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Hungary’s oil embargo exemption is the latest sign of its leader’s affinity for Russia.
The European Union’s long-delayed deal to embargo Russian oil, finalized late Monday, effectively exempts Hungary from the costly step the rest of the bloc is taking to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. While Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, has cast his weekslong opposition to the deal as purely about shielding his country’s economy, it was also the latest step in what has been a decade-long turn of Hungary’s leadership toward closer alignment with Russia, at times at the expense of relations with its fellow members of the European Union and NATO. The pivot has occurred despite deep-seated suspicion in Hungary of Russian power and influence based on the history of Russian and Soviet troops brutally cracking down on Hungarian uprisings in 1848-49 and in 1956. Mr. Orban, an avowedly illiberal leader who earlier in his career was a vocal critic of Moscow, has increasingly spoken admiringly of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, and his brand of nationalism, expressing sympathies for Mr. Putin’s security demands to NATO. He has also painted Hungary’s interests as being distinct from the West by fanning culture wars and fears of liberal values lapping at Hungary’s borders, speaking in March about “the gender insanity sweeping across the Western world.”
Opinion | The injustices endured by Native American youths continue to this day
But still today, countless Native American young people are being robbed of their chance to live safe and fulfilling lives. Currently, Native American youths are confined in the juvenile justice system at three times the rate of their White peers. Those odds are further compounded by disparities in health care for Native American youths. To end this injustice, our country has an obligation to support Native American youths even more fervently now after oppressing them for centuries. But we can begin to heal — by investing in solutions that free the next generation of Native youths from this painful past.
Damon Young: Understanding America’s cruelty toward women on abortion
Magazine Understanding America’s cruelty toward women on abortion Loading... (Monique Wray for The Washington Post)Share this storyThis is the second time I’ve tried to find a way to write about this. I want to write about the irony of men who’ll never experience pregnancy dictating the bodies of people who can. AdvertisementI want to write about how abortion is an apolitical act that’s become politicized. I also want to write about the people who want women who have sex to experience pain and shame, which means I also want to write about cruelty. I try to remind myself that cruelty shames and dehumanizes the people who commit it, not the people harmed by it.
Miranda Devine: The Trump-Russia collusion hoax was a 'dirty trick' sanctioned by Hillary Clinton
Miranda Devine joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss the ongoing Michael Sussmann trial and the consequences of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fabricating allegations of Russian collusion against former President Trump. SUSSMANN TRIAL PROVES HILLARY CLINTON PERPETRATED ‘MASSIVE FRAUD’, SHOULD BE ‘BANNED FROM TWITTER’: TAIBBIMIRANDA DEVINE: If he's convicted of lying to the FBI, Michael Sussmann faces a maximum of five years in jail. He is just the first of the trials to come out of the Durham probe into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Chiefly, I think, out of this trial that Hillary Clinton was behind it, that she sanctioned this dirty trick, this attempt to go to the FBI and pretend Michael Sussmann was just a concerned citizen, concerned about national security. And to this day, we're seeing that there are national security implications for America's relationship with Russia and with Vladimir Putin.
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin: GOP is the party of ‘White grievance’ and ‘toxic masculinity’
Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin cast Republicans as the party of "White grievance" and "toxic masculinity" in the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. 'Forces' are not the problem; one political movement encased within the Republican Party is. Rubin also characterized the GOP as a political group determined to deprive others of their rights, referencing election security and abortion. WAPO'S JEN RUBIN CALLS THE GOP ‘A MOVEMENT DEDICATED TO IMPOSING WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM’‘"Lowering the temperature" or seeking unity with those intent on dividing Americans is counterproductive,"’ Rubin proclaimed. In April, she called the party a movement dedicated to imposing "White Christian nationalism."
U.S. religiosity (or lack thereof) isn’t what’s driving gun violence
Let’s say these Republicans and others on the right who used similar rhetoric this week genuinely believe that religion is the answer to the societal scourge of deadly gun violence. According to international data compiled by the Pew Research Center, among wealthy democracies, the United States is easily among the most religious. Many foreign countries that are far more secular than the United States have far fewer gun deaths — because they have far fewer guns. Their lack of religiosity and infrequent worship attendance does not make the people of these countries any more violent or prone to mass murder. Closer to home, many of the states with highly religious populations routinely also have some of the highest rates of firearms deaths.
Investing: 'Think like a value investor' in current market, strategist says
Associated PressChancellor Olaf Scholz says Germany is working on a deal with Greece that would see Athens deliver old military equipment to Ukraine and get armored personnel carriers from Germany to fill the gap. Germany has faced criticism for a perceived reluctance to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine, which the government rejects. It points among other things to arrangements for NATO allies to deliver older equipment — particularly of Soviet design — to Kyiv and then have modern material supplied by Germany.
Oakland: Man found shot Tuesday morning.
OAKLAND — A man was found shot in East Oakland Tuesday morning, authorities said. The condition of the man, believed to be in his 50s, was not immediately available. The man was found shot about 6:28 a.m. Tuesday in the 2900 block of East 12th Street. The wounded man was taken to a hospital. Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $5,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.
These mass shootings are a symptom of our moral failings
American society is suffering from a growing pandemic of mass shootings. Last week, the list of forever students grew: 19 students between the ages of 8 and 10 and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. The FBI counted 53% more active shooter cases in 2021 than 2020 resulting in 171% more deaths over the same period. Guns, mental health, drugs, moral decay … there is no single answer to fix what is broken in our society and those politicians who suggest they know an answer are charlatans. These mass shootings portend a moral failing at our core.
Editorial: Tribune Editorial Board endorses Paul Schimpf in GOP governor primary. But tactical voters might choose differently.
Paul Schimpf during a Republican governor candidate session with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on May 17, 2022. (E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune)But that’s because both of those leading candidates have been infused with outside cash. Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey during a debate at WGN-Ch. AdvertisementAurora Mayor and Republican candidate for governor Richard Irvin, answers questions after a candidate forum at WMAQ-Ch. We understand the appeal of a tactical vote for Irvin, who may well improve as the election moves past the primary stage.
Paul Vallas: Let’s put an end to Chicago leaders’ fuzzy budgeting math with a council budget office
With inflation at a 25-year high increasing the property tax levy cap, expect even greater property tax increases than in recent years. With respect to budgeting, that can start with the creation of a truly empowered and independent council budget office. AdvertisementThe creation of a council budget office should be accompanied by a truth in budgeting ordinance requiring underlying methodology and data for city budget projections to be publicly disclosed. This is what the law sets out at the federal level in which the powerful Congressional Budget Office independently evaluates and scores all legislative proposals. Paul Vallas was budget director for the city of Chicago and CEO of Chicago Public Schools.
Alternatives given for student debt issue
Student loan burden does not benefit the nation ["Partial student loan relief expected," News, May 23]. Daryl Altman, LynbrookAs a Democrat, I am incensed at the thought of any amount of student debt being forgiven. Actions have consequences, and student debt is one of those consequences. Laura Smith, CentereachWe want to assure access to a college education without folks needing to get into large debt. Karen Ferguson, Glen CoveI truly feel bad for those suffering with student debt.
Letters: Illinois secretary of state candidates’ ads focus on the wrong subject
I want to thank the Tribune and reporter Jeremy Gorner for the informative article about the editorial board’s recent meeting with the three Democratic candidates for the Illinois secretary of state (“Candidates question each other’s ethics,” May 20). Two days before summer break, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at a Texas elementary school and killed 19 children and two teachers. We all hate each other; one half will hate the other who is in office, and vice versa. AdvertisementIt annoys me that the current candidates for the governor’s job are bringing up the abortion issue. I want Illinois to stay an abortion rights state, which is why I will not endorse any of those candidates.
Espacios vacíos, corazones rotos en dolido pueblo de Texas
Ríos en los que no pescarán. Pueden apoyarse unos en otros en el duelo. Llegó a la casa donde Rojelio Torres, de 10 años, esperaba cada mañana en la vereda con su hermano pequeño y su hermana. “Te amo y te extrañaré”, escribió encima, y dibujó un corazón roto en el sitio donde solía sentarse, en la parte trasera. “De modo que tocan las vidas de miles de personas, estos niños, prácticamente a todo el mundo en el pueblo”.
Why Tho? How am I supposed to just live my life, let my kids go to school after what just happened in Texas?
How do I deal with the news that 19 kids and two teachers were murdered in Texas? And yet I see kids everywhere the ages of these kids who died, happily giggling about kid stuff, and it breaks my heart. “Stopping gun violence” is a huge mission for a huge country. Ask other parents if they have guns in their homes before you let your kids go over to their houses. If you want to help specifically to reduce gun violence, Ceasefire Oregon, Lift Every Voice Oregon or Everytown For Gun Safety are all good places to start.
US Memorial Day weekend marked by even more mass shootings
Days after a massacre at an elementary school in Texas in which 21 people died, the Memorial Day weekend in the US was marked by yet more mass shootings, at least 14 incidents total. Overall, gun violence over the weekend from 5am on Friday to early Tuesday saw 156 people dead and 412 injured. Among the mass shootings over the long weekend were six injured by gunfire at a high school graduation in Anniston, Alabama, and the killing of three children under 10 and a woman dead at a private residence in Mecosta county, Michigan. Five other mass shootings took place on Saturday. On Monday, the gun violence included one man dead and six injured close to a liquor store in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Counting the cost of Putin's war: From deaths and destruction to soaring food and energy prices
It has been almost a hundred days since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and changed the course of European history. The war has left behind a trail of death, destruction and displacement and plunged much of the world into economic uncertainty. Below, we count the cost of the conflict so far, from casualties and equipment losses to refugees and food prices. CasualtiesTo date, as many as 50,000 people may have been killed by fighting since 23 February. Where Kyiv saw around a quarter of confirmed deaths in the first month of the conflict, just 11 have been recorded in the city since the start of April, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project.
Analysis: Joe Biden says Mitch McConnell is a 'rational Republican.' Is he right?
"I think there's a realization on the part of rational Republicans -- and I consider [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell a rational Republican, [Texas Sen. John] Cornyn as well -- there's a recognition on their part they can't continue like this," Biden respondedWhich raises an interesting question: Is Biden right? Is McConnell part of the "rational" Republican wing of the party? To answer that question, you have to first decide this: What does Biden mean by "rational"? And my inference is that Biden defines rational as a) willing to break from Donald Trump and b) willing to compromise when compromise is available. So, using that definition, let's see how McConnell fits into the "rational" category.
The Civil War: the one we fought, the one we’re still fighting
Following the war, in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee. Has the US racial landscape changed, or are we fighting for some of the same rights and issues prevalent 150 years ago? Even though the battle is over, the war continues in our courts, on our campuses, and in state and federal government. It is worth noting that the noose is the instrument of torture that replaced the whip in the aftermath of the Civil War. Why else would a Georgia woman seek to throw a slavery-themed party asking blacks to serve if they are “comfortable”?
Ultra-MAGA candidate goes bananas during convention speech with graphic claim about 5-year-olds
A GOP candidate has taken fear mongering to new heights, claiming that schools are teaching five-year-old children to have oral sex. “I don’t think it’s nice when they’re telling your five-year-old that he can [perform oral sex on] another five-year-old,” Republican Massachusetts secretary of state candidate Rayla Campbell said at the state’s GOP convention last week. “Because that’s what’s happening in your schools!” Campbell said. “If this makes you uncomfortable, it should.”The Boston Globe tried to get her to provide any evidence that five-year-olds are being taught about oral sex, but she refused. But his criticism of Campbell apparently only went as far as how she expressed herself.
Merrick Garland's Harvard commencement speech was full of obfuscation - The Washington Post
Placeholder while article actions loadAttorney General Merrick Garland, whose slow-motion investigation of the plot to overthrow the 2020 election has frustrated defenders of democracy, spoke at a Harvard commencement ceremony on Sunday. First, in an effort to appear nonpartisan, he inoculated the party responsible for the assault on American democracy. We saw journalists targeted, assaulted, tackled and harassed.” He added: “Members of Congress had to be evacuated. Garland’s fuzzy talk disguises the culprits behind the intense campaign, well underway, to suppress and subvert American elections. But surely, he could confirm that the Jan. 6 violence was just one aspect of the coup attempt.
Big talk and big money: Texas con duped dozens into believing they were investing in events like a Rihanna tour and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
Associated PressThe blame for an excruciating delay in killing the gunman at a Texas elementary school — even as parents outside begged police to rush in and panicked children called 911 from inside — has been placed with the school district's homegrown police chief. It's left residents in the small city of Uvalde struggling to reconcile what they know of the well-liked local lawman after the director of state police said that the commander at the scene — Pete Arredondo — made the “wrong decision” last week not to breach a classroom at Robb Elementary School sooner, believing the gunman was barricaded inside and children weren’t at risk. Steven McCraw, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said at the Friday news conference that after following the gunman into the building, officers waited over an hour to breach the classroom.
Trump Policies Sent U.S. Tumbling in a Climate Ranking
(Doug Mills/The New York Times)For four years under President Donald Trump, the United States all but stopped trying to combat climate change at the federal level. But, underscoring the profound obstacles to cutting greenhouse gas emissions rapidly enough to prevent the worst effects of climate change, even that movement was insufficient. China, India, the United States and Russia were on track to account for more than half of global emissions in 2050. The United States ranked 43rd overall, with a score of 51.1 out of 100, compared with 24th place and a score of 69.3 in the 2020 edition. But the pace of reduction has been insufficient given the United States’ extremely high starting point.
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau proposes ‘national freeze’ on handgun sales
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau said in a news conference Monday that he's introducing a "national freeze" on handgun sales in his country to curb the increase in homicides. Trudeau's announcement comes a week after 19 children were killed in a school shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. On Politics:Despite Texas shooting, gun control advocates fear inactionAfter Uvalde:Biden to push for more gun control but says he hasn't talked to Republicans yetCanada had a reported 743 homicides in 2020, – the highest number since 1991. Canada had initiated a 2020 law banning assault-style firearms but offered a gun buyback program to those who possessed the weapons. President Joe Biden has pushed for gun control since the Uvalde shootings, saying, "there’s only one reason for something that can fire 100 shots."
Hot off the Wire: Listen to today's top stories
It should have been the first day of a joyous week for Robb Elementary School students — the start of summer break. The city's mayor also told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Sievierodonetsk "is essentially being destroyed ruthlessly block by block." Delivering remarks honoring fallen servicemembers, he said “Memorial Day is always a day where pain and pride are mixed together.”“Today we are free because they were brave,” the president said. Hundreds of flights worldwide were canceled by mid-afternoon Sunday, adding to the mounting number of scrubbed flights during the busy Memorial Day holiday weekend. U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly said in an order issued late Friday that Tarrio poses a danger to the public.
Hot off the Wire: Listen to today's top stories
It should have been the first day of a joyous week for Robb Elementary School students — the start of summer break. The city's mayor also told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Sievierodonetsk "is essentially being destroyed ruthlessly block by block." Delivering remarks honoring fallen servicemembers, he said “Memorial Day is always a day where pain and pride are mixed together.”“Today we are free because they were brave,” the president said. Hundreds of flights worldwide were canceled by mid-afternoon Sunday, adding to the mounting number of scrubbed flights during the busy Memorial Day holiday weekend. U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly said in an order issued late Friday that Tarrio poses a danger to the public.
Us older people must fight for a better America, and world, for younger generations | Bill McKibben
And there was no way to hear from the outside world, which now may be the true mark of wilderness. Those suburbs helped breed a kind of hyperindividualism, as the Depression and second world war, with their common purpose, receded into the distance. We had taken for granted the physical stability of our planet – and now its poles are melting. We had taken for granted the stability of our democracy and now people invade Congress to stop the counting of votes. There’s another kind of society, within living memory, that more or less worked.
Daniel Defense, the US gunmaker notorious for ‘aggressive marketing’ targeting young adults
UVALDE SHOOTINGThis illustration photo shows the Twitter page of Daniel Defense displayed on a mobile phone in Arlington, Virginia, US on May 25, 2022. Advertising Read moreA week after the Uvalde school shooting, Daniel Defense shied away from attending the National Rifle Association convention. One particular image – which Daniel Defense posted on Twitter 10 days before the Uvalde massacre – is emblematic of its outré marketing style. At the time, Daniel Defense sent its “thoughts and prayers” to victims’ families – but did not change anything about its business practices. “Daniel Defense got its start because Marty’s golf game sucked,” the website reads.
They were killers with powerful guns. The president went after their weapons.
AdvertisementThe next week in Wisconsin, Dillinger killed a federal law enforcement officer in a hail of submachine-gun bullets. Roosevelt’s firearms bill also proposed requiring newly purchased pistols and revolvers to be registered and owners to be fingerprinted. Texas banned machine guns. Rather than a federal ban on machine guns, the Roosevelt administration proposed taxing the high-powered weapons virtually out of existence. It would place a $200 tax on the purchase of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.
A recession would strike at our pocketbooks — and our politics - The Washington Post
Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, says a recession is entirely possible. American life is beset by flashing red warning lights, but two in particular — an increase in social isolation and a lack of trust — signal that a recession is likely to make our already fractious politics deteriorate further. Let’s start with loneliness, something so common in the United States it was described as an epidemic even before covid-19 intensified our social isolation. AdvertisementThere’s a link between social isolation and an attraction to extremist ideology — so much so that Hannah Arendt flagged it when she wrote about totalitarianism. If a recession is upon us, our bank accounts won’t be the only things in jeopardy.
Opinion | Does Georgia mean Trump has lost his hold on the GOP? Hardly.
Sign up for a weekly roundup of thought-provoking ideas and debates ArrowRight Commentators’ newfound optimism centers on Georgia, where last week two of Trump’s primary targets — Gov. It’s Trumpism — and it’s become the formula employed by nearly every successful politician in the Republican Party outside a few blue enclaves. Recent polls indicate that Trump is the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination. The only scenario in which Trump is unlikely to win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is if he doesn’t run. Two primary election results in Georgia and a lot of wishful thinking will not change that dismal reality.
NC lawmaker says pregnant man flashcards 'not age-appropriate material' for preschoolers
North Carolina State Rep. Erin Pare stressed the importance of parents being aware of what is being taught to their children after a teacher used LGBT-themed flashcards with a depiction of a pregnant man to teach preschoolers about colors. On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, the GOP lawmaker praised the school's principal for taking immediate action and noted that the cards were not part of the approved curriculum. SCHOOLS ARE COMPLETELY DISRESPECTING PARENTAL RIGHTS WITH THEIR CHILDREN: AMERICA FIRST LEGAL ADVISERSTATE REP. ERIN PARE: A lot of loving families come in all different shapes and sizes. And I think that parents are asking for more of that ability to follow this. And I think that that's appropriate and makes a whole lot of sense.
Memorial Day weekend marked by more than a dozen mass shootings in the U.S.
Amid calls for gun control after last week's massacre at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, shots rang out across the country over the Memorial Day weekend, with more than a dozen mass shootings unfolding in the span of 72 hours. According to the Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings in the United States, there were at least 14 "mass shootings" in the country over the weekend, from early Saturday to late Monday. The archive defines a mass shooting as an incident in which "four or more people are shot or killed, not including the shooter." A preliminary count found that gun violence — not just mass shootings — left at least 156 people dead and 412 injured from 5 p.m. Philadelphia police said they found the two women shot in the head in Port Richmond just before 1:30 a.m., NBC Philadelphia reported.
Some (but not many) in GOP evolve on possible gun restrictions
Would any Republicans reconsider their opposition to gun restrictions? The bad news is, the total number of GOP elected officials rethinking their positions is quite small. Jacobs made the remarks — a contradiction to the Republican party’s staunch stance on gun laws — during a news conference on Friday. With a Democratic majority in the House, good bills related to gun violence are already able to pass. If this GOP pair constitutes the party’s “rational” wing on possible gun reforms, it’s probably best to keep expectations low.
Podcast: The pickleball pickle
It’s pitting neighbors against neighbors in suburbs across the United States. And nope, all the drama has nothing to do with politics or COVID or any of the usual suburban suspects. Today, we serve you the rapid rise of a sport whose popularity boomed during the pandemic and the intense backlash rising right alongside it. Host: Gustavo ArellanoGuest: L.A. Times investigative and enterprise reporter Connor SheetsAdvertisementMore reading:Pickleball noise is fueling neighborhood drama from coast to coastPickleball is a godsend for older players. Now younger players are picking up the paddle
Asian Americans are typecast as successful students, but new report finds troubling gaps
Asian Americans are often seen as successful students, but the stereotype masks “incredibly disconcerting” gaps in college outcomes among the multiple ethnic groups who make up the larger community in California, according to a new report released Tuesday. At California State University, about 85% of transfer students of Japanese and Filipino ancestry graduate in four years compared with less than 70% for Native Hawaiian, Bangladeshi and Tongan students. Yet a current UC initiative to diversify the faculty is focusing on Black, Latino and Native American scholars, overlooking Asian Americans. The lack of Asian American regents is regarded as a big problem — and top priority to fix — by the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, according to Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). “Asian Americans and NHPIs have a reputation for being successful students, with data on academic outcomes often painting the portrait of a high-performing group, especially for East and South Asian Americans,” the report says.
Opinion: Why America doesn't know how to stop school shootings
As of right now, in the entire country, there is just a single federally funded study on preventing gun violence in America’s schools. School districts across the country are formulating policies in a vacuum without “any evidence to hang their hat on.”Wait, what? The measure effectively cut off funding for research on gun violence at the Centers for Disease Control. That spending has helped save 600,000 lives — about the same number of lives, he notes, lost to gun violence between 2000 and 2020. But when it comes to gun violence — as with vaccines and climate change — I worry whether data and scientific arguments are enough.
Manjoo: It's still COVID's world. We're just living in it
I worry that COVID’s very unpredictability could inject volatility into global affairs. Eventually the world will adapt to COVID’s tricks. Nasal vaccines that are now in clinical trials may be able to curb transmission of the virus, which could deal a blow to COVID’s many variants. And after a few years, perhaps the virus’s waves may settle into a seasonal pattern that we could adapt to living with. And we have no idea what the next variant may unleash upon a world already thoroughly pummeled by the disease.
John Morse: It’s the guns. And voters have the power to stop the next tragedy.
It’s time to recognize that our elected officials aren’t leaders but are mere followers. We, the people, haven’t led on guns for too long and it has allowed our elected officials to get away with doing nothing. While we may not have led lately, it’s time to lead now and when we do, the elected officials will follow. Our message to elected officials, at all levels of government, is simple: It’s the guns. John Morse severed in the Colorado State Senate from January 2007 through October 2013.
Former Ohio House speaker Householder will go on trial in January 2023 in federal court
Former Ohio House speaker Larry Householder won't go to trial on public corruption charges until next year, according to a schedule published Friday by U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black. The schedule calls for jury selection on Jan. 20 and trial starting Jan. 23. Attorneys estimate it'll take six weeks to try the case, which is described as the largest public corruption case in state history. Two co-defendants, Jeff Longstreth and Juan Cespedes, pleaded guilty while a third died by suicide a year ago in Florida. Householder and former Ohio Republican Party chairman Matt Borges have pleaded not guilty and said they did nothing wrong.
Voter-owned elections keep NM courts fair, independent
As we have seen from the recent leak from SCOTUS, state courts will be instrumental in deciding rights that were once seen as fundamental. We all believe that New Mexico courts should be staffed with qualified judges who represent the values of their communities. Our data already shows the new voter-owned judicial elections program is a success. After all, the only way to have fair and impartial courts is to have fair judicial elections. Voter-owned judicial elections are a huge step in achieving that trust.
Are unaffiliated voters a way back to better government?
The legislative bill that would have given a primary ballot to decline-to-state (DTS) voters was tabled early in the 2022 regular session. So, I am curious as to why parties will accept votes from same-day registrants, but not from DTS voters? And why they don’t tap into the 23% of tax-paying unaffiliated voters in New Mexico who help pay for the primaries they cannot vote in? I disenfranchised myself from primary elections when I changed my affiliation to decline-to-state. If more voters become unaffiliated, primaries will be decided by fewer voters and that would be a serious risk for democracy.
Why force braiders into useless beauty schools? Expensive mandates pile onto student debt crisis.
Unfortunately, beauty professionals who operate without vocational school diplomas get treated like criminals. But beauty professionals do not have a choice, an issue policymakers on both sides of the aisle prefer to ignore. Elle Scheller says she witnessed harassment, intimidation, incompetence, overcrowding, graduation delays and hidden costs at the first beauty school she attended in Utah. College students who enroll in comparative literature, art, journalism, history or science have options. Beauty professionals typically do not.
Attorneys weigh in on Depp-Heard trial
Attorneys weigh in on Depp-Heard trialAs the jury begins deliberations on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel case, attorneys give their take on proceedings.
What can be done to end gun violence? Ask Post reporters your questions.
Placeholder while article actions loadTwo mass shootings have rocked America in as many weeks. President Biden, who again urged action this week, has played a central role in many of those unsuccessful efforts, first as vice president under President Barack Obama and now as president. What questions do you have about gun-control legislation, new security measures or other proposals aimed at ending gun violence? Four Washington Post reporters will answer them at 1 p.m. Eastern on May 31:Send us your question below. Aviva Loeb, an editor on The Post’s audience team, and Olivia McCormack, a news aide, produced this Q&A.
Editorial: Guess who pays for T fare evasion?
But too many T riders see the fare as a mere suggestion and take a pass on paying. Fare evasion is decriminalized; the T clarified that it is a civil offense that no one will be arrested for. Then-Acting Mayor Kim Janey launched a pilot free bus program in the fall of ’21, which eliminated fares on the busy Route 28 bus for three months. This free fare program costs $8 million, covered by federal funding approved by the City Council in December. The key to stemming the tide of fare evasion is enforcement, and here’s hoping the T puts some muscle behind this new regulation.
EU has played its trump card with Russian oil embargo, but its next moves are compromised
The EU may have agreed a ban on two-thirds of its oil imports from Russia, but the deal represents a high-water mark for sanctions – its future measures will now be compromised. The bloc swiftly imposed five rounds of damaging sanctions on Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine in February. Agreeing the measures with such speed and unity was a considerable diplomatic achievement because EU sanctions require the unanimous support of all 27 member states. But the sixth wave of sanctions, which includes a contentious oil embargo, broke on the bloc’s dependence on Russian energy supplies. Hungary’s Viktor Orban refused to endorse the embargo, which he compared to a nuclear bomb being dropped on his country’s economy.
‘Born a peasant’: teacher in China fired for denouncing parent for low education levels and son’s behaviour at school on WeChat
A teacher has been fired in China after insulting a parent for being low-class and uneducated and blaming her for her son’s misbehaviour at school. Photo: SCMP Artwork
Stoops for New York’s Open Streets
Stoops for New York’s Open Streets Winnie Hu ? Reporting from Williamsburg, BrooklynHiram Durán for The New York TimesMr. Burke is in luck: On May 24, the first two stoops, made for about $55,000, will go up on 34th Avenue. Mr. Rockwell’s firm is looking to raise money to donate stoops to Open Streets in the other boroughs.
Even as Russia Bears Down in the East, Some Ukrainians Stay Behind
BAKHMUT, Ukraine — The volunteers listened patiently to the pensioner and stuffed a frozen chicken into her shopping bag. Olena Tyvaniuk, 70, a slight woman with a stoop, explained tearfully that she needed more than food. “I need medication for him.”As the towns and cities of eastern Ukraine empty out in the face of the Russian offensive, some residents are choosing to stay on. Or, disillusioned by the longstanding corruption of Ukrainian officials, they think things can’t be worse under the Russians. There are few cars on the streets except for military vehicles; shops and banks are boarded up.
Spending a lot on storage fees? Build your own shed.
Building material prices are rising faster than a bottle rocket on the Fourth of July. Before I built the shed, much of this was in an off-site storage facility with sky-high monthly rent. AdvertisementWouldn’t it make more sense to build a 10-by-20-foot shed for the equivalent of what you’d spend on two years of rent? I’m sure most of you, my readers, could build a simple shed after watching all my videos on the topic at my website. If you decide to build a shed, the first step is to determine the size you need.
Texas school shooting, one week later: Faith leaders share anguish, hope for the future
In the wake of the Texas school shooting in Uvalde one week ago today, in which a gunman took the lives of 19 children and two teachers inside Robb Elementary School, faith leaders across the nation have continued to share their outrage about the massacre. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATESThe rabbi also said, "There is a widespread sickness in our society that we cannot accept as a new normal." TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING EVOKES FAITH LEADERS' REPLY: WE MUST PUT ‘PRAYERS INTO ACTION’"May God Almighty," he added, "bring comfort to the grieving families and aid our country on the path toward healing its core." DOES TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING HIGHLIGHT NEED FOR FAITH, HIGHER PURPOSE IN KIDS' LIVES? FAITH LEADERS REACT TO TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: ‘ACT OF PURE EVIL’On Sunday, President Biden and first lady Jill Biden visited Uvalde, Texas.
Canada to cap market for handguns with new law
Associated PressStill mourning a Texas mass shooting, Democrat Beto O'Rourke gave his long-shot campaign a jolt by imploring a national audience that it was finally time for real action to curb the proliferation of high-powered guns in his home state and across America. Last week, following the massacre of 19 elementary school students and two teachers by an 18-year-old man with an AR-15-style rifle in Uvalde, Texas, O'Rourke — now campaigning for governor — again briefly seized the national political spotlight. This time, that meant crashing the news conference of the man he wants to unseat, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, and declaring — in a moment subsequently viewed widely online — that the carnage was "on you.”
If Texas women are forced to give birth, men who impregnated them need to pay up, too
That old rape ‘joke’ will be realRemember Clayton Williams’ rape “joke” when he was running for governor in 1990? He said that if rape was inevitable, women should “relax and enjoy it.” It helped him lose the race. It does not need to be inevitable that these infants have access to only their moms’ often-meager resources. - David Cory, Fort Worth‘Mental health’ is a cop-outNothing Republicans or Democrats suggest would have prevented the massacre of schoolchildren and teachers in Uvalde. It’s a cop-out when politicians say, “It’s not a gun issue, it’s a mental health issue.” These same legislators have starved Texas’ public mental health system.
Columbus doctor views 'window into joy and suffering' through eyes of Ukraine refugees
Ean BettGuest columnistEan Bett, M.D., is a family medicine physician in Columbus. I recently returned from two weeks on the border between Poland and Ukraine where I volunteered with a medical and humanitarian group providing care to Ukrainians who were fleeing their war-torn homeland. Each man, woman and child sought comfort in a unique time of need, and I am thankful to have been able to participate in their care as a physician. More:Russian invasion of Ukraine leaves Columbus-area student fearful for family's safetyUkrainian men and women are fighting for their lives, their country, and their future. And so we must remember President Eisenhower’s own parting words in our current and future world view: “Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative.
Letters: Teacher carries weight of heroism. 'How many more small coffins will we weep over?'
In conversation and in our prayers to God, we ask: How long will we accept mass shootings as “normal?” How many more small coffins will we weep over? Gun control bills still await Senate votes after Texas shootingHouse Resolution 1446, Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021, requires a completed background check for gun ownership. House Resolution 8, Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, would expand background checks. Violence Against Women Act would prohibit spouses and “dating partners” from gun ownership if convicted of domestic violence. We lift our prayers for the thousands of Americans lost to gun violence in 2022.
AP News Summary at 6:00 a.m. EDT
Uvalde: Visitations, funerals and burials, one after anotherUVALDE, Texas (AP) — It should have been the first day of a joyous week for Robb Elementary School students — the start of summer break. Instead on Monday, the first two of 19 children slain inside a classroom were being remembered at funeral visitations. Many staff have fled and those who remain have to deal with an influx of war wounded on top of their usual flow of sick patients. Rising US traffic deaths put focus on one Philadelphia roadPHILADELPHIA (AP) — Black communities have been especially hard hit amid a national surge in traffic fatalities. Many cemeteries have spread over the slopes of the barren mountains that rise up in the middle of the city.
Why do we treat white supremacists differently to Islamist extremists?
There are growing concerns that an increasing number of white supremacists are committing violence, or plotting to do so, against minorities. Yet, if you try discussing this online, you are attacked for humanising white supremacists and showing sympathy for its ideology, instead of the victims. That is important too, but it doesn’t explain why some young white men succumb to radicalisation. Our response to white supremacists is markedly different to Islamist radicalisation, on both sides of the political spectrum. However, blaming Islamist violence on foreign policy is no different to blaming a white supremacist attack on Islamist violence.
While Uvalde mourns, Biden urges 'rational' action on guns
By Steve Holland and Brad BrooksWASHINGTON/UVALDE, Texas -A day after promising residents of Uvalde, Texas, action to address gun violence, U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday sought to appeal to “rational” Republicans to curb high-caliber weapons and take other federal action to prevent more mass shootings. “The idea of these high-caliber weapons — there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting,” Biden told reporters at the White House. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has repeatedly said gun regulations are not the solution and instead pointed to problems of mental health. Since then, mass school shootings have rocked Virginia Tech University, Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, among others. But the president, whose fellow Democrats only narrowly control Congress, has cited the limits of executive action and urged lawmakers to act.
British tennis ace Andy Murray and school shooting survivor calls for changes to US gun laws
British tennis player Andy Murray, a survivor of Britain's deadliest-ever school shooting, said the killing of 19 children and two teachers in Texas has made him 'angry' and 'incredible upset'. Salvador Roma, an 18-year-old high school student in Uvalde, Texas, opened fire at Robb Elementary School last week killing 19 students and two teachers after first shooting his 66-year-old grandmother at their home. Pictured: Salvador RomaThe tennis star (pictured at Dunblane Primary School) who was just nine-years-old at the time, has told how he shared a car with killer Thomas Hamilton and attended his kids clubs. Britain's two-time Wimbledon champion has called for urgent reform to US gun laws and said hearing a child's account from the horrific Texas shooting was 'similar' to his own experience. 'I heard something on the radio the other day and it was a child from that school,' Murray told the BBC.
Biden Vows To Keep Up Pressure For Gun Reform Amid Congressional Inaction
President Joe Biden told reporters Monday that “the Second Amendment was never absolute,” and that he’ll “continue to push” for gun reform upon his return to Washington D.C.On Sunday, he and First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Uvalde, Texas to honor the 21 people shot and killed at Robb Elementary School last week. While Biden said that he doesn’t need convincing to tighten up gun restrictions — “I’ve been motivated all along,” he told reporters — he said that his power, unlike that of Congress, is somewhat limited. Congress is responding how it usually does to the mass shootings horrific enough to still rate attention: Republicans are pointing to everything but gun reform as the answer, while Democrats are calling for gun control. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) — a “rational Republican,” along with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), per Biden — has been tapped by McConnell to negotiate with Democrats on gun control regulation. “You know, I don’t think that D.C. solutions are realistic here,” Sinema said last week of reforming the filibuster to pass gun reform legislation.
After Texas school shooting, an army of therapy dogs arrives to soothe ragged nerves
UVALDE, Texas – Agony. The people of Uvalde came to the SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center in all emotional states in the days after the Robb Elementary School shooting. In this small city, almost everyone knows, has heard of or is related to at least one of the murdered 19 children and two adults.
Opinion | We Clerked for Justices Scalia and Stevens. America Is Getting Heller Wrong.
John believes that Heller correctly construed the original meaning of the Second Amendment and is one of the most important decisions in U.S. history. But despite our fundamental disagreements, we are both concerned that Heller has been misused in important policy debates about our nation’s gun laws. Heller does not totally disable government from passing laws that seek to prevent the kind of atrocities we saw in Uvalde, Texas. Some progressives, for example, have blamed the Second Amendment, Heller or the Supreme Court for atrocities like Uvalde. And some conservatives have justified contested policy positions merely by pointing to Heller, as if the opinion resolved the issues.
Opinion | The War in Ukraine May Be Impossible to Stop. And the U.S. Deserves Much of the Blame.
The rocky course of the war in Ukraine thus far has vindicated Mr. Putin’s diagnosis, if not his conduct. Though Ukraine’s military industry was important in Soviet times, by 2014 the country barely had a modern military at all. The United States started arming and training Ukraine’s military, hesitantly at first under President Barack Obama. The United States and Canada have lately sent up-to-date British-designed M777 howitzers that fire GPS-guided Excalibur shells. The United States is trying to maintain the fiction that arming one’s allies is not the same thing as participating in combat.
Texas school shooting reveals freedom's dark side
The unspeakable loss of 19 young children and two teachers in the Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, has rightfully shaken our nation. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING TIMELINE: LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES CHANGE COURSE IN DETAILS OF MASSACRE RESPONSESo long as these two lies persist nothing will change and the massacres will continue apace. We live in an age of constant technological miracles, of science that seems it can solve any problem with a right way forward. In our personal lives, death smooths away the sins and errors of the dead of whom we do not speak ill. A debate between accepting the horrible risks of freedom or of living our lives under greater control and limitation in the name of safety.
Prosecutor: 'We are fighting merely for survival.' Drugs from border overwhelming Ohio
Everyone can see we have a problem at our Southern border. Recently, the United States Customs and Border Protection had over 234,000 encounters with individuals at the southern border — 234,000 people. More:Moreno: Unsecured southern border invites problems including 'terrorist' drug cartelsIt is not just people coming across our border; the border is also a conduit for an overwhelming amount of illegal drugs. But unless and until the Biden administration gets serious about shutting down the flow of illegal drugs on our southern border, we are fighting merely for survival, not for prevention. My community, and thousands more like it across this country, are dealing with the devastation of these deadly illegal drugs every day.
JCPS will soon vote on a student assignment overhaul. What's changed in the proposal?
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Core pieces of Jefferson County Public Schools' student assignment proposal have remained the same across iterations of the proposal spanning years. Hiring privilegeChoice Zone schools will now be able to hire teachers before schools elsewhere in the district. Background: Should West End teachers be paid more? Test scores have always been publicly available, with those coming from West End schools' often disproportionately analyzed. It now does, with Pollio keeping with previous statements and promising to build the school in the West End.
AP News Summary at 3:31 a.m. EDT
Uvalde: Visitations, funerals and burials, one after anotherUVALDE, Texas (AP) — It should have been the first day of a joyous week for Robb Elementary School students — the start of summer break. Instead on Monday, the first two of 19 children slain inside a classroom were being remembered at funeral visitations. EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-endBRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders have agreed to embargo most Russian oil imports into the bloc by year-end. The embargo covers Russian oil brought in by sea, allowing a temporary exemption for imports delivered by pipeline. Many staff have fled and those who remain have to deal with an influx of war wounded on top of their usual flow of sick patients.
[Newsmaker] 2022 local elections by the numbers
The 2022 local elections are upon us. Here’s a quick look at the vote by key numbers.This is the first local election in which 18-year-olds can cast ballots. In constituencies where parliamentary by-elections are taking place, voters will get eight paper ballots. Residents of Jeju and Sejong City will be given 5 and 4 paper ballots, respectively.Voting will be carried out in two rounds. Given that it takes about 17 trees aged over 30 to make one ton of standard paper, this year‘s local elections comes at the cost of about 210,000 trees.About 300 million ballot papers will be used in the local elections.
Letter: Every American needs to ask themselves why school shootings are being accepted as normal
During a recent intruder drill at my elementary school, I had a third-grade student ask me: Which is more likely, an earthquake or a person with a gun? Today, after 19 elementary children were gunned down at school, this seems like a responsibility none of us signed up for. Today I think every American needs to ask themselves why they are accepting this as normal. I grew up with drills involving nuclear bombs being dropped and I remember they were very scary. There is one big difference, we did not have weekly nuclear bombs being dropped.
Ukraine's courage against Russia shows free world how to stand up to Putin and Xi
China’s Chairman Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin did not share that assumption. The implication of this lesson is that the Quad nations, alongside like-minded partners, must identify new ways to compete effectively against Russia and China. As much as getting China or Russia to moderate the other might appear as a nifty idea, our adversaries are coordinating joint action against the free world. Cases in point include not only Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas, but also India’s dependence on Russian arms. The implication is that the citizens of the Quad nations and others across the free world should be confident because they can demand better policies to compete with Russia and China.
Canadian Prime Minister introduces bill to prevent buying & selling handguns
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a bill to block the purchase, sale and import of handguns in Canada. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell speaks to David Hogg, gun safety activist and survivor of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, about the move by Trudeau and how it compares to the lack of legislative action on gun violence in America.May 31, 2022
Biden repeats FALSE claim that you couldn't buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was ratified
Biden, 79, told the gathered reporters on the South Lawn: 'The Second Amendment was never absolute. You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed and you couldn’t go out and purchase a lot of weapons.' President Biden told reporters on the South Lawn that the 'Second Amendment is not absolute'The president's assertion that you could not buy a cannon at the time the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791 is false, numerous historical scholars have maintained. You couldn’t buy a cannon when, in fact, the Second Amendment passed.' Biden told the press on Memorial Day: 'It makes no sense to be able to purchase something that can fire up to 300 rounds.
1st pride parade held in Akita to show support for sexual minorities
People march for public understanding toward sexual minorities in Akita on May 28. (Kimihiko Sato)AKITA--Sexual minorities and their supporters on May 28 held the first pride parade in the capital of Akita Prefecture ever as part of the global pride parade movement to show support for sexual diversity. The parade, called the Akita pride march, was the first such event held in the prefecture. Afterward, they marched to the Akita City Cultural Creation Center, urging prejudice and discrimination against sexual minorities to be eliminated. Masaki said the group will continue working to make a partnership system, introduced by the prefectural government and others, easier for sexual minorities to use.
Empty spaces, broken hearts in a Texas town gutted by loss
In a town as small as Uvalde, even those who didn't lose their own child lost someone. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)A heart-shaped balloon flies, decorating a memorial site outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. In a town as small as Uvalde, even those who didn't lose their own child lost someone. A few days later, she brought a toy school bus to place at his cross at the memorial. We can’t let my kids, my grandkids live like this for the rest of their lives and for their kids’ lives,” he said.
Pozniak: Now is the time for employers to plan for an active shooter crisis
This is why crisis management planning is no longer an option, but a requirement for profit and non-profit organizations. When asked if his company had a crisis communications and management plan and a designated, trained team to implement the plan should a crisis develop, like an active shooter, his response was, “We’re in the high-tech business and in a safe suburban office park so an active shooter crisis is really unlikely.”Really? A crisis management plan is not only for an active shooter but may be employed during a fatal medical mistake, a sexual harassment and assault charge, corporate embezzlement, an industrial accident, ransomware attack, product recall or workplace violence. A crisis management committee would be created and trained to effectively respond and communicate during a crisis. Local business and trade associations should offer seminars for their members on crisis management and communications planning.
Lomborg: Want to alleviate world hunger? Ditch the organics
Long simply a fashionable trend for the world’s 1%, environmentalists have increasingly peddled the beguiling idea that organic farming can solve hunger. The European Union is actively pushing for a tripling of organic farming on the continent by 2030. Moreover, organic farming requires farmers to rotate soil out of production for pasture, fallow or cover crops, reducing its effectiveness. To sustainably feed the world and withstand future global shocks, we need to produce food better and cheaper. This will allow us to produce more food, curb prices, alleviate hunger and save nature.
Conversion therapy for fascist ammosexuals?
German said that “US law enforcement is failing, as it long has, to provide victimized communities like Buffalo's with equal protection under the law. Despite a clear mandate from Congress, the bureau has yet to produce statistics revealing the scale of white supremacist crimes. It said that organized groups were infiltrating law enforcement agencies, while individuals sympathetic to 'white supremacist causes' were also joining the ranks. The infection has grown to become a contagion, endemic to the whole of US law enforcement. Texas law enforcement literally aided and abetted 18 year-old Salvador Ramos’ hour-long massacre of schoolchildren and teachers.
Kagro in the Morning podcast (AUDIO): Monday, May 30, 2022
*Memorial Day is a time for remembrance. Like, remember last Memorial Day? If you don't, we're about to remind you of it, by re-running last year's Memorial Day show, from May 31, 2021! While we are commemorating and solemnly observing, let’s not forget the 100th anniversary of the Black Wall Street race riot massacre, which is not the only Black Wall Street, nor deadly race riot of the period, by the way. People stream in over our southern borders to get their shots — if they come over in a plane, they’ll receive one.
Remembering the fallen.
Those 1.5 million Americans may not have been in the military, but they died because of the belief that Americans may need to violently overthrow the government, and so in my opinion the only difference between Americans who have died to guns and American service members who have fallen in battle is that the latter were afforded the opportunity to choose. Those who die to gun accidents or gun violence didn’t get to choose to face death, and that makes it important to remember that they died and why they died. Whatever a person believes regarding second amendment rights and guns, it’s just as important to remember those who did not choose to become sacrifices as those who did get to choose.
Time for an 1873 Project for Guns
I know we are all sick and tired of the same NRA baloney and at the same time exhausted by Republicans and Social Critics trying to talk about the “good old days when men were men, etc...”. Let’s go back to the good old Western days they fetishize. In the for-seeable future there is no way we can ban guns, but we should argue to take the technology out. They love the Wild West so let them use the Wild West firearms. This meets all the gun needs except massive firepower that kills police and many, many people at a time.
"Good Germans"
Christopher Hitchens has some thoughts... This is a talk that made me understand why what we face in western democracy today has been litigated over and over since the Peloponnisan War, Inquisitions, Pogroms, death marches, chattle slavery and lynchings, genocide and such. I see more clearly what a personal, moral question this is and some societies rally, bring forth leaders, gird their loins with purpose, knowledge and organization. And some societies don't. Do your best).
Can you look in the Mirror after these shootings with a clear conscience? I can!
I was recently asked to talk to a group of new donors to help Democrats get more help and was asked to help set up the function. As a political strategist, this is one of my functions of any group I am “hired to help”. Also why I always use NDA’s for all my work in case they do something stupid, I am covered. Then when Demi Lavato played the song “Confidence” (the theme song from Lucifer) I walked out on the mini stage and started talking. Their Bohemian Rhapsody became #1 4-5 times after they released it, even after Freddie died, who sang the lead.
Time for Action
Gun debate is another one of these situations . I know I'm on the right side of the D spectrum but the Gop is still miles to the right of me . Your kids will be just as dead if this gun debate drags on 40 years , and you do nothing to make your kids school a tough target . Our kids are just too valuable , to keep doing nothing , just because we can't get a national consensus on the gun debate . Anyway , I'll let everyone tear me apart and be told that we don't need any suburban women , or anyone , who ever voted for Trump or Bush we don't need , but we do .
From Glendale AZ to Uvalde TX, conservatism and the absence of empathy
In this case, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) gave a speech to the seniors at Arizona Virtual Academy’s graduation ceremony in Glendale. I don’t know who OK'd that.”Butler also said Lesko failed to mention the graduates and their accomplishments. If there is one feature common to all conservatives, it is a complete lack of empathy. Or do they know how hateful they are, and say what they say, because they are sociopaths who revel in inflicting pain? To whip a slave or gas a Jew, had the same moral consequences to a conservative as stepping on a cockroach.
Are Virginia House Democrats about to select an unvetted convicted felon as their leader?
Virginia General Assembly -- Hosue of DelegatesA month ago, a trio of ambitous members of the Virginia Legislature, elected just two years ago, led an effort to oust House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn and House Democratic Caucus Chair Charnielle Herring. But beyond the inside-baseball politics of the Virginia House is a much more concerning impact for the Democratic Party nationally. This trio has positioned, as their candidate for House Democratic Leader, Delegate Don Scott, who served seven years in Federal prison on crack cocaine distribution charges. And Republicans will plaster these facts not only onto every Virginia Democratic legislator, but on the Democratic Party as a whole. But does this mean that the 48 members of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus should say that Don Scott is the best among them to be their leader?
Gun Violence Summit @ Camp David? I'm just asking. A Colorado State Open Thread, 5
The Colorado State Open Thread is for those who have an interest in all things Colorado, be they animal, vegetable, mineral or some combination of the three. The question is:Why doesn’t President Biden call a summit at Camp David to bring together the gun dealers / manufacturers / NRA / various parents and victims groups of gun violence / Congressional representatives and have them work out some sort of agreements that can bring about a decrease to gun violence? Any proposals could be hashed out at Camp David before becoming public, especially if all participants were to agree that “Anything that happens at Camp David stays at Camp David.” I realize that may be asking a lot from these professional poseurs, especially politicians and the NRA, but having Congress work within themselves isn’t getting it done. If there’s give and take, with a focus from the President, Congress and national media that are all now trying to come up with SOME sort of solution, maybe, just maybe, there might be some solutions. I look forward to reading your thoughts about why my proposal sucks, or perhaps you have ways to improve it.
Who Leaked Alito's Roe v Wade Draft Opinion?
PollWho Leaked Alito's Roe v Wade Draft Opinion? Sam Alito - Caricature(Image by DonkeyHotey) Details DMCAThere is a lot of talk about who leaked Alito's draft of his Roe v Wade opinion. The right is assuming that a lefty staffer or justice did it out of anger or outrage. There's speculation that a conservative staffer or justice did it tactically, to pressure any wavering justices. Exploring the above possibilities, throwing in speculation that it was John Roberts who did it.
Imagine living in a more rational, less violent, safer country Canada makes us look bad... again
Today Canadian PM Justin Trudeau proposed a freeze the sales and transfer of all pistols. They don’t have an ultra-corrupt Republican party to obstruct rational gun control. Thread ?? — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) May 30, 2022x PM Justin Trudeau unveils the introduction of new legislation to further strengthen gun control in Canada. https://t.co/p0CGVONMqq — CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) May 30, 2022x YouTube VideoWhat lessons can Canada teach America about deadly gun violence? In Canada, residents seeking to purchase a firearm must wait 28 days before taking possession.
Defense in Depth and Ukraine's East
During the conflict in Ukraine, I’ve come to the conclusion that mainstream news media shares a lot of similarities to Russian artillery. This can be most clearly seen when some analyst hyperventilates when the map of Ukraine incrementally changes color to red symbolizing the slow crawl of Russian advancement. Yet, by any military measure, Ukraine has exacted an enormous toll on the Russian army as they continue their advance. This is because Ukraine is successfully practicing a strategy of defense in depth. This is not a new strategy but has proven to be decisive when used in a larger military campaign.
Canada announces new ban on buying, sale, import, transfer of handguns & buyback of assault guns
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at May 30 announcementCanada’s Prime minister today announced sweeping new legislation designed to freeze the number of privately-owned handguns in Canada and reduce the number of assault weapons currently in circulation. The legislation makes high-capacity weapons illegal by requiring all long guns to be modified so they cannot carry more than five rounds and making the sale or transfer of high-capacity magazines illegal. Maximum jail terms for smuggling or illegally transferring firearms will increase by 40 per cent to fourteen years. Strict Canadian laws restrict open carry, which requires special permits that are very difficult to obtain. The new legislation was tabled in the federal House of Commons May 30, and is expected to pass without any complications.
FEARFUL TRUMP Attacks Georgia DA Probing His 'PERFECT' Phone Call that Threatened Election Officials
A good example of that was on display Monday when Trump posted a message to his failing social media site, TRUTH Social. Trump's "truth" was framed as an attack on District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Georgia. I called to fight a Rigged and Stolen Election, and they go after me instead of the people that Rigged and Stole it. So Trump officially gave notice to these Georgia officials that he intended to hold them criminally liable for the fake offenses he is accusing them of. As reported by CNN, Willis said that..."'We're going to look at anything connected with interference with the 2020 election.
Way to Win ad emphasizes GOP's divisive culture-war trick: Pitting Americans against each other
x How do we can take on and lower the temperature of the attacks Republicans rely on while avoiding getting dragged down into endless culture war battles? This ad by @WayToWinAF that highlights the stark contrast between the two parties is one way how. We can do it again,” the ad concludes. The ad’s real emphasis is on Republicans as the villains and voters as the heroes who already saved the country from going down a dark path once before. And once again, the ad is an effort to train voters into recognizing one of the GOP’s culture war tricks: pitting Americans against each other.
Is alcohol a problem? A test for teens
The legal drinking age may be 21 in this country, but underage drinking is still defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as "a major public health problem." The government conducts regular surveys of teenagers to gauge alcohol use and other risky behavior. One example cited: "A 5 percent increase in binge drinking among adults in a community is associated with a 12 percent increase in the chance of underage drinking." Something for communities concerned about underage drinking to consider. In fact, it's not unthinkable that a teenager whose social life revolves around alcohol has asked himself or herself if, just maybe, drinking is becoming a problem.
Allegiance to nature while living in a techno-sphere: A health care directive
Flower(Image by Pixabay: Zee_Shutterz) Details DMCAAllegiance to nature while living in a techno-sphere: A health care directiveby Katie SingerAfter a friend died a few months ago without a will and I learned that two thirds of U.S. Americans die without one1I updated mine and my health care directive for the first time in twenty years. And yet, we still dream that our electrified, computerized society can continue without consequences to ecosystems and public health. Survival requires skills in growing vegetables, self-help health care and conflict resolution"that many of us never learned. My health care directive comes out of this dedication. My health care directiveI consider death an ordinary, natural part of every life.
Letters from Moscow: Education, Health Care, Unions, and Political Parties Across the Class Divide
Parallel to state sponsored education, there is private education that is available from kindergarten until university. The Soviet Union had an immense health care system that included general hospitals, specialized hospitals, hospitals for children and babies, and clinics tied to factories and universities. According to the constitution, everyone has a right to health protection so medical care in state and municipal health care institutions is free of charge. The private health care system is much smaller and cannot be compared to the state system. The problems of the state health care system are more organizational than anything else (as mentioned at the beginning of my letter).
Ukraine - Congress Passes The Bucks
After a lot of talk about defeating Russia in the Ukraine and an alleged lack of Russian fighting abilities Congress passed another $40 billion fund for weapons and economic support. That brings the total to some $53 billion for Ukraine. Most of the money will go to the U.S. weapon industry, the CIA and to various Ukrainian oligarchs. By expanding support to Ukraine across the board and shelving any diplomatic effort to stop the fighting, the United States and its allies have greatly increased the danger of an even larger conflict. They are taking a risk far out of step with any realistic strategic gain..
If Finland joins NATO it breaks its WWII treaty with Russia, and will no longer be neutral
Scott Ritter does an excellent video on what could possibly happen if Finland joins NATO. He discusses the "Winter War" of 1939 and Finland's subsequent entry into WWII on the side of Nazi Germany which Finland lost decisively losing 9% of its territory. The Finns entered into a treaty with the USSR where they would remain "neutral" in perpetuity. If Finland joins NATO it will violate this treaty and therefore no longer be neutral. Ritter goes on to analyze the military forces available to NATO and declares, NATO has no chance unless it uses Nukes.
Tomgram: William Hartung, Armed Hypocrisy
Raytheon is, of course, anything but the only major arms manufacturer reaping financial and reputational benefits from the war in Ukraine. Earlier this month, President Biden singled out Lockheed Martin for special praise when he toured the Alabama facility where it produces those Javelin missiles. On Mother's Day, for instance, Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet was featured on CBS's Face the Nation. More than half of that package will go for military purposes, which means the outlook for firms like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin couldn't be brighter. Putting that nightmarish possibility aside, there's another question that comes to mind (mine, anyway): Does arming Ukraine really make Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and their cohorts "defenders of democracy"?
Final Declaration: VII International Seminar For Peace And For The Abolition Of Foreign Military Bases - PopularResistan
Call for actions and initiatives every year on or around February 23, marking the "International Day of Action against Foreign Military Bases" in all countries against these military facilities. Multiply the actions of the international campaign for a world of peace, without nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and make such actions be felt at foreign military bases and facilities. Denounce the actions against the environment and the health of the populations where foreign military bases are located. Express our support to the people of the United States, which struggle for peace and reject the expansion of the military bases and interventionist actions of that government. Reject the disinformation campaigns launched from the United States and the European Union.
Tomgram: Beverly Gologorsky, Not in Our Name
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Just in case you missed it, former President George W. Bush ("Mission Accomplished") had a howler the other day. Today, TomDispatch regular Beverly Gologorsky, author of a remarkable new novel, Can You See the Wind?, about the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era, reminds us just how important such ongoing protests truly are. But let Gologorsky offer you a little bit of hope for our future. There are, of course, many groups working in wonderful ways to improve our lives, each of them a harbinger of what's possible.
Beto: Speaking Truth to Power
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Well, I sorta liked Beto before. Note that while those on stage are yelling and bullying, Beto doesn't appear to even raise his voice. Beto O'Rourke confronts Texas Gov. Abbott after Uvalde shooting | USA TODAY Beto O'Rourke was removed from a Uvalde, Texas, shooting press conference after yelling, .someone has to stand up for the ...(Image by YouTube, Channel: USA TODAY) Details DMCAHe continued to speak truth to power after he was removed from the press conference.
NY Appeals Court Rules Trump and Two of His Kids Must Testify in Financial Fraud Case
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"The most effective ways to create a more inclusive, fair-for-all future will be from the bottom up. Rob Kall's book lays out how that would look with a hopeful, pragmatic vision that will change the way you see the world." Dave Zirin, sports editor for The Nation, a columnist for The Progressive, and the author of eight books on the politics of sports, including What's My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States and A People's History of Spo
Diary: Dead Children
Would you like to know how many people have read this article? Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Not because they were wrong but because they refused to place their proclamations in the very real context of murdered children and women and non-combatant men. It has been sickening to read so much of what has been posted here. Not because it was absolutely wrong but because it was deeply dishonest as the work of thinking, caring, empathetic humans writing about the plight of other humans beings.
21 Dead and Counting
Having an old impotent ghost for a president makes sense in a convoluted way. I'm really thrown off by this latest mass shooting. Every single one of them deserved to live in a world where they could go to school and feel safe. All of our problems are old, chronic problems that seem to be hard-wired into who we are. (Article changed on May 25, 2022 at 12:08 PM EDT)(Article changed on May 28, 2022 at 10:50 AM EDT)
Let's Get Rid of Guns, gangnam-style!
And said the Lord's Prayer also and was chastised the one day I whispered another prayer instead when my grandfather was sick. "Someone isn't saying the Lord's Prayer," said the teacher when we were done with it. A classmate once asked me what I really say during our Lord's Prayer minutes. A friend of mine in South Korea tells me that there guns are illegal and no one gets murdered. But meanwhile, let's narrow down and get rid of guns.
Open Up the Port of Odessa
However, Russia has been blockading Ukraine's Black Sea ports including the port of Odessa. The navies of the leading NATO countries, the United States, France and the United Kingdom, should move their warships to the coast of Odessa to force Russia to lift the blockade. The Russian blockade constitutes a war crime. For nearly a year, the United Kingdom and the United States carried out a massive airlift operation that brought millions of tons of food and supplies into Berlin. Now we must use our powerful military resources to break the Russian blockade of the Ukraine's Black Sea ports.
Sources of Hope in these Dark Times
· The sacred messages in most traditions foresee our times, the time when humanity outgrows its ecological niche. They also contain prophecies for our times, sometimes describing in detail events that we can recognize unfolding before us. In some, rainbow warriors or shamballa warriors- spiritual warriors of some sort- show up with energy and guidance. These people help everyone to open to miracles and receive divine guidance. I still have hope and faith that Creator will show us how to save ourselves and life on our planet.
Mass shootings are a symptom of the declining U.S. empire's fascist reaction
The mass shootings that this country has been reeling from are symptoms of the U.S. empire's decline. This is only natural, because the imperialist social order behind law enforcement is what's producing these shootings. At least one-third of mass shooters have been trained by the United States military. White supremacist mass shooters get radicalized by the propaganda channels that are made possible by the settler-colonial structure. Mass shootings in the U.S. far outpace those in other rich countries because the U.S. is not just an imperialist country, but the core imperialist country, the one with a military budget that dwarfs those of its allies.
Authoritarian Domination by 2030 in US!
Authoritarian SystemsA basic element behind any "evil" nation or national leader is authoritarianism. On the other is the authoritarian personality, that authoritarian systems tend to protect and empower. The dominate, monotheistic religious systems are authoritarian by nature with their imaginary social hierarchies for justifying superiority and inequality. As John Dean and Professor Robert Altemeyer have documented, leaders of authoritarian systems, like the GOP, tend, significantly, to have an authoritarian personality. The Russian nation consists of authoritarian politics (dictatorship), authoritarian economics (oligarchy) and religious fundamentalism.
We Need “Gun Control” at the Pentagon
New outcries for gun control have followed the horrible tragedies of mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. As he has said, a badly needed step is gun control — which, it’s clear from evidence in many countries, would sharply reduce gun-related deaths. But what about “gun control” at the Pentagon? The civilians who have died — and are continuing to die — from use of U.S. military weapons don’t appear on American TV screens. Yes, gun control is a great idea.
Inquest into fatal shooting by Ontario police finds “totally deficient” arrest planning for suspects with mental health problems
Once inside, he was informed he was under arrest for threatening a salesperson on his property a few days earlier. Babak’s sister, Elly Saidi, told CBC News, “They waited for hours, and finally the police came. However, a coroner’s inquest into Saidi’s death concluded late last month that the OPP had “totally deficient arrest planning” for people with mental health problems. In the 461 cases involving a fatal police encounter between 2000 and 2017, CBC News identified 18 cases where criminal charges were laid. In February this year, Calgary Police Service officers shot and killed Latjor Tuel, a Sudanese man suffering from mental health problems linked to his experiences as a child soldier in the African country’s civil war.
Australian Labor government grants Tamil refugee family only insecure bridging visas
As one of its first acts, the new Australian Labor government has refused the Murugappan Tamil refugee family permanent residency, instead granting insecure temporary bridging visas. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Saturday refused to answer questions about whether the government would grant the family permanent protection visas or residency. Labor criticised this action from the right, claiming it endangered the military operation and “politicised” the bipartisan policy of repelling refugee boats. While carried out by the Coalition, the attacks against the family were conducted under measures implemented by previous Labor governments. In 2012 the Gillard Labor government struck an agreement with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to return all Sri Lankan asylum seekers who reached Australia by boat.
EDITORIAL: The myth of President Joe Biden the deficit slayer
President Joe Biden is grasping at as many thin reeds as he can in his effort to spin Americans that his administration isn’t economically incompetent. As a result, the president has moved on to touting his supposed commitment to deficit reduction. Period.” It didn’t take long for the Congressional Budget Office to put to rest the myth of Mr. Biden as deficit slayer. But even after two years of deficit reduction under Mr. Biden, the budget gap remains historically high. And as the CBO projects, its trajectory in coming years — thanks to this president — is the opposite of down.
LETTER: Constitutional orginalism threatens our rights
Constitutional originalism is inexcusably wrong. We cannot let the Supreme Court hijack our rights. (Washington Post photo by Matt McClain)When our U.S. Constitution was written, there was no telephone, TV or internet. “Constitutional originalism” is the theory that only the original “intention” of the original framers of our Constitution can be upheld — today — by the Supreme Court in 2022. We cannot let the Supreme Court hijack our rights.
"We Have to Escalate the Fighting": Myanmar Civilian Acting President
Interview "We Have to Escalate the Fighting": Myanmar Civilian Acting PresidentNUG acting president Duwa Lashi La is on a battlefield in Myanmar on May 24. The following month the NUG formed the People’s Defense Forces (PDF), and later declared a defensive war against the military regime. Since then, the NUG has formed its own parallel administration complete with a judicial system in parts of central Myanmar. What we can guarantee is equal opportunities for all to establish a genuine federal union. What plans does the NUG have to end military dictatorship and establish a federal union in Myanmar?
New vice president of student affairs ‘honored’ to join UNM
“I had a really challenging first year,” said Scott, who was recently named vice president for student affairs at the University of New Mexico. “I was an out-of-state college student attending a pretty large institution. “I think of (student affairs) as a public service,” Scott said during a phone interview from Boise, Idaho. “I’m thrilled to have Dr. Eric Scott joining us as our new vice president for student affairs,” said James Holloway, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. “What I love about the plan is that all five goals (Advance New Mexico, Student Experience and Educational Innovation, Inclusive Excellence, Sustainability and One University) speak to student affairs,” Scott said.
Donald Trump Jr. Goes on Wild Rant Blaming ‘Wokeness’ and Laziness for Uvalde School Shooting
Donald Trump Jr. took to Rumble on Saturday to express his frustration over the Uvalde school shooting, blaming “wokeness” and “laziness” for the tragedy. Trump Jr. lamented over a New York Post article that quoted Adriana Reyes, the mother of shooter Salvador Ramos, asking for the community to forgive her son, saying, “Forgive me, forgive my son. “He had his reasons for killing 19 — fourth graders?” Trump Jr. asked. You crazy teachers, you know, teaching some of the crap I’ve been talking about — It’s none of those things!” Trump Jr. lamented. That’s where we are!”Listen above via Donald Trump Jr. on Rumble.
Justin Trudeau introduces strict gun control on handguns in Canada
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to freeze the sale, importation and transfer of handguns in Canada, he told reporters today. The big picture: This isn't a full ban, but it will significantly restrict the number of handguns in circulation, CBC reports. "In other words, we're capping the market for handguns," he said at a press conference. "Other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives." Between the lines: Canada has stricter gun laws than the U.S., and it does not guarantee a constitutional right to bear arms.
Empty NYC retail spaces cast pall on key shopping corridors
The closing of Century 21 — which supposedly will reopen with much less space next year — cast a pall across from the World Trade Center. For all the new leases, store windows in many Manhattan areas — residential and commercial — remain full of “Prime Retail Space” signs. The REBNY doesn’t cite retail vacancy rates, which are covered in a separate report later in the year. It emphasizes instead that asking rents have ticked upward or at least held their own in the various corridors. The closing of Century 21 — which supposedly will reopen with much less space next year — cast a pall across from the World Trade Center.
Former Trump aide Navarro says he has received a grand jury subpoena related to Jan. 6
Another select committee witness, Steve Bannon, was charged with contempt last year for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena. He did not receive a grand jury subpoena before his charges were filed. According to Navarro, the grand jury subpoena directs him to appear for June 2 testimony and to produce any documents that would shed light on his refusal to testify to congressional investigators in February. A grand jury subpoena for Navarro would be the most aggressive known step that prosecutors have taken into Trump’s West Wing related to Jan. 6. Ali Alexander, the founder of the Stop the Steal group that organized events that preceded the mob attack on the Capitol that day, said last month he’s received a grand jury subpoena.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Booed Outside Uvalde School Where Gunman Killed 21: 'Shame on You'
Greg Abbott was booed Sunday by a crowd outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where 21 people, including 19 children, were killed by a gunman last week in the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade. #Happeningnow Crowd Boos Texas Gov Greg Abbott as he arrives at the memorial outside of Uvalde Elementary School.#Uvalde #Texas pic.twitter.com/QWDOfXcvEw — Oliya Scootercaster (@ScooterCasterNY) May 29, 2022On Tuesday, Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School at about 11:30 a.m. Abbott, Texas' First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, Rep. Tony Gonzales and Judge Bill Mitchell all welcomed the president and his wife in Uvalde. President Joe Biden arrives at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. People can send checks through the mail (payable to the "Robb School Memorial Fund") or donate money through Zelle to robbschoolmemorialfund@gmail.com.
Boris Yeltsin's son-in-law quits as Putin adviser, sources say
Valentin Yumashev, the son-in-law of former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin who helped Vladimir Putin come to power, has quit his role as a Kremlin adviser, two people familiar with Yumashev have said. Yumashev was an unpaid adviser with limited influence on Putin’s decision-making, but his departure removes one of the last links inside Putin’s administration to Yeltsin’s rule, a period of liberal reforms and Russia’s opening up towards the West.
Canadian Arctic tuberculosis outbreak lays bare overcrowded living conditions
A tuberculosis outbreak in the Canadian Arctic has prompted frustration in a remote Inuit community and highlighted the persistence of an illness that has largely been wiped out in the rest of the country. The outbreak also lays bare the dismal living conditions and overcrowding in many Arctic communities, despite Canada’s status as one of the world’s wealthiest nations. Officials in Nunavut say there are 31 cases of active tuberculosis in the hamlet of Pangnirtung, a community of 1,500 on Baffin Island. The outbreak in Nunavut is the worst since 2017, when a teen girl died of the illness. In 2020, there were 72.2 active cases of TB per 100,000 population among Inuit, according to the public health agency.
Right turn vs. free speech and other commentary
Conservative: Right Turn vs. Free SpeechGovs. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and Greg Abbott (R-Texas) are not “marginal actors” in “the conservative movement,” notes Paul Matzko at The Dispatch. But who can we trust to fix it?”From the left: Why Doesn’t Twitter Ban Hillary? And as political pressure mounts with rising fuel costs, “the Biden administration has been begging oil-exporting countries” like Saudi Arabia to increase production instead. But with the midterms “pointing to a grim outcome for Democrats,” the real question is: Will Team Biden “stick it out?”— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board
Opinion: January 6 hearings could be a real-life summer blockbuster
(CNN) "Top Gun: Maverick" is summer's first blockbuster , boasting breathless reviews and what will likely be the biggest box office in Tom Cruise's storied, 35-plus-year Hollywood career. But there's another potential blockbuster coming that I hope eclipses the audience for "Top Gun": I'm talking about the January 6 committee public hearings, set to premiere on June 9. Just look at the advance buzz:And while "Top Gun" was just one film, the January 6 committee hearings are expected to be an eight-episode extravaganza . But the roster of potential talent lined up for the January 6 hearings is not too shabby. If the January 6 committee hearings can help achieve that, it will truly be the biggest blockbuster of this summer.
Breaking International News & Views
European Union leaders agreed in principle on Monday to cut 90% of oil imports from Russia by the end of this year, resolving adeadlock with Hungary over the bloc's toughest sanction yet on Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine three months ago. undefined ago
William Lucas, Wayne County's first Black sheriff and former county executive, dies at 94
William "Bill" Lucas, a former Wayne County executive and the first Black man to be elected the county's sheriff, has died, his family said. Lucas was a Democrat when voters elected him sheriff in 1970. Voters then elected him county executive in 1982. Bush and was elected a Wayne County Circuit Court judge in 1996. Perry said Lucas wanted his legacy "to be a family that continues to grow an impenetrable village that fulfills their potential and aspirations."
Six people shot in Chattanooga, Tennessee were CHILDREN aged 13 to 15
The six people wounded in weekend gunfire in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, were all children, police said Monday. Police said that the victims were two 15-year-old girls, three 15-year-old boys, and one 13-year-old boy. Police on the scene of a the shooting in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Saturday evening that left six children between 13 and 15 years old injuredPolice on the scene of the Chattanooga shooting. The shooting in Chattanooga was one of at least 11 mass-shootings in America over the last week, according to the Washington Post. Last Tuesday, a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
The city must stop CUNY Law using taxpayer funds to target Jewish students
CUNY Law is the only one of the metro area’s 13 law schools subsidized by New York City taxpayer dollars. But as the city’s only public law school, CUNY Law must be open to all New Yorkers. Google MapsAs a Baruch College law professor, I regularly advise my students on applying to law school. Without immediate intervention, there is little reason to believe CUNY Law will change any time soon. Hence CUNY Law fails to meet its mission both as a law school and a New York City taxpayer-funded institution.
Canada plans to ban purchase, sale of handguns: ‘There is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives’
OTTAWA — Canada said on Monday that it is introducing some of the toughest gun-control measures in decades, including a ban on the purchase, sale and transfer of handguns, in response to concerns about violent crime. Canada will compel owners of banned semiautomatic firearms to sell their weapons to the government, starting at the end of this year. The proposed bill, introduced in Canada’s Parliament, would allow courts to order gun owners to surrender their weapons should a judge believe they pose a danger to themselves or others, and allow authorities to take away firearms licenses for those involved in acts of domestic violence and stalking.
Letters: Selective memory
Jim CaubleHaywardVote for Murphyfor clerk-recorderI want to share why I’m supporting Devin T. Murphy for Contra Costa County clerk-recorder. I know first-hand that Devin is a fearless and inspiring leader, and is the best person to be our next clerk-recorder. Devin has tremendously valuable lived experience as an openly gay Black man who grew up in a working-class union family. Maryssa HallEl CerritoCook-Kallio’s experienceis what sets her apartCheryl Cook-Kallio is the best-qualified candidate for the Alameda County Board of Education. Eric Dillie disqualified himself by being an administrator of the failed Livermore Valley Charter School, which lost its accreditation.
Colombia’s Trump May Be Headed for the Presidential Palace
BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombia’s political landscape has shifted remarkably in a matter of 24 hours. For months, pollsters predicted that Gustavo Petro, a former rebel-turned-senator making a bid to be the nation’s first leftist president, would head to a June presidential runoff against Federico Gutiérrez, a conservative establishment candidate who had argued that a vote for Mr. Petro amounted to “a leap into the void.’’Instead, on Sunday, voters gave the top two spots to Mr. Petro and Rodolfo Hernández, a former mayor and wealthy businessman with a populist, anti-corruption platform whose outsider status, incendiary statements and single-issue approach to politics have earned him comparisons to Donald Trump. The vote — for a leftist who has made a career assailing the conservative political class and for a relatively unknown candidate with no formal party backing — represented a repudiation of the conservative establishment that has governed Colombia for generations. But it also remade the political calculus for Mr. Petro. Now, it is Mr. Petro who is billing himself as the safe change, and Mr. Hernández as the dangerous leap into the void.
Key vote will determine whether NYC sees end of new affordable-housing construction
In a surprise move, the City Council’s Land Use Committee is poised to vote down the One45 rezoning proposal on Tuesday without even submitting the usual recommendations for changes to City Planning. Industry insiders say she’s nuts — that if making half the units affordable isn’t enough, builders will just give up, and focus their efforts on all-luxury-construction projects. This, as the Legislature is letting the 421-a tax break (which similarly fosters projects that mix of market-rate and subsidized units) expire with no replacement. If the City Council similarly gives up on reasonable compromises to allow for new affordable units, next to none will get built anywhere in the five boroughs. That’s the reverse of what Richardson Jordan and her allies say they want, but it’s where the radicals are taking us.
421a’s end means it’s time for real property-tax reform in NYC
The annual $1.8 billion property-tax break, the city’s most lucrative, has enabled the construction of thousands of income-restricted “affordable” units. The good news is that the Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform did just that in a December report. Homes on Staten Island would almost all get a tax break — but 98% of those in Park Slope would get a whopping median tax increase of $11,000. We will find out if they were only interested in punishing real-estate developers who’d gotten the tax break — or whether they are serious about general property-tax reform, as Lander urges. A full-throated New York City comeback will require a great many factors to fall in place, from getting the homeless off city streets to reducing crime across the board.
Opinion | Biden pushes police reform — but there is only so much he can do
Even as he signed the order, Mr. Biden admitted it was insufficient. Part of the point is to set high standards that local police departments might adopt voluntarily. “There’s a concern that the reckoning on race inspired two years ago is beginning to fade,” Mr. Biden said. More important, reform can curb the extent to which Americans of color feel threatened by those who wield deadly policing powers. The only acceptable choice is for the nation’s leaders — from the local level to the federal one — to keep trying.
Invoking Uvalde, Trudeau out to freeze handgun sales
The tragedy prompted Trudeau to announce an immediate ban on 1,500 types of what his government calls “assault-style” weapons, including semi-automatic firearms designed to fire quickly. Canada has seen an increase in gun violence in recent years. And gun violence accounted for less than three percent of all violent crime reported to police in 2020, according to Statistics Canada. Earlier this month, survey results from the Angus Reid Institute showed that 60 percent of respondents believe gun violence is rising in Canada. “They only care about wedging and dividing Canadians.”The Statistics Canada report pointed to data gaps around gun violence, including whether the weapons were legally obtained.
Canada proposes national freeze on gun sales and buying back assault rifles after Uvalde shooting
“As a government, as a society, we have a responsibility to act to prevent more tragedies,” Mr Trudeau said on Monday. In 2019, New Zealand banned semiautomatic weapons and bought back guns following attacks on two mosques in Christchurch that killed 51 people. The US has never engaged in a large-scale assault weapon buyback like other nations, but it did temporarily ban semiautomatic weapons, though the prohibition lapsed in 2004. Story continuesPrevious attempts at gun control in Canada have come in for criticism in their own. Critics have accused Mr Trudeau of bringing back a national long-gun registry that was ended by the previous Harper administration.
Beloved Principal Who Fought DeSantis Over In-Person Learning Dies of Long COVID
Leon CountyIn July 2020, after a second employee who worked at Florida principal Jimbo Jackson’s school died of COVID, he fought back against Gov. Jackson, who was the head of Fort Braden School and a Leon County commissioner, had also just recently tested positive for COVID himself. Now, nearly two years later, Jackson has died after suffering complications from long COVID, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. After losing his battle with long COVID, he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and two stepsons. “He just had amazing empathy,” Leon County Administrator Vince Long told the Tallahassee Democrat.
Letters: Gun control
“18 kids killed in school shooting,” Page A1, May 25:Ever notice that those of us who believe in gun control (or eradication) are not the ones shooting anyone? Steve BaronSanta Clara County Child Abuse Prevention CouncilCupertinoGrassroots groupgives endorsementsYour readers have had a chance to review the Mercury News’ endorsements for San Jose City Council and mayor. They are receiving mailers with endorsements from big labor, big business, and many well-funded special interest groups that seek to influence San Jose politics. Families & Homes San José is a grassroots coalition of dozens of local neighborhood associations representing existing city residents. NguyenDistrict 7: Bien DoanMayor: Dev DavisTerri HenryBoard Member, Families & Homes San JoseSan JoseAfter 8 years, Lowis unapproachableSacramento needs change.
Massachusetts' restrictive gun laws may be the answer elsewhere: Mass. Chiefs of Police leader
“Here in Mass., obviously we have some of the most strict gun laws in the country. “Do strict gun laws work? “The gun laws in this country are like a checkerboard square. Leahy did note that all three New England states to the north, despite having much less restrictive gun laws, also showed very little gun violence in schools. Leahy said, “Would it be easier if all 50 states had the same gun laws?
Norm Macdonald’s Nothing Special: a standup says farewell
After two years of closed venues and Zoom comedy gigs, I’m in no hurry to ever again watch standup delivered to absent audiences. But I’ll make an exception for Norm Macdonald, whose Nothing Special, performed to no one, lands on Netflix today. There’s a symmetry at play here, given that the first viral comedy set of the coronavirus era was Macdonald’s, at the Hollywood Improv the day before the US went into lockdown. In Nothing Special, you see what happens when a constitutionally private man uses comedy to both process, and defy, his imminent mortality. It’s a laugh that will last as long as audiences watch Macdonald’s comedy.
The Myth of “Radical” Black Politics That Stymies Progressive Politics
Back in March, Senator Ted Cruz used his time to question Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearings to narrow in on what is sure to be one of the GOP’s core talking points for 2022: Democrats are too tied to radical politics over racial disparities. This prophecy is evoked using euphemisms, but its horsemen are familiar villains. Defund the police, wokeness, critical race theory, and Black Lives Matter are foretold to be harbingers of political calamity. This is heritage for American politics, as society tends to render policy and slogans aimed to uplift Black people as de facto radical and thus politically ruinous. But it’s not the substance of the political asks that are radical, it’s the audacity of Black people to have a transformative body politic.
Stolen Words: COVID, Ketamine, and Me
One day words are lost, and you search for them but there is a hole in your brain where the words used to be. I scribbled these words during 2020’s pandemic spring when I realized I had lost the ability to write. Then came COVID. I was hardly alone in feeling like the bottom was falling out as 2020 passed by grimly, day after day. In that dark space between furtive sleep and wakefulness you start falling, falling, falling, and there’s nothing there to stop you.
Letters to the Editor — May 31, 2022
The Issue: The Post editorial advocating for a ban on selling certain rifles to those under the age of 21. I was shocked, appalled and greatly saddened over the shooting and the killing of 19 children and two teachers in Texas. I also would like the age to purchase a gun be 21 . I would like to offer my heartfelt prayers to the parents and grandparents of the children who were killed at Robb Elementary School. Our American government must do something or more children will be killed in more massacres and slaughtered.
In the Senate, Chasing an Ever-Elusive Gun Law Deal
A handful of Senate Republicans have indicated a willingness to come to the table on gun safety, perhaps to dust off the failed 2013 legislation by Senators Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, and Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, to strengthen background checks on gun purchasers. “I do believe that we will be looking at ways to improve our background checks,” said Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah. “I’ve been looking at Toomey-Manchin as a piece of legislation and seeing if that would make a difference. To get to 60 votes on a gun bill, Democrats would need unanimity on their side and 10 Republicans, not the four who began negotiating last week. The ranks of Senate Republicans have grown only more conservative since the carnage in Newtown, and a vast majority of them have not budged in their opposition to any measure that would limit gun access.
The FDA’s baby formula fiasco continues
No: The FDA’s at fault for the nation having so few formula-makers, by setting up high barriers for new plants to open even as it fails to properly monitor the big players that dominate as a result. Yes, fails: It got notification of bad safety protocols at that Sturgis, Mich., formula plant in October. Which, per former FDA big Peter Pitts, is the major difference between US and EU formula. The correct solution is to make sure the FDA doesn’t create any future shortages. Leaving the industry hyper-consolidated, with a few big players producing almost all the supply, is just asking for a crisis.
Sexual misconduct report on Canadian military slams ‘deficient’ culture
Placeholder while article actions loadTORONTO — Sexual misconduct allegations in the Canadian military should be exclusively investigated and prosecuted by civilian authorities, a blistering report from a former Supreme Court justice concluded Monday. ArrowRight The government-commissioned report from Louise Arbour, who also served as the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, came during a wave of sexual misconduct allegations against top military leaders that have rocked the armed forces and eroded public trust. “The exposure of sexual misconduct in the [Canadian Armed Forces] has shed light on a deeply deficient culture fostered by a rigid and outdated structure that did little to modernize it,” Arbour wrote in the report. AdvertisementThe problem of sexual misconduct in the military is not new — or new to Canadians. Among the other leaders who have faced sexual misconduct allegations in the last year are the military’s head of human resources and the soldier who was tapped with overseeing the logistics of Canada’s coronavirus vaccine rollout.
Texas shooting leaves Sandy Hook survivors with anger, grief and a personal sense of failure
Venelope Gil, a school bus driver, was torn about sending her daughter, a kindergartener, into Sandy Hook Elementary School that morning. “It was hauntingly similar to Sandy Hook,” said Nicole Hockley, whose 6-year-old son Dylan was killed in the 2012 attack. When she heard the news, Hockley was in a large meeting with other leaders of her nonprofit, Sandy Hook Promise, which works to prevent gun violence. Candice Bohr, who has thought about the Sandy Hook shooting every single day for the last 10 years, was coaching soccer to second and third-grade girls when she found out. She can hear Clements trying her best to tell a police dispatcher what was unfolding in a way that didn't further alarm her class.
Pontoon boat flipped by storm in Rockville, Minnesota
The HillWhether President Biden will seek reelection next year is one of the most discussed topics inside and outside the Beltway. Biden has said he plans to run for a second term, privately telling former President Obama and other Democrats of his intentions. The president’s allies say he is still the only one who can defeat…
Man swept away while making repairs to pontoon boat off Florida island, deputies say
An attempt to repair a pontoon boat off West Florida’s Crab Island turned deadly, when one of the boaters was swept away by strong currents. It happened Sunday, May 29, and his body was recovered on Memorial Day, May 30, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The identity of the victim has not been released, but his family lives in another country, the sheriff’s office said. Investigators say the victim was with a group of people in a rented pontoon boat at the time of the accident. Multiple people die at the site each year, the sheriff’s office reports.
Robbins: Texas school massacre highlights America's gun disease
Distinguishing the gun lobby’s mindlessness from its dishonesty can be a challenge. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, long in the gun industry’s pocket, chimed in with clever deflections. The way to prevent school massacres, he claimed with a straight face, was to make sure the back doors to school buildings were kept closed. As for gun massacres generally, says Cruz, why, that’s because of “declining church attendance,” “broken families” and “video games.”After they experienced massacres of the kind we experience regularly, democracies like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Norway and New Zealand imposed new gun restrictions. Jeff Robbins is a Boston lawyer and former U.S. delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
Nine-year-old Uvalde survivor describes seeing gunman’s face as he hunted victims in school
A nine-year-old boy who survived the Uvalde mass shooting has described seeing the gunman’s face staring through a classroom window as he hunted victims inside the elementary school. The nine-year-old said that his teacher locked the door to their classroom after 18-year-old Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School and opened fire on the students and staff inside. Daniel said he was “hiding under a table next to the wall” and could see the gunman’s face as he peered through the window into the door of the classroom. Last Tuesday, he shot his grandmother in the face before driving towards Robb Elementary School in the family’s truck. The school shooting has also reignited calls to introduce gun reform legislation in the US including from the family members now grieving the deaths of their small children.
EU struggles to resolve Russian oil ban proposal differences
The lack of agreement has meant that a watered-down version of the proposal has been drafted, which would see pipeline oil exempted from the ban while oil imports delivered by sea would be banned. Hungary - which receives its Russian oil through a pipeline from Ukraine - would therefore still be able to receive its oil through pipelines.
'I forgive him': Uvalde victim's uncle turns to his faith in wake of deadly school shooting
Hide Caption 11 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Crosses bear the names of shooting victims on May 26. Hide Caption 18 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Texas gubernatorial nominee Beto O'Rourke, bottom right, confronted Gov. Hide Caption 30 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school People react outside the civic center in Uvalde. Hide Caption 35 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Law enforcement officials stand outside the school following the shooting. Hide Caption 37 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Police walk near the school following the shooting.
Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he's 'open' to AR-15 ban
Washington (CNN) Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said Sunday that he's open to supporting a federal ban on AR-15 rifles, saying his position on the issue has changed in the wake of a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school last week that left 19 children and two teachers dead. I think I'm open to a ban now. Kinzinger noted that an "extra license," or "extra training" may be required to own such weapons. "My side is not coming forward with reasonable ways to defend an amendment that we think is very important. And earlier this month, 10 people were killed in a racist mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.
The American right is whitewashing Hungary’s nasty, autocratic regime
In political analysis, sometimes the hardest thing is to see what’s staring you right in the face. He and his allies could triumphantly charge that the very liberals celebrating diversity and tolerance were zealots determined to destroy conservative ways of life. Those allegedly intent on victimizing Hungary could change over time – one year, it was migrants, then George Soros, then Brussels. What had to remain constant was a sense of mortal threat, where national existence is at stake day and night. Had Trump ever built a political theme park, it may well have resembled Orbánistan.
Opinion | Why Texans Can’t Get the Gun Laws They Really Want
At the same time, Texans have also continually expressed an openness to the kinds of gun and firearm restrictions that most Americans appear to embrace. As recently as June 2021, 71 percent of Texans, including 61 percent of Texas Republicans, expressed support for universal background checks on all gun purchases. Polling in October 2019 found 68 percent of Texas voters, including 53 percent of Texas Republicans, in support of red flag laws — one of a handful of policy responses considered (but eventually jettisoned) by Gov. The party’s policies are increasingly playing in negative public opinion territory among Texas voters. This state of affairs all but guarantees a Republican majority at the statehouse level for the foreseeable future.
Eric Drooker’s “Uvalde, May 24, 2022”
On May 24th, an eighteen-year-old gunman shot and killed nineteen children and two adults at Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas. In the past two months, Americans have also been confronted with mass shootings at a church, a flea market, and inside a subway car during the morning rush-hour. Every time a new bus of kids showed up, everyone held their breath until they saw who was on it. Read Jessica Winter on the hypocrisy of gun-rights advocates:If America were not afraid to know itself, we could more readily accept that gun-rights advocates are enthralled with violent sorrow. Read John Cassidy on how other countries have successfully enacted gun-control reforms, turning mass shootings into “rare, aberrational events rather than the everyday occurrences they are in this country.”See below for other covers addressing gun violence:
The Boy Upstairs
She taught two classes a semester, and in her spare time made sense of her thoughts in papers submitted to journals of philosophy. Life was made up of these little hassles—and of big tragedies, too, incalculable cruelties, things that no right-thinking person should abide. She was willful and morally pliable, her thoughts and actions half unknown to her even now, at forty. She loved two things more than anything else in the world: socks and milkshakes. Andy had written, from so alarmingly far away as Antarctica, to say: Somebody needs to tell you.
Canada’s Military, Where Sexual Misconduct Went to the Top, Looks for a New Path
Several other senior officers also face accusations or are under investigation, including Vice Adm. Haydn Edmundson, who, as the head of human resources, was among those responsible for eliminating sexual misconduct in the military. He was charged last December with sexual assault and committing indecent acts. In three separate criminal trials, the man was convicted on 12 charges of sexual assault and 25 charges of breach of trust. “What I want to know is what happened to the person who is in charge of him and who received the first or second complaint?” Mr. Millar said. “This crisis has truly moved the needle on how Canadians perceive the military,” Professor von Hlatky said.
Omicron Reveals the Need for Better Sick Leave - The New York Times
Even if sick leave policies became more generous at the beginning of the pandemic, those days are over for most. The United States is the only wealthy country in the world that does not guarantee paid sick days or sick leave to workers. If people get Covid or another illness in Switzerland or Australia, then they are guaranteed to receive a full 10 days of paid sick leave. Of course, just because companies aren’t mandated to offer paid leave doesn’t mean that some don’t provide it. Many Americans work part time, or hourly, and have no paid sick leave at all.
China Is Not the Biggest Threat to the World Order. It’s Russia. - The New York Times
The Communist Party views the United States as an adversary. It’s rhetoric over Taiwan has been little more than saber-rattling and appears restrained compared to how the United States has historically treated Latin America. But it is logical for an emerging great power like China to make plans for its defense, including potential conflict with the United States. All of these realities shape its behavior just as much as the possibility of a future confrontation with the United States. Mr. Biden should find new ways to work with China, rather than trying to coerce it to be different.
Canada Aims to Force Owners of ‘Military-Style Assault Weapons’ to Turn Them In
The Canadian legislation comes as another mass shooting in the United States has reignited an often searing debate on gun violence. Last week a gunman used a military-style rifle to kill 19 children and two teachers in the town of Uvalde, Tex. After 20 children and six adults were massacred in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, there were widespread calls in the United States for stronger controls on powerful firearms. Mr. Trudeau’s program echoes a semiautomatic weapons ban and buyback program launched by New Zealand in 2019, after a lone gunman stormed two mosques, killing 51 people and injuring dozens of others in Christchurch. American lawmakers have failed to restore restrictions on military-style semiautomatic weapons that expired in 2004.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Booed Outside Uvalde School Where Gunman Killed 21: 'Shame on You'
Greg Abbott was booed Sunday by a crowd outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where 21 people, including 19 children, were killed by a gunman last week in the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade. On Tuesday, Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School at about 11:30 a.m. Uvalde residents watch and some boo at Texas Governor Greg Abbott as he arrives at the memorial outside Robb Elementary School to honor the victims killed in this week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Credit: Dario Lopez-Mills/AP/ShutterstockGov. Abbott, Texas' First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, Rep. Tony Gonzales and Judge Bill Mitchell all welcomed the president and his wife in Uvalde. President Joe Biden arrives at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.
Are School Lockdown Drills Doing More Harm Than Good?
She is also the author of Lockdown Drills: Connecting Research and Best Practices for School Administrators, Teachers, and Parents, which will be published in September. Then we did lockdown drills to understand what it looked like or how they were responding if there had been a situation. After we did that, we trained all the schools on a new protocol and we did another round of lockdown drills. Now that everyone had been trained properly, we did a final survey to see effects of continued lockdown drills. ?We incorporate best practices and guidance from the National Association of School Psychologists on how to mitigate and minimize trauma during lockdown drills.
After Texas school shooting, we must put more resources into mental health
So until our country gets serious about addressing mental illness and increasing access to mental-health services in every state and school nationwide, the problem will tragically persist. That terrifying statistic released by the American Academy of Pediatrics means too many of our nation’s children are severely depressed and/or suffering from acute mental illness. This is something the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Children’s Hospital Association warned about while declaring a national emergency in children’s mental health in October. We’ll never know, but given the horrific alternative, we can’t afford not to provide services to those who need them. It sends billions overseas to countries that burn our flag, but somehow it can’t provide mental-health services to citizens who desperately need them?
Protect your family and home ahead of another busy hurricane season | Opinion
(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)The 2022 hurricane season is upon us, and experts predict an active six months. Trim any dead tree branches, and note anything you’ll need to tie down or bring inside once hurricane watches are issued. The site will indicate if it is “Strong to Hurricane” or “Weak to Flood” and provide a list of retrofitting options. AdvertisementLeslie Chapman-Henderson is the president and CEO of the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from disasters. Leslie Chapman-Henderson is the president and CEO of the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from disasters.
Fresh Talk: As war rages in Ukraine, we need to learn from history and take action
We must be encouraged to learn from our mistakes in order to avoid history repeating. History often seems to repeat to the human race, but we never seem to learn from it. Advertisement“Some, like author William Strauss and historian Neil Howe, argue that this is due to the cyclical nature of history — history repeats itself and flows based on the generations,” wrote columnist Marcus Thuillier in the daily Northwestern. We are constantly stuck in the cycle of history repeating, and we forget history. We will be trapped in this infinite and timeless loop of history repeating itself unless we learn from it.
[Jason Stanley, Federico Finchelstein] White replacement theory is fascism’s new name
Jason Stanley, Federico FinchelsteinSince Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway in 2011, mass murders in the name of white replacement theory (WRT) have become prevalent. The distortion of truth in the name of promoting an alternate reality is a phenomenon common in fascist history. Fascists promoted the idea of replacement as a way of arguing that democracy and its ideals were incompatible with the nation. In terms of propaganda, it is a rebranding of the same thing, namely long-standing fascist paranoias and lies about invasion and racial and political replacement. It targets the very idea of common humanity that underlies them.Jason Stanley is a professor of philosophy at Yale University.
Pro-gun rights lawmakers want to arm teachers, but there’s little evidence these programs work
Studies have also shown a direct correlation between the presence of guns and increased gun violence. Proposals to arm school teachers and staff have not received much support from educators, either. There is no evidence supporting arguments from pro-gun rights lawmakers that training and equipping teachers with guns will make students safer. In his widely-cited 2016 study, Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama, analyzed data on global mass shootings between 1966 and 2012 and found that 31 percent of perpetrators in mass shootings worldwide during that time were American. In fact, those kinds of investments, already the playbook response to past school shootings, have so far been ineffective.
Russia-Ukraine war live updates French journalist killed in Severodonetsk area
BRUSSELS — The European Union is not done talking about Russian oil. In Monday morning talks, E.U. Though there has been willingness to grant concessions to Hungary and other countries that remain deeply reliant on Russian oil, Orban continues to press for more, according to E.U. The latest proposal called for a ban on seaborne deliveries but exempted pipeline deliveries, keeping oil flowing from Russia to several E.U. countries, including Hungary, according to a draft proposal seen by The Washington Post.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s granddaughter: My generation has to stand up against gun violence - The Washington Post
Martin Luther King Jr. because he was taken from my family by gun violence. Most people won’t take a 14-year-old seriously when it comes to addressing gun violence. It is my duty to speak up as a child who lost both her grandfather and great-grandmother to gun violence. Children who look like me and children who look like your loved ones are all scared. AdvertisementA staggering number of children have lost their futures to American gun violence.
Opinion | Robert McFarlane had his fall, but it’s the pinnacles that mattered
Placeholder while article actions load“He stood on pinnacles that dissolved into precipice,” Henry Kissinger said of Richard M. Nixon at the former president’s funeral in 1994. McFarlane had made himself master of this field, as he was of almost everything he ever put his mind to. AdvertisementOur tenures in the Reagan White House overlapped, but of course, the national security adviser dealt with White House counsel Fred Fielding and deputy counsel Dick Hauser, not the junior briefcase carrier in the then-nine-lawyer office. Having worked for Nixon and Kissinger, and then Ford and Reagan, advising as one of Washington’s wise old hands became his quiet and influential role. McFarlane was quiet and courageous; humble and very, very smart; slow to anger (if he ever got there) and quick to respond to requests for help.
Put gun safety on voters’ minds this November
The red team in the past blamed young people for watching too many violent video games. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Republicans are not interested. The only “replacement theory” Democrats should be advancing is replacing members of the red team with members of the blue team. But to make sure greater gun safety and common sense gun laws — supported by up to 90% of the American people — are on voters’ minds in November, Democrats must do the following. That would be good news and start us down a path of greater gun safety.
Phoenix police detail what happened before armed man fatally shot by officers
Phoenix police have released more details about an officer involved shooting that left a 52-year-old man dead in a north Phoenix neighborhood Sunday night. Upon arrival, officers found the man armed and standing outside of the Phoenix home, waiving his weapon in the air. The man reportedly refused, eventually pointing his weapon at officers and prompting them to open fire. The armed man was reportedly struck and severely injured. According to officials, officers tried to save the man's life with on-site medical treatment, but he died before he could be taken to a hospital.
Ground Zero ceremony marks end of recovery efforts 20 years ago
A bell tolled Monday at the World Trade Center memorial to mark almost exactly 20 years since the formal end of recovery operations at Ground Zero. On May 30, 2002, one last stretcher, with just a folded American flag, had been carried away from Ground Zero by 10 people. And on Monday, the end of recovery efforts were commemorated by a delegation including Gov. Nearly 1 in 5 people who perished in the attacks in lower Manhattan were Long Islanders — two-thirds from Nassau County and the rest from Suffolk. Lower Manhattan is dead now because of that day,'" the governor recalled.
Wendy Murphy: Texas school shooter threatened to kill and rape girls in online messages, but nobody reported him
He repeatedly threatened to rape, kill and kidnap girls in online messages before the attack, but nobody reported him. Violence against women is so common and acceptable we hear threats against women’s lives and just move on to the next thing. We can put pressure on lawmakers to restrict guns but the killing will continue regardless because new laws about guns will not stop male entitlement — and male entitlement drives male violence. Neither party truly supports women’s equality (Democrats fake it) because control over women’s lives has always been a bipartisan male entitlement. Full equality for women will cure male entitlement, which will inhibit male violence.
Merrick Garland "fears no person," says legal scholar Norm Eisen — and he's coming for Trump
It's more accurate to perceive Trumpism as the next evolutionary (or, more properly, devolutionary) stage of the Republican Party and the overall conservative movement. But if you have a norm-transgressing figure like Donald Trump, then those journalistic norms have to adapt to that circumstance. I had said that this could lead to violence and that Donald Trump was playing with fire. Did Trumpery impose itself on the Republican Party, or was the party already afflicted with the sickness before Donald Trump? Every single one of the deadly sins of Trumpery was germinating in the Republican Party before Donald Trump.
Biggs Formally Objects To Jan. 6 Panel’s Subpoena
Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) formally objected to the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s subpoena asking him to testify before the panel in a letter sent to chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) last week. In a tweet posted Sunday, Biggs linked to the letter his lawyers sent to Thompson, which states the GOP congressman has “major concerns” about the committee’s subpoena. Among their arguments objecting to the subpoena on Biggs’ behalf, the GOP congressman’s lawyers took aim at the committee’s make-up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. Biggs’ lawyers argued that the panel is constitutionally invalid because the House resolution behind it requires 13 members. “This is not a captious carping on technicalities,” Biggs’ lawyers Kory Langhofer and Thomas Basile wrote.
Suffer the Little Children
The explicit goal was to dissuade further migration by forcing the separation of parents from children, who couldn’t join them in criminal custody. Yet the reprobates knew instantly who to blame: brown migrant babies, who were daring to drink their formula while in U.S. government custody. It’s about our children at risk, and their children as peril. No less than third-ranking GOP House member Elise Stefanik threw around the term “pedo grifters” in a tweet about formula going to migrant children. It’s about our children at risk, and their children as peril.
A Better Foreign Policy Abroad Requires a Strong Labor Movement at Home
Some foreign policy experts have questioned why “the Blob” has not pursued a corresponding strategic readjustment. The intransigence of the foreign policy elite is due to a general deficit of democratic control over American government. At least since the Cold War, foreign policy has indeed been run by an increasingly autonomous elite, deeply insulated within an executive branch that commands ever-expanding powers. While Lippmann believed that the failures of American foreign policy were caused by an excess of democracy, it seems self-evident today that the calamities of American foreign policy are due to a deficit of democracy. As Jake Rosenfeld demonstrates, labor unions are even more effective than churches in their ability to increase voter turnout among working-class people.
Joe Biden Is Ramping Up the US’s Forever War in Somalia
Soon after President Barack Obama assumed office in 2009, he authorized US drone strikes as well as the deployment of special operations forces inside the country. Southern Somalia was then subjected to an unprecedented escalation of US drone strikes, with between 900 and 1,000 people killed between 2016 and 2019. All of this occurred without the United States ever formally declaring war on Somalia. In the meantime, racialized depictions of Somalia as a war-torn country with the alleged potential to threaten US interests are instrumental in maintaining public support for renewed commitment to war. Ironically, the New York Times reports that the Biden administration’s deliberations about next steps in Somalia have been complicated by political chaos on the ground, implying that the United States somehow stands outside and above seemingly local factions and loyalties.
In Fiery NRA Speech, NC Lt. Gov. Rejects Gun Reform Measures in Aftermath of Texas Shooting
Governor Mark Robinson demonstrated Friday just how difficult it could be for lawmakers to advance comprehensive gun reform measures in the aftermath of Tuesday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Because that’s is what we need right now. That’s what those families need right now.” Robinson said. Authorities also revealed Friday that 19 armed officers responded to the school when emergency calls flooded in, some from children inside the school. Join the INDY Press Club to help us keep fearless watchdog reporting and essential arts and culture coverage viable in the Triangle.
Taking Real Action for Veterans
On Memorial Day, we honor the sacrifices of military service members who gave their lives in defense of their country. I became one of those veterans after being exposed to Agent Orange during Vietnam — and I am not alone. Today, U.S. active-duty service members, veterans and their families are still being exposed to lethal toxins on a daily basis. What we need now is action from Congress to compel and fund Veterans Affairs to address this issue. This Memorial Day, let’s honor service members and our veterans not by words but by action.
Why Eleven Couldn't Talk as Well as the Other Hawkins Lab Patients
We see Ten conversing rather eloquently with Dr. Brenner, even cracking a few jokes along the way. This session is in stark contrast with Dr. Brenner's one-on-ones with Eleven. Before breaking out of the lab in 1983, Eleven only answers Dr. Brenner's questions in a word or two or strings words together in broken sentences. The reason Eleven can barely speak, while her fellow lab patients can, could lie in the fact that she had only ever lived inside the confines of the lab. Based on the events of season four, we can assume that the other test subjects in the Hawkins Lab didn't arrive at the lab in the same manner Eleven did.
Not Just Uvalde: Hundreds Of Shootings Ended Lives And Injured People Over The Memorial Day Weekend
As Americans came together for the holiday weekend, the drumbeat of gun violence continued to shatter peace across the country. While the shocking and deadly mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York were topics of conversation for many people at beach and backyard gatherings over the long weekend, hundreds of smaller shootings nationwide ended lives, injured bodies, and left families reeling. In just a 72-hour span over Memorial Day weekend, there were more than 300 shooting incidents across the US, according to data tabulated by the Gun Violence Archive. “Mass shootings are the tip of the iceberg in this country’s gun violence crisis,” Melody McFadden, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action volunteer and member of Everytown's Veterans Advisory Council, told BuzzFeed News. “Otherwise we'll be right back here the next time and kids will continue to suffer, people will continue to suffer, and communities will continue to suffer.”
President Biden, VP Harris lay wreaths at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for Memorial Day
President Biden, VP Harris lay wreaths at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for Memorial DayPresident Biden, Vice President Harris and other officials take part in wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day.
Wake held for Uvalde, Texas school shooting victim Amerie Jo Garza
The first emotional wake for one of the 21 victims of the Texas school massacre was held Monday. The fourth-grader turned 10 just two weeks before she was killed in last week’s slaughter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. Amerie Jo Garza had turned 10 years old two weeks before the shooting in Uvalde. Facebook / Angel GarzaGarza’s wake is the first one held for the 21 shooting victims. James KeivomPeople gather for a wake for Robb Elementary School mass shooting victim Amerie Jo Garza.
Opinion | Virginia can provide more hope for foster children
In 2021, there were approximately 5,000 children in foster care across Virginia. In fact, Virginia is one of the three worst states in the country for children aging out of the foster care system without a permanent connection. In 2022, only about 10 percent of Virginia children entered kinship care, but the national average was more than 30 percent. Right now, a child has to enter the foster care system first and then be placed with a relative before that relative family is eligible to receive federal foster care payments. I am hoping this is one such issue and he will decide to lead on the issue of supporting relative families.
Louisiana Passes A Bill That Could Free Some ‘10/6 Lifers’
Advertisement“We would have preferred a solution that included relief for all 10/6 lifers. It was routine,” Hilton Butler, an associate warden of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, told the prison’s newspaper, The Angolite, in 1980. Hundley resolved to help Pearson and the rest of the 10/6 lifers get the same second chance he was granted. As a result, several 10/6 lifers have been resentenced to time served and are now free. AdvertisementMost of the 10/6 lifers who were convicted outside of Orleans Parish and therefore don’t benefit from Williams’ resentencing effort have remained stranded.
Governors diverge on gun control, school security efforts after Texas school shooting
Other Republican governors either sidestepped the AP’s questions about specific gun-control measures or said they opposed them. Republican governors were more likely to support efforts to strengthen security at schools. Kristi Noem of South Dakota denounced calls for gun control as “garbage” and embraced greater school security measures. Republican Gov. But none of the Democratic governors who responded to the AP’s questions supported arming teachers or staff to deter or stop attacks.
Researchers: Illinois lawmakers shouldn’t rob 911 funds to pay for 988 hotline
Our Health Lab team’s Transform911 initiative includes collaboration with 911 professionals and organizational leaders, leading researchers on 911, emergency response and public safety. The 988 hotline will also require the insights, expertise and active collaboration of 911 professionals themselves. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is the federal agency that drives and supports the 988 system. The new budget threatens this progress, siphoning money from our cash-strapped 911 system. The legislature should reallocate this $5 million back into the 911 system, and the state should find alternative sources to properly fund 988.
Ed Bachrach and Austin Berg: Mapping mayhem a symptom of deeper dysfunction in Chicago
The contentious process to map 50 new wards for the Chicago City Council has come to an unsatisfying end. This is clear when we compare ourselves to other big cities. Third, a more fundamental dysfunction that causes the ward map fight in the first place is that Chicago has too many aldermen. The district maps of these and other big cities look sensible and cohesive, not like Chicago’s. The one thing virtually every big city has is a city charter, a constitution that spells out how the government is run.
William Virgil is a free man
William Virgil is a free manWilliam Virgil proclaimed his innocence in 1988 when he began serving a 70-year sentence for the rape and murder of Retha Welch. He remained in prison until December 2015 when a judge granted him a new trial and bail.
Lessons On Managing Up With Regan Cucinell
This week Dana is joined by Chief People & Productivity Officer at Osprey Funds, Regan Cucinell to discuss effective workplace productivity strategies, regardless of the industry you work in. Regan shares the career and confidence benefits of managing up in your career. Later, Dana and Regan emphasize the importance of mentorship and asking for feedback from your supervisors. Keep up with Dana on Twitter: @DanaPerino
Creator of FBI’s active shooter protocol blasts Uvalde police
The agent who designed the FBI’s active shooter protocol has written a scathing op-ed about the police tactics used during the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The retired FBI special agent, Katherine Schweit, especially questioned the decision to wait more than an hour before confronting the gunman. “Why did the police leadership make that call?” Ms Schweit wrote in an article for The New York Times. The criticism comes after disturbing details emerged about the police response to the Uvalde shooting, which left 19 children and two teachers dead. After the shooter entered Robb Elementary School on 24 May, police reportedly chose to wait 78 minutes before finally confronting and killing him.
The sick feeling I get every Memorial Day
I try to watch Memorial Day pageantry every year. In fact, it’s my birthday weekend and I always felt like a Memorial Day birthday gave the holiday extra significance. I hate war. One of my own young ‘uns feels the call, and yearns for that day they can throw themselves into battle. But I just tried to watch the 33rd annual Memorial Day concert from Washington, D.C. with my folks who lived through WWII.
The "Juvie Loophole" for Mass Murdering Children
Men under age 25 cannot rent a car, and not by law, but rather by the insurance industry's hard statistics about testosterone-fueled behavior for men under 25. Those young men also shouldn't be able to buy assault weapons, and for the same reason. I was an incel from age 12 to nearly 22, so I know how depressing that can be. Raising the age for men to buy an AR-15 clearly would save lives. Think of that as the juvie loophole to legally buy the weapons for mass murdering little children.
Major William W. Benson, USMC
“Major William W. Benson, USMC, of Springfield, Massachusetts, was the Commanding Officer on Eastern Island on whose shoulders fell the brunt of all this new work. But to me Midway will always stand out as the place I came to know and love 'Ben' Benson. There were high-ranking officers present in the Office of the Commandant, Marine Corps Headquarters, Washington, when the medal was presented to his widow, Mrs. Edna M. Benson, by Brigadier General Edward A. Ostermann. For every one of my many decades in Democratic politics I have really enjoyed the companionship and counsel of men who served in the Marine Corps. My sister, Bonnie, and me, and our Benson cousins remember him reverently again today.
Another Day, Another Mass Shooting
Another day, another mass shooting. In this shooting two alleged gangs shot and injured six people at another Memorial Day weekend celebration. Should we expect another mass shooting later today or tomorrow. They say that we need to redflag inappropiate gun owners and increase physchiatrice treatment for potential urges and actions to commit mass shootings. May Jesus Christ, our LORD and SAVIOR, bless you and yours and keep you safe from any future mass shootings.
American made bullets killed American kids.
19 Texan children died of bullet wounds. An18 year old loaded his legally purchased weapons with the fangs of death designed for a military grade weapon for just one purpose; to eliminate life. I have loudly demanded that every military grade weapon be removed from the citizens of America. Make ammunition for all military weapons available to military and police only and illegal for civilians to possess. This will allow all the “collectors of fine machines” to keep their precious toys, collectables and objects of compensation.
A Modest Proposal: Regulate bullet sales in the same way we regulate Pseudoephedrine sales
Back in the 1980s, Pseudoephedrine was as easy to buy as aspirin. Heck, my college’s school nurse would give me some for my allergies, or when I was caught by a cold. Limited amounts, limited access, limits on frequency. Sure, it won’t stop illegal sales, or people casting bullets at home with melted lead, but it will stop sales to 18 yr old shooters with extra birthday money. Limited amounts, limited access, limits on frequency.
America the Beautiful is ailing-- can we save her in time?
Scene: The patient arrives in the ER and her name is America. When questioned about precedence and their positions on Roe v. Wade during their Senate hearings, Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch demurred. What has happened to our treasured Supreme Court that was once emblematic of the loftiest moral models our democracy had to offer? Well, the idea that we have more in common with each other than separates us is a beautiful sentiment, but does it hold? Republicans these days, street fighters by nature—they’ll bring a gun to a knife fight-- pursue power, take power, and employ power to meet their own ends.
121 Americans dead from gun violence...
121As noted in the diary yesterday that is more than the typical number of gun violence deaths in an entire year in the UK. That included two mass shootings in Chicago, and mass shootings in Taft Oklahoma, Phoenix, Merced California, and the Las Vegas area (Henderson). In the US is takes a little over three weeks for gun violence to kill as many Americans as the attacks on 9/11. Until then, remember that 121 Americans died from gun violence in the 21 hours since my last diary. In the time it has taken me to write this another 4 Americans have died from gun violence, bringing the total to 125.
A Nation Cowering in Fear of Mass Shootings Is Not Free
These people volunteered or were conscripted to fight and die for their nation and deserve our respect and memorialization. Prior to the late 1970s, the NRA was a “sportsman’s organization” that supported rational gun control and mostly taught gun safety classes. Everything else flows from that corrupt cancer of legalized bribery that five Republicans on the Supreme Court embedded in the heart of American democracy. A nation cowering in fear of mass shootings is not free. Or a nation where a raped woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term at the point of a gun.
The Memorial Day history forgot: The Martyrs of the Race Course
During the final year of the war, the Confederates had converted the planters' horse track, the Washington Race Course and Jockey Club, into an outdoor prison. They whitewashed the fence and built an archway over an entrance on which they inscribed the words, "Martyrs of the Race Course." A New York Tribune correspondent witnessed the event, describing "a procession of friends and mourners as South Carolina and the United States never saw before." The “Martyrs of the Race Course” cemetery is no longer there. The site is now a park honoring Confederate General and the White Supremacist “Redeemer Governor” of South Carolina Wade Hampton.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Texas political officials under pressure and feeling the heat
Greg Abbott said ‘all options are on the table.’ Two Republican state legislators on Friday urged Gov. “Texans expect & deserve this & the time demands it,” he said in a tweet, without explicitly mentioning Uvalde. We're here to report the facts.” Reporter: Uvalde parents now know that not everything possible was done to save their children. — Heath Mayo (@HeathMayo) May 28, 2022Azeem Ibrahim/Foreign Policy:Russia’s War in Ukraine Could Become Genocide Moscow is already carrying out ethnic cleansing. The report we produced on the allegation of genocide in Ukraine was built on three planks and three specialized teams.
How to turn 'I did my own research' from a red flag to a weapon against misinformation
Over the past few years, we’ve seen social media swamped with misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracies about subjects from pedophilic pizza parlors to election fraud to Ukrainian biolabs. We’ve all seen the “I did my own research” claims coming from some of the people working with the worst information out there—fatally, in many cases, during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s so much bad information out there ranging from misinformation to Nazis pretending to be something else. And a lot of it is very sophisticated, hiding its true nature until many readers have been sucked in. Here are two simple ways to tell good information from bad.
To Stop Gun Violence, Form a Well-Regulated Militia
Another mass shooting, coming just a week after yet another mass shooting in Buffalo, New York targeting black people. The former New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof had an excellent editorial on gun violence published today. It was first published in 2017 and has been regularly repeated with minor updates every time there is a mass shooting, which is too often for me to remember now. You can read it here and maybe refer back to this as you read the rest of this article. the 60-vote requirement to pass gun control laws cannot be overcome with any realistic electoral outcome of the Constitutionally rural and red-state-favoring electoral college.
Crowd Booed Gov. Greg Abbott When He Arrived at Uvalde Memorial Site
Greg Abbott was met with boos Sunday as he arrived at a memorial site for victims of the elementary school massacre in Uvalde, which sparked a nationwide wave of grief and anger over lawmakers’ persistent — and industry-funded — inaction on gun violence. “We need change, governor!” yelled one member of a crowd gathered at Robb Elementary School as Abbott, a Republican who just two days earlier delivered video remarks at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, arrived at the site. Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott has arrived. “After the slaughter of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, those broken promises have never rung more hollow. The time to take real action is now.”The parents of children killed in Uvalde have echoed that message.
Dallas school district’s proposed budget cuts teacher pay while union declares “victory”
When factoring in inflation, which stands at 8.5 percent, these are in fact 3.5 to 5.5 percent wage cuts. Also part of the pay rubric involves slight increases in pay as part of the district’s “Teacher Excellence Initiative” (TEI), providing bonuses corresponding to teacher evaluations by school administrators. According to this formula, Dallas ISD teachers are evaluated in eight graduated categories which determine their supplemental pay. So those who bear much of the responsibility for the implementation of the reactionary TEI pay scheme and the attack on wages are the trade union bureaucrats and the Democratic Party. Teachers in school districts around Texas and around the US are going through similar experiences: coronavirus infections, pay cuts, austerity, the destruction of public education, and the threat of world war.
Following Uvalde massacre, Biden and Pelosi offer empty platitudes
The first funerals have began this weekend in Uvalde, Texas, for the 19 children and two teachers murdered in last Tuesday’s horrific mass killing. Many likely remembered Abbott hailing the “courageous” actions of the police during a town hall in Uvalde last Wednesday. In his speech at Delaware, Biden, referencing the two mass killings this month, said there was “Too much violence. Too much grief.”Crosses bearing the names of Tuesday's shooting victims are placed outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Thursday, May 26, 2022. As with the Buffalo massacre, when Biden spoke of the “insurrection” in his remarks to the Delaware graduates he never once mentioned the Republican Party or Trump by name.
Biden sees chance of rational GOP approach on guns
Biden sees chance of rational GOP approach on gunsPresident Joe Biden says the “Second Amendment was never absolute” and that, after the Texas elementary school shooting, there may be some bipartisan support to tighten restrictions on the kind of high-powered weapons used by the gunman.
Florida man Corey Anderson threatened to go to ‘nearest school’ with weapons: sheriff
A Florida man posted images of himself suggesting he was heavily armed and headed to the “nearest school,” according to authorities over the weekend. The photo was accompanied by a caption that read, “Hey Siri, directions to the nearest school,” authorities said. The Post is withholding the name of the fifth-grader at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral because he’s a minor. The massacre was the deadliest school shooting since 26 people — including 20 students — were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December 2012. “To everyone impacted by the horrific elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: We grieve with you,” Biden tweeted Sunday.
Video shows children fleeing from classroom window during Uvalde school shooting
Distressing new footage shows children breaking through windows and racing out the door as they attempted to flee from a gunman who opened fire on their elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, last week. In the video, dozens of officers and first responders are seen surrounding the perimeter of the building while some perch nearby a window. Students flee Robb Elementary School in Uvalde after a gunman attacked their school and shot and killed 19 children and two teachers. (ABC News/video screengrab)The footage of the gripping rescue effort arrives on the heels of federal agencies announcing there would be a formal investigation opened into the police response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School on 24 May. Students from Robb Elementary flee through broken windows and backdoors as police guide them away to safety from the site of the Uvalde school shooting.
More than 300,000 American children have been in school during a shooting since 1999
More than 310,000 American children have been in a school classroom during a shooting since the Columbine High massacre in 1999, it has been revealed. This year, within five months, there have been at least 24 school shootings whilst children are learning in their classrooms. Six days ago, a gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 students and two children - the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook where a 20-year-old man killed 20 children and six staff members in 2012. Despite black students making up 16.6 percent of the school population, twice that rate - 33 percent - have experienced school shootings. He said the final piece of legislation 'in the end, could have a significant downward pressure on gun violence in this country.'
Filibuster Blocked Gun Control After Sandy Hook Massacre
I was standing a few dozen steps from the Senate floor, in the inner office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. The defining feature of a republic, the Framers stated time and again, was majority rule. James Madison called majority rule “the republican principle.” There was a reason the Framers were so focused on the issue of majority rule. When it was time to sell the Constitution to the American people, the Framers made majority rule central to their argument. Far from providing intellectual succor to Calhoun, Madison firmly rejected the idea of nullification.
Unarmed Pregnant Woman Shot FIVE Times & Left Critically Injured By Kansas City Police!
Per reports, an unarmed, pregnant Black woman was shot an astounding FIVE times on Friday night by Kansas City cops while her hands were up in the air — and she reportedly posed no threat to police officers. Shédanja asked the officers why they shot the woman, but they all refused to answer. After committing mass murder, cops were able to safely apprehend the white male suspect – and yet they can’t safely arrest an unarmed pregnant Black woman who had her hands up?! When a pregnant woman tries to get away from people with guns pointed at her, they think it's okay to unload on her. — Chipper (@Chipper24) May 29, 2022The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently investigating the unarmed shooting of Hale, as is procedure in an attempt to provide impartiality.
Trump's war on Liz Cheney shows 2024 will be nothing but spite - The Washington Post
Trump’s political project can now be described in a single word: spite. It’s why he went to Wyoming to campaign for Harriet Hageman — and why Hageman herself was an afterthought. All that matters is that she’s primarying Cheney, whose criticism of Trump has been unrelenting. The trouble is that one candidate after another has endured Trump’s fury and won anyway. AdvertisementThat doesn’t mean any Republican could successfully challenge Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination; his grip on the party remains too strong.
Tributes to fallen soldiers pour in from politicians on Memorial Day
Politicians from both sides of the aisle across the country paid tribute to fallen U.S. soldiers on Monday to commemorate Memorial Day. "Today, we pause to remember the men and women who have paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom and liberty," Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted. MEMORIAL DAY IS A REMINDER FREEDOM 'MUST BE FOUGHT FOR AND DEFENDED CONSTANTLY'"Today, let us remember the brave Americans who have served and sacrificed for our freedom," Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott tweeted. GASOLINE HITS RECORD HIGH DURING MEMORIAL DAY WEEKENDPresident Joe Biden is scheduled to address the nation at 12 noon ET at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Monday. "They made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Constitution and our democracy.
US’s most decorated military unit: Why Japanese Americans’ history is as modern as ever
People of Japanese ancestry made up over one-third of the population, and the idea of incarcerating them was deemed impractical. Christine Sato-Yamazaki EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL VETERANS NETWORK“We absolutely grew up knowing nothing about what happened to our families, that was very common,” Sato-Yamazaki said. The apology letter was a lot more significant than the money to Japanese American families, she said. Terry Shima salutes at a ceremony honoring Japanese Veterans at the National Japanese American Memorial. Truman met with the Nisei veterans in the rain, a symbolic appreciation for their service despite feeling like foreigners in the country they fought for.
On guns, Rubio has much to answer for | Letters to the editor
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 25: U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks during the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting Leadership Forum on April 25, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by John Gress/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 486942421 (John Gress / Getty Images)Re: Marco Rubio slams Miami Heat’s call for fans to demand ‘common sense’ gun reforms after Texas school shootingWhat are Florida’s two senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, going to do to help abate our numerous mass shootings? No more being held hostage by the 50 Republican senators who have blocked common sense gun laws. Diane Johnson, Boca RatonReview the Second AmendmentThe Second Amendment was approved when the country was in its early beginnings and society experienced undefined lawlessness. The state needs to provide financial assistance to 55-and-over condos with little or no reserves if it cares about its seniors.
Exchange: Water supply issue in Casa Grande takes new turns
Meanwhile, developers have started building homes to rent, rather than sell, which eliminates the need for a certificate of assured water supply from ADWR. In Casa Grande alone, around 700 build-to-rent units have received final permits in recent months, something the city rarely saw before ADWR’s decision to cut off new supply certificates. It shows how a cutoff of Certificates of Assured Water Supply doesn’t necessarily lead to a change in development patterns – at least not right away. Joe Horn, a planner for the city of Casa Grande, said there wasn’t much demand for rental development before ADWR’s announcement – all of the rental development proposals have been submitted in the past six months. “There’s certainly concerns for the water supply and what the future might hold,” he said.
Salvador Ramos took more ammunition into Uvalde elementary school than US soldier takes into battle
The gunman who shot dead 19 young children and two teachers in the Uvalde mass shooting had taken more ammunition into Robb Elementary School than a US soldier takes into a wartime battle, it has been revealed. Just eight days later, on 24 May, he entered Robb Elementary School with one of the rifles and carried out one of the worst mass shootings in American history. The governor was then met with boos and jeers on Sunday as he joined President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the memorial outside Robb Elementary School. On 24 May, Ramos shot his grandmother in the face before driving towards Robb Elementary School in the family’s truck. He was finally shot dead by Border Patrol agents after officials stormed the classroom.
A 9-year-old describes escaping through a window during the Uvalde school massacre as anger mounts over police response
Hide Caption 11 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Crosses bear the names of shooting victims on May 26. Hide Caption 18 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Texas gubernatorial nominee Beto O'Rourke, bottom right, confronted Gov. Hide Caption 30 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school People react outside the civic center in Uvalde. Hide Caption 35 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Law enforcement officials stand outside the school following the shooting. Hide Caption 37 of 39 Photos: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school Police walk near the school following the shooting.
Don't put taxpayers on hook for recycling
I agree that an extended producer responsibility program for packaging recycling is important ["Need urgency on recycling bills," Editorial, May 24]. Taxpayers and our local governments deserve more than just a program that pays lip service to covering recycling costs and reducing packaging. Manufacturers should be focused on reducing packaging, increasing recyclability, facilitating reuse and refill, and removing toxic chemicals. Steven Englebright introduced the strongest packaging reduction law in the country, requiring 50% packaging reduction over 10 years, reducing toxics, and prohibiting plastics burning. This measure redirects waste from municipal facilities, driving down taxpayer costs, while increasing recycling rates.
Readers respond: A ‘well-regulated’ militia
There are just 27 words in the Second Amendment, yet even after 230 years, there is way too much misunderstanding and argument about what the framers of the Constitution really intended. The framers of these 27 words would be shocked to know that the need for a “well-regulated militia” is now being misconstrued to allow any firearm, any amount of ammunition, by anyone even if it results in the death of others in cold blood. Clearly the framers did not write the Second Amendment in order to protect the right to brutally murder 19 little children and their loving teachers. It is way past time to stop this madness by enacting common-sense gun legislation by exercising some “well-regulation” as required by the Second Amendment. Martha Peck Andrews, Portland
Claimed by gangsters, teens, strippers over the years, SW Broadway always captured Portland’s mood
Before the war, Portlanders strolled along Southwest Broadway in the evenings. It’s just newspaper talk.”The Jolly Joan on Southwest Broadway was a favorite hangout for teens in the 1950s. Just off Broadway, teens piled into the underage nightspot The Headless Horseman, where a pleasant cop named Jack stood outside the door. Teens cruise Southwest Broadway in 1974 as a theater plays the popular teen cruising movie "American Graffiti." The Jackson Tower (left) at 806 Southwest Broadway and Fox Tower at SW Broadway and Yamhill.
Biden says pain ‘palpable’ in Uvalde as funeral services for shooting victims to begin
Returning to the Washington on Monday morning, the US president, wearing a black suit, talked about the “palpable” pain in Uvalde. I’m going to continue to push.”Republicans in the US Senate have blocked meaningful federal legislation on gun control for many years. High capacity, semi-automatic military-style assault rifles were used in both the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings, both purchased legally. He recounted how he spent the next 35 to 45 excruciating minutes scanning the children fleeing school for his nine-year-old “firecracker” daughter Jacklyn. The tragedy represents the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in December, 2012, when 26 people were killed at the elementary school.
Athletes may think twice where they go to school if Roe v. Wade is overturned | Opinion
There are a lot of things athletes need to consider when deciding where to go to school. The coaching staff and its record of success. Academic programs. A state’s laws on reproductive rights is likely to soon join that list. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, as it’s expected to in the coming weeks, female athletes should know that their ability to decide what is best for them and their body will depend on where they go to school.
Opinion | Virginia politicians pick self-preservation over principle
And on that issue, William Ferguson Reid Sr. — “Fergie,” he insists — believes Virginia Democrats are missing an enormous opportunity to build their party and stand up for voting rights. Asked why they haven’t seized this opportunity, Reid said he believes it’s because Virginia Democrats are “happy with the status quo.”That doesn’t mean they like being in the House minority. AdvertisementReid says Democrats don’t have either. Right now, Reid says, Democrats are more interested in protecting their incumbents than they are in building for the future. AdvertisementWhen I asked him why Democrats have maintained a Byrd-like silence on the Goldman case, Reid said there were two kinds of politicians.
Opinion | It’s time for Biden to strongly attack the White-grievance industry
— President Biden told University of Delaware graduates: “In the face of such destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. “Forces” are not the problem; one political movement encased within the Republican Party is. Their religious zealotry, fed by the myth that Christianity is under attack, means poor women cannot have access to safe, legal abortions. Like other toxic political movements, the MAGA crusade flourishes thanks to the collaboration of cynics, true believers and cult followers. Democracy’s survival demands that mainstream media prioritize candor about the nature of today’s GOP over fake balance in political coverage.
Opinion | Every Maryland child deserves healthy meals — at no charge
If all students received school meals at no charge, school meal debt would not exist. Regardless of family income, no child should ever have to pay for school meals. Since 2020, every child has been eligible for school meals at no charge, and schools have received higher reimbursement rates. California and Maine have passed legislation to continue providing school meals at no charge after the federal waivers expire. AdvertisementMaking it easier for families to apply for free school meals.
Hungary is still holding up the E.U.'s push to phase out Russian oil
Placeholder while article actions loadBRUSSELS — The European Union is not done talking about Russian oil. ambassadors once again failed to reach a deal to phase out imports of oil from Russia because of the ongoing opposition from Hungary, keeping the issue on the E.U.’s agenda — and Russian oil flowing to Europe — for at least another day. leaders will discuss a watered down plan that would ban seaborne deliveries but exempt pipeline oil. AdvertisementExempting pipeline oil would soften the impact of the oil measures. Since Poland and Germany have already pledged to wean off Russian oil this year, the bloc could theoretically cut back further still.
Remembering the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history
Placeholder while article actions loadA version of this article was originally published on April 16, 2017, under the headline “Virginia Tech was not the worst school massacre in U.S. history. The school had been dynamited by an angry school board member, but no one knew that yet. Media outlets at the time — and as recently as 2015 — described the event as the country’s “worst school massacre.” One Virginia newspaper ran a headline with the phrase: “Nation’s Worst Rampage.”But they were wrong. “There were sights that I hope no one will ever have to look at again,” Ellsworth wrote. “I think,” Ellsworth wrote, “we had the greatest demonstration of American sympathy ever awarded a grief stricken community.”The instinct for superlatives, it seems, existed even then.
Guns overtake cars as leading cause of death for U.S. youth
“We live in a society right now where gun violence is becoming increasingly tolerated,” said Rutgers University-Newark psychology professor Paul Boxer. U.S. gun deaths among kids and teens had hovered around 3,000 annually since 2000, reaching a low of 2,450 in 2013. The increase in firearm deaths is largely due to a rise in homicides, Lee said, which account for nearly 60% of the firearm deaths among young people since 2010. White youths had higher total firearm deaths, but their automobile deaths were higher still. Reversing the trend in gun deaths is more complex than it is with automobiles — most automobile deaths are accidents, most gun deaths intentional, and there’s no constitutional right to a car.
Chicago’s young people aren’t a problem to solve
When addressing youth violence, adults often point fingers. The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago’s Youth Safety and Violence Prevention (YSVP) initiative embraces a simple principle: Healing is prevention. Recently, YSVP teens attended Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s community safety town hall, asking thoughtful questions about neighborhood safety rooted in their lived experiences. Chicago’s young people aren’t a problem to solve. I’ve reported hundreds of missing signs in Chicago via 311.
Readers respond: Gun control needs gun owners
I ask gun owners against gun regulation to please put your Second Amendment rights aside and consider the fact that a rigid, soulless concept of the Second Amendment is not about freedom. It is about lawless exploitation of a system devoid of any meaningful gun regulation. Will there ever be a tragedy that can shock this government into saying, “Enough!” and pass serious gun control measures? Until gun owners take some responsibility and come together to advocate for such legislation, it won’t happen. Two facts clarify why we need gun regulation: There are more guns than people in the U.S., and guns are the No.
Biden suggests demolishing Uvalde school after mass shooting: ‘Raze that school, build a new one’
State Senator Roland Gutierrez told KSAT that the president promised to provide federal resources to potentially raze Robb Elementary School and build a new campus in the community left heartbroken by the senseless massacre. We’re going to look to raze that school, build a new one,’” said the Democrat, who represents Uvalde. Mr Biden wiped tears from his eyes as he looked at photographs of the murdered nine, 10 and 11-year-old children and two teachers. Speaking to local lawmakers, Mr Biden also said that he was “looking to get real money for healthcare” for the grieving community members. Mr Biden promised: “We will.”In the last two weeks alone, Mr Biden has travelled to comfort two communities torn apart by gun violence.
Japan drops time frame for budget balancing target in draft economic roadmap
Japan’s government has made no mention of a time frame for balancing the primary budget in its draft midyear long-term economic policy roadmap, two government sources with knowledge of the matter have said. The government has previously pledged to achieve a primary budget surplus, which excludes new bond sales and debt servicing costs, by the end of the fiscal year starting April 2025, which was seen as an elusive target given the state of Japan’s public finances.
Tennessee Congressional Candidate Odessa Kelly Wants to Stand Up For the South
I’m a descendent of enslaved people, they died to make sure this country is what it is today. How do you think you can begin to redress some of those divisions in Tennessee in the era of Trumpist populism? A lot of white, rural communities in the South had historically voted Democrat because the Democrats were very clear that they were supporting the working class. It is what we hear through all the crazy media that make you think that we are different. He wants to take care of his family, I want to take care of my family.
Robert B. Reich: What you need to know about the anti-democracy movement
Decades ago, America’s wealthy backed a Republican establishment that believed in fiscal conservatism, anti-communism and constitutional democracy. As Thiel wrote:Advertisement“The 1920s were the last decade in American history during which one could be genuinely optimistic about politics. It’s because billionaire capitalists like Thiel are drowning democracy in giant campaign donations to authoritarian candidates who repeat Trump’s big lie. The Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, and his ruling Fidesz party have become a prominent source of inspiration for America’s anti-democracy movement. Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows also spoke (although he refuses to speak to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on American democracy).
Pellet gun recovered after Toronto police shoot dead man ‘carrying rifle’
Investigators have recovered a pellet gun from the scene where Toronto police shot and killed a man suspected of carrying a rifle, an incident that prompted five nearby schools to be placed under precautionary lockdowns. Toronto’s police chief, James Ramer, told reporters that officers responding to the calls were confronted by the man, but had declined to give further details, citing an ongoing investigation. The incident occurred days after a gunman in Texas killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school. Mass shootings are rare in Canada, where gun control laws are stricter than in the United States. The SIU aims to complete its investigation within 120 days, but the time can vary depending on the case.
A System That Allows Children to Be Killed
I reached the sobering conclusion that nothing would ever be done on gun violence, and I’ve spent the past decade and a half sadly being right. So I’m not so much numb to the tragedy of uninterrupted gun violence in America as I am numb to the warmed-over gruel that passes for solutions, which themselves never get enacted. I’m not sure anyone who might actually vote in November has any confusion about where Democrats and Republicans are on the gun issue. But we have not found that work-around with the gun issue, no matter how much money or popular support favors reform. We can’t fix our problems because we’ve decided to live with a system that can’t fix our problems.
Texas school shooting: A 9-year-old describes escaping through a window as anger mounts over law enforcement's response
The deadly rampage at Robb Elementary marked at least the 30th shooting at a K-12 school in just the first five months of this year. It was the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. Yet questions remain over whether the response from law enforcement agencies was timely enough to prevent further casualties. Alfred Garcia, whose daughter was killed in the shooting, told CNN he was in “disbelief” over how much time elapsed during the shooting before it ended and shared his frustration with authorities’ response. Border Patrol agents belonging to a specialized unit arrived to the scene around 12:15 p.m. – roughly 45 minutes after the gunman began shooting.
Matt McConnell: America's Big Meat industry is a menace. Congress' new report on Covid dangers proves it.
Several of the country’s largest meatpacking companies worked with political appointees in the Trump administration to keep their workforces on the job. During the first year of the pandemic, over 59,000 meatpacking workers were infected with the coronavirus and at least 269 lost their lives to it, according to lawmakers. Meatpacking companies knew the risk the coronavirus posed to their workers, the lawmakers concluded. They justified operating under dangerous conditions by stoking baseless fears of a national meat shortage, the select subcommittee’s report found. But the federal government has plenty of tools to uncover and prevent abusive working conditions in the industry.
The Putinologist: CIA chief’s long history with Putin gives him special insight
During Burns’ Senate confirmation hearing in February, he said that, as CIA director, he would have “four crucial and inter-related priorities.” They were: “China, technology, people and partnerships.”Russia was not on that priorities list. That changed in the latter months of 2021, as Putin amassed troops along Russia’s border with Ukraine in numbers and ways that alarmed U.S. officials. As the weeks wore on, Biden administration officials decided to selectively declassify and publicize some U.S. intelligence about the Kremlin’s potential war plans. CIA Director William Burns speaks during an event at the Georgia Institute of Technology on Thursday, April 14, 2022, in Atlanta. As part of his desire to ensure the CIA’s long-term focus remains on China, Burns has established a China Mission Center, the agency’s only such center focused on a single country.
Student loan forgiveness: Why $10,000 might be better for the economy than $50,000
The Biden administration has been considering a plan to cancel at least $10,000 of federal student-loan debt. And with about 45 million current and former students carrying $1.76 trillion in debt, some sort of debt forgiveness is appealing both as policy and as politics. But what kind of debt forgiveness, and how much for whom? What makes that a hard question is that there is not one student debt problem; there are dozens. Some advocates of student loan forgiveness argue that the overall economy would also get a boost by enabling debtors to become bigger consumers.
Editorial: America needs a Memorial Day for gun-violence victims
Memorial Day is a time to remember our war dead, those in the armed services who gave their lives to protect our nation. Dedicating a day to honor these veterans and mourn their deaths helps remind us of the terrible toll of war. There have been 119 school shootings since 2018, when the publication began keeping track. Make no mistake, this is a war — a war on people in this country and on our sense of safety. We need another Memorial Day in this country, one to remember the victims of gun violence.
Yogi Berra and the Inflation Conundrum: It Ain't Logistics or the Supply Chain
I learned about the supply and demand for everything from cotton and live cattle to soybeans and zinc. In the 1970s inflation was driven by a number of supply shocks and a program in Washington of guns and butter. Oil prices and other commodities such as copper soared in price but CEOs got burned when prices quickly changed direction as deflation became ingrained. Along with this global population growth we are seeing a huge growth in the middle class. By 2006, another 1 billion had joined the middle class, and now less than a decade later, we are at 3 billion.
Earthquake tragedy on Mount Everest and more from author of "The Next Everest"
You note that psychologists have moved away from considering post-traumatic stress a disorder because it’s actually a natural human reaction to traumatic experiences. You also describe how they have come to regard “post-traumatic growth” as a part of the recovery process. What I’m seeing now in people is a sense of gratitude that post-traumatic growth is a hard-won gift from the pandemic. You can find a way through, and you can be stronger after post-traumatic growth has time to percolate and flourish inside you. When I heard you speak recently, I was struck by how your message of post-traumatic growth and resilience is an important story for our times.
Readers respond: Demand gun control from Congress
It has been and just keeps happening again and again and again. I want to send my kids to school to learn without the worry that they might be shot dead. I cannot support any politician who fails to demonstrate that he or she is taking active and effective action to reduce gun violence (emphasis on effective). We need to demand effective action from our senators and representatives. Even if it is quixotic, I want my representatives to try.
Donald Trump Jr blames 'crazy teachers and drug-addict mother' not guns for Uvalde school massacre
Donald Trump Jr has blamed 'crazy teachers' and a 'drug-addict mother' for causing the 'sociopath' Uvalde school shooter to go on his killing spree, rather than guns. Trump then claimed people are not allowed to say what the real cause of school shootings are, with people instead blaming guns. He said: 'We're not allowed to actually say anything about it. We all know if you actually see something and say something, you're labeled, you're bigoted, "I can't believe you'd do that", maybe you misgendered the person. You're not allowed to actually say something, you're supposed to but we all know how it really works right.
Memorial Day is a reminder freedom 'must be fought for and defended constantly'
On this Memorial Day, we honor and remember military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the United States of America. Memorial Day is a day in which we commemorate the men and women who died while fighting against the evils of tyranny, radical terrorism, slavery, and religious persecution. THIS MEMORIAL DAY, FOX NATION CELEBRATES AMERICA'S HEROES BY CO-SPONSORING 'HEROES HONOR FESTIVAL'The first Memorial Day was observed in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery, where both Union and Confederate soldiers were buried. In 1970, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday by an act of Congress. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOn this Memorial Day, we remember the noble men and women who have stood on the front lines for freedom and given their lives to protect and defend the United States of America.
Inspirational Quotes: Edmund Hillary, Carol Dweck And Others
Read inspirational quotes about maintaining a positive attitude, taking on tough tasks and achieving more by working hard. Carol Dweck, authorBarbara Jordan On EffortI had ambition, and I've always been willing to work however many hours a day would be required for me to work. Jonas Salk, physicianLike These Inspirational Quotes? Get MoreInspirational quotes from leaders in business, finance, the arts and other pursuits can give you the lift you need to achieve more. And we search for the very best inspirational quotes and make them available to you each week.
McMillin: On Memorial Day, mourn these lost lives too
We must remember them this Memorial Day and every Memorial Day for sacrificing their lives in the battle over issues of which the children knew little: gun rights, mental health services, free speech and social media, and privacy rights. It’s time for Memorial Day to evolve into a National Day of Mourning of our great losses, including those who’ve died in our mass shooting epidemic. Hundreds have died in mass shootings, and we should remember them all on Memorial Day. The constant reminders from military organizations and communities that Memorial Day is a day to honor those who gave the “ultimate sacrifice” of their lives in battle tells me there already has been a shift on how we view this holiday. If we begin to mourn all our losses openly, jointly and honestly on every single Memorial Day, perhaps we will cease to consider them as acceptable collateral damage for our policy failures.
Review: Unflinching tale of a young woman’s path to Oakland’s streets is inspired by headlines
There are many moments in “Nightcrawling,” the fierce, lyrical debut novel from the 2018 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Leila Mottley, that prompt shades of this question. When personal well-being is inextricably linked with the collective, then abandoning others in order to find it constitutes a type of betrayal. “Nightcrawling” imagines the life and circumstances of the young woman — or one much like her — at the center of the case. Perhaps most notable in this universe of asphalt and arcing freeway underpasses and jolting buses is her way with color. As Mottley writes, “when you don’t got much, a fingerprint is everything.”NightcrawlingBy Leila Mottley(Knopf; June 7; $28)Author eventCity Lights Bookstore presents Leila Mottley in conversation with Margaret Wilkerson Sexton: 6 p.m. June 23.
New books honor California’s American Indians more than ceremonial recognition
It’s clear this is done with good intentions – as a sign of recognition and respect – but the practice often rings a bit hollow to me. Greg Sarris is serving his 14th term as chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, a tribe formerly known as the Federated Coast Miwok, descendants of a handful of survivors from Marin and Sonoma counties. His great-great-grandmother was the last native of Petaluma, not the city we know today, but the ancient Coast Miwok village, a thriving community of at least 500 people. A native and resident of Riverside, Straight’s books deal with the Inland Empire and high desert of Southern California. These books help tell the authentic story of Native people in California.
Bill de Blasio Knows He Isn’t Loved
Mr. de Blasio believes his last year in office was his most successful, and that his administration’s management of the pandemic, one that became a model for other cites, will matter to voters. “It was sweet to be connected to family,’' he said of his brief reprieve from politics. That he believes he can build a winning coalition, which he has successfully done before, to get there overlooks certain difficult truths. Mondaire Jones, who serves in another district, grew up in Section 8 housing and made his way to Stanford and Harvard, has also announced his candidacy. Mr. de Blasio is energized for a summer of knocking on doors.
Hit Hard by High Energy Costs, Hawaii Looks to the Sun
HONOLULU — Toddi Nakagawa, who lives in a suburb of Honolulu, has spent years battling her family’s high electricity bills, which once topped $500 a month, by gradually buying more solar panels. Nearly a third of Hawaii’s single-family houses have rooftop solar panels — more than twice the percentage in California — and officials expect many more homes to add panels and batteries in the coming years. Even before energy prices surged globally this year, homeowners, elected leaders and energy executives in Hawaii had decided that rooftop solar panels were one of the best ways to meet demand for energy and tame the state’s high power costs. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only strengthened the state’s embrace of renewable energy. While Hawaii faces unique challenges, the state’s reliance on solar carries lessons for other states and countries looking to fight climate change and bring down energy costs.
Canada’s Military, Where Sexual Misconduct Went to the Top, Looks for a New Path
OTTAWA — Several of Canada’s top military officers have been accused of sexual harassment, and the former top commander pleaded guilty this year to criminal charges related to accusations that he committed sexual misconduct when leading the nation’s armed forces. About a quarter of the women serving in the Canadian military said they had been sexually assaulted during their military careers, according to a government census. And the government has set aside nearly $800 million to settle class action lawsuits by current and former military members involving sexual misconduct. The cascade of sexual abuse scandals has shaken confidence in the military in Canada, where on Monday the government is scheduled to release an independent review by a former Supreme Court justice aimed at addressing what critics say is a pervasive and systemic problem that has persisted despite past promises of reform. It will be the fourth report to focus on sexual abuse in Canada’s military, where victims say that abuse permeates all levels of the forces and that they are frequently punished for speaking out.
China Is Not the Biggest Threat to the World Order. It’s Russia. - The New York Times
The Communist Party views the United States as an adversary. It’s rhetoric over Taiwan has been little more than saber-rattling and appears restrained compared to how the United States has historically treated t Latin America. But it is logical for an emerging great power like China to make plans for its defense, including potential conflict with the United States. All of these realities shape its behavior just as much as the possibility of a future confrontation with the United States. Mr. Biden should find new ways to work with China, rather than trying to coerce it to be different.
Opinion | Asian and Black Communities Have a Long History of Shared Solidarity
Black and Asian communities in America today are often portrayed as in conflict with each other. But we have a long history of organizing with each other, too. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Asian Americans working as immigrant laborers in the United States were often subjected to racial violence. Yuri Kochiyama, a friend and ally of Malcolm X, cradled his bleeding head when he was assassinated in 1965. These stories of loss, struggle, change and hope are the most powerful tools we have to understand one another and bridge what divides us.
After Uvalde, We Must Ask: Is Active Shooter Training Working? - The New York Times
released its latest active shooter figures, Robb Elementary School was attacked. In the past two years, the Uvalde school district has hosted at least two active shooter trainings, according to reporting by The Times. Law enforcement officers need to be mentally prepared before they arrive on the scene, so they can respond immediately. Most of our more than 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States are in small departments. We also need to re-evaluate how we advise students and teachers to react when an active shooter enters a school.
For NATO, Turkey Is a Disruptive Ally
WASHINGTON — When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey threatened this month to block NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, Western officials were exasperated — but not shocked. In 2009, he blocked the appointment of a new NATO chief from Denmark, complaining that the country was too tolerant of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and too sympathetic to “Kurdish terrorists” based in Turkey. It took hours of cajoling by Western leaders, and a face-to-face promise from President Barack Obama that NATO would appoint a Turk to a leadership position, to satisfy Mr. Erdogan. After a rupture in relations between Turkey and Israel the next year, Mr. Erdogan prevented the alliance from working with the Jewish state for six years. In 2020, Mr. Erdogan sent a gas-exploration ship backed by fighter jets close to Greek waters, causing France to send ships in support of Greece, also a NATO member.
A Church, a Gathering Place for Generations, Becomes a Hub for Uvalde’s Grief
The community’s cohesion has, in a way, made the aftermath of the shooting all the more agonizing. There are funerals planned for cousins being mourned together, he said, as well as shared services for the Garcias. “Allow their love, their spiritual presence, to continue to be with us,” he said of the dead during a Mass on Saturday. “I don’t understand why,” he said. “It was beyond our comprehension for those of us on earth to understand why,” he said.
Trump’s endorsement isn’t nearly as potent as he pretends it is
Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on Fox News this week and declared Donald Trump’s endorsement to be the most powerful in the history of the United States. Throughout his presidency, the Republican’s endorsement proved meaningless in all kinds of contests — primaries and general elections, state and federal elections, in blue and red states — and so far in 2022, some high-profile Trump-backed candidates have also fallen short. In Nebraska , the former president went all out to help Charles Herbster win a GOP gubernatorial primary, which he lost by three points. , the former president went all out to help Charles Herbster win a GOP gubernatorial primary, which he lost by three points. As regular readers know, for Trump, the power of his endorsement is supposed to be — indeed, it must be — the stuff of legend.
Disturbing New York Times Cover Reveals Deadliest Detail Of American Mass Shootings
The somber black cover of The New York Times’ Sunday Review underscored the chilling American detail that ended the lives of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas — and so many others. Yet they can be legally purchased by civilians — including those as young as 18, the age of the gunman in the Uvalde tragedy. The mass shootings listed included the 2017 Las Vegas massacre of 60 people, the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting that killed 49, and the 2018 attack at Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School that claimed 17 lives. Today’s cover of The New York Times Sunday Review pic.twitter.com/NoENXrigWS — MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) May 29, 2022A post of the page by The Meidas Touch PAC included no comment, but elicited thousands of stunned and angry responses on Twitter. BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW — The Resistor Sister®???????? (@the_resistor) May 29, 2022The Texas shooter and the shooter at my high school both waited until they were of the legal age.
Column: The original sin that plagues Congress’ Jan. 6 committee
It’s easy to understand why so many Republicans don’t believe the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is legitimate. The committee has now been in existence for most of a year, hearing testimony, gathering documents, issuing subpoenas, searching for facts. In doing so, Pelosi cited their hostility to the very investigation the committee was expected to carry out. What’s more, Jordan has now been subpoenaed to testify before the committee about his communications with Trump on and around Jan. 6. Sure, the events of Jan. 6 were an outright assault on democracy, a violent attempt to subvert a legitimate election.
Op-Ed: Lessons in negotiation tactics that work in war and everyday life
He looked at the board, looked at me, then said, “Your Snickers bar.”“My Snickers bar?” (I’d been saving a Snickers bar.) “Everything is part of the game.”The old man had credentials that made his thoughts on war and peace worth listening to. “You care too much, get emotionally involved and screw up.”I think of his lessons whenever I read the headlines. He’d repurposed it from the world of game theory, which he’d been teaching at the University of Michigan in the 1960s. At the start of the Ukraine war, the West seemed to want to make a deal with Vladimir Putin.
Americans want stricter gun laws. Senate Republicans don’t care | Editorial
Yet strict gun control was in effect at Friday’s National Rifle Association conference in Houston during a speech by former President Donald Trump. At the gathering of the most ardent opponents of gun control, in the state where Republican Gov. No wonder most Americans want stronger national gun control. Data show that states with strict gun control laws have a lower rate of gun deaths than those with a lax approach to regulating firearms. Nevertheless, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is holding out for the possibility of a bipartisan agreement on gun control.
Summer break means food insecurity for children | Opinion
The prevalence of food insecurity among Black and Hispanic households is more than two times greater than non-Hispanic white households. Tackling the issue of food insecurity in our communities is not only the moral and ethical thing to do. Research has also found food insecurity associated with some birth defects as well as childhood cognitive problems, asthma, aggression, anxiety and even suicide ideation. We need to broaden our approach and recognize that food security is a concern for all of us. Susan Towler is the executive director of the Florida Blue Foundation, the philanthropic foundation for the state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.
Keeping the faith: Recent mass shootings beg question: Can you be Christian and racist?
Susan K. SmithSpecial to The Columbus DispatchDuring a series of interviews four years ago with the late Rev. To oppose slavery, he said, was “tantamount to rejecting Christianity.”Well, then, how does one determine who is a Christian? It is no surprise that we have heard precious little from so many of those white supremacists who claim to be devout Christian following the deadly events. They must remain silent, it seems, because to come out and decry the murders would be an affront to their fellow white supremacists. With this divide between people who believe that God wants us all to love each other and those who believe God sanctions bigotry against some people, it makes the situation we are in seem untenable.
I served in Vietnam, no child should experience the horror of military weapons as I did
In Vietnam, I carried an M-16 and I was assigned to the 7th Psychological Operations Battalion in Da Nang, South Vietnam. Close-up views of what assault weapons were meant to do. I’ve seen and photographed the results of assault weapons. Fifty Republican senators are responsible for nothing being done on gun control, or restrictions on assault weapons in the U.S. If this had been done by a terrorist attack on our school children – something would have been done immediately.
Canadian Arctic tuberculosis outbreak lays bare overcrowded living conditions
A tuberculosis outbreak in the Canadian Arctic has prompted frustration in a remote Inuit community and highlighted the persistence of an illness that has largely been wiped out in the rest of the country. The outbreak also lays bare the dismal living conditions and overcrowding in many Arctic communities, despite Canada’s status as one of the world’s wealthiest nations. Officials in Nunavut say there are 31 cases of active tuberculosis in the hamlet of Pangnirtung, a community of 1,500 on Baffin Island. The outbreak in Nunavut is the worst since 2017, when a teen girl died of the illness. In 2020, there were 72.2 active cases of TB per 100,000 population among Inuit, according to the public health agency.
Remembering Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
Story #1: The reasons we celebrate Memorial Day. Story #2: Three sports stories that will make you smile as well as think. Story #3: What went wrong in Uvalde. Tell Will why he is right….or wrong! Follow Will on Twitter: @WillCain
Students protest against a Seattle university's ban on hiring LGBTQ employees
Students protest against a Seattle university's ban on hiring LGBTQ employeesEnlarge this image toggle caption Seattle Pacific University's Alumni Coalition Seattle Pacific University's Alumni CoalitionStudents at Seattle Pacific University (SPU), a private Christian university in Seattle, protested after the campus administration voted last week to uphold rules that ban the hiring of LBGTQ+ staff from working at the university. Last week, the SPU Board of Trustees voted to retain the university's current employee lifestyle expectations regarding sexual conduct. Following the board's vote, students walked out of class on last Tuesday to protest in front of the university president's office. Board of Trustees Chair Cedric Davis said in a statement the trustees made their decision based on what they believed was most in line with the university's mission. In 2021, adjunct nursing professor Jéaux Rinedahl sued the university, but the case was eventually settled out of court.
Q&A: He’s studied mental illness for 50 years. Here are all the things we’re doing wrong
Yet today’s crises in homelessness and mental health make clear that these goals were either never achieved or simply abandoned. So too is the crude parallel notion that mental illness — the breakdown of our cognitive and emotional life — is just brain disease. After nearly 50 years studying mental illness and following these trends, what hope can you offer us? Third, we have to rethink mental illness and accord a high priority not just to those with mental illness, but those who are incapable of providing for themselves. The misery and suffering mental illness brings in its wake demand nothing less of us.
Our military is a vital engine for society
From ancient times, parades have been vital to the reintegration of warriors into society. In World War II, peoples liberated from Axis occupation welcomed Allied troops. Later, the Korean War created strong bonds between the U.S. and the people as well as very effective military of South Korea. The military remains a vital engine for equality and opportunity. We won the Cold War in part because members of the World War II generation also served in government.
Biden grieves with Texas town after latest U.S. school shooting
By Jarrett Renshaw and Gabriella BorterUVALDE, Texas -President Joe Biden on Sunday sought to comfort families in the Texas town of Uvalde following the nation’s deadliest school shooting in a decade as federal officials announced they would review law enforcement’s slow response. Police say the gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, entered the school on Tuesday with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle after earlier killing his grandmother. Biden was accompanied on Sunday by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who opposes new gun restrictions, and other local officials. “We need help, Governor Abbott,” some in the crowd yelled as Biden arrived at the school. Ramos, a high school dropout, had no criminal record and no history of mental illness but had posted threatening messages on social media.
President Joe Biden visits grieving community of Uvalde after deadly shooting
Joe Biden visited the memorial of last week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas where 21 people, including 19 children, were killed. Dozens of people paid tribute to the victims on Sunday, with many urging politicians to respond to gun violence. rang out shouts from a crowd in the street as Biden left Sacred Heart church where he attended Mass with mourning relatives. "I think 18 year-olds shouldn't be able to buy any weapons. I think the assault weapons, I'm retired military, assault weapons are not for the public," said Sam Arredondo, an Air Force veteran.
Colombia's Petro: firebrand former rebel vows profound change
read moreRegister now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com RegisterHis potential administration "is not a minority oligarchy governing Colombia, it's a multicolor democracy," Petro told a recent rally. Standing between Petro and the presidency is eccentric business magnate Rodolfo Hernandez, who unexpectedly took 28.2% of votes on Sunday. Petro has said he will fully implement that accord if elected and seek the demobilization of the still-active ELN rebels. Petro, a father of six, has also pledged low-cost loans for small businesses, free public university education and a redistribution of pensions. He also plans a shift in Colombia's relationship with top ally the United States, away from anti-narcotics policy and toward the fight against climate change.
Disturbing New York Times Cover Reveals Deadliest Detail Of American Mass Shootings
The somber black cover of The New York Times’ Sunday Review underscored the chilling American detail that ended the lives of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas — and so many others. The cover simply repeated this single line over and over 15 times: “Authorities said the gunman was able to obtain the weapons legally.”AdvertisementEach line linked to one of 15 mass shootings in America, with death toll, in the last decade. The weapons used and legally obtained were assault-style firearms, appropriate for a war but nowhere else. Today’s cover of The New York Times Sunday Review pic.twitter.com/NoENXrigWS — MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) May 29, 2022A post of the page by The Meidas Touch PAC included no comment, but elicited thousands of stunned and angry responses on Twitter. AdvertisementBAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW — The Resistor Sister®???????? (@the_resistor) May 29, 2022The Texas shooter and the shooter at my high school both waited until they were of the legal age.
For NATO, Turkey is a disruptive ally
When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey threatened this month to block NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, Western officials were exasperated — but not shocked. Within an alliance that operates by consensus, the Turkish strongman has come to be seen as something of a stickup artist. In 2009, he blocked the appointment of a new NATO chief from Denmark, complaining that the country was too tolerant of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and too sympathetic to “Kurdish terrorists” based in Turkey. It took hours of cajoling by Western leaders, and a face-to-face promise from then-President Barack Obama that NATO would appoint a Turk to a leadership position, to satisfy Erdogan.
America may be broken beyond repair
In an ad released last year, Blake Masters, a leading candidate in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary, cradles a semiautomatic weapon. “It wasn’t designed for hunting. This is designed to kill people.”For Masters, this isn’t an argument against allowing such guns to proliferate. “The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting,” Masters said. They took away people’s guns.” Guns, in this worldview, are a guarantor against government overreach.
Making the Sea Change Real: What Germany and Allies Can Do
Most importantly, this requires nurturing a strategic culture in Germany’s public discourse, and now is the right moment to do so. Germany’s allies and partners should persistently pressure Berlin’s policymakers to turn Zeitenwende into a lasting change lest the current momentum withers away. Thus, Berlin’s allies and partners should, if necessary, bring up the painful subject of falling short of expectations and promises. To that end, giving lectures and setting up town hall meetings with citizens of Germany’s allies could offer a good starting point. Her research areas include German security and defense policies as well as Euro-Atlantic security and defense matters.
Letters to the editor
Because this is a forbidden topic, a need for an alternative reason for these tragedy’s must be narrated. — Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati, OhioIndependents must actRemember Maura Healey’s statement about the riots in Boston after the George Floyd killing. Gas prices, food costs, crime, drugs, homelessness, illegal immigration, baby formula crises, Afghanistan, are all a result of progressive politicians, proud Democrats. It’s time for Independents to send a strong message to politicians that the one-party, Democratic monopoly in Massachusetts needs a big change. — Donald Houghton, QuincyNo excusesThere are 129 Democrats and 29 Republicans in Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Editorial: Biden's clarity on Taiwan is risky
“Strategic ambiguity” is what U.S. diplomats call America’s policy on Taiwan and China. The strategy is to keep the peace by maintaining ambiguity over the degree the U.S. would go to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion. To date, that intentional vagueness has met its objective of keeping Taiwan from declaring formal independence, which would incense China, and from China invading what it considers a renegade province. “America’s abiding interest is in preserving peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” Hass continued. But unlike Biden’s unambiguous statement on Taiwan, there’s more ambiguity to the new arrangement, as it’s designed to address issues like supply chain resilience, digital trade, corruption and clean energy.
Letters to the edito
Last year, the Fentanyl War took the lives of 71,200 Americans. While America sticks its head in the sand, the Fentanyl War is murdering citizens. As former law-enforcement, I appreciated the multi-level effort being made right here in Suffolk County (“Program aims to curb gun violence,” Boston Herald, May 13). Boston FIRST combines local ,state and federal resources to stem the rising tide of guns flowing into the Boston area. I agree with the Boston Herald that a “Gas for Guns Buyback Program” may be worth considering by the Boston Police Department.
Russian troops enter outskirts of key city in Ukraine's Donbas
Russian troops entered the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk, a regional governor said Monday, describing the fighting as “very fierce” in a city that become a key objective for Moscow’s offensive in the Donbas. Shelling killed two civilians and wounded five others as Russian troops advanced into the city’s southeastern and northeastern areas fringes, Luhansk region Gov. Serhiy Gaidai said.
Eugene V. Debs: Socialist Internationalism Versus Capitalist Nationalism
“True socialists,” Debs wrote, “cannot at the same time be nationalists, militarists and capitalist ‘patriots.’ . The United States still hadn’t entered the war, and Debs wanted to keep it that way. If the principles of socialism have not international application and if the socialist movement is not an international movement then its whole philosophy is false and the movement has no reason for existence. True socialists cannot at the same time be nationalists, militarists, and capitalist “patriots.” They are either one or the other; they cannot be both. THE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT IF IT STANDS AT ALL MUST STAND UNFLINCHINGLY AND UNCOMPROMISINGLY FOR SOCIALIST INTERNATIONALISM VERSUS CAPITALIST NATIONALISM!
They Pick Food All Day, But Many Farmworkers Go to Sleep Hungry
Farmworkers forced to shop late at night have frequently been met with depleted shelves ever since the early days of the pandemic. For immigrant farmworkers, food is in short supply: ?“The only thing close to that place is a gas station,” Guerrero told me. Yet the need is widespread — in Idaho and elsewhere where farmworkers are needed — and even the best-organized mutual aid projects can’t meet the demand. Local food pantries try, but they’re not always an answer. Even though these immigrant communities are the primary audience for many food pantries, the canned and boxed food they provide can be unrecognizable to the people they serve.
Pro-gun lawmakers want to arm teachers, but there’s little evidence these programs work
Studies have also shown a direct correlation between the presence of guns and increased gun violence. Proposals to arm school teachers and staff have not received much support from educators, either. There is no evidence supporting arguments from pro-gun lawmakers that training and equipping teachers with guns will make students safer. In his widely-cited 2016 study, Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama, analyzed data on global mass shootings between 1966 and 2012 and found that 31 percent of perpetrators in mass shootings worldwide during that time were American. In fact, those kinds of investments, already the playbook response to past school shootings, have so far been ineffective.
China hawk Peter Dutton elected Australian opposition leader
Australia’s conservatives elected hard-liner and China hawk Peter Dutton as the country’s new opposition leader Monday, an outcome many will see as a lurch to the right for his party. Dutton came out swinging after accepting the top spot, saying the country’s newly elected Labor government was not “ready to govern and we are already seeing their inexperience on display.”
Japan to undergo first U.N. disabilities committee review in August
Japan will undergo a policy review by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in late August following a two-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, sources close to the matter said Monday. The review, Japan’s first, will recommend nonlegally binding policy improvement measures to improve the lives and societal participation of people with disabilities. Japan ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014.
Parkland and Uvalde and Sandy Hook Elementary
The AR 15 was used at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida and at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Other nations also face mental health challenges and violent television programs and violent video games ... , but the United States alone has the massive amount of gun deaths every year. The problem in the United States primarily is the guns. There is a marked difference between when we had the assault weapons ban in place and when it expired. This sick treasonous fuck was once President of the United States.
In Raffensperger call, Trump hoped to disqualify Biden votes.
On January 2, 2021, former president Donald J. Trump had an hour-long phone call with Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger. Among numerous headline grabbing quotes from the former president is this well-known doozy:“All I want to do is this. In this instance, Trump wants to find 11,780 of BIDEN’s votes to disqualify. During the call, Trump alternately pressures Raffensperger to add to his vote total or lower Biden’s vote total. This distinction between adding votes and disqualifying votes needs more traction in national reporting.
Courts allow New York to eliminate religious exemptions to vaccine mandates
Judge Hartman has previously, in a careful decision upheld on appeal, rejected the plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction on stricter school vaccine mandates. is the first, and hence the name on the decision) who claim religious objections to vaccines and are affected by the removal of the religious exemption. The main claim was that the legislature acted with religious animus in removing the religious exemption. As the court pointed out, recent jurisprudence has supported this decision regarding school vaccine mandates. Because school mandates were not created to target religion, they would not require a religious exemption under this jurisprudence.
Progressive Talking Point for Today — “Good Guys with Guns” at Schools
My elementary school - attended at a time when, thankfully, school shootings did not occur more than weekly in the United States. I will presume that the Law Enforcement Professionals of Uvalde are good and highly-trained officers dedicated to public service. So if that many “Good guys with guns” will not engage a single shooter armed with a weapon of war, it’s time to finally dismiss this lie and demand that Assault Weapons are removed from our streets. I also make the promise — I will NEVER vote for ANY candidate at ANY level that does not support halting public access to Assault Weapons. I will be telling this to all political candidates in my community, and, if you agree, I encourage you to do the same.
Observations from an immigrant on the American gun apocalypse
Each culture has its blind spots as it is part of our humanness to get used to ways of being within a lot of unspoken social norms and constructs. Lots of it and all the time, symbolized by 400 million guns, purchased presumably due to some perceived threat to protect oneself against. And this violent, frightened, and oppressive mindset has never been honestly processed for healing or reconciliation to occur on a broad societal basis. Every time there is a reckoning — from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights movement to BLM — there's a huge white backlash, rooted in... fear. Fear of the other, fear of losing control and power, fear of fear itself.
The Bullet Tax: a Targeted Solution at $100 a Pop
Then let’s make ownership of bullets, by individuals or businesses, subject to an annual property tax at $100 apiece – why just tax land? Does anyone want to do the math on the potential revenue from one bullet made at $100, wholesaled at $100, retailed at $100, and owned at the end of that year for tax purposes at $100? Direct every surplus penny from the Bullet Tax toward violence prevention and mental health programs, with funding in each jurisdiction keyed to the Bullet Tax funds collected there. Penalize any failure to pay the Bullet Tax, by individuals or businesses, as a felony with appropriate mandatory minimums, and fund enforcement with the proceeds from the Bullet Tax. You might say the Benjamin Bullet Tax isn’t a real solution.
A pastor blames the Uvalde slaughter on teaching evolution.
Pastor Jack "pro-death" HibbsPastor Jack Hibbs, of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, blamed the Uvalde school slaughter on the teaching of evolution. We need to be unpacking that, instead of this issue of the second amendment. This man, this young man conducted himself like an animal.”Indeed, evolution does not assign Homo sapiens a special place. AddendumPeople, who think that a patriot's duty is to keep their fellow citizens safe, may wish there was no second amendment. However, the vast majority of those good folks understand that the second amendment is not going away — and neither are the 400 million personal guns already in circulation.
School Shootings
That's why no other developed country has the epidemic of mass school shootings that America does. School children in so many other countries are safer than American school children. They block gun laws, health care for all, food assistance, funding for early childhood education and college education. He points his finger at everyone but himself, yet he is the one who loosened gun laws in that state. The schools have done about all they can, and still we have more school shootings than any other country in the world.
The Two Steps To Take To Attack Gun Violence
An Eagle In Disguise Doing What Must Be DoneThere are really only two steps the country must take to solve the current mass-murder-shooting epidemic. Now, I am not naive, and neither am I unaware of the complications of both of those needed steps. So, it is time now to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve those two steps, and worry about sorting it out later. They may be home-grown gun mass-murder profiteering gun-runners, but that only makes them even more despicable. It can, we can help, and so the President should declare a NATIONAL MASS-MURDER GUN EMERGENCY, and do whatever it takes after that.
Less than 6 days later, another Mass Shooting
Less than six days later, there was another Mass Shooting in Taft, Oklahoma where eight people were shot, killing one thus far and wounding seven others. Can we not just learn to talk with one another, even argue with one another without pulling out the guns and shooting and killing one another? Violence begets violence. To our almighty and powerful Father in heaven, please end the gun violence within this country. Please get each of us to love our enemies as much as we love our family and friends and as much as JESUS has loved and does love us.
Gun-Toting Teachers!
Anyone who feels that their best solution to their life’s challenges is to open fire on others is obvious a deeply troubled soul. And instead of limiting access to these weapons, they suggest arming the teachers and school staff as a viable corrective measure! -These school staff are then responsible for the safety of the students, potentially blamed for failing to stop future assaults. -If these Neo Era School Teachers (NESTers) become a governmental fighting force, well, their wages must increase dramatically! taylor greene etc, consider arming school teachers and staff instead of controlling the weapons?..
Big Oil Lust Affair
Up here, even our print news-media formally support Canada’s fossil fuel industry. [“Mair on Media’s ‘Unholiest of Alliances’ With Energy Industry”, Nov.14 2017, TheTyee.ca]https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2017/11/14/mair-media-unholiest-alliancesDuring a presentation, it was stated: “Postmedia and CAPP [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] will bring energy to the forefront of our national conversation. Meantime, there still are reporters and editors who will (as though with big innocent fawn-like eyes) reply to such critiques as this with, ‘Who, me? Nothing requires government supervision in so many areas (and nothing has anything like the influence on government) as this industry. “What has the media, especially but hardly exclusively the print media, done in response to this immense challenge?
Structural Racism in Long Island (NY) School Funding
A just released ERASE Racism report details the inequitable funding of Long Island, New York schools and the impact on minority group students. The report, "Unequal Resources for Long Island Students Based on Race," focuses on 66 Long Island school districts. school districts, on average, spend nearly $10,000 less per student each year than the predominantly white school districts. school districts face both financial and environmental stress and have significantly higher teacher turnover. The Erase Racism report also documented that the number of intensely segregated school districts on Long Island is growing.
Kemp and Raffensperger: Since when is avoiding jail for election fraud a "moral" or "heroic" act?
One of them is the elevation to near heroic status of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for simply following the law in 2020. So I am more than tired of hearing about how they did the “moral” or “ethical” thing by refusing to commit election fraud at Donald Trump’s request in November 2020. Again a no-brainer, because actual prosecutions for the actions Trump asked them to take are currently being pursued on the state and federal level. I’m not a criminal lawyer, but I have the feeling “finding 11,780 votes” is a least as serious a crime as presenting alternate electors. Remember: Young people are the Sleeping Giant Waiting to Save Democracy in the United States, just waiting to be unleashed.
Tweets of the Week May 22-28 2021
Charlie Kirk says the Uvalde school shooting "almost, like, ruins your day"Jan. 6 defendant argues in court that he didn't know the Capitol is where Congress meetsHerschel Walker's solution to school shootings: "a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at social media." Talking about the Uvalde school shooting, Gov. Abbott tells Texans that "it could have been worse"Attendees of Trump's saturday rally are prohibited from bringing toastersCops say they let the Uvalde shooter run loose for an hour because they were afraid they might get hurtLarry Summers says inflation is the result of Pres. Biden's "hipster" anti-trust policies
Hakeem Jeffries posts Most Relevant Tweet of 2022
I doubt anything will top this:An extreme political party that makes it harder to vote and easier to die of gun violence is unfit to govern. We heard the same exact excuses from the Republican extremists three years ago, after the Pulse Nightclub shootings. Back then a few Republicans feigned moderation just long enough for the public’s anger and revulsion to die down. Much like they are doing now.
They are going to come for you, anyway
I don’t write for autocrats. I certainly don’t write for the men who carry their water. I don’t write for the special club of press or legislators or lobbyists. I write for the people and the day I stop doing that is the day I am done writing, period. Back to that epiphany:Whether I speak the truth politely or I shout it from the mountaintop with as much feeling in my chest as I can muster — the world’s merchants of hate and chaos are going to come for me, anyway.
Biden visits Uvalde while GOP repeats talking points: Defend AR-15s, blame lacking 'moral values'
x Greg Abbott is booed as he arrives at the memorial outside Uvalde Elementary. They had refused for more than an hour to enter the room where children were being massacred. “Having been to war and having used many many weapons of war, I don't really classify these rifles as weapons of war,” he said. “We use them, (...) but they’re more our self defense weapon.”x Dan Crenshaw gunsplains why Actually, AR-15s aren't weapons of war pic.twitter.com/tPlOTh7QJ6 — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 29, 2022Rep. Mo. (Some might argue the wide availability of AR-15s today is a more pertinent factor.)
Biden hails Modi, the butcher of Gujarat, for India’s COVID policy of mass death
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)By what metric he was measuring the “success” of India or, for that matter, its “democratic” character, Biden did not say. Indeed, of the total estimated global excess deaths from COVID-19 (14.9 million), India accounts for nearly one-third. Thus, according to Biden, the “success” of the Modi government consists in having overseen the most COVID-19 deaths of any country on the planet. As Biden noted in his remarks to Modi, the populations of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.38 billion) are comparable in size. At the same time, as the American financial oligarchy demands a COVID policy of endless mass infection and death, it hails the “success” of India as a model.
Fox News Anchor Pleads For Gun Control: 'Prayers Are Not Enough'
A Fox News anchor broke rank with many of her colleagues Sunday by openly calling for gun law reform in the wake of the Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde mass shootings. “As we’ve said before, prayers are not enough. AdvertisementThe Uvalde and Buffalo shooters used AR-15 style semiautomatic assault rifles they purchased legally when they turned 18. Many Fox News hosts and pundits have offered similar explanations for the crisis. None of them were gun control.
In A Landmark Judgement, Supreme Court Recognises Sex Work As A Profession
Image: ShutterstockIn a major development, the Supreme Court instructed the police not to intervene with or take criminal action against consensual sex workers. It stated that prostitution is a ‘profession’ and that sex workers have the right to dignity and equal legal protection.The bench comprised of three judges led by Justice L. Nageswara Rao issued six directives to protect the rights of sex workers. The court stated, “Sex workers are entitled to equal protection of the law. The court also urged law enforcement officers not to discriminate against sex workers who file complaints for sexually motivated crimes. “The child of a sex worker should not be taken away from her mother "on the basis that she is in the sex trade,” the court ruled.
In Colombia, a Leftist and a Right-Wing Populist Head for June Runoff
BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Two anti-establishment candidates, Gustavo Petro, a leftist, and Rodolfo Hernández, a right-wing populist, captured the top two spots in Colombia’s presidential election on Sunday, delivering a stunning blow to Colombia’s dominant conservative political class. The two men will compete in a runoff election on June 19 that is shaping up to be one of the most consequential in the country’s history. With more than 99 percent of the ballots counted on Sunday evening, Mr. Petro received more than 40 percent of the vote, while Mr. Hernández received just over 28 percent. Mr. Hernández beat by more than four percentage points the conservative establishment candidate, Federico Gutiérrez, who had been polling in second place. Mr. Hernández’s unexpected second-place victory shows a nation hungry to elect anyone who is not represented by the country’s mainstream conservative leaders.
Danville: Police arrest man after non-injury shooting
DANVILLE — A 20-year-old Concord resident was in county jail after his arrest on suspicion of multiple charges in connection with a weekend shooting outside a downtown eatery, authorities said. In a statement Sunday, police said officers responded at 1:20 a.m. Sunday to reports of the shooting outside Kick N Mule Bar N Kitchen, 340 Hartz. The man was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a loaded firearm, resisting arrest and shooting a firearm in a grossly negligent manner. Officers also learned the man had a warrant for his arrest for a case involving eight counts of burglary and conspiracy, police said. He was booked into Martinez county jail and held on $395,000 bail, according to a county records check Sunday night.
Inside the US gun industry – podcast
There are more guns than people in the United States, and the industry is still able to sell almost 2m a month. Ryan Busse, a former gun company executive, explains how we got hereLast Tuesday, 19 children and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The devastating incident was the 27th school shooting in the United States this year. His book, Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalised America, documents his time in the industry. He tells Nosheen Iqbal how the gun industry became less regulated, and the weapons more lethal.
The real cure for the 'woke mind virus' is in colleges and universities: Steve Hilton
"The Next Revolution" host Steve Hilton examined the extent to which colleges have been infiltrated by the left's "woke" ideology on his show Sunday, arguing that the "cure for the woke mind virus" can only be found where it originated; at institutions of higher learning. WOKE UNIVERSITIES' NEWEST SOCIAL JUSTICE CRUSADE: FIGHTING ‘FATPHOBIA’STEVE HILTON: This is where it all starts, with academics and theorists and over time your local school board, your employers, HR department, AOC, teenagers, they're all speaking fluent ‘woke.' But to fight back against ‘wokeism,’ it is not enough just to rail against cancel culture, or complain about woke corporations. The cure for the woke mind virus will be found in the very spot where society got sick in the first place. Institutions of higher learning are incredibly influential, whether we like it or not, they incubate the leaders of society.
Retired Wayne County Judge Paul Teranes dies at 86
Retired Wayne County Judge Paul S. Teranes was known for attention to detail and his gentle demeanor, whether inside or outside the courtroom. A Grosse Pointe resident, Judge Teranes served on the Wayne County Circuit Court bench for 19 years before his retirement in January 2001. Judge Teranes began his career as an assistant prosecutor for Wayne County from 1962-82 and soon was appointed to the Wayne County Circuit Court by then-Gov. During his time as a judge in the civil division, Judge Teranes heard many high-profile cases, including one about euthanizing three elderly tigers at the Detroit Zoo in the early 1980s. Retired Chief Wayne County Judge Robert Colombo said Judge Teranes "was one of the best judges in Wayne County Circuit Court."
Why do we observe Memorial Day? Here's the true history of the holiday
Unlike Veterans Day, Memorial Day honors all military members who have died in while serving in U.S. forces. Ahead of this year’s holiday, here are some Memorial Day facts you might not know:What is Memorial Day and why do we celebrate it? At least 25 places in the North and the South claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? Memorial Day and Veterans Day both honor the sacrifices made by U.S. Veterans but serve different purposes.
For Russian-speaking Ukrainians, language clubs offer way to defy invaders
The teacher sounded her words slowly, careful to show which syllable to stress: eyebrow. But they were not there to learn a foreign tongue: Aged 11 to 70, they were Ukrainians, in Ukraine, trying to master the official language of their own country. Unable to view this article? This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. If this does not resolve the issue or you are unable to add the domains to your allowlist, please see out this support page.
Why gun control laws don’t pass Congress, despite majority public support and repeated outrage over mass shootings
With the carnage in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York in May 2022, calls have begun again for Congress to enact gun control. So those kinds of things top gun control legislation in terms of priorities for the public. So you can’t just think about majority support for legislation; you have to think about priorities. And that also contributes to why Congress can’t or hasn’t done anything about gun control. But not every member of Congress has that high a proportion of support for gun control in their district.
Colombia presidential election: leftist former guerrilla and populist outsider head to runoff
Colombia’s election will go to a runoff between two opposing anti-establishment candidates on 19 June after voters on Sunday were unable to pick a president outright. Petro’s rival in the runoff will be Rodolfo Hernández, a business magnate and social media firebrand, who is viewed as a conservative, populist outsider. Hernández was a relative unknown until surging in polls ahead of the election. “Today the nation of workers, of honesty, won,” Hernández said in a speech published on his Facebook page on Sunday evening. Petro, who has been a frontrunner in the polls for months, came second in the 2018 election.
‘China in mind’: Japan mulls beefing up military as Ukraine war rings alarm
“If Japan spends 2% of its GDP on the military, it would become the world’s third-largest military power. “More people in Japan, including Kishida, argue that the Russian invasion should not be a precedent to be repeated in Asia by China. We have China in mind when we think about the war in Ukraine,” Tsuruoka said. “Japan’s defence capabilities need to be fundamentally improved in light of the current changes in the international situation,” Kishida told Nikkei Asia. A recent opinion poll by the Asahi Shimbun and Tokyo University reflects unease in Japan following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Photos since Columbine show cycle of gun violence in schools
National Photos since Columbine show cycle of gun violence in schools Nearly 200 children and others have lost their lives in shootings on K-12 campuses since 1999 People gather for a vigil for those killed at Columbine high school in Littleton, Colo. on April 21, 1999. (Susan Biddle/The Washington Post )Share this storyAt least 185 children, teachers and other people have lost their lives in school shootings since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, according to a database tracking gun violence at K-12 campuses by The Washington Post. Oxford High School, Oxford, Mich.Nov. 30, 2021: A 15-year-old boy opened fire at the school, killing four teens and wounding at least seven other people. May 24, 2022: An 18-year-old opened fire inside the school, killing 19 children and two adults. About this story:Reporting provided by The Washington Post School Shootings Database.
Gowdy on Texas shooting: How has the US still not figured out a way to keep children alive at school?
TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATESTREY GOWDY: Schools and churches were once safe havens seemingly immune from the evils of the outside world. When 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School I knew this country would do something…. I knew this country would come together, despite our differences to make sure elementary schools were safe. Those that talk about the sanctity of life, prove it by protecting the lives of children. There is seemingly nothing that we cannot do, except keep children alive while simply attending elementary school… Hearing that children were killed again saddens every person of good conscience.
TIME's New Cover Lists Every City That Has Suffered One of America's 213 Mass Shootings So Far This Year
This year alone, there have already been 213 mass shootings in the U.S.—and 27 shootings at schools. I’m tired, I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. In the aftermath of three major mass shootings in just 11 days—from Buffalo, N.Y., to Laguna Woods, Calif., to Uvalde. Mavroudis took a similar approach on his Aug. 19, 2019, TIME cover, writing out the 253 cities that had experienced mass shootings that year as of that date. ”In the time it took me to carefully write the words ‘Uvalde, TX,’ that gunman extinguished so many beautiful lives.
Colombia election: Surprise election run-off beckons
Federico Gutiérrez, the man seen as the ideological successor to Iván Duque, had been tipped to come second but, with nearly all the votes counted, he had won just under 24% while Mr Hernández was on 28%.
Girl orphaned when mother was killed in Uvalde shooting and father died of broken heart pens tribute
Garcia's heart attack came just two days after gunman Salvador Ramos murdered 19 children and two teachers, including Irma. But the cascade of grief inflicted on the Garcia children is amongst the most upsetting of them all. He died of a heart attack shortly afterThe Garcia children are seen on Thursday evening being comforted by the priest. Not long after Joe visited Irma's memorial, he suffered a heart attack and died. Joe and Irma Garcia were childhood sweethearts and raised four childrenJoe and Irma Garcia with one of their two daughters.
Why Republicans Won’t Budge on Guns
“We don’t want to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, the No. The epidemic of mass shootings has prompted Democrats to change course, and now even Democrats from red states, such as Jon Tester of Montana, have embraced background checks. But as Republican voters have become more conservative, Republican lawmakers have dug in deeply against any notion that new strictures on gun purchases are an antidote to mass shootings. They say that such restrictions are unconstitutional, even though adult Americans would continue to have easy access to weapons purchases if they became law. Republicans like Mr. Cramer understand that they would receive little political reward for joining the push for laws to limit access to guns, including assault-style weapons.
GOP Rep. Rejects Gun Age Restrictions—Because He Took His Shotgun to School
“Would you support any changes, sir, to the current gun laws on the books?” Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked. “Sir, the minimum age in your state to buy an AR-15, like the one the school shooter used in Uvalde, is 18 years old,” she noted. Gallup research does find that a majority of Americans—52 percent of them—are in favor of stricter gun laws when it comes to the sale of firearms. “There are many times when I went to school with a shotgun in my car. While former President Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-X) spoke, a number of other GOP politicians canceled their scheduled appearances.
Merrick Garland warns of democracy under threat in Harvard speech
Attorney General Merrick Garland warned about threats to democracy in the U.S. and abroad in a commencement speech at Harvard University on Sunday. Garland also urged the students, members of the 2020 and 2021 graduating classes, to devote some part of their lives to public service. "There is one particular reason that makes my call to public service especially urgent for your generation," he said. What he's saying: "You are the next generation that must devote yourselves to preserving our democracy and helping others protect theirs," Garland said. I know that our democracy will be stronger by the time it is your turn to pass the baton."
Daniel Bellinger’s legacy includes Revolutionary War battles and World War II heroism. Now he’s bringing that spirit to the Giants
Sealed inside a plastic bag, a photograph of George Bellinger floated away from a rented motor boat and disappeared into the Pacific Ocean. Just like he did. Sixty-three years before his eldest son and a grandson he never met closed a chapter in family history by visiting Jaluit Atoll on a propeller plane in 2005, Navy Lt. George Bellinger was last seen above those waters as the leader of a bombing section during the raid on the Marshall Islands in World War II. Bellinger flew one of 28 planes that took off from the deck of the USS Yorktown and soared into the stormy early-morning darkness on Feb. 1, 1942, as part of America’s first major offensive after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The 31-year-old pilot never returned to the ship, nor to his family in Glens Falls, N.Y., but he left behind a lineage that now stretches into the NFL.
Garland issues call to public service in wake of shootings
(AP) — Attorney General Merrick Garland told Harvard graduates Sunday that their generation has been asked to show “an impossible kind of resilience” after yet another mass shooting at another school. “An unspeakable act of violence has devastated families and the entire community in Uvalde, Texas. Garland said that before the back-to-back mass shootings in Uvalde and at a Buffalo, New York supermarket, and the attack on Taiwanese parishioners at a church in Laguna Woods, California, he had decided to make his speech about public service. “So for me, public service is a way to repay the debt my family owes to this country for our very lives. “Democracy cannot survive if its citizens forsake the rule of law in favor of violence or threats of violence.
Flowers, tears as Bidens stop at Uvalde memorial
ReutersUVALDE, Texas (Reuters) -President Joe Biden tried to comfort families in the south Texas town of Uvalde on Sunday after the nation's deadliest school shooting in a decade as federal officials announced they would review local law enforcement's slow response to the attack. Anger has mounted over the decision by law enforcement agencies in Uvalde to allow the shooter to remain in a classroom for nearly an hour while officers waited in the hallway and children inside the room made panicked 911 calls for help. The president and first lady Jill Biden wiped away tears as they visited memorials at the Robb Elementary School where the gunman killed 19 students and two teachers, laying white roses and paying respects to makeshift shrines to the victims.
Colombia race for president heads to runoff: leftist versus populist
Colombians will make a choice for president between a leftist former rebel and a populist businessman in a June runoff contest after none of the six candidates in Sunday’s first round received 50% of the vote. Petro has promised to make significant adjustments to the economy, including tax reform, and to change how Colombia fights drug cartels and other armed groups. AdvertisementThis was the second presidential election held since the government in 2016 signed a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC for its initials in Spanish. Candidates also focused on increasing violence, which the Red Cross in 2021 concluded had reached its highest level in five years. Petro and his running mate, Francia Márquez, upped their security significantly after denouncing threats made against them.
Little chance of gun reform without filibuster changes, Lynch says
Gun reform is possible considering the scale of the recent tragedy in Texas, but unlikely under current Senate rules and pressure from the powerful gun lobby, said U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch. It may be difficult to get the 60 votes you need in order to end debate and take a vote,” Lynch said. Lynch joined WBZ’s Jon Keller on Sunday, where he was asked why no other recent attempt at gun law reform has worked. Lynch said that in the wake of another mass shooting, in South Carolina, his House colleagues offered several changes to federal law, such as preventing those on the no-fly list from purchasing, magazine-size restrictions and red-flag laws. According to Lynch, that means it’s time for some changes to that Senate rule.
‘We need you’ to protect democracy, Garland tells Harvard 2020, 2021 grads Sunday
US Attorney General Merrick Garland called on Harvard graduates from the classes of 2020 and 2021 Sunday to help protect democracy amid the growing threat of violence and efforts to restrict voting rights across the United States. The United States is seeking Assange’s extradition from the United Kingdom for his alleged role in helping to steal classified US diplomatic materials and military files. Garland said democracy is threatened in this country as well as overseas, including in Russia’s months-long unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Graduates who enter public service, he said, can help “build and rebuild” the institutions upon which a functioning democracy depends. “We must protect each other.”US Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared later Sunday morning at Harvard Law School’s 2020 and 2021 commencement and pointed out that other countries have been able to reduce gun violence.
Girl orphaned when mother was killed in Uvalde shooting and father died of broken heart pens tribute
Irma, 48, left behind Lyliana as well as three other children and the family believes Joe died of a broken heart. The original goal of the GoFundMe page for the Garcia children was just $10,000. But the cascade of grief inflicted on the Garcia children is amongst the most upsetting of them all. He died of a heart attack shortly afterThe Garcia children are seen on Thursday evening being comforted by the priest. Joe and Irma Garcia were childhood sweethearts and raised four childrenJoe and Irma Garcia with one of their two daughters.
NY Democrats are whining about the mess they made by trying to defy the voters
New York Democrats have been whining since the state Court of Appeals tossed their gerrymandered US House and state Senate maps on April 28, but they have only themselves to blame. Rather than follow the Constitution, the Legislature took over the process before the commission submitted a second plan. While it is beyond doubt that the independent commission process broke down, many suspect that this was the scheme all along. Faced with the explicit language in the state Constitution, the courts issued a strong rebuke to the Legislature and Gov. The plans create many competitive House and state Senate seats while protecting minority voting rights.
Garland warns of threats to US democracy in Harvard speech
Ian Fisher | BloombergAttorney General Merrick Garland warned of threats to U.S. democracy, citing violence including the 2021 riot at the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, rollbacks in voting rights and possible legislative efforts to overturn the outcome of elections. “A democracy cannot survive if its citizens forsake the rule of law in favor of violence or threats of violence,” Garland said in a commencement speech Sunday at Harvard University, his alma mater. The Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection while Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s election as president aimed at “interfering with a fundamental element of American democracy: the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next,” he said. He pledged that the Department of Justice will “hold accountable everyone who was criminally responsible for the January 6 assault on our democracy. “Some have even suggested giving state legislatures the power to set aside the choice of the voters themselves.”“That is not the way a representative democracy is supposed to work,” he said.
Person charged with setting ‘Walking Man’ on fire while he slept on Lower Wabash Avenue
A person has been charged with setting a homeless man, known for walking the streets of the Loop, on fire last week while he slept on Lower Wabash Avenue. Joseph Guardia, 27, was charged with attempted murder and arson after pouring a flammable liquid on Joseph Kromelis, 75 — known as “The Walking Man” and “The Walking Dude” —and igniting it Wednesday morning in the 400 block of North Lower Wabash, Chicago police said. Security officers from a nearby building found Kromelis with third-degree burns over 65% of his body. Police released surveillance video of Guardia getting on a Blue Line train at the Clark and Lake CTA station. Six years ago — on May 24, 2016 — he was brutally beaten by someone with a baseball bat in the 400 block of East Lower Wacker Drive.
Giving Back in Southern Arizona
Unidas: Unidas, the award-winning after-school teen program run by the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona, has awarded $5,000 in funding to One Hundred Angels Foundation. Phi Beta Kappa Association of Greater Tucson: The nonprofit Phi Beta Kappa Association of Greater Tucson awarded 12 $2,000 scholarships to outstanding University of Arizona undergraduates. Over the past 20 years, the Association has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships. Phi Beta Kappa Association of Greater Tucson also awarded five $2,000 scholarships to deserving University High students this year. A subscription helps you access more of the local stories that keep you connected to the community.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks graduates to hold on to hope
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., delivers a speech after receiving an honorary degree during commencement services on the campus of Brown University, Sunday, May 29, 2022, in Providence, R.I. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., delivers a speech after receiving an honorary degree during commencement services on the campus of Brown University, Sunday, May 29, 2022, in Providence, R.I. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Brown University graduates Sunday to “hold on to your hope,” even when faced with darkness in the world right now. We can’t,” Pelosi said at the Ivy League school in Providence. “You’re graduating into a vastly different world,” she said, and congratulated the students on their bravery and resilience. Pelosi was the principal speaker for the Class of 2022 commencement ceremony and one of nine people to receive an honorary degree during the three-day commencement weekend. Recording artist Shaggy was also honored Saturday for his work as a musician and a philanthropist.
Matthew McConaughey Visits Hometown of Uvalde, Texas Following Mass Shooting Massacre
In the wake of the sickening school shooting in Uvalde, Texas last week, many Hollywood celebrities voiced their rage and disgust on social media. But when Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey penned a message urging people to “re-evalute, and renegotiate our wants from our needs” regarding gun rights, it was notable for a few reasons. Most germane to the current tragedy, however, is the fact McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, and lived there until he was approximately 11-years-old. (Indeed, his mother was a kindergarten teacher in Uvalde, at school just four minutes down the road from Robb Elementary.) Gonzales also shared that he was welcoming President Joe Biden to the area, with the across-the-aisle hashtag #UnitedForUvalde.
President Biden Pays Tribute To Victims Of School Mass Shooting In Uvalde, Texas—The Second Massacre In Two Weeks
President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden faced yet another grieving community affected by a mass shooting—this time at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. The last funeral from that shooting was on Saturday, with Vice President Kamala Harris and the First Gentlemen in attendance. Before attending Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the Bidens visited the memorial outside Robb Elementary School, consisting of 21 white crosses for each shooting victim. Mckinzie Hinojosa, whose cousin Eliahana Torres was killed Tuesday, said she respected Biden’s decision to mourn with the people of Uvalde. A mass shooting happens.
The Power of “And” Can Help You Embrace the Complicated Nature of People
That’s why I love “and.” It helps relieve the stress of cognitive dissonance and allows for a richer experience. Using “and” can instantly open your heart to compassion and help you to see people in a new light. Create safety while calling others to greatnessThe word “and” can help people talk about tough topics and ultimately do hard things together. I combine “yes” plus “and,” which opens me to possibilities without feeling like I have to take them all on. Knowing and accepting that many things are true at the same time makes living in the mess a lot more peaceful.
NYC Mayor Eric Adams has the power to stem the rising crime rates
Daniel Enriquez was identified as the victim who was shot and killed during an unprovoked attack on a northbound Q train. To make matters worse, the City Council and even some local district attorneys don’t seem too keen on playing ball either. Police remove Andrew Abdullah from the 5th Precinct in Manhattan after he was charged with murder in the shooting of Daniel Enriquez. These measures may not fully plug the hole in our public-safety ship, but perhaps they can keep us afloat long enough to correct course. His first book, “Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who It Hurts Most,” comes out in July.
Opinion | This Memorial Day, remember the young lives cut short
Placeholder while article actions loadA prominent journalist of the World War II era complained once about the frequent use of the word “boys” when speaking of U.S. troops in the field. After what they’d been through, he said, they were not just a bunch of kids out on an adventure. In fact, the average age of those who died in the Second World War was about 27, and their numbers did include a good many youths. This element of vulnerability, fear and helplessness is hard to express in a Memorial Day speech or remembrance. The words that are perhaps most suited for Memorial Day were written 78 years ago by the war correspondent Ernie Pyle, whose name became known in just about every American household during World War II.
Opinion | How the U.N. became a tool of China’s genocide denial propaganda
Her trip ended up helping China deny its genocide against Uyghur Muslims and other repressive policies, harming the cause of human rights accountability in the process. As Human Rights Watch U.N. director Louis Charbonneau rightly observed, she grotesquely praised China’s “tremendous achievements” in human rights by pointing to poverty alleviation — which is exactly how Beijing defines human rights these days. The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Bachelet is supposed to be following, calls for a higher standard. Meanwhile, Bachelet’s long-awaited report on China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang is still missing in action. She has undermined her credibility and the overall credibility of the U.N. system on human rights.
Opinion | When Southern Baptist victims reported abuse, lawyers stood in the way
Placeholder while article actions loadVictims of sexual abuse at Southern Baptist institutions no doubt hoped they would find a caring reception when they took their stories to the denomination’s leaders in Nashville. Again and again, their report shows, victims and their supporters went in search of atonement only to find attorneys in their way. AdvertisementFor the victims, there is no difference between the worldwide sexual abuse scandal inside the Catholic Church and this calculated coldheartedness at the top of the United States’ largest Protestant denomination. Victim support groups have long argued that the national organization should refuse to allow churches to be part of the fellowship if they ignore abuse, fail to report abuse or hire known abusers. That’s not the way the lawyers wanted it, but it is the right thing to do.
Opinion | Virginia’s Cumberland County shouldn’t be the next Flint, Michigan
In other words, the residents of Cumberland County are worried whether this project upholds environmental justice, a concept that is enshrined as law of the commonwealth. If the Virginia Environmental Justice Act were to apply anywhere in Virginia, it would be Cumberland County, whose residents face disproportionate dangers from such a polluting project. AdvertisementSimilarly, Cumberland County, features one of the highest percentages of underserved communities in Virginia. In the context of environmental justice, fair treatment must involve real policy decisions that expel harmful projects when needed. The residents of Cumberland County deserve better.
Appeals court rules against Christian mail carrier who sued USPS over Sunday shifts
A federal appeals panel ruled against a Christian and former Pennsylvania mail carrier who sought a religious exemption from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to avoid working Sundays. USPS does not usually deliver mail on Sundays, but will occasionally make exceptions, such as for priority mail or Amazon packages. "Inconvenience to Groff’s coworkers alone doesn’t constitute undue hardship," Hardiman argued. Because USPS has not yet shown that it could not accommodate Groff’s Sabbatarian religious practice without its business suffering undue hardship, I respectfully dissent."
Opinion: What research tells us about the aftershocks of school shootings
School shootings are happening more often . So, what do we know about the outcomes of school shootings on the young people who live through them? That means we should make mental health foundational to health care and embed it in our educational curriculum. Similarly, we need public figures and influencers to speak up about firearm safety. Join us on Twitter and FacebookI hope that if we, together as one nation, take some of the steps outlined above, perhaps we will one day live in a country where school shootings are once again unthinkable.
Biden in Texas: ‘We will’ do something
As Biden departed Mass at a Catholic church, the crowd outside chanted, “Do something!” The president, entering his limousine, responded, “We will.”Earlier as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined Biden and the first lady at the memorial outside the elementary school, a man could be heard loudly pleading, “We need help!”At the memorial outside Robb Elementary School, 21 white crosses bore the victims’ names. The Bidens walked along the memorial, where white flowers surrounded photos of those lost in the shooting. Biden was scheduled to meet behind closed doors with first responders in Uvalde. Biden offered no remarks to the press during his stops.
Amanda Gorman's school shooting poem is a light in a dark time
Amanda Gorman, America’s inaugural National Youth Poet Laureate, has lived through an endless onslaught of mass shootings. There aren’t words for the carnage and trauma facing Uvalde, Texas, a small town of about 16,000 people near the U.S.-Mexico border. But Sandy Hook didn’t shock us enough, and now, we have Uvalde, where 19 children didn’t return home. Mass shooters have different motivations, different backgrounds and different traumas, but they’re connected through a shared, uniquely American, ability to acquire enough firepower to achieve their murderous aim. We know instinctively that we don’t have to live in a world where mass shootings are as routine as parents packing lunches every morning, but we also know the roadblock that prevents action proven to curtail most mass shootings: conservative politicians, most of whom don’t act as if democracy is a viable form of government.
Family mourns after man shot to death during Englewood block party: ‘This one hurt my soul’
Hundreds were gathered on an Englewood neighborhood block early Sunday to celebrate a man’s 80th birthday party when gunfire erupted, sending those in attendance running for safety. Chicago police investigate in the 5700 block of South Carpenter Street, where a man was shot to death early Sunday during a party on the Englewood neighborhood block on the South Side. Ashlee Rezin/Sun-TimesTensions temporarily rose between officers and family at the scene as they tried to confirm the identity of the man who had been fatally shot. A young boy lies on a car and looks at a cell phone as Chicago police investigate nearby in the 5700 block of South Carpenter Street, where a man was shot to death early Sunday during a party on the Englewood neighborhood block on the South Side. Ashlee Rezin/Sun-TimesChicago police investigate in the 5700 block of South Carpenter Street, where a man was shot to death early Sunday during a party on the Englewood neighborhood block on the South Side.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks graduates to hold on to hope
One by one, speakers took the stage at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston and denounced the massacre of 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school across the state. And one by one, they insisted that changing U.S. gun laws or further restricting access to firearms was not the answer. The gathering comes just three days after the shooting in Uvalde. Hundreds of protesters shouted their anger at the NRA outside the meeting. In remarks to the group, former President Donald Trump called for an overhaul of school security and the U.S. approach to mental health problems while dismissing calls to disarm gun owners.
The Atrocity of American Gun Culture
In the interim, there were other mass shootings, in Indiana, Washington State, Florida, California, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and elsewhere. Less than one per cent of gun deaths in the United States are the result of mass shootings. Two years ago, a study published in the journal Justice Quarterly examined the effects of gun laws in every state. It happens every time there is a mass shooting.” That Cruz used the phrase “every time there is a mass shooting” spoke volumes about how commonplace these abominations have become. The most visible people refusing to see these things as political happen to be elected to political office.
Colombia Live Updates: Polling Stations Close on Election Day
Image Voters lined up at a polling station in Medellin, Colombia, during the first round of the presidential election on Sunday. Polling stations have now closed in Latin America’s third largest nation, which voted Sunday to choose a new president. At stake is the country’s economic model, its democratic integrity and the livelihoods of millions of people pushed into poverty amid the pandemic. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent, a runoff will be held on June 19 between the top two finishers. The election comes as polls show growing distrust in the country’s institutions, including the country’s national registrar, an election body.
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Really All About Tom Cruise: Movie Star — and That’s Why It Works
(Tom Cruise initially turned down the role because he was afraid the movie would end up being “Flashdance in the sky,” a reference to Bruckheimer and Simpson’s then-recent runaway smash.) Once he did say yes, Tom Cruise spent months driving down to the pilot school at Miramar before production started, soaking up the atmosphere and taking classes. Top Gun: Maverick is, at its core, a flyboy-in-winter tale. But Top Gun: Maverick is not an ode to mindless combat, even if it brings back the “if you think up there, you die” motto of the original. What this movie is, above all else, is a referendum on Tom Cruise as the last movie star standing, the bridge between an age where Hollywood was a Mt.
Gov. Greg Abbott heckled at memorial for victims of Texas school shooting
Greg Abbott was heckled by mourners Sunday during a visit to the Texas school where 19 children and two teachers were killed. Greg Abbott visits a memorial at Robb Elementary School. “If they couldn’t save those kids, why would I rely on them to protect my granddaughter?” she said.? ?“I don’t know what we’ll do with [granddaughter] Scarlett, home-school, maybe.”?People yell at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as he arrives with President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden to pay their respects at a makeshift memorial. Abbott as he arrives at the memorial outside Robb Elementary School.
MSNBC column argues there is no constitutional right to own a gun
Comedian Dean Obeidallah wrote a column for MSNBC on Saturday that argued the right to own a gun was decided by a "cravenly political" Supreme Court rather than the U.S. Constitution. Obeidallah argued while the Second Amendment referenced the right to "bear arms," it wasn’t until the 2008 court decision that the nation decided to codify "an individual’s constitutional right to have a gun." If the framers wanted to create a constitutional right to gun ownership, then they would have made the Second Amendment a mirror of the First Amendment," Obeidallah wrote. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that the Second Amendment was never intended to provide an individual a constitutional right to possess a gun. Some liberal activists like filmmaker Michael Moore called for the repeal of the Second Amendment.
O (You Aren’t Fleeing to) Canada
I’m going to study a move to Canada.”Again with the Canada. A nation a little larger, in area, than the United States with 1/9th the population. Second, if the point is we are trying to avoid letting the United States devolve into the white fantasyland of Republican dreams, well, some 80 percent of Canada is white. Anyone who says they’re going to Canada, especially now, deserves Canada. But remember another big problem with running to Canada is that is you end up in Canada, and trust me, as a person whose been there, that gets old fast.
Facing a power crisis and searing heat, India falls back on coal
Placeholder while article actions loadNEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi has long touted his vision of turning India into a leader in renewable energy. India’s coal production is widely expected to expand in the coming years as the government looks to meet surging power demand and secure energy independence. About 80 percent of its coal output comes from Coal India, the state-owned giant. The coal minister, Pralhad Joshi, predicted that India’s coal requirements will double by 2040. Even though India is building out renewable energy sources, it still derives 70 percent of its power from coal, an abundant natural resource.
In the U.S., Backlash to Civil Rights Era Made Guns a Political Third Rail
And just as thousands of children in America are doubtless doing today, I had imagined that pain when I was still a child myself. Though I kept up a shallow teenage bravado during the conversation, I imagined my sister and I going to different exits. My younger daughter’s day care never taught her to hide silently in a dark room so that a shooter would not find her. They do not have to wonder if their school will be the next one after Uvalde. That is a benefit that most Americans cannot access, because of choices that American governments have made.
Gun Safety Must Be Everything That Republicans Fear - The New York Times
I find that the gun safety debate lacks candor. People believe it is savvier to tell only part of the truth, to soft-pedal the sell in an effort to get something — anything — done. Let me explain: The truth that no one wants to tell — the one that opponents of gun safety laws understand and the reason so many of them resist new laws — is that no one law or single package of laws will be enough to solve America’s gun violence problem. In the same way that Republicans have been promoting gun proliferation and loosening gun laws for decades, gun safety advocates will have to do the opposite, also for decades. Individual laws, like federal universal background checks and bans on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, will most likely make a dent, but they cannot end gun violence.
Opinion | America’s Teachers Offer Answers to the Education Crisis
— Lydia Austin, seven years teaching English language arts, currently at a public middle school in South Hamilton, Mass. Many aren’t willing to engage, even when teachers are being as innovative as they know how to be. I work with high school students and had a handful drop out or have to spend another year in school because they started working full time during the pandemic. — Kora Wilson, 16 years teaching math, currently at a public middle school in BrooklynTrust your gutYou know remote learning is going to leave the most vulnerable behind. — Lisa Schroer, 12 years teaching math and computer science at public high schools, most recently in Kalamazoo, Mich.
Blaming cops for Texas school massacre ‘unfair’ and ‘destructive,’ Sen. John Cornyn says
A Texas senator says it is “destructive” and “unfair” to blame local cops for the delayed response to the tragic Texas school shooting that left 21 dead, including 19 kids. “The second-guessing and finger-pointing among state and local law enforcement is destructive, distracting and unfair,” Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, wrote on Twitter on Friday. The Department of Justice announced Sunday it will conduct an independent probe of the Uvalde police response. AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, FileCrime scene tape surrounds Robb Elementary School after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers on May 24, 2022. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, FileRamos, 18, was later gunned down by police — but only after the slaughter.
Opinion: The bad news about the economy
We can expect a slowing US and world economy however as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates in order to reduce the inflation rate and as other disruptions hit the world economy. The Federal Reserve issued more dollars between December 2019 and December 2022 ($3 trillion) than in the preceding 23 years. The monetary base (currency plus bank reserves) soared as the Federal Reserve bought up vast quantities of Treasury bills and bonds used to finance Covid-19-related budget deficits. Because of the huge increase in the money supply in recent years, the Federal Reserve does not have any sure fix on stopping the inflation. Yes, we need sizable government investments and social services in order to transform our economy to be more fair, productive, and environmentally sustainable.
Nancy Pelosi defends abortion stance on MSNBC, hits back at archbishop by referencing the Bible
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., attempted to defend her Catholic faith and how it squares with her pro-choice beliefs on MSNBC after a San Francisco archbishop barred her from receiving Holy Communion. Pelosi also criticized the Catholic Church for its inaction against death penalty backers. DC ARCHDIOCESE SILENT ON PELOSI COMMUNION BAN, EMAIL SAYS MEDIA REQUESTS 'WILL BE IGNORED'"I wonder about the death penalty, which I am opposed to," Pelosi said. NANCY PELOSI ‘POLITICIZING HER FAITH’ OVER COMMUNION BAN IS ‘TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP’: JONATHAN MORRISShe then turned her attention to San Francisco archbishop who denied her communion, who she claimed has previously been "vehemently" anti-LGTQ. Therefore, universal Church law provides that such persons ‘are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,'" he said in the letter.
Opinion: Take it from an adoptee — choice is what matters
Sometimes, even those who are abortion rights proponents ask my views on abortion, apparently supposing that they already know the answer. The questioners always seem to think that asking about my birth mother's choice to carry me to term is a softball question with one obvious answer. The reality is this: My birth mother's choice to put me up for adoption can only be meaningful if she had a choice between adoption and abortion in the first place. Abortion rights activists participate in a Bans Off Our Bodies rally on May 14, 2022 in Washington, DC. Take it from an adoptee: The choice is what matters.
Biden Visits Uvalde to Honor School-Shooting Victims
President Bident traveled to Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday to pay his respects to the 19 children and two teachers who were killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
President Biden and first lady attend Sunday Mass alongside families of shooting victims and survivors in Uvalde, Texas
UVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden offered comfort Sunday to a city gripped by grief and anger as they paid respects at a memorial to 19 students and two teachers slain during a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school. First lady Jill Biden placed flowers outside Robb Elementary School on Sunday. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”After visiting the memorial, Biden arrived for Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where some of the families of those who were killed worship. Hours after the shooting, Biden delivered an impassioned plea for additional gun-control legislation, asking: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? The president and the first lady at the memorial at Robb Elementary School.
Letter: Second Amendment
The Second Amendment was written long ago and is out-of-date. When written, we were firing muskets with musket balls. It was not until 1850 that Daniel Wesson, co-founder of Smith and Wesson, created the first brass cartridge ready for hunting or battlefield. The Second Amendment speaks to a standing militia; we were not a nation and did not have a standing army. Muskets and standing militias make the second amendment unnecessary.
To Understand Elon Musk, You Have to Understand This ’60s Sci-Fi Novel
But while he may take inspiration from science fiction, as Jill Lepore has observed, he’s a bad reader of the genre. He idolizes Kim Stanley Robinson and Iain M. Banks while ignoring their socialist politics, and he overlooks major speculative traditions such as feminist and Afrofuturist science fiction. Like many Silicon Valley CEOs, he primarily sees science fiction as a repository of cool inventions waiting to be created. Musk engages with most science fiction in a superficial manner, but he is a very careful reader of one author: Robert A. Heinlein. He named Heinlein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress from 1966 as one of his favorite novels.
What if the Wind and Sunshine Really Belonged to All of Us?
Some on the left have already suggested something slightly different from what Biden has offered: nationalizing wind farms, solar farms, transmission infrastructure, and even the whole fossil fuel sector (in order to retire it). Private wind rights, in short, tilt the energy transition toward elites—and give everyone else a reason not to support it. A legislature only has to “sever” wind rights from land rights. Why should wind rights and land rights belong together in any case? Wind rights could rest with the town, the county—or with an entirely new unit bounded by the viewshed, which might help smooth the path for offshore wind farms.
Today, Colombia Votes on a Shift to the Left
Ask anyone in Latin America and they’ll tell you: Colombian politics skew hard toward the right. Colombia’s hard-right turn is associated with one name in particular: former president Álvaro Uribe and his political movement, uribismo. And yet Colombia’s corrupt and servile political oligarchy stands in stark contrast to the courage of the Colombian people themselves. The Fog of War Colombian and international media have played a leading role in portraying the Colombian people as politically conservative. And even as both doctrines have waned, their lingering effects continue to damage the exercise of left-wing politics, freedom of thought, and social movements in Colombia.
Biden's muscular China policy improves on his predecessors - The Washington Post
The result has been a sea change in China policy, as he and Secretary of State Antony Blinken made clear during the president’s trip to Asia. Blinken later recited the traditional formula on U.S. policy toward Taiwan: “The United States remains committed to our one-China policy,” he said. It also elevated the “Quad” — an informal group of nations that includes Australia, India, Japan and the United States — and enhanced the ASEAN alliance. Beyond national security, the administration has maximized the United States’ leverage by acting in concert with allies on climate change and trade. The administration seems determined to pursue a policy that is more robust, realistic and diplomatically adept than its predecessors.
Opinion | Truth emerges about Chinese repression of Uyghurs — no thanks to the U.N.
The timing of her visit, permission for which Beijing announced in March, creates an appearance that the document was withheld in return for access to China for Ms. Bachelet. What was highly foreseeable were attempts by Beijing to exploit a distinguished U.N. envoy’s presence for propaganda purposes. Mr. Xi lectured the visitor in their one meeting — on Wednesday, via video link. Adding injury to this insult, the official Xinhua News Agency reported that Ms. Bachelet had told Mr. Xi that she “admire[d]” China’s efforts to protect human rights, an apparent fabrication that Ms. Bachelet was obliged to deny hours later. Heavily influenced by China, a permanent member of the Security Council, the U.N. is poorly positioned to hold the communist dictatorship accountable.
Opinion | I’m from Uvalde. I’m not surprised this happened.
First, you would be challenged to find a more heavily armed place in the United States than Uvalde. AdvertisementIn Uvalde, simply put, everything north of Highway 90 is primarily White Republican, and everything south is mostly Hispanic Democrat. About 1 in 3 Uvalde children live in poverty. President Biden and the first lady visited Uvalde on Sunday to offer comfort to the families of victims at Robb. Uvalde, the state of Texas and the United States of America failed the children and teachers who died there.
Bidens pay respects in Uvalde after mass school shooting
NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! President Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrived Sunday afternoon in Uvalde, Texas, where they visited a memorial for the victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting before attending mass at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. DOJ TO INVESTIGATE POLICE RESPONSE TO UVALDE SHOOTING"Our hearts are broken," Garcia-Siller said. After mass, the Bidens are then scheduled to meet with the families of victims and survivors of the shooting at the Uvalde County Event Center. The Bidens’ visit to Uvalde comes after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School.
President and first lady visit site of last week’s mass school shooting in Texas
UVALDE, Texas — President Biden arrived Sunday at the site of the nation’s latest mass shooting, an elementary school festooned with flowers and photographs of the young victims, as the Department of Justice said it would investigate how law enforcement responded to the incident. Biden’s visit comes as the nation is grappling with tragedy of 19 children and two teachers who were killed in Tuesday’s attack at Robb Elementary School. The attack was carried out by an 18-year-old who was shot to death, but only after a lengthy delay by the police that has provoked community outrage.
AP News Summary at 2:43 p.m. EDT
Russians storm city, shell east Ukraine as Zelenskyy visitsPOKROVSK, Ukraine (AP) — Local officials say Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaging in close-quarter combat in an eastern Ukraine city. to review response to Texas school shootingUVALDE, Texas (AP) — The Justice Department says it'll review the law enforcement response to the Texas school shooting. Biden visits memorial to victims of Texas school shootingUVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are in Uvalde, Texas, trying to offer comfort to a city gripped by grief and anger after a school shooting. No Democratic governors told the AP they supported arming teachers, but Republican governors backed a wide array of potential school security steps. San Diego Bishop McElroy named by Pope Francis as a cardinalBishop Robert McElroy of San Diego is one of 21 new cardinals named by Pope Francis.
Flowers, tears as Bidens stop at Uvalde memorial
Flowers, tears as Bidens stop at Uvalde memorialPresident Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden offered comfort Sunday to a city gripped by grief and anger as they paid respects at a memorial to 19 students and two teachers slain during a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.
Young Texas school shooting victim ‘bled out’ waiting for help: family
One of the young victims of the Texas school massacre bled to death while waiting for nearly an hour for police to come to the rescue — possibly dying because of the delay, a first-responder allegedly told her mom. “Her child had been shot by one bullet through the back, through the kidney area,” Gutierrez told the outlet. Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez said the girl might have lived if police responded quick enough to the massacre. Among those facing scrutiny for the delay is Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo, who allegedly made the call to hold cops back when the shooting started. The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation into the mass shooting and have yet to announce a motive for the bloodbath.
More than 421,000 Americans died in World War II. This project aims to compile their stories.
More than 421,000 Americans died in the conflict and Milne wants to gather all their stories by Sept. 2, 2025, the 80th anniversary of the war’s end. So far, she’s researched the lives of more than 300 World War II dead, including that of Sgt. The World War II project has made her think about history in a different way. Milne’s current focus is on creating stories for all the World War II dead buried at Arlington National Cemetery, about 8,000 men and women. Once people know this is available — especially in sections rich with World War II fallen, like Section 34 — they can walk from grave to grave to grave and read each person’s story.
Uvalde law enforcement officers' tactical response was 'heartbreaking:' Rep. Crenshaw
During an interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend," Sunday, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw responded to emerging reports on the various blunders committed by law enforcements during their tactical response to the Uvalde school shooting. REP. DAN CRENSHAW: …On this Memorial Day weekend, we're memorializing small children who were executed by a madman. There's two types of tactical scenarios in general when you're when you're going on a target. And the training specifically says in the manual that if you don't like that, you should find another career field. CRENSHAW CALLS FOR ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’ IN UVALDE POLICE RESPONSE: ‘PROTOCOLS WERE NOT FOLLOWED’WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE:
Justice Department Will Review Law Enforcement Response To Texas School Shooting
UVALDE, Texas (AP) — The Justice Department said Sunday it will review the law enforcement response to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. The review comes amid mounting pressure and questions about the shifting and at times contradictory information about what happened in the shooting last Tuesday at Robb Elementary School and how police responded. AdvertisementJustice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said the review would be conducted in a fair, impartial and independent manner and that the findings would be made public. Police walk near Robb Elementary School following a shooting, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. Such a review is somewhat rare and most after-action reports that come after a mass shooting are generally compiled by local law enforcement agencies or outside groups.
Biden visits memorial to victims of Texas school shooting
A mass shooting happens. We need to do something about it.”The Bidens’ visit comes amid mounting scrutiny of the police response to the shooting. We’ve done it before.”Hours after the shooting, Biden had delivered an impassioned plea for additional gun control legislation, asking: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? As president, Biden has tried to chip away at gun violence through executive orders. He faces few new options now, but executive action might be the best the president can do, given Washington’s sharp divisions on gun control legislation.
Bidens visit memorial outside of Robb Elementary School to honor shooting victims
President Biden and first lady Jill Biden laid flowers at memorial outside of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, in honor of the 19 students and two teachers killed in a mass shooting. Abbott arrived at the memorial, crowds of people called for action saying, "our children need to go to school in peace. "May 29, 2022
Nile crocodile found in massive stash of fentanyl pills, guns and cash, Arizona cops say
The huge stash of guns, drugs and cash inside a home caught the attention of Arizona police, they say, but something even more unusual was lurking. A young Nile crocodile was living in the home, police say. On 5/11 #PHXPDMaryvalePrecinct & #PHXPDSouthMountainPrecinct officers seized a JUVE-Nile Crocodile after the arrest of it’s ADULT owner, 34yo Adrian Valladares. During the search warrant near 71st Ave/Roosevelt various of drugs and firearms were also seized. They found 15 firearms, 855 grams of cocaine, 193,000 fentanyl pills, $65,929 in cash and the crocodile in the home, police say.
Justice Department to review police response to Texas school shooting
The Justice Department said Sunday it will review the law enforcement response to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. The review comes amid mounting pressure and questions about the shifting and at times contradictory information about what happened in the shooting last Tuesday at Robb Elementary School and how police responded. Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said the review would be conducted in a fair, impartial and independent manner and that the findings would be made public. Such a review is somewhat rare, and most after-action reports that come after a mass shooting are generally compiled by local law enforcement agencies or outside groups. President Biden has not spoken publicly about the police response to the shooting.
Texas school shooting: Justice Department to review police response at request of Uvalde’s mayor
UVALDE, Texas — The Justice Department said Sunday it will review the law enforcement response to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. The review comes amid mounting pressure and questions about the shifting and at times contradictory information about what happened in the shooting last Tuesday at Robb Elementary School and how police responded. The review is being conducted at the request of Uvalde’s mayor, officials said. Such a review is somewhat rare and most after-action reports that come after a mass shooting are generally compiled by local law enforcement agencies or outside groups. Biden has not spoken publicly about the police response to the shooting.
Portland’s horrific history of detaining Oregonians of Japanese descent highlighted in document unveiled Saturday
The thin, drawn outlines of the Portland Assembly Center show partitions for restrooms, nurseries and a hospital area. Between May and September of 1942, 3,676 people were incarcerated inside the Portland Assembly Center, according to Crawford Loos. Roosevelt’s order to lock up Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants destroyed thriving Japantowns throughout the United States, including Portland’s. The document is expected to go on display inside the Japanese American Museum of Oregon by the end of this year. “This is American history, and we want the true American history – the good and the bad and everything that we experience as people of color in America – to be told,” she said.
AP News Summary at 1:32 p.m. EDT
Russians storm city, shell east Ukraine as Zelenskyy visitsPOKROVSK, Ukraine (AP) — Local officials say Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaging in close-quarter combat in an eastern Ukraine city. to review response to Texas school shootingUVALDE, Texas (AP) — The Justice Department says it will review the law enforcement response to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. Biden visits memorial to victims of Texas school shootingUVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are in Uvalde, Texas, trying to offer comfort to a city gripped by grief and anger after a school shooting. No Democratic governors told the AP they supported arming teachers, but Republican governors backed a wide array of potential school security steps. San Diego Bishop McElroy named by Pope Francis as a cardinalBishop Robert McElroy of San Diego is one of 21 new cardinals named by Pope Francis.
Biden arrives in Uvalde after worst US school shooting in a decade
US President Joe Biden pays respect at a makeshift memorial outside of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 29, 2022President Joe Biden landed in the Texas town of Uvalde on Sunday to comfort families ripped apart by the worst U.S. school shooting in a decade as the public demands answers about why local police failed to act swiftly. Official accounts of how police responded to the shooting have flip-flopped wildly, with calls mounting for an independent probe. Biden, a Democrat, has repeatedly called for major changes to America's gun laws but has been powerless to stop mass shootings or convince Republicans that stricter controls could stem the carnage. The Uvalde shooting has once again put gun control at the top of the nation's agenda, months ahead of the November midterm elections, with supporters of stronger gun laws arguing that the latest bloodshed represents a tipping point. Ramos, a high school dropout, had no criminal record and no history of mental illness but did post threatening messages on social media ahead of the shooting.
Texas mass shooting timeline: 13 years of violence in Texas
* Information about the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde is preliminary. Texas has seen eight mass shootings over the last 13 years, and many of them sparked public debate about what legislation should be passed to prevent another one. The timeline below details how state lawmakers and the public have responded to mass shootings — through legislation and University of Texas polls — since the 2009 Fort Hood shooting. We used Mother Jones’ mass shootings data and definition of a mass shooting, which relies on the FBI’s definition of a mass murderer, to determine which shootings to include in the timeline. Among the criteria:
THE ANGRY ARAB: Lebanon’s Hung Parliament
In the 128-seat Lebanese Parliament, 65 seats are needed for a majority. But no party won an outright majority. Since the Arab uprisings of 2011, Western media have become largely uniform, with the dispatches of various correspondents replicating one another. On the Shiite front — and Hizbullah is a Shiite political party, through and through — the party won all the seats it sought, every one of them. The Saudi-funded groups (and Western-sponsored “change” candidates) harped on the matter of disarming Hizbullah, which has no bearing on the domestic Lebanese political scene.
The subtle but indicative meaning of gun control laws
There is more to reducing school shootings than only passing laws to ban assault weapons and ammunition. There is also the subtle, but significant message a society gives out with gun control laws. Both England and Australia created tough gun control laws when they experienced school shootings, which not only created tough gun control legislation, but also strongly sent the message that this must stop, mass killing children is intolerable. They both have not experienced schools shootings since, because not only are there tough gun control laws now, they have sent a message to all citizens that killing children in this country is beyond the pale, a line that this country will not allow to be crossed. It is this outspoken social meaning, in addition to legislation, that inhibits future shooters from considering these heinous acts.
North Carolina Open Thread: NC politicians' Uvalde response, Coping resources, Barber vs $Gen, more
https://t.co/MrZv8ZCZd7 #ncga #ncpol #wral @markrobinsonNCRALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina Lt. Gov. He was among a lineup of high-profile Republican speakers including former President Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. BlueNC, 5/26/2022They didn’t die because the school has too many doors (As Texas Senator Ted Cruz has claimed). The original assault weapons ban passed in 1994 after three mass shooting events occurred within six years. On Wednesday, labor advocacy groups, community leaders and Dollar General employees from several states—including North Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi— met to protest the poor conditions many employees say they face while receiving less than livable wages.
They are IMPOTENT.
The word is IMPOTENT. It means “unable to take effective action”...”helpless or powerless”. It is the most descriptive word to use when talking about Republican party’s stance toward the crisis of mass-shootings. Words are important, and this is the word that communicates best to the people. Republicans are IMPOTENT.
As of today there have been 17,673 gun deaths in the US this year. What is different in the US that makes us so much more likely to suffer from gun violence? Australia and the UK have stricter gun laws and their rate of gun deaths are even lower. Gun deaths by suicide are included in the numbers above, as gun deaths by suicide exceed gun deaths by murder in the US. We can shut them down by being more organized and more determined to save lives through reasonable gun laws.
2022: From First Grade to Tech High School
This never-before-funded teacher in a Kansas City tech high school hopes to help her multi-lingual students in their EMT studies, with earbuds that run software based on Google Translate. PROJECT #1 Project: Help a Teacher Translate EMT Instruction Resources: Help me give my students the technology to understand the subject of emergency medicine Economic need: An Equity Focus School; nearly all students from low?income households. I have tried to help my students' need for English comprehension by providing the Google Pixel Buds A-series. Economic need: An Equity Focus School; nearly all students from low?income households. : Mrs. Lattner needed an assortment of interesting lab kits, to help bring science to life for her Cleveland middle school students.
OH-Sen: J.D. Vance's (R) Solution To Save American Families: Ban Pornography
Oh for fuck’s sake:Going beyond even the GOP’s own platform, Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance told a Catholic magazine last year that pornography should be banned because it’s stopping Americans from getting married and starting families. Vance’s ideas on how to save “traditional families” should disqualify him as a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Ryan (D. OH-13) is actually focused on real solutions to protect American families:x As a dad and husband of a teacher, my heart breaks for Uvalde. — Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) May 25, 2022Health and Democracy are on the ballot this year and we need to get ready to flip Ohio Blue.
In about 48 hours it will get real bad for RU
You know most of their contract soldiers contracts expire in 48 hours. I guess Putin could try and hold them there — but that will about do it for his ability to get any more contract soldiers — and boy talk about a morale problem. It is bloody and all that in the box — but great for UKR overall operational goals. They can just play defense and be able to hold off more than 3 times their numbers. I am way too old to care — and I just like to get to the point anyway at this point in my life.
Let Us Use The Power we Do Possess
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. The various reasons for moving us to war are irrelevant when they are shown to be lies to justify gratuitous mass murder. This dynamic may well be wherein lies the power of the mostly ignored many. Rehashing some of the lies promoting justifying mass murder is a bit tedious but instructive. Still, we can do this if we determine to step up to the task and not let a single innocent be killed on our behalfDon Scottenscotten6@gmail.com
U.S. Empire, Haiti, and the Tragic Suppression of Liberation Theology
In contemporary terms, it pits liberation theology against its more domesticated counterpart. As such, today's readings connect firmly with the struggle for justice throughout the Global South and particularly in Haiti. Haiti & Liberation TheologyI reference Haiti in particular because just last week the history of that long-troubled island was brought to our nation's attention by a shocking series of articles in The New York Times. France even went so far as to force Haiti (under threat of invasion) to pay reparations to former French slaveholders for their lost "property." 2 2 1Rate It | View RatingsMike Rivage-Seul Social Media Pages:Mike Rivage-Seul is a liberation theologian and former Roman Catholic priest.
The Texas School Massacre Means Nothing to the Gun Lobby
The calls for action are backed up by polls that show again that a majority of Americans back comprehensive gun control legislation. In fact, in the last couple of years polls show that support for tougher gun laws have dropped. There hasn't been much movement in the states either to get tougher gun control laws. In his address following the Texas massacre, Biden demanded "When in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby"? Sadly, even the monstrous Texas massacre won't make Congress grow the legs to do that.
Nobel Laureate Calls for Ending Intellectual Property Rules for COVID Vaccines
Social entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus on Saturday called for a comprehensive waiver of intellectual property rules for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, declaring that “freeing” the technology “from profit and patent is the key” to a global health system that puts human lives above corporate profit. In an op-ed published Saturday in Stat news, Yunus — who’s previously joined with other Nobel laureates in pushing for an end to intellectual property barriers — pointed to the global inequality in access to vaccines. “Wealth is power,” wrote Yunus. And that means “removing barriers like intellectual property rules.”That needs to happen this month, he said, with world leaders taking a step they’ve so far refused to do in the pandemic—backing a comprehensive waiver of parts of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. He also called out the U.S. for backing a waiver solely on vaccines.
Opinion | Uvalde Needs Our Prayers
It is hard to sum up how deeply religious the response to this tragedy in Uvalde has been. Teenagers were holding signs on Main Street that read “Prayers for Uvalde.” Sam Garza told me prayer groups were popping up all over the city. There is a saying in the Christian tradition that comes from monastic practice: “Ora et labora.” Pray and work. It tells us that prayer and work, contemplation and action, are held together and inform one another. In Uvalde, I heard many times that “prayer is powerful.” I believe that.
Uvalde shooter wasn’t the only sniveling little coward — so were the cops
And if someone like O’Neill had been in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, last Tuesday, then I would have given the sniveling little coward of a shooter two hopes of surviving longer than a few seconds: no hope… and no hope. Law enforcement work the scene after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Colonel Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety speaks during a news conference outside Robb Elementary school. A man and a child pay their respects at a memorial to the victims of the Robb Elementary School mass shooting on May 28, 2022. Law enforcement personnel stand outside Robb Elementary School following the shooting on May 24, 2022.
VP Kamala Harris demands ban on assault weapons, says they have ‘no place in civil society’
?Vice President Kamala Harris has called for a ban on assault weapons after the horrific mass shootings at an elementary school in Texas and a supermarket in Buffalo, saying the weapons have “no place in a civil society. It includes, let’s have an assault weapons ban?,” she said. Harris also spoke at the funeral of Ruth Whitfield, 86, the oldest victim of the Buffalo mass shooting. Olive Baptist Church, referring to a string of mass shootings in the US. Congress passed a law banning assault weapons in 1994 during the Clinton administration, but former President George W. Bush allowed the law to expire in 2004.
Biden visits Uvalde, a city in mourning
— President Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrived in this small city of 16,000 on Sunday, as immense grief weighed on the residents, families and officials trying to come to terms with another senseless mass shooting in America. The Bidens carried a bouquet of white roses, which the first lady laid on the ground near white crosses representing each of the victims. AdvertisementThe Bidens plan to spend most of the afternoon meeting with victims’ families and survivors, and meet separately with first responders later in the day, the White House said. The first viewing and prayer services will be for 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza on Monday, ahead of her funeral on Tuesday. Services for the other 20 victims will be held in a steady stream at least until June 8.
Winsome Sears on Texas school shooting: ‘It’s not the gun’
Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, R-Va., slammed the politicization of the gun control debate following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. On "Fox & Friends Weekend," Sunday, Sears argued "emasculated" men and fatherless homes are some of the several issues hurting America's children and impacting mass shootings. DAN BONGINO: PRETENDING THAT GUNS CAUSED TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING IS NOT BEING ‘SERIOUS ABOUT THE PROBLEM’WINSOME SEARS: When I was at the NRA, I saw mothers and daughters, young daughters and grandmothers, and all they want is to be able to protect themselves. Martin Luther King Jr wanted a concealed carry permit, and he was denied because they said he didn't have good character. If we come to find the wrong problem, we're going to come up with the wrong solutions, and it's going to continue.
Biden grieves with Texas town after latest U.S. school shooting
By Jarrett Renshaw and Gabriella BorterUVALDE, Texas (Reuters) -President Joe Biden landed in the Texas town of Uvalde on Sunday to comfort families ripped apart by the worst U.S. school shooting in a decade as the public demands answers about why local police failed to act swiftly. Biden, a Democrat, has repeatedly called for major changes to America's gun laws but has been powerless to stop mass shootings or convince Republicans that stricter controls could stem the carnage. The Uvalde shooting has once again put gun control at the top of the nation's agenda, months ahead of the November midterm elections, with supporters of stronger gun laws arguing that the latest bloodshed represents a tipping point. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, denied that newly enacted Texas gun laws, including a controversial measure removing licensing requirements for carrying a concealed weapon, were relevant to Tuesday's bloodshed and instead also pointed to mental illness. (Reporting by Jarrett Renshaw, Gabriella Borter and Brad Brooks in Uvalde, Texas; additional reporting by Heather Timmons in Washington; Writing by Susan Heavey; Editing by Kieran Murray and Lisa Shumaker)
Texas authorities present timeline of Uvalde shooting
ReutersUVALDE, Texas (Reuters) -President Joe Biden landed in the Texas town of Uvalde on Sunday to comfort families ripped apart by the worst U.S. school shooting in a decade as the public demands answers about why local police failed to act swiftly. There was mounting anger over the decision by local law enforcement agencies in Uvalde to allow the shooter to remain in a classroom for nearly an hour while officers waited in the hallway and children inside the room made panicked 911 calls for help. Biden will meet with victims' families, survivors and first responders, attend a church service and visit a memorial erected at the Robb Elementary School where the gunman killed 19 students and two teachers.
AP News Summary at 12:07 p.m. EDT
Russians storm city, shell east Ukraine as Zelenskyy visitsPOKROVSK, Ukraine (AP) — Local officials say Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaging in close-quarter combat in an eastern Ukraine city. No Democratic governors told the AP they supported arming teachers, but Republican governors backed a wide array of potential school security steps. San Diego Bishop McElroy named by Pope Francis as a cardinalBishop Robert McElroy of San Diego is one of 21 new cardinals named by Pope Francis. A business idea was born, and her home now doubles as a workshop where she and her daughter produce dolls. The path it took to get there serves either as a blueprint or a cautionary tale for Western water planners.
Hallé Orchestra: Madama Butterfly, review: emotional intensity that stings like a bee
After a two-year pandemic-induced delay the Hallé Orchestra’s semi-staged performance of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly finally arrived on the stage of The Bridgewater Hall, to close the orchestra’s season. I say “stage”, though in fact the action was confined to a narrow strip right at the front of the concert platform, behind conductor Sir Mark Elder’s back. And not least Cio-Cio San herself, who at the end dies by her own hand rather than live with dishonour. If I warmed to her portrayal of the 15-year-old Cio-Cio San in Act 1, was it merely because she so perfectly embodied the Western fantasy of the submissive oriental woman? Fortunately Nakamura’s portrayal was so strong that I was able to forget these scruples.
They Did Their Own ‘Research.’ Now What?
“It was ‘she needs to do her own research,” Professor Carrion said, rather than we need to do ours. Medicine is a highly credentialed field addressing life-or-death matters which, as practiced, expects a great deal of trust from patients. For a medical expert to warn of the perils of “doing your own research” on vaccines, for example, is to either preach to the converted or to demand trust where it has already been lost. But nobody’s been around very long, which makes the idea of “researching” your way to prosperity feel more credible. Just DYORIn crypto, the uses of DYOR are various and contradictory, earnest and ironic sometimes within the same discussion.
Comic: Life in Ukraine amid months of war with Russia
This week marked 90 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. The people, and the whole country, will never be the same. We’ll be hearing phantom sirens for years. We’ll be afraid to plan our lives for more than a week. But the main task now is to win, while still preserving our sanity.
Biden to grieve with Texas town after nation's latest school shooting
President Joe Biden flew to the Texas town of Uvalde on Sunday to comfort families ripped apart by the worst U.S. school shooting in a decade as the public demands answers about why local police failed to act swiftly. "Too much violence, too much fear, too much grief," Biden told graduates in a commencement speech on Saturday at the University of Delaware. The Uvalde shooting has once again put gun control at the top of the nation's agenda, months ahead of the November midterm elections, with supporters of stronger gun laws arguing that the latest bloodshed represents a tipping point. The country is desperately asking for a leader to stop the slaughter from gun violence," said Igor Volsky, executive director of Guns Down America. Volsky urged Biden to enlist a senior official to tackle the country's gun problem and pressure Congress to pass meaningful gun reform, saying Biden had promised to be a deal maker and to tackle gun violence.
Biden tells Delaware grads to step up, ‘now it’s your hour’
President Joe Biden delivers his keynote address to the University of Delaware Class of 2022 during its commencement ceremony in Newark, Del., Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)President Joe Biden delivers his keynote address to the University of Delaware Class of 2022 during its commencement ceremony in Newark, Del., Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP) — President Joe Biden told graduates Saturday at his alma mater, the University of Delaware, that “now it’s your hour,” as he encouraged young people in the United States to help the country live up to its ideals. Speaking to more than 6,000 graduates, and with the nation mourning victims of two mass shootings in as many weeks. His sister, Valerie Biden Owens, and his wife, first lady Jill Biden, also graduated from the university.
If a satellite falls on your house, space law protects you – but there are no legal penalties for leaving junk in orbit
Space debris is any nonfunctional human-made object in space. As a professor of space and society focused on space governance, I’ve noticed that there are three questions the public always asks when falling space debris gets into the news. For space law to be effective, it needs to do three things. Space pollution is the bigger problemCurrent space law has worked so far because the issues have been few and far between and have been dealt with diplomatically. On the off chance it does happen, current space law provides a pretty good framework for dealing with such an event.
Tear gas thrown at Liverpool fans in Paris
Tear gas thrown at Liverpool fans in ParisA witness described the chaos and confusion caused by the tear gas being thrown.
Food Security and the Coming Storm
Against the backdrop of Covid-19, the conflict and countries' responses to it are now pushing global food prices even higher, along with the risk of growing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. The hunger hurricane will hit a global food system that stands on very shaky foundations. Precarious food supplies and food inflation raise the risk of mass migration, social unrest, and resource-driven conflict, as well as the proliferation of malicious, non-state actors. To preempt threats, some countries are taking protectionist measures to secure domestic food supplies, which magnify global price shocks. Ensuring access to existing stocks and working with major producers to ease imbalances in global food trade will likewise be critical.
Mourners flock to Uvalde Town Square, vigils: 'You're going to feel sometimes ... numb'
Hundreds of Uvalde residents and visitors from surrounding communities cycled through the Uvalde Town Square in the Latino-majority community of 16,000 people, located about 80 miles west of San Antonio. So the town square has become a gathering place for the community to mourn. “The pain is going to come and go, you’re going to feel sometimes … numb,” said Christian Alexander from Believer’s Christian Fellowship in San Antonio. It is too hard for them to show up to the town square to see the outpouring of support from the community. Some of the families who showed up to the town square included classmates of the victims.
Opinion | Another monster hurricane season looms as we dawdle on climate change
A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications finds that climate change made these storms far worse than they would have been without human-caused global warming. But there is increasingly little doubt that human-caused warming is heating ocean-surface temperatures, which fuel big storms. They mapped out how the hurricane season would have proceeded without climate change and compared it to what happened. The three-hour extreme rainfall rate was 11 percent higher than it would have been absent climate change, they found, and the three-day extreme rainfall accumulation total was 8 percent higher. The study’s authors noted that their results are just one indication that climate change is worsening hurricane strength in a variety of ways.
Gun debate paralysis stretches back to the Civil War - The Washington Post
Placeholder while article actions loadMemorial Day was first celebrated as Decoration Day, three years after the end of the Civil War, to honor Union soldiers. Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Norway all tightened their gun laws after searing national tragedies. The Civil War ended 157 years ago, yet the alignments that led up to and defined that conflict are still very much alive in our politics. Today’s coalition against sensible gun laws is largely an alliance between the South and the non-coastal West. The fight for sane gun laws is, first, about the innocent lives extinguished by the failure of our politics.
Gun reform activists are the true pro-life activists - The Washington Post
They stand in stark contrast with the spinelessness of politicians who dare not take on the gun lobby to protect innocent lives. The unimaginable pain of regularly reexperiencing their grief makes their gun safety activism all the more extraordinary. They channel their losses into advocating for reasonable gun reforms through groups such as Moms Demand Action, Gun Owners for Safety (founded by gun victim and former Arizona Democratic representative Gabby Giffords) and Everytown for Gun Safety. I feel broken for all of the families who have lived with gun violence and for families that now join them. To the expanding community of grieving survivors and courageous gun safety advocates, we can say, we hear you, we grieve with you and we promise to do more.
Opinion | Abbott vows change after a school shooting. We’ve heard that before.
AdvertisementNow, following the horrific slaughter last week of 19 children and two teachers in yet another Texas town, Abbott once again speaks of lessons learned and changes coming. “Do we expect laws to come out of this devastating crime?” he said Friday, three days after the carnage at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. Or at least, it has claimed to, with a 2019 school safety law that allocated $100 million to those purposes. As the Texas Tribune noted, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District received a $69,000 grant through that law to enhance the physical security of its schools. Kevin Brown, executive director of the Texas Association of School Administrators, told me the state allotment of funds for school security is a mere $9.72 per student annually.
Op-ed: After Davos, going 'long' on optimism in an anxious world
The mountains of Davos were largely snowless as the annual World Economic Forum took place in May rather than the usual timing in January. DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – A hedge fund investor told me she attends the World Economic Forum each year "so that I'll know what to short." In a world awash with geopolitical and economic pessimism, the dominant mood at this year's Davos, her argument is that it might be time to go "long" on optimism. Russian President Vladimir Putin has jolted the collective West from its slumber. For all these reasons and more, I am going "short" on pessimism and long on "optimism" as I return to Washington, D.C., this weekend.
The Literal Worst Thing You Can Say To Someone Who Is Suffering
woman comforting sad friendIf you want to support friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers suffering from trauma, Rule #1: Skip the "everything has a purpose" line. Did that mean the pain, suffering, and fear that persisted long after the incident passed was mine to carry? I do believe God has a purpose, but I refuse to accept that purpose is in the trauma itself. Personal purpose intersects with trauma when you are able to look at a friend or stranger and offer genuine compassion by saying, "I've been there. If you are in the midst of pain and suffering, here are five personal practices that helped me create purpose from trauma:1.
Teen arrested after Tracy school shooting threat
TRACY — A 16-year-old boy was in San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall on Thursday after his arrest in connection with a social media post that threatened a school shooting, authorities said. The teen, who police said was not a Tracy Unified School District student, told officers he had made the threat but did not plan any actual violence. Related Articles Crime and Public Safety | Could Texas school massacre happen here? The loss of life is not a joking matter.”Citing safety concerns in the wake of this week’s tragic school shooting at an Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, police said officers would carry out more patrols around school campuses. On May 26, at about 3:22 AM, the Tracy PD Communications Center received information about a threatened school shooting through information sharing with the FBI, who reported a social media post, in which there was a clear threat of harm to a specific school.
School shootings are reality for the 'lockdown generation'
The bloodbath at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, Tuesday marked the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. And it also tracks violence that doesn’t involve students, including overnight shootings near school grounds. But he also thinks mass shootings in schools will continue unless America addresses its longstanding shortage of school mental health workers. Last year there was one school shooting of that scale, a rampage at an Oxford, Michigan, high school that left four students dead. In 2020, with many school buildings closed as part of pandemic precautions, there were no school shootings of that magnitude.
Parenting programs better way to fight violence than curfews
A recent op-ed from faith leaders on curfew alternatives for violence prevention names a critical root cause of the tragic and longstanding statistic of youth violence: the need for informed, healthy and effective parenting. This program breaks the cycle of unintentional harmful parenting and provides a foundational understanding of the developmental needs of children and evidence-based positive parenting practices. These practices result in better school attendance, higher academic achievement, fewer disciplinary problems and less criminal behavior. They often warned gun owners that President Barack Obama was going to confiscate all their guns, remember? My question to all gun owners: How many of your guns were actually confiscated while Obama was president?
President Biden, first lady Jill Biden travel to Texas again to meet families affected by school shooting
UVALDE, Texas — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”AdvertisementBiden was to visit the makeshift memorial outside Robb Elementary School before attending Mass at a local Catholic church. We need to do something about it.”The Bidens’ visit to Uvalde comes amid mounting scrutiny of the police response to the shooting. We’ve done it before.’’Hours after the shooting, Biden delivered an impassioned plea for additional gun control legislation, asking: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? AP video journalist Robert Bumsted in Uvalde, Texas, contributed to this report..
Biden called again to mourn with a city stricken by grief
UVALDE, Texas — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”Biden was to visit the makeshift memorial outside Robb Elementary School before attending Mass at a local Catholic church. A mass shooting happens. We’ve done it before.’’Hours after the shooting, Biden delivered an impassioned plea for additional gun control legislation, asking: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? In the White House, Biden has tried to chip away at gun violence through executive orders.
President Biden, first lady Jill Biden travel to Texas again to meet families affected by school shooting
UVALDE, Texas — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”AdvertisementBiden was to visit the makeshift memorial outside Robb Elementary School before attending Mass at a local Catholic church. We need to do something about it.”The Bidens’ visit to Uvalde comes amid mounting scrutiny of the police response to the shooting. We’ve done it before.’’Hours after the shooting, Biden delivered an impassioned plea for additional gun control legislation, asking: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? AP video journalist Robert Bumsted in Uvalde, Texas, contributed to this report..
Governors diverge on gun control, school security efforts
Many Republican governors are emphasizing a different solution: more security at schools. Other Republican governors either sidestepped the AP's questions about specific gun-control measures or said they opposed them. Republican governors were more likely to support efforts to strengthen security at schools. Kristi Noem of South Dakota denounced calls for gun-control as “garbage” and embraced greater school security measures during a speech Friday to the National Rifle Association convention in Houston. Republican Gov.
I survived the Parkland shooting. Why are children still dying, four years later? | Dara Rosen
As a survivor of a mass shooting, whenever another shooting happens and gets broadcast in the media, your own trauma begins to haunt you again. Just this year, 27 school shootings have taken place in the US. When you survive a mass shooting, the trauma stays with you. When other mass shootings happen, and are broadcast in the media, your own trauma begins to haunt you again. After countless mass shootings, I’m starting to lose hope that we’ll ever be safe from gunfire in the US.
The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Expanding Second Amendment Gun Rights
The Supreme Court is poised to issue a ruling in a New York gun rights case that will likely expand the scope of protec­tions the Second Amend­ment affords indi­vidual gun owners who want to carry a gun outside of their resid­ences. I do think the Second Amend­ment presumes that there will be some kind of commer­cial market in weapons, but noth­ing about the Second Amend­ment says that market must be unreg­u­lated. It’s possible, but that would give Second Amend­ment rights a kind of pree­m­in­ence claimed by few other consti­tu­tional guar­an­tees. COHEN: You have writ­ten a great deal on the Second Amend­ment and how poli­cy­makers can and should approach the tension between gun rights and gun regu­la­tions. Are there other cases you see out there that could give this Court the oppor­tun­ity to expand gun rights and limit gun regu­la­tion?
US gun violence is a health crisis with evidence-based solutions, experts plea
In the wake of yet another preventable American gun violence tragedy—one that involved the slaughter of 21 people, including 19 children in a Texas elementary school—doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, health experts, and scientists are once again demanding a long-overdue, evidence-based public health response to the uniquely American public health crisis of gun violence. And their demands for action have only grown louder as gun violence has not only continued, but increased. This is about protecting kids' lives," Michael Dowling, president and CEO of New York-based Northwell Health, told Becker's Hospital Review this week. "Gun violence is not an issue on the outside—it's a central public health issue for us. But, that ownership rate already makes the US the top-ranking country in the world for gun ownership.
Biden, first lady to meet with grieving families of 21 killed in Texas shooting
President Biden and first lady Jill Biden will travel Sunday to Uvalde, Texas, to grieve with the families of the 21 victims of last week’s massacre at an elementary school, huddle with first responders and attend Mass at a Catholic church in the community. “Let’s be clear, evil came to that elementary school classroom in Texas and that grocery store in New York,” Biden said. “We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer,” President Biden said. The killers in Buffalo and Uvalde were both 18 and both used AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles to carry out their carnage. Biden, speaking at the White House on the evening of the Texas shooting, called for new gun laws.
Colombians vote for president in tense, potentially historic election
Placeholder while article actions loadBOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombians head to the polls on Sunday to vote in the first round of an uncertain presidential election that could deliver a historic repudiation of the status quo. Concern is growing, meanwhile, that losing candidates will question the legitimacy of the election results. Colombia has seen increasing violence from armed criminal groups more than five years after it signed historic peace accords with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Election observers say it’s been the most volatile election cycle in a dozen years; they’ve recorded 581 acts of violence against political and social leaders in the pre-electoral period. And in Brazil, Latin America’s largest country, leftist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva leads polls to unseat President Jair Bolsonaro in October.
American soldiers killed in WWI remembered forever in NYC ale house
Every day is Memorial Day at McSorley’s Old Ale House in Manhattan. The venerable New York City saloon has been slinging suds on East 7th Street in the East Village since 1854. The removal of the haunting World War I memorial, however temporary, ignited controversy within the New York City bar scene. About 117,000 Americans were killed in a few short months of horrific fighting in World War I. At least one of the New York City World War I memorials is seen by millions of people each year lording over the Crossroads of the World.
Suspect charged for fatal shooting inside Fairfield Twp Walmart
WAGASteven McCraw, director and colonel of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said on Friday that the wrong decision was made after officers were said to believe the suspect was barricaded inside the classroom instead of being an active shooter resulting in the death of 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. Law enforcement authorities faced questions and criticism on how many children called 911 during the incident, the shooters digital footprint, and the updated timeline provided by McCraw of the steps the gunman took to enter Robb Elementary School and shoot 19 children and two teachers to death.
Mitch McConnell Is Pulling His Favorite Move After Mass Shootings
McConnell told CNN that he “encouraged” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to engage with Democrats Sens. "I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution," he said. In June 2016, after a man with a gun murdered 49 people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, McConnell told reporters “nobody wants terrorists to have firearms." “I am convinced that Mitch wants to do something,” Trump told reporters on Aug. 13, 2019. McConnell also oversaw the passage of a STOP School Violence Act, which provided funding to help prepare and prevent school gun violence.
Readers respond: Focus on the real threat to children
I wish people working to ban critical race theory, transgender inclusion and women’s choice to “protect the children” would direct their effort to real a threat: guns. In the U.S., guns are the most common lethal means for suicides and homicides. The past two decades of school massacres add to our nation’s rich history of discounting the lives and intellect of women, minorities and now children. Politicians’ thoughts and prayers will never absolve them for their failed policies, ridiculous rhetoric and callous disregard for victims of gun violence. Max Margolis, Portland
Viewpoint: It is essential for universities to represent America's diversity
The Supreme Court has held numerous times that racial diversity and inclusion is a compelling government goal that should always be sought after. In 2018, the last year cited in the case, Asian students were 19% of Harvard’s student body. By contrast, Black students were 12% of Harvard’s student body in 2018 and 13.4% of the American population in 2020. Since the national percentage of Asians (7%) is less than half of Harvard’s percentage of Asians (19%), Asian students are not underrepresented minorities at the prestigious university. Major national colleges and top universities seek to have America’s diversity represented at their institutions.
Viewpoint: We can't sit back and do nothing as children are gunned down in our schools
Pro-gun lobbyists also argue that if schools were protected by armed guards or law enforcement, these incidents would quit happening. We’ve actually banned assault weapons in the past. America banned assault weapons, including the AR-15, for 10 years, and unsurprisingly, the deaths from assault weapons decreased during that time. I’m not willing to sit back and do nothing as children are gunned down in our schools. If they won’t, it is up to each of us to protect our children and vote them out.
Transportation official responds to turnpike criticism. Here's what he had to say
The authority is a resource in the Oklahoma transportation network and is deemed an essential governmental function in state statute. All routes are listed in statute and are subject to further approval by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission, which oversees the state Transportation Department. Also: Turnpike authority promises to work with residents over expansion plans targeting their homesThe turnpike authority must follow and satisfy a multitude of state and federal environmental laws and regulations before construction. The turnpike authority makes great effort to be diligent and fair in its dealings with those impacted. Tim Gatz is Oklahoma secretary of transportation and serves as executive director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Transportation Department.
Opinion: Archdiocesan leaders engage in Oklahoma partisan politics. Why that should concern Catholics.
The first reason pertains to the content of the Viewpoint column, the second to a broader and more troubling concern. The Viewpoint column urges support of the Senate Joint Resolution 43, which would have changed the way in which Oklahoma Supreme Court justices and other appellate judges are selected. However, the Viewpoint column goes on to suggest that the governor and the Legislature, and thus the voters of Oklahoma, are cut out of this process, which is definitely not correct. So neither the governor nor the Legislature are cut out of the process, nor is the process dominated by attorneys. It is not lost on many Catholics that these two positions align with those of the Republican Party in Oklahoma.
Viewpoint: For Black women, women of color, mental health care should be a badge of honor
Natalie DennisGuest ColumnistAfter many years of neglect, mental health is finally being normalized in communities and especially among communities of color. Yet some people with mental health needs are overlooked, such as those who appear to have everything. For Black women, it is assumed that they are strong enough to handle many stressful roles and can endure them without complaining. However, Black women and women of color must realize that caring for their mental health is also a badge of honor. During this mental health month, be mindful of your strong friends and family members who may be struggling.
Hamon: Need for street outreach services is prevalent, and OKC needs to prioritize it
This Sunday had been unseasonably hot, and as I was returning home, someone lying nearby on the sidewalk called for help. Given how hot it had been, I assumed they had heat sickness and I was ready to call EMSA. As I approached them, they asked for help getting into their wheelchair (which was not in great shape, as part of the back rest was detached). These needs are so prevalent in our community, but the collective response from our city isn’t prioritizing those needs in a robust and comprehensive way. How to get helpIf you see someone experiencing homelessness in need of assistance, you can notify Mental Health Association Oklahoma's Street Outreach Team by emailing okcstreetoutreach@mhaok.org or calling 405-252-0218.
Viewpoints: When Oklahoma journalists collaborate, the public wins
Russ FlorenceGuest ColumnistThe first person who introduced me to the notion of altruism was the late Dr. Harry Heath, one of my journalism professors at Oklahoma State University. It’s been a big harvest for Oklahoma journalists this spring. Media outlets worked in silos, hoarding their stories for their own audience. Now, as Rob Collins puts it, “great journalism isn’t enough.”Collins is head of the Oklahoma Media Center, a nonprofit that promotes media collaboration. “All it takes is believing in the greater good and pushing your ego aside,” says Ted Streuli, of Oklahoma Watch.
AP News Summary at 9:14 a.m. EDT
Russian troops storm city amid eastern Ukraine bombardmentsPOKROVSK, Ukraine (AP) — Local officials say Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaging in close-quarter combat in an eastern Ukraine city. They reported that Russian forces were “storming” the eastern city of Sievierodonetsk on Sunday and that the fighting has knocked out power and cellphone service and terrorized civilians. Fighting has raged around the cities of Lysychansk and neighboring Sievierodonetsk, the last major cities under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk region. The path it took to get there serves either as a blueprint or a cautionary tale for Western water planners. The jubilee is also part of the effort to prepare the public for the day when Prince Charles takes the throne.
Pervasive violence, mental health, lots of guns to blame
Precautions need to be taken to ensure these heinous crimes cannot be perpetrated in the environs of a school. I had the occasion to visit three schools recently and was surprised by the high level of security. Of course, with the shooting in Buffalo, should we have such security measures in all our shopping facilities as well? With 400 million guns in the hands of private citizens, would restricting gun ownership in any manner be effective? The entertainment media presents extreme violence as a part of their offerings.
Xi Jinping invokes China’s past to rally confidence in its future as country vies with West
Chinese President Xi Jinping (centre) is invoking the country’s past to inspire confidence in its system. Photo: Xinhua
Southern Baptist Convention has met a day of reckoning. We must do better to stop sexual abuse.
Eric CostanzoOpinion contributorA dark and difficult day has come for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Where will you leave your riches?”The Southern Baptist Convention and our convention of churches now have nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, and no place left to look but inward. The Southern Baptist Convention has released a list of alleged abusers. Our churches and many of our leaders have failedAs a pastor who holds degrees from Southern Baptist Convention schools and has served on boards for Southern Baptist Convention entities, I am mortified by what this report has disclosed. Having almost exclusively male leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention has clearly failed both victims and survivors of sexual abuse.
The Lincoln Memorial rose from the mud of the Potomac 100 years ago
Retropolis The Lincoln Memorial rose from the mud of the Potomac 100 years ago Perched on 50-foot pilings, the national shrine has become a place of pilgrimage Loading... Shown during construction in 1915, the Lincoln Memorial marks its centennial this month. Scenes at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial on May 30, 1922 including Former President William Howard Taft and Abraham Lincoln's son Robert. Inside the memorial, the 175-ton marble sculpture of a seated Lincoln had just been cleaned, and seemed to shine in the soft light. Finally, in 1911 an official Lincoln Memorial Commission was set up to carry the project through.
Texas school shooting: At NRA convention, Abbott says gun laws don't stop 'madmen' from killing
TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATES"This is the time of year that children look forward ot the end of the school year and the promise of summer adventures. But nineteen innocent children will never come home from that last week of school," Abbott, a Republican, said. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING SUSPECT SAID ‘GOODNIGHT,’ PLAYED ‘SAD’ MUSIC BEFORE FIRING, 11-YEAR-OLD SAYS"Just as laws didn't stop the killer, we will not let his evil acts stop us from uniting the community that he tried to destroy," Abbott added. In Congress, Democrats are calling for tighter federal gun laws while moderates in both parties in the Senate work on a possible deal for legislation either on background checks or red flag laws. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Uvalde shooting was the second major mass shooting in the United States this month, following an apparently racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., in recent weeks.
Opinion: 3 ways Russia's war in Ukraine could end -- and even a Ukraine victory brings danger
Three months into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the prospects for a decisive Kremlin victory have evaporated. Yet even amid Russia’s battlefield failures, the heroic Ukrainian resistance and abundant Western military aid, the tide has not completely turned. But emboldened by its success on the battlefield, Ukraine is resistant while Putin still hopes for a military comeback. What happens next on the battlefield will determine whether the current largely frozen conflict will eventually advantage Russia or Ukraine. This was first published by the Atlantic Council — “Three possible futures for a frozen conflict in Ukraine“.
Op-Ed: My fifth-graders’ newest Memorial Day heroes? The fallen of Uvalde
At the end of an emotional week, my brief lesson on Memorial Day included asking my fifth-graders to consider our nation’s fallen heroes on Monday. “They are heroes to me.”Advertisement“Of course, N.,” I said, studying his face and those around him. On Monday, I will once again take time to honor those fallen American heroes who gave all for our freedom. N., J. and my other fifth-graders will join me. The students who have died in an undeclared war are now my classroom’s Memorial Day heroes too.
Endorsement: Why the L.A. Times endorsed so many newcomers this year
The full list of L.A. Times endorsements runs in print today and is available online at latimes.com/endorsements. Opinion L.A. Times electoral endorsements for 2022 Here are the L.A. Times’ editorial board endorsements for elected offices in Los Angeles city and county, LAUSD, superior court, statewide offices, the state legislature and U.S. House and Senate seats. AdvertisementWith so many noncompetitive races and off-cycle elections year after year, many Angelenos tuned out and voter participation was embarrassingly low. But this year has brought a wave of political newcomers in L.A. city races, who are riding a swell of progressivism and activism that has energized many across the nation. We look at the totality of each candidate, including how his or her experience and skills would serve the office.
Pitts: After Uvalde, 'Who will be the last to die for a mistake?'
Who’ll be the last to die for a mistake?” — Bruce Springsteen, “Last To Die”And once again: Why? The song quoted above was inspired by something Navy Lt. John Kerry said in 1971 Senate testimony about the Vietnam War. “How,” said Kerry, “do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? Leonard Pitts Jr. is a Miami Herald columnist for the Miami Herald. © 2022 Miami Herald.
Don’t let mental health hide real issue: guns | Letters to the editor
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong) (Jae C. Hong/AP)All the mental health treatment in the world won’t stop the next mass homicide. Millions of Americans suffer from childhood trauma or are diagnosed with a major mental illness — but they don’t kill anybody. By all means, let’s allocate resources for mental health services, but not as a cynical deflection from the real issue of allowing violent and unstable citizens free access to war machines. Harold Wittcoff, Boynton BeachBroward’s rescue bulletinsBroward County Animal Care and Adoption Director Emily Wood is denying rescue bulletins to the community upon request. Foster offers, donation pledges and assistance with transports come from the public, and public support helps attract rescues.
Readers respond: The nation’s never-ending trauma
According to Education Week’s 2022 School Shooting Tracker, the school shooting at Robb Elementary is the 27th school shooting in the U.S .this year. By my calculation, that means there is a school shooting somewhere in the country roughly every 3½ school days. This is trauma, pure and simple, and we as a nation are allowing it to happen over and over and over again. Trauma repeated is trauma multiplied. I have never lost a child in a school shooting, but I have grandchildren attending school.
Biden and First Lady Jill board Air Force One for Uvalde, Texas visit to grieve shooting victims
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden boarded Air Force One early on Sunday morning for a somber visit to Uvalde, Texas, after 19 children and two teachers were shot dead inside an elementary school classroom there last week. He and Dr. Jill Biden will first visit the memorial site that was set up outside of the school to honor the victims. Much of the event after the first couple's memorial visit will be closed to press, apparently in a bid to offer privacy to those directly involved and still grappling with the fallout of the tragedy. 'Uvalde, Texas. He also remarked on the this month's mass shooting that killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York.
Will Colombia look left? Presidential race focuses on inequality, enduring violence
Is a peace generation coming of age in Colombia? For the very first time in the country's history, the left could come to power. AdvertisingWe ask about the many lives of candidate Gustavo Petro, a one-time rebel turned economist and mayor of Bogota. How radical a change do he and his running mate Francia Marquez represent? >> Watch our special programme: Colombia's peace deal generationDaily newsletterReceive essential international news every morning Subscribe
Biden heads to Uvalde to meet families of victims from devastating school shooting
Biden and first lady Jill Biden plan to visit Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers last week. The White House said they would meet community and religious leaders along with family members of the young victims. It's a solemn task made more grueling by the serious failings of law enforcement who responded to Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School. JUST WATCHED Acts of kindness lift up Uvalde community after mass shooting Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Acts of kindness lift up Uvalde community after mass shooting 03:35"I'll be heading to Uvalde, Texas, to speak to those families. For Biden, the trip represents a somber duty to join grieving families in their darkest moments.
Ted Cruz's 1-Door Solution To School Shootings Ripped As 'Boldly Ignorant'
Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) wildly optimistic idea that having one entry in schools would somehow stop mass shootings was blasted as “boldly ignorant” by a former New York City detective. One obvious problem: A teenager armed with an assault rifle could kill a guard, or guards, or phalanx of guards at the lone entryway. AdvertisementThe strategy is “boldly ignorant,” Marq Claxton said Saturday on MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show.”The proposal is “dismissive of the clear, obvious danger that is faced by so many people in society because of the prevalence of violence and gun violence in particular,” Claxton remarked. It demonstrates how many elected officials lack the understanding and the “fortitude to move forward and do the right thing to save lives,” he added. Advertisement
Fact check: Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcast licenses, not cable TV like Fox News
"A Democrat-controlled Congress passed a bill to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Most broadcasters complained that the Fairness Doctrine was overly burdensome and an inhibition to their coverage and free speech. The Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcast licenses. "It does not appear that the Fairness Doctrine may be applied constitutionally to cable or satellite service providers," it continues. The Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcast licenses.
What Do You Know About Homelessness and Housing Insecurity? Tell us.
At any given time, roughly half a million people in the U.S. live in homeless shelters or on the street. About 1 in 14 people in the country experience homelessness at some point, and the ripple effects are felt throughout American society: in schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, subway stations. While this issue affects every community around the country, the way it presents and the response to it can vary widely depending on the place. If you’re someone who has experienced homelessness or housing insecurity, or if your work connects you to the issue in some way, Headway wants to hear from you. Over the next few months, Headway will publish several stories about homelessness in the U.S., and in the coming years, we will continue to delve into housing insecurity and informal housing, which includes encampments, favelas and other unregulated and unplanned housing around the world.
Colombia Live Updates: Voters Head to the Polls in Big Stakes Election
On Sunday, Latin America’s third largest nation heads to the polls to choose a new president. If Mr. Petro wins, he would become Colombia’s first leftist president, marking a watershed moment in a nation that has long been led by a conservative establishment. Still, some Colombians say they consider a vote for Mr. Petro to be a risk — but one they are willing to take. Juan Sebastián Rey, 21, a political organizer who supports Mr. Gutiérrez, said he considered Mr. Petro to be a poor leader. Mr. Petro and his running mate, Francia Márquez, have both received death threats, leading to increased security, including bodyguards holding riot shields.
Colombians to vote for president amid generalized discontent
FILE - Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro of the Historical Pact coalition, waves to his supporters during a campaign rally in Fusagasuga, Colombia, May 11, 2022. The latest opinion polls suggest Petro, a former rebel, could get 40% of the votes, with a 15-point lead over his closest rival. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara, File)BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombians emerging from the coronavirus pandemic will vote for their next president Sunday, choosing from six candidates who all promise various degrees of change amid rising inequality, inflation, violence and a discontent with the status quo. ADVERTISEMENTIt will be Petro’s third attempt to be the South America’s country president. Aware of voters’ corruption worries, real estate tycoon Rodolfo Hernández has placed the issue at the center of his campaign.
Biden called again to mourn with a city stricken by grief
(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)UVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. Mckinzie Hinojosa, whose cousin Eliahana Torres was killed Tuesday, said she respected Biden’s decision to mourn with the people of Uvalde. A mass shooting happens. ADVERTISEMENTIn the White House, Biden has tried to chip away at gun violence through executive orders. AP video journalist Robert Bumsted in Uvalde, Texas, contributed to this report..___More on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
Mitch McConnell Never Puts America First
At age 80, McConnell, dubbed “the old crow” by Donald Trump, is holding his own against the former president. “If Trump is the nominee, he will run on removing McConnell as leader, and that is a certainty,” says Kessler. [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy came back aboard [after criticizing Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection] and Trump forgave him. There’s no going back for McConnell.”A new book, Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America, describes key moments when McConnell put personal ambition and party over country to do the lasting damage that could yet be his undoing. But one thing’s for sure: When given the choice to do the right thing for the country or the advantageous thing for himself, the old crow puts America second.
Paul Wolfowitz: Thinking of American resilience — and a St. Paul soldier — on Memorial Day
When I am in Washington on Memorial Day, I normally visit Arlington National Cemetery. Michael died on the way to take down a suspected bomb-making facility, when the road collapsed under his Bradley fighting vehicle, throwing him and his entire crew into an irrigation canal and trapping them underwater. On that sad occasion I met “Shrek’s” mother, Merrilee, father, Dan Sr. and older brother, Dan Jr., as well as his fiancé, the lovely Crystal Beck. Michael’s older brother Dan later said that Michael died doing what he wanted to do. Of course I never got to know Michael, but I have gotten to know Merrilee.
Russian attacks 'deliberately target' Ukrainian fields, farms and food storage
Caitlin Welsh of the Center for Strategic and International Studies explained how Russia has been targeting Ukraine's agricultural sector in direct attacks. But "deliberate" Russian attacks on dairy farms, silos and farming facilities are serving to further curtail the country's ability to feed its people and advance its economy. But in addition to these indirect consequences, Ukraine's agricultural capacities have also been the target of directed attacks by the Russian army. US officials have reported documenting at least six grain storage facilities like this one damaged by Russian attacks as of late March. International officials worry that these attacks may have significant impacts on food security, both in Ukraine and around the world.
Why the press will never have another Watergate moment
There will be documentaries, cable-news debates, the finale of that Julia Roberts miniseries (“Gaslit”) based on the popular Watergate podcast (“Slow Burn”). Later, they were riveted by the proceedings of the Senate Watergate Committee, whose hearings were aired live on the three big television networks during the summer of 1973. Still, “we forget how close Nixon came to surviving Watergate,” Graff told me. But the amount of public attention they get will be minuscule compared with what happened when the folksy Sen. Sam Ervin of North Carolina presided over the Senate Watergate Committee. As we remember Watergate, we ought to remember how very unlikely its righteous conclusion would be today.
He was principal at Columbine 23 years ago. He gets asked over and over why little has changed.
Frank DeAngelis, or "Mr. De," as his students called him, had been principal of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, for three years on April 20, 1999. At 11:19 a.m. that day, two seniors came to school armed with semiautomatic rifles, pistols and explosives. They killed 13 people and wounded 21 more.
A Cafe Devoted to Remembering Duterte’s Drug War Victims
QUEZON CITY, the Philippines — On the second floor of a nondescript coffee shop in a trendy neighborhood outside of Manila, patrons were welcomed by a marble gravestone with a tiny inscription written in gold: “Stop the Killings.”The gravestone, part of an art exhibition at the coffee shop, is dedicated to the memory of those killed in President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs. Another marker in the exhibition featured the Filipino word “nanlaban,” which means “resisted.” For the authorities, the word suggests a drug suspect who resisted arrest and engaged in gunfire before being lawfully killed by the police. But for the families of the dead, it suggests the person was victim of an extrajudicial killing. The coffee shop, Silingan, opened last year and is staffed primarily by the mothers and wives, sisters and daughters of those killed since 2016, when Mr. Duterte took office. Beyond serving lattes and cappuccinos, these women aim to educate the public about the brutal truth behind Mr. Duterte’s promise to rid the streets of drug dealers and addicts at all costs.
88 Books to Bring Your Summer Alive
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Grief Shame: Why We Judge Each Other’s Grief - The New York Times
But it also placed grieving parents in the unfortunate position of feeling that sorrow — instead of joy at their child’s ascension — made them less than pious. The promise of comfort carried with it a rubric for grief, which, if you couldn’t abide by it, might leave you feeling that you weren’t doing it right. diagnosis, we hear from those who are horrified by the implied judgment of people who experience long and debilitating grief, and also from those seeking help because of their long and debilitating grief. Some argue that powerful and lengthy grief is an appropriate and proportional response to tragedy. •The 18th-century poet Ann Eliza Bleecker described clinging to her own grief, not wishing for comfort.
Opinion | What America Needs Is a Liberalism That Builds
Even so, the United States is notable for how much we spend and how little we get. Germany builds a kilometer of rail for $287 million. Union density is higher in all those countries than it is in the United States. A place to start is offered in another Niskanen paper, this one by Nicholas Bagley, a law professor at the University of Michigan. “Lawyers, not managers, have assumed primary responsibility for shaping administrative law in the United States,” Bagley writes.
What Canada Doesn’t Know About Its Guns
“Conservatives very much associate themselves now with the opposition to gun control, but that wasn’t always the case,” Blake Brown, a history professor at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, told me. He said that Liberals and Conservatives passed firearms control measures in the 1950s and 1960s, and that both parties strengthened Canada’s gun laws in the years following the 1989 Montreal massacre. “Certainly there have been periods in American history where they’ve been more aggressive in gun control than in Canada,” he said. While it was far from the spotlight issue in our federal election last September, candidates in the ongoing Conservative Party leadership race have been rehashing it. [Read: Debate Over Guns Is Muted as Canada’s Election Nears]During our federal election coverage in September, my colleague Ian Austen reported that there were 12.7 million legal and illegal guns in Canada, or 34.7 civilian firearms per 100 people in 2017, the most recent data.
States Rush Toward New Gun Restrictions as Congress Remains Gridlocked
The state actions come as hope for congressional consensus has waned to a flicker, not only on gun violence, but on an array of American social issues. Since 2019, federal legislation to expand criminal background checks for gun purchases has twice passed the House only to languish amid Senate Republican opposition. On Thursday, a small, bipartisan group of senators said they would work through the weekend in a search for common ground. Do anything.”But as they publicly mourned the tragedy in Uvalde, Republican senators showed scant signs that they had budged. Roughly three in five state legislatures are Republican-controlled, but calls for action on gun violence have run high in the aftermath of Uvalde’s devastation.
Word Game: May 29, 2022
TODAY’S WORD — ESOTERIC (ESOTERIC: es-oh-TAIR-ik: Limited to a small circle.) Average mark 37 wordsTime limit 60 minutesCan you find 56 or more words in ESOTERIC? For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” are not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed. Contact Word Game creator Kathleen Saxe at kzsaxe@gmail.com.
Letters: How can legislators say they’re doing their job?
How can they say they’re doing their job? I wonder how these people can look in the mirror and say they are doing their job. Jerry Wiertzema, WoodburyHardened securityAs a U.S. Air Force Veteran who once controlled access to nuclear weapon storage areas and alert aircraft facilities, I have a different perspective on school security measures than some people. After this tragic shooting in Texas, the President came out and once again called for “common sense gun legislation” as is always the mantra by Democrats. But they never tells us what “common sense gun legislation” is.
MN tax breaks, who knows? But here comes the campaign rhetoric.
Minnesota politics now enters its next phase: the extended election season. Last week, lawmakers adjourned without finishing work that leaders of both parties had agreed to get done, including tax breaks and law enforcement investments. There’s more extra money pouring into state accounts — in excess of $9 billion — than the state has ever had before. Things looked up even further when key Democrats and Republicans reached a deal on the tax package. It included an end to the state income tax on Social Security payments that some Minnesotans currently pay.
Colombians head to the polls for first round of presidential vote
Colombians vote Sunday in a first round of presidential elections, with a leftist poised for victory for the first time in the country's troubled history. Polls show that many Colombians are pinning their hopes on Gustavo Petro, an ex-guerrilla and former mayor of Bogota, to address poverty, rural violence, urban crime and endemic corruption. "I do not vote because it is always the criminals who win," 30-year-old street vendor Andrea Perez told AFP. The campaign has been marred by suspicions of fraud following counting irregularities reported in a primary voting round in March, and Petro on Friday expressed fresh concerns about the software used by Colombia's vote count body. Five presidential candidates were assassinated by opponents, drug traffickers or paramilitary groups in Colombia in the 20th century.
Is the US’s gun problem becoming Canada’s gun problem?
But experts and gun control advocates caution that Canada’s relatively strict laws do not fully shield it from violence of the kind that is rampant in the United States. “When you consider us next to the United States, which is so heavily armed that it’s almost unbelievable, we look pretty good. But advocates like Price say gaps in the Canadian system remain, allowing events like the Nova Scotia shooting to happen. So in Canada, marginalized people bear the brunt of gun violence, just like they do in the United States,” said Lee. “Increasingly, in many ways America’s gun problem is becoming Canada’s gun problem,” said Lee.
America’s Elected Officials Don't Have an Answer For Gun Violence
How to describe the fresh, but familiar horror in Uvalde, Texas? How to index the names of the dead—19 school kids and two teachers, as of this writing—and of yet another mass killer, Salvador Ramos? Our leaders don’t seem to know; they, too, seemed to have more questions than answers. “Why do we keep letting this happen?” a rattled President Joe Biden asked in an address on the Robb Elementary School shooting Tuesday night. Is it to offer up “prayers” for round after round of victims, as Republicans—from state leaders like Texas Governor Greg Abbott to federal leaders like Texas Senator Ted Cruz—have done?
This is how mass shootings affect our brains, even if we aren’t directly harmed
I am a trauma and anxiety researcher and clinician, and I know that the effects of such violence reach millions. First, the immediate survivors It is important to understand that no two people experience such horrific exposure in the same way. advertisementThe effect on those close by, or arriving later PTSD can develop not only through personal exposure to trauma but also via exposure to others’ severe trauma. That means we learn fear and experience terror through exposure to the trauma and fear of others. While victims and potential victims try to run away from an active shooter, the police, firefighters, and paramedics rush to the danger zone.
This is the reason you’re losing your best people according to brain science
Not only do you feel a rush of reward signals for being chosen over others for your abilities, you also get to complete a task which provides a second rush of reward signals for the achievement of a job well done. Status at work can deliver a double-dose of feel-good emotions, so it’s no surprise status junkies end up being overachievers. That sweet brain candy turns into a fiery response and the brain signals trigger a much stronger fight or flight response than the feel-good emotions. This happens because fairness, like status, is another domain of social experience that activates strong threat and reward signals and drives behavior . advertisementadvertisementWhile status reward signals make us feel good, fairness threat triggers are even stronger.
A clerk? A justice? Answers scarce on who leaked draft Supreme Court abortion opinion
Supreme Court is tight-lipped despite a series of leaks since the abortion opinion draft became public. The draft opinion, written by Associate Justice Samuel Alito, would overturn Roe v. Wade. Experts believe the marshal's investigation into the leaked draft opinion is unprecedented. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas said the leak was "like kind of an infidelity." WASHINGTON – Few details have emerged about a Supreme Court investigation into the leak of a draft opinion in a major abortion case – though there have been plenty of signs of discord within the court since the document's disclosure nearly a month ago.
Texas school shooting reveals Democrats' weakness in Congress
There is a mindset on display here that runs to the core of the Democratic Party. While some lefty voices influenced it here and there, most of it came straight out of the Democratic Party policy establishment, which also designed the other pandemic relief packages. Obama was so desperate to get a big bipartisan bill passed that he was willing to trade devastating cuts to Social Security and Medicare for tiny tax increases on the rich. Obamacare eventually passed with zero Republican votes. The country needs a big, strong Republican Party.” She said it again recently: “I want the Republican Party to take back the party to where you were when you cared about a woman's right to choose, you cared about the environment.… This country needs a strong Republican Party.
Prosecuting nurses for honest mistakes will make the nursing shortage worse
They are applying it to the larger context of the current climate of nursing, including the ever-growing nursing shortage. In the meantime, I will continue to educate them on the health care industry standard on how to address that. This aligns with the Culture of Safety in health care, which promotes honest mistake reporting that is blame free. Given the nursing shortage and the challenges facing nurses today, nurses recognize Vaught was not an anomaly. In fact, unless safe patient ratios are established, they could be the next headline nurse in handcuffs.
Trying to solve the endless slaughter
Long Islanders have plenty to say about the Texas school shooting. — Kathleen Drew, Sea CliffWhen a horrific shooting kills children, gun rights advocates say it’s mental illness while others say there are too many guns. While they hold hearings on UFOs, angry and deranged people are buying military-style weapons that can slaughter people they’ve never seen before. How can this amendment be used as justification for the sale of today’s weapons when they never existed back then? We must try new approaches to solve this problem for the common good, and put aside our stubbornness based on political and social agendas.
Thomas Suddes: Justices less passive about lawmakers treating Constitution like Silly Putty
More:Thomas Suddes: Ohio Republicans fretting about next Supreme Court contestsSupreme battleTwo justices, Democrat Jennifer Brunner and Republican Sharon Kennedy, are vying to become chief justice. More:Who is running for Ohio Supreme Court? Then there’s the so-called KECO doctrine, which Ohio’s Supreme Court has observed since the 1950s. More on the Great Lake CompactFOLLOW-UP: Last week’s recap of the Great Lakes Compact (shielding the lakes from water-raids by thirsty western states) should have credited then-Gov. More:Protecting Great Lakes is important to Ohio and all of USTaft, governor from 1999 through 2006, chaired the Council of Great Lakes Governors.
The Staff of Uvalde’s Local Paper Cover the Worst Day of Their Lives
The day before, he had covered a serious house fire, in which, it was feared, someone had died. It was around noon, half an hour after the first 911 call, and, although Luna didn’t know it, the shooter was still alive, barricaded in a fourth-grade classroom. A man told Luna that the suspect had scaled the six-foot fence and taken two other bags with him. When local papers fold, as happened in nearby Del Rio, the information void is often filled by Facebook groups of questionable reliability. “In the middle of it, I was thinking about the other news outlets being able to beat us in every way,” Garnett told me the next day.
School Shootings and America’s Human Sacrifices - The New York Times
A slain teacher’s husband died of a heart attack after he took flowers to her memorial at the school. convention in Houston Friday evening and spouted gun lobby talking points — small price for the tens of millions it spent to get him elected. cared by reading the names of the dead children and teachers, with a bell gonging after each name. When a gunman killed 35 people in Tasmania in 1996, the Australian government passed such common-sense gun laws six months later that there has been only one mass shooting since. When an anti-Islamic extremist in Christchurch killed 51 people in two mosques in 2019, the New Zealand government banned most semiautomatic weapons 26 days later.
Opinion | The Debate Over Canceling Student Debt
To the Editor:Re “Students Deserve a Loan Bailout,” by Charlie Eaton, Amber Villalobos and Frederick Wherry (Opinion guest essay, May 18):Why should I pay for your student loans? If we really want to wipe out debt, let’s give tax amnesty to anyone who owes more than $10,000. I know it’s politically valuable to tell millions of people you are going to forgive their debt, but it’s not right. Scott HartmanSan Jose, Calif.To the Editor:Re “Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling It Is Still Bad Policy” (editorial, May 15):The reasoning behind targeted rather than across-the-board cancellation of student debt, reasonable as it sounds, is flawed in two fundamental ways.
A Texas School. A Buffalo Store. The Toll of Gun Violence Mounts in the U.S. - The New York Times
States around the country have made halting but commendable progress in passing sensible gun safety measures — red flag laws, background checks and age of purchase requirements. A federal court this month struck down a California law that set the age limit for purchasing semiautomatic weapons at 21. Anything that introduces friction into the system of gun acquisition is to the good. In New York this week, a federal judge tossed out a challenge from gun groups to a law that allows civil lawsuits against companies that have endangered public safety. We have seen these bipartisan efforts on gun safety measures come and go without results.
Will the ‘School-Shooting Generation’ Change Politics?
A later academic study of that election showed that only 4 percent of campaign ads for the entire 2013–14 cycle mentioned guns, and a majority of them promoted gun rights. There are multiple indicators that younger millennials and members of Generation Z, who have grown up experiencing regular trauma from mass shootings, especially in schools, could make gun violence a bigger issue in the political discourse. This has been especially true in the south and west, where insensitivity to gun rights is often deemed a sign of cultural cluelessness or elitism. But political leadership as well as public support will be necessary. Elected Democrats have nothing to lose, and a rising generation of voters sick of gun violence may demand action.
School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, is fodder for China and Russia
A war may be raging on their eastern flank, but Ukrainian political leaders still took time out from their busy, traumatic lives to send condolences across the Atlantic after America’s latest horrific school shooting in Texas on Tuesday. The school shooting epidemic undermines the U.S. in the eyes of both its allies and its adversaries, damaging its ability to provide leadership on human rights and increasing its vulnerability to enemy propaganda. Some will argue that “If everything is a ‘national security’ priority, nothing will be.” But if our schoolchildren aren’t safe from gun violence, then why does any other national security issue even matter? If we start talking about school shootings as a serious national security priority, maybe we could finally move the needle. School shootings not only provide a pressing, daily threat to our communities but also to our foreign policy and national security.
Yoga by Emmanuel Carrère review – the writer who ate himself
In a sense, writing a book is easy. But what makes it a Carrère book – and what makes me look forward to them so keenly – is his way of telling it, the trademark blend of extreme exhibitionism and digressive interest. Carrère’s books are wantonly self-referential. It makes sense that a writer so unapologetically self-involved would find his way to writing about meditation. The practice of turning your attention to the apparatus of thought and perception is not unlike the texture of Carrère’s books, which narrativise a consciousness that is acutely self-aware.
Kamala Harris calls for 'assault weapons ban' in wake of Uvalde, Buffalo mass shootings
Vice President Kamala Harris called for a ban on "assault weapons" on Saturday after she spoke at the funeral of a woman killed in the Buffalo, New York grocery store mass shooting earlier this month. Though "assault weapons" is a broad term, Harris was certainly referring to guns like AR-15-style rifles used in both the May 14 Buffalo shooting and the Uvalde, Texas school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPShe told reporters before boarding the plane, "You know what an assault weapon is? You know how an assault weapon was designed? An assault weapon is a weapon of war with no place, no place in a civil society."
Ukraine must negotiate from a position of strength. But the world’s attention is fading | Peter Pomerantsev
Russia needs to stop being a threat: to its neighbours, to its own people, to the world. Russia’s aim in its invasion of Ukraine was to reset the world order, tilt it towards dictatorships, impunity and the right of great powers to crush the small. Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022 because, after its 2014 invasion, Putin thought he could get away with it. Russia holds the world hostage to hunger by limiting its own grain exports and blocking Ukraine’s, demanding sanctions against Russia are lifted. Currently, we are not explaining the intent of sanctions to the Russian people, allowing the Kremlin to manage perceptions.
As shooting continued, officers questioned commander’s decision to wait
From the first minutes after a gunman began shooting, officers descended on Robb Elementary School. Local police from the town of Uvalde. County sheriff’s deputies. Agents from the federal Border Patrol. But none of the growing number of agencies had control over the scores of officers at the scene on Tuesday of what would become the deadliest school shooting since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School a decade ago.
The Children Who Survived The Uvalde Shooting Now Need Money For Therapy
Several children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 students and 2 teachers were killed on Tuesday, played dead in order to survive the 90-minute long rampage. Some children made repeated 911 calls and begged for police to come help them nearly an hour after the shooting begun, even as authorities delayed confronting the gunman. She and a friend called 911 using their dead teacher's phone, telling a dispatcher, "Please come... we're in trouble." Miah began crying when recounting to CNN why the police wouldn't come help them after what seemed like hours to her. We will need help with her medical expenses that were caused by the bullet fragment on her back," Veloz wrote.
Why appeals to altruism won’t budge the US gun lobby
Gun deaths were also up, with 45,000 Americans killed by firearms last year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. With that power, the gun manufacturers have captured policymaking. When legislation does pass, it is more likely to be designed to shield the gun industry from accountability than to regulate it. The firearms industry has also worked to prevent Americans from understanding the true cost of largely unregulated firearms ownership. Mike Fifer, then CEO of Sturm Ruger, one of the country’s leading handgun manufacturers, told the NRA that the law had probably saved the gun industry.
Ted Cruz's Lame 'Door Solution' To School Shootings Ripped As 'Boldly Ignorant'
Sen. Ted Cruz’s wildly optimistic idea that having one entryway door in schools would somehow stop mass shootings was blasted as “boldly ignorant” by a former New York City detective. One obvious problem: A teenager armed with an assault rifle could kill a guard, or guards, or phalanx of guards at the lone entryway. It demonstrates how many elected officials lack the understanding and the “fortitude to move forward and do the right thing to save lives,” he added. That’s on your hands! Ted Cruz, that’s on your hands!” Texan Benjamin Hernandez told Cruz when the men ended up in the same Houston restaurant Saturday shortly after Cruz praised guns at the National Rifle Association convention.
Frank Figliuzzi on Uvalde shooting: 'I can't understand' why police waited
The Texas Department of Public Safety says Uvalde students made six calls to 9-1-1 during the shooting, pleading for police as officers remained outside the barricaded classroom doors. Former FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Frank Figliuzzi joined Austin Statesman investigative reporter Tony Plohetski to discuss law enforcement's deadly delay in confronting the gunman.May 29, 2022
Editorial: Bad hires in Boston must end
The bill to fix the city school system is racking up numbers like a meter at a gas pump. City taxpayers deserve better. We urge Mayor Wu to take a step back and treat the next leader of the schools as a co-CEO and work together to strengthen every classroom. At Wednesday’s school committee meeting, search committee co-chair Pam Eddinger and school committee member Brandon Cardet-Hernandez said an interim would be needed. “So far the message from most of the legislators, city councilors, school committee members, everybody has been, ‘Don’t put us in receivership,'” Baker said during a radio interview.
Biden called again to mourn with a city stricken by grief
UVALDE, Texas (AP) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”Biden was to visit the makeshift memorial outside Robb Elementary School before attending Mass at a local Catholic church. Mckinzie Hinojosa, whose cousin Eliahana Torres was killed Tuesday, said she respected Biden’s decision to mourn with the people of Uvalde. In the White House, Biden has tried to chip away at gun violence through executive orders. AP video journalist Robert Bumsted in Uvalde, Texas, contributed to this report.
TX Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Collier leans into Abbott & Patrick’s weapons-of-war fail
candidate Mike Collier made sure to clarify that Dan Patrick and Gregg Abbott are responsible for the Uvalde massacre. Mike Collier pushes backWatch Politics Done Right T.V. Mike Collier has been driving and flying around Texas for several years as he learned what Texans needed and wanted. And that is where Mike Collier excels. Mike Collier continued detailing their failures and what he wanted to do.
Putting an End to the AMERICAN HOUSE of LORDS: a Case Study
It was only after the Tories’ lost power in the House of Lords and the Reform Act of 1832 passed both Houses, that the Rotten Boroughs were largely eliminated, and the powers of the House of Lords were significantly reined in. Our obstructionist “House of Lords”/Senate prevents the passage of virtually any and all remedies to the many crises our society confronts. In 19th Century Britain the OUTSIDE LEVER rested in the hands of the King. But one OUTSIDE LEVER still remains. The only OUTSIDE LEVER available to Americans to MOVE THE WORLD that is currently the HOUSE-OF-LORDS/SENATE is Senate Elections.
The Uvalde Police were going to be very busy this weekend. It might have been a holiday for the rest of us, but not for Uvalde’s finest. They would be waiting to ticket anyone from out of town, especially if they were from out of state, who went through it. They would be waiting at the major thoroughfares, for drivers, especially out of state drivers, who exceeded the speed limit. I suspect Uvalde’s finest are busy this weekend, ticketing the many people who have come to the site of yet another mass murder.
This Week in the War on Women, 05/22-28/2022
x YouTube VideoThe Uvalde shooter had a history of threatening rape and other violence toward women on the social media app Yubo. California Is Taking Action: In February, California Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan of San Ramon introduced a state bill targeting the marketing of firearms to children and those not legally allowed to possess them. ), actionnetwork.org/… After you sign, if DKos responds to you as it did to me, it will hook you up with donating to Daily Kos in order to help fund the fight against the NRA. Another Daily Kos petition might also help: Demand that the Faux Network stop promoting white replacement theory, which fuels so much unreasoning fear and hatred: actionnetwork.org/… It too then asks you to donate to DKos. And next weekend, wear orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend, whether or not you are able to attend an event!
Democrats should bring back the 'Contract with America' for the 2022 Midterm Campaign
Joshua Roberts/AFP/Getty ImagesIn 1994, Republican New Gingrich came up with a campaign strategy called the 'Contract with America.' Three recent events have given Democrats an opportunity to submit their Contract with America. Democrats should bring these issues to the top of the agenda with a Contract with America just like Gingrich did. It can work for the DemocratsHere is my suggestion for a Contract with America that all Democrats, at every level, should run on. The Democrat's Contract with America would be in clear contrast to that proposal.
WYFP: GOP=Fear Itself
This parrot just won't dieThe Republican party has abdicated any responsibility to offer voters a policy platform. The result of the Republican party abdicating their responsibility toward any kind of governance is a country being held hostage by a minority of gun owners. Why aren’t these people declared public safety threats and forced to undergo some kind of evaluation to find out just how likely they are a danger to others? But, how many kids have to die to protect a minority of gun owners’ rights? I’ve been wondering this week what people live thru if they live next to a gun hoarder.
The Texas Shooting is a Symbol of the Divide in America
The Republican party is unforgiving of those who hate guns or want gun control. Republicans control 28 governorships, 54.35% of state legislatures, federal courts under their thumb and have a supermajority in the Supreme Court. The Republican party machine has used its power to ensure that gun control goes nowhere. There is no world where Republicans endorse gun control because gun control is part of the Republican identity. If acts of violence like the Texas shooting do not do that, then just ask yourself what that great act is.
Trump blamed school administrators & kids bad behavior at NRA speech! Have you seen this?
21 dead...19 of which are children and he blames kids and administrators. My take away is he thinks shooting little children is the answer to bad behavior. How much bad behavior can a 3rd grader do to require capitol punishment. x Trump blames public school administrators for mass shootings, saying they are making excuses and turning a blind eye to bad behavior from their students. pic.twitter.com/1YRr3m6oAL — Ron Filipkowski ?? (@RonFilipkowski) May 27, 2022Well I guess he blames the kids and teachers for their deaths.
Mariupol sans the Israeli Iron Dome.
And although the US, EU and NATO have provided many heavy armaments to Ukraine, America doesn’t have in its inventory the Israeli Iron Dome mobile all-weather Air Defense System. This Iron Dome system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells from distances of 2.5 miles to 43 miles away…and maybe more. From 2011 to 2022, US Congress approved $2.6 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome system. And let’s not forget that this Iron Dome system could have saved most of the destruction of city of Mariupol and other cities. So why didn’t Israel provide their life saving Iron Dome to Ukraine?
Carnage in the Supreme Court
Millions of Americans, thousands of news writers and news broadcasters, five Supremes, one political party and one has-been president believe “commit” is a synonym of suppress. Modern politicians don’t write so well either. Are they so concerned about unborn children that they have no time for born and living children? When teachers die trying to defend children do the Supremes and other pro-life politicians ever wonder what heroic deed they might do? Campaign money, retirement money.
Time To Wise Up: Your Vote Is Being Abused
1) The GQP-types largely run (administer) the GOP, the national party headquartered in Washington (as the DNC is also headquartered in Washington). When TFG was potus, he spent those 4 years quietly putting ‘his people’ in charge of running the national party. But ONLY district voters count for them, so reps don’t care and don’t listen to the outside world. They have their ‘gang’ of chosen district voters and that’s all that matters to them. An example of a ‘non-compact’ district map, aka “choosing your voters” instead of voters choosing their representatives.
Only One Thing Will Stop These Shooting Massacres
Only One Thing will stop these Shooting Massacres. The shooter should not have been allowed to purchase these guns and the accompanying military equipment. The Uvalde shooter was a coward, regardless of being either crazy or sane. He may have been as crazy, less, or crazier than the Uvalde shooter. It is the ability and easy access for them to acquire these guns, assault rifles, and accessory military equipment.
Maybe Faith Has Nothing To Do With Gun Violence
So, I decided to see if there was a correlation between faith and gun violence. A note on the dataSweden and Norway have high gun ownership because they are avid hunters. The 107 mass shooting incidents number from Mother Jones will be the most controversial. The low atheism and high gun ownership/violence levels for America might lead to speculation that faith indicates the potential for violence. Data SourcesTop Ten Atheist CountriesCivilian Guns Per 100 CitizensGun Violence Deaths per 100KUS ShootingsWorldwide shootings
How Many Children Have To Die Before We Do THE BARE MINIMUM To Solve The Gun Problem In America?
The NRA has fewer than 4.9 million members... That's less than 1.4% of the US populationThis is the question that needs to be asked after each and every massacre… How many children have to die before we do THE BARE MINIMUM to solve the gun problem in America? THE BARE MINIMUM consists of 1) enforcing the laws we already have, 2) closing the gun show loophole, and 3) expanding background checks for all gun sales. This should not be all that complicated… Having the support of an overwhelming majority, THE BARE MINIMUM should have universal support among our elected representatives. If it doesn’t, then that means they don’t represent the majority. The NRA has fewer than 4.9 million members... That's less than 1.4% of the US population!
While defending Putin, Russian state TV accidentally admits Trump is a fascist
Fascist death yam Donald Trump probably doesn’t understand why—or even whether—he’s a fascist. So that whole global-order-defining dustup in the ‘40s likely remains as mysterious to him as his bathroom refrigerator’s vegetable crisper. Then again, he did reportedly keep a collection of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside—though he claims he never read it. Which, ironically, I find a little hard to believe. But while Trump’s supporters, when confronted with his fascism, tend to squeal like anyone unlucky enough to glimpse his Gorgonzola-esque Dali painting of a pelvic region, at least one bona fide Trump fan in Russian state media is connecting the dots.
Trump: "You want to stop the war?
Donald Trump held a rally in Casper Wyoming this evening. x Trump says the way to stop the war in Ukraine is to stop all the windmills pic.twitter.com/D9OXkZMfDd — Acyn (@Acyn) May 28, 2022‘Bad as they’re doing and as much as they are spending, the the Ruble is at an all time high, because they are taking in so much money. You want to stop the war? Drive down the price of energy. Stop with the windmills that kill all your birds, and destroy your environment.’So get rid of these to stop the war?
Connect! Unite! Act! If I were to die of gun violence, please, politicize my death
Living across the street from the school, reportedly, Spencer said that the reason for the shooting was simple: “I don't like Mondays. How many people have to be taught, without expectation, that the lesson today is that our culture accepts mass slaughter? So, if I am ever, ever in that group where something happens, please, I beg of you, politicize the hell out of my death. has always focused on ways we can do those things, to connect with each other, to unite with each other, to act together. Feel free to join me in the cause of telling them that every death should be used to hold people responsible.
Qronicles of Anon: It's all about saving the children—until actual children are killed
She will be the 5th 2022 QAnon congressional candidate to secure a spot on the general election ballot. pic.twitter.com/Pomf8ezBu9 — PatriotTakes ?? (@patriottakes) May 25, 2022They don’t even know simple things. x UPDATE: QAnon 2022 congressional candidate Johnny Teague has won the Republican primary runoff in Texas’ 7th Congressional District. He is the 4th 2022 QAnon congressional candidate to secure a spot on the general election ballot. pic.twitter.com/4irTY4r4Y3 — PatriotTakes ?? (@patriottakes) May 27, 2022Counter-protesting children who are protesting being murdered in schools: real “Just like Jesus!” vibes here, amirite?
Ukraine Update: Western artillery is already impacting the Battle of Donbas, and more is on the way
This is especially true because Russian forces are destroying the city as they assault it and will control its rubble if they capture it. Russia wants it to declare all of Luhansk Oblast captured, and Ukraine wants it to deny Russia that propaganda victory. Russia’s problem is that the deeper they stretch into Ukrainian territory, the more exposed they get to Ukrainian artillery, particularly the deeper-range American/Canadian/Australian M777s and French Caesars. Russia ignores it, and Ukraine has an opportunity to retake serious territory and make a mess of Russia’s efforts to annex Kherson Oblast into Russia. If the United States provides them, Ukraine will need Western contract personnel to handle maintenance and on-the-job training.
Mass shootings are a symptom of the declining U.S. empire's fascist reaction
The mass shootings that this country has been reeling from are symptoms of the U.S. empire's decline. This is only natural, because the imperialist social order behind law enforcement is what's producing these shootings. At least one-third of mass shooters have been trained by the United States military. White supremacist mass shooters get radicalized by the propaganda channels that are made possible by the settler-colonial structure. Mass shootings in the U.S. far outpace those in other rich countries because the U.S. is not just an imperialist country, but the core imperialist country, the one with a military budget that dwarfs those of its allies.
America needs a Grand Reset
I was prompted to write this article after reading Ellen Brown's recent article in this journal on the need for a "reset that serves the people." About National DebtAs I stated years ago, there is good national debt and there is bad national debt. National debt is a political and socioeconomic phenomenon. Today, the national debt seems to be around $30 trillion. I will end this article by broadening her enthusiasm to state that a Grand Reset could be possible that changes America from a corpocracy of the power elite to a genuine democracy of the American people.
Carolyn Hax: ‘Horrible person’ doesn’t like boyfriend’s prying mom
My boyfriend’s mother seems like a really nice person and only has good intentions, but she grates on my last nerve. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. I know she isn’t bad and that this is my issue, but I don’t know how to loosen up and not be so offended by her. Your boyfriend is dating a private person. As long as you employ it kindly, using your own judgment does not make you “a horrible person.” It makes you you.
The U.K. has a problem with radicalization, but not shootings. The difference lies in gun access.
This was in Britain, where owning a gun is outlawed in most cases and gun-related homicides are extremely rare. A youth court heard that police raided the boy’s home after he had sent messages on Instagram saying he wanted to replicate the 1999 Columbine school massacre in Colorado and attack an orphanage. “It’s very difficult to get hold of a firearm in the U.K.,” said Chris Hobbs, a former detective sergeant with London’s Metropolitan Police. The private ownership of most handguns was outlawed across the country. There hasn’t been a school shooting since.
COMMENTARY: Primary turnout points to GOP wave in November
With primary elections completed in 13 states — five of them swing states — political consultant John Couvillon of JMC Analytics and Polling found a 38 percent increase in Republican primary turnout over the 2018 midterms. And Democratic turnout was down in seven states, while GOP participation was up across the board. Yet Democratic turnout was up by only 33,000 from 2018 while Republican turnout soared by 404,000. Neither party had a contested statewide primary in Indiana, yet Democratic turnout was down while GOP turnout was up by about 15 percent.”In Georgia, Republican turnout blew past Democrats on Tuesday. While Democratic turnout rose from 553,000 in 2018 to 714,000, GOP turnout soared from 607,000 to nearly 1.2 million.
Slow police response may have delayed treatment for injured students in Texas elementary school massacre: Live updates
Officials on Friday acknowledged a catastrophic failure by law enforcement to not immediately enter the classroom amid a gunman's massacre of 19 students and two teachers at a Texas elementary school this week. “Let's be clear: Evil came to that elementary school classroom in Texas. 12:19 p.m.: A call came in from a student who said they were in Room 111, who hung up after another student told the caller to do so. WARNING SIGNS TO LOOK FOR:Eight warnings behaviors of a potential mass shooterStudents who survived Texas school attack describe sceneA young survivor of the massacre at a Texas elementary school said she covered herself with a friend’s blood and pretended to be dead while she waited for help to arrive. Teacher tells story of her classroom's escapeAs gunfire echoed down the hallway from Nicole Ogburn's Robb Elementary School classroom, she and her 15 students hid behind a shelf and held hands.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: A cabinency of dunces
A second national discussion revolves around who actually is overseeing the current national catastrophe, given Biden’s frequent bewilderment and cognitive challenges. But one area of agreement is the sheer craziness of Biden’s Cabinet appointments, who have translated his incoherent ideology into catastrophic governance. More than 2 million foreign nationals have illegally crossed the southern border without audit — and without COVID vaccinations and tests during a pandemic. Haaland was unable to provide simple answers about when new leases will result in more supplies of oil and gas. Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a classicist and historian at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.
VICTOR JOECKS: Laxalt would be Nevada’s Ron DeSantis
Laxalt is the most conservative person to win statewide office in the last decade. Ron DeSantis wave goodbye to the crowd during a rally for Laxalt at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, in Las Vegas. To start, Laxalt is actually conservative, and he has a string of accomplishments as attorney general to prove it. Laxalt is the most conservative person to win statewide office in the past decade. If elected to the U.S. Senate, expect him to be just as proactive as DeSantis in advancing conservative principles.
EDITORIAL: Testing debacle reflects poorly on Sisolak administration
People wait and are served for COVID-19 testing at the Veterans Memorial Community Center on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022, in Las Vegas. Steve Sisolak’s administration and a questionable, well-connected medical lab peddling COVID tests. Northshore Clinical Labs was charged with conducting COVID testing throughout the state at about the time the omicron variant began to take hold late last year. ProPublica found Northshore had testing agreements with several different local governments in Nevada. Sisolak owes it to Nevadans to explain why his administration sat on this information, cynically hoping that nobody would ever find out.
LETTER: Clark 5 should be proud of their perfect ACT scores
Those five students who got perfect scores on the ACT college admission test deserve high praise indeed (May 22 Review-Journal). It is even more remarkable because it was done while the Clark County School District wiped out any sort of standards. Unfortunately, these students may be shut out of their choice of top-ranked schools — not due to any fault of their own. A lot of Ivy League and top-ranked schools are now discriminating against students of Asian descent. Worst of all, it seems to be done with a government OK.
Robert Thomasser Q&A: Departing assistant police chief on his career from L.A. to St. Paul
In between, Thomasser returned to his hometown of St. Paul and eventually served as assistant chief under two police chiefs — Thomas Smith and Todd Axtell. As Axtell finishes his term as chief, Thomasser just wrapped up his time at the St. Paul Police Department, where he was second in command. He recently sat down with the Pioneer Press to talk about his career and the St. Paul police. The interview is edited for clarity and conciseness:What part of St. Paul did you grow up in? I worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration taskforce (on loan from St. Paul police).
Retirement begins with a fond farewell, and thanks
As we waited, Leslie asked me whether I had ever considered jumping ship and coming to work for the Journal. “You’d be surprised at what the Journal will let you do,” she said. Besides, I don’t much look like my column mug shot any more, the hair now gray, the wrinkles set. As for me, there’s an Adirondack chair and a pint of pale ale on my back deck waiting for me. I’m convinced there are more stories to get that no one else has, and I will still tell them, in my different way.
Gun massacres test whether Washington can move beyond paralysis
Days after 19 children and two teachers were gunned down in Texas, politicians in Washington are tinkering around the edges of America’s gun laws. A bipartisan group of senators is scheduled to hold virtual meetings early next week and has some proposals on the table: the expansion of background checks, legal changes to prevent the mentally ill and teenagers from getting guns, and new rules for gun trafficking.
Harrowing new accounts emerge from young survivors of Texas mass shooting
Fresh harrowing accounts emerged Saturday of the ordeal faced by survivors of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, fanning public fury over the massacre ahead of a visit by U.S. President Joe Biden. As residents gathered in a central square to pay homage to the victims, haunting stories told by young students who played dead while a gunman killed 19 classmates and two teachers were underscored by accounts of the slow reaction to the spree by police.
Dan Bongino: Pretending that guns caused Texas school shooting is not being 'serious about the problem'
"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino took gun control advocates to task for their response to the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting in Saturday's opening monologue. Even though we have verified, concrete, set-in-stone, unimpeachable evidence that banning guns won't fix the problem. UVALDE, TEXAS, OFFICERS HOSTED 'ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENARIO TRAINING' IN MARCH…There's not one thing that's going to stop this from happening again. Pretending it was the existence of guns that perpetrated this horrific massacre — you're not being serious about the problem. They want to punish us — free Americans — for the actions of an evil, evil individual.
Opinion: Repairing stormwater ravage
The task is to exclude most of the stormwater now entering sanitary sewers and manage stormwater flows through a variety of well-known solutions. Over-land stormwater flows cause the erosion, destruction of properties and flooding described in The Enquirer. Some of the infrastructure improvements required for the sewer system would also greatly reduce over-land stormwater threats. But to fully address the over-land stormwater issue would require additional solutions for flows coming off undeveloped hillsides or down canyons, and filling low-lying areas. A regional public compensation fund set up using stormwater fees and other assessments would provide relief for the victims of stormwater environmental injustice.
Opinion: Don't turn Forest Hills into a laughingstock
Now, in an era of cancel culture, the newly elected and greatly inexperienced Forest Hills Board of Education abruptly canceled that evil of evils, Turpin High School’s Diversity Day. I don’t recall any concern about Turpin’s Diversity Day in their limited platforms. The Forest Hills board members could not have genuinely been worried about indoctrination or ulterior motives. Forest Hills is starting to look like Hillsboro while four board members walk on all fours. David Wolfford is a high school teacher and Turpin High School parent.
Opinion: The time for action on gun control is now, and Americans support it
Concerning school safety programs, approximately 70-75% support increasing the number of mental health counselors in each school and increasing active shooter drills, while more than 80% support increasing anti-bullying programs. Finally, there is broad support for gun control policies. Additionally, 67% support increasing the age to purchase any gun from 18 to 21, and approximately 60% support banning the sale of AR-15s. Americans support and are willing to pay for a variety of preventative measures, including gun control. As such, politicians and policymakers should take cues from the public and enact legislation concerning school programming, target hardening, and gun control.
Opinion: America closer to having state-imposed, religious-based laws
If the U.S. Supreme Court adopts the draft opinion, the court will be issuing an historic, precedent-breaking opinion based on the religious beliefs held by many of the current justices. The first sentence of the draft opinion states: "Abortion presents a profound moral issue on which Americans hold sharply conflicting views." If this opinion becomes final, states will be able to limit or eliminate abortion rights and put people’s lives in danger. But also based on this draft opinion, states will be able to restrict or eliminate other rights that the Roe v. Wade precedent currently protects. This draft opinion is moving America closer to having state-imposed religious-based laws.
Arizona man's threats against LGBTQIA+ community and Target prompting police investigation
PHOENIX — An Arizona man’s threats against the LGBTQIA+ community are now prompting a Phoenix police investigation. Now Crockett is making online threats against supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community and the company Target. Loading ...“This June me and my boy Kyle we’re going to be exposing Target…. “Acts of hate or threats of violence will not be tolerated in our community,” said spokesperson Karla Navarette. High school students have been charged before for making general threats against their school, even if they did not single out a specific person.
Uvalde a mix of pride and anger as it grieves school attack
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)People visit a memorial set up in a town square to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)People visit a memorial set up in a town square to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)People visit a memorial set up in a town square to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. Curbs and sidewalks are less common the farther one gets from the central square, with roosters walking on cracked pavement near Robb Elementary School. ———For more AP coverage of the Uvalde school shooting: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
Brian Kilmeade recounts the history of Memorial Day
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade shared a brief history lesson of Memorial Day, honoring the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice on Saturday's "One Nation." It's a stark reminder that freedom isn't free, though, because it's about Memorial Day. MEMORIAL DAY BY THE NUMBERS: FACTS ABOUT THE SOLEMN AMERICAN HOLIDAYThe brutal conflict moved Union Army Maj. Gen. John Logan to establish Decoration Day on May 30, 1868, which could later be known as Memorial Day. One-hundred years after Decoration Day was declared, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, officially making Memorial Day a national holiday — the last Monday in May, creating a three-day weekend. Today, several states in the South still observe Confederate Memorial Day on a separate day honoring Southern soldiers with church services and Civil War reenactments.
Texas Army veteran now works as voluntary unarmed sentry at front door to his daughter's school
A Texas Army veteran has taken it upon himself to guard his daughter's elementary school following the massacre in Uvalde, which saw 19 young children and two teachers slaughtered last week. He emailed the superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District at 1am to see if he could guard outside Saegert Elementary - where his daughter goes to school and his wife works as a school nurse. 'They didn't want to send their kids to school,' he said of his fellow parents. Heartbreaking new photos show kids running out of Robb Elementary School on Tuesday after the gunman opened fire. Instead, the school resource officer went to the back of the building and confronted a male teacher, mistaking him for the gunman.
Son, They Shook: Uvalde Massacre Separates True Heroes From Cowards
They also apparently make a good time for fake tough guys to expose themselves as cowards. Examples are emerging as more details come to light about the massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex., and the responses of politicians, companies and cops in its wake. To be clear–and for purposes of the requisite disclaimer to pre-empt the Blue Lives crowd that’ll jump in my DMs after reading this–there were heroes in Uvalde. Likewise for the Border Patrol agents who eventually cut down the killer–assuming that the latest law enforcement version of events is actually true. Videos have emerged of cops cuffing, tackling and otherwise restraining frantic parents while the shooter was still inside the school, alive.
How to end the Ukraine war before Western allies give up
Morally, Vladimir Putin deserves to keep none of his territorial gains. Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot be trusted with ending his invasion on his own promise. Even temporary, internationally unrecognized territorial gains for Putin will be a bitter pill for Ukraine. (Indeed, the Ukraine war and its aftermath may well provoke a wholesale rethinking by the West of its entanglement with China, too). And the US and allies can, must, take real steps to make sure that any future Putin incursion would get stopped cold.
At gun violence memorial, visitors reflect on two weeks of mass death
Oertley, 58, had found herself inside the Gun Violence Memorial Project. But then she saw the Gun Violence Memorial Project. Engstrand hadn’t personally been touched by gun violence, but she’d always been willing to help. They’d come for the weekend from Pennsylvania, not planning to find a gun violence exhibit at a museum about buildings. She stepped into the exhibit’s final installation, a room where visitors could sit and read the books about gun violence scattered on the tables.
Authorities: “Wrong decision, period” to wait 45 minutes before entering classroom to confront Uvalde gunman
STEVEN MCCRAW: The-- the on-scene commander at the time believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject. Hey, I-- hey-- hey, with the benefit of-- hey, with the benefit of hindsight-- hey, the benefit of-- hey, stand by, stand by. Hey, stand by. Hey, stand by, all right? And by the way, Texas embraces active shooter training, active shooter certification.
Uvalde a mix of pride and anger as it grieves school attack
As the investigation into the attack continues, including Ramos' reasons for carrying it out, some residents have expressed anger toward the police. Among them is 24-year-old carpenter Juan Carranza, who said he watched the attack unfold from across the street from the school. She spoke in her dining room shortly before Eliahna's great-grandparents, also Uvalde residents, arrived. Many residents can trace their family's presence in Uvalde through three or four generations, creating a cherished sense of community. For more AP coverage of the Uvalde school shooting: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
Police failed to act quickly in Uvalde. Experts say their inaction allowed for the massacre to continue and led to catastrophic consequences
Prior to Columbine, law enforcement was commonly trained in tactical principles called ICE, which stood for isolate (the suspect), contain (the suspect) and evacuate (the scene). The Columbine shooting forced law enforcement to reprioritize their focus in responding to active shooter situations. The safety priorities list deems hostages and innocent civilians as top priority, followed by law enforcement and then suspects, Eells said. All law enforcement officers in Texas are trained to follow guidelines for handling active shooters. In March, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District hosted active shooter training for Uvalde-area law enforcement officers, according to its Facebook page.
Damon Young: In the Buffalo shooting, cowardice is the point of white supremacy, too
Can’t (legally) kill them anymore? Can’t (legally) kill them anymore? Let’s kill them. Can’t (legally) kill them anymore? And then let’s deny, deny, deny.
Biden's remarks about Taiwan prompt calls to revisit 'strategic ambiguity.' But it's a sound policy.
Strategic ambiguity is not merely designed to deter China, after all — though that is one key aim. To begin with the basics, strategic ambiguity tries to mitigate two potential pathways to war. Second, China might attack Taiwan to prevent the United States and Taiwan from becoming too closely allied. Those arrangements are consistent with strategic ambiguity, but recent hawkish rhetoric from many in the United States isn’t. In addition, the United States should work with Taiwan to counter looming unconventional threats to Taiwan, including Chinese threats to Taiwan’s cybersecurity.
What the research says about gun laws
For more than six years, the Rand Corp., through its Gun Policy in America initiative, has been evaluating the available scientific evidence on the effects of gun laws on a wide range of outcomes, including homicides, suicides and mass shootings. We have reviewed thousands of scientific articles to identify those that credibly estimate the effects of 18 different gun laws that are commonly debated in state legislatures. Of course, we should not expect to implement laws only for which we have strong scientific evidence. The two problems — weak studies or no studies — are related: For decades, we in the United States have underfunded research and data collection efforts that could help us establish the effects of gun laws and other firearm violence prevention interventions. We have extraordinary levels of firearms violence in this country — but also research-proven ways to reduce it.
How long are Americans sad and angry about mass shootings? Four days.
Almost every day, between 10 percent and 25 percent of Americans reported feeling sadness the previous day. Days after the Sandy Hook mass shooting, Americans’ reports of sadness and anger returned to their normal levels. But the impact of mass shootings on the emotions of respondents lasts for only a few days, and then it is gone, indistinguishable from the longer time trend. But the pattern of policy responses to mass shootings suggests a link. The right tells us that now is not the time to politicize the latest mass shooting.
Uvalde a mix of pride and anger as it grieves school attack
People visit a memorial set up in a town square to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)People visit a memorial set up in a town square to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. As the investigation into the attack continues, including Ramos’ reasons for carrying it out, some residents have expressed anger toward the police. Curbs and sidewalks are less common the farther one gets from the central square, with roosters walking on cracked pavement near Robb Elementary School. ___For more AP coverage of the Uvalde school shooting: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
50 years later, MLB keeps promise to late Sanford POW’s family | Commentary
Stamm, a Navy pilot who left his Sanford home in 1967 and never returned. The card was a lifetime pass to MLB games for those Vietnam prisoners of war, their spouses and their children. It was baseball’s way of showing gratitude to the hundreds who were captured and then tortured in North Vietnamese POW camps. When she reached the house, her mother, Ruth Ann, was crying and being comforted by the family pastor and two Navy officials. That’s how Katrina and her little brother David learned their daddy’s plane had been shot down over North Vietnam.
TEDxPortland organizers anger ticketholders, break federal rules by giving NRA-backed politician Betsy Johnson a surprise platform
The group apparently also ran afoul of IRS rules that prohibit tax-exempt non-profits from giving any political candidate preferential treatment. KGW reporter Evan Watson and others at the event noted on social media how tense the crowd was during Johnson’s surprise appearance. He seemed not to realize the inherent political favor-playing of giving only one of the three major candidates for Oregon governor a platform. Rae defended the choice to add Johnson at the last minute, indicating it took courage on his team’s part. Until then, it was legal for holders of concealed carry permits to bring guns into all Oregon public school classrooms, gyms and stadiums.
‘Too much fear, too much grief’: Biden to visit Uvalde amid scrutiny of police response to shooting
Joe Biden lamented “too much violence, too much fear, too much grief” after the latest US mass shooting as he prepared to visit Uvalde, where police face intensifying scrutiny for waiting outside the classroom where a teenage gunman with an assault rifle killed 19 children and two teachers. The US president and first lady, Jill Biden, plan to travel to the small southern Texas city on Sunday. An ambulance was standing by and a state trooper assisted members of the public who came to mourn. Biden spoke about the tragedy in Uvalde during a commencement speech he gave on Saturday morning at the University of Delaware, his alma mater. Too much violence, too much fear, too much grief,” said Biden and called the Uvalde and Buffalo mass shootings acts of “evil”.
Queensland high school students abandoning arts and humanities subjects for higher ATAR
Queensland's senior students are increasingly abandoning arts and humanities subjects amid beliefs they won't deliver a high ATAR score. Since 2012, the number of grade 12s enrolled in the arts has dropped by 10,000 and educators are concerned about what the trend means for schools and the community in the future.
They came out of the ‘cannabis closet’ to help other Asian Americans do the same
Sysamone Phaphon, left, and Eunice Kim have spearheaded an effort to translate a pot primer into 11 Asian languages to help educate the community about cannabis. And not being shamed is a real big thing in the Asian community. Even something that feels as small as translating it into different languages is a huge step in destigmatizing it, because it makes it more accessible. I think it makes a big statement for the Asian community to see that it’s not just Sysamone and me who are Asian founders in the space. Kim: Community reception.
Making sense of a mass shooting in the middle of Texas gun country
Kevin Rector Los Angeles Times (TNS)UVALDE, Texas — Randall Methvin is a thoughtful man who talks with a Texas twang, still works as a ranch hand at age 68 and has felt an affinity for firearms since childhood, when his Depression-hardened father would take him out quail and dove hunting.
As Uvalde parents seethe, recourse against police may be limited
The Texas Torts Claims Act grants permission to sue in certain limited circumstances, but according to legal experts interviewed, those wouldn’t apply in the Uvalde school shooting case. Police chief blamed for slow response during Robb Elementary school shooting to join Uvalde City CouncilThe police chief at the center of controversy, sparked by officers’ response to the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas, is slated to be sworn onto the Uvalde City Council next week. He also serves as the chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, tasked with overseeing the six-officer police force spanning eight different schools. I have plenty of ideas, and I definitely have plenty of drive,” Arredondo said in the wake of his victory. Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McCraw said the police chief made the “wrong decision” in the minutes after gunfire erupted inside the Uvalde primary school on Tuesday.
Episode #4 The Palace
Could Navalny’s obsession weaken his big opponent, Vladimir Putin? According to the organization, this was at the president’s disposal. Then, tens of thousands of people hit the streets from Moscow to Yakutsk in Siberia with temperatures at -50C. People in more than 110 cities followed Alexei Navalny’s call to protest. With interviews with: Maria Lipman, political scientist; Clementine Fauconnier, professor and Russia specialist at the University of Upper Alsace; Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the State Duma; Sergei Guriev, exiled economics professor at Sciences Po university; Vladimir Milov, former deputy energy minister, and Navalny ally in exile; Archives from protests; Alexei Navalny, on Putin’s Palace (YouTube); Vladimir Putin (archives)
He Did Not Act Alone
“We don’t know his motive yet, but authorities believe he acted alone”…“it was a lone gunman”…“the shooter acted alone…”No, he didn’t. Like gun manufacturers, they sell fear and grievance to a mostly white male audience. And for Sinema, who said she doesn’t believe that “DC solutions are realistic here.”Every member of Congress who voted to give gun manufacturers a liability shield in 2005. Gun manufacturers and their handmaidens at the NRA, which agreed to the Manchin–Toomey bill back in 2013, but then walked away once it received concessions. Active school shooter drills are shown to deeply traumatize children, and there’s little evidence that they’ve reduced the overall carnage.
U.S. Forest Service Planned Burn Caused Largest New Mexico Wildfire
In the Western United States, wildfires are burning more frequently and more intensely and wildfire seasons are growing longer, narrowing the windows for performing prescribed burns. Lisa Dale, a lecturer at Columbia Climate School, said prescribed burns are the best tools available for reducing the long-term risk from wildfires. They clear away vegetation that would otherwise fuel an unwanted fire and recognize that forests depend on fire to be healthy. She said climate change has made it more difficult to use prescribed fires because fire seasons have increased to seven to eight months from around three months. The growing intensity of fires has also made it more difficult for fire managers to respond.
Letters to the Editor — May 29, 2022
My twin sister has epilepsy; one of the devastating side effects of her medications is weight gain. I propose a “moronic councilman laureate” to monitor the useless fools that spend time (and taxpayer dollars) thinking up such stupidities. The Indian Point reactor provided New York City with much of its electricity needs for years before then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo caved to the “Green New Deal” zealots’ ideological opposition to anything nuclear, and had the site closed. Any “Green New Deal” that fails to include nuclear energy as a major component will prove to be a forlorn hope.
Progressive policy experiments hurt the people they claim to help
In New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and elsewhere progressive DA’s and other electeds made sweeping “reforms” these past few years: ditching bail, decriminalizing quality-of-life offenses and hamstringing cops. Blacks and Hispanics were 63% of San Francisco shooting victims, though they combine for only 18% of the population. Add to that disastrous COVID school closures — demanded by the same crowd that wants to kill calculus and Shakespeare. San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin faces a likely recall; LA’s soft-on-crime George Gascón faces a second recall vote. Woke school-board members got the boot in San Francisco.
WaPo worries Uvalde police response problems will ‘take focus off the real issue: guns’
The Washington Post editorial board insisted Saturday that readers not be distracted by the mistakes police made in response to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, but rather "focus" on gun control to prevent mass murder. The piece declared that guns in America are "Too many and too often in the hands of the wrong people." TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING BLAMED ON ALL SECOND AMENDMENT SUPPORTERS BY WAPO COLUMNIST: 'YOU. The editorial board then detailed the criminal and his weapons: "The gunman who shot up the school bought two AR-15-style rifles shortly after turning 18. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"That’s madness, and that’s something we can try to fix with common-sense gun law reform.
‘This is our lane’: Doctors speak out against gun violence after Texas school shooting
Dr. Bindi Naik-Mathuria, a pediatric surgeon at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, knows what assault rifles can do to a child’s body. There’s no way to salvage them.”That’s why Naik-Mathuria is full-throatedly proclaiming that the issue of gun violence is “very much our lane.”“We have our hands inside these people, these children, trying to save them,” she said. It was resurfaced after the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman slaughtered 19 children and two teachers. Sathya said he and his colleagues have noted a “big spike in gun violence compared to prior years.”“That’s of course going to directly be felt and seen by front-line workers at the hospitals,” he said. But they never had a chance to try to save them; their wounds from the assault weapon used in the mass shooting were too great.
Gun Control Activists Can “Absolutely” Take on the NRA, Says Sandy Hook Mom
The Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, TX has aggravated old wounds for many people who’ve lost family members to gun violence. After her son was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, Nicole Hockley dedicated her life to pushing for gun safety reforms. Hockley founded Sandy Hook Promise, an organization aimed at providing gun control education. Now, with the number of mass shootings mounting, Hockley wants people to “vote your conscience” and remove apathetic politicians from office. That is the right that we all have as citizens, and we need to take that right seriously.” May 28, 2022
Faith leaders condemn gun violence heading into Memorial Day weekend: ‘It’s all hands on deck’
A group of church leaders and others gathered to for a prayer walk down Michigan Avenue Saturday. It took place following a deadly month of gun violence in Chicago and ahead of a historically violent holiday weekend. Memorial Day weekend has historically ushered in increased summertime gun violence in Chicago, but advocates are hoping for a different outcome this year. Attendees of the Michigan Avenue March for Peace chant along North Michigan Avenue in the Loop on Memorial Day weekend, Saturday afternoon, May 28, 2022. While the focus of Saturday’s rally and prayer walk was spiritual, leaders said action goes beyond prayer.
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde school shooting probe
The actions — or more notably, the inaction — of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers have become the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The delay in confronting the shooter — who was inside the school for more than an hour — could lead to discipline, lawsuits and even criminal charges against police.
Harris calls for assault weapons ban after back-to-back mass shootings
Washington (CNN) Vice President Kamala Harris called for an assault weapons ban Saturday, saying that in the wake of two back-to-back mass shootings such arms are "a weapon of war" with "no place in a civil society." It includes, let's have an assault weapons ban." An assault weapon is a weapon of war with no place, no place in a civil society." He said he needed to instead "convince Congress" to pass legislation like the 1994 assault weapons ban. Biden will visit Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday to meet the families of the children and teachers killed during the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.
There's a name for the feeling that nothing you do matters
It applies quite apparently to the majority of Americans who, for years, have shown they want more checks and balances about gun control. The rest of the world is looking at us, feeling sorry for us, because we are unable to face ourselves." This leads people to very different conclusions about solutions to gun violence. Despite disagreeing with their stance, there's an absence of Republican voters willing to abandon candidates over their failure to vote for gun control measures. "That requires demonstrations of actions that work, that show that people who believe in more gun control can become agenetic and overcome these barriers," he said.
I've confronted an active shooter. We need more answers to know what went wrong in Texas.
Joseph GiacaloneOpinion contributorAnother day in America, another mass shooting and more "thoughts and prayers." It’s the nightmare that never seems to end. As usual, the narrative has shifted from the shooter to the gun and now toward the police response. It’s an inevitable and predictable pattern, but one of worthy inspection. Some details are becoming more clear about the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers.
Volodymyr Zelensky laments Uvalde, Texas school shooting victims
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered his condolences after a deadly shooting at an Uvalde Texas school left 19 students and two teachers dead. “This is a tragedy,” he told an audience of students at Stanford University Friday. Take care of the world.”People visit a memorial for the 19 children and two teachers killed in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Sincere condolences to the families of the victims, the people of the US and @POTUS over this tragedy. The people of Ukraine share the pain of the relatives and friends of the victims and all Americans,” he said.
Transit commission chairman offers advice for Metro funding problems
Placeholder while article actions loadThe recent Metro safety problems and leadership changes cannot obscure what lies ahead for the transit agency: Major funding issues and possible service cuts if ridership does not dramatically improve. The steep Metro fare revenue decline began early in the pandemic, but the agency was saved by $2.4 billion in federal coronavirus relief money. Some new business plan and projections are going to have to be devised for Metro to survive going forward. AdvertisementQ: Why does it seem like Metro is going to have a harder time to recover than many agencies? Then Metro has got to get out there and say, “Well, we now have an understanding of what went wrong.
Uvalde police response proves need to abolish the police, says MSNBC guest
During the latest episode of MSNBC’s The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross on Saturday, leftist police reform activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham claimed the recent Texas school shooting is further proof that America must abolish the police. Cunningham told Cross she believed that law enforcement’s mistakes during the Uvalde, Texas school shooting – namely, reports that officers waited outside the classroom as the shooter committed his massacre – means policing as it currently stands needs to be gutted. For the guest commentator, the Uvalde shooting essentially bolstered the Black Lives Matter "defund the police" narrative progressives adopted in the wake of the death of George Floyd in May 2020. REACTING TO TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING, MSNBC GUEST CLAIMS GOP SACRIFICES CHILDREN TO ‘THE GOD OF GUN OWNERSHIP’She then combined Black Lives Matter rhetoric with the Uvalde shooting to construct her new anti-police narrative. Cunningham continued, asserting that Uvalde’s putting too much money into its police budget for the school shooting response.
Photos: VP Kamala Harris attends funeral of the oldest Buffalo shooting victim
Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff traveled to Buffalo, N.Y., on Saturday for the funeral of Buffalo mass shooting victim 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield. During the service, Harris made a surprise address to the mourners. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times)Vice President Kamala Harris smiles at her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, after delivering remarks during the funeral of Ruth Whitfield. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times)AdvertisementVice President Kamala Harris, flanked by the Rev. Al Sharpton, delivers remarks during the funeral of Ruth Whitfield at Mt.
Deep in Vatican Archives, Scholar Discovers 'Flabbergasting' Secrets
(Massimo Berruti/The New York Times)VATICAN CITY — David Kertzer put down his cappuccino, put on his backpack and went digging for more Vatican secrets. It documents the private decision-making that led Pope Pius XII to stay essentially silent about Hitler’s genocide and argues that the pontiff’s impact on the war is underestimated — and not in a good way. “They didn’t want to offend the pope,” Kertzer said. He emerged from the archives to publish “The Pope Against the Jews,” about the church’s role in the rise of modern antisemitism. He had just discovered that even during the German occupation of Rome, Pius XII was still primarily focused on the dangers of Communism.
Jon Voight, Outspoken GOP Supporter, Calls For ‘Proper Qualifications for Gun Ownership’ After Uvalde Shooting
Actor Jon Voight, a vocal supporter of former president Donald J. Trump and the Republican party, has released a statement calling for stricter gun control laws in the United States. “There should be proper qualifications for gun ownership,” Voight said in a video released through his official Facebook page. One should only own a gun if they’re qualified and schooled.”Voight’s stance marks a striking divergence from the GOP platform’s typical stance on gun control. The incident is the second-deadliest shooting at an elementary, middle or high school in U.S. history, only behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. And God will call on Jesus to pray for these families.”Currently, Uvalde marks the 27th school shooting with injuries or deaths this year, according to EducationWeek.
Why shouldn’t the Greeks have their marbles back? We proved we lost ours years ago | Catherine Bennett
“Then in the Senates of your sinking state / Show me the man whose counsels may have weight.”Ever heard of Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay? Last year, tackled by the Greek prime minister, he claimed that the marbles’ fate was entirely the decision of the British Museum’s trustees. The 1963 British Museum Act, forbidding most de-accessioning, turns responsibility back on the government. In 2014, lending one of the Parthenon marbles to Russia (an act deplored in Greece as a “provocation”), Neil MacGregor called it a “marble ambassador of a European ideal”. Visiting hours at the British Museum were, courtesy of Osborne, reduced.
Top universities pledge to ‘decolonise’ courses to win ‘woke’ charity’s awards
Universities across Britain are pledging to “decolonise” their curricula in defiance of ministers as they compete for awards from a scheme accused of causing “the most egregious wokery” on campuses. The pledges appear at odds with warnings by ministers over the issue. Michelle Donelan, the universities minister, has likened the so-called decolonisation of reading lists, syllabi and exams to the Soviet Union “censoring history”. “I want universities to focus on delivering high-quality, face-to-face teaching, not wasting taxpayers and students’ money on divisive initiatives such as trigger warnings, cancelling historical figures or erasing our history and heritage. At worst, so-called ‘decolonisation’ is a dangerous initiative that undermines scholarship, divides our society and undermines the global standing of our university system.”
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden believes Congress should examine police response in Uvalde, Texas
Sen. Wyden is also pushing for stricter gun laws across the country. Example video title will go here for this videoPORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Senator Ron Wyden spoke with reporters Friday, calling for an inquiry into how police responded to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Additionally, Sen. Wyden said the U.S. needs more common sense gun laws. Sen. Wyden called for universal background checks, raising the age limit to buy guns, and banning assault weapons. Sen. Wyden said U.S. senators will be home for the next seven to 10 days and this will be the most important time in the history of the drive to find common ground for common sense gun safety.
Brief comment on the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting
Unfortunately school shootings happen often enough that we know some of the names of the schools where the shootings occurred: Sandy Hook Elementary School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Oxford High School, Santa Fe High School, Columbine High School. Now Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has joined this shameful list. Kristi Noem and Texas Gov. Each rejected any suggestion that gun control measures were needed to stop mass shootings. Thus sadly, it will only be a matter of time before the next mass shooting occurs.
Last night in the City of Angels, City of Lights.
She was wobbly but firm as parent after parent, student after student brought her bouquets as she gamely took her final bows. When the young women disgorged their fury on the matter of Roe vanishing and their bodily autonomy gone, I could see him scowl, damn, I could hear him think. But even at nearly 66 years old, I do not stand with him even if I was sitting with him. I mean, I could be wrong but every time the kids, especially the young women hit the "deserved grievance bullseye", I could see the dude wince. We really and truly fucked this world up and they'll save us or save the streets and fields and oceans we inhabited at least.
VRO Vote Republicans Out.....VRO!
Vote Republicans OutIf you want to protect the 2nd Amendment, but get rid of weapons of war everywhere VRO! If you believe in Women’s reproductive Rights VRO! If you believe in facts, truth and an honest 4th Estate VRO! If you believe the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes VRO! I could go on and on, but the point is we need every American to know what VRO (vote republicans out) means…….repeat and repeat it.
The Jagged Orbit
His book “The Shockwave Rider“ predicts the internet and the rise of fake news. His book “The Jagged Orbit“ predicts the rise of gun nuttery fueled by racism. In the later book, America becomes so paranoid it surrounds itself with walls and gun emplacements. It’s the world the right insists we build here, especially after the latest of the latest gun massacreand…. I don’t want to live in a country where my kids, my family, and my friends have to shuttle from prison to prison just so the gun crazies can roam free.
Cowards of the County
I think he might have been busy signing seven more gun laws into effect. Does Texass not have one of the lowest rates of education in the USA and lower than some African nations? Is it not true that GOP states have the highest Mass Shooting rates? Elect a moron for President/ Governor that is easily controlled by Big Money and give him promises of Golden handshakes and showers? Many Texass men have kicked doors in to simply beat their wives I’m sure.
Can Biden Be the Churchill for this Midterm Battle Against Fascism?
American democracy is under assault from the Republican Party. This Republican Party getting control of the Congress, many observers believe, could be a death knell to American democracy itself. The President, with his bully pulpit, has an especially important role to play. The role the nation needs Biden to play is clear, but it is unclear how effective Biden can be in that kind of a role in this kind of a battle even if he wants to. But Biden, like anyone else, can only do his best.
and the End of the World
But there is another one which seems to be getting less attention yet is no less significant: the belief that the end of the world will come if Christians can just create the right conditions for it. (By “end of the world” I mean the end of the world as it currently exists, with suffering and death. It doesn’t mean the physical world will cease to exist; rather, there will be heaven on earth — a return to the garden of Eden, as it were.) The second argues that we must establish a Christian kingdom on earth for a thousand years first, after which Jesus will return to announce the end of the world and the final judgment. will be allowed to live (except maybe in a degraded state) in this Christian kingdom.
Blood Gold
(NSFW)Blood GoldMarketing murder for profit and power,The gold in their hands stained with innocents’ blood. Fuck the NRA and Fuck Ted Cruz,Fuck Mitch McConnell and Greg Abbott too. OK, not exactly bard-level poetry, but it was cathartic writing, “Fuck Ted Cruz.” I am simultaneously optimistic and terrified at the current status quo. I am optimistic that Democrats will be able to retain both houses of Congress in the November elections. I am terrified because I also foresee the right wing as exploding in response to NOT winning the control that they expected to win.
Student loan forgiveness is not "free money".
Calling it “free money” makes it sound like student loan holders are getting an injection of free money to use as they see fit, which is far from the case. Here’s some facts on the issue of student loans that I’d like to share to help illuminate the actual issues surrounding student loans. When I talk about student loan forgiveness, I am talking about forgiving undergraduate loans, which will benefit most if not all student borrowers, not graduate loans. When I talk about student loan forgiveness, I am talking about forgiving undergraduate loans, which will benefit most if not all student borrowers, not graduate loans. Once you have student loan debt, you can’t get rid of it.
A Compromise on Guns?
They fear that if they agree to reasonable gun control, that will just be the first step toward a total ban on gun ownership. When you look at many mass shootings, the types of reasonable gun regulations that are being proposed would not have stopped those mass shootings. - There is zero chance in the foreseeable future for the Supreme Court to meaningfully limit or regulate guns, and in fact the more substantial chance is that the Court strikes down new gun regulations imposed by particular states. In my opinion, enough conservatives might go for a compromise that (i) eliminated their slippery slope concerns; but also (ii) allowed for reasonable gun control. Based on what has happened after every other mass shooting, I don’t see any material chance for reasonable gun regulation without this kind of compromise.
Besides humans, there is only one other known mammal that sings in rhythm, Madagascar's Indri Lemur
Besides humans, it is the only mammal found that can use rhythm. Savvy drummers know that when they plant a backbeat ever-so-slightly late, we perceive the rhythm as soulful or funky. Studies suggest that songbirds and parrots have some sense of rhythm, but evidence on the ability within other animals is sparse. That is, successive beats with a 1:1 ratio or a 1:2 ratio. This makes the indri the first known nonhuman mammal with rhythm.
HOLY CR**: Trump's NRA Speech Showed He's Still Angry, Ignorant, and Severely Mentally Dysfunctional
However, among those remaining on the schedule were Sen. Ted Cruz and, of course, former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump. His speech was littered with tiresome tirades that have been festering within the pro-gun community for decades. Trump babbled that..."Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on Earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security? x TRUMP: "Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on Earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security?" Both Trump and the NRA refuse to acknowledge that guns are a significant factor in tragedies like the one that just occurred un Uvalde.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The outrage at the shooting and the aftermath is growing
He acknowledged the school resource officer was not on the scene. McCraw followed that remark by making a rather revealing point. In defense of the officers on scene he said that there was “??a barrage—hundreds of rounds were pumped in four minutes into those classrooms.”Hundreds of rounds. Four minutes. When you cut away all the bullshit, and excuse making, and failure this is the crux of the matter.
The student loan crisis was caused by a pile of problems. It requires more than one solution
If student loan repayment was easy to navigate, and if the terms were fair, then perhaps there wouldn't be a crisis. We need to get to a place where student loan payments don’t leave borrowers feeling trapped by their loans. Blanket forgiveness or targeted forgiveness are two options that would help correct the years of government inaction that led to the student loan debt crisis. Another important feature of the Australian student loan system is that student loans are interest-free. Student loan debt is forever.
While Texas communities mourn, national support is needed to implement a path for change
The hard work to engage front-line communities cannot be done only at election time, but will instead take years of investment. MOVE Texas Action Fund is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit organization working to build power in underrepresented youth communities through civic engagement, leadership development, and issue advocacy. What started in 2013 as a campus group at the University of Texas at San Antonio is now a statewide organization of youth and disenfranchised communities. Texas Blue Action Fund is a year-round, women-led, neighborhood-based network of volunteers mobilizing progressive voters in Texas. Workers Defense Action Fund is a statewide organization dedicated to empowering low-wage workers and immigrants across Texas to pass policies and elect candidates who address injustices in their communities.
Opinion | The Good News in Georgia That’s Bad News for Trump
This is a column about good news, written in the shadow of the worst news imaginable. Like many people, the mass shooting of children in Uvalde, Texas, is basically the only thing I’ve read about for days. Climate change, systemic racism, toxic masculinity, online disinformation, gun violence, police violence, the next Trump coup, the latest Covid variant, the death of democracy, climate change again. This is the liberal crisis list; the conservative list is different. In this one I want to acknowledge that in a different zone of existential agitation, things just meaningfully improved.
Opinion | Summer Camp for All
Not every child will thrive at summer camp, and there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors and gain the benefits that come with socialization and play. But if America wanted to, it could make summer camp accessible to every child who wanted to go. Mr. Rosenberg said day camps range in cost from free to more than $200 per day and overnight camp prices range from free to more than $500 per day. To scale up, summer camp operators say they need a dedicated funding stream, more philanthropic aid and help with staffing. No one is suggesting that a few weeks of summer camp is a cure-all.
Harris, at funeral for Buffalo shooting victim, says America experiencing 'epidemic of hate'
Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday spoke at the funeral of one of the 10 people killed by a gunman at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York – and said that the U.S. is experiencing an "epidemic of hate." Harris spoke at the funeral of Ruth Whitfield, who was one of the 10 killed when a gunman opened fire in a grocery store on May 14. Authorities have said that the gunman, who is White, chose the grocery store because it's in a predominantly Black neighborhood. "And I do believe that our nation right now is experiencing an epidemic of hate." Harris’ remarks comes as President Biden spoke at the University of Delaware and highlighted the shooting in Uvalde.
Breaking International News & Views
Russian forces stepped up their assault on the Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk on Saturday after claiming to have captured the nearby rail hub of Lyman, as Kyiv intensified its calls for longer-range weaponry from the West to help it fight back in the Donbas region. undefined ago
Debate over guns unfolds in Uvalde, a rural Texas town in grief
UVALDE, Texas — Living in a rural Texas town renowned for white-tailed deer hunting, where rifles are a regular prize at school raffles, Desirae Garza never thought much about gun laws. “It’s too easy.”But inside another Uvalde home, Amerie Jo’s father, Alfred Garza III, had a sharply different view. An anguished soul-searching over Texas’ gun culture and permissive gun laws is unfolding across the latest community to be shattered by a shooter’s rampage. In a February poll by the University of Texas/Texas Politics Project, 43% of Texans said they supported stricter gun laws, while just 16% wanted looser rules. We should do stronger background checks.” There is room, he said, “for some compromises” on gun laws.
AP News Summary at 2:22 p.m. EDT
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probeThe actions of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Weather's unwanted guest: Nasty La Nina keeps popping upLa Nina, the flip side of the better known El Nino weather condition, keeps popping up. La Nina is the natural but temporary cooling of parts of the Pacific that changes weather worldwide. For the U.S., La Nina is connected to more drought and fires out West, more Atlantic hurricanes and agricultural losses. In the late 20th century, La Nina hit 28% of the time.
Police school shooting procedures under scrutiny after Texas attack
New details on the apparent failure of local law enforcement to respond swiftly to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, were raising questions on Saturday about the effectiveness of police procedures introduced after the 1999 Columbine shooting in Colorado. In Texas, Uvalde officers received their latest training in recent months with protocols advising that an “officer’s first priority is to move in and confront the attacker. Agents are tasked with training law enforcement and other first responders to ensure that protocols for responding to active shooter situations are consistent across the country. The program has since trained more than 114,000 law enforcement first responders, according to the Department of Justice. According to Uvalde’s school district police Facebook page, the small department hosted active shooter training at Uvalde high school in March.
Manchin’s complaints about GOP tax cuts were true, but incomplete
For GOP members of Congress to look back at their Trump-era tax breaks as “the most successful tax cut the United States has ever seen” is impossible to take seriously. The tax breaks’ popularity did not improve with time: By 2019, polls showed broad disapproval of the Republicans’ signature policy. The GOP tax cuts weren’t well received because they didn’t work: The breaks didn’t improve business investments, didn’t fuel private-sector hiring, didn’t improve wages, and didn’t pay for themselves. But, Republicans ask, if the tax breaks were such a failure, why was the economy so amazing during Donald Trump’s presidency? Nearly every Democrat, including Joe Manchin, believes the GOP’s unpopular tax cuts should be curtailed, while Republicans are desperate to protect the tax breaks that didn’t work.
Biden urges students to take up public service in college address
President Biden urged students at the University of Delaware not to lose hope in America and take up a life of public service. “We need all of you to get engaged in public life and the life of this nation,” Biden told graduates of the school in a commencement address. “There’s one message I hope you take from me today: This is no time to be on the sidelines. Biden also reflected on the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas. REUTERS“Let’s be clear, evil came to that elementary school classroom in Texas and that grocery store in New York,” Biden said.
Texas school shooting: Houston CrimeStoppers CEO discusses how parents can protect kids at school
The nonprofit, which has been active for 42 years, has a mission to "solve and prevent crime in partnership with citizens, media and the criminal justice system," with a particular focus on school safety, Mankarious told Fox News Digital. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATESSchool handbooks often detail policies and safety procedures a school or district has in place in case of a threat. "I cannot tell you how many parents will call me and say, 'Security's the last — if not smallest — line item … on the school budget," Mankarious said. … Where there is a disconnect, parents need to be monitoring what their children are doing online. While certain politicians and organizations have championed school safety as a priority, "everybody moves on," which is "very hard for the victims' families," Mankarious said.
Big events are back in Oregon this summer
The COVID pandemic isn’t exactly over, but for Oregonians, the summer of 2022 is shaping up to look a lot like the old days, with big festivals and fairs, live music with elbow-rubbing and dancing, and even a few parades. Not so long ago, such things felt unimaginable.
Rapper Young Moose reaches $300K deal with city over arrest
BALTIMORE (AP) — A court settlement calls for the city of Baltimore to pay $300,000 to resolve claims that police officers planted drugs on a rapper known as Young Moose. The city already has paid more than $10 million to settle lawsuits against officers who served on a task force notorious for its members corruption. Evans sued several Baltimore police officers, including a former detective, Daniel Hersl, who served on the infamous Gun Trace Task Force. He was accused of stealing money before and after he joined the task force. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby's office vacated Evans’ conviction in 2020 during the review of hundreds of cases involving the convicted and disgraced Gun Trace Task Force officers.
AP News Summary at 1:05 p.m. EDT
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probeThe actions of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Weather's unwanted guest: Nasty La Nina keeps popping upLa Nina, the flip side of the better known El Nino weather condition, keeps popping up. La Nina is the natural but temporary cooling of parts of the Pacific that changes weather worldwide. For the U.S., La Nina is connected to more drought and fires out West, more Atlantic hurricanes and agricultural losses. In the late 20th century, La Nina hit 28% of the time.
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe
FILE - Law enforcement personnel stand outside Robb Elementary School following a shooting, May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)FILE - Law enforcement personnel stand outside Robb Elementary School following a shooting, May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)The actions — or more notably, the inaction — of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers has become the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Arredondo could not be reached for comment Friday, and Uvalde officers were stationed outside his home, but they would not say why. ___More on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
What Gun Violence Does to Our Mental Health
Those with PTSD often have trouble sleeping and may become emotionally numb, continuously on edge or easily startled, she said. Younger children may experience stomachaches or headaches, and lower-grade anxiety that causes them to misbehave or have trouble concentrating. Their symptoms included anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideation and self-harm behavior, Dr. Vasan said. These problems were most pronounced among Black and Latino students who lived near the locations of police shootings of Black and Latino people. “The fear overcomes the need to connect with other people, and that’s the real tragedy of what violence does to communities,” said Dr. Joel Fein, an emergency medicine physician at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, where he co-directs the Center for Violence Prevention.
State Department dumbing down its diplomat applications
For nearly a century, since 1924, the department has weeded out applicants for its coveted overseas posts with the Foreign Service Officer Test, or FSOT — essentially, an SAT for wannabe diplomats. “A narrow focus on a pass/fail foreign service exam … didn’t take into account the applicant’s holistic qualifications,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a recent briefing. The State Department provides a 74-book reading list to help applicants prepare. “With this policy, Antony Blinken’s State Department is saying that does not matter as much.”DUMBER DIPLOMATSHere are sample questions from the State Department test for foreign service hopefuls:In 1964, the U.S. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin resolution authorizing:A. the partition of Vietnam. 1C. 2D. 3Answers: D; A; ASource: US Department of State, Foreign Service Officer Test Information Guide
How Tim Scott rose from poverty to become our only black GOP senator
CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Tim Scott knows the hassle that comes with being both black and conservative. Recently “The View” host Sunny Hostin said that being a black Republican is an oxymoron, and Scott, who is the only black Republican in the US senate, just shook his head. Despite having risen to become the most prominent elected black Republican in the country, Tim Scott has never forgotten where he came from. While Scott may be the only black Republican senator, he’s quick to remind critics that the Democrats have just two black senators. As for being the only black Republican in the US Senate, Scott deadpans, “Let’s not forget that the Democrats only have two black senators.
Hate crime battle is persistent challenge for Biden's administration
The massacre sent a defiant message to a ceremony meant to highlight the Biden administration’s fight against racist violence. After citing successful prosecutions in hate crime cases, Garland announced “noncriminal tools” to help prevent them. Hate crimes reported against Black people jumped 43 percent to 2,755. Yet at the same time more than 60 jurisdictions with populations over 100,000 reported zero hate crimes, a circumstance ADL finds “simply not credible.”AdvertisementJake Hyman, an ADL associate director of communications, complained by email about “the persistent lack of complete and reliable data about hate crimes in this country. Garland’s toolbox to combat hate crimes does not include restraining inflammatory speech by elected officials.
Opinion | I am an unhoused person. Here’s what happened to me in Adams Morgan.
On Feb. 11, my D.C. Council member, Brianne K. Nadeau (D-Ward 1) announced that all the people living at Adams Morgan Plaza were now housed safely. The stolen valuables included sleeping bags belonging to my friend, Miguel Gonzales, who died from the cold without his blankets. AdvertisementLike me, Gonzales was a longtime Adams Morgan resident. People, including Ren Lee, a fellow Adams Morgan neighbor and unhoused advocate, would come by every day to the plaza to check up on us. Even with all these announcements about helping the homeless in this city, the situation is one of agony and defeat.
Biden to University of Delaware grads, 'We can't outlaw tragedy, but we can make America safer'
President Biden gave a commencement address Saturday at his alma mater, University of Delaware, for their 2022 graduation ceremony. Speaking about recent struggles in the U.S., Biden highlighted the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were shot and killed by a lone gunman. UVALDE, TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: 19 CHILDREN, 2 TEACHERS KILLED, SUSPECTED SHOOTER DEAD"In the face of such destructive forces we have to stand stronger. We must stand stronger," Biden told the audience. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"The progress in our country has always been met with ferocious pushback from the oldest and darkest forces in America always," Biden told the audience.
Texas police chief who delayed response did active shooter training in December
The police chief who officials said decided to wait to confront the gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, completed an active shooter training course in December, according to law enforcement records. The training course explicitly educates participants on how to "compare/contrast an active shooter event and a hostage or barricade crisis." The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement released the curriculum for the training course two years ago, according to information on the website for the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University. The training course curriculum, a 30-page document dated January 2020, divides the training course into six units. "Time is the number one enemy during active shooter response," the curriculum states.
Opinion: The long history of racism haunts Black professionals, and the best places to work in America recognize and respect this
Uncle Buck refused to go into gory details, except to say that his grandfather was lynched by the white townspeople for selling to them. Uncle Buck went on to get a college degree and ascended to trusted leadership positions in his government job. For every ancestor who swung from a rope for wanting to succeed, there is a traumatized Uncle Buck who was taught that success is fraught with peril. And for every Uncle Buck, there are many more who were taught that it is safest not to try at all. “ Diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders have important work to do: help organizations face the past.”Committed DEI work can make a difference.
Cannabis, sex tech and psychedelics startups deserve more than stigma
Cannabis, sex tech and psychedelics are often lumped together under the "vice" category — a characterization that prevents many VCs from investing in these spaces. That's the argument Emily Paxhia made on a Twitter Space hosted by TechCrunch+ earlier this week to discuss our latest U.S. cannabis investor survey. When I explored fundraising strategies for sex tech startups earlier this year, I found out that this veto typically comes from the fund's limited partners, or LPs. "Wellness" is a popular term in both the sex tech and cannabis industries — because it makes them more palatable, sure, but also because it truly reflects the impact that entrepreneurs are hoping to have. In Europe, we heard from investors, it is medical cannabis that has most of the momentum.
Biden tells Delaware grads to step up, 'now it's your hour'
(AP) — President Joe Biden told graduates Saturday at his alma mater, the University of Delaware, that “now it's your hour,” as he encouraged young people in the United States to help the country live up to its ideals. Speaking to more than 6,000 graduates, and with the nation mourning victims of two mass shootings in as many weeks. He bemoaned a “crisis of faith” in U.S. institutions and he pressed graduates to work to bind up the country's wounds. It was his fifth commencement address at the university, where the school of public policy and administration bears his name. His sister, Valerie Biden Owens, and his wife, first lady Jill Biden, also graduated from the university.
AP News Summary at 12:33 p.m. EDT
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probeThe actions of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Weather's unwanted guest: Nasty La Nina keeps popping upLa Nina, the flip side of the better known El Nino weather condition, keeps popping up. La Nina is the natural but temporary cooling of parts of the Pacific that changes weather worldwide. For the U.S., La Nina is connected to more drought and fires out West, more Atlantic hurricanes and agricultural losses. In the late 20th century, La Nina hit 28% of the time.
Texas school shooting blamed on all Second Amendment supporters by WaPo columnist: 'You. It's your fault'
A Washington Post opinion column Thursday addressed every single Second Amendment-supporting American in the second person and declared, "You. It’s your fault" that the Texas school shooting and others happened. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: ELON MUSK ASKS WHY MEDIA GIVES MASS MURDERERS THE ATTENTION THEY DESIREShe mentioned how other politicians, "seeing the backlash" to Obama’s statements, "learned what not to say. If it’s a ‘you’ problem, it’s an ‘us’ problem, too — the United States and its culture writ large, right and left included." Emba concluded her screed, writing, "It’s time to admit that we — we Americans, and the rationalizations we tolerate — are to blame.
Gabe Kapler Refuses To Participate In National Anthem
San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler’s decision to skip the pregame U.S. national anthem going forward is bound to spark another furious debate concerning the most divisive bit of Americana of our times. Kapler has said he won’t participate in the anthem, as act of protest over gun violence in the United States. He says he’ll just stay away from the field, indefinitely, until “I feel better about the direction of our country.”“I’m often struck before our games by the lack of delivery of the promise of what our national anthem represents,” Kapler wrote on his personal blog. “San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler is the latest ingrate to disrespect our flag and proud nation,” wrote Sid Rosenberg, co-host of the Bernie and Sid morning radio program on WABC in New York City, on Twitter. But in a time of national mourning over Uvalde, he reminded a grieving country that gestures of patriotism can come in all forms.
Despite ample school security plan, Texas shooter found gaps
The shooting massacre at a Texas elementary school has spurred renewed calls for school safety, but experts debate whether more heavily fortified schools are the right solution. The shooting massacre at a Texas elementary school has spurred renewed calls for school safety, but experts debate whether more heavily fortified schools are the right solution. But when an 18-year-old man arrived Tuesday at the school in Uvalde, Texas, intent on killing children, none of it stopped him. A lock on the classroom door — one of the most basic and widely recommended school safety measures — kept victims in and police out. Some argue that investments in school security have come at the expense of student welfare.
Opinion: Another mass shooting, but nothing changes
Opinion: Another mass shooting, but nothing changesEnlarge this image toggle caption Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images Michael M. Santiago/Getty ImagesMass shootings have become a part of America's landscape. This week, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas; another elementary school. We've seen mass shootings at middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities. Just since 2000, mass shootings in this country have killed worshippers in churches, synagogues and a Sikh temple. Over the past few years, there have been mass shootings on military bases, in municipal buildings, at festivals, bowling alleys and spas.
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe
The actions of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Flowers and candles are placed around crosses at a memorial outside Robb Elementary School to honor the victims killed in this week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. But it wasn’t clear why the school chief ignored their warnings. Arredondo could not be reached for comment Friday, and Uvalde officers were stationed outside his home, but they would not say why. If they did, and criminal charges are still brought, she said it would send a chilling message to police nationwide.
AP News Summary at 11:35 a.m. EDT
Controlling Lyman would give the Russian military a foothold for advancing on larger Ukrainian-held cities in the Donbas. Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probeThe actions of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Official: Girl told 911 'send the police now' as cops waitedUVALDE, Texas (AP) — Students trapped inside a Texas classroom with a gunman repeatedly called 911 as officers waited more than an hour to confront the shooter. That's according to authorities, who said that one of the children pleaded for dispatchers to send the police. Now, Republicans are making similar points as the nation reels from the shooting that killed at least 19 children at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
A Supreme Court justice’s solution to gun violence: Repeal Second Amendment
In a March 27, 2018, New York Times op-ed, Stevens praised the protesters and their call for stricter gun control laws. Urging a politically impossible effort just strengthens opponents of achievable reform.”Tribe expanded on his argument in a Washington Post op-ed, headlined “The Second Amendment isn’t the problem.” “The NRA’s strongest rallying cry has been: ‘They’re coming for our beloved Second Amendment,’” he wrote. Republican President Gerald Ford nominated Stevens to the court in 1975, at a time when Supreme Court nominations were not as politicized as they are today. And America is going to reel from one mass murder to another unless the Second Amendment is repealed or the Supreme Court drastically reduces its scope.”“As a starting point,” he added, “Democrats should drop the mealy-mouthed formulation, ‘Nobody supports the Second Amendment more than I do, but still. Just last month, President Biden declared, “I support the Second Amendment,” although he said that didn’t mean people could get any gun they wanted.
Robert Buckland: Suspected sex offenders should be granted anonymity to protect reputations
Sir Robert said it was not about rich and famous people but about “ordinary people having a discretion-based system that could allow anonymity”. It would have to be balanced by a right for the police, possibly by applying to a court, to lift the anonymity where there was a public interest. He cited cases such as Stuart Hall, the former BBC presenter convicted of indecent assault, where naming could help police track down other victims. “A magistrate or judge would then work it out on the balance of fairness. “We are limiting until charge because we understand the need for open justice,” he said.
Kamala Harris to attend final funeral for Buffalo shooting victims
The last funeral for victims of a gunman’s racist attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, two weeks ago will take place on Saturday afternoon as the oldest person to die in the mass shooting is laid to rest. The vice-president, Kamala Harris, and second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, will attend and the civil rights activist Al Sharpton is expected to deliver the eulogy at the service at Mount Olive Baptist church in Buffalo. She had been visiting her husband of 68 years in a nearby nursing home on that Saturday, 14 May. Whitfield was the mother of the former Buffalo fire commissioner Garnell Whitfield. After a long delay as law enforcement hesitated, the gunman was shot dead by a federal agent.
Opinion | Gen Z Is Cynical. They’ve Earned It.
Kasky said his Pop Pop “was giving me the post-mass-shooting-how-you-doing call,” which, we both noted, happens with pathetic, maddening, horrifying regularity. By pretty much any measure, it has been a dispiriting few years for America’s teenagers and young adults. The American Psychological Association does a regular survey called Stress in America, and in October 2020, the APA was already sounding the alarm:The potential long-term consequences of the persistent stress and trauma created by the pandemic are particularly serious for our country’s youngest individuals, known as Generation Z (Gen Z). Our 2020 survey shows that Gen Z teens (ages 13-17) and Gen Z adults (ages 18-23) are facing unprecedented uncertainty, are experiencing elevated stress and are already reporting symptoms of depression. They are designed to question authority, and they are built to point out painful realities.”
Opinion | The Debate Over Canceling Student Debt
To the Editor:Re “Students Deserve a Loan Bailout,” by Charlie Eaton, Amber Villalobos and Frederick Wherry (Opinion guest essay, May 18):Why should I pay for your student loans? If we really want to wipe out debt, let’s give tax amnesty to anyone who owes more than $10,000. I know it’s politically valuable to tell millions of people you are going to forgive their debt, but it’s not right. Scott HartmanSan Jose, Calif.To the Editor:Re “Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling It Is Still Bad Policy” (editorial, May 15):The reasoning behind targeted rather than across-the-board cancellation of student debt, reasonable as it sounds, is flawed in two fundamental ways.
A Supreme Court justice’s solution to gun violence: Repeal Second Amendment
In a March 27, 2018, New York Times op-ed, Stevens praised the protesters and their call for stricter gun control laws. Urging a politically impossible effort just strengthens opponents of achievable reform.”Tribe expanded on his argument in a Washington Post op-ed, headlined “The Second Amendment isn’t the problem.” “The NRA’s strongest rallying cry has been: ‘They’re coming for our beloved Second Amendment,’” he wrote. “Not sensible gun control. And America is going to reel from one mass murder to another unless the Second Amendment is repealed or the Supreme Court drastically reduces its scope.”“As a starting point,” he added, “Democrats should drop the mealy-mouthed formulation, ‘Nobody supports the Second Amendment more than I do, but still. Just last month, President Biden declared, “I support the Second Amendment,” although he said that didn’t mean people could get any gun they wanted.
Opinion: The people in the global penthouse should worry about the 'little fires everywhere' in the basement
But a new world-wide pattern of “little fires everywhere” may be equally consequential for longer-term economic well-being. Pressing global problemsFor most countries, the war’s immediate economic consequences include higher inflation (which erodes purchasing power), lower growth, increased inequality, and greater financial instability. It’s been done beforeIt is therefore in advanced economies’ interest to help poorer countries reduce the mounting risk of little economic fires everywhere. Threat to global well-beingAbsent more rapid progress in these areas, the little-fires-everywhere phenomenon will damage global economic well-being by further weakening growth, increasing the risk of a recession, and fueling additional financial instability. This commentary was published with permission of Project Syndicate—Beware a Global Economy with Little Fires Everywhere
AP News Summary at 10:11 a.m. EDT
Russia takes small cities, aims to widen east Ukraine battleKRAMATORSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia has claimed the capture of a key railway junction as its forces fight to seize all of eastern Ukraine's contested Donbas region. Official: Girl told 911 'send the police now' as cops waitedUVALDE, Texas (AP) — Students trapped inside a Texas classroom with a gunman repeatedly called 911 as officers waited more than an hour to confront the shooter. That's according to authorities, who said that one of the children pleaded for dispatchers to send the police. Now, it's urged to helpSTAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Europe’s frantic search for alternatives to Russian natural gas has dramatically increased the demand — and price — for Norway's oil and gas. Now, Republicans are making similar points as the nation reels from the shooting that killed at least 19 children at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
Fact check: NRA speakers distort gun and crime statistics
WASHINGTON (AP) — Speakers at the National Rifle Association annual meeting assailed a Chicago gun ban that doesn't exist, ignored security upgrades at the Texas school where children were slaughtered and roundly distorted national gun and crime statistics as they pushed back against any tightening of gun laws. THE FACTS: Chicago hasn't had a ban on handguns for over a decade. And in 2014, a federal judge overturned the city's ban on gun shops. Since the ban was lifted, the rifles — called "modern sporting rifles" by the industry — have surged in popularity. THE FACTS: This claim overlooks the fact that Uvalde had doubled its school-security budget and spent years upgrading the protections for schoolchildren.
UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet caps China trip with call for counterterrorism review
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet says she raised concerns about the use of counterterrorism and deradicalisation measures, particularly in relation to Uygurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities. Photo: Reuters
Americans Aren’t Numb to Mass Shootings
The notion that the country is “numb” to the mass violence that breaks out here on a seemingly daily basis is simply not true. We have covered so many of these, often several in a year, that an industry that thrives on “new” information struggles to come up with anything unique to say about the latest outbreak of senseless violence. Instead, there has been a slow recognition that the senseless violence is the reality we’re living in—unlike many tragedies, there’s nothing unrecognizable in a mass shooting; this is just day-to-day life. Hence, for many, the “numb” moniker feels like an explanation. None of the “numbness” derives from witnessing so much violence, week in and week out.
Sandy Hook dad: Here’s how to prevent the next mass shooting
As with many gunmen of mass shootings, the Uvalde shooter exhibited several warning signs before his attack, yet no one intervened. Daniel was a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Gun violence is a public health epidemic — not a partisan issue, and demands smart, strategic policy solutions. Barden says that gun violence is a public health epidemic — not a partisan issue. James KeivomMark Barden is co-founder and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, and the father of Daniel, who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy on Dec. 14, 2012.
What school shootings do to the kids who survive them, from Sandy Hook to Uvalde
Social Issues What school shootings do to the kids who survive them, from Sandy Hook to Uvalde Children who have lived through school shootings share how the horror of what they saw or heard or lost still haunts them Loading... People gather at a memorial for the slain Robb Elementary School students and teachers at the City of Uvalde Town Square. “I’m sorry.”The children and adults who die in school shootings dominate headlines and consume the public’s attention. Those tallies, however, do not begin to capture the true scope of this epidemic in the United States, where hundreds of thousands of children’s lives have been profoundly changed by school shootings. “I felt sad and scared, at the same time,” Zoey, now 9, said of her reaction to the news she’d heard about Uvalde. What she still cannot bear, and what her parents try hard to hide from her, is the news of other school shootings.
Missteps in Uvalde shooting response echo Pulse massacre, where 49 died
Brandon Wolf managed to escape the June 12, 2016, massacre at the Orlando nightclub that claimed the lives of his friends Drew Leinonen and Juan Guerrero, and 47 others — one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history. Orlando police officers outside Pulse nightclub after a fatal shooting and hostage situation, in Orlando, Fla., on June 12, 2016. And just like the Texas shooter, he was armed with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. Maria Haberfeld, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and an expert on police tactics, said "there are indeed similarities between what happened in Texas and the Pulse nightclub." "The difference is that the police in Texas knew there were kids there, they knew they were vulnerable, and they knew this guy went there to kill them," she said.
San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler to skip national anthem after Uvalde
San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler said Friday he will refuse to take the field for the pregame national anthem "going forward," following the massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. "I don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until I feel better about the direction of our country," Kapler told reporters Friday before the Giants played the Cincinnati Reds. Kapler elaborated in a blog post published Friday on his website. — he appeared to blast the police response to the massacre as well as the U.S. gun lobby and the political status quo. We were told it could have been worse, and we just need love," Kapler wrote.
Column: To raise children in America is to know the routine: Shooting. Despair. Resignation. Repeat.
To raise children in America is to know the routine. To raise children in America is to feel abandoned by the leaders and policymakers who could actually disrupt that routine. To raise children in America is to know and believe our children deserve better. To raise children in America is to know and believe we will arrive at better. But to raise children in America is to know and believe we can do better.
Soucheray: Is it a gun problem or a people problem? It’s both
We can no longer enjoy the luxury of arguing that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a people problem. School shootings didn’t happen 50 years ago. We had subway platforms 50 years ago, but people weren’t getting shoved onto the tracks or shot. We had fast-food places 50 years ago, but the workers didn’t get shot if they mixed up an order. Semiautomatic guns should be incredibly difficult to obtain.
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe
Stefanie DazioAssociated PressThe actions – or more notably, the inaction – of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week’s shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The delay in confronting the shooter – who was inside the school for more than an hour – could lead to discipline, lawsuits and even criminal charges against police. But it wasn’t clear why the school chief ignored their warnings. Arredondo could not be reached for comment Friday, and Uvalde officers were stationed outside his home, but they would not say why. If they did, and criminal charges are still brought, she said it would send a chilling message to police nationwide.
AP News Summary at 9:16 a.m. EDT
Russia takes small cities, aims to widen east Ukraine battleKRAMATORSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia has claimed the capture of a key railway junction as its forces fight to seize all of eastern Ukraine's contested Donbas region. Official: Girl told 911 'send the police now' as cops waitedUVALDE, Texas (AP) — Students trapped inside a Texas classroom with a gunman repeatedly called 911 as officers waited more than an hour to confront the shooter. Now, it's urged to helpSTAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Europe’s frantic search for alternatives to Russian natural gas has dramatically increased the demand — and price — for Norway's oil and gas. AP FACT CHECK: NRA speakers distort gun and crime statisticsWASHINGTON (AP) — An AP Fact Check is examining rhetoric from the National Rifle Association's annual meeting. Former President Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were among the speakers who distorted the security situation at the Uvalde, Texas, school where a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers.
Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe
The actions — or more notably, the inaction — of a school district police chief and other law enforcement officers moved swiftly to the center of the investigation into this week's shocking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. But it wasn’t clear why the school chief ignored their warnings. Arredondo could not be reached for comment Friday, and Uvalde officers were stationed outside his home, but they would not say why. If they did, and criminal charges are still brought, she said it would send a chilling message to police nationwide. More on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: https://apnews.com/hub/uvalde-school-shooting
Opinion | America’s Human Sacrifices
A slain teacher’s husband died of a heart attack after he took flowers to her memorial at the school. convention in Houston Friday evening and spouted gun lobby talking points — small price for the tens of millions it spent to get him elected. cared by reading the names of the dead children and teachers, with a bell gonging after each name. When a gunman killed 35 people in Tasmania in 1996, the Australian government passed such common-sense gun laws six months later that there has been only one mass shooting since. When an anti-Islamic extremist in Christchurch killed 51 people in two mosques in 2019, the New Zealand government banned most semiautomatic weapons 26 days later.
Matthew McConaughey makes return to hometown of Uvalde to help community ‘heal’
Matthew McConaughey returned to his grieving hometown of Uvalde, Texas, after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary school left 19 children and two teachers dead. After learning of the horror unfolding, McConaughey released a lengthy statement on social media about the tragedy. “Thank you Matthew for helping to heal our community,” Gonzales tweeted. “Appreciate Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey helping us heal,” he said. “As you all are aware there was another mass shooting today, this time in my hometown of Uvalde, Texas,” the actor wrote on social media.
Opinion | Police mistakes in Uvalde should not take focus off the real issue: guns
It was one of more than half a dozen calls, at least two from students, made to 911 over 78 minutes. The incident commander believed the gunman had barricaded himself in the room and that no more children were at risk. Yes, it appears that people in Uvalde made mistakes. That’s madness, and that’s something we can try to fix with common-sense gun law reform. They owe the children and teachers of Uvalde more than their thoughts and prayers.
Opinion | Let’s focus more on why people kill than what they use to do it
And those increasingly viewed as the moral leaders of our nation — professional athletes and coaches, entertainers and talk show hosts — chimed in to rip Republicans and insist on more gun legislation. AdvertisementBiden pondered why massacres are more prevalent in the United States than in other countries that also have “people who are lost” and suffer from mental illness. In fact, the notion that gun violence happens disproportionately here is misleading. Anyone who worries about gun violence in the United States should be equally concerned that we have the highest drug death rate in the world, since drugs and gun violence go hand in hand. Crafting new gun restrictions, difficult as that might be, is easier than delving into the truth that our gun violence problem has its roots in a people violence problem.
After Uvalde and Buffalo, even Republicans seem to know something has to change - The Washington Post
The dead bodies this time — from a grocery store and an elementary school — were mostly children and the elderly. Next: An 18-year-old killed 21 people, 19 children and two teachers, at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tex. AdvertisementIf my reading of social media is correct, public outrage seems finally to have reached a crescendo that might lead to change. One can stand the sight of only so many dead children. Since the first K-12 school mass shooting in Stockton, Calif., in 1989, we’ve had front-row seats to 13 more massacres.
President Joe Biden says young people need these 3 leadership skills to change the world
President Joe Biden sees a silver lining to that, especially for recent college graduates. "You faced added challenges to maintain a sense of mission and community and purpose when a global pandemic forced ... literally everything to change," Biden said. In addition to adaptability, Biden highlighted respect and inclusivity as important leadership traits for young people to lean into, arguing that they're especially valuable right now because the world is realigning. But the leadership skills they've already learned, even unknowingly, could give them a better capacity to ultimately change the world for the better in the coming years. "No generation of graduates gets to pick what world they're ... going to graduate into," Biden said.
Column: A Latino-on-Latino mass shooting. What now?
The mass shooting is already among the 10 worst in U.S. history. Yet a Latino had never been the killer in any those or any of the other 10 worst mass shootings — until Ramos. We can’t pretend that the sickness of mass shootings is a whites-only phenomenon fueled mostly by racial hatred. A country of mass killings, no war necessary, hyper-charged — nay, guaranteed — by our dangerously simple access to guns. The tragedy in Uvalde disproves what white supremacists say about Latinos and other minorities.
Editorial: The three most crucial races before South Bay voters
Voters won’t be selecting a president this year, but the June 7 primary election will shape Bay Area politics for years to come. He is the only candidate advocating for greater accountability at City Hall on San Jose’s highest priority issues. His heart, energy and common-sense approach makes him the best candidate to follow Sam Liccardo as San Jose’s next mayor. Rosen for DAVoters should reelect Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen for a fourth term in office. Two candidates — Palo Alto Police Chief Bob Jonsen and retired Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Captain Kevin Jensen — stand out in the five-person race.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Real change will only come from all of us | Letters to the editor
Ron DeSantis expressed support for a law allowing people without gun permits to carry loaded firearms in Florida. (The Florida Channel)The silence is deafening from our open-carry-gun-law-advocating governor after the latest killing of elementary school children. This requires action from the ground up, because neither Congress nor the politicized Supreme Court will help the people. The only way to make it safer for our children and grandchildren is to arm as many teachers as possible. However, the repeated use of words such as ‘unfounded’ or ‘baseless’ does not constitute unbiased reporting of the facts.
The race to become Oregon’s next governor: week in review
Oregon’s three leading candidates for governor are all former lawmakers, so voters can look at their voting histories to learn where they stand on important issues. Independent candidate Betsy Johnson’s history of steadfast opposition to gun control proposals came up this week, after Johnson reacted to the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas which left 19 students and two faculty members dead.
AP News Summary at 9:01 a.m. EDT
Russia takes small cities, aims to widen east Ukraine battleKRAMATORSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia has claimed the capture of a key railway junction as its forces fight to seize all of eastern Ukraine's contested Donbas region. Official: Girl told 911 'send the police now' as cops waitedUVALDE, Texas (AP) — Students trapped inside a Texas classroom with a gunman repeatedly called 911 as officers waited more than an hour to confront the shooter. Now, it's urged to helpSTAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Europe’s frantic search for alternatives to Russian natural gas has dramatically increased the demand — and price — for Norway's oil and gas. Fleeing the Russians: Evacuations are slow, arduous, fraughtBAKHMUT, Ukraine (AP) — To a threatening soundtrack of air raid sirens and booming artillery, civilians are fleeing towns and cities in eastern Ukraine as Russian forces advance. AP FACT CHECK: NRA speakers distort gun and crime statisticsWASHINGTON (AP) — An AP Fact Check is examining rhetoric from the National Rifle Association's annual meeting.
Has Colombian left’s time come at last as ex-rebel closes in on presidency?
He began his political career in the ranks of a Colombian guerrilla army, has survived assassination attempts and served as senator and mayor of Bogotá. Around him, people drank beer and waved flags of the M-19, the onetime rebel group to which Petro belonged. “People are going hungry in their homes.”A mural depicting Gustavo Petro and vice-presidential candidate Francia Márquez, in Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá. Pizarro’s daughter, María José Pizarro, a senator-elect from Petro’s coalition, said that political violence remains endemic in Colombia, making Petro’s polling success even more striking. Billboards across the country liken Petro to Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan strongman who led his country from democracy to dictatorship via economic ruin.
Ukraine crisis is the most ‘difficult and dangerous’ to manage
But what ought to be receiving more attention is the danger inherent in the basic structure of the crisis itself. In Berlin, despite Soviet and Western military forces facing off against each other, the Western powers ultimately acquiesced in the building of the wall. This is the most difficult and dangerous kind of crisis to manage and is the fundamental reason why this crisis is every bit as dangerous, if not more so, as Cuba. Third, the recent fiasco of US intelligence officers leaking their role in the targeting of Russian military assets in Ukraine demonstrates that crisis communications have been insufficiently gripped. The goal of crisis management must be to both protect our vital interests and to avoid direct military confrontation with Russia.
Hundreds of students attend protest march in Chile
Hundreds of students protested in Santiago, Chile on Friday, demanding that food subsidies and funds for structural improvements to public schools be allocated in the country's budget. At one particularly violent intersection police were forced to use their water cannon trucks to put out a bus set on fire by a group of protesters. As a student leader, Boric often led protests against inequality that rocked the country that was once seen as a bedrock of political stability in the region. As a candidate, he vowed to bring a seismic shift in the political landscape. Now some of his voters are disappointed that change appears slow and the students are returning to the streets to register their displeasure.
Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson Says “No” to “Wild” Requests for School Shooting Episode
In the wake of the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 students and two teachers dead, Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson revealed that she’s received requests from fans to produce “a school shooting episode” of her breakout ABC comedy. In a Twitter thread, Brunson made her position on the suggestion very clear: “the answer is ‘no.’"Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. “Wild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write,” she tweeted Wednesday. Brunson kept the sender of the DM anonymous, but said that message was “one of many.”On Abbott Elementary, Brunson stars as Janine Teagues, an optimistic but green second-grade teacher who works at an underfunded Philadelphia public school. After rejecting the idea, Brunson had a different suggestion for those who have asked her to write a school shooting episode.
Matthew McConaughey: “We Must Do Better” After School Shooting in His Hometown of Uvalde
“Once again, we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us,” he began. “This is an epidemic we can control,” he wrote, “and whichever side of the aisle we may stand on, we all know we can do better. Texas Governor Greg Abbott identified the shooter as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old who lived in Uvalde. As a nation we have to ask, when in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? When in God's name we will do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?”
“Serious Money Has the Ability to Distort Reality”: Hernan Diaz on His New Novel
Tucked away in a corner of Brooklyn’s Othmer Library, Hernan Diaz waves his hand over a shelf of 19th-century land records. The library has granted Diaz a private visit for an interview about his new novel, Trust, published by Riverhead Books this week. Technically, Diaz is an author of historical fiction, insofar that his books are set in the past. Diaz lives about one mile and 100 years from the world of his new novel. When the situation in Argentina was safer, his family returned, but Diaz felt an international itch he needed to scratch.
7 Books We Can’t Stop Talking About
Eliot’s “cruelest month” only to tumble headlong into one in which the leaked draft of a majority ruling illustrated a Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. Would choose burgeoning lilacs over being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, but go off, Thomas! I read and wrote about the first book on this list before the draft posted online; afterwards, a scene from the book stood out in retrospect. When she requests an abortion, the physician who confirmed the pregnancy advises against it. The nurses and doctor treat her well, but she “could not stop crying.
Republicans’ “Good Guy With a Gun” Calls Look Even More Absurd in Wake of Disastrous Police Response During Texas School Shooting
Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The Texas suspect, Salvador Ramos, didn’t exactly sneak in a side door at Robb Elementary School before starting his shooting spree. Witness accounts from the scene outside of the elementary school suggest a catastrophic failure on the part of the police who, again, conservatives routinely insist negate the need for stronger gun control. National school security expert Kenneth Trump told the Post the delay will be difficult to explain away.
We Don’t Deserve Beto O’Rourke
The only public figure with the guts to confront cynical Republicans over gun laws and the Texas massacre was a defiant Democrat who the media class long ago dismissed: gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke. Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan grapple with the horrors of this week’s events in Uvalde, Texas, and what they say about our broken politics and national backslide. When rare instances of idealism and courage are framed by political elites as mere opportunism, is there any hope left? Where do we go from here? Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.
Joe Manchin Says “This Time Feels Different” — Again
Can Joe Manchin succeed at something he’s failed many, many times before? “I can’t get my grandchildren out of my mind.”“It feels different right now,” he said. Manchin says he’s more hopeful this time around. “I’ve never been more encouraged by more activity from my Republican colleagues and Democrat colleagues,” he said. “I can remember after Sandy Hook, I didn’t have anybody coming to the table.” Maybe that’s so, but with Manchin and the Republicans, it’s hard to believe it until you actually see it.
“We All Know This Isn’t Okay”: Gabby Giffords on How to Find Hope, and Demand Change, After Uvalde
It felt like Sandy Hook, the Sequel. Former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords. Neither existed the morning of Sandy Hook. Gabby Giffords: On Tuesday morning, I flew from a work trip in Seattle back home to Tucson. One of my first thoughts was that it was like Sandy Hook all over again.
Why It’s Time to Believe Amber Heard
Where to begin with the online cesspit that is Depp v. Heard? Johnny Depp is seeking damages of $50 million after Amber Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018 in which she spoke of being a victim of domestic abuse (without ever explicitly naming Depp). The company behind the makeup compact Heard used to hide her bruises even made a TikTok disputing her claims. Heard is being systematically jeered at and ridiculed like a medieval criminal in the stocks as she catalogs historic abuse, as she alleges rape. We certainly don’t want to believe that this entire court case is a precise and conniving operation in discrediting Heard, regardless of what she has to say, regardless of her truth.
Oklahoma’s Legislature Just Passed the Strictest Abortion Ban in the Country
It appears that the near-complete ban on abortions after six weeks in Texas was only the beginning of the rollback of reproductive rights in the U.S.: On Thursday the Oklahoma Legislature gave approval to a bill that would prohibit nearly all abortions beginning at fertilization. The bill subjects abortion providers and anyone who “aids or abets” an abortion to civil suits from private individuals, with the winners of those lawsuits being paid at least $10,000. If signed by Oklahoma’s Republican governor Kevin Stitt, the bill would take effect immediately. This Thursday Planned Parenthood announced plans to fight the ban in court, but in the meantime many Oklahoma clinics that offer abortion services are scrambling to provide care while they still can. Even if Governor Stitt does not sign the bill, Oklahoma is one of 13 states with so-called trigger laws that would automatically ban abortion in the first and second trimesters if Roe v. Wade were overturned.
Beto O’Rourke Was Right to Interrupt Greg Abbott’s Post-Uvalde Press Conference
On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman entered an Uvalde, Texas elementary school with a long rifle and proceeded to kill 19 children and two teachers in a single classroom. On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott—a longtime NRA supporter who has been instrumental in relaxing state gun laws—held a press conference to pass the buck to “mental health illness.”During the press conference, Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke interrupted Abbott, saying, “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing. As he was ejected from the room, he continued to lambast Abbott, saying: “This is on you, until you choose to do something different. This will continue to happen. If citizens have to live in fear of death, politicians should be prepared for a response.
Following the Uvalde Shooting, Here Are 5 Steps You Can Take to Help
On Tuesday, May 24, a gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and fatally shot 19 children and 2 teachers in what is now the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012. Below, find five actions you can take to stand with the victims and survivors of the Uvalde shooting and lessen the grip of the gun lobby on our country. Attend a march or protest in your areaEvents planned to commemorate the Uvalde victims’ lives and protest the ongoing gun-violence crisis in the U.S. are taking place everywhere from New York City to Austin this weekend and beyond. Meanwhile, the student-led March for Our Lives movement is planning a rally and march in D.C. for Saturday, June 11. If you’re in the Texas Hill Country area, you can learn more about blood donation here.
Two years after George Floyd’s murder, this is how to keep allies in the fight
How allies can stay in the fight And while I do believe that our culture has moved forward significantly. And in particular I would ask allies: do you feel like you’re still in the fight? advertisementI think we need to acknowledge what this implies for the true nature of social justice work. People who campaign for social justice at whatever level must accept the perpetual nature of the task. But let’s remember to be humble, stay engaged and make this fight personal in whatever way we can.
Why we need ’emotional diversity’ at work right now
Among the 5,000 people who took our free online test on emotional intelligence at work, 51% replied that they “always” or “frequently” need to put on a show. But often the fear of organizational backlash prevents us from pursuing a more emotional life at work, very much at the expense of more fulfilling and effective work cultures. Emotional diversity also means emotional granularity, a term coined by the psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett, whose research suggests that people with higher degrees of emotional granularity are better at responding to life challenges. We must have empathy with ourselves Finally, emotional diversity requires empathy: the ability to relate to the feelings of others. “At work, we feel the need to keep ourselves put together.
This powerful leadership style gets results (without coming off as a jerk)
To me, she was the epitome of soft power, a testament to the principle that soft power—not hard power—wins in the long run. Soft power vs hard power Political scientist Joseph Nye coined the term “soft power” in 1990, explaining it in reference to its opposite. “Hard power can rest on inducements (‘carrots’) or threats (‘sticks’)…soft power [means] getting others to want the outcomes that you want.” Military force is the textbook example of hard power. Because soft power works on a level of belief: When everyone has the same goals, mass-scale harmony becomes possible. It’s no coincidence that the age of soft power and the age of digital networks arose simultaneously.
If you’re not optimistic about the future, try these 4 strategies to flip your perspective
When someone is a self-proclaimed realist, or simply pessimistic by nature, decisions are often made considering only one factor: risk. Let me be the first to admit that, as the son of a career accountant, considering risk was bred into me. Aside from the benefits of considering what might be, rather than what might happen, studies have demonstrated that taking an optimistic view provides benefits beyond thinking big. When someone shares a pessimistic view, get in the habit of challenging their viewpoint. Let me be the first to suggest that becoming and maintaining an optimistic view is challenging.
Your constructive feedback helps no one if you trigger this emotional reaction
Now more than ever, feedback and career development opportunities are a crucial aspect of retaining employees during the Great Resignation. advertisementadvertisementEnsuring feedback is delivered in a constructive, positive manner can mean the difference between a confident employee and a discouraged one. As I sit with an employee and offer feedback, I refrain from critiquing, and start out by asking questions. advertisementWhen offering feedback, don’t patronize the person—where your comments seem “kind” on the surface but really convey your own superiority. They erroneously think that the “win” itself is enough to make an employee feel valued.
Your BIPOC employees are sick and tired of getting asked this question
Leaders must be prepared to lead a multicultural workforce and ensure that people of color feel like they belong in their organizations. Understand the impact of that question Your intent may be to try to get to know the person better. During this period of the Great Resignation, one of the biggest reasons employees are leaving is because they feel disrespected. Many people of color already feel that they don’t belong when they are working in organizations where they are underrepresented. Seventy percent of employees say that work friendships are critical to being happy and feeling like you belong at work.
18 Republicans and Counting Support the Florida Competitive Workforce Act
18 Republicans and Counting Support the Florida Competitive Workforce ActA growing number of Republican legislators have signed on as supporters of HB 347 / SB 66, also known as the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (FCWA), which would update the 1992 Florida Civil Rights Act to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. Currently, 18 Republicans have added their names to the list of supporters. “The strong bipartisan support of the Florida Competitive Workforce Act shows that the issue is not only good public policy, but it is the right thing to do,” said Rep. Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota). Passing the FCWA would help our state be more competitive in the national and international job markets, as well as help attract and retain the best in workforce talent. “Today’s marketplace demands we provide an environment in which to attract the best and brightest to our state,” states Rene Plasencia (R-St.
Should the federal government spend more money on conducting elections?
That’s often a tall order for small jurisdictions, where local election officials consistently report being cash-strapped. Many of the elections for which states and municipalities are responsible are federal, as in presidential and congressional; and those elections tend to attract larger voter turnouts. This became clear in 2016, when Russia interfered in the presidential election through server hacking, email phishing, and social media misinformation. The problem with that, the report explains, is there are likely many more local elections than federal ones on any given ballot, which would minimize the amount the federal government pays. Administrators would likely have to weigh races by importance, increasing the price tag for a presidential election, say, versus a local legislative election.
The pandemic created a new billionaire every 30 hours as millions brace for extreme poverty
Oxfam International has a new report out today that highlights the rapidly widening gap between the few ultra-rich and the world’s poorest. The report, titled “Profiting from Pain,” found that during the first two years of the pandemic, a new billionaire was minted every 30 hours, with a total of 573 of the world’s richest becoming billionaires during that time frame. On the flip side, in 2022, Oxfam expects a million people to fall into extreme poverty every 33 hours—nearly the same rate a new billionaire is minted. While the billionaires who control these assets will profit even more, hundreds of millions could be priced out of staying alive, Oxfam warns. Other shocking findings: The world’s 2,668 billionaires own $12.7 trillion of the planet’s wealth, with the world’s 10 richest men owning more than the poorest 3.1 billion people on earth.
The polling is clear: Americans want background checks
Instead, the Golden State Warriors coach chastises politicians in Congress for failing—time and again and again and again—to enact sensible gun control measures that might help prevent some of these devastating shootings. In the impassioned speech, Kerr cites a statistic that 90% of Americans support criminal background checks for gun purchases. Although the exact percentages have wavered over the years, polls consistently show that most Americans believe current gun laws are not restrictive enough—and basic remedies, such as background checks, enjoy broad support among both Democrats and Republicans. Kerr may have been citing a Suffolk University/USA Today poll from 2019, in which 90% of registered voters said they support background checks. It’s by no means the only poll that demonstrates how badly Americans want this to happen.
This is how Florida educators are fighting back against ‘Don’t Say Gay’
Alex Quinto, a middle-school counselor in Pinellas, Florida, has lots of questions about what “Don’t Say Gay” means for his students. He, like many educators in Florida, is unclear about what the infamous “Don’t Say Gap” bill means in practice. But the part of the bill that’s drawn the most criticism (and earned the name Don’t Say Gay”) is its limits on instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through third grade. “Don’t Say Gay is unconstitutional and a violation of Title IX,” says Joe Saunders, senior political director and a former member of the Florida House of Representatives. Saunders sees “Don’t Say Gay” as part of DeSantis’s bid for presidency.
How to help Uvalde school shooting victims: 4 things you can do right now
On Tuesday, an 18-year-old man entered the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where he shot to death 19 children and two adults while further injuring another 15 children. As NPR reports , the Uvalde school shooting was America’s 27th school shooting of the year (we are only in the 22nd week of 2022) and the 212th mass shooting since January 1, 2022. Politicians subservient to the gun lobby responded in the typical ways when making suggestions on what could be done to prevent future tragedies, yet without meaningful gun control reform, America’s schools are likely to remain a shooting gallery. As for helping those caught in the aftermath of the Uvalde elementary school shooting, here’s how you can help the victims right now:
90% of Asian Americans worry about being attacked as anti-Asian violence and hate crimes spike
I’m completely traumatized.” Violence against Asian Americans is on the rise, and Asian Americans are changing their routines as a result. According to a new study from Pew Research, 90% of Asian Americans worry that they might be threatened or attacked because of their ethnicity. By comparison, about 32% of Black Americans worry about being attacked because of their race or identity, 14% of Hispanic Americans, and only 4% of white Americans. Asian Americans were more likely to say violence against Asian Americans is increasing: two-thirds said anti-Asian violence is on the rise, compared to 44% of white Americans and about a third of Black and Hispanic Americans. In general, 48% of Asian Americans said making stronger laws against hate crimes would help.
As a Black Man, I Can’t Just “Leave My Troubles at the Door” After the Tragedy in Buffalo
In corporate America, the attitude has historically been to leave your personal troubles at the door when you arrive at the office. In corporate America, the attitude has historically been to leave your personal troubles at the door when you arrive at the office. Our personal lives often bleed into how we interact and perform in our professional lives, and no one knows this better than African Americans processing the Buffalo, New York tragedy. No matter what political stand you take, people on any side of the aisle can see African Americans were the victims of a violent aggressor. A place of work that knows what we experience outside of work, can and will impact our lives at work.
Educators, Your Asian Students Could Use Your Support
The institutional silence had uprooted the more fundamental concerns of Asian students — several of whom had been feeling that this was the last straw. On February 22, the association held a town hall, a safe space where Asian students could express their grievances. The belief that Asian students don’t need the same support as other marginalized groups is a byproduct of racism. Based on conversations with business school students, experts, and other business leaders in my community, here are some ways educators can support Asian students. Asian students need more administrators, professors, and academic leaders to demonstrate this kind of leadership.
How to Be a Compassionate Manager in a Heartless Organization
Being a compassionate leader is being a good leader. The author presents six strategies that will help you be a compassionate leader in a less-than-ideal environment. Research shows that employees who work for compassionate managers are 25% more engaged in their jobs, 20% more committed to the organization, and 11% less likely to burn out. These six strategies will help you be a compassionate leader and may even convince some of your less-compassionate colleagues that they can do better. Being a compassionate leader is being a good leader.
Staying Positive and On-Track in Uncertain Times
Here are three things we recommend to leaders to lead in these uncertain times. As a leader, she saw an opportunity to demonstrate real courage to steer the ship through difficult times. Caring transparency helps to put leaders on the same page as their employees which in turn drives positive outcomes. Leading others is difficult in normal times, but in these unprecedented times of constant change and uncertainty, it is especially tough. Admit mistakes when you’re wrong, choose courage even when it makes you feel vulnerable, and share what’s on your mind and in your heart.
How Taxes Impact Your Wealth Gap
You can’t have an accurate calculation without understanding how taxes impact your wealth gap. As such, it can be the difference in whether taxes impact your wealth gap in a negative way. Historical Tax Data To better put into context how taxes impact your wealth gap, let’s look at some of these numbers through a tax rate calculator. Putting It All Together: How Taxes Impact Your Wealth Gap According to the old adage, there are two certainties in this life: death and taxes. With that in mind, I wanted to get you thinking about how taxes will likely impact your wealth gap.
Jason Brown, SVP, Advertising Sales, DIRECTV Advertising
The Upfronts Need an UpgradeWe know how powerful TV can be, but as advertisers face headwinds and struggle to place budgets within premium TV content, they need to adapt their strategies accordingly.
Webinar: Managing Innovation’s Productive Tensions
Leaders must answer eight key questions to address the hidden tensions underlying innovation strategies. Why do most corporate innovation efforts fail to pay off, with 3 out of 4 new product releases failing to gain traction in the marketplace? In their new book, Productive Tensions: How Every Leader Can Tackle Innovation’s Toughest Trade-Offs (MIT Press), Bingham and McDonald illuminate the competing aims inherent in innovation, such as whether to pursue efficiency or flexibility, consistency or change, or product or purpose. In this webinar, you will learn:The eight critical tensions that innovation leaders will encounter and must master in order to succeed. sign up Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up Privacy Policy
Inclusion Is the Key Ingredient to Innovative Leadership
For Ruchika Tulshyan — author, speaker, and founder and CEO of Candour, a diversity and inclusion strategy firm — the No. 1 trait among innovative leaders is simple: inclusion. Tulshyan has dedicated her career to teaching leaders how to implement diversity and inclusion practices that actually have an impact. Having a child has been a big part of why I’ve made it my life’s mission to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion work. When leaders — male leaders, White leaders — model what it’s like to be open and vulnerable, my hope is more of us can feel safe to speak up.
Ron Finley, the Self-Proclaimed Gangsta Gardener, Found Purpose Fighting Food Poverty in South LA
“Waking up in the morning with nothing hurting too bad.” Has Ron Finley mastered the art of just being? Because to garden you first need land, and South L.A. instead has an abundance of fast food chains and dialysis centers. Shortly thereafter, Finley founded the Ron Finley Project, a not-for-profit that empowers people across the globe to grow their own food and take back their power. Finley doesn’t pay himself a penny from what the Ron Finley Project raises and pours those resources back into the work and his community instead. This is what the Ron Finley Project specializes in.
Afraid of Public Speaking? 7 Tips to Do It Well
One man confided he’d thrown up before speaking to colleagues at an annual conference. The number one piece of advice I give to those seeking public speaking advice is the same I give to anyone who wants to speak with greater power, presence and impact. When you make what you have to say about you, it prevents you from speaking in ways that optimize how your words land on others. Keep in mind, your speaking is not about you proving your brilliance, winning raving fans, making yourself “right” or making others “wrong”—it’s about making things better. You don’t serve anyone if people walk away from your presentation feeling like they just drank from a fire hose.
How the West can win Putin’s war on food
Most of the West has already started to wean itself off Russian oil, and may soon be able to switch off the gas pipelines as well. But although we may be able to do without Russia’s energy, food is a different matter. It is becoming increasingly clear that Vladimir Putin is weaponising food supplies as part of his war on the West. Between them, the two countries supply 28% of globally traded wheat, 29% of barley, 15% of maize, and 75% of sunflower oil. It is hardly surprising we have ended up so completely dependent on Russia and Ukraine.
How healthy boundaries build trust in the workplace
There are three steps to better boundary management: identifying boundaries, setting boundaries, and maintaining boundaries. Open and assertive communication styles are essential to healthy boundary setting. Perceived power imbalances between employers and employees may make setting healthy boundaries difficult, particularly for entry-level professionals. Therefore, it is in employers’ best interest to support healthy workplace boundaries among all employees. By taking steps to identify, set, and maintain healthy boundaries at work, employees and managers can build trust, improve resilience, and contribute to a higher-performing environment for everyone.
Maintaining network connections
Yet you probably devote less time to these large but weak networks than to your small number of strong ties. The value of weak ties lies in their number: they have value precisely because there are so many of them. Having many weak ties provides an exciting opportunity for people to connect beyond their immediate group into the wider community. An understanding of the role that weak and strong ties play in building and maintaining networks should inform the redesign of work. Did people have broad, weak ties to many others both within and outside the business?
How talented are you at spotting talent?
“Identifying underrated talent is one of the most potent ways to give yourself a personal or organizational edge,” they say. Talent offers thoughtful ways to assess the nascent potential of job candidates. The two offer a handful of wise tactics to gauge a potential hire’s potential talent. Cowen and Gross argue that individuals with such ostensible disadvantages often compensate in ways that lead to greater skill or achievement. That said, this book will challenge you to think deeper about how to gauge talent, and guide your search for the right people for the right gig.
'The world doesn’t care': Homeless deaths spiked during pandemic, not from COVID. From drugs.
LOS ANGELES – It happened nine different times. Sometimes it would be after spotting someone shooting up heroin and suddenly losing consciousness. In others, it would be after shouts in the dead of night that someone was dying of an overdose. Each time, Fredrick Mitchel, 58, pulled out Narcan, the medicine that can undo an opioid overdose, and tried to save a life.
With national anthem stance, Giants manager Gabe Kapler is showing what real patriotism looks like | Opinion
Gabe Kapler is not going to solve the gun crisis in America by refusing to stand on a baseball field during the national anthem. He knows that. He’s not going to change the minds of millions of Americans who believe that their right to own an assault rifle supersedes the rights of the rest of us to live without fear of being randomly shot at a grocery store, a place of worship or a school. He knows that, too.
Opinion | America Is Under the Gun
Bret: I fear what we have is a trend, not an outlier of a year, caused by bad policy decisions. Gail: You know, I once worked for a newspaper in the town where Sandy Hook Elementary School was. Still remember sitting in my office at The Times when the news about the shooting came over and just staring out the window in disbelief. Bret: You know, it used to be that Republicans weren’t all bonkers on this subject. Bush quitting the National Rifle Association over some outrageous comments it made back in the 1990s — and the N.R.A.
A Texas School. A Buffalo Store. The Toll of Gun Violence Mounts in the U.S. - The New York Times
The United States seems to be failing to protect its people by the week. With the gun massacre in East Buffalo followed by the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, many Americans have spent the past few days gripped by overwhelming incredulity and grief, exhaustion and fury over the loss of life. Meanwhile, 911 dis­patch­ers re­ceived several calls from inside the class­room, in­clud­ing repeated calls from a child beg­ging them to send the po­lice. By the end of his rampage, the gunman had killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School. At least one mother was put in handcuffs, only to spring over a fence and sprint into the school to scoop up her child when the opportunity presented itself.
Democrats are gaslighting American parents about school vouchers
Greg Abbott voiced his support for providing private school vouchers and charter school opportunities for students in Texas. Abbott is not alone in advocating for increased parental empowerment: 32 states and the District of Columbia provide parents with school vouchers, educational savings plans and tax-credit scholarships. The vast majority of voters support school choice policies. Public schools spend an average of $16,000 per year per student, while private schools spend $12,000 per student per year on average — a 25% savings. Prolonged pandemic-era school closures — and multi-billion dollar school bailouts — are helping to boost support for where and how parents educate their kids.
There is a complicated, fraught connection between gun violence and mental health: ‘We have to be very careful how we talk about the link between the two’
Bluntly linking mental health to gun violence can stigmatize the former. Clearly, not everyone with mental-health issues are carrying out mass shootings. But could you really say that those who commit mass shootings are in a stable emotional or mental state? “As for someone who would commit mass shootings as happened today, folks would agree that there is something wrong with that person,” she added. They can play a role in preventing mass shootings, a study published in 2019 in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests.
Opinion: The Fed must boost rates by a full percentage point at every meeting to bring down inflation and avoid a job-killing recession
Earlier this month the Fed boosted the federal funds rate by half a point, and more half and quarter point increases are almost certain over the remainder of the year. “ A recession is becoming increasingly likely but the longer we wait, the tougher will be the medicine when we face it. Even the hawks among Fed officials place the neutral federal funds rate that will neither overheat nor slow the economy at about 2.5%. To get inflation to 2%, the Fed should raise the federal funds rate at each meeting—approximately every six weeks—a full percentage point. Through the sale of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities, it should similarly push up the 10-year Treasury rate TMUBMUSD10Y, 2.745% .
You may feel secondary trauma from all the coverage of mass shootings. Therapists discuss ways to cope
: We see this process of secondary trauma (vicarious traumatization) often in first responders, medical professionals and those who are routinely exposed to trauma. With secondary trauma, a lot of people don’t recognize that the things assaulting them from the media are assaulting their own ability to cope. When the victims of mass shootings come from your community, race or cultural background, how does this add another layer of trauma? If we feel incredibly grief-stricken, if we don’t feel like going to work — these are valid feelings. That’s how grief and trauma work.
Written half a century ago, a children’s book on Beethoven finds a publisher
Among them was “Tell Me About Beethoven,” written as a tribute to the legendary composer during the commemoration of his 200th birthday in 1970. This time, he found success with Austin Macauley Publishers, which published the book on March 31 of this year. Although Gruenbaum continues to regard Beethoven as highly as ever, his objective in publishing the book has shifted. Just eight years after the liberation of Terezin, Gruenbaum had learned English and earned a degree in civil engineering from MIT. Advertisement“We are finally ready to seek a publisher who understands its merits and the importance of bringing it to the attention of parents and teachers everywhere who are interested in educating young children in music,” Gruenbaum said.
Challenge for archbishop: Finding words to heal an inconsolable Uvalde
UVALDE – In this small city of inconsolable souls, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller called children to the altar as he recited the names of each victim in an elementary school shooting. He rushed to the hospital from San Antonio, an hour-and-a-half away, to sit with families as they heard horrid details. We need to help them so that they will not destroy life.”He was appointed archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, which includes Uvalde, in 2010. It was predictable, of course, that the Uvalde shooting would become politicized, especially after questions emerged about the police response and how the shooter got his weapons. Beto O’Rourke interrupted a news conference in Uvalde this week pointing at the governor and blaming his gun policies for the shooting.
Editorial: Judges need meaningful oversight
In Colorado, the judicial branch of government is supposed to remain insulated from politics and act as a check on the other branches of government. However, ultimately, Colorado voters will have to amend the state Constitution to create meaningful oversight of the judicial branch. The former employee who was threatening to go public with the information was then given a $2.75 million contract with the judicial branch. The judicial branch has shown it is unwilling and unable to oversee its own. We were disturbed to learn that members of the Colorado Supreme Court were actively lobbying against legislation to add meaningful oversight to the judicial branch.
We must keep up the struggle to end all wars
McCrae’s poem is now timeless and is read widely on Memorial Day as a tribute to those lost in all wars. My great-uncle Ira Pitzer served in the U.S. Army and also became a casualty of World War I. The soldiers, like my great-uncle, who fought so bravely in “the war to end all wars,” wanted to achieve a lasting peace. We must keep up the struggle to end all wars. We must continue the mission to find a lasting peace and end all wars.
Invest in children at early age to help end violence
As I was watching the news of the horrific slaughter of children and staff at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, I found myself heartbroken. It’s time to look at responsibility, because everyone involved had some responsibility for this gruesome event. Yet here in Illinois, state legislators in Springfield continue to kick the can down the road. One of the only ways we can stop this gun violence, specifically school violence, is to start educating at a much earlier age. I am calling on every police executive in the state of Illinois, our state legislators and other stakeholders to support robust investment in the early education and indoctrination of our children.
Protect your family and home ahead of another busy hurricane season | Opinion
(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)The 2022 hurricane season is upon us, and experts predict an active six months. Trim any dead tree branches, and note anything you’ll need to tie down or bring inside once hurricane watches are issued. The site will indicate if it is “Strong to Hurricane” or “Weak to Flood” and provide a list of retrofitting options. AdvertisementLeslie Chapman-Henderson is the president and CEO of the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from disasters. Leslie Chapman-Henderson is the president and CEO of the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from disasters.
Freedom and fear: The foundations of America's deadly gun culture
It was 1776. The American colonies had just declared their independence from England and as war raged the Founding Fathers of the United States were deep in debate: Should Americans have the right to own firearms as individuals, or just as members of local militia? Days after 19 children and two teachers were slaughtered in a Texas town, the debate rages on as outsiders wonder why Americans are so wedded to the firearms that stoke such massacres with appalling frequency.
Man arrested in connection with "school shooter" signs found in 3 New Hampshire communities
BARNSTEAD, N.H. -- A man was arrested Friday after multiple signs saying "school shooter" were found in Barnstead, Epsom, and Pittsfield, New Hampshire, the state's Department of Safety announced. New Hampshire State PoliceAn increased amount of police officers were placed at schools in the communities as a result of the signs. The New Hampshire Department of Safety is investigating signs that read 'school shooter!' which were found in multiple communities New Hampshire Department of SafetyOne such sign was written on a paper plate. The safety department released a photo of the plate but blurred part of it "to protect the integrity of the investigation."
Briefly Noted Book Reviews
“Controlling what you wear is a proxy for controlling what you do,” Hyland writes in this examination not only of fashion but also of sartorial life more generally. Hyland finds meaning in what we wear, whether in the nineteenth-century vogue for bloomers or in courtroom attire, which is chosen to convey its wearer’s respectability. Focussing on pre-Christian and early-Christian literature, Ehrman shows how Homer’s egalitarian afterlife, where all meet the same fate, gave way to Virgil’s version, where an elect few enjoy eternal rewards while the rest suffer torments. Early Christians imagined Hell as a punishment for nonbelievers, but it was gradually cast as an elaborate realm that terrorized even the faithful. Songsiridej’s sex scenes are notably arresting, both in their urgency and in the way they reveal competing interpretations of the erotic domain.
Eric Drooker’s “Uvalde, May 24, 2022”
On May 24th, an eighteen-year-old gunman shot and killed nineteen children and two adults at Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas. In the past two months, Americans have also been confronted with mass shootings at a church, a flea market, and inside a subway car during the morning rush-hour. Every time a new bus of kids showed up, everyone held their breath until they saw who was on it. Read Jessica Winter on the hypocrisy of gun-rights advocates:If America were not afraid to know itself, we could more readily accept that gun-rights advocates are enthralled with violent sorrow. Read John Cassidy on how other countries have successfully enacted gun-control reforms, turning mass shootings into “rare, aberrational events rather than the everyday occurrences they are in this country.”See below for other covers addressing gun violence:
Zadie Smith Remembers Philip Roth
“I think, first length, first length, first length, and then second length, second length, second length. Roth in the swimming pool was no different than Roth at his standing desk. For Roth, literature was not a tool of any description. Roth always told the truth—his own, subjective truth—through language and through lies, the twin engines at the embarrassing heart of literature. Second selves, fake selves, fantasy selves, replacement selves, horrifying selves, hilarious, mortifying selves—he welcomed them all.
Now More Than Ever
And Shelley Winters . I don’t do that just to be cute: I genuinely feel bad for Shelley Winters. George Eastman. George Eastman is the poor East Coast relation of a rich California family that runs a big, successful bikini business. We hear that Shelley Winters has died in a lake, that the police think it’s murder, and they’re closing in on the perpetrator.
Seeing America, Again, in the Uvalde Elementary-School Shooting
The shooting began around eleven-thirty in the morning; as darkness fell, many families were still waiting outside the civic center, without word of their children. This is the second-deadliest K-12 school shooting in U.S. history, after the December, 2012, massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, where twenty children and six educators were killed. If an entire classroom of dead first-graders could not spur even remedial action in Congress on gun control, nothing would. Sandy Hook parents swiftly shut Moore down, but there was a kernel of sense in his proposal—he was grasping for some method of defibrillation for a movement in arrest. If America were not afraid to know itself, we could more readily accept that gun-rights advocates are enthralled with violent sorrow.
Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We?
Or, as bicycle advocates would have it, riffing on Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” two wheels good, four wheels bad. Environmentalists ride bicycles. So did English socialists, who called the bicycle “the people’s nag.” Animal-welfare activists, who opposed the whipping of horses, favored bicycles. for the more doubtful delight of riding in the cumbersome, ill-smelling automobile.”In 1899, 1.2 million bicycles were sold in the United States. The next year, only a hundred and sixty thousand bicycles were sold in the U.S.
How to Prevent Gun Massacres? Look Around the World
Australia, like the United States, is a federalized former British colony that has long styled itself as a rugged, individualistic nation. Just over a year ago, Australia marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the transformation brought about by the Port Arthur rampage. In the decade before Port Arthur, there had been eleven such incidents. The urge to shoot children and other young people gathered in educational settings is certainly not confined to the United States. Compared with the United States, Britain already had strict gun laws, but it enacted even more controls after the Scotland attack.
On Guns, Biden’s Call for Action Is a Painful Reminder That He Cannot Make It Happen
For the part of the Presidency that requires national mourning, Biden’s tragic past as a husband and father has given him a lifetime of experience. Biden, rightly, called for action. Biden’s grief and outrage were real—and also just another awful part of business as usual for the American Presidency. was able to turn the shock over the mass shooting in Texas, his home state, into quick legislative action on guns. On Sunday, Biden will fly to Uvalde to mourn in person, and undoubtedly another sad, eloquent call to action will be made.
Would the World Be Better Off Without Philanthropists?
In the world of philanthropy, all this is just another day at the office. In the contemporary world, philanthropy is distinctively American. That’s what Emma Saunders-Hastings, a young political philosopher, provides in her new book, “Private Virtues, Public Vices: Philanthropy and Democratic Equality” (Chicago). Philanthropy creates “objectionably hierarchical social and political relationships.” She sees unacceptable paternalism anytime philanthropists try to dictate the behavior of their recipients, or otherwise assume that they have a better idea of what’s in their recipients’ interests than the recipients do. That idealized model helps you work out the principles so that, when you’re considering how the world actually works, you have them as a reference.
Fraternity Brothers Acquitted on Most Serious Charges in Student’s Death
Defense lawyers argued that Mr. Foltz was responsible for his own death. “There was no question that our client supplied him with alcohol,” Mr. Shamansky said. “Prosecutors should have known better,” Mr. Long said. “There was a hazing event,” he said in an interview on Friday night. “This jury found there was a hazing event.
Opinion | Defining the Limits on Aiding Ukraine
To the Editor:Re “The War in Ukraine Is Getting Complicated, and America Isn’t Ready” (editorial, Sunday Review, May 22):Your editorial is rife with contradictions. It sensibly favors continued military support to help Ukraine resist Russian aggression, and it acknowledges that it’s the Ukrainians who must decide what an end to the war might look like. Yet it recommends limiting U.S. assistance to avoid a wider war with Russia. That is the best way to achieve a fair settlement that restores Ukrainian sovereignty, rather than a tenuous one that Russia will repeatedly violate. Alexander VershbowPhiladelphiaThe writer is a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council, former NATO deputy secretary general and former U.S. ambassador to Russia.
Opinion | In the Texas Rampage’s Wake, Social Media Can Reform Itself
It’s almost impossible to comprehend what to do in the wake of mass shootings like the one that killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, this week. The problem is exacerbated by the perpetrators’ use of online tools, which some have used to float phony conspiracy theories. Just 10 days before the shootings in Uvalde, a gunman broadcast himself live on social media killing 10 Black people in a Buffalo supermarket after posting a racist screed online. Social media has made such performative acts amazingly simple and attractive, allowing the evil to be amplified across the globe, as it was in the 18-year-old Texas gunman’s posting photos of his semiautomatic weapons. Greg Abbott of Texas — have seized on the gunman’s use of Facebook to attempt to shift accountability onto social media.
6 Takeaways About Haiti’s Reparations to France
Some know how Haitians overthrew their notoriously brutal French slave masters and declared independence in 1804 — the modern world’s first nation born of a slave revolt. For generations, the descendants of enslaved people paid the descendants of their former slave masters, with money that could have been used to build schools, roads, clinics or a vibrant economy. For years, as New York Times journalists have chronicled Haiti’s travails, a question has hovered: What if? What if the nation had not been looted by outside powers, foreign banks and its own leaders almost since birth? Here are the takeaways from a series of stories appearing this week.
Opinion | America Kills Its Enemies in Our Name. And Then Keeps It Secret.
One of the many strange things about being an American citizen these days is that there’s a whole lot of killing done in our name that our government deliberately keeps secret. What does it mean to be a citizen of a state that kills for you but that doesn’t tell you about it? The main efforts of the American military in this period were conducted in the open, and my job entailed courting journalists to embed with our units to see what they were doing. It meant political pressure brought to bear on U.S. policymaking to keep it tethered to the will of the American people. And the initial parts of that system can be offered to other countries, like Ukraine, which do the killing themselves.
The G.O.P. Doesn’t Think People Should Have to Obey Rules - The New York Times
It’s hard to say which of the Republican responses to the latest mass shooting was most reprehensible. And the Buffalo supermarket that was the location of a mass shooting just 10 days earlier also had an armed security guard, who was killed because his gun was no match for the shooter’s body armor. But if you ask me, the worst and also most chilling response came from Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas. What we need to do, declared Patrick, is “harden these targets so no one can get in, ever, except maybe through one entrance.”That restriction would have interesting consequences in the event of a fire. Don’t worry, says a writer for The Federalist: Families can keep their kids safe by resorting to home-schooling.
Opinion | ‘Something Terrible Happened Today’: Parents on Telling Their Kids About Uvalde
They both hugged me, and we cried for the kids and families now facing a summer from hell. We are religious, and I read them Scriptures this morning about evil and good and the command to love one another. — Sarah Stoddard, Utah County, Utah‘We tried to keep the conversation short’My husband and I talked briefly with our son, 5. — Susannah Cornes, San Francisco‘Kids have lived with too much fear’I don’t know what to say. Kids have lived with too much fear in the past two and a half years as it is.
Opinion | The Southern Baptist Moral Meltdown
They dedicated their lives to a Gospel that says that every human being is made in the image of God. They dedicated their lives to a creed that commands one to look out for the marginalized, the vulnerable. And yet when allegations of sexual abuse came, the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention betrayed it all. One woman, Jennifer Lyell, said she’d been sexually abused while a student at a Southern Baptist seminary. In an article, the church’s communications arm made it sound as if she were confessing to a consensual affair.
Amanda Gorman Poem: Hymn for the Hurting - The New York Times
Everything hurts,Our hearts shadowed and strange,Minds made muddied and mute. Even our childrenCannot be children,Cannot be. Maybe everything hurts,Our hearts shadowed & strange. Amanda Gorman is a poet and the author of “The Hill We Climb,” “Call Us What We Carry” and “Change Sings.”The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.
Opinion | Nothing Is Stopping the N.R.A.’s Gun Orgy in Texas
scaled back its convention, which took place a few days later nearby in Denver. But that meager concession was made during a different era, when the group and its political handmaidens still feared public backlash. But facts and figures can’t compete with the gut-level craving for a sense of control over one’s surroundings and fate. Plenty of Republican politicians, steeped in gun culture, may sympathize with or even wholeheartedly embrace this delusion. The tragic outcome, the continued failure to rationally address America’s deadly gun crisis, is the same.
The Uvalde Shooting Shows America May Be Broken Beyond Repair - The New York Times
Victims of our increasingly frequent mass shootings are collateral damage in a cold civil war, though some Democrats refuse to acknowledge it, let alone fight it. What was once a barely concealed insinuation of violence has morphed, especially since Jan. 6, into an even more forthright menace. The horrifying irony, the hideous ratchet, is that the more America is besieged by senseless violence, the more the paramilitary wing of the American right is strengthened. Republicans responded to the massacre in Uvalde by doubling down on calls to arm teachers and “harden” schools. Trump, a president who lost the popular vote, was able to appoint Supreme Court justices who are poised to help overturn a New York state law restricting the carrying of concealed weapons.
Opinion | It’s Not Looking Too Good for Government of the People, by the People and for the People
Some opposed slavery for moral and religious reasons and hoped to wipe its terrible mark from the body politic of the United States. Some opposed slavery but denied that the federal government had any right to interfere with the institution in the 15 states where it persisted. Still others weren’t concerned with slavery per se as much as they were fiercely opposed to Black migration from the South. That crisis, they said in unison, was the “slave power.”The “slave power” thesis was the belief that a slaveholding oligarchy ran the United States for its own benefit. The “slave power” thesis was also a claim about the structure of American government itself.
Opinion | Gun Violence Is Like What Segregation Was. An Unaddressed Moral Stain.
And yet our discourse frequently centers on that issue, only briefly focusing on guns in the immediate wake of tragedies. For those who think racism is still our main problem, we might even think of a reckoning on guns as a component of antiracist efforts, given the repeated instances of violence motivated by racism. After all, there was a time when it was reasonable to think little would ever really change on the civil rights front in America. Television offered visual evidence of the barbarity of segregationist racism with a vividness hitherto unknown to many Americans. The instantly accessible moving image long ago lost its novelty, and most Republicans in Congress give no indication so far of being moved by the images from Uvalde or by the facts.
Uvalde School Shooting: Heartbreaking Photos Show the Aftermath of the Tragedy
Twenty-one people are dead — 19 students and two teachers — after a shooting on May 24, 2022, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in United States history and comes nearly a decade after the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which killed 26.
In Mass Shootings, Police Are Trained to ‘Confront the Attacker’
Responding to a call of a mass shooting, police officers in the United States are trained, above all else, to stop the gunman. Officers are taught to enter quickly in small formations — or even enter with only one or two officers — to disable any gunman. Texas protocols, included in materials that Uvalde officers were trained on as recently as two months ago, advise that an “officer’s first priority is to move in and confront the attacker. This may include bypassing the injured and not responding to cries for help from children.”An entirely different approach may be called for if the gunfire ends, experts say. Then police are trained to use slower tactics appropriate for a barricaded gunman or hostage situation.
Mystics’ Natasha Cloud Plans to Go Into Politics After WNBA Career
Mystics guard Natasha Cloud gave another emotional speech to the media this week following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday that left 21 people dead, including 19 children. On Thursday, Cloud announced that she feels inclined to go into politics following her WNBA career based on the various issues going on in America now, including gun reform, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. The 30-year-old has played for the Mystics since 2015, and she hasn’t officially announced a specific plan of retirement. “It’s at a point now where after my career, I will go into politics because I’m tired of it,” Cloud said. The shooting at Robb Elementary School marks the 27th school shooting in the United States in 2022 and the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary in December ’12.
Cloud Represents Team as Mystics Do Not Meet With Media in Wake of Texas Shooting
Editor’s Note: This story contains details of a mass casualty event and gun violence. The Mystics did not meet with the media following their 60–40 win over the Dream on Tuesday in the wake of a shooting at a Texas elementary school that left at least 21 dead, including 19 children and two adults, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Not only with white supremacy; we also have a gun violence issue,” an emotional Cloud said. … The lives that were lost today from senseless gun violence in Texas at an elementary school [matter]. The shooting at Robb Elementary School marks the 27th school shooting in the United States in 2022 and the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.
Giants Manager Gabe Kapler Pens Message in Wake of Uvalde Shooting
In response to the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler wrote an essay titled “Home of the Brave?” expressing his concern with the state of the country’s gun violence. He explains how he considered kneeling out of protest, but his body ultimately wouldn’t let him. The home of the brave should encourage this.”The incident happened on Tuesday, when a reported 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two adults in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. Kapler published the essay on Kaplerstyle.com, a website that he occasionally uses to publicize his thoughts on certain issues. Last year, he wrote an essay titled “Sports Are Everyone,” which touched on the lack of inclusivity in sports.
3 Things Women Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed
By my count, if we all followed that advice, we'd need an extraordinarily long table. As women entrepreneurs--and this is particularly true for women of color--we face obstacles, including an absence of representation, lack of funding and resources, and racial/gender biases, among many other barriers of entry. Yet, even in the face of all these obstacles, women entrepreneurs are seeing incredible gains. According to the American Express 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, from 2014 to 2019, the number of women-owned businesses climbed 21% to nearly 13 million, and businesses owned by women of color grew by more than double that rate, at almost 43%. From tech startups that can scale to unicorns and local businesses that truly make up a community, women-owned businesses are driving economic growth and influence.
Why 'Allyship' Can Be Transformative for Businesses of All Sizes
My path to understanding allyship might be different than many professionals. We saw color, but we used it as an opportunity to learn from one another, much like the opportunity afforded organizations today. And I had the privilege of hearing Nelson Mandela speak following his release from a 27-year imprisonment for fighting against Apartheid. Assist your colleagues in setting specific, realistic, and achievable development goals. Our goal is to create a workplace that ensures that every employee experiences an ongoing return on their investment in the organization.
How to Build the Workplace of the Future? Develop More On-Ramps for Black and Brown Kids
Local salon owner Monica McAffee, whom everyone called "Auntie Monica," took an interest in young Dorsey. "Auntie Monica's salon was not the next Facebook, but it provided a grounding experience for so many Black girls," Dorsey says. And that practice will help lift up marginalized communities for generations to come. It's also what made her especially passionate about advocating on behalf of marginalized communities so they don't get left behind as technology advances. Businesses can play a big role in expanding similar opportunities to young people of color to develop a diverse and equitable workforce of the future.
Quashing Racist Pseudoscience Is Science’s Responsibility
Like other strains of misinformation, racist pseudoscience destroys faith in science, makes the act of conducting responsible research more challenging, and causes bodily harm. If human races are biological groupings picked out because they differ profoundly and meaningfully, then we can rank them. Among the responses, variations of two immature arguments have appeared:Genetics research doesn’t kill people, people kill people (so don’t blame the scientists). Racist pseudoscience existed long before modern genetics research (so don’t blame the scientists). Both claims distract us from a reality: Genetics research around human traits needed a reflection long before the terrorist attack.
‘How Are They Weapons? That’s Only a Flashlight!’
They had resumed their place in the solar system of Hong Kong’s local economy—selling everyday items at bargain prices. That evening, Keith Fong, a 20-year-old college student at Hong Kong Baptist University, arrived to peruse the wares. They had organized to fight a proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s extradition law. Hong Kong International Airport grounded more than 200 flights, as many air traffic controllers failed to show up to work. The laser pointers, he would insist, were meant to help new students gaze at the stars.
The Breaking Point Is Here—Again
First, let us finally do away with the big, stinking lie of immoderation, of how terrorism casts its depravity in our jagged land. There is nothing one can do against the tsunami of affliction, set asunder in its unforeseen tempest. It’s whiplash,” Margo Jefferson has written of the bumpy excursion through American culture; of what society can make of you. The tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde join a doom-laden surreality of unraveling horrors, each one ricocheting off the other. But no one has the time to process because the hamster-wheel of capitalism demands that we work, that we continue to satisfy its greed.
Simu Liu on telling his immigrant family's story in memoir We Were Dreamers
But he tells his family's story with empathy and honesty, and the resulting book is a sincere tribute to immigrant families everywhere. With We Were Dreamers out now, Liu opened up to EW about sharing his family's story with the world. We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story by Simu Liu Simu Liu's memoir 'We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story' | Credit: William MorrowENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you start thinking about writing a book? I know writing this was sort of an early pandemic project for you. SIMU LIU: It's crazy, but actually, the whole process of the book started way before I even booked the role of Shang-Chi.
Ray Liotta's 6 most memorable roles
Goodfellas (1990)"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." So began the film that would come to define Liotta's career, or at least our idea of him as the ultimate blue-eyed wiseguy. In the lead role of Henry Hill, the neighborhood kid who becomes a Mafia power player before tumbling down again into schnook-ville, he's alternately terrifying and electrifying — a man so driven by ambition and cocaine that he can't (or won't) see the extent of the moral rot right in front of him until he's a day late and a fateful babysitter's hat short.—Leah Greenblatt
How Legion became one of the most important characters in Marvel's new X-Men era
Writer Si Spurrier teases what's coming for David Haller in the new series Legion of X. Enter Legion of X, Marvel's newest X-Men comic, which launched this week from writer Si Spurrier (Step by Bloody Step) and artist Jan Bazaldua (Mr. and Mrs. X). As the title suggests, this series centers on Legion, a.k.a David Haller, the son of X-Men founder Charles Xavier. The first page of 'Legion of X' #1, by writer Si Spurrier and artist Jan Bazaldua The first page of 'Legion of X' #1, by writer Si Spurrier and artist Jan Bazaldua | Credit: Jan Bazaldua for MarvelNightcrawler has a new mission in 'Legion of X' #1, by writer Si Spurrier and artist Jan Bazaldua Nightcrawler has a new mission in 'Legion of X' #1, by writer Si Spurrier and artist Jan Bazaldua | Credit: Jan Bazaldua for MarvelThis isn't the first time Spurrier has written a comic about Legion. In Legion of X, David has turned his headspace (once a source of uncontrollable power) into the headquarters for a new mutant team.
Can Gun Violence Become a National Campaign Issue?
One would think that the Senate’s rejection of a popular effort to address the nightmare of gun violence would have become a powerful issue in the 2014 midterms, which were held less than a year after Sandy Hook. A later academic study of that election showed that only 4 percent of campaign ads for the entire 2013–14 cycle mentioned guns, and a majority of them promoted gun rights. Though a majority of voters then, as today, said they favor stricter gun laws, they did not punish lawmakers opposed to even the most anodyne policies to address gun violence. Going forward, there is less and less reason for Democrats to downplay sensible positions on gun issues as national campaign priorities. It’s worth a try; elected Democrats have nothing to lose, and a rising generation of voters sick of gun violence may demand action.
The Strange Case of the Mayor, a Bishop, and the Alleged Q Train Shooter
After the shooting on a northbound Q train on Sunday, Abdullah left the Canal Street station and allegedly abandoned his handgun and took off his sweatshirt. Instead, before he could surrender, Abdullah was arrested outside of Legal Aid by city marshals. Legal Aid told Bloomberg that this was inappropriate and they had been in negotiations with the police over Abdullah’s surrender. “He was needlessly ambushed out front of our Manhattan Trial Office by law enforcement, denied of his opportunity to first consult with counsel,” a Legal Aid spokesperson said. A Legal Aid lawyer also disputed Whitehead’s account of events, telling the Post that Whitehead “has no affiliation with the family.
The Pro-Gun, Anti-Door Party
“There are too many entrances and too many exits to our more than 8,000 campuses in Texas,” he said. A 2018 report showed that 96 percent of Texas schools statewide lock campus doors to limit access while students are there. Before Sandy Hook, only eight elementary schools in Dallas’s public school district had intercom entrances, as Craig Miller, a school safety consultant for Dallas Independent School District, told the Dallas Morning News. As of September 2021, the state has actually loosened gun restrictions: It is now legal to carry a handgun in the state without a permit. Cruz had very little to say when asked if that kind of thing might be dangerous, too.
The Supreme Court May Be About to Expand Gun Rights Even More
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on their case in November and is expected to hand down a decision in June. The plaintiffs say New York’s gun laws violate their Second Amendment rights. New York State currently has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, including regulating who can carry a gun. During oral arguments, it seemed pretty clear where the Supreme Court, which now has a conservative supermajority, stood on this issue. In every other country in the world, gun-violence incidents prompt lawmakers to drastically tighten gun laws.
President Mike Pence Would Be Worse Than Trump
But even the remote prospect of a President Mike Pence should be feared as much as any Trump redux, if not more so. What Trump ultimately did, in most circumstances, was what any Republican president in the late 2010s would have done. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would disappear unless Congress voted to reauthorize them. Democrats should ultimately hope Trump, and not Pence, claims the Republican nomination in 2024 because Trump is more beatable. If Mike Pence is campaigning against Biden, he will not make gaffes, slander allies, or take to social media to broadcast inanities.
The Conservative Playbook for Deflecting Anger After Mass Shootings
But on the whole, your ideological or political commitments treat massive levels of gun violence as the cost of doing business. A second method is to make the case for futility by insisting that not every proposed gun-control measure would end every instance of gun violence. School shootings are a subset of mass shootings, and mass shootings are a small subset of America’s staggering gun-violence epidemic. Cooke chimes in to argue that none of Abbott’s pro-gun measures specifically enabled the Uvalde shooting. “So now, instead of trying to solve the problem of gun violence, they will use it to campaign on — letting the problem fester in order to mobilize their base.”Erickson is echoing a widespread conservative assumption that Democrats are merely pretending to care about gun violence.
Why We Keep Letting This Happen
Why do we keep letting this happen?”Biden’s plea speaks to his relative powerlessness here; the president of the United States can do many fantastic and world-historical things, but altering gun policy in a meaningful way is tragically not one of them. The United States of America, the world’s wealthiest nation, is addicted to gun violence. Democrat-run states and cities have tougher gun laws, and these do make a difference, especially when these states border each other. Plus, the National Rifle Association’s hold on the Republican Party is ironclad. Big-city Republicans, closely aligned with local police departments, are not in the streets calling for laxer gun laws.
A Different Way to Prevent Mass Shootings
In the decades before that, we had a few infamous mass shootings, like the one at the University of Texas in 1966. Social media, news-media coverage — those don’t cause people to commit mass shootings. And I think possibly dozens of mass shootings have been stopped using this process. Understandably, there is a tremendous amount of fatalism around this issue — a sense that nothing can be done to stop the awful cycle of mass shootings. ?I think the cultural resignation we’ve developed around the problem of mass shootings is unhelpful.
Is Trump Really a Republican Kingmaker?
It’s a rare 2022 Republican primary in which Trump’s support or opposition is not an issue of discussion in the media or among party leaders and activists. He has endorsed 16 gubernatorial candidates, 17 Senate candidates, 110 House candidates, 20 non-gubernatorial statewide elected officials, and even 18 state legislators and three local elected officials. Trump’s success in making himself the face of the 2022 Republican comeback will, of course, depend on what happens in November. At least three of his endorsed Senate candidates (four if Oz prevails in the Pennsylvania recount) are already Republican nominees in top November battlegrounds. Georgia’s primaries presented multiple danger signs for Trump’s 2022 strategy of aligning himself with winners, intimidating his enemies, and remaining the center of attention.
‘For All Mankind’ Season Two, Episode Eight Recap
For All Mankind And Here’s to You Season 2 Episode 8 Editor’s Rating 3 stars * * * « Previous Next « Previous Episode Next Episode » Photo: Apple TV+Welcome to the retrospective recaps of For All Mankind season two. Season three debuts on June 10, and what better way to whet viewers’ appetites than by recapping the season that skyrocketed For All Mankind to greatness? As I noted in my last recap, everything to do with guns on the moon is a mess. How is any of this living up to the “we came in peace for all mankind” mantra? Check the For All Mankind page next Friday for episodes nine and ten.
Biden Searches for the Political Sweet Spot on Student Loan Debt Relief
And he is reportedly on the brink of moving on one of the thornier issues out there: student-loan debt forgiveness. Biden has also been ambivalent as to whether he believes has the authority to forgive student loan indebtedness other than in limited areas. This latter issue obviously affects the net effect of his proposal on those saddled with debt and/or who won’t qualify for relief. The price tag for the level of debt relief Biden is proposing is around $230 billion. As the Post reports, the administration’s draft proposal is aimed at broad-based if limited relief:Most of the nation’s 41 million student borrowers stand to benefit.
For Trump and Other NRA Speakers, the Answer to Uvalde Was More Guns
Donald Trump reads the names of the victims of the Uvalde mass shooting during the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention on May 27 in Houston. Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty ImagesThe deadly mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas transfixed the nation this week. Even in a country that has become inured to this kind of violence, the horrifying details stood out. The United States long ago reached a point where the same notes are sounded in the aftermath of every big mass shooting. The last place that tune would change is an NRA convention, where the cause of gun violence is always something other than guns, and the solution to gun violence is always more guns.
How Teachers Talked About Uvalde With Their Students
Photo: ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty ImagesOn Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire in a fourth-grade classroom in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and two teachers with an AR-15. We spoke with teachers across the country about what it was like to return to their classrooms after Uvalde and the conversations they had about the shooting with their students. Afterward, I listened to my students talk among themselves about what they would do if something like this happened. My students were basically asking, if those things can be banned, why can’t a gun be banned? On Wednesday, they were scared and making comments like, “They’re kids like us,” “They’re our age,” “They went to school.
We Already Turned Schools Into Fortresses
Law-enforcement departments prepared to transform schools into fortresses at a moment’s notice. This drive to reshape schools so they are less vulnerable to mass shootings has spawned an industry of design consultants, technology companies, and security professionals. School hardening is the latest and most tragically American development in the discipline of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Before Columbine, school security focused more on preventing petty vandalism and drug use. A school’s design, no matter how “hardened,” can only mitigate so much harm once the shooting starts.
The Right-Wing Lie That’s Killing Our Children
The lie at the heart of all of this insanity is the Right’s ludicrous perversion of the Second Amendment. On the contrary, the Supreme Court clearly said that it didn’t. (Yes, the Second Amendment is mostly about slavery; in fact, it was added to win support for the new constitution among slave-holding states, who feared that the new federal government would disband their slave-hunting militias.) Third, Scalia inverts the meaning of the Second Amendment itself, by saying that Congress actually can ban military-grade weapons (i.e. Since then, the Second Amendment has become gospel — literally.
Struggling to Get Press? My Tips for the Press-Pitching Process
I have good news: Your press pitching could be the problem, not the journalist. As a media personality and media relations agent, I know firsthand that pitching to the press requires some forethought. Stop pitching press releases. Stop pitching press releases. If you’re struggling to get press, I recommend you take a hard look at the way you pitch.
Trump Does a Little Dance at NRA Gun Celebration Days After Uvalde Massacre
The NRA played a recording of a bell clanging as the former president strained to pronounce the names of the victims. Trump echoed Republican lawmakers and conservative pundits by bashing Democrats for “virtue cycling” in the wake the massacre, blaming the shooting on everything but guns, and proposing a series of impractical solutions to the epidemic of mass shootings in America. Trump did propose ensuring classroom doors are lockable from the inside as a way to cut down on school shootings. “There is no sign more inviting to a mass killer than a sign that declares a gun free zone,” he said, to more applause. A speech where Trump read the names of the victims ends like this pic.twitter.com/fQZxrB9OiI — Acyn (@Acyn) May 27, 2022At least “Macho Man” wasn’t playing.
Children at risk
When children are killed in their school, I try to keep my terror in a place far from where I am. And this week, at the World Economic Forum, someone forced me to connect the safety of our children in a country awash in guns to the safety of our children on a hotter planet. It was Al Gore, the former vice president, who drew a straight line between gun policy and climate policy. He spoke with the conviction of a man who knows American politics from the inside, and he spoke with anger and grief. As my colleague Carl Hulse wrote, the reality is that many Republicans may be open to new gun laws, but would risk losing their jobs if they openly supported them.
Comfort dogs arrive in Uvalde to provide support after Texas school shooting
A group of emotional support dogs arrived in Uvalde, Texas this week after an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School. The trained dogs were sent from all over Texas as well as two from Oklahoma and Colorado to provide mourners with a source of comfort. So we just show up with the dogs.”A young girl pets a comfort dog at a vigil for the 21 people killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The organization provided canine support for past mass shootings, including the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting that left 26 dead. The dogs were sent to Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. after a gunman killed 17 people in the horrific 2018 massacre.
Biden's energy policies do nothing to increase supply as gas prices break records
THIS IS HOW MUCH YOUR MEMORIAL DAY ROAD TRIP WILL COST WITH RECORD HIGH GAS PRICESWhy are gas prices up? Democrats have run Washington for 16 months, yet they have done nothing to increase the supply of American energy. On Biden’s first day in office, he cancelled the Keystone pipeline, which would have lowered energy prices in this country. Democrats seem utterly oblivious to the pain and suffering that high gas prices are causing to families across the country. Last week I asked the Secretary of the Interior if she thought that gas prices were too high.
'Full court press': From Davos, India commands the attention of global investors
Leaving aside the bloviating at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the event often does at least reflect what’s going on in the world of politics and markets. Magazines "India Davos 2022" are seen at the India Lounge during the World Economic Forum 2022 (WEF) in the Alpine resort of Davos, Switzerland May 25, 2022. Story continuesTemporary offices of several regions of India are seen on Promenade street during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland, May 22, 2022. Troublesome because India hasn’t condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or imposed sanctions, raising the ire of the U.S. and Europe. But India had been looking to wean itself from the Russian war machine (such as it is), even before the Ukraine invasion.
Uvalde wasn't 'unimaginable.' In this country, it was predictable
By the time you read this, will another “unimaginable” mass shooting be the object of our outrage? A mass shooting is an “unimaginable” tragedy, perhaps, only because there’s no need to imagine them happening. Speaking of “unimaginable,” I wrote an op-ed piece taking issue with that word being thrown around by people empowered to do something about gun violence in this country. AdvertisementNational suicide plays out one murderous mass shooting at a time. After all, today’s college graduates might get relief, but what about next year’s grads, and those in the years and decades to come?” L.A. Times
Will the power of photography spur us to act on gun violence after Uvalde?
Some of the worst tragedies of the past century can be summoned by invoking iconic images that seeped into our visual consciousness. I’ve been thinking about this after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, amid calls on social media that crime photos be released to prove the necessity of gun policy change. One mother’s grief and the torture her son endured still had the ability to represent a larger collective suffering. I don’t believe it’s the responsibility of any of the victims’ families to release these photos from Robb Elementary. For reasonable people, those are proof enough that we cannot continue to permit this epidemic of gun violence to continue.
Iraqi man in Columbus accused of plot to kill George W. Bush waived detention hearing
An Iraqi man living in Columbus who is accused of plotting to assassinate former President George W. Bush will continue to be held in the Franklin County jail after he waived his right to a detention hearing. After being arrested and charged earlier this week, Shihab on Thursday waived his right to a detention hearing scheduled for Friday, according to court documents. On Friday, Shihab remained in the Franklin County jail, according to the jail's website. Ohio man allegedly linked to assassination plot against former President George W. BushShihab was arrested Tuesday and charged in federal court in Columbus with two felonies: assisting an alien entering the United States for financial gain and aiding and abetting the attempted murder of former President Bush. Federal investigators allege in court documents that Shihab earlier this year traveled to Dallas where, in the company of an FBI confidential informant, he scouted former President Bush's neighborhood and the George W. Bush Institute.
How a Mapmaker Became New York’s Most Unexpected Power Broker
His previous work had been as an assistant on more limited redistricting cases in Georgia, Virginia and Utah. And while the remoteness of that location made court appearances cumbersome, some anti-gerrymandering advocates made the trip to voice support for the new maps. His upbringing — in two swing states — was working-class: His father was a field service representative for Whittle Communications, his mother worked at Kmart. The family moved to Las Vegas in the early 1990s, and Mr. Cervas became interested in politics, eventually studying the topic at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and graduating with a degree in political science. He supported himself by working in a movie theater at a casino and eventually tending bar, a job he said helped him learn how to listen to divergent opinions.
Children called for help from inside classrooms in Uvalde. The police waited.
The terrifying echo of at least 100 gunshots rattled through the school as children in the classrooms and both of the teachers there were shot and fell to the ground. It was 11:33 a.m.Not all of the children inside were killed in that horrifying moment. One of the children fell on Miah’s chest as she lay on the ground, her grandfather said. Two minutes after the gunman first entered the pair of classrooms, several police officers from the Uvalde Police Department rushed into the school. A pair of officers approached the locked door to the classrooms as gunfire could be heard inside.
A Memorial Day Encore…’The Seminal Question Each Memorial Day’
Trey revisits a special episode that honors the lives of those men and women who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty defending the United States. He asks if their sacrifice was worth it for the country they left behind, and requests that listeners take time in their own life to remember the meaning of Memorial Day. Follow Trey on Twitter: @TGowdySC
'Top Gun: Maverick' is Tom Cruise's new Hollywood war propaganda movie without a war
In “Top Gun: Maverick,” the enemy is an unnamed country that threatens our freedoms with a NATO-adjacent nuclear plant and state-of-the-art fighter jets and helicopters. While Tom Cruise may think he’s immortal, that particular Hollywood institution feels increasingly dated. Superman starred in an appallingly racist theatrical short called “The Japoteurs.”The armed forces were always happy to show the glories of war; its horrors, however, were a different story. Even when dealing with movies made by veterans about their own service, of which they were justifiably proud, the armed forces tightly controlled the narrative. The problem of a worthy foe is one reason the American armed forces have had so much more creative success teaming up with Marvel Studios or with Michael Bay on the Transformers flicks.
New gun restrictions would likely be undone by Supreme Court
A 5-4 conservative court essentially rewrote the Second Amendment to create a right for individuals to posses a gun. Even though there are some who say the Second Amendment should be repealed, the amendment itself is not the issue. If the framers wanted to create a constitutional right to gun ownership, then they would have made the Second Amendment a mirror of the First Amendment. During Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2020, she argued against the idea that Roe was “superprecedent,” meaning that it should never be overturned. The danger the Heller decision poses is still very immediate.
John M. Murphy: Congress must take immediate action on violence prevention and gun reform – Hartford Courant
Gun violence in the United States is a public health crisis. As of 2017, gun violence officially replaced car accidents as the leading cause of death in children and adolescents. We owe it to the survivors and grieving families of gun violence to stop this terrible cycle. We can leverage this connection to assist with research around gun violence, in addition to implementing meaningful programs to help reduce gun violence. None of this work can be done in a vacuum, and we cannot change America’s culture of gun violence overnight.
Lawmakers would rather protect kids from books, trans classmates than mass murders |Katz
Janyce C. KatzGuest columnistJanyce C. Katz was an assistant attorney general for almost 25 years and currently works at General Innovations and Goods, Inc. In Uvalde, Texas, an 18-year-old with AR-15-style rifle entered an elementary school and killed at least 19 students plus 2 teachers and hospitalized others. They seem to believe that if children reading or hearing the word “gay” will become gay or be ripe for a pedophile. Ohio Mom says trans daughter, others demonizedTake one book folks in Virginia think need to be forbidden — “Beloved." If all those teachers and students had guns, they think a shooter would never be able to kill them.
'Protect the truth': A Marcos return in Philippines triggers fear for history
Books about the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his brutal era of martial law are flying off the shelves, spurred by “panic buying” after his son and namesake won the May 9 presidential election. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s presidency, set to begin on June 30, has many people worried about losing access to books and other accounts of his father’s rule, given his family’s decadeslong effort to rehabilitate its name through what critics describe as a campaign of historical revisionism.
The Long Crisis on Rikers Island
WordFactoryCaptives: How Rikers Island Took New York City Hostage by Jarrod Shanahan. Early this year, as New York City’s latest, weirdest mayor assumed office and the winter Covid wave began to recede, hundreds of detainees on Rikers Island embarked upon a hunger strike. “I have stated that I believe we need to close Rikers Island,” he said last year. This precise dynamic has animated struggles within and over Rikers Island for nearly a century, as Jarrod Shanahan traces in his new book Captives: How Rikers Island Took New York City Hostage. With the best of intentions, Anna M. Kross had paved the road, quite literally, to the Rikers Island of today.
Know Your Enemy: The Right Kind of Worker, with Gabriel Winant
Know Your Enemy: The Right Kind of Worker, with Gabriel Winant Know Your Enemy: The Right Kind of Worker, with Gabriel Winant Gabriel Winant joins the podcast to discuss what the populist right gets wrong about the history of the American working class. Members of the United Steelworkers of America Local 8888 on strike (Wisconsin Historical Society)Know Your Enemy is a podcast about the American right co-hosted by Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell. According to the populist right, the culture war is itself a class war, waged on behalf of real workers against a secular, libertine professional elite who control the commanding heights of the economy, government, and media. Labor historian and essayist Gabriel Winant joins Matt and Sam to answer that question. Sources and further reading:Gabriel Winant, We Live in a Society, n+1Sohrab Ahmari, How America Kneecapped Its Unions, CompactJulius Krein, The Real Class War, American AffairsAlexander Riley, Labor Betrayed by the Progressive Left, ChroniclesLandon R.Y.
Insecurity Policy
Insecurity Policy Insecurity Policy American rhetoric during the first Cold War relied on an idealized image of U.S. institutions. If we were to reduce the first Cold War to its core features, they could be these:1. There are unmistakable similarities between global affairs in 2022 and those of the Cold War. Still, the differences are significant enough that we should not assume that a new Cold War would be just like the last one. He is the author of Neither Peace nor Freedom: The Cultural Cold War in Latin America.
Coexistence or Carnage
Coexistence or Carnage Coexistence or Carnage If the conflicts of interest are real, and the stakes are felt to be high enough, then war between the United States and China is a real possibility, and our foreign policy must be oriented toward avoiding it. There will be coexistence, or there will be carnage. Since the Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia,” the United States has signaled that China is its top foreign policy priority. By the same token, it will be critical to identify the places where the United States and China have genuine interests in common. Work on mutual interests can signal that the United States doesn’t want war and create more favorable conditions for diplomacy on the difficult questions.
Xi is Not Mao
Xi is Not Mao Xi is Not Mao Mao and Xi’s historical projects couldn’t be more different, and it is high time to move beyond the bad history that conflates them. Painted portraits of Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong at a market in Beijing (AFP Photo/Greg Baker via Getty Images)This article is part of a forum, “A New Cold War?” published in our spring issue on China. That President Xi Jinping is a would-be Mao Zedong or that China is facing a “new Cultural Revolution” are examples of this laziness. My premise in the following comments: China today is not Maoist, and Xi is not Mao redux. China today is also not communist in any genuine sense of that term, even though the Communist Party presides over the country with an increasingly iron grip.
Two Homes at War
Two Homes at War Two Homes at War For those whose hyphenated identities straddle a divided world, life is a series of compromises. (Bettmann/Getty Images)This article is part of a forum, “A New Cold War?” published in our spring issue on China. “I myself am deeply worried about the possibility of war.” I explained that war between my birth country and my adopted home is neither implausible nor inevitable. What we call the Cold War was a hot war for millions on the margins of empires. Unlike the possibility of war looming in my anxious mind, the dilemma faced by Chinese scientists abroad at the eve of the Cold War was not premised on a hypothetical conflict.
The Need to Mount Long-Term Resistance to Totalitarianism and Ethnonationalist Chauvinism
The Need to Mount Long-Term Resistance to Totalitarianism and Ethnonationalist Chauvinism The Need to Mount Long-Term Resistance to Totalitarianism and Ethnonationalist Chauvinism Uyghur intellectual Ilham Tohti has been incarcerated for “ethnic separatism” since 2014. But we must always remember the lessons history has given us about ethnonationalist totalitarianism, and this will always remain a painful memory in the history of our people. If ethnonationalist totalitarianism really gains the upper hand, the only outcome will be to lead this great nation and people to a dead end. Of course, in our country’s governmental and legal system, ethnonationalist totalitarianism has no place. The most important thing for our national consciousness is to wage long-term resistance against ethnonationalist totalitarianism and prevent it from once again invading and occupying our social consciousness and political system.
Black Capitalism in One City
Black Capitalism in One City Black Capitalism in One City Soul City was a boondoggle—not a story of lost or forgotten roads tragically not taken. A promotional pamphlet for Soul City, 1969 (Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images)Soul City: Race, Equality, and the Lost Dream of an American Utopiaby Thomas HealyMetropolitan Books, 2021, 448 pp. Healy reports that McKissick did not like the term “black capitalism” but “preferred ‘black entrepreneurialism’ or even ‘black socialism,’ believing those terms better captured the combination of wealth accumulation and redistribution he had in mind.”McKissick’s desire for an idealized capitalism reflected the incoherence of the Black Power ideology that informed his dreams for Soul City. The Nixon administration’s support for Soul City was consistent with its reformulation of Black Power as “black capitalism.” McKissick’s project could be something of a poster child, particularly in concert with his service in the reelection campaign. Soul City is, in that context, most significantly an emblem of the class character and contradictions of Black Power as a politics and ideology.
NC Lt. Gov. to Keynote NRA Prayer Breakfast in Houston This Weekend
But given his literally breathtaking support for gun rights, he and his fellow NRA attendees will do little to protect the children from future school shootings. Open Secrets notes that between 1990 and 2020, the gun control advocates spent $25.4 million lobbying Congress. Gun rights groups spent $171.9 million. Similarly, during the same period, gun control advocates spent $33.4 million in campaign contributions, while gun rights groups donated $54.4 million in campaign contributions. Cruz has accepted more money from gun rights groups—$442,343—than any other member of US Congress.
How to Jujitsu the Culture Wars
Let’s take it as a given that the right wing’s culture wars are, overwhelmingly, a ruse. Yes, this is all shallow and actively harmful political maneuvering, none of which should be taken seriously. We can say with great confidence that these culture wars will continue, because they work. Let’s set aside for a moment the Critical Race Theory panic and neo-book banning frenzy and focus on one specific variety of these culture wars: The fake Republican embrace of the working class. Why yes, now that you mention it, we agree with you that the unaccountable corporate elite is out of control.
The Rip-Off Economy Will Save Itself. It Won't Save You.
Prices fluctuate; foolish hope springs eternal; today’s mogul is tomorrow’s sucker, and the cycle continues. There is something more fundamental happening here than bad investments completing the downward slope of their mortar-like arc. But the period of the pandemic in which a meaningful change in the American psyche was possible is. Not to indulge in pop psychology, but it turns out that the pandemic really brought out the soul of America. It’s just that we, all of us, need to harness that faith to try to change our nation to benefit everyone.
During the Pandemic, Poor Areas Have Had Twice the Death Rates of Rich Ones
An equitable response, first and foremost, prioritizes people who are more at risk and protects them from the worst impacts of the virus. But a recent report from the Poor People’s Campaign highlights a key overlooked demographic in the pandemic response: poor and low-income people. Data from over 3,200 counties across the United States show that, after the first wave of the pandemic, poor counties experienced substantially higher death rates than richer counties. As these testimonies make clear, an equitable response to the pandemic requires more than testing, vaccinations, boosters and treatment. An equitable pandemic response should be informed by these lessons, incorporating programs that ensure sufficient resources actually reach the communities that are struggling the most.
The U.S. Is Complicit in Shireen Abu Akleh's Killing
Shireen Abu Akleh was a seasoned Al Jazeera correspondent for the past 25 years. Abu Akleh’s killing in the Israeli-occupied West Bank was shocking, but hardly unusual. The killing of Shireen and the assault on the funeral procession demonstrated once again the structural nature of Israeli racism and violence against Palestinians. The International Criminal Court has the authority to add the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh and attacks on Palestinian journalists to its existing investigations of alleged Israeli crimes. Biden administration officials and some members of Congress have called for an investigation of Abu Akleh’s killing.
The Food Crisis Didn’t Begin with the War in Ukraine
Even before the war in Ukraine, farmers across the U.S. were getting ready for higher prices on seed, fertilizer and crop chemicals. All winter, major farm media was warning farmers to book supplies early as prices would be high and supplies would be short. The war has only amped up the concern among farmers and input suppliers. UN Secretary-General António Guterres likened the current crisis to ?“a sword of Damocles” hanging over the global economy — ?“especially in the developing world.” However, the problems with this system didn’t begin with the war in Ukraine or with Covid-19. They are forced to buy at retail price and sell at wholesale price, all while competing against each other in a rigged marketplace.
How the Construction Industry Preys on Workers Newly Released From Prison
In New York City, ?“body shops” are non-union labor brokers in the construction industry that, Local 79 argues, target recently incarcerated people. In some cases, workers were connected with these body shops through reentry organizations, which aim to help recently incarcerated people transition back into life outside prison, where employment opportunities can be difficult to find if you have a record. However, once these workers found themselves in those jobs, they frequently experienced low wages and even unsafe work conditions. In 2019, 40% of prison admissions in New York were for technical parole violations, like failure to maintain employment, according to one report. Local 79 argues that body shops specifically seek out recently incarcerated people to employ.
How the Child Welfare System Is Silently Destroying Black Families
Most people think of the child welfare system and the criminal punishment system as distinct parts of government. Child welfare is supposed to be based on civil law and therefore not entail the surveillance and condemnation that characterize criminal justice. Because child welfare is classified as part of the civil legal system, CPS workers are not classified as law enforcement officers. The tentacles of CPS surveillance have reached across U.S. society, far beyond the walls of child welfare agencies. As mandated reporters, providers of social services direct state surveillance against poor and low-income families — especially Black families.
As Illinois Coal Jobs Disappear, Some Are Looking to the Sun
Coal mines also frequently lay off workers, as the industry is in financial duress, though Illinois coal is bolstered by a healthy export market. Solar and other clean energy jobs have more often proven not to be an attractive or accessible option for former coal workers. But the trainings and clean energy jobs have thus far not proven popular with workers from coal power plants and mines. He noted that Illinois coal country towns have ?“some of the highest rates of poverty, racial disparities, lack of services, food deserts. Ideally solar development and solar jobs develop in tandem, allowing families and community organizations to save money badly needed for other things, while also creating new clean energy jobs — in coal country and places like Chicago that suffered from coal plant pollution.
Why Workers Need Unions to Counter the Power of Their Employers
If employers don’t like what workers are doing, they can fire them — they are not obliged to be philanthropists. It is true that workers do need jobs in order to live, but then it is also true that employers cannot make a profit without hiring workers. Unionizing does not, however, mean that unionized workers have, in practice, much power, including the right to strike. The contracts that cover the 6% of unionized workers in the private sector restrict and often outlaw strikes. The successful struggles of the newly unionized workers can inspire us to take up this challenge.
Reverend Billy’s Revelations
For fundamentalists, the desire to control women’s bodies and the desire to despoil the Earth come from the same source. Dear Reverend Billy,I’m furious about what’s going on with the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade. AlexisPark SlopeDear Alexis,It turned out that Roe v. Wade wasn’t as settled a law as we thought. The attack on women’s reproductive rights is a tremor across the lives of all of us struggling for justice. Women’s rights isn’t just an issue, it is living life.
Progressives Need to Resist the Domestic “War on Terror”
The post-9/11 “war on terror” was a disaster for Muslims and immigrant communities in the United States. The bill creates domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Justice Department, and the FBI. The heads of all three agencies must regularly issue a joint report on domestic terrorism threats, incidents, and arrests and prosecutions. The bill also requires that they review and investigate hate crime charges with an eye on redefining or connecting them to domestic terror incidents. Still a Bad Idea Joe Biden’s fledgling domestic war on terror has proven a tricky matter for left-wing lawmakers to navigate.
Media Attention is Growing on Prakash Churaman’s Case, and the Judge isn’t Happy
Seven years ago, Prakash Churaman was an anonymous teenager begging anyone to listen to his claims of innocence in the murder of his friend, Taquane Clark. Judge Holder became incensed when news reports revealed that two detectives who are central to Churaman’s case had previously withheld evidence in other murder cases. Gallagher and Brown are the same detectives who extracted a confession from Prakash Churaman, who has since said he was coerced. At the hearing, Holder argued that his concern is that negative press coverage might taint the jury pool. The retrial of Churaman’s case is likely to begin in the summer.
Joe Biden Has Botched the Summit of the Americas
But Haiti has not been blacklisted from the Americas summit. Nor, of course, has Colombia, one of the United States’ closest allies, despite its historical and ongoing abysmal human rights record. What this episode has illustrated, however, is that many Latin American leaders are increasingly discouraged by the Biden administration. This diplomatic spat also demonstrates once again that when Latin American countries make collective demands, they can make very concrete gains. Beyond the issue of who attends the Summit of the Americas and who doesn’t, the Biden administration may find that Latin America’s latest realignment with the United States is already on the wane.
In Ontario’s Election, None of the Promises to Labor Are Good Enough
These included an increase of the minimum wage to $15 —rising to $15.50 in October 2022 — as well as paid sick days. It announced an increase in the minimum wage and instituted three paid sick days. That’s what you call supporting minimum wage workers. Helmed by party leader Andrea Horwath since 2009, the Ontario NDP has dramatically reversed its fortunes under her direction. The party is further promising a $20 minimum wage by 2026 and a ban on the use of scab labor during a strike.
Right-Wing Death Threats Won’t Stop Gustavo Petro From Becoming Colombia’s Next President
On May 6, the campaign of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro announced that it had uncovered a credible threat to the life of the left-wing politician. La Cordillera is well known for its paramilitary activities in Colombia, which include drug trafficking and hired assassinations. The close relationship between the Colombian state, paramilitaries, and drug trafficking dates back to the 1980s. Nor is it any surprise that Petro and his family have been targeted in the past with harassment and threats. In 1914, the liberal, socialist-leaning Rafael Uribe Uribe (distantly related to the more nefarious Uribe) was assassinated during a presidential election.
The Chilean Right Made Colonia Dignidad Possible
The Netflix miniseries A Sinister Sect is a welcome effort to familiarize international audiences with the infamous story of Colonia Dignidad, a colony of German settlers located in Southern Chile. Since the mid-1960s the average Chilean has known about the Colonia Dignidad and its history of atrocious criminal acts, including pedophilia, murder, and torture. That being the case, one would expect the filmmakers to pose higher-level questions when dealing with a topic as familiar as Colonia Dignidad. In this sense, A Sinister Sect adopts a relatively simplistic stance toward its subject matter. Still, A Sinister Sect sweeps the question of Colonia Dignidad’s relationship to Nazism under the rug too quickly.
Fewer Americans Are Identifying as Middle-Class
The United States is the country where everyone feels middle class, right? The midpoint is just four points into the “middle” category, and “upper-middle” is nowhere near that midpoint — it begins about five-sixths of the way to the top. Still, it’s remarkable that in a country of alleged universal middle-classness, almost half the population identifies as sub-middle. Over the last twenty years, “upper-middle” and “middle” have declined by eight percentage points and “working” and “lower” have risen by nine. But to conclude on a more encouraging note: 49% of those aged eighteen to thirty-four call themselves working class, twice the share of the over-fifty-five-year-olds.
School Privatizers Are Leaning Hard Into the Culture Wars
Specific facts and figures (the what of school learning) can be easily forgotten and recalled with a few keystrokes. The Koch-backed parents’ rights movement aims to make that trust impossible. Together, they advocated unlimited public school privatization in a last-ditch effort to preserve segregation by asserting property rights and state’s rights in the face of the New Deal’s legacy of robust federal action. At the dawn of the civil rights movement, more Americans were feeling that they could work together to build a better world. This movement is about burning down public schooling along with every other institution or regulation on which the public depends.
Canada’s Telecom Oligopoly Is a Hungry Beast That Will Never Be Sated
Canada’s telecom industry is best described as three companies in a trench coat. Canada’s big telecom companies are experts at holding the country hostage — they not only control market services, they also own the infrastructure that make those services possible. If you’re placing a bet on telecom competition in the country, you’ll never go broke betting against consumer interests. Adding another billionaire with a conglomerate to the mix will not solve the country’s telecom woes. Sadly, whenever the Canadian state concedes that there’s a problem with the country’s telecom industry, it never proposes serious solutions.
Doug Ford Wants to Continue Assaulting Public Education in Ontario
On April 28, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party (PC) election budget posted a $1.3 billion drop in Ontario’s school funds. These cuts would have left schools $1.6 billion poorer and forced school boards to issue redundancy notices to thousands of education workers. The ensuing public outcry prompted subsequent cash injections that delayed some of the cuts, but the replacement funding was highly uneven. Since 2018, Ford’s government has attacked education funding and devised repeated strategies to privatize parts of the school system. Its funding projections indicate that new attacks on students and workers will be on the agenda if Ford is reelected.
Aleida Guevara, Daughter of Che, on the Power of Cuban Internationalism
One of the most beautiful things that the revolution taught the Cuban people is to feel solidarity with any human being in any part of the world. In my personal case, as a doctor, allergist, and pediatrician, my first experience of this was during a mission in Nicaragua. I was just beginning as a doctor — I was about twenty-three, and it was the last year of medical school. The United States was threatening Nicaragua with an invasion, and the chief commander [Fidel Castro] always protected Cuban women. I was there with the medical students who were trained at the LAM [Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina, in Cuba].
In America, There Is Mass Death, Then There Is Nothing
What can possibly be said when nineteen kids and a teacher are dead, days after another mass shooting, and another mass shooting before that, and another . Our leaders are still insisting that this is “not who we are” — even as they make clear they are absolutely fine with this being exactly what America continues to be. It doesn’t have to be, but it always will be — unless enough of us do everything we can to end it. Until then, take a few minutes away from the screen you’re reading this on and give your loved ones a hug. Because in America, you never know if it will be the last one you get to give them.
Rikers Island Has Made Us All Prisoners
Review of Captives: How Rikers Island Took New York City Hostage by Jarrod Shanahan (Verso, 2022)In 2014, a young man named Jarrod Shanahan arrived at Rikers Island, the infamous spit of land that houses New York’s primary jail complex. Five years later, his research had become a doctoral dissertation at the CUNY Graduate Center; three years after that, it has become his first book, Captives: How Rikers Island Took New York City Hostage. “Rikers Island is a patch of reeking landfill plopped into the East River between LaGuardia Airport in Queens and Hunts Point in the Bronx,” Shanahan writes, with evident disgust. At first, Rikers was just a miserable daytime worksite for inmates of the overcrowded jail on Blackwell’s Island (now Roosevelt Island), with the disproportionately poor and black prisoners literally laying the groundwork for the future penal colony. Throughout the 1960s, therefore, Kross led a massive infrastructure expansion on Rikers Island, unveiling new, “modern” penal facilities.
The Summit of the Americas Is an Instrument of US Hegemony in Latin America
On May 5, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) announced that if any American country were excluded from the summit, its fourteen member nations would likely not attend. “The Summit of the Americas is not a meeting of the United States, so it cannot decide who is invited and who is not,” the ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders, said pointedly. There isn’t a country in Latin America and the Caribbean that has not suffered, in one form or another, from US-sponsored plots, coups, embargos, and interventions. A Grotesque Joke The United States’ self-appointed authority to certify democracies is, to put it mildly, pretty rich. When the FTAA finally foundered among international protests, the work of social movements, and the opposition of pink-tide governments, the Summit of the Americas was stripped of its original raison d’être.
John Nichols on Politics in 2024 and Amy Wilentz on Reparations for Haiti
Powered by RedCircleThe next six months will be crucial in determining what happens to American democracy in 2024. The Nation’s national affairs correspondent John Nichols joins this week’s show to discuss how the most crucial battlefield for those efforts right now is Pennsylvania. Read John Nichols on Pennsylvania's gubernatorial race Insurrectionist Doug Mastriano Should Be Barred From the Pennsylvania Ballot John NicholsAlso: Haiti is back on the front page—at least in The New York Times—and it’s not because of what’s happening there right now. Nation contributor Amy Wilentz joins the show to discuss the findings. Subscribe to The Nation to support all of our podcasts: thenation.com/podcastsubscribe.
To the Hypocrite Go the Spoils
Mitch McConnell refused to schedule hearings on the nomination ofMerrick Garland to the Supreme Court on the novel rationale that apresidential election was too close, and he then rushed through thenomination of Amy Coney Barrett when a presidential election waseven closer. —news reportsMcConnell managed to provideThe votes to toss old Roe aside. Yes, Mitch knows how to play the game. It helps a lot to have no shame.
The Ardor of Tessa Hadley
The moment when everything changes is just like every other moment, more or less, in the world of Free Love, Tessa Hadley’s latest novel. BOOKS IN REVIEW Free Love By Tessa Hadley Buy this bookThis moment, which comes less than halfway through the novel, is a sharp shock—we see it coming, perhaps, and may try to convince ourselves that it was inevitable, but its finality is jarring. Hadley, the author of seven novels and three short-story collections, is interested in the irrevocability of human actions. In Free Love too, most of the narrative occurs after Phyllis flees the suburbs. The new world Phyllis and Nicky inhabit is freer in many ways, but it is not totally free; there are simply different constraints.
The War on My Homeland Offers a Real Chance to Save the Planet
The import of all fossil fuels from Russia must be banned, as must any investment in Russia. We need to phase out all fossil fuels globally if we are to stop the existential threat to our planet. And it will further embolden the tyrants who draw their power from fossil fuels. It is moving far more quickly to mobilize oil and gas reserves worldwide than it is to ban Russian fossil fuels outright. Equation Campaign is a 10-year initiative funding movements on the ground to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Waging Proxy War in Ukraine Won’t Save Us From Ourselves
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Congressional Republicans were overwhelming, and Democrats unanimous, in voting for a $40 billion war-assistance package to be sent to Ukraine. We are risking a world war in the belief that only a world war can repair our broken democracy. If we could decide “who we are as a people,” we might go some way to reduce the terrible destruction of another war.
Time to Put the “Good Guy With a Gun” Delusion Out of Its Misery
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! We Are Tenacious.” JoAnn WypijewskiThe abject failure of the “good guys with guns” to do their job hasn’t stopped Republicans from continuing to try to deflect attention from gun control with the false promise of even more armed school security. Instead, schools must invest in resources to prevent shootings before they occur.9One obvious solution would be gun control. Democrats, conversely, have been notably reluctant to take up gun control, even though their base supports it—because they believe, rightly or wrongly, that it hurts them in swing districts.
California Offers a Rare Alternative to the Pro-Gun Free-for-All
California, at least, has put in the time and effort to enact meaningful gun-control interventions in recent years. But what about the staggering number of children lost to senseless gun violence here in the US? Since the start of the year, the Gun Violence Archive has tabulated the deaths by gun violence of 140 children aged 0 to 11, and 509 aged 12 to 17. And yet GOP politicians continue to march largely in lockstep with the most extreme wing of the “pro-gun” lobby. They will be there not to talk about how to reduce gun violence in a country saturated with the blood of innocents but to cozy up to the noxious National Rifle Association at its annual leadership summit.
Daniel Ortega: ‘América Latina y el Caribe es para latinoamericanos y caribeños’
GranmaOfficial voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee. Órgano Oficial del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba, fundado el 3 de octubre de 1965.
In Memphis, Poor People’s Campaign demands ‘resurrection’ of MLK’s vision
Poor People's Campaign on the march in Memphis. “We don’t need nostalgia” for Dr. King, “we need a resurrection” of his causes, Barber said. Now, Kylie Throckmorton, one of seven Memphis Starbucks workers trying to organize a union there, told the crowd of that struggle. You deserve to have health care.”All of that is lacking at Starbucks, workers from coast to coast tell organizers. Like other Poor People’s Campaign events, most Memphis speakers were poor and low-wealth people, exploited and/or unemployed, and a mix of races.
Canceling student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax cuts for the rich
American University student Magnolia Mead puts up posters near the White House promoting student loan debt forgiveness, Friday, April 29, 2022, in Washington. Like 45 million other Americans who did the same, I owe student loan debt. My loan is just a tiny fraction of the national student loan debt. Even writing off every penny of student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and the rich. And, importantly, student debt forgiveness has broad public support, including among people without a college degree and without student loan debt, as well as young people.
Did media negligence help lead the world over the Omicron cliff?
The fast-moving omicron variant may cause less severe symptoms on average, but COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and around the world climbed during the wave. | Jae C. Hong / APThe news media, it must be said, does not have the strongest sense of scientific literacy. To that end, a study which received preliminary release early this month may have quietly upended everything we’ve been told about the Omicron variant currently predominating in COVID outbreaks around the world. After careful analysis of figures from the Omicron wave at the start of this year, experts from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital have come to some troubling conclusions: “Our findings suggest…the Omicron variant was as deadly as the previous SARS-CoV-2 waves. Instead, the same media that spent those crucial months convincing the world Omicron was nothing to fear have turned to their old standby: Deflect, deflect, deflect.
Pro-Act should replace Taft-Hatley on its 75th Anniversary
A 1947 labor rally against the Taft-Hartley Act. | Kheel CenterThis June 23 marks the 75th anniversary of the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act, an infamous anti-labor law passed by a conservative Congress. The Taft-Hartley Act was a bad law in 1947, it is a bad law today. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act) is currently before the Senate, having already passed the House. Under the PRO Act, employers would face stiff fines for such activities.
Children, teachers shot dead in Texas at yet another mass shooting
“Why are we willing to live with this carnage?” an upset Biden, a longtime senatorial crusader for gun control, asked. All of those groups denounced the murders, mourned the victims and recommitted themselves to the gun control cause. “Gun violence is a cancer, and it’s one that none of us should tolerate for one single moment longer. That’s the part that’s so frustrating.”Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who has made gun control a crusade ever since Newtown, is still trying to talk ten of the Senate’s 50 Republicans into backing gun control legislation. Pro-gun GOP Sen. Ted Cruz reiterated his stand after the Uvalde massacre, but withdrew from a speaking commitment to the NRA.
Philippines faces bleak future after Marcos Jr. election victory
Rewriting history: Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., left, won the presidential election in part by convincing new generations of voters that his parents' brutal dictatorship was actually a golden era of prosperity. In the photo at right, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos address the crowds in Manila at the Malacanang Palace, Feb. 25, 1986. Only hours after this photo was taken, the Marcos family were overthrown by a popular uprising and fled to exile in the United States. Marcos, Jr., is pictured at far right in the photo. On May 9, Ferdinand and Imelda’s son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., took the presidency with 56% of the vote, the highest share since his dad won in 1981—when most other parties boycotted it.
We’re Asking the Wrong Question on Roe
Nor should anyone need to know the intimate details of a person’s life to support their right to reproductive freedom. And it was intended to reflect the ways that race, gender and class impact Black women, in particular. As Southern women, we see the way intersecting oppressions complicate life for Black women. We cannot talk about the catastrophe of overturning Roe v. Wade without talking about the vulnerability of Black women and people living in poverty. There should be more dialogue on all the ways Black women can self-determine and have true agency.
Reseal the Deal with Iran
It could be make or break time for the Iran nuclear deal. The Biden administration’s talks with Iran to revive the deal have since progressed impressively, but now they have stalled again. While Iran has gradually enriched uranium to higher levels since Trump abrogated the deal, it has made no attempt to acquire nuclear weapons. To repeat, Iran has, to date, not moved toward acquiring nuclear weapons. A separate agreement between Iran and the UN’'s nuclear watchdog agency, allowing UN inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites, is scheduled to expire around June 6.
Say No to Nuclear Power
The nuclear power industry has been pushing the fantasy of yet another “renaissance” of nuclear power, based on the absurd idea that atomic reactors — which operate at 571 degrees Fahrenheit, produce substantial greenhouse gas emissions and, periodically, explosions — can somehow cool the planet. As a green power advocate since 1973, I’ve visited dozens of reactor sites throughout the U.S. and Japan. In 2003, the Perry and Davis-Besse power plants’ operators blacked out 50 million homes in southern Canada and the northeastern United States. When Diablo Canyon’s resident site inspector warned the plant could not withstand a likely seismic shock, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shut him up and moved him out. Our energy future should consist of modern solar, wind, battery and LED/efficiency technologies, not nuclear reactors.
Taking on the Masters of War
Novakovic, in response, said General Dynamics' role is ultimately to "support the U.S. military and U.S. foreign policy." The company’s weapons have been used in war crimes and human rights violations against Yemenis, Palestinians, asylum-seekers and others. A 2019 Amnesty International report found that General Dynamics did not meet its responsibilities under human rights law. It is against their self-interest to provide transparency around their human rights practices, because the more weapons they sell, the better. Weapons manufacturers are pulling in immense profits from militarized violence in Ukraine, Yemen, Myanmar, Somalia and elsewhere.
Alito’s DIY Precedent Kit
We’re not talking early U.S. history, in the leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, he went back to 1250 or so to find a treatise that suited his needs. It’s an interesting (sloppy) way to undermine a Supreme Court precedent that goes back fifty years—just dig up a couple of old English judge/cleric types who espoused torture and burned witches. No matter what your views on abortion might be, the draft ruling that would overturn Roe is a danger to many rights we currently have in this country. (Even though Alito pinky-promises he’s only applying a key part of his legal “logic” to Roe.) This is only the beginning of the rise of a Trump-branded Supreme Court.
Russia’s Nuclear Threat Endangers Us All
But we also have to consider how Russia is perceiving the war and to what extent it would view defeat as an existential threat. Any potential of something as devastating as nuclear war should be cause enough for alarm. We are all familiar with the immediate devastation that nuclear weapons could do to the cities they target and the radiation clouds that would spread further afield. A 2007 study suggests global nuclear winter effects could be triggered by as few as 100 low-yield nuclear weapons. It feels as if there is little we can do about the nuclear threat prompted by the invasion of Ukraine, but that’s not true.
The Most Dangerous Ideology in America
The great replacement theory can no longer be dismissed as an inconsequential fringe belief. The “great replacement theory” can no longer be dismissed as an inconsequential fringe belief. Civilians in the United States own almost 400 million firearms—nearly half of all civilian-owned guns in the world. “Great replacement theory” embeds a narrative central to Nazi ideology: the imagined Jewish threat to “white civilization” that Hitler successfully propagated in Mein Kampf. If racial fears, divisions, and hatred continue to drive mainstream rightwing politics, then more violence seems inevitable.
Smart Ass Cripple: After Roe, What’s Next?
× Expand Creative CommonsThe inevitable overturning of Roe v. Wade is scary as hell. If these judicial bullies can set the clock back fifty years without flinching, what else might they be looking to destroy? An Appeals Court upheld that decision and the logic behind it, and in April the Supreme Court upheld it as well, in a 6-3 decision. The court’s decision today will leave those victims with no remedy at all.”Yep. The stomping of Roe v. Wade is probably just the beginning of the rampage.
Great Replacement Theory’ in 60 Seconds
Yet another racist mass murderer has referenced “replacement theory” or the “great replacement” in his twisted manifesto. The eighteen-year-old in the horrific Buffalo Tops shooting repurposed much of the Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter’s manifesto and appears to be equally enthralled with the white supremacist conspiracy theory. From there, the ridiculous “theory” has made its way to other prominent Republican politicians and pundits—and lo and behold, to the Republican base. This would just be another silly conspiracy to rile up the Republicans’ lowest common denominator, except this particular lie can have immediate deadly consequences. (Though, to be fair, the COVID “hoax” lies spread by the far right have also had very deadly consequences.)
U.S. Officials Consider Truth Commission for American Indian Boarding Schools
“This bill is imperative to recognize the atrocities of the federal government’s Indian boarding school policies,” said Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez, Democrat of New Mexico. Starting in the 1800s, the federal government began creating a nationwide network of boarding schools for Indigenous children. Last year, Haaland introduced the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, which launched a major review of the schools and their legacy. The report found that 408 federal schools operated across thirty-seven states and territories from 1819 to 1969. Nowhere is that clearer than in the legacy of federal Indian boarding schools.”According to the Interior Department’s report, many Native children never returned home.
School Choice and the False Promise of Parent ‘Empowerment’
School choice advocates often say they “empower” parents by offering them scholarships to spend on a school of their choice. In School’s Choice: How Charter Schools Control and Shape Enrollment, Kevin Welner and Wagna Mommandi explain how charter schools attract and retain low-cost students while refusing to admit those who pose the most challenges. Furthermore, school choice likely won’t empower parents because the parents are making these choices without being able to access all of the relevant information. But, in the world of school choice, there’s almost nothing in place to require a charter school to disclose how it compares to other schools—other than, of course, school-wide scores from the annual Big Standardized Test. The dangled promise of parental empowerment is appealing, but for the most part, charter and private schools offer less parent power, not more.
Thoughts and Prayers Interrupted
With the awful school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Republican lawmakers are of course quick to offer prayers and vacuous condolences to the fourth-grade victims and their families. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other top state politicos like Senator Ted Cruz are putting on their frowny empathetic faces . I’m sure their speeches will be filled with venom directed at those evil Democrats who they’ll accuse of politicizing a tragic shooting. “man traps?”They’ll suggest just about everything except for laws that prevent civilians in the United States from having easy access to weapons of war. The problem isn’t the guns, they’ll say, the school should have built a moat to slow down any attackers.
What Was Really Said In the Missing Minutes of the Watergate Tapes?
Connie wants to do the right thing but is anxious to avoid any consequences for revealing the top-secret tape. So the whistleblower tries to surreptitiously leak the reel to Paul (John Magaro), whom she believes to be a reporter. But having grown up during the Watergate era, I don’t buy the Republican rhetoric that the Grand Old Party used to stand for smaller government and individual rights. The Watergate burglary was part of Nixon’s coordinated covert campaign of dirty tricks— including Donald Segretti and the “ratfuckers”—aimed at winning re-election by any means necessary. As we come up on the half-century anniversary of the Watergate break-in, 18½ is a droll reminder of the White House scandal which left the nation reeling.
Everyday Gun Ownership Set the Stage for the Uvalde Massacre
But even those on the left, in Texas especially, feel they must genuflect before the mythical archetype of the “responsible gun owner” before calling for action. Unencumbered by our indoctrination—which is especially bad in Texas—they recognize our popular justifications for owning guns as the pernicious lies they are. The rate of gun violence has also increased, with 13.6 deaths per 100,000 people—the highest since the 1990s, though still below the historical high in the 1970s. If you own a gun, you are more than twice as likely to die from gun violence than if you do not. The gun owner is a threat not only to themself but to everyone in the household.
Where to Donate to Help Families Affected by the Uvalde School Shooting
The suspected 18-year-old gunman barricaded himself into a fourth-grade classroom at Robb Elementary School and opened fire. GoFundMe created a hub of verified fundraisers for people affected by the Robb Elementary School shooting, including drives for funeral costs and family needs, as well as funds created by local support groups and organizations. Robb Elementary Memorial FundAn account has been opened at First State Bank of Uvalde for the families of Robb Elementary. pic.twitter.com/CRW1KNTyAF — Uvalde CISD (@Uvalde_CISD) May 25, 2022Additionally, the city of Uvalde is accepting monetary donations to cover medical expenses for families impacted by the incident. While an online donation option is currently in the works, checks can be sent to: City of Uvalde, PO Box 799, Uvalde, TX, 78802.
6 Organizations That Are Working to End Gun Violence
It's clear that thoughts and prayers are not preventing gun violence from occurring every day in the US. Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence SolutionsTwo gun-violence-prevention organizations — the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence — recently merged to form the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. States United to Prevent Gun ViolenceStates United to Prevent Gun Violence works with 33 different state organizations across the country, each of which is committed to ending gun violence through local advocacy, the org says. "Legislators are predominately moved by hearing from constituents and leaders in their home states," States United explains on its site. Donate to States United to Prevent Gun Violence here.
Deadly attacks on Afghan minorities show the Taliban isn’t keeping its promises
The devastating attacks are further destabilizing a nation already in economic free fall and further increase doubt that the Taliban can protect the Afghan people — especially minorities — from violence and terror. While no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, ISIS-K has been known to target Dasht-e-Barchi in the past. Attacks continued Thursday, with a bombing at a Shia mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, in northern Afghanistan. “Yet under the Taliban, vulnerable minorities — in particular the Hazara — continue to be one of the main targets of violence. And, with no real political alternative to the Taliban, ISIS-K may be the only viable option of belonging or exercising a sense of power to many Afghans.
An expert on why wars start, and how to prevent them
And yet wars persist, both within nations and, as appallingly demonstrated by Russia’s devastation of Ukraine, between them. Note that our conversation occurred on April 7, so we didn’t cover the past couple weeks of developments in Ukraine. Let me just start with a couple examples that I think are the most intuitive. In Liberia, maybe the warlord Charles Taylor thinks he’s going to get more diamond profits by keeping the war going. Chris BlattmanBarbara’s not the extreme end — there’s people who think there could be full-scale civil war.
Revisiting the Christian fantasy novels that shaped decades of conservative hysteria
But his novels, with their thorough version of an embattled but entirely righteous Christian culture, are an early articulation of what has become the reigning modern evangelical conspiracy theory. But both books are enjoyably trashy in a way Christian fiction rarely allows itself to get. So the plots you both mention in the Darkness books seemed natural and correct to me, and the images they painted were so vivid. The only way Christian couples seem to function is by enthusiastically being in the God fandom together. But I’m more interested in the books’ other depictions of race, which are within evangelical Christian spaces.
The Depp-Heard trial has played right into the hands of far-right extremists.
Trial memes — almost universally weighted against Heard — have taken over every corner of the internet, from TikTok to Twitch to Etsy. Sure, Amber Heard cried while on the stand, but did you see how ridiculous she looked while doing it? Some of the arguments made against Amber Heard sound like QAnon-level conspiracy rabbit holes. The Depp-Heard trial has refined the Gamergate playbook in a way that will haunt us for years to come. It’s not just that Amber Heard will forever be an imperfect accuser whose own volatile history was used to help destroy a revelatory movement in Me Too.
Kendrick Lamar’s Auntie Diaries is a clumsy attempt at trans acceptance
Since the album’s release, it immediately sparked discourse surrounding “Auntie Diaries,” questioning if the art and its intended message outweigh the harm done. “Auntie Diaries” falls into harmful tropes, including deadnaming, misgendering, and using a homophobic slur. My niece and nephew, whom I love unconditionally, have witnessed the vitriol from religious family members who saw me as nothing more than an abomination. He is tying back to the intro of “Auntie Diaries,” about the battle between heart and mind. The subject matter of “Auntie Diaries” should have been handled with more care.
Abortion has been treated as a fringe issue by Democrats for decades. This is the result.
For decades, abortion has been treated as a fringe issue in American politics. The moment abortion rights supporters have been dreading — and abortion opponents have been eagerly awaiting — for the past 40 years has finally arrived. This situation — states pitted against each other over a major civil rights issue — has frightening parallels in American history. Democratic politicians generally supported abortion rights, but did not always push back vociferously on restrictions. In America, there has been “a lingering disregard for the equality and the personhood of women,” especially Black and brown women, Goodwin said.
Three unlikely but not totally impossible paths toward restoring Roe’s protections
The more a party wins, the better the odds an unexpected Supreme Court vacancy will arise while they’re in power. This could be an abortion-specific law codifying Roe’s protections (though that would have to survive this Supreme Court). They could at the very least reverse any Democratic law establishing abortion protections, and at most try to ban abortion nationwide. But in the long term, that’s what would be needed to entrench abortion protections nationally. If a public opinion shift doesn’t happen, Roe protections, even if they are restored, would never truly be safe.
A nurse was just sentenced to 3 years of probation for a lethal medical error
What made Vaught’s case notable was that she was prosecuted in criminal court, a decision made by the Nashville district attorney. If legal action is taken in nursing errors, it is generally through civil courts, where patients and families can obtain financial compensation. Vaught’s case was also notable because while she was charged with a crime, her employer — Vanderbilt University Medical Center — faced fewer consequences. Punishing individuals for systemic safety failures is concerning to patient safety advocates because it is ultimately detrimental to patient safety. Rates of medical errors — and measures of staff willingness to report them — are only revealed over time.
Bill Gates knows philanthropy alone can’t solve inequality
Here are five ideas Gates explored with Recode over email about how to factor in economic inequality when preparing for the next pandemic. During the Covid pandemic, global collaboration between scientists, philanthropists, and global health institutions (like the ACT Accelerator) developed, tested, and deployed safe and effective vaccines faster than ever before. Whizy KimHow big a role would you say economic inequality plays in disease outcome? How do we make sure economic inequality isn’t such a major factor in surviving the next pandemic? [Editor’s note: These are all global health programs that the Gates Foundation has funded.
The air conditioning paradox
That’s made cooling, particularly air conditioning, vital for the survival of billions of people. Just 12 percent of India’s population has air conditioning, but even those people are suffering. The climate paradox of air conditioningCooling technologies, particularly air conditioning, have been reshaping societies around the world since Willis Carrier invented a device to prevent humidity from messing with ink at a Brooklyn printing plant in 1902. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first prime minister, said air conditioning was the sine qua non of his country’s formation. Seattle has the lowest percentage of households with air conditioning of any major metro area in the US.
The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he’s innocent
Justice Clarence Thomas’s majority opinion claimed that a law restricting the power of federal courts to toss out convictions in state courts prevents Jones from seeking relief. The whole point of Jones’s federal case is that his state court lawyers performed so poorly that they failed to uncover evidence that should have exonerated him. But once that process is concluded, the state court’s decision generally should remain final — even if that means executing an innocent person or condemning someone in violation of the Constitution. Now, however, Thomas has the votes to prevail on an exceedingly conservative Court, so the considerable evidence that Barry Jones is innocent was declared irrelevant. In his initial trial, Jones faced a tribunal that bore at least some superficial resemblance to a fair proceeding.
Why Biden’s off-the-cuff comment about defending Taiwan matters
US policy toward Taiwan has been one of “strategic ambiguity” for four decades — supporting Taiwan’s independence without quite saying so. How dangerous is Biden’s Taiwan comment? The diplomatic gymnastics of the “One China” policy may seem absurd. But Asia experts say that the “One China” policy remains the best approach to East Asia. “The ‘One China’ policy is a terrible interim solution, and it’s the best we got,” he told me.
The hidden history of “Hand Talk”
Centuries before we had American Sign Language, Native sign languages, broadly known as “Hand Talk,” were thriving across North America. Hand Talk would be influential in the formation of American Sign Language, but it has largely been written out of history. One of these Hand Talk variations, Plains Indian Sign Language, was used so widely across the Great Plains that it became a lingua franca — a universal language used by both d/Deaf and hearing people to communicate among tribes that didn’t share a common spoken language. Today, there are just a handful of fluent PISL signers left in the US. They show us PISL in action and help us explore how this ancient language holds centuries of Indigenous history.
A deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas
An 18-year-old gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, 2022. It’s the deadliest US school shooting since 2018, when 17 were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the second-deadliest to occur at an elementary school since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. If history is any evidence, it’s unlikely that Texas Republican lawmakers, who control the state legislature and have pushed to loosen state gun laws in the lead-up to the midterms, will change course as a result of the Uvalde shooting. Follow here for all of Vox’s coverage on the latest news, political reaction, analysis, and more.
It’s easy to feel hopeless after Uvalde. But school shootings aren’t inevitable.
“Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.” Every time another mass shooting happens, his tweet is shared over and over again. “I’ve studied enough great social change movements to know they often take decades to succeed. These are issues where a small minority has blocked action on proposals with widespread public support. On Tuesday evening, Murphy challenged his Republican colleagues to work with him on legislation that could prevent more mass shootings from happening. It “may not guarantee America never ever again sees a mass shooting,” he admitted.
A child can’t be a “good guy with a gun”
“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said. This gun rights ideology has become embedded both in Republican politics and in the culture of American gun ownership: an all-consuming political identity that has broken American politics. The gun rights ideology permeates American gun culture and, by extension, today’s Republican Party. If the government could adequately restrict gun ownership, according to the gun rights ideology, then liberty would be insecure. Instead, the gun rights ideologue argues, the responsibility for public safety falls in the hands of individuals: the “good guy with a gun.” If well-intentioned armed individuals are everywhere, then they can gun down evildoers in the act.
Countries are limiting food exports. It may make global hunger worse.
While India’s wheat restrictions alone should have limited effect on global food prices, they could push even more countries to follow suit. And that would be disastrous, potentially tipping a volatile global food situation into a crisis. A rise in fuel prices is also a major contributor to the rise in food prices, as food now costs more to store, process, and transport. Rising food prices are adding to hunger crises in countries with already-high levels of food insecurity and drought, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. While India is a major global wheat producer, most of the wheat it produces is consumed locally; India accounted for less than 1 percent of global wheat exports in 2020.
Welcome to the May issue of The Highlight
Share All sharing options for: Welcome to the May issue of The HighlightRoughly a year ago, the government began dispatching payments of hundreds of dollars a month, no strings attached, to a broad swath of American parents. The abrupt end of America’s successful experiment to help families and children is just one of the national conversations we’re exploring in this month’s issue of the Highlight. Is it simply time to take advantage of technological advancements and pin down butterflies with binoculars and cameras, instead? And finally, we look at the rise of the emo muscle boys of our biggest movies and TV shows. By Joanna ThompsonFrom John Cena to Jason Momoa, our most muscular movie stars are increasingly our most vulnerable, too.
The Uvalde, Texas, school shooting is part of America’s larger failure to protect children
In ways big and small — in schools, in homes, in every facet of life — the United States fails to protect and support its children. Suicides by gun and accidental firearm deaths among kids are also far higher in the United States than its economic peers. American public policy doesn’t value childrenRhetoric is cheap. And yet, the United States seems to be self-sabotaging through its failure to do so. “Generation after generation, you start to see the United States slipping,” Glass said.
Why gun control feels out of reach — and why there’s still hope
But dire doesn’t mean all hope is lost — and it doesn’t mean that there’s been no forward movement on issues of gun control and gun safety. After Columbine, many gun control experts seemed to argue that there was a missing gun control movement, and that if we just got people together and got them to organize and be proactive that we could pass gun control legislation at a federal level. Although most Americans have historically favored gun control regulations, the minority of Americans who oppose them have historically mobilized on behalf of that view at higher rates than gun control supporters. Mass shootings can occur in places that have strong gun regulations and they can occur in places that have weak gun regulations. This obviously applies to many more things than just gun control, but I think gun control is an especially crucial issue that many people feel hopeless about.
'It is not inevitable, it is a choice:' Seth Meyers blasts U.S. gun policy in wake of Texas school shooting
Earlier this week, a gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and two teachers. It was the 27th school shooting in the U.S. so far this year. Following this, Late Night host Seth Meyers has delivered a monologue addressing U.S. gun laws, and the "fraud" that Americans have an unregulated right to own automatic weapons. SEE ALSO: GoFundMe has launched a verified fundraising hub for the Robb Elementary School shooting"To the people who cynically parrot the mindless talking point that advocates for gun reform are somehow politicizing this: What else is politics for?" "It's a crisis, and this is what our political system is supposed to do — address the crisis."
'This is now our fault': Jimmy Kimmel delivers emotional monologue after Robb Elementary School shooting
Jimmy Kimmel has delivered an emotional monologue in the wake of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 children and two teachers were shot and killed earlier this week. "There was an armed guard in Buffalo. There was an armed guard in Parkland. There was an armed guard in Uvalde. The parents of the children at Sandy Hook, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and now Robb Elementary School.
Finding hope despite the hopelessness of mass shootings
The implications of such trauma reverberate on social media where people, myself included, voice their rage and despair. If you feel hopeless in this deluge of pain, it's partly because social media is both an outlet and a gauntlet. This week, I am searching for hope that the deaths of 19 schoolchildren will lead to laws that prevent future massacres. I've found that social media often obliterates hope as quickly as it inspires it. But if ever there was a time to cling to hope and demand reform, it's now.
Help Us Investigate Museums’ Failure to Return Native American Human Remains and Cultural Items
Sign up for Dispatches, a newsletter that spotlights wrongdoing around the country, to receive our stories in your inbox every week. Museums, universities and other American institutions that receive federal funds were required by a 1990 law to “expeditiously” return human remains and cultural items taken from Native American tribes and burial sites. Decades later, these institutions still hold more than 100,000 human remains and several hundred thousand items. ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization, is investigating why some institutions have made little progress on repatriation under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Our goal is to hold institutions accountable.
What We Lose When We Conflate Child “Abuse” and “Neglect”
What We Lose When We Conflate Child “Abuse” and “Neglect” Growing up in Southern Illinois, I knew many children whose basic needs went unmet. I was raised on a rural route at the edge of the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. Since then, I’ve heard about how child abuse rates are higher in rural Southern Illinois than any other part of the state. But the trends were most troublesome in Southern Illinois. But politicians at the federal level have resisted investing in the kinds of changes the child welfare system needs, Milner said.
NCC Response to House Committee Report on COVID-19 Workplace Safety
Attributable to National Chicken Council (NCC) President Mike Brown:“NCC member companies have long been committed to protecting and enhancing worker safety, a commitment that well predates the COVID-19 pandemic. But when the COVID-19 pandemic reached American shores, it was immediately clear that worker safety would be paramount. But although the challenge was immense, the people who make up the chicken industry showed enormous resiliency and innovative spirit in responding. “NCC member companies faced a daunting task, and they did everything they could to keep their workers safe while keeping food on Americans’ tables. NCC used its unique position as a national trade association to help member companies succeed in this mission.
Executive Order on Delegating Authority Under the DPA with Respect to Food Supply Chain Resources During the National Emergency Caused by the Outbreak of COVID-19 – The White House
(the “Act”), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows:Section 1 . The COVID-19 outbreak and these necessary mitigation measures have taken a dramatic toll on the United States economy and critical infrastructure. Such closures threaten the continued functioning of the national meat and poultry supply chain, undermining critical infrastructure during the national emergency. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect: . (b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
Editor's Note: Dollars for Docs
The stories ProPublica is publishing today on the pharmaceutical industry are part of a broader effort to expand the possibilities of collaborative journalism. Two ProPublica reporters, Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber, tracked down the doctors identified as the biggest earners and vetted their backgrounds. The database on our website includes every payment by seven drug companies that have publicly reported since 2009. We are also interested in hearing about doctors who disclose the payments they receive, and those who do not. By 2013, all drug companies will be required to publicly disclose payments to doctors.
The Fight to Preserve African-American History
“I had no idea about architectural history, no formal understanding of preservation, but it felt right,” Leggs said. Robinson, a senior who came to Morgan to study architecture, had learned about preservation through a National Trust course. During a tour, he pointed out how Jenkins reflects not only the global history of design but the history of Morgan State. For Leggs, the Hill offers a compelling demonstration of all that historic preservation can accomplish in communities of color. As in Charlottesville, white supremacists have rallied to protect those Confederate monuments, a reminder of how necessary African-American historic preservation is.
Office of Foreign Assets Control - Sanctions Programs and Information
The Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other threats to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the United? States.
'... I'm a work in progress.'
"I guess I'm a work in progress," he said one day late last month. He had remained close with his brother, but he had not seen his mother since he went to prison. In the empty apartment, Taylor and his brother grew excited as they began to imagine their new life. He has been meeting with people about jobs and hopes to go to work in the next few weeks. And now I'm out and I'm a grown man."
Federal appeals court hears arguments on Florida ban on gun sales to those under 21
The National Rifle Association is urging a federal appeals court to strike down a Florida law that bans people under the age of 21 from buying guns. A lower court upheld the measure , which state lawmakers passed in the wake of the Parkland shooting. During a hearing at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Miami on Thursday, an attorney for the NRA argued the law violates Second Amendment and equal protection rights. “The right in Florida has been turned into a privilege for a few and that is not a right at all,” NRA attorney John Sweeney said. The state has also argued that people under 21 constitute a high risk group who are much more likely to act impulsively.
Russian Snipers, Missiles and Warplanes Try to Tilt Libyan War
TRIPOLI, Libya — The casualties at the Aziziya field hospital south of Tripoli used to arrive with gaping wounds and shattered limbs, victims of the haphazard artillery fire that has defined battles among Libyan militias. It is the work, Libyan fighters say, of Russian mercenaries, including skilled snipers. The lack of an exit wound is a signature of the ammunition used by the same Russian mercenaries elsewhere. The snipers are among about 200 Russian fighters who have arrived in Libya in the last six weeks, part of a broad campaign by the Kremlin to reassert its influence across the Middle East and Africa. It has introduced advanced Sukhoi jets, coordinated missile strikes, and precision-guided artillery, as well as the snipers — the same playbook that made Moscow a kingmaker in the Syrian civil war.
Illinois’ Education Chief Urges Schools to Stop Working With Police to Ticket Students for Misbehavior
Illinois’ Education Chief Urges Schools to Stop Working With Police to Ticket Students for Misbehavior Responding to a ProPublica-Chicago Tribune investigation, Illinois’ schools superintendent says ticketing students hurts children and their families. Illinois’ top education official urged schools to stop working with police to ticket students for misbehavior, hours after an investigation by ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune revealed that schools across the state were evading laws designed to prohibit the fining of students. Donate“If your district/schools are engaging in this practice, I implore you to immediately stop and consider both the cost and the consequences of these fines,” Ayala wrote. The Illinois State Board of Education intends to survey school districts to learn more about their disciplinary practices, Ayala wrote. An Illinois law passed in 2015 prohibits schools from using fines to discipline students.
Columbine And Parkland School Shooting Survivors Support Uvalde
For Barrett Dolata, the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and 2 teachers dead felt overwhelming and familiar. On Nov. 30, Dolata was a 17-year-old high school senior in biology class at Oxford High School in Michigan, and a sophomore opened fire and killed four students, including his close friend Justin Shilling. For Dolata and other survivors of school shootings — there have been 27 school shootings in 2022 alone — watching the news of the Uvalde attack isn't just a realization of their worst fears, it's a replay of the worst time of their lives. Dolata posted on Instagram about the experience, joining survivors of other school shootings — from the 1999 Columbine High School massacre to those as recently as just a few months ago — posting online about Uvalde. I am brought right back to the day my friends, community, and I went through the same thing," Dolata wrote.
23 Creative Solutions Republicans Have Offered To Stop Mass Shootings That Have Nothing To Do With Guns
In their many attempts to avoid talking about gun control over the years, Republican officials and conservative pundits have come up with inventive, and often outrageous, solutions to America's mass shooting epidemic. We witnessed that again this week, after the devastating elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 children and two adults. Republican lawmakers and officials as well as Fox News commentators once again racked their brains to come up with creative ways to prevent mass shootings, none of which happen to have anything to do with restricting access to guns or even basic gun control reform. Here’s a noncomprehensive list of the solutions they’ve offered as hundreds of mass shootings continue to happen every year and the staggering number of children who’ve experienced gun violence in school continues to rise. Lock the doors
Here's What Congress Failed To Do After Sandy Hook And How It’s Shaping Up To Be The Same After The Uvalde Shooting
Sandy Hook was not the tipping point that gun control advocates had prayed it would be. “I am sick and tired of it,” President Joe Biden said after the Uvalde shooting. (In the case of Sandy Hook, the weapons used had been legally purchased by the shooter’s mother, who was killed with these guns before the school attack.) “The idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong,” Biden said. It’s just sick.”After Sandy Hook, then-president Barack Obama put his deputy, Biden, in charge of spearheading what they might do to reform gun laws, both through executive actions and in Congress.
10 Best New Books Out The Week Of May 17, 2022
Make some space on your bookshelf for this week’s most exciting new releases. We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.
Michigan’s Governor Is “Going To Fight Like Hell” To Protect Abortion Access
Michigan women have had these protected rights for 49 years — my whole lifetime, essentially. And the rights of Michigan women shouldn’t be determined by the leadership in 83 different counties. Has the Michigan Supreme Court officially accepted the case? We’re waiting to hear from the Supreme Court, and in the interim, there are additional briefs being filed by a variety of stakeholder groups. All I know is that I’ve got a job to do here in Michigan, and I’m going to fight like hell to protect women’s rights in Michigan.
Why Did Eleven Lose Her Powers In 'Stranger Things 3'? She Found A New Kind Of Strength
Eleven summoned a lot of strength to get the tiny creature out, but afterward, she realized that her powers were gone. There isn't an exact answer for why Eleven's powers stopped working, but the Mind Flayer was definitely the catalyst. At the outset of Season 4A, Eleven’s powers still hadn’t returned, and she struggled to adjust to her new life in California with the Byers. After an unsuccessful escape attempt, Eleven awoke trapped inside a memory from her past at the Hawkins lab — the apparent key to re-learning her dormant telekinetic powers. Did reliving that memory officially restore Eleven’s powers?
Europe's lost 'breadbasket': How Russia's war in Ukraine is stoking a global food crisis
Global wheat prices are skyrocketing. Ukraine and Russia account for a third of global wheat and barley exports, which countries in the Middle East and Africa rely on to feed millions of people who subsist on subsidized bread. The lack of Ukrainian grain is pushing food prices up and pressing countries already facing shortages toward famine. Russia and Belarus, under sanctions in the wake of the invasion, account for 40 percent of the crop nutrient potash. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres warned last week that dwindling food supplies caused by the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and climate change could lead to global unrest.
Memorial Day: A time to honor fallen heroes and pledge to defend democracy
Memorial Day and trust go hand in hand. The heroes we honor on this Memorial Day trusted that — by making the ultimate sacrifice — they would preserve a historic democracy supported by Americans to yet come. A successful democracy does not harass election workers, including with death threats, for simply trying to make elections run smoothly and fairly. These selfish actions are not what the bygone heroes we remember on Memorial Day fought for. On this Memorial Day, we must dedicate ourselves to leaving that experiment intact for future generations.
It’s worth a try if there’s any chance at all to overturn bad deals on parking meters, Skyway
The sell-offs of Chicago’s parking meters, Skyway and parking garages are millstones around the city’s neck. Editorials bug EditorialsThe city did not support Krislov’s earlier effort, possibly because of a provision in the original parking meter contract that commits the city to support the agreement. But the results of the latest parking meter audit suggest it might be wise to take another shot at easing the pain for city taxpayers. As the Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman reported, Chicago Parking Meters LLC has fully recouped the $1.16 billion investment it made to gain control of the city’s parking meters and has made a hefty $502.5 million profit to boot. After former Mayor Richard M. Daley privatized the parking meters, downtown rates went from $3 per hour in 2008 to $6.50 in 2013 and are now at $7.
Police shooting of 13-year-old is reminder city needs permanent foot pursuit policy
If the Chicago Police Department had a permanent foot pursuit policy in place by now, an unarmed 13-year-old boy may not have been shot in the back by an officer, a federal lawsuit filed last week by the teenager’s family maintained. One of those questions is whether a permanent foot pursuit policy will finally be implemented this summer, as the CPD said it aimed to do after officers undergo training. But it has been nearly a year since a temporary foot pursuit policy took effect after another 13-year-old, Adam Toledo, and Anthony Alvarez, 22, were gunned down separately by police as they ran from pursuing officers. There should be no more holdups in rolling out a permanent policy that could help prevent individuals from being shot by police. The officer who fired at the boy was also running with a gun in his hand — a violation of a temporary foot pursuit policy, the lawsuit said.
18 is too young to buy a gun
But some students look forward to turning 18 for a very different reason: On their birthday they will be able to legally buy a gun. One of the guns used by the teens who committed the Columbine massacre was obtained through an illegal gun sale. The idea that 18-year-olds should be able to buy guns is based on an old-fashioned, unscientific view of adulthood. Of course, some will argue that a constitutional right like gun ownership cannot be restricted past age 21. Illinois schools spend upwards of $322 million in energy costs every year.
Letters: Don't punish babies by forcing them to live with Ohio lawmakers
Letters to the EditorBabies don't deserve 'punishment'I understand the tongue-in-cheek intent of the May 25 letter, "Lawmakers should have to adopt babies from rape, incest." Ohio’s share of American Rescue Plan Act state recovery funds totaled $5.4 billion. More:Ohio to get $12 billion from American Rescue Plan. DeWine to use $50 million in American Rescue Plan Act dollars to shore up the food supply at food banks now. American Rescue Plan Act dollars are meant to help Ohioans and communities recover from the pandemic.
AP News Summary at 3:09 a.m. EDT
Official: Girl told 911 'send the police now' as cops waitedUVALDE, Texas (AP) — Students trapped inside a Texas classroom with a gunman repeatedly called 911 as officers waited more than an hour to confront the shooter. And one by one, they insisted that changing U.S. gun laws or further restricting access to firearms was not the answer. As US mourns shootings, NRA in turmoil but influence remainsHOUSTON (AP) — Nearly 10 years ago, the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School looked like it might break through the United States’ political stalemate on guns. A gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. As students called 911, officers waited more than an hour to breach the classroom after following the gunman into the building.
School shooting strengthens case for guns, Donald Trump tells NRA
Donald Trump has said the recent US school shooting is a reason to arm law-abiding citizens, not disarm them. The former US president was a guest speaker at the National Rifle Association (NRA), which held its annual convention in Houston on Friday. As demonstrations swelled in Houston, attenders inside the convention – including Trump – continued to deny that guns were the problem and put the emphasis on school safety and mental health. According to a district safety plan, Uvalde schools have a wide range of safety measures in place. It also had software to monitor social media for threats and software to screen school visitors.
Vast majority of educators reject Republican proposals for arming teachers
It would have been done after Columbine,” said Jim Gard, a high school math teacher in Broward county, Florida, who survived the 2018 Parkland school shooting. The states with the weakest gun laws have the highest amount of gun violence.”The idea of arming teachers has been proposedafter previous mass shootings. Several states already permit teachers or other school employees with concealed carry permits to carry firearms on school grounds. “I am so sick of people who don’t know anything about schools blaming teachers for everything,” said Malani Ott. “Bringing more guns into schools makes schools more dangerous and does nothing to shield our students and educators from gun violence.
The Pentagon Is Protecting and Funding the Same Gun Makers Democrats Want to Regulate
The military that Biden oversees is reliant on a weapons industry that overlaps with the domestic gun industry and, in some cases, these industries are one and the same — a reality put horrifically on display in Uvalde. And there are signs that the U.S. military’s heavy reliance on the arms industry has, in the past, played a role in hedging against measures that target the domestic gun industry. The law, which was signed by President George W. Bush, was actively supported by the gun industry. Unlike the tobacco and car industries, where lawsuits have helped improve safety protections, the gun industry is untouchable by most liability lawsuits. The National Rifle Association, which is an advocacy and lobbying organization for the gun industry, has also supported efforts to roll back protections for civilians globally.
'We have to do things differently': Former police chief on Uvalde police response
Associated PressThe police official blamed for not sending officers in more quickly to stop the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting is the chief of the school system's small police force, a unit dedicated ordinarily to building relationships with students and responding to the occasional fight. Preparing for mass shootings is a small part of what school police officers do, but local experts say the preparation for officers assigned to schools in Texas — including mandatory active shooter training — provides them with as solid a foundation as any. “The tactical, conceptual mindset is definitely there in Texas,” said Joe McKenna, deputy superintendent for the Comal school district in Texas and a former assistant director at the state's school safety center.
Son, They Shook: Uvalde Massacre Separates True Heroes From Cowards
People gather at a memorial site to pay their respects for the victims killed in this week’s elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Thursday, May 26, 2022. They also apparently make a good time for fake tough guys to expose themselves as cowards. Examples are emerging as more details come to light about the massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex., and the responses of politicians, companies and cops in its wake. To be clear–and for purposes of the requisite disclaimer to pre-empt the Blue Lives crowd that’ll jump in my DMs after reading this–there were heroes in Uvalde. Videos have emerged of cops cuffing, tackling and otherwise restraining frantic parents while the shooter was still inside the school, alive.
Graham: Pols would rather fight than fix America's problems
Watching the heart-wrenching scene of sobbing parents mourning school children lost to senseless violence, Americans are asking ourselves once again: “Why can’t we fix America’s gun violence problem?”As an angry parent, fed-up political junkie and sick-and-tired citizen, I’ll tell you why:Because we can’t fix anything. It was far more important for our elites to virtue signal than problem solve. Is the border problem difficult to solve? But compared to fixing gun violence, it’s middle school math. What can we do about gun violence?
Who are the right blaming for the Texas shooting? Trans people, immigrants and victims’ parents
If you want to see just how dysfunctional the US obsession with guns is, just take a look at how the right is responding to the horrific shooting. You’d think that 19 dead children might weigh on their conscience a little bit; make them reconsider commonsense gun laws. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the Republican congressman Paul Gosar tweeted that the shooter was a “transsexual leftist illegal alien”. “It’s your responsibility where you’re sending your children to school … You need to check where your kids go to school. Rather than preparing kids for a shooting, some experts warn that they are just anxiety-inducing security theater.
Survivors of Uvalde shooting paint horrifying picture of terror and tragedy
Survivors of the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers are beginning to share their stories, painting a graphic and horrifying picture of the tragedy that unfolded that day. A teacher at Robb elementary who did not provide her name to NBC News immediately ran to lock her classroom door when she heard gunshots down the hall. Paramedic Angel Garza arrived on the scene at Robb elementary and learned his stepdaughter, Amerie Jo, was among the dead. I think he was aiming at me.”Edward Timothy, a second-grader at Robb elementary described the shooting sound to CNN as “popping … kind of like fireworks”. We were safe because we practiced.” Edward said he now had a fear of guns and someone shooting him.
Uvalde school police chief faulted in slow shooting response
The police official blamed for not sending officers in more quickly to stop the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting is the chief of the school system's small police force, a unit dedicated ordinarily to building relationships with students and responding to the occasional fight. “The tactical, conceptual mindset is definitely there in Texas,” said Joe McKenna, deputy superintendent for the Comal school district in Texas and a former assistant director at the state's school safety center. Under state law, school districts also are required to have plans to respond to active shooters in their emergency response procedures. Safety Safety Safety.’ The school year goes by, ’Oh, why do I have to lock my door everyday, you know? “Obviously it’s still an ongoing investigation, but it would make sense that a police chief of a school district would be the initial incident commander," McKenna said.
May 2022 – Consortium News
As the war becomes less popular and it takes its toll, an electoral disaster looms ahead in 2022 and 2024 for Biden and the Democratic Party, for which the Times serves as a mouthpiece, writes John Walsh. Read more ?
Caitlin Johnstone: TV War Games Over Taiwan
NBC openly teamed up with a Pentagon-funded think tank to begin normalizing the idea of a U.S. hot war with China. NBC’s Meet the Press just aired an absolutely freakish segment in which the influential narrative management firm Center for a New American Security (CNAS) ran war games simulating a direct U.S. hot war with China. “The war in Ukraine could end up being bad for the pivot in the short-term, but good in the long-term,” Fontaine said. But it happens all the time in the mass media anyway, because the mass media exist to circulate propaganda, not journalism. Caitlin Johnstone is a rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper who publishes regularly at Medium.
Cuba Reacts to Biden’s Easing of Sanctions
Havana said Biden’s were a step in the right direction, but of “very limited scope.”By Peoples DispatchThe government of U.S. President Joe Biden announced Monday the easing of some of the sanctions imposed on Cuba by former President Donald Trump. Despite the shortcomings, the MINREX stated that “this is a limited step in the right direction, a response to the denunciations made by the Cuban people and government. It is also a response to the claims made by the U.S. society and the Cubans residing in that country. The blockade has inflicted serious economic and social losses on Cuba, and has severely affected the development of the country and its people. Meanwhile, the humanitarian damage, suffering and resource shortages inflicted upon Cuban families by the blockade are immeasurable.
US Risks Sinking Americas’ Summit
Biden should invite all the heads of state in the region to the Americas’ Summit to foster better dialogue and a brighter future for the hemisphere, writes Medea Benjamin. But rather than bringing the Western Hemisphere together, the Biden administration seems intent on pulling it apart by threatening to exclude three nations that are certainly part of the Americas. For months, the Biden administration has been hinting that these governments would be excluded. The Biden administration has put itself in a bind. He should invite all the nations of the Americas to the Summit.
US Nurses Union Demands Medicare for All
Bella DeVaan says universal healthcare would close crucial gaps in a wasteful, privatized model that left the American healthcare system ill-prepared for the pandemic. By Bella DeVaanInequality.orgIn 2021, a Kaiser Permanente facility in Antioch, California, decided that the best way to celebrate its National Nurses Week was with “encouragement stones” wrapped in paper bags. Last week, during Nurses Week, National Nurses United – the nation’s largest nurses’ union, representing 175,000 professionals – advocated for a suite of policy priorities: safe staffing ratios, a workplace violence protection bill, a Veterans Affairs employee fairness bill, improved OSHA occupational exposure standards, and, as a marquee priority, Medicare for All. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) convened the first Senate hearing on universal healthcare on International Nurses Day and reintroduced Medicare for All legislation. National Nurses United President Jean Ross confronted the CVS CEO at their shareholders meeting for donating $5 million to an anti-Medicare for All dark money group.
Caitlin Johnstone: Bush’s Freudian Confession on Iraq
In their less-guarded moments, even the worst empire managers know deep down what is true and let it slip out. During a speech in Dallas at Southern Methodist University’s George W. Bush Presidential Center on Wednesday, the man himself, George W. Bush, did a great thing. After correcting himself with a nervous chuckle, Bush broke the tension in the empire-loyal crowd with the words, “Iraq too. As comedian John Fugelsang put it, “George W. Bush didn’t do a Freudian slip. Caitlin Johnstone is a rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper who publishes regularly at Medium.
Caitlin Johnstone: They Fear Information, Not Disinformation
All the safeguards being setting up now to manipulate information online are not there to eliminate lies, they’re there to eliminate truth. They’re not worried about disinformation, they’re worried about information. They’re worried about journalists using the unprecedented information-sharing power of the internet to reveal inconvenient facts about the largest and most murderous power structure on earth. They’re worried about people finding out that they’ve been lied to their entire lives about their world, their nation and their government. All the safeguards they’re setting up now to manipulate the flow of information online are not there to eliminate lies, they’re there to eliminate truth.
Chris Hedges: No Way Out But War
The permanent war economy, implanted since the end of World War II, has destroyed the private economy, bankrupted the nation, and squandered trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. There were three restraints to the avarice and bloodlust of the permanent war economy that no longer exist. The second restraint was an independent media and academia, including journalists such as I.F Stone and Neil Sheehan along with scholars such as Seymour Melman, author of The Permanent War Economy and Pentagon Capitalism: The Political Economy of War. None of these opposition forces, which did not reverse the permanent war economy but curbed its excesses, now exist. Running Out of TroopsA key component to the sustenance of the permanent war state was the creation of the All-Volunteer Force.
And Then There Was No Empire
It does not exist as an empire but only as benevolence, with its mission to spread human rights and sustainable development across the world. It is from the standpoint of the victims of empire that clarity comes. The Organization of American States (OAS) was formed in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1948 by the United States and its allies. In 2010, the poet Derek Walcott (1930–2017) published “The Lost Empire,” a celebration of the Caribbean and of his own island, Saint Lucia, in particular as British imperialism retreated. Years later, reflecting on the jubilation of the retreat of British rule, Walcott wrote:And then there was no more Empire all of a sudden.
The New York Times’ Shift on Victory in Ukraine
By John WalshAntiwar.comOn May 11 The New York Times ran an article documenting that all was not going well for the U.S. in Ukraine, and a companion opinion piece hinting that a shift in direction might be in order. The voice of his masters was telling him that he and Ukraine will have to make some sacrifices for the U.S. to save face. After seven years of slaughter in the Donbas and three months of warfare in southern Ukraine, has the Times editorial board suddenly had a rush of compassion for all the victims of the war and the destruction of Ukraine and changed its opinion? Given the record of the Times over the decades, it would seem that other factors are at work. But will the neocons in charge give up and move in a reasonable and peaceful direction as the Times editorial demands?
If We Want the Supreme Court to Stop Legislating, We Need Real Legislators to Do Their Jobs ? Current Affairs
If you have a problem with the Supreme Court having an anti-majoritarian bias, you have to change the court. So, what would the world look like with a diminished Supreme Court? But in practice, there are but a small minority of cases in which the Supreme Court has protected the rights of vulnerable groups. They’ve been delegating lawmaking to the court while using Supreme Court appointments as a cudgel to ensure voters continue to “Vote Blue No Matter Who” even though the party rarely accomplishes anything. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi spent the night of the leak last week blaming the left for the erosion of abortion rights.
Right-Wing Elitism is Even Uglier than Liberal Elitism ? Current Affairs
The Republican Party, on the other hand, is for salt-of-the-earth “real American” truck-driving rural types. So-called “right-wing populism” seeks to use this framing to foment a revolt against Cosmopolitan Liberal Elites or Globalists. If and when fascism does finally come to America, it will almost certainly come with an impeccable Ivy League pedigree. Of course, the Democratic Party senators are a bunch of lawyers and career politicians, too. Probably a slightly higher percentage of them went to Ivy League schools.
How To Build Beautiful Places ? Current Affairs
[Alexander’s best-selling book is the influential A Pattern Language.] What emerges from A Pattern Language is a vision of life and how it should be. People like Will Wright in creating The Sims followed the pattern language as well. They’re the work of several architects—Miami Beach has 25—sharing the same pattern language. So the pattern language is the first attempt to restore that.
Even When It Doesn’t Save Money
Even When It Doesn’t Save MoneyIt is frequently tempting to justify policies by pointing to the money that will be saved by implementing them. Because if you suggest that the reason to do something morally good is that it saves people money, then you’re stuck if it turns out that this morally good thing actually doesn’t save people money, or turns out to cost quite a bit of money. Drug-testing welfare applicants is bad because it costs a lot of money without yielding many results. And everyone wants to save money! Well, because if it turned out that the policy in question didn’t save money, or there was a way to save even more money by doing the opposite, many people advancing these arguments would become somewhat uncomfortable.
The Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America ? Current Affairs
She is the author of the book Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America. She recently came on the Current Affairs podcast to talk to editor in chief Nathan J. Robinson to talk about why pedestrian deaths in America have been on the rise for the last decade. I made up this term—pedestrian safety crisis—to describe the escalation in pedestrian deaths over the last roughly 10 years, in which pedestrian deaths have increased about 50 percent. The subtitle of your book is Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America. But these [pedestrian deaths] are violent deaths that need to be part of that analysis.
OCE Referral Regarding Rep. Alex Mooney
OCE Referral Regarding Rep. Alex MooneyOCE Referral Regarding Rep. Alex Mooney Exhibits 1 of 3OCE Referral Regarding Rep. Alex Mooney Exhibits 2 of 3OCE Referral Regarding Rep. Alex Mooney Exhibits 3 of 3On December 22, 201, the Office of Congressional Ethics transmitted a referral to the Committee on Ethics of the United States House of Representatives regarding Rep. Alex Mooney. Rep. Mooney may have authorized expenditures from his Members’ Representational Allowance (“MRA”) that were not for permissible official expenses. If Rep. Mooney authorized impermissible MRA expenditures, then he may have violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law. Rep. Mooney may have withheld, concealed, or otherwise falsified information during an OCE investigation. The Board recommended that the Committee further review the above allegation concerning Rep. Mooney because there is substantial reason to believe that Rep. Mooney authorized impermissible MRA expenditures.
House Majority PAC Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Supporting Assemblymember Rudy Salas in CA-22
The campaign includes a new television ad titled ‘ Strong Voice ’, Spanish and English digital ads, and bilingual direct mail pieces, which will run through the primary election day. “That’s why Democrat Rudy Salas has always been a strong voice for Central Valley families. “And Rudy Salas fought to fund safe drinking water projects – protecting local children and families. “Always a strong voice for Central Valley families.”WATCH ‘RUDY’ SPANISH LANGUAGE DIGITAL AD HERE‘Rudy’ Transcript:“Rudy Salas, el demócrata que más lucha por el Valle. “Vota por Rudy Salas, el 7 de junio en persona o antes por correo.”###
Cartoon: ‘Great Replacement Theory’ in 60 Seconds
x Vimeo VideoYet another racist mass-murderer has referenced “replacement theory” or the “great replacement” in his twisted manifesto. The 18-year-old in the horrific Buffalo Tops shooting repurposed much of the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter’s manifesto and appears to be equally enthralled with the white supremacist conspiracy theory. But wait, the conspiracy doesn’t just live in the dank basements of racist shooters — it’s also aired regularly by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. From there, the ridiculous “theory” has made its way to other prominent Republican politicians and pundits — and lo and behold, to the Republican base. (Although to be fair, the Covid “hoax” lies spread by the far right have also had very deadly consequences.)
Opinion | The Slaughter in Buffalo Hasn’t Quieted the Great Replacement Caucus
But the shooting in Buffalo is only the latest in a series of mass shootings inspired by this particular racist conspiracy theory. And abroad, there was the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019 where a gunman attacked a mosque, killing 51 people. The Republican politicians and conservative media personalities who traffic in this rhetoric did not create the idea of the “great replacement,” but they have adopted it. They have chosen to swim in the same ideological waters as the people responsible for these shootings and have chosen to amplify the “great replacement” theory to the world even as it poisoned minds and produced violence. Six or seven years ago, Vance and Stefanik were critics of Donald Trump and the movement that put him in office.
Tucker Carlson plays dumb on ‘replacement theory’ — then espouses it
Last weekend, an 18-year-old man apparently convinced of the “great replacement theory” allegedly went to a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood of Buffalo and shot 10 people to death. Immediately afterward, remarkably, Carlson tried to pretend that he was unfamiliar with this “great replacement theory” thing in the first place. “You’ve heard a lot about the great replacement theory recently,” Carlson said. The theory, Carlson said, was “everywhere in the last two days and we’re still not sure exactly what it is.”And then he articulated exactly what it is. Carlson knows what “great replacement theory” is.
Study shows 1 in 5 Republican state legislators joined far-right groups - The Washington Post
The researchers found that 875 legislators — all but three of them Republicans — were members of one or more of 789 far-right Facebook groups. That works out to 22 percent of all Republican state legislators. AdvertisementThree-quarters of the far-right legislators are men, and they are distributed across all 50 states, with the highest percentages of memberships found in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Minnesota, Maine and Missouri. ProPublica last fall identified 48 Republican state and local government officials — including 10 sitting state lawmakers — on the membership roster of the Oath Keepers, a militant extremist group. But they, like the 1 in 5 Republican state legislators trafficking in far-right groups, have mainstreamed the extreme.
Cartoon: Thoughts and Prayers Interrupted
x Vimeo VideoWith the awful school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Republican lawmakers are of course quick to offer prayers and vacuous condolences to the 4th-grade victims and their families. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other top state politicos like Senator Ted Cruz are putting on their frowny empathetic faces . I’m sure their speeches will be filled with venom directed at those evil Democrats who they’ll accuse of politicizing a tragic shooting. “man traps?”They’ll suggest just about everything except for laws that prevent civilians in the United States from having easy access to weapons of war. The problem isn’t the guns, they’ll say, the school should have built a moat to slow down any attackers.
Ukraine update: Seriously, stop panicking about Popasna
pic.twitter.com/XmPkcpgvw0 — Ukraine War Map (@War_Mapper) May 21, 2022Popasna is on high ground, giving Russia a good viewed of that highway running southwest of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. That’s all assuming Ukraine decides to hold those two towns, and in particular, Severodonetsk, on the wrong (Russian-facing) side of the Donets. Capturing 300-500 square miles of that barely moves the needle, holding the rubble of two towns that Ukraine doesn’t need. pic.twitter.com/f8vyIoLyWR — ?? Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) May 20, 2022Rather than panic over Russian gains in this area, just assume Severodonetsk and Lysychansk fall. There has been no credible source saying Ukraine is getting Patriot missiles, nor long-range artillery (read: MLRS).
Midterm elections are tough for the party in power, but 2022 is no ordinary year
It’s well-known mantra that the party in the White House always struggles in midterm elections, as lofty expectations give way to the grinding ineffectiveness of the American legislative process, suppressing majority support, while the out-party is energized with desires of revenge. Indeed, the out-party typically gains over 30 House seats in the first midterm of a new presidency. Is 2022 more like 2002, or like any other normal midterm? Abortion will play a particularly outsized role, not just as motivation in its own right, but as proof that holding the White House doesn’t mean we and the Democrats are actually in power. If being out of power gooses turnout, we have a legitimate claim to that crown.
Ukraine update: Danish anti-ship Harpoon missiles on their way to Ukraine
A U.S.-made Harpoon anti-ship missileAfter two days of futility, Russia finally picked up some new ground today. pic.twitter.com/AiS5Ys7cqT — Ukraine War Map (@War_Mapper) May 24, 2022Lyman’s fate is sealed, on the wrong side of the Donets. There’s a chunk of land that Ukraine seems to have ceded, as they set up defensive lines around Bakhmut, west of Popasna. But Russian ships will be unable to sail to the Ukrainian coast to launch its cruise missiles without significant risk. Any cargo and military ships running the gauntlet would have to contend with long-range Russian anti-ship missiles, mines, and submarines.
Ukraine update: Ukraine is not interested in compromise or concessions, nor should it be
French President Emmanuel Macron warned Ukraine and Europe against “giv[ing] in to the temptation” to humiliate Russia. pic.twitter.com/VObQekw1ZU — Ukraine War Map (@War_Mapper) May 23, 2022Ukraine’s General Staff acknowledged the stalemate by claiming that Russia was “creating conditions” for resuming their offensive. That’s also what Ukraine said about Russian forces stuck outside of Kyiv, Russian forces stuck in the Izyum salient, Russian forces down in Kherson, etc. There’s no way Russian forces have the juice to challenge the bigger and better-defended strongholds at Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. And then he’ll demand negotiations to cement that new status quo, much like 2014 cemented Crimea and the separatist Donbas regions as Russian territory.
Ukraine update: Russia's advance stalls again, and a new Ukrainian tank brigade enters the fight
Yesterday, we discussed the hyperventilation over Russia’s Popasna advance, the one place on the entire Texas-sized country of Ukraine in which they’ve had some recent success. “There have been no notable changes to control since the last update.” I expect that advance to stall, but already? Today, they’re trying to surround one tiny corner of it, the city of Severodonetsk, way out on an exposed Ukrainian salient. Today, russia destroyed it again. Seems like the good guys are still slowly clawing back Russian territory in the area, even as Russia intensifies its activities in response.