future is far worse than the government, the media, or the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] are telling us. The rate of global warming consequences occurring will soon start rising exponentially. Now that critical global warming tipping points are already being crossed, many climate-related systems (like the Arctic sea ice, melting glaciers, oxygen-producing plankton, etc.) If we do not make the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions in time to fix the global warming extinction emergency, without fail, Mother Nature will painfully do it for us! In a separate plea, One Humanity Org identifies the rapid approach of tipping points that should scare the beejeebus out of you.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: She wanted others to 'choke' rather than listen to reason. Fate stepped in
Given current death rates (with lots more Texans dying because of Abbott’s stupidity), Texas will soon overtake much-larger California in absolute deaths. Just two weeks later, Red was likely infected with COVID-19. Odds are good that COVID-19 didn’t care that Red had “a bite.”Red blessed Texas because Abbott outlawed mask mandates. Red left three kids behind. But the three kids she left behind … that’s the part that gets me.
Rikers’ Forceful Guard Union Is Deepening the Jail’s Humanitarian Crisis
Kathy Hochul declared a “disaster emergency” at Rikers Island. Nonetheless, it represented the latest acknowledgment from politicians of what incarcerated people and their supporters have been saying for months: Conditions at Rikers Island represent a humanitarian disaster. Health care is widely unavailable, and at least 12 people have died on Rikers Island this year. City unions became increasingly independent after Mayor Robert Wagner’s 1954 recognition of their legitimacy, legally codified in the 1967 Taylor Law. In August 1990, rank-and-file guards completely blocked the bridge to Rikers Island, cutting off nearly all access to the island.
The Bye Line: Jonathan Capehart calls out Tucker Carlson's homophobia
In this week's Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart calls out Tucker Carlson and his homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave. "The world has two new people who will be raised by parents who embody the values they live by. Resilience. Gratitude," he says. "Values Carlson neither possesses nor knows anything about."Oct.
Many MPs feel under threat. I’m against a police guard, but we need action over social media threats and abuse
He was just doing what very many MPs do regularly and meeting with his constituents face to face in an advice session. I get ten times more abuse online than any other MP and some of it contains death threats. To limit with this abusive content, social media companies need to put a stop to end-to-end secrecy on their platforms. A number of MPs, including myself, don’t think that bringing the police into contact with people who approach MPs for help is a good idea. I know an MP colleague in North London who, for a specific reason, had police officers outside her advice session.
Public Defenders vs. Gun Control
The brief comes from a coalition of public defense lawyer organizations, including the Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, the Bronx Defenders, and Brooklyn Defender Services. For our clients, New York's licensing requirement renders the Second Amendment a legal fiction. Worse, virtually all our clients whom New York prosecutes for exercising their Second Amendment rights are Black and Hispanic." According to the public defender groups, New York's scheme has had predictably "brutal" consequences for their clients. As the public defenders make abundantly clear in their brief, a Supreme Court decision against New York's gun control scheme would be a victory not only for the Second Amendment but for criminal justice reform too.
Miami private school to require students getting COVID vaccine to stay home for 30 days after each dose
MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami school that made headlines for saying it would penalize teachers who got the COVID-19 vaccine is now requiring students who get vaccinated to remain home for 30 days after each dose. “Because of the potential impact on other students and our school community, vaccinated students will need to stay at home for 30 days post-vaccination for each dose and booster they receive and may return to school after 30 days as long as the student is healthy and symptom-free.”Centner Academy first made headlines in April when the school’s owners told their staff to hold off on getting vaccinated. “We’re not telling teachers that they can’t get [the vaccine], we’re just simply asking that they hold off a little bit,” said Joshua Hills, a parent and Centner Academy employee, back in April. “What happens 30 days after they get vaccinated? They did say they respect everyone’s choice but also need to watch out for their entire school community.
Former President Bill Clinton released from hospital
(CNN) Former President Bill Clinton has been released from a California hospital after being treated for an infection that spread to his bloodstream. Clinton walked out arm-in-arm with his wife and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before greeting hospital staff and giving a thumbs-up when asked how he was feeling. "President Clinton was discharged from UC Irvine Medical Center today. "On behalf of everyone at UC Irvine Medical Center, we were honored to have treated him and will continue to monitor his progress." Clinton had been admitted last week to the UC Irvine Medical Center's intensive care unit for a urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream.
Opinion | Decriminalize Sex Work Now
When I took my first client as a sex worker in the 1980s, I had no other choice. As a young trans woman, I found that sex work was the only way for me to survive, but I faced constant harassment and violence, especially from la policía. Once again, I turned to sex work to stay afloat. Right now there are two bills purporting to decriminalize sex work in the New York State Legislature, one of which may soon be presented to Gov. But while both attempt to address the very valid concerns about sex trafficking, only one meets the needs of sex workers.
A few questions for those conservatives so eager to cut the pensions of government employees
What would Schuster and others who call for public pension reform do if that reform were actually achieved? Would a state or city tax increase be acceptable if the money went to programs rather than pensions? Would advocates for pension reform insist that promises for these kinds of improvements be put in writing — in laws, budgets and collective bargaining agreements — to build trust? B. Pritzker’s mask mandate for schools should compare results among schools that do and do not have this policy. At about 100,000 students, Polk County, Florida’s school district is about 30% the size of the Chicago Public Schools.
Why are cops afraid of vaccines?
If I say, “Chicago cops put their lives on the line every day,” I don’t expect John Catanzara to jump onto YouTube to insist, “No we don’t!”So what’s with the vaccine hesitancy? OK, I know the answer: Chicago cops don’t want to be told to take the vaccine because they’re Red State white bread Trumpies huddled in their walled enclaves in Blue State multicultural Chicago. Not taking the vaccine is the middle finger to science and authority that, being cops, they just can’t deny themselves. “Serve and protect,” right? Not only does taking the vaccine serve and protect the public, but it is a lifesaver for the police themselves.
Portland police chief notes ‘grim milestone’: More than 1,000 documented shootings in 2021
Portland has had more than 1,000 documented shootings in 2021, Chief Chuck Lovell said Saturday on social media. The city’s top law-enforcement officer called it a “grim milestone.” He added: “Too many have prematurely ended lives and caused injury. But all shootings cause trauma to our community.”The number of shootings has exploded in Portland over the past two years, flipping a decades-long trend of declining violence in the city. There were 388 documented shootings in 2019, according to Portland Police Bureau data. The Oregonian/OregonLive series “Under the Gun” examines the shocking rise in shootings, with Portland on the verge of surpassing its record of 70 homicides in one year, set in 1987.
Getting a COVID-19 test in NYC was easy and took no time at all — proof that when they're properly funded, government services run more efficiently than their privately-run counterparts.
The US instituted unprecedented welfare programs during the pandemic. My PCR test results, which take two days or more to come back nearly everywhere else, were ready in two hours. In other states with less-well-funded public programs, simply getting a test can be an arduous process that takes days. But Americans have seen that the government can work when it's funded, and there's no going back from that. The money, assistance, and protections given to Americans during the pandemic are popular, and many Americans are starting to favor more progressive policies.
Opinion: The Minneapolis 'Defund the Police' ballot question should alarm Democrats nationwide
Politically, the 'defund the police' ballot question debate is driving a wedge between Minnesota Democrats. The state's best-known progressives, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison defend the ballot measure , while other top Democrats, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Gov. On a national scale, the Minneapolis ballot question will provide the first test of how much legs the big-city police department restructuring movement really has ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The national political blowback, should the "yes" option to Question 2 on the Minneapolis ballot prevail, could be significant. And "Question 2" on the Minneapolis ballot could make things a whole lot worse.
Opinion: What does Steve Bannon have to hide?
First up is former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who could face charges of criminal contempt for refusing to comply with the committee's subpoena. Thursday, Bannon failed to show up for a scheduled deposition before the House committee. Even if Trump could claim the privilege, it is hard to understand how it could apply to Bannon. The House committee is investigating events on and around January 6, 2021, and Trump fired Bannon in 2017. The January 6 committee's resolute enforcement of its authority is about more than Steve Bannon.
The Mesa Arizona Temple has been an anchor for decades. Now, it's entering a new era
The temple, now open to the public through Nov. 20, creates a connection among members of the greater Mesa community. Come and feel the majesty of a place built to honor the Savior Jesus Christ, evidenced in the craftsmanship, the design and in the spirit of this great building. Public open house for Mesa Arizona TempleOriginally completed in 1927, the Mesa Arizona Temple is the sixth operating temple in Arizona. A public open house for the Mesa Arizona Temple began Oct. 16 and will continue through Nov. 20 (excluding Sundays: Oct. 17, 24 and 31, and Nov. 7 and 14). The dedication of the Mesa Arizona Temple is scheduled for Dec. 12, 2021.
Is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema strung out on Big Pharma’s money?
Last week, with the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package stalled in Congress, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema went on a fundraising trip to Europe. See where they get their money, how many of them get their money from the pharmaceutical industry, and the executives there. Another colleague, California Democratic Rep. Scott Peters, said, “Senator Sinema is not yet for any proposal to deal with prescription drugs.”Both Sinema and her staff remain cagey on the issue, however. Assert that famous independenceDoes she support Medicare negotiating drug prices? Support the reconciliation package and squelch all the innuendo about Big Pharma’s influence.
Letter from the Editor: Readers have their say about controversial obituary
Last week, I wrote about the paid obituary for Jessica Berg Wilson, who died of an extremely rare side effect to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. My letter to readers explained that obituaries are a form of advertising and most often written by families. That family is devastated right now and need to vent and this was a way to do it. My question to you: would you have accepted a simple box ad stating their “facts” if it was not associated with a paid obituary? To me, this could be a better test of the acceptability of this ad than describing the freedom allowed to an obituary writer.
Gas price rises: Russia not withholding supplies, says ambassador to UK
"We have increased supplies via Ukraine pipeline by 10%, but as we understand [it] we cannot do more because the equipment at this pipeline has never been modernised and has never been reconstructed so it is simply dangerous to use it."
Let's not forget about the IRS leak scandal; we still need answers
Christian SchneiderOpinion contributorWhat ever happened to the IRS leak scandal? Manufactured scandals are America’s most plentiful natural resource, and there’s typically another one coming your way on the hour. The rapid-fire scandal machine muddles our memory of true outrages that quickly disappeared. ProPublica tried to reverse engineer a scandal by conflating two piles of money that are taxed differently: “income” and “wealth.”Max Baucus:We need to raise taxes, but do it fairly. Without the income taxes and sales taxes generated by some major corporate giants, for instance, governments would be likely gasping for new revenue sources.
Reps. Hern and Harshbarger: To fix supply chain crisis we must give people incentives to get back to work
Without renewed investment in labor participation, the supply chain breaks. When one link in the supply chain is interrupted, it affects everything else down the line. #EMPTYSHELVESJOE TRENDING ON TWITTER AMID BIDEN’S SUPPLY CHAIN CRISISWhen we drive around our hometowns, we see ‘Help Wanted’ signs in nearly every window. It’ll take time to restore the supply chain. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREIt starts at the the very last step in the supply chain: local communities.
Opinion: A police force sized for a Portland of 50 years ago
In 1968, the Portland City Club issued a detailed report on the Portland Police that provides the number of stolen cars in 1967 – 2,672 or one car stolen for every 143 residents. Over the last 12 months, the number of cars that were stolen is 7,802 ­– one vehicle theft for every 84 residents. The debate over defunding the police that has taken place over the past year has – as usual for Portland City Hall – largely proceeded without data or analysis. The number of officers in Portland in 1967 was about 700 about 100 fewer than the police officers, lieutenants, detectives and other sworn members Portland Police has today. For the 12 months from October 2020 through September 2021, Portland had 80 homicides – almost twice as many.
Little consensus among hospitals, schools, state agencies on handling vaccine exemptions
Oregon hospitals have set a high bar for approving religious and medical exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, approving only a relative handful while rejecting many more. Some state agencies and schools have been more lenient, giving large swaths of their workforce a pass. The varied approaches show that there’s little firm consensus on how to navigate federal and state laws that require reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities or sincerely held religious beliefs that they say preclude getting vaccinated.
Opinion: Donald Trump can't always get what he wants
(CNN) Donald Trump was 23 when the Rolling Stones released a seven-minute song that began with the voices of London's Bach Choir. But the election is settled -- Trump can't get what he wants. Another thing Trump wants is executive privilege -- to quash fact-finding by the House select committee on the January 6 insurrection. "Even if Trump could claim the privilege, it is hard to understand how it could apply to Bannon ," Eisen and Aftergut wrote. Like his predecessors, Biden is facing the likelihood of big losses in the midterm elections next year -- in addition to the continuing challenge posed by Trump's election lies.
Opinion: Searching for the American Dream? Go to Canada
Coming out of the pandemic, perhaps ever more of them will follow in Greg’s footsteps and find the American Dream in Canada. At least Canada wisely banned certain assault weapons in 2020, keeping out the most odious American trait. Like America, Canada has a large Eastern European diaspora, and as those homelands continue to depopulate while unemployment remains high, many of the jobless could skip across the Atlantic to join their relatives. Every March and April I get antsy e-mails and phone calls from friends in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore whose children have just been admitted to numerous fill-in-the-blank universities in America, Canada, Britain and elsewhere. The “Canadian Dream” is reliable, both today and tomorrow – a burden 21st century Canadians should bear with pride.
Is Donald Trump running for president again in 2024? Maybe.
Donald Trump is running for president again. Trump is also constantly floating quotes implying that he’s interested in running again, and his advisers are amplifying them. Trump can use the specter of his potential presidency to continue trying to regulate the direction of the Republican Party. So when Trump uses his 2024 flirtations to boost his war chest, there’s a self-fulfilling element to it. It's impossible to extricate Trump's hunger for profit from his hunger for political power.
Risky business: Some Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers
A New York man charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection wants to bill the government for working on his own case. A judge told another New Yorker that he may have incriminated himself during courtroom arguments. In denying Fellows’ bid for release, McFadden told Fellows that he admitted to likely obstructing justice in the New York case and considering it in his riot case. McFadden appointed lawyers to serve as standby counsel for Fellows and Bauer and assist at the defendants’ request. A fifth riot defendant, Brian Christopher Mock, began representing himself last month after having an assistant federal public defender as his attorney, court records indicate.
Readers respond: Require vaccines for students
Our family wholeheartedly supports a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all eligible Portland Public Schools students and staff. Arguments against a COVID vaccine mandate are based on politics and conspiracy theories, rather than common sense, science, logic and reason. The only thing more important than the classroom and social education of our students is their health and safety – the prime motive behind a vaccine mandate. Students and parents nationwide are used to vaccine mandates to protect the population from other diseases and have been for decades. A COVID vaccine mandate would be no different, at least on any rational merits.
Risky business: Some Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers
Some of the defendants charged in the storming of the U.S. Capitol are turning away defense lawyers and electing to represent themselves, undeterred by their lack of legal training or repeated warnings from judges. That choice already has led to some curious legal maneuvers and awkward exchanges in court. A New York man charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection wants to bill the government for working on his own case. A judge told another New Yorker that he may have incriminated himself during courtroom arguments. And Michael Magner, a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor, observed, “Just because you have a constitutional right to do something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s smart.”
Walters: Post-pandemic California: Comeback or decline?
The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought what appear to be permanent social and economic changes and nowhere is that more evident than in California. These disturbing trends raise a question: Has California reached a plateau and perhaps begun to decline, or is it, as Gov. A sobering poll of residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, the state’s most important economic engine, frames the issue. The poll found that 71% of respondents feel the quality of life in the Bay Area has grown worse over the past five years. A slight majority say they are likely to leave the Bay Area in the next few years, most citing high housing and other living costs and deteriorating quality of life.
Hastings’ widow affirms his support for Holness | Letters to the editor
If there ever were a time for Democrats to rise up, it is now. It’s unsustainable for our country to imagine another Trump candidacy, but it is thrown in our faces by the big kahuna himself. While we are doing somersaults trying to appease the two Democratic outliers, Sens. Manchin and Sinema, to pass Biden’s program, lying Republicans march ahead with Trump as their bandleader. His rallies are the first act of very scary political scenes to come.
Sunday Bulletin Board: Coaching your kids: It fills your heart. It is designed to fill your heart.
“Fred’s 15U fall baseball team’s doubleheader a week ago Sunday was probably my last day coaching one of my kids. The sky was royal blue, the sun was bright, and kids were outside playing ball — throwing, catching, running and laughing. “The blink of an eye.”Then & NowGREGORY J. of Dayton’s Bluff: “I recently purchased — from eBay, of course — a catalog published by the St. Paul Statuary Co., formerly the Giuliani Statuary Co. It is the main altar at the Church of St. Mary in downtown St. Paul, located just a few blocks from where the St. Paul Statuary Co. once stood. “Apparently when the current ‘new’ church building was being designed a hundred years ago, the people of St. Mary’s decided to buy local and went over to the St. Paul Statuary Co. to have them design and build the altar.
The Memo: Conservatives change their tune on big government
One prime example, which came into focus last week, centers on Republicans, private business and the role of government. ADVERTISEMENTAbbott’s action cut across the wishes of numerous corporations in his state who had issued, or were planning, such mandates. High-profile Republicans had already become more willing to be critical of big business, especially as corporations have taken overtly political positions on social issues. Abbott, Cruz and DeSantis are all considered possible presidential contenders in 2024, where they could be vying for the presidential nomination of a Republican Party where former President Trump still holds enormous sway. Meanwhile, independent experts note that conservatives have often taken rather flexible views on the appropriate role of government.
US, Canadian warships sailed through Taiwan Strait last week
TAIPEI – A U.S. and a Canadian warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait late last week, the U.S. military said on Sunday, at a time of heighten tension between Beijing and Taipei. “The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Dewey (DDG 105) conducted a Taiwan Strait transit in cooperation with Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Halifax-class frigate, HMCS Winnipeg, October 14-15, 2021.” it said. “Dewey’s and Winnipeg’s transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”
Joe Biden's Nixon moment: A policy agenda that could change history — and the media yawns
American media, and especially the political press corps, has a history of failure when it comes to explaining the policies that could change people's lives. To better understand what is happening to Biden's agenda right now, it may be instructive to look at a similar moment in history, not terribly long ago. Instead it has been obsessed with the drama around Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema threatening to derail Biden's agenda and possibly define him as a "failed" president. Biden's agenda is far less ambitious than the big bills passed under Franklin D. Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson. Fifty years after the egregious coverage of Nixon's agenda, the media has evidently learned nothing from its mistakes.
Volunteers in sky watch migrant rescues at sea
Volunteers in sky watch migrant rescues at seaWith the help of a plane, activists look for migrants in distress fleeing Libya.
Cory Booker's constituents leading drive to accomplish criminal justice reform in Congress
Cory Booker's constituents leading drive to accomplish criminal justice reform in CongressCory Booker highlights how his neighborhood, constituents, and personal experiences fuel his passion to make changes in criminal and police reform.
A Year Later, a Schoolteacher’s Beheading Still Haunts France
PARIS — Most schools throughout France observed a minute of silence on Friday in remembrance of Samuel Paty, a teacher whose attempt to illustrate free speech to his students led to his beheading a year ago by an Islamist fanatic. As a history teacher, Mr. Paty was responsible for teaching civics. To illustrate the right to blasphemy, free speech and freedom of conscience, he showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, setting in motion a swirl of lies and rumor that ended in his beheading. The police investigation revealed that the girl who told her father, Brahim Chnina, a false version of what had taken place in the class and prompted the online frenzy that led to the killing had not been in the class at all. But the story, it emerged in March, was made up; she was never there.
Abcarian: Things I won't miss: The gas-powered leaf blower
If a genie gave me three wishes, I swear I would ask for world peace, universal healthcare and the demise of gas-powered leaf blowers. And every week, without fail, their men arrive armed with leaf blowers, swinging them like, um, elephant trunks and shattering my nerves. Years ago, in the late 1990s, Los Angeles banned gas-powered leaf blowers. Rogelio Tapia, a Los Angeles gardener since 1980, told me he uses both gas and electric blowers, depending on what customers prefer. That category includes not just gas-powered leaf blowers but also pressure washers, chain saws and generators.
The story of sugar: Black suffering, white windfall
AdvertisementBefore the early 17th century, refined sugar was first known as an exotic spice and medicinal. This began to change suddenly, though, with the ramping up of production of sugar cane, especially in Portuguese Brazil and then in English-controlled Barbados in the 1580s and 1630, respectively. As these New World plantation crops boomed, though, sugar became cheap, and that made coffee, rendered sanitary by boiling, drinkable. ::For all of our present concerns with diet and health, sugar was a scourge of an altogether different order for the African continent. And in the West, until recently Eurocentric cultures have told themselves almost nothing but self-satisfying stories about the sources of their success, overlooking their foundations in Black toil and suffering.
Opinion: Polly Klaas’ murder accelerated the tough-on-crime movement. Her sisters want to stop it
And it includes this question: What is the role of the victim in the criminal justice system? Jess Nichol, left, and Annie Nichol are launching a project to redirect the legacy of their sister Polly Klaas, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. “That this is actually not right.”Jess Nichol, left, holds Annie Nichol with Polly Klaas, right, in an undated photo. Flowers and candles surround a photo of 12-year-old Polly Klaas on Dec. 5, 1993, the day her body was found. Now the reform and tough-on-crime advocates are engaging in an ugly tug of war over the role crime victims should play.
Op-Ed: Refrigeration alone can’t solve the ‘last mile’ problem for COVID-19 vaccines
There also is the need to counter misinformation and vaccine hesitancy. Addressing hesitancy toward vaccination and educating communities on preventive measures requires a community-centered approach that engages hearts and minds. In our studies of vaccine hesitancy around the world, we’ve seen hesitancy higher in three groups: refugees and other displaced people; women; and young people. Measures like the ones described above help increase confidence in vaccines and the healthcare system. To break through this complacency, we don’t just bring vaccines to vaccination centers.
Stephen L. Carter: Congress itself should prosecute those it charges with contempt
When invited witnesses refuse to show, the House and Senate are typically reduced to asking courts to enforce the subpoenas. But as the courts have long recognized, Congress also has its own “inherent” power to punish contempt. The inherent contempt power, apparently uninvoked since 1935, might seem like a 19th-century relic, but maybe its prominence should be restored. Nowadays, a contempt vote is easy and essentially costless. Use of the inherent contempt power rather than a criminal referral or a civil lawsuit would make clear to the public the seriousness of holding a witness in contempt.
Letters: Yes to affordable housing. No to this rent-control proposal.
Wake up, St Paul. There should be more emphasis on building more affordable housing and subsidized housing in this city. City Council Member Jane Prince couldn’t believe the gun fight in St. Paul on Oct. 10. What is the St. Paul City Council doing to reduce the violence? Lyle D. Nelson, St. Paul
Mailbox: Plenty of backlash for Urban Meyer, and non-Daves weigh in on stadium noise
On Urban Meyer:To Brian: Writers to this column last Sunday illustrate how Ohio State football fans confuse integrity with winning percentage. Urban Meyer abandons his team, goes out in public, ... handles a woman who is not his wife and the writers blame the person who aired the video. Brent D. Rosenthal, ColumbusMailbox:Media, and social media, equally to blame in Urban Meyer messTo Editor: I avoid social media like the virtual plague it is. I actually enjoyed the (Ohio State football) games during COVID restrictions until they started adding the noise. Ohio State opener was a horrible mess, from ticketing to Kerry Coombs and beyondGet more Ohio State football news by listening to our podcasts
Theodore Decker: Ohio's State Board of Education stand on 'division' has unexpected consequences
To the esteemed members of the the Ohio State Board of Education:What follows is the legal opinion you requested regarding your latest maneuverings. Last week, you voted to repeal Resolution 20, the anti-racism resolution that the board passed last year, and to replace it with one condemning any teachings that "seek to divide." The language of Resolution 13 states that "the Board condemns any standards, curriculum, or training programs for students, teachers, or staff that seek to divide." Instruction on the Rocky Mountains might best be avoided, for example, given the range's entanglement with the Continental Divide. We'd ask a math teacher to clarify this, but currently, they're all banging their heads against their chalkboards.
Viewpoint: Public school bureaucrats should listen to parents, not insult them
Since 2020, those school board meetings have gone from lively, to contentious, to occasionally even hostile. Yet that is exactly the kind of power that school boards across the country are demanding. The real act of oppression targeting families in the public school system is an almost universal attitude adopted by school boards — in Oklahoma and across the nation – that public school students belong to them. I hope Shawn Hime does act to put distance between Oklahoma’s school board association and its wayward, imperious national counterpart. But more than that, I hope the directive to our school boards in Oklahoma is this: more listening, less lecturing.
The great global supply-chain massacre
In the period leading up to the 2008 global financial crisis, a few prescient voices warned of potentially catastrophic systemic instability. Or are we instead witnessing a meltdown of the global production system? And in the latter case, what would be the supply-chain equivalent of leading central banks’ interventions to prevent a global financial collapse in 2008? In the energy sector, for example, there has been a steady shift away from national self-sufficiency toward reliance on global markets. Even after 30 years of globalization, there is astonishingly little detailed, publicly available information on product flows in global supply chains.
5 Ways CMOs Champion Growth and Creativity
The role of the CMO has drastically changed over the years. What started out as being responsible for all marketing activities in an organization has evolved; today’s CMO must lead the charge in shepherding brands and companies through turbulent times, work collaboratively within the C-Suite, and set the example for the entire organization.
Letters to the Editor — Oct. 17, 2021
‘Othello’ outrageHave we all become so thin-skinned that we cannot hear or see a world that is less than ideal (“Prof loses class over ‘Othello’ blackface,” Oct. 10)? Stanley RubinFresh MeadowsSave outdoor eatsThe Post Editorial Board is spot on in its pitch to keep outdoor dining — with heaters — during the winter months ahead (“Blas’ Rx To Kill Outdoor Dining,” Editorial, Oct. 13). Over the past 18 months, restaurants have relied on outdoor dining to stay afloat. While there are aspects of the outdoor dining program that can certainly be improved, these propane heaters are not the problem. There’s no reason to prohibit these outdoor heaters.
The search for perch continues as autumn settles in
The iconic lighthouse, once a saving beacon for lake wanderers in the dark, stood like a whitewashed candle. Jumbos, the grail of the perch angler, were reported uncommon but occasionally taken. The daily perch limit being 30 in that part of the lake, the two still had a ways to go. Hit-and-miss yellow perch, though diminutive, began to come aboard, probably against their will. Bob and crew fished amid flurries of action punctuated by periods of non-action that yielded 56 perch.
Zoo, Equitas, Shelter Board must work to re-earn trust after disgraceful scandals
Opened in 1927, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is among Ohio’s most renowned institutions. He and the Zoo's board will have their hands full rebuilding public confidence that they are watchful stewards of our money and are deserving of admiration. Honesty and transparency to the public will be key with leaders of the zoo, as it will be for leaders of the Community Shelter Board and Equitas Health. The zoo board at first refused to divulge details of its investigation into the matter but changed its tune following public outcry. Institutions like the Columbus Zoo, Community Shelter Board and Equitas Health provide critical services to our community.
‘They Can’t Stop Everyone’: GOP Congressman Dangerously Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate
What could have been a simple high school government lecture on civic duty and participation from a local congressman instead became a Covid-19 misinformation fest worthy of a primetime slot on Fox News. Congressman Bob Good (R-Va.) encouraged a group of high school students to defy a statewide school mask mandate, and he spread lies about vaccines and how the virus spreads, the Rappahannock News reported. “If nobody in Rappahannock complies [with the mask mandate], they can’t stop everyone,” Good told a Rappahannock County High School government class of approximately 20 students this week. Good’s timing in encouraging students to unmask is not great, as Rappahannock County schools have been experiencing a recent spike in Covid cases. Rappahannock County High School Principal Carlos Seward attended the event and felt that Good “reflected his own values,” the paper wrote.
Rand Paul Warns Against Socialism — ‘It Always Ends Up with State-Sponsored Authoritarianism and Violence’
Friday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned there were perils associated with big government socialism. Paul told host Laura Ingraham beyond the economic consequences of socialism, historically, it ended with state-sponsored authoritarianism and violence. Big government, socialism doesn’t work. But they also need to know the history of socialism that every time it’s been tried in world history. It always ends up with state-sponsored authoritarianism and violence.
Trump telling Republicans not to vote is the GOP's worst nightmare
Former President Donald Trump is taking his commitment to 2020 election disinformation to the next level — and it should be terrifying his own party. Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. All of these claims — and every other claim about the 2020 election being rigged — have been presented without credible evidence and debunked. But the point is that Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. And even if Trump were to backtrack eventually, he might not be able to reverse all the damage he’s caused.
Volunteers in the sky watch over migrant rescues by sea
At least 23,000 people have died or disappeared trying to reach Europe since 2014, according to the United Nations' migration agency. At least 23,000 people have died or disappeared trying to reach Europe since 2014, according to the United Nations' migration agency. Despite the risks, many migrants say they'd rather die trying to reach Europe than be returned to Libya. Nearly 23,000 people have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe since 2014, according to the United Nations’ migration agency. ADVERTISEMENTFor years human rights groups and international law experts have denounced that European countries are increasingly ignoring their international obligations to rescue migrants at sea.
Letters to the Editor — Gov. Greg Abbott’s actions on mandates draw lots of critics
So why can’t we require them to also take the COVID-19 vaccine for protection? Greg Abbott, you cannot have it both ways. Greg Abbott: 1. Enforce it by enabling all citizens to file a $10,000 lawsuit against anybody who helps anybody else to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine. Greg Abbott refuses to make and enforce mask mandates to protect against this deadly virus.
WATCH: Students Are All For ‘Diversity Quotas,’ But Not In Sports
On Thursday, Campus Reform posted a video in which Ophelie Jacobson spoke with students at the University of Florida about “diversity quotas” in hiring and school admissions. “Do you think diversity should be a factor in hiring decisions and in college admissions processes?” Jacobson asked. There should be more diversity in basically every single field.”Jacobson then broadened the premise, asking, “What about diversity quotas on sports teams, college sports teams?”Suddenly, the students’ perspectives changed. After seeing the side-by-side, one student who had previously shown support for diversity quotas walked his opinion back. Diversity quotas, referred to a different way as affirmative action, have been a controversial subject in academia for many years.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope
The more others try to convince you they can be trusted with your cash the more determined you must be not to give it to them. You may be easygoing by nature but you are not as gullible as some people would like to believe.
Why so many shootouts? Pretty simple answer, experts say.
Experts say the answer is simple, and historians who study crime say we’ve likely been here before. “When you ask people why do they carry guns in public, the answer inevitably is for protection,” he said. “The more gun violence occurs, the more shootings in public spaces, the more people feel the need to protect themselves. A number of experts who study crime contacted for this story cited the work of Gary LaFree, currently a professor at the University of Maryland’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. LaFree and other experts said such events — whether justified or not — can lead to a loss of faith in police.
Ambrose: Attorney general at war with free speech
What Garland has done is instruct the FBI to crack down on parents voicing criticisms of public schools at school board meetings even though this is an extraordinary abuse of power. Yes, some have threatened violence or something supposedly akin to it, but Garland has no right to intervene even when a crime is committed. That is the duty of local and state cops, not a federal government with constitutional restrictionsAn instigating factor in this attack on free speech and rule of law was a ridiculously overwrought letter to the Biden administration from the National School Board Association. Under his miswrought guidance, the Justice Department will also train school board members on how to recognize, report and produce evidence when threats occur, again helping prosecution, dear old prosecution. If you go to a school board meeting to spell out your concerns and somehow offend a properly sensitized mind with anger or a politically unbecoming remark, you could maybe go to a highly publicized trial.
Editorial: Social Security boost only delays insolvency
Retirees will see an average of $92 added to their monthly benefits next year, raising the typical amount to $1,657, the Social Security Administration estimates. Nearly 9 out of every 10 people over the age of 65 receive Social Security. The program, though, has well-documented financial problems — the Social Security trust fund is expected to be depleted in 2033. In the meantime, a breakdown of who gets all that Social Security money and how much. Women generally live longer than men, so everything else being equal, they will make more in Social Security over their lifetimes.
Cotton: Biden pick Rachael Rollins poses threat to N.E. if confirmed
President Biden recently named Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins to be the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. If she is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, the residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and all of New England would suffer the consequences. Rollins became Suffolk District Attorney in 2019, with the backing of leftist billionaire George Soros. Rollins’s failure to vigorously enforce federal drug laws in Massachusetts would severely harm communities and families throughout the region. Tom Cotton is a Republican senator from Arkansas, and serves as the Ranking Member for the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism.
Today in History
In 1978, President Carter signed a bill restoring U.S. citizenship to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. In 1979, Mother Teresa of India was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1989, an earthquake measuring 6.9 in magnitude struck northern California, killing 63 people and causing $6 billion worth of damage. In 2014, the World Health Organization acknowledged it had botched attempts to stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including incompetent staff, lack of information and budget cuts. Financier Carl Lindner Jr., who used his experience running the family dairy store to build a business empire whose reach included baseball, banks and bananas, died at age 92.
Profit Mania, SWA’s Woes, Supply-Chain Bottlenecks, and our Brittle Economy
So the notion of private profit as the primary motivator for human striving is, as Mark Twain might say, greatly exaggerated. With lower labor costs, the owners could still make a profit while offering lower prices for their goods and services. The goal: let the profit motive cut prices to the bone and, at the same time, increase private profit. So China’s heavy-handed quest for global political supremacy is now at odds with its maintaining and growing its domestic economy as it recovers from Covid-19. We need more competent technocratic experts, endowed with the latest technology, who just want to make our economy work.
Doctors selling used cars for cheap!!!!!
For a brief reminder, my current doctor and all doctors within his practice are not very brave doctors. well…...Now I'm forced to beg doctors around the grater Portland area to please please help me. This is the most recent doctors visit in Portland. I have an idea of what that means but I don't think he does…...Mr. I will not go back to the wheelchair just because of the cowardice of these sad, sad people!
Tales from Vermont #3
So I want to share some not only horrible news from Vermont today. This morning I started with Tales and Tails from Vermont #1 . Tales from Vermont #2 . The base of the story is a grave yard, and the remaining remains have to be relocated due to erosion (climate change?). And I wonder if other cemeteries in the country are in harms way also.
Profit Mania, SWA’s Woes, Supply-Chain Bottlenecks, and our Brittle Economy
Nevertheless they carry on, even during a pandemic.So the notion of private profit as the primary motivator for human striving is, as Mark Twain might say, greatly exaggerated.Thisessay is aboutanotherproblem that hasn’t gotten much press. So your culture becomes brittle and prone to shattering under stress.That’s the story of our nation’s decline over the last generation. Let’s look at a few examples.First and foremost, our owners sold our nation’s factories and jobs abroad for profit. The pilots’s unionand claims that SWA’s lean operations made it “brittle and subject to massive failures under the slightest pressure[. We need more competent technocratic experts, endowed with the latest technology, who just want to make our economy work.
Religious beliefs differ widely; some can lead to antivaccination
These are people who identify as ethnic and culturally Jewish, but who do not belong to any religious organization, and do not observe any religious traditions. One might even fit Modern Orthodoxy into this category because it fits the same essential characteristic: We do not believe in an anthropomorphic, intercessional diety. Fundamentalists are the ones who believe in an intercessional diety, one who directly acts on the physical world. Virtually all of them believe in an intercessional diety. Time and again they get sick and die and their families think that they somehow must have displeased their intercessional God or Jesus.
A compendium of Sinema campaign ads
Sinema campaigns for the Senate on education, health care, and fair taxes. Here, Sinema assures Arizona voters that she will not sacrifice her progressive values. An insurance company front group thanks Sinema for a job well done. Sinema promises to power through gridlock. Sinema calls out these guys, one of whom is John McCain.
It's time to call Sinema's and Manchin's bluffs
Then he said all spending in the reconciliation bill would be subject to the Hyde Amendment (no public funds for abortion). Then she called the House Speaker’s actions to delay the vote on the infrastructure bill “inexcusable”. These two are not Democrats, so the President and the Senate Majority leader should threaten to force them out of the Democratic party. It’s time to threaten to remove that power from them and threaten to expose their venal selfishness as the full-blown Trumpism that it is. If they really want to be in the Democratic party, they will have to concede at least some of their pet positions.
Virtual Fridays Without Fitzpatrick (VFWF) 36
Congressman Fitzpatrick and the president he failed to impeach twice, but voted for in 2020. Virtual Fridays Without Fitzpatrick (VFWF) 36In Response To Your 10/15/21 NewsletterQUESTIONS“Why do we never get an answerWhen we're knocking at the doorWith a thousand million questionsAbout hate and death and war? I guess you were too busy taking photo-ops to report on any of the innumerable critical problems facing our country today. Do you regret that decision after you saw him incite an attack on the Capitol and our democracy? At the very least, why aren’t you fighting to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to a living wage?
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: When they blame hospitals for not using ivermectin, instead of themselves
Prayer, like any mindfulness practice like meditation, can help lower stress, thus lowering system inflammation and strengthening the immune system. The virus triggers the immune system into releasing a flood of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. The immune system doesn’t recognize them as malicious because they look the same to them as healthy cells. It’s about training the body’s immune system to attack and kill malicious entities, be they external pathogens, or our own damaged cells. I really don’t see what’s so nefarious about last rites being done outside, where the family can more safely participate.
Thousands of public servants to get another chance at loan forgiveness in new settlement
The Education Department will automatically review applications rejected before November 2020 in cases where the applicant had made 10 years of payments on a direct loan. It will also increase transparency, letting people know how far they are from qualifying for loan forgiveness and what they have to do to finish qualifying. She had the classic story experienced by so many Public Service Loan Forgiveness applicants: After making 10 years of payments on what she thought was a loan that qualified her for the program while working a job that did qualify her, she was rejected for having the wrong loan. She will see more than $80,000 in loans taken off her shoulders thanks to the settlement. To be defrauded like that is not right, especially during a pandemic when I’ve been teaching in person every day.
5 Charts Show How Tax Reform Can Tackle Bad Corporate Behavior
Here we highlight corporate tax proposals in play on Capitol Hill that are designed to discourage corporate tax dodging and offshoring, excessive CEO pay, and wasteful stock buybacks. Corporate tax dodging and offshoringFor decades, large corporations have pitted countries against each other to drive their own tax bills lower and lower. This has put an enormous strain on public budgets for education, health care, and other vital investments. One government survey found that U.S.-based multinationals paid an average U.S. tax rate of just 7.8 percent in 2018. Corporate tax rate increaseThis piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license.
5 Charts on Tackling Bad Corporate Behavior Through Taxes
Here we highlight corporate tax proposals in play on Capitol Hill that are designed to discourage corporate tax dodging and offshoring, excessive CEO pay, and wasteful stock buybacks. Corporate tax dodging and offshoringFor decades, large corporations have pitted countries against each other to drive their own tax bills lower and lower. This has put an enormous strain on public budgets for education, health care, and other vital investments. One government survey found that U.S.-based multinationals paid an average U.S. tax rate of just 7.8 percent in 2018. This would go a long way towards covering the costs of vital investments in the Build Back Better agenda.
Filmmaker Tim Mahoney: The Book of Revelation and its Message to 7 Churches, and to Us
It’s one of the most mysterious books in the Bible… Revelation, the last and final book of the Holy Scriptures. But in its opening salvo, are Christ’s words to Seven Churches, seven Christian communities residing in towns in what today is Turkey. Filmmaker Tim Mahoney and his Patterns of Evidence company, takes a look at the messages to the seven churches to see what secrets they hold. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Mahoney talks about his recently released documentary., The Seven Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire. What was true them is true today.
LETTER: Gruden the victim of our one-sided culture wars
Virginia Gov. (AP Photo/Steve Helber, Pool)So Jon Gruden sent a few insensitive emails a few years ago, and for that he deserves just about the death penalty. At the same time, Virginia governor blackface is happily finishing his last term. It seems to me that these culture wars are pretty much one-sided. You don’t want to wake up the sleeping giant.
EDITORIAL: City’s videogate smacks of a cover-up
In the interim, City Hall surveillance footage that likely caught the confrontation was apparently deleted. The city’s actions smack of a cover-up and deserve to be investigated. In response on March 4, a deputy city attorney said that having a single staffer review 2,000 hours of surveillance footage would cost the paper $63,680. While it may be the city’s practice to delete routine footage after two months, the video in question was anything but routine. It potentially captured criminal conduct, and city officials knew it was the subject of a public records request.
STEVE SEBELIUS: John Vellardita can’t lose
The head of the Clark County Education Association played the petition game perfectly over the last two years, and now is in a position to get even more than he asked for. John Vellardita, Clark County Education Association executive director, during an editorial board meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016 in Las Vegas. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @bizutesfayeNo matter what, John Vellardita can’t lose. Whether it’s by intelligent design, or random happenstance, Vellardita — the executive director of the Clark County Education Association — has become the magical leprechaun of organized labor in Nevada. It’s a good bet the gaming tax may pass.
COMMENTARY: A recipe for economic stagnation
An essential tool in rebuilding the commercial real estate economy of Las Vegas and Nevada — still reeling from the ravages of COVID-19 — is at serious risk as part of the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan being considered in Washington. This shortsighted and counterproductive cap is a recipe for economic stagnation, not recovery. This reinvestment tool has been a cornerstone of the U.S. commercial real estate market, generating economic benefits on every level that far exceed the amount of taxes deferred. Willing investors would be crippled without the ability to defer taxes and reinvest in commercial properties. Daniel Wagner is senior vice president of government relations for The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Is America becoming Rome versus Byzantium?
A Western empire included much of modern-day Western Europe and northwest Africa. The Western empire eventually collapsed into chaos by the latter fifth century A.D. Yet the Roman eastern half survived for nearly 1,000 years. In contrast, the more liberal blue state antithesis is richer from globalist wealth. Just as Rome was once the iconic center of the entire Roman project, so blue Washington, D.C., is the nerve center for big-government America.
Letters to the editor
— Mark Howland, WeymouthSocial SecurityInflation has raised the Social Security COLA for 2022 to its highest level in recent times. In addition because of the structure of the provision income law on SS benefits, more people will be pushed into a situation where their SS benefits will be taxed. Finally, I also read that commentary about Melnea Cass that spoke of her honored legacy in the community. She also was honored years ago by the naming of Melnea Cass Boulevard in her memory and now this road ends in a dead-end of human misery. Melnea Cass’ legacy has apparently been forgotten by too many politicians trying to create their own legacies but acting like helpless bystanders in this passion play of hopelessness.
American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say
Demonstrators furious at widespread corruption demanded the ouster of President Jovenel Moïse two years ago, effectively paralyzing the country. They operate at will, kidnapping children on their way to school and pastors in the middle of delivering their services. The nation’s political turmoil intensified further after Mr. Moïse was assassinated in his home in July, a killing that remains unsolved. The kidnapping of the American missionaries happened only a day after the United Nations Security Council extended its mission in Haiti by nine months in a unanimous vote on Friday. Many of the streets have been surrendered to the gangs, with few pedestrians venturing out even during the day.
Texas Holocaust 'opposing views' controversy: Teacher speaks out under cover of secrecy
In the wake of a Southlake, Texas, district administrator telling teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust they should also include books with "opposing" views of the Holocaust, one teacher tells CNN's Ed Lavandera that educators are in fear of their livelihood if they speak out against the policy regarding vetting books.
A deadly clash at India’s farmer protests points to a growing challenge for Modi’s BJP
What happened is disputed. Farmers say a convoy carrying the son of Ajay Kumar Mishra, India’s junior minister of state for home affairs and a powerful member of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh state, deliberately rammed into the back of protesters marching along a country road; some allege that the younger Mishra shot Singh in the ensuing chaos. Mishra supporters and members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) say the SUVs were pelted with stones by an angry mob and veered into farmers in trying to flee.
Dan Bongino: Biden is the Grinch who stole Christmas
Dan Bongino revealed how the Biden administration's policies are ruining Christmas Saturday on ‘Unfiltered.’DAN BONGINO: If you’ve been a regular viewer of this show, you know I’ve been warning you about how everything the Biden administration touches, it burns to the ground. But leave it to the Biden administration grinches to ruin it for everyone. …These guys are really talented, this Biden administration, at screwing things up. So, as a note of gratitude to them, I’d like to offer them a gift for Christmas. Because I can’t even afford real coal, so I had to go with charcoal…I can’t even afford actual coal, because they’ve ruined the coal industry too.
Opinion: Parental control is a smoke screen for right-wing activists
"I'm going in with 20 strong men....I'm going to give [the school board] an option: They can leave or they can be removed," he declared. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, "Moms for America" activists pressured parents to pull their children out of schools that mandate face coverings. Concern for children in this context is just a smoke screen for right-wing activists with far greater ambitions. It's not surprising that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants the private realm to take control of public school curricula. Join us on Twitter and FacebookOne way to push back is to populate school boards with individuals who care about pluralism, democracy and public health.
John Dean Says Trump Deeply Linked To Insurrection, And Bannon Can Bare All
Key Watergate figure John Dean is convinced former White House strategist Steve Bannon is “up to his eyeballs” in the Jan. 6 insurrection and can reveal just how deep a role Donald Trump also played. That’s why it’s so critical for the House select committee investigating the insurrection to question Bannon, Dean told Jim Acosta on CNN Saturday. “But I think Bannon is up to his eyeballs” in the Jan. 6 riot. “I think this committee is determined” to get answers, said Dean. “I hope, Jim, they get their act together and use the power they do have, which is inherent contempt powers” to crack down on Bannon, Dean added.
Column: Looking for opposing perspectives on the Holocaust? Try Texas
Can you think of an opposing view on the Holocaust that isn’t antisemitic? This all started with Republican lawmakers in Texas looking for ways to have teachers talk about American history without making white people look bad. In a state that is more than 50% female and more than 56% people of color, HB 3979 is more like a bunker for the insecure than a thoughtful approach to pedagogy. In other words, maybe getting neo-Nazi propaganda in the school library to balance out the Holocaust wasn’t part of the plan. Peddy’s comments were reprehensible, but the confusion is not surprising given the purpose of HB 3979, which is to provide cover for those who committed heinous acts while erasing the long-standing ramifications of those acts.
Karen Bass opens her mayoral campaign — but one prominent backer is missing
On a hot day at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, it was a festive atmosphere for Rep. Karen Bass’ kickoff mayoral campaign event. Michel Dory, left, Yolanda Floyd, center, and Destiny Floyd listen to Rep. Karen Bass at the kickoff to her campaign for mayor. City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who worked with Bass at the Community Coalition, said that Ridley-Thomas’ indictment wouldn’t negatively affect Bass’ campaign. When the crowd quieted, Bass focused her speech on what is seen as the most important issue for voters: homelessness. The Los Angeles Democrat offered some of her most specific remarks on how to address the crisis in Los Angeles since she announced her candidacy last month.
China is launching equivalent of Royal Navy every four years
Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the next Chief of the Defence Staff, is about to lead Britain’s Armed Forces on a fundamental reorientation. Adml Radakin will need such people. They agreed on the need to change and the need to get out in the world building partnerships. It’s not about having the marines turn up on D-Day, in the words of one senior officer. It speaks of a forward-deployed and persistently engaged force, underpinned by technology and integrated across all arms of the Government.
Opinion | James Bond Has No Time for China
The final James Bond outing for Daniel Craig, “No Time to Die,” also marks a notable milestone for Bondian geopolitics: The franchise just completed a five-movie arc with a single lead actor, and amid all the globe-trotting and intrigue you would barely know that China existed. In fairness, the Cold War-era Bond movies were not obsessed with Russia, serving up stateless supervillains rather than Soviet adversaries in many of his outings. But the reality of Russian power was part of the fabric of the series. The same actor showed up as the head of the K.G.B., for instance, in five Bond movies in the 1970s and ’80s. The Asian pop culture that has increasing influence on America is mostly Korean and Japanese, while China — despite all its power, despite our economic intertwinement, despite its crucial role in our political and now our public-health debates — remains more a domain for experts, its internal life and culture more distant and opaque.
Letters to the Editor — Oct. 16, 2021
That said, I hope they’re all happy now with where our country is because of it. B. TonuziWanaque, NJThe Post’s front page reminds us that the Democrats who currently run this country also control the media and Big Tech. Katie Couric was about 60 years old when she interviewed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2016 (“Couric buried ‘truth’ on Ruth,” Oct. 14). Justice Ginsburg had a brilliant legal mind. “America’s Sweetheart” is just that: not a journalist but a Hollywood personality selling her supposed good looks and fake persona.
Germany's far-right AfD party lost seats but taxpayer money will buy it more reach
On the one hand, the multiparty system is part of the constitution, and Germany is obligated to finance whatever crazy views a sufficient share of voters believe. On the other hand, the constitution forbids political extremism considered a threat to the democratic order. Right now all eyes are on Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, which has a kind of rapid alert system. The AfD has been subject to surveillance; DES so far has not. That 1 out of 10 German voters supported the AfD in this year’s elections is a result of right-wing ideas becoming mainstream in Germany.
Texas School Official Apologizes For 'Opposing' Views On Holocaust Comment
A north Texas school superintendent has apologized for an administrator’s instruction that students be taught “opposing” views on the Holocaust. The executive director of curriculum and instruction at the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake was recorded earlier this month suggesting to a group of teachers that a new Texas law requires them to present “opposing” perspectives on events, no matter how horrifying they might be. The law is a thinly veiled attempt to overwhelm the teaching of critical race theory in schools with requiring “opposing” views. “The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism,” state Rep. James Talarico (D) said of the law when it passed. Clay Robison, a spokesman for the Texas State Teachers Association union, told The Washington Post that Peddy’s instruction to teachers was “reprehensible.”
Boston police plan arrests of people with ‘multiple warrants’ on Methadone Mile
“The top levels of the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts are demanding that the BPD take action and arrest persons with multiple warrants, in the Souhthampton and Atkinson Streets area,” the document given to police officers in various units in recent days reads. Acting Mayor Kim Janey’s office deferred comment to the police department, where a spokesman said this isn’t a major change — they regularly pick individuals up on the Mile who have warrants for crimes. Even now, various activists balk at the idea of arresting many on the Mile, saying that doing so is criminalizing drug addiction and mental-health issues. The area in the South End’s Newmarket neighborhood known as Mass and Cass or Methadone Mile now is far worse than it was two summers ago. The area is dangerous, with multiple killings happening there this year, and chaotically filthy — now the site of reports of diseased rats, sick city employees and even, briefly, a tent-dwelling rooster.
Two ‘Varsity Blues’ jurors say they methodically weighed the evidence before convicting two parents of trying to bribe their kids’ way into college
One of the jurors who convicted two parents earlier this month in the Varsity Blues college admissions trial in federal court in Boston said the jury seemed to feel both men were guilty from the very start of deliberations. “There was a general sentiment at the outset that seemed to lean toward a guilty verdict as we discussed the charges,” Christopher Bobek, 38, of Somerville said. “We wanted to make sure when we walked out of there, we got it right,” Bobek said. “Up until verdicts were reached, these men were innocent.”For nearly 11 hours, the jury went through the evidence for each charge before convicting both men of fraud and bribery conspiracy charges, and Wilson of additional charges of bribery, wire fraud and filing a false tax return. You are breaking the rules that everyone else is adhering to.”“I believe the defendants knew what they were doing,” he added.
Gov. Hochul’s drug-war surrender will be the death of NY neighborhoods
Oct. 7, 2021, will go down in history as the day that New York surrendered in the war on drugs. It decriminalizes the possession or sale of hypodermic needles and syringes by addicts to inject drugs. Touted as a move to reduce overdose deaths, it will instead be the death of downtowns and residential neighborhoods across the Empire State. One result: NYPD cops are now under orders to let addicts freely shoot drugs and share needles. Drug addicts need to hit bottom if they’re ever going to seek treatment.
People lie about their ‘religious’ objections to vaccines. Proving it is hard.
But in the past year, the Supreme Court has indicated that it intends to strengthen protections for religious liberty — although the full contours of the change are unclear. In Tandon v. Newsom, for instance, it blocked California from enforcing coronavirus restrictions on private gatherings, including at-home religious services, while the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit considers an appeal. In Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which gave the court a chance to overturn Smith — and to say believers should be exempt from some generally applicable laws — it declined to do so. Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority, noted that the law allowed exemptions at the “sole discretion” of the city’s Department of Human Services commissioner; if a city has an exemptions policy, Roberts wrote, it cannot refuse them to religious organizations without meeting a very high bar. It’s not clear yet how the recent subtle shifts in doctrine will affect court cases related to religious exemptions for vaccine mandates.
Letters to the Editor for Oct. 17, 2021: For roads and more, put people on equal footing
For roads and more, putpeople on equal footingEditor, Times-Dispatch:Come on, U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger. Don't you think we're worth an investment that fights climate destruction; provides child care, pre-K, paid medical leave and tuition-free community colleges; expands Medicare to include coverage of dental, hearing and vision services; and cuts prescription drug costs, including through Medicare negotiating prices? Support that bill, and ask the legislators and lobbyists you bargain with to do the same. Whose side are you on? Dr. Clark and Anne Donley.
Letters to the Editor for Oct. 17, 2021: Two notions to achieve broader student success
Two notions to achievebroader student successEditor, Times-Dispatch:Regarding the recent front-page news series on diversity at Governor's Schools, two priorities come to mind. First is the need for a welcoming and understanding but challenging environment for underserved students, notably the need to increase the number of outstanding teachers of color with whom more students can identify. Second, and perhaps more important to increasing diversity, is "front-loading" the admissions process for these select schools. Otherwise, how can one expect bright but unprepared students to satisfy admissions standards, let alone flourish in an academically challenging environment? Given the same resources, underprivileged and underserved students who are hard-working and motivated will be just as successful as their perhaps more privileged classmates.
How the Palace threatened to cut me dead if I revealed the Queen breastfed Prince Charles
It was 1979 and I had just completed the first of my trilogy of biographies of Prince Charles. I had written: ‘For the first few weeks of his life, the then Princess Elizabeth breastfed the infant Prince'I started scanning the document. Not so the later meeting between my wife and Prince Charles, to which she had so vociferously objected, at the British Embassy in Washington, the city which at the time was our home. Needless to say, my observations on all this in my second book about Charles caused considerable royal resentment. It was against this grim backdrop that I proceeded to churn out my third biography of Prince Charles in as many decades, ‘a bizarre and relentless punctuation to both our lives’, as I wrote.
Afghans face food crisis after Taliban's takeover
People in Afghanistan are struggling to secure enough food amid the economic confusion since the Taliban took control in August. Food shortages in the country have worsened due to this year's drought. Humanitarian aid has also stalled as countries are waiting to see how the Taliban governs the country after seizing power once again. The United Nations World Food Programme estimates that 95 percent of Afghans are currently not getting enough food to eat daily, up from 80 percent before the Taliban took over. The WFP says it is short of about 100 million dollars to provide humanitarian aid through the end of the year.
U.S. Extradites Key Financial Ally of Venezuela’s President
BOGOTÁ, Colombia — A top ally of Venezuela’s authoritarian government has been extradited to the United States, one of his lawyers said Saturday, where he will face money laundering charges in Florida. The extradition of Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman and financial fixer for President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, represents a victory for the U.S. government, whose efforts to remove Mr. Maduro have faltered in recent years. Mr. Saab was detained more than a year ago by law enforcement officials in the West African island nation of Cape Verde. His lawyer, Femi Falana, said he was removed from the country on Saturday without the knowledge of his legal team. If Mr. Saab were to cooperate with U.S. officials, he could help untangle Mr. Maduro’s economic web, aiding authorities in bringing charges against other allies of the Venezuelan government.
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate change
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate changeAdded: 21.05.2020 19:49 | 18 views | 0 commentsAging dams in the U.S. will increasingly fail and cause death and environmental destruction as climate change makes extreme precipitation more frequent, scientists warn.
Parents sue Minnesota charter school alleging racist behavior
Parents sue Minnesota charter school alleging racist behaviorAdded: 16.10.2021 19:16 | 20 views | 0 commentsSource: www.newsy.comThe parents of several Black and biracial students are suing the operator of a Minnesota charter school on behalf of their children, alleging that the school failed to prevent "racist, unfair, hurtful and at times dangerous interactions" at the hands of both students and staff. More in rss.cnn.com » Students Tags: Children
Jussie Smollett's criminal case will move forward after judge denies dismissal request
Added: 16.10.2021 21:08 | 19 views | 0 commentsThe former "Empire" actor is accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime in 2019.
Anti-carbon Dems won’t be happy until Americans suffer like Europeans
That would cut off delivery of more than a half-million barrels of oil and natural gas liquids every day. In the UK, gas facilities have been shut down. (Yet at the same time, they’re calling on OPEC countries to pump more oil, to ease shortages and high prices.) But the carbon warriors won’t be happy until America is suffering like Europe, where heating costs this year have run six times higher than in 2020, thanks to natural-gas shortages. Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press via APThroughout Europe, meanwhile, investors won’t build expensive new gas facilities since fossil fuel is taboo.
Sir Davis Amess death: How emergency services responded to MP's stabbing
Conservative MP Sir David Amess was speaking to voters at a church in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, when he was stabbed to death on Friday. Here's how the emergency services responded in the initial aftermath of the attack.
Macron condemns 'unforgivable' 1961 massacre of Algerians in Paris
Mr Macron told relatives of victims on the 60th anniversary of the bloodshed that "crimes" were committed under the command of the notorious Paris police chief Maurice Papon. Papon was revealed in the 1980s to have collaborated with occupying Nazi forces in World War Two in transferring Jews to Nazi death camps.
Educator Faces Recall for Promoting the Truth
As the founder of Toward an Anti-Racist North Kingstown, Lima was already well known in the area, and she easily won a seat on the board in November 2020. Things seemed to be going smoothly until July 2021, when a small group of people submitted a Declaration for Intent to Petition for Recall against her. In nearby South Kingstown, a Gaspee spinoff called Parents Defending Education went after school board member Emily Cummiskey, a self-described “liberal Democrat,” this spring and she resigned in June. “This victory,” Lima says, “led them to try something similar in North Kingstown. “I’ve raised more unsolicited donations since the recall attempt began than I raised when I was campaigning,” she explains.
Juliette Lewis on Hollywood’s grueling expectations, supporting IATSE strike
Juliette Lewis has spoken up on behalf of her Hollywood peers, detailing the often grueling expectations put upon actors while defending crew members who are currently threatening to go on strike. And you’d be labeled ‘problematic,’ so much so I’ve worked through a flu I’ve worked through migraines I’ve worked through walking pneumonia on ‘Natural Born Killers’ for two weeks where I thought I might die…” she shared. “Apparently that was always better than speaking up and having them simply shift their schedule around to accommodate a person’s health. Because it just didn’t happen.”While Lewis has become, “thankful for this work ethic,” the “Whip It” actress acknowledges that crew members are often held to an even higher standard while on set. Lewis encourages her fellow actors to speak up on behalf of their crew members.
Alexandria school board race: Meet the candidates running in each district
On top of that, Alexandria is wrestling with the question of whether to employ police officers as a security presence in school buildings. The city council voted to remove School Resource Officers this summer — only to reverse its decision and vote to reinstall SROs in mid-October, following a rash of student fights, the shooting of two students near campus and a recent scare in which a student tried to bring a weapon inside the system’s only public high school. The future of the SRO program remains an open question, as the officers are slated to keep working inside schools only through the end of the year.
Bonnie Blodgett: The problem with honeybees, super-foragers
Yes, wild turkeys. Plants and people and wild turkeys aren’t the only natives threatened from time to time by non-natives. Any efforts to save it from extinction endanger other (native) bees. What’s good for honeybees is bad for native bees including bumblebees, such as the doomed rusty patch. She heaved a deep sigh and directed me to her website, where I did find a brief reference to this problem.
Police make arrest in Southeast Portland shooting from May
Investigators arrested a man in connection with a May shooting in Southeast Portland’s Hazelwood neighborhood, the Portland Police Bureau reported Saturday. Officers originally responded to reports of a shooting in the 12000 block of Southeast Ash Street around 3:45 p.m. Friday, May 28 and found a person shot in the arm, according to reports at the time. Police detained one person at the scene, but did not reveal whether that person was the shooter. Portland is in the midst of a wave of gun violence characterized by sudden, sometimes indiscriminate shootings, according to a recent analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive, including a near-record 69 homicides to date. According to investigators, forensic evidence has tied many of the shootings to retaliatory gang violence.
Latino community celebrates Day of the Dead: 'This is the one chance … to guide them back'
This is the one chance you have to guide them back.”That “one chance” comes on DÍa de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), an annual holiday and celebration in Mexico and Latin American countries where families welcome back the souls of those they’ve lost. And it was at that event Saturday where Ravella was tending to the altars set up in front of Huntington Chapel. Vendors set up arts and crafts stands and panel discussions and readings were planned throughout the day. Just as Ravella does, Ramirez came to the Day of the Dead celebration every year and helped with the activities. Duque is Columbian so she included some information for visitors to explain the Columbian traditions of Day of the Dead and how they may differ from those in Mexico.
Maduro ally extradited to US on money laundering charges
Some of Saab’s contracts were obtained by paying bribes to the adult children of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores, the Trump administration alleged. But while in private U.S. officials have long described Saab as a front man for Maduro, he is not identified as such in court filings. The previous Trump administration had made Saab’s extradition a top priority, at one point even sending a Navy warship to the African archipelago to keep an eye on the captive. In turn, Maduro’s government has vehemently objected to Saab’s prosecution as a veiled attempt at regime change by the U.S. government. However, the Biden administration has downplayed the importance of Saab's problems, saying he can defend himself in U.S. courts and that his case shouldn't affect ongoing negotiations sponsored by Norway aimed at overcoming Venezuela's long running economic crisis and political tug of war.
How Canadian Socialists Built a Working-Class Print Culture During the Great Depression
These were, however, the issues that animated the independent leftist print industry of the 1930s. Masses and the Progressive Arts Club By the middle of the decade, several leftist magazines established themselves within this growing print network. Subscribers also wanted their socialist magazines to engage with issues similar to those discussed in popular print and media magazines. Hollywood movies, theatrical performance, modern novels, true crime, and gangster stories were all areas that readers of the early 1930s socialist press wanted to see discussed from a left-wing perspective. Well before mainstream Canadian publications, Masses printed reviews of Soviet literature and poems by figures such as Langston Hughes, putting its own contributors into conversation with international movements.
Meet Representative Elaine Luria, Chowderhead
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Representative Elaine Luria, a Democrat representing Virginia’s Second Congressional District, is in a hawkish mood. The former career naval officer wants the United States to gird itself for a showdown with China over Taiwan. Allow me to nominate Luria for honorary membership in the Tonkin Gulf Chowder and Marching Society.
No, the supply chain mess is not a war on Christmas
Conservatives are spinning these developments into a tale about how this supply chain catastrophe is ruining Christmas — and it’s all Biden’s fault. There’s a new front in the Fox News "War on Christmas" coverage: supply chain delays. “It’s 40 years in the making,” Nick Vyas, the director of the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Southern California, told Recode. But these ideas are a reminder that US supply chain policy does not exist in a vacuum. Some experts say it will be months before these supply chain problems resolve themselves.
Kyrie: Listen to a doc, the vaccines are safe and highly effective
Kyrie Irving is a great basketball player, but he won’t be in the Brooklyn Nets lineup this season. Most adults who refuse vaccination, whether the flu shot or the COVID-19 vaccine, cite concerns about vaccine safety or the effectiveness of and need for vaccination. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have received the vaccines, making the safety information far more robust than is available for most new drugs. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the most serious side effect is a rare form of blood clot associated with low platelets, usually in adult women younger than age 50. It risks undermining confidence in vaccines that are remarkably safe and needed to end the pandemic.
Opinion : Is Biden another incredible shrinking president?
The cartoon version of Biden’s plight is that he is becoming “the incredible shrinking president” — a label that seems to be slapped on every modern chief executive, from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump. Now, it’s Biden’s turn. If you look back to June, he seemed to be gaining stature and strength. His trip to Europe was a resounding success; “America is back” seemed more than a slogan. On domestic politics, Biden helped craft a draft bipartisan infrastructure bill in June that embodied the promise on which he had been elected — the country can still be governed through policies that unite left and right.
Advocates worry Biden is letting U.S. democracy erode on his watch
Richmond argued that these actions reflect the White House approach of taking the actions that will accomplish the most, not those that are necessarily the loudest or most public. “Many people may want to see the president’s involvement on cable news or on TV, but that’s probably not the most effective way to get this legislation done,” he said. “This is not about ego for us. This is about results.”
Biden: 'Democracy survived' Capitol riot because of police
WASHINGTON (AP) — Framed by the Capitol, President Joe Biden paid tribute Saturday to fallen law enforcement officers and honored those who fought off the Jan. 6 insurrection at that very site by declaring “because of you, democracy survived.”Biden spoke at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service to remember the 491 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2020. Standing where the violent mob tried to block his own ascension to the presidency, Biden singled out the 150 officers who were injured and the five who died in the attack’s aftermath. “Nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thwarted an unconstitutional and fundamentally un-American attack on our nation’s values and our votes. Because of you, democracy survived,” Biden said. “Because of these men and women, we avoided a catastrophe, but their heroism came at a cost to you and your families.”Hundreds of officers and their families sat on chairs assembled on the Capitol’s west front.
GOP lawmaker encourages students to not wear masks in school
Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) encouraged a group of students to go against their school’s policy and not wear masks. They’re still going to have school.”The state of Virginia mandates that every school must require masks regardless of students' vaccination status. The meeting between the class and Good had to take place outside because Good refused to wear a mask in the school. ADVERTISEMENTAlong with discouraging masks, Good claimed that masks are ineffective and that coronavirus vaccines are more dangerous for teenagers than the virus itself. Outrageous: GOP Congressman Bob Good urges high school students to rebel against required mask wearing, and wants cameras in every classroom to record for parents everything teachers say.
Durga Puja violence: Protests, vandalism continue
In Chittagong, the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council announced a sit-in and hunger strike next week. In Dhaka, Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad demanded exemplary punishment of the culprits. 'We can't just accept the violence and vandalism'The Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad has demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in the rampant vandalism, violence and mayhem that took place during the Durga Puja celebrations. The ruling Awami League-backed Blue Panel teachers of Dhaka University on Sunday strongly condemned the vandalism perpetrated at several puja venues and idols in various places across the country. On Wednesday, at least four people were killed in Chandpur and scores were injured as mobs attacked Hindu temples and Durga Puja venues in several districts, following social media posts about the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran at a Durga Puja venue in Comilla.
‘God have mercy’: Tigray residents describe life under siege
(AP Photo)NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — As food and the means to buy it dwindled in a city under siege, the young mother felt she could do no more. And the flagship hospital in Mekele, the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, wrestles with whether to give patients the expired medications that remain. A year of war and months of government-enforced deprivation have left the city of a half-million people with rapidly shrinking stocks of food, fuel, medicine and cash. Ethiopia is one of the top recipients of U.S. humanitarian aid. Just 14% of needed aid has entered Tigray since the blockade began, according to the U.N., and almost no medicine at all.
Latest Ohio Republican anti-vaccine bill could be dead
It was the second time in two weeks Cupp halted action on the bill. Senate President Matt Huffman, a Lima Republican, has already signaled his disapproval of any bill regulating how private businesses can run their companies, further casting doubt on the legislation’s future. Greg Abbott on Monday issued an executive order to prohibit any entity, including private business, from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on workers. The Ohio legislation’s exemptions would also be available for employees and students at Ohio’s public and private schools, colleges and universities. A change proposed to the bill Wednesday would end or “sunset” those exemptions by Sept. 30, 2025, said Rep. Rick Carfagna, a Delaware Republican and bill co-sponsor.
Tornado confirmed in Ross County, officials conducting survey of damage
The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Ross County overnight. Tornado warnings were issued throughout the area late Friday night for Ross and Highland Counties. Severe thunderstorms moved into many parts of Central and Southeast Ohio Friday night into early Saturday morning. Forecasters warned Friday night that possible tornado activity could come with the storms. The National Weather Service in Wilmington also believes tornadoes were also responsible for damage in Highland County.
In South Texas, aging water system meets growing population
Further complicating matters is a 1944 treaty between the U.S. and Mexico that defines how the countries share water from the Rio Grande. Mexico is supposed to route 350,000 acre-feet of water every year to the U.S. — enough to supply as many as 700,000 households. But it has periodically failed to meet those obligations, delaying deliveries because of drought, tight water supplies and a thirsty crop industry in northern Mexico. The region's more than 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) of pipelines and canals — some 100-feet (30 meters) wide — are meant for large, infrequent deliveries to farmland. Another option comes with a bigger price tag: replacing canals with underground pipelines, which lose far less water and are better suited to serving cities.
With Biden Agenda in Limbo, Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Promise
Dr. Biden had a ready answer: “It’s a big part of the bill,” she said, turning in her seat to Ms. Wild. The sprawling $3.5 trillion social safety net and climate package that the House compiled last month would address everything raised during the discussion. A month after the House put together its bill, President Biden and Democrats in Congress have trimmed their ambitions. “I’m not going to stop, nor is Joe, so I want you to have faith.”For lawmakers like Ms. Wild, time is of the essence. “They should be doing what we voted them in to do.”The post With Biden Agenda in Limbo, Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Promise appeared first on New York Times.
If congress fails on climate action, it would be like Trump pulling us out of the Paris accord again
Only he knows how to fix climate change: "Under the green new deal, they don’t like clean, beautiful natural gas. The green new deal don’t know what they like." By any standard, this year’s climate emergency is a preview of how deadly the emergency has become, and the consequences that await us are too horrifying to contemplate. The reconciliation bill is a climate bill. No climate, no deal for his infrastructure bill that showers the fossil fuel industry with all kinds of goodies.
Revelations about bogus academy prove charter schools need better oversight
DeVos hoped to use her post to steer more money to religious schools while creating more charter schools. Headline-generating charter scandals have driven some charter school advocates to push for more regulation and a more-managed market approach to school choice. For example, students in urban charter schools generally perform better than their matched pairs—likely for an assortment of reasons—while students in online charter schools perform much worse. Part of the rationale for charter schools is that they should generate innovation and competitive pressure that improve charter and non-charter schools alike. If charter schools harm traditional public schools by, for example, reducing funding or creating funding uncertainty—and there is some evidence for this, too—these comparisons might understate the costs of charter schools.
Republicans urging Republicans to vote Democratic in 2022 and 2024
Republicans Christine Todd Whitman and Miles Taylor have an important message for Republicans to save our democracy. Responsible Republicans not always an oxymoronWatch Politics Done Right TV here. The two ‘Republicans’ wrote the New York Times article, “We Are Republicans. There’s Only One Way to Save Our Party From Pro-Trump Extremists,” They stated the following. But it’s become obvious that political extremists maintain a viselike grip on the national and state parties and the process for fielding and championing House and Senate candidates in next year’s elections.
DKos Asheville Open Thread: Faith based COVID, Charlotte St. change approved, Music, Fall color
Among local public schools, there is widespread compliance with health officials’ advice on how to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get kids back in classrooms safely. But a number of private schools and home school cooperatives are taking approaches that diverge from those guidelines. Among WNC public school districts, only Yancey County Schools isn’t requiring masks. Both Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools say they’ve enacted the toolkit’s precautions, including masking and rapid COVID-19 tests for students who may have been exposed to the virus. But the Appalachian Academy (*Good luck finding a link, the only Asheville Academy I found was an all -girls therapy boarding school.)
Panicking? Good.
Floods, fires, famines, and pandemics; ice caps melting; species disappearing; the list of catastrophes is horrible, long, and growing all the time. This is a relief to those of us who have already been living in dread for years. It shows we are beginning to understand the harm we have done to ourselves and this beautiful earth. We’ve built our present world by imagining every detail. Panic is a natural first response to the awareness of what we have done.
Texas Lawyers Defend Abortion Law By Claiming Supreme Court Has No Authority In The First Place.
What these Texas lawyers are proposing here is to make themselves essentially, insulated from the rulings of the Supreme Court. After all, the Supreme Court for better or worse, has adjudicated weighty matters ranging from Dred Scott to Brown v Board of Education. NBCNews has more-Lawyers for supporters of the Texas abortion law told a federal appeals court Thursday that the state was free to pass its law banning abortion after about six weeks because states can reach their own conclusions about whether abortion is constitutional. We can just ignore the Supreme Court altogether? They go further.."Abortion is not a constitutional right; it is a court-invented right that may not even have majority support on the current Supreme Court," they said.
With Nuclear Superpowers, Humankind Can’t Play Russian Roulette
Humankind should contemplate that lesson, for unless the international system gets transformed, we will be playing a global-scale version of Russian roulette. We came close to a nuclear war that could have brought human civilization – and perhaps much of life on earth -- to an end. So long as the age-old anarchy in the international order is allowed to persist, other such potentially catastrophic confrontations between nuclear superpowers will occur in the generations and centuries to come. It was in the wake of the terrible carnage of World War I that the League of Nations was born. At the very least, the search for ways of moving things in that necessary direction should be one of the dimensions of the diplomacy between the nuclear superpowers.
Trump Loses What Is Left Of Mind, Says AZ Should Hold New Election Or Declare "REP" Candidate Winner
He simply can’t accept that more people in the state of Arizona cast their ballots for Joe Biden than him. You were the Republican candidate. If he won Arizona, President Biden would have had 296 electoral votes. Maybe that is why Trump refers to himself as the Republican candidate. The Republican candidate, what a loser.
The Navy Gets Serious About Vaccinations
Governmental entities tend to be ponderous beasts and change comes slowly to them and the military perhaps most of all. “Transfer orders may be cancelled by Navy Personnel Command.” – CCDA is COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority, the Navy certainly does love its acronyms. Refusal will result in a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, if vaccine refusal is the only reason for separation. Those require a full Court MartialThe Navy is reporting that 94% of active duty sailors and 89% of the total force are fully vaccinated. The Navy is doing this all by the numbers, which is The Navy Way.
Why 52% of Trump Supporters favor seceding from the Nation
Trump supporters of course reject the idea that they are motivated by racism, bigotry and fear. Among Trump supporters, there has been virtually no change since 2016. By contrast, a somewhat smaller share of Trump supporters express this view today (26%) than did so four years ago (31%). [...] Most Trump supporters (72%) continue to associate Islam with violence, though the share saying this has declined 8 points since 2016. In each of these areas, black people, women, immigrants and Muslims, Trump supporters are largely in opposition to the rise and growth of all these groups.
Data manipulation pushed pandemic
TerminologyOne simple and correct way is how many people die from the infection caused by the virus: the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR). For our COVID pandemic there has been, surprisingly, very little wide blood testing across the whole population. That figure of 3%, far from reliable, is 30 times greater than the figure given for the seasonal flu. Simply by implying great lethality for everyone infected by the new COVID virus. Higher than the usual quoted flu value [.001] for the height of the pandemic in high density New York City.
‘Fiscal Justice Ratings’ Fight Police Brutality With Finance
To Mr. Wallace, factors that contribute to inequality, including police misconduct, add up to trouble for both residents and city finances. He believes that municipal bond investors should consider “fiscal justice” before investing in a city’s debt. His firm, Activest, plans to introduce a new type of ratings system this year to help them do it. Mr. Wallace, however, gives Louisville’s finances poor marks across the board. His fiscal justice ratings aim to account for this long-term impact.
With Biden Agenda in Limbo, Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Promise
To get around Republican obstruction, Democrats are using a fast-track process known as reconciliation that shields legislation from a filibuster. That would allow it to pass the 50-50 Senate on a simple majority vote, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting a tiebreaking vote. But it would still require the support of every Democratic senator — and nearly every one of their members in the House. Democratic leaders and White House officials have been haggling behind the scenes to nail down an agreement that could satisfy both Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema, who have been reluctant to publicly detail which proposals they want to see scaled back or jettisoned. “As with any bill of such historic proportions, not every member will get everything he or she wants,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, wrote to Democrats in a letter ahead of the chamber’s return on Monday.
VELSHI: “The American public education system has lost the plot”
Teachers in the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas recently took part in a training session on new guidelines for what books they are allowed have in their classroom libraries to line up with the new regulations in the Republican Texas House Bill 3979, and its soon to be updated version, the Republican Texas Senate Bill 3. They were told if they had books on the Holocaust, they need books with ‘opposing views’ and ‘other perspectives’ as well. It is crucial for students to learn and discuss different perspectives and how and why bad things happen in history - including genocides, war crimes, and slavery -- in order to better recognize and respond to them the future. There is a way to discuss important events in history, and to learn how to think critically about different perspectives. But once that perspective includes placing opposing views of the Holocaust on the same level as the (almost) universally accepted truth, the American public education system has lost the plot.Oct.
Blinken: US Policy Is to ‘Oppose the Reconstruction of Syria’
On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US position on Syria is to “oppose” the country’s reconstruction and not support any attempts at normalization with the government of Bashar al-Assad. US sanctions under the Caesar Act against Syria specifically target the energy and construction sectors to impede the country’s ability to rebuild after 10 brutal years of war. The sanctions can target any person regardless of nationality, discouraging Syria’s neighbors from helping in the reconstruction. This area of Syria is where most of the country’s oil fields are, so the US presence keeps vital resource out of the hands of Damascus. Washington’s economic warfare against Syria is exacerbating the country’s food shortages.
One man helping millions: How dogged Sir David Amess changed so many laws from the backbenches
The son of an electrician and a dressmaker, Sir David was more working class than a host of MPs on the Labour benches. One of them was Martyn Williams of Friends of the Earth, who talked him through the statistics on poorly-heated homes. Among the changes that followed it were winter fuel payments to pensioners and government grants for insulating homes. Sir David garnered such widespread cross-party support that 451 MPs signed his Bill. Sir David celebrated by posing with two ponies outside Parliament, below.
Video: Sir Peter Bottomley pays tribute to friend David Amess
Video: 'We are shocked and saddened': Prince William and Kate lead tributes to murdered MP Sir David Amess as Boris Johnson praises 'true gent'Sir Peter Bottomley pays tribute to friend and colleague Sir David Amess after he was fatally stabbed at a constituency surgery in Essex. Bottomley said: 'The tragedy is that it follows others.'
Beijing’s China-US Relations Balancing Act
– In China-US ties, there has been a subtle but significant shift in tone – albeit not in substantive stances just yet. Beijing’s De-escalation Strategy“I believe that the door of China-US ties, which is already open, cannot be closed,” China’s incoming ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, said upon his arrival in the United States. It has to be seen whether the gradual de-escalation will endure or if it is just a temporary respite. When it comes to Beijing’s recent de-escalation, there are three things to keep in mind. The recent resumption of talks between Beijing’s top officials and Washington shows that Beijing’s plan is working: it is able to meet domestic needs while tackling complex geopolitical and economic concerns overseas.
As the pandemic drags on, even the most privileged children are suffering
Since the pandemic started, quite a lot of my time, energy and money have been spent on finding ways to entertain my daughter. Here in Xalapa, many of the centrally located and popular playgrounds remain as closed now as they were at the beginning of the pandemic. Places for people without money are not open … and that’s basically the way it’s been around here, at least in my city. Pandemic or not, kids need to play and be outside, and they need interaction with other kids. My heart breaks for all the special things about my daughter’s childhood that she’s missing because we’re still in this damned pandemic.
Texas school official says classrooms with books on Holocaust must offer ‘opposing’ views
A Texas school district official told educators if they kept books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they would have to also offer “opposing” viewpoints in order to comply with a new state law. NEW: A school administrator in Southlake, Texas, advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an "opposing" perspective. Ledbetter said in the statement that the district understands the law does not require opposing viewpoints on historical facts. The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has said that law, HB 3979, is an effort to abolish critical race theory in schools. Twenty-two states had passed or were considering laws to ban or restrict conversations about race and racism in public school classrooms as of August.
U.S.C. to Issue Honorary Degrees to Displaced Japanese Students
In 2007, Jonathan Kaji, then the president of the Asian Pacific Alumni Association at the University of Southern California, inquired about the school’s actions toward its Japanese students in 1942. That was the year President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which forcibly removed and detained people of Japanese descent from the West Coast after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He had read that universities in Washington State were issuing honorary degrees to the Nisei — children of Japanese immigrants — who were prevented from finishing their studies by the executive order. However, U.S.C.’s president at the time, Rufus B. von KleinSmid, infamous for his antisemitism and support for the study of eugenics, refused to release the transcripts of Japanese American students, preventing them from finishing their degrees elsewhere and forcing many to start over. Mr. Kaji immediately petitioned U.S.C.’s board of trustees to apologize for its actions during World War II and to issue posthumous honorary degrees to Nisei students who were denied their transcripts.
When Outdoor Diners and Homeless People Meet, Restaurants Try to Cope
Homeless people want access to permanent and affordable housing, Ms. Simone said, a need the city government hasn’t been able to meet. Many homeless people avoid staying in dormlike shelters. “There’s a lot of feeling that this crisis of homelessness is not being approached with the urgency that it needs,” she said. Over the summer, the city moved about 8,000 homeless people from hotels back to dormlike shelters, which alleviated some of those concerns. But many restaurant owners said they’re still trying to tamp down conflicts daily.
Why Wasn't Biden's Child Tax Credit More Popular? - The New York Times
When the federal government started sending monthly checks to families with children earlier this year, Democrats predicted that the program would be a big hit. They were counting on public support to extend the payments beyond this year, and to pass a broader expansion of federal aid for families. Enthusiasm has fallen short of the party’s expectations, and Democrats are facing a gut-check moment. This year’s results, released this week, showed that only 43 percent now support that statement. Others think that Democrats are losing a war of ideas that is undermining public support for necessary change.
The WNBA won the week! Here are some honorable mentions.
Joy announced on Friday her selection for "Who Won The Week?" She chose the WNBA for their consistent activism — and because the league's finals began earlier this week (Go Mercury!). Here are this week’s honorable mentions:Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick has been on one this week. Yet, somehow, vaccine mandates still prevail — and they’re working. Vaccines and public health considerations like vaccine mandates are having a wonderful week.
Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics
Let's all kick back with a cup of coffee and share some cartoons! Feel free to share political cartoons in this thread. Besides our usual civility policy, there are three rules to follow:Every top-level comment must contain a political cartoon. This means no photographs, no edited cartoons, no templates, no memes and no image macros. Each top-level comment should only have a maximum of 3 cartoons.
Global tax accord could earn Canada up to $4.5 billion per year, says Freeland
That tax, which was to kick in next year, is being put on hold as talks continue on finalizing the global deal. Global deal the 'best outcome' for Canada: FreelandThe parliamentary budget officer estimated this spring that the Canadian tax would raise $4 billion over five years. Freeland said the math clearly works in Canada's favour under the global deal. LISTEN: Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on a major international tax deal9:06 Global tax deal dilemma Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland explains why Canada pushed for a new global tax agreement and what effect it will have here. "So with all of these crises, to deny low- and middle-income countries a fair share of the global tax pie is unjust."
Opinion : One bad call for the Giants; one giant leap toward robo-umpires
So the rules will surely change. The genius of inventors and engineers and technologists will fill yet another gap through which human error peeps. But let’s not think that we are headed toward perfection. Hubris is perhaps the most glaring human error, and by far the most dangerous. Unless we are reminded of our fallibility on a steady basis, we’ll end up with mistakes that cost far more than mere dollars or ballgames.
Karin Ruhkala: 'We the Parents' will not remain silent while the education establishment lies to our children
I’ve watched the anger and frustration of parents during school board meetings and I’ve quietly agreed with them. "We the People" have the right and moral obligation to fight back against dangerous lies being taught to our children. Take Virginia gubernatorial candidate Democrat Terry McAuliffe who insisted parents have no role in directing the education of their children. We have partnered with teachers to teach our children reading, writing, and arithmetic – and we have the right to see that this is being done. These are our children, our treasure, and we will not remain silent when others attempt to fill their minds with divisive and harmful lies.
Jim Breslo: Gavin Newsom's woke plans now include toys, lawn mowers and even restrooms
In the 2021 legislative session which just ended, some of the bills were so crazy that even progressive darling Gov. Free menstrual productsCalifornia public schools and colleges now must provide free menstrual products in their restrooms. CALIFORNIA REQUIRES MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLSMandatory High School Ethnic Studies courseCalifornia becomes the first state in the country to mandate such a course. Newsom vetoed it, but primarily he said because the state is already trying to launch a similar pilot project! When the only check on power in California is named Gavin Newson, this should come as no surprise.
Attention, developers: We have $24.5 million to give you now for affordable housing
These funds could build up to 1,500 unitsThe Department of Housing is making available nearly $24.5 million to housing developers right now, using state and national Housing Trust Fund dollars plus other pools of money. Housing projects financed with 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits are eligible for up to $2 million in gap financing per project. This gap financing is a vital component for developers dedicated to providing the affordable housing our communities need. And I’m calling on affordable housing developers to apply for this gap financing and move forward with their sorely needed projects. This funding is an example of how the Arizona Department of Housing is encouraging and supporting developers to build more affordable housing.
Republican Governor ‘Frenemies’ Compete for National Limelight
The rivalry shows how Republicans in two of the biggest states are under pressure to pursue the types of populist efforts that would please Donald Trump and his loyalists, even at the risk of alienating moderates and businesses worried about recruiting candidates turned off by restrictive social policies. Hard-line approaches like curtailing school rules aimed at coronavirus safety are losers in polls, but rules framed as expanding “freedom” serve as an extension of Trump’s fire-up-the-base strategy. Far from turning the page on Trump’s GOP, both men are trying to out-Trump one another.
David Amess’s death reminds us of the bravery of those who serve the people
It takes courage to be a politician, even if the bravery often takes the form of not thinking about the risks. Most of the MPs that I speak to say they don’t think about it much, except in the days after terrible events such as the death of Sir David Amess. That was, I thought, the lesson on which everyone agreed after the death of Jo Cox five years ago. If we value democracy, we have to value politics and we have to value the people who engage in it. The death of Sir David Amess is sad, and what is also sad is that so many people say that all politicians are bad, or out of touch, or in it for themselves.
Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by revealing the secrets of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, a new book says
Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by flipping on Trump or Clinton, a new book says. According to the book, Epstein believed that The Justice Department had arrested him, under the instruction of then-President Donald Trump, because they wanted information on Bill Clinton, who had flown on his private jet multiple times. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at Mar-a-Lago in 1992. After that, Epstein said he believed Trump had "cultivated" the Palm Beach police to look into him, the paper reported. Michael Wolff has written several books about Donald Trump's presidency, including the bestselling "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House."
Hidden college admission factors that hurt students’ chances of acceptance
Those who apply to highly selective universities will be engaged in a struggle for very few spots. An offer of admission can be transformational, especially for students from low- and middle-income families. In 1966, Yale University announced that its admissions would be “need-blind” — pledging to help students attend regardless of their income. This kicked off a scramble among selective universities to follow suit. Universities themselves need to adapt their admissions practices to level the playing field and recruit more low- and middle-income students.
Rerouting Fifth Ave traffic for bike lanes before the holidays is madness
Your Fifth Avenue holiday stocking will likely have a lump of coal in it this year. And also to kill: E-bikes have caused seven pedestrian fatalities in the city since their use was legalized in June 2020. Mayor de Blasio’s plan for more bike lanes on Fifth Ave. could lead to more chaos (and pedestrian deaths). Fifth Avenue landlords and merchants are mounting a last-ditch stand to kill or at least blunt the plan’s worst aspects. A reasonable question for proponents of the Fifth Avenue plan might be: Why not postpone it until after the holiday shopping season at the very least?
‘Justice for J6’ rally cost government agencies that assisted Capitol Police at least $790,000, according to estimates
Agencies in and around the nation’s capital are accustomed to responding to protests and demonstrations for a variety of causes. But the Sept. 18. rally, which was held on federal land near the U.S. Capitol, prompted significant media attention and a heightened security response because it was held in support of those charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Organizers had insisted the rally would be peaceful and ultimately, on the day of the rally, the protesters were outnumbered by journalists, police officers and counterprotesters.
Mark Ridley-Thomas led L.A. homeless policies. Now what?
City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas has long been seen as a pivotal figure behind homeless policies in Los Angeles, especially in recent months as the Los Angeles City Council has been embroiled in debate over where homeless people can pitch a tent. Among those who are dedicated to alleviating homelessness in Los Angeles, news of the indictment brought sadness and dismay. Ridley-Thomas’ reputation as the preeminent champion of the homeless is tied to his key role in promoting two massive tax measures. Miguel Santana, who was then the city’s administrative officer, worked with Ridley-Thomas in crafting city and county cooperation on homeless initiatives. Peter Lynn, who was executive director of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority through the early execution of the two ballot measures, framed Ridley-Thomas’ alleged transgression as a Shakespearean tragedy.
After 30 years in the political spotlight, Ridley-Thomas is suddenly under a cloud
Over three decades, five mayors have passed through Los Angeles City Hall. “If I were Mark Ridley-Thomas, I would not resign,” Guerra said. But Ridley-Thomas’s last impression at City Hall was not as a firebrand but as an adept political tactician. Nearing retirement age, he was no longer the brash young man who first came to City Hall 30 years ago. With term limits putting him in his last stint on the City Council, many in City Hall had been convinced Ridley-Thomas would declare his candidacy for mayor.
Column: The clock is ticking on those unvaccinated L.A. city workers. Will they come around?
Cristian Granucci — one of more than 100 LAFD firefighters who live outside California — said in a video screed that he was so angry about the mandate, his “head could pop”? That’s how I felt reading the threat of $2.5 million in damages by members of the firefighters union. Would I call 911 if it meant a crew of unvaccinated firefighters could come through my door? They don’t say ‘anti-vax,’” said Terrazas, who added that in the latest count, 27.3% of his firefighters have not had a single vaccination. So what happens if, say, 300 firefighters continue to defy the order and get fired?
Brooks: A realistic appraisal of what America means to me
So we cast about for more realistic and inclusive ways to retell our story. I thought about what a large role humiliation has played in American history: The pogroms and the Holocaust that terrorized Jews and sent them fleeing. It means turning scorn into a seedbed of culture, innovation and culture. But I like to think that flowing through American history there is the recurring tale of people conquering humiliation through creative action. I like to think that scorn has paradoxically been a propulsive force in American life because people find sources of power in places scorn cannot reach.
Column: Why South L.A. is staying loyal to Ridley-Thomas, even as he faces federal charges
Examples abound as to why and one might think L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, indicted this week on bribery charges over an alleged quid pro quo with USC, is one of them. “Ultimately, there’s room for forgiveness in the hearts of many in Black L.A. because he has been such an effective champion who fights for resources for this community,” longtime South L.A. activist Najee Ali told me. In other words, few who live or have deep ties to South L.A. are ready to throw Ridley-Thomas under the bus. Indeed, that he has inspired such unwavering loyalty, even as he faces federal charges, should come as no surprise. There is definitely disappointment in South L.A., as my colleague Donovan X. Ramsey reported.
Editorial: Cut water use before state’s supply runs out
Gavin Newsom’s request in July for Californians to voluntarily cut their water usage by 15%. That came a year after the state largely ignored Brown’s request for a 20% voluntary cut in water use. The Mid-Peninsula Water District is asking San Mateo County customers to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 10%. In the East Bay, the Contra Costa Water District has called a stage 1 water shortage and is asking customers to voluntarily cut water use by 10%. It’s an acknowledgment that climate change is forcing the state to cut water supplies for anything that doesn’t constitute essential use.
Nov. 2, 2021 general election
Nov. 2, 2021 general electionFind out where you can vote at the New York State Board of Elections website. Early voting is from Oct. 23-31. Election Day is Nov. 2. The deadline for absentee ballot applications is Oct. 18. Find out how to apply here.
Laura Curran for Nassau County executive
Four years ago, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran stepped into an extraordinary mess. Her predecessor, Edward Mangano, was found guilty of federal corruption charges, as was Mangano’s chief deputy, Rob Walker. That should not trigger kudos, yet in Nassau County, it does. Under Curran, Nassau ended 2019 and 2020 in the black. Blakeman is smart, experienced, respected and successful, but he’s not prepared to take on the challenge of leading Nassau County, if only because he has not bothered to prepare.
In ‘Succession’ Season 3, the Roys are more vulnerable than ever — to the public and one another
“Succession” isn’t exactly about the Murdochs and Fox News, but upcoming episodes do make pointed references to Rupert et al.’s truce with Donald Trump, while convincingly dramatizing how a conservative cable news network like Waystar’s ATN might arrange quid pro quos with the White House — particularly one whose Department of Justice is on the verge of investigating Logan for his role in the cruise-line scandal. But much of the uncertainty and suspense of the seven episodes screened for review (out of the season’s nine total) stem from the Roys having to contend with the messiness of democracy — electoral and otherwise — after doing all they could’ve to inject volatility into the proceedings for their own gain. (Perhaps it’s more about the Murdochs than we’ve been led to believe.)
A two-tier wage system roiled the auto industry. Workers today say no way
A two-tier wage system roiled the auto industry. Among their complaints: Kellogg's proposal of a two-tier system that would give newer hires lower wages and fewer retirement benefits than legacy workers. Two-tier wage systems are not new. Detroit automakers used a two-tier system to gain back competitivenessWhen a two-tier wage and benefit structure was adopted by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler in 2007, it was hailed by auto executives as "revolutionary" and "a major step forward." But with the two-tier system came morale issues and other problems.
He Has Retired From His Working Career. He Hasn’t Retired From Volunteering.
At the invitation of a friend, sometime around the fall of 1971, I began volunteering at St. John of God School in Deptford, N.J. At 15, I learned how to change diapers and the need for patience in working with children. In the 21st century, I became involved with civic volunteering in my hometown of Pitman, N.J. Volunteering gives you a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself and to accomplish something for the common good. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”—Tom Wilk, a retired copy editor, is an occasional freelance writer in Pitman, N.J.
If you're sad about Joshua trees, wait until you hear about the bristlecone pine
But the Joshua tree can be saved, say the authors, even if climate change eventually means no more of the photogenic plants in Joshua Tree National Park. The bristlecone pines in California sit between 9,000 and 12,000 feet in elevation, safely away from other less hardy plants that could compete for resources. The threat to these pines is not as immediate as that faced by Joshua trees or sequoias. Consider subscribing to the Los Angeles Times Your support helps us deliver the news that matters most. California cannot erase Serra, says the editorial board, because he is a key figure in our history.
Americans are very concerned about rising drug costs. Cummings act will help.
High drug prices are preventing patients from accessing their medications largely due to current laws advanced and staunchly defended by the pharmaceutical industry. Medicare accounts for roughly 30% of total U.S. prescription drug spending and a small number of brand-name drugs account for the bulk of this spending. Now, we finally have an opportunity to transform the prescription drug price landscape by passing the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act (House Resolution 3). The large majority of Americans regardless of political parties are very concerned about rising drug costs. What’s the debate around lowering drug prices, then?
Instantview: Germany's SPD, Greens, FDP agree roadmap for coalition talks
“The massive additional investments planned by the coalition will require substantial increases in spending. A large part can be managed within the limits of the debt brake. It must be clarified how the coalition can make the planned investments without tax increases or breaching the debt brake. “It is still uncertain how the coalition will handle the planned investments without cutting social spending, raising taxes or softening the debt brake. No tax increases.
Why your ‘personal infrastructure’ decisions actually do affect the climate
You probably don’t think of your car as infrastructure, or your stove, or your furnace. But it also includes what Griffith calls “personal infrastructure.” These are the individual purchasing decisions that actually matter. If you make them badly, you’re just perpetuating the cycle.”First is your personal transportation infrastructure: Your next car should be electric, or even better, should be replaced by a bike, public transit, or electric scooter. (Decisions about where you live also matter, since they determine whether or not it’s possible to avoid driving to work.) When you buy new appliances, choose the most efficient, electric option (this includes induction stoves; sorry, your gas stove isn’t climate friendly).
How we get to 100% electrical everything
advertisement advertisement advertisementThis scenario of replacing everything that uses energy with a zero-carbon solution when it’s retired is called a 100% adoption rate. If 1 in 10 people buys an EV, then we say the adoption rate is 10%. But while this is good, it is not quite enough—across the board we now need adoption rates of 100%. advertisementadvertisementA 100% adoption rate is only achieved by mandate—and robust financial incentives to back it up. As my friend, the economist Skip Laitner, says, the free market needs an invisible foot to give it a swift kick in the ass now and then.
The future of ‘smart living’ will be a test of how smart we really are
The first incarnation of smart city rhetoric gave off the whiff of corporatized digital smothering. With greater civic guidance, however, the emerging smart cities will be places where the Internet of things (IoT) seamlessly blends into the background and affords residents a hassle-free lifestyle—a place where technology allows you to be you. In the developing world, smart cities represent a seemingly necessary departure from the unfixable landscape of decrepit infrastructure, overcrowded tenements, snarling traffic, and rampant corruption. Smart cities won’t truly be smart until we get smarter. The test of how “smart” we are isn’t very difficult.
Forget the ladder. Here’s a better framework for your professional journey
On a career ladder, you might “lose” a rung or have to start climbing again at a new organization. While a career ladder has only one direction, a career river can create a delta of many different paths, all equally valid to pursue. When you reach a ceiling on the career ladder, the only way you can keep going is to shatter it. When your career river encounters an obstacle, you can go around it, or over it, or carve through it. A career ladder creates no value except for the person climbing it, while a career river feeds an entire ecosystem.
Conservative Pundit Torches ‘Absolutely Bats**t Crazy’ Republicans In Texas
Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Friday lamented what he described as the “race to the bottom” to “see who can be the most MAGA” between Republicans in Florida, Arizona and Texas. “I know that Republicans in Texas have been conservative for a long time but there was a time when conservative Republicans in Texas were not absolutely batshit crazy,” Sykes, founder of the conservative website The Bulwark, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in video shared online by Mediaite. “Texas Republicans used to be respectable,” Sykes continued. Greg Abbott’s (R) recently banned COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state which is also now subject to a highly restrictive abortion law. They don’t know what’s going to happen.”“What is the other side of the Holocaust?” Sykes later asked.
Op-Ed: Biden’s death penalty hypocrisy
The Biden administration is hypocritical in simultaneously imposing a moratorium on the federal death penalty and urging that the Supreme Court reinstate the death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Indeed, the Biden administration’s choice to defend capital punishment for Tsarnaev reflects the inherently arbitrary nature of death penalty decisions. As a candidate for president, Joe Biden said he opposed the federal death penalty. Given Biden’s opposition to capital punishment, there was no reason to seek to reinstate the death sentence. “The factors that most clearly ought to affect application of the death penalty — namely, comparative egregiousness of the crime — often do not,” he wrote.
Carol Roth: Our government's plan to make America socialist is working
They seek to expand the government’s reach into education, something that it has already made education in the US more expensive with inferior outcomes. Now, the $3.5 trillion spending bonanza is a full-on socialist overhaul of the economy. For those in need of a secret decoder, this is clear code for an economy by central planning mandate. Before the COVID-19 government panic, the government was already spending around $8 trillion dollars at all levels of government. This is the government’s plan and frighteningly, it is working.
Horace Small, Boston’s best community organizer, bows out
Small, who’s 68, has accomplished the unusual task of becoming an effective political organizer without being Boston born-and-bred. If you aren’t sure who Small is you should be, because he has been the most dynamic and creative community organizer in Boston over the past 20 years. The level of thoughtfulness, well-targeted profanity, and sheer fun in Boston politics is about to take a substantial hit: Horace Small is leaving town and retiring to Paris. “The thing that he always talked about was that in your organizing you must maintain your humility,” Small said. When he began working in Boston, Small quickly became aware of a major issue he wouldn’t have guessed.
Letters: GOP no longer party of ideas, Freedom to Vote Act necessary
Letters to the EditorGOP no longer party of ideas but of bullying, normalizing divisivenessOhio GOP is a threat to my health and safety. They’re certainly no longer a party of ideas but of touting who can be the biggest bully and normalizing divisiveness. Emily Prieto, ColumbusFreedom to Vote Act needed to establish credibility in electionsOur republic dies when our institutions no longer work for us. When citizens cannot vote because their government thwarts registering to vote, voting safely, getting to the polls, voting absentee, or having votes counted fairly, democracy dies. More:Opinion: “Ghost legislation” could bankrupt Ohio's public schools system and wreak irreparable harmAll this is to be accomplished under the bill, which is all of 19 lines long.
Joe Blundo: Banning books deprives readers from making their own decisions
To protest this most un-American of activities, I like to read one of the books that the narrow-minded are attacking. The book, under assault in several states, was recently removed from the library at Hudson High School, near Akron, pending review. (“Out of Darkness,” a novel by Columbus author Ashley Perez, has been facing similar challenges in some Texas school districts this year.) More:Banned Books Week has new meaning for Columbus author whose novel was challengedI don’t question the right of parents to decide what’s appropriate reading material for their children. “Lawn Boy” has earned the author an award from the American Library Association and also brought him death threats.
What does Community Shelter Board say about stolen money?
More:Theodore Decker: About internal theft, Community Shelter Board has more explaining to doThe Community Shelter Board put rigorous policies and procedures in place to live up to the high expectations we set for ourselves and our partner agencies. The Community Shelter Board, its board and external auditors acted responsibly by bringing this issue to light and swiftly addressing it. The fight against homelessness is not only the responsibility of the Community Shelter Board, but the entire community. The board of trustees of the Community Shelter Board fully supports Heritage and the entire Community Shelter Board staff in ensuring everyone has a safe place to call home. Amy Dawson serves as board chair for the Community Shelter Board.
Blind minister is all about forgiveness on 400-mile walk from Columbus to Washington D.C.
The men's journey will take them from Greater Columbus eventually to Washington D.C. in the course of two weeks. The almost 400-mile trek is part of Christian's Forgiveness and Reconciliation Uniting America Walk. After that, the team will walk through Pennsylvania and Virginia before eventually arriving in Washington, D.C., by Oct. 29. The following day, Christian will hold a celebration rally at Martin Luther King Memorial and a black-tie dinner that night in Silver Springs, Maryland. Freeman said he likes to walk on the left-hand side of a busy road, so Christian won't get hurt.
Blind man walking to raise awareness of disabilities, forgiveness
Blind man walking to raise awareness of disabilities, forgivenessJohannes Christian embarks on 400-mile walk from Columbus to Washington to raise awareness of disabilities and power of forgiveness.
Letters to the editor: 'We Irish have not earned the right to criticize the Jewish people'
Share this Story: Letters to the editor: 'We Irish have not earned the right to criticize the Jewish people'Letters to the editor: 'We Irish have not earned the right to criticize the Jewish people' National Post readers don't mince their words as they speak out on Irish author's anti-Israel stance and other issues of the day Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty ImagesAdvertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content Barbara Kay wrote about Ireland being the supreme European country for Jew hatred in her article of July 17, 2021. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content We Irish have not earned the right to criticize the Jewish people. Article content Canada needs to get off of fossil fuels.
NP View: An Alberta court's wrongheaded order to compel anti-vaxxers to refute their own opinions
So we would like to express surprise and alarm at actions reportedly taken on Wednesday by an Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench judge. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. In enforcing a court order, Judge Germain perhaps has more latitude than a government would. Share this article in your social networkAdvertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Problem
Biden’s decline in approval is among crucial voting groups for Democrats, such as women, independents, and young people. The political importance of Afghanistan, of course, may fade if the nation stays out of the headlines. But analysts say that the botched withdrawal contributed to doubts about the central premise of Biden’s Presidency: that he can govern effectively. They said that the Administration’s unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan undermines the credibility of Biden’s promise to restore U.S. support for international law and internationalism, after Trump spent four years denigrating them. of the International Civil Society Action Network, a nonprofit that promoted peace talks and women’s rights in Afghanistan, said.
In Senator Manchin’s Home State, Universal Pre-K Is Already a Reality
That is why advocates hope to seize on Washington’s current interest in preschool. And some question pouring money into pre-K at all, pointing out that the years from birth to age 3 are perhaps more crucial for brain development and closing future academic achievement gaps. The dollars would be better spent, she said, on improving prenatal care, helping mothers develop their parenting skills and providing quality child care to disadvantaged infants and toddlers. Kindergarten students who had participated in West Virginia’s preschool program did demonstrate more sophisticated math, literacy and language skills, according to a 2018 study. Adam Kissel, a senior fellow at the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, a conservative think tank, said the existence of universal pre-K in the state had not prevented West Virginia from demonstrating continued low fourth-grade performance in reading and math.
Biden's Supreme Court commission is leaving everyone unhappy
Biden's Supreme Court commission is leaving everyone unhappyAdded: 16.10.2021 1:12 | 25 views | 0 commentsSource: news.abs-cbn.comAs the Biden administration's commission on the Supreme Court continues to meet, roll out pages of draft documents and engage in deep philosophical conversations about the past and future of the court, one thing is clear: No one is satisfied. More in rss.cnn.com » Tags: Supreme Court
Sir David Amess: How a tragic day unfolded
Sir David Amess: How a tragic day unfoldedAdded: 16.10.2021 8:38 | 4 views | 0 commentsSource: www.davidamess.co.ukHow constituents and authorities reacted to the tragic killing of Sir David Amess. More in www.bbc.co.uk »
Squid Game: The rise of Korean drama addiction
Squid Game: The rise of Korean drama addictionAdded: 16.10.2021 4:16 | 24 views | 0 commentsFinished Squid Game? Here's a quick lowdown on other K-dramas for new converts.
Democrat Tim Sini, Republican Ray Tierney battle over who's toughest on crime in Suffolk
In the race for Suffolk County district attorney, the question of who will be tougher on crime — Democrat Tim Sini or Ray Tierney, the Republican and Conservative Party nominee — has arisen as the top issue. Sini, the incumbent, is seeking election to a second term against Tierney, a former federal and Suffolk County prosecutor. He was elected as Suffolk County district attorney in November 2017. Tierney, a graduate of Brown University and St. John's University School of Law in Queens, started his career in the Suffolk County district attorney's office. In 2019, Tierney joined the Kings County district attorney's office, where he oversaw units focused on violent criminal enterprises, crime strategies and police body-worn cameras.
Singaporean man sentenced to death by hanging after being caught with a kilogram of pot
Share this Story: Singaporean man sentenced to death by hanging after being caught with a kilogram of potSingaporean man sentenced to death by hanging after being caught with a kilogram of pot The accused reportedly attempted to import the pot from Malayasia in 2018. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content While at a carwash, he met up with two acquaintances identified as Din and Latif. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
Conservative Pundit Torches ‘Absolutely Bats**t Crazy’ Republicans In Texas
Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Friday lamented what he described as the “race to the bottom” to “see who can be the most MAGA” between Republicans in Florida, Arizona and Texas. “I know that Republicans in Texas have been conservative for a long time but there was a time when conservative Republicans in Texas were not absolutely batshit crazy,” Sykes, founder of the conservative website The Bulwark, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in video shared online by Mediaite. Advertisement“Texas Republicans used to be respectable,” Sykes continued. Greg Abbott’s (R) recently banned COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state which is also now subject to a highly restrictive abortion law. Sykes said it was “easy to beat up on the administrator” but “the focus ought to be on the law and the fact that the teachers are terrified.
Is Hunter Biden’s art project painting the president into an ethical corner?
They also accuse Hunter of trading on his father’s name and position in a manner that, while not illegal, flouts ethical norms. The man has never sold a piece of art before, has never even juried into a community centre art show, but suddenly he’s selling art at fantastical prices. The sale of Hunter Biden’s art is being handled by the George Bergès Gallery in Soho, New York. Hunter Biden embraces Jill and Joe Biden at the president’s inauguration in Washington on 20 January. “It’s really unfortunate that Hunter Biden has chosen to attempt to make money in a way that is vulnerable to influence peddling.
Greg Gutfeld: People in power lose power when we resist the traps they set
(Disclaimer: we must inform you that Greg Gutfeld just had a medical procedure today and is currently coming down from the anesthesia. It's caused by the situation created by people in power, in order to create conflict; to keep us at each other’s throats. Irving was trying to focus on getting a shot in the net, not getting a shot in the arm. The people in power lose power when we resist the traps they set for us. This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the Oct. 15, 2021, edition of "Gutfeld!"
Libra Daily Horoscope Yahoo Life Astrology: October 16, 2021
Someone needs your help -- but it's not a matter of life and death. More likely it involves choosing an outfit or redecorating their office. Even if you don't have time, give them a hand. Want even more insight? Get your personalized Birth Chart today.
Complaints Against Texas' Juvenile Prisons Include Violence and Sex Abuse
Giddings State School in Giddings, Texas, one of the state's five juvenile detention facilities, on Oct. 14, 2021. Now the Justice Department has begun a wide-ranging investigation into the detention centers, part of a broader effort to overhaul the country’s most troubled prisons. The organizations have been working together since 2007 to push for reforms of the state’s juvenile justice system. The department found that while 7% of youth in juvenile facilities across the country had reported being the victim of sexual abuse, complaints at three Texas facilities were significantly higher. In one egregious case, in August 2019, a corrections officer was charged with having sex with a girl who was housed in the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex in Brownwood.
In Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen’s cross-strait take plays well
Military tanks pass in front of the Presidential Office during the National Day celebration in Taipei. Photo: Bloomberg
At the very least, if Biden gives a national speech to abolish the filibuster
Plus call out Manchin and Sinema for their enabling of Trump and Mcconnell plus climate crisis, people will take his side as calling out the intentionally incompetent corrupt congress and rightfully punish republicans plus Sinema/Manchin. Furthermore, he should give a nationally televised address on the huge drastic overhauls on student loan/debt forgiveness plus outright forgive $10,000 when congress refused to do so because of Manchin/Sinema (moratorium January 31st). This will help the majority of Americans show he is on their side and vote in anti filibuster candidates such as from Pennsylvania. Biden knows he cannot afford to let trump republicans take over due to apathy/hopelessness because of Manchin/Sinema.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Seven kids, one disabled, and parents catastrophically fail to protect them
This is a family of nine—mom, who is the Facebook poster; dad; and seven kids. Your child is fighting COVID, so what better use of your time than to shitpost about the vaccine on Facebook? And she should be ready to have that conversation if, indeed, she’s doing all she can to protect him. BTW, if you don’t know, lice like clean hair. “We are a family of 9, but the kids don’t eat a whole lot”?
Andrew McCabe wins back his pension in settlement of his lawsuit against DOJ for retaliatory firing
“For 140 years, civil servants like Andrew McCabe have been the federal government’s backbone, pledging their loyalty to the Constitution rather than to any politician or political party,” Murad Hussain, a lawyer for McCabe, said in a statement. The firm intends to donate the money to its foundation, which provides scholarships to minority law students, among other things. “What happened to Andrew was a travesty, not just for him and his family, but the rule of law,” said Murad Hussain, one of Mr. McCabe’s lawyers. “We filed this suit to restore his retirement benefits, restore his reputation and take a stand for the rights of all civil servants, and that’s exactly what this settlement does.”Yep. Andrew McCabe upheld his responsibility to the Constitution in the face of what must have been unfathomable pressures from a dangerous megalomaniac.
LGBTQ students report concerning rates of in-person and online bullying from peers, says new survey
About 60% of trans and nonbinary students reported bullying, while about 45% of cisgender queer students did. Just over 50% of white students reported bullying, similar to about 54% of multiracial students. 40% of Black students, 41% of AAPI students, and 47% of Latinx students also reported bullying. As I’ve covered previously at The Atlantic, LGBTQ+ students being bullied at school is sadly far from new. We’ve seen students advocate on behalf of their LGBTQ+ peers when they’ve felt ignored or punished by the administration.
Man jailed in solitary for over a year is first to sue private prison company under recent state law
“Here, Mr. Murillo was held for over a year,” the lawsuit said—and his detention in solitary began through trickery by Management and Training Corporation (MTC), the private prison profiteer running Imperial. “Upon Mr. Murillo’s arrival at Imperial, an MTC employee gave Mr. Murillo a choice regarding where he wanted to be housed: general population or protective custody,” the lawsuit stated. Mr. Murillo was not informed of these restrictive conditions before he agreed to ‘protective custody.’”Murillo is now suing MTC under AB 3228, a first-of-its-kind bill signed by Gov. “California is home to five civil detention facilities used to detain immigrants. “Four out of five of these facilities are operated by private for-profit corporations, holding an estimated 90% of the detained population.
"John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave. His soul is marching on!"
Although his men were dead or captured, John Brown refused to surrender: he barricaded himself in a small brick building near the gate of the armory. Du Bois appraises Brown's action:In John Brown's last written statement, in prison, before he was hanged, he said: "I, John Brown, am quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood." Ralph Waldo Emerson, not an activist himself, said of the execution of John Brown: "He will make the gallows holy as the cross." Of the twenty-two men in John Brown's striking force, five were black. It would end slavery only under conditions controlled by whites, and only when required by the political and economic needs of the business elite of the North.
Behind Blue Eyes, A musical guide to misogynistic victimhood
My favorite song to start with was “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who with lyrics by Pete Townshend. Pete Townshend wrote this song as the theme for the villain of a larger musical work he was writing. That work never materialized as a whole but “Behind Blue Eyes” was too good not to be released. To be clear, Pete Townshend knew he was writing from the perspective of a monster and was not holding the man with blue eyes as a person to be emulated. And perhaps, with a lot of work, we just might guide people towards true love free from dominance and manipulation.
GOP national fundraising arm sends texts branding non-donors as 'traitors' and 'deserters' to Trump
The following is taken directly from a text ad recently released by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC):You’re a traitor… You abandoned Trump. But when Trump said he’d run for President if we took back the House from Nancy Pelosi … You did nothing. It’s next to impossible to conceive of any Democratic fundraising entity, for example, employing this blatant of an approach. To understand why the NRCC feels this tactic might be successful, some insight into the nature of what the Republican Party has now become is necessary. Republicans so eager to emulate Donald Trump, now clinging so desperately to his coattails out of cowardice and opportunism, would probably do well to remember that.
Must’ve Been Some Sort of Sale on Nazi Sh*t This Week. Yikes.
Because we’re lookin’ at Nazi shit tonight, friends. There really IS a lot of Nazi shit this week!” Yes, Virginia, there is indeed. And we’re not done with the week’s Nazi shit, either. But if we don’t deal with the Nazi shit that’s already in front of us, we’re just gonna get served an even bigger plate of Nazi shit for breakfast tomorrow, and not to come off argumentative or anything, but my feeling is, there’s been too much Nazi shit already. Anyhoo, I’m gonna go try to wash all this Nazi shit out of my eyeballs, or at least drown it in beer.
News Roundup: Biden makes moves on climate; Texas, oh Texas; undoing Trump's cruelties
Get your shots, pass it onThe Biden administration took a step forward in combatting climate change while taking two steps back in humanizing our immigration policies. Tucker Carlson remains a homophobic hack, with jokes that would have embarrassed a stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Texas continues attacking children, this time focusing on trans youth. John Deere workers are going on strike—10,000 strong. And Andrew McCabe gets his retirement back now that Trump is gone.
The New Normal; by Susan B. Glasser
The work of a MacArthur-grant-winning psychologist explains how the unthinkable becomes acceptable—and how the change can be reversed. The beauty of norms is that, unlike ingrained hatreds, they are flexible. They shift quickly; with the right pressure from the right people, they can shift back. But the response, crucially, must be broad, and it must come from sources of authority across the political spectrum. Otherwise, behaviors we think of as socially stable may prove to be far more fragile than we’d like to believe.
Trump's Parallel Universe
The adults paying attention scoffed with indignant, fully justified protest that such a nonsensical statement could be made by a senior elected official. In quantum physics, parallel universe theories have not only been proven theoretically, they frequently appear today in movies, television, and engaging lectures, sparking the public's imagination. This "parallel universe", a simultaneous existence where two totally different interpretations of what it means to be a patriotic American, is at the very least an operative metaphor for what we are experiencing with the "Trump effect." The observer effect in quantum physics tell us that observing a situation changes it based on our observation of it. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
The Ivermectin Story
The unrelenting opposition to using ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID-19 is stronger than ever. Monthly IVM prescriptions increased 72 percent from 39,864 in 2019 to 68,428 in 2021 (through May). Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have also died from COVID vaccines, the failed solution to the pandemic. FDA will soon give it emergency use authorization because of the emerging clarity that COVID vaccines do NOT work effectively or safely. Speaking as someone who is using IVM as a prophylactic, here is what I have seen in recent times.
Democracy: Bought and Paid For
Although we ostensibly live in a democratic nation, democracy as a meaningful concept has been disappearing before our eyes and before the eyes of the world. Democracy, as it now exists in this nation, has been bought and paid for and now serves other masters than the ordinary citizens of this nation. The result is that neoliberal economics can be exported to the world under the rubric of spreading democracy. In the process the ideals, the real spirit of democracy, were lost as the term became a commodity to be traded in the economic marketplace. There are international theaters, national theaters, regional theaters, state theaters, county theaters and local theaters to keep us all entertained, so we have something like soap operas to follow with bated breath"to pour our passion and our hearts and souls into.
An Ethically Challenged School Board
An arrangement with Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) that was approved by the board last year provides an example. Following the vote, Gonez accepted a $1,300 campaign donation from this same organization, compounding the ethical issues represented in the contract. An ethically principled public official would have avoided the appearance of a quid pro quo and rejected these funds. (Image by LAUSD) Details DMCA"Carl Petersen is a parent advocate for students with special education needs and public education. As a Green Party candidate in LAUSD's District 2 School Board race, he was endorsed by Network for Public Education (NPE) Action.
Dana workers: We should be on strike!
The strike at Deere makes clear that now is the time for Dana workers to stand up and unite until we win our demands for massive pay increases, the 8-hour day and workers control of Covid-safety and line speed. UAW President Ray Curry issued a brief statement on the Deere strike, asserting that the Deere workers need “solidarity.” What a fraud! This means the UAW and USW are forcing Dana workers to stay on the job to make parts for scab production! In the US, 500 distillery workers in Kentucky who went on strike on September 11; 2,000 hospital workers in Buffalo, New York went on strike October 1; 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal workers went on strike October 5; and 2,000 Frontier telecom workers in California did so on October 6. This means developing rank-and-file strike committees with the following aims: To organize strike action now and join our brothers and sisters at Deere, to open lines of communication between workers in all departments on all shifts in each plant, to establish connections between the plants, with John Deere workers, Big Three assembly workers and workers internationally to fight for democratic discussion and unity in action.
Ontario teacher protest for better PPE fiercely opposed by education unions
Organized independently by rank-and-file teachers, the October 14 protest was bitterly denounced by the education unions, who support the pro-business school reopening policies of the province’s Progressive Conservative government. Thursday’s protest was launched earlier this month by Ryan Imgrund, a biostatistician and high school teacher. (Twitter)Instead, the advisory instructed union members to lodge their concerns with their school principal or ETFO local. A particularly heated exchange erupted on Twitter around a circular sent to members of Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) District 24 by its president, Robert Grascho. When, as a result, rank-and-file school staff take matters into their own hands, the union bureaucracy responds with unrestrained hostility and threats.
Podemos acquiesces to Spanish police persecution of second lawmaker
This comes after Madrid regional lawmaker for Podemos, Isabel Serra, was convicted of insulting a police officer and throwing objects at police and sentenced to 19 months in jail. Podemos is also responsible for deepening social attacks on the working class, supporting imperialist wars and carrying out mass police repression. I know that the lawmaker is going to file an appeal and, therefore, we are waiting for final resolution.”Such statements further align Podemos with the police state. Podemos’ incapacity to oppose the persecution of its members flows directly from its class character. These include Deere workers, auto workers, Kellogg’s cereal workers, nurses and health care workers, distillery workers, coal miners and carpenters.
Connecticut educator endorses October 15 school strike, shares her experiences during the pandemic
The World Socialist Web Site has joined with Lisa Diaz, British mother of two school age children, to spearhead a global online picket line. We urge you to join us and send your message of solidarity on Twitter using the hashtag #SchoolStrike2021 and tagging @WSWS_Updates. Our children are our most precious commodity!”Linda asked, “Why are governments insisting children go back to the classrooms? One was during the school year, only 21 years old, in Special Ed, a very sweet child. “Every single school in my district has had COVID among students and teachers bringing it home to their families.
International Youth and Students for Social Equality demands the immediate reinstatement of Bright Sheng
Dear Dean Gier,The International Youth and Students for Social Equality demands the immediate reinstatement of Bright Sheng, the Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Composition, to his position as instructor of undergraduate composition. The University of Michigan launched its attack on Professor Sheng after he screened for his class the acclaimed 1965 film version of Shakespeare’s Othello, directed by Stuart Burge and starring Laurence Olivier. Professor Sheng’s removal followed students’ complaint that Olivier plays Othello, a Moorish general from North Africa in the Venetian army, with black make-up. The actions taken against Professor Sheng, a world-renowned scholar, may well rank as the most shameful episode in the University’s history. Yours Sincerely,The International Youth and Students for Social Equality at the University of Michigan, Ann ArborWe encourage our readers to email Dean Gier, demanding the reinstatement of Professor Sheng, atdgier@umich.edu, and to copy the World Socialist Web Site,comments@wsws.org.
Autoworkers voice support for Deere strike as walkout enters third day
Autoworkers speaking to the World Socialist Web SiteAutoworker Newsletter expressed their support for workers at Deere and connected their fight to the broader struggles of workers. Workers at auto parts maker Dana are following the strike by Deere workers very closely. A Dana worker in Pottstown, Pennsylvania said, “I think it’s about time all this is being addressed and brought to light. Our vote here [which rejected the UAW’s deal by 100 percent] blew them away!”“I hope they get what they want, and I hope Dana workers do, too. It’s long past due,” commented a Dana worker in Henderson, Kentucky, adding, “This extension each week is bull crap.
How a museum dedicated to ‘The Mad Booths of Maryland’ deals with infamy — and fame
The challenge, of course, is how to accurately describe the family’s history as successful actors while not downplaying their connection to slavery, the evil perpetrated by John Wilkes, or the racist context for subsequent celebrations of the assassin by neo-Confederates. Indeed, it isn’t just the memory of the family that is marred by links to the Confederacy — so, too, is the history of the house itself: When Tudor Hall first opened for tourists in the 1920s, it was owned by Ella Mahoney, a Harford County native and former neighbor who venerated the Booths and was also a Lincoln hater.
Crowdfunding to get essentials to the 52 LGBT+ in people ‘Block 13’ at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya on JustGiving
The 52 LGBT+ people at ‘Block 13’ in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya need our help. New Frame article - Queer refugees in Kenya’s Block 13 pray for safetyTobias Pellicciari Chief Executive Director presso International Support - Human Rights LinkedIn Article - LGBT+ violence in Kakuma - Block 13Refugee Flag Kenya Facebook pageChronicles.com Kakuma Blog - Firebomb attack on LGBT+ ‘Block 13’ at Kakuma refugee camp in KenyaJASS Urgent Call Statement UNHCR MUST PROTECT & SUPPORT LGBTQ+ REFUGEES AT KAKUMA BLOCK 13 IN KENYAReuters.com LGBT+ refugees call on U.N. for safe space after Kenya camp attacksBay Area Reporter - Death of gay Kakuma refugee spurs LGBTQ Africans' calls for evacuationLife is horrible here in the camp especially to the LGBTIQ because of transphobia, homophobia and xenophobia. A STATEMENT TO UNHCR FROM BLOCK 13 QUEER RESIDENTS IN KAKUMA REFUGEE CAMP. In the East African community, Kenya's North West in Turkana County that's where we find Kakuma refugee camp with a population of almost 200,000 people, and it's with in that camp that we the queer people are living. This narrative also has implied that the LGBTQIA+ refugees are simply looking for resettlement in the third country.
Liberal pundit dares conservatives to support school choice
It’s not every day a prominent liberal comes out in support of school choice. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)It’s not every day a prominent liberal comes out in support of school choice. “The greatest contributing factor to segregation today is that kids without choice are trapped in schools based on a (ZIP) code,” he tweeted, later adding, “We need school choice for everyone, not just rich people.”That’s a pretty standard argument for school choice. “They don’t really want choice, just privatization.”Ms. Hannah-Jones may be pleasantly surprised if she takes the time to educate herself on the school choice movement. EdChoice is one of the most prominent school choice organizations in the country.
LETTER: We all must compromise to promote Nevada’s economic, environmental success
Over the last 21 years the act has generated more than $3 billion in revenue in support of conservation and economic development in Nevada. Balancing conservation and environmental outcomes with economic development critical to the future of the nation requires occasional trade-off and compromise. This is especially true as we consider the need for scarce mineral development, such as lithium, which is vital to supporting future renewable energy development. We have also been able to achieve economic development through the disposition and development of surplus federal land and minerals. Now, more than ever, we must continue to follow the law’s model and not allow the threat of litigation, or honest disagreement, to impede significant environmental and economic success because some are unwilling to compromise.
LETTER: Biden’s great bait and switch
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)Mark Twain is credited with remarking that: “If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”. Talk about “bait and switch.”Anyway, we are now in the midst of the greatest socialist experiment of the nation’s long history. Never forget that government spending of newly created money devalues our currency and raises consumer prices. Understand that removing work incentives with freshly printed money creates a dependent society as well as a scarcity of goods and services. Make a promise to prove Mark Twain wrong.
Cowboys’ Sham, ‘I have friends who are Holocaust survivors. Tell them it didn’t happen.’
To elaborate on this subject further I reached out to the longtime radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys, Brad Sham, and the radio voice of the Texas Rangers, Eric Nadel. The widow of former Dallas Cowboys center Frank Cornish is prominently featured in the podcast, as is former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Russell Maryland. He has taken off Dallas Cowboys games to observe Jewish holidays. The subject of Holocaust denial is not a topic Sham or Nadel take lightly, nor should anyone. Carroll ISD apologized for this one, because there is no alternative point of view to the Holocaust.
German state allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers – even for groceries & other essentials
The German state of Hesse has become the first to allow businesses to deny the unvaccinated access even to basic necessities, setting a troubling precedent as its neighbors wrestle with protests against vaccination mandates. Hessian supermarkets have been granted permission to deny the unvaccinated the right to buy food and other essentials, the state chancellery confirmed to German magazine BILD on Friday. And still it is uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and free to get,” he boasted, noting that masking and social distancing requirements would remain in place for businesses that failed to adopt the more exclusionary 2G Rule. In exchange for admitting only vaccinated or recovered people, 2G businesses are allowed to forgo social distancing and mask mandates – perhaps a tempting tradeoff after 18 months of burdensome face coverings. Also on rt.com Hundreds blockade Italian ports as mandatory Covid-19 passes come into effect for all workers (VIDEOS)Think your friends would be interested?
How the pandemic economy is boosting labor power
From factory workers to production crews in Hollywood to hospital employees, labor strikes are erupting nationwide. In the aftermath of the pandemic, Americans are trying to take back power and challenge Reagan- era orthodoxies that claimed labor and unions were not vital to the broader middle class. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined my presidential historian Michael Beschloss to discuss.Oct.
British police says murder of lawmaker declared as a terrorist incident
– The Metropolitan Police has said that the murder of British lawmaker David Amess in Essex on Friday has been declared as a terrorist incident, with the investigation being led by its Terrorism Command.
General who replaced senior officer accused of sex assault is now himself under investigation for sexual misconduct
Share this Story: General who replaced senior officer accused of sex assault is now himself under investigation for sexual misconductGeneral who replaced senior officer accused of sex assault is now himself under investigation for sexual misconduct Canadian military has been rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct by senior leaders over the past 10 months. Photo by Department of National Defence / Supplied photoArticle content A general brought in to replace another senior officer accused of sexual assault is now himself under police investigation for sexual misconduct. Article content The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service received an allegation of sexual misconduct against Lt.-Gen. Steven Whelan, the Canadian Forces confirmed Friday night. Both Eyre and Sajjan have faced criticism from survivors about failing to deal with sexual misconduct in the senior ranks. The senior military leadership quietly brought Dawe back to defence headquarters in September to work on sexual misconduct review files.
NY files court appeal over vax-mandate ruling on religious exemptions
ALBANY — New York has filed an appeal against a recent federal-court decision permitting healthcare workers in the state to apply for religious exemptions from its coronavirus-vaccine mandate. “I applaud the Attorney General’s challenge of the lower court’s decision on the religious exemption to the vaccine requirement,” said Gov. Utica federal Judge David Hurd had granted a preliminary injunction on the vaccine mandate in NY. New York governor Kathy Hochul applauded the decision to appeal the court’s ruling. Ninety-seven percent of nursing home workers statewide have received at least their first shot of the vaccine.
Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas says he won’t resign, plans to fight bribery charges
In his first public comments since he was indicted, Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas said he wouldn’t resign and plans to fight federal charges that were revealed this week. Some of his colleagues on the City Council have called for him to step down or relinquish his committee assignments. Advertisement“I have no intention of resigning my seat on the City Council or neglecting my duties. He is one of the most powerful figures in Los Angeles politics is the third L.A. City Council member to face federal corruption charges in the last two years. The charges come at a time when 10 of the city’s 18 elected officials are running for reelection or for higher office.
Southern Baptist leader resigns over sex abuse probe
An investigative firm is looking into allegations the Executive Committee mishandled abuse reports and mistreated survivors. Members of the divided Executive Committee voted Oct. 5 to waive attorney-client privilege, agreeing to turn over legally protected records to investigators. “What we’re seeing in the Southern Baptist Convention is both a reflection and a magnification of the tumult in the culture,” said Ed Stetzer, a Southern Baptist and executive director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. The third-party review is being funded by the Executive Committee, conducted by Guidepost Solutions and overseen by a new Southern Baptist sexual abuse task force. '”Christa Brown, a church sexual abuse survivor and a longtime critic of the SBC’s sexual abuse response, said Floyd’s resignation is worth celebrating, but the work of pushing for institutional reforms continues.
The Arizona Republic
Your subscription supports:Award-winning investigations and consumer reporting that helps Arizonans recover hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Voices, experts and personalities on the right and the left. Access to exclusive sports reporting on your local teams from USA TODAY Sports+ at no additional cost. The best guide in Arizona to summer getaways, concerts and the dining scene. Daily newsletter with top news to know.
Photos: Colorful puffins beloved in Maine
Maine's beloved puffins suffered one of their worst years for reproduction in decades this summer due to a lack of the small fish they eat.
When the boss starts behaving like a dictator
Is your boss a dictator? Company executives, at worst, commit “power harassment” — not quite the same thing, we’re inclined to think. We could, if we chose, learn from the gorilla, writes primatologist Juichi Yamagiwa in President. Certainly DNA is a factor, writes Robert Sutton, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business in California. It is, says Bueno de Mesquita: “The only goal of people wielding dictatorial power is to stay in power.”Likewise, say he and Sutton, the corporate power elite.
Key to Biden’s Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition
The party is still trying to figure out how to pass that budget bill, along with a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill. For weeks, Democratic leaders have vowed that the clean electricity program was a nonnegotiable part of the legislation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at an event in San Francisco Friday morning that she was still pushing for the strongest possible climate change provisions in the bill. We cannot — we don’t have any more time to wait.”Democratic presidents have tried but failed to enact climate change legislation since the Clinton administration. To avert catastrophe, scientists say nations must keep the average global temperature from increasing 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.
Congress Should Subpoena Facebook Officials
That is one of the main takeaways from the Facebook whistleblower’s testimony last week. Mark Zuckerberg, himself, has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for congressional oversight by declining invitations to testify and misleading lawmakers when he does appear. Congress should not give Zuckerberg and Facebook the chance to stonewall or mislead the public again. During the Trump years, Congress’ reluctance to use its subpoena power compounded delays that ultimately pushed the pursuit of information into the new Congress. Congress must immediately put an end to the cycle of lies and evasions by issuing a subpoena for Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony and for any documents to support their investigation.
Rikers Death Pushes Toll in N.Y.C. Jails to 13 This Year
A Bronx man who was being held at the Rikers Island jail complex died on Friday after contracting the coronavirus, the 13th death in custody during an especially deadly year in New York City’s jails. The man, Victor Mercado, 64, had been held on weapons charges since July after being unable to pay the $100,000 bail a Bronx judge set in his case when he fell ill last week, his lawyer, James A. Kilduff, said. Mr. Kilduff said he had asked the judge to lower the bail last month, arguing that his client’s poor health — Mr. Mercado used a wheelchair and was overweight — made him especially susceptible to the virus. “I explained the family had limited resources, and they left the bail conditions as it was,” Mr. Kilduff said on Friday after learning of Mr. Mercado’s death. This is a tragedy.”
Pete Buttigieg Joins the Parental Leave Debate: ‘This Is Work.’
He took four weeks of paid leave from his role where he was mostly offline, but said he was able to delegate responsibilities during leave or log on remotely for higher-priority work. But, Mr. Buttigieg added, taking paid leave “shouldn’t be up to your particular good fortune” or the graces of an employer. Loudest among them, as usual, was Tucker Carlson of Fox News: “Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. No word on how that went.” (Mr. Buttigieg said later that Mr. Carlson might not understand the concept of bottle feeding.) Mr. Carlson’s comments were criticized as sexist and — since Mr. Buttigieg is the first gay cabinet member confirmed by the Senate — homophobic.
The Post says: Welcome to reality (sort of), Joe
In a belated concession to reality, President Joe Biden admitted Friday, “We’re probably not going to get $3.5 trillion this year” for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ turn-America-socialist bill, suggesting that free community college was one item that could get dropped. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to accept a top-line number of $2 trillion or more. Plus, Manchin and Sinema disagree on many issues: Just for starters, she opposes job-killing tax hikes that he’s OK with; he’s against anti-coal provisions that she favors. Not to mention endless fine print carving out special privileges for labor unions and prioritizing subsidies on racial lines. Reality and Biden’s words still barely overlap.
Legal Aid lawyers attack a solid move to reduce the Rikers chaos
Many of the inmates are overjoyed — but the Legal Aid lawyers who supposedly represent them are furious because they’ll accept nothing less than simply springing everyone now held, no matter how great a threat to public safety. The plan will transfer up to 20 inmates at a time, twice a week, to a pair of Bedford Hills prisons. But his fellow progressives are still peeved: The Legal Aid Society, Bronx Defenders and others are griping about the transfer supposedly violating inmates’ rights. And Sharon White-Harrigan of the Women’s Community Justice Association, which leads the campaign to close the women’s jail on Rikers, praised the transfer initiative. The fact is that nothing will please the Legal Aid ideologues short of throwing the gates wide open and releasing everyone.
Opinion : Breonna Taylor’s death sparked remarkable changes to no-knock raids across America
But there’s little evidence that no-knock drug raids have made us safer. They neither ended the drug trade nor really limited it. Given the large percentage of homes who own guns for self-defense, and that the drug war is often fought with dirty information, these raids are almost guaranteed to end sometimes in tragedy. That includes making things more dangerous for police: There’s a long list of law enforcement officers killed in these raids. And there’s certainly no evidence the raids reduced crime.
Opinion : A pivotal political season approaches for a changing D.C.
Along with ward council members Brianne K. Nadeau (Ward 1), Mary M. Cheh (Ward 3) and Charles Allen (Ward 6), who also chair key oversight committees, Bonds must show how her stewardship has improved the Housing Production Trust Fund, which critics say is an accident waiting to happen. Nadeau and Allen, on whose watches are faltering homeless services and public safety, respectively, must also answer to the effectiveness of their oversight. Cheh, conversely, keeps a close watch on transportation and environmental issues and is quick to sound the alarm, even when nothing’s on fire.
Letters: Fossil fuel subsidies | Fear of CRT | Vaccine holdouts | National security | Stopping Trump | Disable stereotypes
Our taxes have been subsidizing the fossil fuel industry through direct subsidies and tax breaks for over 100 years. In addition to these subsidies, the U.S. government has been financing billions for fossil fuel projects overseas to benefit U.S. fossil fuel companies. A recent letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer from more than 500 organizations asked for the elimination, in the coming budget reconciliation process, of all subsidies for fossil fuel development. Such subsidies only serve to encourage increased oil and gas development, in a time of quickly worsening climate change. Afghanistan has zero bearing on American national security.
Letters: Campus safety | ‘Hero pay’ | Ban offshore drilling | Better tech | Variety of voices | Debt limit
We need to protect women and take sexual assault much more seriously. “Public employees to receive ‘hero pay’ bonuses,” Page A1, Oct. 6:Good grief. Public employees already get retirement benefits that far exceed the average worker. Public employees already get several more paid holidays than the average worker. Susan Butler-GrahamSan JoseBetter tech existsfor oil spill responseThe response to the huge oil spill near Huntington Beach seems to consist of workers in rowboats with rags and buckets.
Battenfeld: Charlie Baker’s strict vaccine mandate posing huge political risk
Massachusetts’ strictest in the nation vaccine mandate, already causing shortages of workers, poses the biggest political risk yet for Gov. It’s much more difficult to jam these vaccine mandates on public sector agencies and their powerful unions. One thing Baker has going in his favor right now is public opinion, which appears to be solidly behind the vaccine mandates. How do you enforce a vaccine mandate that puts 40% of your workforce out of jobs? “The Massachusetts State Police continue to encourage personnel to comply with the (vaccine) requirement,” a spokesman said.
Biden open to shortening length of programs in spending bill
At the center, Biden promoted his proposal to make such care free for lower-income families, and ensure that families making up to 150% of their state's median income pay less than 7% of their salaries on child care. It's part of a massive expansion of the social safety net that Biden has championed and is aiming to pass with just Democratic votes in Congress. “Too many folks in Washington still don’t realize it isn’t enough just to invest in our physical infrastructure. We also have to invest in our people,” he said. Biden went on to outline how his plan would reduce child care costs for Connecticut residents, and noted the disparity between U.S. spending on early child care versus greater investments by other countries.
Democrats hit the panic button. Is it too little too late for Joe Biden?
Democratic voters are depressed, demoralized, and tuning out — and there's no use in denying it. Biden and Democrats were able to pass the American Rescue Plan early in his administration, and that staved off a worse situation. Unsurprisingly, then, Democratic voters are increasingly giving up hope. Biden's approval ratings are down and he's taking a hard hit among the very voters Democrats need to win in 2022 and 2024. His approval is down 13 points among Democratic voters.
Key to Biden’s Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition
The party is still trying to figure out how to pass that budget bill, along with a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill. For weeks, Democrat leaders have vowed that the clean electricity program was a nonnegotiable part of the legislation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at an event in San Francisco Friday morning that she is continuing to push for the strongest possible climate change provisions in the bill. We cannot — we don’t have any more time to wait.”Democratic presidents have tried but failed to enact climate change legislation since the Clinton administration. To avert catastrophe, scientists say nations must keep the average global temperature from increasing 1.5 Celsius above preindustrial levels.
Josh Duggar: Inching Closer to Accepting Plea Deal as Legal Defeats Pile Up?
Late last month, Josh and Anna Duggar strolled out of an Arkansas courthouse with self-satisfied smiles on their faces. But like so many Duggar behaviors, the confident courthouse strut now seems to have been a calculated PR stunt. Josh's lawyers had filed five motions to dismiss evidence and four of them were rejected at the hearing. Josh is facing 40 years if convicted, but there's a chance that he could still accept a plea deal that would result in a reduced sentence. A plea deal for Josh would likely involve at least a decade behind bars.
F.D.A. Panel Recommends Booster for Many Moderna Vaccine Recipients
WASHINGTON — A panel of independent medical experts on Thursday unanimously recommended Moderna booster shots for many of those who had received the company’s coronavirus vaccine, paving the way to sharply expand the number of people eligible for an additional shot in the United States. The advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration voted 19 to 0 in favor of emergency authorization of a half-dose booster, at least six months after the second dose. Those eligible for the extra shot would include people over 65 and other adults considered at high risk — the same groups now eligible for a Pfizer-BioNTech booster. The recommendations come as the nation is seeing a decline in coronavirus cases but still faces nearly 90,000 new infections and roughly 2,000 deaths per day. The Biden administration has cast booster shots as an additional tool in the battle against the pandemic, while acknowledging that controlling the disease’s spread depends upon vaccinating tens of millions of Americans for the first time.
The most successful companies infuse their business with design. Now they need to think bigger
That is why designers need to become leaders, and why leaders need to become designers.—Richard Farson, “Management by Design,” 2000 The year was 1997. It was there—in a conference room of one of my corporate clients—that I first saw a publication titled Fast Company. His pronouncement, “Business people don’t just need to understand designers better—they need to become designers,” became my rallying cry. Fifteen rigorously selected companies institutionally using design as a strategic tool beat the S&P by 228% from 2004 to 2014. And in 2018, McKinsey & Company reported that companies using design increased their revenues and total returns to shareholders substantially faster than industry counterparts that did not.
23 things we learned about Donald Trump during the RNC’s final night
Here are 23 things we learned about Donald Trump on the final night of the RNC. In private, Donald Trump is a warm, empathetic soul with hidden depths, who works hard and cares a lot about all Americans. President Trump may be the only president in modern times who has actually done everything he said he would do during his campaign. Donald Trump once gave a man a pen to give to his father. According to her parents’ appearance at the RNC, Donald Trump would have prevented this outcome.
Planet City imagines 10 billion people on just 0.02% of the Earth
This so-called Planet City would have 10 billion people living in 1.4 million neighborhoods climbing 165 stories high in an area covering just 0.02% of the Earth’s surface. Planet City is the brainchild of Liam Young, an architect and production designer who creates environments for film and TV. Such a system would power Planet City while also forming a system of waterways where algae and fish farms would provide food. Young’s Planet City aims to be more of a thought experiment than a typical solutions-centric utopia, as other architects have proposed. Drawing on the harvest festivals that societies around the world celebrate, these costumes relate directly to the systems that enable Planet City to function.
The DEI disconnect between tech leaders and their teams
To create inclusive tech teams, products, and services there must be both company-wide and tech-focused movements within organizations. With this foundational awareness, enterprises should then begin allocating more responsibility for diversity-related outcomes and benchmarks to tech leaders. advertisementLay down the technological and data foundations for fostering inclusion In perhaps an ironic twist, organizations struggling with inclusion in tech teams and product design must turn to technology to meet their DE&I needs. Through algorithm and automated decision impact-assessment analyses, dataset screenings, and regular audits of AI systems, tech teams can utilize their functional expertise to help eradicate tech-based bias by making data inputs inclusive and AI decision-making transparent. Moreover, tech teams must continuously look for inspiration within, calling on female and ethnic minority team members to play critical roles in the design and development of digital products and services.
Tackling a big project? You need an accountability buddy
If you’re a writer, you can hang out with another writer who is also working on a long-term project. It is harder to call your buddy to tell them you’re cancelling a run you were planning to do together. If your motivation is really lagging, you might want to go the extra step and sign a commitment contract. The idea behind the commitment contract is that you are promising a buddy that you’ll do a certain amount of work. A particularly effective form of the commitment contract obligates your buddy to take the money they get from you and to give it to a charity you hate.
Why creating a mentoring program at your organization can be problematic
advertisementadvertisementI’m normally a big fan of systematic approaches to things, but as I reflected on the idea, I started wondering whether mentoring programs actually make much sense. When I started teaching at the University of Texas in 2001, I was assigned a faculty mentor. But there was another, deeper, reason I didn’t talk with my mentor: Power. As with many mentorship programs, the idea was that senior faculty would pair with junior faculty and mentor them about all things academia. Although I think mentoring is important, I’m not very enthusiastic about programs that assign mentoring relationships within an organizational structure.
Leaders: This is the impact trustworthiness has on your success
That’s good and all, but would your employees say they trust you? When employees trust you to have their backs, they become risk-takers. Employees who take advantage of company time and flexibility mold cynical leaders, while leaders who believe that playing the “bad cop” is how to keep employees in line. Employees trust those willing to give them feedback, especially if it’s difficult feedback they know others wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing. In the same vein, employees who trust their leaders will offer that same feedback back to them, knowing that it will be taken in earnest.
Home Heating Costs Are Rising. Here Are 3 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills This Winter.
That might be the watchword for the winter of 2021–22. Every forecaster from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to the Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a colder than normal winter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling it the “season of shivers.”And across much of the country, as temperatures are easing down, fuel prices are going up for a variety of reasons, including increased demand. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that, compared to last winter, heating oil prices will rise by 43 percent, natural gas by 30 percent, and electricity by 6 percent. But take heart: You can get through the winter without requiring too many layers (and a hat and gloves) indoors.
All the Way Up: 5 Ways Companies Can Diversify Boardrooms
Diversity pledges that were going full steam ahead a year ago have come to either a jolting halt or have lost significant momentum. Commitments have stayed commitments rather than being formed into action plans which begs the question—where lies the fate of diverse leadership in the future of corporate America?
De Blasio is a goner, but his toxic anti-meritocracy mentality is here to stay
Specifically, this program includes much larger shares of Asian students compared to black and Hispanic ones. But the proposal is an example of a destructive mindset at work far beyond the five boroughs of New York. Stephen YangA century ago, public schools and colleges in New York and other great cities provided such an avenue upward. And in New York’s Democratic primary, Adams trailed among college-educated white voters but won black voters by a huge margin. De Blasio will be out of office soon, but the de Blasio mindset, bent on advancing bogus theories of systemic racism and opposed to upward mobility, seems to be lingering on.
Loudoun school board member Beth Barts resigns her position
“Loudoun 4 All is dismayed to see any of our school board members or other elected officials bullied into resigning while our community is being torn apart by groups who are not interested in facts or open discourse, but prefer to cause chaos and forced resignations or recalls to advance their far right agenda,” the group said.
The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think
Some key research on the unvaccinated comes from the COVID States Project, an academic consortium that managed to scrape together resources for regular polling. Research on the unvaccinated by KFF from September showed the most powerful predictor of who remained unvaccinated was not age, politics, race, income or location, but the lack of health insurance. The COVID States team shared with me more than 1,000 comments from unvaccinated people who were surveyed. Their surveys also show that only about 12% of the unvaccinated said they did not think they’d benefit from a vaccine: so, only about 4% of the national population. Research by COVID States shows that about 14% of the remaining unvaccinated mention fear of needles as a factor.
AR-15-wielding MAGA religious group buys 130-acre holy retreat in Tenn. for $460,000
A pro-Trump religious group, led by Pastor Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon, that uses AR-15 rifles during ceremonies has purchased a 130-acre holy retreat in Tennessee. Moon went on to say he plans to build a divinity school, elementary school and an incubator for future “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) politicians on the property. “Ansu”: Moon’s gun-toting religious organization is a spinoff of the Unification Church, which was founded by his late father, Rev. “There will be no ‘ansu’ activity,” Timothy Elder, director of world missions, told VICE News. “We have no intention of repeating these excesses at the Tennessee property.”The Tennessee property acquired by Rod of Iron Ministries sold for $460,000 on Zillow.
We have entered the Twilight Zone of vaccine truth and consequences
We have finally entered the Twilight Zone. And the Chicago Teachers Union has once again proved that they are no better than dishonest car salespeople, talking out of both sides of their mouths. Then, on Wednesday, they encouraged the mayor to continue to allow unvaccinated teachers and CPS employees to work, in person and paid, after her vaccine deadline. What is the point to a vaccine mandate if you don’t follow through with the consequences? Unvaccinated teachers, CPS, the teachers union and Lightfoot are going to drive right off the COVID-19 cliff.
Union pushes for more security, no tents on Mass and Cass as conditions worsen
The union representing city workers at Mass and Cass is calling on Boston to increase protections for employees on Methadone Mile as conditions worsen — including more security, streets cleared of tents and escorts for employees to and from transportation. SEIU Local 888, the largest Boston workers’ union, sent the Boston Public Health Commission a rundown on Friday of these changes, laying out four bullet points, per a copy provided to the Herald. The first includes “frequent checks” from “dedicated outside security around BPHC properties” there, the union wrote. “Overall issues on Mass and Cass have reached such an epidemic level that we’re duty bound to represent worker safety,” SEIU 888 business manager Neal O’Brien told the Herald. The BPHC said it can’t expound too much one some topics because of ongoing negotiations with the union.
Schapiro: McAuliffe learning a hard lesson - Youngkin's no softy
Despite the excitement and anxiety in both parties generated by Donald Trump's phoned-in re-, re-, re-, re-endorsement of Youngkin Wednesday - it spotlighted Youngkin's dilemma: He needs Trump's voters, not Trump's negatives - there is, indeed, an enthusiasm gap this year. It is borne out statistically in polls and anecdotally, plying the D.C. suburbs that over the past two decades have become a bulwark for Democrats, with one exception: Republican Bob McDonnell's landslide for governor in 2009, a year after Barack Obama won Virginia, ending a Democratic presidential losing streak that stretched to 1968. Are Democrats facing another 2009, when the perfect storm of recession, underwhelmed activists, the emergence of a Tea Party vote that would become a pillar of Donald Trump's candidacy, and a struggling gubernatorial nominee, Creigh Deeds, aligned for a disaster? Or could it be another 2014, when Mark Warner eked out a win for a second term in the U.S. Senate, lifted by a strong performance in three of Northern Virginia's four counties, all of which are hotbeds of the demographic diversity that fueled Democrats through the Trump era and is being put to its first post-Trump test this year?
Top military commanders spar over who is more fit for job of defence chief
Top military commanders spar over who is more fit for job of defence chiefThe unprecedented tug of war comes as several senior officers remain under investigation for allegations of sexual misconductOTTAWA — An unprecedented tug of war is threatening to break out at the very top of Canada’s military as the two officers to have most recently served as chief of the defence staff have penned competing letters around their fitness for the job. Try refreshing your browser, or Top military commanders spar over who is more fit for job of defence chief Back to videoIn his letter, McDonald blasts the Liberal government’s refusal to reinstate him after that investigation resulted in no charges. He adds that he has been exonerated by the investigation, but that he has received no word on what the government plans to do with him after it suspended him in August and kept acting defence chief Gen. Wayne Eyre in the job. Eyre, in a letter to senior commanders, described McDonald’s missive as “shocking,” and reminded them that in a democracy, the military answers to the government. The unprecedented back and forth comes as several other senior officers remain under investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct.
The Complex Business of Vaccine Mandates
Doctors and nurses are much more likely to have been immunized than housekeepers, home health workers, nursing aides, and others with less education. By contrast, in some New York nursing homes, a third of employees hadn’t received a single dose. But staffing will become a bigger issue as mandates for health-care workers are instituted across the country. In understaffed hospitals and nursing homes, vaccine mandates seem to present an unwelcome trade-off. When it comes to vaccine mandates, the choices we face are not equivalent: mandates are sure to save more lives in aggregate.
Adams Commits, With Few Details, to Keeping Gifted Program in Schools
Mr. de Blasio’s plan has elicited outrage among some parents who see the gifted program as a way of keeping their children enrolled in the public school system and as an alternative to struggling neighborhood schools. The gifted program, which puts students on a separate academic track even before they enter the public schools, has exacerbated segregation in the city’s schools. “The gifted and talented program was isolated only to certain communities,” he said. “That created segregation in our classrooms.”Mr. Adams also said on CNN that all children should be assessed to determine whether accelerated classes were right for them. “We’re focusing on the gifted students,” he said.
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate change
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate changeAdded: 21.05.2020 19:49 | 19 views | 0 commentsAging dams in the U.S. will increasingly fail and cause death and environmental destruction as climate change makes extreme precipitation more frequent, scientists warn.
Republicans fear a Georgia Senate repeat in other races as Trump continues to peddle voter fraud lies
Republicans fear a Georgia Senate repeat in other races as Trump continues to peddle voter fraud liesAdded: 15.10.2021 12:24 | 31 views | 0 commentsSome Republicans worry that Donald Trump's persistent false claims of voter fraud could depress GOP voter turnout and turn off moderates and independents, potentially setting the party up for another Georgia-style disaster in the midterms.
College Officials Clamp Down on Student Behavior Over Covid-19 Fears
College Officials Clamp Down on Student Behavior Over Covid-19 FearsAdded: 20.08.2020 10:27 | 24 views | 0 commentsJoe Biden criticized President Trump’s virus response and outlined a strategy to fight the pandemic. Overburdened health care specialists are finding themselves on the front lines as schools reopen.
Codevilla Warned About the Triumph of the Ruling Class
Codevilla Warned About the Triumph of the Ruling ClassAdded: 15.10.2021 22:16 | 10 views | 0 commentsSource: www.youtube.comAmerica is caught in a "revolutionary spiral". An oligarchy composed of a small number of corporate and government rulers may be in control, but they face opposition from Rednecks clutching at guns and God, working-class peasants of colour resistant to polygender empowerment doctrines and vaccine mandates, and the fact that roughly half of the US population has so far refused to submit to their rule. More in www.realclearpolitics.com » Opposition Tags: Government
Biden Admin's Pattern of Foreign Policy Incompetence
Added: 15.10.2021 20:10 | 15 views | 0 commentsThis disturbing pattern casts doubt on the competence of U.S. foreign policy officials from the president on down.
Could MJ Really Hang on During Spider-Man’s Swing?
It starts off right where the previous movie ended—with Spider-Man swinging through the city with his (now) girlfriend, MJ. I want to estimate the force that would be required for MJ to hang on to Spidey during one of these swings using only her own arms. Hanging on a Stationary WebLet’s start with some of the forces acting on MJ. In order to make things simpler, let’s assume Spider-Man isn’t helping her stay up. Here is a diagram showing the forces acting on her:Illustration: Rhett AllainThere are just two forces to consider.
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‘You’ Season 3 Review: Netflix Doubles the Drama with a Fresh Twist on a Toxic Partnership
It would be easy to say that Joe Goldberg has changed by the time “You” Season 3 starts. When Season 3 opens on the fledgling family, transplanted from LA to the fictional Bay Area suburb of Madre Linda, Joe (Penn Badgley) sees his new surroundings as a threat. Joe professes to despise his time in Madre Linda, transferring that ill will to Love, the woman on whom he blames his problems. The show only works if Joe and Love can hide their true natures from the world with minimal to no effort. As Season 3 continues, the weights of past, present, and future grow increasingly hard for Joe and Love to bear.
5 Ways Cannabis Brands Can Honor the Past
As someone who had been consuming cannabis since the 1990s, this visit to an actual cannabis store was one I will never forget. Here are five ways that cannabis brands can honor the past. Cannabis brands should focus on the long game. But that’s not what the cannabis industry needs. Brands should aim to educate consumers on their products rather than be in conflict with the commercialized way we interact with commerce.
Funding Fight Threatens Plan to Pump Billions Into Affordable Housing
SAN FRANCISCO — Audrey Sylve, a retired bus driver, has spent 13 agonizing years on a waiting list for a federal voucher that would help cover rent for an apartment in one of America’s most expensive housing markets. This summer it seemed that help was finally on the way. In late July, congressional Democrats introduced a $322 billion plan to bolster low-income housing programs as part of the $3.5 trillion social spending plan embraced by President Biden. At its center is a $200 billion infusion of aid for the country’s poorest tenants, which would allow another 750,000 households to participate in a program that currently serves two million families. Affordable-housing advocates saw it as a once-in-a-generation windfall that would allow local governments to move thousands of low-income tenants like Ms. Sylve, 72, off waiting lists and to expand aid to families at the highest risk of homelessness.
A Blackface Scandal at Michigan - The New York Times
The typical idea is that blackface is a reminder of the reign of minstrel shows, in which white performers wore blackface makeup and engaged in clownish distortion of Black speech and dance styles. Minstrel shows were core American entertainment for most of the 19th century, and well into the 20th. Another idea would be that to imitate a Black person by trying to darken the appearance of one’s skin is, inherently, to ridicule that person. If the answer is minstrel shows, then see above. Is blackface being deployed comedically, not to make fun of Black people, but to lampoon the absurdity of racism?
Michigan school district cancels Halloween, Valentine’s Day to be ‘inclusive’
Halloween and Valentine’s Day have been canceled for elementary-school students in a Michigan district over concerns about being “inclusive” and “equitable.”East Lansing Public Schools informed parents of the decision to cancel the two holidays this week, the Lansing State Journal reports. Getty Images“While some students bring valentines to exchange, others do not,” the principals wrote. “In our upper elementary classrooms, the exchange of valentines sometimes leads to classroom drama and teasing.”Assistant Superintendent Glenn Mitcham said Halloween and Valentine’s Day could still be incorporated into the curriculum – they just won’t be celebrated going forward. “We’re striving hard at East Lansing Public Schools to be a district that is equitable and inclusive for all families,” the principals wrote. The decision to cancel the Pumpkin Parade at Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School was made by the Racial Equity Team.
Don’t act surprised: Conservative antisemitism is alive and well
NBC News on Thursday published audio of a school official in Southlake, Texas, telling teachers they need to offer students books that give “opposing” perspectives on the Holocaust. Conservatives targeting school lessons about inequality have largely played on racist animus by scapegoating ideas like “critical race theory,” but it’s naive and ahistorical to think racism is where their revisionism ends. The conservative movement functions primarily to serve the interests of white Christians — men, in particular. A school official in Southlake, Texas, told teachers they need to offer students books that give “opposing” perspectives on the Holocaust. And as written, HB 3979 can also be interpreted as a requirement for teachers to carry a copy of "Mein Kampf," as well.
At Second City, a mediocrity rises from the ashes
What’s radical about “Together at Last,” the first Second City mainstage revue in almost two years, is that it’s not all that radical. Aside from a few tweaks, it’s typical 21st century Second City: sketches and blackouts performed with high energy, frenetic pacing and flashy lighting. Second City: ‘Together at Last’ : 2.5 out of 4 CST_ CST_ CST_ CST_ CST_ CST_ CST_ CST_ When: Open run Where: Second City, 230 W. North Ave. Tickets: $29 Run-time: Two hours, including intermission Info: secondcity.com“Madness,” unfortunately, was a mess. And while this show also falls short of Second City standards, the ensemble has become more deft and the material a little stronger. Watching nimble comic minds instantly spin gold from suggestions is one of the great thrills of Second City.
Las Vegas Review-Journal College Challenge picks: Week 7
Florida’s offense is capable of exploiting an LSU defense that gets bullied in the trenches, misses assignments on the back end and will be missing at least five starters.
Column: ‘Squid Game’? ‘Parasite’? Here’s why they find a global audience
Without giving away too many spoilers, “Parasite” follows a poor family into a wealthy family’s home in which they scheme to become employed and move in by posing as unrelated, highly qualified domestic workers. Differences in economic experiences are visible in such elements as rain, which is depicted as a mild nuisance for the rich family but a disaster for the poor folks.
Ontario Liberal leader vows electoral reform during first term or he will quit
Share this Story: Ontario Liberal leader vows electoral reform during first term or he will quitOntario Liberal leader vows electoral reform during first term or he will quit 'I suspect I know what you're thinking - other leaders have promised a lot on electoral reform and they haven't delivered,' Steven Del Duca is set to say in a speech Photo by Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press/FileArticle content TORONTO — Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca is unveiling an all-or-nothing pledge to introduce a ranked ballot system for provincial elections, pitching it as a way to reduce partisanship and staking his leadership on it. Try refreshing your browser, or Ontario Liberal leader vows electoral reform during first term or he will quit Back to video And if he doesn’t deliver electoral reform by the end of a first term, Del Duca says he will resign as Liberal leader. Del Duca is promising to appoint a citizens’ assembly to review additional electoral reform proposals and make recommendations to an all-party committee. Del Duca took over as Liberal leader in March 2020 from former premier Kathleen Wynne, who stepped down after a dismal election result in 2018. Share this article in your social networkAdvertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
Ron DeSantis Is “Offended” by Biden’s Attempt to Prevent Americans From Dying a Miserable, Preventable Death
As you’ve likely gleaned by now, there are two groups of people in the U.S.—those who would like the pandemic, now in its 19th month, to end, and are willing to take the necessary steps to get us there, and Republicans. In the latter category, you have everyone from Fox News talking heads to radio conspiracy theorists to elected officials spewing anti-mask, anti-vaccine rhetoric, convincing millions of Americans that their personal freedoms are being taken away when the federal government politely asks them to take a free, lifesaving vaccine, and that, actually, they should take their chances on a horse-dewormer despite 722,000 deaths and counting. In this regard, one of the number one offenders re: dragging out the pandemic for as long as possible is Ron DeSantis, who apparently thinks being pro-coronavirus will help his possible 2024 White House bid. Like most Republican governors—whose states already require multiple doses of various vaccines for people to take part in the rituals of regular life—DeSantis is absolutely incensed by Joe Biden’s vaccine requirements. Per Politico:
Russia struggles to fulfill vaccine distribution
Russia struggles to fulfill vaccine distributionMillions in developing nations from Latin America to the Middle East have been left anxiously waiting for more doses of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine as Russia struggles to meet global orders.
Opinion | Attitudes Toward Masks Around the World
To the Editor:Re “On Masks and Covid, I Found Common Sense in Germany,” by Alec MacGillis (Opinion guest essay, Oct. 13):Mr. MacGillis’s experience of mask wearing in Germany largely corresponds with mine in Australia, a country headed by a center-right prime minister. Here the left and the right have been united about the need for masks, ensuring compliance from the general public. It seems to me that the key factors separating us from the United States are twofold: a responsible conservative media and strong political leadership. The Murdoch papers, with a huge market share in Australia, have been supportive of mask wearing, social distance and vaccines. For comparison, with a population 20 percent larger than Florida, Australia’s Covid death toll is 1/40th of the Sunshine State’s.
13-year-olds' reading, math scores decline for first time in national test's history
In both age groups and subjects, the results for lower-scoring test-takers declined since 2012, mirroring patterns observed in other subjects. In addition, math scores at age 9 declined for females but did not change for males, resulting in males outperforming females in 2020. For Black and Hispanic 13-year-olds, scores declined in mathematics, while scores for White students and students of other races and ethnicities did not change. The score decline for Black students reportedly resulted in a wider score gap with White students. The assessment was administered to 13-year-olds between October and December 2019 and to 9-year-olds between January and March 2020.
California and Lego embrace gender neutral toys. Parents need to get with the program.
The bad news is that parents continue to carry some internalized beliefs about gender roles that have the potential to limit the growth and development of kids and hold them back. And that makes new legislation and efforts from companies like Lego to overcome this ingrained behavior that much more important. Of course, it’s not just parents who convey messages that shape the gender roles and expectations their children have. The marketing of toys and products is particularly powerful in grooming how kids perceive gender expectations — for good or bad. This discrepancy might help to explain why the new Lego survey shows that girls tend to be less rigid about gender roles than boys.
In subpoena fight, Steve Bannon might best Democrats without a winning legal argument
Bannon may have a weak legal argument but still come out triumphant. Kill the Biden presidency in the crib.” He was ordered to testify Thursday before the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection. Does this mean Bannon will be held legally responsible for thwarting the Select Committee’s investigation into the insurrection at the Capitol? Bannon claims he does not have to comply with the Select Committee’s subpoena because any information he has is covered by executive privilege. Bannon’s already weak claim is an apparent attempt to piggyback Trump’s weak claim.
Critical race theory fears are based in lazy, racist thinking
Fads come and go in the trenches of the culture wars, but the obsession among Republicans with “critical race theory” lingers on. At every turn, the feeble attempts to criticize, let alone counter, the idea that structural racism exists have fallen flat. “Critical race theory is best thought of as a form of Marxism,” the authors declare, presumably having never read Karl Marx. Critical race theory is a new variant of Marxism that divides the world instead by race — race oppressors versus oppressed races.” So, if there’s a binary in the world where power is unequal, and people want to change that? That credit is heavily outweighed, though, once you subtract points for its insistence that Mississippi public universities should be punished for faculty believing that systemic racism is real.
A therapist explains how ‘You’ gets its characters’ twisted psychology right
They have cultivated hobbies that they can escape into when they’re feeling stressed or anxious: Joe reads; Love bakes. Instead of talking to some random, idealized person as Joe does, Love’s inner voice is guided by someone she truly loved. As Love’s inner monologue unspools, we get a tantalizing glimpse at the workings of her mind. As Love makes an ill-fated bid to save her marriage, her inner monologue appears one final time. Only now she’s talking directly to Joe.
How did Jelani Day die? I still don’t know. But somebody does
This is the fourth and final column in a series titled, “Justice For Jelani”PERU, Illinois — Speak river. Still longing for proof that the near skeletal remains returned to her and identified by the authorities as Jelani Day — is indeed her baby boy. Cannot lay her son Jelani to rest. Moved, unapologetically, by the tears and grief of a woman who is Black like me, and mother to a missing son, Black like mine. Jelani Day’s family has established a GoFundMe to assist with legal and investigative fees in seeking Justice for Jelani: https://gofund.me/d87cf6feAuthor@johnwfountain.comSend letters to letters@suntimes.com.
Desarrollan medicamentos contra el COVID-19 para suplementar la vacuna
Lightfoot blinks — sort of — on vaccine mandate The mayor still plans to enforce Friday’s deadline for city workers to disclose their vaccination status, apply for exemptions and agree to testing if they aren’t vaccinated. But no one will be sent home immediately, even if they defy the mandate.
Trump's not going away — and neither is investigator Schiff
Republican colleagues warned him he needed to stay out of sight because of his recognizable role as a Trump critic. But during the hours that followed, as the House returned to tally Electoral College votes for Biden, Schiff came to see Republican lawmakers, in “suits and ties,” as an institutional threat as serious as the rioters who bludgeoned their way into the building in an effort to overturn the election. The special committee is drilling down not just on Trump, but also potentially Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California and the president’s other allies in Congress who perpetuate the claim that the election was somehow rigged or illegitimate — though every state has certified its results as accurate, and dozens of court challenges have gone nowhere. “I’m trying to convey the fragility of our democracy -- something that we always took for granted -- but something that in the last four years has been dismantled piece by piece by piece,” Schiff said about his book. He expects the committee to deliver “the definitive report,” much as the 9/11 commission produced a comprehensive examination of the 2001 terror attack on the U.S.
Southern Baptist leader resigns amid rifts over sex abuse
The committee acts on behalf of the SBC when it is not holding its two-day national meeting. Executive Committee member Dean Inserra, a Florida pastor who supported waiving attorney-client privilege, said he wishes Floyd had carried out the assignment given by the delegates. “It’s just really been honestly sad just to see the state of affairs,” said Inserra, a new committee member. “The good news is I think culture change is in play and is coming. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, an SBC megachurch, expressed hope that the turmoil would not harm the the individual churches that give the denomination its strength.
Williams: Miseducation landed us here. This is our last chance to get history right.
Teachers in a suburban Dallas school district are being instructed to offer students "opposing" perspectives on the Holocaust, according to NBC News. That the prisoners of Nazi Germany's concentration camps were as content as enslaved Black people in America? Yes, Virginia textbooks, into the 1970s, taught that bogus Lost Cause narrative of enslavement. They're hard to extract from public education, even in our moment of racial reckoning -- or perhaps because of it. In Queen Anne's County, Md., a Black school superintendent's attempt to spark a dialogue on racism culminated in a groundswell of resistance that effectively chased her from her post in the high-achieving, majority-white school district.
Student is taunted with the N-word after bully snatches phone
Video: Distressing moment 14-year-old student is taunted with the N-word after female bully snatches his phone at Florida high schoolCellphone footage shows horrific moment 14-year-old student is taunted with the N-word after bully snatches his phone.
US Workers Are in a Militant Mood
These, too, are seeing the highest “switch” rates, i.e., workers moving to a different sector. This is the union difference, and it may well determine which workers keep these raises and improvements and which ones don’t. The workers, meanwhile, were offered raises of around $1 an hour and told that the company would eliminate pensions for new hires. With the tighter-than-usual labor market making it harder for employers to replace workers, they decided to strike. While Deere may be a particularly clear case of a corporation refusing to share the wealth with its workers, it is representative of the dynamic fueling the uptick in fightback among workers.
The Pentagon’s Bloated Budget Undermines American Democracy
Amid a climate supposedly riven by polarization and obstruction, few things remain capable of uniting America’s political class quite like the Pentagon budget. Military spending allocated for 2022 considerably exceeds the cost of five separate Green New Deal bills. Fundamentally, however, the case against the Pentagon’s ever-expanding budget is a democratic one. But bipartisan support for the Pentagon budget remains so ironclad that most military spending votes are basically perfunctory — a legislative rubber stamp which lends legitimacy to an outcome everyone knows is a foregone conclusion. But over half of discretionary public funds being cursorily earmarked every year to America’s bloated military apparatus represents an issue altogether more serious and profound than mere waste.
Texas Slams the Door on Trans Kids’ Playing Sports
After seven hearings on anti-trans bills, during the state’s third special session, the Texas House passed a bill to ban trans kids from sports and to open the door to surveillance and intrusion into the bodies of all youth athletes. House Bill 25 comes on the heels of other Texas legislation from earlier this year limiting the gender-affirming health care that can be given to trans youth. Trans kids are not dominating in sports. These days trans kids spend far more time in state legislatures begging for their humanity than they do on the sports field.”This is an intolerable piece of legislation that Governor Greg Abbott will sign with glee. Despite the tireless work by trans youth and advocates, the Texas vote has received little to no publicity outside the state.
Why Isn’t Steve Bannon in Jail? Ask the Democrats.
Indicted money launderer and noted coup enthusiast Steve Bannon has refused to sit for a deposition in front of the January 6 Select Committee. Referring Bannon to a criminal contempt proceeding could result in jail time or financial consequences for Bannon, but it is a much longer process than Democrats (and Democratic apologists) would have you believe. Remember, this is all just a “referral” for a contempt proceeding, not an actual vote on whether Bannon was in contempt. It will be Garland—a man not renowned for his speed—not Congress, in charge of the actual contempt proceeding against Bannon. Current Issue View our current issueA criminal contempt proceeding is essentially a prosecution for noncompliance with the law.
Shuler, Abrams link worker rights to voting rights as showdown nears
Stacey Abrams, voting rights activist, has declared that voting rights are also worker rights. | APWASHINGTON—AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler and nationally notable voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams are linking worker rights on the job to voters’ rights to cast their ballots and have them accepted and counted, as a Senate showdown on that issue looms. “Your state was a laboratory where our enemies”—meaning labor’s foes—”want to see disenfranchisement happen,” Shuler told Abrams. But such gains are in danger from Republican voter repression laws nationwide—laws the Freedom To Vote Act is designed to halt in their tracks. Voting rights are preservative of all other rights.
Offshore wind revolution to create 77,000 jobs in climate change fight
Two workers look at wind turbines in the North Sea off of the Belgian coast in 2019. A plan rolled out by Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland would see the construction of seven major offshore wind farms along the West and East Coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not just Republicans and big oil and gas that oppose or question offshore wind farms, however. Less concerned with profits, conservationists worry that large offshore wind farms could kill thousands of birds. The Biden wind farm plan is important for reasons that go beyond domestic politics and stakeholder negotiation, however.
Cooperation with China on climate but conflict elsewhere won’t work
Confrontation with China on the one hand and simultaneous cooperation with China on climate are not possible. | U.S. NavyThe Biden administration claims it can follow a two-track policy with China: cooperation on climate and confrontation elsewhere. Biden also articulates a new foreign policy “for the middle-class” with global cooperation around the climate crisis at the center. The Biden administration sees the climate crisis as the chief national security threat and foreign policy an extension of domestic policy. In addition, the Biden administration is maintaining tariffs imposed by Trump against Chinese goods (tariffs that only hurt U.S. consumers).
Italy Puts in Force Tough New Law Requiring Workers to Test or Vaccinate
ROME — Italy on Friday set a new bar for major Western democracies seeking to move beyond the pandemic by enacting a sweeping law that requires the nation’s entire work force — public and private — to have government-issued health passes, essentially forcing Italians to choose between getting a pass and earning a living. With the step, Italy, the first democracy to quarantine towns and apply national lockdowns, is again first across a new threshold, making clear that it is willing to use the full leverage of the state to try to curb the pandemic and get the economy moving. Italy’s measures, which require proof of vaccination, a negative rapid swab test or recent recovery from Covid-19 to go to the workplace, now stand as some of the toughest among Western democracies, which have struggled to balance public health needs with civil liberty concerns. For many Western governments, that has resulted in refraining from national mandates while seeking other ways to encourage, coax and even mildly coerce people to get vaccinated.
Opinion : Workers are feeling a bit more empowered, and Republicans can’t stand it
We have long told ourselves a story about America as a land of limitless opportunity, despite the fact that we know it isn’t true. We tell and retell stories of the extraordinary people who pulled themselves up from dire circumstances to achieve wealth and success, never acknowledging that it’s precisely the exceptional nature of those stories that is the problem. In a just society, you shouldn’t have to be a one-in-a-million genius or a maniacal workaholic to haul yourself to a life free of deprivation.
Michigan men charged with stealing $1.5 million worth of textbooks from Amazon’s rental service — and selling them for cash
A group of men in Michigan have been charged with stealing $1.5 million in books from Amazon.com’s AMZN, +3.12% textbook rental service and selling them for cash. Textbooks are notoriously expensive, so Amazon’s Textbook Rental Program allows students to rent books for a period of time for a fee far lower than the book’s purchase price. The program limits the number of books that can be rented by one person at any given time to 15. If a book is not returned, Amazon charges the full price to the borrower’s credit card. In all, prosecutors say Talsma rented 14,000 books that were never returned.
Texas superintendent apologizes after official told teachers to offer books with ‘opposing’ views on Holocaust
In the meeting, according to the news outlet, Peddy talked about a new Texas law, House Bill 3979, which relates to how public schools handle subjects such as critical race theory. The measure says that teachers who choose to discuss current events or “controversial issues of public policy or social affairs” should also explore the issues “from diverse and contending perspectives without giving deference to any one perspective.”
Amid my grief, I came to care about the man who murdered my sister
As yet another person died by the death penalty recently in America , I am filled with despair. One relative spoke in disappointment of how the death penalty was available in their state but not in the one that my sister had been murdered in. The death penalty is not what we need to deter crimes. The Independent and the nonprofit Responsible Business Initiative for Justice (RBIJ) have launched a joint campaign calling for an end to death penalty in the US. The RBIJ has attracted more than 150 well-known signatories to their Business Leaders Declaration Against the Death Penalty - with The Independent as the latest on the list.
Doug Lamborn demands OIG investigate Attorney General Merrick Garland's links to Panorama Education
School board meetings and other normally tame parent-teacher forums have become a hotbed for ideological confrontations over Critical Race Theory (CRT) vaccines and mask mandates. Xan Tanner, founder of Panorama, is married to the attorney general's daughter, Rebecca GarlandBut Garland's daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to Alexander 'Xan' Tanner, founder of Panorama Education. 'This is a federal law that Attorney General Merrick Garland has to enforce,' the Colorado Republican wrote. Parents Defending Education (PDE), a parent group accusing Garland of conflicts of interest, posted screenshots of what they alleged were Panorama Education surveys. Panorama describes its role as supporting '13 million students in 23,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 50 states.'
New electoral boundaries strip Quebec of a seat, give Alberta three more
New electoral boundaries strip Quebec of a seat, give Alberta three moreThis is the first time in 55 years that a province has lost a seat during a redistribution of federal ridingsOTTAWA — Elections Canada says Quebec will lose one seat in the next redistribution of federal ridings in Canada. Article contentOverall, the number of seats in the House of Commons will increase by four to 342 seats to reflect Canada’s growing population. Try refreshing your browser, or New electoral boundaries strip Quebec of a seat, give Alberta three more Back to videoAlberta will gain three seats, Ontario one and British Columbia one, while the number of MPs in other province and territories, except Quebec, will remain unchanged. Quebec’s 78 MPs will be reduced to 77 — the first time since 1966 that a province has lost a seat during redistribution. The number of ridings is adjusted every 10 years following the decennial census to reflect changes in population.
‘You’ Season 3 is its best yet, thanks to its true horrors: Marriage and suburbia
Love lives in fear — that her husband will grow bored and kill her, but also that he’ll find someone else to become obsessed with and replace her in his heart. (He, of course, rightly worries that any woman he becomes attached to will find herself on the wrong side of Love’s kitchen implements.) But Love is still reeling from the death of her twin brother, Forty (James Nicholas Scully), at the end of Season 2 — raw grief that draws her to the handsome poor little rich college student (Dylan Arnold) next door, whose needs are simple in ways that Joe’s are not. The longer they stay together, Joe and Love realize that their ideas of true partnership diverge quite a bit, as do their notions about how best to care for a child with two parents who never had proper caretakers of their own.
Opinion : It may be news to Terry McAuliffe, but Virginia parents have rights
Progressives, like many others among the highest animals, are situational ethicists. They think parental insurrections against religious fundamentalism are wholesome but that parental objections to anti-racist fundamentalism are impertinent. Darwinism ignited culture wars — skirmishes, at least — in the 1920s when high school education became common in the South, where religious fundamentalism was strong. Today’s resistance to teaching children that the nation is permeated by “systemic racism” perhaps derives somewhat from parents at home hearing political propaganda pouring from their children’s computers during virtual classes. If so, two cheers for virtual learning.
David Bossie: Inflation, supply chain are 'high class problems'? Biden, Dems are irresponsible and tone deaf
For months, I’ve described the repulsive behavior of today’s Democratic Party under the leadership of President Joe Biden as the new unholy trinity of politics: irresponsible, arrogant, and tone deaf. And White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s promotion of a tweet describing our nation’s ongoing inflation and supply chain crises as "high class problems" is no exception. High gas prices are not high class problems. Super expensive groceries are not high class problems. The specter of Christmas toy shortages and not enough Halloween costumes on the shelves or Thanksgiving turkeys on the table are not high class problems.
Ari Fleischer: Biden Chief of Staff’s retweet on inflation, supply chain proves Dems are now party of the rich
TOP WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL RETWEETS POST CALLING INFLATION, SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES ‘HIGH CLASS PROBLEMS’On Election Day 2020, the price of a gallon of gasoline was $2.122. These aren’t high class problems. The Democrats must view them as low-class people who don’t have high class problems. Democrats can claim they’re only raising taxes on the rich, even though their legislation is a direct, tax-hiking contradiction of that claim. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTEREvery time the Democrats claim they’re taxing the rich, middle-income Americans end up paying the tab.
This week in Bidenomincs: Doing less with less
But Democratic leaders have lumbered along as if unaware of this fatal divide among liberals and moderates in their own party. Biden calls it his “build back better” plan, but that doesn’t mean anything. The most-favored programs was universal preschool, with the child tax credit second, subsidized child care third and paid family leave fourth. The broader point is there are many ways to trim the Biden plan and still produce meaningful policy improvements. If Biden gets both bills—the bipartisan infrastructure plan and a shrunken reconciliation bill of around $2 trillion—he’ll look shrewd.
Most Boston voters think MBTA is safe despite streak of safety incidents: poll
A series of recent safety incidents on the MBTA system hasn’t bruised the agency’s reputation too badly among likely Boston voters, a new MassINC poll found. More than seven in ten people surveyed consider the T safe to ride in terms of the condition of the system. Meanwhile, 20 percent said they consider the system “not too safe” or “not at all safe.”Researchers probed voters about the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority after a series of recent safety incidents, including a bloody escalator malfunction at the Back Bay T station and a Red Line derailment last month.
Inés Gómez Mont asegura que a ella y a su esposo, los quieren mandar a una prisión de máxima seguridad
Ahora por asuntos fiscales, por los que ya tenía acuerdos conclusivos con el SAT y PRODECON”, expresó. Temerosa por lo que está ocurriendo, Inés señaló que ha habido irregularidades en su caso. Debido a la investigación que se lleva a cabo en su contra y la de su esposo, Inés dejó claro que buscan enviarla a un penal de máxima seguridad. La conductora dejó claro que no se callará y seguirá denunciando los supuestos abusos que hay en su contra. “Aunque tengo mucho temor de que estos abusos continúen, tengo fe en que la verdad seguirá saliendo a la luz y nuestra inocencia quedará demostrada.
Do you care if the image of Texas has taken a public relations beating in 2021?
Mimi Swartz, an executive editor at Texas Monthly, summed it up for me when she wrote that Texas’ natural optimism is now under threat. You don’t need a license anymore to carry a gun into a grocery store or a myriad of other places. 1 in having a federal judge – Chief District Judge Rodney Gilstrap of Marshall – who took 138 cases in the past decade involving companies where he or a family member had a financial interest. Search for “Dallas News Watchdog Posse.”The Dallas Morning News Watchdog column is the 2019 winner of the top prize for column writing from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. The contest judge called his winning entries “models of suspenseful storytelling and public service.”Read his winning columns:* Helping the widow of Officer J.D.
In a field this crowded, it’s hard to find a future icon | Steve Bousquet
They praise Hastings as a giant and political legend, and then decry the despair and lack of progress in the 20th district, with its poverty, economic misery and health care disparities. In other words, not all has changed much. However, it must be remembered that when Hastings was elected in 1992, along with Carrie Meek of Miami and Corrine Brown of Jacksonville, there had not been one Black member of Congress in Florida since the post-Civil War Reconstruction period.
South Florida voters ask judge to compel DeSantis to call election to fill Democratic seats the Republican governor is keeping vacant
“This is a nakedly political, shameless move on the part of the governor. And it’s strictly designed to undermine the strength of the Black voters in this state, whenever he can, or however he can, by hook or by crook, pursuant to his aspirations to be the next Donald Trump,” said Don Mizell of Fort Lauderdale, one of the plaintiffs.
Proposed Ohio vaccine exemptions law would strip away nursing home residents rights
This is because the staff in these settings are not eligible for the same vaccine exemptions as nursing home staff. AARP Ohio is urging legislators to treat nursing homes and long-term care facilities comparably to these other settings also serving vulnerable patients. While any staff vaccine requirements should include a meaningful process for exemptions based on disability/medical condition or religious objection, this bill goes beyond those exemptions. More:Require COVID-19 vaccine or lose federal dollars: Ohio nursing homes under pressure after Biden's moveOhio should not strip away the rights and protections of our nursing home residents. Now is not the time to limit nursing home and long-term care facilities resident protections.
COP26: China's Xi Jinping unlikely to attend, UK PM told
Government sources said Chinese officials had not been definitive about the President's travel plans and they accepted it was possible Xi could change his mind and come at the last minute to surprise the summit.
Opinion : What does Kyrsten Sinema want? A Parisian holiday.
I don’t know what they have to say. It makes no difference anyway. Whatever it is, I’m against it! …Your proposition may be good,But let’s have one thing understood:Whatever it is, I'm against it! And even when you’ve changed it,Or condensed it,I’m against it!
FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Roadmap to Build an Economy Resilient to Climate Change Impacts
Climate change poses a systemic risk to our economy and our financial system, and we must take decisive action to mitigate its impacts. Incorporating climate-related financial risk into federal financial management and budgeting. In addition, agencies will further incorporate climate-related financial risk in both the Budget and agency financial reports to increase transparency and promote accountability. Incorporating climate-related financial risk intofederal lending and underwriting. USDA is addressing climate risk in its own single-family guaranteed loan programs, with the goal of applying lessons learned across its entire range of loan programs.
Gaslighting 1.1 Billion Africans
It is generally easier for countries that offer development finance for energy projects to make low-carbon rules for others, not for themselves, write Benjamin Attia and Morgan Bazilian. And 1.1 billion sub-Saharan Africans share the same amount of power generation capacity as Germany’s 83 million people. It is generally easier for countries that offer overseas development finance for energy projects to make low-carbon rules for others, rather than for themselves. As experienced clean energy policy researchers, we believe the blunt exclusion of all nonrenewable energy projects from development finance is an inequitable and ineffective climate strategy that gaslights over 1 billion Africans. Climate Colonialism & Legacies of ColonizationOther experts agree that this direction of climate policy is not just ineffective, it’s rooted in the historic inequities of colonialism.
Trump’s favorite channel, One America News, was never ‘news’ at all
We knew that Trump appreciates the blind loyalty, promoting the channel more than 100 times on his Twitter feed, often as he complained about Fox News’s failure to back him fully and at all times. We knew that Herring was far from shy about his partiality, tweeting in early January: “If anyone thinks we will throw the best President America has had, in my 79 years, under the bus, you are wrong.”
Will Roberts make it a Gang of 6?
The Mississippi law is not a “fetal heartbeat” law. Ending most second trimester abortions would do the most harm to teenagers who put off abortions for many reasons. I’m no legal expert but I’m assuming if the Texas case is not decided before they rule on Mississippi, upholding the Mississippi law would automatically wipe out the Texas fetal heartbeat law. Roberts isn’t mentioned in the story below that got me thinking on these lines, but I bet Roberts would be tempted to organize most of the 9 toward such a final “unified” effort that preserves first trimester and some second trimester under the impression this could end up being acceptable to a majority of Americans. That folding pressure would likely have to applied to Kavanaugh, make him switch over to Roberts and the liberals to uphold Roe/Casey.
Ice Age WONDERS: Chasing Lake Missoula in the Horse Heaven Hills (Video)
The Horse Heaven Hills, by Richland Washington, are a remarkable stop in the Lake Missoula story, showing the vast differences between the landscapes that felt the wrath of the floods and those that did not. As they churned their way to the Wallula Gap, where their might and power are on full display, vast amounts of muddy debris plugged the course of the Yakima River, and left the graveyard of its previous valley in their wake.
Local man crushes Climate Change "Controversy", begins implementing national plan
We are indeed fortunate actual value is not strictly dependent upon bank account, but still I’d appreciate the $$$ that happen when you want real change. My major contention is that there are unknowns that could make this all happen far sooner than the end of the century. *100 Billion tons removed from the environment and 67 billion tons turned to trash or waste gases every year, including the CO2 burning. A totally unacceptable, and very real national security risk, with rising populations a famine could tip scales towards very dangerous wars. We also have to find away to keep a real understanding of what struggle is for life, life or death.
How the Jan 6. insurrection moves to school boards.
This is not grassroots concerns from parents… this is deliberately orchestrated and long term effort to restructure society in their own image. “We’re asking parents to report examples of Critical Race Theory … words like diversity, and equity and inclusion. If you see these words, that's critical race theory sneaking into school. Why school boards are a nexus of America's culture wars (WBUR-On Point Oct14) “Right-wing groups have often returned to public schools as a culture war battleground," says Peter Montgomery senior fellow at Right Wing Watch. by whatever means, day after day, judge by judge, school by school and regardless of the collateral damage (“that’s their fault for not doing what we told them to”)Don’t ignore your local elections, those are the springboards to control.
How? How Do We Neutralize Manchin and Sinema?
How do you apply pressure to two people who clearly don’t give a flying f%*k? If either or both bolted to the GOP they would lose the leverage they currently have. Assholes yes, stupid no. Manchin on the other hand is as corrupt as his daughter. His daughter is his tie to Big Pharma and the rest of his family to coal.
Here is the actual human cost of gentrification. Texas is trying to revise history.
Activist Robby Caban discusses the human cost of gentrification with the activist, writer, lawyer Kamau Franklin. Gentrification in real-timePolitics Done Right Live weekdays @ 11:00 AM CentralVideo Zoom: LINK — Live Calls: (346)248-7799 ID:254 0 9091Community Activist and Real Estate Expert Robby Caban cohosts Politics Done Right as she interviews writer, lawyer, and community organizer Kamau Franklin. CAUGHT ON TAPE: Texas administrator heard forcing teachers to teach alternative history to students: A Dallas Texas area education administrator was caught on tape instructing teachers to teach alternative history to their classes. A Dallas Texas area education administrator was caught on tape instructing teachers to teach alternative history to their classes. Podcasts: Politics Done Right | Egberto Off The RecordLive Video: Facebook Live | Youtube Live | Periscope | TwitchMy Books, "NEW!
Arizona Attorney General courts MAGA vote with rooftop nunchucks routine
Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich must be under a lot of stress. He is considered the Republican Party’s best chance at turning Sen. Mark Kelly’s seat red this coming election. After Trump aimed one of his oafish attacks on Brnovich in May, Brnovich began adding more ultra-right-wing histrionics to his platform. Recently, Brnovich has added some anti-vaxx nonsense to the public exhibits showing how low he will go to win his party’s nomination. On Friday, Mr. Brnovich took that fragile masculinity to its foregone conclusion and tweeted this video of himself, showing everyone his nunchucks skills.
The Unique Savagery of English Colonialism.
Although imported diseases devastated Native-American populations in Both the Spanish and the English colonies, in the Spanish Colonies they recovered but under the English and later the Americans, they did not. As the European colonies expanded, the conflicts with the Native Americans over land increased in frequency and intensity. While non-Christian Indian nations might be able to own the land, the European nations, as Christian nations, had the right and even the obligation to rule Indian nations. If the Indian nations failed to recognize this right, then the Christian nations could wage a just war against them. Prior to the establishment of English colonies in North America, the only English experience with colonialization had been their invasion, conquest, and occupation of Ireland.
Public unions and vaccine mandates -- a few things to share
It is not about the vaccine...Public sector unions are not anti-vaccine—there is nothing about vaccines in conflict with Labor Movement values. When public sector unions oppose vaccine mandates, it is to protect their members in the post-COVID future. There are many different laws governing public sector unions across state and local jurisdictions so specifics vary. But in general terms, posit a public sector union with a legislature that just passes a law to mandate vaccination. Union members and leaders reflect the broader society, and every local union has its share of vaccine hesitators and outright opponents.
Humanity is on a Collision Course with Reality
To sustain humanity, advance our civilization, and succeed as a species, transformational system-level changes that align humanity with the dynamic interdependence of Earth’s complex systems must begin immediately. Most of humanity - not all - requires a completely new understanding of the reality in which we exist. We cannot continue to violate, damage, dishonor, and destroy that which sustains life, or we are done. The bottom line for the laws we enact must be to sustain life, not to sustain the special interests of any person or organization. Many will join you in the effort given their understanding of the need, their desire to sustain life, and simply in response to their own survival instincts.
Good News Roundup for Friday, October 15, 2021: Let's Roll up Our Sleeves
And you may be wondering, what the heck is this list (which is incomplete) doing in the Good News Roundup? Come in, dear gnusies, and take a rest in the good news before you roll up your sleeves and resume the fight. And today, we have some good news: They’re going to help speed up the delivery of goods all across America. She handled it really, really well like a pro, and I was really happy that she was there. (They’re really good!
British MP murdered at constituency meeting
In a sad and shocking reminder that there are few geographic limits to either insanity and/or political violence, UK news sources reported today that Sir David Amess, Conservative MP for Southend West was stabbed at a “constituency surgery” (public meeting) in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and died of his wounds shortly thereafter. Sir David, 69, had been an MP for various constituencies since 1983: Obituary Here. Police have made an arrest, but no word yet as to the identity of the assailant, or any possible motivation for the attack. Amess is the second MP to have died by violence in five years, after Jo Cox in 2016
America to conservative Democrats: ‘We suffer while you debate’
Mount, the home health aide needs the raise and the professional elevation Biden’s plan to expand those services would bring. Do I pay my water bill or pay my electric bill? The need to talk to W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project in Atlanta, Georgia. He estimates his group reached 1.2 million Black men in Georgia in 2020, getting them to the polls. It’s time that Sinema and Manchin were reined in, with all the power that Schumer and Biden carry over their political lives.
Biden’s Supreme Court commission proves to be the farce we all expected
Never mind all those other ideological cases, where Republicans are winning. The commission knows that’s a lie, because they were told that in the August testimony of Aaron Belkin, founder of Take Back the Court, who warned them that the testimony they heard from critics of Supreme Court expansion was a lie. “The simple fact is that these witnesses produced no actual precedent for Senate Republicans’ actions, because none exist,” Belkin testified. x Senator Whitehouse's statement on the SCOTUS commission report. pic.twitter.com/Yy8pHGPFyI — southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) October 15, 2021This commission demonstrates the lie that is “bipartisanship” in 2021.
Donald Trump tried to destroy Andrew McCabe. A new settlement undoes some of the damage
Trump made McCabe a frequent target and explicitly threatened his pension, saying in one tweet, “FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. !” Go figure: When Sessions fired McCabe just in time to deny him his full pension, it looked suspicious. McCabe sued, claiming he was illegally fired for political reasons. Angry at McCabe for daring to challenge him, Donald Trump jumped to the assumption that McCabe must be corrupt, and did his best to ruin the man’s life. Getting back the retirement benefits he earned won’t undo the damage to McCabe’s family, but it’s at least a measure of justice.
The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails; by Donald Ayer Reagan's U.S. attorney /principal deputy solicitor general
Justices who once derided judicial “meddling” are now meddlers themselves.As the court begins a new term, regrettably, its recent history suggests that it lacks a majority of justices with sufficient concern about the basic continuity and integrity of the law or the ability of government to function. To merit the public trust, their judgments must not appear simply as assertions of individual value choices by the justices or willy-nilly discard long-established court precedents that profoundly affect people’s lives. Nor should they actively undermine the ability of governments to advance public purposes as established by a fair democratic process." Mr. Ayer was a U.S. attorney and principal deputy solicitor general in the Reagan administration and deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration.
Trump's Undermining of the Electoral Process Gives U.S. Third World Nation Status
Widespread belief among Trump loyalists that elections are "fixed" has undermined faith in the American political process. In 1989, when Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's government announced that India was switching over to computerized voting systems many opposition leaders cried foul. The Janata Dal opposition party noted that the first constituencies that would receive the voting machines were located in opposition strongholds like Uttar Pradesh. Chavez, who was the president of Venezuela and who had nothing to do with the production of voting machines, died in 2013. Elected officeholders and elections officials around the United States have been subjected to physical threats from Trump supporters.
75 Percent of Democrats Want Party to Go Big on Social Spending, Climate Action
Only 20% of Democrats polled prefer a bill with fewer of those provisions, while just 4% completely oppose the proposed legislation. Overall, 41% of survey respondents said they prefer Congress to pass a reconciliation bill that funds more robust social and climate policies to less expensive legislation containing fewer of those provisions. Thirty percent said they want a scaled-down version of the package, while 29% say they are against any bill at all. The new poll comes as Democratic lawmakers continued struggling to agree on the scale and scope of the reconciliation package. — Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) October 13, 2021“The people delivered Democrats the House, Senate, and White House,” CPC Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) tweeted Thursday.
Texas School Administrator to Teachers: Teach “Opposing” Sides of the Holocaust
During a training session with teachers last week, a Texas school district administrator instructed teachers to present “opposing” perspectives about the Holocaust in their classrooms. Gina Peddy, the Carroll Independent School District’s executive director of curriculum and instruction in Southlake, Texas, was secretly recorded during the October 8 staff meeting. The audio of the exchange between Peddy and teachers attending the meeting was shared with NBC News. When teachers asked how there could be opposing viewpoints on the Holocaust, Peddy responded, “Believe me, that’s come up.”Clay Robison, a spokesperson for Texas State Teachers Association, condemned Peddy’s interpretation of the statute. “We find it reprehensible for an educator to require a Holocaust denier to get equal treatment with the facts of history,” Robison said.
Knoxville, Tennessee, schools ordered to enforce mask mandate
Educators, school workers, parents and students throughout the South are encouraged to register to attend, and invite your coworkers, friends and family. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge J. Ronnie Greer ordered Knox County Schools (KCS) in Tennessee to continue enforcing a mask mandate he had ordered in September, while allowing exemptions with medical documentation and proof that the exemption was in place the previous school year. Moreover, on August 16, Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee had passed an executive order allowing parents to opt out of district mask mandates. In his ruling, the judge condemned the school board’s oversight of safety in schools, saying, “the accommodations currently in place against COVID-19 in Knox County Schools are too hazardously ineffective.”This is a huge understatement. The crisis in Knox County Schools is one example of the anti-democratic lawlessness promoted by fascistic groups who are taking over school boards throughout the country.
The Jan. 6 committee does not have time to waste
When former Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon failed to appear before the committee in response to a subpoena, Rep. Thompson (D-Miss. ), announced that the committee would take a vote to hold him in contempt ... in a few days. (As attorney Luppe Luppen put it on Twitter, mocking the delay: “Almost happened this week! Near miss.”) But this means that a witness involved in conversations with Trump before Jan. 6 and in the response to the election will not be heard anytime soon. Finding someone in contempt could result in a potential witness being jailed (something Bannon would likely relish for its attention-granting effects) but will certainly result in a slow legal fight over whether the person has to offer testimony at all.
Kennedy Saves President Ulysses S. Grant w/ Bret Baier
On this episode, Kennedy sits down with, Chief Political Correspondent and Anchor of Special Report Bret Baier, who discusses his new book, To Rescue the Republic: Ulysses S. Grant, the Fragile Union, and the Crisis of 1876. Bret gives Kennedy insight on her beloved President Ulysses S. Grant and the two discuss Grant’s pivotal role in the Union victory in the Civil War. Follow Kennedy on Twitter: @KennedyNation
Liberal media turns on progressive NBA star Kyrie Irving for breaking rank with left on vaccine mandates
Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is an outspoken athlete with a large platform who prides himself on putting his beliefs ahead of his career. "Kyrie Irving is being vilified for not falling in line with the establishment media's predetermined stances," DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News Digital. NETS BAN KYRIE IRVING FROM TEAM OVER VACCINATION STATUSIrving quickly turned into a villain to liberal members of the corporate media. And how is that going to work out for you, Kyrie Irving? "It’s always the same whether it’s politicians like the late Herman Cain or stars like Kyrie Irving — the media only celebrate them if they are obedient to the left," Gainor told Fox News Digital.
LETTER: Ramirez cartoon depicts his ignorance
Please inform Michael Ramirez that his cartoon was off base. Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. Michael Quine/Las Vegas Review-Journal @Vegas88sPlease inform Michael Ramirez that the Indigenous People who we are finally honoring are the Native Americans and not Inca or Aztec, as he portrayed in his Sunday cartoon. Native Americans never built those pyramids, had that style of architecture or indulged in that manner of human sacrifice. His cartoon depicted his ignorance.
It’s time to face up to Trump, the dangers he poses and the role Mitch McConnell plays
Al CrossOpinion ContributorThis column has never dealt at length with Donald Trump because it’s about Kentucky politics. But now, Kentuckians and our federal representatives face the prospect of another Trump presidency, which could pose a clear and present danger to the way we govern ourselves. Unlike establishment Republicans, Trump speaks without embarrassment on behalf of an aggrieved segment of Americans, not exclusively white, who feel they have been taking it on the chin for too long. “You could see the struggle in Mitch McConnell about whether to throw Donald Trump overboard,” the House’s chief impeachment manager, Adam Schiff, said on PBS and KET Tuesday night. “You could see that he recognized what a disaster Donald Trump is for the country, but I think he concluded ultimately that if he tried to throw Donald Trump overboard, he himself would be thrown overboard.
British oddsmakers: Trump favorite to win in 2024
They say betting markets are more reliable indicators of election outcomes than the pundits and even the polls. But the latest odds from British oddsmakers in the 2024 presidential elections caused Cockburn to raise an eyebrow. On Thursday Donald J. Trump became favorite on Betfair to be the 2024 presidential winner, with his ‘shortest odds ever’. Does that therefore mean Trump will win the Republican nomination in 2024 if he chooses to stand? But the betting markets lie less than other prognostications, and the pundit class should start taking the possibility of Trump’s reelection more seriously.
Schools must have books with ‘opposing views’ on Holocaust, Texas official says
A Texas school official has told teachers that if they keep books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they would also have to offer books with “opposing” viewpoints in order to comply with new state law. Gina Peddy, the executive director of curriculum and instruction for the Carroll independent school district, offered guidance to educators on which books they can keep in libraries. The clip, obtained by NBC News, features Peddy making the comment before stunned teachers ask “how do you oppose the Holocaust?”Sign up to our US evening newsletter here.
Spanish Parliament begins debate on 'Only Yes is Yes' sexual consent law
The law would strengthen the country's penal code against rape by requiring explicit consent for sex acts, a move long demanded by assault survivors and women's rights groups.
A Conductor’s Impossible Legacy
His performances with the Berlin Philharmonic and at the Bayreuth Festival at once served the Reich and gave succor to those who sought to survive it, even oppose it. “At Furtwängler’s concerts, we all became one family of resistance fighters,” one opponent of the Nazis said. He declined to conduct during the Nuremberg rallies, but was satisfied to appear just before them — including, in 1938, with the forces of the Vienna State Opera, immediately after the Anschluss. Whatever considerable aid Furtwängler may have offered to some in need, he was stained. Given the cover he had offered the “regime of the devil,” the émigré conductor Bruno Walter asked him after the Second World War, “of what significance is your assistance in the isolated cases of a few Jews?”
Opinion : The dangerous idea behind Trump’s coup effort is still alive. Let’s kill it.
In the coup memo theory, this should have allowed Pence to disregard the ECA as unconstitutional. Pence could unilaterally delay the count of electors, then a few swing states won by Biden could have decided the voting was illegitimate and sent new electors for Trump, then Pence could unilaterally decide the dispute by refusing to count either set of electors. Trump wins.
Opinion : A new problem for Democrats: Americans suddenly want smaller government after all
The first is that the public doesn’t actually know what the components are. A recent poll from CBS News found that only 10 percent of respondents claimed to know a lot of specific details about what’s in Democrats’ legislation; most said they either knew no specifics or nothing at all. Given that survey respondents have historically been loath to admit ignorance, these numbers probably overstate how much the public understands Democrats’ agenda.
Biden Supreme Court commission takes sting out of court-packing idea
Neither of these, of course, addresses what court-packing advocates were really out for, which is a quick fix for the events of the past few years. Term limits of 18 years would reduce the swings on the court and make it so the balance of power is less reliant upon when justices just so happen to retire or die, but they would also take a long time to truly have that impact. They are also very difficult to institute, given they would be likely to require a constitutional amendment, which means two-thirds of both the House and Senate and three-fourths of states. (Are Republicans really going to sign off on such a thing when they’ve gamed the current system much better than Democrats have? Of course not.)
Shootings by LAPD officers rising again after years of decline
With two and a half months left in 2021, LAPD officers have already opened fire 30 times, killing 11 people, data show. Moore said then that there had been 27 LAPD shootings this year, nine of which were fatal, and three additional shootings have occurred since — two of them fatal. On Oct. 1, LAPD officers shot a woman who they allege was stabbing her 10-year-old son in South L.A., police said. LAPD officers used to shoot people with far greater frequency, with officers opening fire more than 100 times during some years in the early 1990s. The seven deaths caused by LAPD shootings last year continued a downward trend in fatal LAPD shootings since 2015, when LAPD officers fatally shot 21 people.
Column: Chicago police who defy city vaccine mandate are taking a bold stand against the scourge of ‘evidence’
And it’s not like former Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo Sr. died this week from COVID-19. Well actually he did, but still…what do you expect the city’s police union officials to do, acknowledge irony? They’re too busy threatening to not serve and protect the city they’re sworn to serve and protect because they don’t want a mayor they don’t like (who also happens to be black — totally unrelated, I’m sure) telling them what to do, even if what she’s telling them to do will keep them from dying.
Judge denies Spota-McPartland's bail request while waiting on appeal
The judge did grant a recent motion by McPartland's lawyer, Larry Krantz, to delay his client's surrender date from Nov. 10 to Dec. 10. Federal prosecutors had opposed the defendants' attempts to remain free on bail pending their appeals along with McPartland's request for a delayed surrender. But Krantz previously suggested in a letter to the judge seeking McPartland's delayed surrender that the defendants would seek a higher court's ruling if Azrack denied their motion to stay free on bail. In August, Azrack sentenced both McPartland, 55, of Northport, and Spota, 80, of Mount Sinai, to five years in prison. Both Spota and McPartland must surrender to prison officials before 2 p.m. on Dec. 10.
Editorial: Parson's attempt to shift blame for faulty teacher website must be condemned
By the News-Leader Editorial BoardAs recently as Tuesday, the Social Security numbers of tens of thousands of Missouri teachers were accessible to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection. Instead, Parson put his ignorance on full display, accusing the Post-Dispatch of somehow stealing information state employees left unattended on the virtual curb. Instead of revealing the governor's backside, the state's carelessness put teachers' information at risk. One hopes that more reasonable – and computer-savvy – heads prevail if the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigates. Rather than threatening to prosecute the people who pointed out the problem, he should be thankful he was alerted by someone who had Missouri teachers' safety in mind.
Struggling with tech basics, GOP governor targets journalists
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Josh Renaud uncovered a vulnerability in a state education website, which revealed teachers' names and their Social Security numbers. He also didn't have to "decode" anything beyond simply reading the private information the state website inadvertently exposed. And yet, the Parson administration nevertheless issued a statement yesterday referring to Renaud yesterday as a "hacker." Hopefully, Missouri law enforcement will understand the tech basics well enough to recognize the governor's weird complaints as laughable. But the fact that a sitting governor is equating good journalism with a tech crime is nevertheless unsettling.
'How do you oppose the Holocaust?' Texas school system presents new perspective on diversity of opinion.
It’s a question that alarmed teachers participating in the meeting, according to the audio, obtained by NBC News. Greg Abbott, referring to a pedagogical approach typically introduced in postgraduate curricula and law schools. The publication caused a groundswell of conservative opposition, which can of late be seen in the race for governor of Virginia. There, Republican Glenn Youngkin is bolstered by parents who have protested at school board meetings. And whatever happens, we will fight it together.”
Researchers asked people worldwide about divisiveness. Guess where U.S. ranked
On average, in the 17 countries Pew surveyed, about 60% of people say their countries are more divided than before the virus hit. That meshes well with the experience of U.S. politics: Close elections generate high levels of political engagement and turnout, but also polarization and mistrust between the competing parties. High turnout, strong political engagement and close elections are not bad things. People in Taiwan, a country with little diversity, for example, reported high levels of political conflict in Pew’s survey, but low levels of ethnic conflict. Belgium, which has experienced violent clashes between French- and Flemish-speaking communities, reported high levels of ethnic conflict but ranked low on the other scales.
Ohio House speaker rebukes lawmaker over anti-vaxx bill
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Republican speaker of the Ohio House has publicly rebuked a fellow GOP lawmaker over the lawmaker’s attempts to push a hardline anti-vaccination bill. Just a few hours later Cupp, a Lima Republican, ordered Lipps to cancel the hearing. Although committee chairpersons have latitude on the handling of legislative hearings, the fate of bills is always up to the speaker. House Republicans had been considering a more moderate bill limiting companies’ ability to require the coronavirus vaccine as a condition of employment. But Cupp on Wednesday also stopped discussion of that bill, which faced widespread business opposition.
Factbox-Reaction to the killing of UK lawmaker David Amess
Below is reaction to the death of David Amess:CARRIEJOHNSON, WIFE OF PRIMEMINISTERJOHNSON“Absolutely devastating news about Sir David Amess. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and loved ones.”DOMINICRAAB, UK DEPUTYPRIMEMINISTER“Heartbroken that we have lost Sir David Amess MP. All my thoughts and prayers are with Sir David’s loved ones.”LIZTRUSS, UK FOREIGNMINISTER“Devastated to hear the terrible news about Sir David Amess MP. My heart goes out to his family.”LINDSAYHOYLE, SPEAKER OF THEHOUSE OF COMMONS“I am shocked and deeply distressed by the killing of Sir David Amess. I hope we can do the same for David now.”GORDONBROWN, FORMERLABOURPRIMEMINISTER“Saddened and shocked to hear about the death of Sir David Amess.
With EVs on the way, what comes after the gas tax?
With EVs on the way, what comes after the gas tax? For if the gas-powered car is on the way out, then so too is the gas tax. Try refreshing your browser, or With EVs on the way, what comes after the gas tax? With governments loathe to give up reliable sources of revenue, and EVs getting a free pass on the gas tax, what comes next? Nothing about the future is certain, but some aspects of the gas tax conundrum seem comfortably predictable.
Virginia parents say they should tell schools what to teach, poll shows
The majority of Virginia parents say they should be able to tell schools what to teach their children, a new poll shows, amid the ongoing national controversy surrounding critical race theory being injected into curricula and parents across the country pushing back. Only 34 percent of the 1,000 parents polled believe they “should not” tell schools what to include in the state’s curriculum. Angry parents and community members protest after a Loudoun County School Board meeting in Ashburn, Virginia on June 22, 2021. Parents and community members attend a Loudoun County School Board meeting which included a discussion about the academic doctrine known as critical race theory, in Ashburn, Virginia on June 22, 2021. People talk before the start of a rally against critical race theory being taught in schools at the Loudoun County Government Center in Leesburg, Virginia on June 12, 2021.
Biden is closing in on a seemingly safe pick for FDA commissioner
As Democratic lawmakers push to allow the federal government to negotiate the price of pharmaceuticals, they are confronting a lobbying push staffed by many of their former colleagues, the Intercept’s Lee Fang reports. Lee cites the example of former Senator(D-Ark.) who touted the benefits of allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices when she was running for reelection in 2004 but now serves as a lobbyist for Pfizer, arguing against that proposal.
CDC: Record high drug overdose deaths in US at over 96,000 in 12-month period
In the 12-month period ending March 2021, the reported number of deaths was 96,779, but the predicted number was higher at 99,106 . In response to the worsening overdose epidemic, the AMA launched the AMA Substance Use and Pain Care Task Force. "Every effort must be made to remove health inequities and other barriers for patients with substance use disorders, mental illness and patients with pain. However, the vast majority of the country isn’t offering justice-involved populations evidence-based treatment interventions and psychosocial support programs, he said. "Addressing stigma, giving people hope, a reason to live, giving them hope that they can be productive members of society is going to be very important in reversing the course of the opioid epidemic," Aoun added in part.
Christopher Rufo: Walmart vs. whiteness – hourly employees guilty of 'internalized racial superiority'
Walmart Inc. has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a "white supremacy system" and teaches white, hourly wage employees that they are guilty of "white supremacy thinking" and "internalized racial superiority." The program is based on the core principles of critical race theory, including "intersectionality," "internalized racial oppression," "internalized racial inferiority," and "white anti-racist development." Walmart employees who are racial minorities, in the framework of the training program, suffer from "constructed racist oppression" and "internalized racial inferiority." CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERWalmart’s training program seems a study in opportunism. Meantime, their hourly workers, making between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly, are asked to undergo dishonest and humiliating rituals to confront their "white privilege" and "white supremacy thinking."
Opinion; Why Democrats are nervous about Virginia
Prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Stacey Abrams, have agreed to step in and stump for McAuliffeMeanwhile, news reports are already calling the Virginia race a warning sign for Democrats. The heightened scrutiny surrounding the Virginia race is in large part due to the challenges President Joe Biden has faced in the past month. Whether the assumption is accurate or not, plenty of pundits and political analysts will see the Virginia race as a barometer of the Democratic Party's standing. Should they continue railing against vaccine and mask mandates and criticize the way race is taught in schools? The media coverage could also have an impact on the way President Biden approaches the current legislative battles playing out in Congress.
3 steps tech innovators can take to create a more equal society
Even everyday technologies, like smartphones and video games, are becoming more accessible, proving that tech innovators have the inspiration and capacity to build a more equitable society. Tech accessibility is critical to social connection, professional proliferation and civic engagement. Story continuesFor instance, web accessibility, a significant challenge for people with disabilities, includes a cadre of potential solutions, models that tech innovators will need to assess, select and implement. For tech innovators looking to make digital assets more accessible, this might include setting internal goals for content creators and developers to make strategic alterations to existing or upcoming digital content. As digital products change and evolve, accessibility standards and best practices will need to adapt as well.
Supply-Chain Shortages: Why Biden's 24/7 Port of LA Plan Won't Be Enough
The immediate fix is to expand operations at the crucial Port of Los Angeles to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And to ensure resiliency to any kind of shock, including a pandemic-induced, buy-from-home, shopping spree, the country needs a major overhaul. That requires industry investment, labor-union participation, and technological improvements that exceed the industrial revolution over a century ago. 328 and 333 out of 351 in an index of port performance published by the World Bank Group and IHS Markit. Driver shortages, another major supply-chain bottleneck, also needs to be addressed, in part, with technology.
If inflation worries you (and it should), keep your eyes on the Fed
The reconciliation bill, what President Joe Biden calls his Build Back Better plan, is an attempt to refashion the United States into a European-style social democracy. But, until recently, inflation in the eurozone was as dormant as it has been in the United States. The United States had a high level of it, compared to other countries, during the period in which inflation was dormant here. These are uncharted, maybe dangerous, watersInflation has broken out in the United States and across the globe. If inflation is a worry, and it should be, all eyes should be on the Fed.
Ohio Politics Explained: New podcast debuts from USA TODAY Network Ohio
There's always news on the Ohio politics and government beat, and a new state politics podcast debuting today aims to catch you up on the highlights. Ohio Politics Explained, or OPE (yes, that polite Midwestern substitute for "sorry"), is a 15-minute podcast produced by the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau. The bureau team covers state government and politics for The Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, Akron Beacon Journal and 18 other newsrooms in the USA TODAY Network Ohio. In the inaugural episode, Staver and reporter Laura Bischoff talked about the debate over COVID-19 vaccine mandates at the Statehouse, a bill to close the "marital rape loophole" and more. Jackie Borchardt is the bureau chief for the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau, which serves the Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, Akron Beacon Journal and 18 other affiliated news organizations across Ohio.
China launching equivalent of Royal Navy every four years
Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the next Chief of the Defence Staff, is about to embark Britain’s Armed Forces on a fundamental reorientation. Adml Radakin will need such people. They agreed on the need to change and the need to get out in the world building partnerships. It’s not about having the marines turn up on D-Day, in the words of one senior officer. It speaks of a forward-deployed and persistently engaged force, underpinned by technology and integrated across all arms of the Government.
David Wells: The Canadian flag should not be used as a political prop
Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. One of those is the Canadian flag. And the Canadian flag should not be used for political purposes. He should not diminish the Canadian flag in the same way. More On This Topic Ben Woodfinden: Trudeau's hollow progressivism behind refusal to raise federal flags Rupa Subramanya: Mr. Trudeau, why is Parliament's Canadian flag still at half mast?
I'm Minister JaNae Bates, and I'm the Campaign Co-lead for the Yes 4 Minneapolis campaign to vote #YesOn2 for a Department of Public Safety where qualified professionals, like mental health responders
I'm proud to represent Yes 4 Minneapolis, a coalition of residents, neighbors, businesses, organizations, and families across the city who are saying YES to creating a safe Minneapolis for all of us. The City Charter was written in 1961 by the Police Federation, forcing us to build on a broken system of violent, armed police-only response. Our plan moves city leaders toward a comprehensive, higher standard in public safety, where qualified professionals, like mental health responders and social workers, as well as police, can work to make all our communities safer. We can align our city’s safety infrastructure with our values. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for campaign updates, and vote YES on Question 2!
When Your Friend Is Pregnant and Depressed
So, it’s important for moms to know that these conditions are common and that getting help does not make them a failure. Studies show that women suffering from postpartum depression link their symptoms to the relentless burden of caring for an infant. Her obstetrician may be able to start treatment — help her make that appointment. If you feel your friend is getting worse, and is resistant to getting help, you may need to enlist her partner or family. In the process of supporting your family member or friend, you may find yourself taking on a considerable emotional load.
Opinion : The underappreciated success of Iraqi democracy
The second, seismic aspect of the election has been the rise of Sunni participation. Sunnis, a minority group in Iraq, have been the most disaffected group within the political system. They have tended to be cynical about voting, and they remain disgruntled; in the past, they have on occasion fueled insurgencies against the state. But this time, they voted, managing to concentrate their votes in a few parties. Al-Monitor estimates that if a few of these leaders can band together, a unified Sunni bloc would have 50 seats in Iraq’s 329-seat parliament, which would give it greater political power than it has had since 2003.
Opinion : Of course Biden’s a globalist. He should start acting like one on technology.
Trade and technology policy is one area where Biden is more like Donald Trump than he pretends. The Biden White House repeats the mantra that foreign policy must benefit American workers so often that it’s easy to forget we have other goals, too. Yes, America is back, and allies are pleased that Washington is once again part of global, multilateral discussions. But they’re frustrated by what they say is inadequate consultation or, in the case of France and the submarine deal, no consultation at all.
Hanson: Is America becoming Rome versus Byzantium?
In A.D. 286 the Roman emperor Diocletian split in half the huge Roman Empire administratively — and peacefully — under the control of two emperors. A Western empire included much of modern-day Western Europe and northwest Africa. The Western empire eventually collapsed into chaos by the latter fifth century A.D. Yet the Roman eastern half survived for nearly 1,000 years. In contrast, the more liberal blue state antithesis is richer from globalist wealth.
Florida Supreme Court puts up a stop sign to Miami company that helps drivers fight traffic tickets
“TIKD advertises the legal services that are at the core of its business model directly to the public and thereby directly solicits drivers with legal problems,” Lawson wrote in an opinion fully joined by Justices Jorge Labarga and Jamie Grosshans. “When a driver engages its services, TIKD conducts a business review of his or her legal matter to determine whether it can profitably handle the case (with profitability as the only apparent criterion considered). It then either rejects the representation or sends the case to one of the lawyers it contracts with.
Readers respond: The city’s unfair leaf pick-up
As a year-round bicycle commuter, I can tell you these piles of leaves are a safety hazard. Of course, riding in the traffic lane upsets some drivers, and a few of them let me know their full displeasure. Turns out, Eastmoreland is not alone: It’s also Ladd’s Addition, the West Hills, Irvington and many of Portland’s wealthiest areas. I know some of these places are well-connected, but I hope that’s not the reason this program endures. But like other historical legacies, it’s time to reconsider this unfair program.
Biohackers at the gate: The untold story of how DIY experimenters waged war on COVID-19
Before long, this collection of inventive, if wildly independent, experimenters would reimagine COVID-19 testing in the fight against a globe-crippling pandemic. In the penthouse, the lab, called Genspace, had a leaky roof and no air conditioning or heat. Canine's company, Opentrons, was born. At one hospital in Spain, grateful lab technicians named each robot after a loved one lost to COVID-19: Joan. Customers include the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, MIT and even BioNTech, the German company that developed a COVID-19 vaccine with Pfizer.
America’s Next Great Migrations Are Driven by Climate Change
The increasingly frequent and intense floods, heat waves, wildfires and other extreme climate events jolt us into realizing that we don’t have the comfortable distance of 2040 or 2050 by which to mitigate climate change. New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco—many of America’s principal economic engines are threatened by accelerating climate change damages, from surging seas to wildfire smoke. Avoiding the worst outcomes of climate change isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions but about preserving human life. While there’s no escaping climate change, there are places that are less likely to experience extreme heat, regular flooding and fresh water shortages. We can start now to help resettle those in the most vulnerable locations, who are already feeling devastating impacts of climate change.
Eviction moratoriums aren't enough. I struggle to keep my kids out of homeless shelters.
I live in New York City, and while the eviction moratorium has been lifesaving, I’ve gone through this enough times to know it will only do so much. This perpetual cycle of housing insecurity is unlivable, and staying in a temporary homeless shelter is almost as bad as no shelter at all. If you can call it living, that's life in a New York City shelter. I need New York City to start treating people experiencing homelessness like humans instead of ignoring us. Shamaya Morris is an activist in New York City.
You can’t stop inflation, but here are some ways to offset the higher costs
“Inflation has been a surprising and unwelcome guest seeming to persist at an elevated level at a time when we’re all hoping to put the devastating economic impacts of the pandemic behind,” said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst for Bankrate. “Like the pandemic-caused downturn itself, it exacerbates wealth and income inequality. The wealthy can adjust. Those on lower incomes, not so much. It is as if some people just can’t catch a much-needed break.”
Tessa Majors murder: Teen sentenced to 9 years to life as Majors' dad breaks down in court
"Nearly two years later, we still find words inadequate to describe the immeasurable pain, trauma, and suffering that our family has endured since her senseless murder," read Bogdanos as Inman Majors wept in the gallery. "Mostly she loved her family and friends, her cats, and especially her younger brother," the statement read. OFF-DUTY NYPD OFFICER ALLEGEDLY SHOT PARTNER IN TANGLED LOVE TRIANGLE"The murder of Tessa Majors tore at the fabric of this entire city," said Justice Robert Mandelbaum. "As a human, I feel ashamed, embarrassed and sad," Lewis, slumped in his chair, told the court, without looking at Majors’ father. "Our lives are forever changed, and not a day goes by that we don’t think about what could have been for Tess’s future," the parents wrote.
Editorial: Indicted on bribery charges, Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas should step down
Last year, Councilman Jose Huizar and former Councilman Mitch Englander were indicted as part of an ongoing federal corruption investigation into city officials and real estate developers. Ridley-Thomas is accused of a bribery scheme with a USC dean while he was on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Ridley-Thomas’ attorney said the councilman is shocked by the charges and has not abused his position for personal gain. Ridley-Thomas is one of the longest serving elected officials in Los Angeles, with an impressive record of achievement. That’s why the federal charges are devastating for him and his constituents.
Editorial: Kids aren’t making progress on national tests — and that’s from before the pandemic
For the first time in the 50-year history of these tests, the scores of 13-year-olds fell in both reading and math. The tests were administered in very early 2020, before the pandemic shut down most in-person schooling. (The 17-year-olds weren’t tested in this latest round because the pandemic struck before their exams were scheduled to take place.) If students had been making even incremental progress over the previous eight years, that should have added up to at least a significant improvement. The test results show that going “back to normal” after the pandemic isn’t going to cut it.
Villaraigosa endorses Karen Bass for L.A. mayor
Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Friday his endorsement of Rep. Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) in the mayor’s race, arguing that Bass’ nearly half-century of public service makes her the most qualified candidate to lead the city. “In the 48 years I have known Karen Bass, she’s always been a person of courage and conviction, someone who people like and respect,” Villaraigosa said. Villaraigosa said he typically would not endorse so early in the race but felt he had to because the city’s problems require aggressive leadership. “She’s always been a coalition builder,” he said, noting that she brought Latino and Black residents together when the demographics of South Los Angeles began to change. Her campaign on Thursday removed the name of Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas — a longtime ally of Bass — a day after he was indicted on federal bribery charges.
Another blow to UC admissions tests: Nix SAT alternative exam, faculty recommend
Faculty were asked to examine whether an alternative test without those biases could be used beginning in 2025. Some educators were more open to using the state test over the SAT because it assesses how well 11th-graders learned California’s core curriculum. Advertisement“The ... assessment is not appropriate as an admissions test, required or optional, for the UC,” the report concluded, saying it was concerned about racial and socioeconomic disparities common to all standardized exams. The state test, SAT and high school GPA all predict first-year grades at roughly the same level, although the SAT performed slightly better, the report found. Using only high school GPA produced the most diverse pool of top UC applicants.
South Florida 100: As COVID rates drop, festivals, boat show and more are coming back
Michael De Lucca, president, Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Inc.Last week: Columbus Day was observed last week and the name of the federal holiday has been changed. President Joe Biden issued the first presidential proclamation of “Indigenous People’s Day,” the most significant boost yet to efforts to refocus the holiday acknowledging Christopher Columbus and to show appreciation toward native peoples. This holiday serves as a day to celebrate and honor Native American people and commemorate their histories and cultures. This is a 13-cent jump from last week and more than a dollar above last year’s price. As gas prices may be high in the foreseeable future, now is the time to start driving around and exploring best gas prices for your dollar!
Terry McAuliffe’s Other Obstacle in Virginia Race: Democrats’ Apathy
Those same surveys suggest that Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Youngkin are locked in a close race but that more of Mr. Youngkin’s voters are enthusiastic about voting compared with Mr. McAuliffe’s voters. Mr. Youngkin, who, like Mr. McAuliffe, lives in Fairfax, is positioned to perform far better there. Mr. Youngkin had so far avoided inviting Mr. Trump to the state — and avoided a Trumpian attack for the stiff arm. During the 2018 congressional midterms, when Virginia Democrats picked up two House seats, turnout was at nearly 60 percent. The post Terry McAuliffe’s Other Obstacle in Virginia Race: Democrats’ Apathy appeared first on New York Times.
Bernie’s Tax-the-Rich Bluff Just Got Called by His Fellow Dems
Many Democrats also balked at restoring the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. In fact, let’s add up all the common progressive tax proposals. Impose President Biden’s corporate tax increases, as well as Elizabeth Warren’s “real corporate profits” tax, and tax financial transactions (such as stock trades) and financial institutions. Yet even a government controlled by Democrats cannot pass most of the half-baked progressive tax proposals. And passing them all would still leave revenues far short of progressive spending promises, not to mention the escalating baseline deficits.
France honours ‘quiet hero’ teacher killed for showing Prophet Mohammed cartoons
A year after the brutal murder of a French teacher, beheaded for showing his students cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, schools are struggling with how to teach core French values without inflaming tensions with young Muslims. His killer, 18-year-old Chechen refugee Abdullakh Anzorov, who had been living in France for years, claimed the attack as revenge for Paty showing his class the Mohammed cartoons in a lesson on free speech. On Saturday, several ceremonies will be held in memory of the popular teacher hailed by President Emmanuel Macron as a "quiet hero" of the French republic. Students are expected to embark on the path to "modernity, progress, civilisation and knowledge" in the classroom, he added. 'I weigh every word'At least three towns went on to name schools after Paty, including the multi-ethnic eastern Paris suburb of Valenton.
Booster Confusion
When there is a conflict between scientific evidence and bureaucratic protocols, science often takes a back seat. & J. recipients should follow the mix-and-match approach of getting a booster shot with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. We concluded that the available scientific evidence argued for the mix-and-match approach, but that there was still uncertainty. This week, the data in favor of the mix-and-match approach became even stronger. & J. booster with those who had received an mRNA booster.
A man and three friends lured gay men on Grindr to rob and assault them, feds say: ‘Bigots often lurk online’
Jenkins, the 22-year-old accused ringleader, has now been sentenced to the next 23 years and four months in federal prison. The Dallas resident pleaded guilty in June to one count of committing a hate crime; one count of conspiracy to commit hate crimes, kidnapping and carjacking; and one count of using a firearm during a violent crime. His three co-conspirators also pleaded guilty. Jenkins is the last to receive his punishment.
Carrie Severino: Clarence Thomas' 30 years of fearlessness, foresight on the Supreme Court
Justice Clarence Thomas is in that select category. At the beginning of his tenure on the court, Thomas was disrespected by many legal experts who dismissed him as a blind follower of Scalia. Many of Thomas’ opinions reflect his commitment to the three-part structure of the federal government and the separation of powers. Besides being bold, Justice Thomas is prolific. Justice Thomas has consistently shown foresight in identifying areas where the court can improve its fidelity to the Constitution.
Opinion: Trump is sabotaging himself
Officials around the country are failing to root out the fraud that Trump claims cost him a second term in the White House. "If we don't solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 Republicans will not be voting in '22 or '24," Trump announced in a written statement Wednesday. Join us on Twitter and FacebookA writer in Psychology Today connected Trump with self-sabotage as he struggled near the end of the 2020 campaign. "Trump may be the absolute best at one thing in particular: self-sabotage," wrote Lili Stillwaggon Swan, Ph.D.Today, it's the GOP that has allowed Trump to take over. There's no way to explain this other than to suggest that Trump is indulging in his greatest act of self-sabotage yet.
Meeting Tracy Chapman in the spaces between
Watching Tracy Chapman, and listening to her 1988 self-titled debut album, helped me say what I hadn't yet said out loud. For a brief while after the release of the album, Tracy Chapman occupied my dreams –and perhaps everyone else's. Tracy Chapman captured the attention of the world with these 11 songs of struggle, resilience and survival, without cleavage, without choreography, without bling. I remember watching Tracy Chapman perform "Fast Car" on a live broadcast from London's Wembley Stadium for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday in June of 1988. And I was queer, and until Tracy Chapman, hadn't quite seen myself in the media around me.
Disbelief abroad over DeSantis’ pandemic policies | Letters to the editor
They cannot believe that a leader would institute such disingenuous laws and policies that go against every scientific finding on how to protect citizens from COVID-19. We all know he is simply catering to his base, also known as Trump’s base, in his bid to be the next president. DeSantis has sold his soul to the devil — and we Floridians are paying the price.
Will Merrick Garland Put Steve Bannon in Jail?
On his last day in office, Donald Trump pardoned his adviser Steve Bannon for having committed the crime of fraud. Should Bannon continue to defy the committee, as his attorneys have stated he would, Attorney General Merrick Garland will have to decide whether to hold Bannon accountable. Given Bannon’s obvious disdain for the rule of law, Garland should prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and seek from a D.C. jury the maximum punishment of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. That process will begin on Tuesday, when the select committee will hold a vote on whether to adopt a contempt report, which would be referred to the full House of Representatives for a vote. During the Bannon rally, the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance to an American flag carried by Trump supporters during the Jan. 6 rally that turned into the insurrection.
Pakistan court: Recover Rs33m from those who vandalised temple
Islamabad: Pakistan’s top court ordered to recover Rs33 million from those accused of being involved in vandalising the Hindu temple in the Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Supreme Court issued directives to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government to obtain the money within a month. The judge also allowed the Hindu community to rebuild their temple, adding that the Hindu community could expand the place of worship if the locals sell them the land. The court was informed that notices for the recovery of the cost were served to all the arrested suspects. Advocate General for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shumail Butt told the bench that over Rs33m was spent on the rehabilitation and restoration of the 100-year-old temple.
The science behind 7 great leadership principles
Others are born into leadership positions and fail miserably because they aren’t guided by principles that would make them effective. advertisementadvertisementThe rest of us have to rely on a combination of art and science when it comes to earning our position as leaders and developing our leadership skills. Let’s look at how some legendary leaders embody these principles, whether they were doing so consciously or not. I must get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln It wouldn’t be a leadership article without Abraham Lincoln, amiright? Working together as a leadership team, they debated questions like the wording and timing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared slavery illegal under federal law.
Is power going to your head? Research shows how leaders can be prone to make bad decisions
To put it simply, feeling powerful tends to inhibit a person’s ability to make good decisions. People who feel powerful (either in the moment or consistently) make significantly lower estimates of the likelihood of negative outcomes. Those encouraged to remember feeling powerful were, on average, 6% less accurate than the control group. Dismissing expert advice Feeling powerful makes us more prone to dismiss expert advice. In their experiments, they used the same method as Galinsky and colleagues to make participants feel more or less powerful.
5 biases that might be ruining your hybrid meetings
One key strategy is to anticipate and check the biases that can derail a hybrid meeting. In hybrid meetings, these biases can make some people feel more or less included, make some topics feel more or less important than they deserve to be, and can set the tone for how well or poorly this new world of work will roll out. For a hybrid meeting, this can mean that we often assume a shared perspective from those we are physically and/or emotionally close to. It’s a type of procrastination, which can make hybrid meetings less productive and more frustrating. Confirmation bias Hybrid meeting stink, right?
The false GOP claim that the Justice Dept. is spying on parents at school board meetings
In recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation's public schools. While spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our Constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values. Coordination and partnership with local law enforcement is critical to implementing these measures for the benefit of our nation’s nearly 14,000 public school districts. These meetings will facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff, and will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment, and response.
Commission on Supreme Court warns of political dangers in reform proposals
Biden named the commission in response to liberal demands that something be done to “balance” the court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority. Liberals were particularly angry that a Republican-controlled Senate refused to hold a hearing on President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016. It then rushed through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to take the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2020, as the votes already were being cast to deny President Donald Trump a second term.
Op-Ed: Attacks on school board meetings are threatening democracy. Will educators help save it?
Over the last several months, school board meetings across the country have become ground zero for contentious and destructive battles. After the local school board issued a formal apology for the incident, one board member was repeatedly harassed on social media, including threats of physical violence. Throughout the U.S., school board members are being subjected to abuse, and some of them are choosing to resign. From the U.S. Capitol to the local school board, democracy is under assault. John Rogers is a professor of education and director of the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at UCLA.
Column: Why journalists are failing the public with ‘both-siderism’ in political coverage
For years it was easy to cover “both sides” — Republicans and Democrats — as equally worthy, and blameworthy, partners in democracy. — what remained was a Republican Party still capable of a creditable role in a healthy two-party system. With his continued hold on the Republican Party in the Biden era, Mann and Ornstein’s admonition is truer than ever. Yes, it’s critical for political journalists to remain fair and balanced, in contrast with the right-wing network that cynically co-opted those adjectives. “Do you miss me yet?”This is a Republican Party that is not serious about governing or addressing the nation’s actual problems, as opposed to faux ones like critical race theory.
Zoo, Equitas, Shelter Board must work to re-earn trust after disgraceful scandals
Opened in 1927, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is among Ohio’s most renowned institutions. Honesty and transparency to the public will be key with leaders of the zoo, as it will be for leaders of the Community Shelter Board and Equitas Health. More:Community Shelter Board employee steered over $350,000 to friends who were not landlordsEbony Wheat, a Community Shelter Board employee has pleaded guilty to three counts of federal program theft and is awaiting sentencing for cutting $352,769 in checks to friends who were not landlords and did not provide any services to the agency's homeless clients. The zoo board at first refused to divulge details of its investigation into the matter but changed its tune following public outcry. Institutions like the Columbus Zoo, Community Shelter Board and Equitas Health provide critical services to our community.
Viewpoint: Vulnerability makes stronger leaders
At first glance, that might seem counterintuitive to leadership, but this simple phrase is a reminder that vulnerability enables leaders to collectively build and maintain high-performing teams working for a common interest. We often falsely equate confidence with competence and leadership, leaving employees who can’t or won’t conform to this social style, feeling inadequate. Female presence in government, philanthropy and business is a result of decades of grassroots activism and begrudgingly developed legislation. Nonprofits, startups and corporations are still mired in the cultural inertia of the good ol’ boys’ clubs. “Faking it” feels a lot more like thoughtful experimentation, and “making it” feels a lot more like teamwork.
Kentucky's new housing bill fails to address gentrification. Why community input is needed
Food in Neighborhoods Community CoalitionOpinion ContributorFood in Neighborhoods Community Coalition is concerned that the proposed conservatorship land development bill (SB105) could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. FIN calls instead for community-based development that centers current residents of neighborhoods with high concentrations of vacant lots and abandoned properties. Given the even longer history of redlining (but more specific/explicit/accessible language) in Louisville, development today should focus on stabilizing and stimulating the existing community and residents. It should serve as a catalyst for social, economic and ecological transformations that prioritize the needs of current residents. We believe this new conservatorship law, in its present form, fails to address racial redlining and disinvestment, and will accelerate gentrification by sidelining the needs of residents in the area.
Here's why Congress must follow through on promises made to HBCUs
As of this moment, congressional tinkering, big-business lobbying, individual holdouts, and caucus sniping have pared the $90 billion for HBCUs down to $30 billion. But now many more schools are riding HBCU coattails into the BBB agenda, an agenda built on promises made only to HBCUs. I salute the provision made for small HBCUs in the legislation as it stands. Don’t tinker with or dilute these engines for growth, for the sake of the future of Black America. When you come off pause and push play, keep the promises made to Black America.
Afghanistan: Do Islamic State group jihadists pose a real challenge to the Taliban?
FRANCE 24: Now that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan, do they really have anything to fear from IS group jihadists? Wassim Nasr: Yes, because the IS group has been at war with the Taliban since 2015, the year the jihadists established themselves in Afghanistan. Although they were defeated territorially by the simultaneous actions of the Taliban, the Afghans and the Americans, the IS-K group jihadists had in the meantime managed to establish a foothold in urban environments. And will the Americans continue to direct drone strikes at the IS-K group, thereby directly helping the Taliban to contain the terrorist threat? And this, once again, would be to the benefit of the IS-K group, whose ideology is gaining followers.
China, Russia launch joint naval drills in Russian Far East
BEIJING (AP) — China and Russia are holding joint naval drills off the Russian Far East in the latest sign of their growing political and military alignment. The exercises Joint Sea 2021 kicked off with a ceremony on Thursday in Russia’s Peter the Great Gulf and will run through Sunday. Chinese state media said the drills would encompass communications, anti-mine, anti-air and anti-submarine operations, joint maneuvering and firing on seaborn targets. China and Russia are united in opposing the dominant U.S. influence in global affairs and have been harsh critics of Washington’s foreign policy stumbles in Afghanistan and elsewhere. While Beijing generally follows Moscow’s lead on matters such as Iran, it has grown increasingly assertive in defending what it considers its vital interests regarding Taiwan, the South China Sea and throughout the Indo-Pacific.
Terry McAuliffe’s Other Obstacle in Virginia Race: Democrats’ Apathy
Tellingly, though, the greater the turnout projections, the wider Mr. McAuliffe’s lead grows in the polls. Turnout in Virginia collapsed to the lowest level for a governor’s race in four decades. Unlike today, though, the previous unpopular Republican president, George W. Bush, had moved happily into retirement and ceded the spotlight fully to his successor. While Virginia Democrats may in some ways be victims of their own success, having claimed every major office and taken control of the legislature, their dominance has also allowed them to loosen voting laws. While other Southern states have been tightening voting access, Virginia enacted expansive early voting this year.
Sen. Marco Rubio: It's time to fire John Kerry, Biden's ethically challenged climate czar
Sen. Marco Rubio: It's time to fire John Kerry, Biden's ethically challenged climate czarAdded: 15.10.2021 11:00 | 2 views | 0 commentsClimate czar John Kerry appears to be profiting from slave labor in China.
Biden Admin Stuck in the Progressive Bubble
Biden Admin Stuck in the Progressive BubbleAdded: 15.10.2021 4:04 | 18 views | 0 commentsSource: www.westernjournal.comOPINION - Biden's determination to create a transformational legacy for himself at any cost is blinding him to political realities. More in www.realclearpolitics.com »
AP Top Stories October 15 A
Added: 15.10.2021 10:26 | 2 views | 0 commentsHere's the latest for Friday October 15th: Bill Clinton hospitalized; Texas abortion law survives court challenge; Michigan Gov. promises faster pipe replacement in city with lead in water; Freeway closed by California fire reopens.
Opinion | Does the Supreme Court Belong to Justice Thomas Now?
“One would think that such an onerous burden on a fundamental right would warrant this Court’s review,” he wrote in a dissent. “But today, faced with a petition challenging just such a restriction on citizens’ Second Amendment rights, the court simply looks the other way.”In religious freedom cases, Justice Thomas has stood out for his willingness to weaken the separation of church and state. Justice Thomas attended a variety of Catholic schools, and last month he spoke fondly of that education. “To this day I revere, admire and love my nuns,” he said in a talk at the University of Notre Dame. It’s clear that Justice Thomas would take great satisfaction in writing an opinion eliminating affirmative action.
On The Ground In Afghanistan With Trey Yingst
For over six weeks, FOX News Foreign Correspondent Trey Yingst was in Afghanistan before, during and after the Taliban takeover of the country. His coverage was widely praised as he spoke to people on the ground as they tried to flee the country, find lost family members of cope with the food crisis. He also spent some of his time Afghanistan talking directly with members of the Taliban as they took control. We saw in the beginning of the pandemic there was a housing boom as many people left big cities for homes in more suburban areas. Plus, commentary by Fox News contributor and author of the new book, “Rigged”, Mollie Hemingway.
Biohackers at the gate: The untold story of how DIY experimenters waged war on COVID-19
Before long, this collection of inventive, if wildly independent, experimenters would reimagine COVID-19 testing in the fight against a globe-crippling pandemic. The federal government and corporations such as LabCorp had failed to scale up COVID-19 testing, which often involved a tedious liquid transfer process called pipetting. * * *A lab specialist manually pipettes a mix for coronavirus testing. At one hospital in Spain, grateful lab technicians named each robot after a loved one lost to COVID-19: Joan. * * *Today, behind the scenes of America’s COVID-19 testing infrastructure, OT-2 robots are helping screen millions for the virus: elementary school students, nursing home residents, patients headed in for surgery.
An important issue for Japan’s coming Lower House election: Defending Taiwan
Indeed, the term of the House of Representatives, elected in 2017, was set to expire this month anyway. Instead, I am interested in seeing members of parliament elected who are pro-Taiwan and are willing to stand with Taiwan. Japan’s security, and hence its future, is directly related to Taiwan’s security and future existence. This is particularly important now on the eve of the Lower House election. This new relationship will necessarily lead to greater security ties between Japan, Taiwan and the United States, strengthening deterrence for Taiwan and hopefully thwarting Chinese openly stated, aggressive intentions.
Merck wants Americans to pay $712 for a Covid drug that taxpayers helped develop | David Sirota
Last week, we learned that Merck is planning to charge Americans 40 times its cost for a Covid drug whose development was subsidized by the American government. The situation spotlights two sets of facts that have gone largely unmentioned in the legislative debate over whether to let Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices. Fact one: Americans are facing not merely expensive drugs but prices that are examples of outright profiteering. Fact two: in many cases, the medicines we are being gouged on are those that we the public already paid for. That term “profiteering” is important here because drugmakers aren’t losing lots of money in other countries where they sell medicines at lower prices.
Newt Gingrich: Left’s big-government, socialist system ‘falling apart’ – and Americans know it
BIDEN SAYS NUMBER OF UNVACCINATED AMERICANS ‘UNACCEPTABLY HIGH,’ INSISTS MANDATES ‘WORKING’NEWT GINGRICH: You have a system, the American system, which is falling apart. You have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants -- and by the way, Joe Biden doesn’t do anything to apply his fancy rules and his mandates to illegal immigrants. They don’t get tested, they don’t get vaccinated, we don’t check on them for health reasons. The taxpayers are funding all the illegal immigrants who are not required to do any of this. Their system, this entire big-government socialist system, is falling apart.
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is Socialists’ candidate in 2022 French election
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo will be the Socialists’ candidate in the April 2022 French presidential election. Hidalgo overwhelmingly won the nomination, with more than 72 percent of party members choosing her as their preferred candidate in an internal vote, party leader Olivier Faure announced Thursday night in Paris, with more than 90 percent of votes counted. In POLITICO’s Poll of Polls for the first round of next year’s election, Hidalgo sits at around 5 percent — trailing behind incumbent President Emmanuel Macron on 24 percent and far-right leader Marine Le Pen on 16 percent. The 62-year-old Hidalgo announced her run for office in September and beat Stéphane Le Foll, the current mayor of Le Mans and the former minister of agriculture, for the Socialist nomination. In her seven-year run as mayor of Paris, Hidalgo has become known for flagship environmental policies, including the transformation of the banks of the Seine into promenades and an attempt to ban high-polluting cars from the streets while building bike lanes.
The Name Of Joe & Love’s New Town On YOU Is A Sneaky Nod To The Season 3 Theme
Although Madre Linda isn’t a real place, the show’s writers obviously drew inspiration from existing Northern California suburbs. The name of the fictional town is also a nod to this particular stage of Joe and Love’s life together: Madre Linda roughly translates to “beautiful mother” in Spanish, and a central theme in Season 3 is the transition into motherhood for Love, fatherhood for Joe, and the friction that creates between them. Joe and Love have contrasting ideas about how they want to raise their son Henry, and they often tackle parenthood as individuals rather than as a united team. “This is a show that explores how quick we are to forgive men, and how quick we are to judge women. The only difference from his past is that he now has a wife and a child to consider — or not.
Top 100 charitable foundations in South Florida
The Top 100 grant-making foundations in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, based on total giving, gave a total of nearly $700 million in 2014-2015, the most current audited financial data from the Foundation Center. Unlike public charities that derive their funding or support primarily from the general public, foundations typically get their funds from a single source or specific sources, such as family or corporate money. Money generated from foundations supports the work of public charities through grants. The Foundation Center is a nonprofit that gathers and analyzes data about philanthropy worldwide, and connects people with resources.
Column: A third party to impose some pain on the Trumpified GOP
Indeed, 7% of 2016 Republican Trump voters defected to Biden in 2020. Some even argued that disaffected Republicans should essentially join the Democratic Party. “Why shouldn’t anti-Trump Republicans at least consider becoming a kind-of-Old-Republican wing of Joe Biden’s Democratic party?” asked Bill Kristol, a proudly anti-Trump conservative. If a Republican candidate met its requirements, a new party of the right could endorse the Republican, the way New York’s Conservative Party does. The point is to cause the GOP some pain for its descent into asininity.
Letters to the Editor - School board chaos, school principals, gun control, disabled veterans
School board chaosRe: “Amid chaos, N. Texas school boards suffer,” by Sharon Grigsby, Wednesday Metro & Business column. Peggy Tucker, RichardsonGun laws already existFrom reading the Wednesday letters responding to the isolated school shooting in Arlington, it seems people have the wrong impression about the Texas gun control laws. As of Jan. 1, 2022, if you are a disabled veteran in Texas, your DAV license plate is not sufficient to allow you to park in a handicapped space. Where are our leaders who supposedly look out for our disabled veterans? Your disabled veteran support is overwhelming!
French authorities charge four more students over beheading of Samuel Paty
Pedestrians pass a poster depicting French teacher Samuel Paty in the city centre of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 30kms northwest of Paris, on November 3, 2020, following the decapitation of the teacher on October 16. Four teenage students have been charged in France over the killing of Samuel Paty, a judicial source said Thursday, including three for allegedly pointing out the teacher to his murderer. Advertising Read moreThree other pupils were charged with complicity earlier this month over the beheading last month of Paty, who had shown his students cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as part of a lesson on free speech. Three of the four students charged Thursday were suspected of identifying Paty to his killer, 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, who then tracked him down and beheaded him in a street near his school. The three, who are between 13 and 14 years old, are being charged with "complicity in a terrorist murder," the source said.
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remainsXINJIANG, China (AP) — The razor wire that once ringed public buildings in China’s far northwestern Xinjiang region is nearly all gone. It’s seen deep in the countryside, where Han Chinese officials run villages. It’s hard to know why Chinese authorities have shifted to subtler methods of controlling the region. Within Xinjiang, Han Chinese and Uyghurs live side by side, an unspoken but palpable gulf between them. Xinjiang officials say they aren’t forcing atheism on the Uyghurs, but rather defending freedom of belief against creeping extremism .
TX Law Compels School Official To Advise Balancing Holocaust Teaching W
But though I was not taught about the Holocaust in school until my teens, I learned about it much earlier. I asked, at ten years of age, ignorantly yet without malice, why his grandma had it on her arm. ..The training came four days after the Carroll school board, responding to a parent’s complaint, voted to reprimand a fourth grade teacher who had kept an anti-racism book in her classroom. If she was trying to point out the obvious absurdities I wish she would have done so clearly. How do we keep history from repeating, if the teaching of history is banned, or the ugliness of the past, is glorified?
Support those who are doing the right thing.
I do know, without immigrants, documented and undocumented, our economy would collapse. We depend on them because they make up one-third of the workforce in construction, farming, domestic labor, and food processing. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented workers contribute $1.53 billion to the California economy . They also support their transition once they are released with housing, food, clothing, and maybe more importantly, emotional support and care. They are good people doing good work in CA23 and they need your help.
NY Times: Racial gap in vaccinations almost closed despite inequities and history
Put all of this together and you would expect an intransigent large gap to remain in who is vaccinated. www.nytimes.com/…"Why Many Black Americans Changed Their Minds About Covid ShotsBlack Americans were once far less likely than white Americans to be vaccinated. In the first months after the vaccine rollout, Black Americans were far less likely than white Americans to be vaccinated. Compared to the “wait-and-see” group, those in the “definitely not” group have larger proportions of non-Hispanic white adults, Republicans, adults living in rural areas and white evangelical Christians. There are also larger proportions of Democrats, younger adults and people reporting lower levels of education and income among the wait-and-see-ers.
This month is the critical month to pass legislation so that people have SOMETHING to vote for
I am hearing positive developments regarding student loan reform and public loan forgiveness. www.cnn.com/…finance.yahoo.com/…Biden choosing to eliminate $10,000 outright through executive order will more than make up for shortcomings in reconciliation legislation plus refusal to eliminate filibuster. www.cnbc.com/…Biden knows that he needs people to turnout in mid terms. I am sure he does not want trump republicans taking back control. Besides, student loan reform-forgiveness, Biden’s legislative victories plus covid vaccination/declining cases will eventually return his approval ratings slowly to just above 50% by October 2022.
The problem of stranded assets.
Per Lloyds,www.lloyds.com/…Stranded assets are defined as assets that have suffered from unanticipated or premature write-downs, devaluation or conversion to liabilities. In recent years, the issue of stranded assets caused by environmental factors, such as climate change and society’s attitudes towards it, has become increasingly high profile. Due to the impacts of climate change and the transition to renewables stranded assets will become an increasing problem for not only those industries who own said assets, but those who are invested in those industries. The effects of climate change are already here, and efforts to respond at scale will take time. This would have the dual benefit of helping keep existing fossil resources in the ground and help limit the negative impacts of stranded assets.
If a Republican commits a crime on live TV, can Democratic leadership hear it? Indict Trump already
I’m sort of astonished we are still wondering if Steve Bannon will end up in jail for defying a congressional subpoena. I seem to remember a loudmouth orange man admitting to, committing, or having released audiotape of crime after crime on TV, Twitter, and in front of large crowds with many, many witnesses. I’m also quite positive that if I committed a crime of comparable level to any of the above on live TV I would be in FBI custody by nightfall. Let him live out whatever years after that friendless and penniless. We all watched it live on TV.
Judge rules MAGA-supporting Colorado election officials can't work in upcoming election
As such, Peters and Knisley are unable or unwilling to appropriately perform the duties of the Mesa County Designated Election Official. According to Robison, former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and former Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner will continue forward in Peters’ and Knisley’s roles for the upcoming November election. The details of what Peters and Knisley did are very clear, and are not being argued at this point. A scheduled “trusted build” of the Mesa County voting software was planned. More distressing is the fact that Peters’ disgraceful activities may be connected to election fraud conspiracist, Colorado-based Joe Oltmann.
Earth Matters: New laws mean more killed wolves, journalists push more and better climate coverage
"This multiyear leasing road map demonstrates Interior’s commitment to advancing offshore wind. Commercial fishermen have strongly objected to proposed offshore wind development in some areas where wind potential is greatest. On the east coast, wind turbines can be anchored to the shallows of the Continental Shelf. One reason offshore wind turbines are nevertheless viewed positively is that the winds are typically stronger and more reliably steady at sea than they are over land. The National Offshore Wind Strategy released in 2016 by the federal Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy concluded there is a huge technical resource potential with offshore wind.
Lauren Boebert uses Norway bow-and-arrow attack to launch very Republican rant against U.S. gun laws
x A man in Norway just killed a bunch of people with a bow and arrow. Norway has some of the strictest gun laws around, yet mass killings still occur. — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) October 13, 2021For the nontweeters:LAUREN BOEBERT: “A man in Norway just killed a bunch of people with a bow and arrow. Norway has some of the strictest gun laws around, yet mass killings still occur. More telling is how Norwegian officials reacted to this—like the leaders of a country that who don’t see mass gun killings nearly every day because they’re too chickenshit to pass sensible gun control measures.
The Story of Barrabbas: The Advent of Fake News and Q-Anon
As if the irony is not thick enough, every time his followers call him "The Son of G-d," he admonishes them to call him "Son of Man." Is it a convenient coincidence that only in these versions of the gospel of the earliest "Christians," that we find the entire name? In yet another act of hatred toward those original Christians, did they add to the already fictitious story of Judas, perverting the real story of "Bar Abbas," as well, by the invention of an evil twin? This was met with intense criticism by pagan followers of Paul who claimed that the gospel had been "corrupted." The conflict between pagan followers of Paul and the original, authentic followers of the historical Jesus is actually well outlined in the current New Testament itself.
Why has Squid Game resonated with a global audience?
“I think he kind of resembles one of the VIPs in the Squid Game,” he said. The development of the South Korean economy—one of the “Asian Tigers”—has made fortunes for the ruling elite within the country and internationally. South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, especially among the elderly. South Korean workers have their own unique history, one that includes dictatorship, war, government repression (the Gwangju massacre among the most prominent). Squid Game is trending toward a different outlook, but it does not always hit the mark.
Deere workers issue statement calling for strategy to win strike
The recently formed John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee issued the following statement on Wednesday calling for a strategy to expand and win the strike, and prevent another sellout by the UAW. To learn more about joining the committee, Deere workers can email deerewrfc@gmail.com or text (484) 514-9797. Deere workers must have strike pay to cover their full income! Nothing keeps Deere executives up more at night than the thought of our strike spreading around the world. To learn more about joining the committee, Deere workers can email deerewrfc@gmail.com or text (484) 514-9797.
Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania educators support October 15 school strike and the fight to eradicate COVID-19!
Elementary school students that have returned for in-person learning [Credit: AP Photo/LM Otero]These policies have had a devastating effect. There is growing opposition to these pandemic policies and the politicians’ complete disregard for the health and lives of the working class. The international appeal of this event shows that the working class in every country shares common interests and are all fighting a common enemy. The October 1 school strike could only be organized independently of the official unions, which in no way represent the interests of the workers. This is part of an international movement of the working class.
Pandemic continues to kill in America, while the ruling elite squabbles over mandates
The pandemic has had and continues to have a massive impact on the population regardless of the media’s silence on the matter. There have been more than 45.4 million reported COVID-19 infections during the pandemic. The state’s health department reported on Wednesday that there were 8,671 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 110 deaths over the span of just two days. There are also indications that the decline in national COVID-19 cases is slowing, which has ominous implications as the country is heading into winter with the added burden of the flu season. Though one in 450 people has died from COVID-19 in the United States, COVID-19 deaths among the elderly are now at one in 100, highlighting the dangers for this age group.
Biden administration says it’s ready to restore ‘Remain in Mexico’ along border next month
“Rolling back the policies of ‘Remain in Mexico,’ sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat and — I make no apologies for that,” the president told reporters in March. “I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became President, that have an incredibly negative impact on the law, international law, as well as on human dignity.”
Editorial: Americans sour on Big Government: Gallup
The word is that while they are gleefully hoisting the Big Government is Great flag, fewer Americans are saluting. Last year, a record-high 54% of U.S. adults said the government should do more to solve problems. Gallup found that all party groups are less likely now than a year ago to favor a more active government role, but independents’ opinions have changed the most. In 2020, 56% of independents wanted the government to do more to solve problems, compared with 38% now. Given a choice, half of Americans say they prefer fewer government services and lower taxes, while 19% want higher taxes and more services.
Texas School Official Suggests Teaching Both Holocaust Books And ‘Opposing’ Views: Report
A school administrator in Texas told teachers that, to comply with a new state law, if they teach a book about the Holocaust, they should also include a book that has “opposing” or “other perspectives,” reported NBC News. “How do you oppose the Holocaust?” asks another. NEW: A school administrator in Southlake, Texas, advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an "opposing" perspective. Listen to the audio recording obtained by @NBCNews: https://t.co/vS0IjlROMu pic.twitter.com/yPtM1ncjgV — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 14, 2021The school district did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment — including clarification of what exactly constitutes an “opposing” perspective on the Holocaust, other than Holocaust denial. The Texas law also makes no mention of which books teachers should have students read.
LETTER: Donald Trump is no Joe Biden
Donald Trump talks to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Yet another example of why Donald Trump was a rookie politician: His D.C. hotel lost $70 million while he was in office (Sunday Review-Journal). He obviously didn’t learn anything from Joe Biden, who managed to accumulate millions during his 50 years of self … sorry, public … service.
VICTOR JOECKS: CCSD brags about giving ‘free’ lunches to wealthy families
Clark County School District food services mascot Sporky high-fives students at Staton Elementary School in Las Vegas, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. On Tuesday, the Clark County School District announced that every student is eligible to receive “free” meals at school through 2025. “Providing free meals to all students districtwide is another step toward ensuring equity,” Superintendent Jesus Jara said in a statement. If the education system can afford to buy lunch for a millionaire’s child, then there’s too much money in the education system. When the district proactively offers “free” meals, it’s essentially telling many parents they aren’t capable of meeting this fundamental duty.
LETTER: Columbus and Indigineous Peoples
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. Michael Quine/Las Vegas Review-Journal @Vegas88sPlease inform Michael Ramirez that the Indigenous People who we are finally honoring are the Native Americans and not Inca or Aztec, as he portrayed in his Sunday cartoon. Native Americans never built those pyramids, had that style of architecture or indulged in that manner of human sacrifice. His cartoon depicted his ignorance.
It's Necessary: Jim Jordan's viral load (of bull)
Kevin NecessarySpecial to The EnquirerOhio Rep. Jim Jordan took to Twitter to opine that "Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates." It was more mindless fuel for the dumpster fire that is the vaccine culture war. While Jordan was probably taking aim specifically at COVID-19 vaccine mandates, there are plenty of other vaccine mandates on the books in Ohio. School children have to get vaccinated against all sorts of viruses, such as polio and the measles. Were these vaccines banned, children, parents, schools and businesses would all be at risk.
The Last Duel uses poetic license with purpose as it modernises a medieval MeToo tale
Their names were Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris, and the cause of their quarrel was the oldest one: a woman. Judges up to and including the 18-year-old King Charles VI were unwilling to convict Le Gris, despite Marguerite’s powerful testimony against him. Le Gris hired a superstar lawyer, Jean Le Coq, who (like his much later near-namesake Johnny Cochran) specialised in getting rich and famous clients off the hook. If it were Carrouges, Le Gris would be both judged and punished at a stroke. If Le Gris won, he would be cleared of rape and Carrouges, his false accuser, would be conveniently dead.
Crown dismisses evidence of good character for convicted former cop
Share this Story: Crown dismisses evidence of good character for convicted former copCrown dismisses evidence of good character for convicted former cop 'What we have here, sir, is a problematic pattern of behaviour that can lead to no other inference than Mr. Lindsay is a bad character in at least some situations,' the prosecutor told Justice Michael Lema Photo by Gavin Young/PostmediaArticle content Letters of good character presented on behalf of ex-Calgary police officer Trevor Lindsay don’t paint a full picture, a prosecutor said Thursday in seeking up to three years in prison for the convicted former constable. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Try refreshing your browser, or Crown dismisses evidence of good character for convicted former cop Back to video And Baharustani said the litany of good character references presented by defence lawyer Don MacLeod on behalf of his client don’t lessen the severity of the ex-officer’s criminal conduct. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. KMartin@postmedia.com Twitter: @KMartinCourtsShare this article in your social networkLatest National Stories Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
With the opening of ‘The Lehman Trilogy,’ Broadway just got smarter — and more exciting
That the Lehmans arrived in the 1840s as observant Jews seems a counterpoint morally to some of the businesses in which they served as brokers and middlemen. Settling in Alabama, the German-born Lehman brothers, Henry, Emmanuel and Meyer, made a fortune selling cotton off the backs of enslaved people; later they traded in the fossil fuels that powered the Industrial Revolution (and, we know now, contributed to climate change). Still later came the innovations that helped to democratize investing but also led to reckless abuses in financial lending. Oh — they also provided the capital for truly monumental accomplishments, such as the laying of American railroads and the excavation of the Panama Canal.
Women of the Year 2021: Dr. Belinda Tubbs-Wallace says she's 'down with good trouble'
Dr. Belinda Tubbs-Wallace is a celebrated educator and administrator who has been recognized for her accomplishments as one of this year's Enquirer Women of the Year honorees. "My sister actually encouraged me to go to college ... because that wasn’t the plan,’’ Tubbs-Wallace said. In 2014, she requested a transfer to Pleasant Hill Elementary School in College Hill, where she also attended grade school, and became assistant principal there. After a year at Pleasant Hill, Tubbs-Wallace became principal at Rockdale Academy elementary school in Avondale before transferring back to Woodward in 2019. "If I’m not working in my yard, I’m working on houses.
Women of the Year 2021: ‘We want to disrupt time itself’: The mindful meditation of Stacy Sims
When she was in third grade, Stacy Sims remembers waking up on the floor of her classroom, mouths hanging wide open above her. While taking the medication, Sims remembers doing all the things she loved. She remembers taking first place in 4-H at the Carthage Fair. When Sims stopped taking her medication in middle school, she felt like she had missed so much. This was in a Cleveland school, where the child told her he didn’t feel emotions.
Finley: Respect Eloise's real-life horror stories
Not to be a holiday buzzkill, but I find it disturbing the old Eloise hospital has been turned into a giant haunted house for Halloween. My issue is that real people lived genuine horror stories in the Wayne County facility, which served for decades as a repository for the hopelessly poor, mentally ill and destitute infirmed. Jennifer Granholm, will never forget, and can't forgive this insult to the agony endured by Eloise patients, including his mother. "Using it as a haunted house makes me angry beyond words. The objection to the haunted house isn't a matter of political correctness or cancel culture.
Michigan governor orders urgent response to lead crisis
Republicans, including one seeking to run against her in 2022 — James Craig — criticized the governor. They questioned why she did not attend the news conference and accused her of waiting too long to act. Whitmer's directive says residents must continue to have access to free bottled water indefinitely. State officials must provide residents with clear, up-to-date information about the harmful effects of lead exposure, the replacement of service lines and lead data results. Households with children or pregnant women who are eligible for Medicaid can receive a free investigation of and abatement of lead hazards within the home.
Tompkins: Honor legacy of Melnea Cass by helping those at core of crisis
As a Black woman born in 1896, Melnea Cass was informed and instigated into service by her and her family’s struggles against the oppression of racism and sexism. An abbreviated listing of her vast body of work shows Cass as a prolific champion of the people. Honoring the many efforts that etched indelible marks on the world that she lived in, with echoes heard today, Cass earned several dedications, including the Melnea Cass Metropolitan District Commission Swimming and Skating Rink, the Melnea Cass YWCA in Boston’s Back Bay and her namesake Melnea Cass Boulevard in Roxbury. If we commit our hearts, our minds and most importantly our wills to the work of it, we can solve this crisis. Ultimately, there is no excuse not to act, for in the words of Melnea Cass herself, “If we cannot do great things, we can do small things in a great way.”Steven W. Tompkins is the sheriff of Suffolk County.
Texas school official says classrooms with books on Holocaust must offer ‘opposing’ views
A Texas school district official told educators if they kept books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they would have to also offer “opposing” viewpoints in order to comply with a new state law. NEW: A school administrator in Southlake, Texas, advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an "opposing" perspective. The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has said that law, HB 3979, is an effort to abolish critical race theory in schools. Twenty-two states had passed or were considering laws to ban or restrict conversations about race and racism in public school classrooms as of August. Propaganda about critical race theory, as well as anger over Covid restrictions, have rocked school board meetings nationwide, prompting the National School Boards Association to ask Joe Biden for federal assistance in response to threats and violence against school board members and education officials.
“Doing What an Angry 3-Year-Old Would Do” Is the Only Remaining Republican Principle
Republican politicians have long been willing to set aside certain conservative principles for the good of the in-group. But the notion of local control has been completely abandoned during COVID as one Republican state government after another has tried to ban cities and school districts from setting public health standards. An even more shocking betrayal has befallen business owners. But it’s a symbolic attack on the prerogatives of business owners that is especially notable given the heat South Dakota Gov. AdvertisementAdvertisementIf local governance and the rights of business owners are no longer core Republican priorities, what are?
Biden Panel Wary of Expanding Supreme Court, but Open to Term Limits
WASHINGTON — Proposals to expand the size of the Supreme Court are facing skepticism from some members of the commission that President Biden appointed to consider overhauling the federal judiciary. But there is something closer to a consensus that imposing term limits on the justices is worth exploring. Still, the materials indicated differing appraisals of the two most discussed proposals for altering the structure of the Supreme Court. “Commissioners are divided on whether court expansion would be wise,” one draft paper said. “The risks of court expansion are considerable, including that it could undermine the very goal of some of its proponents of restoring the court’s legitimacy.”
Ridley-Thomas indictment brings fresh uncertainty to an already unsettled City Hall
Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, shown in chambers in 2019, said Wednesday that her colleagues will need to “take appropriate action” in response to the Mark Ridley-Thomascase. “The people of Los Angeles should not have to wait another day to have honest leadership,” Yoo said. Councilman Paul Krekorian questioned whether a council member can continue to do that job while also facing federal indictment. “It cannot be conducted under the shadow of a federal indictment,” she said. “In the short term, Council Member Ridley-Thomas should step down from his committee assignments.”The indictment of Ridley-Thomas arrives at a volatile moment in the city’s politics.
Michigan governor orders urgent response to lead crisis
Republicans, including one seeking to run against her in 2022 — James Craig — criticized the governor. They questioned why she did not attend the news conference and accused her of waiting too long to act. Whitmer's directive says residents must continue to have access to free bottled water indefinitely. State officials must provide residents with clear, up-to-date information about the harmful effects of lead exposure, the replacement of service lines and lead data results. Households with children or pregnant women who are eligible for Medicaid can receive a free investigation of and abatement of lead hazards within the home.
U.S. Holds Global Meeting to Fight Ransomware, Minus the World’s No. 1 Culprit
WASHINGTON — When the White House convened 30 nations this week to formulate strategies for combating ransomware, one country was intentionally omitted: Russia, the single biggest source of the problem. It is not that President Biden is freezing the country out of the discussion. In recent weeks, American officials said they had begun passing intelligence to the Russians about specific hackers who the United States believes are behind the threats to companies, cities and infrastructure. Officials say the Russians have sounded cooperative, but have not yet made arrests. There is some evidence the pressure applied by Mr. Biden in Geneva has made modest progress: Spectacular attacks on critical infrastructure have abated, though there is a steady drumbeat of continuing ransomware demands.
The week in whoppers: Nancy’s attack on the media, the NYT’s hit on Kyrsten Sinema and more
As if President Biden bears no responsibility. Yet it was Biden and fellow Democrats who juiced up demand for new goods by injecting trillions into the economy. This hit piece:Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been bombarded by critics in the US over her more moderate positions on spending. Of course, the Times would never attack Biden for spending much of his presidency in Delaware. This headline:Insider tried to qualify its Hunter Biden story by making a supposed dig at former President Trump.
Ex-NYT columnist, potential Oregon gubernatorial candidate Nicholas Kristof once downplayed Portland violence
The outgoing New York Times columnist who is mulling a gubernatorial run in Oregon once suggested that the violence that has plagued Portland does not exist. "You all know how much I love Oregon, and how much I’ve been seared by the suffering of old friends there. In July 2020, Kristof penned a column titled, "Help Me Find Trump’s ‘Anarchists’ in Portland," claiming that President Trump's rhetoric citing violence in Portland was a "politically driven narrative" and "then there’s reality." Kristof clarified that he's "against violent attacks on officers" but accused Trump of "seeding violence" in cities like Seattle and Oakland. "If you want to call one side ‘rioters’ or ‘anarchists’ working to create tumult in Portland, it’s the uninvited feds who qualify," Kristof added.
Some families of homicide victims say parole is OK after 25 years
Jefferson’s mother, Angie Jefferson, has been an “outstanding mother,” Shanita Jefferson said, and also earned an associate’s degree, became a certified cosmetologist, and a dog trainer while imprisoned. Given her mother’s troubled past, Shanita Jefferson argued, “she never got a first chance,” she said, let alone a second one in the form of parole. When Shanita Jefferson’s father’s murderer was sentenced, “my family was told that this sentence would serve as closure and justice,” she said. The sentence took away our opportunity to see change and forgiveness.”A mother who lost her son in a juvenile murder case made a similar argument. Janet Connors, whose son was murdered by four young men, said society had failed all five of them.
As opioid crisis worsens, Ed Markey pitches 2 bills to help inmates get treatment
U.S. Sen. Ed Markey is proposing two pieces of legislation that he says would help inmates who are suffering from drug abuse while they’re behind bars and when they’re released back into society. Citing a record high number of drug overdose deaths in 2020, Markey on Thursday said he’s reintroducing a bill to ensure people in the justice system have access to opioid-use disorder treatment. In fact it got worse, much worse than it had been before the pandemic,” Markey said. Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. reached an all-time high last year as about 93,000 Americans died, a major jump from 72,000 deaths in 2019. The surge in fatalities was driven by opioids as about 69,000 opioid-related overdose deaths were recorded in 2020, a spike from about 20,000 in 2019.
Why More American Workers Are Quitting - The New York Times
But why are we experiencing what many are calling the Great Resignation, with so many workers either quitting or demanding higher pay and better working conditions to stay? Until recently conservatives blamed expanded jobless benefits, claiming that these benefits were reducing the incentive to accept jobs. Work is also unstable, with many low-wage workers — and nonwhite workers in particular — subject to unpredictable fluctuations in working hours that can wreak havoc on family life. A significant number of Americans seem to have contempt for the people who provide them with services. Given these realities, it’s not surprising that many workers are either quitting or reluctant to return to their old jobs.
California Homeowners Flex Their Political Muscle - The New York Times
“Howard Jarvis used to come to our meetings,” Close told me in a rather thick Boston accent. “I’m a delegator,” Close told me. The SOHA newsletter had been critical of then-Councilman Feuer, who then reached out to Close and said he disagreed with what had been written. Close said that he didn’t understand the issue — this was a community newsletter, not a major newspaper. I’m grass roots,” Close told Los Angeles Magazine in 2017.
What America’s History of Immigration Means to Me - The New York Times
A remarkable feature of America is that so many of the scorned who came here did not react in that way. They responded to humiliation with creative action. It means turning scorn into a seedbed of culture, innovation and culture. I assert with love that the white evangelical community has not responded as well as the mainstream has drifted farther from it. The belligerent attitude is often mind-boggling since so much of the Bible is precisely about defeating scorn with sanctified love.
The irrational COVID regime is driving many Americans to a healthy noncompliance
Right now, we are seeing some of that in response to vaccine mandates, mask rules and various other forms of population control that have been adopted since the pandemic struck. A person receives a vaccine for COVID-19 following Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, in Houston, Texas, October 13, 2021. As I am often forced to remind people, marijuana isn’t ­legal. It remains banned by federal law, even in states that have removed their own penalties. After Colorado ­legalized weed, the Obama administration made a few abortive ­efforts to enforce the federal law on a large scale, then gave up.
Opinion : Kyrie Irving’s self-pitying refusal to get vaccinated is pathetic and dangerous
Many vaccine skeptics insist they are doing their own “research,” as though they have medical degrees and are experts in virology and epidemiology. Irving has none of these qualifications; neither do James nor the other players who are withholding their voices from this vital campaign. Clearly, it is important to him to assert his individuality. But there are occasions — such as wartime — when individual rights are outweighed by collective duty. We are at war with the virus that causes covid-19, and we have suffered far more casualties in this 20-month battle than in World War I and World War II combined.
The Jan. 6 committee moves to hold Steve Bannon in contempt. Will it matter?
On Thursday, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol announced it’s moving to hold former Trump White House aide Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying a subpoena. “The Select Committee will use every tool at its disposal to get the information it seeks, and witnesses who try to stonewall the Select Committee will not succeed.”Donald Trump, who you’ll remember is no longer the president, has tried to claim executive privilege over requested documents. However, despite this being a necessary step, it’s unclear if the contempt of Congress threat will actually jar any facts loose from Bannon. Seeking a conviction for criminal contempt is an elaborate process that can potentially be drawn out for months or years due to appeals. The threat of criminal contempt is only dangerous to Bannon if there are people around who will enforce it.
Quarreling Dems must put aside differences, Schumer warns
Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y., leaves a Senate Democratic meeting at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, as a showdown looms with Republicans over raising the debt limit. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y., leaves a Senate Democratic meeting at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, as a showdown looms with Republicans over raising the debt limit. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned fellow Democrats on Thursday they “must put aside our differences” as the party struggles to coalesce around President Joe Biden’s huge but now-scaled-back package of social services and climate change strategies. “As with any bill of such historic proportions, not every member will get everything he or she wants,” Schumer wrote. Manchin’s priorities are largely in line with his party on the tax side of the equation, according to a memo he shared over the summer with Senate Majority Leader Schumer, but diverge on spending.
Make time for gun safety during the Illinois Legislature’s fall veto session
Illinois lawmakers should divert their attention from maps, maps, maps during their veto session next month to address four important gun safety issues. Ghost guns, which don’t have serial numbers and can’t be traced, are showing up on the streets with greater frequency. Just on Tuesday, San Diego police seized 45 ghost guns in a raid. The forest preserves have traditionally been idylls where people can escape the hectic urban environment. Lost and stolen guns Illinois has enacted a law to require the reporting of lost and stolen guns to help crack down on gun trafficking.
Op-ed: Chicago needn’t reinvent the wheel to address fire-safety issues — just pull from what other cities have done
After all, the landlords know the Department of Buildings’ lackluster safety record as well as anyone. They can see the mayor so far has limited her tactics to the “scofflaw list;” a requirement for hard-wired, tamper-proof smoke detectors that phases in over 10 years, and efforts to sue some delinquent landlords in court.
Voters are entitled to final word on Arizona tax-cut plan, group argues to judge
The club's attorney Thomas Basile does not dispute that the Arizona Constitution allows voters to decide for themselves whether they do or do not like what their elected lawmakers approved. But Basile said that right does not extend to measures "for the support and maintenance of the department of state government and state institutions.'' And since these measures involve taxes, he contends, they are beyond the reach of voters to put on the ballot. He said nothing in the referendum actually impairs the ability of the state to operate or denies it the revenues needed. That fact, he argues, is what makes this case different from one cited by Basile.
Texas school administrator tells teachers to offer books with 'opposing' views about Holocaust
An administrator at a Texas school district, responding to new laws banning critical race theory, was heard on tape suggesting that now teachers should offer students access to an 'opposing' perspective when teaching the Holocaust. The secret recording by a staff member captures Carroll Independent School District Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Gina Peddy. Peddy made the comments last Friday at a training session that provides information on which books teachers can keep in classroom libraries. 'There are no children's books that show the 'opposing perspective' of the Holocaust or the 'opposing perspective' of slavery. 'The district has not mandated that any book be removed from teachers' classroom libraries.
GOOD will stop Cape Town's illegal use of pre-paid electricity meters as a debt collecting mechanism
A GOOD-led City of Cape Town will place an immediate moratorium on the City's illegal practice of using pre-paid electricity meters as a debt collecting mechanism. AdvertisementThe debt collecting mechanism makes it impossible for consumers to buy electricity without paying off historic water and rates debts at the same time. What it means for indebted consumers is that for every R100 they spend on electricity they receive as little as R30 in electricity units. The City of Cape adds further insult to injury by imposing a mark-up on the NERSA approved electricity tariff. The City's illegal debt collecting, together with its electricity mark-ups, literally takes bread from the mouths of families.
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Biden's $3.5T plan to help working families depends on Democratic unity
So, given this overwhelming support, why is it taking so long for Congress to pass this bill? And it’s not just the health care industry and big drug companies. It will cut child poverty in half by extending the $300 a month direct payments for working class parents that expire in December. Will all Democrats stand together to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry, and wealthy campaign contributors? CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM SEN. BERNIE SANDERS
Trump Tells His Supporters Not to Vote in the Next Election, Which Would Actually Be Great for Humanity
Obviously also at issue is that since Trump lost to Joe Biden, Republicans have responded by attempting to disenfranchise as many Democratic voters as possible. Donald Trump has, in an incredible self-own, told his base to stay home and not vote in the next two elections? Nevertheless, we absolutely love the idea of Trump throwing a hissy fit and saying, “Oh yeah? As the Daily Beast notes:After prominent Trump supporters similarly told Georgia Republicans to sit out the two runoffs in that state late last year, calling it “another rigged election,” voters ended up giving Democrats control of the Senate. As Kentucky-based GOP strategist Scott Jennings told Politico in January, “That’s on [Trump].
Brian Laundrie to Face New Serious Charges if Captured Alive, Prosecutor Predicts
The family of Gabby Petito has been making the best of an unthinkable nightmare. Right now, his federal charges are relatively minor. He explained that they are "not rushing" to file more serious charges because of a number of procedural rules that they must follow. Brian is likely facing a blend of both state and federal charges, assuming that this plays out as many expect. Matters such as continuous jurisdiction, which departments have the most compelling evidence to press the most serious charges, and more may come into play.
How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You
There are four key factors to consider as you make your own hybrid schedule decisions, while ensuring maximum productivity. For those on your team who process information face-to-face, you might want to align in-person time with their in-office schedule. Finally, track your motivation trends, and choose in-office days that will give you that extra push to be productive. How do you know what in-office days to request? With more and more organizations making the shift back into the office, you’re likely facing the possibility of a schedule that bridges in-person and remote work.
Expensify, Trevor Noah Talk Workplace Diversity in New Series
The past year has made confronting issues surrounding race, diversity, equity and inclusion vital. Still, when it comes to addressing those issues in the workplace, we have a quite a long way to go. As the nation grapples with systemic racism at just about every level, many industries have been criticized over the lack of inclusion in professional workplaces, especially those in tech and advertising.
Three Steps to Building a Learning Culture That Delivers Innovation
Member Free 5 free articles per month, $6.95/article thereafter, free newsletter. It takes a culture that supports continuous learning and daily experimentation. We imagined that with an infrared system, virtually all of the power emitted could be captured by a device and used for power. We would have to keep challenging ourselves, learning about the latest advancements in nanotechnology, and drawing lessons from many failures. While the skills of our team were essential, the biggest reason we ultimately succeeded was our culture of continuous learning.
Michigan schools call off Halloween, Valentine's Day celebrations over inclusion concerns
EAST LANSING, Mich. – Principals at elementary schools in a Michigan school district are canceling Halloween and Valentine's Day celebrations over equity and inclusion concerns raised by parents. East Lansing Public Schools elementary principals sent a joint letter to families Wednesday announcing there would no longer be Halloween or Valentine’s Day celebrations in the classroom due to potential distractions and an increasing number of uncomfortable families. But the district is by no means canceling Halloween or Valentine's Day, Mitcham said. Halloween and Valentine's Day continue to be celebrated at MacDonald Middle School and East Lansing High School in the school district, Mitcham said, but to a lesser extent. Celebrating Halloween and Valentine's Day at the elementary level is more problematic, he said.
US rejoining UN Human Rights Council
US rejoining UN Human Rights CouncilThe United States has won a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council that former president Donald Trump denounced and quit, joining 17 other nations elected in uncontested votes Thursday.
At Rallies, Trump Fans Wear Their Grievances
I don’t care if you’re gay. It’s when you push your views onto my views. And all these mandates and forced vaccinations, that’s not America and that’s not freedom and that’s not our God-given rights. And that’s what the Constitution is based on.”“We don’t want to go the route of a socialist or communist country. But if you’re going to support America, and you’re going to support patriotism, the conservative side — the Constitution side — that’s the group to do it.
Arizona AG calls for DOJ to probe Facebook after it says users can share info on how to enter US illegally
However, it added: "We do allow people to share information about how to enter a country illegally or request information about how to be smuggled." "Allowing people to seek and share information related to smuggling can also help minimize the likelihood of being exploited by human traffickers," the letter said. While some were deactivated, in September the group said it identified an additional 40 Facebook pages and 17 Facebook groups that openly sell illegal border crossings. Facebook told Fox News at that time that "we prohibit content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling. "Therefore our office requests that your Department investigate Facebook’s facilitation of human smuggling at Arizona’s southern border and stop its active encouragement and facilitation of illegal entry."
WaPo columnist warns CRT is 'potent' in VA governor race: Dismissing parents as racist is 'doomed to backfire'
Washington Post columnist James Hohmann sounded the alarm on critical race theory as a "potent" issue ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial race. "What McAuliffe misses is that this term has become a stand-in for deeper-seated fears among parents about what their children are learning," Hohmann wrote. Polling shows a plurality of Virginia voters opposed to the teaching of this theory, so dismissing those who speak out against it as racist is doomed to backfire." Hohmann warned Republicans are "in striking distance" of winning Virginia for the first time since 2009 while Democrats "seem to be sleepwalking into disaster." "Critical race theory is an issue tailor-made to help Republicans win this, well, critical race," Hohlmann concluded.
Trump telling Republicans not to vote is the GOP's worst nightmare
Former President Donald Trump is taking his commitment to 2020 election disinformation to the next level — and it should be terrifying his own party. Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. All of these claims — and every other claim about the 2020 election being rigged — have been presented without credible evidence and debunked. But the point is that Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. And even if Trump were to backtrack eventually, he might not be able to reverse all the damage he’s caused.
Demócratas consideran nuevo plan de inmigración
La más reciente idea no alcanzaría dicho objetivo. Uno de los asistentes dijo que los senadores latinos planean discutir el plan la semana entrante con el líder de la mayoría en el Senado, Chuck Schumer. El activista migratorio dijo que los legisladores tienen planeado presentar la nueva propuesta en la oficina de la parlamentaria la próxima semana. Biden propuso este año ayudar a 11 millones de personas a obtener la residencia permanente y una vía para la naturalización. Lorella Praeli, copresidenta del grupo progresista Community Change Action, dijo el miércoles en conferencia telefónica que la opción del permiso humanitario sería “viable” para los demócratas.
Howie Carr: Charlie Baker blowin’ in the wind
You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows – you just need Gov. But Charlie Parker has just realized what’s going on forever — and he’s decided it’s going to be the end of the world. Thank goodness, Charlie Parker is all in on that solution. Weatherman Charlie surely does. By the way, weatherman Charlie wanted me to leave you with just one warning for the weekend.
Video: Police make arrests as Insulate Britain protestors disrupt Essex
Video: JAN MOIR: The smug and selfish Insulate Britain mob are more ego than ecoDramatic footage on the streets of Essex shows police making a number of arrests as Insulate Britain eco-protestors hold further sit down demonstrations, disrupting traffic and motorists.
Kathryn Marshall: Military can't police itself when it comes to sexual misconduct
It isn’t working and the time has long since come to implement rigorous external processes for addressing sexual misconduct in the military. Try refreshing your browser, or Kathryn Marshall: Military can't police itself when it comes to sexual misconduct Back to videoThe CAF announced that Lt.-Gen. Trevor Cadieu is under investigation for sexual misconduct. The military has developed sexual misconduct reporting processes and policies that are like a maze within a maze to navigate. The CAF’s policies and procedures appear to be designed to bury sexual misconduct and prevent it from ever seeing the light of day. The military’s sexual misconduct directive doesn’t actually say that an officer must report sexual misconduct upon becoming aware of it.
Jan. 6 committee will move to hold former Trump aide Bannon in criminal contempt for not complying with subpoena
Jan. 6 committee will move to hold former Trump aide Bannon in criminal contempt for not complying with subpoenaAdded: 14.10.2021 18:50 | 20 views | 0 commentsThe committee has opted to give other former Trump officials more time to comply with its subpoenas.
PA Cannabis Legalization Will Have Dire Consequences
Added: 14.10.2021 22:16 | 12 views | 0 commentsLast week, Republican state Sen. Mike Regan changed his mind on marijuana legalization and joined Democratic state Rep. Amen Brown to announce a new bill to commercialize pot in Pennsylvania. Regan would do well to listen to his former colleagues in law enforcement who see through the marijuana industry's false promises.
New York Doesn’t Need Its Own Forecast. It Needs a Forecast Communicator.
But de Blasio also made a rather surprising announcement: The city will hire a private weather-forecasting service to offer a “second opinion,” he said. “Somebody dedicated to thinking about the New York perspective, not the whole-country perspective.”Surely, having more local eyes on the sky could help the city respond more quickly. So I asked John Homenuk, one of the meteorologists at a local private-forecasting service, New York Metro Weather, how that might work. “It’s very clear that the blatant breakdown of communication is what needs to be adjusted.” New York City, in fact, already has a meteorologist on staff, hired earlier this year in the Emergency Management Department. And as we’ve seen all too clearly this year, that information needs to overcome many barriers, from language to digital access, to save lives.
‘Dopesick’ Review: A Moving But Unwieldy Opioid Narrative
Hulu’s Dopesick, a new limited series based on Beth Macy’s book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America, attempts to dig into all of it, with often moving results. In Dopesick, OxyContin functions like the unspoken protagonist, with all the characters serving as supporting players in its origin story. Dopesick spends a lot of time going into the details surrounding all that, particularly Purdue Pharma’s use of semantics and outright deceit to hide the addictive nature of its drug. Individualizing the dose is another invented buzzword that gives doctors the flexibility to provide patients with more OxyContin and gives Purdue Pharma more revenue. While it’s vital to understand some of the machinations behind Purdue Pharma, more time is spent among the Sacklers than is necessary.
How Government Could Make the Inflation Problem Worse
This has dashed consumers’ (and the Biden administration’s) hopes that such price increases, which are directly connected to Covid economic aftershocks, would fade quickly. But there’s reason to think we might be entering a period of structurally elevated energy prices, due in part to global decarbonization efforts. This increases pressure on the Biden Administration, which sees inflation as a major political problem for them, as well as on the Federal Reserve. On the other hand: In a context where supply-side bottlenecks are major contributors to the price problem, raising rates could actually make things worse. For the typical consumer though, energy prices are probably the most salient item in the whole index.
Welcome to Striketober
Union members get pro-labor slogans painted on their cars during a rally at the Motion Pictures Editors Guild IATSE Local 700 in September. Welcome to Striketober. Workers strike because they have exhausted all other options and when the hardships of striking are overshadowed by the hardships of working. Beyond obvious commonalities like the dreaded two-tier wage and benefit system, there’s another underlying explanation for Striketober: American workers are exploited, and they’ve had enough. This Striketober, workers remember: Labor is entitled to all it creates.
Why I Think Big Tech’s Mixed Messaging on Cannabis Isn’t Going to Slow Down Legal Marijuana Brands
It’s a stark juxtaposition that highlights the conflicts within the Big Tech behemoths on their cannabis messaging. However, it is one that, even in the context of their tacit support of cannabis prohibition, is nonetheless wielding influence toward legalization. Twitter, on the other hand, seems to be one of the most sanguine social media platforms on the topic of cannabis. The outraged public response — exponentially amplified over a long holiday weekend through social media — really highlighted the overall public acceptance of cannabis. Technology has already proven itself to be an invaluable asset to the growth of the legal cannabis industry from “seed to sale” in areas ranging from automation, cultivation, extraction, analysis, compliance, distribution and tracking.
How to Get Federal Help to Pay Your Rent
If you need help paying your rent this month or are facing eviction, Emergency Rental Aid (ERA) is out there—but it can be complicated to navigate. The majority of renters who owe rent are from low-income households, and nearly half of them (49 percent) have children. Among tenants who are unable to pay their rental debt, only 7 percent have received aid. Which Elements of Emergency Rental Aid Are WorkingIt's not all bad news. Actually, the nationwide moratorium on evictions and the advent of a federal aid program for renters who are struggling is an exciting bit of federal innovation.
Watchdog probes ‘ethical conflicts’ tied to AG Garland, son-in-law’s company
The watchdog organization cited public corporate data that showed as much as $100 million had been invested in Panorama Education, despite the company claiming it depends on payments from school boards. Panorama Education, co-founded by Xan Tanner, supports critical race theory curricula. Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo taking the FBI with investigating violence against school staff amid backlash from parents over critical race theory on Oct. 4. “AG Garland ordered the DOJ to use its vast national security powers to target parents who object to Critical Race Theory being forced onto innocent children. It is therefore exceptionally urgent that the Department disclose all records pertaining to the Garland family’s financial interest in Critical Race Theory and any and all ethical conflicts that arise from that financial interest,” Miller told Fox News.
An ancient mistranslation is now helping to threaten abortion rights
Though Catholics and Evangelicals have little in common theologically, they were able to team up politically around their shared opposition to abortion, a strategy that has been wildly successful in winning elections, not to mention decimating access to reproductive health care. Of course, there are many Catholic and Protestant teachings that have led up to and inform this partnership — we are not saying that it’s all based entirely on one mistranslation. But it does give us pause to consider what might have been different had this one word in one ancient text been rendered differently — how that might have led some communities thousands of years ago to understand the verse’s intended meaning regarding the nature of the fetus, and what that might mean for us now, in this moment.
Capitol rioter admits to new felonies while representing himself. Prosecutors are loving it.
But privately, if those judges are being honest, they will probably say pro se defendants are an unmitigated disaster of circus-like proportions. Although Mock’s intended audience was not federal prosecutors, they eventually appreciated the post, along with innumerable posts by other Capitol defendants. As is often the case with pro se defendants, Mock first claimed his public defender didn’t represent him properly. Prosecutors do get a little nervous about pro se defendants — mostly because the irregularities they cause can create appealable issues. As for the pro se defendants themselves, are these folks Clarence Gideon?
Gaby Mellado da gracias, de poder contar una historia como la de Clara en 'La Desalmada'
Diana GarcíaCorresponsal en la Cd. de MéxicoPara la actriz Gaby Mellado, ha sido de gran aprendizaje poder interpretar a Clara, en la telenovela "La Desalmada", ya que es una mujer que ha logrado salir adelante, a pesar de tener un pasado difícil. Para realizar mejor su papel, Gaby hubiera querido contactar con víctimas de maltrato o de trata de blancas, pero por no pudo hacerlo. “Por desgracia no tuve el tiempo, me hubiera encantado, pero por la premura de la novela empezamos a grabar en marzo, estaba la situación (COVID) todavía muy alarmante. El hecho de que los escritores pongan en la mesa este tipo de temas, Gaby lo celebra, porque ayuda a otras mujeres.
Suffolk DA opens immigrant affairs bureau
The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office announced the opening a new bureau Thursday for immigrant affairs. "All residents of Suffolk County are entitled to have their safety and rights protected. District attorney officials said they will reach out to immigrant communities in Suffolk County and accept complaints from immigrant victims and advocates. The biggest news, politics and crime stories in Suffolk County, in your inbox every Friday at noon. "It’s another step to create a relationship with immigrant communities so they can feel safe and share what makes a safer community," Bye said.
Man accused of operating unlicensed funeral business in Columbus indicted in Lucas County
Other charges against Hardin are:One count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a first-degree felony. Six counts of representation as a funeral director while unlicensed, two unclassified felonies and four unclassified misdemeanors. One count of operating an unlicensed funeral home, an unclassified felony. Read More: Bodies turning up in a Columbus storefront Tuesday are the latest for unlicensed funeral operatorThe state attorney general's Special Prosecutions Section will prosecute the case in Lucas County Common Pleas Court. Eric Lagatta is a reporter at the Columbus Dispatch covering public safety, breaking news and social justice issues.
Evangelicals debate their role as political activists in the Trump era
Many in the white evangelical community feel under siege from a socially liberal mainstream culture increasingly out of step with their beliefs. Across town in Knoxville, Pastor Phil Nordstrom’s Life Church approaches politics very differently from its neighbors at the Patriot Church. “We’re Christians because we follow Christ and not because we’re Americans,” said Chris Irwin, a congregant at Life Church. “Some of the evangelical church, I think, is soft,” he said. To learn more about the political discussion among white evangelicals, check out this week’s episode of “MTP Reports” on Peacock.
‘LOCK HIM UP’ trends on Twitter after Steve Bannon snubs Jan 6 hearing and faces criminal contempt
The house committee investigating January 6 Capitol Hill riot announced they will be moving forward with criminal contempt proceedings against Trump ally Steve Bannon. He also claimed to have an executive privilege, despite Trump leaving office almost a year ago. In a statement, Capitol Chairman Bennie Thompson said Bannon “has declined to cooperate with the Select Committee and is instead hiding behind the former President’s insufficient, blanket, and vague statements regarding privileges he has purported to invoke”. Steve Bannon has openly defied a subpoena from the Jan. 6 House committee.”While another added: “Steve Bannon is an outlaw and traitor to our Democracy. Thompson said the next step is for the committee to hold a business meeting on October 19 to move forward with criminal contempt.
Aguascalientes painting program will spruce up 5,000 homes
A new community program aims to help owners paint the facades of 5,000 houses across the state of Aguascalientes. The Contigo Pintamos (We Paint With You) program kicked off in the Pirules neighborhood in Aguascalientes city, where Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval ceremonially handed out 10 vouchers for painting supplies. In #Aguascalientes, we are working so that more families have the conditions necessary to have a better quality of life,” Orozco wrote on social media. The Social Development Ministry (Sedeso) is coordinating the project and will supply the materials to beneficiaries, who are expected to provide the labor themselves. With reports from El Universal and El Sol del Centro
Opinion : Democrats make futile stab at saving democracy from Republicans
That’s despite the fact that he supports the bill. To continue our metaphor, Manchin’s position is that he sincerely wants to put out all those fires, but only if the arsonists agree to do so. If he and Sinema would consent to reform the filibuster and allow the majority to prevail on the bill they support — even if it was just a carve-out for electoral reform — this bill could pass within days. But they won’t.
Want to help public education? Then run for school board. Here's how to do it
A school board seat is the most “local” office one can hold in Arizona, whether in a rural area like Mobile Elementary School District in Maricopa that serves 24 students or the Mesa Unified School District with more than 60,000 students. School board elections are nonpartisan, so you don’t need any political party membership, approval or nomination. You should also attend your district school board meetings: Most have live online access as well as recordings of prior meetings. Most importantly, you should register for one of the free seminars offered by my office for potential school board candidates. We provide the foundational information for you to decide if serving on a school board is right for you.
Op-ed: Teachers, principals and school staff should lead the charge to get students vaccinated
Because of the work of teachers during the pandemic, the confidence level we hold in them is at its highest point in 17 years. And when it comes to local school leadership, the public views principals as being among the people they trust the most to care about them and to provide fair and accurate information. If teachers talk to parents about the importance of not only them getting the vaccine, but also their children, parents will listen. If principals invite families into their schools to get vaccinated, they will do it.
Former children’s charity director gets 3½ years for stealing from program and blowing it on lavish trips, sports tickets
In asking for a sentence of probation, Nitzkin’s attorneys submitted dozens of character letters on his behalf and said he’d diligently worked to pay back what he stole. Nitzkin has also borne the “ongoing shame and embarrassment of having his case memorialized, perhaps in perpetuity” by news reports in the Tribune, which first reported the charges, and elsewhere, attorneys Adam and Barry Sheppard wrote.
Tear gas manufacturers and police work in ‘void’ of federal regulation despite health impacts, lawmakers find
Tear gas manufacturers, meanwhile, “have willingly taken advantage of the lack of federal tear gas regulation” despite the “woefully understudied” use of such chemical weapons against people, lawmakers said in a statement on 14 October. Two House committees opened a joint investigation into the use of tear gas earlier this summer, following months of racial justice uprisings across the US met with police firing tear gas canisters at protesters and journalists. “This investigation has revealed a complete void in the regulation of tear gas, a weapon that is banned in war yet commonly used against US citizens,” they said in a statement. “Tear gas is not an inconvenience, it is a weapon of war,” she said in a statement. Lawmakers also said that manufacturers “have earned significant revenue from selling tear gas products, despite the known serious risks tear gas poses to human health and safety,” according to the memo.
Randall Denley: Ontario politicians eager to phase out natural gas only have to look to Europe for the consequences
Article content An environmental group called the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is demanding that natural gas power generation be phased out by 2030. Other reactors are up for refurbishment, meaning the province will have to rely more on natural gas for power generation. Lobbying municipalities to pressure for an end to natural gas power generation was a clever move. Oh, and there would also be rolling blackouts without the reliable natural gas power. Before they get too keen on phasing out gas plants, Ontario politicians might want to consider the situation in Europe.
How Americans Lost Their National Identity
Today, we hear the sloppy, misconceived term “white nationalism” more often than we hear about American nationalism. Because it’s American nationalism that the U.S. needs right now. “White nationalism” is used to describe the small fringe of Americans who believe nationality is defined by the color of one’s skin. The disintegration of classical American nationalism, and the consequent loosening of the bonds of mutual loyalty that had held Americans together, has created a vacuum at the heart of American national identity. It is this vacuum that revolutionary new theories such as “white nationalism” hope to fill.
Harvard’s Endowment Soars to $53.2 Billion, Reports 33.6% Returns
In late September, experts predicted that Harvard’s endowment could post returns of at least 20 percent, citing the strong market performance as well as record-setting endowment returns at colleges and universities across the country. In the first days of the pandemic, experts speculated that the coronavirus pandemic could leave Harvard’s endowment in “grave” condition. AdvertisementHowever, Harvard’s returns have continually lagged behind its peers in the Ivy League, a trend that appeared to continue this past fiscal year. Of the schools that have announced their endowment returns, Dartmouth College reported 47 percent returns while the University of Pennsylvania posted 41 percent returns. At the close of his message, Narvekar cautioned that despite the year’s success, Harvard’s endowment should not be expected to gain such strong returns annually.
Michael K. Williams Was Brooklyn’s Son — And Its Champion
Today, East Flatbush is the single largest West Indian neighborhood in all of the United States. If media images of straight Black men were limiting, Black gay roles were radioactive. Pre-Omar, gay, Black, and male meant squealing caricatures (In Living Color’s Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather) and gossipy hairdressers (Soul Food). In every interview and offhand quote about Omar, Michael treated themes of sexuality and masculinity with unusual grace and awareness. In every interview and offhand remark about Omar, Michael treated themes of sexuality and masculinity with unusual grace and awareness.
America as a “Shining City on a Hill”—and Other Myths to Die By
For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. In 1917, at the border between Mexico and the United States at El Paso, American health officials started fumigating workers crossing over into the city with kerosene and toxic chemicals. As wealth has grown increasingly concentrated, the ranks of those who matter in America seem smaller and smaller. But perhaps it’s time to put the myths aside, to face the world we actually live in—not the world we aspire to.
The Official Narrative About Mexico’s Drug War Is All Wrong
I found multiple accounts of it during the 1970s and 1980s among local sheriffs, local customs officers drug agents, and even US senators. In fact, the first American drug agency, the FBN, was disbanded in 1968 in the wake of a huge corruption scandal. I would hazard a guess that during the counterculture drug boom, there was just as much corruption north as south of the border. Why do we know more about the Mexican corruption than the American? Time and time again, American drug authorities have pushed initiatives in Mexico to generate bigger budgets or maintain their relevance to cover up for failings at home.
New York City’s State of Permanent Crisis
Benjamin Holtzman’s new history of New York City, The Long Crisis, begins and ends with a pair of proclamations the city’s newspapers and magazines have long enjoyed making: declarations of crisis. Many scholars have chronicled this era in New York City, analyzing the city’s 1975 fiscal crisis, the rise of the real estate sector, and the mayoralty of Ed Koch (1977–89) to explain this dramatic shift. To return to Holtzman’s title, what distinguishes the “long crisis” from any specific crisis in New York City is the way the idea of crisis became permanent, even hegemonic. Living in a constant state of crisis, by contrast, takes the present failings of the municipal state and projects them into the future. Homelessness, in a state of permanent crisis, is evidence of urban decline and the need for more privatization, not a problem to be solved by using state power to guarantee a right to housing.
An often-overlooked population has much to offer science
Many barriers prevent currently and formerly incarcerated individuals from pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, but we have much to offer the scientific community. While I was incarcerated, my father battled and ultimately succumbed to type 2 diabetes. He inspired me to pursue a career as a scientist. But applying to PhD programs in prison was challenging and took months. But the benefit of having currently and formerly incarcerated individuals pursue careers in STEM goes both ways.
U.S. Regains Seat at U.N. Human Rights Council, 3 Years After Quitting
The United States on Thursday regained a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, which the Trump administration abandoned in 2018 because of what it called the body’s hypocrisy and anti-Israel prejudice. The United States won a three-year term for one of 18 open seats on the council, starting in January, in a vote by the 193-member General Assembly. Based in Geneva, the council is regarded as the world’s most important human rights body. While it has no criminal enforcement or sanctioning powers, the council can undertake investigations that help shape the global image of countries. It can also exert influence on their behavior if they are deemed to have poor rights records.
In Budget Bill, Democrats Bet the Temporary Will Become Permanent
“The idea is that these initiatives will get a good foothold in this legislation, and we can extend them,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen, Democrat of Maryland. Also clouding the picture for voters, Democrats have yet to produce a final version of the legislation because of differences over cost and scope. But the legislative dynamic will be different with the safety net programs enacted for a defined period of time. In the case of the health law, which was a permanent policy change, Republicans had to assemble the votes to repeal it and repeatedly failed. With the programs in the budget bill, if Congress were to do nothing, they would merely expire, putting the onus on Democrats to find the votes to renew them.
Opinion : California names condom ‘stealthing’ what it is: A violation
Consent is the guideline that most seem to acknowledge as the ethical baseline when it comes to moral (or at least not criminal) sex. But the onus is often on women to enforce it, and to quietly accept their losses when they can’t — especially in the gray areas where consent is given to some sexual acts but not to others, where subtle coercion is present, or where sexual encounters follow the contours of a still misogynistic society. We acknowledge that rape is bad but have less to say about the callousness, objectification and lack of respect that still frequently accompany even consensual encounters.
Opinion : Joe Biden isn’t a socialist, but his nominee to regulate banks has pretty radical ideas about the Fed
Like Shelton, Omarova once did academic work on the Soviet economy. Indeed, Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in the late 1980s, before immigrating to the United States. This makes her confidence in the Fed’s ability to manage such a vast and complex portfolio efficiently, honestly and free of undue partisan influence doubly remarkable. “Undoubtedly," she concedes, "there are numerous additional details that will need to be worked out before this system is put in place.” Undoubtedly.
Playing for Jimmy: Grieving Hayes suits up for Flyers season
"You couldn’t go anywhere without someone having a Hayes jersey on or something on the wall with a Hayes jersey," Kevin said. When they reached the NHL, Kevin lingered during warmups at the red line and waited for Jimmy to glide over and break the ice with a stupid joke. She lost her husband and her father to her kids," Kevin said. A season after missing the playoffs, the Flyers added Dorchester native, Hayes family friend and NHL iron man Keith Yandle along with Jimmy’s Boston College roommate, Cam Atkinson. Two guys who knew the Hayes brothers from back in the day now share a line; Yandle and Hayes are roommates.
Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: Bill de Blasio Is “Punishing Successful Students” By Cancelling Gifted And Talented Programs
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) explains why New York City is making a mistake for ending gifted and talented programs for public school students. “75% of the kids that qualify for gifted and talented programs do not get in because there aren’t enough seats. We must get the next mayor to repeal this stupid move by our mayor, who has, among other things, destroy quality of life. I represent New York City. I’m the only Republican that represents New York City in Washington.
Missouri man who killed two during dispute over firewood won’t be charged. Here’s why
A Missouri man who killed two people following a dispute that began over firewood will not be charged, a grand jury decided Wednesday. Because of Missouri’s stand your ground law, the shooter was justified in his actions, Zahnd said. The son noticed his father was shorted firewood, so he followed the two in his vehicle, the prosecuting attorney said. When the son caught up to Lawson and Lutz on Highway 9, the drivers in the two vehicles both pulled over. Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization in opposition of stand your ground legislation, says 29 states have the laws in effect.
Get ready for Grinchonomics
Yet the outrage industry wishes you a Terrible Christmas, and pandemic hangover effects might just make it so. His top aides are pushing ports, shippers, retailers and unions to work 24/7 to get the goods moving. Challenging holiday seasonSo Christmas is going to be somewhat of a challenge—for people who expect everything to go right. A sub-optimal Christmas holiday will be a political problem for Biden on two levels. The Christmas gray-out will also fuel attacks on Biden from the Trump camp and many other Republicans.
Katie Couric scrapped RBG’s remarks on national anthem protests to ‘protect’ her
In 2016, late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg drew sharp criticism for calling national anthem protests “dumb and disrespectful” in an interview with veteran journalist Katie Couric. And that’s why education is important.”AdvertisementSports Justice Ginsburg calls national anthem protest ‘dumb and disrespectful’ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called the protests of football players who decline to stand for the national anthem “dumb and disrespectful.”After the interview, Couric reveals in her book, a representative for Ginsburg requested she remove the feminist hero’s answer about the anthem demonstrations. Couric concedes in the book, however, that she “lost a lot of sleep over this one” and still grapples with the choice she made. Despite Couric’s edits, the conversation with Ginsburg sparked a backlash, prompting the justice to walk back her remarks. “Some of you have inquired about a book interview in which I was asked how I felt about Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who refused to stand for the national anthem,” Ginsburg said at the time.
70,000 Californians have died from COVID-19
COVID-19 has now killed 70,000 Californians, illustrating the pandemic’s still-deadly consequences even as its latest wave recedes. While that overall death toll is the highest in the nation, other large states have seen cumulative death rates over the course of the pandemic that far surpass California’s. AdvertisementSince June 20, the start of summer, the coronavirus has killed roughly 7,000 Californians. Though the statewide numbers of new infections and COVID-19 hospitalizations have been steadily falling for weeks, the daily death counts have remained high. Over the last week in California, an average of 97 people have died from the disease every day, Times data show.
On your ballot now: 21 Maricopa County school districts, 4 cities ask voters to decide
Nearly two dozen school districts in Maricopa County are asking voters to OK funding measures this fall. This year, 21 school districts are seeking bonds, overrides or, in two instances, approval to join the West-MEC vocational district. All 28 issues put forward by school districts that year passed. In 2019, 26 school districts put dozens of issues forward. Six of them didn't pass, including two from the Dysart Unified School District and one each from the Peoria Unified School District, the Liberty Elementary School District, the Palo Verde Elementary School District and the Saddle Mountain Unified School District.
Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views
Gina Peddy, the Carroll school district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, made the comment Friday afternoon during a training session on which books teachers can have in classroom libraries. Robison said the book guidelines at Carroll, a suburban school district near Fort Worth, are an “overreaction” and a “misinterpretation” of the law. “That’s not what the bill says,” Hughes said in an interview Wednesday when asked about the Carroll book guidelines. “Teachers are literally afraid that we’re going to be punished for having books in our classes,” an elementary school teacher said. “There are no children’s books that show the ‘opposing perspective’ of the Holocaust or the ‘opposing perspective’ of slavery.
Opinion : Covid-19 is the No. 1 killer of police officers. So why do their unions oppose mandating vaccines?
“If this was cops getting shot on the streets of America today at this number, there would be outrage,” Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, told the New York Times. “This is an issue that begs for leadership and putting politics aside. And that’s exactly the opposite of what’s happening right now.” So on the same day that the former head of Chicago’s police union died from covid-19, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara — who once compared the city’s vaccine requirements to Nazi Germany — urged his members not to comply with the mayor’s order to submit proof of vaccination. Brandon Judd, president of the union that represents border patrol agents said he is saddened by the rise in deaths — five agents died of covid-19 in September alone — but he insists vaccines are a personal choice.
Opinion: 60 years ago, we saw the face of evil
During the trial, Eichmann sat inside a bulletproof glass box, an iconic image of a power-mad, genocidal mastermind forced to confront his own wicked actions. While the Eichmann trial is now firmly part of world history, the lessons still resonate today. We need to remember the Eichmann trial for what it can teach us about our collective past -- and future. Sixty years after the Eichmann trial, they spoke with me about their roles in one of the monumental criminal cases in world history. Join us on Twitter and FacebookThe lessons from the Eichmann trial resonate today.
Opinion: Parental control is a smoke screen for right-wing activists
"I'm going in with 20 strong men....I'm going to give [the school board] an option: They can leave or they can be removed," he declared. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, "Moms for America" activists pressured parents to pull their children out of schools that mandate face coverings. Concern for children in this context is just a smoke screen for right-wing activists with far greater ambitions. It's not surprising that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants the private realm to take control of public school curricula. Join us on Twitter and FacebookOne way to push back is to populate school boards with individuals who care about pluralism, democracy and public health.
Kyrie Irving's vaccine stance could push limits of player empowerment
The black card labeled player empowerment had its bill returned with a red mark on it for the first time in nearly a decade after increasingly testing the limits of what can be expressed or exposed. It wasn’t that the 76ers stood firm and refused to deal a player with four years left on his deal. How far can he push the bounds of player empowerment? Most players can be shuffled around like disposable pieces, but the NBA is the so-called league of player empowerment. Taking on Irving requires to expect the unexpected, which should also be applied to this ever-evolving era of player empowerment.
What will it take to get out of the pandemic? California still has a long way to go
“Obviously, you know what the answer is: It’s vaccination,” Fauci said during a briefing. Unless vaccination rates improve dramatically, some experts have said, it’s possible the pandemic could still roar back — especially later in the year, when more people are traveling and gathering indoors during the holiday season. But there is still a long way to go. Vaccination rates among adolescents, teenagers and younger adults need the most improvement. That timetable means young children could be partially vaccinated by Thanksgiving and fully protected by Christmas.
Cue the crazy: Another GOP candidate wants to end early voting in Arizona
Solar executive Jim Lamon, one of five Republicans hoping to knock off Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, wants to put a stop to early voting. Doug Ducey to immediately convene a special session to, among other things, kill the state’s 30-year-old early voting program. In fact, Arizona has allowed early voting for 30 years, during which time Republicans have dominated statewide and legislative elections. Now, suddenly, we are told the state’s early voting system is a hotbed of fraud and corruption. At least, that’s what the Republicans tell us and tell us and tell us.
New playground at South Side school aims to reduce flooding in surrounding homes
Students on Thursday after a ribbon-cutting ceremony seemed more interested in a design feature: the park’s zip line — the only one at a CPS playground. It’s the 28th such space that’s been installed through the Space to Grow program since 2014 — all in underserved communities prone to flooding. A study by Loyola University Chicago and the University of California found that the new playgrounds also help reduce bullying. One thing students did not want to change was the presence of a large leafy tree next to the new playground. Don’t take away the tree,’” said Mireles Principal Evelyn Robbins, who was happy with the way the project turned out.
Trump Tells GOP: Back My Big Lie or I’ll Burn the Party Down
Seizing on the moment, McAuliffe tweeted, “Last night was the darkest moment of Glenn Youngkin's campaign yet — a Donald Trump rally for Glenn where supporters celebrated the Jan. 6 insurrection. “ Trump doesn’t even have to deliver on his mob-boss threat; he just has to issue it, and Republican politicians will bend to his will. Trump is not saying that he will tell his voters to stay home in 2022 to punish Republicans. This is a devious way of holding Republican politicians hostage to his demands while avoiding being labeled a spoiler. That’s because the threat is believable, first because Trump doesn’t care about the party, and second because Trump has demonstrated that he is careless and erratic.
Joint Israel-Palestine World Cup: Trumpists, Israeli right-wingers at event with FIFA boss
FIFA President Gianno Infantino caused a stir during his visit to Jerusalem this week after suggesting that the 2030 World Cup could take place in Israel, Palestine and other countries in the region. the FIFA boss said at the opening ceremony of the Friedman Center for Peace through Strength, which took place at Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance. Trump supporters and right-wing IsraelisThe center was inaugurated by former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman earlier this week. Friedman was also in attendance at the meeting between Infantino and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, where the FIFA chief suggested holding the World Cup in the region, according to the Israeli prime minister's office. Palestinian FA calls meeting with Infantino offFriedman wasn't the only supporter of Israeli settlements who took part in the event Infantino attended.
*FAP-Nearing the end game.
The StrategyDivide the US into as many conflicting groups as possible, get them fighting each other if possible. When out of power, disrupt as much as possible. When in power, pass as many divisive laws as possible, even the unconstitutional ones. You can divide our add to any of the points as much as you like, but I think this covers at least 80-90%. Next year's midterm elections will be telling, it will be make or break.
VA-Gov: Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D. IL) Helps Terry McAuliffe (D) Get Ready To Defeat Trump's GOPer
Senator Tammy Duckworth (D. IL) in support of Terry McAuliffe’s (D. VA) gubernatorial campaign:Click here to donate to McAuliffe’s campaign. Received this e-mail this week from Fair Fight:Only THREE WEEKS remain until Election Day and Virginia Democrats urgently need your help to keep Virginia blue! Can we count on you to join these opportunities from the Virginia Democrats? Virginia Democrats want to make sure there are enough poll observers at all the polling locations that we need. Click below to donate and get involved with McAuliffe and his fellow Virginia Democrats campaigns:Virginia Democratic PartyTerry McAuliffeHala AyalaMark Herring
Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Burning Future of U.S.-China Relations
How much more swimmingly could relations between them go on this planet of sickness and heat? That country was responsible for a staggering 54.3% of total world consumption; India came in second at 11.6%; and the U.S. third at 6.1%. Combine all three kinds and China and the U.S. were jointly responsible for 42% of total global fossil-fuel consumption in 2020. its coal consumption in this decade by adding 88 gigawatts of coal-fired power capacity. For a time, it appeared that he was even prepared to take stern measures to halt the growth of China’s coal consumption.
VP Harris Should Claim The Powers Trump Supporters Though VP Pence Had And Let's See What Happens...
VP Pence Counting Electoral Votes January 6, 2021The January 6 Trump Insurrectionists chanted “Hang Mike Pence!! !” because he correctly refused to insert his own thoughts on the legitimacy of electoral votes into the ministerial duty of counting the received electoral votes. VP Harris then further states she will not accept any electoral votes from any state which:1. If they thought VP Pence had this power then why doesn't VP Harris? Maybe this will work its way around so that the media will start asking Republicans if they think VP Harris has the power some claim VP Pence had.
The Society of Spoiled Brats, or, Where Have all the Grownups Gone?
Now I'm sure you remember when we used to say things like that. There was a time when we had a name for people like that: spoiled brats. But there were always a few who didn’t grow up; they just became older spoiled brats. Then, while the adults were looking the other way, the army of spoiled brats took over in 2010, and the Republicans have never looked back. The Spoiled Brats have got themselves into the corridors of power.
Don’t Blame Trump, or Republicans, For The Mess We’re In
Trump and his seditionist Republicans are today threatening our democracy as a direct result of two monumentally bad decisions by the Roberts Court. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court held that corporations are people with First Amendment rights and their money is free speech. Within days of the Court’s decision, states that were covered by the Voting Rights Act began to enact new voting restrictions. Donald Trump, in one term, nominated three young Supreme Court justices to lifetime appointments, giving the conservative bloc a 6-3 majority. I can’t help thinking of that other disastrous Supreme Court decision … Bush v. Gore.
Cawthorn again
www.citizen-times.com/…Why do we have to put up with this? Anyone wonder why we also hate do nothing police? If I find myself at a meeting such as this, first I call the police. Then I yell as loud as I can “He’s got a weapon”
No Longer Rebel President, Does Trump Even Golf?
I wonder…So we know Trump complained about how Obama golfed while President, yet Trump golfed much much more, costing tax payer money to fund security who would be stationed at Mar a Lago (whatever the name is), which was despite there being other places closer and more appropriate for a sitting president. So this was essentially a middle finger to the American public. Yet one might presume he golfed just as much as he had before becoming president. What if he doesn’t care to golf anymore because that middle finger isn’t as strong as it used to be? I wonder if he even cares to golf anymore.
Perhaps The Biggest 2021 Announcement In Virginia Politics
Jennifer Carroll-FoyIt seems Blue Virginia is the first to share some big News for the Virginia Political landscape. Here is the biggest announcement that comes to aid the Virginia Turnout Project in making sure we keep the house Majority. “Woodbridge, VA – Today, Virginia for Everyone announced a new program, “Keep the Majority,” to help maintain Democratic control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Here’s what Evan’s had to say about the support from Virginia For Everyone:Kecia Evans: “Virginia For Everyone has been a phenomenal supporter of our campaign. The biggest hurdle of running for office is navigating the politics and getting introduced to the right people who make action happen.
John Deere Strike: A missed opportunity : Where are we
www.huffpost.com/…From the article:Thousands of John Deere workers walked off the job early Thursday after members of the United Auto Workers union rejected the tractor maker’s contract offer, launching the latest strike by an emboldened labor movement. The company’s offer included raises of 5 to 6 percent, but union officials said the proposed contract didn’t meet workers’ retirement and wage goals. “The cards are in our favor right now … it’s never been lined up this well for us,” said Chris Laurson, a longtime worker at the John Deere plant in Ottumwa, Iowa. This is not happening in a vacuum Kellogg Cereal workers are on strike. They use to be Democrats Act like they count ; We are not sure the consequences of taking these steps.
I wish all Virginians could have heard the McAuliffe
The company’s PAC did a town hall today, McAuliffe got 20 minutes and then Youngkin did 20 minutes, broadcast to all employees. I really wish all Virginians could have heard it. Youngkin just gave vague answers and talked about what a failure Virginia has been, but then had to admit CNBC just ranked Virginia #1 to do business. All he talked about was tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, with nothing about how he’ll pay for it. VA is about 5% below Maryland mostly due to a much higher military presence and larger rural population in the west.
January 6th Committee moving forward with criminal contempt proceedings against Bannon
Bannon has declined to cooperate with the Select Committee and is instead hiding behind the former President’s insufficient, blanket, and vague statements regarding privileges he has purported to invoke. The Select Committee will not tolerate defiance of our subpoenas, so we must move forward with proceedings to refer Mr. Bannon for criminal contempt. I’ve notified the Select Committee that we will convene for a business meeting Tuesday evening to vote on adopting a contempt report. “The Select Committee will use every tool at its disposal to get the information it seeks, and witnesses who try to stonewall the Select Committee will not succeed. Contempt of Congress begins with a “formal action” by the Select Committee, i.e., a business meeting at which a contempt report is adopted.
Let's just appreciate Trump already totally blowing up Republicans' 2022 strategy
Based on Trump’s statement, that’s exactly the deal Republicans have signed. The enthusiasm expressed by the House GOP’s campaign chair in response Trump’s statement speaks volumes. But it’s important to note here that the statement Trump issued isn’t just a messaging problem for the GOP—it’s a strategy problem. Republicans in leadership positions can now expect to be repeatedly questioned Trump’s statement and the assertion he made about a depressed turnout. Trump’s statement actually pushes beyond the “steal” narrative, prompting questions about what kind of action Republicans plan to take.
Newt Gingrich is a deadbeat with a $4.3 million debt—he doesn’t care
Gregory Fournier owned a Florida-based political consulting firm called Insite Political. He happily did about $5,000 worth of work for Gingrich. Now, I’m not exactly sure what any of these vendors believed about the ethics of Gingrich and why he would do the right thing. His legacy begins with his days in Congress and leads us directly to a Trump presidency and a Jan. 6 insurrection. “The old order is dying,” he told writer McKay Coppins in an article titled The Man Who Broke Politics for The Atlantic.
Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Burning Future of U.S.-China Relations
How much more swimmingly could relations between them go on this planet of sickness and heat? Economically speaking, however, as the New York Times reported, he didn't not when it comes to China anyway. We face a future all-too-literally embroiled in what, as he explains, could be the hottest "war" around. Of course, politicians, scientific groups, and environmental organizations will offer plans of every sort in Glasgow to reduce global carbon emissions and slow the process of planetary incineration. Only the United States and China, by far the world's top two carbon emitters, are in a position to do so.
Laughing at Mass Death Brings Us Closer to Fascism
But there is a difference between the party I intend to throw when Henry Kissinger dies and treating mass death as a source of entertainment. We lose something when we engage with mass suffering and mass death as entertainment, and we are already so hardened, and complicit in so much harm in this society. Because I know what the further normalization of mass death could mean for a country with our political trajectory. And right now, that complicity is escalating, as our tolerance for suffering and mass death escalate. There is no innocuous way to enjoy mass death.
McConnell Knows Debt Ceiling Must Rise, But He Wants Democrats to Pay for It
After months of posturing around the debt ceiling, Mitch McConnell backed off just enough last week to allow the Senate to raise the debt limit to keep the government funded through early December. But McConnell was never playing to “win,” if winning was defined as blocking a debt ceiling increase. Quite the opposite: He was, and is, playing to raise the debt ceiling without dirtying his own party’s hands in the eyes of his base. Yet, until this current round of McConnell-maneuvering, neither party has threatened to filibuster efforts to increase the debt ceiling. McConnell wants the Democrats to own the increase in debt, despite the fact much of it was accrued during the tax-cutting and military-spending binges of the Bush and Trump eras.
Is Donald Trump Trying to Destroy the Republican Party?
A few weeks ago, I had to confront the fact that ignoring Donald Trump was no longer a viable course of action. “Don’t listen to what Trump bleats during his daily diatribes, and if you’re a media type, don’t spread it. To wit: Trump, with a single statement, has dumped a beach worth of sand into the gears of Republican election hopes in ’22 and ’24. Trying to determine what Trump was thinking when he released this statement is like trying to read a dog’s mind while it is eating its own vomit. After all, it’s just another Trump statement, another dank fart in the midnight breeze, here and gone… except let’s not forget about Georgia.
Trump’s Coup Nearly Succeeded. He May Try Again in 2024.
JOHN NICHOLS: You’re right, he is not president anymore, although he certainly tried to remain as president. People should care because there’s very little doubt at this point that Donald Trump is preparing to run for president in 2024. NERMEEN SHAIKH: John Nichols, you have argued that, of course, Trump was impeached, but he should have been convicted. AMY GOODMAN: I want to turn to Donald Trump speaking on the John Solomon Reports podcast earlier this month. In state after state after state, Republican officials, many of whom in the past stood up to him, or at least didn’t go along with him on everything, are falling into line.
Opinion : The Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle United is a victory for autocrats everywhere
The British and U.S. administrations might think that they are protecting their interests in attracting investment and maintaining diplomatic relations and security cooperation. But ultimately, these short-term and narrow interests pale before the defining fight of our time — the struggle against global authoritarianism, which many across the world are starting to view as having entered a critical and dangerous stage. This is true even in the United States, where nearly a year after the 2020 elections, former president Donald Trump and his accomplices continue to threaten democracy.
Are new COVID antiviral pills a pandemic game changer?
If approved by the FDA, molnupiravir would be the first effective COVID treatment to be made available in pill form. Over the course of the pandemic, scientists have developed formidable methods for preventing COVID cases and deaths — each with benefits and shortcomings. Two other antiviral pills — one from Pfizer, the other from Atea Pharmaceuticals-Roche — are currently in trials and could also be submitted for approval within the next few months. PerspectivesPromiseAntiviral pills are a key element of any plan to end the pandemic for good“The path out of the pandemic is clear. Antiviral pills could save their lives.
King Soopers shooting suspect to undergo second competency evaluation
The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office requested the second competency evaluation after two psychologists initially determined Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 22, was not competent to proceed in the criminal case against him. She will pick one evaluator from that list to carry out the second mental competency exam. That second evaluation will be completed within 35 days of the evaluator’s appointment, she said in an order Wednesday. A competency evaluation considers whether a criminal defendant is mentally ill or developmentally disabled, and whether that mental illness impedes the defendant’s ability to understand the court process. Competency refers only to a defendant’s current mental capacity and is distinct from an insanity defense, which focuses on the defendant’s mental state at the time of the alleged crime.
Raymond J. de Souza: Will Justice Clarence Thomas exact revenge on Joe Biden?
Share this Story: Raymond J. de Souza: Will Justice Clarence Thomas exact revenge on Joe Biden? Raymond J. de Souza: Will Justice Clarence Thomas exact revenge on Joe Biden? Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Try refreshing your browser, or Raymond J. de Souza: Will Justice Clarence Thomas exact revenge on Joe Biden? Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
Texas Man Is Sentenced for Using Dating App to Target Gay Men
It was not immediately clear if Mr. Jenkins had a lawyer. “This defendant targeted innocent victims for violent crimes simply because he believed they were gay,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said in the statement. She added that the sentence “underscores the Justice Department’s commitment to aggressively prosecuting bias-motivated crimes, including crimes against the L.G.B.T.Q.I. community.”The scheme began in December 2017 when Mr. Jenkins and a co-conspirator created profiles on Grindr to lure men to locations where they would rob them, the Department of Justice said. Mr. Jenkins told investigators that members of his group used gay slurs and taunted the victims and that one member attempted to sexually assault one of the victims, the Department of Justice said.
Democrats Plan Another Bid to Break G.O.P. Voting Rights Filibuster
In the 50-50 Senate, it would take 10 Republicans joining every Democrat to muster the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster of any voting rights bill and allow it to be considered. Mr. Manchin’s compromise narrowed the objectives of the legislation, which would require states to allow a minimum of 15 days of early voting, ensure that all voters could request to vote by mail and make Election Day a national holiday, among other provisions. It would also establish requirements for voter identification, but less onerous ones than sought by Republicans. Their blockade of the voting rights bill has spurred calls to eliminate or change the filibuster rules, but Mr. Manchin has resisted those efforts. He warned that lawmakers would need to make concessions to get a final measure.
Opinion | The Chaotic Conditions at Rikers Island
Twenty years ago, I found an affordable but dark apartment that served perfectly well as a place to crash at night. When I’m not working at a computer screen with all the lights turned on, I’m outside in the sunlight. First there were the current events podcasts, then deep dives into the BBC’s collection of history podcasts and now historical fiction. Phyllis LeeNew YorkTo the Editor:I could not agree more with Farhad Manjoo’s column. Of course, the characters do not respond to me but continue their own conversations as though they had not heard me.
Opinion | Where Biden Is Most Vulnerable
There are political and civic virtues aplenty in centrism, including its pushback against extreme partisanship and its promise of a less vicious and perpetual seesaw. His hands were doing the water-flowing 21-form of tai chi. I was holding in my arms the person I loved the most in the world, and talking to him as he died. I had gotten to walk with him to the end of the world. I believe that the purpose of death is the release of love.” (Lee Ann Summers, Westfield, N.J.)
Opinion : MAGA Republicans may end up regretting their fidelity to Trump
Fidelity to Trump has transformed the GOP into a delusional, anti-democratic party that relies on a constant drumbeat of disinformation and the intimation that violence is an acceptable political tool. That profile might be appealing to Trump, who continues to make money off his dull-witted followers and bask in the attention, but it is neither a formula for winning swing seats nor, necessarily, for turning out the base. It would be delicious karma if Trump once more submarined the party that has turned itself inside out to remain in his good graces.
Tear gas unregulated by U.S. government, safety studies lacking despite widespread use: House panels
WASHINGTON — The federal government does not regulate the safety of tear gas and has not conducted an epidemiological study of its health effects despite its widespread use by law enforcement agencies for riot control, House lawmakers said in a memo released Thursday. Manufacturers of tear gas, meanwhile, acknowledge that their product is dangerous and “injury and/or damage can be expected” when it is used, the memo said. That month, lawmakers sent letters to three leading tear gas manufacturers and several federal agencies requesting documents and information regarding the safety of the products. "Tear gas use is woefully understudied given recent increases in its use," the memo concludes. Since then, lawmakers have been adamant about getting information on the safety of tear gas and the health outcomes.
National teen test scores slip for the first time — and it's not due to Covid
“I asked them to double-check.”The 'concerning' numbers: Math scores fell furthest among students whose performance ranked in the 10th and 25th percentiles, meaning test takers with the lowest math scores in 2020 did worse than the students who struggled the most when the test was last administered in 2012. The data also shows the achievement gap between white and Black test takers widened. Nationally, math scores for 13-year-olds fell on average by five points while reading scores declined an average of three points. The older test takers were toddlers when the 2008 financial crisis began, so they experienced the worst of that era’s school funding crisis as young learners. Big shift in reading habits: Along with the test results, the education statistics center also released test takers’ responses to survey questions about their reading habits and coursework.
Should Massachusetts undocumented immigrants pay in-state tuition rates at Massachusetts public colleges and universities?
But once they graduate high school, undocumented students must pay out-of-state tuition rates for public higher education, even though many have spent most of their lives in Massachusetts. NODavid DeCosteState Representative, Norwell RepublicanDavid F. DeCoste HandoutThis year, once again, the Massachusetts Legislature is considering extending in-state tuition to illegal immigrants wishing to attend public colleges and universities. The overall impact, however, would not only be bad public policy but in my view would also be unfair to younger citizens and their families. Currently the difference between in-state tuition and that charged non-resident students at University of Massachusetts campuses is about $20,000 annually. AdvertisementA policy of providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants would simply encourage more illegal immigration and reward those who came to this country illegally.
Civil rights activist, historian Timuel Black dies at 102
We all have a profound admiration for Tim Black. Black graduated in 1935 from DuSable High School in Chicago and would serve in the army during World War II. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Roosevelt University and his master’s from the University of Chicago. “My mother and father were children of former slaves, my great-grandparents, products of the Emancipation Proclamation,” Black told the newspaper when he was 100. “Timuel Black has been an anchor in the most consequential struggles for racial, social and economic justice of our times,” the Chicago Teachers Union said in a release Wednesday.
The imagined woes of so-called ‘real Americans’
The group had been banished from country radio since 2003 after saying George W. Bush made them embarrassed to be Texans. And more power to him, as the only Republican presidential candidate since 1988 to win an actual national majority. This appears to have made an awful lot of Americans — particularly undereducated white ones, to be perfectly blunt — scared half to death. Seemingly fearful of being relegated to second-class status, many “Real Americans,” as they’re styled on Fox News, appear eager to embrace minority rule. In Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, a highly successful Black school superintendent was hounded from the district for expressing polite concerns about racial injustice.
Massachusetts State Police sergeant remains in ICU, agency confirms illness
As of this morning, the sergeant was still in the ICU at the Brigham, according to the hospital. This all comes as the force faces an Oct. 17 vaccine mandate or face being fired. The mandate states without proof of a vaccine:Managers will be placed on a five-day suspension without pay. The MBTA and Massport have also adopted Baker’s Oct. 17 vaccine mandate. Baker has said he’s “following the science” in rolling out a vaccine mandate to quell the spread of the coronavirus in Massachusetts.
3 men charged after botched carjacking, wrong-way chase
STAFFORD, Va. (AP) — Three men are facing charges after a botched carjacking led to a high-speed, wrong-way chase on Interstate 95 in Virginia, authorities said. Stafford Sheriff’s Maj. Shawn Kimmitz said the men tried to take an Anytime Fitness patron’s car Tuesday, The Free Lance-Star reported. When other patrons came to help, the men fled in their own car. A police dog found the men and two surrendered after a warning that the dog would be turned loose, Kimmitz said. The men were charged with carjacking, robbery, conspiracy and other offences.
America was built on violence. Here's why there's no end in sight
In reality, America was not founded upon the gleaming values of truth, justice and democracy. The failure to honestly contextualize what has created our current reality of violence renders any efforts to quell it all but meaningless. Yes, children will be gunned down and gun-toting Americans will continue to cry about their preserving their “freedoms.”So, here we are. The brutal children of inhumane ancestors have constructed a modern America soaked in violence. Do what you will, but this will get worse before it gets better unless people eventually deal with the truth of how deep American violence runs and from whence it comes.
Test scores look grim: What’s to become of kids who have fallen so far behind?
A little more than one-fifth of JCPS students are where they’re supposed to be in math…” according to The Courier Journal’s test score analysis. It’s obvious that COVID-19 school closures, which were draconian and unnecessary, according to UNICEF, dramatically derailed the academic path for thousands of Kentucky kids and exacerbated the gulf between rich and poor. Jefferson County schools were among the last to re-open; keeping Louisville’s kids at home was a disastrous policy decision. What’s to become of a generation of kids who have fallen so far behind, trapped in school systems led by self-interested incompetents? “As of June, more than 1.5 million Kentucky adults were neither employed nor looking for work, according to the report.
The Strange Justifications Behind the Unprecedented Food Stamp Expansion—Which Will Raise the Cap to $836 Per Month
On October first, the largest increase in the history of the USDA’s food stamp program went into effect. Not only do they foster dependency, but food stamps rarely lead to the healthy lives politicians would hope for: the average food stamp recipient increases his food expenditure by only 30 percent of the benefits’ value, and 20 percent of that grocery bill is made up of junk food. The scheduled expansion was based entirely on supposed changes in the average American, not efficacy of the current program. Food stamp distribution is determined by the Thrifty Food Plan (TFP), a report that examines food and nutrient need, cost, and consumption for an imaginary family of four for one week. Ironically, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who signed the Food Stamp Program into existence, said it best when he foretold that welfare could become “a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.”
Virginia Tech’s goal of ACC title is main focus with high-powered Pittsburgh up next
“If you let that affect how you do your job or prepare for something you love, what you want to do, then you’re cheating yourself,” Fuente said of losing. “In my opinion, in order to be a good man or grow into a young man, you have to handle adversity, and you cannot let the fact that things didn’t work out affect the job that you do, or the effort that you put into anything.
Nicholas Kristof resigns from New York Times as he weighs bid for Oregon governor
“I have friends trying to convince me that here in Oregon, we need new leadership from outside the broken political system,” Kristof said in an emailed statement to The Washington Post in June. “I’m honestly interested in what my fellow Oregonians have to say about that. All I know for sure is that we need someone with leadership and vision so that folks from all over the state can come together to get us back on track.”
The Most Important Global Meeting You've Never Heard of Is Now
Story continuesClimate change is only one driver of biodiversity loss. The aim will be to adopt a pact for nature akin to the Paris Agreement on climate change, said Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, the executive secretary of the convention. Last year, officials reported that the world’s nations largely failed to achieve the targets of the previous global agreement on biodiversity, made in 2010. — Use ecosystems to limit climate change by storing planet-warming carbon in nature. “We actually need to see every human endeavor, if you will, through the lens of biodiversity and nature,” Larigauderie said.
Minnesota court: Workers' comp can't cover medical marijuana | GreenState
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Workers’ compensation for injured employees doesn’t cover medical marijuana because the drug remains illegal under federal law, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. The state’s highest court issued a pair of rulings that overturned earlier decisions by the state Workers Compensation Court of Appeals’ that ordered employers to pay for medical marijuana to treat work-related injuries. The Supreme Court ruled that federal law, which prohibits the prescribing and possession of marijuana regardless of state laws authorizing it, blocks employers from being required to pay for medical cannabis. Both workers were certified by their doctors to use medical marijuana after other treatments to control their pain, including opioids, proved inadequate. The Legislature earlier this year relaxed the law to allow for allow smokable medical marijuana starting next spring.
Biden to meet with Pope Francis to discuss COVID-19, climate
Alexandra JaffeAssociated PressWashington — President Joe Biden is set to meet Pope Francis when he visits the Vatican later this month as part of a five-day swing through Italy and the U.K. for global economic and climate change meetings. Biden plans to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis and poverty during his meeting with the pope, according to the White House. Biden, who is Roman Catholic, often speaks of his faith in public and attends Mass every weekend. Earlier this year, a number of Catholic Bishops debated denying Biden Communion over his support for abortion rights, but eventually backed away from setting any policy for politicians and the Eucharist. First lady Jill Biden will join her husband for his meeting with the pope.
Foundations back new effort to ignite Americans' generosity
“We want to capture and celebrate the ways in which giving. volunteering, and civic engagement are being reimagined before our eyes,” said Suzy Antounian, the director of the commission. But for too long, she said, informal giving has been done “under the nose” of the philanthropic establishment. She hopes the commission will take serious consideration of the benefits provided by informal givers. But even more important, she said, philanthropy will continue to lose the trust of the broader public if the commission doesn’t take action following its national conversation.
'Divisive concepts' vs. 'whitewashing' history: Critical race theory debate comes to the Ohio Statehouse
How Ohio educators teach about racism, slavery and other "divisive concepts" was up for debate on Wednesday. The penalties for violating HB 327, he said, are simply too great. 'Teaching a complete history' on racism is goal, bills' supports sayRepublican Reps. Diane Grendell and Sarah Fowler Arthur co-sponsored HB 327. And HB 327 would limit what kind of training teachers could receive when it comes to things like unconscious bias. Ohio isn't alone in this debate over what is critical race theory and whether it's being used in public schools.
Ohio AG: Critical race theory requirements in school could violate state constitution
Ohio's top attorney doesn't support teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools, but he can't say for certain whether an anti-racist resolution violated state or federal laws. Some board members disagreed with the resolution, saying it opened the door to teaching controversial topics like critical race theory. "What I can say is this: the curricula and standards will be contrary to law if they treat students differently on the basis of race," Yost wrote. Supporters define critical race theory as a way of understanding how biases (even unconscious ones) can slip into our public institutions. They support the teaching of history but not critical race theory.
Democrats should stop caring so much about Biden’s approval ratings
Democrats have plenty of things to panic about – but a recent Quinnipiac University poll showing President Joe Biden’s job approval at a record-low 38 percent isn’t one of them. Democrats have more to fear from their failure to deliver on Biden’s transformative agenda than they do from a single bad poll. “The partisan gap between Democrats’ and Republicans’ approval in Trump’s ratings was a chasm: 82 points, the largest gap in Gallup’s history,” American Enterprise Institute Distinguished Senior Fellow Karlyn Bowman writes. Forget Biden’s approval – how will voters approve of Democratic lawmakers who slouch into the 2022 campaign season having failed to deliver on almost all of their marquee campaign promises? Instead of focusing on distractions like individual approval polls, Democrats must instead look to polling trends as a mandate for their policies and values.
Gabby Petito’s death is the partner violence wake-up call we all need
Women are threatened with death and violence for simply existing, dating, refusing, and/or being in proximity to men. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four women experience physical, sexual, or emotional intimate partner violence in their lifetime, and that’s only what gets reported. I experienced sexual, physical, and emotional violence in one of my college relationships… and yet, I struggled to leave. People who haven’t endured intimate partner violence fail to realize it is a pattern of behavior, a cycle of abuse. Intimate partner violence ends in two ways for women: in death, or in escape – and those who are lucky enough to escape find themselves in a whole other world of trauma.
Migrants face increasing violence at the Greece-Turkey border
Migrants face increasing violence at the Greece-Turkey borderFrance 24's journalist for infomigrants Dana Alboz is back from northern Greece’s border with Turkey. The entire region of Evros, which extends over 200 kilometers, is militarized. Journalists and humanitarian organizations are denied access. Accusations of violence and pushbacks to Turkey have become the norm when talking about crossings into EU member Greece.
Opinion : Chat with Jennifer Rubin about her columns, politics, policy and more
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Opinion : How the Biden administration can help Haitian migrants without sending the wrong message
As for the more lenient asylum standard that Mr. Koh proposes, the trouble is that it would swiftly incentivize huge numbers of new migrants to make the perilous trek toward the southern border. That’s not a theoretical problem; it was proved this year. The surge in Haitian migrants in September was driven in large part by the administration’s increasingly sparing use of Title 42, particularly for Haitians, over the first eight months of this year.
Opinion : Critical race theory is a potent issue in the Virginia governor’s race
At the debate, McAuliffe was referencing bills he vetoed as governor that would have required teachers to notify parents before assigning any material that included “sexually explicit content.” Parents who objected would then have been able to opt their kids out, and teachers would have been required to plan alternative lessons. The legislation was inspired by parents who didn’t want their teenagers exposed to “Beloved,” Toni Morrison’s novel about the traumatic legacy of slavery.
Texas police rescue unconscious driver from burning car ‘with only seconds left': authorities
Texas police released bodycam video Wednesday showing heroic officers rescue an unconscious driver from a burning car with just seconds to spare before flames engulfed the wrecked vehicle. SEATTLE POLICE RESCUE CONVICTED FELON FROM WRECKED CAR BEFORE FLAMES ENGULF VEHICLE, BODYCAM VIDEO SHOWSPolice found that the vehicle had immediately caught fire following the crash and that a passenger was ejected. However, officers saw that the driver was still inside the burning vehicle, unconscious. The video shows officers battling the intense heat from the blaze as they worked to pull the unconscious man through the driver’s side window. Officers pulled the man out to safety "with only seconds left" before the vehicle became fully engulfed, according to police.
Liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof quits New York Times after 37 years, explores run for Oregon governor
Liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof walked away from the paper on Thursday after a 37-year career as he explores a possible run for Oregon governor. LIBERAL NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST NICHOLAS KRISTOF PONDERING RUN FOR OREGON GOVERNORShe noted Kristof, who has been a columnist since 2001, has been on leave since June as he explores a run for governor of Oregon "in accordance" with the paper’s guidelines. Oregon hasn't elected a Republican governor since 1982 and hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984. The liberal columnist, who is an Oregon native, largely focuses his attention on human rights issues. ENTREPRENEUR FILES $6.2 MILLION DEFAMATION SUIT AGAINST NEW YORK TIMES, STAR REPORTER TAYLOR LORENZ"You all know how much I love Oregon, and how much I’ve been seared by the suffering of old friends there.
Nile Gardiner: Why Britain can't stand Joe Biden
NILE GARDINER: BRITS FEEL BETRAYED BY BIDEN'S AFGHANISTAN FIASCO. OUR ‘SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP’ IS ON ICECountless European officials have told me privately that they simply can’t trust the Biden presidency. President Trump had a significant amount of support from Brexiteers, and was seen by sections of the Conservative Party as a strong British ally. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHaving recently returned to Washington from London, I brought back an overwhelming sense of distrust in the Biden presidency across the Atlantic. Joe Biden and his team are taking a wrecking ball to the special relationship on several fronts.
Opinion: When parents scream at school board meetings, how can I teach their children?
Jennifer Wolfe is the 2021 New York State Teacher of the Year and a national board-certified teacher in AYA social studies. She has been teaching social studies for 25 years, the last 24 at Oceanside High School in Oceanside, New York. (CNN) The season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month featured the cast poking fun at reports of violence and chaos at school board meetings all over this country. Jennifer WolfeDuring one board meeting, a parent in the community yelled, "I am tired of being told I live in a community!" Students put on their masks and come to school -- so happy to be together again.
Nonprofit spotlight: UCP provides disabled children and adults with essential programs
UCP offers pediatric therapy treatment, socialization and communication skills for children and adults with a range of disabilities, not solely cerebral palsy. In 2020, the Arizona chapter received a $7,000 A Community Thrives grant from the Gannett Foundation. MORE ABOUT 2021's GRANTS: 16 nonprofits share more than $333,000 in Community Thrives grants. The Community Thrives grant awarded to UCP in 2020 was used toward covering part of the total operational budget deficit in our UCP Downtown therapy clinic. Find more information about United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona online at ucpofcentralaz.org and facebook.com/ucpofcentralaz; Instagram @ucpofcentralaz; Twitter @UCPofCentralAZ.
Marion Flynn, corporate banker with passion for community service, dies at 69; staunch advocate for women in Catholic priesthood
There was not a social justice or community service organization in her North Shore community Marion Flynn wouldn’t volunteer with, advocate for or throw support behind. But retirement was just a word to Flynn, who promptly initiated a second career of community service. A longtime resident of Evanston, she was a member of St. Nicholas Church for more than 30 years. “Marion actually met Dorothy Day at one point in her life, and Dorothy invited her to work with her. Then from 2011-2013, she served as development manager for the North Shore United Way.
Modified weapons showing up at more Minneapolis crime scenes
Handguns and rifles that have been modified into fully automatic weapons that can fire up to 1,200 rounds per minute have been involved in a string of Minneapolis shootings and have been showing up at more crime scenes, authorities say. Police data show the city’s ShotSpotter network has recorded 78 automatic gunfire activations of 935 total rounds, compared with five such activations of 42 rounds at this time last year, the Star Tribune reported. Quantrell Urman, founder of the street outreach group Turf Politics, said he consistently hears automatic gunfire while making his rounds. In August, ShotSpotter detected 27 rounds of automatic gunfire at a gas station shooting that left one man dead. Earlier this year, two men were injured when automatic gunfire broke out during a house party.
Columnist Nicholas Kristof leaves The New York Times as he weighs run for Oregon governor
Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times who grew up in Oregon, announced Thursday morning that he is leaving the newspaper as he considers running for governor of his home state. Kristof has been on leave from the Times since June, when he told company executives he is weighing a run for Oregon governor, according to The New York Times announcement. Kristof and WuDunn won a Pulitzer in 1990 for covering Tiananmen Square democracy protests in China, and he won another in 2006 for commentary on genocide in Darfur. Kristof joined the Times in 1984 as a reporter and later became an associate managing editor, responsible for the Sunday editions. “This has been my dream job, even with malaria, a plane crash in Congo and periodic arrests abroad for committing journalism,” Kristof was quoted in The New York Times story about his departure.
Road-blocking climate protesters in UK pause campaign
LONDON (AP) — Environmental protesters pressuring the British government to insulate all homes within a decade as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have halted their disruptive road-blocking campaign until Oct. 25, just days before the start of the U.N. climate summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow. In an open letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the group known as Insulate Britain apologized Thursday for the disruption its demonstration caused but said the urgency of climate change necessitated unconventional actions. “Insulate Britain would like to take this opportunity to profoundly acknowledge the disruption caused over the past five weeks,” it said. But the dire reality of our situation has to be faced.”Participants in the group's protest blocked many major roads in and around London, causing traffic misery for drivers. Members of the group also glued themselves to roads.
Nicholas Kristof Leaves New York Times as He Considers a Political Run
After 37 years at The New York Times as a reporter, high-level editor and opinion columnist, Nicholas Kristof is leaving the newspaper as he considers running for governor of Oregon, a top Times editor said in a note to the staff on Thursday. Mr. Kristof, 62, has been on leave from The Times since June, when he told company executives that he was weighing a run for governor in the state where he grew up. Mr. Kristof and Ms. WuDunn have written several books together. “I’ve gotten to know presidents and tyrants, Nobel laureates and warlords, while visiting 160 countries,” Mr. Kristof said in his statement on Thursday. So I’ve reluctantly concluded that I should try not only to expose problems but also see if I can fix them directly.”The post Nicholas Kristof Leaves New York Times as He Considers a Political Run appeared first on New York Times.
Why are Michigan Republicans quietly replacing key election officials?
Michigan is a key swing state in US presidential elections and Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump there by more than 154,000 votes in 2020. Once they check the results, they certify them, passing them to the state board of canvassers for final certification. Last year, the usually under-the-radar board of canvassers became a key part of Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election in Michigan. Van Langevelde has since been replaced on the state board of canvassers. The 2020 election, in which Republicans openly made an effort to overturn the election results, has made that question more relevant than ever.
UN rights body at new low as democracies drop to 31.9% in “fixed” election
Abuses by those candidates are detailed in a new report card published today by UN Watch, which is being circulated to diplomats at the world body. However, because there is no competition in any of the five regional groups—with 18 candidate countries vying for the same number of available seats on the UN Human Rights Council—all are nearly guaranteed to win. “Electing Qatar, Cameroon or Kazakhstan as a UN judge on human rights would be like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer of the Geneva-based UN Watch. By turning a blind eye as human rights violators easily join and subvert the council, leading democracies will be complicit in the world body’s moral decline.”“It will be an insult to their political prisoners and many other victims—and a defeat for the global cause of human rights— if the UN helps gross abusers act as champions and global judges of human rights. “When the UN’s highest human rights body becomes a case of the foxes guarding the henhouse, the world’s victims suffer,” said Neuer.
Easing Arm and Shoulder Pain From a Rotator Cuff Injury
Few of us think about our joints until one starts to hurt when we try to use it in the way nature intended. In this regard, I’m no different from most people. My general approach when a new ache or pain develops is to wait two weeks to see if it will go away on its own. Which accounts for the fact that now, with summer heat mounting, I find myself still nursing arm and shoulder pain that in mid-January began to impede my ability to swim. So, given that the Y was closed and I couldn’t swim anyway, I spent the next couple of Covid-restricted months doing exercises a physical therapist had suggested by phone to ease the pain in my dominant right arm.
Opinion : The media’s doomsday talk about Biden is greatly exaggerated
Several things are clear regarding Biden’s future: First, tackling the coronavirus pandemic so that the economy can return to something akin to normal is fundamental. The good news is that the seven-day average for covid-19 cases is down roughly 12 percent with fewer hot spots. Second, if Biden gets a sizable reconciliation package, the bumpy negotiations will fade in significance; if he does not, he and his party will be in deep trouble. Third, Biden is in a holding pattern when it comes to messaging his package. While he waits for two Democratic holdouts, it is difficult for Democrats to remind the public that, unlike Republicans, they are for the little guy, for making work easier and for making scofflaws pay taxes.
Karol Markowicz: Parents as terrorists, cancel culture mobs – we must fight the age of conformity
We see it in the cancel culture around us, the vaccine mandates pushed by the president, the move to turn parents at school board meetings into domestic terrorists. For a long time, the cultural enforcement was happening by the left for the left. "Latinx," 76 gender names, were how you knew you belonged with the in-group of the left. Discussion of a possible lab leak in Wuhan, China was considered so racist and unacceptable that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook would censor discussions about it. My family went to the Texas State Fair in Dallas.
Hulu's 'Dopesick' tells the chilling story of America's opioid crisis
Hulu's 'Dopesick' tells the chilling story of America's opioid crisisEnlarge this image toggle caption Gene Page/ HULU Gene Page/ HULUIn Hulu's Dopesick, Michael Keaton plays Sam Finnix as the kind of family doctor anyone would want taking care of them. When a prosecutor asks how his patients reacted to the drug OxyContin, he offers a chilling reply. It outlines the start of the OxyContin opioid addiction crisis from several angles: Doctors and patients using the drug, prosecutors and law enforcement trying to hold OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma accountable, and the drug maker itself. Dopesick also offers an authentic portrayal of the small, working class, predominantly white communities ravaged by the opioid crisis. But when a back injury at the mine leads Betsy to take OxyContin prescribed by Dr. Finnix, her fortunes change dramatically.
Arizona's restrictive laws hurt Navajo voters. Will Congress step in to help us?
The U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 1, the For the People Act, and HR 4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, to restore the Voting Rights Act provisions the Supreme Court struck down. These bills are the collective conscience of our democracy, but are being blocked by Senate Republicans. It’s our hope that Senate Republicans will see the value in this. We call upon Arizona’s two U.S. senators to join us in this belief and pass the Freedom to Vote Act by majority vote. If Republicans will not rise to support voting rights today, then Senate Democrats must do it with their 50 votes.
Readers respond: Innovate, don’t litigate
Events all around us make clear that we are at a crossroads on climate change. The only way to fight climate change globally and locally is what Oregonians excel at: coming together and innovating. Yet some prefer a less-celebrated American tradition: litigation (“Oregon should make polluters pay for a broken climate,” Aug. 4). They want to sue energy manufacturers for “causing” climate change. Pointing fingers is easy, but we cannot litigate away climate change.
The Biden administration proposes reversing Trump-era rules on socially conscious investing.
The Labor Department proposed rule changes on Wednesday that would make it easier for retirement plans to add investment options based on environmental and social considerations — and make it possible for such options to be the default setting upon enrollment. In a reversal of a Trump-era policy, the Biden administration’s proposal makes clear that not only are retirement plan administrators permitted to consider such factors, it may be their duty to do so — particularly as the economic consequences of climate change continue to emerge. Martin J. Walsh, the secretary of labor, said that the department consulted consumer groups, asset managers and others before writing the proposed rule, and that the change was considered necessary because the old one appeared to have a “chilling effect” on using environmental, social and governance factors — better known as E.S.G. — when evaluating investments. “If these legal concerns were keeping fiduciaries on the sidelines, it could mean worse outcomes for workers and retirees,” Mr. Walsh said in an interview.
Nicholas Kristof Leaves New York Times as He Considers a Political Run
After 37 years at The New York Times as a reporter, high-level editor and opinion columnist, Nicholas Kristof is leaving the newspaper as he considers running for governor of Oregon, a top Times editor said in a note to the staff on Thursday. Mr. Kristof, 62, has been on leave from The Times since June, when he told company executives that he was weighing a run for governor in the state where he grew up. On Tuesday, he filed to organize a candidate committee with Oregon’s secretary of state, signaling that his interest was serious. In the email to the staff announcing his departure, Kathleen Kingsbury, The Times’s opinion editor, wrote that Mr. Kristof had redefined the role of opinion columnist and credited him with “elevating the journalistic form to a new height of public service with a mix of incisive reporting, profound empathy and a determination to bear witness to those struggling and suffering across the globe.”Mr. Kristof, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, joined The Times in 1984 as a reporter and later became an associate managing editor, responsible for the Sunday editions. He started his column in 2001.
A ‘career criminal’ was in jail for defrauding the government. Then he conned inmates out of $17,000, feds say.
“Moller is simply incapable of stopping himself from defrauding others,” federal prosecutors said in the sentencing memorandum. “During a period in which one would imagine that Moller would be on his best behavior in an effort to convince the Court that he was remorseful for his prior conduct, he did the exact opposite by orchestrating yet another scheme to defraud people with whom he came in contact.”
Kristof leaves the Times in prep for governor run
POLITICO last month reported that a small team of Kristof advisers led by veteran political consultant Carol Butler was making inquiries to high-level Democrats about staffing a possible campaign. Kristof also sought out a legal opinion from the powerhouse Democratic legal firm Perkins Coie that asserts he meets the residency requirement to run for governor. At the Times, Kristof was known for his crusading columns about war, repression and human rights around the world. In 1990 he won the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of China's Tiananmen Square democracy movement along with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, then a Times journalist. Sixteen years later, Kristof won the Pulitzer for commentary for deeply reported columns on genocide in Darfur.
Democrats finally have reason to celebrate one of Trump's threats
What defines the contemporary GOP — the one thing that animates the party more than anything else — is an unshakable belief in a ridiculous lie about Donald Trump's 2020 defeat. But just as notable is the fact that this is a rare Trump ultimatum that Democrats are likely to celebrate. According to Trump's statement, "the single most important thing" for Republicans to do is "solve" his defeat. Failure to do so will cause GOP voters to sit out future election cycles. Whatever Trump's strange expectations, his message is the opposite of the one his party wants to hear a year ahead of the midterm cycle.
Today’s Headlines: L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas indicted
Enter email address Sign Me Up You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Sign up for our California Politics newsletter to get the best of The Times’ state politics reporting and the latest action in Sacramento. Support our journalism Subscribe to the Los Angeles Times. FROM THE ARCHIVES(Harry Chase / Los Angeles Times)Fifty-three years ago, the TV series that made Captain Kirk a household name spurred a demonstration outside NBC Studios. (Lila Seidman / Los Angeles Times)Today’s newsletter was curated by Amy Hubbard and Laura Blasey.
Editorial: Los Angeles will soon have a plan to start solving its housing crisis
The city’s proposed Housing Element is honest, ambitious and has the potential to make L.A. a more equitable and affordable city. Moreover, if L.A. stuck with the status quo, it would only continue patterns of segregation that have concentrated affordable housing in lower-income, lower-resourced communities. This is the moment for Los Angeles to embrace change, and the Housing Element sets the stage for a much needed transformation. The Housing Element also commits the city to strengthening tenant protections and the preservation of existing affordable housing. Los Angeles should get credit for drafting a responsible Housing Element, while other cities are trying to play shell games with their plans.
Column: Ridley-Thomas, a heavy lifter on homelessness, now carries weight of bribery charges
The latest exhibit is the Wednesday afternoon indictment of City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, one of the most prolific and powerful politicians in Los Angeles. He served as a county supervisor between stints on the L.A. City Council. “This indictment charges a seasoned lawmaker who allegedly abused the public’s trust by taking official actions to benefit his family member and himself,” Acting U.S. Atty. “I’m disappointed in the news that has come out this afternoon of federal bribery charges against Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas,” said Martinez. Hard to know, but it’s not as if scandal and the City Council have just met.
Opinion: Foster care gaps still exist despite success of AB 12
Nearly a decade ago, the AB12 Extended Foster Care Program, co-authored by then-Assemblyman Jim Beall, D-San Jose, was put into effect in California. We see this first hand in the young adults from foster care we work with at Pivotal. While implementing Extended Foster Care was a necessary start, we can’t rest on our laurels as we look toward the next decade. We must remember that children are placed in foster care through no fault of their own. Elise Cutini is CEO of Pivotal, a Silicon Valley nonprofit focused exclusively on meeting the educational and career needs of foster youth.
Almost 20% of U.S. households lost entire savings during pandemic
But for almost 20% of U.S. households, the pandemic wiped out their entire financial cushion, a poll released Tuesday finds. The share of respondents who said they lost all their savings jumped to 30% for those making less than $50,000 a year, the poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Avenel Joseph, a vice president at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said many people dipped into their savings to cover child or health care expenses. Almost two-thirds of households earning less than $50,000 a year said they had trouble affording rent, medical care, and food. “Failure would plummet millions of families back into poverty who were lifted out of it because of any temporary assistance.”
Letters: Control rent and build, too
Housing for all must be sustained by the direct building of units affordable to new renters with low incomes, coupled with rent stabilization for current renters. St. Paul is a working-class city with a substantial level of poverty and a large number of people of color. St. Paul also has an affordable housing crisis, a significant homeless population, and an aging housing stock. I know a lot about housing in St. Paul, as the retired Director of the Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI). Rent stabilization can be an effective tool to control increasing housing costs, especially for lower income residents.
What We’re Reading: ‘The Trees’ is rooted the in history of Emmett Till and is an amazing, unexpected book, both dark and funny
There are more traditional takes on this subject, of course. It’s also far from a litany of systemic suffering. Speaking of Key and Peele: Among the treats here is a great 2015 Zadie Smith profile of the comedy team. “Say Their Names: How Black Lives Came to Matter in America” (Grand Central, $30) is a familiar but welcome one-stop shop of reportage by veteran journalists on the issues (policing, inequality) that coagulated into nationwide protests. It can also be boiled down to James Baldwin’s question: “How much time do you want for your ‘progress’?”
Ohio State Board of Education repeals its anti-racism resolution
Ohio's State Board of Education repealed an anti-racism resolution Wednesday night and replaced it with one condemning any teachings that "seek to divide." "It's not nearly as aggressive," board member John Hagan said in an interview. Board member Brandon Shea called it "a crisis in our nation and our country." Board member Meryl Johnson voted against it. She said she still strongly believes in the anti-racism resolution the board passed last year.
ear for eye review – Lashana Lynch goes head to head with structural racism
It is about the black British experience and how it relates to American history and the larger context of empire and exploitation. A mother tells her son to stay proud but also not to be arrogant, and not to court trouble. Another young man confronts his father about the civil rights generation and its failure to defeat institutionalised racism. (The Sarah Everard case has incidentally given white audiences food for thought on all this.) ear for eye submits racism to a complex act of dramatic scrutiny.
Is Garland Up To the Job?
And there’s a chorus of understandably frustrated Democrats saying ‘we’ll believe it when they see it’. But my assumption is that the committee members know their statements over the last week have raised the stakes for themselves dramatically. As I explained here, there are unfortunate but real reasons why there are major obstacles in the way of investigating a sitting President. President Biden has deferred key decisions to Garland in an effort to ramp back the rampant politicization and corruption of the DOJ under Trump. But there’s some reasonable question whether Biden picked the right person for the job.
For Haitians, the Border Crisis Doesn’t Stop With Del Rio
In the early 1990s, 68,000 Haitians set out across it by boat following a violent coup that ousted the nation’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. By June 1993, 40,000 Haitians had been detained in what became America’s first experiment in mass incarceration at Guantánamo. Just as Covid-19 justified the expulsion of Haitians under Title 42, the HIV crisis of the 1980s and ’90s colored Americans’ response to Haitian migrants. “The policymakers in Washington are displaying mass neurotic behavior,” he told me following Del Rio. And so he carries on in the borderlands, where the U.S. has sown no shortage of suffering.
Opinion: What I owe my son on race
Brendan Kiely is an author of four novels and most recently the nonfiction book, "The Other Talk: Reckoning with Our White Privilege." He is a toddler now, and how we communicate about race will change over the years, but making discussions about race, racism and privilege as fundamental and habitual as those we have about compassion, empathy and community seems imperative. I think many White parents are in a similar situation. Part of talking about racism with my son is about how White privilege impacts his life. That's OKPart of the way my son and I communicate with each other is what he sees me doing, too -- or not doing.
How the FBI protects American intel: a bizarre case study
Some of the restricted data the couple are accused of trying to sell includes the nuclear propulsion system of Virginia-class fast attack submarines. According to the criminal complaint, each Virginia-class submarine costs about $3 billion and includes the latest in stealth and weapons systems technology. And it’s the kind of advanced military secret that nations such as China and Russia would pay just about anything for. Third: If the Toebbes were trying to become spies, was this their first and only attempt? That’s because whatever country it was decided to tell the FBI and to later cooperate with the ensuing FBI undercover operation.
Rubin: Nobel Peace Prize for defending press abroad should wake Americans up
The symbolism of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize goes far beyond its tribute to Maria Ressa and Dimitry Muratov, independent journalists fighting for freedom of expression in the Philippines and Russia. The threats to the fact-based press worldwide also include the spreading sewerage of social media that drowns truth with lies. The statute of limitations to charge those responsible for her death expired the day before the announcement of the Nobel Prize. Just over a week before the Nobel award, the killer of five journalists at the Annapolis Capitol Gazette in 2018 was sentenced to multiple life terms. The awards to Ressa and Muratov are a signal of where we could be heading if that battle is lost.
Physicist Fritjof Capra charts 50 years of science and philosophy in ‘Patterns of Connection’
“Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science,” wrote Fritjof Capra in “The Tao of Physics,” his 1975 bestseller. Q: How did “The Tao of Physics,” a book about physics and spirituality, become a runaway bestseller? When people read “The Tao of Physics,” they realized that a change of worldview had not only happened in physics but in other fields. As this happened, it became more evident that we are all living in networks within networks. In order to understand networks we need to learn to think in patterns and relationships.
Letters: GOP should embrace Gruden over Trump, readers express views on Christopher Columbus
Letters to the EditorGruden good fit for GOPNow that Jon Gruden is out as the Raiders coach, the GOP has a chance to move on from Trump. Susan Mahoney, DublinMore:How to submit a letter to the editor for The Columbus DispatchColumbus a product of his timesI think we have statues because statues teach us about the past. St. Paul tells us that masters should respect their slaves and the slaves should respect their masters. Christopher Columbus was a child of his time just like St. Paul was. Past history should be current knowledge, there to be explored and better understood for all Americans.
Merck wants Americans to pay $712 for a Covid drug that taxpayers helped develop | David Sirota
Last week, we learned that Merck is planning to charge Americans 40 times its cost for a Covid drug whose development was subsidized by the American government. The situation spotlights two sets of facts that have also gone largely unmentioned in the legislative debate over whether to let Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices. Fact one: Americans are facing not merely expensive drugs, but prices that are examples of outright profiteering. Fact two: in many cases, the medicines we are being gouged on are those that we the public already paid for. That term “profiteering” is important here because drugmakers aren’t losing lots of money in other countries where they sell medicines at lower prices.
FIRST READING: Buckle up for the mass health-care firings
Share this Story: FIRST READING: Buckle up for the mass health-care firingsFIRST READING: Buckle up for the mass health-care firings Why it's good you hate the Senate Photo by iStockphotoArticle content First Reading is a daily newsletter keeping you posted on the travails of Canadian politicos, all curated by the National Post’s own Tristin Hopper. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Try refreshing your browser, or FIRST READING: Buckle up for the mass health-care firings Back to video Remember all those health-care workers we banged pots for and spent months proclaiming as heroes? Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content On Monday, Albertans will be voting on who to nominate as their next senator .
Press Release
For Social Security beneficiaries receiving Medicare, Social Security will not be able to compute their new benefit amount until after the Medicare premium amounts for 2022 are announced. Social Security Announces Redesigned Statement -- Now Available with a my Social Security AccountPrint Version Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, today introduced a new look and feel to the Social Security Statement, available online through the my Social Security portal at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount and by mail. Social Security Board of Trustees: Combined Trust Funds Projected Depletion One Year Sooner Than Last YearPrint Version The Social Security Board of Trustees today released its annual report on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds. Social Security beneficiaries have instant access to their benefit verification letter, payment history, and complete earnings record by establishing a my Social Security account. Often, you only need to know your Social Security number and do not need a physical Social Security card.
Leaders: This is the impact trustworthiness has on your success
That’s good and all, but would your employees say they trust you? When employees trust you to have their backs, they become risk-takers. Employees who take advantage of company time and flexibility mold cynical leaders, while leaders who believe that playing the “bad cop” is how to keep employees in line. Employees trust those willing to give them feedback, especially if it’s difficult feedback they know others wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing. In the same vein, employees who trust their leaders will offer that same feedback back to them, knowing that it will be taken in earnest.
San Diego-area school district may ban critical race theory
A San Diego-area school district may ban the teaching of critical race theory this week, according to a report. The San Dieguito Union High School District in North County San Diego would be the first in the county to ban the controversial teaching practice, the Times of San Diego reported. Critical race theory focuses on how power structures and institutions impact racial minorities but critics say it can make White men feel like they are oppressors and women and minorities feel like helpless victims. MCAULIFFE DOUBLES DOWN, CALLS YOUNGKIN'S OPPOSITION TO CRITICAL RACE THEORY A ‘RACIST DOG WHISTLE’The new language is supported by the district's interim Superintendent Lucile Lynch. Parent Deborah Harroun in rural Ramona said last month she supports a similar proposal in that school district.
Countries decry 'vaccine nationalism' as poorer nations struggle for access to shots
A medical worker administers a dose of COVID-19 vaccine for a man in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, on Oct. 8. Smaller countries that depend on the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, or COVAX — an international initiative seeking to ensure equitable access to vaccines — have made little progress. COVAX was formed in April 2020 as a way for high-income countries and corporations to pay for vaccine access to the 92 poorest countries. A man receives a COVID-19 vaccination in the village of Summercourt, England, on Sept. 25. (Ariana Drehsler/AFP via Getty Images)While many poorer countries push for access to vaccines, richer countries continue to vaccinate thousands each day.
‘I am for’ a national vaccine mandate: Stanley McChrystal
Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal joins 'Influencers with Andy Serwer' to talk about the fight against COVID-19. STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL: Yeah, I would say the things on that started with communication. This is a nation at war, and these are the things we, this nation at war against COVID, have to do. ANDY SERWER: Does that lend itself to a national vaccine mandate therefore? And common defense doesn't mean just common defense against the British election [INAUDIBLE].
Op-Ed: OK, boomers, you have the time, money and skills to work for the common good
This is the baby boomer cohort, and along with the older “silent generation,” we hold 70% of the nation’s wealth. The United States is facing divisive crises, and older Americans — experienced Americans — owe it to themselves and their kids and grandkids to push the nation in a better direction. We worked hard (maybe too hard — work-life balance was never our specialty), but more work needs to be done now. Here’s one example: Perhaps no legislation in the lifetime of anyone over 60 has been as transformative as the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Akaya Windwood is lead advisor at Third Act, a new effort to organize older Americans.
Column: The U.S. fought the Civil War, then honored its enemies by naming army bases after them. Why?
The last I checked, the Confederate army lost the Civil War. Yet that’s exactly what the United States did. And Ft. Polk in Louisiana, named for Gen. Leonidas Polk. Remember, this wasn’t Mississippi or Alabama honoring Confederate officers — this was the United States of America. As it turns out, several of the Confederate officers in question were not highly respected military leaders.
Op-Ed: We’ll have to sacrifice Joshua trees to save them
Fish and Wildlife Service underestimated these threats in a 2019 assessment, and must reconsider Joshua trees for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Today, Joshua trees are ensnared in a tangle of interlocking threats. In the hotter, drier parts of the Mojave, seedling Joshua trees are already a rare sight. Fighting to save every last Joshua tree will not only be futile; it also risks wasting time, resources, invaluable social capital and political goodwill. Joshua trees are a case study in the tangle of trade-offs we must make to protect biodiversity on a warming planet.
Ask Amy: Unreliable parent leaves guilty legacy
She would cancel at the last minute to see a friend or make it very difficult to set solid plans. Now my kids are teens, and they don’t know her at all. I have always wished for supportive and involved grandparents, but I really don’t know what is normal. The power differential between adult and underage person — or teacher and student — can very easily lead to exploitation. (You can email Amy Dickinson at askamy@amydickinson.com or send a letter to Ask Amy, P.O.
Remembering the Standard Club, which lived large, then passed quietly
My maternal grandfather was a sweatshop worker, and I was born during the Great Depression. Clearly I’ve risen considerably above my family’s humble origins. Yet I romanticize them. It’s a street-corner boy’s way of hanging on to childhood. My buddy Marshall Ansell moved to Sweden and was in charge of acquiring books in Middle Eastern languages for the national library.
Stephen L. Carter: An unexpected reason to support charter schools
Girls (not boys) who attend charter schools are significantly more likely to vote in the first election after they turn 18. By any measure, this should count as an unalloyed (and unexpected) benefit of charter schools. All of these are excellent reasons, for anyone who purports to care about those the nation leaves behind, to support charter schools. Another progressive fear is that the curricula of many charter schools might be taking a decidedly conservative turn. Add it all up, and progressives are running out of sensible reasons to oppose charter schools.
'I was hazed … it still hurts': Hazing victims tell their stories to Wiant, Foltz families
As Shari's son Stone Foltz lay dying in a Toledo hospital bed, she made a promise to him. “It hurts more to know that these stories are out there and that people are a living with this trauma,” Shari Foltz said. BGSU hazing death: What happened to Bowling Green State student Stone Foltz? Shari Foltz, Kathleen Wiant discuss Collin's Law, remember their sons and moreLast month, The Dispatch sat down with Shari Foltz and Kathleen Wiant to talk about what it was like being thrust in the public spotlight, their families’ enduring grief, and the pressure of trying to lobby for a new law. Before Collin's Law, hazing was a fourth-degree misdemeanor, a comparable offense to not paying a speeding ticket.
Flashback: Signs of the times
Seeing an old sign from another era can conjure up nostalgia. It could be a business sign for OTASCO, TG&Y, Katz Drug Store, Safeway — the list could go on and on — that evokes memories and reminds us of our history. Some might be looking for a "sign" of good fortune, but actual signs can offer direction, deliver a message, steer a soul toward faith or announce injustices as they are carried in hand. The Oklahoman has a long history of photographing emblazoned words on billboards, on the side of buildings, on picket and protest signs, on poster boards taped to windows and all sorts of colorful, provocative, flashing and even single-word "STOP" signs. Here are just a few signs from years past.
Gabby Petito died of strangulation. Far too many other women have, too | Moira Donegan
In many cases, a strangulation victim also won’t cooperate with the police because to do so would likely anger the man who strangled her. Gabby Petito was killed by strangulation, according to the Wyoming coroner who examined her body after it was found in Grand Teton national park on 19 September. But medical experts and domestic violence advocates prefer the word strangulation. A large majority of people who are strangled are women; nearly all of those who strangle them are men. Statistically, it is possible that the strangulation that killed Petito was not the first such incident she had experienced.
Russia's Putin says U.S. involvement in Afghanistan led to tragedy
MOSCOW – The United States’ involvement in Afghanistan has led to tragedy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, one week before Russia is due to host the Taliban in Moscow. After the United States and its allies withdrew their troops earlier this year after 20 years on the ground, the Taliban seized power in a lightning advance and the previous government collapsed.
What is ‘Kishidanomics’ and can it live up to the hype?
Heading into the national election, the majority of the Japanese public is concerned with the economic policy of the Kishida administration. What is the nature and prospect of Kishida’s economic policy, or “Kishidanomics”? Keiichi Kaya, a columnist of Newsweek, similarly argues that Kishidanomics is elusive and, in effect, not that different from Abenomics. Meanwhile, Kishida’s economic security ambitions are likely to have a profound effect on Japan’s national security positioning. On the other hand, allowing a heavy-handed ministerial outlet to tackle Japan’s economic downturn will likely be met with suspicion, given its unclear political agenda.
The Teacher Who Changed How We Teach Writing
A friend described his impact this way: “Anyone who remembers a writing teacher who cared about them benefits from Mike’s work.”In 1990, Bill Moyers dedicated an episode of his PBS series “A World of Ideas” to Mike’s teaching. represents a complex, fascinating, almost miraculous set of intellectual and imaginative processes.” Teaching writing can be so much more than underlining grammatical errors. At the time that Mike was writing “Lives on the Boundary,” though, writing instruction and literary studies were barely on speaking terms. Student writing and writing pedagogy were largely ignored in the English department and outsourced to another unit on campus. Once you know to look for it, a critique of that kind of thinking runs throughout Mike’s writing.
Georgia’s University System Takes On Tenure
In a direct challenge to the hallowed tradition of tenure, Georgia’s public university system will now let its colleges’ administrations remove a tenured professor with little to no faculty input. The Board of Regents on Wednesday approved the new policy, which is the only one of its kind in the country, according to the American Association of University Professors. The move is being criticized by many professors, politicians and advocates for academic freedom as a threat to tenure, which is intended to protect faculty from dismissal without just cause, allowing them to develop thoughts or ideas that may be unpopular. “Georgia is a huge outlier now, because that’s the whole point of tenure: it includes due process protections,” said Irene Mulvey, president of the professors’ association, which is threatening to censure the university system. In the fall of 2020, there were more than 5,800 tenured faculty in the entire Georgia university system.
Democrats send heavy hitters to boost McAuliffe, amid anxiety over his race
Democrats send heavy hitters to boost McAuliffe, amid anxiety over his raceAdded: 14.10.2021 1:32 | 30 views | 0 commentsFrom Obama to Abrams to Pelosi, powerful Democrats are mobilizing to help pull McAuliffe over the finish line.
Australia Is Still a ‘Free’ Country, Despite Our Covid Lockdowns - The New York Times
Even as some lockdown restrictions ease, Australians continue to comply with public health orders, which even now enjoy overwhelming public support. Yes, Australia’s lockdowns have seemed interminable to us all. But the reality that eludes the propagandists is that Australia’s extended lockdowns are not a ploy for greater government control, but a failure of it. Delta circulated and lockdowns restarted — yet Australia remains a free country. After all, Australia’s lockdowns, masks and social distancing have kept total nationwide deaths from the virus under 1,500.
Q & Trey: A New Party With The Same Guests
On this episode, Trey discusses the future of congressional committee appointments if a third-party candidate was in power. Later, Trey emphasizes the need to discern and understand the truth by acknowledging the limits of one’s own knowledge. He also gives recommendations for a family trip down to historic Charleston, South Carolina. Follow Trey on Twitter: @TGowdySC
Why Wall Street struggles to define 'socially' responsible investing
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread protests against racial injustice, the "S", or social, part of ESG investing has come under scrutiny. Here's what investors need to know.
'Courageous and necessary work' begins with validating youth experiences in Louisville
Darryl Young Jr.Opinion ContributorIt wasn’t even 7 a.m. when I heard my phone going off while I was in the shower. On the one hand, the despair, anger and heartbreak are palpable as Louisville experiences another bloody and violent year. This space will serve to highlight the courageous and necessary work being done to address the issues that face our young people in Louisville. It is our hope that the words you read in this space will spur you into action that helps create a Louisville that empowers our youth to thrive. Darryl Young Jr. is the executive director of the Coalition Supporting Young Adults
Restorative practice isn't perfect, it should be evaluated and improved upon over time
Hensley's column sought to link "media coverage detailing increasing violence and behavioral problems in (JCPS)" to the adoption of restorative practices and restorative justice. Hensley then used a policy report paid for by the Pittsburg, PA school system and conducted by the RAND policy evaluation group to justify his argument. On page nine, the authors wrote, "restorative practices in schools include many specific program types and do not have a monolithic definition." I was disappointed to see someone with such a rich history in the JCPS district as Hensley misuse the RAND study for what appeared to be his agenda. The RAND study, while a sound policy study, is not academic research.
Ask Amy: She’s not the grandmother I want for my kids
Related Articles Ask Amy: I found out something about my new husband, and I don’t know if I can trust himAsk Amy: I wonder if I should tell her the drawbacks of dating this manAsk Amy: I found out this mom is sneaking around mask rules. Ask Amy: I stay home, and the other moms are annoyed that I won’t take their kidsAsk Amy: My friend’s husband makes me cringe. When I’ve told my mom that I’d like for her to maybe come up with something to do with my kids, she’s just said that she can’t. The power differential between adult and underage person — or teacher and student — can very easily lead to exploitation. You can email Amy Dickinson at askamy@amydickinson.com or send a letter to Ask Amy, P.O.
Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth review – Nigeria unmasked
Wole Soyinka won the Nobel prize for literature in 1986, the first black person to win the award. His two novels, The Interpreters (1965) and Season of Anomy (1973), were less celebrated than his poetry and drama. But nearly 50 years later, we have Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth – written, Soyinka has said, to stave off boredom during the pandemic. Another way is to keep the public in thrall to religion – again, one of those online surveys found Nigeria to be the most religious country on Earth. Chronicles is written in what critics would describe as a “late style”: a bit prolix, often dilatory and anecdotal.
To Counter Russia and China, Make ‘Spheres of Influence’ Great Again
Much like the 1945 Yalta Agreement, a global sphere of influence between the United States, Russia, and China might have similar success for the entire world. U.S. leaders must discard their idealistic misconception of a safe and secure unipolar world in which the United States is universally recognized as the most powerful superpower. A global sphere of influence between the United States, Russia, and China might have similar success for the entire world. Russia and China already have their own spheres of influence, Allison notes, whether U.S. leaders recognize them or not. U.S. leaders continue to believe that the more allies the United States has, the safer and more secure the country is.
Youngkin, McAuliffe target each other with false attack ads
Tyler Arnold, the Center Square reporter, did not respond to queries over two days about whether he received the numbers from the Youngkin campaign. But when The Fact Checker first asked the campaign about the ad, we received some quick math: McAuliffe’s policy proposals would cost $16.6 billion over four years, according to the report, so that would be about $5,400 per household, assuming 3,100,000 households. (That is actually $1,350 per year. Neither the article nor the ad make clear that they are referencing a four-year figure.)
Ask Amy: Adult daughter feels heavy burden of trying to connect with unreliable mom
Once I went to college, I was no longer invited home, and this continued even after I was married. She would cancel at the last minute to see a friend or make it very difficult to set solid plans. One way to find the connection you’ve yearned for since childhood is to continue to nurture this connection with your own children. The power differential between adult and underage person – or teacher and student – can very easily lead to exploitation. You can email Amy Dickinson at askamy@amydickinson.com or send a letter to Ask Amy, P.O.
Clouds darken over Ajay Mishra Teni
The team comprises senior journalists with wide-ranging interests who debate and opine on the news and issues of the day. LESS ... MOREYesterday did not just see FM Nirmala Sitharaman call the Lakhimpur Kheri violence “absolutely condemnable”, becoming the first of Ajay Mishra Teni’s ministerial colleagues to do so. While Pathak only visited the families of BJP worker Shubam Mishra and Teni’s driver Hari Om Mishra, he is the first senior BJP leader to do so — albeit ten days after the incident. Even on the police front, after Teni’s son Ashish appeared to be treated with kids’ gloves in the early days, the investigation seems to be proceeding as per norms. Read also: Gandhis, Azad, others meet President, seek Teni’s dismissalRead also: Lakhimpur Kheri violence ‘absolutely condemnable’: SitharamanRead: Will quit if there is any evidence against my son, says Union minister Ajay Mishra TeniFacebook Twitter Linkedin Email
Trump Tweet-Shriek's His 2024 Campaign Theme: America is 'No Longer Great' and is 'Going to Hell'
He just unleashed a new flurry of disjointed sentence fragments that pass for the "intellectual" commentary of "stable genius" Donald Trump. Trump is still disgorging ludicrous assertions that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged" and that he will be reinstated before 2024. In context Woodward said that..."What's going on now really is an iron curtain of obedience to Trump. x "What's going on now really is an iron curtain of obedience to Trump. So now Trump's 2024 campaign theme is focused on the denial of American "greatness" and that the nation is "going to hell!"
Peter Navarro calls Dr. Fauci “the most evil man on the planet”.
ThePeter Navarro, Trump’s nominal trade advisor, claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci has not done a good job in managing the COVID pandemic. In an interview with South Dakota radio host Greg Delfrage, he said of Dr. Fauci,“He’s truly evil. Navarro alleged Fauci had said travel bans wouldn’t contain the virus. If the “In Trump Time” book succeeds, Fauci will be gone by Christmas — the Christmas that Fauci doesn’t want us to have. Also channeling Trump, Navarro, an economist by training, professed expertise in medicine — and was often at loggerheads with actual experts, like Fauci.
IL-Sen: Sen. Duckworth (D) Keeps Up The Pressure On Biden To Replace The USPS Board Of Governors
Senator Tammy Duckworth’s (D. IL) re-election campaign:Recently, Trump’s hand-picked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy implemented new rules cutting back first-class delivery times and reducing USPS hours across the country. Millions of Americans rely on the USPS every day, and DeJoy’s attempts to gut its service put Veterans and seniors at risk of not receiving life-saving medications on time. They put families at risk of missing paychecks, bills, credit card payments and court notices. The USPS Board of Governors let DeJoy gut our postal service, so we need to replace DeJoy’s enablers as well. If you agree, please:Add your name here to join me in calling on President Biden to replace the USPS Board of Governors in order to build back public trust and restore reliable service.
What is the point of having a Democratic party if it does not respect the will of the people?
Why do Manchin and Sinema not cave? Why won’t Schumer and Biden make them cave? I feel Obama gave up on the whole political system years ago. I feel as though Obama could not do any better than he did. Now Biden is dealing with the most difficult crises beyond FDR, LBJ, JFK, RFK, MLK, and Obama.
explaining his latest behavior
Gov Abbott’s latest forays into border stunts, banning mask mandates, trying to keep companies from enforcing federal vaccination mandates, effectively banning abortions, etc. The fore-runners are:Allen West: The carpetbagger most recently the GOP state chair. His platform includes abolishing property taxes over 10 years. For those outside of the Lone Star State, we have property taxes, sales taxes, and corporate taxes here. Property taxes have been growing far faster than the cost of living.
Never Mind Vaccines, 'Red' State Profs Fight for Masking at Universities: 'BradCast' 10
If you work at a "red" state university, however, the story is very different. We've all seen endless videos of furious parents at local school board meetings, threatening school officials if they dare institute mask mandates to help keep teachers and children -- and their furious parents -- safe. Brian Kemp said he didn't want any mask mandates." The Governor, of course, has banned mask mandates around the state." As an expert in rhetoric, I asked about the irony of Republicans opposing mandates by instituting mandates against mandates.
Blunt Suggestions for Healthcare Pros Concerning Vaxing and Masking Opponents: A Novel Idea
Too many have decided not to be vaccinated and/or to wear masks. This only pertains to those who refuse to be vaccinated AND choose not to wear masks. Some who cannot receive the shot(s) have health issues which prevent vaccination, but they can still wear mask. Finally, how fair is it that we who are vaccinated and still wear masks must encounter those who do not? Get vaccinated and wear a mask, or at least wear a mask.
With no explanation, circuit judge hires clerk accused of texting she hates Black people
Whitmire also spent much of his column rightfully criticizing the judge for refusing to explain his hiring decision. He said it’s quite possible the alleged text message was nothing more than a youthful transgression that hardly represents who Clanton is now. “They are launchpads for legal careers—shortcuts into ivory tower law firms, stepping stones that can lead to the bench itself one day. The Supreme Court he would sit on has ruled oppositely. RELATED: Trump’s apparent first choices for associate justices on the Supreme Court are unfit to serve
Is healthcare a human right? Republican says what you'd expect...gets skewered
Democrat Annette Hyde has taken a bold stand to support the proposition that healthcare is a human right. Doesn’t any decent caring person believe that another human being has not only the right to receive healthcare, but the duty to provide it to the extent that they can? But if you’re out of the womb and you need to defend yourself against a virus, well...no right of self-defense for you! The gummit, however, sees it otherwise: while there is nothing in the Constitution that declares that Americans have a right to healthcare, states may declare such rights. State constitutions may provide constitutional rights that are more expansive than those found under the federal Constitution since federal rights set the minimum standards for the states.
Morning Open Thread: Washington D.C. Jihadists: There be Lions
Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursday’s Morning Open Thread. pic.twitter.com/FQNKo8vfRs — Madison Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) October 3, 2021Congressman Cawthorne's histrionic, clarion call was laser-focused on white Christian evangelicals. Posing as a champion of the Christian faith, and cloaking himself in the aura and lingo of Christianity, Cawthorne's hate speech is heretical. Appallingly, white Christian evangelical leaders have repeatedly, overtly or tacitly, endorsed Trumpism; ostensibly, to gain proximity to political power and its accoutrements. Thus, leading one to wonder if the violent wing of white supremacy, has morphed into the "militant arm" of white Christian evangelicals.
previous guy's "assertion of executive privilege is not in the best interests of the United States."
We're feeling prescient: A key sentence from our Betsy Woodruff Swan's: "One person familiar with the negotiations between the select committee and White House said to expect Biden’s team to err on the side of disclosure given the gravity of the Jan. 6 attack.”
Police are howling about vaccine mandates ... as they die of COVID-19 by the hundreds
The threat that an officer might be killed by an armed suspect is used to justify police violence against civilians—including unarmed ones—all the time. And that’s exactly the opposite of what’s happening right now.”Instead, the Los Angeles County sheriff won't enforce a county vaccine mandate. San Jose, California, caved to police whining and allowed unvaccinated officers to stay on through the end of the year. (There are around 1,500 uniformed state police in Massachusetts, so dozens might still be less than 2%.) Local government leaders tell the Times that officers have leverage because there are a lot of job openings and not a lot of applicants.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: He thought a gun was all the protection he needed
Can’t equally protect against them all, so it’s all a guess by vaccine makers about which strain will be most prevalent.) As noted in the story I linked to, he might have even contracted COVID-19 before he got that shot. 2) I carry a gun “for the same reason”3) Good luck using that gun to keep yourself safe from COVID-10. (Though to be fair, gun ownership does not keep you safe and secure, so maybe that’s what he meant?) I promise, that mask would amazingly work better than a gun.
President Joe Biden's Nuclear Weapons Policy
When running for president, Joe Biden said that he would reduce the role that nuclear weapons play in our security. In terms of security, we really need to think about the nuclear triad, with an emphasis on ICBM's (intercontinental ballistic missiles). The only way to be truly safe from the threat of nuclear weapons is to eliminate them altogether, as suggested by William Hartung in his story "Roll Back Nuclear Modernization Programs Mr. President." In the long term, we must begin the urgently needed process of reducing the role of nuclear weapons in our country and the world.
Article: "Make everyone a weapon": U.S. empire intensifies propaganda war
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. In the era of Washington's hybrid asymmetrical war against China, anti-communist propaganda has expanded into the realm of "humanitarian"-atrocity propaganda, where China and all of its adjacent governments are perpetually accused of outrageous human rights violations. The last decade's Syria regime-change propaganda campaign, where an unprecedentedly complex campaign of NGO "humanitarian" messaging, scripted child-refugee statements, award-winning anti-Assad films, and chemical-attack media hoaxes has painted Assad as a monster. And the harassment, demonization, and marginalization that communists experience is a deliberately considered part of this propaganda campaign. The US-led NATO military cartel has tested novel modes of hybrid warfare against its self-declared adversaries, including economic warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, and psychological warfare.
Article: "The US Army in Iraq only protects their own bases"--Iraqi journalist
Because, the new election law may cause disputes and any political disputes in Iraq threatens the democracy that the US brought to Iraq, and adopted. SS: Will the new Iraqi parliament have a role in fighting corruption and improving the economic situation in the country? Security in Iraq is the responsibility of the neighboring countries, the responsibility of America, and the responsibility of Iraq. MA: The role of the US army in maintaining the internal security of Iraq is almost non-existent. SS: Iraqi Kurds met in Erbil with a number of the Israeli occupation entity.
Memphis, Tennessee murder-suicide leaves three postal workers dead
US Postal Service vehicles sit in a parking lot of a facility where authorities said a postal employee fatally shot two workers before dying from a self-inflicted gunshot Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021 in Memphis, Tenn. (AP Photo/Adrian Sainz)Two US Postal Service (USPS) workers were killed Tuesday in Memphis, Tennessee after a third postal worker opened fire on them. The FBI and the US Postal Inspection Service are investigating, along with city authorities and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Exacerbating the already brutal conditions of these workers is the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 10,000 postal workers infected and at least 83 having lost their lives as of late last year. In addition, ProPublica, analyzing US Labor Department data, found that postal workers, while representing only a fifth of the federal workforce, suffered about half of all federal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2019. On a national level, there have been a total 35,040 instances of gun violence from all causes this year, according to Gun Violence Archive.
Tennessee educators give full support to October 15 global school strike
The Tennessee Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee stands in solidarity with parents, educators, and all workers striking on October 15 against unsafe conditions in schools in the United Kingdom and globally due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Individual school districts are left to make their own decisions about what protections, if any, will be made available in schools to protect children, teachers, support personnel, and bus drivers. Federal judges have ruled in favor of mask mandates in schools, but only the largest school districts have brought these cases to court. The October 1 and October 15 school strikes are setting the standard for rank-and-file action against the murderous policies of the elites globally. The Tennessee Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee fully supports the October 15 global school strike.
Turkish educators and students support October 15 global school strike to stop spread of COVID-19
The Rank-and-File Committee for Safe Education in Turkey fully supports the October 15 global school strike call by British parent Lisa Diaz. We call on educators, parents and students to join this strike and send messages of support against the continuation of in-person education in unsafe schools during the pandemic. Lisa, a mother of two and a member of the SafeEdForAll group, called for her first parents strike on October 1. The Rank-and-File Committee for Safe Education, composed of educators, parents and students, advocates the only scientific strategy against the pandemic: global eradication. We call on all educators, parents and students who agree with this perspective to join the global school strike on October 15 and join us in the fight for an eradication strategy.
Rep. John Katko: Supply chain crisis is a national security problem
House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member John Katko (R-NY) is warning that the supply chain could have graver repercussions than delayed delivery of gifts for the holidays, arguing it could have national security implications. John Katko said the supply chains prove the United States needs to be self-reliant in producing items like medicine and personal protective equipment during emergency situations. AP“We had to have air shipments of personal protective equipment sent in from other countries because we didn’t have that. What they did is they stopped the Keystone Pipeline, which is a big source of oil and energy independence for us, and that’s supply chain, obviously. If you think the supply chain is a problem now wait to see what happens if they decide to raise taxes like they’re contemplating.”
Lowry: The war on gifted and talented school programs
Gifted students have to check their privilege and get over themselves. It doesn’t matter how poor their families may be. Mayor Bill de Blasio just moved to significantly crimp the city’s gifted programs, disproportionately utilized by white and Asian American kids, in a sop to racialist bean-counters. De Blasio wants to end an exam to identify gifted kids among rising kindergartners. By all means, school districts should take steps to ensure they are identifying gifted students from all sorts of backgrounds.
Ask Amy: Unreliable parent leaves guilty legacy
As the retired head of Health Education of a large urban capitol city school system in the United States and with more than three decades of teaching in my resume, I can unequivocally agree with your advice to Bystander, who posed the question about their role in reporting what might prove to be a serious, life-changing criminal act.
Markowitz: Mass. can rebuild both environment & economy
Investing in “nature-based” solutions — such as restoring wetlands and removing inactive dams to reduce the risk of flooding — would deliver among the best returns. Every $1 million spent on nature-based solutions creates the equivalent of 12.5 full-time jobs, according to the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration. The American Rescue Plan Act has given Massachusetts a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect our environment, boost our economy and make our society more just and equitable. By investing in nature-based solutions, our leaders can work toward all three of these critical goals at the same time. Deb Markowitz is Massachusetts state director for The Nature Conservancy.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope
It does not matter that you have a few enemies because you also have a lot of friends. Don’t be afraid to call in a favor or two today, because the more you get others behind you the less likely it is your rivals will try to take liberties.
Victor Davis Hanson predicts full 'reckoning' in midterms: Biden will face a 'grassroots revolution'
President Biden's controversial vaccine mandates and far-left policies are corroding U.S. institutions – and it won't bode well for him in the midterm elections, historian Victor Davis Hanson said Wednesday. "There’s going to be a reckoning" Hanson told "Tucker Carlson Tonight." CANDACE OWENS SCOLDS BIDEN OVER VACCINE MANDATE: ‘PENDING DISASTER’Hanson was asked about Biden's vaccine mandate during his appearance Thursday. Carlson said the mandate is expected to render inoperable U.S. hospitals, airlines, police departments, fire departments, and other long-term care facilities. "We have been asleep and they have filtered into all these institutions with this agenda we don’t want, and it doesn’t work."
MIT cancels speech by University of Chicago professor following backlash
A University of Chicago geophysics professor who was scheduled to deliver a prestigious lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will instead give his talk online under the auspices of Princeton University after MIT cancelled the lecture following a backlash against his political views. Abbot also wrote about a conservative Christian student at the university who, according to Abbot, was routinely mocked and ostracized because of his religious beliefs. But in 2014, the University of Chicago adopted a policy that protects the right of students and faculty to engage in speech deemed “offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed,” without fear of reprisal. AdvertisementIn early 2020, Abbot was chosen to give the Carlson Lecture at MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS). The program has set up a Zoom lecture hall where Abbot will give the same speech he was to deliver at MIT, on the same day, Oct. 21.
LETTER: Biden wants to throw more money away on Afghanistan
U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to the 10th Mountain Division stand security at Hamid Karzai International Airport, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. Soldiers and Marines are assisting the Department of State with an orderly drawdown of designated personnel in Afghanistan. The Taliban went back on their word and recently told the U.S. government that they would not help us track terrorists in Afghanistan. So why would we believe that the millions of dollars we send is ever going to make it to the poor and needy citizens in Afghanistan? The money will end up in the hands of the Taliban and will make this terrorist organization only more powerful.
LETTER: Death Row inmates have stories, too
The holding cell, or "last night cell" where the inmate is kept before the execution. (Nevada Department of Corrections)When I read “Where is justice for families?” by the Review-Journal’s David Ferrara on Sunday, I hoped against hope for a balanced study of Nevada’s death row community. Sadly, it focused only on the victim’s families, not on the other families impacted by capital punishment, the inmate’s families. I had the honor of attending a funeral for a man killed in Florida’s Old Sparky death machine. My mother, who served the death row population through correspondence as a Christian ministry, was his last phone call.
EDITORIAL: Children have very little risk of COVID complications
The numbers reveal a host of information regarding the virus and children and the importance of vaccinations and boosters. On the latter, data from Seattle confirm that the unvaccinated have a much higher chance than the vaccinated of ending up in a hospital bed thanks to COVID. As for kids, the Seattle numbers show that they are at extremely low risk of suffering complications from COVID-19. “COVID is a threat to children. They’re not foolproof — nothing is — but they’re the best means of lowering risk for our most vulnerable population.
Grandmother gets 50 years to life in murder of son-in-law
The attack started on the back patio of the family's large home in the gated Peppertree Park community in Fallbrook. At one point, likely during one of the two times the slow-moving Cdebaca went to her car to get more bullets, a wounded Estaquio crawled from the patio into the kitchen, locking the door behind him.
Opinion: Alabama's use of Covid relief funds to build prisons must be stopped
Covid relief funds should be spent to hire and pay health workers, expand hospital facilities and beds to care for critically ill patients, support public health campaigns to increase vaccination rates and much more. Using federal relief dollars to build prisons sets a dangerous precedent, enabling, even encouraging, other states to follow suit. In Galveston County, Texas, county commissioners are spending $6.6 million in Covid relief funds for security on the US-Mexico border wall. In Wyoming, one GOP lawmaker suggested using the funds to push back against President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for businesses. This includes human rights abuses inflicted on the largely Black prison population.
Interior Department Welcomes New Biden-Harris Appointees
“The Interior Department is hard at work turning President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda into reality. Wizipan Little Elk, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Indian AffairsWizipan Little Elk is a citizen of the Sicangu Oyate (Rosebud Sioux Tribe). Wizipan’s previous experience includes serving within the Sicangu Oyate government and at the Interior Department as deputy chief of staff to the Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs. He previously served for seven years as a natural resources law and policy advisor at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resources recreation planning and management, master’s degrees in environmental studies and environmental law, and a Juris Doctor.
Trump's use of executive privilege will test congressional power to enforce subpoenas
The committee is seeking records from the Trump White House and testimony from former administration officials. Trump notified the National Archives, which maintains the documents, that he formally asserts executive privilege. However, the courts have never clarified the exact nature of a former president's ability to assert executive privilege. However, no criminal charges have ever been filed when an assertion of executive privilege is involved, according to legal scholars. And since at least 1984, it has determined that the criminal contempt of Congress law cannot constitutionally be applied to a presidential claim of executive privilege.
Chicago police union leader pushing a ‘21 century blue flu’
Last year, COVID-19 was the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers nationwide. It looks like someone who is not at all interested in what is best for Chicago and its residents. Don Anderson, Oak ParkLet clearer heads prevailThe last thing Chicago needs is a depleted police force. This kind of a standoff between two old rivals — the mayor and the FOP — is something the people of Chicago do not deserve. More than 700 police officers nationwide have died from the virus so far.
Positivity can be POISONOUS: So says author KATE BOWLER in a provocative new book
There is a little catchphrase that people began using to describe that approach to mastering your own destiny: Your Best Life Now. ‘I’m living my best life now’ became the shorthand for the feeling that you were winning in the game of life. Despite the hype of prosperity from preachers and the self-help industry, we cannot will our way into our ‘best life now’. But instead of nostalgia, we must accept there is no mythical ‘best life now’ to return to or rush towards. So can we demolish the Good Vibes Only mentality?
How Mark Zuckerberg helped Dems sway the 2020 election
The 2020 election wasn’t stolen — but it could have been paid for. Mark Zuckerberg’s millions bought lefty activists access to local election offices, allowing them to organize massive get-out-the-vote efforts in Democrat-dominated cities from the inside. US cities and counties shouldn’t be outsourcing election administration to partisans. It is worth reiterating that the election wasn’t stolen. But private partisans shouldn’t be allowed to do the job of local election boards.
Facts about Zuck Bucks: How he helped swing the electorate in 2020
Rigged by Mollie Hemingway book coverHow the “nonpartisan” Center for Tech and Civic Life helped sway the election for Democrats, according to ­Mollie Hemingway’s book “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, aand the Democrats Seized Our Elections.”
The slippery slope of the GOP’s anti-vaccine-mandate push
From there, there’s a valid question about how much this truly reflects on all vaccines, and how much it’s coronavirus-specific. Suddenly there is a vaccine for an infectious disease that Republicans are less certain about, and even less in favor of mandating. It’s possible some of those who are suddenly opposed to childhood vaccine mandates are merely hearing this question and thinking about the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, they say broadly that they don’t think such vaccines should be mandated, because they don’t think one of them should be mandated — even if they think others like the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine should remain mandatory.
Civil rights activist, historian Timuel Black dies at 102
“My mother and father were children of former slaves, my great-grandparents, products of the Emancipation Proclamation,” Black told the newspaper when he was 100. “They fled the South for better opportunities — education, jobs, housing, the right to vote,” Black once said. “Timuel Black has been an anchor in the most consequential struggles for racial, social and economic justice of our times,” the Chicago Teachers Union said in a release Wednesday. “For generations, he marshalled his voice, his wisdom, his humanity and his tireless activism to support movements that ranged from the struggle for voting rights for Black and Brown people." This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.
Civil rights activist, historian Timuel Black dies at 102
“My mother and father were children of former slaves, my great-grandparents, products of the Emancipation Proclamation,” Black told the newspaper when he was 100. “I came up in a time when African American men — women, too — were being lynched, the racial segregation so terrible, people were fleeing to escape the terrorism.”He was considered an authority on the migration of southern Blacks to the northern cities. “They fled the South for better opportunities — education, jobs, housing, the right to vote,” Black once said. “Timuel Black has been an anchor in the most consequential struggles for racial, social and economic justice of our times,” the Chicago Teachers Union said in a release Wednesday. “For generations, he marshalled his voice, his wisdom, his humanity and his tireless activism to support movements that ranged from the struggle for voting rights for Black and Brown people."
Today in History for October 14th
Today in History for October 14thHighlights of this day in history: Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier; Britain's Battle of Hastings takes place; Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize; Former President Theodore Roosevelt shot; Singer Bing Crosby dies.
Parents are sick of critical-theory apologists’ lies
But these semantics are useless to parents concerned that their children are being taught nonsense. Parents reject most of this package of ideas not because they are bigots or too complacent in suburbia, but because they believe it is wrong. Many of the ideas about racism taught in schools comes from activists like Ibram X. Kendi. For example, it is undeniably true that slavery once existed in the United States. They want an honest, fair and reasonably apolitical ­curriculum that depicts the United States as it was and is, warts and all.
Opinion | What if You Had Abortion Pills in Your Medicine Cabinet?
The rule places an especially great burden on low-income women, who may struggle to get to an abortion clinic, and those in areas with limited access to abortion providers. And though a few states — South Carolina, Oklahoma, Idaho and Nevada — explicitly criminalize self-managed abortion, Texas does not outlaw terminating one’s own pregnancy, and S.B. 8 exempts abortion patients in the state from being sued. Indeed, some reproductive rights experts argue that not only can American health care providers follow her lead and prescribe abortion pills in advance — they have a responsibility to do so. Doing so would be just one way of helping patients access care, but it could be significant.
Council member Trayon White Sr. is planning to run for D.C. mayor
He has also occasionally echoed the language of conspiracy theorists who cast doubt on the safety of vaccines. He was the only member to vote against a coronavirus vaccination requirement for the council and its staff, saying that he opposes “the government mandating what people do with their bodies.” He was also the most vocal opponent of a law passed last year to allow teenagers to consent to routine childhood vaccinations on their own without parental approval if a doctor deems them competent to make the choice for themselves, asserting parents had a right to direct the care of their children.
This One Basic Mistake Is Blowing Up Biden’s Presidency
“It gets late early out here.” Just nine months into his presidency, Joe Biden’s support is collapsing. It should come as no surprise, especially when you consider the policies that have dominated the headlines these last few months. Sagging approval numbers aside, Biden is running neck and neck with Trump when it comes to one group of voters. Bad things happen in a fallen world, and presidents can’t fairly be blamed for all of it. Biden’s campaign promise was to be a competent uniter who calmed things down.
60% Navy forces in Indo-Pacific region now: US Navy chief
US Naval Chief of Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday, on Tuesday kicked off his 5-day visit to India by meeting his Indian counterpart Admiral Karambir Singh, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and other senior government officials. Gilday’s trip comes amid the second phase of the Malabar exercise – being held in the Bay of Bengal among navies of India, US, Japan and Australia. Given the importance of the region, 60 per cent of US Navy’s forces are now in the Indo-Pacific, he said. India and US have a long healthy positive relationship,” Gilday said. “Our navies continue cooperation in the Indo-Pacific to sustain an inclusive and free and open rules-based order, that’s actually the cornerstone of peaceful and secure Indo-Pacific.”
Dems chasing nutsy left activists instead of voters is a recipe for loss
Things like: Democrats should talk about popular things and not talk about unpopular things to win elections. They should promise to do things people want, rather than things people don’t seem to care that much about. The thing is, liberals are beginning to realize they need to hear these unbelievably obvious truisms. Shor says Democrats need to ask themselves why it is that they are losing support with working-class, non-college-educated African Americans and Latinos. His fellow Democrats don’t like the question.
Opinion : Too many Republicans misunderstand Reagan’s legacy
That love for people is probably why his most moving speeches focused on the virtues of the American people itself. Reagan’s first inaugural address spoke of everyday Americans as “heroes” for their devotion to their families and their quiet patriotism. He also praised Americans for their compassion, asking “How can we love our country and not love our countrymen, and loving them, reach out a hand when they fall, heal them when they are sick, and provide opportunities to make them self-sufficient so they will be equal in fact and not just in theory?” Zombie Reaganites always leave this part of the Gipper’s soul out of their formulaic depiction.
Opinion : When inflation hits the dollar stores, that’s a big problem
For Americans who are less well-off and depend on discount stores such as the Dollar Tree, though, rising prices do immediate damage. That’s why it’s unfathomable that President Biden and progressive Democrats contemplated an inflation-stoking $3.5 trillion social spending plan (does anyone other than the president believe it would cost “nothing”?) that was largely intended to help the very same Americans who would most suffer from its inflationary effect.
Opinion : The foolish GOP grandstanding against vaccine mandates
Closing the gap — getting vaccines to those who are willing and as many of the wavering as possible — is key to ending the pandemic. With a contagious variant still circulating, a high percentage of people must gain immunity, either through infection or through vaccines, to slow and halt virus transmission. Mr. Biden has left the door open for people to choose regular testing as an alternative. No campaign of mandates is going to be foolproof or easy; many businesses are worried about losing employees in a tight labor market. But that disruption is far less costly than would be another pandemic wave of covid.
Opinion : Furious parents at school board meetings have a right to speak. We should listen to them.
School closures are always difficult, disruptive by nature. And no matter how dismal a school’s performance, many parents and students fight ferociously to keep their schools open. The parents who came out that night were mostly working people, primarily Black and brown. Facing the loss of a community, uncertainty about the safety of their kids, insecurity about what lay ahead given a dearth of quality alternatives, they let us know, loud and clear, that they would do whatever they could to get the members of the PCSB to change our minds.
Opinion : Why sliding back into autocracy won’t solve Tunisia’s problems
But apologists for Saied’s moves are wrong to believe that a return to strongman rule could ever be the answer to Tunisia’s problems. Dictatorship did not serve us in the era of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and it will not serve us today. What Tunisia needs is to erect the real pillars required to strengthen its hard-won democracy — most urgently, the creation of a constitutional court and the implementation of transitional justice.
Kudlow: Biden should thank companies, not snark at them
Because during his White House meeting today, he still snarked at the private sector:Joe Biden, Wednesday: Direct all appropriate action at the private sector doesn't step up. President Biden should be thanking these great companies. So at the White House meeting today, besides the big companies going 24/7, the Longshoreman and Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced its members are willing to work extra shifts. Again, while Mr. Biden snarks at our private sector businesses, they are sending their own trucks and planes to help get the job done. So, what we have here, is a beginning, that looks like a government-private sector partnership -- even with Biden's snark.
Letters: Military budget | COVID policy | Facebook addiction | Ignorance on display | Back up talk | Biden’s economics
Congress must slashbloated military budgetThe U.S. nuclear weapons and military budgets increased dramatically under Donald Trump and sickeningly, will increase again under Joe Biden. The United States continues to push the envelope in promoting the development of new nuclear weapons, a pivotal one right here in the Bay Area at Livermore Lab – the W87-1 Warhead. We don’t need these nuclear weapons, we don’t have money for these weapons, and we don’t want the cancer this research causes. Stripping rights away from the younger generation so the older generation feels safer isn’t proper stewardship. Todesco seems to suggest that those who might disagree with him politically must literally hate America, hate families, hate freedom, and hate all that’s good and decent in the world.
Letters: Clean energy | Price on pollution | Voters’ work | Controlling PG&E | Vaccine mandate | Patient privacy | Build back better
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) must promote solar energy, not side with the utilities. Let’s face it: Cracking down on PG&E is one thing, but the CPUC also regulates transportation, telecommunications and water in California. Brindha Bavan, Hayley Miller, Susan Lang, Serena Liu and Brent Monseur, applaud the California Legislature on passing AB 1184, which protects the privacy of individuals seeking sensitive health care services. We watched patients forgo health care services, delay care or pay out of pocket due to a fear of personal health information being shared against their will. Californians are proud that we continue to be leaders in reproductive health care and hope that other states follow suit.
A Capitol riot defendant accused of smoking weed in a senator's office admitted to 2 additional felonies while representing himself
A Capitol riot defendant chose to represent himself in a bond hearing, despite the judge's warnings. A federal judge in return, denied Fellow's request to reconsider his detention status. Fellows told the court that he had spent two weeks studying in DC Jail's law library and felt confident in his "maverick decisions," CBS affiliate WUSA reported. Fellows told the court that his public defender told him doing so is illegal and would land him in jail for even longer. The Judge McFadden denied Fellows' request to reconsider his status, and ordered him back to DC jail.
Mobile To Top Direct Mail Ad Dollars in Local Media
Up until next year, direct mail advertising will have attracted the lion’s share of local ad budgets. But those days appear to be gone forever, according to BIA/Kelsey’s 2022 local media expenditures forecast.
Donald Trump Has An Election Take That Democrats Would Probably Support
Donald Trump has a take on upcoming elections that will likely get more support from Democrats than Republicans. “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. The same fabricated claims of fraud arguably depressed GOP turnout in the Georgia runoffs and helped Democrats win the Senate. For once, I completely support President Trump https://t.co/i3Xo2eqFtw — Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) October 13, 2021Don’t threaten me with a good time https://t.co/1PFuiqUVhV — Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) October 13, 2021An interesting strategic challenge for the Republican Party. https://t.co/eVYJawvFnW — Damon Linker (@DamonLinker) October 13, 2021"Presidential Election Fraud of 2020" doesn't exist.
True activism is protecting public health — not whatever Kyrie Irving is doing
For one, anti-vaxxers and others who oppose vaccine mandates have talked a lot over the past year. Unfortunately, Irving’s opposition to vaccine mandates is in fact anti-science. Businesses and municipalities that impose vaccine mandates are acting in accordance with science. If Irving opposes vaccine mandates, it literally is an anti-science view. That’s true activism — not whatever Kyrie Irving is doing.
As your home heating bill goes up — and it will — don’t blame renewable energy
No sooner did the Illinois Legislature pass an important bill this fall to boost clean energy than another worry cropped up: soaring natural gas prices. In the city, which is served by Peoples Gas, prices might go up even more. Natural gas prices in the United States already have climbed rapidly this month, reaching a 13-year high last week. Already, 30% of the people in Chicago can’t afford to pay their gas bills, according to the Citizens Utility Board. Higher natural gas prices also translate into higher electricity prices, because gas is used to generate some of the electricity Illinoisans use.
City Hall veteran Rosa Escareno tapped as interim parks chief
The board of the scandal-ridden Chicago Park Department has tapped a popular City Hall veteran to take the helm amid sexual misconduct investigations until a permanent replacement for ousted CEO Michael Kelly is named. Kelly, 50, was forced out over the weekend for his role in mishandling that investigation, ending his decade-long career at the park district and becoming one of about 40 employees disciplined in the ongoing probe. Escareno vowed to “support the ongoing progress and improvement of what needs to be done at the parks right now. Michael Scott Jr. (24th), who worked his way up the ranks at the Chicago Park District, has made it known that he wants the job. His father and namesake was an all-purpose troubleshooter for former Mayor Richard M. Daley and once served as Park Board president.
Witness in gang leader’s federal trial testifies about notorious hit on Rudy ‘Kato’ Rangel
Much has changed since then, however. For one, Spann, 44, is now standing trial on federal racketeering charges, rather than a simple murder count in state court. The Rangel killing is just one piece of an extensive indictment that places him at the head of the Four Corner Hustlers, which prosecutors say controlled the West Side drug trade by robbing competitors, killing rivals and terrorizing the community.
Op-ed: Teachers and police officers, two noble professions, are in a crisis
Unfortunately, these two professions are suffering from a lack of respect, support and admiration. According to a report by the Learning Policy Institute, for the first time ever the demand for teachers exceeded the supply for K-12 in public education in 2019. This is not new in urban schools, where the need for teachers is great and turnover is high. This shortage is now being felt in areas of the country that typically don’t experience shortages. A report by the Alliance for Excellent Education says 40% to 50% of teachers leave the profession within five years.
Rethink plan to end city's gifted program
To progressives, gifted programs exemplify social injustice. Of New York's one million public elementary school students, these programs serve only 16,000 — three-quarters of them white or Asian American, even though 70% of the city’s public school students are Black or Latino. Many Black and Latino parents whose kids are currently in gifted programs also fear losing valuable opportunities. Adams says he wants to expand the gifted and talented program to make it more accessible in Black and Latino communities instead of eliminating it. Some aspects of the program, particularly the sorting of children into "gifted and talented" tracks at an early age, definitely warrant rethinking.
Dems consider new immigration plan for domestic policy bill
WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats may propose that the government exercise its existing parole power to let migrants stay temporarily in the United States, aides and advocates said Wednesday, in the party's latest attempt to use its expansive domestic policy bill to help millions of immigrants. The massive legislation has been bogged down for months amid internal fights over the measure's ultimate price tag and the initiatives it will include. Giving immigrants without permanent status a way to earn that legal protection plus an opportunity for citizenship has been a top-tier priority for progressive and Latino lawmakers. The latest idea would fall short of that goal. The language was described by an immigration advocate who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal planning.
Supreme Court justice denies police claim of drunk driving
A Supreme Court (SCJN) justice was detained in Coahuila on Saturday for driving under the influence of alcohol, but the judge denies he was intoxicated. In a statement issued by the SCJN on Tuesday, Laynez said he never accepted nor will he accept that he was driving in a state of inebriation. He also said he didn’t have the opportunity to prove his sobriety, and wasn’t told why he had been detained. And despite their express request, they were denied a receipt or proof of payment,” the justice said. However, these operations must be subjected to strict standards that avoid corruption and respect citizens’ human rights,” Laynez said.
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains
Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remainsXINJIANG, China (AP) — The razor wire that once ringed public buildings in China’s far northwestern Xinjiang region is nearly all gone. It’s seen deep in the countryside, where Han Chinese officials run villages. It’s hard to know why Chinese authorities have shifted to subtler methods of controlling the region. Within Xinjiang, Han Chinese and Uyghurs live side by side, an unspoken but palpable gulf between them. Xinjiang officials say they aren’t forcing atheism on the Uyghurs, but rather defending freedom of belief against creeping extremism .
‘Dopesick’ Uses Drama, and Michael Keaton, to Give the Opioid Crisis a Human Face
Or you can watch “Succession.”Unlike that HBO show, Hulu’s new eight-part series “Dopesick” doesn’t offer laughs at the outlandish behavior of its titans of industry. But the bigger distinction is that “Dopesick,” while a scripted drama, is about a real-life family’s alleged role in creating one of the biggest public health catastrophes in American history: the opioid crisis. OxyContin’s introduction is now viewed as the start of the opioid epidemic, which has killed more than 500,000 people nationwide and addicted millions more. The Sacklers say they bear no responsibility for the crisis and are likely never to face trial, owing to the sweeping protections built into a bankruptcy settlement that dissolved Purdue Pharma last month. That settlement made the timing of the new series all the more important to its producers.
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warns
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warnsAdded: 22.04.2020 14:14 | 14 views | 0 commentsFamines of "biblical proportions" are becoming a serious risk as the coronavirus crisis threatens to double the number of people nearing starvation, a U.N. body has warned.
ex-Ronald Reagan aide says Biden must be allowed to 'continue to fail' so party 'diminish'
ex-Ronald Reagan aide says Biden must be allowed to 'continue to fail' so party 'diminish'Added: 13.10.2021 19:51 | 13 views | 0 commentsJOE BIDEN must be allowed to continue to fail and make disastrous gaffes and policy decisions in order to force him and the Democrats out of office, according to a former aide to Ronald Reagan.
CNN Poll: Most Democrats favor a bigger bill on social safety net and climate
Added: 13.10.2021 19:17 | 9 views | 0 commentsAs congressional Democrats negotiate the size and scope of a budget bill that could significantly remake the social safety net in the United States, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds 75% of the party's rank-and-file prefer a bill that goes further to expand the social safety net and combat climate change over one that costs less and enacts fewer of those policies (20% favor a scaled-back bill).
There Is No Bipartisan Consensus on Big Tech
Finally, we’ve reached bipartisan consensus on Big Tech, yay everyone! “Facebook Whistleblower Reignites Bipartisan Support for Curbing Big Tech,” the Financial Times trumpeted last week after Frances Haugen’s Senate testimony on Facebook. “Lawmakers Send Big Tech a Bipartisan Antitrust Message,” Newsweek wrote a day later. This is where the idea of “bipartisan consensus” crumbles, and where the danger in this expression lies. Yet merely agreeing that something must be done, and on that alone, is about as superficial as bipartisan consensus gets.
Why Republicans May Go All In on Parental Rights
Glenn Youngkin in Winchester, Virginia, at one of his “Parents Matter” rallies. Off-year elections typically generate lower than average turnout, so candidates invariably have to possess both a base-mobilization and a swing-persuasion strategy. Youngkin has shrewdly positioned himself as the champion of parental rights in education. It should be remembered that parental rights have been the touchstone of Republican school-voucher experiments in many states; they have largely replaced the standards-and-accountability principles that used to be front and center in GOP education policy. In the FiveThirtyEight averages, he’s up by 2.6 percent, which is close, particularly given the difficulty of predicting turnout.
Trump Demands Republicans Solve the Big Lie
And now Trump has put out a statement demanding that Republicans not only subscribe to the Big Lie but “solve” it as their top priority:Trump is now calling on Republicans not to vote — declaring “Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24” if his election fraud hoax is not “solved” first. He helped Republicans lose two Georgia Senate seats in January. How do you “solve” the allegations of the Big Lie? I guess the big question is once this problem becomes apparent to all, where does Trump go next with it? Will it be enough when every Republican from sea to shining sea is grinding out a Big Lie message like so many cicadas?
Mark Robinson Exposes the GOP’s Problem With Its Base
North Carolina’s very MAGA Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Consider North Carolina lieutenant governor Mark Robinson. “There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth,” Robinson said. According to Gallup, no fewer than 70 percent of Americans support marriage equality, a position that is anathema to the likes of Mark Robinson. It doesn’t help that their unquestioned Maximum Leader, Donald Trump, undoubtedly shares the temperament and many of the views of Mark Robinson.
Life Under ‘Extreme Hardship’
It was the beginning of my education in immigration law, which I knew nothing about when I fell in love with an immigrant. Under the law, waivers would be granted if the family — or “qualifying” U.S.-citizen family members — would experience “extreme hardship” in separation or in relocating to another country. The catch was that the definition of extreme hardship specifically precludes the obvious: that family separation, or leaving the life you’ve always known, creates hardship. Because “extreme hardship” had no precise standard, I did not know how much was enough. In one, a family was told that they did not meet the extreme hardship standard because they did not have children.
OnPolitics: Biden running out of time on immigration reform
Biden wants immigration reform. Congressional Democrats have faced several setbacks in their attempts to include immigration proposals in Biden's $3.5 trillion budget package, and advocates said time is running out to pass comprehensive reform before next year's midterm elections. Activists are frustrated with the progress, questioning whether Democrats and Biden have the political will to deliver on the campaign promises they made related to immigration. Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio said in prepared statement on Tuesday “no one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience.”At the same time, he affirmed Vatican guidance that the COVID-19 vaccine is morally permissible within the faith. The Catholic Church has not opposed the COVID-19 vaccine.
What Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special's Trans Remarks Show - The New York Times
If there is brilliance in “The Closer,” it’s that Mr. Chappelle makes obvious but elegant rhetorical moves that frame any objections to his work as unreasonable. Throughout the special, Mr. Chappelle is singularly fixated on the L.G.B.T.Q. Mr. Chappelle pits people from different marginalized groups against one another, callously suggesting that trans people are performing the gender equivalent of blackface. He makes a tired, tired joke about how he thought “feminist” meant “frumpy dyke” — and hey, I get it. Then in another of those rare moments of lucidity, Mr. Chappelle talks about mainstream feminism’s historical racism.
AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory
The education company co-founded by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law is facing fresh scrutiny after it was revealed the company supports critical race theory curricula while servicing 23,000 schools in the nation, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars — while Garland cracks down on opposition to the ideology. Panorama Education, co-founded by Xan Tanner, sells surveys to school districts nationwide with a focus on “social and emotion climate,” according to a report by Forbes. The surveys reportedly give justification for new curricula in schools which parents have recently taken issue with, such as critical race theory. Since 2017, the company has raised around $76 million from investors and just last month, Panorama Education struck a $60 million private financing raise with General Atlantic. Republican senators claim Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to protect his son-in-law’s contracts with thousands of public schools.
A new model for affordable housing
Two single-family homes developed by Lawndale Christian Development Corporation sit along South Avers Avenue in Chicago in September. (Joshua Lott/The Washington Post)Over the years, rows of two-story stone houses and small buildings have fallen into disrepair in the Chicago neighborhood of North Lawndale. Martin Luther King Jr. — hoping to turn the focus of the civil rights movement on housing inequalities in the North — moved his wife and four children into a dilapidated apartment there. Decades later, much has stayed the same in North Lawndale, where crime and poverty rates remain high. They’re planning to build 1,000 standalone affordable homes for people who already live in the neighborhood as renters, so they can buy homes and start building equity and generational wealth through homeownership.
'Squid Game' on Netflix is smarter than you think
Over the past few weeks, the internet has been teeming with buzz surrounding “Squid Game,” the South Korean survivalist drama that hit No. (Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Squid Game.") While the political position of “Squid Game” is as in-your-face as the shocking gore of the show, its ideas extend beyond pointing out that capitalism entails barbarism. While the political position of “Squid Game” is as in-your-face as the shocking gore of the show, its ideas extend beyond pointing out that capitalism entails barbarism. At first, “Squid Game” seems headed in a very obvious direction.
Mother Nature speaks: “How many more wake-up calls do you Earthlings need?”
Not to mention that my poor polar bears are wandering around, trying to figure out where to live. OpinionI hope you don’t think the coronavirus is going away anytime soon. Do you honestly think I’m going to let you destroy another planet? If you really think the methane produced from flatulent cows are the problem, spray the fields with a digestive enzyme. I suppose I could have done something else to wake you Earthlings up, something really spectacular.
Sally Rooney’s hit novel Normal People printed by state-owned Chinese publishing house
Sally Rooney’s last novel was printed by a state-owned Chinese publishing house, it has emerged. The Irish novelist provoked a furious backlash this week after she refused an offer by Modan, the Israeli publisher, to translate her latest book, Beautiful World, Where Are You, into Hebrew. It has now emerged that a Chinese translation of Normal People has been available to purchase on Amazon since July after it was published by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) approved Shanghai Translation Publishing House. The publishing house says on their website that they are “the largest comprehensive publishing house in China specialising in translation, mainly publishing translations of foreign literary and commercial fiction, humanities and social science.”It is not clear whether the Chinese publishing house secured the rights from Rooney before publishing the translated text. China has been accused of serious human rights abuses over the past few years, perhaps most seriously the forced internment of Uighur Muslims in the province of Xinjiang.
Terry Glavin: Canada needs a new ambassador to China — Dominic Barton must go
Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content Canadian businesses were well-positioned to take advantage of China’s interests in natural resources, financial regulation and artificial intelligence, Barton argued. Article content What worried Barton about the Michaels’ captivity was that Beijing was hurting itself and its own interests. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
Opinion : Pessimism about the Jan. 6 committee is unwarranted
Next came the subpoenas for four of former president Donald Trump’s associates and to those who may have helped organize the event. When Stephen K. Bannon raised an utterly bogus claim of executive privilege (which was not available to him in part because he was not a government employee at the time and because President Biden, not Trump, controls the privilege) more in the mainstream media threw up their hands. They’ll never have the nerve to enforce it! The Trump side will run out the clock!
Opinion : A Build Back Better bill all Democrats can get behind
President Biden is trying to build consensus around a $1.9 trillion to $2.3 trillion reconciliation bill, after several lawmakers in his own party made clear they could not support the full $3.5 trillion proposal working its way through Congress. Although some on the left are understandably disappointed, this package would still be an enormous accomplishment: Combined with the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, it would represent the third pillar of the largest and most progressive public investment since the Great Society over 50 years ago. But to get this transformative win across the finish line, Democrats must agree to spend smarter, not bigger and coalesce around a plan to pay for it.
Opinion : Democratic voters have another chance to deal a big blow to Trumpism. Will they?
It’s sometimes said Democrats in these races are “tying their opponents to Trump.” But the reality is more complicated. Democrats are making a bet that what Republicans must do to keep GOP voters engaged in the post-Trump era can be turned to Democrats’ advantage: The GOP need to minister to those Trumpian obsessions can be marshaled to get Democratic voters angry and engaged, in a manner that Trump himself did.
Mollie Hemingway: The GOP Needs To “Figure Out The Gifts” President Trump Gave Them
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor & Author of Rigged Mollie Hemingway talks about the future of election integrity and if former President Trump plans on running for President in 2024. He seemed just very focused on midterms, the health of the Republican Party type stuff. But I always thought he really wishes he didn’t have to. He wishes that the Republican Party would figure out these gifts he gave them, of good policy ideas and the courage to fight for them. But it seems like many of the Republicans are just going back into their old ways.”
Michael Goodwin: The Hunter Biden saga remains an outrageous scandal on its first anniversary
On this, its first anniversary, the Hunter Biden saga remains an outrageous scandal for two reasons. And it was no coincidence that the same outlets and tech giants that breathlessly promoted the Russia, Russia, Russia fiction about Donald Trump ignored the Biden scandal. He told the same thing and more to the FBI, which has had Hunter Biden’s laptop for two years. In that case, one might reasonably ask, where is The Post’s Pulitzer Prize for its Hunter Biden coverage? The question about a Post Pulitzer is partly in jest because the paper never submitted its stories for consideration.
Minnesota court: Workers’ comp can’t cover medical marijuana
By STEVE KARNOWSKIMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Workers’ compensation for injured employees doesn’t cover medical marijuana because the drug remains illegal under federal law, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. The state’s highest court issued a pair of rulings that overturned earlier decisions by the state Workers Compensation Court of Appeals’ that ordered employers to pay for medical marijuana to treat work-related injuries. The Supreme Court ruled that federal law, which prohibits the prescribing and possession of marijuana regardless of state laws authorizing it, blocks employers from being required to pay for medical cannabis. Both workers were certified by their doctors to use medical marijuana after other treatments to control their pain, including opioids, proved inadequate. The Legislature earlier this year relaxed the law to allow for allow smokable medical marijuana starting next spring.
Tucson refugee family reunited with son as new policies take effect
Refugees are internationally recognized as those who have fled violence or persecution in their home countries and are seeking safety in another country. They are different from asylum seekers, who have not yet been legally recognized as refugees. A family separatedThe Al Tallals had to flee their home in Iraq seven years ago when Daesh, or the Islamic State, targeted Iraqi military forces. Knowing the years ahead would be long and their future uncertain, the family sold their gold, their cars and other valuables and left Iraq in February 2014. They were later met by Thamera and their sons, whose journey required a two-day bus ride to Turkey, the country that hosts the largest number of refugees.
6 places to take a leisurely walk in Tucson
While Tucson is still months away from the official end of the 2021 monsoon season, the city has already received significantly more rain than what 2020's disappointing monsoon season graced us with.
Good for business: Why owners of small firms support higher taxes on the wealthy
The vast majority of small business owners are not affected by proposed changes to the upper income tax brackets, the small business deduction, estate taxes, capital gains taxes or the corporate tax rate. Small Business for America’s Future has surveyed small business owners since 2017 to ascertain their feelings about taxes. Tax code favors large companiesOur most recent survey of more than 1,000 small business owners on taxes and infrastructure shows:?72% of small business owners surveyed say the current tax code favors large corporations. ?76% of small business owners say infrastructure investment will boost the economy, and 72% say it will help small businesses specifically. ?51% of small business owners say raising taxes on Americans making more than $400,000 a year would not harm small businesses.
The Real Bad Art Friend Is the Horrible Political Economy of Writing
This is not a meditation on how a published author’s greatest story is the friends they made along the way. Or are we the real bad art friends, as one columnist proposed, casually wallowing in the missteps of strangers for our own cruel little delights? Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor statistics estimates the median pay for writers and authors working in any industry at $67,120 a year. We can see so many of the issues plaguing the wider US political economy playing into this. Being a good art friend means more than supporting the people in your life who share your skills and ambitions.
Hey, Kids, Who Screwed the Climate?
Gus Speth has lived and breathed the history and politics of the climate issue in this country for the entire half-century in question. My kids are not hypothetical, they’re flesh-and-blood human beings, and I suffer climate anxiety, and worse, right along with them. It used to be commonplace, even popular, to identify as a parent in the climate movement. You’d be forgiven for thinking that climate activism is the sole province of the young, despite the fact that a great many of us who’ve helped build the grassroots climate movement over the past decade or two are parents and grandparents fighting for our kids. The often-cited anger of young climate activists toward elder generations is entirely understandable, but that doesn’t mean it’s justifiable, morally or otherwise.
Primary Kyrsten Sinema
The first reason to primary Sinema is that she’s bad at math. Sinema won her seat race by just 56,000 votes. Again, this is not evidence of Sinema’s brand having greater appeal with moderate white Arizona voters. The second reason to primary Sinema is that she’s not an effective politician for Arizona, even on issues where there is demonstrable bipartisan support. Backing the Primary Sinema effort is an excellent place to start.
Breaking Glass: Curriculum “Diversity” and Its Discontents
For example, the NYU Metro Center’s Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard invites the user to evaluate K–8 curricula strictly on the basis of demographic representation, social justice messages, and inclusive classroom practices. Kelley Shakespeare’s Contentious Conversation With America Alisa SolomonThis extreme prescriptiveness pushes works like The Glass Menagerie into the corner. Williams’s play would receive a low score on both the “diversity of characters” tally and the “diversity of authors” tally. Moreover, the underlying problem persists: The checklist attempts to specify what literature should say, whereas literature needs freedom from such exhortations. Instead of relying on the Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard and similar tools, schools can weigh a number of considerations, including literary quality, when evaluating their curricula.
Gig Companies Are Taking Their War on Workers Beyond California
In execution, it’s become all too clear how brazenly deceptive tech companies were in pushing their model. As Jacobin’s Alex Press wrote this summer, gig companies have unsurprisingly delivered on their promise (or rather, threat) to pursue the Prop 22 model nationwide, with Massachusetts being the latest front in their war on workers. The disjuncture between these numbers and what tech companies claim comes down to several quite obvious loopholes in the proposition identified by authors Ken Jacobs and Michael Reich in their analysis. Thanks to their rather creative definition of “engaged,” companies will also be offloading some insurance costs onto workers themselves. Instead, they would be required to pay both the employer and employee shares of payroll taxes and they would receive Occupational Accident Insurance from the companies, which is inferior to workers’ compensation benefits for comparable workers.
Social Distancing Is Still Being Disregarded in U.S. Prisons
People in prisons are, by some estimates, five times more likely to get COVID-19 than those on the outside. To enable social distancing, some people incarcerated in more than twenty-one states were granted early releases last year. This was also the case in Washington State, where I am incarcerated. Outbreaks soon plagued prisons and jails everywhere across the country. My old neighbors in WSR are being sent out, and the most progressive prison programs in the state have been dismantled.
Holy wars against vaccines and science
Anyway, the news report prompted one of the children to ask me, why bother getting vaccinated? Beyond the theological basis, religious objections against vaccinations usually protest that stem cells are often used in their development. In other words, people grabbed onto religious objections when other objections could not be used. He calls getting vaccinated “an act of love.”Similarly told are followers of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, as are Eastern Orthodox worshippers, represented by the Holy Eparchial Synod of the nationwide archdiocese. By getting vaccinated.
'Dopesick' is not a great TV show but it's still required watching
If there's one thing the era of prestige TV has taught us, it's that people watch television for different reasons. The doctor, Samuel Finnix (Michael Keaton), also has a story that sheds light on how Purdue Pharma marketed Oxycontin to medical care providers. A pair of lawyers bite off more than they can chew when they decide to find a way to nail Purdue Pharma for criminal misbranding. Everyone in the world should know what Purdue Pharma knew about Oxycontin, when they knew it, and how much they profited from engineering this crisis. Everyone in the world should know what Purdue Pharma knew about Oxycontin, when they knew it, and how much they profited from engineering this crisis.
Effects of the APS cheating scandal still ripple through Pittsburgh. This journalism project empowered residents to tell their own story.
Last spring, with funding from the Center for Civic Innovation, Blau launched an initiative dubbed the Pittsburgh Journalism Project, which was inspired by a similar model in Chicago called City Bureau. “Nobody asked us anything.”In Atlanta, publications that would traditionally provide comprehensive coverage of a situation like the APS scandal have shrunk dramatically in recent years. And Harper-Gallashaw, the Georgia State researcher who lived across the street from an APS school devastated by the scandal, is working on a memoir about the lasting effects of the officials’ wrongdoing. And Harper-Gallashaw, now armed with a reporter’s arsenal of skills—interviewing, records-digging, storytelling, and more—hopes with her memoir to fill in the gaps left by the PJP’s story and the innumerable other write-ups on the APS scandal. And their communities are forgotten.” With the journalism training, she says, “I have the opportunity to write the real story.”Read the Pittsburgh Journalism Project’s full story: ‘We Had to Stop the Bleed’
The View From Here: Rethinking What Local News Can and Should Be
The View From Here: Rethinking What Local News Can and Should Be In a series of live virtual events, ProPublica asked news leaders from Phoenix, Atlanta and Detroit to share their thoughts about the local news ecosystem in their communities. DonateEach event examined different aspects of local news, from community journalism in Phoenix to nonprofit startups in Detroit. The View From Here: Reimagining Local News in DetroitOutlier Media is part of a new wave of mission-driven media organizations that are filling what they see as gaps in coverage. It also works with Local Reporting Network partners in many of these regions. The View From Here: Local News in AtlantaThe promise of Canopy Atlanta’s fellowship model was inspired by a pilot program called the Pittsburgh Journalism Project.
Everything To Know About Purdue Pharma & Its Thousands Of Lawsuits
The behemoth company leading the charge was Purdue Pharma, which after thousands of lawsuits, was dissolved in September by a federal bankruptcy court. What is Purdue Pharma? Purdue Pharma is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures OxyContin, the most popular opioid painkiller in America and the backbone of Purdue’s business. Who owns Purdue Pharma? Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against opioid companies, including Purdue but also more familiar names like Johnson & Johnson.
Historian and civil rights activist Timuel Black Jr. dies at 102
CHICAGO – Labor organizer, educator, author and civil rights activist Timuel Black Jr. died Wednesday. Over the course of his life, Black witnessed pivotal events in American and African American history. He served as an Army soldier in World War II and led a contingent from Chicago to the March on Washington in 1963. Last year, Black witnessed the uprising against racial injustice and police brutality. "Though the struggle goes on, I am encouraged by younger generations, in particular, across races and gender," Black told USA TODAY in February.
Seattle cops pull felon from car moments before it goes up in flames
This is the dramatic moment Seattle cops pulled a convicted felon from his wrecked car just seconds before the vehicle went up in flames and rounds of ammunition started exploding inside. Officers were forced to cut through the man’s seatbelt as flames started to break out on the passenger side of the car. The Seattle Police Department released footage of cops pulling a felon to safety moments before his car caught fire. Seattle PoliceOfficers were forced to cut through the man’s seatbelt as flames started to break out on the passenger side of the car. Seattle PoliceImages from the scene show pieces of the man’s car, including one of the tires, strewn across the street.
The Voters Democrats Say Are Crucial to Flipping Texas
Ms. Tzintzún-Ramirez believes that young people are more motivated by issues than by individual candidates, and that the work of the group will supplement any campaign spending. Texas is the second-largest state in the country, and its population is also one of the youngest and most diverse, census data shows. And while demographics have long been seen as a boon to Democrats as the state grows more diverse, a significant number of Hispanic voters near the border swung toward Republicans in the last election. For Republicans who believe the talk of flipping the state is nothing but Democratic hype, those seven-figure donations to their own party reflect the enthusiasm for the G.O.P. The difficulty for Democrats was on full display during a rally kicking off NextGen’s voter registration efforts at the University of Houston, where one Democratic leader after another took the stage to convince the small crowd of young voters’ power.
The filibuster hampered Biden politically, even without being invoked
Instead, the point is that there is obvious uncertainty (albeit more narrow uncertainty) in what the components of a bill will entail. The Biden administration has used its own projections to suggest that its reconciliation proposal will be revenue-neutral, a claim that has been a subject of mockery by President Biden’s opponents. (Those same opponents were generally quiet when the Trump administration made the less-defensible claim that its tax-cut bill would not increase the deficit.) But those projections are, like the product of the CBO and the JCT, informed guesses (in this case, nonobjective ones) about what the effects of the legislation would be.
Newt Gingrich: How to protect Taiwan without going to war with China
One of the greatest national security challenges threatening America is the danger of a war with communist China over Taiwan. It would shatter America’s reputation as a reliable nation, and countries around the world would become more likely to accommodate the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese Communist Party leaders have produced a wave of threatening articles and speeches about retaking Taiwan. It is a vital American interest to avoid war in the Taiwan Straits while ensuring the independence of Taiwan. As an island, Taiwan would be vulnerable to Chinese Communist threats against seaborne traffic by establishing missile test zones or announcing submarine interdiction.
How Sinema, Kelly voted on Kvaal, Estudillo, Kelley confirmations
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 — Here’s a look at how Arizona’s members of Congress voted over the previous week. There were no key votes in the House this week. SENATE VOTESSenate Vote 1: EDUCATION OFFICIAL: The Senate has confirmed the nomination of James Kvaal to serve as the Education Department’s under secretary. Kvaal, a staffer in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, was president of the Institute for College Access and Success starting in 2018. YEAS: Sinema D-AZ,
Arizona AG: Cities can't limit employees' political donations
Brnovich called it a distinction without a difference, saying it operates as a complete ban on the ability of city employees to give not only money but anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for city office. “City employees undoubtedly have an interest in making political contributions,” Brnovich said. And even if those were problems, the attorney general said there are other ways to serve government interests without stepping on the rights of employees. He pointed out, for example, that state law already prohibits city employees from using the authority of their position to influence the vote or political activities of any subordinate. And another statute limits individual contributions to candidates for city offices at $6,250.
US, Israel say they are exploring a 'Plan B' for Iran
Their comments came as Iran has hinted it’s ready to return to indirect negotiations with the U.S. in Vienna but has not committed to a date. Iran has also continued to blow through limits on it nuclear activities that had been constrained by the deal. But, it takes two to engage in diplomacy, and we have not seen from Iran a willingness to do that at this point." Lapid was more blunt, raising anew Israel's warnings that it will act, with military force if necessary, to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Israel reserves the right to act at any given moment in any way.
Big boost for Social Security benefits as inflation rises
After a career in sales for a leading steel manufacturer, Rumsey lives near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He cares at home for his wife of nearly 60 years, Judy, who has advanced Alzheimer's disease. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Rumsey said he has also noted price increases for wages paid to caregivers who occasionally spell him and for personal care products for Judy. That includes Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees, nearly 70 million people in all. Among them is Kitty Ruderman of Queens in New York City, who retired from a career as an executive assistant and has been collecting Social Security for about 10 years.
Alberta judge hands out fines instead of jail to prevent notoriety for COVID-19 violators
Alberta judge hands out fines instead of jail to prevent notoriety for COVID-19 violatorsPastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, will face fines of $23,000 and $10,000, respectivelyCALGARY — An Alberta judge has decided to spare a pastor, his brother and a cafe owner jail time for violating COVID-19 rules because he didn’t want the three men to cash in on the notoriety of additional time behind bars. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article contentJustice Adam Germain says that Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, will face stiff fines because they would like nothing better than to become martyrs with additional time in jail. Try refreshing your browser, or Alberta judge hands out fines instead of jail to prevent notoriety for COVID-19 violators Back to videoAlberta Health Services had recommended 21 days for the pastor and 10 days for his brother, but Germain opted for a $23,000 fine for Artur Pawlowski and $10,000 for Dawid Pawlowski plus probation, which will prevent them from leaving Alberta. Germain says the three men were on the wrong side of science and the wrong side of common sense in their actions.
US, Israel say they are exploring a ‘Plan B’ for Iran
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and Israel said Wednesday they are exploring a “Plan B” for dealing with Iran if the Islamic Republic does not return in good faith to negotiations to salvage the languishing landmark 2015 nuclear deal. The remarks were a rare acknowledgment by the U.S. that it is looking at what to do in the event diplomacy with Iran fails. Iran has also continued to blow through limits on it nuclear activities that had been constrained by the deal. Blinken reiterated that the window for Iran to return to the agreement is closing but again declined to give a date at which it would be too late. Israel reserves the right to act at any given moment in any way.
The race for Rhode Island governor is about to get even more complicated
? In an opinion piece, Rhode Island Secretary of Health and Human Services Womazetta Jones writes that access to child care is a matter of equity. And all of my columns are on our Rhode Island Commentary page. Rhode Island Report podcastAmanda Milkovits talks to Barbara Papitto and Arnell Milhouse about the Papitto Opportunity Connection. Boston Globe AppYou can get alerts about Rhode Island news on the Globe’s app (iOS and Android). Just tap the gear icon, then “Edit Alert Settings,” and choose Rhode Island.
Emma Torres: De apoyar a trabajadores del campo, a ayudar a quienes buscan asilo
De familia migrante, Torres comenzó a laborar en los campos agrícolas de California cuando tenía 13 años. “Ellos saben que los vamos a ayudar y que vamos a proteger sus derechos… Ellos son tratados con respeto y dignidad”. Quiroz es residente de Yuma, hijo de padres campesinos y director del Arizona California Humanitarian Coalition, coalición que Torres y sus amigos establecieron para apoyar a los que buscan asilo político en febrero. Con la confianza de la comunidad y la responsabilidad sobre sus hombros, Torres dijo que a veces es agotador. “Llevo haciendo este trabajo durante tantos años que no me será fácil salirme hasta que me retire”, dijo Torres entre carcajadas.
Yet another criminal mastermind tries to dispose of cannabis cache right in front of cop
Share this Story: Yet another criminal mastermind tries to dispose of cannabis cache right in front of copYet another criminal mastermind tries to dispose of cannabis cache right in front of cop Police in Australia reports the driver tried to ditch baggies of suspected drugs while an officer was actually in the process of arresting him. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content It didn’t take long for the police to find out what the driver was trying to ditch. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.
‘Concrete measures’ needed to fight anti-Semitism says Swedish PM
A conference on Wednesday focused on the receding memory of the Holocaust and the rise of anti-Semitism views on social media.
Sabrina Maddeaux: Given Canada's crushing consumer debt, Squid Game should have been set here
Share this Story: Sabrina Maddeaux: Given Canada's crushing consumer debt, Squid Game should have been set hereSabrina Maddeaux: Given Canada's crushing consumer debt, Squid Game should have been set here Canada’s consumer debt crisis is much worse than South Korea’s by just about every measure Photo by YOUNGKYU PARK/Netflix/AFP via Getty ImagesArticle content Everyone’s talking about South Korea’s massive consumer debt crisis. The topic, normally relegated to more niche economic and political circles, is suddenly a pop culture lightning rod thanks to Netflix’s mega hit Squid Game. Article content Here’s what people aren’t talking about, though: Canada’s consumer debt crisis is much worse than South Korea’s by just about every measure. Try refreshing your browser, or Sabrina Maddeaux: Given Canada's crushing consumer debt, Squid Game should have been set here Back to video In many ways, Squid Game could have been a show set in Canada. A Canadian version of Squid Game would never get made because it would be considered too outlandish, too depressing.
How close were we to an actual stolen election — stolen by Trump?
Or maybe Rosen and Donoghue would have continued to resist, and Trump would have pushed forward with firing Rosen and installing Clark. There would have been mass resignations at the Justice Department — triggering another Saturday Night Massacre-esque controversy — but at least the letter would have gone out. Perhaps the transparency of the plot would have been revealed at that point (that this was about getting that letter out), but we’ve seen plenty of Republicans turn a blind eye to or rationalize such things before.
Opinion : Brace yourself: Donald Trump will run for president in 2024
President Biden will almost inevitably look beatable. While most presidents win reelection unless they’re undone by something dramatic like a recession, in our polarized age incumbents will usually appear vulnerable. Even though they went on to win fairly easily, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all had lackluster approval ratings in the beginning of their reelection years. No matter how well things go for Biden, his ratings will probably never get much higher than 50 percent, if that. And if Democrats lose Congress in the 2022 midterms, Trump will look at him and see weakness.
MF Daily for Wednesday October 13, 2021
A young Haitian migrant peers from inside a tent in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. Welcome to MF Daily(Formerly known as Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open Thread — MFWOT)All are welcome to hang out and share what is happening in your life today
Indivisible #TruthBrigade Campaigns
#OnlyOneSide #TruthBrigade Vote @stephanie4cisdx Around here, we all recognize dog whistles. #OnlyOneSide #TruthBrigade Vote @stephanie4cisd https://t.co/E5DOOrUKcS pic.twitter.com/5m3TcdhYT8 — Indivisible TX-24 (@indivisibletx24) September 15, 2021ElectionsAn excellent response to an Individual Truth Brigade Truth Sandwich. The For the People Act is now The Freedom to Vote Act. #FreedomToVoteAct https://t.co/rjunlBvibk — Lili Pearl (@LiliJPearl) October 1, 2021Jan 6 Insurrection"Like all Americans, you deserve a fair process, you deserve answers, and you deserve justice." Never mind the facts: We had a fair process, we have answers, we have justicex "Like all Americans, you deserve a fair process, you deserve answers, and you deserve justice."
VA-Gov: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Helps Terry McAuliffe (D) Defeat Trump's GOPer
Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) in support of Terry McAuliffe’s (D. VA) gubernatorial campaign:Terry’s opponent also has the support of Donald Trump. The GOP candidate is still perpetuating Trump’s big lie of 2020 election fraud to stay in Trump’s good graces. Received this e-mail yesterday from Fair Fight:Only THREE WEEKS remain until Election Day and Virginia Democrats urgently need your help to keep Virginia blue! Can we count on you to join these opportunities from the Virginia Democrats? Virginia Democrats want to make sure there are enough poll observers at all the polling locations that we need.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Crunch time is rapidly approaching, with no guarantees
My issue is the fate of democracy in the United States. Simply put, I have no faith that we will remain a democracy if Republicans win power. pic.twitter.com/3yaXDkOEd9Will Bunch/Twitter:There's a super important story we're not paying enough, or the right kind of, attention to. To date, more than 237 million people have been infected with the virus, and 4.8 million have died — 700,000 in the United States alone. “We just have uncontrolled infections in much of the world, and that’s going to lead to more chances for the virus to evolve,” Dr. Lauring said.
In A Life That's Witnessed Weirdness This Tops It All: A TN Church That Uses AR-15s To Worship!
When it gets down to it I feel quite uncomfortable in any church, perhaps owing to the fact I have a natural aversion to groupthink. Moon’s congregation, Rod of Iron Ministries, also known as The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, is a gun-centric spinoff of the much larger Unification Church, founded by his late father, the Rev. In recent years, he’s made headlines for recreating the mass wedding ceremonies that his father’s church was famous for, with the addition of AR-15s. The always eloquent and brilliant Rachel Maddow, sums it up:x I'm sure this will end well. This kind of thing always ends well.https://t.co/0NKX7Y6UlP — Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) October 12, 2021Of course luminaries from MAGAWorld hang out at their church, but this is beyond satire to say the least.
Americans have no idea about the good things in Biden's Build Back Better bill, just the $3.5 T cost
According to a recent CBS survey, most Americans haven't a clue about the attractive benefits of Biden's Build Back Better bill. They do know that it costs 3.5 trillion dollars, however. Journalists talk about how much of a haircut the $3.5 trillion will have to take. Then they talk about how the Democrat Progressives will not budge from the $3.5 trillion. The talk is about numbers, numbers, numbers, it seems, and not about what's in the bill and what's at stake for ordinary American citizens, the primary stakeholders.
Dana Milbank, Pres. Biden isn't bleeding out! Pundits positing the end of Democracy should get real.
And as Democrats dither, Biden is bleeding out; his support has dropped into the low 40s. For example the title of this Sept. 6, 2021 Newsweek article is “Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden in 2024 Election Poll,”A new poll has placed former President Donald Trump as the favorite to win the 2024 U.S. election, slightly edging Democratic incumbent Joe Biden. It said that around 47 percent disapprove and 46 percent approve of the work he is doing as president. I am tired of apocalyptic predictions about the demise of our democracy and the fall of President Biden. Mr. Trump, who had never met Mr. Eastman, saw him on the Fox News talk show of the far-right commentator Mark Levin railing against the Russia investigation.
MAGATS Freak Show
Diaper Don, as we shall call him, has many supporters who wear MAGA hats, MAGA for “Make America Great Again”. Both types feed on shit, a difference being shit is the natural food of maggots while MAGATS have to learn to eat up what Diaper Don puts out. MAGATS regurgitate Diaper Don’s shit to the tune of “The election was stolen.” That’s how MAGATS demonstrate their loyalty to Diaper Don and their DISLOYALTY TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, it’s how they announce they are either a moron or a traitor (or both). Rudi was once a practicing attorney and Mayor of New York City but associating with Diaper Don apparently killed any functioning brain cells. Is Diaper Don spreading his own virus, a virus which dims the mind, inflames the passion, and puts the crazy into warp drive?
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy Daily Special, Smothered Benedict Wednesdays
Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, a Senate report shines a light on the role GOP representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania played in Trump’s insurrection plot. On the rest of the menu, Trump has a long and sordid history of mysterious fires at his properties; the House GOP blames the worker shortage on unemployment benefits that expired over a month ago; and, Montana Democrats filed a lawsuit against a law that criminalizes voter registration drives on college campuses.
Democrats Are You Tired of Losing Yet?
Back then, congressional Democrats unanimously supported a sweeping overhaul of the health-care system. Now, congressional Democrats agree — unanimously! Democrats agree — also unanimously! Democrats can’t counter the slander or sell the (broadly popular) plan, because they haven’t finalized the details. And as Democrats dither, Biden is bleeding out; his support has dropped into the low 40s.
Mobile Homes Were Last Affordable Retirement Option; Glenn Youngkin's Company Helped Ruin That.
“I am writing regarding the increase in private equity investment in and ownership of manufactured housing communities (MHC) and a troubling trend of rent increases and resident displacement in many of these communities. Sen. Brown also told Fannie and Freddie, “Manufactured housing and MHCs are an important part of the affordable housing ecosystem. and Representative Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) today sent letters to the investment firms behind some of the country's largest manufactured housing communities (MHC) to request information about their use of predatory practices to boost profits in the communities they own. Senator Warren and Representative Loebsack sent letters to Stockbridge and Havenpark Capital, following recent reports highlighting the abusive practices of private investment firms in MHCs. In addition, Senator Warren sent letters to Apollo Global Management, Blackstone, Brookfield Asset Management, Federal Capital Partners, The Carlyle Group, and TPG Capital.
This is the worst outbreak of rabid racism and bigotry in generations
Officials at a school district in Missouri were the targets of a protest after a student claimed she was suspended by the Raytown South Middle School school for reporting a racial slur. People fighting against “Critical Race theory in our schools” are not battling racism, they are fighting a deliberately manufactured right-wing hoax — and in the process implementing white-fright and retrenched racism. Although Critical Race Theory is not being taught in our schools, there have been some efforts at anti-racism added to some curriculums. Not only were there Slavery and Slave states but there were Free States too. The Free States resisted and fought back against the Slave States for decades before the ultimate outbreak of the Civil War.
Tennessee juvenile court judge loses adjunct job following damning reports of abuse
It took Davenport five attempts and nine years to pass the bar exam and work her way up in an unjust system. Her own privilege clearly wasn’t enough, as Davenport felt the need to lie about her work experience. The children traumatized by her style of juvenile justice are charged with “criminal responsibility for conduct of another” — which is absolutely not a law that you can break — for witness the fight. All 10 children, who are Black, are sent to a juvenile justice center, but only four Black boys charged are jailed and the remaining six Black girls are allowed to go free. In fact, there are nearly 1,450 juveniles eligible to receive payment as part of a massive $11 million class action lawsuit that was settled against the juvenile court system.
Gym Jordan yaps about vaccine mandates, gets shut down by Rep. Eric Swalwell
For the record, Ohio has had more than 1.47 million cases of COVID-19, and more than 23,000 deaths from the disease. The new hotness is opposition to vaccine mandates—mandates that wouldn’t have been necessary if high-profile Republicans hadn’t made vaccination a partisan issue to begin with. Republican lawmakers in many states, including Texas, Arkansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, and more are pushing for bans on vaccine requirements. But they became necessary because a lot of people—including a disproportionate number of Republicans—refused to get vaccinated, and COVID-19 rates were skyrocketing. When a Florida state legislator floated exactly that idea a few weeks ago, he ended up walking it back.
Lazy pundits are rooting for Democrats to fail in Virginia—so we're going to help them win
Daily Kos is pleased to support this talented and diverse slate of Democrats in crucial Virginia races this fall. Running together at the top of the ticket, we have:• Terry McAuliffe (governor): McAuliffe is running for a historic second term as Virginia’s governor. And a critical side-note: The lieutenant governor breaks ties in the state Senate, where Democrats have just a 21-19 advantage. Glenn Davis, yet another virulently anti-choice Republican who’s voted to restrict abortion rights half a dozen times. And in the closely divided state Senate, handing tiebreaking power to a Republican lieutenant governor could cause major problems.
Build Back Better Legislation: New Keynesianism or Neoliberal Public Relations Stunt?
Some provisions of Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation benefit the masses of Black people, but this legislation is a bare minimum effort to blunt some of the sharpest contradictions of the system while attempting to maintain the neoliberal order. Even the editors at the Wall Street Journal, the flagship paper of the U.S. ruling class, argued that adjustments to what has been called neoliberalism had to be made, and the editors of the Financial Times, the paper of choice for the international bourgeoisie, made what was a startling claim on April 4, 2020 that the era of neoliberalism was basically over.
Jail Officials Held in Contempt for Treatment of Jan. 6 Defendant
A federal judge held top officials of the Washington, D.C., jail in contempt of court on Wednesday, ruling they had improperly delayed medical treatment for a defendant being kept in their custody in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Calling the delay of treatment for the defendant, Christopher Worrell, “incompetent” and “inexcusable,” Judge Royce C. Lamberth of Federal District Court in Washington said he would also refer the case to the Justice Department for a potential investigation into whether Mr. Worrell’s civil rights — and the rights of other jailed defendants — had been violated. “Does no one care?” Judge Lamberth asked the jail officials and their lawyers at one point, describing their bungling of Mr. Worrell’s treatment as “more than inept.”Mr. Worrell, a member of a Florida chapter of the Proud Boys, was denied bail and placed in the jail shortly after his arrest in March on charges of assaulting a police officer and obstructing Congress’s certification of the presidential vote on Jan. 6. He has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy, and after going into custody, he broke his wrist.
Hulu’s low-key thrilling ‘Dopesick’ carves Sackler name deeper into Wall of Shame
The OxyContin epidemic, which has been going on for a couple of decades and change, is the subject of “Dopesick,” a new miniseries from Hulu. Given the subject matter, there will be some frustrating if not unpredictable outcomes, some of which are supplied by history. Really, there’s something sort of low-key thrilling in the way Sarsgaard makes a phone call. Almost inevitably, Finnix is a widower, and that his wife died in pain from ovarian cancer is a character-determining detail. This being the case, it’s nice at least to have their names, and those of their cronies, carved a little deeper into the Wall of Shame.
Nailea Norvind no publica fotos para llamar la atención
Diana GarcíaCorresponsal en la Cd. de MéxicoLa actriz Nailea Norvind, se mostró sorprendida de ver los comentarios positivos que han recibidos sus fotos de desnudo, que publica en las redes sociales, y asegura que no lo hace para llamar la atención. La actriz, de 51 años, indica que lo que más le ha sorprendido de la publicación de sus imágenes, son los comentarios positivos que ha recibido de otras mujeres. “Las mujeres que me ven, que se sientan empoderadas y se animan a poder ser ellas mismas", señaló. "Al inicio de mi carrera, cuando estoy queriéndome volver una actriz, lo que busqué es que me contrataran por mi talento, eso lo que más quería y quiero que vean, que vean que lo que quiero ofrecer es mi trabajo y una vez que eso ya quedó, ya me he ido relajando”, indicó.
Dean Angelo Sr., former FOP president, dies after COVID-19 hospitalization
Despite his loss, he sat on the union’s executive board due to his position as immediate past president. Martin Prieb, a second vice president under Graham, then attempted to have Angelo thrown out of the union for speaking to reporters during then-Officer Jason Van Dyke’s 2018 trial for McDonald’s fatal shooting. But a disciplinary panel found no evidence of wrongdoing and recommended no disciplinary action be taken against Angelo, and the union’s executive board voted in agreement, clearing him of any wrongdoing.
Curman Gaines, first superintendent of color for St. Paul schools, dies at 82
Curman Gaines, the first superintendent of color to lead St. Paul Public Schools, died at home Sunday in Alexandria, La. Gaines was one of many African-American educators recruited from the South to work in the St. Paul district. He became commissioner before accepting the St. Paul superintendent job in 1991. After seven years leading the district, Gaines took a private sector education job in Atlanta. Johnson, who kept in touch with Gaines and his wife, said Gaines left Atlanta for Alexandria in retirement and started a business providing job skills training.
Jon Gruden's censorship: Why conservatives decry the consequences of free speech
But, of course, in right-wing circles, Gruden's just another noble martyr sacrificed to the supposedly draconian demands of "cancel culture." But really, all of this supposed concern for "free speech" and consequence-free bigotry is in clear bad faith. Does literally anyone on the Right actually know what critical race theory is? The excuse, she added, is always "critical race theory," even though "these works have nothing to do with critical race theory." In a Georgia school district, Black students accused a group of white students of brandishing the Confederate flag while using racial slurs.
Rescued migrants speak of plight in Libyan centres
Rescued migrants speak of plight in Libyan centresTens of thousands of migrants, fleeing poverty and wars in Africa and the Middle East, have endured torture, sexual violence and extortion at the hands of guards in detention centers in Libya.
We have arrived, once again, at the ‘What about terrorists?!’ aspect of border fear-mongering
The obvious response to this is, “It should be zero people!” And in an ideal world, that is true. But here’s where the 9/11 analogy is actually useful: The hijackers in that attack came into the United States on valid visas. Ideally, we would have filtered them out of the process, too, but we didn’t. This doesn’t mean that we should simply shrug at the idea that terrorist attacks might occur in the United States, of course. But it does serve as a reminder that there is no foolproof system for catching threats before they are acted upon and that demands for some sort of foolproof system are rhetorically dishonest.
Mollie Hemingway: 2020 election was unlike any we've ever had
Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway, author of the new book "Rigged," sat down with "Fox & Friends" Wednesday, to discuss how Big Tech swung the 2020 election for the Democrats. Hemingway emphasized that the 2020 election was unlike any other U.S. presidential contest. MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE 2020 ELECTION MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND DISCUSSEDMOLLIE HEMINGWAY: This election was unlike any election we’d ever had. They also changed a lot of our election laws. Sometimes they did that legally and constitutionally, sometimes they didn’t and Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, funded the private takeover of government election offices, and that enabled a bunch of left-wing activists to come into government election offices and actually handle many things, from voter registration to voting to vote counting.
Gov. Kristi Noem: We can't rely on a debt-ridden federal government to take care of us
Recently, I was honored to spend some time at the Reagan Ranch in California. We can’t rely on a debt-ridden federal government to take care of us. It’s possible that many people in the Democrat party feel that way today. It very well may be time for us all to follow the lead of President Reagan and become happy warriors for opportunity and freedom. The Democrat party seems to have left America behind with their support of critical race theory, unlimited federal spending, defunding of police and government control at all costs.
Supreme Court Justices Skeptical Of Arguments For Boston Bomber Death Sentence
The Supreme Court appeared skeptical of arguments presented Wednesday by a Justice Department official aiming to persuade its nine members to reinstate the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing more than eight years ago. AdvertisementA unanimous jury originally sentenced Tsarnaev to death in May 2015 ? a punishment the Justice Department had sought under then-President Barack Obama ? before an appeals court reduced the sentence last year to life without parole. Although the state of Massachusetts outlawed the death penalty decades ago, federal charges can still carry a fatal sentence. A few Supreme Court justices, particularly Justice Elena Kagan, also appeared to doubt the government’s argument that the murder evidence would not have made a difference to jurors. Under the Trump administration, the Justice Department swiftly sought to appeal the appeals court’s ruling, with then-Attorney General Bill Barr saying his department would do “whatever’s necessary” to secure a death sentence for Tsarnaev.
New European Vaccine Proposal Offers Limited Help To Developing Countries
U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai pleased advocates with her May announcement that the U.S. would not block a waiver of intellectual property rules for the COVID-19 vaccine. Developing nations and their allies say that the latter waiver is needed to ramp up COVID-19 vaccine production and dissemination. They are the product of scores of inputs from around the world, many of which are subject to forms of intellectual property protections that grant the holders of that intellectual property a monopoly over their use. South Africa and India lead a group of developing nations seeking an IP waiver for the COVID-19 vaccine. Supporters of the TRIPS waiver hope that the WTO member nations strike some kind of deal by the end of this year.
Opinion: Why the COLA and Social Security matter
Read: The largest COLA hike in 40 years is coming to Social Security in 2022 — what it means for your retirementThe latest increase will add roughly $91 a month to the average Social Security benefit, which the AARP says this year is $1,543. Social Security is an important source of income for seniors, helping them to afford life’s luxuries like medicine, food and a roof over their heads. But if you believe what you rear, you may think the death knell is sounding for Social Security. It’s hard to imagine the disastrous results if we let Social Security be cut. The average senior citizen relies on Social Security for over 60% of their income in retirement.
Letters: On executions, Oklahoma County jail, Edmond park proposal
Of about 8,500 death sentences in the U.S. since 1973, nearly 75% were later overturned or commuted to lesser sentences. Julius Jones’ trial was prosecuted by District Attorney Bob Macy, whose enthusiasm for death sentences is notorious. — Nathaniel Batchelder, Oklahoma CityOklahoma County jail boondoggleIt was painfully evident from the day that the Oklahoma County jail first opened that it had major issues that have yet to be resolved. ($4,000,000 for 22 acres)The 22 acres does not even have an MRA appraisal to determine its value. And no one has bothered to tell us how many more tax dollars will be needed to actually develop the 22 acres.