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Former CDC director: For COVID-19, attempt to build 'herd immunity' is a losing strategy
That turned out not to be the case then, and a herd immunity approach is likely to be inadequate now in the battle against the novel coronavirus. The current discussions of herd immunity often concern hypothetical possibilities and are not based on evidence. No herd immunity figure is meaningful without population density, plus information on the frequency and types of contacts between people. The campaign to eradicate smallpox provided real-life experience demonstrating the inadequacy of herd immunity as a concept or valid target. Vaccines are only part of the solutionThose who advocate a herd immunity approach for controlling the coronavirus have not studied the lessons of the past.
Joe Biden's biggest problem is that there is no vaccine for Trumpism
Christian SchneiderOpinion columnistAs the 2020 presidential election hurls itself at us, there is one thing upon which the far right and far left agree: The COVID-19 pandemic should be over within days after Nov. 4. Alas, despite these extremes being so far out there that they meet again in the back, neither is right. Trump is not entirely to blame for the virus’ spread, and Joe Biden’s election will not be a panacea in stopping it. Biden's plan won't be effectiveSure, Biden has a “plan” to solve COVID-19, and it contains all the commonsense proposals: vaccine funding, paid leave, more protective equipment and more funding for testing. Voters can handle 'Saturday Night Live' jokes about Joe Biden.
First ladies aren't on the ballot, but Jill Biden will be a force in the White House
As a former military spouse, I want to tell you how important Dr. Jill Biden was to me personally, and how amazing she will be as our nation’s first lady. Jill Biden knows veteransBearing an inherent distrust in all things political, I wasn’t sure if this was real. Jill Biden has already signaled she will reinvigorate this important White House initiative. Jill Biden is an intelligent, modest, energetic, and compassionate partner who will make a tangible, positive difference for our country as first lady — and we need all the help we can get. Mary Winnefeld is an advocate for veterans, military service members, and their families, and is co-founder of SAFEProject.us, whose mission is to help reverse the nation’s fatal drug overdose epidemic.
Americans say they are better off under Trump, but is America? Trump by the numbers
Americans say they're better off, but not due to TrumpAnd yet the same percentage — 56% — say Trump “does not deserve to be reelected, while 43% say he does,” Gallup says. It’s an extraordinary disconnect: Americans say they’re better off, but they don’t give the incumbent president credit. President Trump, who talks constantly about how prices are coming down because of him, isn’t fooling anyone here, including senior citizens, who appear to be abandoning him. Trump vs. Biden: Opinion contributors assess the final presidential debate19: The number of women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct over the years. 17: How many percentage points Trump trails Biden among voters older than 65 — a group the president won in 2016.
Republicans have already packed the Supreme Court. Unpack it by making it bigger.
Todd GitlinOpinion contributorNow that President Donald Trump has named a third of the highest bench in the land, the Supreme Court is already firmly packed. With life-and-death decisions facing a Republican-skewed Supreme Court, it’s imperative, and a high priority, for a new Congress to vote to unpack the courts — just as assuredly and constitutionally as McConnell blithely refused a confirmation hearing or vote on President Barack Obama’s final Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. A majority of Congress has the right to adjust the size of the Supreme Court and has done so seven times. As is well known, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed to enlarge the Supreme Court in 1937, when it had formed the habit of striking down New Deal legislation. Nor is concern about the extremity of the Supreme Court's powers limited to Democrats.
12 ways the Trump administration botched America's response to Covid-19 (Opinion)
And a number of administration errors have led to the current dire circumstances. Sometimes you can pinpoint a public health error (the crisis of lead in the drinking water in Flint , Michigan, being a clear example). In an academic paper, I've offered a possible definition : "a public health error occurs when one or more stakeholders in a public health system commit a cognizant, negligent act of commission or omission that fails to achieve necessary public health outcomes." Given this definition, the current administration has committed multiple public health errors that have harmed the national Covid-19 response. Just like surgeons go to great lengths to avoid leaving instruments inside of patients, we must avoid errors in public health.
Election 2020 Today: Wooing Florida, getting out the vote
Washington state is one of five states, along with Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Utah, that conduct elections entirely by mail-in voting. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)Here’s what’s happening Thursday in Election 2020 , five days until Election Day:HOW TO VOTE: AP’s state-by-state interactive has details on how to vote in this election . TODAY’S TOP STORIES:WOOING FLORIDA: Trump and Biden will hold competing rallies hours apart in Tampa, Florida, a state all but essential to the Republican president’s pathway to reelection. ADVERTISEMENTGET OUT THE VOTE: In the best of times, it’s a massive logistical challenge to get millions of people out to vote. SUPREME COURT RULINGS: The Supreme Court will allow absentee ballots in North Carolina to be received and counted up to nine days after Election Day .
L.A.'s surge in homicides fueled by gang violence, killings of homeless people
While the LAPD’s identification of individual gang members has not always been reliable, the involvement of gangs in street violence is not in question. Beyond the gang violence in Central and South L.A., a dozen killings each in the Valley and West bureaus are suspected of being gang-related. AdvertisementPolice say gang gunfire has struck down suspected gang members but also innocent bystanders, including children and elderly residents. Homeless individuals are particularly susceptible to street violence, and L.A. has more than 35,000 people estimated to be living on the street. In the South Bureau, one killing involved a homeless suspect, one involved two homeless victims and another involved a suspect and victim who both were homeless, according to the data.
Introducing the Latinx Files, a newsletter dedicated to the American Latinx experience
You’ve probably seen the numbers: Nearly half of Los Angeles County, nearly 40% of California and nearly a fifth of the United States is Latino. Newsletter The Latinx experience chronicled Get the Latinx Files newsletter for stories that capture the multitudes within our communities. Enter Email Address Sign Me Up You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. And while the newsletter will definitely have a Los Angeles flavor to it, we’ll hit on the topics that matter to the wider Latino community. The Latinx Files will be as much about its readers as it is about the journalism it showcases every week, and we want your input on how to make it better.
Boston Lyric Opera launches series on classical music’s reckoning with racism
We should have diversified classical music a long time ago. The gate to classical music has been so narrow for so long. A. I’ve worried about classical music my entire life, and I’m 50. Part of the reason classical music is failing is because it’s so risk averse. And here’s what you have to remember: people aren’t complaining and calling for change because they hate classical music.
If Boston schools are shut, private schools should be too
In his important and influential book “How to Be an Antiracist,” Ibram X. Kendi defines a racist policy as a “measure that produces or sustains racial inequity between racial groups.” It is impossible to conceive of the closure of the Boston Public Schools while private schools remain open as anything less than a racist policy (“Virus on rise, Boston shuts schools to all,” Page A1, Oct. 22). Not only is it racist, but it targets children and the women who will most often become their caretakers. Even if we question the growing and reproducible body of evidence that elementary schools are not significant drivers of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, there is no world in which indoor dining, known to drive transmission, and private schools and colleges should remain open while public schools are closed for our most at-risk families. If the powers that be determine that it is too dangerous for any in-person schooling, so be it, but the current discriminatory policy is unacceptable.
Opinion: Trump fighting to protect the American Dream
I told President Trump about Lima Company, the 3rd Battalion, and the ultimate sacrifice so many made. Not six months later, President Trump had the courage to take Soleimani out. Just as I was focused on my mission to protect my Marines, President Trump is focused on his mission to protect the American Dream. No president in my lifetime has faced the unbridled opposition that President Trump faces, but he refuses to quit – he is doing his duty. As we approach the 2020 election, it is critical that we live up to our duty of honoring the sacrifices of Lima Company.
Ohio trying to ease burden on parents forced to give up kids to get them needed health care
Their son, who has autism, was having violent outbursts and mental health issues that could not be treated at home. Doctors said he needed to be in a residential treatment center, services the family's private insurance would not cover. On any given day, she said, 140 Ohio kids are living in out-of-state mental health treatment facilities because in-state treatment is not available. The boy is sitting in juvenile detention until caseworkers find a residential treatment center to take him, she said. "It's a shame for a loving family, a family who puts family first, to face custody relinquishment to acquire needed residential treatment and behavioral health care that saves lives.
Point of View: Oklahoma voters should protect TSET's resources
This is an attempt by legislators to raid a fund Oklahoma voters established 20 years ago to benefit the health and well-being of Oklahomans for generations to come. Every year, Big Tobacco spends $172.2 million on marketing harmful tobacco products like cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars and e-cigarettes in Oklahoma. TSET also funds Tobacco Stops With Me, a campaign that educates the public about the negative effects and impact of tobacco, to prevent and reduce tobacco use. TSET's medical loan repayment program recruits physicians to practice in medically underserved areas across the state. To date, 54% of these physicians have chosen to continue practicing in rural or underserved communities in Oklahoma.
Carlson: Why an OKC man believes running the streets could be the road to recovery for at-risk youth
That’s the question forever facing Buck and others who have spent their lives working with at-risk youth. The longtime juvenile probation officer who is now a supervisor in the state’s Office of Juvenile Affairs was even thinking about it as he laced up his running shoes one day more than a decade ago. “Why can’t we incorporate that as an alternative to traditional probation for kids?” he thought. By the time he finished his run, Williams had formulated what would become Run the Streets. It would target teens in Bartlesville and Washington County on probation in the court system as well as at-risk kids in schools.
Ambrose: Anxiety high, but expect disaster if Biden elected
Yes, he does remain a constant embarrassment, someone who recently called his initially appointed virus chief an idiot, for instance. The bigger question, of course, is what happens if basement boy Joe Biden is elected president, the House stays Democratic and the Senate goes Democratic. In that case, given the ideological inanities of the day and the fact that freebies win votes, I expect disaster. The possible end of the Senate filibuster will mean democracy will count for less in the Senate than progressive regression. For their own advantage, Democrats want to make Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico states, giving them four more Democratic senators.
Your daily 6: Taking America 'back from the doctors,' campaigns fight for Florida and terrorism suspected in French attack
Instead of following the health experts' advice, Trump and Kushner were focused on what would help the President on Election Day. In the wide-ranging conversations, Kushner described the President's relationship with his public health advisers in adversarial terms. Kushner went on to tell Woodward that Trump did a "full hostile takeover" of the Republican Party when he became its presidential nominee. The US added 73,240 new cases Tuesday, and a record peak of more than 83,000 cases was reported on Friday. The President himself supported Kushner speaking to Woodward for "Rage," according to another audio clip obtained by CNN, calling him "one smart cookie."
In Rural Virginia, a Militia Tries to Recruit a New Ally: The County Government
“Virginia is not the Virginia it used to be,” lamented John Sharp, a supervisor in Bedford County, which handed a militia decision in May. “Biden’s coming for us; there will be a war,” mentioned Paul Cangialosi, who works with the Virginia Militia Alliance, created after final yr’s election to arrange armed teams throughout the state. We’re too divided.”Gun management, anti-coronavirus lockdowns, speak of a vaccine mandate: Mr. Sharp described all of it as if it had been an imposition by a distant colonial energy. “Neither in Florida nor in Virginia do counties have the power to do this,” Mr. Pitcavage mentioned. “The power to organize the militia is firmly divided between the federal government and state governments.”The post In Rural Virginia, a Militia Tries to Recruit a New Ally: The County Government appeared first on Pehal News.
Mattarella voices 'closeness' over Nice attack - English
(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 29 - President Sergio Mattarella said in a message to French President Emmanuel Macron Thursday that "hearing the terrible news of the barbaric killing of helpless citizens in Nice, I wish to relay to you, to the victims' families and to all French citizens the expressions of closeness and deep mourning of the Italian Republic. "In condemning this further, deplorable act of violence," Mattarella went on, "we keep firm the determination to combat fanaticism of whatever form, in defence of those principles of tolerance that constitute the connective tissue of our democratic societies".
What is the U.S. electoral college, and how does it work?
Try refreshing your browser, or What is the U.S. electoral college, and how does it work? Under the Constitution, the candidate who wins the majority of 538 electors, known as the Electoral College, becomes the next president. The candidate who wins a state’s popular vote typically earns the support of that state’s electors, who are chosen by state legislatures. Winning 270 electoral votes or more puts you in the White House. Winning three states can mean 96 electoral votes or just nine.
S. Korea awards medals to USFK members to celebrate alliance
(Yonhap)South Korea on Thursday presented medals to seven US Forces Korea members who are descendants of Korean War veterans, in an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict, the defense ministry said. Defense Minister Suh Wook hosted the ROK-US Alliance Remembrance and Appreciation Event at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek,70 kilometers south of Seoul. ROK stands for South Korea's official name, the Republic of Korea. Suh bestowed the Guardian of Freedom medals to five USFK officers and two civilian workers, who are descendants of Korean War veterans. He said he feels grateful to serve in the country where he was born, vowing to do his best for a firm South Korea-US alliance.
Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Hurt American Alliances - The New York Times
Human rights have all but disappeared from the American agenda. The country, under Trump, has lost its compassion; it has appeared crueler to the world. The pandemic has been the first major global crisis since 1945 in which the United States has gone AWOL. The democratic framework of the United States rests on certain principles: checks and balances, a vigorous free press, an independent judiciary, protection of the individual against forms of racial, religious or sexual prejudice. None of this has been lost on a world where the United States once built democracies: in Germany, in Japan, throughout Central Europe after the collapse of the Soviet imperium.
In Italy, aborted fetuses are being buried and names exposed without women’s consent
In Italy, the burials aren’t technically unlawful. They are permitted under a 1990 law adapted from one dating back to 1939, which was established under dictator Benito Mussolini. The current law, which applies to miscarriages and abortions, states that if the fetuses are less than 20 weeks old, parents have 24 hours to claim the remains. If no request is submitted, their right to ownership ceases to apply, and local health authorities may take charge of burials. Since the 1990 law passed, it has been common for third parties to stipulate agreements with hospitals to handle the disposal of the fetuses.
Indian day schools survivors are seeking truth and justice
Article content continuedWe have collaborated on a new historical biography, Spirit of the Grassroots People: Seeking Justice for Indigenous Survivors of Canada’s Colonial Education System. The perspectives we bring are as an Indian day school survivor and activist (Raymond), author of this book, a mixed settler-Anishinaabe historian (Jackson) and a white settler scholar of education (Theodore), the book’s editors. In June of this year, survivors also learned that they cannot change the level of claim they previously submitted. Survivors who submit an application are entitled to a minimum of $10,000 for “harms associated with attendance” at one of the 699 recognized schools. This does not include the approximately 700 Indian day schools that the federal government excluded from the settlement.
Russell Wilson, Ciara fund charter school in Seattle area
Washington’s charter law allows for up to 40 publicly funded, privately run charter schools to set up by 2021. Then there were two major lawsuits challenging the law before the Supreme Court ruled in support of charter schools, settling the matter in 2018. While Democrats and Republicans have supported charter schools in the past, the issue of school choice has become immensely polarizing politically. Wilson, joining a long line of celebrities that have launched schools, said the couple's charter school financing is not a political statement. “We’ve been so committed over the past four years to education,” Wilson said.
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Analysis: With improved leverage, North Korea leader Kim awaits winner of U.S. voteNorth Korea's Kim Jong Un awaits the winner of next week's U.S. presidential election armed with greater leverage in high-stakes nuclear diplomacy, thanks to a more powerful and versatile arsenal of weapons than at the start of the Trump presidency.
Conservative Columnist Says There’s Only One Way To Save The GOP
The Republican Party can now only be saved in one extreme way, conservative columnist Max Boot argued in his new op-ed for The Washington Post. And that is by completely destroying it to remove any vestige of President Donald Trump. “The GOP needs to be detoxified and de-Trumpified,” Boot declared. Boot, a longtime Republican who has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, said he’d “watched with incredulity” the descent “into collective madness” of the party he left following Trump’s 2016 election win. “The only way Republicans will come to their senses is if they see that the path they are on leads to electoral oblivion.”Read the full column here.
Op-Ed: When Trump says immigrants don’t show up for court hearings, he couldn’t be more wrong
Last week, during the final presidential campaign debate, President Trump renewed a claim he has often made: Migrants with pending court dates rarely show up for their hearings. In a study published this year, we found that 83% of migrants asked to return to court attended all their hearings. AdvertisementNor are migrants who have been released pending court hearings “murderers,” “rapists” or “very bad person[s]” — more assertions from Trump’s Thursday debate answers. The immigration court records show that 15% of the small percentage who at first failed to appear later rectified the matter. In 2018, an attorney for the Department of Justice admitted before the Supreme Court that “almost 100%” of the notices to appear in immigration court omitted the time and date of the future hearing.
Inmigrantes indocumentados le dicen a los que pueden votar: Vota por mí
We simply cannot take four more years of thisAmerica has paid dearly for taking a chance on Trump.
‘Lie, cheat and steal’ is Democrats’ description of Trump in TV ad airing in South Florida
The narrator’s words: "Born and raised in New York City. From his father, he learned the lessons of his success: Lie, cheat, and steal. He inherited hundreds of millions, and squandered it on failed businesses. Sued by thousands including the Justice Department for discriminating against Black people in his housing. Accused by 26 women of sexual misconduct, including assault and rape.
Column: Independent food and drink businesses ‘destroyed by decree’
“I tell you the words, ‘My business was destroyed by decree,’ and it sounds like a story, until it happens to you and rips your guts out,” Bernstein told me. And throughout all this time have they laid one government worker off? My business was destroyed. People who don’t work for government have been laid off. And the politicians get up there and make political speeches about their compassion during the pandemic.
TV ads still win elections. And Democrats are buying a lot more of them.
The vast quantity of television advertising aired by candidates, parties and outside groups is proving to be one of the many ways that the 2020 election is remarkable. The effects are not large in presidential races, although they may make a difference in a swing state in a tight year. TV ads, archaic though they seem in an online era, still pack an electoral punch. Then we estimated whether the candidate who aired more ads ended up with a higher share of the vote. We found that in presidential elections, ads matter mainly at the margins.
Letters: A defining moment for Stillwater Area Public Schools
This election will be a defining moment for Stillwater Area Public Schools. Kate Niemann, Stillwater TownshipRELATED: With five seats open, Stillwater school board election could signal sea changeThe board’s jobAfter serving for six years on the Stillwater Area Schools Board of Education, I am well aware of the deep divide in this district. Shelley Pearson, StillwaterA too-cozy relationshipThe Stillwater school board election is the most important in recent history. Kathy Lohmer, StillwaterSpeed bumps and dramaI am a substitute school bus driver for the Stillwater area schools. Over the last few years the Stillwater School board majority has disparaged the purchase of a bus terminal as a boondoggle.
Letters: Falun Gong, Bidens' corruption, secure voting and packing the court
But why, then, has neither Hunter Biden, Joe Biden nor anyone from the Biden campaign denied their authenticity? Easily found on the internet are his long history of racist statements and actions including telling Black people if they are undecided between him and President Trump, "You ain't Black." So far in the COVID war we are averaging more than 28,000 US deaths per month — three times as many as during World War II. In any war, leadership matters, and in the COVID war Trump has failed us miserably. Roger Digel-Barrett, EtnaRepublicans employed their own version of “court packing”The Republicans decry the idea of “court packing, but that is exactly what they have done.
Editorial: Kushner gives Black Americans more reason to evict him
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany chided reporters and others for taking Kushner out of context, so let's try another interpretation. Could it be he was really saying that he and his father-in-law believe racism doesn't exist and Black people suffer no disadvantage from it? If Black people want success, they just have to bootstrap it, Kushner was saying — or so we think; it's tough to hear with the silver spoon in his mouth. What would, of course, really please the Trumps, father and son-in-law, would simply be for all those "unsuccessful" Black voters to stay home between now and Election Day. Motivation is high to kick those particular public housing tenants, the Trump-Kushners, to the curb.
Opinion: Voter fraud myth a Trojan Horse for voter suppression
When challenged on their actions, these officials insisted they were only trying to stop "voter fraud," by preventing ineligible voters from casting illegal ballots. Never mind that this so-called voter fraud was then and continues to be a myth. Those claiming otherwise have been unable to prove instances of voter fraud, and even Donald Trump’s handpicked commission formed to prove the existence of such fraud quietly disbanded and slunk away after they couldn’t find anything worth talking about. None of these measures will reduce the likelihood of the mythical "voter fraud." In many of these cases, the courts have stood firm in protecting the voting rights of our most vulnerable citizens.
Column: When will children become central to our concerns?
Conspicuously absent, however, was any discussion of the population most affected by these issues: our nation’s 73 million children. More than any other group, children — in particular, children of color — have suffered at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. Lawmakers often signal their passion by invoking “our kids” or “the children.” “We should be fighting for the children,” they say. Or “The next relief package must focus on “kids, jobs and health care.” But children can’t vote. Kent Johnson is chief executive officer of Highlights for Children, a Columbus-based media company that believes children are the world’s most important people and that kids’ voices matter.
Video: Leaders in Columbus community inspiring violence prevention
Video: Leaders in Columbus community inspiring violence preventionEphraim Laidley Jr. and Sean Stevenson, an unlikely pair, work day and night to prevent violence and inspire Black youth in the city's darkest corners
Editorial: The addiction epidemic hasn't gone anywhere
Dispatch Editorial BoardColumbus DispatchDon’t forget about the nationwide epidemic that lurks while the global pandemic grabs all of the attention. But double that awful tally and it is still not as many souls as have been lost to U.S. drug overdoses since 2000. More positive are the actions that local government officials and some individuals are taking in their own battles against the scourge of drug addiction. In September under the pseudonym King Rx, Barayan, 26, released “War on Drugs,” a single from an upcoming album composed of anthems against the opioid epidemic. The opioid epidemic was here before coronavirus disrupted our way of life.
Column: Voters head to polls with dueling realities of God, country
Timothy AhrensThe 11th edition of the American Values Survey came out this week and shows we are at war with ourselves. The battle lines over dueling realities of understanding God and country are drawn in dark red and dark blue. • Among white Americans with college degrees, 68% of women and 59% of men believe that Trump’s speech and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups. Faith calls us to allow God to turn us from hatred to reconciliation and love. It is time to allow the creativity of great ideas and great concepts to rise up in each of us.
'With or without you': Community leaders take on Columbus violence with engagement, mediation
In this world, Ephraim Laidley Jr. said, there are three kinds of community leaders: "nurses, doctors and brain surgeons." "We've been payingand asking generalists to do a surgeon's job," Laidley, 35, said of Columbus city officials. The organization aims to create safe spaces in inner-city neighborhoods through mediation, engagement and alternative pathways. The 51-year-old Olde Towne East resident is connected with inner-city leaders and is dedicated to stopping gang and gun violence. The program has garnered attention from Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein, Columbus police Zone Section Chief Steve Dunbar and other city officials.
The Republicans understand what America really is. It's not pretty, and they know it
Here is yet another chance to set all things right in America by simply casting ballots. American citizens choose, support, encourage and love them as they attempt to ensure continued majority group dominance. Republicans across the country paint their opponents as “extreme” and “progressive” when they know they’re really status-quo moderates. They hold onto lies such as the Confederacy’s “Lost Cause” arguments when the revolt was really rooted in slavery. It is not pretty and Republicans know it.
Investors should prepare for worst over US presidential election
But if the election turns out to be mostly a referendum on Donald Trump, Democrats might win just the White House while failing to retake the Senate. While Biden has consistently led in the polls, so, too, had Hillary Clinton on the eve of the 2016 election. If Trump loses and resorts to claiming that the election was rigged, violence and civil strife could be highly likely. Usually in this type of scenario the US dollar would strengthen; but, because this particular episode would have been triggered by US-based political chaos, capital might actually flee from the dollar, leaving it weaker. While hoping that the chaotic outcomes outlined above do not come to pass – polls still show a strong lead for Biden – investors should be preparing for the worst, not only on election day but in the weeks and months thereafter.
Lucy Worsley’s decolonisation of the Royal Palaces is nothing more than pat-on-the-back PR
Dr Worsley appears annoyed that the NT beat her to it in engaging in this nauseating act of virtue-signalling – that it was, in her words, “ahead of the game”. That is an interesting metaphor: the “game” is one of inflicting, or trying to inflict, upon the public the narrow views of a narrow group of people who choose to put a certain interpretation on aspects of the country’s past. No-one in their right mind disputes that slavery was cruel and nothing for Britain to be proud of. No-one who knows any history can be unaware, however, of the country’s foremost role in securing its abolition. As in the case of the NT, it is not immediately clear how Dr Worsley’s enthusiasm to grandstand about slavery furthers the charitable aims of Historic Royal Palaces.
Following the crowd, Suga makes a bold climate pledge
As the world’s third largest economy, Japan has huge energy needs. The Basic Energy Plan, formulated in 2018, aims to make renewable energy a “main power source” responsible for 22 to 24% of overall power output by 2030. That goal has been achieved: The International Energy Agency estimates that renewable energy accounted for 23.1% of Japan’s total energy generation mix in the first half of 2020. Japan must commit more fully to renewable energy sources — some say that as much as 50% of the country’s supply — if it is to honor Suga’s commitments. Steel manufacturers should replace blast furnaces to reduce their carbon emissions.
Opinion: Canada needs teeth to make web giants pay up
Article contentBy Jamie IrvingWhen monopolies get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, you can usually expect two reactions in quick succession. Try refreshing your browser, or Opinion: Canada needs teeth to make web giants pay up Back to videoThe first is to point out how much of a public good they provide. That challenge is as simple as it is dauntingThe report outlines the impact of the web giants’ monopoly practices on news media in Canada and around the world ­— and how other democracies are responding to the challenge. Covering real news costs real money. But Google and Facebook free-ride on the backs of journalists and publishers in democracies around the world who produce news content, by grabbing and distributing that content without fair compensation.
Jesse Kline: In the aftermath of the U.S. election, expect the unexpected
Article contentThere are so many uncertainties between the American election and inauguration day. The only thing that seems clear is that it will likely be a long, drawn-out process with no clear winner for days, weeks or even months, argues the National Post’s Jesse Kline. Try refreshing your browser, or Jesse Kline: In the aftermath of the U.S. election, expect the unexpected Back to videoCome election night, political junkies like myself like nothing more than to grab a bottle of whisky and watch the results come in till the wee hours of the morning. In the West, we have all grown accustomed to knowing the results of an election almost immediately after the polls close. So when it comes to the U.S. election, unless there is a decisive victory, don’t expect to go to bed satisfied that you will know who the next president will be.
Trump Makes One More Desperate Bid to Frack the Election
WASHINGTON - The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Donald Trump is considering an executive order that would seek to make the case for expanding fossil fuel drilling. The order would include an analysis of fracking’s economic impacts and the possible consequences of a ban. There is no doubt that fracking poisons our air and water, and that drilling is driving us towards climate crisis. There is something grotesquely fitting that an administration that has sacrificed climate action for the sake of the fossil fuel industry thinks fracking is a winner. “The truth is that the fracking industry is in collapse.
Lawsuit Aims to Save Leopards From Import to U.S. as Hunting Trophies
On average the country imports nearly 300 leopard trophies per year, which is 52% of all leopard trophies in trade each year. During the most recent five-year period for which data are available, it imported 1,037 leopard trophies from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia alone. Please select a donation method:The lawsuit challenges the Fish and Wildlife Service’s failure to meet this obligation by authorizing U.S. trophy hunters to import leopard trophies from Africa. Furthermore, an endangered listing would increase transparency and give the public the ability to comment on trophy import applications. That petition also asked the agency to take immediate action to apply a stricter standard to the import of leopards as hunted trophies.
The Trump Administration Set a New Low Number for Refugee Admissions at 15,000 for Fiscal Year 2021
This is yet another tragic continuation of the administration’s pattern of reducing access to the U.S. refugee admissions program for Muslim refugees. As refugees in the U.S. admissions pipeline, their needs for safety have been verified and security checks completed by U.S. security and intelligence agencies. The Trump Administration’s arbitrary bar on their admission will only serve to keep refugees in danger. Jennifer Sime, the Senior Vice President of Resettlement, Asylum, and Integration at the International Rescue Committee said:"The Trump administration continues to gamble with people’s lives as the President set the annual refugee admissions goal to a new historical low number of 15,000. Please select a donation method:“Since 2016, the number of refugees worldwide has grown by more than 14 million while the Trump administration lowered the refugee admissions cap by more than 80 percent.
The Black Hole of Depressions: Doing Nothing About Climate Emergency Could Cost More Than All the Wealth in the World
* That is in the worst case scenario where the world does virtually nothing to stop carbon dioxide and methane emissions over the coming decades. Although the governments of the world talk a nice game, actually none of them is significantly reducing their annual emissions. In 2019, you, I, and everyone else on earth put nearly 37 billion tons of the dangerous heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, the third year in a row the number increased. A couple of years ago, this site estimated the value of all the immoveable property in the world at $217 trillion. The world has what is called a “carbon budget.” This results from the ability of the oceans to absorb carbon dioxide.
Journalists Pick Sides When They Call Adding Justices 'Court Packing'
And by accepting “court packing” as “the term for” expanding the court, journalists lend a hand to those anti-democratic forces. The phrase “court packing” isn’t new. But the rampant journalistic use of the biased term “court packing” hasn’t changed. A Nexis search of US newspapers for the past three months (7/24/20–10/24/20) turns up 244 headlines with some version of the phrase “court packing” (including, e.g., “pack the court” or “packing the court”). Less than half as many, 98, used a version of the more neutral “court expansion” (such as “expanding the court”), and almost half of those (48) also used the phrase “court packing” within the article.
Black Americans Won’t Fall for Trump’s Big Con
While white Americans recovered about half the jobs that were lost by August, African Americans recovered barely over one-third. White women recovered over 60% of the jobs they lost; Black women barely 34, one in about three. Please select a donation method:Trump’s Small Business Administration stiffed African Americans in dispensing loans through the Pay Protection Plan. Nearly one-half of Black women report that they are unable to pay for necessities like food and housing, even though most work. African Americans have suffered the most from Trump’s mismanagement.
The Rise in Material Hardship Among Working-Class Whites and How It Could Impact the 2020 Election
While housing insecurity has remained relatively stable among whites overall, it has spiked among lower-income whites (under $50,000) without college degrees. Lower-income whites without college degrees were the largest group of voters who voted for Obama in 2012 but switched to Trump in 2016. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Housing Insecurity Remain LargeIn an August 2020 report, CEPR documented substantial racial and ethnic disparities in housing insecurity between late April 2020 and July 2020. Fewer households have experienced housing insecurity than lost earnings, but the racial and ethnic disparities are even larger. However, the share of lower-income whites without college degrees reporting housing insecurity spiked in 2020.
Unleashing the Power of Poor Voters
During the disastrous Wisconsin primary in April, an estimated 16 percent of Black voters in Milwaukee were disenfranchised. Please select a donation method:A report by the Poor People’s Campaign shows that increasing voter participation among the poor could make a huge difference in election results. In the 2016 presidential election, 34 million poor or low-income people who were eligible did not vote. If low-income voters had participated at similar rates as higher income voters (and voted against the winning candidate) in 2016, new low-income voters could’ve flipped the presidential results in 15 states. Single-digit increases in voter turnout among poor voters could have easily changed the results in states like Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania — not to mention Wisconsin.
Incensed Over Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation? Don't Mourn—Organize and Vote
Even the progressive Court of the 1940s, in its infamous Korematsu decision, upheld the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II. All of these reactionary decisions were eventually overturned or negated by political movements, constitutional amendments, legislation, or political pressure on the Court. On abortion rights, LGBTQ rights or racial justice, the Court, not Congress, has often initiated reforms. To be sure, a reactionary Supreme Court could overturn longstanding precedent and attempt to constitutionally block progressive legislation and reverse women’s and LGBTQ rights. As the labor activist and songwriter Joe Hill famously stated as his death approached: “Don’t mourn, organize”—and vote.
'Stuff of Tinpot Dictatorships': Trump Appointee Denounced for Move to Turn US Media Agency Into Mouthpiece for State 'Propaganda'
In addition, "the broadcasters are also intended to serve the citizens of nations which do not allow journalists to operate freely." Trump stooge Michael Pack is eliminating the legally required editorial independence of US-funded news outlets abroad so they can act like Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda. She explained that by rescinding the "firewall rule," Pack had removed "the one thing that makes VOA distinct from broadcasters of repressive regimes." "That is what differentiates VOA and the other USAGM-funded networks from the state-sponsored propaganda of Russia, China, Iran, and others." Engel noted that Pack lacks the authority to undue the "firewall rule," which was legislated by Congress.
In 'Extraordinary Step,' International Crisis Group Issues Report Warning of US Election Violence
Robert Malley, president and CEO of the ICG, called the organization's report, advising U.S. and world leaders on how to avoid election-related unrest and violence in the wealthiest country in the world "an extraordinary step." If not, the world's most powerful country could face a period of growing instability and increasingly diminished credibility abroad." "If not, the world's most powerful country could face a period of growing instability and increasingly diminished credibility abroad." But observers on social media expressed alarm over the ICG's unprecedented report on the United States. As with the Carter Center, this is the first time the International Crisis Group is covering a U.S. election.
ELECTION 2020: What Trump & Biden Get Wrong About North Korea
Christine Ahn says the two leading presidential contenders present a false dichotomy about U.S. diplomatic options with North Korea. And more pressure and sanctions will not convince North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons arsenal. While North Korea has improved its military capability, it has not tested any long-range missiles or new nuclear weapons since then. Stalled TalksBut since last year’s Hanoi Summit, talks between North Korea and the United States have stalled. Furthermore, a majority of Americans support the United States negotiating with adversaries like North Korea to avoid a military confrontation.
Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over to Arms Industry & Taiwan Supporters
The arms sales Schriver has overseen represent the most dangerous U.S. escalation against China in years. Returning FavorsSchriver is a longtime advocate of massive, highly provocative arms sales to Taiwan who has advanced the demand that the territory be treated more like a sovereign, independent state. Lockheed Martin was the biggest corporate winner in the huge and expensive suite of arms sales to Taiwan. Neocon VisionThe arms sales to Taiwan represented a signal victory for those who still hoping to reverse the official U.S. acceptance the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government of all of China. The Project 2049 Institute was a key member of the council, along with all the major arms companies hoping to make sales to Taiwan.
Cartoon: Trump's last push for votes
Order my new book, We Should Improve Society Somewhat, 184 pages of political cartoons on the last few years of our dystopian world!
How it's done: activist thrashes KC Board of Police Commissioners, leaving smoldering heap.
I’m not asking y’all for anything because y’all can’t and won’t be both my savior and my oppressor. These would make some really nice apartments.” “So I’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving Black folks. Well done, I say, and thank you Keiajah Brooks for showing the way. You can sign a petition (I did) demanding the Chief’s removal at Change.org. here:Demand the Removal of KCPD Chief Rick Smith for Enabling Police Brutality.
So you say you're 'pro-life,' huh? Yeah, I don't think so
Anyone who was actually “pro-life” wouldn’t belong to a group of Americans who loudly and actively disdain efforts to protect others from infection by this novel coronavirus. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, anti-choice political leaders have made it crystal clear that they don’t value people’s lives. Now, against experts’ recommendations, these so-called “pro-life” politicians and pundits have criticized and defied stay-at-home orders in states across the country. There’s nothing“pro-life” about deliberately putting people’s health and safety at risk. If they say “Republican,” you can laugh in their face and ask them if they have any more lies to sell.
Accountability is not Cancellation
Instead of facing the truth about systemic racism, the words ‘Race Card’ become a shield. And for pure bad behavior, we do not apologize, we say ‘Cancel Culture’ is an insult to free speech. Sometimes saying, I was wrong, make me understand, stops what you may feel is your cancellation. So you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton is abusive to women. Of course, Mr. Trump, embedded lies, misdirection, projection, and most of all a lack of sincerity, honor, or accountability, but lots of malevolence.
it's necessary, the only way to defend everything we hold dear
There is no other way to protect the ACA and Roe and the VRA and the environment and any number of other issues. Expanding the Court is not outlandish.What is outlandish is attacking the means , the one and only means, to defend our core principles as Democrats. I can't fathom somebody having the gall to call expanding the Court outlandish after what the republicans did and considering what is at stake. I don't see an alternative to expanding the court that defends all of that which is at stake. If there are other moves that could be made that would defend everything at stake that will come before SCOTUS, tell us what they are and how they defend everything we must defend.
Kagro in the Morning podcast (AUDIO): Wednesday, October 28 2020
Greg Dworkin asks us to keep our hands and feet inside the Pollercoaster… but you know what? Will Donald’s inept handling of his own rally, potentially endangering his own voters, because he stiffed the bus company, affect Donald Trump’s chance of reelection? Less than a week away from the election and the “How Trump Can Win” articles are finally slipping under “How Trump Can Lose” articles. It still is pretty certain that if Trump loses, he won’t be a good loser, and neither will his supporters. There is the chance Donald Trump could call for… well, violent insurrection and political assassination... as he is sometimes wont to do.
Election Day is Almost Here! We Are Going to Win This in a Very Big Way!
I have a feeling Election Day and the transition of power will go much smoother than most of us expect. I was so distraught that Hillary was going to lose that I even traveled out-of-state, close to Election Day, to be with my family so that we could consol each other. King Trump and his fellow traitors have traumatized many of us in ways, big and small. The American people are just plain exhausted of King Trump saying 2 + 2 = anything but 4. Most of us on DK have helped Biden and the rest of the Democratic ticket in ways big and small.
Racism In America: The Root Of America’s Political Problems.
The Council back then was one of the largest civil rights groups in the nation along with the NAACP. We are now faced with an election that some have called perhaps the most consequential election of our times. And, if you do not believe that racism is the underlying factor in the election and the most important. Yes, climate change is an existential threat to humanity’s future, but it is racism and their support of racist political leaders that is used by the natural resources industry to maintain political control to protect their interests and especially the value of their hydrocarbon reserves. America’s political, economic and social structures have been profoundly influenced by an insatiable urge to obtain wealth, from early settlers to the present.
America Was Ripe For Plunder By A Psychopath (part one)
In 2016, America was ripe for plunder by a clinical psychopath. Neil Postman delineates the contrast between the two dystopias in his influential book Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985):What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance, Orwell feared we would become a captive culture Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us, Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.
Gangsta Trump Video: Making America Gangsta Again
Jabba The TrumpIs the tragicomic reign of Donald Trump coming to an end? Here, the Gangsta In Chief spouts off about the 'rona, Biden, the Mexicans, thugs, grabbing Lady Liberty, and even shows off his New Clothes (involves some partial nudity, and copious amounts of body hair). One hopes that this will be the last bad Trump impression I'm forced to debase myself doing.
Fun Indie Developed Dump Trump Game
The game has an animated Trump sitting over a dunk tank taunting the player with some of his more outrageous and offensive comments. The player aims and throws a tomato at a moving lever that must be hit to dunk Trump. I’m sure there are many people who would pay for a chance to dunk Trump, or throw a tomato at him for that matter, but this game is free. Voters can take out some of their frustration at the current political landscape by dunking Trump while also donating to the Democratic party. Donate if you will, but I hope you at least get some laughs from this satirical election game.
We're at 75 million votes already ! We are looking at a 154 million vote election !
If we get to 82 million votes cast early, then 72 million will get us to 154 million votes total cast. If we can get to 82 million votes cast before 11/3 , then we would only need 72 million votes to get to 154 million votes cast. 72 million votes on 11/3 would be only 80% of the amount of votes cast on election day in 2016 which was 90 million votes. So, even if we saw a dramatic drop of 20% of votes cast on election day proper itself, we would still get to 154 million votes cast. While it is not certain, it seems very likely that we will get to that 154 million votes as 538 is projecting.
Expand the Court to 25. Here’s Why and How.
Over the next 16 years, we should add 16 justices to the Supreme Court. First, if we expand the court just once, then the next time Republicans take over, they’ll have to expand it again, and we get into a tit-for-tat arms race. The final number, 25, is roughly two times thirteen. With 25 justices, it will be impossible to pack the court in less than 100 years. With 25 justices, there will be a lot less at stake each time a vacancy opens.
????OFPMFP Novel: Dark Redemption -- Chapter 39
"I recently met a woman named Miss Cooper, Miss Ferner Cooper, who has been looking for a friend, a wolf who disappeared some time ago." "They were very close, and Miss Cooper has been extremely worried. But I promised Miss Cooper I would help her if I could." "Oh, and I should also mention... Miss Cooper is of the Faerie Tribe." You were the one who didn't want to join a wolf pack, but in the end you became the Alpha Wolf of a pack of your own."
Poll: Who would be the second person of this administration you'd like to see in jail?
In my dreams—and they are plausible—there are a slew of criminal cases ready to hit the disorganized crime syndicate currently at the White House. The Great Pumpkin himself would be first, for a long line of felonies from tax evasion to Hatch Act violations to who knows what else. I wish him a long life in jail, his only brief time on the outside outside being for additional indictments. I can’t imagine Barr and Kushner not being guilty of something they could go to jail for. Unfortunately, there are some real monsters who up to now have not been linked with any actionable criminal activity.
A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished
This nightmare that we’ve been experiencing for the past four years may finally be coming to its end. I wrote before the inauguration of the apocalyptic choices to head the key agencies with responsibility for energy and the environment. More democracy will bring more change and we are in desperate need of change on this old sweet blue earth. And then we can truly “crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!” That’s the idea anyway. (Originally posted at A Newer World — on the policy, politics, science and economics of environmental protection, sustainability, energy and climate change)
A Teacher in Vegas
They will NOT be sitting with their teacher and friends, playing games to improve their reading or math skills. They will NOT have a teacher sitting at their desk for one-on-one help. Their teacher will be attempting to help them from a minimum of six feet away – there will be no individual help. And God forbid a student or teacher get severely ill or die. I certainly don’t want to explain to my children that their friend, classmate, or teacher is dead.
How Biden Gets to 413 Electoral Votes!
As I said in 2018, Blue Wave 2.0 is coming in 2020. 40 years after the 1980 Reagan Landslide, when he won with 489 electoral votes and 11 Dem Senate seats flipped Red, the political pendulum has swung back far left. And he has created the Perfect Wave within a Blue Wave all down the ballot to state and local levels. Electoral Vote Totals for Biden will be one of the following: 351, 357, 375, or 413. Congratulations, President Biden, VP Harris, Speaker Pelosi, and MAJORITY LEADER Schumer!
Trump’s Body Count: War Crimes Against Iran and Venezuela
Trump’s Body Count:War Crimes Against Iran and VenezuelaBy Al CarrollTrump has been trying to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela since he first took office. Trying to Start a War with IranBefore Obama, every US president since Jimmy Carter has denounced, sanctioned, and occasionally bombed Iran. One Failed Coup After Another in VenezuelaBoth GW Bush and Obama tried to force first Hugo Chavez and then Nicolas Maduro out of office. Where Obama tried diplomatic and limited economic pressure, Trump has tried coup after coup and repeatedly tried to invade. His next book is Trump’s Body Count: The Horrific Human Rights Record of America’s Third Worst President at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KY8XRYB?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420.
Remember THIS When Trump Lawyers start Challenging Early Votes and Mail-in Ballots ...
Get out and vote," Mr. Trump said. "Vote early. www.cbsnews.com — Oct 24, 2020And there’s this incriminating “Trump endorsement” of Vote-by-Mail:Trump told supporters [in North Carolina] who'd dialed into a telephone rally. Donald was an active advocate of Early Voting — BEFORE he was against it. —And bring THIS evidence into every court case protecting our precious Right to Vote — whether by mail, or by drop box, or by in-person time-costly lines — early lines, or the day of.
545 Children
Federal court filings made this week by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Justice Department say that the parents of some 545 migrant children who are currently in the United States have not been found. These parents were separated from their children at the U.S. border by border officials under President Trump's zero tolerance policy from 2017 to 2018, and the filing says the parents are now unreachable. It’s painful to think about the children who have been separated from their parents by this administration. If Biden is elected, I have no doubt that reuniting those children with their parents is going to be his first priority, but it isn’t going to be easy. If you are feeling helpless about those children and want to do something, please consider donating to help them do the work of reuniting those children with their families.
Don't forget that Republicans also eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees
Just a quick reminder about something I see largely left out of the coverage of Republicans’ bad faith regarding the Supreme Court: Republicans eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. This was supposed to be a seismic event, but I don't hear it discussed much anymore in the overall Supreme Court debate and the so-called “packing the court” narrative. But, Republicans were only able to fill that seat with an ideologue like J. Gorsuch because Republicans eliminated the Supreme Court filibuster. Kavanaugh was nominated and appointed solely because Republicans eliminated the Supreme Court filibuster . As you can see — the key event of the last few years was the Republicans eliminating the Supreme Court filibuster — the once-understood “nuclear option.”So, the case against Republicans, properly understood, leads to three improper Supreme Court nominations based on three key facts: (i) denying Pres.
I am hoping that the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory.
They think it will be a win for them but I think that will be their final downfall. I think that getting rid of the ACA with no real replacement will turn even more of the people against them. Things are going to be bad even if we do get our blue wave and win the election handily. Once the new Supreme Court does the things I mention above I don’t see anyone arguing too much when we rebuild the Supreme Court by adding justices and setting term limits. We also need to rebuild much of the federal court system.
A Senate majority isn't assured. This is how close we are to flipping the Senate
Using FiveThirtyEight.com’s Senate forecasts, we can see just how close that dividing line between “good” and “the best ever” really is. So is a four-seat majority enough to pass the kind of aggressive reforms we need to safeguard our democracy? It’s a real dogfight just to get to a small majority. I actually think both Georgia Senate seats are looking good for us (even if we might need to wait until January to clinch the seats in runoff elections). That’s how close things are between a tied Senate, or even Republicans maintaining their majority, and a 10-seat majority that could become 14 seats nearly overnight with Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehoods.
The Main Event: White Privilege vs Democracy
By 'white privilege' I mean the advantage inherently provided to persons of white descent who live in the United States. White privilege became a part of every practice in and operation of American society and serves the purpose of controlling the national agenda. White privilege is a gravely damaging insidious intrusion into democracy and any provision, any action that advances it diminishes the democratic impulse. White people who have protected white privilege during the course of their lifetimes are determined to continue being successful. Persons who promote white privilege in these offices use every means available to them, even more radical measures employed by white supremacists, to preserve white privilege.
Shock! Tucker Carlson says that his treasure trove of secret Hunter Biden documents has 'vanished'
Tucker Carlson has been attempting to do the dirty anti-journalistic, pro-fascist work, of carrying the hoax water of Hunter Biden-gate for Trump. He’s teased out an interview with Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s “ex-business partner.” Surprisingly, even though his Bobulinski interview was going to be explosive and a must-see for American citizens, Tucker decided to tease out the interview, so far, over a few days. I guess American national security needs to compete with Tucker’s pointless ratings. The special secret documents that Tucker had, showing Hunter Biden’s wheeling and dealing with international companies has “vanished.” VANISHED!!!! Tucker went on his show to say that this package, sent to California, where he was interviewing Bobulinski, was opened and its contents had disappeared.
My 1st Sign. I Took This Photo As A Marine Officer Walked Towards Me. He Was Pissed Off. So Was I.
But I was a Democrat at the end of December in the year 2000, and absolutely prepared to stand my ground. Here was our conversation:“Did you put that up there?”“Yup.”“Why are you displaying the flag like that?”“It’s an international sign of distress.”“I know it’s a sign of distress. He did not, as I’d expected, go onto the bridge and take down my sign, which I really appreciated. 1st experiment with approach/reveal — from a distance looks like a bus terminal or water fountain sign from the late 50’s. And the way to do that was by putting signs on freeways, but not like the ones I’d seen because those signs looked like crap.
Thinking moving towards landslide
because I am seeing more and more evidence that political professionals who have access to internal polls are seeing it. You look at where key people are being deployed — compare Mike Pence going to SC and Kamala Harris going to TX. Read between the lines on some of what Mitch says, and apparently he not only thinks Trjump is going to lose, but that he will lose his majority. There are even more stories embarrassing — or worse — for Trump that are breaking across multiple media outlets. we are seeing results of activity for registering voters in TX and GA, and turning out Native Americans in AZ.
Caught repeatedly violating 'firewall' rule, Trump's Voice of America head rescinds it entirely
To this end, new Trump-selected USAGM Chief Michael Pack and subordinates have been mounting numerous inquiries aimed at pushing out Voice of America employees deemed insufficiently supportive of Dear Leader, including Voice of America White House Bureau Chief Steve Herman. Pack, a Steve Bannon associate described as "paranoid" in his hunt for anti-Trump witches among the agency's reporters, was put into the position to do exactly that. In September, agency whistleblowers stepped forward to file a claim with the State Department inspector general charging him with violating those rules. He also asserts that the rule is unconstitutional, and based on "flawed" reasoning, and "made the agency difficult to manage," and take-your-pick. And, importantly, the rule "threatened constitutional values because the Constitution gives the President broad latitude in directing the foreign policy of the United States."
Mississippi Republican gives a special kind of racist answer to question about Black Lives Matter
Incumbent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is running with a strong lead over Democratic challenger Mike Espy in Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race. Not unlike the rest of the Republican field, Sen. Hyde-Smith has been ducking away from having to face off with her challenger in a debate. However, she has made appearances local news broadcasts to take questions, without challenge, from local news reporters. WAPT’s Mississippi Matters had the senator on Tuesday evening, and host Erin Pickens asked her a few questions. Pickens gave the example of a peaceful protest held by activists in June, in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.
Hello, 911? I'd like to report a murder of senatorial dignity in the GA-SEN Debate. Ossoff vs Perdue
Senator...” begins the 151 shot:x Sen. David Perdue is a man without vision or integrity. Georgia is finished with David Perdue.https://t.co/zi5Wxg0VYr pic.twitter.com/am9Gh18gUY — Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) October 29, 2020And the Everclear chaser:x Sen. David Perdue doesn't deserve to be re-elected. pic.twitter.com/S7Zi3dsnik — Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) October 29, 2020I don’t remember that I had ever seen Ossoff speak before. There was nothing for David Perdue to do other than stand there looking sheepish as he got pwned. They’re not getting it again until they earn it back, on an individual basis with contrition, humility, and a move toward real integrity.
Trump's thin, thin skin is showing as Obama says a fraction of what he really thinks
At another Florida rally, on Saturday, Obama listed some of Trump’s greatest hits, like suggesting bleach injections to cure coronavirus. “Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff!” Obama said. “Why do we accept it from the president of the United States?”And yeah, Trump immediately tweeted about that speech, too. Obama is taking over that role while Harris meshes her tone more with Biden’s unity-focused theme. For years, Obama had to work to deny anyone the chance to stick “angry Black man” stereotypes on him, and he did that work.
Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’
And in a region where the former vice president feels the United States has long been regarded as a “bully dictating policy to smaller countries,” as he wrote in his book, a Biden White House would work more through persuasion than imposition, several advisers said in interviews. Keep up with Election 2020“The vice president fundamentally believes that the United States should be operating in mutual respect and a sense of shared responsibility,” said Jake Sullivan, a top foreign policy adviser to Mr. Biden. As a starting point, Mr. Biden is proposing a $4 billion aid package for Central America to address the causes of unauthorized migration and help defuse a third rail in American politics. And Mr. Biden’s advisers say they would seek to revive the anti-corruption campaign that set off political earthquakes across the Americas starting in 2014, but largely stalled in recent years. Critics said the Obama administration’s efforts to be seen as conciliatory and pragmatic made it lose leverage.
Nigeria Is Murdering Its Citizens
For years, the name SARS hung in the air here in Nigeria like a putrid fog. SARS, which stood for Special Anti-Robbery Squad, was supposed to be the elite Nigerian police unit dedicated to fighting crime, but it was really a moneymaking terror squad with no accountability. SARS was random, vicious, vilely extortionist. SARS officers would raid bars or stop buses on the road and arbitrarily arrest young men for such crimes as wearing their hair in dreadlocks, having tattoos, holding a nice phone or a laptop, driving a nice car. Then they would demand large amounts of money as “bail.”
More than 1 Million Mail-in Ballots May be Rejected, Say Experts
Sixty percent of voters — nearly 70 million people — are projected to vote by mail nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who study absentee rejection rates estimate that 1 percent to 2 percent of those votes — potentially more than 1 million — won't count, which could make a difference in battleground states. 'The vote-by-mail ballot rejections are going to be the hanging chads of 2000,' said Daniel Smith, a professor of political science at the University of Florida. The risk of ballot rejection varies by demographics and geography. The rate of rejection tends to be higher for Black, Hispanic, female and younger voters, as well as for people who don't usually vote by mail.
In Five States, the Presidential Race Isn't the Most Important Thing on the Ballot
Voters in those first four states will decide whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana; in the fifth, whether to allow medicinal use. But these ballot issues could make the difference nationwide, not just just in those five states. Marijuana hasn't remained illegal at the federal level because it's harmful. It's remained illegal at the federal level because keeping it illegal directs billions of dollars into government bureaucracies with thousands of employees. So far, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 states and DC have legalized recreational use, in direct nullification of federal law.
Canadian law; illegal to recruit soldiers for a foreign state
There's a Canadian law that makes it illegal to recruit soldiers for a foreign state, but you'd never know it the way Israel and its supporters operate in this country. Additionally, an open letter was released last week demanding the Trudeau government take action on recruitment for the Israeli military. In recent years the Israeli military has bombed Syria on a weekly basis and has multiple boots on Palestinian necks. The Israeli military administers a brutal occupation in the West Bank and regularly kills Palestinians in Gaza. The Liberal government needs to apply Canadian law regarding recruitment for the Israeli military.
The Black Hole of Depressions: Doing nothing about Climate Emergency could cost more than all the Wealth in the World
* That is in the worst case scenario where the world does virtually nothing to stop carbon dioxide and methane emissions over the coming decades. Although the governments of the world talk a nice game, actually none of them is significantly reducing their annual emissions. In 2019, you, I, and everyone else on earth put nearly 37 billion tons of the dangerous heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, the third year in a row the number increased. A couple of years ago, this site estimated the value of all the immoveable property in the world at $217 trillion. This results from the ability of the oceans to absorb carbon dioxide.
Ending Regime Change - in Bolivia and the World
In the long history of U.S.-backed "regime changes" in countries around the world, rarely have a people and a country so firmly and democratically repudiated U.S. efforts to dictate how they will be governed. Post-coup interim president Jeanine Añez has reportedly requested 350 U.S. visas for herself and others who may face prosecution in Bolivia for their roles in the coup. The narrative of a rigged election in 2019 that the U.S. and the OAS peddled to support the coup in Bolivia has been thoroughly debunked. As the votes come in from rural areas, there is a swing to MAS in the vote count. It is instructive that the failed U.S.-backed coup in Bolivia has led to a more democratic outcome than U.S. regime change operations that succeeded in removing a government from power.
America's Caste System and Trump's Aggrieved White Working Class Supporters
Thus, she excoriates Americans who claim, "I had nothing to do with how all of this started. "The owner of an old house knows that whatever you are ignoring will never go away" (p. 15). Simple pride in being a thoughtless occupant of the American house doesn't cut it. In the American caste system, the signal of rank is what we call race, the division of humans on the basis of their appearance. In America, race is the primary tool and the visible decoy, the front man for caste" (p.18).
New Philly Anti-Police Protests Show Need to "De-fund" Police
That should be relegated to mental health experts. But such situations should start with mental health experts. If the person is psychotic, there should be mental health personnel trained to restrain and bring in agitated patients. On Monday, two Philadelphia cops shot and killed a man menacing them with a knife. Legalize marijuana and the need for police to deal with marijuana, including unannounced drug bust raids will disappear.
Let’s Hold Senate Democrats’ Feet to the Fire Following Barrett Confirmation
It’s the first time a Supreme Court nominee has been confirmed without a single vote from a major opposition party since 1869. “Yes, the two Supreme Court cases that have been stolen, where these processes that are just wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through partisan nominees. But we’ve got to look at our federal courts as a whole,” Coons told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow following Barrett’s confirmation. The number of senators needed to impeach a Supreme Court justice is 67. “Not just the Supreme Courts, but the other courts,” she added.
As US vote total surges, Trump, Republicans seek to block counting
In 2020, as many as 160 million people are expected to vote, with as many as 100 million voting early or by mail. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). By contrast, many heavily Republican states have early votes at a much lower percentage of 2016 turnout, including Missouri (19 percent), Oklahoma (14 percent), Alabama (7 percent) and Mississippi (5 percent). This explains why the Trump campaign is seeking to disqualify as many of the mail ballots and early in-person votes as possible, through bogus claims of fraud. In some Republican-controlled counties in Pennsylvania, officials have even decided as a matter of policy to begin counting mail ballots only after all in-person ballots have been tabulated.
Amid tense India-China border stand-off, US and India boost military-security partnership
Kashmiri Bakarwal nomads walk as an Indian army convoy moves on the Srinagar-Ladakh highway at Gagangeer, north-east of Srinagar, India in June. The conflict between India and China over their disputed Himalayan border continues to percolate. From its outset, Washington has provocatively intruded in the current dispute, denouncing Chinese “aggression” and egging India on in adopting a hard-line stance. The visit by Pompeo and Esper succeeded in further integrating India into Washington’s war plans against China. Washington has pledged to assist India in pressing American and western-based companies to make India an alternate production-chain hub to China.
After Trump, Will International Relations and Trade Ever Be the Same? - The New York Times
America in the 2020s will remain a deeply polarized nation, rife with crazy conspiracy theories and, quite possibly, plagued by right-wing terrorism. But that won’t be Trump’s legacy. Trump’s lasting legacy, I suspect, will come in international affairs. For almost 70 years America played a special role in the world, one that no nation had ever played before. And sometimes it seemed as if one of our main goals was to make the world safe for multinational corporations.
Opinion | Trump’s Potemkin Patriarchy
Contemporary manliness is increasingly defined by display — in Mr. Trump’s case, a pantomime of aggrieved aggression: the curled lip, the exaggerated snarl. If Mr. Trump is reclaiming a traditional stereotypical sex role, it’s one that long belonged to women. You could say that Mr. Trump has, if nothing else, found a way. That level of ostentatious macho arrived in the Oval Office on a wave of 21st- century male insecurity. Women were trapped in their ornamental cage because they were locked out of productive work and economic self-sufficiency — assets now increasingly denied to men.
After Trump, How Will I Ever Look at America the Same Way? - The New York Times
We’re a grossly imperfect country, our behavior at frequent odds with our ideals. We demonstrated a yearning to correct our mistakes and, I think, a tropism toward goodness. It’s also a deflection, an evasion: If he gets the whole of the stage, then Americans’ complicity and collaboration are shoved into the wings. We emphasized what a vanquishable opponent Hillary Clinton was because that diminished the significance of the vanquishing and the vanquisher. We spoke of a perfect storm of circumstances that led to his election as a way of disowning the weather.
How Trump Destroyed American Culture - The New York Times
The 2016 election turned on the same thing. But when politics are so alarming that the rest of the world seems to recede, it creates cultural claustrophobia. Conservatives love to jeer Democrats for being obsessed with Trump, for letting him live, as many put it, rent-free in our heads. It’s a cruel accusation, like setting someone’s house on fire and then laughing at them for staring at the flames. The outrage Trump sparks leaves less room for many other things — joy, creativity, reflection — but every bit of it is warranted.
Newt Gingrich: Elections are never predictable — every vote matters
It is a cruel twist of fate that the most important election we have seen in modern American history is happening during the worst pandemic we have seen in modern American history. SEAN HANNITY: ONLY VOTERS CAN PREVENT DEMOCRATS FROM ENACTING 'RADICAL EXTREME SOCIALIST AGENDA'Nevertheless, it is vitally important that you vote — and that you encourage and help your friends and family to vote. So, it is important that you all vote — no matter where you live. Of course, the most recent, significant example of why every vote matters is Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. So, vote, make sure all your loved one’s vote, and let’s prove them all wrong again.
The Supreme Court Is Begging For a Legitimacy Crisis
At a minimum, we are now about to find out what it is like when the Supreme Court joins the rest of us on the low ground — liberated from the pretense that it is anything but another arena in the battle for power. The Supreme Court has the same number. The Supreme Court is virtually begging for a legitimacy crisis. Roberts in 2018 also scolded Trump for referring to Trump judges and Obama judges: “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. No one who has watched the recent history of Supreme Court nominations or narrowly divided decisions could possibly believe what he said.
A Post-Trump Challenge: Getting Foreign Leaders’ Hands Off U.S. Politics
While the actual practice of foreign policy has often fallen short of that mythologized past, both parties have acknowledged the importance of the norm even when failing to respect it. Disturbingly, foreign leaders have started to treat their partnerships with the United States as a personal relationship with the man at the top and his family—no surprise for a batch of unabashedly authoritarian leaders. If Biden wins, he’ll arrive in office to find a series of counterparts now accustomed to this personal, partisan style, and will need to brush them back, quickly and decisively. These toxic trends were already underway before 2016, with an increasing number of foreign policy issues being decided along party lines. Foreign policy can, and should, transcend an individual presidency—a view the United States has held throughout most of its history.
Trump sees Latino voters as a rare bright spot in Pennsylvania
Fernandez was 8 when he came from the Dominican Republic to Harrisburg with his mother. She spoke no English, and as he learned the language, he served as her interpreter and advocate in matters big and small. He embraced conservative values at a young age. In 2012, he voted to reelect President Barack Obama. Then, as a gay man who wanted to protect marriage equality, he cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Political Cartoon: Electoral gassing about the environment
Shockingly, most people seem to want clean air to breath and clean water to drink. According to recent non-partisan polling from the Pew Research Center, a majority of American adults say climate change is affecting their local community at least some and increasingly support protecting the environment as top priorities for the president and Congress. Inquirer columnist Will Bunch points out in a recent column that, contrary to GOP talking points, most Pennsylvanians oppose fracking.
Biden and Trump clash over Covid response
How can a candidate win the most votes nationwide but lose the election? It comes down to a handful of states and something called the electoral college. Video content Video caption: The Electoral College: Which voters really decide the US election? In short, states with a high number of electoral college votes, plus a population that can swing to either Democrats or Republicans, are known as battleground states. Florida, with 29 electoral college votes, is one of those.
France: Emergency services on scene after 'suspected terror attack' in Nice
Three people have reportedly been killed and several are injured following a suspected terror attack in Nice, France.
America’s election - Why it has to be Biden
Those who accuse Mr Biden of the same or worse should stop and think. Yet, whereas most recent presidents have seen toxic partisanship as bad for America, Mr Trump made it central to his office. Nothing Mr Trump says can be believed—including his claims that Mr Biden is corrupt. President JoeThe bar to Mr Biden being an improvement is therefore not high. Mr Biden will not be able to end the bitter animosity that has been mounting for decades in America.
Opinion | Ultra-Orthodox Jews’ Greatest Strength Has Become Their Greatest Weakness
So it is not surprising that a sudden demand to change their community’s behavior was met by many Haredi Jews — and, notably, by many important Haredi leaders — with suspicion and open revolt. Haredi Jews are well practiced in defying the larger society in which they live, and defiance is the tool they pulled out when new pandemic rules were dictated. It is also reasonable to assume that in some cases Haredi Jews are being singled out. The Haredi model in Israel and the West over the past century was meant to keep a threatened enclave from being wiped out by a cultural tsunami. So Haredi Jews are playing with fire.
Media embrace Biden after dismissing him as a likely loser
Many in the media are making the equivalent of a closing argument for Joe Biden, casting him as the right person at the right time. So any praise for Biden in the final days of the general election has to come to grips with the earlier dismissals. How could this guy possibly go up against President Trump? Allies fretted he would stumble in debates with President Trump and that his gaffes would give ample material to his tenacious opponent.”Now the situation would look starkly different without the coronavirus. Biden, at 77, has tried to contrast his black mask and cautious approach with the president’s White House events and big rallies.
Welcome, Justice Barrett. Now here’s your asterisk
From this moment on, the legacy of Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been written. She might have been considered an excellent choice for a seat on our nation’s Supreme Court had her nomination and confirmation come about through a fair and historically consistent process. However, her selection almost literally on the eve of a presidential election will forever stain her name and cast doubt on the legitimacy of her work on our highest court. Despite whatever her personal and professional qualifications for this position may be, she will always be connected with the double dealing and political chicanery of the Donald Trump/Mitch McConnell era. Under the circumstances, Barrett would have done better to withdraw her name from consideration rather than subject herself to the associated guilt and opprobrium to which this president has sentenced her.
The nation’s new housing crisis is eviction
More than 20% of Black tenant households are behind on rent. Nearly 20% of Asian and Hispanic tenant households are in the same circumstance. White tenant households are approaching 10%. Landlords will not, and should not, be forced to bear the financial burden of housing tenants who cannot pay. Hundreds of people a week, thousands a month, are housed now only because of the federal moratorium and rental assistance they are receiving.
Thank You, Jerry Jeff, for making us feel good in that Texan sort of way
Just like that Roger Creagor song, I’ve seen Jerry Jeff Walker “umpteen times,” too. Because Jerry Jeff was so much the poet of my happiness. Jerry Jeff Walker performed at The Rustic in Uptown during Texas OU weekend on October 9, 2015. “Ol' friends always show up on time.” Through his music Jerry Jeff was always there; through his music he was always a friend. For generations of us Texans, Jerry Jeff was our troubadour; and for that, as I said, I’m grateful.
The Supreme Court will not protect our voting rights. Here's who actually might.
The Supreme Court’s decision Monday night in a case involving Wisconsin’s election drives home the importance of these down-ballot races, especially those for state legislative seats. This Supreme Court will not, and it has become far less likely to permit the lower federal courts to do so, either. Democrats petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case. This Supreme Court will not, and it has become far less likely to permit the lower federal courts to do so, either. Since the 1965 Voting Rights Act was enacted, the federal courts have extended protection to many previously disenfranchised voters.
The death penalty is anti-poor
Today, once again, the Philippines is being threatened by the return of the death penalty. Within a week of the call, the House Committee on Justice began considering bills to reinstate the death penalty. In the present 18th Philippine Congress, 19 bills seeking to reinstate the death penalty for selected serious crimes were filed in 2019 alone. The death penalty is anti-poor. The death penalty would further enhance the culture of violence, impunity and death we are now experiencing.
GOODMAN: Rejecting The Media ‘Gatekeepers’
Lesley Stahl, a Hall of Fame media veteran, opted to continue the show’s history of reporter-centric investigative journalism by sculpting questions to reinforce it. The Media Research Center released an empirical study showing just how much the media has fed into this. Yet t he president may win reelection despite it all because the public distrusts the media more than ever before. A Gallup poll in August reinforced what we already sensed: 84% of Americans blame the media for the nation’s divisiveness. Adam Goodman is a national Republican media strategist and columnist.
Hillary Clinton To Vote As Member Of New York Electoral College, Despite Wanting To Abolish It
2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton said Wednesday during an interview that she will represent New York as an electoral college voter in the 2020 election. “I’m sure I’ll get to vote for Joe [Biden] and [Sen. Kamala Harris] in New York. So, that’s pretty exciting,” Clinton told the show, according to the New York Post. (RELATED: 6 Days Out — Here’s Where The Election Stands)In 2017, Clinton told CNN that it was time to abolish the electoral college. The Supreme Court ruled this summer that states can require electors to vote in line with their state’s voters.
SHAPIRO: Blaming Trump For COVID Is Dems’ Anti-Fact Religion
Until COVID-19 hit, President Donald Trump was on a glide path to reelection. The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID’s death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. It is reliant on a perverse view of the universe by which Trump is responsible for all evil, a miasmatic orange Satan haunting the land. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price.
Chick-fil-A responds to recent events
News At Chick-fil-A, we know we have a role in moving all of us forward. ATLANTA (June 3, 2020) – Words are not enough, and they sometimes aren’t the right words, but we want to say something. Our hearts are breaking, for our black Team Members, Operators and Staff and all those in the Black community who are suffering and who have suffered for too long because of racism. At Chick-fil-A, we know we have a role in moving all of us forward. What I have come to understand is that they are tired of the violence, abuse and injustice.
INVESTIGATION: Portland’s Lewis & Clark College mandates racial segregation in orientation programming
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 27, 2020 — Last week, two U.S. senators called on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged racial segregation in American schools. Today, an investigation by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reveals that Portland’s Lewis & Clark College also engaged in mandatory racial segregation in its first-year orientation program this fall. “Racial segregation is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal on our nation’s college campuses,” said FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley. “Mandatory racial segregation isn’t wrong because FIRE or a professor finds it objectionable — it’s wrong because it means that your ethnicity alone determines the education you receive,” Shibley said. CONTACT:Daniel Burnett, Director of Communications, FIRE: 215-717-3473; media@thefire.orgWim Wiewel, President, Lewis & Clark College: 503-768-7680; president@lclark.eduTell Lewis & Clark to end its practice of racial segregation
Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’
The article also does not acknowledge that the state has seen tens of thousands of residents leave annually for the last few years. This is a civil war that can be won without firing a shot. But it is a fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order,” Leyden and Teixeira asserted. Over the last few years, Twitter has banned a number of right-wing accounts that it says violate the site’s terms of service. If the country is in as dire of a position as the Medium article claimed, how can Dorsey not feel an obligation to help steer the country away from collapse?
Keith Raniere, Leader of Nxivm Sex Cult, Is Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison
Camila’s mother, brother and a sister also spoke on Tuesday, telling the judge that Mr. Raniere destroyed their once close-knit family. The father and oldest daughter in the family — who had a child with Mr. Raniere — are still supporters of him. Mr. Raniere had a sexual relationship with all three sisters in the family. In a speech before the court, Mr. Raniere, wearing blue prisoner clothes, maintained his innocence and said some of the victims were lying. “Where I am is caused by me,” Mr. Raniere said.
The Thought Leaders Issue: Jennifer Lawrence
This article appears in V127's Thought Leaders Issue, available for pre-order now. He does not represent my values as an American, and most importantly as a human being. The hope is to make Americans aware of the corruption in our government, so we can vote it out. Tamika Mallory is doing great work for the Black community with her organization Until Freedom. As a white American, I’m listening, learning and trying to show up as an ally.
Chick-Fil-A Went Woke Earlier This Year Amid Riots. That Didn’t Stop Looters From Hitting Their Store In Philadelphia.
Video of the incident showed numerous smashed-out windows at the Chick-fil-A, cash registers broken into, and numerous other items in the restaurant destroyed. Journalist Andy Ngo, an expert on tracking far-left extremism, wrote on Twitter, “I’m not sure what there is to loot at Chick-fil-a but rioters broke into one anyway at the BLM Philadelphia riot.”I’m not sure what there is to loot at Chick-fil-a but rioters broke into one anyway at the BLM Philadelphia riot. Christianity Today reported last November:Chick-fil-A has announced plans to end charitable giving to Christian organizations—including the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)—amid concern over LGBT backlash as the popular Christian-owned business expands beyond the US. The strategic shift has disappointed evangelicals who admired the chain’s stance and leaders at Salvation Army, who say its outreach supports members of the LGBT population facing homelessness and poverty. Earlier this year, amid the race riots that broke out following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy appeared to embrace the political Left’s stances on race issues.
‘Looters Were Shooting Looters’: 11 People Shot In Philadelphia Overnight During Riots
As riots spread in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania following the police-involved shooting of a knife-wielding suspect, 11 people were shot while looting businesses. “11 people shot while looting in Philadelphia so far since last night. ‘Looters were shooting looters.’ ‘50 yr old man that had his car filled then was carjacked and had all his stolem stiff re-stolen from him’from @PhillyPolice on scene of looting tell FOX 29. At least 30 police officers were injured by rioters in the city as well, The Daily Wire reported. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member.
‘Rapidly Gone Downhill’: ‘Violent’ Riots ‘With Looting’ Rock Philadelphia
CBS Philadelphia reporter Joe Holden reported that law enforcement officials said the situation that unfolded last week was a “total loss” and had “rapidly gone downhill.”Phila. Police commanders say the situation has “rapidly gone downhill” along Aramingo Ave. — a “total loss,” they say, from looting. pic.twitter.com/gmcsebGLDJ — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 28, 2020Footage from inside a Philadelphia business shows looters destroying the place within seconds during the BLM riot. pic.twitter.com/yz81zf8E6j — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 28, 2020BLM rioters break into a @TMobile phone store in Philadelphia and begin looting it. Video by @Julio_Rosas11: pic.twitter.com/7dftWBTEE2 — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 28, 2020Philadelphia rioters and looters destroying the inside of a Dollar Tree.
Arguably Top Golfer In History Announces Presidential Endorsement: ‘This Is Not A Personality Contest’
Jack Nicklaus, arguably the top golfer in history, released a statement late on Wednesday night announcing that he is endorsing President Donald Trump for re-election. “Through the years, I have been blessed to personally know several Presidents on both sides of the aisle,” Nicklaus began. “They gave their son—my father—the opportunity to pursue his education and his American Dream. I was taught strong family values and worked hard to pursue my own dreams—my own American dream. “This is not a personality contest; it’s about patriotism, policies and the people they impact.
BREAKING: Police In Philadelphia ‘Discover Van Loaded With Explosives, Suspicious Equipment,’ Report Says
Law enforcement officials in Philadelphia have reportedly launched an investigation into a vehicle that was discovered containing explosives and suspicious items, which comes as the city is rocked by left-wing anti-police riots and widespread looting. “Action News has learned that police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the van,” ABC 6 reported. “The bomb squad is on the scene at this hour.”#BREAKING : Phila Police discover van loaded with explosives, suspicious equipment at Logan Circle in Center City. Their role will be to safeguard property, prevent looting, and provide operational and logistical assistance to @PhillyPolice and other departments. “At least 90 people have been arrested and at least 30 police officers have been injured as tensions erupted in West Philadelphia,” ABC 6 reported.
Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The Epitome Of 21st Century Privilege
The fear that drives people to religious zeal for COVID restrictions is a product of a 21st century Western privilege that makes unexpected death even in old age seem morally unacceptable. The Fairfax County, Va. teachers union is reportedly petitioning the school board and superintendent to postpone all in-person learning until August 2021. COVID-19 has an estimated 95 percent survival rate for those older than 70, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Its victims on average have a handful of years left to live: the average life expectancy in Florida is 79.7 years, while the average age of those who die with COVID is about 76 years. Case in point, Trump’s encouragement not to fear the virus was criticized as “offensive” by a woman who lost her 95-year-old grandfather to the virus.
The Battle For The Supreme Court Is Far From Over
While Barrett’s confirmation is seen by many conservatives as a victory for working moms, originalism, the unborn, and America’s future, the battle for the Supreme Court is far from over. Biden Or Not, Court Packing Is On the AgendaIf elected, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court. His consistent and defensive refusal to answer questions from reporters, presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace, and Trump about adding justices speaks for itself. By adding carefully selected justices to expand the Supreme Court beyond nine justices, the Democrats are ensuring that they will be able to enact unpopular left-wing policies that can be backed by an intentionally slanted court. While the battle may seem like it is nearing the end because there are three relatively new “conservative” justices on the Supreme Court, including an upstanding woman of character, it’s actually just beginning.
The U.S. Has Neither Systemic Voter Fraud Nor Voter Suppression
Bipartisan attacks on our nation’s institutions and the integrity of our electoral processes create the appearance of consensus that our government is illegitimate. Some conservatives now appear willing to join in undermining our electoral systems, largely out of a fear that voter fraud will deprive Trump of reelection. What few realize, however, is that this system also counterbalances election fraud. If there were evidence of systemic fraud, Trump surely would have presented it by now. All that said, significant risks of potential abuse exist in many states’ election systems, as I detailed in a report in August.
Trump Says Police Were Told to “Stand Back” During Philly Riots
Keep up to date with our latest:President Trump responded to two nights of violent unrest in Philadelphia by claiming police were told to “stand back” and not stop looting and rioting. Trump was asked about the unrest and again made the point that it is unfolding in a Democrat-run city and state. pic.twitter.com/XHaa55OASV — Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) October 28, 2020“I know the police very well in Philadelphia, I think they gave me an endorsement…and they were told, I understand to stand back, to stand back, don’t do anything,” said Trump. “The police were told to stand back, and maybe that’s not so but that’s what I was told upon very good authority,” Trump clarified. The president said that federal assets would be ready to help quell the riots if they were called upon by authorities in Philly.
Local Canvassing Brought Hope During A Divisive National Election
While national campaign rhetoric can be both divisive and dispiriting, getting involved in a local campaign was edifying and encouraging. Canvassing for a Local CandidateIn fact, while national campaign rhetoric can be both divisive and dispiriting, getting involved in a local campaign was edifying and encouraging. Local races often affect your day-to-day life as much as federal or statewide races, if not more so. As pastor at a local Missionary Baptist Church, Mr. B knew our candidate and remembered his exuberant singing. One neighbor took her children to an art event at the local library, just blocks away, and got them all library cards.
Jeff Flake Appears in Ad for Biden: ‘Principle and Conscience Require Me’ To Vote for Biden
Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is encouraging conservatives to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the upcoming Nov. 3 election. However, he said, “But this year, principle and conscience require me to do just that. I’m voting for Joe Biden.”He encouraged viewers to ask themselves, “Who will best restore decency and civility to the White House? But I also know that character, moral leadership, integrity are values that we cannot put aside when we cast our vote for president. Currently, polls show Biden is leading in that state by an average of 2.2 points.
The censorship of the free press can demolish liberal democratic republics like the United States very quickly
The Rob Maness Show The censorship of the free press can demolish liberal democratic republics like the United States very quicklySince the story of Joe Biden’s corruption as revealed on his son Hunter’s laptop, censorship has exponentially increased on citizens in social media and against press outlets that publish stories and try to publish the results of their investigations into the matter. Some press outlets, like the taxpayer funded National Public Radio, flat out refused to cover the story in an unprecedented act of self-censorship. Recall that twitter deleted the article from its site completely and suspended accounts that attempted to share it. Remember, Hunter has been involved in sketchy deals with Ukraine, Russia, and China from what we know. We can see the issue this situation creates as we are a week out from a presidential election in which Biden is twofold at a minimum.
Revealing the Identity of the anonymous Senior Official
The Rob Maness Show Revealing the Identity of the anonymous Senior OfficialThe senior official had been named to be part of this new committee. During this phone call, it was explained to the source that one of the committee’s taskings was to develop a plan to delay and/or reschedule the inauguration. While the official to whom the call was made ultimately deliberately avoided attending committee meetings, he did see subsequent Top-Secret email traffic that showed significant inter-agency discussion of the possibility of not proceeding as scheduled with the transfer of power. At some point, this idea appears to have been dropped in favor of proceeding with the strategy of creating an impeachment narrative, but for months apparently there was significant discussion of the possibility of simply not handing over the Presidency to Donald Trump. This same committee likely prepared the read ahead for the infamous January 5, 2017 meeting in the White House, which formally endorsed the impeachment narrative.
2020 Election Is a Choice Between Rule-Changing and Respect for Constitutional Norms
Ditto the traditional structure of the Supreme Court. For nearly 60 years, a left-leaning Supreme Court revolutionized American cultural and political life with progressive decisions. The Supreme Court includes two of Barack Obama’s liberal nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Reid wished to ensure that the Republican Senate minority would have no ability to obstruct the appointment of progressive nominees until at least 2024. In other words, the 151-year tradition of a Supreme Court with nine justices would end.
Eleven Trillion Reasons Not to Vote for Joe Biden
It’s impossible for the human mind to adequately grasp how much a trillion dollars really is. A trillion dollars laid in the same manner would stretch for 96,906,656 miles, a distance farther than the sun. A trillion dollars laid out the same way would cover approximately 3,992 miles, or 1,000 square miles larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. If you did the same thing with a trillion dollars, it would take you 792.5 years to go broke. I don’t think even Bullwinkle will be able to pull a couple of trillion dollars out of that hat.
The 'Normalization' Train Keeps Moving: Even Top Lebanese Figures Talk of Peace with Israel
So for Michel Aoun — and his daughter — to refer openly to peace with Israel is a new development. Many pointed out that the understandings Israel reached with the UAE and Bahrain weren’t really “peace” deals because Israel and those countries had never fought. Last week Sudan accepted those terms. P. David Hornik, a longtime American immigrant in Israel, is a freelance writer, translator, and copyeditor living in Beersheva. Among his books are Choosing Life in Israel and, newly released by Adelaide Books, the novel And Both Shall Row.
The Big Picture and the War for the White House
Four years later, as I explain in this week’s War for the White House podcast with Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw and Townhall’s Reagan McCarthy, I wasn’t reluctant at all. Here’s one example of why (and we all go into some others in the podcast):Donald Trump sees the big picture when it comes to the economy and foreign policy. Like no president since Ronald Reagan, Trump understands how to achieve peace through strength. We need four more years of a non-politician who sees the big picture and is not stuck in Washington’s swamp-think. Here’s the War for the White House podcast.
If Trump Wins, There Must Be a Reckoning for the Destructive Left
Leftist sentiment will always exist, but the institutional left will have to be extirpated root and branch. So-called “Studies Programs”—Gender Studies, Critical Race Studies, Fat Studies, Queer Studies, etc.—which produce resentful and unemployable students and waste precious university resources, will have to be abolished. There is also the problem of the military, many of whose top brass have distanced themselves from Trump. As the historical record indisputably reveals, the Left blights everything it touches and inevitably culminates in misery, oppression, violence, and destitution. A Trump victory at the polls must issue in a thorough cleansing of the country’s Augean stables.
What to Tell Your Fence-Sitting Friends About Trump's Record on Due Process and Religious Freedom
Perhaps the greatest sea change from Obama to Trump involves religious freedom. The contraception mandate under Obamacare infamously tread on religious freedom, leading to years of litigation with the Little Sisters of the Poor. Under Attorney General William Barr, the Department of Justice has released numerous statements of interest defending churches from these egregious violations of religious freedom. Early in his tenure, the president issued an executive order promoting free speech and religious freedom across the government, reversing Obama’s abuses on religious freedom. Joe Biden, on the other hand, represents a threat to religious freedom and to traditional Christianity.
Democrats Push for MORE Big Tech Censorship of 'Hate Speech' at Senate Hearing
All speech is “free speech” with one small exception that is inciting violence like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater or yelling “RACIST! But the Democrats want to expand the definition of speech that is not protected to include speech that offends Democrats or pokes holes in their worldview. Nor is responding to acts of violence with force “inciting violence,” when the violence is already in progress. Sen. Ed Markey at tech hearing says: "The issue is not that the companies before us today is that they're taking too many posts down. If you’re a Democrat and worried about free speech in America, you’re in the wrong party.
The Catholic Case for Supporting Trump
I am voting confidently for President Trump, based on four years of steady progress in promoting human life and dignity, religious liberty, and the common good. Joe Biden’s words and deeds, by contrast, make it impossible for me, as a sincere Catholic, to support him. That’s especially so when the Trump administration has been so manifestly successful in advancing the cause of the unborn. Vice President Pence became the first sitting vice president to attend the D.C. annual March for life in 2017 and then President Trump became the first sitting president to attend in person in 2020. It comes to this: Donald Trump fights for policies on “morally grave issues” that as a faithful Catholic I take very seriously.
White House Pins Philadelphia Riots to the Democrat's War on Police
Townhall's Julio Rosas was in Philadelphia overnight during hours of rioting and looting in the city. pic.twitter.com/TYFJ7JzWPS — Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) October 27, 2020Guys, I haven’t seen riots and looting on this scale and this bad since Minneapolis back in May. — Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) October 28, 2020Very early Wednesday morning, the White House released a statement pinning the violence directly to the Democrat's ongoing war on police. "The riots in Philadelphia are the most recent consequence of the Liberal Democrats’ war against the police. The Trump Administration stands proudly with law enforcement, and stands ready, upon request, to deploy any and all Federal resources to end these riots."
Unasked Questions on '60 Minutes'
The "60 Minutes" interviews of the Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates last Sunday were more revealing for questions not asked and for sidestepping than for what inquiring minds really want to know prior to Election Day. Joe Biden doesn't support those things. Mr. President, you're running against Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a deep, steep, and successful record over a long, long time." Here's another unasked question: Mr. Biden, you and President Obama promised "shovel-ready" jobs as part of your administration's infrastructure spending.
Sen. Rubio Can – and Must – Stand up for Victims of Socialism
Since his election to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has been a steadfast champion of private property rights. Now, by continuing his commendable stand for property rights by standing firm against Venezuela’s vile expropriation schemes, the lawmaker has a chance to help the victims of Venezuela’s socialist regime reclaim property that was stolen from them. In 2011, the socialist regime announced the nationalization of the mine and the seizure of Crystallex’s investments in the country. Sen. Rubio and his legislative allies have close ties to the Trump administration and are in a unique position to press the administration to act on this critical issue. A number of free-market organizations have supported Crystallex’s claims because continued refusal to act would spell disaster and set a disturbing precedent of disregarding private property rights.
A Time for Choosing Again
In order to win the presidential election next week, President Donald Trump will have to articulate why he is the right choice. This week, we have seen this contrast on full display: the energetic rallies for Trump versus the small, staged events for Biden. The secondary article, below the fold, bore the headline "Supporters brave the rain to hear, 'the best president we've had.'" Video shot along his motorcade route showed that the crowd included Trump supporters who were waving signs in support of the president. While clearly outlining a choice, Reagan differentiated between good motives and bad outcomes.
All Roads Lead to Pennsylvania: Charlie Kirk Monologue
Charlie Kirk, on the Charlie Kirk Show, delves deep into Pennsylvania’s emerging political psyche and how Joe Biden's gaffes on fracking could prove harmful for his chances in Pennsylvania. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Promises Kept: On Judges, Three Cheers for President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans
This series of events represented an exhilarating capstone to a truly extraordinary four years of achievement for President Trump and the Republican-held Senate. But in 2016, 2017, and 2018, McConnell's Senate Republicans stiffened their collective backbone and kept their promises, with the stakes as high as ever. With just one (politically understandable) defection from their ranks, Senate Republicans voted to approve Barrett's nomination, a task made less complicated by their expanded ranks. President Trump has nominated, and Senate Republicans have confirmed, three exceptional Supreme Court justices, representing one-third of the Court. President Trump has nominated, and Senate Republicans have confirmed, 53 circuit court judges, constituting nearly one-third of those extremely influential panels.
What a New 'Test' for Mail-In Voting Revealed
With the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, many states are utilizing some form of mail-in voting for the 2020 election cycle. The team sent 500 envelopes from 50 destinations throughout the country to see how quickly these mock ballots would arrive at their intended destination. Each metro area had 100 envelopes sent through their system. It was discovered that 21 percent of all the mock ballots hadn't materialized after four days. This would be concerning in non-COVID years but it's even more concerning because of the unprecedented number of people who are voting by mail.
Fool Us Once, Shame on You; Fool Us Forever, Shame on Us All
A good example is the latest attempt to pass yet another COVID-19 relief bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Republicans' failure to agree to her $2.2 trillion bill "malfeasance." But that relief bill shouldn't cost anywhere near $2 trillion. Making matters worse, the White House and Democrats want to spend that $2 trillion on the same programs as before. The overall coronavirus relief bill returned 60 cents in economic growth per dollar invested.
2020 Hindsight on Impeachment Trial and Unravelling Biden Family Business Deals
As noted in my book, “Abuse of Power: Inside the Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump,” voting against calling witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial might have been a political mistake by Republicans. if you’re dealing with a sure-thing Senate trial verdict—a Trump acquittal last February—why cast uncertainty into the picture with a witness? Yet another testimony causing predictable pearl clutching from Trump rivals and “is-that-all” shrugs from Trump supporters might have been worth a deal subjecting the Biden family to scrutiny. But, the Biden campaign hasn’t disputed the authenticity of the emails, nor has the former vice president's response fully answered what should be yes or no questions. Fred Lucas is the author of Abuse of Power: Inside the Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump (Bombardier Books, 2020).
Election a Choice Between Rule-changing and Respect for Constitutional Norms
Ditto the traditional structure of the Supreme Court. For nearly 60 years, a left-leaning Supreme Court revolutionized American cultural and political life with progressive decisions. The Supreme Court includes two of Barack Obama's liberal nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Reid wished to ensure that the Republican Senate minority would have no ability to obstruct the appointment of progressive nominees until at least 2024. In other words, the 151-year tradition of a Supreme Court with nine justices would end.
Joe Biden Is The Hero of His Own Story
That Joe Biden, with his unnaturally white-capped smile so wide you can see his wisdom teeth and his “awe, shucks” kind of way of running for president as just your average Joe. And no one, NO ONE EVER, called him either “middle-class Joe” or “lunch bucket Joe,” except himself. Joe Biden’s life story has been carefully constructed by him to paint him as a sort of folk hero; an everyman who made good. Biden told voters on February 11th, “This day, 30 years ago, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and entered into discussions about apartheid. Everyone is the hero of their own story, but there comes a point when you simply have to admit when someone is full of it, and Joe Biden most definitely is full of…it.
Why a Lifelong Democrat from Battleground Michigan Just Endorsed Trump
It’s about Michigan, where the vice president of the Flint City Council just backed Trump. "Right now the narrative has been spent, President Trump is full of hate. This year I decided to go with President Trump. I am not a bootlicker, I am not an Uncle Tom," said Maurice Davis. Flint City Council member and life long Democrat Maurice Davis says he is backing @realDonaldTrump .
Ben Shapiro goes back through Joe Biden’s political career to offer a glimpse at how President Biden would govern
But one thing we can be sure of is that Joe Biden is hardly the “nice guy” that the Left and Resistance make him out to be. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 28, 2020Nothing makes Joe Biden a transformational figure. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 28, 2020And now, Joe Biden is little more than a glorified yes-man for the progressive Left. Biden has moved to appease the prevailing winds on every major political issue. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 28, 2020We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.
YUGE: Nearly 7.6 million people tuned in to watch Tucker Carlson interview Tony Bobulinski
You could say that Twitter’s decision to block URLs leading to the Post’s exposé only increased interest in the Hunter Biden story, and you’d be correct. By comparison, CNN pulled in just shy of 2 million viewers for “Anderson Cooper 360.”Tucker Carlson delivered more than 7.5 million viewers for his interview with Tony Bobulinski on Tuesday night. — Charles Lenn (@charleslenn) October 28, 2020People crave real journalists — Flyover Country (@FlyoverStateKS) October 28, 2020#Tucker had 7.56 million viewers for his Bobulinski interview. Sad to hear @BretBaier, whose journalistic integrity I respected, desperately hawking the latest Hunter Biden trash tonight. — Dana Milbank (@Milbank) October 28, 2020Yeah, we’re sure Milbank was a regular Fox News viewer, and now Baier has lost him.
Secy of State Pompeo: Chinese communist gov’t is a predator
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 1:30 PM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has continued to condemn China on his latest stop in Sri Lanka. We see from bad deals, violations of sovereignty and lawlessness in the land and sea that the Chinese Communist Party is a predator. And the United States comes in a different way. pic.twitter.com/3SCoHogvJi — Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) October 28, 2020China has since criticized the United States’ support for Sri Lanka. This came as several nations have speculated that China is luring Sri Lanka into a debt trap.
Secy of State Pompeo: US Citizen detained in Belarus is released
Pompeo took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the news that Vitali Shkliarov is once again home with his family safely in the U.S. Pleased to announce that fellow U.S. citizen Vitali Shkliarov is once again with his family and safely in the United States. We will not rest until all U.S. citizens wrongfully detained by foreign governments are reunited with their families. It has been 65 days since Vitali was wrongfully detained by Belarusian authorities. The United States demands the immediate release of Vitali Shkliarov.
U.S. Brings Home American Detained in Belarus
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed Wednesday that the State Department brought home an American citizen arbitrarily detained in Belarus. Vitali Shkliarov, a Washington, D.C.-area resident, returned home Tuesday night after spending three months in jail and house arrest in Belarus. A dual citizen of the United States and Belarus, Shkliarov visited Belarus earlier this summer to see family and friends before deep political instability wracked the Eastern European country. Pompeo told reporters the retrieval of Shkliarov sends a strong message to governments holding Americans overseas. Shkliarov was held in Belarus during a time of mass protest and unrest in Belarus.
Democrats Like Cuba More Than Israel, New Poll Shows
A new poll indicates Democrats look more favorably upon Cuba than they do Israel. According to a YouGov poll released Monday, 39 percent of Democratic-leaning respondents have a favorable opinion of Cuba, compared with a 36 percent favorability rating for Israel. The poll data feature other notable results: China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea rank among the countries in the bottom 10 in overall favorability among respondents. Results of the poll correlate with many of the larger trends in American foreign policy. In contrast, Republicans have a long record of defending Israel and taking on its adversaries and competitors during the Trump administration.
UMass Sits on Its Hands After Video Catches Professor Berating Conservative Student, Calling GOP 'Nazis'
The University of Massachusetts Boston is refusing to take responsibility for one of its professors calling Republicans Nazis during class and harassing a conservative student for her political beliefs. The course is usually taught by Nada Mustafa Ali, a lecturer of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, according to UMass. The student, Mary O’Sullivan, recorded the exchange between herself and Shapiro on her phone. Professor Shapiro responded by making the series of aforementioned accusations against President Trump and the Republican Party. I paid money to be here.”The Western Journal has reached out to UMass Boston regarding the incident and how the university planned to address Professor Shapiro’s conduct during the lecture.
After Watching Biden's GA Rally, You'll Get Why 'Can I Change My Vote' Was Trending on Google
How pathetic was Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “rally” Tuesday in Warm Springs, Georgia? After listening to him speak, I easily understood why “can I change my vote” has become one of the highest trending searches on Google this week. Warm Springs was the site of former President Franklin Roosevelt’s beloved sanctuary. Hoping that the area’s “warm, buoyant spring waters” would cure his polio, FDR first traveled to Warm Springs in the mid-1920s. Will Biden’s pathetic performance in Warm Springs on Tuesday afternoon change any hearts and minds?
Mike Huckabee: Biden Hasn't Done Anything To Help Your Family in 47 Years, Year 48 Will Be No Different
President Trump is admittedly abrasive, combative, at times vain and vulgar. Joe Biden has said he wants the government to take a bunch of them from you. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates publicly said that Joe Biden was wrong on every single foreign policy for the past 40 years. RELATED: Mary Beth Brown: Will Christians Regret Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? President Trump lowered your taxes and put money in your pocket — an estimated $6500 for the average family before the virus hit.
Biden Lets the Truth Slip, Introduces Himself as 'Kamala's Running Mate'
When Joe Biden tells the truth, American voters should be cringing. “My name’s Joe Biden. I’m Jill Biden’s husband, and I’m Kamala’s running mate,” Biden told the crowd at a sparsely attended drive-in rally in Atlanta. Yet, here’s Joe Biden, the nominal Democratic standard-bearer, identifying himself as “Kamala’s running mate” at a rally one week before Election Day. “He’s running against Joe Biden.
Why Trump deserves 4 more years
Trump handily defeated Biden, who noticeably tired by the end of this second and final debate. Imagine where Trump would rank in the polls but for the constant, relentless negative media coverage and deranged opposition that would have suffocated the average politician. Immediately after Trump's election, Democrats attempted to invoke the 25th Amendment, arguing that the real-estate-developer-turned-politician lacked the mental fitness to hold a job. Oh, and Trump was impeached on grounds so weak that neither Biden nor running mate Sen. Kamala Harris even bring up impeachment while campaigning. When Trump contracted COVID-19, many Trump-hating Democrats set aside their vaunted compassion-for-the-plight-of-others to gloat that the mask-shunning, anti-science ignoramus got what he deserved.
When 100% of the Democrats vote against Amy Coney Barrett
What should we think when every single Democrat voted against the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett? There were actually three Democrats who voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch in 2017 (Donnelly, Heitkamp and Manchin). Gone are the days when someone like Justice Ginsburg could be confirmed by a vote of 96-3. Ginsburg, as mentioned, by a vote of 96-3 (despite being famously progressive) and Stephen G. Breyer by a vote of 87-9. Now, they have spoken with one voice in their unanimous opposition to Justice Amy Coney Barrett.
Universities prepare students to cope with 2020 election results
(THE COLLEGE FIX) -- With Election Day less than a week away, universities and faculty are preparing students for Tuesday’s results. Without explicitly saying it, they are worried about the possibility of another victory by President Donald Trump. “Harvard’s Faculty Council launched preliminary discussions” in mid-October on “how to support students and faculty following next month’s presidential election,” the student paper The Harvard Crimson reported. The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan published a guide on “Preparing To Teach about the 2020 Election (And After).” Though it does not explicitly state that the authors are concerned about President Trump, it unmistakably echoes liberal criticism of President Trump. Read the full story ›
Lawsuit: School district bans 'Homosexuality is a sin' shirt, but allows gay-pride symbols
(THE COLLEGE FIX) -- A student who was allegedly sent home for wearing a shirt stating “homosexuality is a sin” is now suing her Tennessee school district for violating her First Amendment rights and freedom of religion under state law. She’s challenging the constitutionality of the Overton County Board of Education’s dress-code policy, both as written and applied to her, and seeking an injunction against its continued enforcement. The federal lawsuit claims the teacher who sent her to the principal’s office on Aug. 25 had a pro-homosexuality symbol in the classroom. The principal allegedly told her it violated the dress code because her shirt was “sexually connotative.”Read the full story ›
Christian leader who saw Trump winning in 2016 sees God bringing victory another way in 2020
In the 2020 election, Wallnau sees God's providence in play in the elevation of Amy Coney Barrett to the high court. TRENDING: Christian leader who saw Trump winning in 2016 sees God bringing victory another way in 2020Wallnau believes the race for the presidency will be close and there will be questions about the integrity of the ballots, leading to court challenges. For the Christian leader, chaos is not necessarily a bad thing, if it uproots bad structures in government and society. Wallnau just published a sequel to "God's Chaos Candidate" titled "God's Chaos Code" in which he addresses other Old Testament parallels to current times. It's a term from the Reformation, Wallnau explained, regarding a grace God can put on a secular leader to "restrain lawlessness" and the works of the devil.
Democrats called on to explain their court-packing plans
What is court packing? In today’s context, it would involve Democrats adding four new seats to turn a (so-called) 6-3 conservative court into a 7-6 liberal court. Yet, contrary to such claims, the Roberts court actually has been moderate. Of the top 10 most “extreme” court terms since 1946, nine came under the liberal Warren court, while only one came under the Roberts court. Court packing thus subjects everyone’s life, liberty, and property to the winds of politics.
How 3rd-party candidates could determine the presidency
In almost every case, the vote total of third-party candidates made the difference. In Michigan, Trump won the 16 electoral votes by just over 10,700 votes out of almost 5 million votes cast. Trump won Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by 22,748 votes, which amounted to a .77% margin of victory. If it were not for the third-party candidates' cumulative 158,121 votes, it’s very possible that Trump would have lost that state. Just a few thousand votes cast for any one of these third-party candidates could very well determine who is standing with their hand on the Bible on Jan. 21, 2021.
The homestretch: 4 top issues affecting the vote
In any event, these are the issues shaping not only the 2020 presidential election, but down-ballot races across America. This election could hinge on Democrats' ability to get away with counting enough fraudulent votes to flip enough states won by President Trump in 2016. As incredible as it seems, it was only eight months ago that President Trump was impeached by House Democrats. If President Trump is successful in driving a large turn-out, his coattails could flip key House races. The stakes in this general election are higher than ever, as Americans cast their vote for one of two completely different worldviews.
Obama – puppet or puppeteer?
A few weeks ago, while out promoting my new book, "Unmasking Obama," a fellow asked the ultimate question about Barack Obama: puppet or puppeteer? After watching Obama slouch his way toward Election Day, drawing crowds smaller than those of even Melania Trump, I am convinced the answer is "puppet." In his prime, Obama generated dramatically more enthusiasm than does the corrupt and senile Joe Biden. That said, the obvious puppet Biden will likely get more votes than Obama did despite the fact that the strings can be seen from the cheap seats. Jack Cashill's new book, "Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency," is now widely available.
'Soaked in suffering': Christian leaders complain of 'white supremacy pandemic'
More than two dozen Christian leaders in New England have signed a letter to call attention to "decision fatigue and exhaustion" among pastors stemming from what they call pandemics of "white supremacy" and the coronavirus. "As pandemics of COVID, white supremacy, and persistent inequality ravage and despair sets in, we hear the cry of the Psalmist across every generation. "The Church leaders are profoundly concerned about the well-being of these weary shepherds. Are these pastors correct about there being a pandemic of 'white supremacy'? The undeniable truth is this: The Black church only exists because the white church would not welcome black members."
Dear Democrats, pack the court and nuke the filibuster. I dare you. – HotAir
Because true to form, they haven’t thought much of this through long-term. For example, Democrats caterwauling that Roe v. Wade will be overturned and tossed out haven’t considered that the ruling will no longer be necessary, when a Republican-held Congress passes a national abortion ban with 51 votes. It wouldn’t happen tomorrow or next year but it would happen. So the Democrats are free to leap at the whims of feverish pundits and fringe members of their party. But is there a threat they can make that won’t be returned in kind?
China shocked to discover the developed world views it in a negative light – HotAir
There is another factor at work, and that has to do with something China is highly sensitive about: human rights. In Australia, 81 percent now hold negative views, compared to 57 percent last year. China was angered by Australia’s proposal that the World Health Organization investigate the origin of the pandemic. Australians then learned that China was cutting back coal imports and, this weekend, cotton exports as well. In Canada, the Chinese ambassador, Cong Peiwu, last week warned against granting asylum to Hong Kong activists.
Poll: Biden 54, Trump 42 – HotAir
Among likely voters, 54% back Biden and 42% Trump. Biden has held a lead in every CNN poll on the matchup since 2019, and he has held a statistically significant advantage in every high-quality national poll since the spring. Although the election will ultimately be decided by the statewide results, which drive the Electoral College, Biden’s lead nationally is wider than any presidential candidate has held in more than two decades in the final days of the campaign…Barring major changes in the landscape in the final days of the race, Trump’s chances for closing the gap are deeply dependent on Election Day turnout. The poll finds that among those who have already voted (64% Biden to 34% Trump) or who plan to vote early but had not yet done so at the time they were interviewed (63% Biden to 33% Trump), Biden holds nearly two-thirds support. Trump leads 59% to 36%, though, among those who say they plan to vote on Election Day.
Some Trump supporters might be relieved if he loses – HotAir
I grew up in a conservative social circle, and I talk weekly with friends and family who voted for Mr. Trump. But I’ve come to believe that some people who publicly support the president don’t fully want him to win. Commentators focus on a category they call “shy Trump voters.” These are voters who supposedly support Mr. Trump but won’t acknowledge it publicly. They won’t say they’re tired of him to a pollster. It can be as embarrassing to admit you liked Mr. Trump and now fear him as it was to admit you were attracted to him in the first place.
The case for criminally investigating the ex-president – HotAir
Thus the ultimate question is not whether a former president can be investigated but whether one should be. How can the country uphold the rule of law and the idea that no one is above the law, without driving itself into civil discord and risking fatal polarization? The best one can offer is a discretionary judgment that has some convincing rationale and offers a plausible way forward. In my view, the outlines of this are clear: It would be too great an affront to law for a president to have perpetual immunity. If, say, a hypothetical future president committed murder while in office, we would hope that a post-term prosecution for that offense would be permissible.
Why court-packing spells disaster – HotAir
The moment that a progressive majority on a newly expanded Supreme Court ruled decisively on any of these issues (or on any of those conservatives care most about, including gun rights, religious freedom, and economic liberty), red states would simply disregard the opinion as illegitimate, nullifying it on the grounds that the decision was made possible by an explicit act of cheating. That Pyrrhic victory would then be followed by an outright rout the moment Republicans retook control of the White House and Senate (perhaps riding, in part, a backlash to court packing), a position from which they could pack the court with even more conservatives to surpass the number of newly added progressives. By this point, no one on either side would feel any obligation at all to defer to the authority of the nation’s highest court. Every one of the disputes in our politics that the Supreme Court had if not settled then at least placed in abeyance would surge back into the political arena at the local, state, and federal levels, with no authority capable of adjudicating the clashes. Down that path lies political breakdown and ungovernability.
This is the coronavirus election – HotAir
And yet, the pandemic is not impossible to control, contrary to what White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows recently suggested. Social interventions such as paid sick leave can give vulnerable people the option of protecting their lives without risking their livelihoods. Only the federal government can fund and orchestrate public-health measures at a scale necessary to corral the coronavirus. (By contrast, Barack Obama dealt with the H1N1 flu and MERS in his first term, and Ebola and Zika in his second.) Third, it occurred not during the dawn of his term but at its twilight, when Americans have an opportunity to avert further incompetence.
“Total loss” from looting in Philly
Rather than going directly after the police, last night the mobs appeared to concentrate far more on looting and property destruction. As the local CBS News outlet reports, some retail stores in the city are describing the scene as a “total loss” for their businesses. Scores of West Philadelphia businesses were looted and a number of stores across Philadelphia have started boarding up their windows Tuesday in anticipation of more looting. *Alert* A large crowd of appx 1000 is looting businesses in the area of Castor and Aramingo. How does all of this mayhem have anything at all to do with Walter Wallace, racial justice or alleged police violence?
Hmmmm: Are Democrats coming up short in early voting?
Just how much of a lead do Democrats need in early voting to overcome a projected Republican turnout wave on Election Day? Let’s stipulate to this point up front:It proves it in a sense: People can look at the same early voting returns and see wildly different things. In that shape, Pudner’s estimate might have been a little too soft on where Democrats need to end up. In Florida, much has been made of Democrats flipping the early voting edge this year by outvoting Republicans 1,926,055 to 1,463,281 so far. Democrats’ early voting across the state is actually falling well short of what they would need to win if they lose Election Day 31 percent to 69 percent.
Ho hum. PA’s largest county mails out tens of thousands of flawed ballots
But if someone sends back the incorrect ballot and doesn’t send back the correct one, should it count? As noted above, Allegheny County includes Pittsburgh and it’s the second-largest county in the state. According to one local news report, election officials in the county are pinning the blame on the contractor they hired to print the ballots. As to what they could do about it, the county mailed replacement ballots out to everyone the following week. Election officials say they’ve been checking any ballots they receive to see if they are the misprinted ones.
Former Homeland Security official outs himself as ‘Anonymous’ (Update: Will remain as CNN contributor)
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. The person that the NYT strongly insinuated was, like, the VP or WH Chief of Staff, or Cabinet Member was literally "Miles Taylor." HA HA HA — Mollie (@MZHemingway) October 28, 2020Should the NY Times have granted this guy an anonymous platform in the first place? (@EsotericCD) October 28, 2020Should the NYT have granted anonymity as a “senior administration official” to minor DHS bureaucrat Miles Taylor? Miles Taylor?
Can anyone survive switching parties at this point?
The title question is one that’s clearly on the mind of Congressman Jeff Van Drew this week. Van Drew represents Atlantic City. His district went for Trump by five points in 2016, so you might think the party switch is giving him a boost. The race is only nominally between Kennedy and Van Drew, however. As in down-ballot contests across the country this year, Trump looms large here — perhaps even more so because of the public embrace between Van Drew and the President.
Trump: I was worried this “Anonymous” sleazebag might be Hope Hicks or Jared Kushner
I don’t know why he thinks Miles Taylor should be prosecuted, though. Trump, speaking at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport, calls “anonymous” (Miles Taylor) a “sleaze bag” and adds that he was worried it would turn out to be someone like Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Mike Lee, or Rand Paul. “This guy, in my opinion, should be prosecuted,” Trump adds. Taylor went anonymous as a false pretense, to generate exactly the sort of fake suspense Trump jokes about in the clip. — ErikWemple (@ErikWemple) October 28, 2020Asked about his lie to Anderson Cooper, Miles Taylor says he was doing what he'd pledged to do — deny authorship and keep the focus on Trump.
WaPo/ABC poll: Biden leads in Wisconsin by … *seventeen* points?
None of them include Joe Biden winning Wisconsin by seventeen points, two more than Barack Obama’s margin in 2008. In Wisconsin, likely voters favor Biden by 57 percent to 40 percent, with Jorgensen at 2 percent. Among registered voters, Biden’s edge in Michigan is five points, while he leads by 17 points in Wisconsin. Could Biden have a lead, even a substantial lead, in Wisconsin? None of the polling has ever shown Trump ahead, although a recent Susquehanna poll (with only 500 likely voters) put the race at a 45/45 tie.
How far might Trump go? – HotAir
Working in the same vein as Foley, Larry Diamond, a political scientist and senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, described by email what he called “by far the most dangerous scenario”:“Trump is leading when the in-person votes are counted on election night. If you just stopped counting at midnight on election night, Trump would be the winner, even though many millions of mail-in ballots in key swing states are still to be counted.”When the “blue wave comes in,” Diamond continues,“and gives Biden a victory in states with more than 270 electoral votes, Trump cries foul and demands that the Republican legislators in states like Pennsylvania, maybe Florida, give him their electoral votes, even though he didn’t win according to the vote count.”
"I'm absolutely expecting him to do something weird" – HotAir
“The pardon power operates in the way he imagines the presidency to operate — you wave your hand and it’s done,” says Quinta Jurecic, the managing editor of the blog Lawfare. His former lawyer Michael Cohen, who Trump believes betrayed him by cooperating with investigators and speaking publicly. Second, look for the possibility of blanket, preemptive pardons for the president’s own family, close friends and campaign associates. Presidential pardons — as Gerald Ford demonstrated in pardoning Nixon — don’t require existing criminal charges; they can also be used to block attempts to bring federal charges in the future. The third type of presidential pardons or commutations that might emerge from the White House post-election is what might be called the “Fox & Friends and Friends of Fox” category.
Trump: Hopefully courts won’t let states take a lot of time to count ballots after November 3
TRUMP: "We'll see what happens [on Election Day]. Hopefully the few states remaining that want to take a lot of time after Nov. 3 to count ballots that won't be allowed by the various courts, because as you know we’re in courts on that." pic.twitter.com/oKcaYE20K8 — JM Rieger (@RiegerReport) October 28, 2020No one wants weeks of uncertainty after Election Day about who won. The reason he doesn’t want states taking “a lot” of time counting ballots after Election Day next week isn’t because he’s worried about “uncertainty,” or fraudulent votes trickling in. pic.twitter.com/SqPqIQb4tB — Aaron Hanlon (@AaronRHanlon) October 28, 2020The argument for a rule that the ballot must arrive *by* Election Day is certainty.
I owe my life to the atomic bomb – HotAir
In June 1945, President Truman approved Operation Downfall, a plan to invade the Japanese Home Islands of Kyushu and Honshu. Operation Olympic was to commence on Kyushu Nov. 1, 1945, followed in March 1946 by Operation Coronet on Honshu. I was the officer on a Navy landing ship who acquired classified documents for the ship, so I came back to the ship with operation plans involving our flotilla. Already our ship had come very close to being taken out by a kamikaze attack, and two others in our group had been sunk. It is common doctrine to avoid being trapped close to a cliff in amphibious landings because it impairs rapidly dispersing troops.
The coming decade of Democratic dominance – HotAir
There are more than 5 million fewer members of his core constituency — Whites without college degrees — than there were four years ago. And there are more than 13 million more minority and college-educated White eligible voters than in 2016. In Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection, voters under 30 were a solidly Republican age cohort; 2020, for the fifth consecutive election, it will be the most Democratic. Furthermore, this will be the first presidential election in which the number of millennial and Generation Z eligible voters will outnumber eligible baby boomers. Generation Z is 49 percent people of color.
CUOMO SHAKES DOWN STATE CONTRACTORS: Open the Books strikes again, this time finding hundreds of ins…
CUOMO SHAKES DOWN STATE CONTRACTORS: Open the Books strikes again, this time finding hundreds of instances where New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo sought millions of dollars campaign contractors from firms providing goods and services to state government. You wanna play in New York? You gotta pay, know what I mean? Question: Why doesn’t somebody endow an annual Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant Award to recognize the superb work of Open the Books, Judicial Watch and other transparency in government advocates?
Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times?
I&I EditorialJoe Biden called President Donald Trump “George” on Sunday, as if he were running against George H.W. Yet at both debates, though he made mistakes, he looked to be far more sentient, at times even sharp, in stark contrast to the doddering senior citizen we usually see. “What kind of country we’re gonna be,” Biden asked in a weekend interview with George Lopez. Just as disturbing as the constant misstatements are his appearances in public and on video outside of the debates. We won’t speculate as to the cause behind the sharp differences in the Biden of the debates and the Biden we’ve been seeing at other times.
My 'suburban mom' demographic is supposedly all in for Biden. But I'm voting for Trump.
A more expansive view of life:Viable unborn children can live without their mothers — our Constitution protects themThat’s Joe Biden’s America. One of Trump’s first acts was to nominate Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, followed by Brett Kavanaugh. She would be the first mother of young children to serve on the Supreme Court. Now Biden threatens to turn the Supreme Court into his own liberal mini-Congress. But in Biden’s America he’ll always stand with the teachers, even when they are wrong.
Wargaming the Electoral College: Can BIDEN Thread the Needle to 270? (Yes, Biden)
Wargaming the Electoral College: Penultimate Edition. Let’s start this edition of Wargaming the Electoral College with that premise and with the broadest possible battleground state map. If the Dems can steal big enough to steal this one from Trump, then voting and the Electoral College no longer matter and this whole country is moot. On this map, without Pennsylvania, Biden would have to sweep all three remaining Rust Belt battlegrounds: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Not because I’m driven to flights of fancy, but because all these scenarios drive home the entire point of today’s edition of Wargaming the Electoral College: Trump has more and wider paths to victory than Biden does.
FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate
They then compared those figures with actual prices and wages as reflected in the Conference Board data. In the three years following the implementation of Roosevelt’s policies, wages in 11 key industries averaged 25 percent higher than they otherwise would have done, the economists calculate. Cole and Ohanian calculate that NIRA and its aftermath account for 60 percent of the weak recovery. Without the policies, they contend that the Depression would have ended in 1936 instead of the year when they believe the slump actually ended: 1943. Without competition, wholesale prices remained inflated, averaging 14 percent higher than they would have been without the troublesome practices, the UCLA economists calculate.
Biden previews FDR-like administration during unity pitch in Georgia
During a stop in Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden recalled how Roosevelt sought out the city's mineral springs to ease the paralytic effects of Guillain–Barré syndrome before he died from the disorder in 1945. "This place, Warm Springs, is a reminder that though broken, each of us can be healed. And yes, we can restore our soul and save our country," he said Tuesday, not far from Roosevelt's Little White House. One week before polls close, Biden had two public events in Georgia on his schedule, a state that hasn't supported a Democratic standard-bearer since Bill Clinton in 1992. Trump won Georgia by 5 percentage points in 2016, but four years later, the president is only ahead on average by less than a point, according to RealClearPolitics.
US Vows To Blow Up Any Iranian Missile Shipments To Venezuela
"We will make every effort to stop shipments of long-range missiles, and if somehow they get to Venezuela they will be eliminated there," White House Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela Elliott Abrams said. "Every delivery of Iranian arms destabilizes South America and the Caribbean and is especially dangerous to Venezuela’s neighbors in Brazil, Columbia, and Guyana," he added. "Venezuela is paying in gold to buy gasoline from Iran, and there is an Iranian presence in the country. Though there's no evidence that it's happened yet, Maduro - himself long targeted for US-backed regime change - is indeed naturally the first country to likely pursue Iranian weapons purchases. The potential for Iranian ballistic missiles to be in Venezuela would raise the question of such advanced weapons actually being able to reach the US mainland and locations in the Caribbean.
US Oil's Merger Mania Won't End Well For Energy
By Kriti Gupta, commentator for Bloomberg's Markets LiveThe long-awaited shale patch consolidation has arrived, sparking another bout of merger mania in the energy industry. Then as now, the backdrop to energy’s M&A boom is a collapse in oil prices. That’s not so for the energy industry, which staged a comeback in the early part of the century as tech dropped. Oil rallies have seldom spilled over into energy stocks beyond a brief increase in valuations spurred by private equity in 2016. Oil prices have largely traded in a range for nearly five months.
Flying Blind: Clueless About Risk, We're Speeding Toward Systemic Failure
There's an irony in discussing risk: since we all have an instinctive reaction to visible risk, we think we understand it. Systemic risk is difficult to isolate and analyze, so we're literally blind to it. non-linearity)Another reason we're blind to risk is we naively assume risks add up like a grocery bill. Take a 5% of something bad happening, add another 5% risk and a third 5% risk, and the total risk we face is only 15%--hey, that's not much. So the three variables, each with a 5% risk factor, pose a compounded risk far higher than 15%.
Trump's Executive Order On Race And Sex Lessens The Political Madness Thrown At Men
Authored by Wendy McElroy via The Mises Institute,On September 22, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping. But government is already involved to the hilt, and the executive order seeks to take several steps back. Critical race theory is a postmodern framework by which all institutions and dynamics of society are analyzed in terms of race and hierarchy. A September 4 memorandum issued by the Office of Management and Budget broke ground for the executive order. They are wellsprings of identity politics and critical race theory, as well as pioneers in the demonization of men.
Will They Really Get Away With It?
Will they really get away with it? "Russia, Russia, Russia was a scam that ruined lives and put a cloud over the White House for nearly three years. One hopes John Durham has a reference, file or graphic that is something close to those analytical pieces. How is it that Attorney General William Barr and John Durham are consumed with prosecutorial ennui when the crimes and cover-ups are so painfully obvious? One is left to conclude that it really all comes down to political will.
"Who Is Miles Taylor?" - Trump Assails White House Mole: "They Should Fire, Shame & Punish Everybody Associated With This Fraud"
Who is Miles Taylor? They should fire, shame, and punish everybody.... — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 28, 2020....associated with this FRAUD on the American people! A CNN spox just told me that Miles Taylor will remain a contributor despite lying to Anderson Cooper. Miles Taylor? Miles Taylor?
Open Our Schools Now
We still have states — like California and New York — that are keeping schools closed. There has yet to be any data that shows schools are hotbeds of transmission. From 2004-2005 to 2018-2019, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons ranged from 37 to 187 deaths. During the H1N1pandemic (April 15, 2009 to October 2, 2010), 358 pediatric deaths were reported to CDC. I am not sure that anyone who is forcing schools to stay closed is really considering the science or the data.
Don’t Get Suckered By The Establishment Psy-Op
You have people moving from Hillary to Trump, but nobody moving from Trump to Grandpa Badfinger. On the inside, the insiders almost unanimously think Trump will win – that’s the real talk behind the scenes among people whose names you know. Early voting numbers are GOP-friendly, and many polls now show Trump moving up or taking the lead. But the Establishment will try to psych you out, because you are in total control of the one last piece of the puzzle. Oh, we were totally off in 2016 but we totally get Trump voters now and can poll them accurately.
Tony Bobulinski Shares Why He Came Forward About Joe Biden's Corruption, Adam Schiff Hardest Hit
Tony Bobulinski just told @TuckerCarlson that he came forward because @RepAdamSchiff said the whole story was Russian disinformation from the Kremlin. He also provided a receipt showing Hunter Biden signed to have them dropped off (see Repair Shop Receipt for Hunter Biden Laptop Revealed, Media Narrative Burns to the Ground). He could not understand why the Biden campaign was leaning into an obvious lie. In short, had Adam Schiff just kept his mouth shut, none of this would be happening right now to the Biden campaign. The Bidens can send Adam Schiff a nice thank you letter for that campaign contribution.
The Hunter Biden Emails Are About Joe Biden Not About Hunter
that presents itself in the form of Hunter Biden. The Bobulinski interview made it clear that Joe Biden was a knowing and willing participant in the various scams in which Hunter Biden was a central figure. That shouldn’t be a shock as virtually all large scale commercial enterprises have some degree of oversight by Chinese intelligence. (READ Hunter Biden Caught On Tape Lamenting His Chinese Business Dealings.) We know that the Chinese desperately want Joe Biden to win, and the porn would be useful in manipulating a President Biden so his wastrel son would not end up in prison.
USNA Cancel Culture: Status Report on the Midshipman 1/C Standage Case
MIDN Standage was removed from classes and directed to out-process and leave USNA by 30 September. How is it that it was the “manner” but not the “content” that led to the decision to separate MIDN Standage from USNA? When MIDN Standage was asked why he would think otherwise, MIDN Standage said he had viewed the situation through the eyes of his parents. He then found MIDN Standage guilty of both charges, imposed the maximum punishments allowable, and forwarded him for separation. The next milestone in this case is the court’s hearing on MIDN Standage’s motion for preliminary injunction on Friday.
The Most Insane Part of the Bobulinski Interview On the Bidens Is the Least Shocking
Last night I was watching the Tucker Carlson interview with Tony Bobulinski as many in America were. The central figure is Joe Biden, the patriarchal leader of the Biden family on whose name the Chinese are making deals. The most insane thing about that Tucker Carlson interview is the fact that it’s only being covered by Tucker Carlson. Only Tucker Carlson is putting this out there to see. Only Tucker Carlson is willing to expose the truth.
Wisconsin Congressman Gives Best Response to Democrat Opponent Who Accused Him of Being 'Privileged'
Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-8) has been on the receiving end of the “privilege” accusation on multiple occasions courtesy of his Democrat opponent and state Rep. Amanda Stuck. From a simple Google search of “Mike Gallagher privilege”, one can find out that Ms. I didn’t marry a Broadway star like Mike Gallagher did. […] “Congress is full of people like Mike Gallagher who come from privilege,” Stuck said. pic.twitter.com/04wa9jaNYi — Mike Gallagher (@MikeforWI) October 27, 2020Bravo!
Ted Cruz Absolutely Wrecks Jack Dorsey at Senate Hearing, 'Who the Hell Elected You'
Today, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, among other social media platform leaders, testified about the recent censorship of damning information surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden. In fact, that ban was not lifted until today after Cruz caught Dorsey lying about the matter (see Jack Dorsey Lies to Ted Cruz in Senate Hearing on Twitter’s Election Interference, but Will the Senate Do Anything). In a blistering exchange, Cruz laid into Dorsey, and the Twitter founder deserved every bit of it. Cruz began his line of questioning by hammering Dorsey for claiming, without evidence, that Twitter does not have the ability to influence elections. What’s not conservative is giving social media special protections while excusing their blatantly partisan, un-American behavior in quashing free speech.
New John James for Michigan Ad Taps Last Man Standing's Tim Allen
After the Detroit News endorsed Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James, he has been firing on all cylinders in order to bring more daylight between him and Democrat incumbent Gary Peters. The gorgeously filmed campaign ad “Together”, narrated by none other than Michigan’s adopted son, comedian and actor Tim Allen (Home Improvement/Toy Story/Last Man Standing), should give James some wind in his sails. That’s John James. I hope everybody remembers.” “James had previously told reporters that he is 2000% in support of President Trump when he ran for office in 2018. As a veteran fighter pilot, business owner, job creator, and Black conservative, John James embodies that change from the status quo.
Kira Davis: Vote With Your Eyeballs
I kept trying to make sense of the lockdowns in comparison to the numbers and I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around any of it. So I kept trying to wrap my mind around it, kept trying to convince myself that I just wasn’t smart enough to understand the data. The problem is that we have a media and a social media landscape that is constantly telling us we can’t believe our lying eyes. If you feel confused about what you’re seeing versus what you’re being told it’s only because you’re a rational human being. When you can’t believe anything else, you must believe your “lying” eyes.
'Florida Man' Almost Suppresses DeSantis' Vote
As Election Day 2020 looms (and concerns regarding voter fraud and voter suppression are being bandied about), “Florida Man” is doing his part to keep things interesting. Earlier today, The Hill reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ran into a snag when he went to cast his vote:Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was nearly prevented from casting his ballot this week after a man allegedly changed his home address online. A Florida man is facing felony charges after authorities say he changed Gov. Of course, now I’m wondering how many other clever souls out there might attempt to mess with Florida voter registrations now that they’ve learned of Guevara’s prank.
Legendary Golfer Cautions Critics Who Hate Trump's Tweets: 'His Love for America....Has Come Through Loud and Clear'
And all believed in the American Dream. He’s worked for the average person. They gave their son—my father—the opportunity to pursue his education and his American Dream. I was taught strong family values and worked hard to pursue my own dreams—my own American dream. I also believe that Donald Trump’s policies will bring the American Dream to many families across the nation who are still trying to achieve it.
'I don't want these dogs to suffer': Pet surrenders becoming tragic part of pandemic
While the pandemic has led to a boom for pet care in general, it also has created an underside for pet owners struggling to pay for pet expenses because of lost jobs and reduced wages. Lily’s Legacy, which found the new home for Crowe’s dogs, serves as an alternative to that and hopes to raise awareness of the issue this week during Saving Senior Dogs Week. She ended up giving away her dog Maggie to Lionel’s Legacy, a senior dog sanctuary in San Diego County. A senior dog sanctuary helps limit the trauma dogs and their owners are facing in the tumult of the pandemic. They’re just overrun and a lot of them are being confined by COVID.”She said Lily's Legacy has found homes for all the senior dogs that were surrendered because of the pandemic, including Crowe's three black dogs.
Hillary Clinton joins Electoral College 4 years after it cost her the presidency: 'Pretty sure I'll get to vote for Joe'
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the 2016 presidential election because of the Electoral College. The Electoral College is comprised of 538 delegates: People who cast the votes that formally elect the president. If Joe Biden wins the popular vote in New York, Clinton and the 28 other electors will vote for him to be the next president. New York has taken steps to move away from the Electoral College: The state is part of the National Popular Vote Compact. If enough states sign on to this effort, the Electoral College will chose the candidate who wins the national popular vote.
U.S. Election: Trump, Biden and India
ADADWhen it comes to the U.S. relationship with India, the Trump administration has largely continued the policies of its predecessors. The United States views India as a useful counterweight to China, together with traditional allies in the region such as Australia and Japan. Trump and IndiaADADTrump and Modi established a rapport early in Trump’s presidency, despite various gaffes (Modi was reportedly shocked to realize that Trump did not know India shared a border with China, and Trump administration officials told The Washington Post that he imitated Modi’s accent with aides). This week, India and the United States concluded the last of four “foundational” agreements that will allow the two countries to deepen their military cooperation. Under a Biden presidency, the focus on the defense partnership would continue, experts say, but other issues neglected under the Trump administration would probably get renewed attention.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Americans are in two politically warring camps — each side hates the other
They are often made hard by fear — fear of making the wrong choice, fear of chaos, fear of loss. JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO: COURT PACKING -- A BRIEF BUT IMPORTANT HISTORYPaine comes to mind this week as Americans decide who will be the most powerful person on Earth for the next four years. Americans are in two politically warring camps; each side hates the other and fears darkness if the other side wins. The federal government has borrowed $3 trillion in the past year — more money borrowed per minute than at any time in history. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO
Trump deserves 2nd term even though he’s a ‘wretched human being,’ newspaper says
In an endorsement published this week, a Washington state newspaper said it agrees with President Trump’s critics that the commander-in-chief has numerous faults – but that doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t deserve a second term. “Public employee unions would hold outsized power and demand greater spending,” he continued. “To afford it all,” he added, “Biden and a Democrat-controlled Congress would have to impose unprecedented tax increases or accept catastrophic deficit spending. “President Trump is not always 100 percent wrong, but he is 100 percent wrong for America,” the Union Leader wrote. Biden, meanwhile, may not be the president we want,” the newspaper claimed, “but in 2020 he is the president we desperately need.”
'Comes out beautiful': Trump administration rolls back dishwasher water conservation rules
The Trump administration has quietly rolled back Obama-era rules that regulate energy and water to appliances such as dishwashers, which the president has made a personal issue at rallies. Today, we concluded on an @ENERGY rule to change that. Today, we concluded on an @ENERGY rule to change that,” the tweet said. Current dishwasher standards require that standard-size products use no more than 5 gallons of water per cycle, according to the Appliance Standards Awareness Project. Consumer Reports found that modern dishwashers use about half of the water and energy as those made 20 years ago.
Ari Berman: Record early voting suggests voter suppression is backfiring
Ari Berman, the author of "Give us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America," tells Lawrence O'Donnell that voters should drop off their mail ballots or vote in person: "Sending your ballot in the mail at this point in time is just too risky."
Hillary Clinton joins Electoral College 4 years after it cost her the presidency: 'Pretty sure I'll get to vote for Joe'
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the 2016 presidential election because of the Electoral College. If Joe Biden wins the popular vote in New York, Clinton and the 28 other electors will vote for him to be the next president. New York has taken steps to move away from the Electoral College: The state is part of the National Popular Vote Compact. If enough states sign on to this effort, the Electoral College will chose the candidate who wins the national popular vote. Contributing: Wyatte Grantham-Philips and Josh Peter, USA TODAY; The Associated PressThis article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Electoral College: Hillary Clinton to be New York state elector
Biden is beating Trump by an unbelievable 17 points in new Wisconsin poll
A Washington Post/ABC News poll of Wisconsin and Michigan released Wednesday morning had good news for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. In Michigan, the poll found him beating President Trump by a modest 7 percentage points among likely voters, 51 percent to 44 percent, within the margin of error. Biden's Wisconsin lead in the RealClearPolitics average is 5.5 points (49.8 percent to 44.3 percent), and FiveThirtyEight puts Biden ahead by 7.1 points, 51.4 percent to 44.3 percent. And the polls bear that out: Biden now leads Trump by 20 points on who Wisconsin voters trust to handle the outbreak, from 7 points in September. The polls were conducted via phone, mostly cellphones, Oct. 20-25 among 789 likely voters in Michigan and 809 likely Wisconsin voters.
FBI warns ransomware assault threatens US healthcare system
Independent security experts say it has already hobbled at least five U.S. hospitals this week, and could potentially impact hundreds more. Advertisement“We are experiencing the most significant cyber security threat we’ve ever seen in the United States,” Charles Carmakal, chief technical officer of the cybersecurity firm Mandiant, said in a statement. He’s concerned that the group may deploy malware to hundreds of hospitals over the next few weeks. The U.S. has seen a plague of ransomware over the past 18 months or so. A total of 59 US healthcare providers/systems have been impacted by ransomware in 2020, disrupting patient care at up to 510 facilities, said Brett Callow, an analyst at the cybersecurity firm Emsisoft.
It’s Biden vs. Trump in the rest of the world, too
For the last 70 years, the United States has sought to shape events in much of the world. As Americans head to the polls, who in the wider world is rooting for President Trump? “The president of the United States has more power over my life than the president of my own country. A recent opinion survey showed more than 60 percent of Israelis favoring Trump, with less than 20 percent for Biden. Hard-liners favor Trump because they agree with him that compromise between Iran and the United States is unthinkable.
Our recommendation in the Dallas ISD bond election
It has also seen many of its would-be students head to schools in more-affluent suburbs or other competing schools. We admit the price tag is eye-popping; it’s the largest bond election in Texas history. The proposition also includes $115 million for security needs like cameras, weapon detection systems, districtwide alert systems and a visitor management system. Dallas ISD hasn’t inspired our full confidence that it’s ready to steward $3.7 billion well. Students in Dallas deserve the provisions in this bond package, but in our view we should extend the funds and hold the board and administration accountable for results.
Our recommendation for the 32nd congressional district
Colin Allred has been an effective voice for moderation and comity in Congress and we think voters should return him to office. Allred’s work on the bipartisan United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement was an important effort to lead us toward a better free trade future in this hemisphere. His dedication to seeing a high-speed rail project completed between Dallas and Houston is important for the state’s transportation future. And she correctly identifies the danger that Big Tech has created for our country thanks to dated regulation. Voters in this district will be selecting between candidates who have more common ground than the partisan rhetoric of the day suggests.
We recommend: A list of all our candidate recommendations for the general election
That and her steady refusal to engage in the nastiness that has captured our politics lead us to recommend her. Opponent: Republican Eugene AllenTexas House District 113Rhetta Andrews BowersDemocrat Rhetta Andrews Bowers has been solid, though not spectacular in her first term in Austin. She also was a substitute teacher, a legislative staffer in the Texas House and an advocate for healthy food options in her community. Opponent: Republican Will DouglasTexas House District 114Luisa del RosalRepublican Luisa del Rosal has the sort of inspiring story the Republican Party would wisely embrace. Opponent: Democrat Amy Clark Meachum, Green Party candidate Charles E. Waterbury, and Libertarian Mark AshTexas Supreme Court, Place 6Jane BlandGov.
Letters to the Editor — Voting, tornado damage in Dallas, the office of the president, Justice Amy Coney Barrett
Two comments on citing Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a positive example to all working mothers. Very few of today’s working mothers can afford to have their children raised by nannies and governesses. Barrett therefore presents a very limited example for today’s working mothers and their daily balancing act. The entire unseemly replacement process can in no way either encourage or inspire today’s or tomorrow’s working mothers. Barrett, President Donald Trump and McConnell now gleefully dance on Ginsburg’s grave.
FBI warns ransomware assault threatens U.S. healthcare system
The alert said malicious groups are targeting the sector with attacks that produce "data theft and disruption of healthcare services." The cyberattacks involve ransomware, which scrambles data into gibberish that can only be unlocked with software keys provided once targets pay up. Sky Lakes acknowledged the ransomware attack in an online statement, saying it had no evidence that patient information was compromised. Increasingly, ransomware criminals are stealing data from their targets before encrypting networks, using it for extortion. A total of 59 U.S. healthcare providers/systems have been impacted by ransomware in 2020, disrupting patient care at up to 510 facilities, Callow said.
Opinion: Governors must show their work before adding back more COVID-19 restrictions
Simply put, if governors or mayors choose to shut down or restrict these institutions, they need to show their work. Governments must actively try to loosen restrictions, unless there are compelling public health reasons to leave them in place. Churches have generally sought to comply with government restrictions, and some have not exercised their liberties to the fullest extent. Again, if governments place heavy restrictions on houses of worship, they must show their work. Even so, no Catholic church has been linked to outbreaks in the country that can justify these restrictions.
Nolan Out Loud: None of above was best choice
For the fourth time in our history, we've decided not to endorse a presidential candidate because we found both choices unacceptable. How about the two political parties give us quality candidates we can get enthused about endorsing? Betting on a Hail MaryThe polls say Michigan is firmly in Joe Biden's grasp. Meanwhile, we learn that the person Facebook has put in charge of election integrity formerly worked for Joe Biden. Sign up here:Twitter: @NolanFinleyDNSign up for the Nolan Out Loud morning report at detroitnews.com/newsletters.
Opinion: Duggan's plan doesn't bring justice to overtaxed Detroiters
Mary SheffieldThe Duggan administration recently introduced a resolution that attempts to right the wrongs of the historic unconstitutional over-assessment of Detroit property owners. In fact, the city of Detroit is still over-assessing the majority of lower-valued properties (less than $19,000 sale price). I have been working hard to fight for Detroit homeowners. Consequently, in 2017, I authored the Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program ordinance, which greatly expanded PTE accessibility. I later joined forces with the Coalition for Property Tax Justice to form a workgroup to examine compensatory options for Detroit’s over-assessed and foreclosed homeowners.
VP nominee Kamala Harris stops in Tucson, visits with Latina business owners
Harris emphasized the needs of working class families throughout the state, adding that the Biden administration would not raise taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 a year. “Joe Biden and I understand America deserves so much more. We know that the strength of any human being is not based on who you beat down but on who you lift up,” Harris said. “Let’s not let anyone take our vote from us. Kelly, who was also looking to sway voters in his campaign for U.S. Senate, said the pandemic and subsequent economic impact were made worse by “a crisis of leadership.”
The Latest: President declares emergency in Mississippi
Over the past couple decades, meteorologists have been increasingly worried about storms that just blow up in strength, like Zeta. They created an official threshold for this dangerous powering up — a storm gaining 35 mph (56 kph) in wind speed in just 24 hours. Earlier this year Hannah, Laura, Sally, Teddy, Gamma and Delta all rapidly intensified. School officials are calling off school because of the fear of rain, wind and power outages from Hurricane Zeta as it makes its way inland. Many districts are telling students to work remotely by computer from home, with teachers also delivering lessons from home.
Schapiro: Northam as judge, jury and executioner of VMI
But it is also at VMI that Blacks, who first were admitted in 1968, and women, who first matriculated there in 1997, rose to leadership positions, as class presidents and within the school’s military hierarchy — and beyond. Among them a Black 1981 civil engineering graduate mentioned as a successor to Peay: Darren McDew, a retired Air Force four-star general from Hampton who led the U.S. Transportation Command. Some hold out the possibility of closing the school — an idea Northam opposes. The speculative whirl now surrounds the Northam-ordered investigation of racial inequity at VMI, announced in a letter that had a distinct guilty-as-charged tone. The school has its own ideas who might lead it.
‘I’ve not held the love of my life since March’: Why isn’t Robert allowed to see his wife?
Minister, you issued guidance to care homes to “dynamically risk-assess and implement a Covid-infection control policy”. Unfortunately, care homes took that as an instruction to lock in residents and lock out loved ones. It seems as if the care homes are hiding behind government guidance while the Government is passing the buck to care homes. Many care home owners, citing your own guidance, have even banned window visits where the window is closed. How can the Government support the isolation of the elderly in care homes given they face the same distressing ill-effects?
The US electoral system is a shambles. They could learn a lot from Australia
The contrast with our own is a reminder to Australians of our civic accomplishments – not least an independent Australian Electoral Commission. As a result voters in well-off neighbourhoods glided in and out as easily as voters in an Australian election. Reporting on the May 2019 federal election, the Australian Electoral Commission said that most voters “wait 15 minutes or less to vote”. The veteran election analyst Malcolm Mackerras told me Australia is blessed by having independent electoral commissions for state, federal and territory elections. Their mission would be to work with Congress to design legislation to create a US national elections commission modelled on the Australian Electoral Commission.
Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus Clashes With Science, and Voters’ Lives
The 74-year-old president pointed to his teenage son, who was diagnosed with the virus earlier this month, to suggest that many of those cases were of only trivial concern. “Do you ever notice, they don’t use the word ‘death,’ they use the word ‘cases’?” Mr. Trump said. Polling and interviews with voters show that most are not inclined to trust Mr. Trump’s sunny forecast. Mr. Trump’s description of the disease is ungrounded in fact, and his theory of countering it has clashed with the preferences of medical officials at every level of government. The country has reported more than 8.8 million cases of the coronavirus, including a 39 percent increase in new cases over the last 14 days.
Latino voters have the potential to make their voices heard more than ever this election — and the potential to fail at doing so
ADIn the upcoming election, a record 32 million Hispanics are reportedly eligible to vote, making them the country’s largest non-White electorate. Just over half of registered Latino voters claimed to be extremely motivated to vote this year, compared with 69 percent of U.S. voters overall, according to the survey. Similarly, 58 percent of Latino voters say they have given a lot of thought to the candidates, compared with 69 percent of U.S. voters overall. love you too cuzTrump received about 30 percent of the Latino vote during the last election. That’s how many eligible Latino voters said they voted in that election, an amount similar to 2012, according to Pew.
How Religion Can Help Put Our Democracy Back Together
A quick tour of both history and the contemporary world would, after all, yield no shortage of examples of religion, especially dogmatic religion, acting as democracy’s foe, rather than its ally. I’ve always had a healthy skepticism toward organized religion, but as I’ve read and learned and practiced more in recent years, I’ve started to think: Could some of the areas where religion excels — the wonder, the mystery — help to repair the intangible corners of American democracy, at a time when American democracy could use all the help it can get? I also heard, understandably, some very good reasons to be skeptical, even cynical, about what religion can do for democracy. There’s one final way in which, I think, a revival of religion could potentially help our democracy, and it revolves around time. Religion can’t solve every problem facing our democracy, but maybe, if we step into the mystery, it can help.
New Jersey school district pledges to protect at least one ritual from pandemic upheaval: The snow day
In one New Jersey district, however, school administrations have staked out a firm pro-snow-day stance. New York City, the nation’s largest school district, has preemptively canceled snow days for the year, while districts from Maryland to Michigan have hinted that calling a snow day will be about as likely this winter as an all-school assembly. While the Mahwah decision to hold open the possibility of a snow day may delight students, closing school is often a fraught decision for administrators. ADCritics of online learning who worry remote instruction is already shortchanging students see even more of an incentive to scrap snow days. AD“We need to make that up, and by reducing snow days and disruptions to the teaching-learning process, that’ll help us do that,” Hallacy said.
Gene Weingarten: In a divided country, it feels like hatred for each other has become one more American value. Can we ever heal?
President Trump throws masks to supporters during a campaign stop in Orlando in October. I think Trump is amoral. But Nixon would have disliked him as president, Dean says, because Nixon “had a respect for the office he held, and the rule of law. If you have no respect for the rule of law, you don’t resign.”What does Dean think will happen after the election? What is hard to understand is the way the Trump presidency has divided seemingly like-minded people of goodwill, people of similar backgrounds.
Tucker Carlson: What Tony Bobulinski told me and why it matters
His name is Tony Bobulinski. That's a very serious claim, and whatever your political views, it's hard to dismiss it when Tony Bobulinski makes it because Bobulinsky is an unusually credible witness. By the end of the hour, it was very clear to us that Tony Bobulinski was telling the truth and that Joe Biden was lying. Wednesday morning, the big papers completely ignored what Tony Bobulinski had to say. Tony Bobulinski asked Jim Biden that question directly.
Trump reacts to revealed identity of ‘Anonymous’ NYTimes op-ed writer Miles Taylor
During a campaign rally in Arizona, President Trump reacted to the identity of “Anonymous” NYTimes op-ed writer Miles Taylor, joking that he thought it was Hope Hicks or Jared Kushner. The president went on to say Taylor should be prosecuted, but did not specify for what.
Gov. Whitmer: When Trump focuses on me, the ‘violent rhetoric’ increases
“Every time he focuses on my state or on me, we see the violent rhetoric increase. We see the threats online increase,” says Gov. Whitmer of Pres. Trump’s attacks, “It’s dangerous. It’s anti-American.”
Looks like the coronavirus is bringing out the worst in some of us
Unless you’re a recluse, you’re probably tired of covering your face, keeping your distance, and live-streaming bad shows. I won’t even get into how many people those things have killed since they were being sold in drugstores for 25 cents. The Chicago Sun-Times’ Tom Schuba reported on Wednesday that “Illinois has the most expensive pot in the country,” according to industry analysts. Witnesses described a chaotic scene with one woman stabbing the man while the other held him by his hair. The Hill sisters are extreme examples of people who are too selfish to think about anything but their own wants.
Mark Kelly files libel suit against conservative website's uncorroborated photo claim
Based solely on their backstories, Martha McSally and Mark Kelly seem like two people you might find swapping war stories over beers. Instead, they are locked in a nasty dogfight for an Arizona Senate seat.
How Facebook followers respond to Trump and Biden on the economy, COVID-19 and more
WASHINGTON (AP) — Under fire from President Donald Trump and his allies, the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google rebuffed accusations of anti-conservative bias at a Senate hearing Wednesday and promised to aggressively defend their platforms from being used to sow chaos in next week's election.
Old men, chocolate and Ivory Coast's bitter election
And so once again millions of Ivorians are waiting nervously to see if this election will end that decades-long quarrel between the big three once and for all - or spark it into renewed, destructive life again.
Young people are driving record voting in Texas and other states
Like plenty of young people in Texas, 19-year-old Carissa Timpf felt compelled to vote, even if it wasn’t easy. She requested an absentee ballot to vote by mail. But the University of Houston sophomore never got it. So she plans to make the four-hour drive home to Fort Worth to cast her first vote in a national election. A good friend of hers will make the opposite journey; living in Forth Worth, she’ll drive four hours to vote at her polling place in Houston.
Trudeau’s Finance Minister Rejects Calls for Spending Restraint
(Bloomberg) -- Chrystia Freeland used her first major speech as Canadian finance minister to make a fervent defense of her government’s mounting budget deficits, and lay the groundwork for more post-pandemic spending. Targeted, carefully thought-out investment -- on a meaningful scale -- is how we will climb out of the coronavirus recession most quickly, and most effectively,” the finance minister said Wednesday in a speech to the Toronto Global Forum. The government’s latest estimates from July projected a C$343 billion ($257.5 billion) budget deficit this fiscal year, or 16% of gross domestic product. “Doing too little is more dangerous and potentially more costly than doing too much.”The finance minister vowed the Liberal government would return to its pre-coronavirus budget strategy, setting new fiscal anchors as soon as the crisis subsides. “We will resume the long-standing, time-tested Canadian approach, with fiscal guardrails and fiscal anchors, that preceded this pandemic,” she said.
Head of Druze: Lebanon needs government without quotas or side deals – Middle East Monitor
Leader of the Druze community in Lebanon, Sheikh Naim Hassan, called for the formation of a government outside the framework of traditional quotas and side settlements so that it would be a true National Salvation Government, which is able to implement reforms and save the country from total collapse. Hassan stressed in a statement issued yesterday on the importance of balanced representation of the various Lebanese national components in the new government, on the basis of partnership and cooperation in accordance with natural entitlement and without any discrimination, except on the basis of competence and merit, so that Lebanon does not lose the last available opportunity to overcome the crisis. The Druze leader reiterated the necessity to respect religious beliefs in public conduct and adhere to freedom of opinion based on an ethical standpoint, expressing in this regard his rejection and condemnation of any offense to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and all prophets and messengers. Lebanese Christian cleric to Hariri: avoid ‘secret deals’ in forming cabinetHe said: “Our rejection of insults and negligence of reasonable judgement and mutual respect is paralleled by a categorical condemnation of murder and bloodshed, and for this reason, the word of prudent ethics remains a bulwark for human beings that unites and protects them from division.”Head of the Future Movement, Saad Hariri, was assigned to lead and form the new government, with local media reporting on Monday that he was set to form a government of specialists.
Opinion | Justice Ginsburg fails an important test of judicial ethics
It describes the recent conduct of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a.k.a. After substantial public criticism from both her fans and foes, she expressed regret for her remarks. Not only did Ginsburg participate in rejecting the Ohio Democratic Party’s stay application, but also she issued a statement explaining her vote. ADADGinsburg’s failure in this regard is particularly disappointing because so many people hold public institutions, including the court, in such low regard. Now, more than ever, we need public figures to place principle above politics and to follow their legal duty, even when it’s inconvenient.
WaPo on Kagan Recusal in Obamacare Case
A house editorial in today’s Washington Post opines that neither Justice Thomas nor Justice Kagan should be recused from deciding the challenge to Obamacare. But, as both Kagan and Katyal had ample reason to know, what Katyal told Holder was not correct. That line instead appears to have been developed post hoc in order to salvage Kagan’s participation in the Obamacare litigation. What a shame that it instead relies on the cover-up in deciding the “more delicate and difficult question” of Kagan’s recusal. Judge Mukasey simply doesn’t acknowledge, much less confront, the evidence from the documentary record that underlies the case for Kagan’s recusal.
Brett Kavanaugh’s opinion on voting rights doesn’t mean the Supreme Court will swing the election to Trump
Democrats and voting rights groups, inexplicably thinking they would do better before the voter-hostile Supreme Court, took the case up and lost Monday night. Kavanaugh’s opinion advanced a controversial theory about near-absolute power of state legislatures to set rules in federal elections. As law professor Justin Levitt pointed out, though, Kavanaugh was wrong: The Supreme Court in the Palm Beach case unanimously raised but did not resolve that question. Both states have Democratic-majority state supreme courts, which could order rules for resolving these disputes consistent with their state constitutions but against the wishes of the states’ Republican-dominated legislatures. Mainly because, as both Jonathan Lai and Greg Sargent explained on Tuesday, the chances of the election being decided by the Supreme Court are very slim.
Free Speech on Campus: Northwestern President Morton Schapiro Shows Leadership
Northwestern University campus in Evanston, Ill. (Eugene_Moerman/Getty Images)Morton Schapiro’s letter shows what it looks like for a college leader to be both responsive and responsible. Champions of social justice have demanded that colleges investigate, discipline, and terminate faculty members who fail to hew to the campus consensus. Since June, the group “Northwestern University Community Not Cops” (NUCNC) has been urging the university to disband its police force and cut ties with the police. Some of the instigators appear not to be Northwestern students at all, but rather outside activists. If you, as a member of the Northwestern community, violate rules and laws, I am making it abundantly clear that you will be held accountable.
Sloppy Shots at Kavanaugh’s Concurring Opinion in Wisconsin Election Case
The text of Article II means that “the clearly expressed intent of the legislature must prevail” and that a state court may not depart from the state election code enacted by the legislature. Bush v. Gore, 531 U. S. 98, 120 (2000) (Rehnquist, C. J., concurring); see Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Bd., 531 U. S. 70, 76–78 (2000) (per curiam); McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U. S. 1, 25 (1892). In a Presidential election, in other words, a state court’s “significant departure from the legislative scheme for appointing Presidential electors presents a federal constitutional question.” Bush v. Gore, 531 U. S., at 113 (Rehnquist, C. J., concurring). As you can see, Kavanaugh first quoted a passage from Chief Justice Rehnquist’s concurring opinion in Bush v. Gore. (Contrary to what Hasen’s readers might think, this wasn’t some “further” point, and Kavanaugh made explicit that he was citing a concurring opinion.)
National Review
Just look at the alternativeEditor’s Note: The following is one of three essays, each from a different perspective, in the latest edition of National Review on the question of whether to vote for President Trump. The views below reflect those of the individual author, not of the NR editorial board as a whole. The other two essays can be found here and here. As I write this, the outcome of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court is not yet known. Besides observing that she is eminently qualified, there is just one thing we can say with confidence: The president trying to seat a third …
Why Liberals Should Support a Trump Republican Nomination
There are three reasons, in descending order of obviousness, for a liberal to earnestly and patriotically support a Trump Republican nomination. A Trump nomination might not actually cleave the GOP in two, but it could wreak havoc. The third reason to prefer a Trump nomination: If he does win, a Trump presidency would probably wind up doing less harm to the country than a Marco Rubio or a Cruz presidency. The Trump campaign may feel like an off-the-grid surrealistic nightmare, The Man in the High Castle meets Idiocracy. Like Trump, Schwarzenegger came directly to politics from the celebrity world without bothering to inform himself about public policy.
To Save the Climate, Give Up the Demand for Constant Electricity
Critics—often supporters of natural gas—say wind and solar power are “not ready.” Renewables, they warn us, pose an “intermittency problem.”For those seriously concerned about climate change, the inverse—the demand for electrical continuity—may be the real problem. Thus, each household demanding continuous electricity marginally exacerbates the climate crisis. A train in California dubbed the “Sisyphus Railroad” rides up with excess electricity, and, in periods of low supply, generates electricity as it rolls down. Puerto Ricans need electricity mostly for refrigeration. But we don’t need the entire residential third of U.S. electricity consumption to run off lithium or to operate seamlessly.
I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration - The New York Times
The erratic behavior would be more concerning if it weren’t for unsung heroes in and around the White House. It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room. And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over. The bigger concern is not what Mr. Trump has done to the presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us.
How my church has ministered to me during quarantine
I want to intentionally take time to celebrate and extol the kind and humble leadership demonstrated by my pastor and church leadership. I have been a member of my church for just shy of a year now—joining just weeks before we could no longer safely meet in person. My church leadership elected to shift all of our services to an online platform; my pastor noting that we would be “married to the message not the methods” of the gospel. But the most personal way my church has served me through this time is simply by being a consistent, faithful presence. Pursuant to our city’s public safety guidelines, my church is now able to gather in person again.
Throw-Pillow Theology
As if we could rest our heads on such a theology, stuffed with the fluff of bromide. But in fact, we hope despite: despite the unavoidable evidence of death and decay we daily face. When offered, this throw-pillow theology wounds when it should reassure. The horrors are why I cannot stomach something more sentimental, why this throw-pillow theology does not just fail to comfort, but cuts. I cannot bear this throw-pillow theology, which betrays me, asking me to betray my brother’s death, to betray God’s death by skipping ahead, glossing over the very horrors that call for hope.
Pope Francis, Civil Unions, and Moral Truth
Insofar as “civil unions” do so, they must be opposed. The same thing is true for civil unions that are just “gay marriage” by another name. It is not clear when the pope said “I stood up for that,” or if that sentence references the remark on civil unions. Some have argued that the proper translation of “ley de convivencia civil” isn’t civil union law, but civil coexistence law. Secular states want to justify civil unions to regulate different situations of cohabitation, pushed by the demand to regulate economic aspects between persons, such as ensuring health care.
The Primacy of the Spiritual and the Obligations of the Church: On the Suspension of Public Worship
That being said, the Church is uniquely responsible for the spiritual good of the human community, and she must remind Catholics and non-Catholics alike of the primacy of the spiritual. The Church insists rightly that spiritual health is more important than bodily health, without opposing the two. The first is that the spiritual health of the soul must remain a priority, especially in the exercise of the sacraments. The human person has a natural obligation to honor and worship God in a public as well as individual way. While we should manage our public health crisis as best we can, we also need to grant due recognition to other goods.
Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Signals New Chapter for Catholics and Legal Abortion
The story of abortion law in the United States for the last 40 years is very much a story about Catholics in public life. Justice Kennedy would provide a reliable swing vote on social issues, preserving the abortion licence and becoming the constitutional father of same-sex civil marriage. The “Borking” by Kennedy and Biden, two of the leading Catholics in the Senate, had two effects. Justice Kennedy retired in 2018. Ted Kennedy, Biden, Barrett, Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, Bork, Scalia — it has been a Catholic story for nearly 40 years.
Prudential Voting in Bad Times | George Weigel
In his wide-ranging book, Murray examined the deterioration of the moral and cultural foundations of American public life, a process he thought had been underway for some time. What would happen, Murray asked, if those baleful tendencies won the contest for American culture? What would happen, Murray warned, was not going to be pretty: “. There are reservoirs of goodness in the American people—including a sense of mutual obligation I’ve witnessed many times during the pandemic. George Weigel is Distinguished Senior Fellow of Washington, D.C.’s Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he holds the William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies.
In Staying Closed, Schools Ignore Low COVID-19 Rates, Needs of Families
Parents have led protests in favor of reopening schools across the country, from San Diego to Baltimore and places in between. Findings from international studies and the available evidence from K-12 private schools in the U.S. that are open to in-person learning suggest that’s not the case. The Brown research includes data from private schools. In fact, the case rate for private schools operating in person is still only 0.15%—admittedly with a smaller sample size, but still an encouraging number. Meanwhile, private school closures have slowed, and since the middle of the summer, homeschooling numbers have soared.
China To Christians: Use This 'Bible' Communists Rewrote, Or Else
The estimated 100 million Christians in China make the eradication of Christianity from China difficult. President Xi prefers a more subtle tactic than Mao’s, a campaign to “Sinicize” religion to make it more compatible with the teachings of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese Communist Party’s version takes a different turn. Despite the agreement, however, two years later, conditions have not improved for Catholics or any other religious adherents in China. Christians in China who refuse to bend to the Communist Party’s agenda are under intense pressure.
China Teaches Students that Jesus Stoned Woman to Death, Changes Biblical Passage in Textbook
The ending of a biblical story where a woman was forgiven by Jesus after committing adultery has been altered in a Chinese textbook to make our Savior out to be a killer. The textbook cites John 8 where the scribes and Pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery to Jesus and ask if she should be stoned. But the Chinese textbook reportedly changes the story completely, claiming that Jesus stoned the woman to death while saying, "I too am a sinner. Paul, a Catholic who lives in mainland China, told UCA News that this is not the first time where the history of Christianity has been modified. This is just one of the many examples of animosity toward Chinese churches and Christians that has been perpetrated by communist leaders there.
Your dread of the 2020 election and coronavirus will end. What will you obsess about then?
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)(RNS) — Do you have a profound sense of dread about what wickedness may be coming our way in early November? Strong religious belief has traditionally been a moderating force in our politics, as religious believers are called to obsess over other things. Christians, in particular, are called to obsess over what Jesus called the two greatest commandments: (1) Love God with everything that you are and (2) love your neighbor as yourself. The election will be over shortly, and before we know it we will all be lining up for a vaccine. If we allow it to, however, our throwaway culture will continue to push us in familiarly toxic directions.
Protecting children must be a priority
The state made changes to its child welfare system six years ago that were meant to protect children, but instead put some children into the care of abusers. A USA TODAY Network investigation found that nearly 200 children were sent to foster homes where abuse had been documented, while caseworkers ignored safety guidelines and skipped safety checks that would have helped prevent further abuse. Inadequate state funding, overworked caseworkers, overcrowded foster homes and the privatization of foster care have all contributed to these kinds of problems. Previously the goal had been keeping families intact, but the new priority became protecting children even if it broke up families. By 2017, the state needed space for 6,000 additional foster children — leading to children being packed into overcrowded homes and sent to foster parents previously accused of abuse or neglect.
Recent Immigration Slowdown May Have Helped Reverse Decades-Long Decline in Labor-Force Participation
This falloff has been accompanied by a significant improvement in labor-force participation among native-born Americans — particularly among the less-educated. To be sure, many factors impact labor-force participation, which is the share of working-age people holding a job or looking for one. A decline in labor-force participation is therefore troubling because it means more working-age people are not even seeking work. As for the improvement in labor-force participation, three key observations can be made: First, declining labor-force participation is not inexorable. Third, recent trends in labor-force participation are consistent with the possibility that American workers benefit when there is less immigration.
Trump and Immigration: Immigrant Population Growth Slowing
green card holders, foreign students, guestworkers, and illegal immigrants), not naturalized citizens. Rather it seems that more illegal immigrants left and fewer arrived, primarily from Mexico. Data through 2019 show that the slowdown in immigration coincided with a recovery in labor-force participation, including among the less educated. It is still the case that the nation’s immigrant population hit a new record number of 44.9 million in July 2019. One may wonder about the general accuracy of Census surveys, especially when it comes to capturing illegal immigrants.
The Supreme Court Lets Pennsylvania’s Elected Democrat Judges Rewrite the Law
U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)The U.S. Supreme Court just left in place, for the second time so far, a decision by the Pennsylvania supreme court that threw out part of the election law passed by the lawmakers of Pennsylvania, and substituted instead rules written by judges. Basically, the Pennsylvania court ruled that Democrats could keep part of a legislative deal they liked, while disregarding the rest. In 2000, the Supreme Court emphasized this distinction:As a general rule, this Court defers to a state court’s interpretation of a state statute. Justice Alito called out the irresponsibility of letting this stand:It would be highly desirable to issue a ruling on the constitutionality of the State Supreme Court’s decision before the election. That question has national importance, and there is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the Federal Constitution.
Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation to Supreme Court: Democrats, Progressives Freaked Out
Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., October 21, 2020. (Anna Moneymaker/Reuters)The freakout by Democratic politicians and progressive and liberal pundits over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett has really been something to behold. The federal appellate courts, and the Supreme Court in particular, are elite institutions — indeed, the most elite institutions in all of American government and the legal profession. AdvertisementWorse yet, the Supreme Court in particular is not just an elite institution, it is an elite credential. Supreme Court clerks are, with little irony, spoken of as a sort of elect priesthood.
This Time, Roberts Sides with Conservatives to Blunt Election-Rule Tinkering
Editor’s Note: If you would like to read more pros and cons on voting for President Trump, further essays on the subject, each from a different perspective, can be found here, here, here, here, and here. These articles, and the one below, reflect the views of the individual authors, not of the National ... Read More
Rutgers Professor Argues for Giving Up 'Constant Electricity' to Save Climate
Thus, each household demanding continuous electricity marginally exacerbates the climate crisis. For the moment at least, the economy and the family run on the same circuit, and we would seem to need continuity now more than ever. Today’s viral interruption, however, may actually teach us how to live with intermittency… We will certainly need to be taught. He is, of course, not the only climate warrior to believe that the current regime could be a useful precedent. But we don’t need the entire residential third of U.S. electricity consumption to run off lithium or to operate seamlessly.
Liberals vs. Amy Coney Barrett & the Constitution
Judge Amy Coney Barrett at an event to announce her nomination to the Supreme Court at the White House in Washington, D.C., September 26, 2020 (Carlos Barria/Reuters)The rest is noise. Nothing threatens the progressive project more than the existence of a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution. That’s what the tantrum over Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is all about. If Democrats won a Senate majority in 2016, Merrick Garland would already be ensconced in the Supreme Court, election or no election. None of which means that liberals have to lose, only that to win, they’ll have to do so on the Constitution’s terms.
Freedom, Life & More: Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today -- October 28, 2020
In 2001, when I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college in Georgia, I found out I was pregnant. I was wearing my boyfriend’s oversize sweatshirt and tried to comfort my baby — and myself — as I walked around campus. I was still making up my mind, and I asked to view the ultrasound they performed to see how far along I was. I think that it caused them to treat her more respectfully than perhaps might otherwise have been the case.”16. In the wind and the chill, through the dark woods and falling leaves, he accompanies me to the other side.
A Proxy Editorial? No, Not Maybe
In New York magazine, Jonathan Chait proposes that “Trump: Maybe,” my essay on the impending election, was in fact “National Review’s endorsement editorial,” “a proxy editorial,” “a final statement of the magazine’s assessment of the president,” and a “sub-rosa Trump endorsement.” It was not. As of today, it remains the case that Jonathan Chait has endorsed Donald Trump one more time than I have. The magazine’s editorial on the question, which was published in the same issue and clearly marked, is here. The views below reflect those of the individual author, not of the NR editorial board as a whole. it’s an essay by Jonathan Chait.
Media & Anonymous Sources: Trusting Journalists To Do the Right Thing Increasingly Problematic
Media organizations — the credible ones at least — are hugely averse to letting people take potshots without their names attached to it. The Times simply wouldn’t do what it did for anything short of a major figure in Trump world. All the evidence tells us that contemporary media organizations are anything but “wary” of offering anonymity. And now that we see what a “senior official” looks like according to the paper of record, we can imagine what sort of people are being relied on as anonymous sources elsewhere. Trusting journalists to do the right thing has become increasingly problematic.
Supreme Court Lets North Carolina’s Board of Elections Ignore Election Laws and Flout the Constitution
Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.As I noted earlier this evening, the Supreme Court (conservative majority and all) is falling down on the job of defending the express constitutional power of state legislatures to write election laws for presidential and congressional elections. That power is limited, of course, by various federal constitutional and statutory rules, but state courts and state agencies have no right to declare their supremacy over democratically enacted law in this area. As Gorsuch wrote:The parties before us all acknowledge that, under the Federal Constitution, only the state “Legislature” and “Congress” may prescribe “[t]he Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections.” Art. Everyone agrees, too, that the North Carolina Constitution expressly vests all legislative power in the General Assembly, not the Board or anyone else. So we need not go rifling through state law to understand the Board’s permissible role in (re)writing election laws.
Seven Child-Welfare, Foster-Care, Adoption Things That Caught My Eye (October 28, 2020)
“My social worker had come to see me the week I’d moved in and then I never heard from her again. It is because every day in foster care strengthens a child’s bond with their foster parents and weakens or prevents bonds with their biological parents. Some foster parents are, despite the health concerns, still facilitating in?person visits with parents. These foster parents and families are unsung heroes of the COVID?19 pandemic because they ensure ongoing, necessary contact between children and biological parents. Inadequate state funding, overworked caseworkers, overcrowded foster homes and the privatization of foster care have all contributed to these kinds of problems.
Reasons to Vote for Trump
President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown, Pa., October 13, 2020. Editor’s Note: If you would like to read more pros and cons on voting for President Trump, further essays on the subject, each from a different perspective, can be found here, here, here, here, and here. AdvertisementIt is a squeeze to reduce the number of logically indisputable reasons why President Trump should be reelected to a single column, but I will attempt it. Only a Trump victory will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear military power within five years and North Korea from resuming its missile tests over Japan and South Korea. Only a Trump victory will suitably chasten the many sensible and somewhat highbrow Reagan Republicans who deserted Trump for reasons ranging from outright treachery to tactical misjudgment to mere snobbery.
2020 Presidential Election: Where America Goes from Here
Whoever wins on Tuesday, there will be opportunities to do some good, and things in America will be what they always are: what we make of them. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I t is possible that Joe Biden hurt himself enough with his daft utopian talk of “transitioning” (what a funny recent career that word has had) Pennsylvania’s energy jobs into oblivion to cost himself the election. It is unlikely that Donald Trump will be reelected, though it was unlikely that he would be elected in 2016 — unlikely things are unlikely, not impossible. But if conservatives are faced with a Biden-Harris administration in 2021, then what? The answer to that will depend immediately and urgently upon whether Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader or Chuck Schumer is.
Hunter Biden Story: Media Cover-Up
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden waves as he departs after casting his vote during early voting in Wilmington, Del., October 28, 2020. Journalists claim they can’t cover the New York Post’s Hunter Biden email scoop because the underlying evidence has yet to been verified. Because other than the now-corroborated emails, the laptop, the on-the-record source who was a CEO of a Biden corporation, a trove of text messages and documents, and a lack of denials, the Hunter Biden email story reminds me of the “Russian collusion” story. Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden in 2017, and that the former vice president was intimately involved in the family business. But much of the reticence about investigating the Hunter Biden story is in reaction to the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
Will Biden's Two Economic 'Mini Plans' Make Any Useful Impact?
If elected next week, Joe Biden has proposed changes in two areas critical to all Americans: taxes and Social Security. Neither of these "mini plans" contain any revolutionary solutions to Social Security's impending dilemma, and they mainly increase taxes on higher-income individuals. For those making more than $400,000, Biden plans on raising their marginal tax rate from 37% to 39.6%. And he also plans to increase taxes on corporations, which can then pass the increase onto consumers in the form of higher prices. If your answer is "no", then you might want to ensure that your future doesn't rely solely on Social Security.
Venezuela President: Key Venezuelan Oil Refinery Attacked
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro said Wednesday that a large oil refinery suffered a “terrorist attack” as his government struggles to provide domestic fuel to the crisis-stricken nation. Maduro also said two foreigners were detained prior to the alleged attack on Tuesday that toppled a large tower at the Amuay Refinery on Venezuela’s northern Caribbean coast. Maduro said the attack was carried out with a “large and powerful” weapon without providing more details. Venezuela was once a oil-rich nation, but its broken refineries fail to produce enough fuel for drivers to fuel up their cars. Wednesday's announcement of the attack on the Amuay refinery comes in the midst of a difficult situation facing the oil industry, burdened by falling production, financial problems and lack of investment.
Let Latin America Serve as a Warning Against Turning Left
That something is to ensure that the federal government's institutional framework can never again be weaponized against the American people. They left has insidiously penetrated academia and education in general, as well as corporate media — globally. What was once considered the most stable and prosperous democracy in Latin America, is on the verge of becoming a new Venezuela. Deep State and the Swamp have been inflicting, provoking, and allowing in Latin America for the past 10 years. Your life, and the American way of life, wholly depends on it.
Co-defendant in Case Against Giuliani Associates to Enter New Plea
A change-of-plea hearing has been scheduled for Thursday for a man charged with conspiring with a former associate of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who faces campaign finance charges. The hearing for David Correia was disclosed in a Wednesday docket entry in Manhattan federal court. A lawyer for Correia did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Prosecutors have charged Correia and co-defendant Andrey Kukushkin over an alleged scheme to channel donations to U.S. politicians from a Russian businessman to support a proposed marijuana business. Parnas and another former Giuliani associate, Igor Fruman, face separate charges over their alleged use of a shell company to make an illegal $325,000 donation to a committee supporting Trump's reelection.
Seattle Legislation Would Excuse Misdemeanors by Those with Behavioral Health Issues
A city council member in Seattle, Washington, introduced legislation last week to ''excuse and dismiss'' almost all misdemeanor crimes committed in the city by ''persons with symptoms of addiction or mental disorder,'' KOMO News reports. Critics say Lisa Herbold’s legislation, if approved, would create a loophole that would ''open the floodgates to crime in Seattle.'' Herbold’s proposal would dismiss all misdemeanor crimes, except DUIs and domestic violence committed by offenders who could show either:Symptoms of addiction without being required to provide a medical diagnosis;Symptoms of a mental disorder; orPoverty and the crime was committed to meet an "immediate and basic need." ''The intent of the proposal is to provide a defense,'' Herbold said last week during a budget discussion, per KIRO7. ''The notion that suddenly all of these cases are going to be dismissed — it’s not an analysis that makes any sense to me,'' said King County Public Defender Anita Khandelwal.
Biden's Oil Plan Would Destroy US Economy
Former Vice President Joe Biden says he wants to “transition away” from fossil fuels if he is elected president — a move that energy experts and economists say would eliminate millions of jobs, cause gas prices to skyrocket, and wreak havoc on the economy. The oil industry has flourished under President Donald Trump, which has led the country to energy dominance. The U.S. no longer has to rely on unstable, oil-rich countries, such as Iran, because it is leading the world in oil and natural gas production. Experts say a Biden administration would threaten national security by empowering rogue countries, like Iran, as well as insert uncertainty and instability back into the price of gas at the pump to the tune of $6 a gallon.
Opinion | Why We Can’t Be Friends with Our Allies
Amid the competitive world of international politics, even close allies have interests that diverge; even when they have common interests, they are not equally felt. Moreover, major powers like the United States often have multiple alliances, some of which conflict with one another. The United States de-recognized its Taiwanese ally in 1979 in order to gain the People’s Republic of China as an ally against the Soviet Union. And, lest we forget, the United States’ German and Japanese “friends” were anything but prior to 1945. Only if policymakers act upon this messy reality can we hope for a more peaceful world and sounder American policy.
America Must Stop Turkey’s Rogue Adventurism In The South Caucasus
However, Turkey’s behavior in the South Caucasus has reached a pinnacle of brazenness even for a strongman like President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has thrown Turkey’s full weight of support behind a country that aggressively bombs Armenian settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh such as Stepanakert. The lack of sanctions over Turkey’s great game in the South Caucasus contrasts with the American reaction last year when Turkey invaded northern Syria and displaced America’s Kurdish allies. For example, Michael Doran, a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, tweeted out, “Russia, Iran, & Armenia versus the US, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Furthermore, ethnic Armenians have always constituted a demographic majority of the Karabakh region.
The Mysteries of the American-Saudi Alliance
And the world is not yet ready to live without the unmatched reserves, enormous production and unique spare capacity of Saudi Arabia. ), is so important to the United States. is trying to bring about is exactly the right answer for the kingdom and what the United States needs to have happen there. I wish that every United States diplomat, military officer and journalist would read this book before deploying there. I wish that every member of Congress would read it before voting on any measure related to Saudi Arabia.
Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden to Joint United States and Romanian Participants in Carpathian Spring Military Exercise
Otopeni Military AirbaseBucharest, Romania3:31 P.M. (Local)THE VICE PRESIDENT: Let me begin by saying, Mr. Minister, thank you, and it’s very hot in here. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor to have a chance to see our militaries work together in this Carpathian Spring Joint Military Exercise. I even advocated for Romania’s early entry into NATO when I was a United States senator. In Romania, American forces have found a devoted NATO ally. I want to thank our Romanian colleagues for standing with us, alongside us, emboldening us, making us stronger.
The wacky plagiarisms of Joe Biden.
Also in Slate: David Greenberg argued that Joe Biden’s plagiarism shouldn’t be forgotten. The Biden episode merits revisiting because as acts of plagiarism go, it was spectacular, and because it points to other dicey chapters in his life. Pointing to his wife, Kinnock said:Why is Glenys the first woman in her family in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? For instance, Biden wasn’t the first in his family to attend college, as he claimed, conceding to E.J. The Times’ Dowd also found Biden lifting Kinnock’s “gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact,” proof of his intimacy with the source material.
A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win
As the civil rights movement of the 1960s scored victories, the propaganda efforts of the Soviet Union lost steam. Further, these moments of collective mobilization for civil rights act as earthquakes, sending shock waves all over the world. Patrick Lekota, a major figure in the antiapartheid movement in South Africa, said the American civil rights movement was “highly studied material.” Polish Solidarity leaders invited U.S. civil rights leaders to instruct them on the tactics of nonviolent action. But maybe the country is at the dawn of a second civil rights movement that will prompt fundamental reforms to its systems of law enforcement, criminal justice, housing, and school finance. And maybe—just maybe—the country’s second civil rights movement will be its best chance to reset its image and influence around the world.
How to Make a Progressive Foreign Policy Actually Work
A second major critique of the progressive foreign policy outlined by 2020 candidates is that their focus on helping democracy and human-rights causes prevail over the dark forces of demagoguery and despotism sounds very much like Obama’s values-based approach to world leadership. But progressive foreign policy, done correctly, could offer up an entirely new approach to soft power projection that would make our use of soft power much more effective than it was during the Obama administration. By the time Obama could come up for air, he was dealing with a Republican Congress that politicized every foreign policy crisis (remember when Republicans opposed bombing Syria? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked boldly about smart power projection, but by the time she left Foggy Bottom, she was still stuck deploying the same meager, smart power tools that she inherited. Progressives also need to recognize that there is almost no important domestic progressive value that can be advanced without a foreign-policy complement.
The Answer is to Empower, not Attack, the World Health Organization
Millions of refugees rely on the World Health Organization for their health care, and millions of children rely on the WHO and UNICEF to access vaccines. The World Health Organization is not perfect, but its team of doctors and public health experts have had major successes. Trump’s team likely knows this, but they see an opportunity to attack the World Health Organization because of the increasing influence that China has inside the organization. Without an increase in funding, the World Health Organization will be unable to respond to this outbreak or prepare for the next global health emergency. Rather than withdraw from the World Health Organization, this is the time for America to further invest.
Trump has been a great president for China. For America amid coronavirus, not so much.
From threatening Australia with an economic boycott, to imprisoning Canadian citizens, to pushing the U.S. military out of the Philippines, President Xi Jinping is on the march. Trump’s China policy has been a gold-leaf wrapped gift to Beijing, creating space for Xi to consolidate his power domestically and expand his influence abroad. Space to run circles around AmericaHis disastrous China policy is, of course, centered on a bungling myopia. Four more years of Trump’s disastrous China policy will likely help vault Beijing into a position of global prominence from which it may never be dislodged. If Trump wants to make China policy a centerpiece of the coming campaign, his opponents should welcome it.
Chris Coons should be Biden's secretary of state - The Washington Post
In 1950, with NATO launched and the Marshall Plan igniting Europe’s revival, the United States, with 32.5 percent of world gross domestic product, needed allies. As it does now, with China as a peer competitor. Although significant factions in both parties are increasingly ambivalent about free trade, Coons believes in the possibility of a bipartisan consensus supporting global trade standards that benefit Middle America while strengthening the nation’s hand in constraining China. There is a “constitutional and moral quandary” in the fact that only 108 (20 percent) of the 535 members of today’s Congress were in Congress when these AUMFs were passed. Coons knows what produced Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Please Stop Telling Cops to Shoot Suspects in the Leg
At a recent ABC News town hall, former Vice President Joe Biden deployed the familiar “shoot ’em in the leg” refrain as a proposed alternative to a “shoot to kill” approach against charging assailants. But there’s a more important issue at stake than understanding how guns work or the physiological response to violent encounters. A “good shoot” prevents serious harm based on the officer’s good-faith assessment of the circumstances; a “bad shoot” means potential non-lethal devices or procedures were available, applicable, and overlooked. Lethal force means any force likely to inflict serious physical injury or death. If you are shooting, you are doing so to stop the imminent threat as expeditiously as possible.
Allies Aren’t Friends and Clients Aren’t Allies
There is a tendency to sentimentalize our relationships with allies, clients, and partners by claiming them as our “friends.” There are no friendships between states. And so we know this, in our personal, professional relationships – you guys keep your word to your friends. The peril in talking about allies as friends comes from encouraging more of what Barry Posen has called reckless driving. If clients are wrongly labeled as allies and allies are mistaken for friends, these governments will believe that they can expect U.S. support no matter what. Turkey’s government today is clear proof that allies aren’t friends, and it is showing that even a formal treaty ally can effectively cease to be a real ally with its aggressive and irresponsible policies.
Joe Biden, the Son of a Used-Car Salesman
Joe Biden’s father was a used car salesman, but gave the occupation up after his son entered the Senate. “He didn’t want a United States senator to have a used-car salesman for a dad.”Joe Biden clearly picked up a trick or two from his father. Joe has the stereotypical personality and character of a used-car salesman. The press never tires of calling Trump a con man, but it is Joe Biden who truly excels at duplicity. He has the dogged dishonesty of a used-car salesman.
Never Trumper 'Anonymous' praised 'most productive' Trump team in exit email
A former administration official who scored a book deal and a CNN gig based on his trashing of the president praised the Trump team in an exit email, revealing his two faces. In his exit email, he said, "The past two years have been — without a doubt — the most productive in DHS history." Michael Bars, a senior White House communications adviser, said, “Miles is a disgruntled former staffer who served barely two months as chief of staff. https://t.co/B4O8wmbNTn — Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) October 28, 2020Others, on the record, mocked Taylor for making it sound like he was a Trump insider. For its op-ed, the New York Times ran this headline: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” and won monster attention.
Trump exit from Paris climate deal is official after Election Day — here's what happens next
No matter the result of the presidential election, one thing will be immediately clear: The United States will no longer be a part of the Paris climate change agreement. President Trump rejected the global climate pact, negotiated in the Obama administration, during a Rose Garden ceremony in June 2017. Trump is unlikely to reengage with the Paris agreement, or prioritize mitigating climate change more broadly, if he were to win a second term. Under the Paris agreement, all of the nations of the world set their own nonbinding targets for reducing carbon emissions. Meyer said Trump could even look to undermine global climate efforts, seeking to convince like-minded countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, or Brazil to reject the Paris agreement also.
The country needs to heal, and the election won't do it
In the midst of a pandemic and economic uncertainty, the country has been anxiously awaiting next week's presidential election. As has been the case for several election cycles, voters are told this one is "the most important of our lifetime." Of course, this claim is recycled each election by the party faithful to spur voters to the polls in defense of their beliefs. President Trump is certainly a polarizing political figure, but according to Democratic Party claims, he is quite literally an existential threat. The fear of post-election chaos should Trump win four more years is entirely understandable.
The anonymous ‘senior’ Trump official hyped by the New York Times is just some bureaucrat you’ve never heard of
Yet the New York Times bills him anyway as a “senior official in the Trump administration," which is an awfully generous way to describe an obscure, mid-level staffer. When the New York Times published the anonymous op-ed in 2018, it was an immediate sensation, shared everywhere by journalists and readers alike. The reaction would have been a resounding, “Who?” The New York Times surely realized this as well. The New York Times knows full well that it overhyped the story, as evidenced by how readers and other members of the press reacted. The New York Times, it seems, just did not care that it obviously misled everyone.
With interstate electoral vote compact, liberals attempt to hack the Constitution
The idea behind the Electoral College was to make sure state interests were fairly represented by the new central government. In recent decades, the Electoral College has been the object of scorn among liberals. In reality, it isn’t even clear what would happen if elections were fought based on a national popular vote. Under their proposed National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, states would agree to pledge electors to cast votes on the basis of the national popular vote, rather than based on their own state’s popular vote. Without formally ending the Electoral College, this would effectively move toward a system in which the president is elected by the national popular vote.
Violent Victimizations - Taki's Magazine
(Indeed, just about every current critique of crime data imaginable was taken seriously back in the ’60s and looked into at length.) The NCVS has certain advantages over the FBI crime statistics collected by the police. Whites in 2019 said that they reported 37 percent of their violent victimizations to the police versus about 49 percent among other races. While the NCVS data is hardly foolproof, it’s an important complement to other crime statistics. Hence, the black-on-white ratio of total violent incidents was 5.3 times that of the white-on-black ratio last year.
Tony Bobulinski and implausible deniability
It turns out that the 2020 US presidential election is not between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as we have been told. Everyone who gives the matter a moment’s thought knows that a vote for Joe Biden is really just a proxy vote for Kamala Harris. Bobulinski gave times and places, contemporaneous emails, texts, and other communications sent to him from the Bidens and their business partners. Remember, Joe Biden has repeatedly denied ever talking to his son about his business dealings. But now we have Tony Bobulinski, a no-nonsense, forthright guy who is angry and determined to clear his name.
Morning in America or mourning in America?
That’s why, when reporters do get a rare opportunity to ask Joe Biden a question, they toss him softballs. Important as these themes are, Trump’s rallies convey a larger message: America is roaring back and its future is bright. To quote from the iconic 1984 TV ad, ‘It’s morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better. Trump is driving home those contradictions, of course, and folding them into a larger depiction of Joe Biden’s dark future for America. He’s energy and optimism.
Back to work with Donald Trump and the Pennsylvania Dutch
But though I spotted a few buggies at the rally, Trump’s references to the Amish weren’t really about the Amish at all, or even their less-strict Pennsylvania Dutch kin, the Mennonites and the Christian Brethren. But praise of Dutch craftsmanship, no matter how comically un-Trumpy, lets him contrast their famous work ethic with Sleepy Joe’s heavy-lidded campaign. Without access to electricity, the literal Amish don’t actually know about the lid situation, but the point landed in a symbolic sort of way for everyone else. You might think the President and the broader Pennsylvania Dutch community don’t have much in common, given his salacious personal life and lurid aesthetics, but consider all the qualities they do share: sobriety, construction businesses, funny haircuts. His polls are beautiful, the cranes suspending the flags are beautiful, his son is beautiful, we are beautiful.
The Philly riots could throw Pennsylvania to Trump
Now, Trump also has the ‘law and order’ narrative on his side. Even if the riots don’t motivate a ton of new voters, they could lower turnout in Philadelphia. This is all Trump, who often dominates in rural counties but struggles in cities, would really need to win. A New York Times reporter is chastising conservative media outlets for covering the riots, questioning why they want to ‘elevate’ them. They wouldn’t be spinning so much if they thought that the riots in any way could help Biden.
The Spectator Australia
My club being an oldish one, this involves observing house rules which some would find anachronistic and tiresome. The greatest threat to the survival of gentlemen’s clubs was always thought to be their constitutional opposition to female membership. But today many of them are in the crosshairs of an organisation which is more effective than any feminist lobby. Should we dare to hope that this time around they will find a better mix of morality and technology? The banks are an indispensable part of our lives and they need to realise that comes with a heavy burden of responsibility.
Obama's bid to make Trump a one-term president
Biden spent Tuesday in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state the former vice president nevertheless has a chance of swiping on election day. Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, was making a stop in the swing-state of North Carolina. The former president, who tapped Biden to be his vice president more than a decade ago, is now back the campaign trail stumping for his old friend. Obama’s gift for the gab is as effective today as it was when he was living in the White House. Over the last five days, Donald Trump has been Obama’s personal piñata.
Morning in America or mourning in America?
That’s why, when reporters do get a rare opportunity to ask Joe Biden a question, they toss him softballs. Important as these themes are, Trump’s rallies convey a larger message: America is roaring back and its future is bright. To quote from the iconic 1984 TV ad, ‘It’s morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better. Trump is driving home those contradictions, of course, and folding them into a larger depiction of Joe Biden’s dark future for America. He’s energy and optimism.
Japan's carbon neutral pledge looks like a load of hot air
Suga has promised that Japan will become carbon neutral by 2050, a step up from the previous commitment of an 80 per cent cut in emissions. The UN has welcomed Suga’s pledge though. Secretary-general Antonio Guterres says he is ‘encouraged’ by the move and glad that Japan had decided to join the Climate Ambition Alliance, a group of countries, cities and organisations committed to the carbon neutral goal. Cynics have suggested that Suga’s declaration is in effect an ‘anything you can do I can do better’ response to president Xi of China’s September pledge to make China carbon neutral by 2060. As for anthropogenic climate change sceptics such as myself, the pledge is at once strangely reassuring, and vaguely depressing.
Liberalism is in trouble
Liberalism is in trouble. The trouble is that this liberalism is losing supporters. Brooks writes that the liberalism is out of tune with where America now is. Without that, Wilson argues, the legitimacy of liberalism, what he calls its ‘social licence,’ is under question. Wilson envisages a renewed liberalism which, by giving weight to justice not just freedom, can address contemporary challenges and rebuild liberalism’s social licence.
Everyone suddenly believes Vladimir Putin
For four years, Vladimir Putin’s meddling in Our Democracy™ has been the all-consuming political obsession of the entire Washington/New York media behemoth. Suddenly, eight days out from the presidential election, nobody cares about Vladimir Putin’s interference anymore. Vladimir Putin just made a statement boosting a US presidential candidate, just days before the vote. Because Vladimir Putin is a sinister villain who wants to undermine Our Democracy™, all his words must be interpreted as lies. Rep. Adam Schiff has explained it clearly: the intelligence agencies that fibbed America in the Iraq War are the gold standard for truth, while Vladimir Putin is the gold standard for lies:“[Putin] said he didn’t meddle.
The SNP’s Orwellian Hate Crime Bill
Indeed, the Nationalists have so thoroughly warmed to their former foe that they are putting some of his ideas into practice. He had committed — would still have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper — the essential crime that contained all others in itself. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you. Yousaf is the Scottish justice minister and was speaking yesterday in response to a question about his Hate Crime and Public Order Bill. I wish I could will away these hurtful and demeaning words because he shouldn’t have to see and hear them.
Obama’s bid to make Trump a one-term president
Biden spent Tuesday in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state the former vice president nevertheless has a chance of swiping on election day. Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, was making a stop in the swing-state of North Carolina. The former president, who tapped Biden to be his vice president more than a decade ago, is now back the campaign trail stumping for his old friend. Obama’s gift for the gab is as effective today as it was when he was living in the White House. Over the last five days, Donald Trump has been Obama’s personal piñata.
Japan’s carbon neutral pledge looks like a load of hot air
Suga has promised that Japan will become carbon neutral by 2050, a step up from the previous commitment of an 80 per cent cut in emissions. The UN has welcomed Suga’s pledge though. Secretary-general Antonio Guterres says he is ‘encouraged’ by the move and glad that Japan had decided to join the Climate Ambition Alliance, a group of countries, cities and organisations committed to the carbon neutral goal. Cynics have suggested that Suga’s declaration is in effect an ‘anything you can do I can do better’ response to president Xi of China’s September pledge to make China carbon neutral by 2060. As for anthropogenic climate change sceptics such as myself, the pledge is at once strangely reassuring, and vaguely depressing.
Emmanuel Macron: Why France is locking down again
We should have been more respectful of barrier gestures, at home, with friends, places where we are most contaminated. Schools will remain open, work can continue, retirement homes can be visited. Nurseries, schools and high schools will remain open with reinforced health protocols. We must remain united and supportive and not give in to the poison of division. The above is an edited translation of the speech given by Emmanuel Macron earlier this evening.
Takeaways From the Federal Byelection Results
Liberal Marci Ien holds a media availability after winning the federal byelection in Bill Morneau’s former riding of Toronto Centre on Oct. 26, 2020. (The Canadian Press/Frank Gunn)Takeaways From the Federal Byelection ResultsIt may not be wise to read too much into what the two federal byelections on Oct. 26 mean, but the results do offer some interesting observations. In York Centre, Liberal Ya’ara Saks received 45.7 percent of the vote to beat Conservative Julius Tiangson, who received 41.8 percent. The byelection results followed a week of drama in the House of Commons. The Liberals declared it a confidence vote and defeated the motion 180-146 with the support of NDP, Green, and independent MPs.
Opposition Parties Take a Pounding in BC, Saskatchewan Elections
Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe makes his victory speech to media at the party’s campaign event in Saskatoon on Oct. 26, 2020. (The Canadian Press/Liam Richards)Opposition Parties Take a Pounding in BC, Saskatchewan ElectionsProvincial elections in British Columbia and Saskatchewan have returned the ruling parties to power and left the opposition parties with new questions about leadership and direction. In B.C., Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson resigned following a resounding defeat at the hands of Premier John Horgan and the NDP on Oct. 24. They dropped to 29 seats, while the Greens took 3, and the NDP won a party record of 55. In the Saskatoon Meewasin district, NDP leader Ryan Meili finished election night 83 votes behind the Saskatchewan Party’s Ryland Hunter.
Finance Minister Defends Fiscal Stimulus and Deficit Spending Amid Pandemic
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland responds to a question during a news conference in Ottawa on Oct. 9, 2020. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)Finance Minister Defends Fiscal Stimulus and Deficit Spending Amid PandemicChrystia Freeland delivers keynote speech at Toronto Global Forum virtual eventFinance minister Chrystia Freeland defended the Liberals’ use of fiscal stimulus and deficit spending in what she called the “wisest macro-economic approach” to sustain Canada’s economy through the “coronavirus recession.”In her keynote speech at the Toronto Global Forum virtual event on Oct. 28, Freeland outlined the rationale behind the fed’s spending in response to the pandemic. “And it wouldn’t be just heartless, it would be a profound economic mistake.”The Liberal government has been criticized by the Official Opposition and others for high deficit spending. Though the Liberals haven’t tabled a full budget since March 2019, former Finance Minister Bill Morneau provided a “fiscal snapshot” in July that estimated the deficit would hit $343.2 billion this year. In September, the Fraser Institute think tank cautioned against rising debts in a report on Canada’s emergency spending amid the pandemic.
China Insider: Mainland Chinese Dare to Openly Criticize the Chinese Communist Party
China Insider: Mainland Chinese Dare to Openly Criticize the Chinese Communist PartySeveral videos have circulated on China’s social media during October showing Chinese citizens courageously protesting against dictatorship and calling for democracy. On Oct. 19, a retired man in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, hung American, British and Australian flags on his balcony. He videotaped himself giving a speech on the balcony and asked everyone to help spread the video. Many police and their cars can be seen on the street below. –The “Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP” initiated a campaign in June, calling for people all over the world to sign an online petition, “Eliminate the Demon Chinese Communist Party.” As of October 27, more than 160,000 people have signed the petition.
Beijing Presents Itself as Climate Steward as China-Borne Pandemic Continues to Rage
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)Beijing Presents Itself as Climate Steward as China-Borne Pandemic Continues to RageCommentaryAs European countries ponder the re-imposition of lockdowns and other drastic measures to confront a second wave of COVID-19, and U.S. officials fear a similar outbreak on this side of the Atlantic, China—where the pandemic originated—has decided to change the subject, to climate change. China’s Climate GoalsBurnishing China’s own climate credentials, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told the United Nations in September that China’s carbon emissions will peak in 2030 and that the country will strive for carbon neutrality by 2060. China, along with Russia and Iran, would benefit from Biden’s pledge to transition the United States from fossil fuels. Resuscitating the Obama-Xi Climate AgreementXi Jinping, it will be recalled, signed an agreement with President Obama in November 2014 in which China and the United States pledged mutual cooperation in addressing climate change. Concerns over manmade climate change are most prevalent among global elites, and this is the audience Beijing’s environmental campaign is targeting, beginning with the United States.
A Pro-Life Vote for Donald Trump
(Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images)A Pro-Life Vote for Donald TrumpCommentaryI’m the mythical one-issue voter. Like many of an older generation of conservatives, I have wished at times over the past four years that the standard carrier wasn’t Donald Trump. And at the time, I spoke for many of us, old in the movement, when I wrote a harsh Weekly Standard editorial against Donald Trump. With the help of a Republican Senate, Donald Trump has done more to advance the pro-life cause than anyone could have expected, with a large number of new judges—to say nothing of new justices. And today, that means voting for Donald Trump.
A Return to Constitutional and Political Normalcy?
A Return to Constitutional and Political Normalcy? It really does matter who is president and who is on the Supreme Court. Neither the presidency nor the Supreme Court were to have such exaggerated influence over American public life. Revisiting Our FoundationsNo matter who wins the presidency on Nov. 3, it’s also time we start to revisit the centrality of the presidency in American public life. Conservatives followed liberals into embracing unilateral presidential power when Republicans had power, and now both sides are all in for presidential power when their candidate wins.
‘The Mandalorian’ Makes a Masked Bandit Sci-Fi’s Honorable Outlaw
As quick with his mind as he is with his weapon, the Masked Bandit is more than a man. The Masked Bandit decentralizes his ego in order to use his skills to benefit communities that he cares for. The narrative control over the Masked Bandit (including Mando) is not owned by the Bandit himself, but by those around him. They strive to uphold the collective honor, pride and safety, and so the Masked Bandit folktale becomes intrinsic to the plot. The Masked Bandit is not an individual, but an idea that is pitted, very clearly, against the systems of power he exists within.
When Big Brother turns on you
ANALYSIS/OPINION:Former Labor Department secretary Robert Reich tweeted recently: “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. The diminutive Mr. Reich would understand that if he had ever served in the military instead of having been an “activist” (i.e. In other words, he is one of the anointed who organizes the “cannon fodder” but never actually gets their own hands dirty. Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Reich. I don’t think Mr. Reich possesses the numbers to pull it off.
The Supreme Court should remain a neutral, non-political part of American government
ANALYSIS/OPINION:The status of the Supreme Court has been a deciding factor for many Americans in the past few presidential elections, but it should remain a necessary non-political part of American government. Progressives on both sides of the aisle, however, try to make the Supreme Court an extension of the legislature rather than an independent entity whose sole purpose is interpreting the law. Conservatives have accused liberals of making the Supreme Court a partisan branch through the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, as well as Obergefell v. Hodges, which respectively legalized abortion and gay marriage in all fifty states. Rather than passing legislation, liberals turned to the Supreme Court to make broad-ranging decisions that affect states on a national level rather than allowing local governments to pass their own laws. Former Vice President Joe Biden has faced pressure from progressive groups to commit to adding Justices to the Supreme Court if elected, even though he has said he is “not a fan” of court-packing.
Presidential election comes down to the personal character of Trump and Biden
They are often made hard by fear — fear of making the wrong choice, fear of chaos, fear of loss. He comes to mind this week as Americans decide who will be the most powerful person on earth for the next four years. Americans are in two politically warring camps; each side hates the other and fears darkness if the other side wins. It has borrowed $3 trillion in the past year — more money borrowed per minute than at any time in history. This election comes down to the personal character of the presidential candidates.
China is trying to greenwash its environmental crimes
Around the world, populations and their elected politicians are beginning to wake up to the reality and urgency of climate change. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to greenwash its crimes. Beijing should not be in a position to land blows against the U.S. by criticizing its ‘negative stance’ and ‘poor track record’ on climate change. To date, he has refrained as far as possible, for inexplicable reasons, from confronting climate change head-on. When it comes to climate change, the way to do that is not to stoop to Beijing’s level and undo years of progress.
With President Biden, Europe and America would continue to drift apart
Mr. Biden will do the statecraft analog of relationship counseling — reenroll the United States in the WHO, stop blocking progress in the WTO and reaffirm the Paris Climate Accord — with little avail. The EU is much richer and more populous than Russia, yet it must rely on the United States to protect it from Russian aggression. Important EU foreign policy decisions require the unanimous consent of 27 states or unilateral action, making President Macron’s talk of European sovereignty laughable. A rather farcical way to craft EU foreign policy toward either autocracy. Alas, Germany is reluctant to join the United States on Huawei even though the alternatives are EU suppliers Ericsson and Nokia.
Election really about furious liberal Dems changing constitutional norms
Even in the final days of the race, Mr. Biden is making far fewer campaign appearances than President Trump. For nearly 60 years, a left-leaning Supreme Court revolutionized American cultural and political life with progressive decisions. The Supreme Court includes two of Barack Obama’s liberal nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Mr. Trump now has appointed three traditionalist (and relatively young) justices to lifetime spots on the Supreme Court. Instead, Mr. Reid ensured that Mr. Trump and a Republican-controlled Senate could appoint conservative judges at will under the new rules.
Defense budget debates should start with strategy, not dollars
ANALYSIS/OPINION:The defense budget is an unusual investment — spending resources on something the country doesn’t want to use. In this regard, our defense budget signals to both adversaries and allies alike the degree of the American commitment to its interests abroad. It is what breathes life into our National Defense Strategy. Rep. Adam Smith, Washington Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, made this exact point recently when discussing the future of the defense budget. The enormousness of these tasks is why the Congressional Bipartisan Commission that evaluated the defense strategy, as well as successive defense secretaries, have called for increases in the defense budget of 3-5% above inflation through 2023.
5 key battles of the 2020 presidential election
“Why can’t we all just get along?”Well, the answer to that is that one side doesn’t want to get along. So, after much thought, I’ve broken down these two starkly different world views into 5 very real “Battles” that I contend we’re in the middle of. A free society is one in which each person is responsible for his or her own decisions, his or her own welfare and success. (Just an aside: Even the slaves who built the pyramids got free housing and free food. So please reflect on the 5 key ‘Battles’ highlighted above … and keep the America (that the whole world is counting on) free and safe from these angry, immoral, aberrant, controlling, America-haters.
Will a government approved COVID-19 vaccine end America's pandemic lockdown?
ANALYSIS/OPINION:Not being a touchy-feely sort, I was into social distancing before social distancing was cool. But this brings up the question of what to do after there is a government-approved vaccine. If polls are to be believed, about half the nation’s population will not take the vaccine. Will an approved vaccine be made mandatory nationwide? Distance learning is threatening to produce an undereducated generation; this is particularly true among minorities, the poor and other groups with limited or no Internet access.
New York Times asleep at the switch over journalistic ethics
Let me offer three examples, each drawn from The New York Times, which styles itself as the paper of record (whatever that means) in the United States. At the beginning of this month, the reporter, Hiroko Tabuchi, tweeted: “I’ve been thinking a lot about fossil fuels and white supremacy recently. I have previously represented customers in the oil and gas industry for a number of years. None of that changes the gravity of the conflict at The New York Times. When journalistic norms are breached, the watchmen at 620 Eighth Street, New York, New York, will probably be busy sleeping.
Kamala Harris invokes McCain, 'straight talk' at Arizona rally
“First of all, in the spirit of the late great John McCain, I was thinking let’s start with a little straight talk,” she said, alluding to the 2008 GOP presidential nominee’s campaign motto. “You know there has been some talk about my values. Mr. Trump trails Mr. Biden by 2-points, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls. The Harris attack served as a reminder of the rocky relationship between Mr. Trump and Mr. McCain. Last month, Mr. McCain’s widow Cindy McCain endorsed Mr. Biden.
What problems did Joe Biden solve during his decades in government?
Second, Mr. Biden said free college would be paid for by taxing corporations. Joe Biden doesn’t support those things. Are there no agencies or programs she and Mr. Biden would eliminate for failure to perform? Mr. President, you’re running against Joe Biden. What problems did Mr. Biden solve during his decades in government?
How a Fiercely Christian Nation Became Fanatically Islamic
In this case, how did Egypt go from being overwhelmingly Christian in the seventh century to being overwhelmingly Muslim in the twenty-first century? 297), the chief defender of the Nicene Creed, which is still professed by all major Christian denominations. Accordingly, something very dramatic, very cataclysmic -- namely, violent persecution, as made clear by page after page of A Sword Over the Nile, which chronicles fourteen centuries of Islamic rule -- was responsible for transforming Christian Egypt into Muslim Egypt. Should anyone consider the Coptic sources of being biased against Islam, it is worth noting that Muslim sources often confirm them. Yet physical violence was not alone in making such a fiercely Christian nation become Islamic.
The Green New Deal is not new and is not a deal
The Green New Deal is not new and is not a deal. It is not a deal because there is no economic necessity for the green jobs. The Green New Deal is the latest Marxist scheme of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people by replacement of a capitalist market economy with a government-controlled political economy. Among other great things, it promised to create five million new green jobs as well as to put one million plug-in electric cars on the road by 2015. In terms of principles of statecraft, economy, and foreign policy, Trump has proven that he offers far the better argument over Biden.
Donald Trump: The freedom president
I didn't vote for Donald Trump in 2016. The pattern of Trump policies has consistently favored the enhancement of individual sovereignty, individual liberty, and individual agency. If the courage and energy to stand for freedom and against the socialist idea, even under a withering assault day after day, year after year, is what one is looking for in a president, then President Donald Trump has been truly magnificent. Donald Trump is the freedom president. Next week, I intend to cast my first ever vote for Donald Trump.
Now it's Justice Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as a justice to the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. During her confirmation hearings, Democrats tried to get Barrett to recuse herself from such cases. Their feeling was that with Barrett on the Court, both could be overturned. As William McGurn reports, "the last Supreme Court involving race and college admissions was Fisher v. University of Texas (2016). As much as progressives might pine for it, diversity is not in the Constitution or written law.
The little reported corruption racket between Joe Biden and Big Academia
This despite neither the Penn Biden Center for the University of Pennsylvania nor the Biden Institute of the University of Delaware providing any evident academic or research function for either of their host universities. This matter is centered on two colleges named after Biden: the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C. and the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware in Newark. The latter unit is also part of the Biden School for Public Policy at U.D. It may have been that when both the Biden Institute and the Penn Biden Center (PBC) were created in 2017, the vice president was not planning to seek the presidency. Donilon is still listed as the managing director of the Biden Institute and an assistant professor at the Biden School of Public Policy, the academic college within which the Institute operates.
China is America's enemy but Joe Biden's friend
China failed to notify the world in December 2019, and specifically our country, that the coronavirus (China virus), which started in Wuhan, had spread. China failed to stop travel from Wuhan to Europe and other parts of the world. The corrupt media know the truth about China paying the Bidens and about the China fentanyl smuggled through Mexico. Anyone can access the DEA website to learn that China fentanyl is smuggled through the Mexican border. In addition to the China virus and China fentanyl, China steals our technology and intellectual property that costs our country between $300 and 600 billion in losses per year.
Trump Warns AZ: Biden, Left Will 'Terminate Your 2nd Amendment'
During a Wednesday rally in Goodyear, Arizona, President Trump warned that gun control plans put forward by Joe Biden and the left would “terminate” Arizona’s gun-friendly culture. Unless there was some form of carve-out, this could mandate that American gun owners pay a $200 federal tax per AR-15 that they own. The latter, unless there was some form of carve-out, could mandate that American gun owners pay a $200 federal tax for every high-capacity magazine they currently own. A pledge to revive the Social Security gun ban, which targeted benefit recipients who needed help managing their finances. The ban was adopted during the last full month of the Obama presidency and repealed during the first full month of the Trump presidency.
Gutiérrez-Boronat: Success of Hispanic Anti-Socialist Caravan Reflects Our History
The 1,000 cardboards were almost gone by 8:50 a.m.Greeting the vehicles coming in were gray-polo-wearing teenage volunteers belonging to Students for a Free Cuba, grandchildren and children of Cuban exiles. He and other veterans of the Cuban freedom struggle joined the caravan. Their vow to liberate Cuba, taken when they were as young as the Students for a Free Cuba high school volunteers are now, remains as firm as ever. There was a great outpouring of both young Cuban recent arrivals and the new generation of Cuban-Americans. Cuban exiles know communism well.
U.S., Israeli U.N. Envoys Chastise Security Council for Rejecting Peace Deals
The Israeli and U.S. envoys to the United Nations this week called on the Security Council to refrain from “shrinking” away from the recent U.S.-brokered normalization deals between Israel and three Arab nations, and urged the global body to promote peace in the region by embracing the accords. They vote for the same anti-Israel resolutions, recycle old talking points and ignore issues that are crucial for ending the conflict. https://t.co/kim5DSQiPs — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 15, 2020The Security Council is known for its unrelenting condemnations of Israel, and Monday’s session was no different. “Yes to peace with Israel, yes to a new Middle East and yes to a brighter future for our children. Fifty-three years ago, Sudan symbolized the Arab world’s refusal to accept the Jewish state’s legitimacy.
Study: Over 1 in 4 Coronavirus Deaths in China Linked to Pollution
A study published in the journal Cardiovascular Research Tuesday found that potentially millions of deaths of Chinese coronavirus patients may be linked to air pollution weakening the local population’s lungs. In China, the scientists found that long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to 27 percent of known coronavirus deaths. In comparison, the study attributed 15 percent of the world’s coronavirus deaths in part to pollution. The study found that the nation with the highest number of coronavirus deaths attributable to pollution was the Czech Republic, at 29 percent. “The degree to which air pollution influences [Chinese coronavirus] mortality was derived from epidemiological data in the USA and China,” the study’s abstract noted.
Senate Drafts Bill Branding China’s Campaign Against Uyghurs ‘Genocide’
China’s foreign ministry spokesman on Wednesday accused U.S. senators of telling “all sorts of lies” after the U.S. Senate introduced a draft bill on Monday accusing Beijing of committing “genocide” against ethnic and religious minorities in its northwestern territory of Xinjiang. The CCP built the camps, which it refers to as vocational training centers, to carry out massive cultural assimilation of the region’s native ethnic minorities, who differ greatly from China’s ruling ethnic Han majority. Uyghurs who have survived the camps say they were forced into slave labor, subjected to Communist political indoctrination, and experienced physical and sexual abuse. News of the U.S. Senate’s new draft bill denouncing China’s actions in Xinjiang as “genocide” drew ire from Beijing this week. The so-called ‘genocide’ is a rumor deliberately started by some anti-China forces and a farce to discredit China.
Russell Wilson, Ciara fund charter school in Seattle area
Football star Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara, the Grammy-winning performer, are the latest wealthy philanthropists to back a charter schoolRussell Wilson, Ciara fund charter school in Seattle areaBy SALLY HOThe Associated PressThe Associated PressSEATTLESEATTLE (AP) — Football star Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara, the Grammy-winning performer, are the latest wealthy philanthropists to back a charter school — though the celebrity couple say they’re not focused on the politically charged school choice issue and undeterred by challenges that have plagued Washington state’s charter sector. Washington’s charter law allows for up to 40 publicly funded, privately run charter schools to set up by 2021. Then there were two major lawsuits challenging the law before the Supreme Court ruled in support of charter schools, settling the matter in 2018. While Democrats and Republicans have supported charter schools in the past, the issue of school choice has become immensely polarizing politically. Wilson, joining a long line of celebrities that have launched schools, said the couple’s charter school financing is not a political statement.
Saudi Arabia Condemns Cartoons After French Schoolteacher Beheading
Saudi Arabia condemned cartoons on Tuesday in response to the beheading of a French schoolteacher by a radical Islamist for showing students illustrations of Muhammad — The kingdom did not condemn the beheading itself. The statement in question was published by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not attributed to any official by name. In response to the beheading, Saudi Arabia condemned the cartoons. The statement did not condemn terrorism, only any observation of a link between Islam and terrorism. The Saudi executive cabinet similarly condemned “any attempt to link Islam and terrorism” in a statement Wednesday.
Donald Trump Cuts 2021 Refugee Inflow Below 15,000
President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed and transmitted his decision to trim the 2021 inflow of refugees to under 15,000. “In just four years, this Administration has cut annual refugee admissions from 110,000 to a historic low of 15,000. President Trump is considering whether to continue halting refugee resettlement into the next fiscal year or further reducing the annual inflow, a new report alleges. Since 19080, refugee organizations have imported almost 4 million refugees, at the taxpayer cost of at least $30 billion. Biden also wants to accelerate the inflow of chain migration migrants, end migration enforcement against illegal aliens unless they commit a felony, and dramatically accelerate the inflow of poor refugees to at least 125,000 per year.
Hillary Clinton: I’m an Elector in New York, Can’t Wait to Vote for Biden
Former Secretary of State and failed Democrat 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she is one of the 538 electors in the Electoral College. Clinton continued, telling the hosts of the program that she would be “nervous” on Election Day:I’ll be nervous. I’m always nervous on election days, no matter whether I’m running or not, but obviously this year I’m incredibly focused on it. “I’m an elector in New York,” Clinton said. “I’m sure I’ll get to vote for Joe [Biden] and Kamala [Harris] in New York.
Booker: Dem Senate Will ‘Balance Scales and Do Justice’ in Response to Barrett Confirmation
Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that if Democrats win control of the Senate, they will “right wrongs, balance scales and do justice” in response to Republicans’ confirming Amy Coney Barrett as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Hayes said, “I’ve been listening to a lot of your colleagues in the wake of that Amy Coney Barrett vote. And it seems to me that there’s — I don’t want to say radicalization, but there is a little scales falling from the eyes. But I think that the atmosphere in the Senate to taking steps to try to right wrongs, balance scales, and do justice. The number of mild-mannered senators now to break out their inner wolverine or whatever superhero nerd illusion I can make.
Time For Congress to Crack Down on Big Tech Malefactors
Current events show that Facebook and Twitter need to be held accountable for their malevolent and partisan actions. The result of the current loophole in the law is that bad actors are protected from being taken to court. What else besides the lack of legal liability explains the brazen actions taken by Facebook and Twitter last week? Twitter and Facebook both tried to justify their actions, but it is clear that both companies censored the story for political reasons. Twitter banned the account of anyone who posted a link to the story, going so far as preventing the story from being shared in private messages.
Ben Shapiro: Blaming Trump for COVID Is Dems' Anti-Fact Religion
(Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)Until COVID-19 hit, President Donald Trump was on a glide path to reelection. The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID's death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price. Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com.
Trump Versus Biden: Pennsylvania and Ohio
Lincoln won Pennsylvania again in 1864, and Ulysses S. Grant won it in 1868 and 1872. A pattern had been established: Since the Civil War, only two Republicans have been elected president while losing Pennsylvania. But four years later, Nixon came back and won Pennsylvania when he swept 49 of the 50 states to win reelection. All 17 Republican nominees -- from Abraham Lincoln onward -- who have won presidential elections have won Ohio. But it may be determined by voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.
Finally, the Anti-Trump Resistance Gets to Vote - The New York Times
We waited for an impeachment, one that eventually came, but by then Trump had consumed the whole of the Republican Party. There was no way they were going to remove him from office, regardless of his guilt, regardless of the damage he did. Some of us girded for the battle by becoming part of what we called the Resistance. But none of these actions ever held the possibility of removing Trump from office or fundamentally shifting power. They were, however, building community among the disaffected, energizing them, demonstrating the collective spiritual power of direct action.
Opinion | Take This Trump Election Day Quiz Before It’s Too Late
Happy Almost Election Day! I know it’s been a tough road, people, but you’ve been doing a great job. And since your vote is basically all about how you regard the last four years of Trumpdom, here’s a quick quiz. Let’s see how much you remember about the guy you may be allowed to start forgetting very soon.
Tony Bobulinski’s evidence means media should push Biden to answer big questions
Journalists had a rare chance to ask Joe Biden a few questions Wednesday and — of course — failed to ask him anything about his knowledge of his son’s business dealings. What questions should media be asking Joe Biden, nonstop? What did you mean when you told Tony, “I trust you,” and, the next day, “Look out for my family”? Which leads to a few more questions for Joe Biden: How can you claim you didn’t know that, for decades, Jim and Hunter traded on promises they could influence you? If Joe Biden had answers to any of this, he’d surely speak up.
Democrats are already suing to push the election into overtime
But their biggest goal is to overturn state laws requiring that mailed ballots arrive by Election Day. Whether late ballots will count will be litigated in the coming weeks, possibly leaving the election in limbo. This year, a majority of the court ruled against Democratic efforts to override state election laws in South Carolina. Democrats wanted to count ballots that arrive up to six days after Election Day, contrary to state law. But the court can score a big victory for the American public by preserving the finality of Election Day.
Intelligence-community support for Biden is all about wanting to play political games
Of course, Biden supporters claim that a Biden administration would cleanse an Intelligence Community horribly politicized by Trump officials. This is part of a long tradition of dishonesty by liberal politicians, some spooks and the mainstream media about politics in US intelligence agencies. Like other agencies, intelligence organizations must compete for attention and resources from the White House and Congress. Trump administration efforts to counter this problem came too little, too late. Biden officials-in-waiting are desperate to reverse the Trump administration’s modest gains in depoliticizing intelligence.
Opinion | Republicans’ only way to win is to stop people from voting
ADThe once-proud Republican Party has determined, correctly, that its only way to prevail in this election is to keep people from voting. Republicans have won the popular vote for the presidency only once since 1988, and the Senate Republican majority has for years represented a minority of the population. But they have used this minority rule to stack the judiciary, including six of the nine Supreme Court justices. Now Republican billionaires are financing a legal war to block voting rights — and the judges the minority Republicans installed on the courts are trying to shield Republican power from the will of the people. Days before that, the court sided with South Carolina Republicans in saying mail-in ballots must be signed by a witness.
Opinion | Joe Biden loves his son. We should all be so lucky.
But I am sharing them now because we are engaging in a national conversation over the love Joe Biden has shown to his son Hunter. ADWe heard from Biden at the second presidential debate: “I’m proud of my son.” We read allegedly leaked texts from Joe Biden to Hunter in rehab: “Good morning my beautiful son. ADStill, President Trump and his supporters are intent on making Biden’s love for his son into a liability. ADThose of us who survived such households see in Biden a parent who gives to his son the love our fathers could not. And what is the purpose of being a president if not modeling kindness, decency and unconditional love for families across the country?
Opinion | Why voting should be treated like jury duty
The Democratic Party has been fighting in the other direction — for final realization of the long-lived goal of true universal suffrage. But there isn’t ultimately any way to be cynical about universal suffrage. We have, in other words, spent the year fighting over whether this country can maintain its commitment to universal suffrage. For this reason, I have become a supporter of mandatory universal voting, the idea that voting should be treated like jury duty. Universal suffrage should be one of our core principles.
With 'husbands' remark, Trump has sealed his fate with women (opinion)
But, with these latest remarks, the President has probably put the final nail in his own reelection chances with many women voters. Before Tuesday, it would have been hard to imagine how Trump could have offended women more than he already has. But previously, I argued when he called prominent women "nasty," for example, that he was a misogynist but not necessarily a sexist . JUST WATCHED Keilar calls out Trump's 'tone deaf' plea to suburban women Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Keilar calls out Trump's 'tone deaf' plea to suburban women 06:59Before Tuesday's comments, it wasn't entirely clear that Trump was a sexist; he did put some women in powerful positions in his administration and in the Trump Organization. But by appealing to suburban women to support him because he's helping their husbands, Trump suggested he believes the workplace is the proper domain of men.
US election 2020: What India thinks of the US election (opinion)
Indian diplomats say privately that handling the Trump administration has been complicated. The Trump administration is credited for giving India far greater access to defense technology, for example, than any previous US government. The then-Indian foreign secretary and now Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar, told India's commentariat in 2017, " Don't demonize Trump , analyze Trump. However, a Biden administration would also have its differences with Modi's nationalist agenda. New Delhi gave President Trump high scores for standing up to Beijing.
Anxiety 2020: Voters worry about safety at the polls
Recently, it’s become a hot spot of angry confrontations between Trump supporters and liberal protesters. Kauffman has seen some of the Trump supporters carrying weapons. With Election Day next week, voters can point to plenty of evidence behind the anxiety. About 7 in 10 voters say they are anxious about the election, according to an AP-NORC poll this month. Biden supporters were more likely to say so than Trump supporters — 72 percent to 61 percent.
When will this pandemic stop persecuting our president?
Or, as our greatest and most manly leader so eloquently put it this week:“Everything is COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID. As anyone who listens to the president knows, millions of Americans have not died of COVID, thanks to his inspired leadership. Also, we are “rounding the turn” on the pandemic, which has also been “defeated” according to his science policy office. Advertisement“I mean, I got it and I’m here,” the president told the faithful at one of this week’s rallies. “I have to be honest,” he told his crowd, “there was no way I was coming.”AdvertisementThat won’t turn off his fans in Erie, or anywhere else.
Boston parents push to restore in-person learning for high-needs students
Boston parents are pushing to restore in-person instruction for high-needs students after the district recently switched to full remote learning, but some say plans from district are yet to be formed. Boston Public Schools abruptly switched to all remote last week as coronavirus rates in the city continue to rise, leaving high-needs students that were previously getting in-person instruction back at home. We are moving past it, we want to work with the district and the union to get services for high-needs students,” Harvey said. On Wednesday, Boston families advocating for the return of in-person learning joined outside City Hall to call attention to the issue. Under BPS guidelines, high-needs students can start to filter back in once the citywide coronavirus test positive rate sits at five or below.
Despite goal, Virginia Tech reports more online teaching for spring semester
Despite a push for more in-person classes, spring at Virginia Tech is shaping up to be about as virtual as the fall semester, if not more so. Clarke asked professors to reassess their initial plans to see if they could move online courses back into the classroom, particularly those with 25 or fewer students, as well as laboratories and field experiences. Tuesday marked the first day that students could register online for classes. The university is telling students that the modality — whether online, in-person, or a mix of both — listed next to courses could change in the next few weeks. "Providing in-person learning opportunities to the greatest extent possible continues to be our commitment and is critical to the success and well-being of our students."
Watch Now: Firefighters rescue owl from California wildfire, and more of today's top videos
Follow what happens to your mail-in ballot if you use the US Postal Service. Are you having trouble voting by mail or in person? Have you rece…
Organizations project anti-Trump messages onto Camelback Mountain
A political light show illuminated the side of Camelback Mountain on Tuesday night, reading "COVID deaths 224,601," and "Trump failed us" in both English and Spanish. The show started at 7 p.m. and could clearly be seen from the intersection of Camelback and Camelhead roads and nearby neighborhoods. Progress Arizona, Our Voice Our Vote Arizona, LUCHA, Mi Familia Vota, and Por Nuestras Familias PAC collaborated to project the light show one week prior to Election Day. "COVID deaths 224,601," the sign projected, "Trump failed us. Vote Nov. 3," the message read.
Letters: Why there’s still reason to hope for an effective Covid-19 vaccine
Learning how to navigate a large ship is easier than learning how to fly a commercial aircraft into a building. Sandy PrattStorrington, West SussexWe can still rememberSIR – Richard Woodmore (Letters, October 28) wonders whether a British Legion poppy is an essential or non?essential item. Let us hope that by the time the quarantine is lifted we haven’t forgotten how to play. Roger GentrySutton-at-Hone, KentSIR – Full marks to President Macron for standing up to President Erdogan, his insults and his policies. David J DoddGramont, Tarn-et-Garonne, FranceSloe solutionSIR – There is a use for sloes (Letters, October 27) that have already been used in gin.
Amanda Knox says she 'wouldn't trade' her life while sharing advice for navigating 2020
Amanda Knox has shared her advice for navigating the uncertainty of 2020 while explaining why she wouldn’t “trade” her own life despite her hardships. This year, the rest of the country has joined me.”But, according to Knox, this uncertainty actually allows room for growth, and can even be an asset. “Life is a never-ending series of problems, but problems are opportunities,” she wrote. “There is no more fertile ground for radical ideas.”Knox concluded the essay revealing that although she “never asked for this life,” she “wouldn’t trade it” - both because regret “stifles imagination,” and because of the opportunities that arise in moments of confusion. “So when you wake up tomorrow, and it’s still 2020, and the dumpster is still blazing, ask yourself: What fresh hell is this?
Trump left his own supporters stranded in the freezing cold in Nebraska and showed us exactly what he stands for
Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump began making their closing arguments for the 2020 presidential election. That’s the job of a president, a duty of care for everyone. But unity was not even a minor component of Donald Trump’s parting message last night. After a rally in Omaha, Nebraska — a state that has split electoral votes and is newly competitive for Democrats — Trump departed on Air Force One. Donald Trump is not that man.
Forget who wins the presidency. It’s Mitch McConnell’s dysfuntional Senate we urgently need to change
And lest we forget, the president and his opponent aren’t the only ones voters are casting their ballots for this November. Democrats, who will likely keep control of the House, are also hoping to win the Senate, whether or not Biden wins out. The last time Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress was over a decade ago, during President Obama’s first term. Senate Democrats still haven’t found a way to effectively stymie Republican tactics, as the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court shows. They see winning the Senate as their best chance of turning the tide and will need up to four seats to take control.
Chris Selley: A little bit of pushback against Ontario's shutdown-happy government
After all, there are plenty of places where allowing indoor dining hasn’t immediately been correlated with spiking case counts. “We have seen very minimal spread in restaurants where all of the guidance is being followed,” Hinshaw told reporters on Tuesday. In Toronto, the first 40 days of indoor dining saw new-case rates more than double. In Hamilton, Ont., an hour down the road, the new-case rate was lower on Day 40 than on Day 1. 'Unenforceable' evinces a remarkable lack of trust in Toronto’s really very trustworthy populationMany American cities have had Toronto’s experience, or much worse.
What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect "rage" and "terror," psychologists warn
Advertisement:As Durvasula explained, many of Trump's seemingly inexplicable actions as president make sense when viewed through the lens of a "narcissistic or antagonist personality style." Trump, Durvasula said, is also manipulative, as he panders to a constituency that he appears to "have contempt for." Because no amount of adulation will ever satisfy them, though, "the usual course of an unconstrained pathological narcissist is to seek positions of ever greater power and celebrity." These same adjectives can be used to describe a marriage or a family which is suffering the challenges of a difficult narcissistic personality in its midst." Most ominous of all, a narcissist like Trump could simply refuse to leave office when his term ends on January 20, 2021.
Senator Housakos calls on the Government of Canada to recognize Artsakh and ban all arms exports to Turkey – Public Radio of Armenia
Senator Leo Housakos calls on the Government of Canada to recognize Artsakh and ban all arms exports to Turkey. “The violation of all three ceasefires by Azerbaijan makes it clear that the country is not willing to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Azerbaijan’s targeting of civilians and regions far away from the line of contact and the shelling of major cities and towns constitute war crimes,” Senator Housakos said on the Senate floor today, as he introduced the motion calling for recognition of Artsakh. This is a cruel breach of international law unworthy of a NATO ally, and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. who has been paying attention to President Erdogan and his authoritarian regime,” the Senator stated.
Jared Kushner deserves an Emmy Award (opinion)
(Really, I'm just curious who is friends with both Kushner and the guy who wrote "F*** Tha Police," but I digress.) Kushner then pivoted from responding to a legitimate question about the meeting to spitting out a dizzying jumble of words dripping with racial grievance. Kushner: "One thing we've seen a lot in the Black community, which is mostly Democrat..."JUST WATCHED Kushner: Trump had to take the country 'back from the doctors' Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Kushner: Trump had to take the country 'back from the doctors' 01:56Here we go. "President Trump's policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they're complaining about." For instance, Blacks and whites use marijuana at about the same rate, yet blacks remain 3.6 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.
David Rothkopf: From the beginning Trump has been involved in betraying the country
Author of ‘Traitor’ and visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, David Rothkopf, highlights the ways Trump has ignored the country’s needs in order to further his own political and financial interests
Domestic workers are struggling even as other job sectors bounce back and how many lives a mask mandate could save
Animals often isolate to avoid spreading disease in their communities — yet many humans refuse to do so‘It is now a full-blown depression for domestic workers.’ Nannies, house cleaners and home-care workers continue to struggle even as other job sectors bounce backMeanwhile, some highly-educated nannies are finding work for families dealing with remote schooling. I offered my son $30K for a down payment on a home. His fiancée wants a written agreement for my gift to be split 50/50‘My son had already agreed that any house they buy would be split 50/50 in case they divorced. Mayor Bill de Blasio urges New Yorkers not to travel out of state for the holidays. A national mask mandate could save 130,000 lives by February, study findsDr. Anthony Fauci says he's in favor of a national mask mandate, even though it would be difficult to enforce.
Apparently, Jared Kushner Wants Trump To Take The Country “Back From The Doctors”
But new audio tapes from interviews between Kushner and Bob Woodward are providing an even more damning portrait of those failings. It’s not the doctors.” It was then when Kushner referred to the guidelines for reopening the country’s economy as “Trump getting the country back from the doctors” so he could “own the open-up.”At the time Kushner did the interview, 40,000 people had already died from the virus. But this is only further evidence that the Trump administration is working in denial of our current health crisis. The task force he was running was criticized for having no coherent strategy or national scalability, let alone direction from medical professionals. Kushner admitted as much, and now we can hear the words directly from his mouth.
Who might Biden choose to run State Dept., NSA other foreign policy jobs?
AdvertisementA veteran of earlier Biden presidential campaigns, Blinken has served as a regular surrogate for Biden this year, a frequent commentator on foreign policy and critic of Trump. “Joe Biden will benefit just by not being President Trump,” Blinken told The Times earlier this year. Burns resisted overt criticism of the Trump administration in its early months, but more recently became a vocal skeptic. Secretary of DefenseWhile not an exclusively foreign policy portfolio, the Pentagon also has a large partnership role in global diplomacy. For a Biden administration, all eyes are on Michele Flournoy, essentially the No.
Opinion: The long, surprising history of Los Angeles district attorneys
Jackie Lacey became Los Angeles County district attorney in 2012 after winning election to an open seat, meaning no incumbent was running to keep the job. Since the 1920s, the majority of Los Angeles district attorneys first took office after being appointed by the Board of Supervisors because the incumbents left early. If Gascón wins, he would be the first L.A. County district attorney to have had the same job in another county. When he concluded his second term in 1964, the stage was set for the rare open race for L.A. County district attorney. In 2000, Garcetti was defeated by Steve Cooley, who became the first Los Angeles district attorney since Fitts to serve three full terms.
Oh, the places I’m glad I don’t live!
I’m happy to reside in Massachusetts because it’s not Arizona or Florida or Michigan or North Carolina or Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. “COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID cases — do you ever notice they use the word ‘cases’? I’m sure that’s music to the ears of someone whose mother or father spent weeks on a ventilator, or maybe didn’t make it out of the hospital. You either really like Trump or you really don’t. It’s a wonderful place to visit — I loved the Andy Warhol Museum — but I sure wouldn’t want to live there right now.
Editorial: Keep Danville leadership strong with Arnerich, Morgan, Fong
What’s remarkable is how well the city’s elected leaders and administration manage those challenges. For that reason, with three council seats on Tuesday’s ballot, we recommend the two incumbents seeking reelection, Newell Arnerich and Renee Morgan. In short, the city has reasoned policymaking and cautious budgeting that voters should preserve with their City, er, Town Council selections. Morgan, who was a planning commissioner and worked in architectural design and drafting before she joined the council, is seeking her third term. And Fong, a pharmaceutical executive and consultant, would bring deep management experience that would be a great asset to an already-strong council.
Sen. Kamala Harris: Phoenix and Arizona are making a difference in choosing president
Sen. Kamala Harris: Phoenix and Arizona are making a difference in choosing presidentSen. Kamala Harris arrives in Phoenix from Tucson for a rally on Oct. 28, 2020, to discuss why Phoenix and Arizona are going to make a difference in choosing the next president.
U.S. Supreme Court refuses to expedite Pa. mail ballot case, but could still intervene
A majority of justices on the Democrat-dominated court granted the request, allotting an additional three days — or until Nov. 6th — for counties to receive ballots, as long as the ballot was postmarked by Election Day. The justices took it one step further, ruling that ballots with an illegible or missing postmark could still be counted, as long as they arrived by Nov. 6th — the presumption being that if it arrived by then, it was likely sent by Election Day.
Weak excuses to vote for Trump
In 2016, he made a cogent case against Trump. He explains that he was wrong about where Trump would land on policy, and that he has governed in a more conservative fashion than Shapiro expected. Being a part of Team Trump, aka a Republican, requires dulling one’s conscience and rationalizing the indefensible. There’s another theme that surfaces in Trump-friendly precincts: Trump fans are simply resorting to the only available option to express their defiance of the “woke” elites. Any number of Republicans justify their heretofore unimaginable support for Trump by reference to the “radicalism” of the Democrats.
Trump super-spreader events are immoral and criminal
“COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID,” he hollers. Trump claims that the United States is “turning the corner” on the pandemic, and that the accursed news media will quit reporting COVID-19 fatalities come Nov. 4. The Trump Traveling Circus subsequently performed in Janesville and Waukesha, Wisconsin, in the midst of a record-setting pandemic outbreak there. The United States has recorded more than five times as many: 686 per million. “COVID, COVID, COVID is being used by [the ‘Fake News’ media] in total coordination,” he tweeted the other day, “in order to change our great early election numbers.
What will we call this time in American history? The Trump Era or the Trump Error?
The American Civil War was called a lot of things: the War Between the States, the War of the Rebellion, the Freedom War, the Great Lost Cause. As Election Day approaches, we don’t know who will win, or how this era of American history will turn out. The American Detour: If you think Trump’s time has been damaging but can be quickly overcome, this could work. The fact that Trump still says Mexico will pay for the wall demonstrates that a sizeable portion of the American public will believe anything. Rather than call this the Trump Era, we could remember it as the Trump Error.
After a century of crises, Goldie Schreiber, 104, is far from finished
East Northport resident Goldie Schreiber was born during World War I, before women could vote, and before the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. On the eve of her 104th birthday, Schreiber said the secret to her longevity — even during another pandemic — is simple. Schreiber, surrounded by "happy birthday" balloons, spoke Wednesday during a video call from her East Northport assisted-living facility, The Bristal. Joe Biden got her vote, Schreiber said. Thursday will be dubbed "Goldie Schreiber Day" at her assisted-living facility, said Barbara Heaphy, recreation director there, adding that Schreiber is a delightful resident.
Fast as a Russian Fly
(what Russian doesn’t love to ride fast?) You can begin by playing around with the word itself, and so you might urge that dawdling child or slow-moving significant other to get going ?????????? (fast, said nicely); ??????? ????? (at a fast pace); ??????-?????? (fast, said insistently); ??????-????????? (fast and I mean really fast). Another way of expressing it is with the phrase ? ??? ????? (double quick, literally “in the count to two”). This phrase entered Russian in 1928 when the poet Alexander Zharov and his friends traveled around Czechoslovakia and Austria. But for a fast word it has a rather meandering origin story.
'This isn’t anything political': Ciara, Russell Wilson give $1.75M to Seattle charter school
Washington’s charter law allows for up to 40 publicly funded, privately run charter schools to set up by 2021. Then there were two major lawsuits challenging the law before the Supreme Court ruled in support of charter schools, settling the matter in 2018. While Democrats and Republicans have supported charter schools in the past, the issue of school choice has become immensely polarizing politically. Wilson, joining a long line of celebrities that have launched schools, said the couple’s charter school financing is not a political statement. “This isn’t anything political for us.”Did Ciara, Russell Wilson respond to Future saying the NFL pro is 'not being a man'?
Hillary Clinton to vote as member of New York’s Electoral College
Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that she will be a member of the Electoral College for New York this year, and that she plans to vote against President Trump. The former New York senator won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College to Trump in 2016, and supports abolishing the institution. “I’m an elector in New York,” Clinton told SiriusXM’s “Signal Boost” in an interview. Clinton will cast one of New York’s 29 electoral votes when the 538-member body gathers in December to formalize the Nov. 3 election results. In the last election, many New York electors were states officials, but other spots went to union leaders and policy advocates.
Twitter’s threats to The Post echo those of authoritarian states — and the media shrugs
Dorsey’s words echo the ­assurances offered writers in authoritarian states that they will be allowed to publish their other scribblings . Such an insistence would once have resulted in screams of outrage and professions of solidarity by other journalists. What I am is a conservative who has worked in and around mainstream journalism for 40 years. More important, if a subject violates the sensibilities of the Twitter journalism community, you sure know that too. The network newscasts and the New York Times were released once a day, after all.
Trump offers to send National Guard to Philly following ‘terrible’ police shooting
President Trump on Wednesday condemned the mass unrest roiling Philadelphia following the fatal police shooting of a knife-wielding black man and blasted local officials for letting the violence spill across two nights. The commander-in-chief said he was ready to send National Guard troops to quell the uprising but told reporters they weren’t allowed to enter unless authorities in the Pennsylvania city asked for assistance. You can’t let that go on,” Trump said. You can’t let that happen,” Trump said of the violence. You can’t let that happen to a wonderful place like Philadelphia, you can’t let it happen,” he said.
Opinion | Explosive early voting is already transforming our politics
With campaigns and parties aggressively prodding them to send in ballots early, that’s happening everywhere. But in-person early voting is also surging, with over 20 million Americans already doing it. ADWhy is the surge in early voting leading to such high levels of engagement from low-propensity voters? Democratic operatives say the higher numbers of early voters is freeing up resources that can be more focused on targeting a smaller remaining pool of sporadic voters. In this case, all the early voting might in some cases be producing its own self-reinforcing peer pressure, as CNN’s Dana Bash and Bridget Nolan illustrated in a recent report on young people voting early.
Why California’s Proposition 16 is at risk of failing at the ballot box - The Washington Post
Then, the state Senate met amid fears of covid-19 and mustered the votes to place the repeal amendment — called Proposition 16 — on the November ballot. Amazingly, Proposition 16 — which simply allows affirmative action to be used in public hiring, contracting and admissions — is in danger of failing. ADEven so, most political observers agree that things are looking bleak for Proposition 16. That’s why we must all understand that Proposition 16 is about much more than racial categorization. ADCome Nov. 3, those of us who think change is long overdue can only hope that more California voters than the current polling indicates decide they agree.
Opinion | Election Day will feel different this year. Having the right expectations means rejecting Trump’s lies.
For more on the 2020 election, read the Washington Post Editorial Board’s series Our Democracy in Peril as well as these recent editorials:See all of the Editorial Board’s endorsements in 2020 races. Sign up for the Opinions A.M. and P.M. newsletters for opinions delivered to your inbox six days a week. Explore more election coverage from the Washington Post newsroom and Opinions section.
Opinion | How the idiocy of Trump and Jared Kushner let the pandemic loose
They minimized the pandemic and undermined efforts to contain it because they thought doing so would be a political gold mine. But Trump and Kushner thought they were being so shrewd and so clever. So even now, after all that has happened, the White House is uninterested in actually stopping the pandemic. ADThese taped conversations happened because the president told Kushner to speak to Woodward. It would have gone as follows: This pandemic could be terrible (we know Trump knew this, from previously released conversations with Woodward).
Opinion | We have to destroy the Republican Party in order to save it
Many Republicans I know began by holding their noses and voting for Trump because of judges and taxes and their hatred of Hillary Clinton. ADADThe party has even become infected by the lunatic QAnon cult, whose followers believe Trump’s opponents are blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping pedophiles. ADADRepublicans flatter Trump the way Trump flatters Kim Jong Un. It doesn’t need an extremist party that undermines democracy, caters to White grievances, and rejects science and reason. The only way Republicans will come to their senses is if they see that the path they are on leads to electoral oblivion.
Column: Why I’m not laughing at the new ‘Borat’ movie
Because the gap between reality and satire that Baron Cohen has so successfully navigated before no longer exists. Trump’s ability to normalize behavior that historically would have been considered unconscionable, especially in presidents, left comedians and critics wondering if political satire could survive. Advertisement“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” offers evidence of life, but in a much altered state. Indeed, despite its preposterous beats in service of a ludicrous plot, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” was almost immediately greeted as just more grist for the news mill. “Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm” is well-crafted and at times quite funny in a darkly tragic way.
Conservative operatives are charged in hoax voter robocalls
Arrest warrants were issued Tuesday for Jacob Wohl, 22, of Los Angeles, and Jack Burkman, 54, of Arlington, Va. They face multiple counts of bribery and voter intimidation after being indicted by a Cuyahoga County grand jury. They were charged in Detroit on Oct. 1 with conspiring to intimidate voters and using a computer to commit crimes. AdvertisementThe men are accused of using a voice broadcast service to make tens of thousands of hoax calls to voters in Ohio, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Burkman said on Twitter he believed the student’s initial account of the assault was “accurate and true.”
Transferring from community college is now a lot easier
You’ve earned an associate’s degree in business at Middlesex Community College and now want to move on to a state university for a bachelor’s in accounting. Advertisement“What discourages students is they attend community college and realize a course won’t transfer,’’ said Philip Sisson, provost and vice president of academic and student affairs at Middlesex Community College. The Mass Transfer website (www.mass.edu/masstransfer) allows students to map out their college education and see the most affordable options, Santiago said. Students can enter their community college and degree programs and find out where in the system they can continue their educations. The website also includes a savings calculator to show how much students can save by starting at a community college.
Senate Democratic candidates have momentum everywhere — except Maine
Meanwhile, a Maine Senate race that has been nationally watched for years has been stuck since February. And, for the first time, Democratic Senate candidates in places like Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, and Alaska had momentum paving the way for a majority, maybe a comfortable one. What’s notable about Maine lately isn’t that Gideon could win, but that for some reason she is unable to break free of Collins. For much of the 2020 election cycle, experts lumped in Colorado and Maine Senate races in the same sentence. In the end, 48-year-old Gideon may well win and may well hold the Senate seat for decades.
The rule of law isn’t under threat — it’s under assault
I would say the rule of law is under assault by Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr. The rule of law. But a debate about a president’s authorities can be reasonable only if premised upon an acceptance of the Constitution and the rule of law it establishes. At every step, Trump has demanded that the Justice Department go along with his schemes. I can sympathize with those who have similarly departed the Justice Department under Trump and Barr.
Ex-Homeland Security aide Miles Taylor says he’s ‘Anonymous’
Taylor has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s in recent months, and he has a contributor contract on CNN. Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security says in a tweet: “Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’ ... and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. And it set off a Beltway guessing game that seeped into the White House, with current and former staffers trading calls and texts, trying to figure out who could have written the piece. Trump, who had long complained about leaks in the White House, also ordered aides to unmask the writer, citing “national security” concerns to justify a possible Justice Department investigation.
Kimberly Budd is the right choice to be chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court
With the nomination of Kimberly Budd as the next chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, she stands to make history as the first woman of color to lead the 328-year-old Massachusetts court. “Justice Budd is a brilliant scholar, wise, humble, a very keen listener and a delight to whom to work," Marshall added. she is the perfect appointment.”The post on the seven-member court opened after the sudden death of Chief Justice Ralph Gants in September. As a Black woman, Budd is used to having people question her abilities. Both are retired, but when Ireland was appointed to the SJC in 1997, he was its first Black justice and later its first Black chief justice.
Zeta makes landfall on La. coast; flood watch up for Philly on Thursday as remnants track near region
The heaviest rains likely would fall just to the south of the city, forecasters said, in areas that will be a shade closer to the center of whatever is left of Zeta after it gets roughed up by land.
It’s crazy that we even have to talk about guns in polling places
Your editorial in today’s paper regarding guns in polling places was spot-on. This is crazy and is the reason our country is less safe when compared to other English- speaking countries around the world and western democracies in general. Where were the public service announcements guiding people on the do’s and don’ts of filling out a mail-in ballot? A simple 30-second public service announcement aired during local newscasts would have been very helpful. Bill McKas, RoselleSupreme Court misconceptionThe Sun-Times editorial of Oct. 27 highlights a common misconception of the role of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Man found dead at Las Vegas complex was stabbed
Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigate a homicide Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, at 3355 Arville St. in Las Vegas. (Sabrina Schnur/Las Vegas Review-Journal)A man found dead in a central Las Vegas apartment on Tuesday was stabbed, Las Vegas police said Wednesday. Spencer said police believe the apartment was being used as a short-term rental property. No suspect or motive had been identified as of late Wednesday morning, according to a release from the department. Anyone with information can contact Metro at 702-828-3521 or, to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.
Presidential election betting breaks record for handle
The United Kingdom-based Betfair Exchange said the 2020 presidential election has passed the 2016 election as the most heavily bet event in its history. These Sept. 29, 2020, photos show President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden. AP Photos/Patrick Semansky)The U.S. presidential election has officially become the most heavily bet event in the history of the United Kingdom-based Betfair Exchange, the company said in a release. The handle breaks the record $258 million bet on the 2016 presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Professional political gambler and Betfair election expert Paul Krishnamurty said Trump’s popularity has driven the increased handle.
America can overcome COVID-19, despite Trump's do-nothing approach. Here's how
You can find the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak at newsday.com/LiveUpdatesPresident Donald Trump made clear his COVID-19 strategy at a campaign rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, earlier this week. He has thrown in the towel, adopting a do-nothing approach pending vaccines that won't be widely available until well into next year. But Team Trump won't even try: His chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said Sunday, "We aren't going to control the pandemic." Yet there is plenty that could be done by a new president who doesn't play politics with COVID-19. With a Biden management strategy, as Emanuel proposes, much of the country could carefully and gradually reopen, pending a vaccine sometime in 2021.
Former DHS official says he wrote 'Anonymous' Trump critique
WASHINGTON — A former Trump administration official who penned a scathing anti-Trump op-ed and book under the pen name "Anonymous" made his identify public Wednesday. Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security says in a tweet: "Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’ ... and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. The author wrote, "Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office." Trump "stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information," the author alleged, also citing racist and misogynist statements the author claimed Trump made behind closed doors.
Former DHS official says he wrote ‘Anonymous’ Trump critique
Kevin Freking and Zeke MillerAssociated PressWashington – A former Trump administration official who penned a scathing anti-Trump op-ed and book under the pen name “Anonymous” made his identify public Wednesday. Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security says in a tweet: “Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’ … and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. And it set off a Beltway guessing game that seeped into the White House, with current and former staffers trading calls and texts, trying to figure out who could have written the piece. Trump “stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information,” the author alleged, also citing racist and misogynist statements the author claimed Trump made behind closed doors.
Judges in Madison County deliberating case of man accused of killing his whole family
The judges began deliberations in the Madison County Common Pleas Court case about 1 p.m. Wednesday. "Peter Romans intentionally set his vehicle on fire and killed his family," Joel King, one of two prosecutors handling the case by assignment from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, told the judges. —Sam Shamansky, defense attorney for Peter Romans, said of the 2008 fire that killed Romans' family. Read more:Testimony underway in trial of man accused of killing family in 2008 Madison County fireRead more:Romans wants judges to try his case, not a juryThe case passed through the hands of many investigators over the years, and the evidence was given multiple looks. "Each piece of evidence doesn't make the case, but you put it all together and it makes sense," he said.
Charlie Baker says no on Question 2, says ranked-choice voting too much ‘complication’
If voters approve ranked-choice voting in the Nov. 3 election, it will change the way ballots are cast in state elections. Instead of voting for one candidate, voters would rank candidates in order of preference — first, second, third, and so on. Ranked-choice voting would be used in primary and general elections for all Massachusetts statewide offices, state legislative offices, federal congressional offices and other offices beginning in 2022. Maine became the first state to enact ranked-choice voting in 2016. Eighteen municipalities across the country currently also use ranked-choice voting.
VP nominee Kamala Harris stops in Tucson, visits with small-business owners
A 14% drop in students enrolled in Arizona kindergartens this year due to COVID-19 could have ripple effects on their education for years. The state's schools chief says she's convinced kids should be in kindergarten at least a few hours a day despite the virus.
Ex-DHS aide reveals he wrote 'Anonymous' 2018 op-ed criticizing Trump
The author wrote, “Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.”The allegations incensed the president, bolstering his allegations about a “deep state” operating within his government and conspiring against him. And it set off a Beltway guessing game that seeped into the White House, with current and former staffers trading calls and texts, trying to figure out who could have written the piece. Trump, who had long complained about leaks in the White House, also ordered aides to unmask the writer, citing “national security” concerns to justify a possible Justice Department investigation. And he issued an extraordinary demand that the newspaper reveal the author. Trump “stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information,” the author alleged, also citing racist and misogynist statements the author claimed Trump made behind closed doors.
This ‘luxury resort’ nuclear bunker is probably nicer than your house
Cormack McCarthy painted a pretty terrible picture of what the world might look like in the event of a nuclear holocaust. The “Survival Condo” is a missile silo outside Kansas City that has been converted into a luxury resort where you can ride out the apocalypse in style. This million dollar survival condo is built into an old missile silo If you're going to live through a nuclear apocalypse, you may as well do it in a million dollar survival condo. According to the Survival Condo site, the complex can sustainably house up to 75 people for five years. “This project has the advantages of letting the members own a piece of history, the coolness of a missile base, the protection of a nuclear hardened bunker, and the features of a luxury condo,” according to Larry Hall, owner of Survival Condo.
'Captain' Gallagher: Ireland’s little-known Robin Hood
Despite being a lead character of so many historical Mayo legends, there’s surprisingly little public recognition of Gallagher today. To understand Gallagher and his colleagues, Dunford told me, you must first know the environment and era that birthed them. According to Dunford, Mayo became one of the poorest corners of Europe and stayed that way for centuries thereafter. It earned the attention and wrath of police, British soldiers and armed mercenaries hired to protect these landlords. As soon as Gallagher had been killed, soldiers descended upon Barnalyra, combing the land for days to no avail.
Terry Glavin: Religious freedoms should include the right to be free of fanatics
This is a horrible storyAt the Collège du Bois d’Aulne, Paty often used art as medium for teaching the French national curriculum. In his lessons on the French republic’s rigorous commitment to secularism and free speech, Paty’s custom was to encourage class discussion by considering a pair of cartoons. Earlier this month, lurid allegations about Paty’s class began to circulate on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Originating with rabble-rousing loudmouths associated with what it is usually called radical Islam, the online expressions of outrage veered into incitement to murder. Education ministry officials and the police were called in to investigate allegations of Paty’s “Islamophobia.” Disciplinary action was considered — and then sensibly rejected outright.
The Genuine Conundrum of Sex in Lockdown
Depending on your closest inner circle, you have either been quarantining and health screening for a private island trip, or you’ve been at home reading the news of Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard’s incoming baby. With EmRata and the many other cool celebrity pregnancies of late, you may be fooled into thinking a baby boom is upon us, a by-product of all the sex we can’t stop having, right? May I take this moment to thank you for taking a break in your wild frotting to read this article. Lockdown, with its opportunity to meet in the bedroom at any time of the day, was also an obstacle to sex. There’s something so brutally un-horny about a day on Zoom staring at your little self-square as your morale erodes, even if having sex straight after is the only reminder you exist below the waist.
How These First-Time Poll Workers Are Fighting for Democracy
That sense of normalcy is exactly what poll workers bring to U.S. elections, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage in their ranks this year; many older volunteers, who make up the bulk of poll workers, are also at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and stayed home accordingly. Having more poll workers and more places to vote could mean more people want to actually go vote rather than getting discouraged because they have to go a mile instead of a block. It’s even more important than ever because a lot of those poll workers were actually older individuals who have reasonably taken themselves out because of COVID concerns. There was a shortage of poll workers, which is what makes this election so difficult. I actually got three of my other friends to also become poll workers.
How did music evolve? Harvard study reveals a surprising theory. No, it’s not a sexual mating call
The authors draw on extensive evidence to suggest two other likely roots for music: territorial signaling and infant care. In warfare, rhythm and melody allow tribal groups to signal their strength, numbers, and coordination across far distances, to both allies and foes. This is not unlike how animals commonly use vocalizations to signal their territory or scare off others. “If we study music in traditional societies, we see it used consistently to form political alliances,” says Hagen. In infant care, the researchers note that parents use sing-song language to communicate with their helpless infants.
Yes, the lines are long. But voting is actually easier than ever
In the presidential election season alone, we’ve seen Russian interference, reported intimidation at polling places, long lines, and dozens of court cases. Ballot design is clearer and more usable. The reason we can bemoan the travesty of hours-long lines at polling places is because there is early voting. In 2007, the Election Assistance Commission issued the first research-based design system and ballot design guidelines. Most of these systems also base their user interface design for touch screen systems on Anywhere Ballot design principles.
It’s Time to End Slash-and-Burn Capitalism
Richard Drury/Getty ImagesThe conversation about stakeholder capitalism is heartening evidence that the business community recognizes that capitalism has gone seriously off track. What’s needed is not to make CEOs into central planners but to evolve toward sustainable capitalism — and away from the slash-and-burn capitalism of recent decades. Starving GovernmentSustainable capitalism requires paying a fair share in taxes, but slash-and-burn capitalism aims to do exactly the opposite. Shareholder capitalism is really managerial-capture capitalism, as is evidenced by the company after company where CEOs’ compensation has skyrocketed during the pandemic. It’s time to replace slash-and-burn capitalism with sustainable capitalism that provides the economic and political infrastructure needed to support a healthy economy.
How the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed Student Spending
According to a new report from Student Beans , 71% of students have changed their shopping behavior in response to the Black Lives Matter movement with 44% wanting to support more Black-owned businesses and 40% wanting to buy from brands that support the movement. Student Beans’ examines the shifts taking place in student spending based on an exclusive survey of more than 1,500 young people age 16 to 24. Key insights include:45% of the students surveyed now buy things online that they used to buy in-store because of Covid-19. They and offering one is a powerful way to show you understand their circumstances. It’s simple: Student spending patterns have changed.
The Sources of Resilience
subscribe Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up Privacy PolicySome aspects of resilience are trait-based; that is, some people will naturally have more resilience than others. In this article, we share the 10 most powerful resilience statements, what these questions reveal about the sources of resilience, and what can be done to create more of it. At a deeper level, though, these statements pinpoint three sources of resilience. It is this ecosystem of your own feelings, combined with how your team leader and your senior leaders behave, that creates your overall sense of resilience. Team LeaderAs a team leader, what exactly can you do to build resilience on your team?
4 Truths About Courage in Leadership
In World War I, he recorded the highest number of aerial victories against the Germans. “There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”That attitude served the Ace of Aces well after World War I. A leadership position doesn’t give a person courage, but courage can lead him or her to a leadership position. As you consider the tough decisions, challenges, risks and changes facing you and your organization, recognize these four truths about courage. My friend Jim Mellado explains, “Leadership is the expression of courage that compels people to do the right thing.”4.
Early voting breaking records amid COVID-19: Hail to you, determined voters
This year, for the first time, more people will vote before Election Day than on Election Day. The early vote count, more than 8 million as of Wednesday, was on track to surpass the 2016 total vote of just under 9 million. By turning out in record numbers even before Election Day, they are showing their patriotism and commitment to democracy. The state could not open enough locations to prevent several-hour lines in many New York City voting places. In Texas, voters have no choice but to wait in line because the state refused to expand mail balloting beyond seniors and few others.
Win or Lose, It’s Donald Trump’s Republican Party
But for all the attention paid to what Trump represents in American politics, the most salient feature of his ascent within the Republican Party might be what he doesn’t represent. In the space of one term, the president has co-opted virtually every power center in the Republican Party, from its congressional caucuses to its state parties, its think tanks to its political action committees. During Trump’s presidency, his party has become host to new species of fringe figures. Republican voters are essentially the same people who voted Republican before Trump; the party’s politicians are still mostly the same people, hiring mostly the same strategists. “It’s the party’s party,” Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, nevertheless repeatedly insisted through the summer of 2016.
Tech company monopolies are ruining capitalism. Biden should fix it. - The Washington Post
Economic power is more concentrated today than at any point in the past century. ADAmericans have long tried to prevent a concentration of economic power; if we are to restore democracy, we must also renew the fight against monopoly. No industry has benefited more from lack of regulation than tech, and no industry has been more effective at using economic power to undermine democracy. ADJoe Biden has stated that if he wins the presidency, his top priority will be to restore democracy. If elected, Biden will have a mandate to restore democracy and capitalism.
Opinion | No more BS? I certainly hope so.
To snag a “No More BS” sign, you’ll have to check out the U.S. Patriot Flags website instead. Patriot, patriot, patriot. Obviously, President Trump lies. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose.”Yet the BS presidency has been about far more than rhetoric. This, all of it, is BS, which may explain for the massive turnout most experts now foresee for Election Day.
Opinion | Jared Kushner, Peggy Noonan and White problems with Black ambition
Harris is a Black woman born to immigrant parents in Oakland, Calif. In 2016, she became only the second Black woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate. And now she is the first Black woman to be on a major-party presidential ticket. By the way, Noonan’s sneering at Harris isn’t the first time she has looked down her nose at a Black elected official. The stereotypical notions of Black Americans as shiftless, too ambitious or not serious enough remain.
Opinion | Time is up for the racist know-nothingism of the GOP
The Republican Party could have met those challenges in one of several ways. Without white supremacy and right-wing media supporting each other, the runt Republican Party would have been vulnerable. In a real sense, the Republican Party came apart at the seams in the Trump years. ADADThe obscure conspiracy theories from Trump and the right-wing media now only provoke eye-rolling. It’s the Republican Party and its media handmaidens who are fake.
Matt Bai: What is Trump’s case for reelection? - The Washington Post
Then there is the second question, about handling crises. That leaves us the third criterion, which is what kind of plan the president is offering for a second term. So here we have Trump’s case for reelection, whether or not you think he’s a good role model for your kids:He promised us chaos and isolationism, and we got it. Asked to provide a blueprint for a second term, he deflects and rambles, as if even the thought of governing for another day bores him too much to contemplate. ADTrump may or may not be morally fit to serve a second term.
William McGurn: Biden must never be asked tough questions – it's the 2020 liberal media standard
It turned out that biased press coverage wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Trump from winning. So for 2020 the press introduced a new corollary: Joe Biden must never be asked a tough question. But COVID-19 gave Mr. Biden the excuse to stay in his basement, and the press corps has run interference for Mr. Biden rather than tackle the story. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAt the moment, the hard questions Mr. Biden is avoiding are about the lucrative deals his son made with politically connected Chinese and Ukrainian businesses, sometimes while riding alongside his father in Air Force 2. This past week, one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Anthony Bobulinski, accused the former vice president of lying when he said he never discussed his son’s overseas business dealings—and the Hunter Biden story became a Joe Biden story.
Business & Financial News, U.S & International Breaking News
U.S. accuses eight in alleged plot to harass and intimidate citizens to return to ChinaEight people have been charged with conspiring to work on China's behalf in a plot involving threatening letters and the use of night vision goggles to surveil and coerce a Chinese family to return to their home country to face charges, according to a U.S. criminal complaint unsealed on Wednesday.
Opinion | Is President Donald Trump a Flight Risk?
Judging from the array of personality traits gleaned from these and numerous other experiences, and correlating them to his current circumstances, to me Trump appears to be a classic flight risk. Setting aside for the moment his conduct as president, Trump faces a financial and legal reckoning of immense proportions as soon as he leaves office. The true nature of his extraordinary personal financial debt—recently reported as $421 million—will be exposed, and his likely foreign creditors revealed. Even the most casual observer knows that Donald Trump is heavily invested in his self-image as a successful businessman and wheeler-dealer. Hunkered down in a foreign country willing to provide sanctuary, he could conceivably style himself a “president in exile” and incite his die-hard American followers to resist the election results.
How Unpredictable Could This Election Be? Five Lessons From the Florida Recount
We encountered the office-opening story while making “Fiasco,” a podcast documentary about the 2000 election. The 2000 election, and the Florida recount in particular, offered a storyline with an infinite number of turning points. What does the 2000 recount have to tell us about 2020? Whether or not Katherine Harris’ office would be open on Sunday, November 26, was far from the only thing that decided the 2000 election. In 2000, Florida state law set a seven-day deadline for counties to finalize their vote tallies after Election Day and submit them to the secretary of state.
The Supreme Court will not protect our voting rights. Here's who actually might.
The Supreme Court’s decision Monday night in the case involving Wisconsin’s election drives home the importance of these down ballot races, especially those for state legislative seats. This Supreme Court will not, and it has become far less likely to permit the lower federal courts to do so, either. Democrats petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case. This Supreme Court will not, and it has become far less likely to permit the lower federal courts to do so, either. Since the 1965 Voting Rights Act was enacted, the federal courts have extended protection to many previously disenfranchised voters.
Trump trade policy: 4 years of high drama. Limited results.
FILE - In this July 26, 2018, file photo President Donald Trump speaks at the United States Steel Granite City Works plant in Granite City, Ill. Trump spent four years upending seven decades of American trade policy. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump spent four years upending seven decades of American trade policy. For most Americans, Trump’s drastic trade policy ultimately meant little, good or bad, for their financial health. “It would have been nice to have another $5 million or $10 million a year.”The full consequences of Trump’s policies may take longer to emerge. His revamped North American trade pact took effect only July 1.
How does early voting work in the US election?
All states allow some form of early voting, be it by casting votes in person at polling places, voting by mail, or both. Some don’t start until mid-October, or even closer to Election Day on Nov. 3. Just as there are 50 different timelines for early voting, there are 50 different ones for how the votes are counted. Some only allow it to begin on Election Day itself, which can lead to a chaotic and lengthy count. AP’s Advance Voting guide brings you the facts about voting early, by mail or absentee from each state: https://interactives.ap.org/advance-voting-2020/
Electoral College vs. popular vote in the United States
Graphic shows scenario in which a presidential candidate can win the popular vote but lose the election. ; Graphic shows scenario in which a presidential candidate can win the popular vote but lose the election. ;WASHINGTON (AP) — WHY IS IT THAT ONE CANDIDATE CAN WIN THE POPULAR VOTE BUT ANOTHER WINS THE ELECTORAL VOTE AND THUS THE PRESIDENCY? Four candidates in history have won the popular vote only to be denied the presidency by the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Trump won the Electoral College.
What Gen Z Latino Voters Want America To Know : Code Switch : NPR
And true to form, pundits have been making the carbon-copy predictions about the Latinx voters for decades. However, those cliches conceal a greater truth: Latinx voters have seldom been taken seriously by electoral politics. But if there was ever a time to take Latinx voters seriously, it's this year. On this week's episode, you'll hear this new generation of Latinx voters speak for themselves about what's gotten them fired up in 2020. The government in Mexico has really, really failed their people and I got to see that.
Messy details about COVID-19 don’t faze those in Trumpland
As in, 99 percent of people who get COVID-19 don’t die from it. AdvertisementBut those messy details didn’t faze the people who trudged to a truck factory on a cold, raw, rainy October morning to hear the president regale them for more than 80 minutes with stream-of-consciousness ranting. Advertisement"Masks don’t protect you,” I was told by at least two women who were wearing masks. “That mask is going to kill you,” said one woman, who believes Trump had been sent by God. The mantra of Trump’s biggest supporters is reminiscent of a rearguard action by an army under assault.
Man shot in Oakland’s Fruitvale district
OAKLAND — A 32-year-old man was shot Wednesday morning in the Fruitvale district in East Oakland, authorities said. It turned out the man had been shot on the street there and got his own transportation to a friend’s home on Church Street in another part of East Oakland where police and paramedics were called. Police said the man may have been shot from a passing vehicle. Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $5,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. Anyone with information may call police at 510-238-3426 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.
Erie County restricts activities of openly armed residents near the polls if they aren’t voting
County Councilman Carl Anderson III, an Erie Democrat and chair of the board of elections, said the resolution’s language is targeted toward openly armed electioneers at the polls. Under the Pennsylvania Election Code, anyone can engage in electioneering activities as long they are at least 10 feet from the polling entrance. If an individual is openly carrying a firearm near a polling place, the resolution requires that they stay at least 100 feet away, the same distance required of police officers, according to state law.
Pennsylvania fines two casinos over giving away too much complimentary slot play
The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board signed off on consent agreements in which the two casinos acknowledged their employees gave out more complimentary slot play to patrons than permitted. Casinos are allowed to give away free slot play as a marketing tool, but the casinos must have a pre-approved plan that sets limits on who can issue the complimentary awards, and for how much.
We simply cannot take four more years of this
Weren’t we just here, a week out from a monumental election, eying polls that told us Donald Trump was certain to lose? When his marketing gimmicks didn’t work to make Trump a successful president, he tried coercion. A Washington Post report this week showed Trump has billed taxpayers and his political supporters for $8.1 million in charges since taking office. But four years later the results are in and the record is clear: corruption, greed, gaslighting, hate and incompetence. We simply cannot afford four more years of this.
Schapiro: Northam as judge, jury and executioner of VMI
But it is also at VMI that Blacks, who were first admitted in 1968, and women, who first matriculated there in 1997, rose to leadership positions, as class presidents and within the school’s military hierarchy — and beyond. Among them a Black 1981 civil engineering graduate mentioned as a successor to Peay: Darren McDew, a retired Air Force four-star general from Hampton who led the U.S. Transportation Command. Some hold out the possibility of closing the school — an idea Northam opposes. The speculative whirl now surrounds the Northam-ordered investigation of racial inequity at VMI, announced in a letter that had a distinct guilty-as-charged tone. The school has its own ideas who might lead it.
Schapiro: Northam as judge, jury and executioner of VMI
But it is also at VMI that Blacks, who were first admitted in 1968, and women, who first matriculated there in 1997, rose to leadership positions, as class presidents and within the school's military hierarchy — and beyond. Among them a Black 1981 civil engineering graduate mentioned as a successor to Peay: Darren McDew, a retired Air Force four-star general from Hampton who led the U.S. Transportation Command. Some hold out the possibility of closing the school — an idea Northam opposes. The speculative whirl now surrounds the Northam-ordered investigation of racial inequity at VMI, announced in a letter that had a distinct guilty-as-charged tone. The school has its own ideas who might lead it.
Canadians increasingly open to welcoming immigrants and refugees – study
Despite a global pandemic that has destroyed economies and fanned nationalism around the world, Canadians say they are increasingly open to welcoming immigrants and refugees. Since 1976, the Focus Canada survey, administered by Environics, has periodically sampled Canadians to gauge their views on the topic. At the same time, a large majority of Canadians continue to see immigrants as critical to the Canadian economy and don’t feel they take jobs away from other Canadians. Close to one-third of Canadians say that too many refugee claimants are not “real” refugees – sharply down from 79% in 1987. “And Canadians often see themselves as welcoming to people from all over the world.”
Blanchet wants Trudeau to apologize for his father's passage of War Measures Act during October Crisis
Article contentOTTAWA — Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet is urging the federal government to apologize for legislation that remains controversial 50 years after its passage during the October Crisis in Quebec. In October 1970, the Liberal government under then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau decided to suspend civil liberties by invoking the War Measures Act in response to the kidnapping of a Quebec cabinet minister and a British diplomat by members of the militant FLQ separatist group. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Try refreshing your browser, or Blanchet wants Trudeau to apologize for his father's passage of War Measures Act during October Crisis Back to videoThe legislation, passed at the request of the Quebec premier and Montreal’s mayor, saw soldiers patrolling the streets as authorities rounded up hundreds of residents under suspicion of involvement in the abductions. In a motion put forward this week, Blanchet demanded an official apology from the prime minister for his father’s deployment of the army to arrest and detain without charge nearly 500 Quebecers.
Rex Murphy: How can NPR claim the Biden story is baseless when it refuses to investigate it?
Article content continuedNPR, in this instance, is merely a camp follower of the much less austere Twitter, which has blocked the New York Post’s reports on Hunter and Joe Biden from the beginning. And when Twitter and public radio are of the same mind on anything, it is fair to observe how very little mind is involved. NPR is also at one with the mainstream American media — broadcast and print — in choosing to disregard the revelations of the Biden family’s dealings, and most especially, any troubling revelations about Joe Biden himself. It is also cosmically inconsistent, for NPR is never so circumspect when the band is playing a tune it likes. CBC, an ideological cousin of NPR, to its shame, went all the way to California to interview Avenatti.
White House Declares Pandemic Over As It Cites Renowned Scientist Ivanka Trump
The Trump administration triumphantly declared victory over the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, one week before the 2020 election and with COVID-19 cases surging across the country. It is raging from coast to coast, thanks in no small part to the Trump administration’s mishandled response. A recent report from Columbia University estimates that the “abject failures” of government agencies under Trump resulted in between 130,000 and 210,000 avoidable deaths attributable to COVID-19. From the beginning of the outbreak, Trump has been at war not with COVID-19, but rather COVID-19 science and data. Among other White House officials, Tuesday’s release includes a quote from Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser who has zero training or background as a scientific expert.
Early Holiday Shopping? Bid on Eva Braun’s Stockings, Hitler’s Cocktail Bar, and a Bible Autographed by Donald Trump
In 2010, Alexander Historical drew criticism for auctioning off Josef Mengele’s diaries. It had been salvaged from Hitler’s private yacht when it was broken up at a boatyard on the Delaware River, in 1951. Another lot was prominently advertised: a Bible signed by Donald Trump. He had urged the consignor to put the Bible up for sale before the election, in the event that Trump loses. Someone who knew someone who knew Panagopulos had presented it to the President at a rally, to be signed.
Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party
For decades, I have been known as one of the most significant voices in the Republican Party. Yet I cannot stand idly by and watch as these crooks take over the party I love. Here are the reasons that I am leaving the Republican Party. They do not get down on their knees to kiss the boots of an elected official while crying, “Oh, I love you so much, mwah, mwah, mwah, such a nice boot, I love this boot,” until, out of embarrassment, an aide has to slowly pry them off the guy’s leg. Benjamin Franklin also thought goblins were real, and James Madison was scared of goblins, too.
We May Need the Twenty-fifth Amendment if Trump Loses
That is likely why the Twenty-fifth Amendment has been invoked only in temporary and limited ways, and only in cases of physical incapacity. But Nixon’s Cabinet did not seek to set in motion his removal under the Twenty-fifth Amendment. In 2017, Rod Rosenstein, then Trump’s Deputy Attorney General, reportedly suggested that the Cabinet invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment, shortly after Trump fired the F.B.I. That is the reason the Twenty-fifth Amendment is in the Constitution in the first place. If, as seems likely, voters deliver a loss for Trump, the Twenty-fifth Amendment comes into different focus, as an essential support to the democratic electoral process rather than an end run around it.
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Social Security Seemed Like a Future Problem. The Virus Changed That. Even before the pandemic, Social Security’s finances were under pressure. The next president and Congress will play a crucial role in what happens next.
Covid-19 shut down campuses. That hasn't stopped students from voting
Added: 27.10.2020 22:20 | 24 views | 0 commentsUsually college campuses in Pennsylvania would be filled with volunteers trying to register and cajole the ever-elusive student voter. But during the pandemic, Democrats have had to rewrite their campus playbook to encourage progressive first-time voters to cast their ballots.
Alabama voters will decide whether to remove racist language about segregated schools and interracial marriage from the state constitution
Alabama voters will decide whether to remove racist language about segregated schools and interracial marriage from the state constitutionAdded: 27.10.2020 20:53 | 16 views | 0 commentsThis Election Day, Alabama voters once again will decide whether to remove racist language from the state's constitution and other sections that ground it in its segregationist past.
Climate at a crossroads as Trump and Biden point in different directions
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 13 views | 0 commentsThe two US presidential contenders offer starkly different approaches as the world tries to avoid catastrophic global heating Among the myriad reasons world leaders will closely watch the outcome of a fraught US presidential election, the climate crisis looms perhaps largest of all.
BBC's Maitlis shut down by John Bolton after accusing Trump of being 'clearly corrupt'
BBC's Maitlis shut down by John Bolton after accusing Trump of being 'clearly corrupt'Added: 28.10.2020 9:14 | 19 views | 0 commentsBBC host Emily Maitlis was forced to backtrack on questioning former Donald Trump adviser John Bolton as he demanded she let him finish answering her questions during a tense clash.
What Should You Do About Holiday Gatherings and Covid-19?
“There is no easy answer,” says Aderonke Pederson, a psychiatrist and behavioral scientist at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. But because that may be a difficult choice for many families, WIRED asked the experts how to talk with your relatives about the risks of in-person gatherings. And the fewer people, the better: California health officials suggest restricting holiday gatherings to three households for no more than a few hours, while Colorado has a two-household limit. Additionally, people in the early stages of a Covid-19 infection can test negative at first but still be infectious later, whether or not they ever show symptoms. To your horror, on Friday you start showing symptoms of Covid-19.
First Look: Good Company by The Nest author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney
Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney is going back to the nest. Flora wasn’t looking for the ring when she found it. She was rooting around an old file cabinet in the garage, searching for a photograph from the summer Ruby was five, 13 years ago. Flora had woken up thinking about the photo and she knew it had to be somewhere in the house. She would never throw away a photograph, but especially not that one.
Is New York Actually Ready to Expand Indoor Dining?
It was a PR blast from one of the city’s more popular restaurants touting its November 4 reopening tied to the expansion of New York City’s indoor-dining guidelines. To be clear: The city’s owners say they need more patrons if they want to stay in business, and we all want them to stay in business. But cases in New York State and New York City are nevertheless continuing to rise in an alarmingly steady fashion. There is a right answer, of course, which is to incentivize business owners to stay closed by offering them assistance in the form of … money. Even when the right way forward is obvious, we seem — for so many reasons, all of them dumb — unwilling to fully pursue it.
Republicans Are Daring Democrats to Expand the Supreme Court
Part of what makes the right’s 6-3 majority such a prize, after all, is that the Supreme Court is widely understood as a neutral, nonpartisan authority. The conservative Supreme Court majority’s decision on voting rights in Wisconsin Monday night evinced a similarly low estimation of the threat that Democrats pose to their power. This fact does not trouble the Wisconsin state legislature, where Republicans boast a nigh-indestructible majority thanks to gerrymandering and urban-rural polarization. Supreme Court justices are appearing in Trump ads and gutting voting rights while reciting Fox News talking points in their opinions. Yet on Monday, he evinced sympathy for court expansion, telling CNN, “the size of the Supreme Court is not set in the Constitution.
Will Anyone Possibly Be Able to Call the Presidential Race on Election Night?
Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty ImagesIf you pay any attention at all to politics, you are undoubtedly aware that Election Night on November 3 could be unlike any other we’ve seen before. With the exception of the infamous 2000 contest, we’ve known the winner of every presidential election in this and the last century by the day after Election Day. Exit polls have a good recent record of reliability, but there have been serious problems historically. Again, the “official” arbiters of election results have, since at least 1980, followed the practice of refraining from any “call” of the presidential election until individual state “calls” have been made awarding one candidate or the other 270 electoral votes. It’s true that if Joe Biden wins all three on Election Night, the odds of him ultimately winning are prohibitively high.
Georgia Is Still a Purple State Only in Theory
Joe Biden arrives onstage for a drive-in campaign rally in the parking lot of Cellairis Ampitheatre on October 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2018, Stacey Abrams, a Black former state lawmaker and voting-rights advocate, pushed then-secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican, to the state’s closest gubernatorial race since 1966. Atlanta lost roughly 45,000 white residents between 1960 and 1970, and more than 175,000 more between 1970 and 1990. Georgia is still a purple state only in theory. It would put national conservatives on the defensive in Georgia using an issue they’ve feasted on for decades.
Want Nonpartisan Court Reform? Add 4 Liberal Justices.
Moderate Democrats have largely declined to endorse manufacturing a liberal majority through court expansion (a.k.a. Among these is the “balanced court” plan, under which the Supreme Court would always have 15 justices: five Republican, five Democrat, and five appointed consensually by the other ten. But the mainstream media is likely to cover nonpartisan court reform much more positively than court packing. Congress has changed the number of seats on the Supreme Court seven times since the founding. But unless proponents of party-neutral court reform are willing to trim their sails, court packing will be a prerequisite for their more respectable designs.
There are 6 days until Election Day. Here's what you need to know
We're six days out from Election Day. Many states have seen record-setting mail-in voting in the presidential race due to the coronavirus pandemic. Voting experts have warned for weeks: Unless there's a clear and decisive winner, brace for an election week or weeks, not an election night. Here's the latest news:A Michigan judge on Tuesday struck down the secretary of state's directive banning the open carry of guns at polling places on Election Day. Here's what voters need to know about their rightsWinnable but not yet won: Why Joe Biden and Mike Pence are both headed to Iowa this weekWe're texting you election updatesUSA TODAY launched election texting, where we'll give you all the important updates this historic election year wraps up.
Memo to Trump, Biden and political pundits: Texas is not all about oil and gas anymore
When people think of Texas, they often picture “Big Oil.” Maybe they used to watch the TV show "Dallas." And it’s certainly true that oil and gas, in addition to fueling the world for generations, also fueled Texas’ growth. If you think it's still all about oil, you don't know Texas. All of this helps explain why major oil companies oppose the Trump administration’s rollback of standards designed to reduce greenhouse emissions. People across the oil and gas community want there to be much more education about the complexity of this transition.
Severe Covid-19 Cases Leave Lasting Effects, Including on Mental State
Days from death in a Singapore hospital, with his mother back home in Bangladesh saying prayers, something inexplicable happened: He pulled back from the brink. Since then, Mr. Sarker has struggled to regain his full health. The 40-year-old, who worked in Singapore laying internet lines to support his family, has long been free of the coronavirus. But he said his doctors tell him he still isn’t well enough to leave the country and return to his family. Mr. Sarker is now encountering a different side of the disease: the long-haul effects that doctors are just beginning to understand.
The Supreme Court's Attack on Alabama Voters With Disabilities - The New York Times
Mental illness is often a factor in bringing people into contact with the criminal justice system. Of course, disability rights laws are not new, and neither are the problems they are being deployed to address. Disability rights cannot thrive without the broader democratic rights now under attack. Awareness that disability rights offers powerful tools to address voting rights, school desegregation and criminal justice reform, among other civil rights concerns, has helped accelerate the transition. As the disability and civil rights movements realize how much they have to offer each other, old divides are beginning to narrow.
As Supreme Court Weighs Election Cases, a New Life for Bush v. Gore
Even in Bush v. Gore, it commanded only three votes, those of Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. The other members of the majority, Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony M. Kennedy, did not join the chief justice’s concurrence. On rare occasions, however, either federal statutes or the federal Constitution may require federal judicial intervention in state elections. “If there is one area where deference to legislators should not shade into acquiescence, it is election law,” she wrote. On one side of the divide were Chief Justice Roberts and the court’s three-member liberal wing.
100 years ago: An election, a virus and a cry from disillusioned youths
“Torn nerves craved the anodynes of speed, excitement, and passion,” the historian Frederick Lewis Allen wrote of the period. “And the motions — they are such as may not be described … in a family newspaper.”AD“Our music is distinctly barbaric,” Carter wrote. In 1922, Fitzgerald, 26 — “the amazing young Fitzgerald,” Carter called him — published “Tales of the Jazz Age,” a collection of short stories. “There is radio music in the air, every night, everywhere,” a San Francisco newspaper reported. Soon, radio had penetrated “every third home in the country … and tenement-house roofs [were] covered with forests of antennae,” Allen wrote.
These artists point to social upheaval — and one simple solution
Maury developed deadly contact mines (then known as torpedoes) that cost the Union Navy dearly. Now, many decades later, an otherworldly armada has arrived at a former school in Northern Virginia that once bore Maury’s name. ADAD“Passage,” the site-specific installation by Andrews-Barry, is one of three outdoor artworks on view that point to urgent movements in social justice. Then comes a third project, by the conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, with a brisk assessment of the state of affairs. Here she’s condensed the many calamities that America faces into a single catchall category — and offered a two-word solution.
Opinion | How California is failing vulnerable victims of systemic racism
Her mom moved her to Sacramento, but became trapped in an abusive relationship there, and Keiana fled the violence in her home. Keiana tried to take refuge with another minor, but that girl also exploited her to make money. Growing awareness about the experiences of survivors such as Cyntoia Brown-Long, Sara Kruzan, Latesha Clay and Alexis Martin has shed light on the myriad ways our systems fail child sex-trafficking survivors. In 2016, California ended the shameful practice of prosecuting child sex-trafficking victims for prostitution and created a better safety net. Keiana cannot protest the injustice of her circumstances from her prison cell at the California Institute for Women.
Jimmy Lai: In Xi's China, there is no such thing as godless communism - The Washington Post
ADXi praised the Long Marchers and held up their sacrifices as the highest standard of revolutionary glory. He was there to demand similar sacrifices today and celebrate them as virtues in his new China. A photograph accompanying the story showed him beaming with fatherly kindness as he spoke to a group of small children. ADBut if the gods of communism are false ones, the suffering they ask — and impose — is all too real. ADRecently, a Beijing-based reporter from the West said to me: China has its own culture and thousands of years of history.
Opinion | Joe Biden can’t unify the country. But he should keep saying he will.
Presidential candidates pledging to bring the country together is so common that before now it was just what we’ve come to expect. They have not served a red America or a blue America — they have served the United States of America. Where does that leave someone like Biden, who sincerely wants to bring the country together? It’s between a division we will lament but tolerate, and one so intense it rips the country apart. If Biden can give us the former and help to keep us from the latter, it will be more than enough.
Opinion | Instead of learning from South Korea’s coronavirus example, Trump is lying about it
First of all, as South Korea’s largest newspaper pointed out, the country’s military has provided only medical staff support. South Korea’s success has nothing to do with some sort of despotic Asian behavior and everything to do with sensible policies. Trump and Azar’s maligning of South Korea is just one aspect of this administration’s overall mistreatment of South Korea and mismanagement of the alliance. This dynamic is particularly tragic given that the United States is seeking South Korea’s cooperation to push back on Chinese regional aggression. South Korea’s program of aggressive testing, contact tracing and isolation is still the best way to save the most American lives today.
Opinion | Why is Trump trailing? New polling shows it’s his slide among Whites.
Meanwhile, in Michigan, White voters blame Trump more than Gov. This is particularly lopsided among college-educated Whites, but more non-college Whites also blame Trump. Just as Trump hoped to rally populist support against social distancing, he also tried to win back White voters with his race-war-mongering. But the Upshot analysis shows that also failed:ADMr. Trump tried to win over white voters with a conservative pitch on race and policing. National surveys showed that white voters overwhelmingly disapproved of the president’s handling of the protests in the aftermath of Mr. Floyd’s death, according to Times/Siena polling.
What to know about the election today
With that in mind, The Fix will provide daily updates on what we know about the election. The national picture: Massive early voting turnoutThe story continues to be an explosion of early voting across the country. According to the latest data from the United States Election Project, more than 73 million people have cast ballots early, which accounts for 53 percent of all 2016 votes — not 2016 early votes, mind you, but total votes. But in most of these states, early votes have already far exceeded the final 2016 early votes. Voters who are persuaded to vote early may simply be ones who would have voted on Election Day anyway.
Gerard Baker: If Biden, Dems win, will America's free press become an instrument of state propaganda?
CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERNPR’s might have been the most baldfaced exercise in dishonesty but it wasn’t the only one. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt wasn’t important. It was unverified (unlike, say, the claim that the Trump-Kremlin condominium stole the 2016 election). It was that all-purpose response to any inconvenient truth: a Russian plot. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING GERARD BAKER'S COLUMN IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
Nine things the press should do as 2020's election season nears an end
Understand Trump and Biden's emotional appealsI revisit my highlighted copy of psychology professor Drew Westen's 2008 book "The Political Brain" during every election season. Why it's time to retire the term 'Election Day'Veteran journalist and media executive Vivian Schiller penned an important piece about this for CNN Opinion. "It's time to retire the term 'Election Day' and replace it," she wrote, "with a far more clear and more accurate term: 'the last day of voting.' Focusing on the anachronistic notion of a singular election day is a disservice to the public who are already confused by where and how to vote. This is actually math"The other day I spoke with Sally Buzbee, executive editor of The Associated Press, about vote-counting and race-calling preparations.
Ken Burns: An election that massively changed America
Ken Burns is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been making films for PBS for over 40 years. American history is filled with moments of change so fundamental that even in retrospect they seem remarkable. In 1928, Republican nominee Herbert Hoover was elected president in a landslide, winning 444 electoral votes for a political party that had dominated national politics for over a decade. By 1932, the Depression had devastated the country, and as the election neared the national mood was not in Hoover's favor. It is rife with evidence of the shifting alliances between states, political parties and citizens -- shifts that have typically brought about the most fundamental changes our country has seen.
U.S. to allow 'Israel' to be added to passports of Americans born in Jerusalem
But in December 2017, Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Last year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said changing the policy on the passports was under consideration. The soon-to-be announced passport change is just the latest of numerous moves the Trump administration has made that favor Israel in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump has cut off aid to Palestinians, shut down their offices in Washington and downplayed talk of a two-state solution. The Trump administration has proposed a peace plan for the Palestinians and Israelis, but it, too, is heavily weighted in favor of Israel’s positions.
Why young Black students are stepping in as poll workers this election season
In 2018, roughly 58 percent of all poll workers in the country were 61 or older, according to a survey from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Poll workers as a group are also disproportionately white compared to the voting population at large. The demand for in-person voting has fueled concerns that polling places will not have enough workers to staff the polls by Election Day. It has also partnered with Power the Polls, a national initiative to recruit more than 250,000 new poll workers, to collect additional sign-ups from students online. Other initiatives include the Poll Workers Project and The Poll Hero Project, which is working to recruit college and high school students across the country.
Why A Champion For The Very Poor Is Not Pessimistic. In Fact, He's Optimistic!
Why A Champion For The Very Poor Is Not Pessimistic. In fact, notes Davis, the top 1% of the world's population currently controls more than half of the world's wealth. As co-chair of the World Health Organization's digital task force, Davis says he is continually impressed by the possibilities. But Davis takes heart in what he says is a growing appreciation for this kind of formerly "unsexy" work within the aid world. In fact, Davis says, figuring out how to take a project from pilot to scale is often the most challenging aspect of the enterprise.
How the U.S. could be smarter about insuring against extreme weather-related disasters
While indemnity insurance plays a key role in managing financial risk, it doesn’t account for the ‘total cost of risk’ like parametric insurance does. David Beckham took out a form of parametric insurance on his legs — his livelihood. One might imagine how the rise of parametric insurance products for households or small businesses, insuring them against heat waves or floods, might lift economies further. Parametric insurance is a model that perfectly meets this moment by tailoring its policies to the specificity of place. Parametric insurance peers into the future and, in doing so, can prevent suffering, death, loss and destruction.
These two things matter more than who wins the election — and neither candidate is likely to change them
If you believe the other, an unchecked pandemic is certain to doom us all and take the economy with it. But two things, no matter who wins the White House, are exceedingly clear at the moment. First, the party that wins will want to be seen as responsive to the immediate financial stresses being visited upon their fellow Americans. It seems inevitable that Congress will do something, probably something big, soon after the dust settles on the voting process. Able managers already have a game plan for change or status quo in D.C. And the data plainly show that stocks tend to rise no matter who’s in charge.
Why partisan politics keeps 14 million hungry children from getting the food they need
Every day, 14 million children go hungry in the United States. Food insecurity experienced in first grade — even when corrected by third grade — still carries negative consequences into fifth grade. Before the pandemic, almost 30 million children — more than 50% of school-age children — received free or reduced price meals. It should be a national outrage that 14 million children are hungry in America. If we do not act swiftly, food insecurity will harm a generation of children, especially Black and brown children.
Opinion: What have coronavirus lockdowns taught you about how students should learn?
My daughter and I text about the latest learning hurdles and creative ways to overcome them. My son-in-law deploys her favorite creatures ? unicorns and bunnies ? and different-colored markers to make addition practice at least a little interesting. But the truth is that although in-person instruction is better for more students, the struggles of remote learning are only part of the problem. Perhaps we could have students continue learning at home to the extent that helps them, while reducing class sizes on campus. These kinds of educational decisions are in the hands of people who have terrific expertise but who aren’t on the ground, living the experience the way students, teachers and parents do.
News vs. propaganda: Trump blurs the line
“The rule threatened constitutional values because the Constitution gives the President broad latitude in directing the foreign policy of the United States,” Pack wrote. “The President’s representatives in furthering US foreign policy interests, including USAGM and its CEO, must be able to ensure that the agency fulfills the ‘broad foreign policy objectives’. established by the President.”AdvertisementThis latest assault on the agency by Pack, a former business associate of one-time Trump adviser Steve Bannon, follows months of firings of key agency personnel. Destroy that credibility and VOA is no better than the propaganda dished out by “news” agencies in Russia, China, or Iran. Our nation’s global media operation is yet another institution that won’t survive four more years of a Trump administration.
Why Kimberly Budd is the right choice as the next chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court
With the nomination of Kimberly Budd as the next chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, she stands to make history as the first woman of color to lead the 328-year-old court. “Justice Budd is a brilliant scholar, wise, humble, a very keen listener and a delight to whom to work. As a Black woman, Budd is used to having people question her abilities. Both are retired, but when Ireland was appointed to the SJC in 1997, he was the court’s first Black justice and later served as its first Black chief justice. And on Wednesday, this time under the golden dome of the State House, Budd accepted the chief justice nomination and the mantle of history that comes with it.
Pennsylvania should keep fracking and oil as pro-energy policies | Opinion
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection estimates that under RGGI, the state’s annual greenhouse gas emissions could fall by 25% between 2022 and 2030. Yet the DEP also reports that the state’s emissions fell by nearly 19% from 2005 to 2016, without any such framework. That’s largely due to Pennsylvania’s dramatic shift from coal to natural gas production and its modest increase in nuclear power production. (Natural gas emits roughly half as much carbon dioxide when burned as coal, and nuclear produces none.) In other words, the free market is working without government intervention.
Philly businesses told to expect curfew Wednesday, three days after fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr.; police weighing whether it’s safe to release names of officers
Since the beginning of the month, UNITE HERE, which represents 6,000 low-wage service workers in Philadelphia, most of whom were laid off during the pandemic, has sent hundreds of their furloughed members into low-income, low turnout neighborhoods to get out the vote for Biden-Harris. The union, which is doing the same in the swing states of Arizona and Florida, says it’s the biggest canvassing operation in the state.
Opinion: Racial equality focus of my next term as clerk of courts
Aftab PurevalOpinion contributorFour years ago, I ran for the clerk of courts, and the voters of Hamilton County gave me the incredible chance to serve. During my first four years in office, I delivered results on the promises I made to the people of Hamilton County. But it is on the issues of racial equality where the Hamilton County courthouse is uniquely situated to be a community leader – and it is what I want to focus on in my next term. We must do that by addressing systemic challenges and by creating more justice and more equality. Aftab Pureval is the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.
Opinion: Educators can't let students slip through cracks
That’s because for nearly all of our 250 students, Marshall High School, a charter school in Middletown, provides an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. I was born to two high school dropouts and grew up in the projects of Piqua, Ohio, with an alcoholic, abusive father. The charter school model empowers educators to build a school around the needs of their students. It’s why I support charter schools. Chuck Hall is the principal of Marshall High School in Middletown.
Opinion: Reengaging neighborhoods should be a high priority
Together they created our city charter, which remains only slightly altered today. We need city resources to be swiftly available to all neighborhoods that need them. City Council and the mayor must publicly agree on priorities each year and exclusively work on them except in extreme circumstances. All city departments must effectively address in all neighborhoods the "quality of life" issues that affect city residents and hamper development. Bill Frost is a Charter Committee board member and a candidate for Cincinnati City Council in 2021.
Opinion: I will help restart Ohio for everyone's benefit
The state budget cut the Ohio State Income Taxes 4%. This cut was achieved while still balancing the state budget as required by Ohio's constitution. I felt this was extremely unfair and introduced legislation to require the city to justify any increase to base water rates. This quickly brought the city to the negotiating table and an agreement was reached to continue the same water rates for decades. Lookout and is seeking reelection to the Ohio House of Representatives from the 27th Ohio House District.
Deters: As prosecutor, I have the courage to do what is right
It’s why I take so much pride in being the prosecutor and fighting for justice every single day. The race for county prosecutor will impact voters’ day-to-day lives far more than the presidential race and is a choice between two drastically different public safety philosophies. I have the knowledge and experience to keep your safety a top priority, and I have the courage to do what is right. If you give me the honor of continuing as your prosecutor, I will do just that. Joe Deters, a lifelong Cincinnatian, has served as Hamilton County prosecutor for 23 years as well as Ohio's state treasurer.
Opinion: How you can prepare for election disaster
Gleb TsipurskyOpinion contributorHow can you prepare for the U.S. presidential election resulting in a disaster? Is a voice deep inside your gut whispering that you shouldn’t worry about it: an election disaster never happened before, and so it won’t happen now? Three cognitive biases bear the biggest fault for our failure to face the truth about the possibility of an election disaster. After that, what’s the likelihood that the Electoral College vote will not be decisive due to legal challenges? By doing so, you’re essentially buying insurance to protect yourself from election disaster.
Self-driving semi travels across Ohio in test run
TOLEDO - The perpetual advancement of self-driving technology already has made its way to Ohio with a route recently passing right through our backyard. Mike DeWine announced a new initiative, “DriveOhio,” which has charged the Ohio Department of Transportation with developing and deploying automated and connected vehicle technology. More:Ohio Turnpike begins $14M repaving projects in area countiesThe 280-mile delivery route traveled along the Ohio Turnpike, passing through Sandusky and Ottawa counties. Truck platooning is considered an “SAE Level I” automation, which is global safety standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers. In addition to ODOT and the Ohio Turnpike, the Smart Belt Coalition includes the Michigan Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.
Dublin middle-schoolers jump-started effort that created Ohio bullfrog license plate
Among other things, it creates 33 new designs of state license plates, the sale of which benefits various causes and groups. For the past two years, students of Grizzell social studies teacher Shawn Kaeser have pushed for a plate featuring the bullfrog. In 2010, after an eight-year effort, his students helped get the bullfrog designated as the official state frog. The bill designates that funds from the sale of bullfrog plates be used toward the preservation and protection of habitat. Related:See Ohio's current list of organizational platesTo remain in the state’s lineup of specialty plates, at least 25 bullfrog plates must be sold annually.
Black men's votes courted as some search for political home
NEW YORK (AP) — For Phillip Agnew, engaging Black male voters ahead of the general election isn’t just about persuading them to choose former Vice President Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump. As an activist and organizer who gained acclaim after leading protests in Florida over the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Agnew sees an opportunity to keep the 14.4 million Black men of voting age politically engaged well beyond 2020. That effort begins with keeping it real about this year’s candidates. Trump’s positions on race and Biden’s decades-old controversial record on criminal justice make neither candidate particularly attractive to Black men. “You don’t lie, you acknowledge the truth, and admit that the choices before Black people in the year 2020 are abysmal,” said Agnew, an organizer with Black Men Build, a group created to empower Black men.
How America Became a Country Full of Assholes
Donald Trump isn’t seen or mentioned once by name in Assholes: A Theory. To grasp that argument, one need only listen to Assholes: A Theory’s basic description of an asshole. Such attitudes, according to Assholes: A Theory, aren’t confined to law enforcement. Assholes: A Theory suggests that real assholes probably don’t know they are one; central to this condition is the certainty that all bad behavior is actually OK. The fact that Donald Trump embodies every facet of Walker and James’ definition of an asshole only further transforms Assholes: A Theory into a disheartening look at America’s current predicament.
JCPS is hiring and keeping more teachers of color, but is it enough to meet equity goals?
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Jefferson County Public Schools officials say the district is seeing success when it comes to hiring and keeping teachers of color. JCPS says it has also reduced its Black teacher attrition rate from 14% to 7% over the past year. And of the 424 teachers hired by JCPS this year, one in five — or 83 — are teachers of color, per the district. "Teachers of color currently make up a little over 16% of our teachers," JCPS spokesman Mark Hebert told The Courier Journal. Wynn also said Wednesday that she never had a Black teacher until high school and also did not have a Black science teacher until college.
Decolonizing healthcare could help tackle racism
The circumstances surrounding Echaquan’s death provide a poignant example of the racism Indigenous people experience in the health-care system. It lies at the interface of interactions between patients, health-care providers and institutional structures. As a reflection of the structural racism embedded in social institutions, interactions between Indigenous people and health-care providers are often characterized by stigma, discrimination and racism. The scientific literature shows that people who experience racism and discrimination tend to anticipate encounters with health-care professionals, underutilize health-care services and under-report their symptoms to doctors and nurses. Cultural safety also requires improving professionals’ cultural competencies and their skillset for implementing safe and respectful treatments.
Detroit woman's voting history dates back to FDR
Detroit woman's voting history dates back to FDRA 103-year-old Detroit woman is proud of her lengthy voting record, which dates back to President Franklin Roosevelt, saying it’s every citizen’s “civic duty” to take part in the process (Oct. 28)
Pompeo Visits Sri Lanka as It Deepens China Relationship
Colombo, Sri Lanka—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Sri Lanka Wednesday against its tightening ties with China, as his tour of South Asia this week put a spotlight on the growing rivalry between the U.S. and China for influence in the region. Mr. Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka just as it is ratcheting up its relationship with China with new loans, multibillion-dollar construction projects and even new laws to cement that partnership. In India Tuesday before leaving for Sri Lanka, Mr. Pompeo announced new agreements to help India cooperate with the U.S. military and buy its hardware. Mr. Pompeo warned Sri Lanka about the potential consequences. “The Chinese Communist Party is a predator,” Mr. Pompeo told reporters after a meeting with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.
In Georgia, Democrats Target the True Silent Majority: People Who Don’t Vote
ATLANTA — Jon Ossoff may not have known it, but a possible key to victory in his Georgia Senate race had just pulled up beside him in a dingy black van. “First-time voters!” the driver yelled as two of the men, Richard Sanabria and Tony Lamar Jones, walked out. Mr. Lamar Jones, 42, looked at the media circus surrounding Mr. Ossoff and asked, “Who’s he?”His question should come as no surprise. Over 100 million eligible, voting-age Americans did not vote in 2016, more than the number who voted for either presidential candidate. In Georgia, about 60 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in that year’s presidential race, roughly on par with the national figure of 55 percent.
Opinion | Lindsey Graham is ripe for a takedown. Jaime Harrison could give it to him.
Although the most recent major poll has Graham about six points ahead, the race has polled dead-even at times. Graham needs no introduction, but as he seems to mention at every opportunity, he does need money. ADADThough Harrison’s kick in the final lap took nearly everyone by surprise, Graham was ripe for a takedown. Although Harrison acquitted himself well, Graham’s 18 years of experience, political chops and institutional knowledge were difficult to ignore. He already has made a mark and a difference — and Graham should keep that humbly in mind should he win.
Hoping for a lucky break in the pandemic could cost the US economy dearly
She is a speaker and consultant on decision strategy, a former professional poker player and the co-founder of The Alliance for Decision Education. With public health at risk and the economy hobbling along, we're going to be facing some painful decisions — again. The states hardest hit by the first wave made these decisions too slowly. When it comes to painful choices, we act like losing gamblers refusing to quit, hoping for that one big hand that will get us even. We hope that luck will break our way and we can avoid ever having to make the tough choices.
Targeting herd immunity from COVID-19 without a vaccine remains a deadly idea — here’s why
Proponents of this strategy claim so-called “natural herd immunity” will emerge and minimize harm from SARS-CoV-2 (and the COVID-19 disease it causes) while protecting the economy. Furthermore, according to recent research, this reckless approach is unlikely to even produce the herd immunity that’s the whole point of such a plan. This is far short of the estimated 50%-67% required to achieve herd immunity to the coronavirus. And then, once a vaccine is widely available, the country can move to herd immunity. This was first published by The Conversation — “Achieving COVID-19 herd immunity through infection is dangerous, deadly and might not even work“.
What should a smart investor do now?
I’ve been getting some questions lately that make me think investors are unusually nervous and don’t know what to do. There’s a sense that we are on the brink of some monumental change — obviously related to the presidential election — that will have huge implications.
Watch live: Governor Baker making SJC announcement
Governor Charlie Baker is scheduled to make an announcement Wednesday about the Supreme Judicial Court. A source earlier told the Globe that the governor will nominate Kimberly Budd as chief justice to fill the role last held by Ralph D. Gants, who died unexpectedly last month. If confirmed, Budd would become the first Black woman to lead the state’s highest court in its long history. Watch live here at 11:30 a.m.
Baker to nominate Kimberly Budd as chief justice, source says
If confirmed, Budd would become the first Black woman to lead the state’s highest court in its long history. Governor Charlie Baker will nominate Kimberly S. Budd to be chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday, a source in his administration said. No woman of color has ever been chief justice in the court’s 328-year history, and she would be just the second Black chief justice, following Roderick L. Ireland (2010-2014). AdvertisementShe would be the second woman to hold the post, after Margaret H. Marshall (1999-2010), and at 54, Budd would be the state’s youngest chief justice in 150 years. Budd, the daughter of former US attorney Wayne A. Budd, was named to the Superior Court in 2009 by Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat.
What you can do now to protect the 2020 Election
But across the country, skilled organizers, academics, grass-roots groups, nonpartisan national organizations, and local community coalitions are preparing for the possibility of election and post-election interference and violence. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers are already signed up to take action to protect American democracy. Picture local public officials from opposing parties; faith coalitions; gardening clubs and hunting lodges; business associations and unions; civic action and civil rights groups — all signing pledges to respect and protect the vote. Some are planning public rallies to encourage and support election administrators trying to count every vote. Already in every state, civil rights and Democratic Party lawyers are fighting legal challenges to fair election procedures.
Opinion: Proposition 16 will right wrongs of the past
Affirmative action has proven to be one of our most powerful tools in expanding opportunities and overcoming structural racism and sexism. In states that allow affirmative action, women and people of color compete on equal footing for jobs, promotions, state contracts and college admissions. There is also a direct correlation between the ban on affirmative action and the steep decline in California’s Black population. In fact, Asian American and Pacific Islander admission rates fell at nearly every UC after affirmative action was banned. By voting yes on Proposition 16, we can end the ban on affirmative action and start dismantling obstacles to equal opportunity.
An exodus: How wildfires have driven migration from Butte County
Some use groups on Facebook to stay in touch and share their stories when they make the decision to move. Linda Lee Wooten-Tafoya has already left Butte County, and said “We didn’t want to move but felt we had no choice.”“We lost everything,” she said. When I got evacuated that day from work, I knew I would never see the same town ever again. … I found myself wanting to drive up to Paradise regularly and then I would be sad for several days afterward. Santa Rosa, Shasta County, and this year again for us in Berry Creek all the way to Quincy!
Donald Trump triumphantly returns to Arizona to celebrate the 'end' of the pandemic
He’s coming back to Arizona for what will be his seventh campaign stop here, and he desperately wants you to believe the pandemic is over. He wants you to PAY NO ATTENTION to the fact that Arizona health authorities reported 1,157 new coronavirus cases and 16 additional deaths on Tuesday morning. Or that local health officials worry that if trends continue new COVID-19 cases might exceed the record numbers of June and July. And that our country, the richest, most powerful, most advanced nation on the planet, still leads the world with 8.8 million COVID-19 cases and nearly 227,000 deaths. At least according to Trump and to all of the cheering, shouting, maskless acolytes who attend his personal vanity fairs.
Readers respond: Adrian Brown’s experience stands out
As a woman of color, I felt compelled to share why I am voting for Adrian Brown. In this competitive judicial race, candidates are confined to run on experience — professional and personal. However, I believe the professional experience Adrian brings is significantly distinguishable. Adrian’s work is not just unique compared to her opponent’s volunteer experience – it is also unique among judges in Multnomah County. I’m voting Adrian for judge because she brings the experience to make the change we so desperately need to build trust back into the legal and justice system.
Opinion: Measure 108’s vaping tax neither smart nor humane
Oregon’s Measure 108, which would impose substantial new taxes on vaping products, is misguided for precisely the same reason. By raising the cost of the most effective smoking cessation devices ever invented, it will unintentionally perpetuate cigarette smoking. Sensible policy would tax products proportionally to their capacity for harm, using higher costs on more dangerous products like cigarettes to nudge consumers to lower-risk alternatives. It’s also worth noting that youth vaping in the U.S. is already in significant decline from its 2019 peak. And despite years of unsubstantiated warnings about vaping as a gateway to smoking, youth cigarette smoking – a far more dangerous behavior – has fallen by around 80% in the past decade.
Voting history of Detroit woman, 103, dates back to FDR
DETROIT (AP) — Talu Massey is among the millions of Americans who voted before Nov. 3, resulting in record-breaking early turnout. But it's far from the Detroit resident’s first election. She voted for FDR, after all. The 103-year-old is proud of her lengthy voting record, saying it’s every citizen’s “civic duty” to take part in the process. “As an American citizen, you have a right to cast your vote for who you want in office, who you want to be running the government,” Massey said during an interview at her home.
As Climate Disasters Pile Up, a Radical Proposal Gains Traction
WASHINGTON — As the effects of climate change become more devastating, prominent research institutions and government agencies are focusing new money and attention on an idea once dismissed as science fiction: Artificially cooling the planet, in the hopes of buying humanity more time to cut greenhouse gas emissions. That strategy, called solar climate intervention or solar geoengineering, entails reflecting more of the sun’s energy back into space — abruptly reducing global temperatures in a way that mimics the effects of ash clouds spewed by volcanic eruptions. The idea has been derided as a dangerous and illusory fix, one that would encourage people to keep burning fossil fuels while exposing the planet to unexpected and potentially menacing side effects. “We’re facing an existential threat, and we need to look at all the options,” said Michael Gerrard, director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at the Columbia Law School and editor of a book on the technology and its legal implications. “I liken geoengineering to chemotherapy for the planet: If all else is failing, you try it.”
Chile's latest steps towards true democracy are a beacon for the world
Chile’s current constitution was written by Pinochet’s adviser and rightwing ideologue Jaime Guzmán, and was approved at the time by a rigged referendum. The crisis shocked political elites into action and prompted attempts by the centre-right government of Sebastián Piñera to appease protesters. Yet promises to address their demands did not produce the desired calming effect, especially as it became clear that an unreformed police force was persistently violating their human rights. But it should make the political process more legitimate in the eyes of many Chileans, force political elites to be more inclusive and accountable, as well as enabling politicians to negotiate and implement necessary reforms. For now, we should celebrate the commitment to democracy that got Chile this far.
Forecasts of an even deadlier second Covid wave prove that lockdowns do not work
Exactly as Vallance warned in March, attempting to stop everyone getting the virus is futile. We are not stopping deaths by entering this strange twilight world of semi-imprisonment and economic depression; we are merely delaying them. Instead, Boris got out a steam roller and tried to flatten his sombero into a mere smudge on the road. But we are going to have those deaths anyway, as will every country that has tried to suppress the virus. Now it has the one of the highest death rate in the world, in spite of locking down a second time.
Canada's COVID-19 death toll surpasses 10,000 as second wave continues to surge regionally
Article contentMore than 10,000 Canadians have died due to COVID-19, a grim milestone reached by a pandemic that is far from over. Twenty-eight new deaths reported in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta pushed the death toll to 10,001 on Tuesday. Try refreshing your browser, or Canada's COVID-19 death toll surpasses 10,000 as second wave continues to surge regionally Back to videoCanada crossed the threshold of 5,000 deaths on May 12, a little over two months after the first death was reported. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the pandemic a “horrific national tragedy,” and warned that Canadians should brace for more. The death toll has climbed much more slowly since April and May, when outbreaks in long-term care homes and a lack of medical knowledge about the novel coronavirus resulted in a higher proportion of fatal infections.
Unsanitized, Election Edition: Barrett Confirmation Reinforces That McConnell Is Looking Past This Election
× Expand AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Unsanitized-102720 Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in on Monday night. The miscalculation, which I recognized just a few weeks later in early October, was that Mitch McConnell already believes this election is over. Read all of our Unsanitized reportsHis priority was to install Barrett on the Court, and set his legacy for transforming the judiciary. If anything, you can blame Nancy Pelosi for not sending over more than one privileged piece of legislation that Senate Democrats had the ability to bring up to waste time. More ominously, Kavanaugh’s concurring opinion appeared to suggest that only votes counted on election night count for the election.
Venezuelans’ Hopes for a Biden Administration
Venezuelans’ Hopes for a Biden Administration Venezuelans’ Hopes for a Biden Administration Five social scientists on what the U.S. election might mean for the future of Venezuela. The Trump administration surely sees potential electoral benefits to this approach, particularly in Florida, where it has made anti-socialist messaging central to its campaign rhetoric. In the lead up to the election, I wanted to ask Venezuelans what they hope a new a Biden administration might do differently. Peraza thought that a Biden administration should work through international organizations to help restart economic activity and basic services in Venezuela. Finally, I asked everyone how they rate the probability of success for a Biden administration.
How Do You Spell Fiscal Relief?
That $3 trillion relief package provided the Fed with $500 billion, which can leverage other lending at ratios of 10 to 1, or even more. And the terms offered by the Fed are so unattractive that few local or state governments even apply. This would help bridge the fiscal shortfall until a Biden administration and a Democratic Congress came up with another injection of serious relief, and the economy began to recover and restore normal state and local revenue streams. At the September 17 hearing of the oversight commission, the Fed witness, a Fed bureaucrat named Kent Hiteshew, resisted the idea of more liberal lending terms. Inside the Fed, Brainard is said to have pushed for more liberal lending terms.
How Australia’s Greens Are Winning a Left-Wing Vote in the Heart of “Conservative Queensland”
There’s a common sense among the Twitter left that Scott Morrison won big in Queensland because the majority of people here are quite conservative. This speaks to a popular misconception about politics, that if people vote for either Labor or the Greens, they’re progressive, and if they vote for the LNP or One Nation, they are conservative — and would never vote for us. Today only 14 percent of people are members of a trade union. As it turns out, he was an ex-boilermaker and was a member of his trade union until the 1980s. I think the Left is demoralized because they believe the population has moved away from them.
20 Lessons from the 20th Century on How to Survive in Trump’s America
To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. Here are 20 lessons from across the fear­ful 20th cen­tu­ry, adapt­ed to the cir­cum­stances of today. When the lead­ers of state set a neg­a­tive exam­ple, pro­fes­sion­al com­mit­ments to just prac­tice become much more impor­tant. And the moment you set an exam­ple, the spell of the sta­tus quo is bro­ken, and oth­ers will follow. To aban­don facts is to aban­don free­dom.
Both Football Players and Fans Are Sacrificial Lambs for Money-Hungry Universities
As other countries continue to flow in and out of economic lockdowns and government-imposed gathering limits, American college fans are streaming into colossal stadiums across the country, filled up to a quarter of capacity. Rather than demanding additional federal and state funding, universities have turned to students as cash cows to stay afloat. Coauthored by Ohio State professor of higher education Matthew Mayhew, the piece makes the argument for “essentializing college football,” treating it as an essential service. The problem is that the relief comes at an enormous cost: the health and well-being of college football players indentured by universities and the safety of fans themselves. To far different degrees, both players and fans are being victimized by universities, athletic departments, and football staff hell-bent on extracting as much revenue as they can this fall.
Bernie Sanders Would Make a Very Good Secretary of Labor
It oversees basic labor standards (minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wage) and investigates wage theft. Even without (sorely needed) changes to labor law, a crusading labor secretary could make a big difference in the lives of workers. In the 1930s, Frances Perkins was instrumental in the design, passage, and early administration of the Fair Labor Standards Act. In more recent years, Bill Clinton’s labor secretary, Robert Reich, pursued enforcement not just by fielding complaints but through targeted audits of industries where flouting labor standards had become a business model. Scalia’s Labor Department has issued guidances that undercut the relative generosity of the CARES Act’s unemployment and sick leave provisions.
MAS’s Adriana Salvatierra: “Now We Can Continue the Revolution in Bolivia”
When Bolivia went to the polls in 2005, the “Black October” massacres against social movements in the city of El Alto remained fresh in the popular memory. It is therefore not so surprising that the final result of the 2020 election was nearly identical to 2005. While MAS took 55.1 percent of the vote, neoliberal ex-president Carlos Mesa scored 28.8 percent and the far-right candidate from Santa Cruz, Fernando Camacho, 14 percent. Adriana Salvatierra was president of the Bolivian Senate under Morales’s final government. She sat down with Denis Rogatyuk and Bruno Sommer Catalan to discuss Bolivia’s future and the particular difficulties bequeathed by the outgoing regime.
For Black Americans, Being Voters Is Who We Are
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. To paraphrase the voting rights champion Lani Guinier, Black voters are the “miner’s canary” of our entire system of democracy. Consider the case of Michigan, where right-wing provocateurs were arrested for allegedly calling Black Detroit voters and spreading misinformation to keep them from voting.
CPUSA: Electoral uprising shatters records, signals possible democratic breakthrough
Shattering records: Voters cast their ballots in a vote center in Los Angeles, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. Republican operatives in Philadelphia have been photographing voters dropping off their ballots at drop boxes, hoping to “catch” voters dropping off other people’s ballots. Is the voting boom a sign of a new phase of a possible democratic breakthrough? People marching, people voting, people’s movements demanding change: This is what democracy looks like. This editorial was originally published under the title “The voter uprising: A sign of good things to come?” at CPUSA.org.
Trump Has Consistently Harmed Workers
It’s been almost four years since Donald Trump was elected president, promising to be the workers’ champion. As of October 23, in the meatpacking and food processing industries alone, 61,141 workers at 1,174 plants had tested positive for COVID-19. (This latter effort, recently struck down by a federal district court, would have cost workers an estimated $1 billion annually.) The result is that thousands of workers — bus drivers, grocery store, factory and warehouse workers — have gotten sick. Meanwhile, as recently reported in the New York Times, team Trump is rolling back yet another key worker protection strategy.
AFT warns Trump: We’ll take to the streets to defend democracy
| AFTWASHINGTON—The Teachers (AFT) will take to the streets, if necessary, to defend U.S. democracy during and after the Nov. 3 election, the 1.7-million-member union’s Executive Council announced. Further, AFT predicts the rest of the labor movement will be out in the streets, too, the council’s Oct. 26 resolution says. “It is our job as…most importantly, human beings, to defend democracy, which requires fighting for Americans’ right to vote and then counting every vote. I feel this even more keenly watching President Trump undermining the foundational underpinnings of our democracy: The consent of the governed. Now democracy faces a new and “historic challenge,” their resolution declares: Trump.
10 psychological haunted-house thrillers to stream for Halloween
We invite you to try these psychological haunted-house recs if you’re in the mood for something a bit different. By turns catty and campy, The Old Dark House drips with cheeky nods to haunted houses and psychological horror tropes — despite not quite fitting into either genre. Where to watch: Amazon Prime, ShudderEve’s Bayou (1997)Eve’s Bayou is an untraditional haunting. Where to watch: Amazon Prime, YouTubeEvent Horizon (1997)Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are at their best in this zany, unhinged classic about a spaceship that becomes possessed by — well, you’ll see. Where to watch: Amazon Prime, HuluThe Others (1999)The Others suffered at the box office and with critics by being overshadowed and compared to better-known films with similar premises.
Beef is bad for the planet. Can we make it better?
On the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, there’s a small city called Alta Floresta. And the cattle they brought in compounded the environmental problems by farting and burping out methane — a greenhouse gas that’s especially bad for our planet. In Brazil alone, 450,000 square kilometers of rainforest have been cleared for beef. Vando Telles grew up in Alta Floresta. On this episode of the Future Perfect podcast, we talk to Vando Telles about his uphill battle to bring those alternatives to his community.
To compete with China and Russia, America needs a new era of multilateralism
Yet, amid calls to reprioritize “international cooperation, not competition,” progressive aspirations cannot paper over the real geopolitical frictions that will persist post-Trump. Authoritarian countries like China and Russia know this fact well and are skilled at manipulating and exploiting international institutions to serve their own ends. The United States used to understand this fact, too, once upon a time, but it seems to have forgotten it lately. Consequently, the United States and like-minded partners must compete in international institutions to defend the values that underpin open societies. Rather than isolating authoritarians to increase democratic states’ leverage, the United States is cutting itself off from the partners it needs.
Still haven’t voted? Don’t send your ballot by mail.
Specifically, you should now plan to vote in person or drop off your mail ballot, if you already have one. If you still want to “vote by mail,” drop that ballot offVoting by mail doesn’t have to mean literally voting by mail. Only absentee voters can hand-deliver ballots; mail voters must send through the mail. If you requested a mail ballot and haven’t received it, or if you have a mail ballot and haven’t turned it in yet, you can still vote in person. Many states, like Pennsylvania, require you to bring your mail ballot to the polling station and turn it in to poll workers.
How our Google searches have changed in this presidential election
The 2020 election is different from those that have come before in many ways, including the ways in which we’re Googling. Waves of Interest, a new collaboration between Google News Initiative and information design firm Truth & Beauty, looks at how Americans’ internet searches have changed over the course of five presidential election years, from 2004 to 2020. The series of interactive data visualizations looks at the relative popularity of a range of popular political concepts, garnered from search trends as well as Pew Research Center election surveys, across election years. While some issues, like electoral fraud, are common from election to election, others vary widely by year. These charts present a fascinating window into our major concerns going into each election — and 2020’s concerns are particularly novel.
How a Pandemic Might Play Out Under Trump
Outbreaks of disease are among the ultimate tests for any leader who wants to play on the global stage. “If I asked him, ‘What is your stance on global health?,’ I don’t know what he’d say. In a blog post that can only be described as pandemic fan-fiction, he imagines that a lethal mutant strain of H7N9 flu emerges in China and spreads to America. During the Ebola outbreak, misinformation circulated more widely than the virus itself. They resembled the pernicious and long-debunked claim that vaccines cause autism, which has led to a resurgence in mumps, measles, and other infectious diseases, and which Trump has himself promoted.
The Impossible Job of a Parent Navigating Zoom School
Easton’s teacher would reach out to Rebeka every day, reminding her to help him log on. “I was like, I have four kids in school right now,” she said. When he needed help on his chemistry assignments, he’d have to wait until his dad, Joseph, a nurse, came home from the ER where he worked. Teachers and administrators rushed to figure out ad hoc solutions for online instruction and school services like free lunch. In May, as the school year came to an end, Joseph started to see diagnosed COVID-19 patients in the ER.
Trump Has Justified Breaking One of America’s Most Sacred Norms
To decline to investigate Trump’s alleged criminality after he has left office is itself a choice—and it’s the wrong one. The biggest danger of countenancing the investigation of ex-presidents is also the most obvious: an ever-escalating cycle of retribution. That’s why, for example, former Attorney General Eric Holder has reacted with grave concern to calls for Trump’s post-presidency prosecution. Adam Serwer: Trump’s crime against AmericaBut a reluctance to prosecute does not mean there should be a prohibition against doing so. This is true even in normal times, but it is all the more true during periods of deep political hostility.
COVID-19 Economy: The Recession Is Wildly Uneven
SHUTTERSTOCK / THE ATLANTICStimulus talks remain in a months-long stall, but one segment of America seems to be doing just fine in the meantime: the wealthy. Here are three things to know about the present condition of the pandemic-ravaged economy:This recession and recovery have been wildly uneven. “We’re just rife with cash and it has led to a decent amount of guilt,” one told Joe Pinsker over the summer. “They worry that rich families might simply leave, no longer bound to their offices or their children’s schools,” Annie reports. Further reading: Speaking of the rich … Hannah Giorgis, a staff writer who covers culture, has a thoughtful piece on television’s portrayals of the troubled wealthy.
Working for Racial Justice as a White Teacher
Rizga: What are some of the most important things you’ve learned about grading and commenting on student work? Roth: It’s really important to let students know that you will be in dialogue with them about all aspects of their work, including their grades. I love to look at student work. When you have a system based on grades, you have to give consistent feedback so that students know how their work is being evaluated. At Mission High, teachers meet regularly to share student work, and to figure out how to give meaningful feedback to help students grow.
5 Questions for Undecided Voters
Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Which candidate is more likely to inspire Americans ––and perhaps the leaders and citizens of allied nations––to take on rather than disclaim responsibility? Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, believed that “outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” The president leads the military and all federal agencies. Which candidate is more likely to boost subordinates so they perform at their best? Choose the candidate who will be the better influence.
The Garden Trolls of Western Pennsylvania
Someone, in the middle of the night, spray-painted pedophile across the Biden sign. “Yes, QAnon lives,” McMeekin said dryly. A customer who was irate over the Biden sign walked into the greenhouse café and spit at a waitress. “I had almost kept the Biden sign up—with that word spray-painted on it—to shove in people’s faces about how ridiculous this has become,” he told me. Those experiences helped me imagine that someday I could write about lives different than mine.
America Is About to Choose How Bad the Pandemic Will Get
And yet, the pandemic is not impossible to control, contrary to what White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows recently suggested. Read: America is trapped in a pandemic spiralThe playbook is clear, but it demands something that has thus far been missing—federal coordination. First, COVID-19 is a starter pandemic, and SARS-CoV-2 is neither as contagious nor as lethal as other pathogens. Science values replication—repeated experiments that verify whether the same outcome occurs. The U.S. has now clearly seen what happens when a pandemic occurs under Trump.
The Press Is Giving Trump a Free Pass, Again
During the last presidential debate, Biden challenged Trump to release his tax returns. For close watchers, it’s just Trump being Trump (although most people are not regular Trump watchers). David A. Graham: Americans saw Trump unfiltered and recoiled in horrorThe skimpy coverage isn’t due to the media’s fear of being seen as biased against Trump. These are real failings by the press, but this is not a question of seeking some false balance: Trump is getting away with more, and receiving less scrutiny, than Biden is. If it is true that he’s getting that pass because the media presume he is an underdog, they are playing a risky game.
People Who Aren’t Voting Explain Why
“Basically it would be voting for the lesser of two evils, and I can't bring myself to vote for either of them. Everyone from influencers to celebrities to private companies has been encouraging their followers to vote with more energy than ever before. Organizations like Headcount and Rock the Vote continue to use celebrities like Ariana Grande and Becky G to get out the vote. Still, some people have decided to opt out of voting in the upcoming election altogether because of their frustrations with both the candidates running and the electoral system. Then there are Americans who weren’t even of voting age in 2016 and already felt that the system was out of step with their personal beliefs.
Here’s What Will Happen On Election Night
WASHINGTON — There’s one question on everyone’s mind these days: What the hell will happen on election night? With the coronavirus pandemic prompting mass mail-in voting, calling an official winner will likely take longer than usual. ET on Election Day in parts of Indiana and Kentucky, and the last polls will close at 1 a.m. If the election is close, it may initially look like President Donald Trump is winning, regardless of the final outcome. Essentially, without comprehensive reporting of mail-in ballots in a close election, it might look on election night like Trump is winning big.
Here's How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Election Day
Delays and timing issues are rampant during Mercury retrograde, given that the planet's slowing things down for everyone. That said, mail or drop off your ballot as early as possible to avoid last-minute snags, or give yourself extra time to get to your polling place.
FBI director Wray says the right things about protecting voters. But he needs to say more.
Frederick Baron and Dennis AftergutOpinion contributorsProminent on the list of people President Donald Trump plans to fire if he wins reelection is FBI Director Christopher Wray, whose truth telling is undercutting increasingly erratic presidential campaign messaging. Wray has shown a steely commitment to a secure election and to speaking truth at risk of his job. Late last month, Wray told Congress there was no historical evidence of widespread mail-in ballot fraud, undermining a Trump campaign meme. Public commitment would reassureWray can reassure the public that the FBI has set in motion plans to deter or arrest anyone illegally interfering with voters. In a recent Fox News interview, President Trump called for deploying local sheriffs to do poll watching.
Why partisan politics keeps 14 million hungry children from getting the food they need
Sara Bleich, Jessica Cohen, Benjamin Sommers and Joseph AllenOpinion contributorsEvery day, 14 million children go hungry in the United States. Food insecurity experienced in first grade — even when corrected by third grade — still carries negative consequences into fifth grade. Before the pandemic, almost 30 million children — more than 50% of school-age children — received free or reduced price meals. It should be a national outrage that 14 million children are hungry in America. If we do not act swiftly, food insecurity will harm a generation of children, especially Black and brown children.
Opinion | The Supreme Court Should Stay Out of State Election Law
It too empowers each state “legislature”— this time, to regulate the manner of picking presidential electors — but it does not empower a state “legislature” to ignore the state constitution creating that legislature, or the state supreme court that authoritatively interprets that state constitution. Thus, when a state court construes a state election statute to align it with a state constitution’s right-to-vote principles, that state court is doing exactly what the federal Constitution and binding federal precedent authorize. States generally set uniform rules for federal and state elections; giving federal courts latitude to topple state rules, but only for federal elections, eviscerates in-state uniformity. Even if state constitutions do not apply of their own force to presidential ballots, these constitutions apply because state legislatures have chosen to incorporate them by reference into comprehensive state election codes regulating all elections in the state — local, state, congressional and presidential. Likewise, state legislatures have knowingly deputized state courts to oversee all these elections to ensure conformity with state constitutions.
2020 election: Foreign interference from Russia and China matters less than a looming constitutional crisis
The specter of foreign interference has hung over President Trump’s entire term in office. But away from the White House, U.S. officials reportedly fear outside attempts to sow discord even beyond Election Day, especially if there’s no declared winner on election night. Even more so than in 2016, the United States is a hotbed of polarization and conspiracy theories. According to recent studies, Trump himself is a leading driver of misinformation on both the coronavirus and integrity of mail-in voting. Otherwise, the United States is veering toward a deeper crisis.
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Trump administration sets record low limit for new U.S. refugeesThe Trump administration has slashed the number of refugees it will allow to resettle in the United States in the coming year, capping the number at 15,000, a record low in the history of the country's modern refugee program.
Breakingviews News Headlines
Breakingviews - Election debate victor is big D - America’s debtThe final televised debate of the U.S. presidential race offered a blast of nostalgia. In contrast to the chaos and mudslinging of the previous face-off – and the Donald Trump presidency in general – it was a more civilized policy discussion, like debates used to be. A tough moderator and a mute button helped. Yet there’s one major difference from previous electoral cycles: concern about giant U.S. debt has been cast aside.
Breakingviews - Election debate victor is big D - America’s debt
NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) - The final televised debate of the U.S. presidential race offered a blast of nostalgia. In contrast to the chaos and mudslinging of the previous face-off – and the Donald Trump presidency in general – it was a more civilized policy discussion, like debates used to be. Four years earlier, with the debt around $11 trillion, then-President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney sparred about the same topic. A Biden presidency could, though, serve bitter pills to capitalist America. And while a tax-rate hike may hit stock valuations, a 28% rate would still be the lowest since World War Two, prior to Trump’s presidency.
Today's Headlines: A championship with a 2020 twist
After a drought of more than three decades, the Dodgers won the World Series, but like much this year, it didn’t follow the script. TOP STORIESA Championship With a 2020 TwistIn a year full of misery, the Dodgers gave Los Angeles a reason to believe. As for Ohio, Trump won it by an 8-percentage-point margin in 2016, and this year, the conventional wisdom had placed it firmly outside contention. (Bill Varie / Los Angeles Times Archive / UCLA)AdvertisementWant more of the Los Angeles Times archives? Support our journalism Subscribe to the Los Angeles Times.
Ohio, once seen as Trump territory, emerges as a battleground
President Trump won the Buckeye State by a healthy 8-percentage-point margin in 2016, and two years later the blue wave in the nation’s midterm elections barely made a splash here. And the race in Ohio between Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden has proved far tighter than predicted, boosting hopes among the party’s candidates down the ballot. The Biden campaign since has upped its spending and presence in Ohio, even as the Trump team has sent mixed signals on how zealously they’re defending the state. “If Trump wins Ohio by 6 to 8 points, it will carry over into Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Republican state Rep. Dave Greenspan is trying to hold his seat in a suburban Cleveland district by focusing on local issues and distancing himself from President Trump.
Racial inequity in California is real. But is Prop. 16 the answer?
Supporters of Proposition 16 say it’s needed to level the playing field and to mitigate systemic racism. They point out that Latino and Black students are underrepresented at the University of California compared with their high school graduation numbers. That galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement and inspired the California Legislature to place Proposition 16 on next Tuesday’s ballot. Proposition 16 is supported by two major business groups — the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Business Roundtable. And go to the voters with another Proposition 16.
Essential California: Dodgers claim victory after 31-year drought
Enter Email Address Sign Me Up You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. On Tuesday night, the Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1, clinching their first World Series title since 1988. Los Angeles TimesNote: Some of the sites we link to may limit the number of stories you can access without subscribing. STORIESIt’s a new day for New Age music: The genre is thriving once again in Los Angeles. San Francisco Chronicle“Larry is a hero of Stockton.” Larry Itliong, one of Stockton’s most noteworthy social-justice leaders, was recognized Sunday by Gov.
On the campaign trail, Kamala Harris energizes women who see themselves in her battles
“Black women have been basically carrying the Democratic Party and doing the work,” she said. Her staffers and supporters often point out that there is no playbook for a Black woman seeking national office. Still, as a Black woman, Harris has had a steeper road to define herself, navigating legitimate criticisms of her record alongside racial and gender bias and hateful attacks. AdvertisementDemocratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris spoke while people took her photo during a campaign event Saturday in Lakewood, Ohio. As a Black woman, Harris could relate to Collins’s Black family, she said.
Letters: Biden and climate | Re-elect Eshoo | Saratoga council | No on Prop. 20 | Yes on Prop. 15 | Airline’s error
Patrick AhrensCupertinoVote for Renee Paquierfor Saratoga City CouncilI am writing in support of Renee Paquier for member of the Saratoga City Council. I have seen it and I am honored to vote for Renee Paquier for Saratoga City Council. Michael Kahan, Heidi Baikie and Joni BlockBend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, South Bay ChapterMountain ViewA yes on Prop. 15 | Board of Education | Walia for council | Paquier in Saratoga | Vote CaswellLetters: Orinda’s Measure R | Contra Costa Measure X | Community college board | Prop. 15 | Biden and the economy | Haubert for supervisorLetters: Define ‘court-packing’ | Saratoga council | Senate District 15 | Campbell City Council | Support community colleges | Access to the voteLetters: World reacts | Piedmont Measure UU | Haubert for supervisor | Prop.
Hancock, Kniech: Supporting 2B will fund proven solutions to reducing homelessness in Denver
In just the last three years, Denver has transitioned 900 people from homelessness to housing. It’s called ‘supportive housing’ and it is a proven solution to reducing homelessness. Today, 80% of the most chronically homeless individuals in Denver who have been placed in supportive housing are successfully staying housed. If voters pass Measure 2B, your investment will create 1,800 supportive housing apartments over the next 10 years that include those same support services. With sustainable funding tied to proven outcomes, and the flexibility we’ll need to innovate some new solutions too, we will reduce homelessness in Denver.
The procrastinator’s guide to Colorado’s 2020 ballot
If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet, there’s still time to have your vote count in the Nov. 3 election. You’ll need to drop it off at a ballot dropoff location. Find a ballot dropoff location near youFor other voting questions, check out our voter FAQ or go to the Colorado Secretary of State’s voter information site. Here’s a roundup of stories, explainers, candidate Q&As and endorsements* about what you’ll find on the ballot. They are included here only in an effort to provide voters as much information as possible about candidates and issues.
Readers respond: Police oversight measure is flawed
I support the establishment of a new police oversight board in Portland that has more independence and more power than the Independent Police Review. However, I am troubled by Measure 26-217?s explicit exclusion of any person with policing experience from membership on the board. I also have concerns about the fixed minimum budget. Based on the current police budget, the new board would receive $11.5 million compared to $3 million allocated to the Independent Police Review Board. I will not be supporting Measure 26-217 but look forward to voting for an improved measure that will encourage fair treatment of all citizens by the police.
Man, woman stopped for speeding in Roseville, arrested for gun violations
A man and a woman were arrested early Wednesday after being stopped for speeding in Roseville and state police saw a pistol in the back seat of their car. They conducted a traffic stop and troopers saw a Canik 9mm pistol on the back seat. They determined the weapon belonged to the driver, a 31-year-old man. Troopers arrested the man for driving while intoxicated, carrying a concealed weapon without a license, possessing a pistol while under the influence of alcohol, driving with a suspended license and not having automobile insurance. Troopers also took her into custody for carrying a concealed weapon without a license and possessing a pistol while under the influence of alcohol.
Hundreds of Muslims hold anti-France protest in Bangladesh
DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Hundreds of activists from an Islamist political party protested in Bangladesh’s capital on Wednesday against the French president's support of secular laws that deem caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as protected under freedom of speech. The protesters from the conservative Islami Oikya Jote party carried banners calling President Emmanuel Macron “the world’s biggest terrorist" and burned and beat an effigy of him. They also criticized the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, saying it should condemn Macron and France. Hasina has yet to officially comment. The party supports the introduction of Islamic law in the Muslim-majority South Asian nation, which is governed by a legal system largely based on British common law.
Yes, character of elected officials matters … a lot
Make no mistake, there’s a difference between character and the cast of characters who are currently leading our nation. And, his response to the pandemic that kills mostly Black people is to ignore it. Thank God that character, or the lack thereof, will most definitely be on the ballot on Tuesday. Locally, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has exhibited a strength of character in how he has handled the two pandemics — coronavirus and racism and inequality. I believe the mayor has shown character and a strength of conviction by his willingness to “listen” and a demonstrated support for fairness and equity.
Dan Warner: Is America on a steady decline?
He has canceled all his cable channels, turned the networks off during news periods and gets his information from online sites he carefully chooses. He worked his way out of his neighborhood, attended MIT, went to medical school and now has a widely popular medical practice. He turned me on to an excellent book, “A Pillar of Iron” by Taylor Caldwell. They think he is going to fix legitimate wrongs that have beset America in recent decades. I have to agree with my friend; not his tactics, but his belief that we right now are in a steep and steady decline.
Rachael Rollins takes bold step with guns
Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins has taken a lot of heat for her progressive policies, in particular her list of “no-prosecute” crimes. And so it came as a somewhat of a surprise Monday when Rollins promised to fight against bail for defendants charged with firearms crimes. This year has seen a surge in gun violence in Boston, with shootings a regular occurrence in the city. “What we want people to know is there has been a significant uptick in dangerousness hearings that we have been pursuing regarding gun violence, meaning you will not be let out up until your trial,” Rollins said. She could have dug in her heels in defense of her earlier stance — many leaders do — but Rollins saw an avenue to help stem the gun violence on the city’s streets and took it.
Peter Lucas: Nancy Pelosi isn’t helping Massachusetts, governor
It is not a good look — or sound — and it does not do much for the people of Massachusetts. So deep is his distaste for and resentment of fellow Republican President Trump that he cannot see straight. Baker would rather be aligned with Nancy Pelosi than with Donald Trump. It has been a given that for years that Massachusetts is a one-party state run by Democrats, even though it has had Republican governors. Baker earlier sided with Democrats who were critical of Trump for making the appointment in the first place.
I used to be confused by my mixed identity. But mixedness will heal America
Whenever I misbehaved as a child, my Puerto Rican abuela blamed the Mexican in me. My gringa came from my mom, who spoke English with a Puerto Rican accent. You’re American, my mother said. You’re not Puerto Rican. You’re American.
Did you vote? Now, be patient
ADVERTISEMENTIt's possible that 85 million people could vote before Nov. 3, with 150 million voting in total. That would mean an eligible voter turnout rate of more than 62 percent — a high water mark in this century. (2008 saw the highest rate of eligible voter turnout in a presidential election in the last 50 years: 61.65 percent. What we need are patient Americans who can endure not just waiting in lines to vote but waiting for an outcome and accepting it. They will be running a new $20 million public education campaign highlighting the country’s ability to hold safe and secure elections and stressing that every vote counts.
Breaking: Ex-finance minister, Okonjo-Iweala, elected WTO DG
Kindly Share This Story:Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s ex-finance minister and nominee for the office of the director-general of the World Trade Organisation, WTO, has emerged winner of the highly competitive race. The former minister According to TheCable, polled 104 votes from 164 member countries to defeat her South Korea’s trade minister opponent, at the final stage of the raceREAD ALSO:She has broken many records, including becoming the first African to occupy win that office at the WTO. Details later:Kindly Share This Story:
Opinion | How Far Might Trump Go?
Barton Gellman, in a long essay in The Atlantic, “The Election That Could Break America” makes extensive use of Foley’s conjecture. Trump, Gellman continues,is preparing the ground for post — election night plans to contest the results. It is the strategy of a man who expects to be outvoted and means to hobble the count. If you just stopped counting at midnight on election night, Trump would be the winner, even though many millions of mail-in ballots in key swing states are still to be counted. Richard Pildes, a law professor at N.Y.U., pointed out in an email that policymakers who support extended vote processing deadlines “face a trade-off.
Opinion | Some Trump Supporters Might Be Relieved If He Loses
In her view, the American left had long denied being moralistic while acting relentlessly moralizing. “I thought there were a lot of people going around saying things they didn’t really believe. It would accomplish two things: first, make Mr. Trump a martyr to leftist intolerance, and second, get him out of office. “Reagan was very genteel,” another pro-Trump friend complained to me — very much unlike Mr. Trump. But how do you admit you used your ballot — that sacred thing in a democracy — as a weapon to prod your adversaries?
Opinion | When Virtual School Means a Respite From Racism
To be sure, the informal survey’s sample size was small and the respondents aren’t necessarily representative of Black parents across the country. Cheryl Fields-Smith, an associate education professor at the University of Georgia, studies why Black families choose to home-school. She said she had also seen it firsthand observing elementary school classrooms. “If Black children so much as wiggle, it’s ‘Keep still!’ White kids are wiggling, and they don’t say a word. It’s no surprise that Black children are underrepresented in gifted classes and under-enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement courses — or that a Black student at a school with few other Black children is more likely to have a diagnosis of learning disabled than a similarly performing child at a predominantly Black school.
Why Foreign Policy Played Differently in the 2020 Election - The New York Times
And when Americans fear foreign dangers, candidates who appear more hawkish generally prosper. According to a recent poll, Americans are more likely to blame their own government, not “foreign governments,” for the coronavirus. The domestic focus of this year’s race particularly hurts Mr. Trump among older voters. In 2016, according to Pew, they were the age group most afraid of terrorism — and most of them favored Mr. Trump to combat it. This year they are the demographic most fearful of and endangered by the coronavirus — and they disapprove of how Mr. Trump has handled the pandemic.
Opinion | Trump and the Boaty McBoatfacing of America
So when he won the election, the joke was on Donald Trump. — wrote that election night left Mr. Trump and his circle dumbfounded and afraid. Melania was in tears — and not of joy.” Steve Bannon, according to Mr. Wolff, described Mr. Trump as disbelieving, and then horrified. Many of the people who voted for him probably thought it was a joke, too, at least until he won. ), Boaty McBoatface was the result of Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council decision to let the internet name its new polar research vessel.
How America Helped Defeat the Coronavirus* - The New York Times
The new coronavirus was found in —” Yes, the American media hadn’t quite grasped the importance of that mysterious pneumonia yet. She’s one of the top virus scientists in Thailand. What South Korea learned from the game was they were totally unprepared for mass testing in the event of a coronavirus pandemic. Back in 2014, he was part of a team of American scientists and military leaders who introduced their Korean counterparts to a really cool way to simulate potential disasters. “Coronavirus taught us why we need to work together with other countries.” “Countries have increasingly grown to mistrust U.S. leadership.
A Partisan Future for Local News?
Listen and subscribe to ‘The Daily’Apple Podcasts | Spotify | StitcherLocal news in America has long been widely trusted, and widely seen as objective. But as traditional local papers struggle, there have been attempts across the political spectrum to create more partisan outlets. Few can have been as ambitious or widespread as the nationwide network of 1,300 websites and newspapers run by Brian Timpone, a television reporter turned internet entrepreneur. He has said that he sees local news as a means of preserving American civil discourse. INSIDE ‘THE DAILY’ For an exclusive look at how the biggest stories on our show come together, subscribe to our newsletter.
Dr. Marc Siegel: To defeat coronavirus, we must do this
We must conquer our fear of COVID-19 in order to help us defeat it. In my book, I discuss a journalist friend with Type A blood who has called me at intervals throughout the coronavirus pandemic. But will an across-the-board mandate work or will it simply spread more fear, especially in places where the coronavirus is not widespread? Right now we must focus our attention on complying with distancing, disinfecting and masking to combat the spread of COVID-19. CLICK HERE FOR MORE BY DR. MARC SIEGEL
Sen. Martha McSally: I’m voting for President Trump and you should too — here’s why
That is why I’m asking my fellow Arizonans to reelect President Trump and send me back to the Senate to keep Republicans in majority control. President Trump and congressional Republicans cut taxes and rolled back regulations imposed by the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration that stifled growth. But former Vice President Joe Biden, my Democratic opponent in my Senate race Mark Kelly, and the Democrats are calling for the exact opposite. Biden, Kelly and other Democrats want to undo our tax cuts and implement the largest tax increase in modern history. Those tax increases are in part attributable to the Democratic plan to have the government take over health care.
Sen. Dick Durbin: I’m voting for Joe Biden because America needs him as president
Time and again, President Trump has proven that he does not have the temperament, preparedness, or judgment to lead our country. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the right person at the right time. Had President Trump taken this seriously from the beginning — as Joe Biden and many others encouraged him to do — we would have been able to save lives and save jobs. Our country needs a president who understands that most Americans worry more about the supermarket than the stock market. Joe Biden will be that president.
This is the biggest election in 160 years (opinion)
None of these elections however bear the same weight as the presidential election of 1860, which decided the fate of the American republic. While some may threaten or incite violence, we can ill imagine a long drawn out Civil War over the results of the presidential elections. The election of 1860 that elevated Abraham Lincoln to the presidency was no ordinary election. The threat of violent reprisal hung heavy over the 1860 elections as it does today. The 2020 presidential election is certainly as consequential as that of 1860.
Covid-19 evictions means cats and dogs can be separated from families, compounding the loss
Let's not allow family pets that provide critical companionship and comfort to be a part of that devastating circumstance. Community members should also ask their elected officials to ensure that government-sponsored housing providers are pet friendly. Housing providers themselves are another essential piece of the puzzle. Now is the time to make sure policies aren't unintentionally harming or excluding people with pets who need help. Let's not allow family pets that provide critical companionship and comfort to be a part of that devastating circumstance.
Biden brings closing message to historically red Georgia
Speaking in Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden took aim at Trump's responses to the dual public health and economic crises caused by Covid-19, as well as the protests for racial justice seen across the nation this year. To win the state, Biden will need to carry large numbers of the state’s Black voters and large numbers of white suburbanites and white women, political strategists said. This is where Franklin Roosevelt came to use the therapeutic waters to rebuild himself," Biden noted. Later in the day, Biden held a large drive-in rally in Atlanta, where he sounded an optimistic note about his campaign's chances there. "I can't tell you how important it is we flip the United States Senate," Biden told the roughly 770 people gathered in over 350 cars.
BBC Anchor Clashes With John Bolton In Tense Interview About Trump’s Impeachment Trial
She told him: “You were given the chance to testify at his impeachment.”An agitated Bolton repeatedly told Maitlis to “let me finish” as he answered her questions about why he did not appear at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis found herself in a tense on-air clash with Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton last night. You refused to tell the American people what you saw and what you knew.”But Bolton replied: “You’re absolutely wrong about that. Will you let me finish my answer?” – before explaining: “The House of Representatives never issued a subpoena for me. The book, which details Bolton’s 17 months as Trump’s national security adviser, contains descriptions of conversations with foreign leaders that could be seen as politically damaging to the president.
Poll: Biden posts double-digit lead in Wisconsin, smaller edge in Michigan
Biden maintains a similar, high-single-digit lead of 9 percentage points over Trump in the RealClearPolitics average of recent Michigan surveys, conducted Oct. 21-27. In the Michigan Senate race, incumbent Democratic Sen. Gary Peters leads Republican challenger John James by 6 percentage points among likely voters, 52-46 percent, according to the ABC/Post poll. Peters is also leading James in the RealClearPolitics average of Michigan Senate polling by 6.2 percentage points. Michigan and Wisconsin, along with Pennsylvania, made up the trio of Great Lakes states Trump flipped four years ago to secure his Electoral College victory. The ABC/Post poll was conducted Oct. 20-25, surveying 789 Michigan likely voters and 809 Wisconsin likely voters with a margin of sampling error of plus-or-minus 4 percentage points.
Jimmy Kimmel Supercut Debunks The COVID-19 Lie That Trump Tells Over And Over Again
Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday debunked one particular lie that President Donald Trump keeps telling about COVID-19 over and over again. Trump has on multiple occasions claimed the United States is finally “rounding the corner” on the coronavirus pandemic. That’s despite daily infection numbers again rising across the country and researchers predicting the nationwide death toll could now pass 500,000 by February. Kimmel aired a montage of Trump repeating the claim with footage of things rounding corners that do not go well. “We’re rounded so many corners we’re about to throw up,” said Kimmel.
Young voters in swing states are a big part of the early surge. That could boost Biden.
Younger Americans are voting early in droves this cycle, far outpacing their pre-Election Day turnout in several key swing states at this time in 2016. The increase is visible in states like Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina — swing states that saw substantial early voting last time around. In 2016, turnout among young voters was 46.1 percent — by far the lowest rate of any age demographic. Looking specifically at younger voters, the percentage of the total early vote they comprise in the major swing states, save for Michigan and Pennsylvania, is on par with 2016. More broadly, Republicans have started to eat into Democratic early voting leads in some swing states.
Trump is ignoring Covid-19 defeat by using War on Terror-era language
In war, the same is true about the lies we tell ourselves as a country to avoid admitting defeat. As yet another surge in Covid-19 cases spreads across the United States, the commander-in-chief has turned to old habits to deflect from that reality. Until November 4th., Fake News Media is going full on Covid, Covid, Covid. Trump was asked at his then-daily briefing whether he considered the U.S. "to be on a wartime footing, in terms of fighting this virus." But the president continues to insist that things are going just fine as that promised victory comes ever nearer.
Trump has found a whole new way to make the government worse, whether he wins or loses
The people Trump was referring to as "sick" appeared to be the civil service professionals who devote their careers to serving our country. The people Trump was referring to as “sick” appeared to be the civil service professionals who devote their careers to serving our country. In response, Ronald Sanders, Trump's own appointee to the Federal Salary Council, which helps oversee the professional civil service, resigned in protest. In a letter, Sanders warned that Trump's order was a "smokescreen" designed "to replace apolitical expertise with political obeisance." The president is now sending every signal that his second term, in this regard, would be even worse.
Election 2020 Today: Anxious voters, candidates look west
Here’s what’s happening Wednesday in Election 2020 , six days until Election Day:HOW TO VOTE: AP’s state-by-state interactive has details on how to vote in this election . TODAY’S TOP STORIES:ANXIOUS VOTERS: Americans are worried about the Nov. 3 election, an anxiety many haven’t carried during years of largely peaceful displays of democracy. ADVERTISEMENTLOOKING WEST: Trump is campaigning in Arizona and will stage a rally in a town just across the Colorado River from Nevada. Both campaigns are trying to project that they are on offense and have the momentum as Election Day looms. Nearly 2 million voters who requested absentee ballots have already been told their ballots would count if they were postmarked by next Tuesday .
The 2-cent solution to close the racial wealth gap: A call for U.S. companies to invest in Black communities
If just 2 cents of every dollar earned by U.S. corporations was reinvested in Black communities, the racial wealth gap would close at a pace and scale never before seen in this country. So how would this plan close the racial wealth gap? By investing in Black businesses and Black-owned financial institutions, which directly translates to jobs and economic growth in Black communities. Corporations and their shareholders have long benefitted from systems, policies and practices, all promulgated by law, that have facilitated and perpetuated the racial wealth gap. Smith’s 2% Solution offers a guide for moving forward: Make substantial, sustained and targeted investments that equip Black communities to thrive.
To fight climate change, the U.S. must change the way it thinks about protecting the environment
Though much of our national attention has since focused elsewhere, this year’s wildfires represent a significant, real-world threat from climate change. They provide an ominous signal of what lies ahead if we don’t tackle climate change and reframe our society around a serious commitment to sustainability. Climate scientists predict more frequent and uncontrolled wildfires as droughts become more common and other aspects of climate change emerge. Responding to climate change requires innovation in technologies, policies, communications, business practices and public engagement. We must address the threat — and present reality — of climate change now and redouble our efforts to establish the foundations for a sustainable future.
Opinion: Trump is a ‘man’s man’: Why some Black men are drawn to the president’s toxic masculinity
Among white men, Trump leads Biden by 12 percentage points. Though Black men overwhelmingly back Biden (he leads Trump by 77 points), Trump has gained ground since he last ran. A Nationscape survey found 17% of Black men likely to vote plan to cast ballots for Trump as opposed to 4% of Black women who are likely voters. AdvertisementMatlon told me that centuries of racism have robbed Black men of their ability to perform patriarchal masculinity. And many people — including some Black men — believe Trump to be the epitome of the American dream, a dream they wish to attain.
Op-Ed: Time to prepare for an even more deadly pandemic
Over the last decade, local public health departments have cut 56,360 staff positions because of lack of resources. It is also about embracing the public health fundamentals that allowed some nations to move rapidly and aggressively against the coronavirus. The United States has been hard hit by this pandemic, but all countries were dealt this hand. First, the United States must remain a member of the World Health Organization, while working to reform it from within. Federal, state and local governments should direct public health investments to these groups as a matter of social justice and preparedness for future threats.
Letters to the Editor: LAUSD families are in dire need of legal aid. Here’s how the district is helping them
Prior to the pandemic, “community schools” in the Los Angeles Unified School District emerged as effective resources for supporting students beyond their educational needs. Also called “full-service schools,” community schools forge partnerships with outside bodies to provide primary medical care, dental and other services. This acknowledges the reality that families have more trust in schools and teachers than in other institutions. Bet Tzedek, a firm providing free legal services to low-income clients, hosts a UCLA School of Law post-graduate fellow at the Immigrant Family Legal Clinic connected with L.A. Unified’s Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools campus. Diego Cartagena and Nick Melvoin, Los AngelesCartagena is president and chief executive of Bet Tzedek Legal Services; Melvoin is a member of L.A. Unified’s Board of Education.
The ‘biohazard’ of discarded needles
Governor should be pushing for safe consumption sites, not resisting themRe “Charlie Baker’s wife doesn’t want to find needles outside her home — neither does anyone else” by Joan Vennochi (Opinion, Oct. 22): Lauren Baker doesn’t “want to walk into a biohazard,” so she takes action and seeks a court order. Those facing challenges that people like Mrs. Baker have only read about also want to reduce their biohazard exposure. However, Charlie Baker, in his capacity as governor, has stubbornly refused to take the one practical, scientifically proven step that would all but guarantee that result: the creation of safe consumption sites. More than 100 of these street-tested sites in 10 countries are living proof that public hazards such as discarded needles can be reduced significantly, while minimizing unnecessary deaths and disease. Governor Baker knows better.
Jake Brigance returns in John Grisham’s compelling new novel | Book review
As Jake deals with the spiraling complications of Drew’s case and tries to help Josie and Kiera, he’s also dealing with troubles of his own, especially an alarming amount of debt. Much of it is litigation loans taken out in pursuit of that railroad case; when it stalls, Jake is on the hook for much more money than he has. The costs of Drew’s defense are rising as well, and the hard limit on what the state will pay an appointed defense attorney is a grand total of $1,000. Jake could use some mercy himself.
Center City Philadelphia’s jobs rebound, but still lag in the wake of the pandemic
“This city will recover,” said Levy, whose organization provides services to 220 blocks. "I’m old enough to remember when we lost a quarter million jobs in the 70s and 80s. I can recall the recession of the 90s when we lost 26 percent of the assessed value of the District. And I remember the months after after 9/11 when we wondered if people would ever return to work in office buildings.
Here are your candidates for the Dallas College board of trustees election
Dallas College, which has pivoted to nearly all virtual classes during the pandemic, has two board seats up for election on Nov. 3. Dallas College cannot use any of the funds until the litigation is concluded, but Flores said that the trustees still have plans for how the funds could eventually be used. She has been a Dallas College trustee since 1996 and says she wants to continue addressing the challenges students may face, such as poverty. She also expressed support for continuing and expanding the Dallas County Promise program, which allows participating students to earn an associate’s degree from Dallas College while in high school. Jameson, 68, is the vice chair of the Dallas College board and was first elected in 2012.
Bay Area arts are back with live performances. Is it too soon?
Now here we are talking about how you guys were shocked to learn that Lily went to a live, in-person musical for a story. And if so, what does that mean for how Datebook should think about covering our beats — since there’s no replacement for live, in-person reporting? Everyone says live music was the first to close and will be the last to open. We can’t have live, in-person arts. People locally and beyond have proved that we can have live, in-person arts safely.
Column: Trump’s claim that he has done more for Black people than any president since Lincoln makes me sick
Though he stops short of saying it, his point is that Black people should be grateful. He is telling us that were he not such an empathetic and benevolent president, African Americans would be far worse off. He suggests that no other president has shown such generosity to a group of people as helpless as we are.
In a political climate often filled with personal attacks and vitriol, high school civics teachers see hope in younger generation
“Their context for who the president is, is Barack Obama. To go from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, it’s such a contradiction of realities and existences,” Winchester said. “To process in a U.S. history class, or my Sociology of Class, Gender, and Race course, I’ll never forget the day after the election — the sadness, the fear the students had, because there were so many unknowns given Trump’s rhetoric and statements made about undocumented people, women, those who identify as LGBTQ. The context isn’t any different in 2020. We’ve seen just a lack of certainty about what’s going to happen come election night, and we’re living in a pandemic state.
Yes, we're already transitioning from fossil fuels
Joe Biden could have used more careful wording at that debate, but his talk of shifting the economy from fossil fuels to cleaner energy reflected a process well on its way. Clearly, the move from fossil fuels to clean energy sources is not just about environmentalism. Had he not gone limp on confronting the public health crisis, there'd probably still be a lot more oil and gas jobs today. And, oh, yes, average wages of renewable energy jobs now top those of fossil fuel jobs, the Houston Chronicle reports. Bigger turbines have further lowered the price of onshore wind power over the past five years.
Letters: Blame Trump for Covid cases? Then blame Walz, too
If President Trump is getting criticized for the increase of cases and deaths from Covid-19, why not criticize Minnesota Gov. Walz for the increase in cases and deaths in Minnesota? Why in Minnesota are there still many cases and deaths, especially in nursing homes despite a limit on visitors and measures to stop the contagion. The truth is that his health care bill simply expanded the private-care health care program crafted by Bernie Sanders and John McCain (you remember — Trump called this hero a loser). For those interested in his work I’d recommend his book “Flim Flam,” and for any Bermuda Triangle wackos out there, “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery — Solved,” by Kusche.
Letters: Reckless response to virus, leveling Supreme Court and bad manners on TV
Choosing to not wear a mask can endanger others and no one has the right to do that. I would support laws requiring the wearing of masks, although I understand that enforcement would be difficult. Terry Back, ReynoldsburgSmall expansion to court would provide balanceI abhor the idea of packing the Supreme Court. Simply put, not wearing a mask is either a ridiculous political statement or a supreme act of selfishness. With COVID-19 infections surging, I urge everyone to abide by the recommendations of our public health experts, not only to protect themselves but to protect our neighbors.
Editorial: No-knocks don’t guarantee safe enforcement
The officers’ intended target wasn’t there, but Taylor’s boyfriend fired at what he thought were home invaders and police killed Taylor when they returned fire. The surprise in the lawmen’s announced intent Oct.15 to tighten state law on the use of no-knock warrants was how much more often they are used in Columbus as compared with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Prosecutors said no-knock warrants are employed less than once a year in Cuyahoga County and fewer than five times a year in Hamilton County. Columbus police reported in August that they had used 92 no-knock warrants in 2019. Taylor’s death taught us that tragedies can occur too easily when measures that police take to minimize the danger of their actions are misunderstood by those on the other side of the door.
Senate Bill 369 would remove obstacles faced by crime survivors
It would remove barriers to accessing support services for crime victims — and help families like mine start the healing process. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, and Nathan Manning, R-North Ridgeville, would remove these obstacles for crime survivors, facilitating better access to victim compensation. Then, in 2019, I worked with other crime survivors to help address the challenges that families like mine experience. In 2017, Ohio members of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice partnered with then-Attorney General DeWine to create trauma recovery centers across Ohio. India Brown is an Ohio member of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, a national network of over 40,000 crime survivors across the country and a flagship program of the Alliance for Safety and Justice.
Editorial: Intervening to prevent violence worth a try
But with a homicide occurring every 2¼ days in Columbus this year, odds are good that the city will surpass the record of 143 homicides set in 2017. The total was already at 131 with more than 70 days to cross off the 2020 calendar. The premise of the initiative makes sense: Police and courts work together to engage gang members and others responsible for much of the violence and show them clear options for their predictable futures. The approach aims to address what is driving the violence and keep it from spreading rather than just reacting after the fact. It’s worth trying — before more people are shot.
Election 2020 Today: Anxious voters, candidates look west
ANXIOUS VOTERS: Americans are worried about the Nov. 3 election, an anxiety many haven’t carried during years of largely peaceful displays of democracy. LOOKING WEST: Trump is campaigning in Arizona and will stage a rally in a town just across the Colorado River from Nevada. Both campaigns are trying to project that they are on offense and have the momentum as Election Day looms. But attorneys for the Democratic secretary of state argue that it’s too close to Nov. 3 to make changes. Nearly 2 million voters who requested absentee ballots have already been told their ballots would count if they were postmarked by next Tuesday.
Beware of Iran's underground nuclear facility - analysis
Reports by the International Atomic Energy Administration and the media on Tuesday and Wednesday that confirm Iran's building of a new centrifuge facility in the mountains around Natanz start a new and dangerous chapter in the nuclear standoff.The new facility is Iran's response to attempts to block one of its potential paths to leapfrog to a nuclear weapon faster.Building it underground will also make it much harder to strike, especially considering the ongoing debates about whether Israel has the ability to reach such a facility without US bunker-buster bombs that penetrate deep underground.All of this is a response to the dozen or so explosions of Iranian facilities this summer, especially the one in the beginning of July.On July 2, the Islamic Republic's primary advanced centrifuge facility for enriching uranium at Natanz went up in flames. The Jerusalem Post received validation of foreign reports of Israeli involvement, though Iranian dissidents may have been on the front lines and others may also have been involved.The Post also reported that both government and non-government sources said the destruction of the facility would set Tehran back one to two years in its plans for advanced centrifuges.Only in 2020 has Iran finally mastered IR-4 and IR-6 centrifuges, which can enrich uranium at much higher rates than the IR-1 and IR-2Ms, which have made up nearly all of its around 20,000 centrifuges for more than a decade.Until July 2, there was concern that Iran could sneak out to a nuclear program by using advanced centrifuges, even in smaller numbers, to weaponize uranium so fast that the US, Israel and others would not be able to prevent it either diplomatically or militarily.Even without the advanced centrifuges, the ayatollahs currently have enough low-enriched uranium for between two and three nuclear bombs, and they may be only three to four months away from a weapon, if they decided to try to start weaponizing that uranium with their older and slower centri
India tries to shake off pro-Trump image in run-up to US election
With Joe Biden pulling ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, the BJP was worried its American wing had a pro-Trump image problem. Since 2000 – through Democrat and Republican presidents in the US, and BJP and Congress governments in India – the alliance has largely strengthened. Whether the occupier of the Oval Office in January is Biden or Trump, India is determined to keep it that way. America enjoys a great relationship with India and our campaign enjoys great support from Indian Americans! Nonetheless, the alliance between the US and India is one of the few issues on which Biden and Trump appear to agree.
Electoral college explained: how Biden faces an uphill battle in the US election
The electoral college nearly always operates with a winner-takes-all system, in which the candidate with the highest number of votes in a state claims all of that state’s electoral votes. The unequal distribution of electoral votesWhile the number of electoral votes a state is assigned somewhat reflects its population, the minimum of three votes per state means that the relative value of electoral votes varies across America. Wyoming has one electoral college vote for every 193,000 people, compared with California’s rate of one electoral vote per 718,000 people. This means that each electoral vote in California represents over three times as many people as one in Wyoming. The National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC) is another option, in which each state would award all of its electoral college votes in line with the national popular vote.
Coronavirus: Has South Africa acquired 'herd immunity'?
Leading scientists in South Africa believe the country has established a form of collective or herd immunity to COVID-19
Zero hour is coming for emissions. Believe it.
So one reaction to a report that Japan’s new prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, will pledge next week to reduce the country’s net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 might be: Really? The promises of political leaders have real-world effects that we’re already seeing. As should be obvious from the $3.5 billion a year spent on lobbying in the U.S. alone, the decisions of political leaders shape the field of what’s possible for businesses. Just over a month ago, I greeted PetroChina Co.’s announcement of a 2050 “near-zero” emissions target by fretting that China may be more addicted to coal than oil. That’s still a reasonable concern, but Xi’s 2060 net zero promise two weeks after that column drastically changes the landscape.
John Robson: Going up the welfare wall
The problem has three heads and you can’t cut them all offHead one: to relieve poverty, benefits must be generous. The “welfare wall” isn’t the result of bad program design or lazy bureaucrats. It exists necessarily, because programs that mostly do relieve poverty, combined with rational thresholds for what constitutes poverty, must reduce benefits as people start to do better. (BTW a “negative income tax” or “guaranteed annual income” would do all three even better, making the underlying problem even worse though, on the plus side, far more visible.) Our challenge is to face this unpleasant reality and decide what balance to strike among known, unavoidable trade-offs.
'It is heartbreaking': Families, marriages, splinter as Canadians embrace bizarre QAnon 'cult'
Article contentLily talks almost matter-of-factly now about some of her mother’s beliefs, sounding more fatigued by it all than flabbergasted. “ ‘Nicole Kidman is a Satanist, Hillary Clinton has children hanging in her basement and Reese Witherspoon is eating children,’ ” the Queen’s University student recounts. Try refreshing your browser, or 'It is heartbreaking': Families, marriages, splinter as Canadians embrace bizarre QAnon 'cult' Back to videoAnd there is no way to persuade the woman she’s wrong, says Lily. “It’s cognitive dissonance. But on a growing Reddit forum for relatives and friends of devotees, called QAnonCasualties, numerous Canadians share tales of how the “cult” has fractured their families or marriages.
Budowsky: An epic wave of anti-Trump early voters
It is almost Biblical to watch an unprecedented number of early voters, a large majority of whom are anti-Trump voters, making the journey to vote early, in defiance of aggressive attempts at voter suppression, as though they are crossing the Red Sea to renew the real America they passionately believe in. This is why the historic wave of early voting, and probably a historic turnout when all ballots are ultimately counted, is a godsend to all who believe in the sanctity of American democracy. The anti-Trump wave of early voters is parallel to the anti-Trump and anti-Republican wave of small donors. Young voters, whose antipathy to Trump is widespread and deeply felt, are surging in early voting by record numbers. The epic wave of these early voters gives Biden and Democrats a fighting chance to win surprising victories in Georgia, Texas and Ohio.
As Trump, Biden hammer at swing states, advocates work to dismantle Electoral College
Many of the former 2020 Democratic presidential candidates generally supported either abolishing the Electoral College entirely or just using the compact to make it obsolete. In other words, Wyoming's Electoral College votes count almost four times more than California's on a per-person basis. Each state has as many Electoral College votes as it does members of Congress. Race to White House hangs on swing statesBecause most states have a "winner take all" policy for awarding those electoral votes, a candidate who just barely loses a large state's popular vote gets zero electoral college votes. Supporters of the current system say the Electoral College has served the nation well for generations by ensuring rural areas are heard.
ACLU Files Class Action Lawsuit to Protect Incarcerated People at the Deadliest Federal Prison
WASHINGTON - In response to intensifying COVID-19 outbreaks at the federal prison complex in Butner, North Carolina, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of North Carolina, Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and Winston & Strawn filed a class action lawsuit today seeking adequate medical care for people incarcerated in Butner Federal Correctional Complex. The lawsuit is asking for the constitutional rights of people incarcerated to be protected and conditions be made safe for those who remain in custody amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If the courts don't intervene to mitigate the humanitarian crisis unfolding, they will be responsible for the lives lost." Please select a donation method:John Dailey, who died of COVID-19 at Butner in early July, represents one such instance of the failure of prison officials at Butner to protect incarcerated people. The ACLU of North Carolina has an ongoing lawsuit in state court to release and protect people currently incarcerated in state prisons.
ICE Doubles Down on Detention to Deter and Punish Families for Seeking Safety
The government that has sought a path fundamentally destructive of a child’s best interests and family unity by keeping families together through prolonged detention. But now, it’s doubled down on detention simply to deter and punish families for seeking safety. This administration knows that it is well past time that they release families together but is deliberately choosing cruelty. “The government’s protests that it is standing up for family unity is deceptive and a public relations move. ICE supports family unity only if it’s in detention.
Tree of Life: May Their Memory Be For A Blessing
May the memories of Rose Mallinger, Jerry Rabinowitz, Joyce Fineberg, Irving Younger, Melvin Wax, Sylvan Simon, Bernice Simon, David Rosenthal, Cecil Rosenthal, Richard Gottfried, and Daniel Stein be a blessing. In the end, there were 11 victims from three congregations that used the Tree of Life synagogue space. People have undertaken the Jewish rituals of mourning - sitting shiva, unveiling gravestones, marking yahrzeit by reciting the names of the dead. Always, there is the mandate to "make their memory be a blessing"; notes Yad Vashem, "It is a moral imperative to remember each victim as a human being, with a name and (a) story." To mark that truth, an oral history project is underway, and a book, "Bound in the Bond of Life: Pittsburgh Writers Reflect on the Tree of Life Tragedy," was just published.
Why Amy Coney Barrett Must Recuse Herself From Election-Related Cases
More than 60 million votes have been cast and multiple election-related disputes are already making their way through the courts. Newly-confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself from these decisions. Surprisingly, the Supreme Court is the only court in the nation—state or federal—that operates without a formal code of ethics. And, in any event, whether or not an individual justice will recuse is subject to that justice’s unilateral choice, which no one can challenge. This would leave Chief Justice John Roberts along with Justices Samuel Alito and Stephen Breyer to decide the election’s fate.
Should Trump Be Held Accountable? A Harvard Academic Says No
The author is Harvard historian Jill Lepore. Her thesis is that despite the massive and daily wrongdoing of the Trump administration, there should be no major prosecutions of the perpetrators. The Bob Woodward tapes give irrefutable evidence that Trump was not a mere incompetent blunderer concerning the coronavirus. Because Trump, “even if he loses will probably have been the choice of 2 in 5 American voters.” So what? More’s the pity, then, that Jill Lepore should appear to lend some credence to them.
How to Reverse This Craven GOP Power Grab
With Barrett now on the court, five of the nine justices have been appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. Barrett now joins 5 other reactionary justices who together will be able to declare laws unconstitutional, for perhaps a generation. Second, abolish the Senate filibuster. Those who recoil from structural reforms such as the three I’ve outlined warn that Republicans will retaliate when they return to power. Amy Coney Barrett’s ascent is the latest illustration of how grotesque the Republican power grab has become, and how it continues to entrench itself ever more deeply.
Don't Rush to Declare Victory: Implementing a Two-Week Grace Period After November 3rd So All Voters Can Be Counted
Fifth, Donald J. Trump is blaring constantly that the 2020 election will be rigged. Please select a donation method:The way out of this toxic scenario is to build on a large majority of Americans averse to such planned Trumpian chaos and political instability by proposing a two-week grace period after November 3rd. A demand for a grace period needs to start now to build up powerful support from a multi-partisan combination of national, state, and local candidates for public office. A fourteen-day grace period movement will isolate Donald Trump. Trump’s unwillingness to play fair and square, against a deep consensus behind a grace period, will further increase the futility of his destructive contrivances.
Is the U.S. Prepared to Resist a Coup?
If Trump and his Republican allies attempt to invalidate the election results, would enough Americans be able to mobilize to stop it? But if Trump and his Republican allies attempt to invalidate the election results, would enough Americans be able to mobilize to stop it? Can the people of the United States make these things happen here? It’s uncertain whether Joe Biden would endorse an extra-legal civil resistance campaign on the streets of U.S. cities and towns. Please select a donation method:California and New York are both overwhelmingly Democratic states, and they account for nearly a quarter of the U.S. economy.
As Historic Nuclear Ban Enters into Force, It’s Time for the US to Help Put an End to the Nuclear Age
On October 24, the historic U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (a.k.a. Nuclear weapons make the world less, not more, safe, and with this critical milestone, they will now be treated as prohibited weapons of mass destruction. We’ve come within minutes of nuclear war in the past, and we all have a vested interest in preventing the end of humanity as we know it. As the late President Ronald Reagan said, “A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.”SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT At Stake? In the past, the United States recognized the horrors that nuclear war could bring and took concrete steps to prevent a future nuclear conflict.
The Argument for a Maximum Wage
Could British levels of support for an income cap ever take root in the U.S.? This polling found that the British public would “support a maximum wage” by a 54 percent to 29 percent margin, with 17 percent undecided. Could such levels of support for a maximum wage ever take root in the United States? The notion of an income cap actually has deep roots on this side of the Atlantic. His latest books include The Case for a Maximum Wage and The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class, 1900-1970.
Something needs to be done about the Federal courts. But what?
MusicianinLA has written an excellent summary here of why something needs to be done about SCOTUS (the Supreme Court Of The United States, for those of you not in the biz), and by extension, I believe, the lower federal courts. So forget about term limits or reducing the number of authorized positions to get anyone now on the bench off of the bench. Appoint new chief justices at selected appellate courts (5th and 6th at least) and SCOTUS. Introduce legislation that no federal or state court shall have jurisdiction to interpret any Federal law (including the Constitution) until the President has certified that the integrity and impartiality of the federal courts has been restored (without objection of two-thirds of each house of Congress). Demand the recusal of every SCOTUS Trump appointee in appropriate cases and do so openly.
RUTH BADER GINSBURG DAY, A National Election Holiday.
America needs to declare an Election Day Holiday (Bastille Day image: Daily Kos)Technically a president can declare a ‘holiday’ by executive action, as did GWB to celebrate ‘Ronald Reagan Day’, tho technically it was for just one day and also, in the wiggle words, it was called a ‘celebration’. However, an act of Congress should be forthcoming when, and as should be, the Senate returns to Democratic control. Maybe I can help Joe one more time: Declare a National Holiday beginning next election and commence the tradition of ENSURING people in all walks are able to do their civic duty to vote. This ‘taking a day off’ to exercise our right to vote is akin to requiring a rich man to pay his taxes fair and square. We need to celebrate the day we Vote!
Trump Parrots Illegal Advice By Fox News to 'Change Your Vote'
As usual, Trump is relying on his shadow cabinet of Fox News sycophants for advice. This is what's trending right now: "Can I change my vote," and "Hunter Biden." Do you think that after we've learned the news of Hunter Biden, the alleged reports about him, people now want to change their Biden vote to Donald Trump vote? And the Hunter Biden story has utterly failed to get any traction. Consequently, by urging people to change their votes now, Trump is probably only persuading Trump voters to switch, producing more votes for Joe Biden.
Stealing Signs, Stealing Elections? It's all the Republicans have left.
This morning, my parents awoke to find that their Joe Biden sign and other Democratic signs on their lawn had been stolen. Biden signs outnumber Trump signs in their neighborhood by 10 or 20 to one. You can’t win national elections if you lose both the cities and the suburbs — which is why Republicans are getting desperate. Millions and millions of fake votes for Sleepy Joe and KaMAHla, and it’s all coming from China. And so, although Trump will never admit he lost, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next president of the United States.
A Case for Packing The Court
A despondent reader wrote to me regarding yesterday’s Around the Block entitled, “The Supreme Court is not political. Even when Biden gets elected, we’ve lost the Supreme Court. Whose country is this?”While what happened in the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court debacle is disgusting, heartbreaking and, I might add, cynically unprecedented, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. That’s ‘Court Packing’ and if its not illegal, it sure is immoral. Everyone will hate us.”“And what the Republicans did with this Supreme Court nomination is some high form of morality?
Towering Lincoln Project-Like Perspective
In a bizarre twist in the Trump Reality TV show, bystanders were recently astonished by Trump antics. He decided to make a TV appearance looking weak, and to then rip open his dress shirt and reveal a Superman t-shirt beneath. He stands for worsening uncontrolled pandemic endangerment, unscrupulous public corruption, con man gamesmanship, manipulative demagoguery, and mob boss-like loyalty-demanding authority. And he is an election fraudster, vote suppressor, Post office saboteur and beneficiary of corrupt gerrymandering of congressional districts. The legitimacy of a government and the moral right to use state power is only justified and lawful when the people over which that political power is exercised freely give their informed consent.
Reports of the ACA's Demise Have Been Grossly Exaggerated
She claimed the Supreme Court “pushed the Affordable Care Act beyond its plausible meaning to save the statute.” So we know where she stands. The case before the Supreme Court now stems from a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Texas and 19 other states. An amicus brief written by four health law experts argued that the ACA should survive even if the individual mandate is struck down. And that’s why reports of the demise of the ACA are grossly exaggerated. And if Amy “Covid” Barrett and the other conservative ideologues on the Supreme Court still went ahead and invalidated the ACA, the ruling would likely come in June 2021.
Confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett; Political malpractice with no upside, lots of down for GOP
Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearingRight from the start, I could not understand politically why it made sense to ram Amy Coney Barrett nomination through the Senate at record speed. From a purely political perspective, you want to promise that you will do something if you are elected when running for office. In this case, you elect Donald Trump and give Republicans the Senate, and they give you a 6-3 conservative majority in the United States Supreme Court. You have filled the entire federal judiciary with hundreds of conservative judges and swung the United States Supreme Court to a staunchly conservative bend for the foreseeable future. They got a conservative court, but they probably lost one of the few reasons the Republicans would bother to vote for them in the first place.
Trumpian Pathetic, Poetic Soliloquy aka A Terrible Poem for a Terrible Time. And a terrible person.
This poem is so very Trumpian because it’s erratic with no structured plan. So please forgive this terrible poem, but I was inspired by John Lithgow’s poems in his “Trumpty Dumpty” book series. I’ll blame Hunter Biden and put Joe in a bindToo bad my scam was bustedMy crooks cannot be trusted! Too much stress, golf two times a weekWhat promise not to golf if I win Prezidential preak?! I don’t have a plan yet so why don’t you petition?
"Lock Her Up": Nazi Political Tactics of Myths and Lies
Fascists hate the small truths of daily existence because they clash with the fantasies they have created for their supporters. They filter our complex world into binary, black or white viewpoints, which destroys nuanced thought and swallows people into extremes. Fascists rely on creative myths and conspiracy theories to distort people’s interpretation of reality and their own history. Once reality and shared history is distorted, people question their understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Once people start to become open to the possibility of shared truths being lies and their history being false, Fascists bombard them with their propaganda and people easily succumb to their lies and myths.
No surprise: What Trump's "new" COVID policy will be
Post-election, win or lose, Trump will feel he no longer has to even pretend any concern for the sick and dying. So Connect the dots to what Trump has spouted since his mask-rip-off-on-the-white-house steps photo op after returning from Walter Reed, add his rally rants (people are sick of COVID, COVID, COVID) , stir in some Meadows, and here’s what you come up with:1. Younger folks get out there, party all you want, and work, work, work to reflate the economy because after all, it’s just a winter flu like we’re gonna have anyway. ), rely on the new wonderful treatments that Trump got (and you likely can’t) and besides: the vaccine is just around the corner. The Fauch (Fake Dr. Fauci, who’s probably a Dem) will be silenced and/or cowed if he knows what’s good for him.
Trump To Purge Thousands of Federal Workers for Disloyalty
This just in from Vanity Fair:bit.ly/...“...last week, the White House was relatively, strangely quiet as the president signed the esoteric-sounding “Executive Order on Creating Schedule F In the Excepted Service.” And that was probably by design; because the action not only gives Trump the power to purge thousands of federal workers—the kind whose job protections have allowed them to deal in facts and stand up to presidential intimidation—and replace them with politically appointed hacks who would spend the next four years doing Trump’s bidding, but it would cripple a Biden administration for months, at a time when it will need to act fast on, among other things, COVID-19.”
7 days to Make America Sane Again
Let alone the emotional well-being of the nation, I don’t think he cares about the sanity of his owns staff and family. I have to confess, the first few days of Trump’s presidency was fun. Typical performers would try to protect themselves from getting burnt, but Trump has no such self-preservation instincts. Contrast Biden’s response to Trump’s response to his handling of the Coronavirus epidemic. I am yearning for the day when we can all vote and Make America Sane Again.
I am a Proud Democrat
I am a DemocratThis is my first diary on Daily Kos, so I hope you will bear with me. Worst vote I’ve ever made, and I regret not doing the right thing and voting for a Democrat for the first time in HRC. But right now, there is a fundamental threat that Trump and the GOP represent to our very Republic. And while I can sit here and rip on Trump and his enablers all day, I would like to say how proud I am to be supporting Joe Biden. I believe he is going to be a transformative President, one for the history books (in a good way).
Trump's letter to Biden, should Biden win next week
It is long-standing tradition that the outgoing President write a note or letter to the incoming President. This is reportedly what President Obama wrote to the current occupant:Dear Mr. President -Congratulations on a remarkable run. Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure. This is a unique office, without a clear blueprint for success, so I don't know that any advice from me will be particularly helpful. I mean, I really cannot figure out what he would say, and wonder, might he just skip the whole thing.
Democrats crushing the early Pennsylvania vote, as Republicans plot to discredit it
Of course, this has been the GOP’s game plan—vote on E-day, then try to stop the count of those early ballots. We know Republicans have prevented election authorities from beginning the count early, like they do in places like Arizona. So there’s a real chance that Pennsylvania, while it’s looking like the tipping-point state, may not actually put Biden over the top. Early night Biden victories in those states would deflate any efforts to try and legally suppress the vote counting in Pennsylvania. It would be pointless to create chaos in Pennsylvania if Biden is already nearing 300 electoral votes banked.
Top Comments: Seven Days Out Edition
Last night at this time I reported that almost 65,000,000 Americans had voted. Thank you to the approximately 5 million people whose votes were cast in the past 24 hours. Stress levels at Casa Brillig are approaching overwhelming levels. Add SCOTUS, election worries and rising COVID numbers and we’re hanging on by our fingernails. If you’re looking for more RHPS, the good folk at WisDems have a treat for you on Halloween.
Catching up with Merrick Garland
Judge Merrick Garland, should've been Justice Merrick Garland. Moscow Mitch explained that the American people should have a say on who the next justice of the Supreme Court is. Even Moscow Mitch had the gall to say that Garland should become FBI director. With Garland at the FBI, Moscow Mitch would’ve had yet another chance to pack the courts with yet another ideologue spring chicken. Would Judge Garland accept a new Supreme Court nomination?
Atheist's Bible: Jonah
Jonah, annoyed with God as usual, and the vine hasn't even withered yetI was raised Jewish, so I learned the Old Testament. God sent a storm, the sailors figured out it was Jonah’s fault, and they threw Jonah into the sea as he instructed them. Jonah told Ninevites that if they didn’t change their evil ways, God would destroy their city. He sent a worm to destroy the vine, leaving Jonah to broil in the Mediterranean sun. When I see former Trump voters repent online, and liberals scorn them for their former politics, I think about Jonah.
A circus of corruption.
I haven’t seen this posted anywhere and I only saw it because I follow John Cleese on Facebook so I thought I’d share this with everyone. It’s a great anti-trump ad. Be sure to share it.
This is why voting early makes a difference
Hurricane Zeta could be bad news for RepublicansHurricane Zeta is cutting short early voting hours in at least 3 Republican counties in Florida. www.politico.com/…Who knows how many votes that would be banked will not be now, or how many will end up not voting at all because of this. This is happening a week early but what if it happened next Tuesday? Republicans are taking a great risk in relying on Election Day votes instead of banking as many as possible early. Bad weather, car trouble, problems with voting machines, long lines, Covid spikes… if you’ve already voted you can sit back and watch the results.
The Missing and Very Necessary Supreme Court Brief on Elections
The state board of elections never provides a result on Election Day. On Election Day, the state board provides to the public a partial, uncertified tabulation of votes as well as a tabulation of the remaining uncounted ballots that have been received. The new media will not claim a result if the number of uncounted ballots makes the result unclear. Or, at least, this is a very unlikely news media error and an error not made significantly more likely by the number of uncounted ballots. I can’t believe that there is a Supreme Court justice who is so stupid that he does not already know this, Kavanaugh.
At Last! A GOP Platform!
ICE, domestic crimes division…. We are now one election and a hair’s breadth away from a dark, ugly place where democratic means will no longer avail. This is where it goes. “Don’t let it happen.” George Orwell
Open Letter to the Supreme Court re Recusal on Matters Pertaining to Elections.
Dear Members of the Supreme Court,I am sure I am not the first to inform you that the legitimacy of the current Supreme Court is in question. Two of them were installed in frank defiance of congressional norms, after the duly nominated and highly qualified Merrick Garland was refused even a hearing in 2016, on the specious grounds that a Supreme Court Justice ought not be confirmed in an election year. I am writing to let you know, although I am a devoted institutionalist, I am myself doubtful of the legitimacy of the current court and am open to constitutionally permissible remedies. There is, however, one thing that might reconcile me to the current composition of the court. That this category includes a simple majority of judges on the current court only underscores the gravity of the problem.
And Now, for a Completely Different Opinion...
The Hill (of course it’s a different opinion) has an article up that caught my paranoid mind’s attention: Don't believe the polls — Trump is winning. And their third reason is (oh let me just give it to you):Third, the content of the current news cycle. Wow, the October Surprise is apparently turning massive numbers of Biden voters into Trump fanatics! ANDThe real world including a vast number of voters implicitly believe Rudi Gullianni. Then, yes, we can disbelieve all the polls and feel confident that Trump is winning — “bigly,”Otherwise, I suggest not bothering to read it.
A Statement for the Middle of the Night
I don't say this to sound superior to others, but I think it's true. For most of us, the last time we read any American history was in high school, and then it was from some god-awful textbook written by a committee. Again, I recognize that there have always been blatantly partisan news sources in American history. I have exposed Trump's lies about the "Wall" and I've highlighted Trump's shocking behavior following the 9/11 attacks. You see, I've come to understand that those of you who are for him don't want to look at it, or don't believe it, or don't think it to be significant.
Wolf wants to find out what happened. He doesn't know? THE DETAILS DON'T MATTER.
The Details Don't Matter. Wolf marched with the George Floyd protestors yet he needs to find out the details of what happened under his watch before he can make a substantive comment. THE DETAILS DON’T MATTER. You don’t get to say you are going to find out what happened as if the details were important. The details don’t matter.
Watch Trump setup his sycophants for an election day shock. He keeps them in an alternate reality.
Donald Trump's sycophants are in for a massive disappointment on election day. Many take exception to the certainty I have in what must be an upcoming landslide on election day. Unfortunately, Donald Trump does not have a chance to follow Bush's lead to get a documented popular majority. Trump does not have the power to fight math and a well-executed election by the opposition. His sycophants will have an election day shock like no other as Biden becomes the next President of the United States.
We can’t ignore disabled women when talking about domestic violence
This tactic can have a significant impact on disabled women due to the high proportion of unemployment and underemployment among disabled people, and disabled women specifically. If the systems in place do not take the matters of violence against disabled people seriously, then how can disabled people, in this case disabled women, expect the system to do its job? The American with Disabilities Act requires that public spaces be accessible, and domestic violence shelters fall within those parameters. This inaccessibility impacts who can report and seek support for domestic violence and abuse, and disabled women are yet again overlooked. Disabled women cannot be an afterthought in the conversations surrounding domestic violence.
Fixing the Nation — Joe Biden’s Presidency in 30 Amazing Steps
Below are thirty of Biden’s plans for his presidency. In fact, in comparing it to Trump’s plans, experts agree that Biden’s plan is the best for economic growth. Biden Has Plans to fight climate change Biden’s plan is the most ambitious of any major party candidate in history. — good for the planet, good for the workers, good for America. Biden has a childcare plan to help parents and children: Biden’s plan includes free preschool to all 3- and 4-year-olds in the country.
Lincoln Project: an ad that speaks for itself
and is very relevant with one week to go and what is happening around the countryx Vote. Life’s too important not to. pic.twitter.com/daubuYBDiC — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 27, 2020And yes — Vote, and get everyone you know to do so as well.
OMG..NYT Confirms my diary on possible Pennsylvania electoral vote THEFT by Legislature.
www.nytimes.com/...Then we had the Supreme Court rule in a Wisconsin case about vote counting. And then the U.S. Supreme Court affirms their interpretation of the Constitution. Readers need to remember that it doesn’t matter what state law says, or the popular vote. All that matters is how the six immoral, right wing fascists on the Supreme Court INTERPRET the Constitution. And there is plenty in the Constitutional wording to ALLOW THE LEGISLATURE TO DECIDE, NOT THE POPULAR VOTE.
Come January, Democrats will shove McConnell's own words on Amy Coney Barrett down his throat
Come January when Joe Biden is sworn in, and when Democrats have majorities in the House and Senate, the time will be at hand to undo the Republican court-packing that has gone on since early in the Obama administration. Beyond the Supreme Court, there’s McConnell’s obstruction throughout the Obama presidency, and, more recently, his pressuring of Republican-appointed justices to retire ASAP so that he and Trump could further pack the court. Democrats must restore balance to our judicial branch by unpacking it, and undoing the violation of our constitutional norms carried out by Republicans. And here’s the statement they should issue:The reason this outcome manifested is because we had a series of successful elections. Still, shoving Mitch’s own words back down his throat does offer a certain degree of pleasure.
Small Request for DK Users and Front-Pagers
"I'm asking politely..."Look, I know McConnell’s ram-rodding of Judge Covid’s Handmaid to the high court is news and news needs pictures, but can we stop posting pictures of this startlingly unqualified twit here? If you have a Supreme Court story, you can always use a pic of the building. Here’s one I took a couple of years ago which I hereby release into the public domain for anyone’s use. You can also use the picture of Tippy at the top of the diary if you wish. Anything but another pic of whats-her-name, please.
Donald Trump cannot function without lying. Now those lies threaten democracy itself
The first rule of understanding Donald Trump is to understand that Donald lies about everything, all the time. What the three-quarters number shows, bluntly, is that Trump is reliant on lying as his primary means of getting through his speeches. Trump lies mostly for self-aggrandizement, but also lies because he is so disinterested in governance—or anything else—that it is impossible to drill anything into his thick skull if he doesn't want it there. Republicans have doubled down on Trump's approach time after time after time, immunizing him from both crimes and basic standards of decency. The lying was the point, back when politicians and press were asked to back up their claims of inherent virtue with action.
In Brief: Pleasant Grove City v. Summum
How did the lawsuit in Pleasant Grove City v. Summum arise? Summum asked the city to display the Seven Aphorisms monument among the more than 10 objects already on display in Pleasant Grove’s Pioneer Park. According to Summum, Pleasant Grove’s exclusion of the Seven Aphorisms monument thus violated the group’s right to free speech. For this reason, Pleasant Grove concludes that the free speech rules governing private speech do not apply to this case. If Summum failed to satisfy these criteria, Pleasant Grove argues, the Free Speech Clause does not require the city to display the monument.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The walls close in on the sociopath in the WH
But if you squint, you can discern various scenarios in which Trump ends up going quietly — or relatively so. Presuming for now that Joe Biden wins, here are five such possibilities: Biden wins by a landslide. So far, Collier has seen the highest Democratic turnout of any Florida county. The clearest example comes in Collier County, where Democratic turnout 10 days out from the election has already exceeded 62%. That means Democrats in the county boast a higher turnout rate than they do in any other county in Florida.
Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board
(Anthony Quintano / Flickr)Facebook has hired the former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry as a member of its new oversight board. This body will effectively determine what content to censor or permit on the social media platform. Emi Palmor headed the justice ministry from 2014 until she was dismissed from her post last year. Under her direction, the Israeli justice ministry “petitioned Facebook to censor legitimate speech of human rights defenders and journalists because it was deemed politically undesirable,” Palestinian civil society groups stated this month. Palmor’s time as the top civil servant at the Israeli justice ministry coincided with the term of Ayelet Shaked as the minister.
Is it an accident that Iran and the US, two Theocracies, are Coronavirus Basket Cases?
From Informed CommentThe coronavirus statistics in both Iran and the United States are horrible. Some 77% of the general American public, in contrast, rates the coronavirus pandemic as important or very important, according to Gallup. The 54 million Americans who report themselves to be evangelicals have an outsized impact on the spread of the virus. It is one of the hardest-hit countries in the Middle East, with 31,000 deaths and over half a million cases. Workers are forced to take risks and to ride on public transportation, which helps spread the virus.
Article: In Lock-Step with the Reich: Devotees of the Orange Fuhrer
He and his violent, ruthless goons are 100% responsible for the unimaginable virus deaths in this country- a shining example for the earth. His crudeness, barbarity, sleaze-marination, absolute idiocy, self-obsessed narcissism, entitled malevolence--there is not an iota of anything remotely redemptive about this special monster. My friend quite correctly reminded us that all of this truly is a re-enactment of 1930s Germany en route to a completely draconian, racial-supremacist takeover. I am putting these thoughts out there for people of goodwill and humanity to unite with confidence against this abject evil. (Article changed on October 27, 2020 at 16:32)(Article changed on October 27, 2020 at 19:05)
Article: A Hot Mess of Innuendo: A Closer Look at Catherine Belton's "Putin's People"
The traditional publishing industry in the U.S. is, in many ways, an extension of the corporate mainstream media. Due to the decades-long trend of corporate consolidation, there are now only 5 major publishing companies and their myriad subsidiaries. A lot of the claims made by Dawisha are recycled in Belton's book, but with an even more diabolical twist. Needless to say, to most people who have any real knowledge or on-the-ground experience with Russia, Belton's thesis sounds far-fetched. The "progressives" in the KGB, according to Belton, were influenced by Yury Andropov's desire to modernize.
Here's the Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas -- the Most Corrupt Supreme Court Justice
From Smirking ChimpWith the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, the radical right has completed its long and painstaking project to seize control of the Supreme Court, and to reshape constitutional law for generations to come. Enlarging the Supreme Court is entirely within the power of Congress, as the number of justices is not set by the Constitution. Although federal judges are appointed for life, their terms are subject to "good behavior." Thomas, if targeted, would become just the second Supreme Court Justice to be impeached. (The chief justice of the Supreme Court presides only in presidential impeachment trials.)
Something Wicked This Way Comes: Anarchy Is Being Loosed Upon the Nation
How much longer we can sustain the fiction that we live in a constitutional republic, I cannot say, but anarchy is being loosed upon the nation. Day after day, the government's crimes against the citizenry grow more egregious, more treacherous and more tragic. And day after day, the American people wake up a little more to the grim realization that they have become captives in a prison of their own making. "The centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." This presidential election is yet another pacifier to lull us into complacency and blind us to the monsters in our midst.
Because We Don't Have a Right to Vote...
From Smirking ChimpIn America, the country that is supposed to be the world's premier democratic republic, citizens do not have an absolute right to vote. Because we don't have a right to vote, red-state governors can radically cut back on the number of polling places and voting machines so that working-class people are forced to stand in line for five, six, in some cases 10 hours to vote. Because we don't have a right to vote, Louis DeJoy can destroy the US Post Office and slow down the mail just in time for the election and not face any legal consequences. Because we don't have a right to vote, red state legislators have been able to force through laws requiring citizens to jump through extraordinary hoops like getting IDs they normally wouldn't need or use, just to vote. Because we don't have a right to vote, Republicans in multiple states have used the courts to make it extremely difficult to vote by mail or drop off your ballot at a convenient drop-box during a pandemic.
Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of 'National Security'
What are we then to expect as the standard of investigation for all the other cases of malfeasance? This is a reference to the ruling system of Denmark and not just the foul murder that King Claudius has committed against his brother, Hamlet's father. King Claudius has only been king for a couple of months, and thus this state of affairs, though he inflames, did not originate with him. A system that is incapable of generating any real solutions to the problems it faces. If the American people really want to finally see who is standing behind that curtain in Oz, now is the time.
Mutual Aid Is Essential to Our Survival Regardless of Who Is in the White House
These are mutual aid projects. Three Key Elements of Mutual AidOne: Mutual aid projects work to meet survival needs and build shared understanding about why people do not have what they need. Mutual aid projects expose the reality that people do not have what they need and propose that we can address this injustice together. During the same period, the Young Lords Party undertook similar and related mutual aid projects in their work toward Puerto Rican liberation. Klee Benally, project coordinator at Indigenous Media Action, argues that mutual aid is an unbroken tradition among Indigenous people across many cycles of colonialism, maintained through traditional teachings that contemporary Indigenous mutual aid projects are working to restore and amplify.
No Drugs Should Be Criminalized. It’s Time to Abolish the DEA.
Since then, the “war on drugs” has failed to reduce supply or demand, while steadily increasing drug overdose deaths and perpetuating the stigmatization of individuals with addiction. And while most would agree the war on drugs has been a failure when it comes to public health, we must recognize that it has accomplished its architects’ real goals. As arrests have increased, political leaders have vilified drugs and the people who use them, painting them as a dangerous part of society. Proponents of the drug war have argued that banning certain substances should remove them from the market, while prosecuting drug use should lower demand. These steps could greatly improve the lives of people who use drugs, begin repairing the devastation caused by the drug war and reduce the cost burden on taxpayers to fund failed enforcement and incarceration.
Now Is No Time for Cowardice. Abolish the Filibuster and Expand the Court.
There is no doubt that Justice Barrett is all progressive nightmares made flesh, a gut-punch replacement for the beloved Justice Ginsburg and a setback of enormous proportions. Sure, one can point to straight-up buzzard luck when it comes to the Democrats and the Supreme Court. We are seeing the darkness reaching for the darkness and finding itself at long, long last triumphant. Abolish the goddamn filibuster, and prepare to put two progressive justices onto an expanded Supreme Court. They cannot govern with a broken filibuster and this twisted high court in place.
Eighteen-year-old University of Dayton freshman, Michael Lang, dies of COVID-19
Michael Lang, a freshman at the University of Dayton in Ohio, died last Thursday after weeks of battling the COVID-19 virus. Michael Lang (Credit: University of Dayton)Lang started having symptoms of COVID-19 by Labor Day. Michael’s death has had a deep impact throughout the community, and well beyond. While Michael’s death is particularly tragic given his age, it is far from unique. These deaths, like that of Michael Lang, were entirely preventable.
The MAS victory in Bolivia and bourgeois nationalism’s betrayals in Latin America
Arce will take office on November 8, one year after former MAS president Evo Morales was overthrown in a US-backed military coup. The final period of his presidency was confronted by growing social struggles and strikes by the working class, whose demands were denied by the government, and were answered with state repression. With a nationalist rhetoric of “reactivating the economy” based on “import substitution,” he defended the attacks promoted by the bourgeois governments against the working class throughout the world. As advocates of the interests of the Bolivian capitalist class, the MAS is incapable of promoting progressive politics. The working class must relentlessly fight these bourgeois nationalist forces and all their apologists among the pseudo-left.
Things to remember in the closing days of the election
So with Election Day less than a week away, let’s deal with some oft-heard assertions that run up against history or facts or common sense. AdvertisementBiden, historically a center-left Democrat, is indeed running on a progressive platform, but it’s a steep mountain mile from socialism. Consider: Biden doesn’t even support that favorite nostrum of the Democratic left, single-payer health care. But it’s silly to speak of someone as socialist who doesn’t support such a system. AdvertisementBut, some may protest, doesn’t Biden favor a big tax increase — and isn’t that socialism?
Why should sex victims pay traffickers' taxes?
This newspaper, we’re proud to say, has led the fight against the scourge of sex trafficking in Texas and both encouraged and praised recent efforts by politicians and prosecutors to provide justice and healing for its victims. One of the most effective tools a prosecutor can use to put traffickers out of business and support the healing and recovery of trafficking victims is financial restitution. Long a part of civil actions and other criminal convictions, restitution is increasingly being sought by prosecutors and awarded by judges hearing cases involving human trafficking. The trafficking victim would, in effect, have to foot the trafficker’s tax bill. If there’s one thing our elected officials, regardless of party, should be able to agree on, it’s that the victims of human trafficking shouldn’t pay taxes on the money they were forced to earn for the monsters who enslaved them.
Point of View: Oklahoma voters should protect TSET, reject SQ 814
We have all heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” No situation is more applicable than State Question 814, a constitutional amendment that seeks to shift control over Oklahoma’s tobacco settlement funds. A little history is in order to help set the stage. After we settled our multi-state tobacco lawsuit two decades ago, we knew the state would be receiving at least $2 billion as Oklahoma’s part of the settlement. We also knew the Legislature would squander that money unless we protected it from their pork barrel politics. That’s when Oklahomans voted to create the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) to constitutionally shield our tobacco payments from the whims of politicians and special interests.
Joe Biden looks like a safe pair of hands for the US economy | Jeffrey Frankel
The general impression that the US economy does better under Republicans than Democrats is long-standing. In the 16 complete presidential terms since the second world war, from Harry Truman to Barack Obama, annual GDP growth averaged 4.3% under Democratic presidents, versus 2.5% under Republicans. Ideally, we would be able confidently to identify and quantify policies that Democratic presidents have adopted that could directly explain the disparity. Post-war Democratic presidents have been significantly better for the US economy than Republicans have. There have been few elections with such a discernible difference in the likely quality of the two candidates’ economic policies.
We thought Reagan was the devil – then came Trump. America, we're rooting for you
And one of the very worst things Trump’s done is to make Ronald Reagan look like an intellectual giant. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan during a debate in 1980. Photograph: The Ronald Reagan Presidential L/ReutersTrump often invokes Ronald Reagan as an inspiration, and you can see how the analogy crosses his mind, like tumbleweed. Unlike Trump, Reagan was self-aware enough to know his limitations. And like Trump, Reagan was an authoritarian who sent armed police in to break up civil protest.
Pakistan court validates marriage of abducted Catholic girl
In a major setback to church groups, the court validated the marriage of the Catholic minor to her Muslim abductor. Meeting her mother later in the court, Arzoo Raja confessed that she had recited Kalma, the Islamic proclamation of faith. She was escorted with the Muslim family under police custody. The court has validated a rape despite the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2014 that punishes contractors of child marriage with up to three years' imprisonment,” he said. The court staff, police and judges are united in defending the marriage,” she said.
How much each U.S. president has contributed to the national debt
Donald Trump claimed on the campaign trail that, as president, he would completely eliminate the then–$19 trillion in national debt. Since he made that promise in early 2016, the debt has ballooned to $21.7 trillion, and his tax cuts are expected to drive that number higher. But before you jump on the Trump-bashing bandwagon, it might be helpful to see how we got in this debt-riddled position. Percentage-wise, however, Ronald Reagan gets the nod, considering U.S. debt nearly tripled during his terms. Here’s another look at how we got here from earlier in the year, when the debt first broke the $20 trillion barrier:It’s not all about the president, of course.
Should recreational marijuana businesses be allowed to operate in Massachusetts during the pandemic?
Medical cannabis dispensaries have been allowed to safely stay open with strict social distancing protocols in place. AdvertisementAnd at a time of economic uncertainty, adult-use dispensaries have the potential to provide revenue when Massachusetts needs it the most. Conversely, this is not the time for the state to prioritize supporting the fledgling Massachusetts marijuana industry that is at risk of being dominated by well-financed, multi-state operators. With the oversight of the Massachusetts recreational marijuana industry in its infancy, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission has much work yet to do. It is rash to let marijuana growers, processors, and retailers move to the front of the line of the gradual reopening of Massachusetts businesses.
Letters to the Editor — Readers share their opinions about Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett was nominated only a few days after the judge’s death and just a month before an election. Finally, I also applaud your Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmation stance. Bill Fowler, FriscoThe court and ObamacareThe U.S. Supreme Court, with Amy Coney Barrett, will likely not overturn Obamacare in the upcoming case because the law no longer forces people to buy insurance. Alan Tracy, ColleyvilleSuggested reading for BarrettJudge Amy Coney Barrett said in her confirmation hearing, “I haven’t studied scientific data ... on global warming or climate change.” I find that confession rather troublesome. Susan Garza, RichardsonWhat Barrett could have saidSupreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, in her third day of testimony before the Senate, was asked if voter intimidation is illegal.
From cadaver dogs to porch pirates: New Oklahoma laws take effect Sunday
From cadaver dogs to porch pirates: New Oklahoma laws take effect SundayMore than 60 new Oklahoma laws take effect Sunday. They deal with everything from cracking down on porch piracy to helping breastfeeding mothers find a private place to pump while at work. Typically, hundreds of new laws take effect on Nov. 1 each year, but the number is smaller this year because the COVID-19 pandemic truncated this year’s legislative session. Here are some of the new laws:
'Let me finish': John Bolton clashes with BBC journalist Emily Maitlis over Trump – video
John Bolton, a former national security adviser to the Trump administration, gets into heated exchanges with BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis over why he did not appear at Donald Trump's impeachment trial. He repeatedly tells Maitlis to 'let him finish', and blames House Democrats for empowering Trump when they failed to convict him during the impeachment trial. Maitlis also pressed Bolton on why he worked alongside Trump despite admitting he saw him as corrupt and a threat to American security
Biden vows to back Belarus opposition in removing Lukashenko
Democratic presidential hopeful accuses Donald Trump of failing to speak up for people of Belarus after disputed electionJoe Biden has voiced support for Belarus’s opposition in its general strike against President Alexander Lukashenko, saying the embattled leader’s reign was illegitimate. Biden, who leads President Donald Trump in polls ahead of next week’s US election, promised if he wins to “significantly expand” sanctions alongside European allies against “Lukashenko’s henchmen”. “Although President Trump refuses to speak out on their behalf, I continue to stand with the people of Belarus and support their democratic aspirations,” Biden said in a statement. “I also condemn the appalling human rights abuses committed by the Lukashenko regime. Lukashenko insists he was the victor and has deployed deadly force during two months of nationwide protests.
‘After the election, we’ll get the greatest stimulus package you’ve ever seen’: Trump
Putting off votes on a stimulus package until after the election raises the risk that the Trump administration will be less inclined or able to push a package through the GOP Senate. If Trump loses to Democrat Joe Biden and Republicans lose their Senate majority — it would mean that any stimulus package for the pandemic-stricken U.S. economy would be delayed until late January, at the earliest.
NUNZIATA: The Democrats’ Attacks On Originalism Fell Flat During The Barrett Confirmation
What they conspicuously failed to do, however, is to make a case that Judge Barrett was not worthy of confirmation. No doubt, the danger that any seeming personal attacks on Judge Barrett could have a negative electoral impact in the looming election played a role. She has made it clear that she stands with millions of Americans who oppose abortion as a matter of her personal policy preference and conscience. Indeed, Senate Democrats revealed themselves by repeatedly peppering Judge Barrett with naked policy questions, particularly regarding healthcare. In the end, it is perhaps not surprising that Democrats chose to boycott the committee vote on Judge Barrett.
Why Hasn’t Trump Talked About The Middle East, When Nearly Half Of Servicemen Come From One Key GOP Voting Bloc?
In part, President Donald Trump secured victory in the 2016 election by promising American voters he would change the United States’ approach to Middle East policy. Data shows that rural voters were disproportionately impacted by the United States’ footprint in the region and were crucial to Trump’s win in 2016. Despite recent breakthroughs in the region, however, the president did not make Middle East policy a central issue in either of the presidential debates.
Mikhail Gorbachev Blamed The TV Show ‘Dallas’ For Bringing Down The Soviet Union, According To Dave Stewart
Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev apparently blamed “Dallas” for the fall of his country. “Dallas” was a hit show on CBS that started in the late 1970s, and was one of the most successful television series ever made. Well, it turns out it might have been successful at a lot more things than just entertaining American audiences! Having said that, I love the idea that a popular TV show was instrumental in the collapse and destruction of communism. If Gorbachev wrote a book about his opinions on American TV and its impact on Soviet culture, I’d read it in a heartbeat.
HART: What Were Washed More In 2020 — Hands Or Brains?
I do predict a mess, whether Biden or Trump wins in a landslide. In 2016 Trump got just 28% of the Hispanic vote, but this year the “polls” are predicting he will get a record 36.5%. In 2016 Trump got just 24% of the Jewish vote, but this year they are predicting he will get 28% or more. Finally, and very importantly, in 2016 Trump got just 8% of the African-American vote. If pampered, college-indoctrinated women in the ‘burbs turn out enough to make up for it and truly trend to Biden because “he is nicer,” then Biden wins.
France Warns Travelers To Use Caution In Muslim Countries As Calls To Boycott French Goods Grow
France warned its citizens Tuesday to be extra careful traveling in Muslim-majority nations as calls grow to boycott French goods following the nations support of displaying caricatures depicting Prophet Mohammad, Reuters reported. The French embassy in Turkey also issued a similar warning as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called for a boycott of French goods. We do not accept hate speech and defend reasonable debate. We do not accept hate speech and defend reasonable debate. “Condemnation of satirical depiction of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) Disrespecting religious symbols feed culture of hate, terrorism which we condemn in all forms.
‘That’s A Fear Term’: Fox News Medical Contributor Criticizes Biden For COVID-19 Rhetoric
Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the rise in coronavirus cases, his thoughts on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s comments at the last debate and more. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to get rid of it. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to stamp it out. It doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about it and it hasn’t ravaged us. But the accurate term would not be we have to learn to die with it.
Bloomberg Says He’ll Spend $100 Million in Florida to Help Biden
Follow our latest coverage of the Biden vs. Trump 2020 election here. Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and presidential candidate, announced Sunday that he planned to spend $100 million in Florida in the coming weeks to support Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s presidential candidacy. The pledge came as new polls showed a particularly tight race between Mr. Biden and President Trump in Florida, a key battleground state that carries 29 electoral votes. The commitment in Florida, while enormous for a one-state program, represents a significant pullback from the promises made by some Bloomberg advisers during primary season. Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey, had told Democrats privately that if Mr. Bloomberg were not the nominee he would form a new super PAC and mount an enormous effort against Mr. Trump in the country’s biggest swing states.
Can you change your early vote? Yes, in some states
According to voting laws in Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, if you change your mind on who you wish to vote for, you can have a do-over. How significant would it be to have early voters change their vote in an election that has already seen more than 50 million votes cast? First, there are not many states in which you are allowed to change a vote. Second, in states where you can change your ballot, there are restrictions. If you are going to change your vote in Minnesota, for instance, you must do so by Tuesday.
'The Haunting of Bly Manor' Shows How We Create Our Own Monsters
The new horror offering from Netflix, 'The Haunting of Bly Manor,' has a lot to say about the terrors we fight as well as the terrors we unwittingly fuel. The latest “Haunting” on Netflix, “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” focuses on the story of two orphans who live alone with the help at a large, English manor house. First, they were orphaned, and then their caretaker, Uncle Henry Wingrave (Henry Thomas), saw fit to abandon them at Bly Manor. The four paid servants of Bly Manor take pity on the children. In “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” it’s the children who rule everyone.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Bad Voting Decision Is The Law’s Fault
The state supreme court has had a Democratic majority since the 2015 election and has not hesitated to use it in rewriting laws to favor their side. That there was a ruling at all illustrates one of the differences between the Pennsylvania supreme court and the federal version. But the 2019 expansion of voting options in the commonwealth created a parallel system of mail-in voting alongside the original in-person and absentee system. Like absentee ballots, mail-in ballots always entail a higher risk of fraud or coercion because there is no person looking at the voters when they arrive to cast the ballot. State election law is meant to be uniform, and this ruling preserves uniformity.
The Chinese Communist Party's 'Hostage Diplomacy' Has Backfired
In response, Beijing issued threats to punish innocent Americans in China unless the Trump administration drops its charges against those Chinese scholars. While our country should never cave to the Chinese Communist Party’s blackmail, since the CCP has either threatened or imposed similar “hostage diplomacy” on America’s allies such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, any Americans in China should take the CCP’s threat seriously. Then, in August, Cheng Lei, an Australian citizen of Chinese descent who worked for China’s state media, China Global Television Network, disappeared in China. Her family and friends suspect her arrest is part of CCP’s “hostage diplomacy,” aiming to intimidate the Australian government into abandoning the coronavirus-related inquiry. He suspended Canada’s extradition treaty with Hong Kong immediately and vowed not to export sensitive military equipment to the city.
Pope Francis Risks Leaving A Legacy Of Confusion And Division
The kindest thing to be said of Pope Francis’s entire seven-year papacy is that it has been utterly disorienting. In his latest departure from core Catholic teaching, Pope Francis made headlines last week with a statement in apparent support of civil unions for same-sex couples. Pope Francis is filmed saying, “Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family. Pope Francis has been a consistent critic of the Trump administration’s policies on the southern border. At this rate, Pope Francis risks leaving, at best, a legacy of confusion, equivocation, and division.
Actress Emily Ratajkowski Says She Won’t Reveal Baby’s Gender Until Child is 18
Keep up to date with our latest:Actress Emily Ratajkowski has announced that she is expecting her first child, but won’t reveal the baby’s gender until it is able to choose its own aged 18. “We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then,” she told Vogue magazine. The model also expressed concerns that if the baby was male, it would exert its “white privilege” on the world. “And boys too; it’s shocking to realise how early young boys gain a sense of entitlement – to girls’ bodies and to the world in general. Apparently, the actress is more interested in scoring ‘woke’ political points and securing the approval of demented fringe gender extremists than caring for her own child’s well being.
Why The Right Can Never End The Culture Wars By Capitulating
Only the left can turn down the heat in the culture war, because it is the left that has cultural power in America. Leftists are the culture war aggressors. To be a conservative in the culture war is thus to fight the long defeat, punctuated by the occasional grueling effort at a counterattack. This is why each of the left’s culture war victories is followed by a new offensive. In reality, conservatives cannot de-escalate, let alone end, the culture war.
How To Stop Schools From Replacing True Virtue With Virtue Signaling
Had our secular schools really jettisoned virtue altogether, then their students would have noticed the absence and awakened from their moral stupor. However, the secular-progressive architects of our modern schools were not foolish enough to let that happen. It is certainly a good thing to show tolerance to our neighbors and to be wise stewards of creation. Football coaches like to say that the best defense is a strong offense; the same goes for virtue. Let them come to know, experience, and love transcendent, time-tested, traditional virtues, and the pseudo-virtues will lose their charm and appeal.
Trump’s Executive Order on Race and Sex Lessens the Political Madness Thrown at Men
On September 22, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping. But government is already involved to the hilt, and the executive order seeks to take several steps back. Critical race theory is a postmodern framework by which all institutions and dynamics of society are analyzed in terms of race and hierarchy. A September 4 memorandum issued by the Office of Management and Budget broke ground for the executive order. They are wellsprings of identity politics and critical race theory, as well as pioneers in the demonization of men.
If the polls are EXACTLY as flawed as they were in 2016, this election will come right down to the wire
FloridaIn 2016, the final RealClearPolitics average of Florida polls had Trump up by just 0.2 points, but he ended up winning the state by 1.2 points. ArizonaIn 2016, the final RealClearPolitics average of Arizona polls had Trump up by 4.0 points, but he ended up winning the state by just 3.5 points. WisconsinIn 2016, the final RealClearPolitics average of Wisconsin polls had Trump down by 6.5 points, but he ended up winning the state by 0.7 points. MichiganIn 2016, the final RealClearPolitics average of Michigan polls had Trump losing by 3.4 points, but he ended up winning the state by 0.3 points. PennsylvaniaIn 2016, the final RealClearPolitics average of Pennsylvania polls had Trump losing by 1.9 points, but he ended up winning the state by 0.7 points.
Rob Reiner Unravels - Outrageously Claims Trump's Closing Strategy Is To 'Kill As Many Americans As Possible'
There was a time when Rob Reiner was known for being a talented actor and director who had the ability to entertain millions of Americans. “Trump’s closing strategy: Blanket the country with super spreader rallies and kill as many Americans as possible,” Reiner tweeted. Trump’s closing strategy: Blanket the country with super spreader rallies and kill as many Americans as possible. — Rob Reiner (@robreiner) October 27, 2020More from LifeZette TVMORE NEWS: Are You Prepared For Post Election America? — Rob Reiner (@robreiner) August 26, 2020At the start of the pandemic back in March, Reiner even accused Trump of being an “accessory” to murder.
FLASHBACK: Dr. Birx's Early Prediction for COVID-19 Deaths Destroys Biden Narrative
In fact, he’s often plagiarized Trump’s COVID-19 response and claimed it to be his own. Roughly 22 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States come from New York and Jersey. The fact is that a small number of poorly managed states skew America’s COVID-19 death numbers significantly. Yet despite these states’ disproportionately bad responses to the pandemic, the United States is basically at where Dr. Birx said we’d be if things had been almost perfect. _____Matt Margolis is the author of the new book Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trump, and the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama.
The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 36: ACB, Autumn Bliss, and Prepping for Civil Unrest
This week on “The Fringe”: It’s an exciting time to be alive. Fall colors are at their peak, sweater weather is finally here, and the Republicans displayed rare courage in voting to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS. The election is days away and this train has no brakes! Trump is cruising to a historic electoral victory and that means more riots in the streets. For a sneak-peek into my studio full of autumn splendor, you can view a portion of this podcast on YouTube.
De Blasio Wants New Yorkers Who Are Threatened by Mentally Ill to Call Wife's Company Hotline
There has been a rash of incidents in New York City subway stations that have ordinary people scared for their safety. You can’t just snatch the mentally ill off the streets and put them in institutions unless they show they’re a danger to others or themselves. It’s a quandary that was created by the need to reform the inhumane way that the mentally ill had been treated for centuries. There’s a law, known as Kendra’s law, that can force the mentally ill to take the medication they require to stay well enough to live in normal society. The solution has to include more facilities to incarcerate the mentally ill who won’t take their medication.
How the Left Is Using Americans' Empathy and Decency to Destroy Us
But unlike most of the commenters on my blog, I don’t think this means something very fundamental has changed about Americans. You’d have to live other places in the world to realize how strangely helpful and giving Americans are. Which is the problem, of course, because the left is using our empathy and decency as a weapon against us. But there are other profoundly bad ideas and policies that the left is selling us at the point of empathy. This is the “vote for us or we’ll set fire to more people’s businesses” type of empathy the left is pushing on us.
Former Social Security Senior Officials Beg Biden: Please Stop Lying About Social Security
Tens of millions of Americans rely on Social Security for retirement security and peace of mind. We know that Social Security touches the life of every single American and every American family. Steve Goss is the Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration, a good and honest man. But whatever he does, the Biden campaign shouldn’t distort the truth to scare Social Security beneficiaries. Asheesh Agarwal and Mike Solon, who contributed to the piece, served in senior roles in the Social Security Administration.
Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die
In an uncomfortable parallel with the Biden campaign, not only did FDR die in Warm Springs; he did so after deceiving the American people for many months about the seriousness of his condition. “There has been this constant rumor that I’ll not live if I am elected,” he explained to his cabinet. Once again, photographs taken there made a ghastly impression, showing all the world that Roosevelt was desperately ill. Franklin D. Roosevelt died in Warm Springs eighty-two days into his fourth term. Will President Biden, should he shuffle into the Oval Office as most polls continue to insist he will, last longer than eighty-two days?
Deep in the Heart of Texas, Dangerous Extremists Are Propping Up Democrat’s Campaign
Its leaders have stirred up hateful mobs and its militants have killed numerous Christians and Muslims for years. In 2002, the RSS led the mob violence in the Indian state of Gujarat that brutally killed thousands of Muslims. In 2005, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, a government watchdog where I later worked, succeeded in punishing Modi for his crimes – denying him a visa to visit the US for over a decade. Kulkarni’s campaign website boasts of his support for “religious tolerance” but his refusal to renounce RSS ties tells a different story. Tina Ramirez is an international religious freedom expert, former staff director of the Congressional International Religious Freedom Caucus, and President of Hardwired Global, an international religious liberty nonprofit.
When 100 Percent of the Democrats Vote Against Amy Coney Barrett
What should we think when every single Democrat voted against the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett? There were actually three Democrats who voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch in 2017 (Donnelly, Heitkamp, and Manchin). No, this was a simple rejection of Barrett as a conservative jurist who might one day vote to overturn Roe. Ginsburg, as mentioned, by a vote of 96-3 (despite being famously progressive) and Stephen G. Breyer by a vote of 87-9. Now, they have spoken with one voice in their unanimous opposition to Justice Amy Coney Barrett.
Low Energy Joe's Dark Winter
His supporters’ war on our energy industry would throw our economy into a downward tailspin. In August and again this week, crippling blackouts rattled the state which has intentionally decreased its own access to traditional energy. Biden and Harris are beholden to the radical California environmentalists who are enemies of traditional energy: coal, oil, and natural gas. As President Trump points out at his rallies, manufacturing needs traditional energy to fuel the factories, as does our overall economy. As President, Biden could bankrupt the energy industry by strangling it with regulations through the Environmental Protection Agency and other arms of the administrative state.
President Trump Possesses The Strong Leadership America Needs To Gets the Job Done
“Actions speak louder than words,” is a truth most of us heard countless times in our youth. President Trump’s accomplishments for the American people speak volumes about his persistence, tenacity, leadership skills, and intellect. President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence exhibit a warrior’s ethos and sense of purpose. We are both retired, middle-management level, professional military officers who respect smart, bold leaders who embrace straight talk and decisiveness. Each proved that they did not have to be liked to be a great President, but they did have to be great leaders.
The Tyranny of the Experts
Indeed, if Biden sees himself as a mere conduit for the policy recommendations of experts, perhaps we should do away with the middleman. If the experts truly aspire to call the political shots, then it ill-becomes them to hide behind a veneer of representative government. Lest this sound extreme, it is worth taking a look at exactly what some of the experts are recommending. It is not the job of a leader to “listen to the experts” here without taking all other considerations into account. This is what Joe Biden will be called on to do if elected president, and a deferral of his duty to the experts will ill suit him.
No, Joe Biden Won’t Just Punish Big Business. Bidenomics Threatens Small Business, Too.
In fact, small business would bear a disproportionately heavy burden under a Biden administration. One example is a $15 federal minimum wage, which Biden supported again in the debate. Grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners are under immense pressure to not only retain jobs without cutting hours, but also stay in business. About half of those Americans earning the federal minimum wage or less are under 25 years old. When you raise small business taxes, you leave some of America’s most important job creators with fewer resources to hire new employees and retain their current ones.
Trump Versus Biden: Pennsylvania and Ohio
Lincoln won Pennsylvania again in 1864, and Ulysses S. Grant won it in 1868 and 1872. A pattern had been established: Since the Civil War, only two Republicans have been elected president while losing Pennsylvania. But four years later, Nixon came back and won Pennsylvania when he swept 49 of the 50 states to win reelection. But, as reported by the Federal Election Commission, Trump defeated Clinton in the Electoral College 304 to 227. But it may be determined by voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.
Make America Civil Again
April 19 was the day America lost the fight against COVID-19. Partisan leaders on each side recognized the value in making COVID political, and went all-in hoping their position would better resonate with voters. In fact, in one year when the GOP controlled Congress and Democrats occupied the White House, we cut taxes, reformed welfare, and balanced the federal budget. The lessons from Hershey, PA in 1997 are lessons badly needed today for members of Congress, the president, and citizens alike. We must make America civil again if we are to have any hope of breaking these cycles of partisan brinkmanship, in which the goal is not a functional democracy, but rather complete control of government and everything it touches; where the winning side has free reign to ram through whatever it wants.
1619 Really Was Crucial to the American Founding
On behalf of Temperance and other intrepid colonial souls, I’ve been privately seething about the New York Times’ infamous 1619 Project. The 1619 Project, as I feel certain you know by now, had the ambitious goal of “reframing” American history and placing our “true founding” in 1619 with the arrival of a ship bringing the first slaves to America. Nevertheless, Hannah-Jones was onto something: 1619 really is crucial to the American Founding—just not in the way the 1619 Project imagines. While 1619 doesn't rival 1776 as the American Founding, 1619 is a seminal date in our history, because that was the year the Virginia House of Burgesses, which was the first elected assembly in the American colonies, first met in Jamestown. An honest 1619 Project would have acknowledged this.
A Burning Issue
One of the burning policy issues raised for public discussion this year is the idea of expanding the U.S. Supreme Court. And with the nation’s highest court so close to impacting Roe v Wade, pro-life Americans have a lot of skin in the game. The legislative branch makes laws, and the executive branch implements the laws. The U.S. Supreme Court, should it decide to take a case, has the final authority. Instead of checks and balances, the Supreme Court would churn out partisan results ad nauseum.
I Guarantee No One Will Follow Latest Recommendation from the COVID Nazis...Except Maybe Joe Biden
You don’t need to be a medical doctor to know that no one will be taking this advice come Thanksgiving. The so-called medical expert community has beclowned itself the entire year. Voting for Joe Biden will bring about a total lockdown for sure. As for Fauci and his crew, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Nearly half of the total COVID death toll in the US is due to Democratic governors.
Putting Election Predictions Under The Microscope
Everyone is predicting Biden, though my Trump friends regularly remind me that the experts were wrong in 2016. Here are the betting odds for the election, as compiled by John Stossel and Maxim Lott. It’s basically the same (wrong) prediction I made in 2016, except I’m now giving Arizona and Michigan to the Democrats and Pennsylvania to the Republicans. For what it’s worth, I was very tempted to give Pennsylvania – and maybe a few other states – to Biden. But I ultimately decided on the above map because I also think some of those voters may worry about Biden’s age.
U.S. Trade Policy With China Needs A Reset, But Neither Trump Nor Biden Have Good Plans
U.S. trade policy needs a reset but neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden offer encouraging visions. Tariffs brought China to the negotiating table, but the Phase One Trade Deal doesn’t do much more than set numerical targets for Chinese purchases. A U.S.-China Business Council found 13% of U.S. businesses in China were asked to transfer technology this year, up from 5% last year. The Europeans increasingly recognize China poses a primary threat to Western democracies, and Joe Biden appears ready to adopt a harder line than did the Obama-Biden administration. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, implemented in 1948 and now enforced by the WTO, is a brief, terribly general document.
CNN's Reporting in Pennsylvania Does Not Look Good For Biden
President Trump hit him hard for it during his rallies in Pennsylvania, and rightly so—the state relies heavily on the industry. Last week Sleepy Joe Biden made perhaps the most shocking statement ever uttered in the history of presidential debates. "Joe Biden confirmed his plan to abolish the entire U.S. oil industry. That means no fracking, no jobs, no energy for Pennsylvania families, Texas, all the others." He continued: "The Biden energy shutdown would inflict deep pain and misery on Pennsylvania.
Watch: Dr. Scott Gottlieb Warns of 'No Backstop' on Developing COVID Surge, Urges Mask Policies
Some states are getting nervous about hospital bed capacity being insufficient as we move deeper into colder weather. He warns that if we miss this window for policy action, spread of the virus will continue to accelerate. As deaths rise this winter, policy makers will have to take new steps to slow the rate of spread. But even if masks are only incrementally helpful, they are among the least economically costly and burdensome options for reducing spread. One new study "finds that mortality has dropped among hospitalized patients by 18 percentage points since the pandemic began.
Watch: Republican Wisconsin Rep Explains Why He is 'Privileged'
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) managed to put a spin on a normally negative connotation on Monday. "She's consistently suggested that I'm somehow privileged," Gallagher said of Stuck. I was privileged to grow up in Northeast Wisconsin, in a family that taught me we are all privileged to be Americans, citizens of the greatest country on Earth but that we had a duty to serve." I was privileged to grow up in Northeast Wisconsin, in a family that taught me we are all privileged to be Americans." pic.twitter.com/04wa9jaNYi — Mike Gallagher (@MikeforWI) October 27, 2020"I've had the privilege of serving the country I love in the United States Marine Corps.
The Great COVID Lie
Just as important, Democrats have never provided an alternative plan with regard to COVID. The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID'S death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price. And the so-called Party of Science will continue to promote that anti-scientific lie all the way up through Election Day.
Liberal Judge Seeks Favor in Possible Biden Administration, Ignores Law in Favor of Politics
The reform, implemented through the rulemaking process observed by all federal government agencies, prevented states from fabricating high unemployment rates to provide welfare to ineligible individuals. These high unemployment rates were necessary for states to avoid tracking able-bodied adults without dependents, known as ABAWDs, receiving food stamps. For years, states have been permitted to get away with this deception due to high unemployment rates, especially during the Obama administration. Under the Trump administration, unemployment rates fell as low as 3.5 percent in February of 2020, the lowest unemployment rate in more than 50 years. Judge Howell has let politics into her courtroom.
The Assault on Religious Freedom During COVID-19
In our increasingly secular society, this is posing enormous problems and challenges for religious freedom. "Nevada's rules," wrote Kavanaugh, "reflect an implicit judgement that for-profit assemblies are important and religious gatherings are less so; that moneymaking is more important than faith during the pandemic." America was founded by those seeking religious freedom. Legal challenges must continue everywhere constitutional protections for religious freedom and equal treatment are being violated. And know that life and religious freedom are what's on the ballot in the upcoming election.
Is Biden a Trojan Horse for Single-Payer?
Younger Democrats, both elected and rank-and-file, overwhelmingly favor single-payer health care . For most of her ill-fated presidential campaign, she strongly advocated for single-payer health care. A Biden victory in the presidential election would enable these progressives to lay the foundation for a full-fledged single-payer system. And that would destroy American health care as we know it. His vice-presidential pick, and some of his most prominent supporters on Capitol Hill, desperately want to establish a single-payer system.
Everything You Need to Understand About Polling in 2020
Trump won by .3 percent. Trump won by .7 percent. Also, since polling models are based on previous years of voter turnout, the vote for the Democrat nominee was weighted with a higher black voter turnout. One election cycle is not enough to alter polling models, that’s not how these models work. If they’re wrong, they should never be taken seriously again.
Is Getting Trump Worth It?
President Donald Trump is not the first president to be hated by a large segment of the American population. For example, create a West Oklahoma and East Oklahoma or a North Utah and South Utah. You say, "Williams, dividing up states to get greater representation in the House of Representatives and the Senate would violate the Constitution." Too many people want to blame it all on Trump. How much blame can be put on Trump for the riots, looting and, as Axios estimated, the close to $2 billion in losses from property destruction?
With Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed, Let's Kill Off This Lincoln SCOTUS Vacancy Story
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now Justice Amy Coney Barrett. We have a true conservative majority now that Chief Justice John Roberts has decided to stab us in the back and join the liberal wing. On Oct. 12, 1864, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney died at the age of 87. Chase’s opponents told Lincoln all the nasty things Chase had said about him behind his back. I would recommend removing this Lincoln anecdote from your talking points the DNC gave you.
Oh SNAP! LOL! Nigel Farage just dropped the SICKEST burn EVER on Sleepy Joe Biden, and it’s PERFECT (hint, China)
We know you know that we know that Joe doesn’t know what the Obama lackeys are tweeting in his name, but every time we see one of these melodramatic tweets we hear it in Obama’s voice. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! China already made their "investment" in the #BidenCrimeFamily, now they're just hoping it will pay off. — Mr Wizard (@TheWizardsQuest) October 27, 2020Which is why it’s more important than ever to keep Biden out of the White House. WiFi network and password media had to use for President Trump’s WI rally prove his troll game is truly MASTERFULFredo MAD!
Nice TRY, jacka*s! Obama tries pushing lie that Trump tax cuts only helped BILLIONAIRES, trips over New York Times story
We knew the moment Obama started on the campaign trail the lies would flow but man oh man, his nonsense about taxes has been off the charts. First he claimed he was proud to pay 40 cents of every dollar he makes in taxes (which was a lie), and now he’s claiming Trump’s tax cuts only helped billionaires. Even the New York Times admitted 80% of Americans benefitted from those cuts, Obama. OBAMA: "The only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires that got Trump's tax cuts." WiFi network and password media had to use for President Trump’s WI rally prove his troll game is truly MASTERFULFredo MAD!
Liberals Melt Down Over Barrett Joining Supreme Court
Democrats and liberal media members have lamented the ascension of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, declaring her judicial philosophy "sexist," her confirmation "the darkest day" in the history of the U.S. Senate, and calling for her imprisonment. David Rutz is senior writer at the Washington Free Beacon. He was previously a sports reporter for two years in Atlanta and has done freelance sports reporting for the Washington Post. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2010 and lives in Marietta, Ga. His Twitter handle is @DavidRutz. He can be reached at rutz@freebeacon.com.
30 Officers Injured in Anti-Police Protests in Philadelphia
At least 30 police officers were injured in Philadelphia on Monday night—including one sergeant who was hit by a truck—while responding to anti-police riots. Unrest broke out in West Philadelphia after police fatally shot a black man who, they say, had brandished a knife while running toward officers. Footage captured by a bystander shows two officers telling Wallace to drop a knife before Wallace ran toward them. The scene in Philadelphia last night reflected similar incidents in other major U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd in May, which sparked months of violent anti-police protests. Police officers in some major cities are now leaving the force in record numbers, citing anti-police sentiment in local city governments and fears for their safety.
Rubio, Cornyn Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Designate Uighur Camps as Genocide
Republican senators Marco Rubio (Fla.), John Cornyn (Texas), and Jim Risch (Idaho) introduced a bipartisan bill Tuesday to designate China's ongoing human-rights abuses against its Uighur Muslim population as genocide. The resolution urges the executive branch to take all available measures to halt China's abuses against its Uighur people. So far, Beijing has imprisoned about 1.8 million Uighurs in labor camps in its Xinjiang region, subjecting them to forced sterilizations, abortions, and other abuses. An official genocide designation would alter the United States' legal response to China's abuses, opening up more opportunities for international recourse. The United States should make the designation, Rubio said, to be "clear about the nature of these atrocities."
Shapiro Brutally Schools AOC with History Lesson After Her Clueless Comment on Expanding the Court
Democrats are losing their collective minds over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. The Democrats’ response — vowing to pack the court or otherwise tear down longstanding American institutions — is anything but normal. By the way, just because there is a legal process for expanding the Supreme Court doesn’t make it a good idea. https://t.co/gMqrlAsvjC — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 27, 2020As usual, Shapiro is correct: The Democrats are primarily responsible for the politicization of judicial appointments. You have to wonder if AOC is actually this ignorant of American history, or if she just thinks her followers are.
Trump Campaign Trolls Reporters by Forcing Them To Use Genius Phrase if They Wanted on His WiFi Network
Numerous viral images posted on Twitter show the campaign handed out cards with the login credentials for the WiFi network. That was the WiFi password the PRESS had to use at President Trump’s rally last night in Wisconsin. Trump’s campaign made sure not to let that question die in Wisconsin on Saturday, using the question as its WiFi password. Members of the country’s broken establishment media want nothing more than an abrupt end to Trump’s presidency and his massive political movement. But small things — like the move by Trump’s campaign to make them type out the phrase “WhoBuiltTheCagesJoe?” — probably go further than one might imagine.
CNN Refuses To Air Pro-Trump Ad
CNN has refused to air an ad supporting President Donald Trump’s re-election, claiming the ad’s statement that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will raise taxes on the middle class is false. The ad was also rejected for its characterization of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as pro-socialist, according to The Hill. The America First Action ad said Biden “sided with socialists,” and shows images of Pelosi and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. “Specifically, the ad asserts that Biden will raise taxes on the middle class. https://t.co/tGm0s414Tr — America First (@AmericaFirstPAC) October 27, 2020CNN’s corporate network is ACTIVELY censoring America First’s new ad that is factually supported and relates to an important issue in the upcoming election.https://t.co/cR4Cj0L1NE — America First (@AmericaFirstPAC) October 27, 2020Here’s the ad CNN doesn’t want you to see.
Low-energy Joe's 'dark winter'
It would be a dark winter for our country, as Joe Biden predicts, if "low-energy" Joe were to be elected president next week, and not just because of his lack of personal vitality. His supporters' war on our energy industry would throw our economy into a downward tailspin. In August and again this week, crippling blackouts rattled the state, which has intentionally decreased its own access to traditional energy. Biden and Harris are beholden to the radical California environmentalists who are enemies of traditional energy: coal, oil and natural gas. As President Trump points out at his rallies, manufacturing needs traditional energy to fuel the factories, as does our overall economy.
The Great COVID Lie
Just as important, Democrats have never provided an alternative plan with regard to COVID. The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID'S death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price. And the so-called Party of Science will continue to promote that anti-scientific lie all the way up through Election Day.
Seething hatred for Trump: What are the consequences?
President Donald Trump is not the first president to be hated by a large segment of the American population. Even though Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill and Reagan were polar opposites in their politics, they could be friends. The true tragedy is that many Americans have bought into the hate, destructiveness and plain nastiness and are seemingly ignorant or uncaring about its long-term consequences for our nation. You say, "Williams, dividing up states to get greater representation in the House of Representatives and the Senate would violate the Constitution." How much blame can be put on Trump for the riots, looting and, as Axios estimated, the close to $2 billion in losses from property destruction?
College president threatens student journalist for asking public officials for interviews
(THE COLLEGE FIX) -- Six months ago, we learned that Haskell Indian Nations University shows little concern for human life. It kicked a student out of campus housing with no hearing, leaving him homeless during a pandemic, because he called a campus employee an “asshole” for threatening to tow his car. Who’s surprised now that this federally run tribal university in Kansas also shows utter contempt for the First Amendment? President Ronald Graham ordered the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper to not ask public officials for interviews. Or else face “disciplinary action.”Read the full story ›
Medical-school prof wants Trump declared a 'public health threat'
(THE COLLEGE FIX) -- A doctor and professor at Columbia University’s medical school wants to see President Donald Trump declared a “public health threat.”Professor Raymond Givens in an op-ed on October 22 in MedPage Today argued Trump is “one of the most serious threats to public health and human rights in modern American history. “The entire American medical establishment has a duty to name Donald Trump, specifically, as a public health threat,” Givens said. Read the full story ›
Lockdowns and the assault on religious freedom
In our increasingly secular society, this is posing enormous problems and challenges for religious freedom. "Nevada's rules," wrote Kavanaugh, "reflect an implicit judgment that for-profit assemblies are important and religious gatherings are less so; that moneymaking is more important than faith during the pandemic." America was founded by those seeking religious freedom. Legal challenges must continue everywhere constitutional protections for religious freedom and equal treatment are being violated. And know that life and religious freedom are what's on the ballot in the upcoming election.
Angus King vs. Amy Barrett: What a contrast!
King made a speech on the Senate floor opposing the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. When King stated his real objections to Barrett, those objections displayed the real differences between how Democrats approach governing versus how Republicans approach governing. Did Angus King understand what he said? It is up to the legislative branch, not the judicial branch, to represent the voters. Joe, the judicial branch is not directly accountable to the president or the Congress.
Joe Biden's 'not-so-secret' Supreme Court agenda
He has repeatedly refused to answer pointed questions about packing the Supreme Court. President Franklin Roosevelt had complained that the Supreme Court was stuck in “the horse-and-buggy definition of interstate commerce” and so wouldn’t see to greenlight his New Deal programs. Nevertheless, throughout the 1936 election, Roosevelt maintained a studied silence about his plans for the Supreme Court. Perhaps he will take up the proposal of Bernie Sanders — who is against mere court packing — to rotate Justices off the Supreme Court to lower federal courts. So here we are on the cusp of an election, and voters do not know Joe Biden’s plan to restructure the Supreme Court.
Is Biden toast if he loses Pennsylvania? – HotAir
Still, Biden would be slightly favored to eke out a win in this scenario by winning one more more of those Sunbelt states. The most likely would be Arizona, which has less in common with Pennsylvania than the others. Biden’s work wouldn’t quite be done if he won Arizona, though. Alternatively, he could even lose another state Clinton won, like Maine or New Hampshire, if he carried a second Sunbelt state such as Georgia. But here’s the thing: Yes, Biden and Democrats should be nervous that he has only about a 5-point lead in Pennsylvania, the most likely tipping point state.
In defense of Trump's character – HotAir
(2) Trump doesn’t dwell on past foibles. (3) Trump cherishes excellence. Everything he does has to be the best, the biggest, the boldest. Yes, he sometimes overdoes it (is it really a big deal if Obama had a larger inauguration crowd than he did, considering that 91 percent of Washington, D.C. voted for Hillary?). But when is the last time we had a president who loved excellence so much that he couldn’t tolerate settling for second best?
Biden's "gaffe" is the truth: Oil is history – HotAir
Recent, unexpectedly rapid technological improvement in renewables and battery technology has made clear that fossil fuels will eventually get phased out no matter what the government does. The only question is whether political leaders speed this process up or slow it down — and whether they help workers displaced by the inevitable change. In the years since the GOP developed its talking points about the pain of transitioning from fossil fuels, the energy industry has changed dramatically. While no one was looking, solar, wind and battery technology got a lot cheaper, a lot faster, than almost anyone forecast — partly thanks to Chinese industrial policy — and thus renewable energy sources have grown increasingly competitive with fossil fuels. In fact, the International Energy Agency’s new World Energy Outlook found that solar photovoltaics are “consistently cheaper than new coal- or gas-fired power plants in most countries, and solar projects now offer some of the lowest cost electricity ever seen.” Because of government subsidies, renewable prices are still lower today than they’d otherwise be — but even so, the main reason prices have fallen so fast is that technology has improved so dang much.
The plot to kidnap me – HotAir
Even now, as leaders from both sides of the aisle call on him to tone down his violent rhetoric, Trump just keeps going, hostile as ever. He is trying to distract Americans from his failure to protect our families and trying to divide us further to win the election. Eight months into the pandemic, he still does not have a plan to protect our frontline workers or rebuild our economy. And as we saw earlier this month, his violent rhetoric puts leaders across the country in danger. We cannot count on President Trump to rebuild America.
"Fat and happy" with a conservative Court, is the GOP losing a winning issue? – HotAir
But President Trump and Republicans risk becoming victims of their own success. Without the specter of a liberal court to motivate conservative voters anymore, they may find themselves without the issue that played a crucial role in Mr. Trump’s unexpected victory four years ago and has fortified his political base throughout a tumultuous first term. “It’s like the dog catching the car,” said Charlie Cook, editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, which handicaps elections and is forecasting a difficult environment for Republicans up and down the ballot…Privately, Republicans have expressed some disappointment that there was very little of the partisan fury and indignation that erupted during the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh in 2018. The Kavanaugh hearings included a sexual assault allegation against him from his high school years, and became a remarkably emotional and divisive culture war clash that raised questions of class and privilege, gender roles and the presumption of belief extended to victims of sexual assault.
Georgia is suddenly a battleground. What happened? – HotAir
Yet there is a bipartisan consensus that the state is not exactly what it was, even just a few years ago. Its population surged from 7.9 million to 10.6 million people from 2000 to 2019, and its foreign-born population now exceeds 10 percent. He argues that this may be a better way to think about the changing region, and the Democrats’ growing strength in parts of it, than the old dichotomy between “Deep South” and “Rim South” states. Growth South states, he said, “are attracting a racially and ethnically diverse population. So more Hispanics are moving into them, as well as a variety of Asians — Koreans, Indians, Chinese.
"History will look back on this moment in disbelief and horror" – HotAir
The Trump White House has decided that the United States should surrender to the virus — that we’re not going to even try anymore. The United States is about to enter a phase of exponential spread. Infection rates will skyrocket; hospitals will once again be overwhelmed; and death rates will climb. We have a narrow window to stop this tidal wave, but we’ve just learned that our government has decided it is unwilling to use it. History will look back on this moment in disbelief and horror.
The president's baffling reelection strategy – HotAir
As an everybody else, I also don’t understand why Trump isn’t drawing a stronger comparison between his achievements in foreign policy and the failures of the Obama/Biden administration. I would stress how the Obama/Biden approach empowered ISIS and Iran while Trump has largely vanquished the terrorists while brokering once unimaginable peace deals between Arab/Muslim nations and Israel. I would hammer home the point that the Obama/Biden administration’s leading-from-behind strategy that emphasized accommodation did little to counter the expansionist policies of China and Russia – remember Obama’s dismissal of Mitt Romney’s 2012 claim that Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat? In that regard, I would observe that while Democrats claim Trump embraces authoritarian regimes, it was Obama/Biden that sought to prop up dictators in Venezuela and Cuba. In every speech I would repeat the observation of Obama’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
One last funny feeling about 2020 – HotAir
Four years ago, Trump won with a coalition of voters. Trump won seniors by 7 points against Clinton; polling now shows him consistently trailing among seniors by 5 to 15 points. Trump won independents by 4 points; polling now shows Joe Biden running up big margins with those voters. These conditions were fundamentally advantageous to Trump, a political outsider, whose party had been out of power for eight years. It was widely acknowledged that had participation been modestly higher than the roughly 137 million people who voted, Clinton would have won.
Biden: I won’t try to impose term limits for Supreme Court justices
For one thing, Biden would be running for the wrong office if he wanted to impose term limits on the Supreme Court. But some Democrats are eager to see court reforms as President Trump prepares to have his third nominee to the Supreme Court confirmed. Not too many would veto an opportunity to appoint four Supreme Court justices, or however many Congress sees fit to add. The best way to lower the heat on Supreme Court appointments is to dial down their ability to legislate from the bench. If so, the prevailing consensus is backwards—the Supreme Court isn’t too powerful because Congress is too ineffective; Congress is ineffective in part because the Supreme Court is too powerful.
CNN: Pennsylvania voters “confused” over Biden’s position on fracking
CNN went to western Pennsylvania to see how Joe Biden’s reveal on domestic energy production during the debate flies with voters, only to discover that it doesn’t. And voters we spoke to in Western Pennsylvania are still pretty confused on the former Vice President’s position, whether it’s what Donald Trump is saying about Joe Biden or Joe Biden’s lack of clarity. And this is critically important in Western Pennsylvania, where fracking is king. But I should note that in Western Pennsylvania, most of the fracking is actually done on private land. This is why no one in western Pennsylvania cares whether fracking takes place on private land or not.
Liberals pin their hopes on… John Roberts?
With Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett safely ensconced on the Supreme Court, conservatives appear to hold a rather dominant 6-3 majority there. But to be honest, it’s really more like a five and a half to three and a half majority, considering the way that Chief Justice John Roberts has been voting ever since Kennedy retired. And that phenomenon is what at least some liberals are pinning their hopes on in terms of avoiding a complete blockade of “progressive” rule in the United States. He implores the Chief Justice to “act, and fast” to prevent his court from turning into some sort of conservative version of Animal House. Whether the court regains its independence or cements itself as a third partisan branch of government is now largely up to Chief Justice John Roberts.
Out-of-state donors funded the push for ranked-choice voting in Massachusetts
Their ballots will include “Question 2.” That’s a referendum on whether or not the state will follow in the path of Maine to adopt ranked-choice voting. But when it comes to the ranked-choice voting question in Massachusetts, that’s not the case at all. Of that total, $3.4 million came from the Arnolds and their lobbying group created specifically to do this. Ranked-choice voting in Maine already overturned one congressional race during the first time it was used. And the reality of ranked-choice voting is that every one of those people who voted for the non-viable candidates was allowed to vote twice.
Why is Biden going to … Iowa?
“I’m going to be going to Iowa, be going to Wisconsin, I’m going to Georgia, I’m going to Florida and maybe other places as well,” Mr. Biden said during a stop at a voter center in Chester, Pa. And in a remarkably bold pronouncement for a Democratic presidential candidate, Mr. Biden declared that he would win Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, three critical battleground states that might be his key to victory. Let’s spot Biden Wisconsin and Michigan, since he seems so confident about those two. If Biden flips Wisconsin, Michigan, *and Arizona,* which is worth 11 electoral votes, that gets him to (gulp) a 269-269 tie. There’s another possibility for why Biden would target Iowa. — Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) October 27, 2020By the way, via Nate Silver, there’s one more reason why Biden might consider visiting Iowa a better use of his time than visiting Texas.
The media's Hunter Biden conundrum – HotAir
The internet has certainly created new spaces for eccentric ideas and conspiratorial narratives to flourish, and the transformation of the Republican Party into a populist formation with its own distinctive media ecosystem has weakened the power of national newspapers to influence Republican politicians. But the G.O.P. speaks for a minority of Americans and fewer and fewer American elites, and the internet has also expanded the audience for certain media institutions at the expense of the rest of the media industry, giving them arguably more influence over the non-Fox News-watching portion of the public than in the recent past. This, in turn, makes it reasonable for conservatives to fear the concentric circles of tech and media power — the possibility that social-media censorship, carried out “neutrally” by companies overwhelmingly staffed by liberals, will expand its reach with the vocal support of an increasingly consolidated and liberal group of mainstream-media gatekeepers. But it also makes it reasonable for people who are not conservatives to worry about what stories they might be missing, if those same gatekeepers have an incentive to treat anything that originates outside those concentric circles as some combination of disinformation and partisan distraction.
Win or lose, it's Trump's GOP – HotAir
But for all the attention paid to what Trump represents in American politics, the most salient feature of his ascent within the Republican Party might be what he doesn’t represent. Trump’s takeover, by contrast, has been as one-dimensional as it has been total. But though he has disassembled much of the old order, he has built very little in its place. Republican voters are essentially the same people who voted Republican before Trump; the party’s politicians are still mostly the same people, hiring mostly the same strategists. Whether Trump wins or loses in November, no one else in the party’s official ranks seems to have one, either.
Populism is the GOP's path to future victories – HotAir
But as much as Republicans are blamed for enabling the Trump show, the idea that they abandoned their principles or sold their souls to him is false. At the heart of the dismay felt by the clique of Never Trumper strategists and mainstream media columnists are notions about class and manners. Trump’s personal style cost Republicans support among women and college-educated voters. But to the elites who spent the last few decades benefiting from the network of GOP institutions that sustained the party establishment, the hostile takeover of the party by Trump was a personal disaster. Many in the party feared that Trump would trash conservatism.
Seeking power in Jesus’ name: Trump sparks a rise of Patriot Churches – HotAir
This is a Patriot Church, part of an evolving network of nondenominational start-up congregations that say they want to take the country back for God. While most White conservative Christian churches might only touch on politics around election time and otherwise choose to keep the focus during worship on God, politics and religion are inseparable here. The Tennessee congregation is one of three Patriot Churches that formed in September. The Patriot Churches belong to what religion experts describe as a loosely organized Christian nationalist movement that has flourished under President Trump. From his lectern during the worship service, Peters rails against perceived attacks on First Amendment freedoms, decrying government mandates and calling masks “face diapers.”
ARE YOU A WHITE SUPREMACIST? One Minute Apologist Bobby Conway says we really ought to do a little d…
ARE YOU A WHITE SUPREMACIST? One Minute Apologist Bobby Conway says we really ought to do a little defining of terms before throwing around such terms. One has to wonder if, however, in view of Stephen Green’s preceding post on the violence of the Left, there isn’t much time left for civil discussion (Lord, help us, please).
Church leaders sell their souls to the Democratic Party
The contemporary church sold its soul to the Devil for a pot of political porridge. Last week “pro-life” evangelicals across the land started stumbling over themselves to endorse a political party and a candidate who is openly against life and against evangelicals. This past January, the Christian Research Center of Arizona Christian University surveyed 2,000 adults in the United States from four major religious groups: Evangelicals, Pentecostals and charismatics, mainline Protestants and Catholics. Under the banner of being “woke,” the church is now being “de-formed” rather than reformed. Not even hell itself can defeat the obedient and faithful Body of Christ — His one true church.
Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — That Means You – Issues & Insights
A Trump “coup,” which, of course, in their fevered imaginations means any Trump victory at all. It claims if Trump declares victory that will mark ‘the start of the coup.’ “In other words, a Trump victory will be a “coup.” So much for your right to vote. That would mark the de facto end of free speech, free religion and any number of other sacred American rights. In this election more than perhaps any other in history, your rights as a free American are at stake. — Written by the I&I Editorial BoardWe Could Use Your Help Issues & Insights was founded by seasoned journalists from the IBD Editorials page.
Insanity Wrap #75: POTUS Destroys SLOWTUS at Another Huge Rally
Either way, Insanity Wrap is convinced that it’s time to end the lockdowns. Insanity Wrap is starting to wonder why we continue this (almost) daily mini-feature. The Left absolutely knows the mostly-peaceful protests are really partly-violent riots, which is why they refer to the partly-violent riots as mostly-peaceful protests. The only people who don’t know the mostly-peaceful protests are really partly-violent riots are the people least likely to read Insanity Wrap. Insanity Wrap would like to remind our betters in the NFL/NBA/etc.
WATCH: Chris Cuomo's Meltdown on CNN After Being Destroyed by Trump Campaign Comms Director
Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got into an on-air brawl Monday evening over the coronavirus pandemic, and it did not go well for the younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. They’re still not helping,'” he claimed, even though his brother did say back in April, “[Trump] has delivered for New York. Trump campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh calls out Chris "Fredo" Cuomo for making a mockery of the coronavirus pandemic when he whipped out a giant q-tip and refused to address his brother's (NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo) nursing home deaths.https://t.co/wUC5Atokpu pic.twitter.com/HFaLF3WRUR — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) October 27, 2020You can watch the Cuomo Brothers Comedy Hour in the clip below and ask yourself just how seriously they were taking the pandemic. Cuomo enabled a massive outbreak in New York nursing homes and then tried to cover it up.
Why Responding to the COVID Poverty Spike With More Welfare is Cruel, Not Generous
So, it’s sad but hardly surprising that a new Columbia University study reports that 8 million Americans have fallen below the poverty line since May. “After aid diminished toward the end of summer, poverty rates, especially those among minorities and children, rebounded.”8,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds. “No, 8 million Americans did not slip into poverty,” Sen. Ed Markey concurred. https://t.co/9yO0BLdGpx — Barbara Lee (@BLeeForCongress) October 20, 2020No, 8 million Americans did not slip into poverty. But are they right that continuing to increase government welfare spending is the right way to address the increases in poverty?
Why You Should Keep a Third Carry Gun
A friend of his, who was legally allowed to carry in his state, was flying in from out of town for a short visit and didn’t want to check a bag. The logistics become a lot easier if you don’t have to share a pistol, and this way you’re not putting miles on your own emergency backup gun. I mean, like a lot of shooters, I have pistols I could have pressed into the job if necessary, but I’d never thought of having a gun in the official pinch-hitter role. There’s always the chance (and it’s happened to me more than once) of a friend having an event occur in their life that caused them to suddenly get religion about the Second Amendment. Needless to say, my friend’s practice of “a pair and a spare” is one that I’ve enthusiastically adopted myself.
INVESTIGATION: Portland’s Lewis & Clark College mandates racial segregation in orientation programming
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 27, 2020 — Last week, two U.S. senators called on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged racial segregation in American schools. Today, an investigation by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reveals that Portland’s Lewis & Clark College also engaged in mandatory racial segregation in its first-year orientation program this fall. “Racial segregation is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal on our nation’s college campuses,” said FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley. “Mandatory racial segregation isn’t wrong because FIRE or a professor finds it objectionable — it’s wrong because it means that your ethnicity alone determines the education you receive,” Shibley said. CONTACT:Daniel Burnett, Director of Communications, FIRE: 215-717-3473; media@thefire.orgWim Wiewel, President, Lewis & Clark College: 503-768-7680; president@lclark.eduTell Lewis & Clark to end its practice of racial segregation
Waking to the Woke
Schapiro is one of the most woke college presidents in the country. Coming from Northwestern students, the movement to abolish the campus police is particularly “performative” (to use a term favored by campus leftists) and risk-free. The black students declined to let the white students sit with them. (The unnamed institution is likely Williams College, which promotes the concept of “uncomfortable learning” and whose black students are particularly radicalized.) Those black students had every right to enjoy their lunches in peace.
It’s “rude” to speak politics loudly enough to be heard in the entire area (though to be fair, he could only be heard in the immediate vicinity which was empty except for busboys and servers.) Again, I’m not asking you speak out if it will make you destitute (not yet) or that you speak out if it will break your elderly parents hearts (not yet.) We’ve allowed leftism to become social signaling for being “good people.”We don’t speak out against things like addicted ferals taking over our downtowns, because we don’t want to be thought heartless…. We don’t speak out against the COVID restrictions, because we don’t want to be thought heartless. Win or lose — and be aware we might lose, because fraud will be unimaginable — it is time to speak up.
Will They Really Get Away With It?
One is left to conclude that it really all comes down to political will. Will they really get away with it? "Russia, Russia, Russia was a scam that ruined lives and put a cloud over the White House for nearly three years. One hopes John Durham has a reference, file or graphic that is something close to those analytical pieces. One is left to conclude that it really all comes down to political will.
Justice Barrett's baptism by fire: Protecting the integrity of elections
The Pennsylvania court ignored constitutional law that gives state legislatures, not state courts, the power to set the conditions for presidential elections. Despite all that, the Supreme Court obstinately refused to act. The state Republican Party brought a lawsuit asking the justices to stay the Pennsylvania court’s rewriting of the law. Yet, the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. Since a tie means there is no ruling from the high court, the Pennsylvania court’s decision stands.
"Tremendous News!" - Maduro Touts Venezuelan Vaccine That Inhibits COVID
Multiple COVID-19 vaccine trials are in the final stages around the world. At the IVIC, scientists have been working around the clock to develop a cure for the virus. Maduro said the vaccine would be transferred to the WHO for further evaluation and possible use worldwide. "The molecule will be mass-produced and delivered worldwide for the cure of Covid-19," according to Maduro. So the question we ask Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who famously expressed skepticism about Russia's COVID-19 vaccine in August: Is how he would feel about Maduro's wonder vaccine?
Was Thomas Jefferson Right? New Study Quantifies Flight From America's Big Cities During Pandemic
Are Jefferson’s views about big cities now gaining acceptance? As you would expect, their study found that big cities are hemorrhaging residents. But there are other causes, and Jefferson’s views about some of those other problems in big cities are seeming more relevant every day. He called big cities “pestilential to the morals, the health, and the liberties of man... Jefferson’s views about cities were not embraced by the nation for 230 years, but that may be changing.
CJ Hopkins: The Last Days Of The Trumpian Reich
Authored (mostly satirically) by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory,So, according to the corporate media, this is it for Russian-backed Hitler. It’s the last days of the Trumpian Reich. As I noted in my previous column, “[i]t isn’t national totalitarianism, because we’re living in a global capitalist empire, which isn’t ruled by nation-states, but rather, by supranational entities and the global capitalist system itself.” But it is totalitarianism nonetheless. Sorry … I was supposed to be writing about the final days of the Trumpian Reich, and I got all sidetracked with this GloboCap business. I hope you’ll forgive me for not being able to get all fired up about the election next week.
A Look at the 2020 Election: Ohio
In 2016, Trump prevailed by 8 percentage points- a virtual landslide by Ohio standards. The most recent favorability ratings for Trump out of Ohio are encouraging and indicate a repeat of 2016. There are just not enough radical fruitcakes in Ohio and if there were, they would likely be drowned out and ignored. One of the major money players in Democrat politics- Priorities USA- is paying considerably less interest in Ohio. To conclude, Trump will take Ohio and there will be no changes in the Congressional delegation come 2021.
Pelosi's Petty Pity Party: ACB's 'Usurped' SCOTUS Seat Won by 'Manipulation,' Other Craziness
On a good day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ill-tempered, cantankerous, and all-around nasty over anything remotely related to President Donald Trump. — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) October 27, 2020Following a confirmation that Pelosi and the Democrats knew was inevitable, the hyper-partisan Pelosi released a statement — in which she went full-metal-jacket Nancy Pelosi. To kick things off, the histrionic Speaker said, “The President’s Supreme Court manipulation threatens the very values and rights that define and distinguish our nation.” Huh? The President’s Supreme Court manipulation threatens the very values and rights that define and distinguish our nation. #SCOTUS Read my full statement here: https://t.co/PmyOgtBFjo — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) October 27, 2020Let’s do a “deep dive” into Pelosi’s nonsensical statement, shall we?
Checking In On the Blue-Check Elites who Promised to Render the Country if Trump Appointed a SCOTUS Justice
The usual tactic here is for a celebrity to promise they will leave the country if an election does not go their way. Her passing meant President Trump could end up with his third Supreme Court bench appointment, something that induced nightmares in the minds of those overly beholden to the courts. The first was Beau Willimon the president of the Writer’s Guild of America – East Coast chapter. We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election. Or, possibly, Mikel learned that the majority of the country not only approved ACB, but also supported her being appointed in expeditious fashion.
Meanwhile, Another Teacher Gets Caught Lecturing an 8th Grader About How 'Racist' Trump Is
The student chose Trump, in part because of his immigration policies and commitment to building a border wall. What began as a discussion about proper sourcing quickly turned to Seaman criticizing Trump. As Ranch wrote:When the student said he sourced the White House for facts on building a border wall, Seaman explained why this is problematic. But then he launched into a rebuke that attempted to discourage the student from thinking Trump has been successful. The student and teacher spoke about immigration policy in the context of providing evidence for why President Trump is a hero.
Guest Op Ed: Biden's America Isn't What I Fought For
The media often accuses President Trump of corruption, but where is the proof? President Trump has accomplished a lot in a short period of time for this country, but there is still much work to be done. America needs us. The President needs us. Vote for President Trump this Election Day and Keep America Great.
Supreme Court Says Wisconsin Election Law To Remain as Written -- Pennsylvania Challenge Now Pending With Justice Barrett
He says quite plainly at the end that Wisconsin election law should not be changed on the eve of the election, but that Pennsylvania election law may. Because of the current pandemic, the [district] court suggested, it was free to substitute its own election deadline for the State’s. 2 of the Constitution, stating as follows:A federal court’s alteration of state election laws such as Wisconsin’s differs in some respects from a state court’s (or state agency’s) alteration of state election laws. That said, under the U. S. Constitution, the state courts do not have a blank check to rewrite state election laws for federal elections. With Justice Barrett now on the Court, the question is whether she will provide the needed fifth vote to address the Pennsylvania case.
Putin Weighs in on Trump Ending the War in Afghanistan
Since President Donald Trump took office in 2017, progressives and their corporate media allies have continually pretended that he is a Russian asset who is doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. During an interview on Sunday, Putin stated that he opposes a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan because it poses “many risks” for the region’s security. The Russian leader noted that U.S. military presence in Afghanistan ensures security and does not conflict with Moscow’s interests. “Initially, we backed U.S. forces’ presence in Afghanistan and earlier voted in favor of a respective U.N. Security Council resolution,” Putin explained. This is yet another step that Trump has taken that goes directly against the wishes of the Russian president.
An Electoral College Nightmare
This margin was sufficient to give him a very comfortable Electoral College win. Trump needs 66 electoral votes from the 11 states/districts above to win the election, assuming no other state moves more than 4%. Looking at the electoral map, there are a multitude of scenarios where the election could end in a 269-269 tie. Colin Powell had 3 votes, while Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Ron Paul and Faith Spotted Eagle all received 1 electoral vote. Let’s all pray for decisive Trump victories in enough swing states to put the Electoral College out of reach and each of these states out of the reach of fraud.
USPTO: One Deep State Swamp Backwater That Is Getting Drained
President Trump has acknowledged that the Swamp is much deeper – and its Creatures much nastier – than he anticipated. Let us briefly examine the incredibly damaged-by-the-Obama-Era system Trump and Iancu inherited. Iancu Says Congress May Be Up for Patent Eligibility ReformThankfully, Iancu hasn’t been fiddling while Congress and the US patent system burn. Oh: Obama and the Republican Congress also had judicial help in undermining the US patent system. (T)he case was widely considered as a decision on software patents or patents on software for business methods….
Rodney 'Lawnmower Man' Smith Is in Danger of Losing Everything and He Needs Our Help
The Alabama resident truly gives new meaning to “walking the walk” with his Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service. Full version 2:39. pic.twitter.com/exIop95Kjo — Rodney Smith Jr (@iamrodneysmith) August 14, 2020It’s a beautiful representation of the American spirit, and Smith himself is a wonderful representation of great Americans everywhere. Smith went on to lay out the impressive record of his lawn care program, which has so far raised over $17,000 and helped 14 families. Unfortunately, all this is in jeopardy now and Mr. Smith is reaching out to his supporters for help. There is no doubt in my mind that Rodney Smith, Jr. qualifies as an extraordinary man in this extraordinary nation.
Kavanaugh’s Opinion in Wisconsin Voting Case Raises Alarms Among Democrats
With Mr. Trump indicating that he plans to challenge a loss, Democrats have kept a particularly wary eye on the Supreme Court. Keep up with Election 2020It was the court that rendered the final decision in the Florida recount of 2000, effectively delivering the state to George W. Bush over Al Gore by just 537 votes and, with it, the presidency. And I think having a 4-4 situation is not a good situation.”The concept expressed by Justice Kavanaugh that counting late-arriving ballots could “flip the results” misconstrues the voting process, where official results often are not fully tabulated for days or even weeks after an election. Republicans have been pressing to keep the more restrictive rules in place. Mr. Kavanaugh’s concurrence was met by a dissent from Justice Elena Kagan, who wrote that “there are no results to ‘flip’ until all valid votes are counted.”
The media — and social media — drive to squelch information a menace no matter who wins election
Try to look up anything about ­Burisma, Joe Biden or Hunter Biden in English, and you’re likely to be shown a pile of “fact-checks” and explainers ahead of the raw information. On the other hand, if you want to assert without any evidence at all that the New York Post story is Russian interference, you can essentially go straight into print. What Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his cohorts have done to date is take a few unreported or underreported facts and leap straight to a maximalist interpretation of corruption on Joe Biden’s part. The suppression story is almost certainly a bigger scandal than the Hunter Biden affair itself, but it’s all become part of the same picture. This is all information that the press should want to ask more about, even before the issue of the e-mails in the New York Post story.
Carolyn Hax: Newfound sobriety causes social anxiety
AD— Social SobrietySocial Sobriety: You want to be sober, so just be sober. On the contrary, what you’re doing takes courage and discipline. As for what sobriety does to your friendships: My circle includes some who don’t drink at all, don’t drink anymore, don’t drink to excess, don’t know when to stop drinking — doesn’t yours? Nobody’s comments confer an obligation on you to change what you’re doing or why. It’s not as if any of these social side effects would justify reversing your sobriety, right?
Stateless and displaced
Hattu is a Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar's western Rakhine State. Rohingya Muslim children play at a camp for people displaced by violence, not far from the Rakhine State capital Sittwe. Clashes between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists in June and October 2012 killed at least 192 people and caused some 140,000 to flee. Rohingya Muslims look through the gates of a house in a village where many of those who fled violence found shelter. Waadulae, a 16-year-old Rohingya Muslim boy with severe symptoms of rabies, has a stick wedged between his teeth to stop him from biting off his tongue.
Pompeo brings anti-China roadshow to Indian Ocean islands
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and his wife Susan disembark from an aircraft upon their arrival at the airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020. (AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena, Pool)COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday brought the Trump administration’s anti-China campaign to two Indian Ocean island nations considered particularly at risk for what American officials allege is Chinese exploitation. Pompeo is visiting Sri Lanka and the Maldives to press the two countries to be on guard against potential predatory lending and investment by China. Even before Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka, China had fired back at the U.S. message, accusing Washington of bullying smaller nations. Critics like the U.S. say that the Chinese-funded projects are not financially viable and that Sri Lanka will face difficulties in repaying the loans.
Steve Kerr, Doc Rivers endorse Joe Biden in powerful new ad for ‘The Lincoln Project’
Two of the most outspoken coaches in the NBA joined forces for a powerful new ad endorsing Joe Biden for president. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and new Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers appeared in a new ad for “The Lincoln Project” on Tuesday night urging voters to vote for Biden over President Donald Trump in next week’s election. pic.twitter.com/WnzHJlGqw4 — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 28, 2020“We’re at a crossroads, this country of ours, and it’s time to decide where you stand,” Rivers and Kerr said to start the ad. “A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the very ideals upon which our country was founded. We stand with Joe Biden.”Doc Rivers and Steve Kerr jointly endorsed Joe Biden in a new ad on Tuesday night.
Organizations project anti-Trump messages onto Camelback Mountain
A political light show illuminated the side of Camelback Mountain on Tuesday night, reading "COVID deaths 224,601," and "Trump failed us" in both English and Spanish. The show started at 7 p.m. and could clearly be seen from the intersection of Camelback and Camelhead roads and nearby neighborhoods. Progress Arizona, Our Voice Our Vote Arizona, LUCHA, Mi Familia Vota, and Por Nuestras Familias PAC collaborated to project the light show one week prior to Election Day. "COVID deaths 224,601," the sign projected, "Trump failed us. Vote Nov. 3," the message read.
EDITORIAL: Education funding lawsuit gets the bum’s rush
(Getty Images)To understand why progressives are so incensed about the U.S. Supreme Court, look no further than a lawsuit filed earlier this year in Nevada. Educate Nevada Now would have the judiciary discard the democratic and legislative processes to unilaterally dictate how much treasure collected from state taxpayers constitutes a “sufficient” commitment to the education establishment. In other words, Educate Nevada Now seeks to use the courts to achieve by judicial fiat what advocates for limitless education funding have been unable to achieve through legislation. In fact, the Nevada Constitution explicitly bestows the Legislature — not the judiciary — with the authority to set education spending. And that’s exactly what a Carson City judge concluded earlier this month when he dismissed the Educate Nevada Now lawsuit.
CARTOON: Nancy Pelosi gets her way
No COVID relief deal until after the election. No COVID relief deal until after the election. Review-Journal editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and a three-time winner of the Sigma Delta Chi Award.
Letter: Support our schools with Wayne RESA millage
The Detroit NewsIn these unprecedented times, it is critical we renew our support for Wayne County schools because keeping our schools strong is a key part of keeping our community strong (Re: The Detroit News' Oct. 23 editorial, "Vote 'no' on Wayne RESA school millage"). The Wayne RESA Regional Enhancement Millage renewal is on the Nov. 3 ballot. Renewing the regional enhancement millage will help all 33 school districts in Wayne County — and for the first time, charter schools — continue improving the quality of education Wayne County students receive. It is more important than ever that we support Wayne County students and give them the opportunity to succeed. That’s why we need to renew the Regional Enhancement Millage on Nov. 3.
Opinion: This Halloween, help children not to fear COVID-19
Science tells us that children’s brains are hardwired for fear, and that’s a good thing because fear can help prevent future harm. However, when it becomes excessive, fear can have harmful effects, such as impairing one’s ability to learn and interact with others. Excessive fear can also increase risk of developing an anxiety disorder, which affects nearly 1 in 3 people at some point during their lifetime. The ability to put the brakes on and regulate fear is not well developed in children, leaving them susceptible to excessive fear and anxiety. Because of that susceptibility, as a developmental neuroscientist, I am concerned about the mental health repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nolan Out Loud: Poll says Trump's toast -- again
The survey from Glengariff Group gives challenger Joe Biden a xx-point lead of President Donald Trump. In the U.S. Senate race, Democratic incumbent Sen. Gary Peters has a similar advantage over Republican John James. Both Trump, Biden and their surrogates keep barnstorming the state. A study in declineIt won't be Detroit future researchers turn to when they examine the decline of a great American city. Sign up here:Twitter: @NolanFinleyDNSign up for the Nolan Out Loud morning report at detroitnews.com/newsletters.
Opinion: Donald Trump's pro-American policies will see him reelected
Here is the fundamental question: Do these voters favor Trump policies more than they dislike his personality or, does their dislike of his personality trump their support of the president’s policies? ? The Supreme Court: Trump has appointed conservative judges to the federal courts across the nation. Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — are rule of law justices who will uphold the Constitution. We cannot have politics and elections determine the number of justices on the Supreme Court. ? Trade: Trump has stood up to China’s unfair trade practices and imposed tariffs to balance trade between the U.S. and China.
Tanzania votes for president amid fears of violence, fraud
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Voters in Tanzania are going to the polls on Wednesday for a presidential election that the opposition warns is already deeply compromised by manipulation and deadly violence. Tanzania, once praised for its relative peace and its peacemaking efforts in Africa, has become a human rights crisis as diplomats, the United Nations human rights office and others say the government under President John Magufuli has stifled media, civil society and opposition voices. He also has been accused of downplaying the coronavirus pandemic. The populist Magufuli, who made his name in part by targeting corruption, now seeks a second five-year term in one of Africa’s most populous and fastest-growing economies. His top opposition challenger is Tundu Lissu, a survivor of an assassination attempt in 2017 who returned from exile earlier this year to campaign.
Pompeo brings anti-China roadshow to Indian Ocean islands
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday brought the Trump administration’s anti-China campaign to two Indian Ocean island nations considered particularly at risk for what American officials allege is Chinese exploitation. Pompeo is visiting Sri Lanka and the Maldives to press the two countries to be on guard against potential predatory lending and investment by China. He was making the case less than a week before the American election in which President Donald Trump is seeking to paint his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, as weak on China and beholden to it. Even before Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka, China had fired back at the U.S. message, accusing Washington of bullying smaller nations. In Sri Lanka, the Maldives and then in Indonesia on Thursday, Pompeo plans to press each nation to push back against increasing Chinese assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific, which U.S. officials complain is highlighted by development and infrastructure projects that benefit China more than the presumed recipients.
'We need you': GOP hunts for new voters in Trump territory
'We need you': GOP hunts for new voters in Trump territorySLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign has a bold theory for how he will win reelection: It can tap a universe of millions of supporters who did not vote for him in 2016 but will do so this time. Supposedly, these voters are overlooked by polls that show Trump consistently trailing Democrat Joe Biden. Yet they flock to the president’s rallies, plaster their yards with signs and have been filling up voter registration rolls, the campaign insists. In few places will this strategy be tested as in Pennsylvania, a critical state that Trump carried by only 44,292 votes out of 6.1 million cast in 2016. To hold onto Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, the president needs to prove that a hidden groundswell of supporters exists — and will vote.
Tennessee Senate nominee connects activism to election
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — When the Rev. Tondala Hayward learned about plans to build a landfill next to her church in a predominantly Black, working-class neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee, she called Marquita Bradshaw. Bradshaw spoke out against the landfill and helped Hayward mobilize opposition, and it was never built. “They were going to use that space because they thought the predominantly African American community was not going to speak up,” Hayward said. “I would not have been able to win without Marquita.”Bradshaw hopes her experience as an activist will lead her to the U.S. Senate.
Ahead of National Guard arrival in Philly, tensions flared for a second night after police killed Walter Wallace Jr.
It draws attention away from the real tragedy of a life cut short. As a nation, we are strong enough to both meet the challenges of real police reform, including implementing a national use of force standard, and to maintain peace and security in our communities. All Donald Trump does is fan the flames of division in our society. He is incapable of doing the real work to bring people together. We will.We are all praying for the entire Wallace family, and for our nation, that we may move toward healing.”
In four years, the dust never settled
ADVERTISEMENTSkip................................................................On the cusp of another presidential election, I decided to take stock of where we’ve been since the last presidential election. To do that, I looked back at a column I wrote that was published on Nov. 7, 2016, the eve of the last presidential election. “When the dust settles, we will be left to wonder whether it has been worth this human cost,” I wrote. That yet-unsettled dust has intensified into an endless, choking haboob. I long for that healing that never came in 2016, and I’d like to think the other side longs for that as well.
The fight to 'EndSars' in Nigeria
The Guardian’s West Africa correspondent Emmanuel Akinwotu reports from the protests against the special anti-robbery squad (Sars), which have swept Nigeria and gained international support. For years, the police unit has been plagued with allegations of extrajudicial killings and abuseThe Guardian’s West Africa correspondent Emmanuel Akinwotu tells Rachel Humphreys about the wave of protests which have erupted across Nigeria and captured global attention. The cries for change in Nigeria, largely from a younger generation, have centred around calls for an end to the notorious special anti-robbery squad (Sars), a police unit who have long been accused of extrajudicial killings, torture and extortion. Amnesty International said at least 12 people were killed by soldiers and police in the shootings which left many in Nigeria and across the world reeling. In an effort to quell unrest, the government announced the unit would be disbanded, and promised a host of reforms.
We thought Reagan was the devil – then came Trump. America, we're rooting for you
And one of the very worst things Trump’s done is to make Ronald Reagan look like an intellectual giant. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan during a debate in 1980. Photograph: The Ronald Reagan Presidential L/ReutersTrump often invokes Ronald Reagan as an inspiration, and you can see how the analogy crosses his mind, like tumbleweed. Unlike Trump, Reagan was self-aware enough to know his limitations. And like Trump, Reagan was an authoritarian who sent armed police in to break up civil protest.
Early voting trends show Democrats falling short in 3 of 4 battlegrounds
However, Democrats are falling short of the edge they need in early voting to offset the Republicans' anticipated big edge in Election Day voting in three of four battleground states where data is available. In Florida, much has been made of Democrats flipping the early voting edge this year by outvoting Republicans 1,926,055 to 1,463,281 so far. Democrats' early voting across the state is actually falling well short of what they would need to win if they lose Election Day 31 percent to 69 percent. However, reports of the Democrats' edge in mail in votes is exaggerated due to noncompetitive states like California where 2.9 million Democrats and only 1.1 million Republicans have voted early. So far the Democrats have not built the 70 percent to 30 percent edge they need in early voting to wrap up a win.
A long overdue discussion on Pentagon spending
One of his key arguments has been that we can’t reduce Pentagon spending without a “conversation about what’s the strategy, what’s the plan going forward.”It’s long past time to have that conversation. The discussion of Pentagon spending must be grounded in a realization that military force is not the answer to the most urgent challenges we face, as the global pandemic has made abundantly clear. It has been said that Pentagon spending could be “flat” for the next few years, but it would be flat only in the sense that the peak of Mount Everest is flat. A key to reducing troop levels is a recognition that the challenges posed by China, Russia and Iran do not require greater Pentagon spending. Thankfully, although he has expressed skepticism, Chairman Smith is open to further discussion on how much Pentagon spending is needed to protect us, as he noted in a recent meeting with the organization Win Without War.
Opinion | Californians, Vote Yes on Prop 16
Black and Latino people have been hit hardest by America’s recent one-two punch of public health and economic crises. Amid these widening disparities, California voters are weighing a measure that could be a big help to women, Black and Latino students and business owners. Proposition 16 aims to reverse Proposition 209, a measure that California passed 24 years ago banning consideration of race, gender or ethnicity in public university admissions and public contracting. Black and Latino enrollment in the University of California system declined immediately. School of Medicine, attribute this shortfall largely to Proposition 209, which substantially cut the number of Latino U.C.
Opinion | When My President Sang ‘Amazing Grace’
This is my last regular column before Election Day, so what is there left to say? Instead of giving you an answer, let me leave you with a question, which I think is the question. What would you do if your kid came home from school and said:“Mom, Dad, my teacher said President Obama ordered the killing of the U.S. Special Forces team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden. My teacher said he had heard all of this somewhere on the internet and he just thought he’d pass it along to our class. Later that night, Trump retweeted a post claiming top Obama administration officials colluded to bring Bin Laden from Iran to Pakistan for ‘Obama’s trophy kill.’”
Kavanaugh’s Bush v. Gore citation draws scrutiny ahead of another divisive election
“It’s not every day we see a member of the Supreme Court citing Bush v. Gore,” said Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Must have final total on November 3rd.”Though some states count only ballots that arrive by Election Day, about 20 count those that are postmarked by Election Day and arrive within a specified time frame. Who gets to make those decisions has been at the center of the cases that have reached the Supreme Court on emergency petitions. ADADKavanaugh cited Bush v. Gore and a related case, Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, to argue that state courts are not beyond the Supreme Court’s reach either. ADADThe issue could be important in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where partisan elected supreme courts lean Democratic and the legislatures are controlled by Republicans.
Biden, Obama and Harris work in concert to reach crucial voting blocs in the home stretch
Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Barack Obama ReutersWASHINGTON — For two men whose political legacies are deeply intertwined, the contrast between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his former boss, President Barack Obama, was a sharp one on Tuesday. A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not immediately reply to a request for comment on Biden's final week strategy. Data from the 2008 election showed that a higher share of young voters turned out that year than in any presidential election since 1972. Compared with either Obama or Harris, Biden spent little time on Tuesday attacking Trump. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Warm Springs, Georgia on October 27, 2020.
Cracking under election stress in a pandemic? Do this instead (opinion)
-- The existing Supreme Court had already signaled its willingness to suppress American votes, ruling that mail-in ballots arriving after Election Day in Wisconsin are invalid. With maximum pandemic stress rushing in, maximum stress from the impending election, everything -- democracy, our lives -- feels at stake. JUST WATCHED Floating for stress and anxiety relief Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Floating for stress and anxiety relief 01:15So how to deal? Or if you haven't voted, what's your voting plan on Election Day? Have you talked to your family members about their voting plan?
Black Catholics celebrate Wilton Gregory’s elevation — knowing it took the George Floyd-era to bring this first
“About Archbishop Gregory? My Black Catholic church family was abuzz. In the U.S., the Catholic church continues to struggle to replenish priestly numbers, in general, much less Black priests. Of the nation’s bishops, only five are Black; Gregory, one of only two leading a U.S. diocese. Perry has lectured much on Tolton’s journey to serve within a Catholic church reflecting American society.
Project Safe 417 now open 24/7 to help domestic violence victims
Project Safe 417’s move to 24/7 coverage was made possible by a $500,000 grant from Nevada Women’s Philanthropy. SafeNest will use the technology in Project Safe 417, which has newly expanded 24/7 coverage. SafeNest expanded Project Safe 417 to 24/7 coverage. SafeNest will use the technology in Project Safe 417, which has newly expanded 24/7 coverage. Project Safe, which was launched in December 2017 in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Department, was piloted in Metro’s northwest area command before its valleywide expansion in February.
Joe Biden easily could make himself look like 'Mr. Ethics' if he beats Donald Trump
U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on Tuesday rejected the Justice Department’s unusual bid to defend President Donald Trump in a personal defamation lawsuit. The fact that Trump & Co. tried this gambit at all shows how entitled the president feels regarding official privileges. If Joe Biden beats Trump in next week's election, the veteran Democrat gets a chance to look like a reformer. If his father wins, political associates of the new president will want Hunter Biden kept at a visible distance from the White House. On Monday night Trump used the White House to host a self-boosting preelection ceremony marking the swearing-in of his third appointee to the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
Downtown Chicago alderman breaks from Democrats to endorse Kim Foxx’s GOP opponent
Reilly oversees some of the swankiest chunks of the city that over the summer faced looters striking commercial corridors and prompting business owners to board up windows. He has blamed the chaos on Foxx for what he describes as a “revolving door” approach to prosecuting crime, including after the Aug. 10 lootings that touched his ward. Foxx had countered her detractors that week by announcing her office approved 90% of felony charges for more than 300 arrests related to civil unrest following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.
Mobile home parks in Oregon burned. Now rent is due.
TALENT — In mid-October, 78-year-old Joseph Powell moved back into his mobile home in Talent Mobile Estates. All my friends are gone.”When the Almeda Fire tore through the southern Oregon cities of Talent and Phoenix, it incinerated more than 1,000 mobile homes in 18 parks. We’re not a big entity.”Herring has also moved back into her home at Talent Mobile Estates, where she’s lived for decades. The fact that some mobile homes escaped the flames is wonderful, in her view, but also puts residents in a bind. EPA crews are removing household hazardous waste from residential areas and mobile home parks, which are considered commercial properties.
Boston College High School alumnus donates $5 million to found ‘innovation’ center
Shields, founder and chairman of Stoughton-based Shields Health Solutions, is investing $5 million in BC High to establish the Shields Innovation Center to prioritize entrepreneurial thinking while preparing students for the rapidly evolving innovation economy. “The path to my accomplishments started in the hallways of BC High,” a Jesuit, Catholic, college-preparatory school for 1,402 boys in grades 7 to 12. Knowing how — and when — to design creative solutions is a major focus of Shields’ innovation investment, as COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for the business world to adapt quickly, school officials said. Each phase of the Shields Innovation Center, which will launch in 2021, is designed to foster innovative thinking and risk tolerance. “Jack feels BC High should be a beacon, and he wanted to help us do that,” said Grace Cotter Regan, the school’s president.
Howie Carr: A quagmire for our time
The bust-out pol that Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker” went out there again Tuesday and said that everything would be fine if he just sent 50,000 more troops – I mean, canceled Thanksgiving. Charlie Parker has no such qualms. That’s what Charlie Parker calls a peaceful protest. Since Charlie Parker ginned up the panic in March, exactly one MA resident under the age of 20 has died. Here’s one thing Charlie Parker never, ever talks about — the number of dead in the nursing homes he’s directly responsible for regulating.
More than 500 business professors are urging CEOs to denounce Trump
Many condemned the travel ban from Muslim countries that US president Donald Trump instituted shortly after he took office. “This is not an attempt to change any business leader’s mind about the current president. These bipartisan groups—who disagree on many things—now agree that no positive vision for our country can be realized under the continued presidency of Donald Trump. Then comes the clincher (emphasis his):It is time for business leaders to follow suit and speak out against the threat Trump poses to our country. The question is, will that be enough time for these ideas to make the leap from the virtual hallways of business academia to the luxurious home offices of business leaders?
Yesterday’s Supreme Court Order in Wisconsin Election Case Reveals Divide Between Chief and Other Conservative Justices
Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Gorsuch (joined by Justice Kavanaugh), and Justice Kavanaugh each wrote concurring opinions, and Justice Kagan, joined by Justice Breyer and Justice Sotomayor, wrote a dissent. For Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, by contrast, the Constitution limits intrusions by both federal and state judges on state election statutes. An excerpt:A federal court’s alteration of state election laws such as Wisconsin’s differs in some respects from a state court’s (or state agency’s) alteration of state election laws. That said, under the U. S. Constitution, the state courts do not have a blank check to rewrite state election laws for federal elections. The text of Article II means that “the clearly expressed intent of the legislature must prevail” and that a state court may not depart from the state election code enacted by the legislature.
We need to burn the Affordable Care Act and rebuild it piece by piece
And what was implemented did not work as intended: One in ten Americans, 32 million in all, still go without health insurance. Americans have not embraced a larger government role in health care because they are socialistic but because they are risk-averse where health care is concerned. Health care is too complex to be “fixed” once and for all by a single piece of legislation, no matter how well-crafted the legislation or generously funded the program. Work to make prices lower, work to make coverage more predictable, work to make health insurance work more like any other product — but don’t try to do everything at once. Because the health insurance market is complex, it is very difficult to say with any accuracy how effective any given policy initiative will be in the long term.
Ana Navarro: I'm writing in my mom
Story highlights Ana Navarro said she is voting her conscience on Election DayTrump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes argued that writing in a name on the ballot was a selfish choice(CNN) Ana Navarro is a lifelong Republican, but she isn't voting for her party's nominee on November 8. The CNN political commentator isn't voting for Hillary Clinton, either. "I've got every right to vote my conscience," she said Wednesday on "New Day." She was responding to a question from fellow Republican and Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, who argued that writing in someone, rather than voting for Trump or Clinton might not be "a feasible solution." "If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime and this year I feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed and reject that man, it is my right," Navarro said.
The New York Times’ Echo Chamber
The New York Times opinion section has published, as of 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, seven consecutive pieces about the need to reform the Supreme Court. Some (“It’s Time to Pack the Supreme Court. Again.”) are harsher than others (“I Love the Supreme Court. But We Need Another One.”) but they all appear in the paper of record because Republicans followed the proper constitutional process to successfully confirm an exemplary nominee to the Supreme Court. The Times’ standards for legal writing are notoriously low — read Ed Whelan’s fisking of Erwin Chemerinsky’s screed last week, or anything Emily Bazelon has ever published — but the Times’ greatest crime is that it will do this with any subject.
Black vote surges in final days of North Carolina early voting
After drawing national attention for African-American early voting turnout that was falling below 2012's record pace, North Carolina saw a surge in black voters during the final days of the 2016 early voting period, which ended Saturday. A Facing South/Institute for Southern Studies analysis finds that in the last two days of early voting alone, 122,800 African-American voters cast ballots in North Carolina, which has emerged as one of the most closely watched battlegrounds of 2016. Black voters represent 22.3 percent of early voters this year, compared to 27.4 percent four years ago. The following chart shows 11 counties in North Carolina where the drop-off in black early voting between 2012 and 2016 amounts to 1,500 or more votes, as well as the statewide figures (click on it for a larger version):The African-American voting surge in the final days of early voting, which had been limited in many key North Carolina counties, helped significantly close the turnout gap. In two days, 2016 black early voting went from 25 percent lower than 2012 to just 9 percent.
Vote for the Good Dad this November
Trump and Biden certainly differ on policy, but the more important and clearer contrast is in their leadership capabilities. Along with his subsequent, encouraging remarks, the moment also distinguished Trump as the fatherly leader of the nation. Wouldn’t it be easier and feel safer to just not have a fatherly leader who reminded you of your lost potential? “Talk to them about responsibility,” Peterson pleaded. One campaign slogan might be “Get your act together, do something worthwhile with your life,” Peterson suggested.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Replacement -- Supreme Court’s Median Justice Is Crucial
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)With the estimable Brett Kavanaugh finally confirmed, conservatives now covet the Supreme Court seat held by 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It depends on who becomes the Court’s median voter. The median justice provides the crucial fifth vote on cases that divide along ideological lines. So when Alito replaced O’Connor in 2005, the Court’s median justice switched from O’Connor to Kennedy. The median justice would still have a Roberts-type ideology, and the Court’s decisions would continue to reflect his rightward but incrementalist approach.
Opinion | The Surprising Reason We’re Fighting Over the Supreme Court — and How to Fix It
This vision of the Supreme Court differs so dramatically from the modern reality that the original case for judicial review — crystallized by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. If so, the prevailing consensus is backwards—the Supreme Court isn’t too powerful because Congress is too ineffective; Congress is ineffective in part because the Supreme Court is too powerful. The Supreme Court resolved the dispute in a nuanced way. Marshall may have adamantly believed that the Supreme Court needed the power of judicial review, but the early history of its use suggests otherwise. The Framers didn’t withhold judicial review from the Supreme Court by mistake.
California Wildfires: Trump Administration Not to Blame
(Ringo Chiu/Reuters)Instead of blaming the Trump administration for their problems, perhaps they should look to it for guidance. Working to fix this, instead of blaming the Trump administration, is one concrete way California’s leaders could help their state’s residents. Under the Trump administration, our country’s air is the cleanest ever recorded, our water has never been safer to drink, and we lead the world in overall GHG-emissions reductions. By taking ownership, working hard, focusing on communities, and establishing realistic goals, the Trump administration has furthered positive environmental trends across the nation. When it comes to intelligent environmental regulation, instead of blaming the Trump administration for their problems, perhaps they should look to it for guidance.
Working-Class Tax and Welfare Policies Often Penalize Marriage
This country’s public policies — especially our tax and welfare policies — often penalize marriage, locking couples out of marriage and trapping too many people in poverty. AdvertisementIn 2017, members of Congress had the right idea in attempting to eliminate marriage penalties in the tax code. They failed to touch any of the marriage penalties in the means-tested policies that most affect working-class families. AdvertisementTake the earned-income tax credit, one of our nation’s three biggest welfare programs in terms of both participation and cost. AdvertisementTaking such steps would end the marriage penalties facing too many working-class couples across the country.
Five reasons why the US should stay on daylight saving time permanently
Lives would be savedSimply put, darkness kills—and darkness in the evening is far deadlier than darkness in the morning. This is especially true for crimes by juveniles, which peak in the after-school and early evening hours. Virtually everyone in our society is awake and using energy in the early evening hours when the sun sets. Recreation and commerce flourish in the sunFinally, recreation and commerce flourish in daylight and are hampered by evening darkness. That’s not to say there aren’t downsides to DST—notably, an extra hour of morning darkness.
Ana Navarro Gets Mad at Those Who Voted for Mickey Mouse
CNN political analyst Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, last night:If you’re mad #AmyConeyBarrett was just rammed through to replace RBG, then you better get off your duff and vote. To those who voted for Jill Stein or the pot-smoker from New Mexico, or wrote-in, “Mickey Mouse…congrats on your new SCOTUS Justice! — Ana Navarro-Cárdenas (@ananavarro) October 27, 2020Ana Navarro, four years ago:Ana Navarro is a lifelong Republican, but she isn’t voting for her party’s nominee on November 8. Those who vote third-party, or write in candidates, ought to know that their choice is extremely unlikely to win, and the overwhelming majority of those who choose those options know that. AdvertisementIt is hard to see much of a political distinction between voting for Mickey Mouse and voting for Ana Navarro’s mom.
2020 Election & Coronavirus: The Case Trump Could Have Made
President Trump exits the Oval Office as he departs on campaign travel in Washington, D.C., October 1, 2020. As of Monday morning, only a little over a week before Election Day, President Trump is trailing Joe Biden by eight points nationally. Worse for the Trump campaign, Biden holds leads of five or more in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, as well as slighter advantages in Iowa, Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida — all of which Trump won in 2016. Losers!”AdvertisementEarly on, Trump downplayed the threat of the virus, insisting that it had been contained after the first few U.S. cases were confirmed. One wonders what the race might look like today had Trump staked out a position between alarmism and ignorance.
Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, Character & Transparency
Foreign policy, domestic policy, character, transparencyNRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O ne week out, the contrasts are worth assessing. Foreign policyBiden so far has issued no substantive critique of Trump’s foreign policy other than banalities that Trump’s comportment and unpredictability have offended allies and tarnished America’s reputation. Or are the aggrieved Arab World, Israel, Brazil, Poland, and India, angry at Trump’s outreach to them all? Most likely, Biden believes that German-controlled Western Europe rightly loathes Trump. But Europe tends to be fond of charismatic would-be-intellectual presidents such as Bill Clinton and …
Trump Victory Would Be Countercultural Statement to Woke Left
President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Londonderry, N.H., October 25, 2020. (Leah Millis/Reuters)If Trump wins, it will be as a gigantic rude gesture to the cultural Left. If Donald Trump wins a second term, it will be an unmistakable countercultural statement in a year when progressives have otherwise worked their will across the culture. It would be hard to understand a Trump victory outside this context. It may well be that Biden will get over the top by implicitly promising a diminution in cultural strife, by which he presumably means a slower pace of woke cultural change (with the Left considerably less agitated than it has been in the Trump years).
Courts and Marbury v. Madison: Judicial Power Isn't All or Nothing
Jonathan Fischbach argues in Politico that we should reconsider Marbury v. Madison: Letting the federal courts strike down laws as unconstitutional isn’t something the Constitution authorizes, and has led to more harm than we sometimes appreciate. Noah Feldman worries in Bloomberg Opinion that his fellow liberals, newly alive to the dangers of judicial power, will go too far in curtailing it: “If Congress could exempt laws from judicial review, they might make a habit of it. I think both of them go wrong, though, in failing to distinguish between two types of judicial review. If Fischbach thinks it’s wrong for the courts to set aside a legal provision even in this circumstance, what’s his alternative? The type of review the Marbury Court exercised is such a limited inference from the Constitution that jurisdiction-limiting can’t touch it — which means Feldman’s example is mistaken.
The American Conservative & John C. Calhoun -- Daddy Daycare Doesn’t Belong In American Politics
(BogdanVj/Getty Images)I’m increasingly convinced that The American Conservative should consider a name change. The analogy between fatherhood and the presidency implies a whole host of analogous rights and responsibilities that American conservatives thoroughly reject. Good fathers also try to provide a moral example for their children. Many brilliant men and women have spent entire lives and careers working to define what it means to be an “American conservative.” One of them founded National Review. If only out of respect for the work and achievements of these real American conservatives, the proprietors of this magazine should rename their publication and be done with it.
Biden & the Illiberal Left: On Yascha Mounk’s Misdiagnosis
Over at The Atlantic, Yascha Mounk argues that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote against the illiberal Left. The illiberal Left is empowered in Trump’s America, says Mounk, but it will surely wither before the awesome power of moderate Democrats. He merely says that the illiberal Left makes two intellectual mistakes. Many others will have noticed that the illiberal Left could assemble for protests and riots without being in danger of punishment for violating public-health restrictions this summer. Generally applicable restrictions and public shaming were imposed on, say, religious congregations, but were mysteriously lifted for the illiberal Left.
Liberals vs. Amy Coney Barrett & the Constitution
Judge Amy Coney Barrett at an event to announce her nomination to the Supreme Court at the White House in Washington, D.C., September 26, 2020 (Carlos Barria/Reuters)The rest is noise. Nothing threatens the progressive project more than the existence of a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution. That’s what the tantrum over Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is all about. If Democrats won a Senate majority in 2016, Merrick Garland would already be ensconced in the Supreme Court, election or no election. None of which means that liberals have to lose, only that to win, they’ll have to do so on the Constitution’s terms.
Neither Trump nor Biden Have Good Plans to Reset Trade Policy Toward China
U.S. trade policy needs a reset but neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden offer encouraging visions. Tariffs brought China to the negotiating table, but the Phase One Trade Deal doesn't do much more than set numerical targets for Chinese purchases. A U.S.-China Business Council found 13% of U.S. businesses in China were asked to transfer technology this year, up from 5% last year. The Europeans increasingly recognize China poses a primary threat to Western democracies, and Joe Biden appears ready to adopt a harder line than did the Obama-Biden administration. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, implemented in 1948 and now enforced by the WTO, is a brief, terribly general document.
From Spain, Top Dissident Vows to Fight for Free Venezuela
MADRID (AP) — Leopoldo López, the Venezuelan politician who for years has led the biggest challenge to the government of Nicolás Maduro, has pledged from his self-imposed exile in Spain to continue fighting to “free” his homeland. Sánchez's partner in the government, the far-left United We Can party, has in the past had connections with Chavismo. Maduro's government also is preparing to retake control of the National Assembly, the last major domestic institution in opposition hands, in December legislative elections that Guaidó has vowed to boycott. López fled Saturday from the Spanish ambassador’s residence in Caracas, where he had found shelter since he led a failed U.S.-backed military revolt against Maduro in April 2019, and landed in Madrid on Sunday. Asked about details of the whirlwind escape, he declined to release any information that he said could endanger others.
'Gridgate' Keeps Electricity Costs High While Endangering World Climate
Several years ago electrical engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy finished studying the costs and benefits of connecting the whole country into a single grid. They concluded that the benefits of a single grid would vastly outweigh conversion costs. A single grid for the U.S. would allow areas facing unusually high demand during heat waves to import electricity from other regions rather than suffering blackouts. Unifying the U.S. power grid would be a helpful step in this process. By sabotaging the work of engineers at the Department of Energy, the Trump administration threatens the future world climate and costs American consumers money.
Public's Abuse Toward Police Nothing Short of Betrayal
Law enforcement has been through the ringer this year, both physically and psychologically. Law enforcement is the victim of both physical and mental abuse at the hands of American citizens, local politicians, and Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. American law enforcement has been trapped in this cycle for decades, with 2020 having even more deleterious effects. The effects of the public’s betrayal and abuse toward American law enforcement are far from subtle. No human being deserves the mistreatment, attacks and vilification our law enforcement has endured.
Release Ghislaine Maxwell — ?On Bail
Amid a fashionable backdrop of indictments of the rich and famous, the pre-trial treatment of Ghislaine Maxwell is troubling on many levels. Perhaps the most glaring anomaly in this case, is the judge’s decision to lock Maxwell up, pre-trial, with no opportunity for pre-trial release, as if her guilt is a foregone conclusion. Pre-trial release of high-profile defendants has been done repeatedly . Couple that with surrendering passports and signing over property and handing over enough cash to miss (regardless of your income bracket) and there is your frequently used pre-trial release plan. District Judge Analisa Torres freed President Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, at his August arraignment on five million dollars bond.
Why Trump Will Win Again
Almost all the polls predicted that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in 2016, and almost all the polls are now predicting that Joe Biden will beat Trump. In two of my missives, I said, "Look for a Trump upset tomorrow"; the other two said, "I think the pollsters are all wrong. There is evidence to support my assessment:Hillary was beating Trump on most variables in 2016, and Biden is doing the same today. Similarly, Trump trails Biden on such measures as "Is Likeable"; "Honest & Trustworthy"; "Cares about the Needs of People Like You." Trump led Hillary by 8 points in the share of voters who were very enthusiastic about their choice.
Book of Trump: 'Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter'
The most important one is cultural critic Scott Adams's "Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter." As a side note, let's consider Trump's eerie resemblance to Rufus T. Firefly, the leader of Freedonia in Duck Soup. By running on emotion, facts don't matter. If facts don't matter, you can't really be "wrong." One of the most significant pioneers in promoting the principle that "facts don't matter" surely is left-wing icon Jacques Derrida, founder of deconstructionism.
Blacks, Latinos Break for Trump
Trump only got 6% of the Black vote and 28% of the Hispanic vote in 2016. I figured that the last third of the match would feature boiler plate attacks by Biden and well worn replies by Trump. As more Blacks publicly embrace the president, Latinos increasingly may feel that they have "permission" to support him. This narrative may also apply to many white voters who secretly support the president but keep it to themselves because the media has been shaming those who back Trump. But, as these white voters see Blacks supporting Trump, it conveys permission to vote for him.
Joe Biden Makes William McKinley Look Like Jack LaLanne
There is a slight correlation between the presidential campaigns of William McKinley in 1896 and Joe Biden in 2020. The Biden campaign uses the "Wuflu" as the excuse to keep him in his own personal Gitmo while President Trump barnstorms the country. The Biden campaign appears to be successful because he’s leading in the polls. Yet no one is asking Joe Biden about his seemingly frail health and mental capacity. It’s high time the media demanded the same answers from the Biden campaign that they want from the Trump campaign.
Left Media's Idea of Campaigning for Biden Smears Trump
If they had chosen the second course of action and treated Biden as they would have treated Trump or any previous presidential candidate mired in such allegations, the Biden candidacy almost certainly would be doomed. And the social media barons, with a Trump victory, will be in for a rough sleigh ride. The Biden campaign is just nasty name-calling. In the 2016 campaign, President Obama claimed that Trump was a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. If Donald Trump is reelected (as he deserves to be), Joe Biden will return to an evidently comfortable retirement.
We Still Aren’t Prepared for the Fact That Trump May Steal the Election
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. I know I’m supposed to say that “the 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetime,” but it’s not. So the 2020 election is not, in fact, our last chance at victory.
President Trump Calls for Supporters 'to Go Into the Polls' on Election Day
I was wishing that Biden wouldn't seem so timid about the Black Lives Matter movement, and that he wouldn't insist on variations of the bad-apples theory when discussing police reform. This is something that happened: in the very first segment of the very first presidential debate of 2020, the challenger, a former Vice President of the United States, already had called the incumbent president* of the United States a liar and a clown, and he told him to shut up. The former vice president called the president a clown who should shut up, and he was right to. The world is closing in on the president* and he wants to wreck everything he can before he's run to ground. It was coming from the manic bully who is presently the President* of the United States.
Opinion | 6 Reasons Not to Panic About the Election
With rare exceptions, election officials from both parties have rallied. Some fear that federal law enforcement could swoop into cities on the pretext of protecting public property or quelling riots, to intimidate voters or seize ballots. That’s against the law, federal and state. But election officials and courts are used to that, even if the volume is higher this year. Such a move would be outrageous, of course, and unless the state’s popular election fails to produce a result (a very high bar!
They Are Ready This Time—But So Are We
Donald Trump is socially and aesthetically impossible. Donald Trump, like George Washington, and like every president until Woodrow Wilson, put America first. The irrefragable truth is that Donald Trump has kept more campaign promises than any president in memory. So, given all this, what does the hysterical and monolithic opposition to Donald Trump signify? I am confident that Donald Trump will win handily on November 3.
Bless His Heart: Paul Krugman Goes Full Dingbat in Latest Trump Election Day Conspiracy Theory
Many people will believe him 2/ — Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) September 23, 2020Even so, it probably — probably — won't be enough. So far Trump and his party have borne out every prediction by pessimists and made fools of optimists 5/ — Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) September 23, 2020If you aren't terrified, you aren't paying attention. But terror isn't productive; you should be asking what you personally can do to save democracy, which is very much under threat 6/ — Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) September 23, 2020“Expect violence from Trump supporters“?? What Krugman has really done over the last few months is to try and preemptively discredit the election results in the event Trump does win. Related –>> Paul Krugman Gets the Epic Dunking He Deserves After Appalling Series of 9/11 Anniversary Hot Takes
Opinion | The Last Temptation of NeverTrump
And speaking of personnel, there’s nowhere you’re more ungrateful than the Supreme Court, where Trump has given you exactly what you wanted …Neil Gorsuch, culture-war hall monitor? Your big complaint was choosing Brett Kavanaugh over Amy Coney Barrett, and you’re getting Barrett, too. And I support her elevation …… but not the president who put her there. There are some ways that Trump has been better than I feared, and things he’s done that I wholeheartedly support. But you know, because you’ve written about it, that there was self-enrichment in Washington long before Trump.
Abortion and Single-Issue Voting: A Reply to Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani
Phil Vischer recently posted on his YouTube channel a video of Pastor Skye Jethani, who argues that abortion should not be the sole determining factor in how Christians vote. And here is where Jethani’s analysis begins to break down. The better voting analysis, I think, is to determine whether our vote contributes or hampers the abortion regime. And that gets us to the real moral analysis we need to consider: The collective searing of our national conscience. For one American political party, abortion is not merely a policy platform, it signifies the raison d’être of the party’s ideological commitments.
Key facts about refugees to the U.S.
This would be the lowest number of refugees resettled by the U.S. in a single year since 1980, when Congress created the nation’s refugee resettlement program. While awaiting resettlement, refugees undergo health screenings and cultural orientations before entering the U.S. Once resettled, refugees learn English and acquire job skills with help from local nonprofits like ethnic associations and church-based groups. In fiscal 2016, the number of Muslim refugees admitted reached 38,900, a historic high that narrowly outpaced Christian refugee admissions (about 37,500). Since fiscal 2002 (Oct. 1, 2001, to Sept. 30, 2019), the U.S. has admitted about 464,700 Christian refugees and about 310,700 Muslim refugees.
Paul Kingsnorth, Riding The Wave
Paul Kingsnorth, at home in County GalwayI hope you got to see my interview with the English writer Paul Kingsnorth from late last week. Kingsnorth’s “riding the wave” strategy (my phrase, not his) seems to me to be the most sensible approach. Paul Kingsnorth has not ceased to believe in the things he believes regarding Nature, and the crisis consuming it. He is not deceived about the severity of the crisis in the Catholic Church, and within what remains of Christian civilization. And so, when I consider the way Paul Kingsnorth has chosen to live in the world — a world that is collapsing — I too see wisdom and maturity.
The Bad Year May Get a Whole Lot Worse
In November and beyond, there is as much cause for worry as there is for hope. But in a first term of President Biden, there is every reason to expect some rough going. Emboldened by the lack of consequences, we can expect the same political skullduggery that characterized the Obama-era Justice Department and IRS. If Republicans find themselves losing big on November 3—or whenever the election results are deemed final—that is something they can do. Readers may take heart knowing that, as Mark Bauerlein’s piece explores, there has always been something ungovernable about the American character.
Fear the Coup That Isn’t Coming
Trump will lose the election (apparently he isn’t good at cheating) but refuse to cede power to Biden. Or no one wins the election and Trump steals it using his coven of Supreme Court justices. But we don’t have, frankly, the military leadership in place to direct a guerrilla campaign against an illegitimate regime. “The Supreme Court too is, fundamentally, an antidemocratic institution run by people who are not subject to the popular will of our diverse society.”America, take a deep breath. Never mind Dems want to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, and add new statelets in the ultimate act of gerrymandering.
The American Spectator
I’m late in acknowledging UN Day — which took place on October 24 — but hey, no big deal. And one day, in sixth grade or thereabouts, our big yellow bus took us to the United Nations. Imagine, there were these buildings where representatives of almost every country in the world got together daily. She had relatives behind the Iron Curtain whom she couldn’t visit without difficulty and dread, and who certainly couldn’t visit her. I finally decided I was through with the UN when President Trump addressed the General Assembly in September 2018.
The American Conservative 2020 Presidential Symposium
Back to top Daniel McCarthy I’m voting for President Trump, the only president since the Berlin Wall fell who hasn’t started a war. In the five short years since announcing his candidacy, Donald Trump has shattered a multitude of stale, outdated, counterproductive GOP conventions. Although some of his beneficiaries may not appreciate his achievements, Trump did more to lower black and female unemployment than any other American president. The opposition’s attempts to diminish President Trump have failed because he has succeeded for the American people in delivering results. As a bookseller’s son I had no difficulty in the last election in deciding that I would not vote for Donald Trump.
The Miracle of … Freedom
The phoniness of big-government politics was on conspicuous display during the final presidential debate. Big-government politics, representing the pleasant myth that politicians at the top of the greasy pole have the wisdom to lead our country, or any other country, out of perplexity into joy. Joe Biden is asked (by the president), “Would you close down the oil industry?” Biden replies, “I have a transition from the old industry. The energy industry didn’t arise from government action to get oil wells drilled and refineries going. Newly minted oil men devised ways to transport the oil; they found, correspondingly, new uses for it, such as fuel for railroad locomotives.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Trump’s Place in History
Scene at the White House tonightBy the time Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court on Monday, a popular reading of history had taken hold. With Justice Barrett, McConnell finally feels he’s evened the scales, or come close. Barrett was sworn in at the White House by Justice Clarence Thomas. Barrett will be the only justice without a degree from one of the Northeast old guard universities. “Justice Barrett made clear she will issue rulings based solely upon a faithful reading of the law and the Constitution, not legislate from the bench,” Trump said Monday.
The American Spectator
It all reminds me of July 1, 1987 when President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork for an opening on the Supreme Court. He had it made in the shade, said my complacent conservative friends. But we do not have to look back 32 years to see how unruly the leftwing mob can be. The simple fact is that the conservatives are often slow on the draw against the American left. Only the Wall Street Journal and the intrepid New York Sun have come out swinging for Moore.
Evangelical Elites Try to Demonize Votes for Trump
These elites mean to sanctify votes for Democrats by evangelicals in spite of that party’s aggressive support of abortion on demand. Biden Versus Trump Character SweepstakesThe problems with Piper’s argument extend beyond the false moral equivalence supposed between Trump’s deadly character and Biden’s deadly pro-abortion stance. By not addressing Biden’s character, Piper tempts us to strain out the gnat of Trump’s follies while swallowing the camel of Biden’s decades of public dishonesty and corruption. Piper offers no estimate of the number of corpses we might expect Trump’s sins to generate. The commitment of evangelical elites to legitimize Christian votes for Democrats and now Piper’s and others’ to delegitimize Christian votes for Trump is intense and has been years in the making.
The joy of a Trump rally
Part rock concert, part playoff game, the Trump rally in a tiny airport in a tiny town in Central Pennsylvania, especially in the moments around Trump’s entrance, was exuberant. The farmers, coal miners, gun-owners, and bikers have had their share of sand kicked in their faces, but for now, they feel like they’re winners. Tim Carney the moralist was thinking about how perverse it was that these people were celebrating Trump. As Trump would later put it in the rally, "rule of the people" was, for now at least, triumphing over the "rule of the corrupt political class." But come to a Trump rally in Middle America, and you'll start to wonder if he ever campaigned at all, or instead just held a series of parties.
Kamala Harris's liberalism is no laughing matter
Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris appeared shocked during an interview with 60 Minutes this weekend after being reminded that she is one of the most liberal senators in Washington. And voters need only look at Harris’s voting record to realize that she is no moderate, nor has she ever been. Like, what do you wanna know?” Harris continued, still laughing. Voters want to know whether Harris will push Biden further to the left once in office. And by laughing these concerns off, Harris gave voters the only answer they need.
Biden previews FDR-like administration during unity pitch in Georgia
During a stop in Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden recalled how Roosevelt sought out the city's mineral springs to ease the paralytic effects of Guillain–Barré syndrome before he died from the disorder in 1945. "This place, Warm Springs, is a reminder that though broken, each of us can be healed. And yes, we can restore our soul and save our country," he said Tuesday, not far from Roosevelt's Little White House. One week before polls close, Biden had two public events in Georgia on his schedule, a state that hasn't supported a Democratic standard-bearer since Bill Clinton in 1992. Trump won Georgia by 5 percentage points in 2016, but four years later, the president is only ahead on average by less than a point, according to RealClearPolitics.
Dear Democrats, pack the court and nuke the filibuster. I dare you
In the end, there was nothing the protesting left, the heavily slanted progressive media or the Democratic party could do. Amy Coney Barrett is now a Supreme Court justice. Going forward, we are left with a litany of threats about court packing (legislatively expanding the amount of seats on the Supreme Court) and ending the legislative filibuster. So the Democrats are free to leap at the whims of feverish pundits and fringe members of their party. But should the Democrats and the left act to nuke a legislative filibuster, the response should be a simple shoulder shrug.
Dear Democrats, pack the court and nuke the filibuster. I dare you
In the end, there was nothing the protesting left, the heavily slanted progressive media or the Democratic party could do. Amy Coney Barrett is now a Supreme Court justice. Going forward, we are left with a litany of threats about court packing (legislatively expanding the amount of seats on the Supreme Court) and ending the legislative filibuster. So the Democrats are free to leap at the whims of feverish pundits and fringe members of their party. But should the Democrats and the left act to nuke a legislative filibuster, the response should be a simple shoulder shrug.
Why is the free school meals debate so toxic?
My childhood in 1980s West Yorkshire wasn’t a clichéd mash-up of a Hovis commercial and Kes. I did conform to stereotype in one sense, though: until the age of 14 I was on free school meals. I still remember how at my comprehensive school we had to line up separately on one side of the corridor. As with so many issues at the moment, the debate over free meals has become over-heated and under-illuminated, with both sides entrenched within their ideological prisons. Some Tories do consider the poor scum; and some working-class people, in particular in the North, do still consider all Tories to be scum.
Time Is Ripe for Canada to Join Allies in Stand Against Beijing
Chinese leader Xi Jinping delivers a speech in Beijing on Sept. 8, 2020. Trade-wise, the Chinese market has also been vital, with China making up a third of Australian exports last year. Economic imperatives notwithstanding, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been willing to sacrifice much to safeguard Australian security. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on July 30, 2020. The Czech Republic has been particularly defiant, with multiple members of its political class having proudly repudiated Beijing.
Florida Dog Rescue Charters Flight to Rescue More Than 120 Dogs From Puerto Rico
Florida Dog Rescue Charters Flight to Rescue More Than 120 Dogs From Puerto RicoA K9 rescue organization saved the day for more than 100 Puerto Rican dogs on Oct. 9 by chartering a flight to rescue the animals. Big Dog Ranch Rescue of Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, arranged the return of around 125 dogs from Santuario Canita, Puerto Rico’s largest dog sanctuary. Big Dog Ranch Rescue decided to step in and do all it could. Big Dog Ranch Rescue operates as a nonprofit, focusing mainly on the southeastern states of America. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest cage-free no-kill dog rescue in the United States, according to its website.
Nearly 70 Million Already Voted, Hinting Historic 2020 Turnout
A voter casts her ballot at an early voting center at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 27, 2020. Over 68 million voters have already cast their ballots, compared to the total of about 47 million who voted early in 2016. Close to 8 million already voted in Texas—almost 90 percent of the total 2016 turnout—according to data collected by the U.S. In North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, and Montana, votes already cast represent nearly 75 percent of the 2016 turnout. Among those who voted early, but in person, over 3 million were Republicans, some 2.7 million Democrats, and about 1.5 million independents, based on data from 10 states that report by party registration.
US, India Cooperate Against Threat Posed by China, Sign Military Pact
(Adnan Abidi/Reuters/Pool)US, India Cooperate Against Threat Posed by China, Sign Military PactThe United States and India signed a pact to share sensitive satellite and map data on Tuesday as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned of the threat posed by the increasingly aggressive behavior of the Chinese regime. Indian Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh called the agreement at a press conference “a significant achievement” in defense cooperation. The United States planned to sell more fighter planes and drones to India, Esper said. It would also allow the United States to provide advanced navigational aids and avionics on U.S.-supplied aircraft to India, an Indian defense source said. India maintains the largest fleets of C-17 and P-8 aircraft outside of the United States, and in 2020 the United States has authorized more than $20 billion in defense sales to India, the statement said.
Democrats’ deadly strings on new COVID-19 aid
New York’s per-pupil education spending increased more than 250 per­cent between 1998 and 2018, an acceleration that dwarfed the national average. As data show our education spending hasn’t resulted in performance.”Endemic waste and inefficiency continue to grip the state education system. During the Great Recession, Mayor Mike Bloomberg shepherded changes that improved the efficiency and quality of city public schools. Charter schools significantly outperform traditional public schools in New York City — and at lower cost. As of 2017, New York City charter schools cost taxpayers $10,500 less per pupil than district schools.
How to start defusing NYC’s pension bomb
New York City faces a $9 billion, two-year budget shortfall that is compounded by Albany’s own $14.5 billion deficit. The risk that the city’s retirement systems will crowd out other spending priorities, break its promises to retirees and blunt competitiveness is very real. New York City’s liabilities total $132,464 per employee, the highest of any major city in the country. Big reforms to the public retirement system are long overdue. John Hunt is the author of the “Reforming New York City’s Public Retirement System,” a recent report from the Manhattan Institute, where Michael Hendrix is director of state and local policy.
Gauging the coronavirus 'cure'
ANALYSIS/OPINION:Restrictions on normal human activities have undoubtedly saved American lives that otherwise would have been lost to the deadly coronavirus. From late January through Oct. 3, the agency counted 299,000 excess deaths across the nation. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia were most impacted, with excess weekly deaths peaking at 1,796, or 36 percent above normal. The coronavirus cure hasn’t proved worse than the problem, but a close second. Clearly, the battle to defeat the disease must persist, but without the sort of societal disruptions that result in collateral deaths.
The choice is clear
ANALYSIS/OPINION:In less than one week, Americans will make a choice between two presidential candidates who couldn’t be more starkly different (“Donald Trump for reelection,” Editorial, Oct. 26). As a bonus, this candidate hasn’t started any bogus, illegal and expensive foreign wars during his term in office, unlike many of his predecessors. The other candidate believes that we should continue supporting lopsided “trade” with communist China (adding to our catastrophic national debt); open unhindered borders; and engage in foreign wars. He has tacitly supported the looting and violent demonstrations that destroyed and continue to destroy many American cities. The choice has never been clearer.
Reconciliation or revenge in a divided America?
ANALYSIS/OPINION:“When this nightmare is over,” Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says, “we need a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. I am neither American nor partisan, but it is surely plain to everyone that no current commission in America is likely to issue in either Truth or Reconciliation. The country is too divided, and the very terms truth and reconciliation are in dispute. The outcome would not be what happened in South Africa, let alone Rwanda, but power games and political revenge. Just as freedom requires truth, character and a way of life, so reconciliation requires truth, repentance, confession and forgiveness.
Wyoming leaders must oppose a federal bailout of the states
Wyoming also ranks 15th best in Other Post-Employment Benefits, fourth best in unfunded pension liabilities and first in state bonded obligations among all 50 states. Our years of limited government, pro-taxpayer policy made us one of the best prepared states for fiscal shocks from the pandemic. Gordon promptly directed Wyoming state agencies to cut 10% of their budgets to make up for a portion of the estimated $1.5 billion revenue drop expected over the next two years. That is why I signed a letter, along with over 200 other state legislators, urging our state leaders to oppose a federal bailout of the states. • Rep. Dan Laursen is a Republican member of Wyoming State House of Representatives, who represents district 25.
Promises made by Trump are promises kept, despite attempts to thwart him
ANALYSIS/OPINION:I was conflicted whether or not to devote this column to a closing argument for President Trump. Despite all the attempts to thwart him, Mr. Trump did not become distracted or consumed with a hate that would keep him from focusing on his work. What we’ve seen Mr. Trump accomplish has been historic in many ways on many fronts. Now we do not have to guess as we did in 2016 whether or not Mr. Trump will deliver. I now proudly vote for him a second time because he is, still, exactly the right man at the right time.
Donald Trump is going to win
In 2013 when I met Donald Trump for the first time I concluded that he could be a successful politician. I concluded early on that Donald would win in 2016. Said Mr. Smith, “It’s easy enough to find editors these days who say they saw Donald Trump coming, hard to find ones who are telling the truth about that. Yet I have further reasons for believing Donald will win next week. In the Republican primaries more people voted for just one candidate, Donald Trump, than turned out for all the Democratic candidates.
Trump: A Flawed Champion
French’s list is a #NeverTrumper’s transparent slap at Donald Trump. We’ve all heard Donald Trump’s statements about his “tremendous” company, “beautiful” buildings, and “fantastic” golf courses. But Donald Trump refuses to slaughtered or neutered. So in an odd sort of way, Donald Trump is a divider. Donald Trump went to Washington to make your life better, while Joe Biden went to Washington to make his life better.
Experiencing Debates as Regime Orthodoxy
Second, even the fearless Donald Trump doesn’t dare challenge Regime Orthodoxy. But I’m sure it was all warmed-over Regime Orthodoxy. So, my take on presidential debates is that they are Oral Exams in Regime Orthodoxy. So warble away on the horrors of climate change, The Talk, the wonders of socialized health care, windmills, solar, whatever. They eat, sleep, and dream Regime Orthodoxy; they rehearse their responses at breakfast.
When Democrats Hate What They Vote For
She had failed her wellbeing self-assessment that morning, ignored the next step of calling our health consultant, and came in anyways. We finally got her to comply with calling in and eventually going home, but it took way too much effort. A second colleague of mine was awarded a personal grant of sorts for her work with an outside program. The award took the form of a sizable check. Most importantly, it exemplifies how fools who vote Democrat in 2020 have no conceptual understanding of what voting Democrat actually means.
Far-left threatens minority rights
If one party sweeps the White House, Senate, and House in this election, many already have announced an intent and a design to sweep it away for all time. Though not a constitutional provision, it is an ancient parliamentary device that assures the minority has a say in the Senate’s deliberations. It is based on the core principle of our Republic — the majority rules, but the rights of the minority are protected and their voices are heard. Some Democrats have made their intention to pack the Supreme Court graphically clear. With a packed and partisan Supreme Court there would be no one to stop them.
To fix Africa's hunger problem, bring on genetically modified crops
More than 100 independent, U.S., European, and international scientific societies have approved G.M. A number of countries approved G.M. Nigeria, a key economy in West Africa, approved G.M. But genetically modified crops are yet to penetrate deep into the African agricultural sector due to opposition from anti-GMO lobbies and radical environmentalists. crops — crops that are economically and socially valuable.
For how much longer will we get to enjoy free speech in America?
The whole point of having free speech is to have the freedom to offend the listener. It is no surprise that these people are ideologically fascist, since the principle tool of fascism is the suppression of free speech. Ideally, universities should be bastions of free speech though many no longer are. The strategic objective of the tyrannical minority is to abolish all free speech and, with it, all individual freedom. If it were possible, suppression of free speech would lead inevitably to the desolation of our Constitution and, with it, all the rest of our constitutionally protected freedoms.
Donald Trump is the strong horse
"When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse." More important than being the strong horse, the winning horse, more people need to understand the depth of goodness Trump has brought, the accomplishments, and the great principles he has unleashed. Now the left wants us to segregate into tribes and factions. And somehow the left wants us to believe this is a terrible slogan, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and ugly. It is that vision that Donald Trump holds for us all.
Donald Trump is Poised to Become Among the Most Transformative Presidents in American History
Since 2016, the Ruling Class has recognized the existential threat Donald Trump poses to them. Trump’s triumphant 2016 campaign was the opening salvo in his determination to transform the Republican Party into the voice of these forgotten and abandoned Americans. Donald Trump has positioned himself to join the rarified pantheon of two former Commanders-in-Chief who achieved that status. Donald Trump, by reconstituting this coalition and unabashedly opposing the entrenched Ruling Class and the radical American left, is on the cusp of joining Lincoln and Roosevelt as the most politically transformative Presidents in American history. Their callousness, greed and megalomania are a stain on the fabric of this nation and reinforces the necessity of re-electing Donald Trump.
Should Christians Vote for the Vain and Boastful?
Where do they get the sure knowledge...” Piper is condescendingly stunned that Christians might vote in the current election given the tragic political character flaw of boasting that for him obviously precludes the task of voting for President. Nonetheless, while he is in hiding, God chooses Moses to be the sovereign political leader of the Israelites. Moses argued with God that he was not of sufficient character to carry out such a task and God is angered by this rebuttal. None of this, including the confessions of David himself in the book of Psalms, preclude his political sovereignty over Israel. It is not simply that Christians are allowed to vote for the kind of boastful candidates Piper finds incomprehensible as a choice.
University of Northern Iowa student government brands Students for Life of America a 'hate group'
The University of Northern Iowa's student government and "Supreme Court" have both denied Students for Life of America's request to have a chapter approved for the campus. Students for Life has appealed to Mark Nook, the school's president, to overturn the rulings. The UNI student government's denial statement claims that SLA infringes on "basic human rights." But the most basic human right, granted by our Creator, is the right to life. It is those in opposition to SFLA that are denying basic human rights and using hateful — and preposterous — rhetoric.
How can any Democrat call Joe Biden the 'moral' candidate with a straight face?
With a straight face, liberals tell you they are voting for Biden to bring morality back to the White House. What is astonishing is how easily Trump-haters overlook in Biden the exact traits they say they hate about Trump. How do his supporters say with a straight face that they're voting for Biden to bring morality back to Washington? That is simply an absurd statement, and Biden voters deserve what they get if he wins. Unfortunately, the rest of us will be stuck paying a steep price — literally — for their ignorant belief that they're bringing morality back with Joe Biden.
If anyone is to blame for COVID-19 deaths, it's Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Joe Biden claims that President Trump's response to COVID-19 has been a failure and that he would have done better, saving countless lives. In April 2009, the H1N1 virus (AKA swine flu) came to America from China. That is six times less than the number of people who caught H1N1 during the Obama/Biden administration. Instead, the Obama/Biden administration failed to meet the first two (out of six) principles of medical ethics: beneficence and non-maleficence. This might have saved thousands of lives while the experts worked to handle the novel COVID-19 virus that came from China in 2020.
Black voters no longer drinking media Kool-Aid
They are especially helping to awaken black Americans about the race hoaxes the Democrats and their media allies have been playing on them. When the COVID crisis began, quickly followed by the George Floyd incident and riots, I put the Trayvon Hoax film on YouTube for free. Many black people drank the Kool-aid about Trayvon Martin. Not all black people are still drinking Mr. Crump's Kool-aid about Trayvon Martin. This November 3 will tell the tale as to how far black Americans have come in rejecting media narratives and race hoaxes that have been deployed against them for so long.
During Trump's 60 Minutes sit-down, Lesley Stahl humiliated herself
The CBS 60 Minutes fiasco was all of Lesley Stahl's doing; she embarrassed herself. So it is possible that Lesley Stahl is truly ignorant of Trump's colossal success at revitalizing the American economy once he took office. The Biden family is shot through with corruption; Hunter's grasping for undeserved wealth most likely has led to his debauched life-style. Where does Lesley Stahl fall in this panoply of the institutions that ache for Trump's defeat? Lesley Stahl and her 60 Minutes program are truly insignificant to the many millions of Americans who truly love this country and this president.
Democrats shiver as Colombia's bigfoot politicians throw their weight behind Trump
When Castro's state agents do human rights violations, fine, maybe a little lip service if they're thinking about the Florida vote. They are the third biggest Florida Latino voting bloc after the Cubans and Puerto Ricans, and they are big fans of President Trump. Just yesterday, a Colombian-born rapper, who goes by the nickname "Lil Pump," came out and said he is voting for President Trump. Joe Biden claims that President Trump has burned bridges with all of America's allies. This Colombian pro-Trump bloc shows that things are so hunky-dory between the U.S. and Colombia that the Democrats are scrambling.
Florida State Reinstates Student Govt Leader Removed over His Catholic Faith
The Student Supreme Court at Florida State University reinstated student government leader Jack Denton, who had been removed from his position over his Catholic faith. In October, a federal judge ordered the university to pay Denton the salary he was owed for his role as student senate president. Four months after his original removal, the Student Supreme Court at FSU voted to reinstate Denton. The Student Supreme Court reviews complaints from students about alleged violations of university policy. In October, a federal judge ruled that the university owed Denton the pay that he would have earned if he had not been removed from his role as student senate president.
Looting, Vandalism After Leftists Win Chile Election to Destroy Constitution
Violence, looting, and disorder erupted in Chile on Sunday evening after an overwhelming majority of people voted in favor of destroying the country’s constitution, replacing it with a new document more favorable to the nation’s left wing. Election officials estimated turnout at around 7.5 million, the highest figure since 1989. On the night of the elections, local media reported that police arrested at least 19 people for looting a pharmacy and a supermarket. Once the new constitution is ready, the public must approve it via an exit referendum set to take place in 2020. Under the 1980 constitution, Chile became the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in Latin America.
Bolivia: Socialists Clear Evo Morales of Terrorism, Accuse Conservative Leader of ‘Genocide’
The newly elected socialist government in Bolivia cleared all charges and investigations against former President Evo Morales on Monday, including electoral fraud, terrorism, and pedophilia. On Monday, the socialist government under President Luis Arce announced that the legal system would drop charges against Morales, who remains in exile in Argentina. Áñez, a conservative senator, became president after everyone above her on the chain of command fled the country with Morales. “The other is for the massacres of Senkata and Sacaba, for crimes of genocide and murder, among others.”Responding to the charges, Áñéz accused the MAS of persecuting its political opponents. Por eso hay que recordarle que la democracia no sólo es el gobierno de la mayoría.
Gutiérrez-Boronat: Success of Hispanic Anti-Socialist Caravan Reflects Our History
The 1,000 cardboards were almost gone by 8:50 a.m.Greeting the vehicles coming in were gray-polo-wearing teenage volunteers belonging to Students for a Free Cuba, grandchildren and children of Cuban exiles. He and other veterans of the Cuban freedom struggle joined the caravan. Their vow to liberate Cuba, taken when they were as young as the Students for a Free Cuba high school volunteers are now, remains as firm as ever. There was a great outpouring of both young Cuban recent arrivals and the new generation of Cuban-Americans. Cuban exiles know communism well.
Nolte: Jeffrey Toobin Proves Hating Trump Means You Can Do No Wrong
New Yorker contributor and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating during a video conference with his New Yorker colleagues, and because he’s a Trump hater, the corrupt media are pulling out all the stops to defend and reinstate him. During this call, Toobin was caught waxing the candle, and his coworker saw it. So he was boxing the one-eyed champ for the sex call and didn’t know his New Yorker colleagues could see him. You see, we’re all so prurient and insecure when it comes to cuffing the carrot, we must destroy this poor man, Jeffrey Toobin, to assuage our own shame:So let’s suppose Jeffrey Toobin had been caught on camera having sex with a partner instead of touching himself. A Toronto Star columnist is beside himself and is actually attacking Toobin’s colleagues, the people Toobin exposed himself to:Huh?
Pirro: ‘If You Think We Need Someone in the Oval Whose Family Is Like Pigs at the Trough — Joe Biden Is Your Guy’
Saturday for her show’s “Opening Statement” segment, Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro weighed the pros and cons of both former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, the two choices for president on the November 3 ballot. Whether do you like President Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it doesn’t matter. If you think it’s time to hire a person for the Oval Office, who has done nothing in Washington for 47 years, who could not point to one domestic or foreign policy success. A president who doesn’t namby-pamby with those who hold our hostages, and who takes the fight to get them back and gets them back. Who believes in one nation under God, a man who made me proud to say Merry Christmas, yes, even at a decibel higher.
Nolte: Early Vote Counts Contradict Some Swing State Polls
We know how many early votes have been counted and what percentage of those votes come from Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated. We know that the conventional wisdom is that Democrats win the early voting and Republicans win Election Day voting. What’s more, Democrats have been placing more emphasis on early voting this year than ever before. I should add that early voting returns are up 206 percent in Michigan compared to 2016. But look at the early voting numbers in Ohio.
Nolte: NYT Accidentally Confirms Breitbart's Voter Fraud Reporting
The far-left New York Times accidentally confirmed all of the voter fraud reporting we’ve done here at Breitbart News. The Times went through 30 articles we published on voter fraud — thirty! NEW YORK TIMES CONFIRMS BREITBART NEWS’ REPORTS ABOUT VOTER FRAUD!! Why would anyone read the New York Times anymore, unless of course you enjoy being lied to? So if the impression being made comes from facts, what does that tell you about the issue of voter fraud?
Pollak: The Atlantic Called It, Joe Biden’s Plan Is Just to Stay Alive
Back in March, Alex Wagner of The Atlantic and The Circus wrote an op-ed that has nagged at me the last several weeks, as Joe Biden has called one “lid” after another. “Stay Alive, Joe Biden,” it was called. The task was to make the election about President Donald Trump — and hope the aging, stumbling Biden didn’t croak before the election. The work now is to keep that idea convincing enough, for long enough, among as many people as possible, for the corporeal man to actually win.”The task was just to keep Joe Biden alive. Joe Biden may be losing his grip on reality, but when he has a script, and he can remember it, he sticks to it.
Hillary Clinton: ‘Sick to My Stomach’ over Possible Trump Reelection
Former secretary of state and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said during an interview Monday with journalist Kara Swisher, “It literally makes me sick to my stomach” to think that President Donald Trump may be reelected in November. “I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that,” Clinton said during the podcast, which is part of the New York Times Opinion network. “So, of course, one of the most important accomplishments that I hope we see in this election is a Democratic Senate, where that would be the check that we would need against further abuse of power.”According to Clinton, President Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” over the 2016 election, which Clinton lost. “I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara,” Clinton stated. And remember, as I said, he lives with this specter of illegitimacy.
Pinkerton: Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Is an Historic Conservative Victory and a Blueprint for More of Them
The confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is an historic victory for the conservative movement and the crowning achievement of decades of political organizing by social and judicial conservatives. We can begin with the Federalist Society, a legal group founded in 1982, of which Barrett is a long-time member. For four decades now, the Federalist Society has been organizing and convening right-of-center seminars, conferences, and other activities for conservative law students and lawyers. The Federalist Society is no secretive cabal. The conservative legal infrastructure is the entity driving the whole project.
ACB: A Judge Is Independent from Congress, President, Private Beliefs
“And perhaps the most acute is the role of policy preferences. It is the job of a senator to pursue her policy preferences. “By contrast, it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences. The judicial oath captures the essence of the judicial duty. It is your Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the judicial independence that is so central to it.
CNN’s Yurkevich: PA Voters ‘Still Pretty Confused’ on Biden’s Fracking Position
Monday, CNN business and politics correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich reported that voters in Western Pennsylvania were “still pretty confused” on 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s position on fracking. Yurkevich advised on “CNN Newsroom” that voters in Western Pennsylvania, where she noted “fracking is king, are “looking for certainty” because they do not think they will survive without fracking. “[V]oters we spoke to in Western Pennsylvania are still pretty confused on the former vice president’s position, whether it’s what Donald Trump is saying about Joe Biden or Joe Biden’s lack of clarity. “Now, Joe Biden has cleared up his stance since he made those comments at the debate,” Yurkevich said after the interviews. But I should note that in Western Pennsylvania, most of the fracking is actually done on private land.
Pope Francis: I Dream of a Europe that Protects Life ‘in the Womb’
ROME — Pope Francis has written a letter to Europe, laying out his “dream” for the continent’s future that includes the elimination of legalized abortion. The letter is dated October 22, but was only released by the Vatican on Tuesday. “Europe, find yourself! “Europe is a genuine family of peoples, all different yet linked by a common history and destiny,” the pope declares, while urging the nations that compose it to remain united. “I dream of a Europe marked by a healthy secularism, where God and Caesar remain distinct but not opposed,” he continues.
Boston Herald Endorses Trump: Biden's Platform Is 'Risky Love Letter to Social Justice Warriors'
Part of the reason for those cuts can be traced to a decline in global light vehicle sales, fueled by drops in demand in China and India. However, most “disconcerting,” the paper said, is Biden’s seeming embrace of radical left ideas. The Herald referred to Biden’s platform as a “potluck of agendas pushed by far-left party members such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” mentioning the Biden-Sanders Unity Platform, which contains several radical pitches including the creation of a commission to recommend and study reparations. That aside, before the Chinese coronavirus struck, Trump’s economy was “going gangbusters,” the Herald said, noting the historically low unemployment rate, particularly among minority communities. “The Boston Herald endorses Donald Trump for president.”Four years ago, the Herald refused to make an endorsement, instead urging readers to “look deep into their own consciences — as we will all have to do — and do the best they can.”
Andrew Cuomo Does Not Reveal Number of Nursing Home Dead in Coronavirus ‘Leadership’ Memoir
Andrew Cuomo’s new memoir touting his own “leadership” during the coronavirus pandemic does not mention the number of nursing home residents who died. Cuomo’s new book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, has generated intense public criticism, especially as the pandemic is still ongoing. Earlier this month, grieving families held a mock “funeral” for the book, filled with 6,500 book covers. While Cuomo has enjoyed positive media coverage, there is growing outrage about New York’s directive in March to force nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, which was only nearly two months later. In April, Cuomo attempted to blame greed for “money” for the nursing home crisis, saying that nursing homes did not want to lose potential patients, whether or not they had COVID-19.
More than 1 Million Migrants Are in the U.S. Seeking Asylum
According to the report:There were 1,148,416 pending asylum cases in the United States — at a minimum. In contrast, Trump is likely to reject migrants, narrow asylum claims yet further, and fund the transfer of migrants waiting in Mexico back to Latin American countries. Asylum seekers are different from the illegal population of at least 11 million migrants, which includes about 8 million illegal workers. This means the asylum seekers are similar to the roughly 2 million temporary foreign workers who arrive via pipelines, such as the H-1B visa. These three categories — 8 million working illegals, 1 million asylum seekers, and 2 million temporary workers — add roughly 11 million workers to the nation’s workforce of roughly 150 million workers.
Barack Obama: Joe Biden Will