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Taiwan Couple Are Suspected of Negligent Homicide in Building Fire
CHIAYI, Taiwan — Taiwanese prosecutors said that a couple were suspected of setting a fire and negligent homicide after 46 people were killed and dozens of others injured last week in the island’s deadliest building blaze in more than two decades. The prosecutors accused the 51-year-old woman, who was identified only by her surname, Huang, of failing to extinguish an incense coil when she left the 13-story mixed-used building in the southern port city of Kaohsiung early Thursday. The 52-year-old man, surnamed Kuo, was accused of failing to remind Ms. Huang to put out the incense. The authorities zeroed in on the couple, who are partners, on Friday. Ms. Huang was detained after being interrogated, while Mr. Kuo was freed on about $2,000 bail, prosecutors in Kaohsiung said.
Amid Flames and Gunfire, They Were Evicted From Where They Called Home
Some of the toughest measures have focused on Assam, where about one-third of the population is Muslim. In the summer of 2019, a review of citizenship left more than two million of Assam’s 33 million people, many of them poor and Muslim, stateless. Party leaders are already asking Mr. Sarma to order more evictions and build more agricultural projects on inhabited land. Assam officials and party leaders did not respond to requests for comment. Many of the local residents, who speak Assamese, have sometimes chafed under Indian rule, fueling a separatist movement.
Nuclear Fusion Edges Toward the Mainstream
ABINGDON, England — Harnessing fusion energy into something commercially viable — and maybe, ultimately, a clean source of power that replaces fossil fuels for centuries to come — has long been considered by some as the ultimate moonshot. But investor interest in fusion energy continues to slowly rise and the number of start-ups in the field is multiplying, with an estimated 1,100 people in several countries making their living at these firms. An industry is taking shape, with a growing network of companies that supply highly specialized equipment, like the components of the powerful magnets that fusion devices require. The British government even recently saw the need to issue regulations for fusion energy — a kind of milestone for a burgeoning industry. No one knows when fusion energy will become commercially viable, but driving the private investments is a rising alarm about global warming.
A Century-Long ‘Reign of Error’ for a Supreme Court Typo
“It is a real word,” Professor Wolf said in an interview. And it changes the meaning.”He said it was impossible to know whether the incorrect statement affected the outcome in the cases in which judges considered or cited it. “It gave an additional argument to the private property rights movement,” he said. “The way it works is that the government has the right to place reasonable restrictions on your use of property. I know it’s subtle, but that’s a big difference.”The 1928 typo, Professor Wolf wrote, has “spawned a legacy of misrepresentations” and given rise to “a reign of error.”
Jefferson Statue May Be Removed After More Than 100 Years at City Hall
A statue of Dr. J. Marion Sims, considered a founder of modern gynecology, was removed in 2018 from Central Park at Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street because he perfected his procedures on unanesthetized enslaved women. After a tense competition, the city selected Vinnie Bagwell, a Black sculptor, to replace the statue with “Victory Beyond Sims,” a bronze angel holding a flame. The Public Design Commission voted to remove the Theodore Roosevelt statue at the entrance of the American Museum of Natural History earlier this year and approved a long-term loan to an unnamed cultural institution, but no further plans have been announced. The Jefferson statue has survived several attempted removals over the last two decades. The mayor, who appoints a majority of the design commission, stressed that the push to remove the statue was initiated by Mr. Johnson and the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, whose members make up almost half of the 51-person Council.
How a Nuclear Bomb Could Save Earth From a Stealthy Asteroid
One day, astronomers may spot an asteroid months away from a cataclysmic rendezvous with Earth. Our only chance of survival at such a late stage would be to try to use a nuclear explosive to obliterate it. “We know they’re not going to be a threat anytime soon,” said Megan Bruck Syal, a planetary defense researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “Those are the ones that we tend to worry more about because they could come out of nowhere,” Dr. Bruck Syal said. “That’s the size of the whole Washington D.C. metro area,” said Dr. Bruck Syal.
Inside the N.Y.C. Neighborhood With the Fastest Growing Asian Population
“Why do more and more Asian people want to do business here?” Mr. Huang said. “It’s because they see the potential of this developing area.”Still, the spike in the neighborhood’s Asian population is not only a story of upward mobility. It also reflects the vast economic disparity among Asian New Yorkers, who have the widest income gaps of any racial group. The Asian population is rising in another part of Long Island City, inside Queensbridge Houses, the country’s largest public housing complex. In 2019, Asians made up 11 percent of the housing complex’s tenants, according to a recent court filing.
What We Learned From Week 6 in the N.F.L.
One month ago, the Baltimore Ravens were in a state of Code Red. They had already lost running backs J.K. Dobbins (torn A.C.L.) North, and Sunday’s 34-6 termination of the Los Angeles Chargers (4-2) sent a clear message to the entire league:Go ahead and try them. The Baltimore Ravens can win any type of game. mode last week in a thrilling comeback win over the Indianapolis Colts, quarterback Lamar Jackson didn’t force his way into a Superman cape on Sunday.
Threats, Resignations and 100 New Laws: Why Public Health Is in Crisis
In May, the Biden administration announced that it would invest an additional $7.4 billion from the Covid-19 stimulus package to train and recruit public health workers. Some departments said they had to lay off employees at inopportune times over the past year because grants had run out of money. Many local health officials said they expected that the extra money would peter out over the next two to three years. They likened the Covid-19 funds to the money that flowed into health departments after the 9/11 attacks but then vanished when political priorities changed. Instead, they purchased equipment or, more frequently, hired temporary staff, knowing they would need to let them go when the money dried up.
Meet Me in My Office, in Men’s Underwear on 5
It would take decades and significant advances in technology for corporate ideology to catch up with Nelson’s vision. And then, at some point in the 21st century, it surpassed what he had imagined, in strange ways. By 2018, WeWork had become the largest private occupier of office space in Manhattan, and then it all unraveled. Now our living rooms actually were our offices — during the day, but also after dinner, anytime, all the time — a transformation that has left offices both everywhere and no where. And what if that third realm took shape, for example, not in 19th-century legacy infrastructure (the warehouse, retrofitted by hipsterism) but rather in 20th-century legacy buildings, like department stores?
Should condo board charge all owners for electric car charging station or just the ones who use it?
Where the charging station is available for any homeowner to use, we view it as another amenity offered by that building, one that will ultimately make the property more desirable to future buyers (and may even help propel values higher). However, if the charging station is only available to one owner (and only that owner), then it may be fairer for that owner to pay the building the estimated cost for the electricity — or perhaps reimburse the building for the cost of installing the charging station.
SNL takes aim at scandal-ridden NFL
Arts & EntertainmentSNL takes aim at scandal-ridden NFLIn the Oct. 16 episode cold open, James Austin Johnson appeared as disgraced coach Jon Gruden, and the cast referenced the league's other recent scandals.
What to know about the covid-19 treatment molnupiravir
Coronavirus: What you need to readCoronavirus maps: Cases and deaths in the U.S. | Cases and deaths worldwideVaccines: Tracker by state | Booster shots | Guidance for vaccinated people | Kids | How long does immunity last? | County-level vaccine dataWhat you need to know: Masks FAQ | Delta variant | Other variants | Symptoms guide | Follow all of our coverage and sign up for our free newsletterImpact of the pandemic: Supply chain | Education | HousingGot a pandemic question? We answer one every day in our coronavirus newsletter
As Rents Rise, So Do Pressures on People at Risk of Eviction
The school that two of her children attend is nearby; her youngest son’s day care is across the street. The church close by has provided the family with assistance since Ms. Reynolds’s mother, who was a member, died in 2018. When Ms. Reynolds asked to renew the yearly lease instead, the manager refused, citing her delayed rent payments. “It just devastated me,” Ms. Reynolds said. “Last night, I just had to pray really, really hard, because it gets to me,” she said.
Rory McIlroy says he's 'capable of being the best the player in the world' after winning 20th PGA Tour title
(CNN) Rory McIlroy says he's capable of being the best player in the world after he won his 20th PGA Tour title at the CJ Cup on Sunday. I'm capable of winning a lot of events on the PGA Tour and being the best player in the world," said McIlroy. Hide Caption 13 of 34 Photos: In pictures: The 2021 Ryder Cup Rahm plays his shot from the fourth tee. Hide Caption 14 of 34 Photos: In pictures: The 2021 Ryder Cup Fans of Team US walk across the course. Hide Caption 34 of 34"I know that when I do the things that I do well, this is what I'm capable of.
M?ori All Blacks player Sean Wainui, 25, dies after car crash
(CNN) New Zealand Rugby is mourning the death of M?ori All Blacks player Sean Wainui after the 25-year-old died in a car accident on Monday. A rising star who played 10 times for the M?ori All Blacks, Wainui had a brief spell with the Crusaders, before joining the Chiefs in 2018. He went on to make 44 appearances for the Chiefs and broke the record for number of tries in a Super Rugby game when he scored five against the Waratahs earlier this year. Wainui, who is survived by his wife Paige and two children, had joined the Bay of Plenty this season. "Our thoughts are with Sean and his wh?nau (extended family), particularly Paige, Kawariki and Arahia, and we offer them our full support at what is the most difficult of times," said New Zealand Rugby CEO Mark Robinson in a statementRead More
M?ori Party campaigns to change New Zealand's name to Aotearoa
"It's well past time that Te Reo M?ori was restored to its rightful place as the first and official language of this country. We are a Polynesian country -- we are Aotearoa," reads the statement, which calls for the renaming process to be completed by 2026. Fluency in the M?ori language fell from 90% in 1910 to 26% in 1950, according to the statement. "People are already free to use M?ori place names," tweeted Seymour. "What the M?ori Party is saying is it would like to ban people calling our country New Zealand."
Dems to Biden: Don't leave people of color behind in Build Back Better negotiations
An administration official said the White House is fighting for everything in the president’s originally proposed plan. “We have racial disparities for kids. We have racial disparities for women of childbearing age and postpartum. We have racial disparities for people over 65. “Nobody’s going to win in a ‘who has more racial disparities?’ contest.
Covid-stricken states still struggle months after Biden’s surge
States that didn't get staffing help received supplemental funding but couldn't find enough doctors and health workers fill gaps at hospitals. By that point, state health officials said it had become clear that they would not be able to vaccinate enough people to keep Delta at bay. What states needed more than anything was more medical personnel to take care of sick patients. Hospitals lacked personnel to staff the beds and take care of the patients, multiple state health officials said. States including New Mexico and Alabama are still building up their hospital medical personnel three months after Biden announced help was on the way.
Taylor Heinicke’s check-downs limit Washington Football Team offense
It’s possible Heinicke stayed conservative despite the deficit because the coaches, including Rivera, have stressed to him since he became the starter not to gamble too much. Heinicke sometimes forces plays, as he did on two interceptions in a lopsided loss at the Buffalo Bills, and Rivera has emphasized, “There’s no such thing as a 14-point play.” Fitzpatrick isn’t statistically a much better deep-ball thrower than Heinicke, but he does have 147 career starts to Heinicke’s seven, which might give him more of the benefit of the doubt from his coaches when deciding to make a risky throw.
Afghanistan women's junior football team granted UK visas
(CNN) Afghanistan's women's junior football team and their immediate families will be relocated to Britain from Pakistan "shortly" after being granted visas by the UK government. "We are working to finalise visas to the Afghan Women's Development Team and look forward to welcoming them to the UK shortly," a UK government spokesperson told CNN. "The Government is committed to doing all it can to support those most in need, including vulnerable women and girls, and those at risk who have had to flee Afghanistan ." The UK Home Office declined to comment on the type of visas the players and their families would be receiving. In August, the UK government announced a resettlement scheme for Afghan citizens facing "threats of persecution from the Taliban."
FIFA fears recent abuse cases in women's football are just 'tip of the iceberg'
(CNN) After allegations of abuse in women's football surfaced in recent weeks in the US, Venezuela and Australia, the sport's world governing body FIFA fears they could be the "tip of the iceberg." "There wasn't a set way to manage allegations or information that was coming in on sexual abuse or sexual harassment," Smith told CNN Sport. However FIFA has another problem in the challenge it faces in dealing with the issue of abuse of women's football -- unpaid fines. FIFA's statement comes after it was announced an investigation has been launched following accusations of sexual abuse by former Venezuelan national women's football coach Kenneth Zseremeta, the country's Attorney-General Tarek William Saab announced earlier in October. An increasing numberUS women's football has been shocked by the allegations that have emerged after former National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) coach Riley was fired by the North Carolina Courage.
Tennessee fans throw trash onto football field in loss to Mississippi
(CNN) With less than a minute to go in the Mississippi Rebels and Tennessee Volunteers game Saturday night, fans threw trash onto the field following a defensive stop by the Rebels at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Water bottles, pizza boxes, and beer cans littered the field, and a thrown golf ball hit Rebels coach Lane Kiffin. Actually there were people who came over that moved us off," Kiffin said on the field. "They're passionate fans, and there's 100,000 people that came to see a show. It didn't end up the way they wanted, so it is what it is."
FIFA president floats Israel as possible World Cup 2030 co-hosts
(CNN) FIFA President Gianni Infantino has floated the prospect that Israel might co-host the World Cup in 2030, according to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. A statement from Bennett's office said the two men met Tuesday in Jerusalem, during which the soccer boss "raised the idea that Israel would host the World Cup in 2030, together with other countries in the region, led by the United Arab Emirates." Also present at the meeting were former US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, the statement said. Mnuchin and Friedman were among several high-profile members of the Trump administration in Jerusalem this week, attending a series of events aimed at pushing forward the Abraham Accords, a string of normalization agreements between Israel and Arab states.
The Washington Football Team is retiring NFL star Sean Taylor's jersey after he was killed 14 years ago
(CNN) The Washington Football Team paid tribute Sunday to beloved football legend Sean Taylor, who was killed in 2007 while protecting his family from a home burglary. The National Football League (NFL) team retired his jersey number, 21, during a ceremony before their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. During the pregame ceremony, nearly 100 alumni players were also honored at FedExField in Prince George's County, Maryland, the Washington Football Team said in a press release Thursday. This is the third time in the Washington Football Team's 89-year history a jersey number was retired, according to the team. I and many others looked to him as a role model," Washington Football Team president Jason Wright said in the release.
Chicago Sky defeat Phoenix Mercury for first WNBA championship win
(CNN) The Chicago Sky have won their first championship, defeating the Phoenix Mercury 80-74 in Game 4 of the WNBA Finals on Sunday. Allie Quigley led Chicago with 26 points, while Candace Parker added 16 points and 13 rebounds in the championship-clinching victory. The sixth-seeded Sky are the first team in WNBA history to win the championship without being seeded first or second. The WNBA Championship Trophy is awarded to the team that wins the best of five games. The Phoenix Mercury won Game 2 of the finals.
Australian golfer makes hole-in-one just shy of 100th birthday
(CNN) Traditional golfing etiquette calls for waiting for the group in front of you to vacate the green before hitting your drive on a par-3 hole. Since 99-year-old Hugh Brown typically struggles to make the green in one shot, he teed off with the group ahead of him still on the 5th hole green at the Indooroopilly Golf Club in Queensland, Australia. Next thing he knew, Brown saw the group ahead waving their hands. Hugh Brown carded his first hole-in-one since 1960. Brown had made a hole-in-one on the 161-yard par-3 hole, just two months shy of his 100th birthday.
Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin
Trump's attorneys have said that his statements were true and that they plan to file a countersuit. Trump's attorneys could file court papers Monday to set a date for his deposition. Protesters at Trump TowerAlso Monday, attorneys for protesters who allege that Trump's bodyguards assaulted them during a demonstration in 2015 were set to question Trump. Carroll alleges that Trump raped her during a chance encounter in a New York City department store in the mid-1990s. Trump has also filed his own suit against Mary Trump, alleging that she violated their settlement and a nondisclosure agreement.
Prince William highlights climate crisis with Earthshot environmental prize
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with actors and activists, highlighted new technology and policies on the climate crisis with the prince’s Earthshot Awards in London. The annual prize aims to inspire and educate young people with the goal of “finding the solutions to repair our planet.”Oct.
What are carbon offsets and do they work?
The market for carbon offsets is expected to reach $200 billion by 2050, according to German bank Berenberg, making it a business with massive potential. The teething problems did little to derail the idea of carbon offsetting, however. Purchasing carbon offsets is indeed easy. "In the voluntary carbon market space, there is very, very little regulation if any. "We have to be very careful when we look at carbon offsets because they are an additional bonus when we're dealing with climate change, but they are not the solution," Maslin said.
Poetry is experiencing a new golden age, with young writers of color taking the lead
And, for the most part, poets of color are leading the charge. In the past, poets of color weren't always supportedOf course, poets of color -- from Phillis Wheatley to Sonia Sanchez and Joy Harjo -- have long lived and worked in the United States. More people are reading poetry, mainly people of colorBut poetry, as an art form, might also appeal to writers from marginalized backgrounds more than other mediums. "It is an amazing time to be alive in the world of poetry," Limón said. And though some scholars may argue that the true golden age of poetry was a long-ago era, Limón has a different point of view: The golden age of poetry, she said, is this moment -- right now.
Artist stages mass nude photos to highlight disappearing Dead Sea
"I'm here to raise awareness of the receding waters of the Dead Sea," he said at a hotel terrace in the southern Israeli town of Arad, "and to bring attention to the ecological disaster that is happening." Artist Spencer Tunick oversees the photo shoot by the Dead Sea. Challenging shootsIn contrast to the chalky white participants, Tunick was dressed in black. The 63-year-old engineer from Hararit, in northern Israel, said it was his second time at a Tunick shoot. Like everyone else, he wore nothing but white body paint.
Biden admin to build intelligence-gathering cell to track groups of migrants headed north
It allowed key intelligence and operational capabilities to atrophy,” one of the officials, who was appointed by President Joe Biden, said on the condition of anonymity. Senior leaders at CBP, ICE, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the Coast Guard met Wednesday to solidify the plans, the officials said. Part of their mission will be to build and monitor algorithms that can monitor social media chatter about migration movements. More than 20,000 migrants from Haiti are gathered in northern Colombia and Panama, for example, and may soon decide to try to immigrate to the U.S. The goal is to “institutionalize” the intelligence-gathering systems so future administrations cannot dismantle them, the officials said.
Senate to vote on sweeping voting rights bill Republicans promise to filibuster
WASHINGTON — This week could be the last dance for federal voting rights legislation. Some have suggested a carve-out to the filibuster for voting rights. said Ezra Levin, a co-founder of the group Indivisible, which has sought to build support for a voting rights overhaul. Biden has championed new voting rights protections, but he has been reluctant to push to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate, where he served for 36 years. "These next six weeks are make or break for President Biden and Senate Democrats," Zupnick said.
EU to seek sanctions on Belarus airline over migrant arrivals
Ireland is the EU’s hub for aircraft leasing, with Irish companies managing more than half the world’s hired aircraft. Several EU countries, particularly those that share a border with Belarus such as Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, as well as Estonia, want to expand sanctions on Belarus to directly target Belavia. This would ban EU companies from doing any business with the national airline. Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Estonia — supported by other countries including Germany — wrote a letter last month calling for the EU to cease leasing aircraft to Belavia. No EU company should be allowed to lease aircraft to a company that engages in human trafficking.”Want more analysis from POLITICO?
Undocumented And In Need Of An Abortion In Texas' Rio Grande Valley
Travel to a different state where you can access an abortion after six weeks, which, in Texas, is illegal under S.B. That’s the reality for undocumented people trying to access abortion care in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. AdvertisementHome to around 1.3 million people, the Rio Grande Valley is an “abortion clinic desert,” said Cathy Torres, the organizing manager at the Frontera Fund, a reproductive justice organization that provides financial and logistical support to undocumented people in the valley seeking abortions. The region, which includes four counties, only has one abortion clinic, Whole Woman’s Health in McAllen — the only abortion clinic from San Antonio, Texas, (four hours north of the valley) to Mexico City (eight hours south). Border Patrol checkpoints and abortion clinic deserts are the most glaring barriers for undocumented Texans in the wake of S.B.
The Real-Life Costs Of Shrinking The Democrats’ Big Spending Plan
But he has also emphasized the chance to help seniors who currently can’t pay for their dental care. The two are allies, broadly speaking, long dedicated to the cause of guaranteeing health care as a basic human right. Roughly 13% of South Carolina’s non-elderly population had no health insurance as of 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They owe their Senate majority to the wins in Georgia by Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, both of whom made health care a focus of their campaigns. At the same time, they bristle at the idea that the dental benefit has less value, given widely documented problems with dental care among the elderly.
Covid-19 live updates Fauci urges police officers to get vaccinated as union protests heat up
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Texas' Holocaust both-sides-ing debacle is scary. Worse? It's already happening.
Unfortunately, we don’t have to wonder about the chilling ramifications of both-sides-ing the Holocaust — it’s already happening. In the U.S., we have monuments to Nazi collaborators in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, among other states. Parades honoring Holocaust perpetrators are held in European capitals, where veterans of Nazi divisions that exterminated Jews and Roma are feted as heroes. Most often, the governments and far-right groups whitewashing Nazi collaborators claim their “heroes” weren’t fighting alongside Hitler but rather against the Soviet Union. Even more perversely, these Holocaust perpetrators, many of whom were defeated by the Red Army, are often cast as victims of the USSR.
China's economic growth slows amid power and property troubles
"The domestic economic recovery is still unstable and uneven," National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson Fu Linghui said at a briefing in Beijing on Monday. But the recovery has lost steam from the blistering 18.3 percent growth clocked in the first quarter of this year. The weak numbers sent the yuan and most Asian stock markets lower amid broader investor concerns about the world economic recovery. "At present, China's fiscal strength is continuously increasing, and there is still relatively big room for monetary policy," said the NBS's Fu. Still, the central bank is expected to remain cautious about monetary easing because of worries about high debt and property risks.
‘His Street Cred Went Up’: The Unintended Consequences of Outing the GOP Lawmakers at Jan. 6
“His street cred went up,” said Jay Costa, the Democratic minority leader in the Pennsylvania state Senate. “I'm only telling you what my Republican colleagues tell me: that he’s texting Trump, ‘Corman said this, Corman did that,’” he said of the Republican leader. In June, Trump blasted out one of his email statements: “The Pennsylvania Senate needs to act. In the months since Jan. 6, Mastriano has succeeded in making the state party look more like him, not less. The Republican Senate leader eventually did remove Mastriano from the audit investigation, stripping him of his committee chairmanship.
Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy Says He Wouldn't Vote For Trump In 2024
said Sunday he would not vote for Donald Trump if he ran for president again in 2024. Advertisement“President Trump is the first president ? in the Republican side at least ? to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. AdvertisementIt’s not the first time the Louisiana Republican has been among a small minority in his party to break from Trump. He was one of seven GOP senators to vote to convict Trump at the January impeachment trial. And when there was a pattern of behavior that culminated as it did on January the 6th — and we’ve had revelations since — that just led me to that decision.”He was censured by the Louisiana Republican party for doing so.
Walk It Off, Again: Atlanta Widens Lead Over Dodgers
The Dodgers seized another two-run lead in the seventh thanks to Chris Taylor’s double, but then opted to bring 20-game winner Julio Urias in from the bullpen to start the eighth inning instead of handing things over to a conventional reliever. Like Scherzer before him, Urias did not have his best stuff and Atlanta ambushed him for three hits, making it 4-4 on Riley’s double over Mookie Betts’s head that allowed Ozzie Albies to score from first base. He added that Urias should be fine to start Game 5 on Wednesday, should the game be necessary, despite Sunday’s pummeling in which he surrendered hits to half of the batters faced. Suddenly, shockingly, the Dodgers are in deep trouble. They went 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position Sunday and 2 for 18 in Games 1 and 2 combined.
Valneva reports positive results for coronavirus vaccine
The coronavirus vaccine developed by Valneva was successful in a late-stage clinical trial, the French company announced on Monday. Based on a trial with 4,012 participants, Valneva said that its vaccine prevented coronavirus infections at a similar rate to the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot. It also stimulated the creation of protective antibodies at a higher rate than the vaccine with which it was being compared. The Valneva shot is the only vaccine on clinical trial in Europe based on an inactivated, adjuvanted virus vector — a more traditional form of vaccine than mRNA or adenoviral-vector shots. In terms of safety, Valneva said that participants who received its vaccine reported "significantly fewer" adverse side-effects when compared with Oxford/AstraZeneca.
At least 22 people killed after torrential rain in India's Kerala state triggers landslides and floods
New Delhi (CNN) At least 22 people have been killed and two remain missing after heavy rain triggered floods and landslides in southern India. Torrential rain has battered the coastal state of Kerala since Friday, causing rivers to swell and flooding roads that left vehicles submerged in muddy waters, with some houses reduced to rubble. Thirteen people were killed in a landslide in the Kottayam district, according to state officials. A resident carries a dog amid debris of his damaged house after flash floods caused by heavy rains at Thodupuzha, in India's Kerala state, on October 16. Thousands of people have been evacuated from affected districts, according to Kerala's Disaster Management Authority, with 156 relief camps set up across the state.
Chlamydia is so widespread among koalas they're getting vaccinated
About 400 Australian koalas will be vaccinated against chlamydia as part of a trial that researchers say they hope could play a significant role in the longer-term survival of the animals. Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease also found in humans, has spread widely among Australian koalas, affecting half the animals in some areas. "It is a cruel disease that causes debilitating conjunctivitis, bladder infections and at times, infertility," Amber Gillett, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital veterinarian and coordinator of research, said in a statement on Friday as the trial began. The bacterial disease, which can be spread from mothers to their newborns, can also cause blindness, researchers say. The koalas will each receive one dose of the vaccine and will be microchipped before being released into the wild.
Steelers Keep Winning but Pittsburgh Has a Ben Roethlisberger Problem
Joe Sargent/Getty ImagesThe Pittsburgh Steelers are 3-3 and still in the thick of the AFC North in spite of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. In the victory, Roethlisberger threw for 229 yards and a touchdown but averaged a pitiful 5.7 yards per attempt. Roethlisberger simply didn't maintain ball security, with Seattle in prime position at Pittsburgh's 35-yard line to capitalize. Fortunately for the Steelers quarterback, his defense bailed him out by knocking the Seahawks out of field-goal position. The Steelers did so with the help of Watt's sack on Seattle's initial overtime drive to push the Seahawks out of Pittsburgh territory.
London Playbook: Tributes to Sir David — Prevent not preventing — COVID concerns mount
By ALEX WICKHAMPRESENTED BYSend tips here | Subscribe for free | Listen to Playbook and view in your browserGood Monday morning. DRIVING THE DAYTRIBUTES TO SIR DAVID: Westminster will unite today to pay tribute to Sir David Amess, the Conservative MP killed in an appalling terrorist incident on Friday. Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has the bold approach of arguing politicians should stop holding face-to-face surgeries with their constituents and hold them by Zoom instead. Politics Live (BBC Two (12.15 p.m.): Tory MP Jesse Norman … Labour MP Ben Bradshaw … The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey … Class think tank director Ellie Mae O’Hagan. SUBSCRIBE to the POLITICO newsletter family: Brussels Playbook | London Playbook | Playbook Paris | EU Confidential | Sunday Crunch | EU Influence | London Influence | AI: Decoded | Digital Bridge | China Direct | D.C. Playbook | All our POLITICO Pro policy morning newslettersSUBSCRIBE to the POLITICO newsletter family: Brussels Playbook | London Playbook | Playbook Paris | EU Confidential | Sunday Crunch | EU Influence | London Influence | AI: Decoded | Digital Bridge | China Direct | D.C. Playbook | All our POLITICO Pro policy morning newsletters
GOP Gov. Calls Trump's 2020 Election Fixation A 'Recipe For Disaster in 2022'
Asa Hutchinson (R) said Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s ongoing comments about the 2020 election are “not constructive” and could spell disaster for the GOP in the 2022 midterms. Advertisement“Relitigating 2020 is a recipe for disaster in 2022,” Hutchinson said. And those kinds of comments are not constructive.”WATCH: Trump's comments about "election fraud" in 2020 "are not constructive," Gov. says on #MTPIt's "a recipe for disaster in 2022." Nearly a year since the election, Trump continues to devote considerable energy to pushing conspiracy theories that the election was stolen from him, despite dozens of failed legal challenges, recounts and audits that confirmed Biden’s victory.
Ex-Spy Behind Salacious Trump Dossier Has Damning Theory About Alleged Pee Tape
“I’m not into golden showers,” he said unprompted in a private speech at the National Republican Senatorial Committee retreat, according to The Washington Post. “You know the great thing, our great first lady — ‘That one,’ she said, ‘I don’t believe that one.’”ABC notes that the intelligence agent who collected the reports on the incident later told the FBI that “the tenor of Steele’s reports was far more ‘conclusive’ than was justified” and that the pee tape allegation was based on “word of mouth and hearsay” and perhaps “made in jest.”Steele told Stephanopoulos the collector may have “taken fright” after his cover was blown and tried to downplay his work as a result. “I stand by the work we did, the sources that we had, and the professionalism which we applied to it,” Steele said. “Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier” debuts Monday on Hulu.
Playbook Paris: Macron dit les choses à Poitiers — Visite papale — Minsk, suspend tes vols
Par PAULINE DE SAINT REMYEnvoyez vos infos | Abonnez-vous gratuitement | Voir dans le navigateurBonjour à toutes et à tous, bon réveil, nous sommes lundi 18 octobre 2021. Castex a notamment dans ses valises le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Jean-Yves Le Drian, et le ministre de l’Intérieur (et des Cultes! Les Etats-Unis, par exemple, sont fermement opposés au plan et veulent donner la priorité à la productivité. Ils vont en effet discuter des mesures à prendre face à la Biélorussie. Un grand merci à : mon éditeur Jules Darmanin, Pierre-Paul Bermingham pour la veille et Grace Stranger pour la mise en ligne.
Brussels Playbook: Rule of law — Belavia in EU crosshairs — Commission
The question is, will Commission President Ursula von der Leyen heed her departing ally’s warning, or go her own way. He has been speaking to several EU leaders ahead of the Council. EU leaders have accused Belarus’ authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately orchestrating the migration waves. Some Irish firms continue to lease planes to Belavia, which are used to transport migrants to the EU’s border, three EU diplomats told Playbook. SUBSCRIBE to the POLITICO newsletter family: Brussels Playbook | London Playbook | Playbook Paris | EU Confidential | Sunday Crunch | EU Influence | London Influence | AI: Decoded | Digital Bridge | China Direct | D.C. Playbook | All our POLITICO Pro policy morning newsletters
Climate Brief: News Roundup, A US small-town mayor sued the oil industry. Then Exxon went after him
The U.S. Treasury Department is now taking steps to better understand the financial risks of climate change and climate transition to Americans, especially in low-income and historically disadvantaged communities, a senior administration official told CNBC. It is part of the Biden administration’s overall effort to tackle climate change. But they are often ignored in the national climate plans, known as Nationally Determined Contributions, that form the basis of negotiations at COP. No, the worst part about leather, according to environmental activists, is that it’s a major contributor to climate change. x "To take it out is to decide that climate change isn't a problem."
A New Celtic Nation?
He said Wales is being left behind his fellow high tech Irish Celts by the English ignoring Welch needs. Both Wales and Scotland could join a new Celtic federation of Ireland, Wales and Scotland to create a new United Celtic Republic in the EU and overcome many of the economic drawbacks of breaking with the UK. An interesting historical fact: England ruled half of France in the 15th Century ( the age of Joan of Arc). And then collapsed into Civil War (The War of the Roses) after Henry V’s untimely death at 25. Then came the Brexit Civil War, and it’s going up in smoke once again.
Socialist, Communists, Marxists, Oh My! Anti-Capitalist Meetup
It has turned its back on the captive peoples of Eastern Europe, abandoning their cause in the United Nations and in the official utterances of our government. The bypassing of our allies has contributed greatly to the shattering of free world unity and to the loss of free world continuity in opposing Communism. We oppose its admission into the United Nations. However, we will never abandon insistence on advantages for the free world. So does a caste / socially striated system:[In 1957] the infamous Songbun "caste system" was adopted by the Communist Party.
JON STEWART Laments that There is Too Much Focus on Donald Trump
But there was a brief moment where Stewart may have drifted slightly off the mark:"I think the media does a terrible job at de-escalation. I mean focusing on things that are more urgent and elemental in people's lives and really hammering away at those things." x Jon Stewart: "I think the media does a terrible job at de-escalation. No one else in Republican politics commands the blind loyalty and propensity for violence that Trump does. And it doesn't mean focusing solely on Trump.
Welcome to Street Prophets Sunday Coffee Hour cleverly located at the intersection of religion and politics. One of my favorite flowers is the iris. They come in so many colors and are graceful and beautiful. Here are some of my pictures of iris.
Everyone has climate anxiety these days. The 25% of Americans who believe, or want to believe, that Trump is still president cope with climate anxiety by living in an alternate reality. Trump was sent by God to hasten the destruction of the biosphere, in order to fulfill prophecies about the Tribulation. The worse the climate catastrophe, the worse the plague, the happier they are that Judgment Day is near, and the more they cling to him. Only then can we, with the help of our Higher Power, save the planet.
Satirist Andy Borowitz: "Trump to Skip 2024 Campaign and Go Straight to Claiming He Won"
These days, it's always nice to find a little humor in politics. The New Yorker magazine's satirist Andy Borowitz's October 12 satire in The Borowitz Report is entitled: "Trump to skip 2024 campaign and go straight to claiming he won." "Trump said that, although he already won the 2024 election, ‘there was fraud and corruption like you wouldn’t believe.’”Here's the last paragraph:
LGBTQ Literature: Vice Patrol: Cops, Courts, and the Struggle Over Urban Gay Life Before Stonewall
Hill, on the other hand, connected the arrests to the larger history of vice officers policing queer people:It is clearly about shaming gay people. I remember when I was in college and first dipping my toes into gay life. So I was really intrigued when I saw Anna Lvovsky’s new book, Vice Patrol: Cops, Courts, and the Struggle Over Urban Gay Life Before Stonewall. Some arms of the state, such as sympathetic trial judges who had profound doubts about the tactics used by vice officers, clashed with other arms of the state, such as the virulently anti-gay vice officers themselves. Parts of it, such as the unique social anxieties hovering around gay life in the 1960s, might be specific to that tale.
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---DAY270---Evening Shade-Sunday
The President of the United States will be here." pic.twitter.com/XM8oph1UNe — The Hill (@thehill) October 17, 2021x . pic.twitter.com/zeTy48Dbh9 — The Hill (@thehill) October 17, 2021x Virginia gubernatorial candidate @TerryMcAuliffe on opponent Glenn Youngkin: "He doesn't want Medicaid expansion here in Virginia. https://t.co/ZAobEsxFf8 pic.twitter.com/CFr0kZqfjx — The Hill (@thehill) October 17, 2021x . https://t.co/TnrGR82zRs — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 17, 2021VIRGINIAx According to @AdImpact_Pol , McAuliffe campaign has spent almost $3M on anti-Trump ads in VAGOV.
the day the world economy came to the brink
In January of 2019, World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim threw the global financial development sector into a state of disarray by quitting his job as head of the World Bank to take a real job with some Wall Street financial institution or other. I’m a cat remember, the salient details are all I listen to, so I don’t know to which company Kim fled. “Daddy please, please, let me do it,” Ivanka begged, “I took Econ 100 in college - I can do it. You’re always saying that.”Spanky shook his head almost imperceptibly and whispered, “But pussycat, what about your clothing line? And yes, I know we’re not popular.”“No honey, cancer is not popular - you two have taken it to a whole new level.”
DK Quilt Guild: We Can Bez Helpers?
Mama needs us to help her mark this quilt. I had planned to be finished with this quilt so I could show it today as show and tell. As they say, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.” I am still marking the quilting on the borders and Moose and Squirrel are wonderful helpers! DK Quilt Guild is a place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world abetter place, one quilt at a time. Would you like to write a future DK Quilt Guild diary?
DK WAYWO: Virtual learning for Arts
I feel I am still in my learning phase with quilting and embroidery. The point of this is, while I prefer in person-learning, I have found online / virtual learning works well. What I miss most with the virtual learning is the lack of camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. So even though meeting is person is limited, I feel I am still continuing my learning journey. What are you thoughts on virtual learning in crafts?
DK Preppers: Pot Luck
Soon, that con artist pulls the nail out of the pot,and, both he, and the villagers, all enjoy a nice meal. Now, I had nail soup. I make a bowl of this, to eat,using frozen bread, one slice, broken up,one more slice of cheese (pasteurized process American),with a few ladles of my seasoned nail soup. That is my essay on nail soup. Those things we need to do:stay physically strong and healthy,stay financially stable,maintain moral standards, in all we do.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing October 17, 2021
At that time, I cited, “You might be surprised to find that last year’s inflation was only 0.7%.” The 2015 Social Security Cost-Of-Living adjustment was 0.0! As you might have seen, the government has acknowledged inflation, in that the Social Security COLA next year is 5.9 %. I’ve been experiencing inflation, as have many folks, in terms of food prices. Are you experiencing inflation in your daily life? There are economists that say some inflation is good, but we live on a finite planet.
Sinema Gets Max Donations From Top GOP Donors.
Well file this under the least surprising thing ever, In fact, the longest part of writing this diary was the 20 minutes or so I spent trying to find something that would literally shock me less. But anyway, I digress, it seems according to FEC records obtained by Mother Jones Several GOP donors who have previously supported efforts to elect Donald Trump, have maxed out their support for the ulcer inducing, “Mavericky” Senator from Arizona. So in fairness to Kyrsten Sinema she is not just tanking Democrats chances in 2022 for the sake of Big Pharma, No, She is tanking Democrats chances in 2022 for Big Pharma and a whole posse of the worst people in the world. They and many other Republican mega donors who donated to Sinema also donated large sums to bring fascism to America in 2016. Click here to read the sordid details.
'Truth, Justice and A Better Tomorrow'. Right-wing feelings hurt.
x Truth, justice and a better tomorrow. ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’ — it’s not enough anymore. @LaraLeaTrump triggered by change in Superman’s motto — saying it’s ‘very upsetting’ https://t.co/inNyagoMkc — Raw Story (@RawStory) October 17, 2021Twitter is awash with right-wing hysteria. We will avoid publishing them here,x Just In:Heads are exploding at Fox News because DC Comics changed SUPERMAN’S motto from "truth, justice, and the American Way " to "truth, justice and a better tomorrow." Not even uber "patriot" Dean Cain: In his early 1990s show, he fought for "truth and justice" - no American Way.
(Had we several parties of relatively equal strength, this takeover most likely could not have taken place.) The GOP shows no indications of withdrawing their support of Trump, admitting to the errors of their ways or even acknowledging their support for democracy. Yes, independent media has aided in this respect but they have their counterparts who wish only to misinform the public. This is the question we should be asking ourselves, whether it's all just a game of PRETENDING purpose, goals or even ideology. Sad to say, but I've come to suspect that the "truest believers" among us might soon prove themselves the biggest suckers of all.
Top Comments: Sunday Open Thread edition
But first: Top Comments appears nightly, as a round-up of the best comments on Daily Kos. Surely ... you come across comments daily that are perceptive, apropos and .. well, perhaps even humorous. But they are more meaningful if they're well-known ... which is where you come in (especially in diaries/stories receiving little attention). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Send your nominations to TopComments at gmail dot com by 9:30 PM Eastern Time nightly, or by our KosMail message board. And lastly: yesterday's Top Mojo - mega-mojo to the intrepid mik ...... who rescued this feature from oblivion:
Should Religious Exemptions Be Available for the COVID Vaccinations? Will SCOTUS Intervene?
The lower courts sustained the governor’s actions and in an unprecedented action the Supreme Court, without any oral argument, overturned the actions of the governor. Does the rule of law, public safety and general welfare trump any claim of religious exemption? On December 1st the Supreme Court will revisit Roe v Wade and expectations are the six member conservative faction will overturn or seriously limit. Has the Supreme Court exceeded the authority envisioned by the Constitution? Some proposals to overhaul the Supreme Court — like the institution of term limits and a modest expansion of the bench — would arguably be salutary.
Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021
Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021Strategic Political Economy“You lost. Stop acting like you won”[White Hot Harlots (lyman alpha blob), via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21]“The abortion issue has been lost. Where is it Now?”Thomas Frank [YouTube, via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21]. [Twitter, via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21]x This same sentiment is brewing at Class I Railroads too. “Minimum Wage Machine”[Blake Fall-Conroy, via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21]“The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage.
Yes, respect Native sacred ground...alternatives?
It’s about time Native land is recognized and stop Keystone Pipeline, Then we turn around and ask OPEC and others to produce more oil. After giving Republicans the green light on massive military, we need to do better! What alternatives to Keystone Pipeline? One strange idea is to use land owned by Republicans, to see how they feel about oil if it is in their backyard. Using Alberta oil is better than importing abroad.
"Civil War started" is more likely not about having a permit for one
(Snopes)The reality is that a Civil War might exist without a declaration of its initiation, much like not being in a location also reveals a location. Scott Macfarlane reported today Proud Boy Zach Rehl texted at 2:29pm "CIVIL WAR HAS STARTED" one minute later where I was, a guy with a megaphone yelled "THEY'RE IN" to massive cheers. The Boogaloo Boys are a far-right movement known for their violence, their Hawaiian shirts, and their desire to spark a second U.S. Civil War. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the group's name and movement refer to their desire for a insurrectionist revolt that would spark another Civil War. The first such war, started by secessionist Southern slave states, lasted from 1861 and 1865 and left some 620,000 Americans dead.
Hey Kyrsten Sinema, Unlike Sexuality, American Politics is Binary.
I wish Kyrsten Sinema (who cut her teeth fighting an anti-gay agenda in Arizona) could understand that unlike human sexuality, American politics is binary. If you cripple Biden’s agenda for whatever reason you think important, you get a Republican congress in 2022. Does anyone doubt that will lead to a fiercely anti-LGBTQ agenda? American politics in binary. If you are committed to LGBTQ rights you must not destroy the only party that defends those rights.
The Justice Dept on Netroots Radio Presents: "I Could Taste Funerals on My Tongue"
Holy Bible and Three in One Oil, Berkeley, California copyright Justice PutnamKagro in the Morning with David Waldman, Vintage James Baldwin, Labor History, Native American Documentaries, Majority Report, RadioLabor News, The Left Show, Let's Speak Native with John Kane, Democracy Now, The David Packman Show, The Best Of In Deep with Angie Coiro, The Professional Left with Driftglass & Blue Gal, Thom Hartmann, Jim Hightower, Green News Report, Randi Rhodes, The Tim Corrimal Show, ACLU Minutes, Breaking Through with Mom's Rising, The BradCast, Eclectic Mixes by Spc Agnt DJ Justice, Nicole Sandler, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, The Mike Malloy Show, Health, Science & History Specials, your Netroots Radio Favorites... and so much more, on right now! Go ahead, now you can listen while roaming the Big Orange and beyond! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12-String Ovation Balladeer, Astoria, Oregon - copyright Justice Putnam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
IAN: Darren Harriott is from the Black Country
You could describe Darren Harriott as relentlessly upbeat. Maybe the reason the fast-talking 29-year-old is so happy is because he knows how differently things could have turned out. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group!
What's Your Antipodal Point? Part 1
This thing:Yes, I have a hula hoop. I'd stand in the middle of the hoop and line things up, magical applied science. Well, the hula hoop was magical, though my big sister was the master of the silly thing when they first came out. The Buried LedeI live at — 42° 15? 17? N, 88° 50? 39? WSome while back, although I lacked a globe -- I attempted to locate My Antipodal Point. A scientific research cabin on the island is used for scientific or ecological short campaigns, but there is no permanent population.
PWB Peeps Open Thread: Tails to Tell
There are so many tails to tell. tails of happinesstails of lovetails of mischieftails of prideThis is a place for sharing our tales. Happy day to all peeps and critters! PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers. Here are few not-too-onerous PWB rules
Jane Fonda, astronaut?
I recall some years ago randomly watching television when I got to see Jane Fonda and her husband enthusiastically moving around on a shape shuttle. The shuttle was obviously a mockup, I do not know if Fonda owned the mockup or went to a NASA facility. I did read Jane Fonda was invited to a space shuttle launch which ended up a fiasco for NASA. Fonda is currently working with Greenpeace, and I found seeing her in a NASA mockup jarring to say the least.
Sekrit Armee Sundai — Armd and Redee
Here is a gentle reminder of how we do things:Pooties are cats; Woozles are dogs. Do not “Troll” the Pootie Peeps Diaries. If you have health/behavior issues with your pootie or woozle, feel free to bring it to the community. There are some pics we never post: snakes, creepy crawlies, any and all photos that depict or encourage human cruelty toward animals. Diz iz a frendlee remyndur datda Sekrit Armee iz eekwipt fur dere dooteezarmd and redee tu fite da gud fite andpurrteckt dere hoominz frum da forzuz ub ebil.
Perhaps Sens. Sanders and Smith should invite Sens. Manchin and Sinema to discuss BBB in prime time
One of President Bill Clinton’s top priorities in his first year in office was to pass the North American Free Trade Act. Bernie Sanders chairs the Senate Budget Committee and negotiated the $3.5 trillion budget resolution which the entire caucus voted for. In 2017, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar agreed to a high stakes debate against Sens. Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin have publicly expressed their differing opinions on BBB to the press and in op-eds; there’s nothing that prevents them from doing so face-to-face. The counterargument was that the CNN debate might have been the best opportunity for the Democrats to publicly make their case.
Matt Gaetz HAD to get married
Like the Trump brothers, I like to get out and slaughter a few of God’s creatures every once in a while. This is what I saw and heard…Deep in the bowels of Spanky’s motel, TFG was speaking with pedophile and trafficker of teen-age girls, Matt Gaetz. Had never seen either of them in person - TFG is huge and jiggles a lot, and Gaetz is the greasiest human you have ever seen. “You fucked up big time you greasy piece of shit," TFG was shouting at the cowering congressman. And tell Melania and Barron they owe me last week’s rent.”He turned his attention back to Gaetz, “Now pimp, you are attracting far too much attention with that stable of yours.
Overnight News Digest October 17, 2021
Tomorrow's News TodayWelcome to the Overnight News Digest with a crew consisting of founder Magnifico, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, Chitown Kev, eeff, Magnifico, annetteboardman, Besame, jck and Rise above the swamp. Editors of OND impart their own presentation styles and content choices, typically publishing each day near 12:00 AM Eastern Time. BBCPedro Sanchez: Spanish PM vows to abolish prostitutionSpain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez pledged on Sunday to outlaw prostitution in the country. Speaking to supporters at the end of his Socialist Party's three-day congress in Valencia, Mr Sanchez said that the practice "enslaves" women. NPRThe political fight over vaccine mandates deepens despite their effectivenessThe science is clear: Vaccines are a safe and effective way to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death from the coronavirus, and vaccine mandates are an effective tool in promoting widespread vaccinations.
Seems I have to write throw-away posts so that my other posts have merit
Ecologically, politically, economically, the seeds of destruction are sown, and itz just a matter of time before the whole world falls apart. Universities are charging students more and more, while bringing on more and more adjuncts, whom they dont hafta pay anything. And in between, more and more money is going to the Administration, and the football programs. And there are 4 -- count them *4* -- majors which have any prayer of recouping money spent: law, medicine applied sciences, and finance. Im going to keep posting stuff like this so that, when itz actually important, people wont just dismiss my concerns out of hand.
Rogue edition: Tweets of the Week
Our friend oldhippiedude is taking a break for a couple of weeks, so I’ve collected some tweets for TotW addicts to tide us over until his return. — New York Times Pitchbot (@DougJBalloon) October 13, 2021x So true pic.twitter.com/axxEHU7Dhq — Bob Young (@BobYoung2036364) October 16, 2021x Democrats have a plan to stop the giant meteor that will end life on this planet. — New York Times Pitchbot (@DougJBalloon) October 15, 2021x Whenever a guy says,"Treat you like a queen", I assume like the medieval kind where they see you like livestock to sire heirs. pic.twitter.com/Cd5qeki8Fx — Extra Spooky Skyler Jay (@SkylerJay_) October 15, 2021x Trump to Skip 2024 Campaign and Go Straight to Claiming He Won https://t.co/O2btLNPWQ7 via @NewYorker — John McLaughlin (@je_mclaughlin) October 13, 2021x Same guy, ten days apart. — Dean Gloster (@deangloster) October 15, 2021x Death Santis announces campaign for President — larueart (@dlarue16) October 15, 2021x Unless 90s NBA had a lot of unprotected sex during games, I don’t see how this is equivalent.
“We have built a civilization based on a world that doesn’t exist anymore"
It explores climate change projected impacts on water, drought, wildfires, and food security. Attribution: Jack Taylor/AFP via Getty Images,WATER (or lack of water) is associated with extreme weather events, drought, wildfires, and crop failures. Over five billion people are expected to have an inadequate water supply within the next three decades. expected to have an inadequate water supply within the next three decades. North America’s southern regions are expected to be impacted by severe drought by 2100; the north-east US will experience more extreme rainfall events
End of an Era.....
However, in 1988, American President Lines - APL -built some container ships that were too wide for the Panama Canal - post-Panamax ships, so-called - ships built expressly for the Asia-US West Coast or Asia -Europe trade. We’ll return to that scoffing later, and those APL ships, the first container ships too wide for the Panama Canal and in 1988 the biggest in the world, over 900 feet long and 120 feet wide. The worldwide volume of containers and the number of container ships exploded. It was a haunting moment, that moment, watching that huge ship ghost by, enormous, just huge. It felt like the passing of an era, and now I think it was.
Krugman: Future historians will be 'astonished' that we let the planet burn to protect coal
The world is burning, but as long as the wildfires don’t touch Manchin’s scattered piles of coal cash, he’s more than willing to let it burn. Manchin opposes the bill’s Clean Electricity Performance Program, which many climate activists say is the linchpin of President Biden’s climate change plan. Why is he holding up meaningful climate action based on a dying industry with no future? I’ve poured untold resources into dying relationships with no future, but eventually I smartened up. Or, if you prefer a test drive, you can download the epilogue to Goodbye, Asshat for the low, low price of FREE.
Some Insurrectionists Insist On Trying To Represent Themselves In Court
That choice already has led to some curious legal maneuvers and awkward exchanges in court. They risk getting themselves in more legal trouble if they say the wrong thing in court. The problem with stupidity is that one is rarely aware they are afflicted...WUSA9Alan Hostetter, a former California police chief and yoga instructor, told U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth he had decided to represent himself pro se. Federal prosecutors allege Fellows entered the Capitol through a broken window and smoked marijuana in Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley's office during the insurrection. Be careful what you wish for...Rome SentinelThe New Hartford man accused of participating in the Jan. 6 riot and attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. will be allowed to represent himself in Federal Court.
Nuts & Bolts: Apathy is always at risk
Voter apathy isn’t just, “Well, I don’t want to vote.” It is often a result of voter suppression that puts hurdles in voters’ path to the ballot box. If the voter isn’t the bad guy in voter apathy, how can you give a voter and a candidate a way to talk about apathy as a problem without that framing? Voters need a reason to vote, most often a positive reason. But unless the opposition is an unbelievably terrible incumbent, potential voters also need to hear something positive about you. Republicans fall in line and will vote for their candidates, but Democratic voters need to fall in love with a candidate to really get out there.
News Roundup: Idaho GOP embraces antisemitism; 'bogus' academy highlights charter school mess
Idaho Republicans know what they stand for: antisemitism, deadly viruses, and "freeing your face." In the news today: The decay of the Republican Party into an anti-science, pro-hoax, violence-peddling, virus-promoting cult is a national issue, but that still doesn't explain whatever's been happening in Idaho. A man placed in solitary confinement for over a year is the first to use new law to sue over his treatment. And if you didn't know the nation's charter schools were a mess? The nation's charter schools are a mess.
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Syringe and Vaccine(Image by NIAID) Details DMCAThe narrative related to the ongoing surge of new cases in the United States (US) is argued to be driven by areas with low vaccination rates. A similar narrative also has been observed in countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom. At the same time, Israel that was hailed for its swift and high rates of vaccination has also seen a substantial resurgence in COVID-19 cases. We investigate the relationship between the percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases across 68 countries and across 2947 counties in the US.
Article: Poem: Lucky Billy Shatner
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Bottom-Up is a direct and logical look at how we live our lives, conduct our business, manage our societies, and, most importantly, communicate with each other. Author Rob Kall explains it all in plain English. But don't let the readability of this book fool you into thinking that it's not important. This book is as important as game theory. John Kiriakou, former CIA officer and author of The Reluctant Spy and Doing Time Like a Spy
Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Sparks Encore Presentation of the 9th Annual Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival
Due to these extraordinary times and our overall audience responses, we are broadcasting an "encore presentation" of this year's Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival on October 20 - 24, 2021. The Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival, the world's first and only festival by whistleblowers, for whistleblowers (advocates and journalists), is happy to announce an encore presentation of the 2021 festival. The encore presentation will be hosted on Film Festival Flix, a streaming platform that partners with film festivals powering a curated virtual experience. It's the Encore Presentation of the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival at a fraction of the costs. We are also pleased to announce our partial slate of films for the 9th Annual Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival.
Five cartoons (to visualize)
Some of his face is showing but most of the view is through the windshield and rear view mirror. Two friends are walking down a downtown street with their collars up. but there is a little green, black-eyed alien helping an old woman cross the street and there is an alien walking three dogs and there is an alien weed-wacking. Highway sign of the timesHighway with orange cones and, ahead, a sign with flashing lights: "Road disappears 500 feet". A hundred feet further: 10 MPH A hundred feet further: "Go Back Home".
Sonnet: Riddle of the Sphinx on My 65th Birthday
Sonnet: Riddle of the Sphinx on My 65th BirthdayWhat is it got a big black moustache, smoke a very big cigar, and is a real big pain in the neck? I crawled on four legs through a black-and-white worldhighlighted by EBS Russkie scaresHank Williams, Patsy Cline, heart broke dailymy family all Barnum & Baileyearly childhood ed the sum of all fearsJFKed, Lawrence Welked, and Milton BerledUp on my own two feet, adventures roaredI took learning by the horns, both of themcomposed symphonies in my head, lost chordsI switched to isms and highfalutin wordsthen my heart got bushwhacked by a golemHegel showed how history gets obscuredThree legs now, a Taoist late for Mao's March,tender in the night, all Achilles arch
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's book Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution is both a welcomed manifesto and a guide for rethinking the power of human agency, understanding the connections that both make us human and legitimate human planetary relations. Moreover it is a powerful call for providing the ideas, social practices, and relations that make human connections possible, enable them to work together from the bottom up, and to transform such connections into a powerful movement in which people take control of their lives and create a better future for everyone." Henry Giroux, Director of the McMaster Centre for Research in the Public Interest, author of Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism, America?s Education Deficit and The War on Youth, and dozens more.
Will 2024 Be the Year American Democracy Dies? by Spencer Bokat-Lindell
Richard L. Hasen, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law and an expert in election law," believes that the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol is a preview of where the country is still heading. In a paper published this month, he wrote that “The United States faces a serious risk that the 2024 presidential election, and other future U.S. elections, will not be conducted fairly, and that the candidates taking office will not reflect the free choices made by eligible voters under previously announced election rules.”It could be a bloodless coup, he warns, executed not by rioters with nooses but “lawyers in fine suits”: Between January and June, Republican-controlled legislatures passed 24 laws across 14 states to increase their control over how elections are run, stripping secretaries of state of their power and making it easier to overturn results."
Reason off the Rails;by David Breeden
"John Lewis got it right: “Democracy is not a state. .”It’s time for people who care about words and about reason to examine our assumptions. So many progressives are astonished that the products of the European Enlightenment don’t get the respect they once did. One reason for that could well be that most people never got asked what they thought about the whole thing. If we consider them worthy as goals, it’s time we use our noodles reasonably and decide to act like they matter."
Build Back Better Legislation: New Keynesianism or Neoliberal Public Relations Stunt?
Some provisions of Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation benefit the masses of Black people, but this legislation is a bare minimum effort to blunt some of the sharpest contradictions of the system while attempting to maintain the neoliberal order. Even the editors at the Wall Street Journal, the flagship paper of the U.S. ruling class, argued that adjustments to what has been called neoliberalism had to be made, and the editors of the Financial Times, the paper of choice for the international bourgeoisie, made what was a startling claim on April 4, 2020 that the era of neoliberalism was basically over.
We Must Force Politicians to Recognize the Stakes of This Moment
The argument isn't about whether we can afford President Biden's Build Back plan. It is whether we are so foolish not to do it. The press focuses on the debate over unimaginably large numbers - $3.5 trillion against $1.5 trillion and the $550 billion infrastructure bill against the $3.5 billion reconciliation bill. But this isn't a debate about numbers. It is an argument about morals, about what kind of country we are and what kind of country we want to be..
The New War
From NATO to the U.S. National Guard, militaries around the world are being called upon to fight climate change. A new Forever War. What could go wrong? Is this a viable and productive mission for militaries around the world? What problems in military-civil authority might arise?
The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails; by Donald Ayer Reagan's U.S. attorney /principal deputy solicitor general
Justices who once derided judicial “meddling” are now meddlers themselves.As the court begins a new term, regrettably, its recent history suggests that it lacks a majority of justices with sufficient concern about the basic continuity and integrity of the law or the ability of government to function. To merit the public trust, their judgments must not appear simply as assertions of individual value choices by the justices or willy-nilly discard long-established court precedents that profoundly affect people’s lives. Nor should they actively undermine the ability of governments to advance public purposes as established by a fair democratic process." Mr. Ayer was a U.S. attorney and principal deputy solicitor general in the Reagan administration and deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration.
Right-wing extremist soldiers pose threat to Lithuania
There are about 600 German troops in Lithuania, leading a Nato battlegroup. Two sides of the same coin should be mentioned when we look at foreign troops in Lithuania. Though Russian threat fortunately remains hypothetical, foreign soldiers deployed in the country cause serious trouble. Such persons served in Lithuania and, probably, serve now and pose a real threat to Lithuanian military, local population. Lithuanian authorities should fully realize this threat and do not turn a blind eye to the criminal behaviour of foreign military in Lithuania.
Article: "The US Army in Iraq only protects their own bases"--Iraqi journalist
Because, the new election law may cause disputes and any political disputes in Iraq threatens the democracy that the US brought to Iraq, and adopted. SS: Will the new Iraqi parliament have a role in fighting corruption and improving the economic situation in the country? Security in Iraq is the responsibility of the neighboring countries, the responsibility of America, and the responsibility of Iraq. MA: The role of the US army in maintaining the internal security of Iraq is almost non-existent. SS: Iraqi Kurds met in Erbil with a number of the Israeli occupation entity.
Lebanon is in crisis, and the world isn't paying much attention.
Lebanon In CrisisLebanon Crisis(Image by Images-1235822378) Details DMCAThe Lebanon's problems are getting out of hand. They can not get oil from Iran so there is a bad shortage of gas and long lines of cars because of it. The electricity has just a periodic presence . The wages are low and the food prices are high. A families weekly income barely pays for a families food and there is no hope for real help on the horizon, as if the world has forgotten there was a country called Lebanon.
Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Burning Future of U.S.-China Relations
How much more swimmingly could relations between them go on this planet of sickness and heat? Economically speaking, however, as the New York Times reported, he didn't not when it comes to China anyway. We face a future all-too-literally embroiled in what, as he explains, could be the hottest "war" around. Of course, politicians, scientific groups, and environmental organizations will offer plans of every sort in Glasgow to reduce global carbon emissions and slow the process of planetary incineration. Only the United States and China, by far the world's top two carbon emitters, are in a position to do so.
California's Reparations Task Force Debates Who Qualifies
Juneteenth reparations rally to demand reparations from the United States government. (Image by Fibonacci Blue) Details DMCAThe nine-member panel was created a year ago to study reparations for Black residents but is still grappling with who should qualify and what the compensation will look like. The council has until 2022 to report their findings. What happens in California tends to be a model for the country. In this case, nothing has gone easily, albeit predictably.
Nobel Prize for Medicine for Helping 200M People/Year at Risk for River Blindness & Ivermectin Future
Before the recent political and business campaign and censorship against Ivermectin was a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug. It was being given to 200 million people to protect against River Blindness. Its role in other infectious parasites and Covid-19 virus is discussed.
Hidden In The Reconciliation Bill: A Retirement Plan Mandate That Will Take Most People by Surprise: Elizabeth Bauer
"Readers, I am embarrassed to admit that a radical change to our retirement system, tucked into the “Build Back Better” Budget Reconciliation bill, wholly escaped my notice until just recently. As explained by Ashlea Ebeling, also at Forbes, “Under the proposal, starting in 2023, employers with 5 or more employees would have to offer a retirement plan & automatically enroll employees, diverting 6% of their pay to a retirement account. An automatic escalation clause would increase the automatic contribution to 10% of pay by year 5. The default plan would be a Roth IRA invested in a target-date fund, a mix of investments based on your expected retirement year.“For employers, it’s a mandate. Employees would be able to opt out.”
Not exactly the knowledgeable approach of a supposed enlightened democracy
Southwest Airlines canceled some 1800 flights over the past weekend, October 8 thru 12, 2021. Truth be told this writer has been a loyal Southwest Airlines customer for over 20 years. However, Southwest was in the news lately having canceled over 1800 flights this past weekend. The FTA maintains there were no staffing shortages over the weekend and SWA competitors flying similar routes only experienced minor amounts of cancelations. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
It was before (a poem)
It was before I thoughtOf what I meant to tell youIt was before I watched the geese disappearAnd then stood up to count themBut I stopped trying to count themBecause they were too manyIt was before I saw themBefore I heard the first goose callingBefore I caught sight of the crescent moonAnd realized that the sun had setBefore I lifted my eyes to the skyAnd allowed myself to restIn my work clothesBut it was before thatThat I slipped into myselfBecause I had thought enoughIt was before the last leaf had fallenFrom the tree I was sitting underAnd before the siren fadedInto the cityscapeOf the dream you sent meBefore the news died downAnd before the wind died downBefore the last editIt was before I satBefore I stoppedBefore my body said stopAnd before I went back to workIn the backyardIt was before our conversationIt was before you left
It was after (a poem)
sign up for a Advocate premium membershipWould you like to know how many people have read this article? Or how reputable the author is? Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Plus a lot more, too. It was after you leftAfter our conversationAfter I went back to workIn the backyard and after thatAfter my body said stopAnd I stopped and I satAfter I satIt was after the last editAfter the wind died downAfter the news died downAfter the sirens fadedInto the cityscapeOf the dream you sent meAfter I realizedThat the leaves had fallenFrom the tree I was sitting underNext Page 1 | 2 | 3(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
What if TB, HIV medicines stop working? Experts unite against drug resistance
One major threat because of which medicines stop working against bugs that make us ill is Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). AMR in tuberculosis (TB) and HIV has long been referred to as drug resistance. "TB and HIV drug resistance threatens the effective prevention and treatment. A month before that, Dr Ishwar Gilada and Dr Sudarshan Mandal, head of Indian government's National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP), co-chaired a high level ASI Advisory Board Meeting on managing TB and HIV drug resistance. Combating drug resistance is a more compelling priority than ever before."
Sonnet: Rob Kall's Dead: Bottom's Up!
(Image by blurryhazyindistinct) Details DMCASonnet: Rob Kall's Dead: Bottom's Up! by John Kendall Hawkins . Rob Kall caught Covid and I hope he's dead to the world, asleep, and gently snoozing in a fine feathery oversized bed with fantasy lives of his own choosing. I'm gonna miss Rob when he's really dead: Let's hope he fully recovers instead. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
Film Review: The Mauritanian: The Odyssey of Prisoner 760
image from Guanatanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Salahi(Image by Mohamedou Ould Salahi) Details DMCAThe Odyssey of Prisoner 760 by John Kendall HawkinsSalahi... spoke fluent Arabic, French, and German. Not too long afterward, Wood began to suspect that the US government had nicknamed "Pillow" and "Forrest Gump," was totally wrong about the guy. Salahi was detained at Guanta'namo Bay detention camp without charge from 2002 until his release on October 17, 2016. Taub writes, "Military officials considered him 'the poster child for the intelligence effort at Guanta'namo.'" Taub tells us that Salahi's "cooperation" has led to special privileges: "books, a television, a PlayStation, and an old laptop, on which he killed time playing chess and watching DVDs."
Sonnet: Happy World Mental Health Week!
'Dominos Pizza Hyderabad'(Image by ShashiBellamkonda) Details DMCASonnet: Happy World Mental Health Week! Not so, but kinda;Wilma bugs come looking to ply their trade --goon wildernesses that cry: Where's my gun? At Danvers, now condos, strolling past cells;there's a fenced-in potter's field out behindwhere old dogs are brought to do their duty. No longer know the stuff dreams are made ofin a fading world that I'm just a shade of. "Pizza Man," a song about loss and resilience that came to me today when I saw Domino's pizza coupon with a special discount to celebrate Mental Health Week.
Revealed: Facebook's Secret Blacklist Of "Dangerous Individuals And Organizations"
Facebook has for many years barred users from speaking freely about people and groups it says promote violence. The restrictions appear to trace back to 2012, when in the face of growing alarm in Congress and the United Nations about online terrorist recruiting, Facebook added to its Community Standards a ban on “organizations with a record of terrorist or violent criminal activity.” This modest rule has since ballooned into what’s known as the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, a sweeping set of restrictions on what Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users can say about an enormous and ever-growing roster of entities deemed beyond the pale.
The State of the Covid in NYC and Beyond
OK, many are people with co-morbidities including endemic overweight/obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes - practically a description of almost every American over 40. 78% of Covid patients are overweight, but so are over 70% of Americans, so that doesn't tell you much except the condition of most Americans is terrible. But, take a look at this local chart for NYC, ranking vaccination rates by age:Percentage of Vaccinations by Age(Image by Gothamist) Details DMCAThis is just NYC, but it's probably a reflection of the proportions in the rest of the country too, albeit higher in every group in vaccination-positive NYC. Phil Murphy is up against a surprisingly competitive republican candidate largely because of his Covid mandates). But, none of the vaccines were originally tested against the much more contagious Delta variant, which now accounts for 99% of cases in NYC and elsewhere:Percentage of Variants Among New Covid Cases in NYC(Image by Gothamist) Details DMCAIt's almost like a different disease.
The Supreme Court and Abortion: Why This Term is Important
The highest court in the land has convened in what may become a rather legendary term. Ever since Roe, right-to-lifers prefer to emphasize moral issues over legal ones. Since 1973, the legal issue this controversy presents has been one decided in terms of law. Then, under a Republican administration, the same Chief Shenanigan rushed through three court appointments, making the balance of the court now heavily in favor of so-called conservatives. It must be established that there are valid points of argument on both sides of the abortion issue.
A citizen's guide to Trump's 2024 strategy; Judd Legum
Trump made clear that his strategy in 2024 is to install unwavering Trump loyalists throughout the state and federal government. 1: Using his political clout to put Trump loyalists who still believe claims of election fraud in charge of election administration in key states; A Reuters report looked at the “15 declared Republican candidates for secretary of state in 5 battleground states -- found that 10 out of the 15 candidates have either “declared that the 2020 election was stolen or called for their state’s results to be invalidated or further investigated.” 2: Elect Trump loyalists as governor in key states: include candidates who are likely to do Trump's bidding. .3: Put Trump loyalists in charge of Congress: r estore the Republican majorities in Congress. A majority might be all that's needed to rubber-stamp efforts in the states to swing the election to Trump."
The Empires That Brought Us Here
What might be helpful would be a clear-eyed historical account of empires rising and falling, written by someone aware of all of this and dedicated to both cutting through centuries-old propaganda and avoiding simplistic explanations. And that we now have in Alfred W. McCoy's To Govern the Globe: World Orders and Catastrophic Change, a 300-page tour through empires past and present, including the empires of Portugal and Spain. McCoy provides a detailed account of these empires' contributions to genocide, slavery, and in contrast discussions of human rights. McCoy interweaves considerations of demographic, economic, military, cultural, and economic factors, with some interesting consideration of what we would today call public relations. Empire, no matter how many empires there have been or what ugly company they place the current one in.
Julian Assange's Father, John Shipton, on the U.S. Government's 'Scandalous' Plan to 'Murder' His Son
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. This piece was reprinted by OpEdNews with permission or license. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source. From ScheerpostOne of the biggest moments in Julian Assange's trial is slated to happen next month, when the embattled and imprisoned WikiLeaks founder's final extradition hearing is held in Great Britain. If ever there were an expert on Julian Assange, it would surely be Camp's guest, John Shipton -- Assange's father -- who calls the assassination plot considered by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other U.S. officials "pretty scandalous," if not entirely surprising.
The Week Ahead: Trump redux
The unofficial kickoff of the former guy's presidential campaign at a rally Saturday night in Des Moines will reverberate through American politics this week. All indications are that Trump is going to cast the midterm elections as a referendum on himself rather than on Biden. We've already observed it at the state level: Trump's Big Lie has moved 18 Republican-dominated states to enact 33 laws suppressing the votes of likely Democratic voters, on the false pretext of eliminating "voter fraud" that doesn't exist. But for a brief time it seemed as if senior Republicans in Washington would try to move the party away from Trump. For Trump to make the midterm elections into a referendum on himself and his Big Lie is useful for the Democrats.
Raise Congressional Pay -- and Tax the Rich
Under the Stock Act, members of Congress must disclose their own stock trades, and those of their spouses, within 45 days. First, preemptively raise congressional pay: In addition to the base salary, generous allowances for dependent spouses and children (let's say $50,000 per dependent). Second, require members of Congress to put their FAMILY wealth into "blind trusts" so that they don't know how the money is invested. Of course, congressional spouses aren't automatically bound by congressional rules, but members could be given the option of convincing their spouses, or resigning, or being sanctioned by losing committee seats, being barred from leadership, or even being expelled. The goal here is for no one to leave Congress wealthier than he or she entered it.
Are We Learning Disabled? No Wonder our World is in Such a Mess.
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. "Will the struggle for the survival of humankind be transformed into the struggle for the birth of humanity? IntroductionWe have been thoroughly conditioned to look to the external world for the answers to our problems. He has originated and popularized the term "complex thinking," and his writing exemplifies this fresh approach to thought. Complex thinking can be thought of as a "kissing cousin" to critical thinking.
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall gives readers an important wake up call to the bottom up power that they have to protect their rights, powers, and freedoms. This book helps readers see the whole elephant as opposed to the disconnected parts. Kall gives great advice as to intensifying, expanding, prolonging, and deepening connections. This bottom-up leadership will result in power to the people. This is a fascinating and insightful book, especially in this new era of digital hunting and gathering."
How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America Gone?
From Hartmann ReportWe are close to either a collapse or a renewal of democracy: which way will America go? While there's apparently "nothing to see here" when it comes to conservative media outlets and even, in many ways, mainstream media, it's worth asking the question: "How far down the road toward authoritarian oligarchy, or even outright fascism, have we gone?" As a German college professor told reporter and author Milton Mayer just after World War II when Mayer essentially asked him, "How could you guys have let this happen? "Our work is guided," Hayden wrote, "by the sense that we may be the last generation in the experiment with living." As Hayden wrote, "Freedom and equality for each individual, government of, by, and for the people these American values we found good, principles by which we could live as [citizens]."
Article: Poem: Lucky Billy Shatner
He came back, tears on his faceLucky Billy ShatnerBilly Shatner is not KirkKnows not where the Klingons lurkBezos gave him quite the perk! Lucky Billy Shatner (Article changed on Oct 17, 2021 at 10:23 PM EDT)Chris Coggon Social Media Pages:Retired and living in Canada. If you value this article and the work of OpEdNews, please either Donate or Purchase a premium membership. STAY IN THE KNOWIf you've enjoyed this, sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter to get lots of great progressive content. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"In his groundbreaking new book Bottom Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution, Rob Kall invites and eases us into in a much-needed meta-level shift -- a truly basic paradigmatic shift from top-down to bottom-up. He capably and imaginatively explores the differences between these ways of approaching life, clearly demonstrating that bottom-up allows us to flourish. His vision and his book are enriched by telling references to interviews which he has engaged in over the years with bottom-up researchers, theorists, activists, and dreamers in a variety of areas. And take one step further into the bottom-up universe yourself. Bonnie Burstow, MD, author of Psychiatry and the Business of Madness and Radical Feminist Therapy, associate professor at the University of Toronto
Film Review: Pig: She May Be A Pig, But I Love Her
Check out this whopper from The Technological Society (1954):Things in history, like human lives themselves, come to ends. The question is not the reform of technological society; it is the question whether human meaning is possible in its world. The technological society reduces the human spirit to desire, just as an individual life can be reduced to one of its dimensions. It's a tale about human love. In his search for the pig, Rob meets up with downtrodden folks, desperadoes, druggies, including the actual thieves, a young skanky couple, who say they sold the pig to a cityslicker they can't describe.
What will anti-colonial socialist revolution look like?
To find what an anti-colonial socialist revolution will look like on the continent the colonists have named "North America," one first has to ask what it means for a Marxist-Leninist to support Land Back. When the U.S. capitalist state is overthrown, like the tsarist monarchy was overthrown preceding Russia's socialist revolution, the oppressed nations here will have to overcome a comparable contradiction to the one that the countries occupied by the Russian empire faced. Like was the case for the nations within China's borders following the socialist revolution there, these nations answered the Bolsheviks' offer for joining a new proletarian democracy with a resounding "Yes!" Getting all the stolen land back into the control of the tribes is merely the first step towards socialist revolution. The colonized nations must have the opportunity to become part of a socialist project, which can only be made possible by movement-building.
Anti-Muslim hate crimes in India could affect Hindus in Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina
Amid rising incidents of hate crimes against the Muslims in India and the Narendra Modi government's biased policies towards minorities, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned New Delhi that these incidents could affect the Hindu community in her country. With 12.7 million in numbers, Hindus are the second largest population after Muslims (135 million) in Bangladesh, which is the third-largest Hindu populated country of the world, just after India and Nepal. Rumors on social media about the alleged desecration of a Quran in Cumilla (Bangladesh) on Wednesday sparked tensions and communal violence. However, Hasina also used the occasion to urge India to remain vigilant against the escalation of any communal violence. "We expect that nothing happens there (in India), which could influence any situation in Bangladesh affecting our Hindu community here," Hasina said.
The General Strike of 2021
All told, about 4 million American workers have been leaving their jobs every month since last spring. You might say American workers have declared a national general strike until they get better pay and improved working conditions. No one calls it a general strike. This general strike has nothing to do with the Republican bogeyman of extra unemployment benefits supposedly discouraging people from working. It can't be the reason for the general strike.
Where Is Cancel Culture When You Need It? Ted Nugent Appears at Wisconsin State Hearings
From Ted Nugent's Facebook (undated)(Image by Global News) Details DMCAWhere is cancel culture when you need it? Yet the rocker/hunter provocateur was invited to speak this week at Wisconsin's legislature in Madison to lend credibility to new hunting bills sponsored by Republican lawmakers. At the hearings, Nugent called sandhill cranes "rib-eyes in the sky" and suggested eating them with butter and garlic. Money For DNRsMost of the Wisconsin bills seek to simplify or reduce Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulations for hunting, trapping and fishing which are indicted for serious sportsmen attrition. For years DNRs have operated programs to give young hunters "the bug" to replace the loss of older hunters.
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards on Melville (REVIEW ESSAY)
(Image by Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org), Author: Author Not Given) Details Source DMCADuluth, Minnesota (OpEdNews) October 17, 2021: As a child and a teenager, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards learned sailor talk (see esp. page ix in her 2021 book Sailor Talk: Labor, Utterance, and Meaning in the Works of Melville, Conrad, and London [Liverpool University Press]). But I am not especially interested in her meticulous discussion of sailor talk and Melville in her new 2021 book. So she moves laterally and discusses sailor talk in Joseph Conrad and Jack London in her new 2021 book Sailor Talk (esp. Now, new to Mary K. Bercaw Edwards' new 2021 book Sailor Talk is her discussion of what she refers to as plain style, which she did not explicitly refer to in her 2009 book.
American History for Truthdiggers: The Jeffersonian Enigma (1800-1808)
Below is the 11th installment of the “American History for Truthdiggers” series, a pull-no-punches appraisal of our shared, if flawed, past. Part 11 of “American History for Truthdiggers.” / See: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9, Part 10. For the American republic to blossom, it must remain a nation of small, independent farmers. Jefferson’s American republic, in fact, so feared the Haitian rebels that the U.S. would not recognize the independence of this sister republic in the Western Hemisphere until the American Civil War. ? John M. Murrin, “The Jeffersonian Triumph and American Exceptionalism,” Journal of the Early Republic 20, Number 1 (Spring 2000).
‘Are You Going to Keep Me Safe?’ Hospital Workers Sound Alarm on Rising Violence
“This pandemic really just added a magnifying glass.”In the earliest days of the pandemic, nightly celebrations lauded the bravery of front-line health care workers. Federal data shows health care workers faced 73% of all nonfatal injuries from workplace violence in the U.S. in 2018. “Front-line health care workers and first responders have been on the battlefield for 18 months,” Garland said. De Leon-Minch said the federal bill, which passed the House in April, aims to extend that protection to health care workers nationwide. For health care workers such as Kamara, all this antagonism toward them is a far cry from the early days of the pandemic when hospital workers were widely hailed as heroes.
We now know how badly our cities will be flooded due to climate change
It paints a picture of a future Earth in which, regardless of actions taken today, hundreds of millions of people will be displaced from their homes by rising sea levels. The carbon dioxide emissions already released into our atmosphere will linger for hundreds of years, warming the oceans and thus causing sea levels to rise. Each successive degree only increases the damage, as sea levels progressively rise and thereby displace more people. Increase that by half a degree, and suddenly 5.9 percent of Americans could deal with rising sea levels. If it goes up by 3°C or 4°C, 7.9 percent or 9.9 percent of the American population could see rising sea levels where they live.
Comedian Dave Chapelle’s The Closer: A racist tirade disguised as stand-up comedy
On October 5, veteran US comedian David Chappelle premiered his latest stand-up comedy special The Closer on Netflix. Chapelle’s 72-minute special, however, is not comedy so much as it is a racist rant. In many instances, those engaging in violence against Asian Americans invoked the libel that China was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. community has made, while progress toward racial equity has been much slower.” That is, Gay agrees with Chapelle’s premises but perhaps not all his conclusions. The movement of the working class, which has revolutionary implications, is attracting the most thoughtful and progressive layers of the middle classes to its side and repelling the more selfish and degenerate affluent elements.
Report Predicts Flooding Due to Climate Crisis Will Displace Millions
It paints a picture of a future Earth in which, regardless of actions taken today, hundreds of millions of people will be displaced from their homes by rising sea levels. The carbon dioxide emissions already released into our atmosphere will linger for hundreds of years, warming the oceans and thus causing sea levels to rise. Each successive degree only increases the damage, as sea levels progressively rise and thereby displace more people. Increase that by half a degree, and suddenly 5.9 percent of Americans could deal with rising sea levels. If it goes up by 3°C or 4°C, 7.9 percent or 9.9 percent of the American population could see rising sea levels where they live.
Lucy spacecraft begins 12-year mission to study asteroids and the origins of the Solar System
The NASA space probe Lucy began its 12-year mission after being successfully launched from Cape Canaveral aboard an Atlas V 401 rocket. An artist's conception of the Lucy spacecraft flying past the binary pair Trojan asteroids the binary pair 617 Patroclus-Menoetius. Millions of these small bodies exist in the solar system and hundreds of thousands have been cataloged for more careful study. The Lucy mission is named after this skeleton as a tribute and in the hopes the Lucy spacecraft will provide insight into the origins of the planets similar to what the Lucy fossil provided in relation to the development of the Homo genus. In practice, the Discovery missions are bound by the philosophy championed by Clinton-appointed NASA administrator Daniel Goldin that space missions should be “faster, better, cheaper” and have very limited budgets.
Quarterly earnings put major banks on path for record yearly profits
The world’s largest banks posted record third quarter earnings this past week, putting 2021 on track to be the most lucrative year in history for the financial world. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)Leading the banks is JPMorgan Chase, which, during this time, made an estimated $131 million per day . The surge in bank profits is fundamentally bound up with the unprecedented pumping of money into the stock markets by all the major central banks. Much of the record profits that are being made by these banks comes from precisely this type of speculative activity. As the banks make record profits, the bottom half of the US have, collectively, negative wealth.
Coalition Urges Biden to Change Approach to Global Food, Agriculture
Jim Goodman, board president of the National Family Farm Coalition, said in a statement that it’s time for a clear break from the agriculture policies under former President Donald Trump. “This pro-corporate agriculture agenda must change under your watch,” the groups said. The U.S. government must also “refrain from trade challenges to other countries’ efforts to advance food sovereignty, the right to adequate food, biodiversity protection, and confront climate change.” The letter also calls for transparent, public disclosures of any engagement between corporate agribusiness representatives and U.S. officials. Taking such steps for “transformative change,” the groups wrote, would help “protect our food systems from the climate and biodiversity crises and ensure an end to hunger globally.”This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.
This week in history: October 18-24
It was the largest demonstration in the history of Belgium. More than 300,000 people, carrying white balloons, white roses and white lilies, joined the protest over the case of Marc Dutroux, accused of murder, abduction and child pornography. Known as the “Knapp Commission” after the commission’s chairman, Judge Whitman Knapp, the investigation would reveal widespread systematic criminal activity throughout the entire police force. The expose caused widespread public outrage, forcing Lindsay to convene the Knapp Commission. 100 years ago: Communist University of the Toilers of the East foundedCommunist University of the Toilers of the East in MoscowOn October 21, 1921, the Communist International founded the Communist University of the Toilers of the East in Moscow.
Hospital Workers Report Rising Violence Throughout Pandemic
“This pandemic really just added a magnifying glass.”In the earliest days of the pandemic, nightly celebrations lauded the bravery of front-line health care workers. Federal data shows health care workers faced 73% of all nonfatal injuries from workplace violence in the U.S. in 2018. “Front-line health care workers and first responders have been on the battlefield for 18 months,” Garland said. De Leon-Minch said the federal bill, which passed the House in April, aims to extend that protection to health care workers nationwide. For health care workers such as Kamara, all this antagonism toward them is a far cry from the early days of the pandemic when hospital workers were widely hailed as heroes.
Evidence of money laundering at the collapsed Surfside, Florida condo complex
Evidence has emerged that money laundering was involved during the initial construction and sale of condo units at Champlain Tower South, the Surfside, Florida building that catastrophically collapsed on June 24 and killed 98 people. The architect’s license had been suspended in Florida after sign structures he designed collapsed during Hurricane Betsy in 1965.”None of this slowed down the development of the project as the drug money flowed in. “That’s why concealed buyer identities, all-cash sales, hidden sources of private loan money, overpaying for condos and rapid repayment of loans are all considered red flags for money laundering,” the report says. At Champlain South and North Towers, “Buyers purchased units through shell companies located in countries such as Panama and the Netherlands Antilles, both notorious for laundering drug money through anonymous corporations. It should be pointed out that just as the real estate parasites were laundering drug money in Miami-Dade County real estate deals, the CIA and the Reagan White House were using drug money from Colombian-based crack cocaine sold on the streets of Los Angeles to finance an illegal and secret war against the government of Nicaragua.
Alberta’s hard-right UCP government stokes regionalist divisions with anti-“equalization” referendum
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and former federal Conservative leader Andrew ScheerToday’s referendum is a reactionary stunt, without legal force. Jean lost out to Kenney in the inaugural UCP leadership contest, but Kenney fully embraced Jean’s position on equalization. In fact, with the support of the trade union bureaucracy, the PQ and Quebec nationalism were used to disorient, isolate and derail a massive upsurge of the Quebec working class. Working people in Alberta must decisively reject Kenney’s reactionary “Alberta First” regionalist agenda. But voting “No” in today’s equalization referendum, does not and should not imply any support for the federal government and its equalization program.
Volkswagen: 30,000 jobs under imminent threat
Diess declared that up to 30,000 jobs would become redundant at VW, i.e., one quarter of the company’s core workforce. Now the core brand VW and especially its main plant in Wolfsburg are under pressure. The main VW plant in Wolfsburg employs about 60,000 people, including 25,000 in production, and expects to produce less than 500,000 autos this year. For the second year in a row, the Wolfsburg plant is threatened with a historic decline in its postwar production. At Audi, IG Metall already agreed to cut 9,500 jobs in 2019, with more than half of these jobs already lost.
Buffalo hospital workers continue strike against understaffing, low pay
About 2,200 nurses and other health care workers represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) are headed into their third week on strike against Buffalo’s Mercy Hospital, which has continued to ignore workers’ demands over staffing and low pay. Catholic Health is well-aware that the low pay rates it’s offering for the new staffing positions are so low it may never fill many of the positions promised in the deal. Now that the strike has passed its 15th day, CWA members are eligible for strike pay of just $300 per week and may file for unemployment benefits. Meanwhile, the CWA is assisting their plans by isolating the strike from other CWA workers and Catholic Health’s other facilities and denying workers adequate strike pay. They will fight to link the struggle of Mercy Hospital workers with other sections of workers, including striking Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts and Kaiser Permanente nurses in California as part of a broader offensive by workers in the US an internationally.
The destruction of Opel in Germany: A new stage in the attack on autoworkers
Old Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, on the right the International Technical Development Centre ITEZThe decision is directed not only against Opel workers. The financial daily Handelsblatt was the first to report Stellantis’ Opel plans. The approximately 1,400 Opel jobs there are anything but secure. Many Opel workers remember how exuberantly the IG Metall officials praised the takeover of Opel by PSA four years ago. We call on all Opel workers to form rank-and-file committees independent of the trade unions to unite with Stellantis workers and other auto and industrial workers around the world.
California SEIU executive director resigns following arrest for grand theft and tax fraud
The executive director of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, Alma Hernandez, was arrested last Friday on corruption charges including grand theft and tax fraud. The SEIU in California is the state’s largest union, with over 700,000 members, including social workers, janitors and doctors. During her tenure as executive director of SEIU California she presided over years of attacks on union members’ wages and living standards. SEIU Local 1000 board members met at the California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento to discuss the leadership of President Richard Brown. Brown was elected president of the local on June 30, having campaigned as a dissident opponent of the state SEIU bureaucracy.
Adding COVID to injury: Salt Lake City Amazon worker injured on the job, then contracts coronavirus
Jane, an Amazon worker at the SLC1 warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, was seriously injured and then contracted COVID, all within the space of 30 days. She contacted the International Amazon Workers Voice because she felt that what was happening was unjust. “That’s hard to do.”Now that she is injured, Amazon could not care less about its “top performer,” Jane says. Jane encourages the readers of the International Amazon Workers’ Voice to share her story and to continue exposing the conditions they face. There are now almost a million Amazon workers in the United States, representing about one out of every 150 American workers, and 1.3 million worldwide.
New Zealand government ignores scientists’ calls to increase COVID-19 restrictions
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answers a question during a press conference at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand. In the seven days before the drop to “level 3,” the daily average was just 16.8 cases. In comments to the Science Media Centre on October 12, epidemiologist Dr Amanda Kvalsvig pointed out the anti-democratic character of the government’s lowering of restrictions. Let’s also hear from M?ori, Pasifika [Pacific Islanders], people with underlying conditions, people who are marginalised, and children and their advocates.”M?ori and Pacific Islanders account for 414 of the active COVID-19 cases, about two thirds of the total. In the last seven days in the United States, 8,887 people died from COVID-19; in the UK, 830 people; and in Australia, 95.
German Social Democrats, Greens, Free Democrats’ coalition paper: A declaration of war on the working class
The exploratory paper consists largely of non-binding phrases, nebulous avowals, evasions and plain lies. Despite its barren platitudes, the exploratory paper does make a few things clear. Most representatives of the ruling class currently consider a traffic light coalition best suited to push through attacks on the working class and carry out military rearmament. Both draw on wealthy upper-middle-class layers that are responding to the growing anger of the working class with a shift to the right. In Berlin, it continues the coalition with the Left Party and the Greens, although the SPD’s top candidate, Franziska Giffey, said she would have preferred a traffic light coalition.
Nobel Prize committee hails US-aligned journalists, silent on Assange
(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)As has been the case many times before when it comes to the Nobel Peace Prize, even limited scrutiny belies the lofty rhetoric. However, in their celebration of press freedom, the Nobel Committee selected two journalists who have never challenged the interests of the major imperialist powers, or exposed their machinations, and who have spent their entire careers in alignment with the US state apparatus. Muratov dedicated his Nobel Prize to Alexei Navalny, a leading figure in the country’s opposition movement. Ressa’s conception of “press freedom” is strikingly similar to that of the US State Department. Such is the “fearless,” “free” and “independent” journalism that can be funded by the American state and hailed by the Nobel Committee.
UK: Corporate-backed groups promote mass infection of children with Covid-19
Covid-19 is once again ripping through the UK population, as the ruling elite actively enable mass infection. To this end the health and lives of children are being knowingly endangered. Among those backing the APPG is the Health Advisory and Recovery Group (HART), founded by businessman Narice Bernard. Another HART connection is Professor Robert Dingwall, advisor to England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty’s Moral and Ethical Advisory Group. With links to anti-vax movements, including The Alliance for Natural Health, it opposes vaccinating children against Covid.
Murder of Conservative MP David Amess will be used to strengthen state and clampdown on democratic rights
On Saturday, a senior government official informed the media that the man suspected of murdering the Conservative MP Sir David Amess is Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old Briton of Somali heritage. Although never becoming a minister, Amess had been an MP for almost 40 year, having first been elected in 1983. Ali made no attempt to attack anyone else and waited in the church until police arrived at 12.10pm, approximately five minutes after he stabbed Amess. Houses on the road sell for around £2million and Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer lives on a street nearby. Labour and the Lib Dems have announced that they will not contest the seat held by Amess in a by-election.
SEP electoral members denounce removal of COVID-19 safety measures as “profit-driven”
Electoral members have linked the rising popular opposition to government refusals to protect the population from COVID-19 to the anti-democratic electoral laws pushed through parliament with bipartisan support on August 26. On Sunday October 31, the SEP will hold an online public meeting to explain its COVID-19 eradication policies and their crucial connection to the campaign to defeat the electoral laws. To join the SEP campaign against the legislation, sign-up as an electoral member today. ****Dmitri, a 23-year-old writer from Adelaide in South Australia, became an electoral member in 2020. These electoral laws are another way to slow the movement of the majority away from capitalist politics.”Aden, a 28-year-old Victoria University student from Melbourne, became an electoral member early this year.
Escalating COVID crisis overwhelms Papua New Guinea hospitals
Amid an escalating COVID-19 crisis in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the south-west Pacific’s largest and most populous island nation, the fragile health system and its hospitals are being overwhelmed by the number of cases. Port Moresby General Hospital is reporting positive COVID testing rates of 60 percent and is scaling down its services due to the surge in patients. Dr. Kapiro Kendaura, the director of curative health services, described the situation as critical. In one three-week period, over 800 positive cases and 22 deaths from COVID-19 were recorded in the region. Only 2.5 percent of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine.
Maurice Papon and the October 1961 massacre of Paris
We are republishing it for the first time in English for the 50th anniversary of the October 17, 1961 Paris massacre. Einaudi is the author of the 1991 book, “The battle of Paris, 17 October 1961” (Éditions du Sueil). De Gaulle confirmed the nomination, giving Papon the assignment to “hold Paris” while he sought a negotiated agreement for Algeria. Graffiti on a wall next to the Seine river in Paris, shortly after the October 1961 massacre, "Here we drown Algerians." When Claude Bourdet, during a session of the Paris Council, asked Papon to comment directly on the events, he remained silent.
Sixty years since the massacre of Algerians in Paris on October 17, 1961
The October 17, 1961 massacre is a warning as to the implications of de Villiers’ threats or the January 6 neo-Nazi coup attempt by then-President Donald Trump on the US Capitol in Washington. The October 17, 1961 massacreIn 1961, the Algerian war was in its seventh year, having cost around 400,000 Algerian and over 10,000 French lives. The LCR’s position in 2002 was a signal of its alignment with the state machine that carried out the October 17, 1961 massacre. The PES however is turned to the class struggle and the rapidly growing international movement in the working class. It commemorates the October 17, 1961 massacre by reaffirming its struggle to mobilize the working class against neocolonial wars and fascistic coup threats in France and internationally.
Australia: Bipartisan push to wind down COVID-19 contact tracing
Coles, the country’s second largest supermarket chain, has demanded the redefinition of a “close contact” and of a “Tier 1” site in order to change the current TTIQ measures. In that state Woolworths demanded, and received, NSW Health approval for the redefinition of a close contact. Previously anyone who had spent more than a minute within 1.5 metres of an infected person, even if both were wearing masks, was defined as a close contact. Currently only transmission sites outside Sydney, the state capital, and its most populous city, are reported in any detail on the NSW Health site. As part of this barrage, “7.30,” ABC-TV’s flagship current affairs show, recently broadcast a program entitled “Close Contact,” subtitled, “How contact tracing could work in the months ahead as vaccine targets are met.”The program approvingly referred to the situation in England.
Republican campaign rally in Virginia draws Trump, Bannon and fascist supporters
President Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Minden-Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nev., Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020. In his telephone message to the rally, Trump focused on claims of election fraud. While Youngkin was not in attendance, citing time “conflicts,” the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears, was. In 2020, Trump lost Virginia by a 10 percent margin, with Democrat Joe Biden winning by large margins in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and Richmond. The “Take Back Virginia” rally took place in the final weeks of the Virginia race for the governor’s mansion.
Huge opposition from television and movie workers as union calls off strike and pushes sellout deal
“This is a Hollywood ending,” IATSE President Matthew Loeb said in the press release. While IATSE workers have historically turned out in low numbers, (20 to 30 percent, according to an IndieWire article from 2018), over 90 percent of workers turned out for the near unanimous vote to authorize a strike. A good many have already taken the measure of the current IATSE leadership with calls already appearing to have them replaced. Workers are fighting for a substantial increase in wages to keep up with a relentless rise in living expenses. That will not be done by replacing one union boss with another.
Strike by Deere workers challenges decades of union-backed concessions, sparking fears on Wall Street
That is why the UAW is doing everything it can to isolate the strike and undermine the powerful position of Deere workers. The rank-and-file committee established direct lines of communication with autoworkers in Detroit and with Volvo workers in Belgium and other countries. The recently formed John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee is leading the fight to unify all Deere workers, demand full income from the strike fund, and call for joint strike action with Dana workers and common struggle with autoworkers and Deere workers throughout the company’s international operations. To fight a transnational giant like Deere, workers need real international unity and a coordination of their struggles across national boundaries. Workers have taken a decisive step by forming the John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee.
The class struggle and the fight to eradicate COVID-19
More than a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, a movement is emerging among parents, teachers, students, workers and scientists for policies to eradicate the coronavirus globally. Strikes elsewhere are continuing among Kellogg’s food production workers, Alabama coal miners, and nurses in New York, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Although it is not yet fully understood by many of the workers engaged in these strikes, there is a profound connection between the fight against the pandemic and the class struggle. Total reported COVID-19 deaths in the US are now fast approaching 750,000, with over 20,000 succumbing to the virus in the last two weeks. Both the growing movement to eradicate COVID-19 and the increasing resistance of the working class to ever greater levels of exploitation are being driven by the same underlying objective cause: the crisis and breakdown of capitalism.
Carolyn Hax: Husband’s nocturnal schedule leads to parallel lives
Carolyn has a live chat with readers on Fridays. Read her most recent chat here. Write to Carolyn at tellme@washpost.com. Frequently asked questions about the column. Chat glossary.
The ‘Great Resignation’ goes global
For the average worker in a developed Western economy, there are reasons for encouragement. “The truth is people in the 1960s and ’70s quit their jobs more often than they have in the past 20 years, and the economy was better off for it,” wrote Thompson in the Atlantic. “Since the 1980s, Americans have quit less, and many have clung to crappy jobs for fear that the safety net wouldn’t support them while they looked for a new one. But Americans seem to be done with sticking it out. And they’re being rewarded for their lack of patience: Wages for low-income workers are rising at their fastest rate since the Great Recession.”
Eddie Rosario is the hero this time as the Braves walk off the Dodgers again in NLCS Game 2
He pitched well into the fourth inning, when Joc Pederson, the former Dodger whose pearl necklace has become the latest in rally fashion here in Cobb County, caught a curveball out over the plate with a man on. He hit it 454 feet to right field to tie the score at 2, staring it down until it landed, then hollered at his teammates when he got back to the dugout. The message, at least by an amateur reading of what the broadcast cameras caught, was something along the lines of “I’m a bad son of a gun” — but less suited for national television.
Ask Amy: New friend underlines that relationship is just platonic
You could send out a group email, offering direction. Tell them: “The season is upon us, and we are anticipating birthdays and holidays. This year we are trying to reduce the material abundance in our household and are encouraging people to send only one gift per child — or offer them “experiences” instead of material gifts. If you’d like ideas, we’d be happy to supply them, and as always, we are so grateful for your thoughtfulness and attention. Our children are very lucky!”
Miss Manners: When you get a email about you but not intended for you
To disconcert the author of the offensive email, it should be enough to mention coolly that you inadvertently saw it, and apologize for having read it before realizing that it was not meant for you. Trust Miss Manners that it will be all the more upsetting if he does not know how you plan to react.
The best financial advice for women from Fidelity
I don’t have any debt, and as long as I keep saving and I won’t buy anything I can’t afford then there is no reason for me not to be able to set goals. And I think I’m well on my way. And as I get older, I’m going to invest more money. I just want to set myself up for retirement, children, living. I don’t ever want to be stuck in a place where I can’t provide for myself.”
As Japan’s yakuza mob weakens, former gangsters struggle to find a role outside crime
“I think that the sentence has an impact on the yakuza world in that restrictions and regulations for yakuza as a whole will continue to become stricter,” said Garyo Okita, a former yakuza member who now writes semiautobiographical books and oversees film projects about Japanese crime groups. “Now that there’s a precedent of a death sentence, Kudo-kai won’t be seen as some extreme case, but all yakuza will be seen as the same threat.”
Welcome to the age of unpeace
Press play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollyMark Leonard is director of the European Council on Foreign Relations and author of “The Age of Unpeace: Why connectivity causes conflict.”The European Union is built on a simple idea. By building a community around the coal and steel that were used to build weapons, the EU managed to turn enemies into friends. They hoped that by opening borders and promoting trade, travel and the internet, they could spread these lessons to the world, and promote global harmony. And the behavior of other countries — from China and Russia to Turkey and Brazil — has shown how nationalism and power are trumping internationalism and the law. It uses its economic power to make those who come into contact with its network follow the rules as well.
MEPs vote on EU’s green food plan amid lobbying blitz
Much will depend on the political stance taken by MEPs in Strasbourg, who will debate a report on Farm to Fork on Monday and vote on Tuesday. Battle of the statsThe mounting criticism has been fueled by a spate of recent studies predicting agricultural armageddon from Farm to Fork. Green groups have launched their own lobbying counter-campaign on MEPs’ inboxes. That report found that Farm to Fork could lead to a drop in food production, although much hinges on how ambitiously countries implement the next EU farm policy. “I believe that the vote in the Parliament will strengthen the Commission’s position,” EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said at a press conference in Luxembourg last week.
Ban on Uyghur imports becomes EU’s hot potato
For now, the Commission departments, and particularly trade officials, appear to be tossing the dossier around like a hot potato. The core issue is whether the EU will legislate on a full-blown trade ban. The alternative would be a less hard-hitting measure that would shoehorn von der Leyen's forced labor ban into a looser package on due diligence rules for companies. In December, EU trade officials brushed off concerns about mass detentions and forced sterilization in Xinjiang to conclude a landmark investment pact with Beijing. Progressive pushCertainly, progressive MEPs and NGOs want to ensure that Dombrovskis takes charge of the forced labor ban.
Street brawls and Nazi salutes: Greece grapples with far-right resurgence
The Golden Dawn leaders are still cultivating an audience from prison while new far-right parties gain traction. Former MP Ilias Kasidiaris formed a new political party called “Greeks for the Homeland” and managed to organize party gatherings and protests. New far-right personalitiesAmid Golden Dawn’s waning influence, a fresh crop of aspirational far-right leaders have emerged, often using racist, xenophobic, misogynist or homophobic rhetoric. Numerous analysts saw the declaration as a step toward forming a new far-right political party. “The point is not to replace a criminal Golden Dawn with a law-abiding Golden Dawn,” said Marantzidis, the political science professor.
China’s Economy Continues to Slow, Rattled by Real Estate and Energy
It has all taken a toll on China’s economy, an essential engine for global growth. The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Monday that China’s economy increased by 4.9 percent in the third quarter, compared to the same period last year; the period was markedly slower than the 7.9 percent increase the country notched in the previous quarter. Industrial output, the mainstay of China’s growth, faltered badly, especially in September, posting its worst performance since the early days of the pandemic. Two bright spots prevented the economy from stalling. Chinese officials are showing signs of concern, although they have refrained so far from unleashing a big economic stimulus.
Live updates Steelers host the Seahawks on ‘Sunday Night Football’
Smith, filling in for the injured Wilson as Seattle’s starter, completed eight of 14 first-half passes for 63 yards. Wilson watched from the sideline after undergoing surgery for the injury to the middle finger on his right hand that he suffered in the Seahawks’ loss last week to the L.A. Rams. He is missing a game for the first time in an NFL career that began in 2012. (Steelers 14, Seahawks 0 at halftime)
China's economy grew 4.9% in the third quarter
Hong Kong (CNN Business) China's economy grew just 4.9% in the third quarter of 2021, the weakest rate of expansion in a year as the country contended with a major energy crunch, supply chain disruptions, and deepening debt woes in its outsized property sector. The rate of growth from a year ago in the July-to-September period was much slower than the 7.9% year-on-year increase China registered in the second quarter. It's also the weakest rate since the third quarter of 2020, when GDP also grew 4.9% year-on-year. This is a developing story and will be updated.
Mass Abduction of U.S. Missionaries Startles Even Kidnap-Weary Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Children on their way to school, street vendors selling their wares, priests mid-sermon — few Haitians, rich or poor, are safe from the gangs of kidnappers that stalk their country with near impunity. But the abduction this weekend of 17 people associated with an American missionary group as they visited an orphanage shocked officials for its brazenness. On Sunday, the hostages, five of them children, remained in captivity, their whereabouts and identities unknown to the public. Adding to the mystery was a wall of silence from officials in Haiti and the United States about what, if anything, was being done to secure their release. “We are seeking God’s direction for a resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help,” the missionary group, Christian Aid Ministries, an Ohio-based group founded by Amish and Mennonites that has a long history of working in the Caribbean, said in a statement.
For Missionary Group in a Fragile Haiti, Charity Turns to Chaos
The group was kidnapped by a gang outside Port-au-Prince on Saturday afternoon. The gang, known as 400 Mawozo, was also accused of kidnapping five priests and two nuns in Haiti this year. It was not clear whether the ransom had been paid, but everyone was eventually freed. “That was the big sign they can do what they want,” said Timothy Schwartz, an anthropologist and consultant who has lived in the country since the 1990s. But a former Haiti field director for the group, Dan Hooley, said that at least some of the kidnapped missionaries had not been in the country for long.
Paula Badosa Outlasts Victoria Azarenka to Win at Indian Wells
INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — In its usual March dates, the BNP Paribas Open has been a launching pad for big talent in recent years. Naomi Osaka won the title in 2018 and then won the U.S. Open by upsetting Serena Williams in the final. Bianca Andreescu won the title in 2019 and did the same. At 23, Badosa is older than either Osaka or Andreescu were when they made their breakthroughs at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. But she was once a teen prodigy herself and is now doing justice to her talent.
Are Virginia’s Black voters energized or tired? McAuliffe brings in the big guns to motivate a crucial Democratic constituency.
Democrats have felt tensions of their own. McAuliffe, who is seeking a comeback after serving as governor from 2014 to 2018, defeated three Black candidates for the Democratic nomination, including two women. While McAuliffe’s primary win was decisive — he carried every jurisdiction in the state — some of the party’s younger, more liberal activists were disappointed. Whether they’ll show up in force for a 64-year-old White man is one of the major questions of the campaign.
County seeks psychiatric exam for Vanessa Bryant in suit over leaked photos of Kobe Bryant crash
After an internal investigation, the Los Angeles County Fire Department moved to fire two employees and suspend a third after it found that the employees took crash-site photos and shared them with their wives and girlfriends, according to court filings and media reports. It was not clear whether they had been fired. Bryant’s lawsuit does not name the fire department as a co-defendant.
Who is 400 Mawozo, the Haitian gang accused of kidnapping American missionaries?
Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, holds the grim record of the world’s highest kidnapping rate per capita. One gang — 400 Mawozo — was responsible for 80 percent of abductions in Haiti from June through September of this year, according to Gédéon Jean, director of the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights in Port-au-Prince.
Former NHLer Jimmy Hayes Had Fentanyl, Cocaine in System When He Died, Family Says
AP Photo/Julio CortezA toxicology report revealed that former NHL player Jimmy Hayes had fentanyl and cocaine in his system when he died in August, his wife Kristen Hayes and father Kevin Hayes told Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. "I was completely shocked," Kristen told Shaughnessy about receiving the toxicology report Friday. Hayes' father Kevin—who told Shaughnessy he's had an addiction in his own past—said he saw a change in his son's behavior a little over a year ago and reached out to him. Hayes, 31, spent seven years in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils, registering 54 goals and 55 assists. He and his wife Kristen had two boys.
Texas continues assault on voting rights with gerrymandered maps
Former HUD Secretary, Julian Castro and Demand Justice Executive Director, Brian Fallon explain how the GOP-controlled Texas legislature’s proposed congressional maps underrepresent communities of color. They also discuss how the Biden administration’s chance to do something about the nation-wide voting rights emergency is running out. Oct. 18, 2021
Nearly $7 Million Awarded in First Earthshot Prizes
LONDON — Costa Rica and the city of Milan on Sunday were among the first to be awarded one million pounds, or nearly $1.4 million, for their sustainability and conservation efforts as part of a newly established environmental prize presided over by Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. The award, known as the Earthshot Prize, gives funding to nominees developing solutions in five areas: nature conservation, waste management, ocean revival, air quality and climate change. The singer Ed Sheeran, the band Coldplay and the British rapper Olajide William Olatunji, better known as KSI, performed. Presenters of the awards included the actors Emma Watson, David Oyelowo and Emma Thompson and the Egyptian soccer player Mohamed Salah. A short film included messages from world leaders such as Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who all vowed to address environmental issues.
Biden’s Plans Raise Questions About What U.S. Can or Cannot Afford to Do
Many Democrats fear the United States cannot afford to wait to curb climate change, help more women enter the work force and invest in feeding and educating its most vulnerable children. In their view, failing to invest in those issues means the country risks incurring painful costs that will slow economic growth. “We can’t afford not to do these kinds of investments,” David Kamin, a deputy director of the White House National Economic Council, said in an interview. Mr. Manchin says he fears too much additional spending would feed rising inflation, which could push up borrowing costs and make it harder for the country to manage its budget deficit. He has made clear that he would like the final bill to raise more revenue than it spends in order to reduce future deficits and the threat of a debt crisis.
Ahmaud Arbery’s killing changed his Georgia community. Now three men will stand trial for murder.
It is not clear if any of the defendants will testify in the trial, which lawyers say could stretch well over a month. Robert Rubin, a lawyer for Travis McMichael, said their plans depend on the prosecution’s and he is not sure whom the other side will call. The district attorney’s office in Cobb County, now prosecuting the case, did not respond to an inquiry about its plans for witnesses.
Live updates Steelers host the Seahawks on ‘Sunday Night Football’
Geno Smith takes over as Seattle’s starter with Wilson sidelined after undergoing surgery for the injury to the middle finger on his throwing hand suffered during last week’s home loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Wilson is expected to be sidelined for 4-6 weeks. This will be the first game that he has missed since entering the NFL in 2012 and becoming an immediate starter for the Seahawks.
China pushes three child policy
China relaxed its one child policy five years ago after a decline in the birthrate. Now, the government is urging parents to have three children to counter an aging population and shrinking workforce.Oct.
Allie Quigley Drops 26 as Sky Beat Mercury in Game 4 to Win 2021 WNBA Finals
The Chicago Sky defeated the Phoenix Mercury 80-74 in Game 4 of the 2021 WNBA Finals to win their first championship Sunday at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. Parker tied the game at 72 points apiece after hitting a three-pointer with 1:57 on the clock. A pair of buckets from Stefanie Dolson put the Sky ahead by four points inside the final minute. Griner Shows out in Losing EffortThe Mercury getting blown out in Game 3 coincided with a somewhat muted performance from Griner. The Mercury were reeling, and that sequence summed up how they couldn't deliver a knockout blow to the Sky.
LA County wants Vanessa Bryant to take psych test in suit over leaked crash photos
Los Angeles County has demanded in a court filing that Vanessa Bryant undergo an independent psychiatric evaluation to prove that the leaked photos of the helicopter crash that killed her husband and their daughter caused emotional distress — the latest development in her lawsuit against the county. Bryant, 39, sued Los Angeles County and its sheriff's office last year alleging that county employees "showed off" photos of the crash that killed her husband, the basketball legend Kobe Bryant, and their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagicBryant and other family members are seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages from the county. The defendants argued that the "severe emotional distress" was caused by the crash and not the sharing of photos. Bryant says in the original complaint that she expressed concern to the sheriff that the helicopter crash site was unprotected against paparazzi and that she was reassured that law enforcement officers would secure the scene.
Huge Second Half in Washington a Turning Point for Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
Already in a significant early hole at 2-3, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs trailed a defensively stacked Washington Football Team 13-10 midway through the third quarter on the road. Chiefs 31, Washington 13 thanks to a 21-0 run in the final 20 minutes of regulation. The defense had surrendered a sickening 7.1 yards per play through five weeks, but that unit shut out Washington in the second half. A 39-yard Ricky Seals-Jones touchdown was the only Washington play that gained more than 16 yards. Prior to that recent cold stretch, the Chiefs were 21-1 in their last 22 games with Mahomes serving as starter.
Homecoming queen gift shared between friends
Nyla Covington removed her homecoming queen crown and placed it on her best friend Brittany Walters just when she needed it most. Brittany’s mom died from cancer just hours before, but for months insisted that her daughter needed to be at the game no matter what.Oct.
January 6th Committee prepares to drop the hammer on Bannon
After Former Trump Senior Advisor Steve Bannon refused to comply with a lawful subpoena, special congressional committee members are preparing to hold him in contempt. Maria Teresa Kumar and her panel discuss what that could mean, and whether or not the commission will ask Donald Trump to testify. Oct. 18, 2021
When the Au Pair Helps With the Care of the Children and the Sex Life of the Parents
Toma, was a novel about a wealthy couple who embark on a sexual misadventure with their au pair, my conflicts were that I had spent most of the last year trying to work with insufficient child care and that I believe the au pair system to be counterrevolutionary and rife with labor violations. I am, in one sense, an ideal person to review this novel. They make a lot of money, enough for Caribbean vacations and full-time child care of their young twin boys. When their beloved nanny moves away, Martin and Lily are connected, via their local street-cart vendor, with Maeve, a young woman from Ireland. Soon she takes on a role in Martin and Lily’s bedroom, fulfilling a peculiar function in their sex life.
Washington Hears Echoes of the ’50s and Worries: Is This a Cold War With China?
But his actions so far look increasingly like those in a world of competitive coexistence, a bit edgier than the “peaceful coexistence” that the Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev used to characterize the old Cold War. The Berlin Wall not only delineated a sharp line between spheres of influence, freedom and authoritarian control, it stopped most communications and trade. The year it fell, 1989, the United States exported $4.3 billion in goods to the Soviets and imported $709 million, an inconsequential blip for both economies. And yet, even through a pandemic and threats of “decoupling,” the United States exported $124 billion in goods to China last year and imported $434 billion. That made China the largest supplier of goods to the United States, and the third largest consumer of its exports, after Canada and Mexico.
The Artists Bringing Activism Into and Beyond Gallery Spaces
F.A.’s work often physically manifests itself as short videos that closely examine their source material and their methodology. The Louisiana project was, tellingly, unveiled this past June to the public not in a gallery or museum but on The New York Times home page, in a short film produced with the paper’s video team. One irony of contemporary art that critiques or transcends the institution is just how central the institution remains to it. Indeed, the complexity of the art ecosystem as a reflection of global power is at the heart of F.A.’s origin story. That widely reported censorship created an immediate buzz, and the work was exhibited instead at New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture in 2003.
In Newcastle, Songs Drown Out the Hard Questions
That is soccer’s great skill, of course, its ability to bend and twist and adjust to any new reality. The biggest club in the world imploding because of its own hubris? A yearslong plot to change the face of the sport that is destroyed in 48 hours? One of the world’s largest investment funds buying a club that employs Joelinton so as to burnish the image of a repressive autocracy? As one, the fans rose and turned to face the directors’ box, cheering and applauding for 20, 30 seconds.
Louise Farrenc, 19th-Century Composer, Surges Back Into Sound
“Her music is not as avant-garde as that of Berlioz, for example, but it is so solidly constructed.”Craft was Farrenc’s trademark, one she honed in a strikingly supportive environment. Born Jeanne-Louise Dumont in 1804, she came from a line of court sculptors and grew up among artists resident at the Sorbonne. Her brother Auguste’s “The Spirit of Liberty” still crowns the Place de la Bastille. Farrenc learned piano and theory from 6, tutored by a godmother who had studied with Muzio Clementi. She briefly broke off these studies in 1821 to marry Aristide Farrenc, a flutist and publisher of some of the era’s major composers, Beethoven included.
Washington Football Team hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt
Except that’s not how this loss will be digested, not at all. This is a franchise that doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, because over time, it hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt. This loss should be processed thusly: Washington (2-4) faced the only defense in the NFL that was statistically worse than its own — and gained 76 second-half yards. It forced Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs into three first-half turnovers — and managed just one touchdown. Just when the overriding question across the entire NFL appeared to be, “What’s wrong with Mahomes?” he threw for 397 yards and directed a Kansas City operation that racked up 499.
Costa Rica, city of Milan among winners of Prince William’s inaugural Earthshot Prize
The winners included a green hydrogen technology that can be used as a carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels; an India-based outfit that makes low-cost smokeless machines that convert agricultural waste into fuels and fertilizers; and a team from the Bahamas that grows coral farms on land that can be replanted in oceans.
Hungary’s opposition parties unite to challenge far-right leader Orban
But as the results came in on Sunday night, she called on her supporters to unite behind her rival. “I would like to tell all of you, those who are celebrating tonight, but especially those who might be a bit disappointed,” she said in a televised address. “We cannot be concerned with each other anymore. We only have to be concerned about one thing.”
Pope Calls On Powerful Institutions To Change Status Quo To Better Serve The Poor
Pope Francis on Saturday delivered a speech that demanded powerful institutions change their ways of operating in order to better serve the poor, stressing that the status quo keeps people in poverty, creating an unjust society. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) October 16, 2021“In the name of God, I call on powerful countries to stop aggression, blockades and unilateral sanctions against any country anywhere on earth. We have already seen how unilateral interventions, invasions and occupations end up, even if they are justified by noble motives and fine words. On Saturday, he reiterated his support of protesters ? specifically young people ? who use their transformative power to fight injustice. “Do you know what comes to mind now when, together with popular movements, I think of the good Samaritan?
LSU, Ed Orgeron reportedly agree to part ways, 21 months after that seemed inconceivable
From that disappointment, Orgeron had returned to Louisiana, idle and wondering about his future before Miles brought him on. Once he replaced Miles, he went 6-2 as an interim and LSU hired him, but only after pursuing Tom Herman, the coveted Houston coach who opted to go to Texas. Texas fired Herman in January after four seasons in favor of Sarkisian, whom USC had fired in 2015 over personal issues but who then had gone on to coordinate Nick Saban’s offense at Alabama.
A vintage camera got an airline passenger in trouble
“If you laid it down on your lap and were fiddling with the controls, I can see somebody might say you’re setting a timer to go off any minute,” David said. “But all anybody had to do is say, ‘Excuse me, sir, what is that?’ Trust me, if this guy was a camera enthusiast, he would love somebody to ask him what it was.”
Candace Parker brings the WNBA title home to Chicago with a Game 4 win over Phoenix
CHICAGO — Candace Parker took a slow stroll onto the Wintrust Arena floor over an hour before Sunday’s Game 4 of the WNBA Finals. She grabbed a ball off the rack and walked to the area between center court and the three-point line — and just stood there. Parker, who grew up in Chicago, said she has tried to stay present and not think of the enormity of the situation, but for a stretch it seemed as though time stopped.
Live updates Head coach-less Cardinals up on the Browns; Patriots and Cowboys locked up in a wild one
For the second time in NFL history — the last was in 2018 — at least one game has gone to overtime over the first six weeks of the season and the Minnesota Vikings have to be wondering, “why us?” It’s been that kind of season for a team that has clawed its way to 3-3. Minnesota lost its opener on a field goal as time expired, missed a game-winning field goal at the end of regulation in Week 2, won on a field goal as time ran out in Week 5 and now have had a walk-off touchdown in overtime.
Opinion : Biden’s Supreme Court commission has good ideas. But the court’s problems run deeper.
When it comes to term limits, the commission is much more positive, arguing that such a reform would remove the element of “luck” as to who can appoint justices. With staggered 18-year terms (each president allowed to make two appointments every two years), Supreme Court nominations would become less than do-or-die political brawls. The commission offers several ways of constructing the staggered terms and addressing the duties of justices who cycle off the court. Though the commission is divided on whether to accomplish this by statute or constitutional amendment. Unfortunately, Biden on Friday blithely dismissed the idea of term limits, undercutting his own commission and demonstrating a lack of urgency about court reform that continues to frustrate his base.
Opinion : Supreme Court term limits wouldn’t solve anything
Neither the court nor its members are above rigorous scrutiny and criticism. Yet when we inch this institution toward ordinariness, law itself loses something of its stature. It is true the court has made its share of tragic mistakes. Balancing the shameful chapters of Dred Scott, Plessy and Korematsu against the glorious moments of Marbury and Brown is no easy task. For all their unquestioned devotion to the rule of law, the justices are aware that they stray far beyond public consensus at their peril.
Opinion : Our system is biased against reform. Get used to it, Democrats.
None of this gets Democrats off the hook. As the late Donald H. Rumsfeld might advise them, you have to work with the system you have, not the system you wish you had. It is no excuse for making a mess of what should be a moment of achievement.
Opinion : It’s strange Superman was ever straight to begin with
This multiverse business is a convenient way for creators to have their cake and eat it in an entirely different dimension. The workaround surfaces in DC’s Superman, too. Taylor affirmed that the other Kent, the one currently on TV in the CW’s “Superman and Lois,” is still straight. “We can have Jon Kent exploring his identity in the comics as well as Jon Kent learning the secrets of his family on TV,” Taylor said. “They coexist in their own worlds and times, and our fans get to enjoy both simultaneously.” If your company is struggling with the low bar for LGBTQ representation, simply make up a parallel universe in which you clear it.
Opinion : How a lie becomes respectable, step by cowardly step
The Jan. 6 riot momentarily shook Hagerty’s Trumpian resolve. “What is happening at the U.S. Capitol right now is not peaceful, this is violence,” he said on Twitter. “I condemn it in the strongest terms. We are a nation of laws and this must stop.” When the Senate was able to resume business, he and Blackburn both voted to certify the electoral results after all.
What to expect at Apple's MacBook event
(CNN Business) Apple is set to kick off its second product event of the season, a month after introducing its new iPhone 13 lineup. At a virtual event on Monday at 1 pm ET, the company is expected to unveil two high-end MacBook Pro laptops powered by its next-generation silicon chip. It may also introduce an update to its entry-level AirPods that's more in line with the features of the AirPods Pro line. Apple's event kicks off what promises to be a busy week in tech product launches, with several companies pushing out new gadgets ahead of the all-important holiday season. Later this week, Google will unveil its Pixel 6 smartphone and Samsung is hosting a mysterious press event that the rumor mill didn't even see coming.
As time runs short, Dems vow: less talk, more action
There are also two scheduled recesses in November and a long December layoff that could be in jeopardy without quick action. Sinema, for instance, spoke by phone with Biden, White House advisers and Schumer’s team during last week’s recess, according to her office. Patience in the White House — and in many corners of the Democratic Party — is wearing thin. But Manchin and Sinema are in no rush, and other centrists say the party-line social safety net bill should no longer be tied to the infrastructure bill. And some centrists don’t see their odds of passage improving this month without a dramatic escalation in the whip effort by their leadership as well as the White House.
Town Rattled by Bow-and-Arrow Killings Ponders Terrorism and Mental Illness
KONGSBERG, Norway — A few years ago, a nervous Danish man walked into a mosque in this placid Scandinavian town, seeking help in delivering a message to the world that he claimed to have received “from above.”The mosque’s spokesman sent him away. But he recalled the odd episode last week after the man, Espen Andersen Brathen, confessed to killing five people on Wednesday with weapons including a bow and arrow, leaving many in Kongsberg wondering how his life had gone so terribly off course. “I told him we are not a news agency,” Oussama Tlili, who heads the only mosque in Kongsberg, said of that encounter about five years ago. “You could see the tension in his face and his body, it made me uncomfortable, and I remember thinking, ‘This man is a risk.’”The police said initially that they believed Mr. Brathen, 37, may have been motivated by Islamic extremism and that he had committed acts of terrorism. The authorities pointed to the randomness of the targets and Mr. Brathen’s conversion to Islam.
Chicago Sky Beat Phoenix Mercury for First W.N.B.A. Championship
CHICAGO — In front of a packed home crowd at Wintrust Arena, the Chicago Sky defeated the Phoenix Mercury, 80-74, in Game 4 of the W.N.B.A. title for Sky forward Candace Parker, who signed with the team as a free agent in February. championship in 2016 with the Los Angeles Sparks, the team she spent the first 13 years of her pro career with. She was finals M.V.P. that year and has two regular-season M.V.P.
As Trump Thunders About Last Election, Republicans Worry About the Next One
Republicans believe they have a good shot at taking Congress next year. But there’s a catch. In a series of public appearances and statements over the last week, Mr. Trump has signaled not only that he plans to work against Republicans he deems disloyal, but also that his meritless claims that widespread voter fraud cost him the White House in 2020 will be his litmus test, going so far as to threaten that his voters will sit out future elections. “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020,” Mr. Trump said in a statement last week, “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. They worry he could cost Republicans otherwise winnable seats in Congress and complicate the party’s more immediate goal of winning the governor’s race in Virginia next month.
At Axel Springer, Politico’s New Owner, Allegations of Sex, Lies and a Secret Payment
That is the backdrop for the dual dramas that consumed Axel Springer in 2021. The first was the investigation into Mr. Reichelt, the editor who is also the face of a new television network Bild has started. Der Spiegel described “the Reichelt system,” in which “the editor in chief was said to have invited female trainees and interns to dinner via Instagram. Axel Springer has sought to keep details of the investigation’s findings out of the German press. The article was killed after a call from Mr. Reichelt, a person involved in the process said.
Opinion | Last Chance to Save American Democracy
The road to Democrats’ maintaining control of both the House and the Senate was already difficult, but with widespread voter suppression, the path looks even more daunting. If Trump decides to run again in 2024 (and he is already hinting that he will), voter suppression will up his chances of winning. With Trump once again in the White House, a Republican Congress would be able to federalize voter suppression. Republican groups are already working to draft legislation so that they have it ready to introduce in Congress if Trump is elected. For Democrats, this voting rights bill is a top priority, but from now until something is passed, it should be the only priority.
My Thoughts on Life After Death - The New York Times
The week before Easter, Thomas would lead a Tenebrae service — a gathering focused on the waning light as Good Friday approaches. Reading the Bible, I notice how Jesus’ death too feels like a journey interrupted. After his death, most of his closest friends hid out, lost in grief and fear. Pete and Thomas were close friends and he told me about how he would miss their weekly breakfasts together at the Waffle House. What struck him anew was how it would feel to be in deepest grief and then suddenly see your friend again.
Fauci urges police officers to get vaccinated.
Fauci urges police officers to get vaccinated. Mr. Durst, 78, was admitted Friday night to LAC+USC Medical Center, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s inmate locator. At a sentencing hearing on Thursday, Mr. Durst sat slumped in a wheelchair. Mr. Durst, whose life story inspired a Hollywood movie and an HBO documentary, will not be eligible for parole. The Kaiser Family Foundation found similar rates for all adult Americans, but experts said the figures for Asian Americans were most likely higher than reported because some Asian Americans are uncomfortable talking about mental health.
Second half goes sideways as WFT is stuck with second straight defeat in 31-13 loss to Chiefs
Unlike in its first three losses, the first half gave Washington (2-4) hope of an upset of the favored Chiefs (3-3), who were beleaguered by turnovers and poor decisions, many of them by Mahomes. Washington had a pair of interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in the first half, but the momentum disappeared in the second — as did Mahomes’s struggles and Washington’s offense, which was held scoreless in the final 30 minutes.
Russian film stars land back on earth after 12 days in space
A Russian film director and actor landed back on earth after filming for 12 days onboard the International Space Station. Yulia Peresild plays a doctor who must treat an astronaut on the ISS in ‘The Challenge’, directed by Klim Shipenko.Oct.
1,200-foot ship dragged California oil pipeline, Coast Guard says
Investigators believe a 1,200-foot cargo ship dragging anchor in rough seas caught an underwater oil pipeline and pulled it across the seafloor, months before a leak from the line fouled the Southern California coastline with crude. During a prior visit by the ship during a heavy storm in January, investigators believe its anchor dragged for an unknown distance before striking the 16-inch steel pipe, Coast Guard Lt. j.g. The impact would have knocked an inch-thick concrete casing off the pipe and pulled it more than 100 feet, bending but not breaking the line, Kneen said. The Coast Guard on Saturday designated the owner and operator as parties of interest in its investigation into the spill, estimated to have released about 25,000 gallons of crude into the water, killing birds, fish and mammals. The vessel’s owner, identified by the Coast Guard as Dordellas Finance Corporation, could not be reached for comment.
Lamar Jackson Sets NFL Record for Most Wins Under Age 25 After Ravens Beat Chargers
Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesLamar Jackson set an NFL record with his 35th win Sunday, the most in NFL history for a quarterback under the age of 25, per ESPN's Jamison Hensley. Drew Bledsoe (32) was the only other player since the 1970 merger with more than 30 wins before the age of 25. Essentially, the only thing Jackson hasn't accomplished in his short career is winning a title. While Baltimore had already built a good team when he emerged as the starter in 2018, no young quarterback in NFL history has ever had as much consistent success. And given that Jackson doesn't turn 25 until Jan. 7, he'll have the chance to tack on 10 more wins to his record.
Live updates Rodgers taunts Bears fans; Lions will be only winless team
“What I said to the players this morning is that there is a spectrum of opinions out there about Jon Gruden, from total condemnation to full empathy and everything in between,” Mayock said in a news conference Wednesday. “And what I said to the players basically is that you’re entitled to your position. You’re entitled to your opinion on that. But ultimately what we’ve preached since the day I’ve been here with Coach Gruden and just about every other team in the world preaches is the team has got to come first at some point.”
Fully vaccinated travelers can come to the U.S. even if their doses are mixed, authorities say
Higgins’s office said he would “continue to seek answers to questions related to what the screening process will look like and will advocate for the removal of arduous testing requirements which he views as redundant for the vaccinated and an obstacle to the mutually beneficial binational exchange between Canada and the United States.”
Vitek Vanecek, consistent on and off the ice, makes his case to be Washington’s No. 1 goalie
The team’s initial hope was both goaltenders could get into a rhythm and would be equally reliable when called upon, Murray said. But having an equal goaltending tandem in the NHL isn’t easy. Before Samsonov and Vanecek, Washington turned to Braden Holtby, who was part of the Capitals’ Stanley Cup-winning team. With two young goalies in Samsonov and Vanecek — instead of a proven veteran in Holtby — Washington faces different types of questions about its goaltending now, including how to split playing time.
In allied capitals, a nuanced, cautious view of Biden
Biden’s credibility, this official said, “depends on what he is able to get done, how much he can deliver” on important issues whose outcomes are still to be determined. Even if allies may disagree with decisions he makes, the European official said, “it’s a good thing if people actually do what they say. That’s the underlying message of the past several months.”
Oh, Ship!: How the supply chain crisis impacts one’s everyday life
From port congestion, to a lack of workers, to pandemic fallout, there are a lot of reasons that the global supply chain seems to be buckling under immense pressure. It is a perfect storm of problems both here and abroad and it’s affecting our lives and finances on a daily basis. Here’s a hypothetical day in the life of “Betty”, as she navigates her typical, everyday tasks that have been upended by the supply chain crisis, whether she realizes it or not.Oct.
‘Halloween Kills’ Carves Out $50.4 Million At Box Office
Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer in "Halloween Kills," directed by David Gordon Green. Universal’s “Halloween Kills” far surpassed expectations, which had the film pegged for a more conservative debut in the $30 million range. AdvertisementThe opening weekend crowd for “Halloween Kills” was slightly more male (52%), and it was diverse (36% Caucasian, 34% Hispanic and 18% Black), according to exit polls. “‘Halloween Kills’ is important because people could have just sat at home where the buy-in was modest. “Halloween Kills,” $50.4 million.
Conservative wins Hungarian opposition race to face Orbán in 2022
Peter Marki-Zay will take on Viktor Orban in the 2022 Hungarian election | Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty ImagesConservative politician Péter Márki-Zay is set to win the race to become the Hungarian opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister, according to early results published late Sunday. Many left-wing and liberal opposition supporters backed Márki-Zay, who currently serves as mayor of the southern city of Hódmez?vásárhely, in the hope that he could appeal to undecided Hungarians and voters who have become disenchanted with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling Fidesz party. With about 60 percent of votes counted, Márki-Zay won 58 percent of the vote, while Dobrev took 42 percent. A diverse group of six opposition parties has come together in an effort to defeat Orbán, and organized primaries to select joint candidates both in individual electoral districts and for the post of prime minister. Speaking to supporters in Budapest, Márki-Zay vowed to work to change Hungary’s political culture and called for the country to unite.
Political Giants Stump for Terry McAuliffe
Democrats are pulling out all the stops, sending political hardhitters such as Jill Biden, President Obama and Stacey Abrams on the campaign trail to stump for VA gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe joins Jonathan Capehart live before his Souls to the Polls event in Norfolk.Oct.
Emmanuel Macron Is Using the Pandemic to Massively Expand Police Powers
RKThe government introduced the sanitary state of emergency in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic. It reveals a certain government mindset and a certain way of imagining the relationship between the police and the population. In the context of a real crisis, the French Republic did not know how to respond other than through an exceptional legal regime giving more powers to the police. For me, this reflex in favor of adopting emergency powers is part and parcel of contemporary French history. In the governmental imaginary of the French state, there is an implicit racial bias against certain populations.
Cryptocurrency Is Bunk
Cryptocurrency is often dismissed by economists and investors alike as a purely speculative asset — for good reason. Unlike many crypto fanatics who simplistically see money creation as the remit of government, Dixon rightly points out that money creation is more at the discretion of commercial banks. Cryptocurrency as a political project has its ideological roots in the Austrian school of economic thought. The issue isn’t therefore the amount of money created but at whose discretion it is created and for what purpose. As mentioned, the issue isn’t the quantity of money created but who it’s created by.
Today’s Evangelicalism Was Forged in the Fight Against Communism and Feminism
But the purity culture of the ’90s is distinct. Meanwhile, for this whole thing to work out, boys, too, needed to not be having sex before marriage. That’s just scratching the surface in terms of what purity culture was. Purity culture pretty much dominated evangelical youth culture for more than a generation. Meanwhile, many who did wait discovered, to their deep disappointment, that married sex or their marriage itself wasn’t all that great.
Teamster Insurgents Are Preparing to Unseat Their Union’s Old Guard
Whoever wins will have two enormous items at the top of their to-do list: scaling up logistics organizing, including at Amazon, and bargaining the country’s largest private-sector union contract, UPS. The UPS contract already had a two-tier division — the part-timers who make up the sorting and loading workforce start at just $15 an hour under the contract (UPS often pays more to attract workers) — but Article 22.4 expanded the lower tier to include drivers, too. The Vote No movement should have won in 2018, when a majority of voting UPS Teamsters rejected this agreement. UPS Teamsters are still angry about it. The Vairma slate advertises itself as the diversity slate, with more women and people of color.
We Need More Radical Climate Fiction
It will take imagination and vision for humans to survive the climate crisis — a willingness to believe in things that seem impossible. To that end, early this year, Grist magazine announced a climate fiction contest, Imagine 2200, and published the winning stories as an online collection last month. In literary terms, the sensibility of Imagine 2200 can be traced to several artistic movements. Questions of class struggle are mostly elided in Imagine 2200, but there are several exceptions. It would be interesting to see what kinds of stories a socialist climate fiction contest would produce.
Sunday Reading: What Vulture Capitalism is Doing to the Newspaper Industry
A few weeks ago, we wrote about Style Weekly, Richmond's alt-weekly newspaper, folding after nearly four decades in business. "The profits generated by Alden’s newspapers did not go toward rebuilding newsrooms," Coppins concludes. That might sound like a losing formula, but these papers don’t have to become sustainable businesses for Smith and Freeman to make money. And please, to help support local journalism, consider joining our Press Club. Support independent local journalism.
On This Day in 1961, French Police Murdered Dozens of Pro-independence Algerians
Sixty years ago today, the Paris police force brutally attacked a peaceful demonstration by Algerians in the French capital. The Algerian FLN (Front de libération nationale, National Liberation Front) had been waging a bitter struggle for independence since 1954. The French Federation therefore called for a peaceful, disciplined demonstration; no one was to carry the smallest pin or knife in their pockets. A delegation was sent to Brussels with the aim of organizing a joint demonstration, in particular by French and Algerian women. A proposal for joint action was rejected by the French Federation of the FLN, thus refusing to allow the Communist Party to evade responsibility for its previous attitude.
West Virginia Leads U.S. in Flood Risk, Adding to Manchin’s Climate Dilemma
FARMINGTON, W.Va. — In Senator Joe Manchin’s hometown, a flood-prone hamlet of about 200 homes that hugs a curve on a shallow creek, the rain is getting worse. Those storms swell the river, called Buffalo Creek, inundating homes along its banks. Climate change is warming the air, allowing it to hold more moisture, which causes more frequent and intense rainfall. And no state in the contiguous United States is more exposed to flood damage than West Virginia, according to data released last week. He described helping his neighbors, Mr. Manchin’s sister and brother-in-law, clear out their basement when a storm would come.
As a Woman Was Raped, Train Riders Failed to Intervene, Police Say
The woman told the authorities what had happened after Mr. Ngoy was in custody, Mr. Bernhardt said. “What this woman endured at the hands of this guy, what she’s been able to provide for us, it’s been unbelievable,” Mr. Bernhardt said. Mr. Ngoy, described by the authorities as being homeless, was being held at the Delaware County Jail in lieu of $180,000 bail. He did not have a lawyer as of Sunday afternoon, according to Mr. Bernhardt. It was not immediately clear what those charges could be, and Mr. Bernhardt said he did not want to speculate.
Nike missiles around Washington
Some sites were built on government land — such as at Fort Meade and Lorton, Va., at the prison farm whose Nike site became a showcase for the technology. Other land was taken by eminent domain. Anderson had to sell part of his tobacco farm near Waldorf, Md. (He complained to the Washington Evening Star that the government took the best part “and left me the corners.”)
Live updates Jaguars end losing streak with last-second field goal
Burrow spent the week on “voice rest” after being taken to a Cincinnati hospital last Sunday as a precaution because of a throat contusion he suffered in the Bengals’ overtime loss to the Packers. Burrow did not stay overnight, but the 3-2 Bengals were taking no chances with the No. 1 player taken in the 2020 draft. He skipped his weekly news conference, being advised by the medical staff to speak as little as possible.
Live updates Chiefs lead Washington Football Team, 17-13, in second half
The Chiefs moved quickly into Washington territory and were in position to at least tie the game with a field goal when a fumbled snap led to Kansas City’s third turnover of the half. Patrick Mahomes picked up the ball, but rather than take a sack, the quarterback attempted to throw as he was being taken to the ground. His wobbly toss was easily intercepted by Bobby McCain.
Maryland teacher who sexually abused two students sentenced to eight years in prison
Detectives said Bero sent one of the girls a nude picture of himself from his own bachelor party. Inside his classroom, he later groped and fondled that student while she sat on his lap and they were alone at the end of school days. Bero also sent nude photos to a second student, whom he touched inappropriately during a student club activity in his classroom.
D.C. to hire more substitute teachers, contact tracers to help understaffed schools
The funding will also assign a permanent substitute teacher to every school. Each day of this academic year, the 52,000-student school system requests an average of 179 substitute teachers, but only fills 121 of those requests, according to data obtained by the office of D.C. Council member Janeese Lewis George (D-Ward 4). Part of the reason, according to the data, is that the city has fewer people in its substitute teacher pool. There are currently 662 substitute teachers in the pool, compared to 853 in the available group during the previous academic year.
American missionaries reported as kidnapped by gang members in Haiti
As many as 17 American missionaries have been reported kidnapped by gang members in Haiti , including 14 adults and three minors, a source in Haiti's security forces told CNN.
Bari Weiss' next act: a Substack newsletter that serves as 'the newspaper for the 21st century'
New York (CNN Business) Bari Weiss says her publication on Substack, Common Sense, is meant to be "the newspaper for the 21st century, ultimately. One year after quitting The New York Times, Weiss has not drifted off into obscurity, as detractors hoped she would. I recently interviewed Weiss about her business model; about free speech; and "woke orthodoxy." That's one of the first things I asked herThe 'self-censorship' problem"Thought crimes" are top of mind for Weiss. And so if an institution -- whose job it is to uphold, let's say, liberalism broadly defined -- decides not to do that anymore, why should it be a surprise, then, that that institution becomes illiberal?"
Superman changes motto to 'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow,' says DC chief
Superman's new "mission statement": "Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow." In fact, "Truth, Justice and the American Way" did not originate with the first Superman comic books by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. By the 1960s, the motto shifted to "truth, justice and freedom" on the kids cartoon series, "The New Adventures of Superman." Since then, however, the "American Way" motto has fallen out of favor. On the 1993 live-action series "Lois & Clark," Superman fought for "truth and justice" full stop, and in the 2006 movie "Superman Returns," starring Brandon Routh, Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White (Frank Langella) blithely asks if Superman still fights for "truth, justice, all that stuff."
'More reporting:' How journalists should cover threats to democracy
New York, NY (CNN) The media treats some aspects of the first amendment — such as press freedom — as sacred. But when it comes to other crucial protections, including free and fair elections and other basic tenets of democracy, there tends to be a "sliding scale." On "Reliable Sources" Sunday, CNN's chief media correspondent Brian Stelter discussed the changing role of political media — and how reporters need to do a better job protecting democracy. "My main critique is that is that the goalposts have been moved for everything other than the press coverage of press freedoms," Marc Elias, the founder of Democracy Docket, said on "Reliable Sources" Sunday. After working with Watergate reporter Bob Woodward on the book, Costa said he realized democracy itself was in peril in the US — and former president Donald Trump is playing a pivotal role.
Governor's race in Va. has Republicans dreaming of a post-Trump future
Every campaign in the state was just a proxy vote on how you feel about Donald Trump, which, if you're in North Dakota, is a great deal for Republicans. Youngkin’s Republican allies say he has adeptly managed his coalition, keeping “Never Trump” and “Forever Trump” Republicans in the same GOP tent. “The problem they have is that Glenn Youngkin is not Donald Trump. He doesn't come across as Donald Trump. He doesn't act like Donald Trump.
Swedish Cardamom Buns Recipe
If you’re not sure what green-podded cardamom tastes like, there’s no better way to find out than by tasting a Swedish kardemummabulle, a sweet bun perfumed with the southern Indian spice. The best place to try it would be at Fabrique, a Stockholm bakery that has opened a location in New York. The second-best place to try it would be at home, in your own kitchen, where, with a few adjustments, you can replicate the original. And, unlike cinnamon rolls, these cardamom buns won’t rise as tall or be as fluffy — but they will taste so good that no one will care. —Charlotte DruckmanFeatured in: How To Make The Cardamom Bun That Took New York.
To Learn Bees’ Secrets, Count Them One by One
Three dots, each a different color, on the bees’ minuscule thoraxes before releasing them again. Mr. McCarthy is hunting a rare bee called Andrena parnassiae. By tagging the bees, Mr. McCarthy, along with his adviser Rachael Winfree, an ecologist at Rutgers, is trying to see how easily these insects can move between habitat patches, and how far. As their ecosystem is disrupted by climate change, development and invasive species, how well will the insects adapt? The researchers hope their data about this little-known species will shed light on an urgent and complex issue: pollinator decline.
Timuel Black, Strategist and Organizer for Black Chicago, Dies at 102
In 1955, soon after he had begun his career as a high school and college teacher, Professor Black saw the Rev. In the coming years, he helped build support networks for Dr. King while commuting between Chicago and Alabama. In the South, Professor Black also met the labor leader A. Philip Randolph. After Mr. Randolph established the Negro American Labor Council, an advocacy organization, he enlisted Professor Black in 1960 to run its Chicago division. In 1963, Mr. Randolph and Dr. King put Professor Black in charge of organizing residents of Chicago to attend the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew Recipe
This rich, comforting stew was brought to The Times by Regina Schrambling in 2001, in the dark days immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center. Going into it when you have no hope is sometimes just what you need to get to a better place. Long before there were antidepressants, there was stew." Make it when you have the time to indulge in the meditative qualities of chopping, sautéing, reducing, braising, waiting and tasting. You will be rewarded with an exceptionally flavorful dish that is just as satisfying to eat as it was to cook.
Roblox, the Gaming Site, Wants to Grow Up Without Sacrificing Child Safety
SAN FRANCISCO — As Dave Baszucki, the chief executive of the gaming company Roblox, took the stage at a conference hosted by his company on Thursday, he reflected on how much had changed for Roblox since its last in-person event two years ago. In March, Roblox debuted on Wall Street. Not long ago, the crowd might have been made up mostly of children. And as they have grown up, Roblox, a colorful, blocky platform that offers millions of online games of all types, from exploring tropical islands to fostering digital pets, has attempted to grow up with them. Roblox’s effort to keep in touch with an older audience while maintaining a safe environment for its youngest users offers both a road map and a cautionary note for other internet companies attempting the opposite: engaging with a younger audience.
In This Postseason, Pitching Six Innings Feels Like a Lot
Each of those pitchers is making more than $30 million this season. In Game 1, a collection of mustachioed middlemen followed the opener and throttled Atlanta, which fanned 14 times without a walk. No matter: Third baseman Austin Riley, who had homered earlier, drilled a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth. Boston’s Chris Sale, who returned from Tommy John surgery in August, has made two playoff starts and gotten nine outs. Pitchers aren’t supposed to be Al Spalding, or even Al Leiter, anymore.
As Some Black Staff Members Leave Congress, Those Who Remain Call for Change
When Chanda Jefferson, a science teacher from Columbia, S.C., got the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill, she was thrilled to use her classroom experience to help shape education policy. She also hoped that when her fellowship was over, she could expose her students at home to a different, exciting career path. It wasn’t until she arrived that she realized how impervious the halls of Congress were to change. In her office of more than a dozen people, there are no permanent Black staff members. “It was shocking to see so few individuals that look like me,” Ms. Jefferson said.
Tunisians Recall Revolution Reluctantly, if at All: ‘It Just Faded Away’
LE KRAM, Tunisia — When part of one of Tunisia’s only monuments to its 2011 revolution disappeared earlier this year, not many noticed. Some residents of Le Kram, a suburb of the capital, Tunis, say the plaque bearing the names of eight locals killed while protesting was broken off by someone with a mental illness. Others say a passing drunk was to blame. Whatever happened, the real story is that no one bothered to fix it. “This place wasn’t maintained, as you can see,” said Aymen Tahari, 40, the owner of the struggling plant nursery facing the monument and, as of about two weeks ago, its self-appointed caretaker.
Fauci urges police officers to get vaccinated.
Fauci urges police officers to get vaccinated. Mr. Durst, 78, was admitted Friday night to LAC+USC Medical Center, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s inmate locator. At a sentencing hearing on Thursday, Mr. Durst sat slumped in a wheelchair. Mr. Durst, whose life story inspired a Hollywood movie and an HBO documentary, will not be eligible for parole. The Kaiser Family Foundation found similar rates for all adult Americans, but experts said the figures for Asian Americans were most likely higher than reported because some Asian Americans are uncomfortable talking about mental health.
Fake Polls and Tabloid Coverage on Demand: The Dark Side of Sebastian Kurz
For years, Austria’s conservative party had languished far behind its rivals. Then in May 2017, the polls spectacularly reversed, giving the conservatives newfound credibility that helped them convince voters that they had a real chance of winning. The man credited with the miracle was Sebastian Kurz. Only 31, well-dressed and well-mannered, with slick hair and even slicker social media slogans, he became Austria’s youngest-ever chancellor and formed a government with the far right. Prosecutors now say that many polls before that election were falsified and that Mr. Kurz and a small cabal of allies with cultlike devotion to him paid off one of Austria’s biggest tabloids to ensure favorable news coverage.
Live updates Jaguars end losing streak with last-second field goal
At Louisville, Jackson was the youngest Heisman winner at 19 years, 337 days in 2016. (His 4,928 yards of offense that season ranks second in Heisman history to Ty Detmer, who had 5,022 with BYU in 1990). He also became the first Heisman winner with at least 30 touchdown passes and at least 21 rushing touchdowns. He rushed for 1,538 yards, most by a Heisman-winning quarterback. He also set or tied 42 single-game, season and career records at Louisville during his three seasons.
Strikes are sweeping the labor market as workers wield new leverage
He spent a month in the hospital where he worked — including 11 days intubated. When he was discharged, he begged his doctor to allow him to go back to work, eager to help his colleagues handle the new workload. He took videos of himself doing physical therapy and sent them to his doctor every day to prove he was well enough to return.
Live updates Chiefs lead Washington Football Team in first half
Washington, which allowed Jameis Winston to throw for four touchdowns last week, has the league’s second-worst scoring defense, so it’ll likely take a bounce-back performance from quarterback Taylor Heinicke and the offense to pull off the upset. Heinicke is coming off his worst game as a pro, which included a pair of interceptions, and he will be without two of his starting offensive linemen in right guard Brandon Scherff and right tackle Sam Cosmi.
Book review of Red Roulette: An Insider's Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today's China by Desmond Shum
At the heart of Shum’s book is the story of how he and his wife, Duan Weihong, amassed a fortune by exploiting their relationship with Zhang Beili, the spouse of then-Premier Wen Jiabao. After first meeting at a social engagement, Duan built trust and friendship with “Auntie Zhang” (as she was affectionately known to the couple), which soon translated into access to a growing number of insider-connected business deals. As their relationship with Zhang grew, it also afforded intimate contact with other political elites, including Xi. At the height of their business dealings, Shum and Duan (who went by the English name Whitney) had business and social connections with nearly all the top political players, including Sun Zhengcai, a rising party official thought to be a possible successor to Xi, and Ling Jihua, the head of the Communist Party’s General Office, which functions as the nerve center for party administration.
Report: Ed Orgeron Won't Return as LSU Head Coach in 2022 After Separation Agreement
Jonathan Bachman/Getty ImagesLSU and head football coach Ed Orgeron have reportedly reached a separation agreement, meaning Orgeron will not be back with the team in 2022. According to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, Orgeron is expected to finish the 2021 season as LSU's head coach before moving on. 20 Florida Gators 49-42 on Saturday, but Dellenger reported that the separation talks between LSU and Coach O began last week. Orgeron took over as interim head coach in 2016 following the firing of Les Miles and earned the full-time gig. In parts of six seasons as the head coach at LSU, Orgeron owns a 49-17 record with one national title to his credit.
Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars Beat Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins to End 20-Game Losing Streak
AP Photo/Ian WaltonThe Jacksonville Jaguars snapped their 20-game losing streak thanks to Sunday's thrilling 23-20 victory over the Miami Dolphins at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Trevor Lawrence and Marvin Jones Jr. took advantage of a depleted Miami secondary that was without Xavien Howard and Byron Jones. The Dolphins were one-dimensional on offense because their rushing attack only picked up 77 yards on 20 carries. After the two teams traded punts on the next two possessions, Lawrence went to work to help the Jaguars close the gap. The Jaguars have a bye in Week 7 before taking on the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field on Oct. 31.
Premier League game briefly suspended because of medical emergency in crowd
(CNN) The Premier League match between Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspur was suspended in the 41st minute on Sunday due to a "medical issue" in the crowd, the league wrote on Twitter. With Spurs leading 2-1, fans in the East Stand at St James' Park alerted players to the incident in the crowd. Tottenham's Sergio Reguilon could be seen speaking to referee Andre Marriner, pointing to the stands. His teammate Eric Dier sprinted across the pitch in an attempt to get a defibrillator taken over to the other side of the pitch by a physiotherapist. After a brief delay, Marriner took both sets of players off the pitch while the person continued to get medical attention.
Journalists Maria Ressa, Dmitry Muratov win 2021 Nobel Peace Prize
Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their fight to defend free expression in the Philippines and Russia. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it recognized the pair for their "efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace." "Despite the killings and threats, editor-in-chief Muratov has refused to abandon the newspaper's independent policy," the Nobel Committee said in a statement. Still to come Monday is the Nobel Prize in economics. But the decisions of the secretive Nobel Committee do not always guarantee a life of international acclaim.
1 dead, several injured in second shooting at Grambling State University
A shooting occurred in the quad area at Grambling State University, located between Monroe and Shreveport, according to a statement from the school Sunday. GramFam, now the is the time to be Unapologetically Unified as we rally to comfort one another after this morning’s incident. pic.twitter.com/eTI0ssCOgI — Grambling State Univ (@Grambling1901) October 17, 2021Louisiana State Police confirmed its detectives were investigating. Louisiana State Police issued an arrest warrant Friday for a suspect in the death of Damarius Murphy at Grambling State University. A spokeswoman for Grambling State University did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment.
Activists arrested in Athens for protesting Beijing Olympics
A rehearsal of the flame lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the Ancient Olympia archeological site | Aris Messinis/AFP via Getty ImagesATHENS — Activists protesting against the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics were arrested in Athens on Sunday as they attempted to hang a banner from the Acropolis. In 2017, Greece drew criticism when it vetoed a planned European Union condemnation of China’s human rights record at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Since COSCO took over in 2016, the port has become a key link in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure network. In Sunday’s incident, activists entered the historic Acropolis monument in the Greek capital as tourists and climbed the scaffolding. “The Chinese government is right now carrying out genocide, occupation, and an unprecedented assault against democracy and human rights, and yet they have been awarded the prestigious Olympic Games,” said the group’s campaigns director Pema Doma.
John Deere workers on strike are part of a strengthening labor movement
As of Thursday, more than 10,000 John Deere workers at 14 locations in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas have walked off the job. Last week, the strikers voted 9-to-1 to reject a proposed contract from Deere, according to Labor Notes, a resounding dismissal that surprised United Auto Workers union leadership and company management. But the agreement still has to be ratified by union members — and as the UAW learned, that’s not a guarantee until all the votes are cast. "There are shared issues that are pushing workers to go on strike — and workers are looking at each other and getting inspired." Yes, management at all of these industries is scrambling to find scabs to take the place of the picketing union members.
Pandemic Observations -- October 15, US States & Canadian Provinces (Good News Edition):
Clovid-19Except for Alaska, the trends in new Covid-19 cases are looking increasingly benign in both the US and Canada this week, and even new deaths are starting to follow suit now for the most part (note that the scary looking stats from Nebraska are mostly a result of their increasingly erratic release of new fatality data). The only real question remaining at this point is whether we are on the final downslope of this pandemic, or whether we will see yet another resurgence in the weeks and months ahead. It’s worth noting that our huge (pre-Delta) winter surge was just starting to ramp up at this point last year, so the longer we can continue without such a reversal in trendlines, the better our long-term prospects for reducing this pandemic to more manageable proportions. US States & Canadian Provinces: October 9-15 New Deaths 7-Day D/1M 7-Day Deaths Weekly Change 14.Day Change Change fr Max Doses /100 Canada USA WV ID AL WY FL GA SC NN KY TX OK MT ND NV OH OR PA TN IN VA MS NC AK LA AR IA WA NM SK NE MI AB WI DE AZ UT MN CO HI SD MD IL VT ME NH CA NB NJ NY KS MA CT BC MB RI PR NL QC MO ON DC NS 7.5 34.5 96.1 75.0 70.4 67.4 60.5 59.6 58.9 55.6 53.7 49.4 47.7 45.9 44.6 44.5 43.5 42.4 39.8 39.7 39.1 37.0 35.6 33.5 32.8 31.8 31.1 29.7 29.7 29.1 27.4 26.9 26.6 26.6 25.1 24.6 23.6 22.8 21.8 21.5 20.5 20.3 19.7 18.3 17.6 17.1 16.9 16.6 15.5 13.7 13.1 13.0 11.9 11.2 10.7 9.5 5.7 5.3 3.8 3.2 2.3 1.6 1.4 0.0 282 11,403 172 134 345 39 1,301 632 303 10 240 1,434 189 49 34 137 508 179 510 271 263 316 106 352 24 148 94 94 226 61 32 52 266 116 146 24 172 73 123 124 29 18 119 232 11 23 23 655 12 122 254 38 82 40 54 13 6 18 2 27 14 23 1 0 6% -15% -20% -28% -5% -13% -7% -30% -16% 43% -4% -19% -28% -21% 42% 15% -7% 7% 9% -23% -11% 17% -36% -29% 85% -20% -1% 3% -6% 7% -22% 940% 1% 17% 39% -44% -39% 43% -9% 14% -34% -31% 16% -8% -21% -50% 44% -10% 0% -4% 10% -36% -17% 5% 93% 117% -63% -44% 100% -18% -97% -47% -83% -100% -1% -12% 10% 1% -47% 8% -36% -8% -31% -11% -12% -18% -11% -21%
Truth Brigade: The Brutish are Coming! The Brutish are Coming! 1
The New Proud Boys StrategyWe have stories of alliances with the Oathkeepers and III Percenters, who will have their own Truth Brigade Diaries in coming days, and with overt White Supremacists and Nazis. Some Proud Boys think they can come back to attack our Republic through alliances with other domestic terror groups, and participation in confrontations with school boards and hospitals and election officials. Our ResponseIn brief, the Truth Brigade says of these issuesTelling the truth about enslavement and systemic racismCovid mask, distancing, and especially mandates for either vaccines or frequent testingThe Big Lie, with voter suppression, gerrymandering, and overtly stealing elections under color of law. Various states have passed laws purporting to enable legislatures to overturn the actual election returns and substitute their own will. In particular, they pretend that they can violate their own election laws by holding a Presidential election and then, if they.
Why is dKos showing pictures of Black men being lynched??
Ive been at dKos for a long time. Ive been here since it was a gathering place for those of us who wanted Howard Dean to win the 2004 Presidential primary. Which is why all these advertisements showing Black men getting lynched has me roiled up. dKos cannot simply take advertising dollars abd ignore the images that take up precious real estate on these hallowed pages. Contact dKos' advertising page and tell them to remove paid images of Black men swinging from the gallows.
MF Daily for Sunday October 17, 2021
A volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands. Welcome to MF Daily(Formerly known as Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open Thread — MFWOT)All are welcome to hang out and share what is happening in your life today
A day off at the Lake.
I took yesterday off and went to Sardis Lake to capture birds on film. I clicked and then had to check that I got a Bald Eagle grabbing a fish from the lake. Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Osprey and Blue Jays moved from shore to trees with meals. Great Blue HeronA growl of my own stomach urged me to the truck. It was a good day and I hope you all enjoyed the moment.
Denial as a form of mind control.
I had never fully considered how tortured his mind was, and what he had come to fear that led to his own premature death. In a world that has filled the oceans with death in the form of plastic bottles. The Oceans will rise 10 feet by the end of the Century, how many of us are aware of this? Denial and Mega-Lies Block ProgressThe political aspect of denial, a form of mind control, has become part of daily world politics, especially here in America. Huge resources are spent promoting a false and dishonest history of both our country and the world.
365 Days of Climate Awareness 68
Average annual temperatures range from -5 to 5 deg C (23 to 41 deg F). Trees and other vegetationGlobal extent of the boreal forest. are well adapted to these cold temperatures, and revive for the growing season before summer, to gain maximum advantage from the longer days, even despite the still-cold temperatures. In recent years, as carbon emissions caps have become a political topic, accounting for the CO2 uptake of these forests has become controversial. Average annual temperatures across the region have increased, leading to species change, toward species better able to tolerate warmer temperatures.
Religion 102: Good-Evil dualism
In the mythologies of many religious traditions, there are stories of battles, fights, and conflicts between good gods and evil gods, between noble warriors and evil demons, dragons, and other entities. In monotheistic religions, dualism is often evident in the belief that certain religions are good, and others are evil. In these places religion has been the explicit cause of literally millions of deaths in the last ten years.”A few examples of good/evil dualism are described below. More recently, many Christian Protestant fundamentalists characterize Islam as an evil religion. Like other monotheistic religions, Islam sees itself as the only true religion.
Humor (with a "Who Lost the Week?" poll)
O’Leary’s cow” was most likely an incident of anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic prejudice — has opened at the at the Chicago, Illinois History Museum. Draco the CatYOUR WEEKEND READ #2 is this essay (from this past March) in Jacobin on the path that Kyrsten Sinema trod …. Still can't say it's a favorite (I like other Gordon Lightfoot songs better) ..... yet now I appreciate the song much better. The next year it was recorded as part of the Temptations album All Directions and turned out to be the last hit single recorded in Motown's Studio A in Detroit (before the label decamped to Los Angeles). Untrue: his own father had died on October 3rd, and had been a minister and devoted family man.
The Inoculation Project 10
PROJECT #1 Project: Geometry with Legos Resources: Help me give my students Legos so that they can experience some hands on learning! PROJECT #2 Project: More Boundless Books Resources: Help me give my students additional copies of The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. x x YouTube Video This interview with Toni Morrison about The Bluest Eye runs over 20 minutes, but it’s such a pleasure to hear her speak! x x YouTube VideoLast week, our main project was completed, mostly by TIP donors, and our long-term project met its goal with a lot of help from us as well. Founded in 2009, The Inoculation Project combats the anti-science push in conservative America by funding science and math projects in red-state classrooms and libraries.
Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day: Doug LaMalfa- 2021 Update
There was an old joke about how cowboy hats are like hemorrhoids, in that sooner or later, every ***hole has one. Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa, in California's 1st Congressional District, is walking evidence of that. Since the election of Donald Trump, no matter how grievously stupid the President or his family might be… LaMalfa has been a tenacious defender of them. Even if that district has a +10 Republican lean, and is atypical for what you’d expect for California… maybe people there aren’t livid, right? We knew he hated immigrants, but he’s “all-in” on the subject for someone who supposedly represents a district in a blue state.
Labor’s Reawakening
Over a decade and a half ago, Josh Marshall described the phenomenon that he came to call “dominance politics”. The purpose of dominance politics is to attack, attack, attack, and make it appear that the opponent has not fought back. To quote Marshall, “Someone who can’t or won’t defend themselves certainly isn’t someone you can depend upon to defend you”. For many American workers, the Trump presidency just brought to the political arena an element of abuse that they were enduring at the workplace. During the pandemic, low wage workers who have been told for decades that they are expendable and easily replaced suddenly became “essential” and “heroes”.
I like mail in-ballots, especially in off year elections
As you are aware, republican political operatives are placing Trumpanista's at low level positions, like judge of elections, or school boards that most people could care less about. With the 'steal the vote' crowd, that's part of the overall strategy of having the next coup actually succeed. They design ballots to be as confusing as possible, and long lines make you feel rushed when you are in the voting booth. Here in the heart of Pennsyl-tucky a scheme to trick Democrats into voting for Trump repugs, for the School Board! The mailing was sent to Democratic voters by the Palmyra First political action committee, a PAC founded by conservative Republicans for conservative Republicans.
Mail-in Voting in PA
They don't vote. I don't remember who wrote the diary about PA mail-in ballots needing extra postage or they'd be returned. I had already sent mine in by then, and was fully expecting to get it back with a "please add postage you idiot" stamp on it. When several days passed and I hadn't received it, I checked the status. Just thought I'd share my experience and remind people you CAN (and should) check on the status of your ballot in any case.
These floods made the Snake River flow backwards! (Video) Chasing Lake Missoula Ep. 8
For the 8th episode of the Chasing Lake Missoula series, we take a bit of a detour! While the bulk of the Lake Missoula megafloods drained straight into the Columbia River, a separate branch flowed over and into the Snake River, forcing its waters to reverse course and flow into the east towards Lewiston. Another place with a breathtaking, wonder-filled history.
Wacky is as wacky does
“Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates.” ~ Republican Representative Jim Jordan – October 12, 2021Republican House member Jim Jordan who represents 700,000 ostensibly sensible, thinking men, women, and children in Ohio’s Fourth Congressional District, has decided Ohio “should ban all vaccine mandates,” not just COVID-19 vaccines advocated by overreaching Democrats who dare to want to save lives. However, Jordan and his anti-mandate colleagues in the House, Senate, and statehouses around the country are acting wacky because they’re afraid of losing power, privilege, and wealth to ‘others’ who do not look or sound like them. So, even though they are supposed to be democratically elected representatives of the people, they no longer feel any obligation, constitutional or otherwise, to think or act logically, reasonably, or truthfully. All they have to do is attack, deride, lie about, and oppose anything and everything proposed by any opponent, especially if that opponent happens to be a dastardly Democrat. In other words, all they have to do is act wacky.
Eroded trust in the media as an institution has consequences...ask Katie Couric!
I’ve always felt that our new media is just as much at fault for their coverage as they are for what they do not cover. I was usually pretty happy to listen to many major media representatives, one of which was Katie Couric, but have lost faith in the ability for many of these media ‘stars’ to be unbiased. By employing the sin of omission, the media protects its progressive heroes and, in the process, picks political winners and losers. Katie Couric was so careful not to do harm that she actually created a massive problem. Its no wonder many folks have lost faith in the news media with so much noodle soup being served up to the public these days.
China launched a hypersonic missile and it surprised the US Department of Defense.
attribution: Business InsiderI read about this story the other day in a headline on Financial Times. China's new hypersonic missile demonstrated an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise, report saysChina demonstrated advanced space capability by testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August, the Financial Times reported, citing five sources familiar with the test. The hypersonic glide vehicle launched by the Chinese military circled the globe in low-orbit space before speeding towards its target, sources told the paper. "We have no idea how they did this," another source told the paper. News of the test comes amid increasing tensions between China and the US, as China increases its military activity near Taiwan.
New Day Cafe: Sunday Sass
Welcome, Cafe! Hope your Sunday is going well….we’re going to have a verrrry nice day, that seems more like autumn in these parts. I’ve learned not to trust the weather people in these parts...I think they might be (gasp) lying (gasp). There will be a few surprises along the way, all good ones, we hope. Trolls will be incinerated and served at the next group BBQ.
GQP seditioning; Joe, Dems fruitioning ? Sunday Good News ? 2 Polls: Bill's + First primary in Iowa?
Tech Talk for KosacksOn a desktop or laptop, to banish the Daily Kos “Load More” buttons, click this link , which opens the main Daily Kos page and shuts off the Load More buttons at the same time. which opens the main Daily Kos page and shuts off the Load More buttons at the same time. Got a Daily Kos tech question? Where Ever is HerdMorning Good News Roundups at 7 x 7: These Gnusies lead the herd at 7 a.m. Q uestions about Daily Kos tech issues or our map.
North Carolina Open Thread: This guy, Cops demand Freedumb, EPA steps in, Offshore wind, Cawthorn
Mark Robinson, they are “filth.”“Yes, I called it filth. And if you don't like it that I called it filth, come see me about it." Like other bullies called to account for their actions, he dodges, deflects and doesn’t, as he promised, take responsibility. At best, it is a cynical ploy to find a way to profit, at least politically, from his divisive rhetoric. Mark Robinson is an unapologetic antisemitic homophobe, and Sen. Berger is a staunch defender of child marriage.
Dawn Chorus: Endangered Birds Slipping Away to Extinction
There is such sobering finality in declaring a species extinct, yet I also see some pragmatic arguments for doing so. In this Dawn Chorus, I thought I’d introduce you to the 11 birds on the brink of bureaucratic extinction and ponder the pros and cons of delisting these endangered birds to ‘extinct’ status. Po`ouli or Black-faced HoneycreeperThe discussions/arguments FOR and AGAINST declaring these endangered birds extinct are nuanced and difficult. Delisting extinct species aids the USFWS in prioritizing scarce funding for rapidly declining endangered species and ecosystem-based projects with greater potential for recovery. Extinct species no longer meet the definition of an endangered or threatened species under ESA, thus removal is legally warranted.
Kyrsten Sinema, In Just Two Words, Illuminates The Ego Of Kyrsten Sinema
Literally volumes have been written about the disloyalty shown toward the Democratic party by two senators. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, however, is different. As I reported in a profile of Sinema for the magazine, Sinema even protested outside of a Lieberman campaign event when the senator was running for president in 2003. That she likely believes she is overqualified shows just how naive she is about the responsibilities of the highest office. It seems Kyrsten Sinema loving herself some Kyrsten Sinema is the only thing she is actually qualified, to do.
Ole Miss assaulted in Tennessee home (stadium)
There was football game at the University of Tennessee. A major decision by the referees turned possession of the football to the Ole Miss Rebels. There was some controversy about the decision and the Tennessee fans let that fact be known. The Tennessee cheerleaders, dancing squad and marching band fled the stadium in fear during the bombardment. Tennessee teams (all sport venues) should not be allowed televised appearances for two seasons.
It performs the function of a patient’s lungs allowing their lungs to heal, if they can. ECMO patients are hooked up to the machine using large bore cannulas and tubing. Blood gas testing is used to determine the level of O2 and CO2 in the blood. When an ECMO unit fails, we switch out the entire unit because the process is time critical. ECMO nursing is a highly skilled, specialized nursing and the pay is commensurate with the education, skills, and experience required.
Pollution: I'm so f**king fed up with the b*ll*hit. Some basic mathematics.
Air pollution is the leading environmental risk to health, costing the globe an estimated $8.1 trillion in 2019, equivalent to 6.1 percent of global GDP. 95 percent of deaths caused by air pollution occur in low- and middle- income countries. In individual countries, the economic burden of pollution associated with premature mortality and morbidity is also significant, equivalent to 5 to 14 percent of countries' GDPs. YetBiggest companies pay the least tax, leaving society more vulnerable to pandemicAndUS super-rich 'pay almost no income taxI wonder what they have in common? A pollution tax would cover it easily.
What diary hijackers don't understand about the seven most dangerous things from climate change.
The global warming emergency and its future is far worse than the government, the media, or the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] are telling us. The rate of global warming consequences occurring will soon start rising exponentially. Now that critical global warming tipping points are already being crossed, many climate-related systems (like the Arctic sea ice, melting glaciers, oxygen-producing plankton, etc.) If we do not make the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions in time to fix the global warming extinction emergency, without fail, Mother Nature will painfully do it for us! In a separate plea, One Humanity Org identifies the rapid approach of tipping points that should scare the beejeebus out of you.
On Monday, previous guy to be deposed for the first time since 2016. Will he even show up?
However, at some early point, outsiders need to be interviewed, subpoenas/search warrants executed, — Richard Signorelli (@richsignorelli) October 16, 2021 2 charges filed against planners, special counsel appt'd (@ejeancarroll case conflict? We don't know everything that is going on but there surely is important progress being made including charges filed against AW/Trump Org. We don't know everything that is going on but there surely is important progress being made including charges filed against AW/Trump Org. Manafort & others could be charged w/ fully investigated federal crimes not covered by their corrupt pardons but nothing so far. I don't blame him @TheJusticeDept @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews @USAO_DC are failing our country by not timely pursuing fed charges against Trump, et al.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Voting rights, the Virginia elections, and The Great Resignation
Beyond that, they say he should throw himself into passing voting rights legislation and more aggressively go after states that are politicizing their election systems. Off-year and special elections are not always the best way to predict how elections will play out elsewhere in the country. And like Kartier, most of the victims were Black trans women, including Tierramarie Lewis and Diamond Kyree Sanders, who lived in Ohio, Chappelle’s home state. [...] More than 100 bills restricting trans rights have been introduced this year. Paul Krugman of The New York Times doesn’t have much of a problem with The Great Resignation, either.
Roll over, Beethoven: Chuck Berry’s in the house
It was in 1953 that Chuck Berry joined the Sir John’s Trio (eventually renamed the Chuck Berry Combo), which played the popular Cosmopolitan Club in St. Louis. x Rock and roll musician Chuck Berry poses for a portrait session in circa 1958, in Chicago, Illinois. Back in 1987, while the legendary rock and roll icon Chuck Berry was still alive and performing, the documentary Chuck Berry – Hail! There are so many live performances from Chuck Berry that are available online, so it was hard to pick just one—but I did! Roll over, Beethoven, Chuck Berry lives on!
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: She wanted others to 'choke' rather than listen to reason. Fate stepped in
Given current death rates (with lots more Texans dying because of Abbott’s stupidity), Texas will soon overtake much-larger California in absolute deaths. Just two weeks later, Red was likely infected with COVID-19. Odds are good that COVID-19 didn’t care that Red had “a bite.”Red blessed Texas because Abbott outlawed mask mandates. Red left three kids behind. But the three kids she left behind … that’s the part that gets me.
The Ivermectin Story
The unrelenting opposition to using ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID-19 is stronger than ever. It has an average of 160 adverse events reported every year, which indicates ivermectin has a better safety record than several vitamins. And consider what former Director of Intellectual Property at Gilead Pharmaceuticals, Brian Remy, said about the necessity of implementing Ivermectin. Ivermectin used in combination with other therapeutics is a no-brainer and should be the standard of care for COVID-19. for misrepresentation of Ivermectin and other generics, but most importantly it would save countless lives and end the pandemic for good."
The State of the Covid in NYC and Beyond
OK, many are people with co-morbidities including endemic overweight/obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes - practically a description of almost every American over 40. 78% of Covid patients are overweight, but so are over 70% of Americans, so that doesn't tell you much except the condition of most Americans is terrible. But, take a look at this local chart for NYC, ranking vaccination rates by age:NYC Vaccination Rate, by age(Image by Gothamist) Details DMCAThis is just NYC, but it's probably a reflection of the proportions in the rest of the country too, albeit higher in every group in vaccination-positive NYC. Phil Murphy is up against a surprisingly competitive republican candidate largely because of his Covid mandates). But, none of the vaccines were originally tested against the much more contagious Delta variant, which now accounts for 99% of cases in NYC and elsewhere:Percentage of Variants Among New Covid Cases in NYC(Image by Gothamist) Details DMCAIt's almost like a different disease.
Ocean Cleanup's supersized system proves its worth with "massive" haul
Plastic waste hauled aboard in the latest test of OCP's trash-hauling system(Image by Ocean Cleanup Project) Details DMCABack in August, the Ocean Cleanup Project returned to the waters of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with a redesigned trash-collecting system that was its largest yet, and it has just reigned in a "massive" haul of plastic waste. The latest OCP trash-collecting system is finally at scale to make a real difference in cleaning up the oceans' garbage patches of plastic. Plastic which otherwise might not degrade for centuries and would wind up in the food chain, and in us.
The antimatter enigma: What is it and why didn't it destroy the universe?
Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram - Antimatter at CERN Physics Girl: patreon.com/physics girl There's a factory in Europe that makes antimatter! (Image by YouTube, Channel: Physics Girl) Details DMCANormal matter has an “evil twin” that annihilates on contact, and despite decades of study antimatter remains very mysterious. And why hasn’t it already destroyed the universe? Will matter-antimatter engines power the Star Trek like starships of the future? They might... if we can control the reaction.
Designer Vaginas: Is Female Circumcision Coming Out of the Closet?
What are labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction if not female circumcision? Not all ethnic groups in Africa practice female circumcision, though it is found in 28 of the continent’s 53 countries. Clitoral hood reduction is an operation which repositions the protruding clitoris and reduces the length and projection of the clitoral hood. At the end of the day, it looks like female circumcision and FGCS are done for very much the same reasons. So why has the West been demonizing “Africans and their barbaric culture of female circumcision” all these years?
The Oil Spill in California Lends Urgency to Demand for Indigenous Land Stewards
Now, tribal community members are actively working to reclaim and restore relationships with coastal lands and waters in this cultural corridor. These coastal lands and waters are essential to the cultural, spiritual and physical well-being of coastal Native nations. Tribal community members are actively working to reclaim and restore relationships with coastal lands and waters in this cultural corridor. Gavin Newsom officially apologized to California Native Americans for the state’s role in the attempted genocide of California Indian peoples and established the California Truth and Healing Council via Executive Order N-15-19. We must prioritize the phaseout of fossil fuels on land and water and end offshore drilling in our coastal waters.
Rikers’ Forceful Guard Union Is Deepening the Jail’s Humanitarian Crisis
Kathy Hochul declared a “disaster emergency” at Rikers Island. Nonetheless, it represented the latest acknowledgment from politicians of what incarcerated people and their supporters have been saying for months: Conditions at Rikers Island represent a humanitarian disaster. Health care is widely unavailable, and at least 12 people have died on Rikers Island this year. City unions became increasingly independent after Mayor Robert Wagner’s 1954 recognition of their legitimacy, legally codified in the 1967 Taylor Law. In August 1990, rank-and-file guards completely blocked the bridge to Rikers Island, cutting off nearly all access to the island.
Food Apartheid Threatens BIPOC Children’s Health. Food Sovereignty Is the Fix.
Food insecurity rates for African American, Latinx and Indigenous families are disproportionally high. One study found that, from 2000 to 2010, food insecurity among Indigenous people was around 25 percent. In her home city of Baltimore, schools provide a snack and supper program to provide food to children enrolled in after-school care. Community gardens provide food access, along with other local distributors like Common Market, Brooklyn Packers, and GrowNYC. Berhe-Lumax says this food access exists at the intersection of all broader social issues, including social, economic and racial inequalities.
Manatees May Carry Half a Million Microscopic Hitchhikers
Previous studies had associated nematodes with manatee skin. One in 2011 described an “extraordinarily” long-tailed diplogastrid nematode, Cutidiplogaster manati, found in skin lesions on West Indian manatees in an aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. That piqued the interest of these authors, who hoped to learn more about C. manati. The team found what was probably C. manati — and two other nematodes. Perhaps, they suggested, they’re passed between manatees like human skin mites.
Florida Manatees Died at an Alarming Rate in the First Months of 2021
More than 10 percent of Florida’s estimated manatee population has died since the start of the year, already surpassing the total number of manatee deaths in 2020, according to state wildlife officials. A recent report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found there were at least 761 manatee deaths from Jan. 1 to May 28, compared with 637 all last year. At this rate, the 2021 total is well on its way to surpassing the highest year-end total in at least the last five years, when the commission recorded 824 deaths in 2018. Water quality has worsened for years because of runoff from fertilizers, sewage and septic leaks, increasing algae blooms that kill the sea grass, said Jaclyn Lopez, Florida director for the Center for Biological Diversity. “All those sources contribute to the influx of nitrogen and phosphorus in the area and serves as a steroid for algae,” she said, adding that sea grass die-offs have been documented for years.
Bill Clinton Is Released From Hospital
Former President Bill Clinton was released from a California hospital on Sunday after being admitted on Tuesday for treatment of a urological infection that developed into sepsis, officials said. A spokesman for Mr. Clinton shared a statement on Twitter from Dr. Alpesh N. Amin, the chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, who had been overseeing the team of doctors treating Mr. Clinton. Mr. Clinton’s “fever and white blood cell count are normalized and he will return to New York to finish his course of antibiotics,” Dr. Amin said. “On behalf of everyone at UC Irvine Medical Center, we were honored to have treated him and will continue to monitor his progress.”Mr. Clinton’s spokesman, Angel Ureña, had said that the former president, 75, was admitted on Tuesday evening to UCI Medical Center in Orange, Calif., with what he described as a “non-Covid-related infection.”
5 charts that explain inflation, wages, supply chains and restaurants
Meanwhile, the labor market has whipsawed millions of Americans through layoffs and then rehirings, with millions caught in between. Wages are up, and people are switching jobs at a record rate. And while growth for the year is still projected to approach 6 percent, White House and Federal Reserve officials underestimated the economic disruption that would persist through the pandemic’s second year. Now it appears certain that many of these strains, both economic and viral, will continue well into 2022, and perhaps beyond.
Nick Rolovich's future remains unclear after win amid Washington state's vaccine mandate
Back down in the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tenn., the fluorescent yellow appeared in a dot, in a practice-range golf ball Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin held up and claimed as a warped souvenir. It had joined the slew of items some Tennessee fans had hurled onto the field with 54 seconds left in a tight game, just after an unfavorable but accurate ruling on a fourth-down spot. The creepy deluge sent cheerleaders fleeing and included a container of mustard that was yellow but more of a standard yellow — and, if even partially full, wasted of the great gift to humanity that is mustard.
Opinion : Tuberculosis deaths are rising again — and covid is to blame
A key indicator is the number of people newly diagnosed with the disease and reported. This fell from 7.1 million in 2019 to 5.8 million in 2020, back to the level of nine years ago. It means there is a widening gap of people who have the disease but are not detected or treated; fewer people are getting checked out and more are staying away from health-care systems overloaded with pandemic patients. Overall, 10 million people are estimated to have developed tuberculosis last year. The World Health Organization says that only 16 countries accounted for 93 percent of this shortfall in cases diagnosed and reported, with India, Indonesia and the Philippines most severely affected.
What an artist and gallery owner does in a workday
How I spend the majority of my day: The majority of my day is spent attending to our customers, whether that’s visits to the gallery or responding to emails regarding orders. Packing and shipping orders is a regular task. The other half of my day is spent producing work in my studio. A few hours a day is dedicated to painting.
Jon Gruden: EA Sports are 'taking steps' to remove former Las Vegas Raiders head coach from Madden NFL 22
(CNN) EA Sports will remove former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden from Madden NFL 22, the video game company announced Wednesday. Gruden resigned as head coach of the Raiders following reports of homophobic, racist and misogynistic emails uncovered as part of an NFL investigation into workplace misconduct at the Washington Football Team. "EA Sports is committed to taking action in maintaining a culture of inclusion and equity," said a statement regarding Madden NFL 22. "Due to the circumstances of Jon Gruden's resignation, we are taking steps to remove him from Madden NFL 22. We will replace him with a generic likeness via a title update in the coming weeks."
New trailer for 'The Batman' shows a gritty Gotham featuring several familiar foes
(CNN) The new trailer for "The Batman," the latest reboot of the iconic movie franchise, features a recognizably dark and gritty Gotham and previews the return of several of the superhero's most infamous enemies. Warner Bros. and DC Comics debuted the trailer Saturday at the DC FanDome event, where the comics giant also released new trailers for "The Flash" and "Black Adam." The trailer for "The Batman," directed by Matt Reeves, reveals a bullet-proof Robert Pattinson in the titular role, grunting and scowling in the superhero's now-familiar style as he beats up on a series of darkly lit, anonymous grunts. It's a warning," a voice intones over a shot of the Bat Signal. A wig-wearing Zoë Kravitz arrives in her role as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, and the trailer also offers early looks at Paul Dano as the Riddler and a nearly unrecognizable Colin Farrell as Penguin.
'Halloween Kills' slays at the box office
New York (CNN Business) Michael Myers made a killing at the box office, even though he was also streaming. Universal Pictures' " Halloween Kills " — the latest installment in the long running franchise — brought in an estimated $50.3 million at the North American box office this weekend. That number exceeded industry expectations, which had projected the film to make $35 million to $40 million this weekend. The film debuted simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock at no extra charge to subscribers. In the end, it's not entirely a surprise that "Halloween Kills" did well this weekend.
A permanent residence? Fans weigh in on potential London NFL franchise
(CNN) UK fans of the NFL flocked to North London for the two 2021 London Games this month -- but could the capital city soon become a permanent home to an NFL franchise? Typically awash with the white of Spurs, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was transformed into a rainbow sea of jerseys as the Atlanta Falcons beat the New York Jets last week, before the Jacksonville Jaguars clinched a dramatic last-second victory to beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Now into their 14th year of hosting duties since the first International Series game at Wembley Stadium in 2007, London has long been touted as a potential residence for a first non-US franchise -- either via the relocation of an established franchise or as a new expansion team. Today's victorious home team the Jaguars -- whose owner Shahid Khan has invested interest in London as owner of Fulham football club -- have committed to playing one overseas game a year as the designated "home" team and have subsequently been tipped as most likely to make a move across the Atlantic. Ultimately the decision will rest with the powers that be, but nobody with a ticket to the London Games over the last two weekends can doubt the size of the UK's NFL appetite.
Tom Brady shrugs off thumb injury to throw two touchdowns in Buccaneers win over Eagles
(CNN) Having become the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards earlier this month , it was fitting that Tom Brady, quite literally, stuck out like a sore thumb last night. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback threw two touchdown passes and added another 297 yards to his tally in a 28-22 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, despite having his thumb taped. Bucs QB Tom Brady threw for two TDs despite having his thumb taped. Both of the 44-year-old's touchdown passes came before the break -- to Antonio Brown and O.J Howard -- firing the Buccaneers into a 21-7 lead at halftime. Brady heaped praise on his running back, Leonard Fournette, who ran for 81 yards, caught six passes for 46 yards and scored two touchdowns.
German Greens vote to start formal coalition talks with SPD, liberals
Only two delegates out of the 70 total voted Sunday against the negotiations, while one party member abstained. "We have the chance to take on responsibility and play a decisive role in this government of progress. We are happy to face this responsibility," the party tweeted shortly after the vote. The SPD’s party leadership unanimously supported starting the coalition talks Friday, while the FDP's leadership is set to vote on the negotiations on Monday. "If we want to change something, we need decisions that will support us in the next decade," Baerbock said.
The Bye Line: Jonathan Capehart calls out Tucker Carlson's homophobia
In this week's Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart calls out Tucker Carlson and his homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave. "The world has two new people who will be raised by parents who embody the values they live by. Resilience. Gratitude," he says. "Values Carlson neither possesses nor knows anything about."Oct.
Bill Clinton released from hospital after treated for urological infection
Former President Bill Clinton was released from a California hospital after dealing with a urological infection, and is heading home to New York to continue treatment. NBC’s Emilie Ikeda reports. Oct. 17, 2021
Opinion | How Democrats Should Sell Themselves to Avoid Electoral Disaster
To the Editor:I’ll tell you why David Shor is wrong, like many of the consultants I’ve encountered who often have a brand rather than a unique skill: 1) Focus groups and polling aren’t real life. 3) Most voters don’t vote for issues; they vote for candidates who appear powerful, in charge and decisive. Ezra Klein speaks to David Shor, who discusses his fear that Democrats face electoral catastrophe in 2022 and beyond unless they shift their messaging. speaks to David Shor, who discusses his fear that Democrats face electoral catastrophe in 2022 and beyond unless they shift their messaging. Policy communication alone doesn’t hold the power that David Shor thinks it does.
Police Search for Motive in British Lawmaker’s Killing
LONDON — The police searched for answers on Sunday about what might have motivated a 25-year-old British man of Somali heritage, the suspect in the brutal slaying of a Conservative Party lawmaker during a meeting with his constituents that has shaken Britain’s political establishment. Scotland Yard has not yet publicly named the suspect, though British news organizations, including the BBC, have identified him as Ali Harbi Ali. Mr. Ali’s father, Harbi Ali Kullane, told The Times of London that his son was being held in custody and described himself as “very traumatized” by the accusations. Referring to the accusations, Mr. Kullane, who once served as an adviser to Somalia’s prime minister, said in the interview with The Times, “It’s not something that I expected or even dreamt of.”The BBC reported that several years ago, Mr. Ali had been referred to a government program known as Prevent, which aims to keep people from being drawn to extremist ideas on social media. But his name has not been on any terrorism watch lists, according to the broadcaster.
Opinion | Ciao, Alitalia
“The Pope’s Airline, Alitalia, to Fly Last Flight” — MarketWatchAlitalia may have had its faults, but how many airlines can claim to have been the “pope’s airline” for over five centuries? According to Flying Pontiff Quarterly, the trade journal that has covered papal air travel for some centuries now, recent scholarship has unearthed a long-buried document in the “Overdue” section of the Vatican library purporting to trace Alitalia’s role as the official carrier of supreme pontiffs to the papacy of Julius II (1503-1513). The document, titled in Latin, “Numquam Ad Tempus” (“Never on Time”), asserts that Alitalia had its beginning in the early 1500s, a time of great turbulence (grande turbolenza) and papal fastening of seatbelts as the Holy See engaged in fierce power struggles with the Holy Roman Empire, France, Venice, Naples, Florence and Reykjavik. Julius tasked Leonardo da Vinci, inventor, painter and all-around Renaissance man, with devising a “conveyance for timely and efficacious removal of the person of the supreme pontiff, in the event of unpleasantness (spiacevolezza).”
John Grisham on Judges, Innocence and the Judgments He Ignores
I practiced criminal law for 10 years, and we had a really good system in my little rural neck of the woods in Mississippi. I knew the cops, I knew the prosecutors, I knew the judges, and it was a very efficient system. And he was a second-round draft pick of the Oakland A’s in 1973, a year I thought I might get drafted. It was published in 2006, and it really took me into the world of wrongful convictions, something I’ve never really thought about. It’s great to see someone, after achieving your level of success, leverage it to do important, valuable work like that.
Opinion | Decriminalize Sex Work Now
When I took my first client as a sex worker in the 1980s, I had no other choice. As a young trans woman, I found that sex work was the only way for me to survive, but I faced constant harassment and violence, especially from la policía. Once again, I turned to sex work to stay afloat. Right now there are two bills purporting to decriminalize sex work in the New York State Legislature, one of which may soon be presented to Gov. But while both attempt to address the very valid concerns about sex trafficking, only one meets the needs of sex workers.
For Uber and Lyft, the Rideshare Bubble Bursts - The New York Times
Uber and Lyft promised ubiquitous self-driving cars by as soon as this year. Now a new study is punching a hole in another of Uber and Lyft’s promised benefits: curtailing pollution. It turns out that Uber rides do spare the air from the high amount of pollutants emitted from starting up a cold vehicle, when it is operating less efficiently, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found. Deadheading, Lyft and Uber estimated in 2019, is equal to about 40 percent of rideshare miles driven in six American cities. “Society as a whole currently shoulders these external costs in the form of increased mortality risks, damage to vehicles and infrastructure, climate impacts and increased traffic congestion.”
Gang suspected in kidnapping of missionaries is among the country’s most dangerous.
The gang that the police say kidnapped 17 missionaries and their family members in Haiti on Saturday is among the country’s most dangerous and one of the first to engage in mass kidnappings. The gang, known as “400 Mawozo,” controls the area that the missionaries were abducted from in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, the capital. The gang has also introduced a new type of kidnapping in Haiti — kidnapping en masse. The gang is also believed to have killed Anderson Belony, a famous sculptor, on Tuesday, according to local news media reports. Croix-des-Bouquets, one of the suburbs now under control by the gang, has become a near ghost town, with many residents fleeing the day-to-day violence.
Former president Bill Clinton discharged from hospital after treatment for infection
“He is in great spirits and has been spending time with family, catching up with friends and watching college football,” Ureña said in a statement Saturday. “He is deeply grateful for the excellent care he continues to receive and thankful to the many well-wishers who have sent kind words to him and his family. He’s looking forward to getting home very soon.”
British lawmakers could get police protection when meeting constituents in wake of David Amess killing
Hoyle, who wrote in the Observer and the Daily Mail on Sunday that hosting his own meeting with constituents in Chorley hours after Amess’s stabbing reinforced how vital they are, said: “The very essence of being an MP is to help and be seen by our constituents. They are the people who elected us to represent them, so surely making ourselves available to them is the cornerstone of our democracy?”
My double mastectomy made me reevaluate: What do my breasts mean to me?
The question of whether to opt for a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy has been weighing on me ever since I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene six years ago. Last November, the pressure surrounding this life decision became more immediate after I was diagnosed with DCIS (a pre-invasive cancer).
Ask Help Desk: What’s the best way to get rid of all these old hard drives?
But if these are CDs and DVDs you’ve burned, with personal data on them, the situation gets a little trickier. My advice: If you know nothing on those discs is terribly important, you could cut several deep gouges into them and drop them off at a local recycler. Earth911 is one of the best resources I’ve found for finding local businesses and recycling centers that accept e-waste of all kinds — just punch in your Zip code and see what comes up. If those discs contain seriously sensitive information, you may just have to smash them to bits and toss them in the trash.
Clintons leave California hospital
NationalClintons leave California hospitalAfter being treated for “a non-Covid-related infection,” former president Bill Clinton left an Irvine, Calif., hospital with former secretary of State Hillary Clinton by his side on Oct. 17. Former president Bill Clinton expected to leave hospital Sunday after treatment for infection Related
Pork is already super expensive. This new animal-welfare law could push prices higher
And now comes another wildcard: The pork industry's ability — and desire — to adapt to a new animal welfare law in California, its largest US market. Pork producers are already warning that the new law brings added costs throughout the supply chain that will ultimately leave Californians and other shoppers in the US with fewer and more expensive options. In Iowa, the nation's largest supplier of pork, producers and senators have been in vocal opposition of the new law. People in the United States aren't used to paying the true cost of food, pork being one of them." "People in the United States aren't used to paying the true cost of food, pork being one of them," she said.
Protest in Athens as Beijing prepares for Olympic Games flame
Athens, Greece (CNN) Greek police detained two human rights activists after they unfurled banners at the Athens Acropolis on Sunday opposing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as China's Games organizers prepare to receive the Olympic flame. The activists detained were 18-year-old Tibetan student Tsela Zoksang and 22-year-old Joey Siu, a US citizen exiled from Hong Kong. The protest was made hours before a dress rehearsal in Greece's Olympia, site of the ancient Olympics , of the torch lighting ceremony for the Games set for Monday. More rain is expected on Monday, with human rights activists pledging more actions until Tuesday's flame handover to Chinese Games organizers in Athens. The Beijing 2008 Summer Games flame ceremony was also severely disrupted by a string of protests from human rights activists, which was the start of international demonstrations over China's human rights record leading up to the Olympics.
Greece finishes wall on border with Turkey, amid fears of Afghan migrant crisis
(CNN) Greece has finished building a 40-kilometer (25-mile) wall along its border with Turkey, amid concerns in parts of Europe that the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan could cause an influx of people seeking asylum. The country was at the center of Europe's migrant crisis in the mid-2010s, when millions of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq traveled to the continent. Since then Greece has taken a hardline stance, rebuffing pleas from Turkey and international organizations to allow more migrants through its borders. "The Afghan crisis is creating new facts in the geopolitical sphere and at the same time it is creating possibilities for migrant flows," Greece's Citizens' Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis said in a government statement after touring the completed border wall on Friday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis about Afghanistan on Friday, the Turkish government said.
Video: Bill Clinton walks out of hospital after treatment for infection
Former President Bill Clinton has been released from a California hospital after being treated for an infection that spread to his bloodstream.
Former President Clinton released from hospital following infection
Former President Bill Clinton has been released from a Southern California hospital after battling an infection. Clinton was reportedly up and moving during his stay at UC Irvine Medical Center. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were scheduled to attend a private Clinton Foundation event in California Thursday evening. "He will remain overnight at UC Irvine Medical Center to continue to receive IV antibiotics before an expected discharge tomorrow." "The California-based medical team has been in constant communication with the President's New York-based medical team, including his cardiologist.
Food Network star Anne Burrell gets married: 'Luckiest girl in the world'
"And just like that…my wedding weekend is here," Burrell posted Friday, sharing a sweet picture of her and Claxton kissing. It's kind of surreal," Burrell told People. "This trio goes waaaay back for so many reason happy happy wedding @chefanneburrell & the illustrious @markymeat," she wrote. Of course the wedding cake had to be over-the-top and was created by none other than "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro. Burrell told People.
Jon Stewart warns more risks to the political system than Trump
… The encouraging thing is watching on a grassroots level, people that are really viewing it as something that they want to protect and that they want to strengthen,” Stewart said. Discussing political developments in the six years between leaving "The Daily Show" and starting a new show, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” on Apple TV+ this fall, Stewart said social media algorithms have been a key factor in driving increased political polarization. … The delivery system is more sophisticated, more robust and more ubiquitous," he said. … He is maybe singing them better than [the late Sen. Barry] Goldwater," Stewart said. "That only works, of course, if you care about or even have a sense of honor.”
POLITICO Playbook: A new ‘Sputnik moment’
POLITICO Playbook: A new ‘Sputnik moment’ Presented byA new hypersonic missile test has “all the elements of a Sputnik moment” in the nascent U.S.-China cold war. Rep. VAL DEMINGS (D-Fla.) took in $8.5 million for her race against Republican Sen. MARCO RUBIO. (D-Fla.) took in $8.5 million for her race against Republican Sen. Sen. TIM SCOTT (R-S.C) amassed $8.4 million, and is in the conversation as a potential 2024 candidate. CHARLES BOOKER, a progressive favorite to take on Kentucky Republican Sen. RAND PAUL, raised $1.7 million. A message from Better Medicare Alliance: 27 million seniors and people with disabilities are counting on Congress to stand up for Medicare Advantage.
Bill Clinton released from Southern California hospital
Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña had said Saturday that Clinton would remain hospitalized one more night to receive further intravenous antibiotics. “President Clinton has continued to make excellent progress over the past 24 hours,” Ureña said. Hillary Clinton has been with her husband at the hospital and accompanied him as he left Sunday. In the years since Clinton left the White House in 2001, the former president has faced health scares. Clinton repeatedly returned to the stump, campaigning for Democratic candidates, most notably Hillary Clinton during her failed 2008 bid for the presidential nomination.
Buttigieg warns some supply chain problems will persist into 2022
Buttigieg struck a similar tone in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” stating that “this is a capitalist country.”“These are private-sector systems,” he said. “Nobody wants the federal government to own or operate the stores, the warehouses, the trucks, or the ships, or the ports. Asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd about lessening tariffs or utilizing the National Guard as ways of addressing problems in the supply chain, Buttigieg did not rule out the possibility of either option. “I think that any opportunity to make a difference will be looked at,” he said. “We can expect a much better holiday season this year than we were facing a year ago,” he said.
Lawyer For Protestors Suing Trump On What To Expect From Trump’s First Post-Presidency Deposition
Benjamin Dictor, lawyer for the protestors suing Trump over claims that his security team used violence, speaks with Yasmin Vossoughian about what he expects from the legal proceedings beginning this Monday and why Trump himself will be required to attend.Oct.
The Fed Shouldn’t Make a Call on Inflation Yet - The New York Times
What’s happening to inflation? We know, of course, what the current numbers say: Inflation is high right now, although not 1970s high. The answer, I’d argue, is to make decisions that won’t do too much damage if their preferred take on inflation is wrong. Why is it so hard to make a call on inflation right now? In particular, the standard measures economists use to distinguish between temporary price blips and underlying inflation are telling different stories.
Amelia Earhart’s long-hidden poems reveal an enigma’s inner thoughts
Earhart was one of the earliest aviators, a record setter, a college professor and well ahead of her time as a champion for women’s rights. Yet she is also one of history’s more enigmatic figures, not just because of the way she died, on the final leg of a round-the-world flight, but also because, throughout her public life, she was tenacious about guarding her privacy, including her desire to be a writer. Putnam described it is as “almost secret.”
Suzanne Valadon exhibition at the Barnes is a stunner
The painting, titled “Family Portrait,” is a stunner. Utter, her lover who was then in his mid-20s, is seen mostly in profile. Valadon is the center of the grouping, her hand on her heart, her eyes directly addressing the viewer. The gesture with her right hand has the self-deprecating confidence of a someone who is almost terrified of her own abilities. She has forged a family unlike almost any other family one might see in a painting from the 19th or 20th centuries.
This white chili with butternut squash brings comfort and balance
The one I keep coming back to is this white chili, which combines beans with butternut squash, quinoa and two types of canned chiles — mild green ones and spicier chipotles. I love how the chiles contrast, how easily the dish comes together. The most time-consuming part of the prep is dealing with the butternut squash, but a sharp knife, a peeler and a little video tutorial from my colleague Aaron Hutcherson are all you need.
Violent eviction drive in India’s Assam revives tensions over undocumented migrants
Shah has also said there are plans to take the citizenship registry nationwide, deepening concerns among India’s Muslim minority. These apprehensions were born out when the central government introduced a citizenship law that will provide relief to Hindus left out of the Assam registry, establishing a fast-track path to citizenship for members of six minority faiths in neighboring countries. The law excludes Muslims.
What to know about the 2021 MLB postseason
Both the Astros and Red Sox advanced by winning their division series in four games, Houston defeating the Chicago White Sox and Boston beating the Tampa Bay Rays. In the National League, the Braves finished off the Milwaukee Brewers in four games, while the Dodgers got past the San Francisco Giants in five games, the last victory sealed on a controversial call Thursday night.
As the push for a new owner continues, the Washington Spirit keep on winning
“We’re honestly still waiting on an update,” said Spirit midfielder Tori Huster, president of the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association. “It sounds like it’s going to require a little bit more time than we would like. But we want the process of a sale or whatever happens to proceed correctly, so we’re hoping that with the [NWSL] executive committee and the other board of governors that are overseeing the league right now, that they are really intentional about whatever ownership comes into the Washington Spirit.”
The middle falls out
But it also can’t lose votes in the House, where the margin is only barely more robust. Lose a few representatives — say, ones worried about their reelection chances next November — and suddenly things quickly go south. This is largely why it’s useful to track polling on the 2022 midterms, not just out of curiosity (which is fair enough) but because perceptions of what will happen in the elections will shape what legislators do before then. If Biden becomes deeply unpopular or Democratic support plunges in the generic congressional ballot, a measure of how Americans are likely to vote in House races, you might expect to see more pressure against the Biden/Democratic agenda.
How — and when — to check indoor air quality in your home
If mold is the issue, look for someone who has completed industry-approved coursework in mold investigation from the ABIH or the American Council for Accredited Certification (formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council). Inspectors should work independently of a mold remediation company, and they should tell you whether your problem has a do-it-yourself solution or whether you must hire a professional. “Sometimes, all you need is a visual inspection to find an indicator of moisture or mold, and mitigation can be as simple as cleaning it off,” Stake says. Hiring a pro should be considered if the area of contamination is large or behind a wall, according to the EPA.
How viewers identify with the messages of inequality in 'Squid Game'
Arts & EntertainmentHow viewers identify with the messages of inequality in 'Squid Game'Forbes contributor Joan MacDonald says the depiction of inequality in the South Korean survival drama "Squid Game" has made it easy for viewers to relate to.
Small talk is boring. Our research shows how you can do better.
The surprisingly positive experience of deep talk does not depend on any particular magic of the questions we gave people to discuss. We observed the same results when we simply asked people to have deeper conversations than they normally would. In this experiment, we first asked people to write down five questions they would normally discuss when getting to know someone. They responded with small-talk classics like “Where are you from?”; “What do you do for a living?”; and “How is your work going?” We then asked people to write down another set of five questions that were “deeper” than they would normally discuss. You can have them as long as you are willing to try.
Opinion : Low-carbon flights are nice. But they won’t save the planet.
But the argument is made easier, I think, by the idea that we’re no longer putting the onus on citizens. After decades of haranguing people to ride their bikes more, there ought to be some comfort and clarity in government saying to them: You know what? It’s not your responsibility to figure this out.
The last days inside Trailer 83
The first person he reached was a young woman at a social services agency. He told her about who he had once been: a man who had coached his son’s Little League team, held a steady job, owned a home and had lost that home in 2016, buried in medical debt after his wife’s stroke. He said they moved to a rental with their 18-year-old son, who helped care for Crystal while he worked. He explained their son had initially moved to Trailer 83, too, but FEMA had said he couldn’t stay because he wasn’t on his parents’ paperwork, and that with no one to help Crystal during the day, Mike couldn’t work, and so they were living on her disability payments of $2,800 a month — $1,799.31 of which FEMA was now billing them for because a few months earlier, overwhelmed, he had missed turning in proof of his fruitless rental searches.
A woman won a million-euro Spanish literary prize. It turned out that ‘she’ was actually three men.
“Quite apart from using a female pseudonym, these guys have spent years doing interviews,” Beatriz Gimeno, a former head of the Women’s Institute, wrote on Twitter after the award’s announcement. “It’s not just the name — it’s the fake profile that they’ve used to take in readers and journalists. They are scammers.”
Opinion: The Washington failure that's making us sick
Given the wealth of research linking daily chronic stress to long-term health, it's worth asking: is our country's failure to support caregivers making Americans sick? But no one is talking about how much we could recoup in short and long-term health care costs. In 2019, the US spent $3.8 trillion on health care costs , far more than other developed nations. Reframing support policies like paid family and medical leave and accessible, affordable childcare as forms of preventive medicine is critical. A few extra weeks, even a few extra days, of paid family leave might have warded off a hefty hospital bill.
Opinion: The Minneapolis 'Defund the Police' ballot question should alarm Democrats nationwide
Politically, the 'defund the police' ballot question debate is driving a wedge between Minnesota Democrats. The state's best-known progressives, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison defend the ballot measure , while other top Democrats, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Gov. On a national scale, the Minneapolis ballot question will provide the first test of how much legs the big-city police department restructuring movement really has ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The national political blowback, should the "yes" option to Question 2 on the Minneapolis ballot prevail, could be significant. And "Question 2" on the Minneapolis ballot could make things a whole lot worse.
Opinion: What does Steve Bannon have to hide?
First up is former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who could face charges of criminal contempt for refusing to comply with the committee's subpoena. Thursday, Bannon failed to show up for a scheduled deposition before the House committee. Even if Trump could claim the privilege, it is hard to understand how it could apply to Bannon. The House committee is investigating events on and around January 6, 2021, and Trump fired Bannon in 2017. The January 6 committee's resolute enforcement of its authority is about more than Steve Bannon.
Vince Neil hurt in fall from stage at Tennessee rock festival
(CNN) Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil was injured Friday night when he fell off the stage during a solo concert at a Tennessee rock festival. Neil and his band were playing the Crüe hit "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" at the Monsters on the Mountain festival in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, when he fell. Video from the concert shows Neil give a spin with his guitar by his side and then walk to the side of the stage before slipping out of site. Hope the X-rays are clear and you bounce back quickly @thevinceneil pic.twitter.com/jfWT6c3rVb — Darrell Jenkins (@bigdoftn) October 16, 2021The band finished the song and then carried on, playing a Led Zeppelin cover, according to fan Darrell Jenkins, who shot this video. In another video, bass player Dana Strum explained to the crowd that Neil was hurt.
Eve reveals pregnancy on Instagram: 'We finally get to tell everyone!'
"Can you believe it... we finally get to tell everyone!!!!! You all know how long we've been waiting for this blessing!!!" she wrote on Instagram , alongside a photo showing off her baby bump. Cooper also shared the news on Instagram , writing that he is "very excited to share this news." The baby is due in February of 2022, Eve said.
Youngster Cole Palmer scores hat-trick in youth game just hours after appearing for Manchester City
(CNN) Ah, the joys of youth. Having boundless energy is one of the perks of being young. But Cole Palmer took it to a new level on Saturday, appearing in a youth game just hours after coming on in Manchester City's 2-0 victory against Burnley in the Premier LeaguePalmer came on as a 90th minute substitute replacing Portugal midfielder Bernado Silva. And he even had enough energy to cap off an eventful day with a stunning hat-trick against Leicester in the Premier League 2.
Union calls deal to avert strike 'a Hollywood ending' as negotiations continue for workers in other parts of country
(CNN) A threatened strike on major TV and film production was averted Saturday night, just hours before a midnight deadline. The association representing producers made a tentative deal with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employee (IATSE), a union representing roughly 60,000 film and television workers, including technicians and craftspeople, IATSE announced Saturday. AMPTP is the group representing producers. An eleventh-hour deal between producers and a union representing technicians and set workers to avoid a West Coast strike is like something out of a movie, union leadership said. Neither the union nor AMPTP released exact details of the tentative pact, which must be ratified by union membership.
Superman's motto gets a modern update: 'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow'
(CNN) Superman's iconic motto, "Truth, Justice and the American Way," is getting an official update for the first time in decades. "Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow" will be Superman's new motto, a change that was announced Saturday by DC Chief Creative Office and Publisher Jim Lee, during DC's FanDome. (CNN and DC Comics are both part of WarnerMedia.) "To better reflect the storylines that we are telling across DC and to honor Superman's incredible legacy of over 80 years of building a better world, Superman's motto is evolving," Lee said. And a Better World."
Rebel Wilson says her desire to get pregnant sparked her health transformation
The 41-year-old actor also expressed that there was one specific personal reason that acted as a kick-starter for her health journey: getting pregnant. “I’ve been going through a fertility journey for the past two years and I’m hoping at some point I may have a family of my own,” she explained. But I’ve been trying my best, so whatever will be, will be.”Over the last year, Wilson has discussed her fertility struggle on social media. Back in December 2020, the actor talked openly during an Instagram Live session about her decision to freeze her eggs. I was the personality girl.”“But after going through my whole health transformation last year, I’ve been in touch with this ‘inner siren,’” she continued.
'Succession' star Brian Cox: 'You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form'
"I scare people all the time, but I have done even before Logan Roy so it's nothing unusual to me," he says. Season 3The third season of "Succession," which follows the Roys, a media family inspired by real-life headline makers like the Murdochs, continues the thread of last season -- with Logan Roy's son attempting to pin illegal happenings in the company on his father. For all the family's drama, though, Cox believes Logan does love his children. "You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form because he's an extraordinary animal," he says. All things, of course, will one day come to an end, and Cox says it's his hope that Logan is around to see it.
Tony Bennett has set a new Guinness World Record
(CNN) One thing is for sure: Tony Bennett knows how to keep the music playing. The Grammy Award-winning singer just set a Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to release an album of new material. "I see a young boy every time I sing with him, and it just makes the experience of singing so freeing. To have it be about two souls singing together ... and then at the same time, I also take in all his wisdom. The wisdom of all his years," Gaga said in a video released by Interscope Records announcing the record.
Transportation chief Buttigieg defends family leave after being mocked by Fox News anchor
WASHINGTON — U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defended paid family leave on Sunday, after Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the secretary for taking paternity leave to care for his twin newborns. Politico reported last week the secretary had been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their twin babies, Penelope and Joseph. On Thursday, Carlson said: “Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child. Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. When pressed if paid family leave will remain in President Joe Biden's $3.5 billion 'Build Back Better' agenda, Buttigieg said, it remains "in the President's vision, we'll see what the legislative process is going to bring."
Supply chain crisis has voters on edge
Suddenly, logistics and supply chain management — traditionally mundane topics — are becoming important political issues as the nation longs for things to return to “normal.”How did it all start? Again, comparing 2021 to 2019, you can see how big a difference that’s made in terms of trade. The first seven months of 2021 saw a 27 percent increase in cargo from Asia compared to the first seven months of 2019. That process often requires trucks and — comparing the numbers from 2019 to 2021 — problems exist in that part of the supply chain as well. All of this matters on the political front in the U.S. because those shortages and increased prices have voters on edge.
UK MPs could be given police protection for public meetings in wake of killing
LONDON — British MPs holding meetings with the public could be offered police protection following the killing of their colleague David Amess, Home Secretary Priti Patel said Sunday. Ministers and parliamentary authorities are carrying out an urgent review of MPs’ security outside parliament after the Conservative representative for Southend West was fatally stabbed at a drop-in meeting in his constituency. These face-to-face meetings, allowing constituents to bring problems to their lawmakers directly, are known as surgeries. Patel said new protective measures would be “immediate.”“This isn’t a case of let’s wait for two weeks, three weeks, four weeks,” she said. MPs were offered tighter security measures following the 2016 murder of Labour representative Jo Cox, who was killed on her way to meet constituents in her Batley and Spen seat.
Robert Durst, Real Estate Heir, Hospitalized With COVID-19
LOS ANGELES — New York real estate heir Robert Durst, who days ago was sentenced in a two-decade-old murder case, has been hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, his lawyer said Saturday. Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin said he was notified that Durst was admitted after testing positive for the coronavirus. The Los Angeles Superior Court said in a statement Saturday that the court was notified someone present for the sentencing hearing for Durst on Thursday had tested positive for COVID-19. Durst, who has numerous medical issues, sat in a wheelchair with a catatonic stare during much of the sentencing hearing. He was convicted in Los Angeles Superior Court last month of first-degree murder for shooting Susan Berman point-blank in the back of the head at her home in December 2000.
Chuck Todd: ‘Biden has to get more involved’ to make progress in Congress
Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss the internal fighting between high-profile senators over the stalled infrastructure bill. Todd says “the White House has allowed Congress to work its will of stalemate” and needs to use its ability to trigger negotiations.Oct.
A year into pandemic, America's remaining lesbian bars are barely hanging on
Courtesy Denise CohenThe pandemic has exacerbated an already troubling trend for lesbian bars. At least nine lesbian bars around the country launched fundraisers to stay afloat during the crisis. Even in New York City, the last remaining lesbian bars are fighting to stay alive. In the South, about five lesbian bars remain, including the relatively recent addition of Herz in Mobile, Alabama. As lesbian bars disappear, DeLaria questioned what the mental health impact has been on queer women.
Kinzinger goes to bat for Biden over Jan. 6 committee comments
But Kinzinger, a strident critic of Trump’s, said he did not think Biden crossed a line with his comments. “I think he has every right to make it clear where the administration stands. However he noted the risks of doing so, particularly given the complicated constitutional and legal dynamics at play. “If we subpoena, all of a sudden, the former president, we know that’s going to become kind of a circus,” he said. “That’s not necessarily something we want to do up front.”Kinzinger, alongside fellow select committee member Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.
Bone-Crushing 'The Batman' Trailer Unleashes Robert Pattinson And Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman
Directed by Matt Reeves, “The Batman” picks up with the caped crusader in only his second year of vigilantism, as opposed to Ben Affleck’s relatively seasoned hero. But from this look, you wouldn’t know Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is new to the whole crime-fighting thing. “Fear is a tool,” Bruce says as the Bat-Signal goes out over Gotham at the start of the trailer. In the final seconds of the first official teaser, Michael Keaton ? who portrayed the character in Tim Burton’s “Batman” films some 30 years ago ? makes a brief appearance. The multiverse-busting film is also expected to bring Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne back into the fold.
Fauci tamps down concern about Covid-19 booster review process
The Moderna vaccine, like a similar one made jointly by Pfizer-BioNTech, was a two-dose schedule whereas J&J was a single shot. Fauci told host Chris Wallace that data gathered in the United States and elsewhere, primarily Israel, point toward the need for booster shots to ward against waning protection against the deadly coronavirus. “As we have seen in the past with other waves that we’ve been through, there’s the danger of resurgence,” Fauci said. Greg Abbott and other Republican elected officials regarding vaccination requirements imposed by the government or private companies. We’re living in a society and society needs to be protected,” Fauci said.
5 Coffee Subscriptions That We Love
5 Coffee Subscriptions That We LoveBen Keough Reporting for Wirecutter ??Michael MurtaughIf you want exceptional coffee, but can’t get it (or if you simply hate shopping offline), online coffee subscriptions can deliver great beans right to your door. Here are a few of our favorites ?
How a Stunning Lagoon in Spain Turned Into ‘Green Soup’
In August, when another wave of dead fish washed up, scientists noted that the water temperature had climbed significantly. But in September, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography published a report that rejected the idea that excessive summer heat helped kill the fish. Scientists instead place much of the blame with farming. In 1979, a canal was opened to carry water from the Tagus — the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula — to southeastern Spain. The canal led to irrigation, which transformed Murcia into one of Europe’s farming powerhouses, producing lettuce, broccoli, artichokes, melons and more for export across the continent.
Covid-19 and Vaccine News: Live Updates
Mr. Durst, 78, was admitted Friday night to LAC+USC Medical Center, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s inmate locator. At a sentencing hearing on Thursday, Mr. Durst sat slumped in a wheelchair. Mr. Durst, whose life story inspired a Hollywood movie and an HBO documentary, will not be eligible for parole. Mr. Durst faces a possible murder indictment in New York in connection with the disappearance of Kathie Durst. Mr. Durst acknowledged to filmmakers that before Ms. Durst disappeared, his marriage included “half arguments, fighting, slapping, pushing” and “wrestling” But he insisted, he did not kill her.
Door by door, a push to rename Confederate streets for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor
“If this Floyd Street was named during the ’50s, of course you would stop and think about why,” she said. “But now that we’ve had the benefit of 70 years since, then the dialogue needs to be on which episodes of this person’s life we should be considering. … Are we erasing history by erasing his name on a street? I think so, maybe.”
Live updates NFL Week 6 scores and highlights
If Dalton Schultz has yet another big game, his managers might want to see what they can get for him in a trade. The fourth-year TE has been surprisingly productive, but his targets could drop precipitously if and when, as expected, WR Michael Gallup returns from injury following Dallas's Week 7 bye. Over their past four games, the Cowboys have averaged a gaudy 201 rushing yards, which is not only great news for Ezekiel Elliott managers but has made fellow RB Tony Pollard a decent flex play.
Kaillie Humphries left Canada to escape alleged abuse. It might cost her an Olympics.
Bobsledding is a small world, so when Bobsleigh Canada hired Todd Hays as coach in the lead-up to the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, Humphries had heard some things from sledders in the United States, where Hays had been the women’s coach from 2011 to 2014. In a recent interview, one U.S. female bobsledder who competed for Hays described him as “charming” but also an “obsessively controlling” coach who often blew up at sledders and used his 6-foot-3 frame and his “intensity” as intimidation. The sledder spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution.
Antibody tests can’t give answers you want about covid-19 immunity.
In Kentucky, the state Senate passed a resolution in September that would have enabled residents to substitute an antibody test for proof of vaccination. The resolution proposed that an individual with antibodies at a level above the 20th percentile of the immunized population should be recognized as having protection equal to that of a fully immunized individual. The measure died when the state House didn’t take it up before the special session ended in September.
William Shatner claps back after George Takei mocks his voyage to space
Former “Star Trek” co-stars William Shatner and George Takei are extending their feud and exchanging insults following the 90-year-old’s recent space expedition on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin capsule. On Thursday Oct. 14, Takei took a jab at Shatner, telling Page Six, “He’s boldly going where other people have gone before.”Shatner and Tekai with the rest of the "Star Trek" cast. Shatner and William got into a feud over his recent voyage, albeit a polite one. I'm in space,’” Shatner said. It was announced earlier this month that Shatner would fly to space on the Blue Origin rocket New Shepard NS-18.
Dems find their anti-Rubio warrior in Val Demings
The payout from Demings’ all-in-on-Facebook campaign — the first of its kind for a major Florida candidate — did more than just surprise Republicans and Rubio allies. Rubio also started Oct. 1 with more cash on hand: $9.6 million to Demings’ $6 million. Demings’ campaign manager, Zack Carroll, served in the same role for Harrison. The fundraising successes of Demings and Warnock have drawn on the thirst in the Democratic Party for strong Black candidates in the post-George Floyd racial justice era. Though he’s been massively outspent by Demings on Facebook, Rubio has made sure to advertise there in Spanish; Demings, so far, has not.
Illinois Democrats agonize over how much to gerrymander
Democratic Rep. Marie Newman, on the other hand, finds herself in a potentially competitive seat — and she was quick to express her displeasure. "And I can’t imagine that Democrats in Illinois, who have a reputation for being incredibly well-organized, disciplined and ruthless, would allow this to happen." In a statement releasing the map, Democrats hailed them as a strong initial attempt that could change after the public weighs in during hearings this week. "Call this new Illinois map the Nancy Pelosi Protection Plan," said state GOP Chairman Don Tracy. Crafted by Zach Koutsky, a longtime Illinois Democratic operative, it appeared on the state Legislature’s online portal late Friday night.
22 Cleaning Products That Actually Do Their Jobs In 10 Minutes Or Less
An instant stain removerSpritz this formula on upholstery and blot instantly to remove wine spills, mud tracks and pet accident stains. "I had terrible rust and oil stains all over the seats of my car. I tried other cleaners to get them out, but they actually made the stains darker. Then I tried this after it was recommended by a friend.I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the seats in my car because nothing else would work. — BrittanyGet a bottle on Amazon for $11.93.
Why America's vets are turning to extremism after the military
The House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) in a Wednesday hearing called on the federal government to do more to protect veterans from manipulation by extremist groups. Preliminary data from a new survey underway by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) shows that 30 percent of respondents have personally witnessed extremism in the military. Far-right extremist groups seek to manipulate the values that attract many individuals to enlist in the armed forces in the first place. Far-right extremist groups seek to manipulate the values that attract many individuals to enlist in the armed forces in the first place. Extremist groups and movements also falsely present violent, antidemocratic, and antigovernment actions — including lethal threats against elected officials and law enforcement, kidnapping plots, and even murder — as courageous revolutionary acts.
17 American missionaries – including children - reportedly kidnapped in Haiti
NBC News foreign correspondent Raf Sanchez joins Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser to talk about the missing American missionaries who were reportedly kidnapped by a gang in Port-au-PrinceOct.
What to watch in NFL Week 6: Young quarterbacks duel in Baltimore and Cleveland
Chiefs at Washington: Neither team really expected to be here after five games. It certainly is more surprising for the Chiefs, who have advanced to the past three AFC championship games and gone 1-1 in Super Bowls in the Patrick Mahomes era. But their loss to Buffalo on Sunday night may have been a sign that the torch has been passed in the AFC. Washington’s defense, supposedly its strong point, has been a problem, too. During training camp, Chase Young, the 2020 defensive rookie of the year, and Montez Sweat spoke of aiming for the NFL’s sack record for a duo.
An early U.S. pregnancy test involved sacrificing rabbits
“I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died. ‘What do you mean the rabbit died?’ I asked my obstetrician in 1956. ‘Doesn’t the rabbit always die in a pregnancy test?’‘Not this one,’ he replied. ‘I had just completed the injection when the dumb bunny jumped off the table and killed herself.’[...] That bunny wasn’t so dumb, she was just cowardly. She foresaw my future and couldn’t bear to be involved.”
Kahleah Copper ‘ain’t no punk’ — and she’s helped push the Sky to the verge of a WNBA title
Thibault said he has long had a special affinity for Rutgers players because they usually come into the league well prepared, especially on the defensive end. He said they seem to blossom offensively in the league and he remembers that Copper wasn’t a great outside shooter but was determined to get better. Now she’s shooting 53.5 percent from the field and 39.3 percent from behind the arc in the playoffs.
'Squid Game' is a huge hit. That may not be enough for Netflix
Netflix's stock was in the red for 2021 as recently as August. Netflix's stock is now up 17% this year, better thanandand roughly in line withyear-to-date rise. The main reason that Netflix's stock stalled earlier this year was due to concerns about slowing user growth. That's because many analysts are extremely upbeat on Netflix's stock. If Netflix's outlook disappoints, the stock could suffer a fate almost as violent as unlucky losers on "Squid Game."
New & Notable: Latest from Playa Beauty, Brooklinen and more
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S. and many brands are raising money for organizations in the space. For example, sales of Evolvetogether’s kids and adult pink everyday medical mask and KN95 mask benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation — 10 percent of each mask sold is donated to the organization. And Stojo is donating 25 percent of proceeds from its Peony colored product sales to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Additionally, Athleta is relaunching the Empower II bra, designed specifically for women affected by breast cancer and equipping Athleta’s Empower Pad Mastectomy Bra insert. Playa Body’s Ritual Body Serum and Every Day Body Wash are designed to help hydrate skin.
New & Notable: Bed Bath & Beyond, NutriBullet, Anker and more
Beyond recent shopping news, we’ve compiled new and notable launches from reader favorite brands and others we think you’ll want to know about. Anker’s Liberty 3 Pro earbuds include HearID active noise cancellation technology, allowing you to choose between three outside-noise blocking levels. Bed Bath & Beyond’s new brand, Studio 3B, features contemporary home decor with modern designs, including bedding and bath products, accent furniture and dining ware. The Dutch Baby is a 3.5-quart Dutch oven that nests inside The Dutchess, the brand’s larger Dutch oven. The mini Dutch oven is available in four colors: Blueberry, Broccoli, Mustard and Taffy.
New & Notable: Amazon, SodaStream, Aura, Satechi and more
Additionally, at Amazon’s annual September fall event last week, it announced new Alexa features in addition to smart home devices. Additionally, Amazon debuted Alexa, Open Sling TV and Alexa, Open TikTok, which users can use to easily launch those platforms’ content. Both devices connect to your smartphone and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, and offer two-way audio. Amazon launches smart home devicesBeyond Amazon Astro, a robot that monitors your home and is available by invitation only, the company also released the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which is compatible with Alexa smart home devices to adjust your home’s temperature. It comes with free unlimited storage for photos and videos, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
New & Notable: Latest from Athleta, HOKA, Osprey, and more
It also offers items for young girls like the Athleta Girl Grace Leotard. The wheeled duffels are available in two styles: the Carry On Wheeled Duffle 40L and the Wheeled Duffle 85L. The Carry-On Travel Pack 44 offers similar features to the Expandable Travel Pack, and Osprey said it’s the largest size carry-on bag allowed by most airlines. It offers multiple exterior and interior pockets, a bottle holder, key clip and ID pocket. Items come in sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL.
New & Notable: NutriBullet, Microsoft, Logitech, GoPro and more
Beyond recent shopping news, we’ve compiled new and notable launches from Shopping reader favorite brands and others we think you’ll want to know about. Facebook added two new devices to its line of Portal products: the Portal Go and Portal+. Microsoft launched multiple Surface devices — some new and some updated versions of previous models — all of which are currently available for pre-order and built for Windows 11. New devices include 2-in-1 PCs like the Surface Go 3, Surface Pro 8 and Surface Duo 2, as well as the Surface Laptop Studio. Incipio, Survivor, Kate Spade and Coach debuted cases for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max devices.
New & Notable: Latest from TOMS, Stitch Fix, Gravity and more
All items in the collection are available to purchase directly through Stitch Fix’s new Freestyle platform. The regular and petite reusable pads absorb up to 12 teaspoons of blood, while the overnight reusable pads absorb up to 20 teaspoons. Reusable pads are machine-washable and come in a pack of three. The Flex Travel Blanket, a new portable weighted blanket from Gravity, weighs 10 pounds and comes with a carrying case so you can pack it in your carry-on luggage or throw it in your weekender bag. The blanket is 6 inches smaller than the brand’s Gravity Blanket.
Removing the %&*@ from Maine's vanity plates will take time
Currently, there are license plates with salty language including f-bombs, references to anatomy and sex acts, and general insults. Requests for so-called vanity license plates that are deemed to be potentially offensive will be on hold in the meantime. “Rule-making will delay the process of active removal of plates from the road but will help us balance the free speech rights of citizens and the public interest of removing inappropriate license plates,” she said. But Maine became the “wild, wild, wild west of vanity license plates” when the state dropped its review process in 2015. In Maine, there are about 121,000 vanity license plates on the roads in a state with about 1.3 million residents.
Is Donald Trump running for president again in 2024? Maybe.
Donald Trump is running for president again. Trump is also constantly floating quotes implying that he’s interested in running again, and his advisers are amplifying them. Trump can use the specter of his potential presidency to continue trying to regulate the direction of the Republican Party. So when Trump uses his 2024 flirtations to boost his war chest, there’s a self-fulfilling element to it. It's impossible to extricate Trump's hunger for profit from his hunger for political power.
Is Trump running in 2024? The Claremont Institute hopes so
Claremont is also, as Daniel Drezner wrote, "the poster child for the devolution of conservative thought into simple-minded racism, immature oppositional thinking and reactionary authoritarianism." Once one of the most prestigious bastions of conservative thought, Claremont now spends its time putting lipstick on the Trumpian wildebeest. The institute is the home base for John Eastman, the founder of Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and a senior fellow. This is bigger than President Trump! https://t.co/wEKMXUJzhP — Patrick T. Brown (@PTBwrites) January 8, 2021Despite the racist tweets, Ryan Williams, the Claremont president, continued to tout Beattie on Twitter the next day.
Sunday Crunch: Remembering Sir David — Investigation latest — MP protection vow
REMEMBERING SIR DAVID: Westminster is coming to terms with the shocking killing of much-loved Southend West MP Sir David Amess at a constituency surgery. But first: Patel told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: “When David’s name is mentioned going forward he will bring great cheer and smiles. Patel told Sky the Prevent program was already being independently reviewed. MP PROTECTION VOW: Police protection for MPs holding constituency surgeries is now being considered in the wake of the killing, Patel confirmed. **A message from Sky: For the first time in the UK, you can now get Sky TV over Wifi.
How Books Led a Young Jane Goodall to Live Among the Chimps
Sadly, though everything was once nicely organized, I have no time to organize, and everyone kindly sends me their books, and there are the books from my childhood, and my mother’s childhood. The huge Bibles of my grandfather, a Congregational minister, even some medical books of my Uncle Eric. If they examined the catholic nature of all the piles of books, there is nothing that would surprise them. Which childhood books and authors stick with you most? I collected poetry books — I especially loved the Romantic poetry of Keats, Shelley, etc., and then the war poets like Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen.
‘Succession’ Season 3: What to Remember Before You Watch
In Season 2, Kendall settled into a role as Logan’s shameless hatchet-man, willing to humiliate himself and to eviscerate the undeserving to promote Waystar’s interests. But his dad’s demand that Kendall take the fall for the cruise ship scandal went a step too far, prompting him to pull the big switcheroo in the season finale’s climactic news conference. Kendall’s unlikely accomplice in that ambush is his cousin Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun), the grandson of Logan’s disapproving brother Ewan (James Cromwell). In Season 1, he smartly held onto some damning documents about Brightstar’s troubles, anticipating the moment when he could use them as leverage. And after Kendall finds himself in need of a plan.
Nostalgia Plus Time Equals a New Breed of Collectible Cars
The MR2 was unusual because it was a midengine design: That robust little four-cylinder was tucked behind the two seats. Without that weight over the front wheels, the MR2 was extraordinarily quick to change directions, which is what sports cars are all about. Plus its starting price was around $11,000 — or just over $27,000 today. And this is how I turned into a cliché: the old codger who buys a car wistfully recalled from his youth. Its original owner had also read the love letters to this Toyota from the time of “Back to the Future.” A test drive won him over.
Chasing Their Fears and Finding Each Other
For their first date five years ago, Ben Lee took Kerrie Knox for a ride in his 1947 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza, flying in and out of a tiny airstrip near where she was living in Cleveland, Tenn. “One of the first things I noticed about Kerrie was just the excitement.” he said. “There was no fear.”Ms. Knox, 29, described the date as “pretty surreal.”She added, “This handsome guy picks me up in an airplane and I had to climb up on the wing to get inside, and the next thing you know, you’re just in the air flying,”For their third date, Ms. Knox, 29, took him rafting down Georgia’s Tallulah Gorge, known for its dangerous rapids with names like Tom’s Brain Buster and Twisted Sister. “We launched directly into a rapid,” Mr. Lee, 31, said. “I was like, ‘Am I going to die?’”He would ask himself that question many more times during their relationship. Before meeting Ms. Knox, who loves to go camping and rock climbing, Mr. Lee had never slept in a tent and despite being a pilot, he has a fear of heights.
How Lili Taylor, Actress and Birder, Spends Her Sundays
Lili Taylor likes birds. She has even taken to toting around a five-pound pair of bins (Audubon Society slang for binoculars) nearly everywhere. “It’s timely,” Ms. Taylor said. “Even more so than when Wally last narrated it back in ’07 as the crash was heating up. “The Reverend was young and excited and committed — a lovely reminder of what’s still possible in this ever-changing city.”
‘It’s Always Going to Haunt Me’: How the Capitol Riot Changed Lives
She reached out to family members to let them know she was locked in the Capitol. A knife-wielding assailant had fatally rammed a police officer with his car outside the driveway to the Capitol and wounded another officer. Before Jan. 6, the Capitol seemed almost impenetrable, its pristine dome the physical embodiment of a secure and stable democracy. We have to.” Going back in there did feel like going back to a scene of a crime. I used to love going out and being in crowds and going to concerts and things like that, but now I just truly enjoy being home.
The Sunday Read: ‘Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans’
When the Hirshhorn Museum told Laurie Anderson that it wanted to put on a big, lavish retrospective of her work, she said no. For one thing, she was busy and has been for roughly 50 years. Over the course of her incessant career, Ms. Anderson has done just about everything a creative person can do. She helped design an Olympics opening ceremony, served as the official artist in residence for NASA, made an opera out of “Moby-Dick” and played a concert for dogs at the Sydney Opera House. On top of all this, Ms. Anderson had philosophical qualms about a retrospective.
Booster Shots, Climate Change, NASA: Your Weekend Briefing
Gang members in Haiti kidnapped as many as 17 American missionaries and their family members as they were leaving an orphanage, Haitian officials said. Details of the kidnapping remained unclear, but local officials said the Christian missionaries were abducted from a bus in Port-au-Prince that was heading to the airport on Saturday. Haiti has been in a state of political upheaval for years, and kidnappings of the rich and poor alike are alarmingly common. Violence is rampant across the capital, especially in the wake of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July. They operate at will, kidnapping children on their way to school and pastors in the middle of delivering their services.
In Russia, experts are challenging official pandemic figures as too low. They refuse to be silenced.
Tatiana Mikhailova an economist and expert in data analysis, formerly of the prestigious Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, discovered a pattern in many Russian regions’ reporting on daily cases. Instead of the familiar pandemic curve, the overall case numbers swung wildly in regional reports. Numbers for the main city in region went up one day and the rest of the region’s numbers went down — as if the city and the wider region were taking turns in experiencing surges.
Adele’s new single ‘Easy on Me’ shatters Spotify, Amazon Music records
In a recent interview with British Vogue, Adele opened up about the divorce and its impact on her son. “My son has had a lot of questions. Really good questions, really innocent questions, that I just don’t have an answer for. [like] ‘Why can’t you still live together?’” she told journalist Giles Hattersley, adding that she struggled with anxiety as her marriage broke down.
The new Rolling Stone: 'More immediate, more visceral' and tougher on Eric Clapton
The magazine also has been working hard to appeal to a younger audience while retaining its loyal readers. It’s rolling out four related cover stories in which new artists are paired with more established ones, such as Olivia Rodrigo with Alanis Morissette, and Kehlani with Alicia Keys. Shachtman wants to expand the boundaries beyond traditional rock and pop; he’d love to be covering the best rap artists from Africa, for example. As a longtime reggae bassist, whose bands played the legendary, now-defunct CBGB in New York and the 9:30 Club in Washington, Shactman has a serendipitous feeling about this new gig combining music and journalism.
Concord Review has published long student essays since 1988
He taught one more year to pay for his sabbatical, then quit. The next 14 years he worked with no pay and no vacation from his dining room table. The first edition of the Concord Review came out in the fall of 1988. He sent the first four issues free to 1,000 private schools. They were the most likely to require student research.
Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol
Although the rally is billed as a political protest, some make calls to storm the Capitol even before Trump speaks. “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building.” Two hours before this, the Proud Boys were already heading for the Capitol. “Proud Boys.” As Trump is speaking, some of his other supporters also head to the Capitol. is a [expletive] war zone.” Police retreat to the Capitol building where it’s becoming more threatening. “It’s our House!” “Whose House?” “Our House!” Throughout the Capitol, staffers have barricaded doors to keep the mob out.
Deadlines arrive for school staff to be vaccinated in Washington region
The rollout of coronavirus vaccine mandates has not appeared to encounter major hurdles, although some parents and teachers have spoken out to argue the decision to get vaccinated should be a personal one. At least one group of teachers and staff posted a petition against a mandate in Montgomery County, saying they stand to be “unjustifiably terminated” because of it.
Team Jessica Korda wins Aramco Team Series -- first Ladies European Tour event held in US
(CNN) Team Jessica Korda won the Aramco Team Series on Saturday, the first Ladies European Tour event to be held in the US. Comprised of Korda, Karolin Lampert, Lina Boqvist and amateur Alexandra O'Laughlin, her team finished just ahead of Sophia Popov and her team to claim the inaugural titleThe two teams had to be separated by a nerve-wracking playoff after they finished tied on a total of 41 under par. And under the floodlights at Glen Oaks Club, New York, a par on the 17th hole for Korda against Popov was enough to clinch the title -- her second LET title, and a first for Lampert and Boqvist. "It was nice to be able to share it with the team," Korda said afterwards.
Exactly a year to the day after winning NBA title, former player JR Smith makes college golf debut
(CNN) Two-time NBA champion JR Smith made his college golf debut on Monday exactly a year to the day after he won an NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith, a 16-year NBA veteran, enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University in August, with the hopes of playing on the university's golf team. After making the team, the 36-year-old made his debut at the Elon Phoenix Invitational at Alamance Country Club. pic.twitter.com/RDNJGhiRaw — JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith) October 11, 2021And Smith got off to a pretty solid start, making two birdies in the first five holes. He remained in the middle of the leaderboard through the front nine at one over par.
The Surprising Conservatism of Reality Dating Series
One study from the data-tracking company PeerLogix found that dating show viewership spiked during the pandemic, even drawing viewers away from other genres. Reality TV showcases those modern anxieties in a place where the old-fashioned rules still apply. In reality TV land, singlehood isn’t a newly desirable state, but rather a purgatory that people will exit as soon as their finances allow, or they meet the right partner, or an army of TV producers steps in to intervene. ***A few dating shows do celebrate the disposable aspects of Tinder culture; Netflix’s recent “Sexy Beast” took shallow, attractive people, slathered them in grotesque makeup, and proved they would still be game for one-night stands. In that franchise, producers’ commitment to keeping politics out of the story can make the show feel disconnected from real life.
They fought vaccine mandates and got low Covid approvals. They’re not sweating.
In states with vaccine mandates, 52 percent of people approve or strongly approve of their governors’ handling of the pandemic, according to the latest survey from the Covid States Project, which has been tracking gubernatorial approval ratings for the past year and a half. That coronavirus approval rating drops to 42 percent for governors in states with no vaccine requirements. And it takes yet another hit — dropping to just 36 percent — in states where governors have barred vaccine mandates. The findings could be temporary, and influenced by summer outbreaks that are now subsiding, but the study’s authors believe the public’s support for vaccine requirements is real, as is its distaste for those opposing the measures. “Leadership is about doing the right thing, which is not always the most popular thing, especially in the short term,” DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw said.
’Not the boring old white guy again’: Black candidates see fundraising windfall
“I think Black candidates have proven more and more than ever that we're talented, but we didn't have the resources to compete...this is the future. It helps that many Black candidates are challenging high-profile, highly polarizing opponents, a sure-fire way to stock the campaign coffers. Harrison’s fundraising prowess has made him a key resource for other Black Senate candidates, to whom he offers fundraising tips and staff suggestions. Harrison points out that until now, Black candidates were not the first choice of party leadership in competitive primaries. “We still have a huge challenge of under-representation right now...we have to have a single Black woman,” said Quentin James, founder and president of the Collective PAC, which supports progressive Black candidates running for office and has endorsed three non-incumbent Black Democratic Senate candidates.
Opinion | Ethiopia is plunging into chaos. It's time for a new Dayton Peace Process.
This crisis will require diplomacy and mediation on a scale not seen since the 1995 Dayton peace process to end the bloody war in Bosnia. Ethiopia in 2021 is not the same as Bosnia in 1995, and a Dayton-style process would need to be adapted to local realities. The U.S., Europe and our African allies and partners have clear security, economic and humanitarian interests in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is at the strategic center of the Horn, surrounded by Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya. What’s more, a united and stable Ethiopia has always been a provider of stability across the Horn of Africa region.
Why You NEED To Soak Your Rice, According To Indian Cooking Experts
AdvertisementThe ordeal also sparked a larger conversation about the various methods of cooking rice. Soaking rice before cooking it actually assimilates its nutritional qualities, meaning it helps the gastrointestinal tract better absorb vitamins and minerals from the rice, according to renowned Indian nutritionist and advocate of regional indigenous foods Rujuta Diwekar. It is these factors that determine the amount of liquid and time needed to soak the rice, and to cook the rice to perfection. How long to soak rice? Every type of rice and recipe calls for specific instructions, but this is generally how long to soak rice:Unmilled or unhusked whole grain brown, black, red, wild or other unpolished rice: Soak 6-12 hoursPolished brown rice: Soak 4-6 hoursThai sticky rice: Soak overnightBasmati, jasmine and sushi rice: Soak 15-30 minutes, unless the recipe specifically recommends otherwiseShort grain starchy and glutinous rice (arborio): Don’t soakOrdinary polished white rice: Soak 0-15 minutes (recommended but not necessary)More reasons Indian cooks soak their rice.
In Texas, The Most Important Race In 2022 Isn't For Governor
Mike Collier, an accountant running for lieutenant governor in Texas next year, believes he can finally deliver the major victory Texas Democrats have been longing for and break Republicans' stranglehold on the state. Mike Collier for Lieutenant Governor CampaignThirteen months before the 2022 election, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke (D) is still mulling a challenge to Gov. As in many other states, the Texas lieutenant governor serves as the president of the state senate. “Their agenda’s all wrong, and the agenda’s all wrong because the lieutenant governor is the wrong man for the job,” Collier told HuffPost. “The lieutenant governor is without a doubt the dream seat to flip if you could only flip one.”Since taking office in 2015, Texas Lt. Gov.
How an Illinois Factory Became Ensnared in a Ukrainian Money-Laundering Probe
Working on behalf of a firm called Optima International, Schochet offered $16.75 million for the empty building. Optima International was a parent company to a constellation of related firms (including one called “Optima Harvard Facility LLC”). Prosecutors would later dub this the “Optima Family,” with its American operations overseen by two Americans named Mordechai Korf (Schochet’s brother-in-law) and Uri Laber. Korf and Mr. Laber have never engaged in money laundering of any kind, and they have no knowledge of anyone else doing so. But the DOJ complaint notes that the Harvard plant purchase was part of the sprawling Optima laundering scheme (including fraudulent loans used to purchase the plant in the first place).
U.S. religious group says 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti
A U.S. government spokesperson said they were aware of the reports on the kidnapping. “The welfare and safety of U.S. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State,” the spokesperson said, declining further comment. Gangs have been accused of kidnapping schoolchildren, doctors, police officers, busloads of passengers and others as they grow more powerful. “Political turmoil, the surge in gang violence, deteriorating socioeconomic conditions – including food insecurity and malnutrition – all contribute to the worsening of the humanitarian situation,” BINUH said in its report. Among those who met with Haiti’s police chief was Uzra Zeya, U.S. under secretary of state for civilian security, democracy, and human rights.
The Nets Had a Chance to Win Over New York. Now, They’ll Try Again.
This summer, the Nets retooled their roster, somehow managing to add talent to one of the best on-paper assemblies in N.B.A. That’s true even if Kyrie Irving, barred from games until he gets vaccinated, doesn’t play for a while. But if the Nets don’t win at least one ring, this era most likely will be considered one of the biggest flops ever — and the Nets will have blown their best chance to cut into the suddenly resurgent Knicks’ hold on the city. team in New York City,” John Abbamondi, the chief executive of the Nets, said in an interview at Barclays before that Game 7. That’s our aspiration.”Nine years ago, the Nets played their first season in Brooklyn, after being in New Jersey since 1977 following the merger with the A.B.A.
A Year Later, a Schoolteacher’s Beheading Still Haunts France
PARIS — Most schools throughout France observed a minute of silence on Friday in remembrance of Samuel Paty, a teacher whose attempt to illustrate free speech to his students led to his beheading a year ago by an Islamist fanatic. As a history teacher, Mr. Paty was responsible for teaching civics. To illustrate the right to blasphemy, free speech and freedom of conscience, he showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, setting in motion a swirl of lies and rumor that ended in his beheading. The police investigation revealed that the girl who told her father, Brahim Chnina, a false version of what had taken place in the class and prompted the online frenzy that led to the killing had not been in the class at all. But the story, it emerged in March, was made up; she was never there.
South Korea Reconsiders a Rite of Manhood: The Draft
One viewer said that he was beaten in his chin, cheeks and head and was subjected to abusive language as a private. South Korean men who live abroad and haven’t served in the military are eligible, until they turn 36, to be drafted once they return home. Still, South Korean officials have been carving out exemptions even while conscription rates have risen. The draft has long been sustained by the view that all men must serve in the military. Draft dodgers often are stigmatized and alienated from their families and friends.
David F. Kennedy, Whose Ad Agency Put Nike on the Map, Dies at 82
David F. Kennedy, a founder of the innovative advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, which created famous campaigns featuring Nike’s slogan “Just do it” and Lou Reed on a Honda scooter, died on Sunday at his home in Estacada, Ore., near Portland. The cause was heart failure, said Jeff Selis, a former Wieden+Kennedy producer and a family friend. Wieden+Kennedy, which Mr. Kennedy started in Oregon with Dan Wieden in 1982, elevated Portland’s creative cachet at a time when advertising was mostly associated with New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. While many rivals have been subsumed by gargantuan holding companies, the agency remained at his death an independent shop, with eight offices around the world and about 1,500 employees. In 1988, Mr. Kennedy was the creative director on the first Nike commercial to include Mr. Wieden’s slogan “Just do it,” featuring an 80-year-old man named Walt Stack who ran 17 miles each morning.
New York City’s Top Corruption Watchdog Leaving for Federal Role
Margaret Garnett, the commissioner of the New York City agency that roots out corruption in local government, will leave her post and become the No. 2 official in the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, that office said on Wednesday. Ms. Garnett, who earlier spent 12 years as a Southern District prosecutor, has been the city’s investigation commissioner since late 2018, when she was nominated for the post by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Last week, in perhaps her final report as commissioner, her office, the Department of Investigation, criticized Mr. de Blasio’s use of his security detail for political and personal reasons, including for trips taken during his presidential campaign — findings the mayor sharply criticized. At her confirmation hearing for the city position, Ms. Garnett told council members that she would “hang up” if someone called her and tried to pressure her to stop a city investigation.
John Paul I, Pope for 33 Days in 1978, Will Be Beatified
The Vatican announced on Wednesday that Pope John Paul I, the Italian pontiff who reigned for only 33 days before his death in 1978, will be beatified after a miracle was attributed to him, bringing him one step closer to sainthood. Pope Francis authorized a decree that recognized a first miracle attributed to John Paul I, the mysterious healing of a sick young girl in Buenos Aires in 2011, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, which oversees the canonization process, said in a statement. “A causal link between the invocation of the Venerable John Paul I and the young girl’s healing was acknowledged,” it said. The 11-year-old girl had contracted a serious form of inflammatory encephalopathy that led her to be intubated, and later came down with bronchial pneumonia, the congregation said, adding that the hospital’s priest proposed to her mother that they seek the intercession of John Paul I.
Can’t Decide What Color to Paint Your Walls? There’s a Consultant for That.
“I have someone’s floor plan and we have photos, we work on Zoom,” she added. Sessions with Ms. Wendell start at $675, and she charges $180 an hour for a virtual consultation, with a two-hour minimum. Environmental PsychologistImagine you could paint your home office a color that could spur you to think more creatively during work hours. Ms. Augustin, co-founder of the firm The Space Doctors, has pored over scientific studies to understand how sensory stimuli affect our performance and mood. Working from her home in Chicago, Ms. Augustin examines clients’ floor plans and room photos and takes into consideration their personalities and goals.
Bricks Return With Style in New High-End Buildings
Perhaps it’s a symptom of glass tower fatigue, perhaps it can be attributed to a desire for a building material that has warmth and texture. Around the city, in TriBeCa, Chelsea, Brooklyn and Queens, on the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side and elsewhere, new developments are sporting brick facades, often with custom-crafted bricks, in some instances with those couture bricks arranged in eye-catching patterns. “Now,” Mr. Zimmerman said, “architects at high-end projects are reinterpreting brick in terms of its style and size and in the design of the facade. The Grand Mulberry in Little Italy, a seven-story 20-unit condominium at 185 Grand Street, designed by Morris Adjmi Architects and scheduled for completion early next year, is clad in specially-made red-orange bricks. The overlay of hand-molded dome-shaped bricks is arranged in a pattern that could have emerged from a dot-matrix printer.
Mickalene Thomas Is Reinventing Nudes
“Camden’s not an easy place to break from,” Thomas, who goes by Mickey with her friends and family, told me. The girlfriend was five years older than her and Filipina; they met while working at a restaurant, where Thomas bused tables and the girlfriend was a hostess. In Portland, they lived with the girlfriend’s parents — “we were on the D.L.,” Thomas said with a laugh — and Thomas finished high school. ‘She’s always been very good at taking humble materials and imbuing them with this kind of nobility.’Though she was inspired by Weems, Thomas initially stuck to painting and abstraction. It also reminds me of my mother and aunties, all of whom liked to shine when stepping out for the night — a nod to a different kind of mastery.
‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes on the N.F.L.’s Jon Gruden Scandal
scandal has wide-reaching implications when it makes it as far as a “Saturday Night Live” opening sketch. This week, in an episode hosted by Rami Malek and featuring the musical guest Young Thug, “S.N.L.” led off with a segment about Jon Gruden, the former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, who stepped down on Monday. The “S.N.L.” sketch made use of several members of the show’s cast — even Colin Jost, who’s rarely seen away from the Weekend Update desk, and who played the N.F.L. Speaking as Goodell, Jost said, “When you see me on TV, it’s never good. This time, one of our coaches is accused of racism, misogyny and homophobia.
Smutty Smiff Gets His Bass Back
“It’s kind of restored my belief in humanity and karma,” said Smutty, who called from the homeless shelter in Reykjavik where he works. Because they are planning a tour and will be playing in New York, Smutty decided to keep the bass in the metro area, rather than lug it back and forth to Iceland. On Monday, Smutty told Mr. Vidal not to hand the bass over to anybody but Mr. Ryan. “So many people have been calling him and telling him they’ll come and pick it up for me,” Smutty said. A bass player himself, Mr. Vidal said he traded his own Fender Precision electric for it, unaware it was stolen.
Robert Durst has Covid, his lawyer says, and is on a ventilator.
Mr. Durst faces a possible murder indictment in New York in connection with the disappearance of Kathie Durst. The question came up after the panel heard a presentation about a study showing that the mix-and-match approach gives patients who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine a stronger antibody response. Preliminary data from the study showed that the antibody levels of those who had gotten a Johnson & Johnson shot followed by a Moderna booster rose 76-fold within 15 days, whereas the antibody levels of those who had received a Johnson & Johnson booster rose only fourfold in the same period. A Pfizer booster raised antibody levels 35-fold in Johnson & Johnson recipients. “At the end of the day, folks having the Johnson & Johnson should probably get an mRNA booster,” said Scott Hensley, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania.
What We Know About the Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery
michael barbaroToday, the death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery and my colleague Richard Fausset’s investigation into it. I came across another couple, and they had already made up their mind that Ahmaud Arbery deserved what he had gotten. It said that the man who shot Ahmaud Arbery, Travis McMichael, was justified in doing so because Mr. Arbery had grabbed the shotgun. It turns out that his son worked in the local district attorney’s office with Greg McMichael, one of the men who had pursued Ahmaud Arbery. richard faussetThe video was shot by a third man who was also engaged in the pursuit of Ahmaud Arbery.
Despite a Punishing Drought, San Diego Has Water. It Wasn’t Easy.
In 1996, the San Diego County Water Authority struck a landmark agreement to buy water from farmers in the Imperial Valley, in California’s southeastern corner, that heralded the beginning of the region’s water divorce from Los Angeles. The authority finished raising the San Vicente Dam in 2014, adding more capacity to San Vicente Reservoir in the biggest water storage increase in the county’s history. Expand the region’s so-called pure water programs, once given the derisive moniker “toilet to tap,” because they purify gray water to make it drinkable. Today, such programs are seen as some of the most promising paths forward, not just in San Diego but across the state. San Diego has provided a road map for others now scrambling for water, said Toni Atkins, who is the president pro tem of the California Senate and previously served on the San Diego City Council.
Today’s Must-Have Amenity? A Little Green Space.
The move toward incorporating more outdoor spaces in luxury buildings was underway before the pandemic struck. But life in lockdown has made it a necessity. “Five or six years ago, I said that living life in New York without outdoor space would not be considered luxury anymore, which was quite controversial at the time,” said Eran Chen, the founding principal of ODA, an architecture firm known for designing condominiums that incorporate green space in imaginative ways. “I actually believe, even more today, that there’s going to be a major shift in what’s considered luxury,” he added, “and that buying any luxury real estate in New York without outdoor space will be considered unacceptable.”As parks like the High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Little Island add green space to the city’s public realm, developers are working in a similar vein in private, moving beyond the occasional roof deck or penthouse terrace to install community gardens and plantings that weave from the street to the roof. And those who had the foresight to begin before the pandemic are reaping the rewards.
Will New Covid Treatments Be as Elusive for Poor Countries as Vaccines?
Moon, co-director of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Generic production licenses for restricted territories can leave middle-income countries that have frail public health systems paying prices nearly as high as rich ones. Merck says it will use World Bank income data from these countries to calculate what it charges for the drug in each. Unitaid, the Geneva-based global health agency, said $3.5 billion in new funding from rich nations was needed to make therapeutics accessible, the bulk of it for antivirals in low-income countries. We need donors to step up with funds to make sure treatments reach everyone,” Janet Ginnard, the director of strategy, said.
D.C.-area forecast: Much cooler air rides in on a gusty breeze through tomorrow
Today (Sunday): A big difference today with much cooler air, very low humidity and crisp winds from the northwest gusting as high as 30 mph. After some spots start the day in the mid-to-upper 40s, morning temperatures rise through the 50s under mostly sunny skies. A few clouds could pop up during the afternoon, and can’t rule out a stray sprinkle, as highs reach the low to mid-60s (but feeling like the 50s most of the day with the wind). A decent day for outdoor activities if you dress in layers and consider a windbreaker jacket, for instance. Confidence: Medium-High
90 Seconds of Rage
They say they had no intention of rioting or trespassing to keep Mr. Trump in office. Mr. Mullins and his wife, whom he met in the seventh grade, live beside a lake about 30 miles north of Wingo. Mr. Mullins is the treasurer, handyman and quiet benefactor who finds the preachers for sparsely attended Sunday services. Joseph Rushmore‘Go Forth and Fight’Circulating in the milling crowd around Mr. Mullins were six strangers destined to become his co-defendants. Later, Mr. Lopatic told the doctors treating his injuries that he’d been jumped in an attempted robbery.
In the Trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s Accused Killers, Unsettling Video Will Have a Starring Role
ATLANTA — The three white Georgia men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery have already come in for harsh judgment from the highest of places. Donald Trump called the slaying of Mr. Arbery, an unarmed Black man, “disturbing.” Barack Obama described it as an example of enduring racial injustice. Their pursuit of Mr. Arbery, 25, through their Brunswick suburb after suspecting him of a series of break-ins ended with a brief fight in which Travis McMichael fired his shotgun at Mr. Arbery at close range. On Monday, attention will turn back to Brunswick, where jury selection is set to begin in the murder trial of the three men — the first chapter in a courtroom drama likely to be charged with raw emotion and allegations of racism. With an unsettling video playing a starring role, the trial will bear similarities to that of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was found guilty of murder in April after a bystander video showed him kneeling for roughly nine minutes on the neck of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man.
HBO's 'Succession' Season 3 features a Roy family out for blood
After a two-year gap, HBO’s onetime sleeper hit “Succession” finally debuts its pandemic-delayed third season on Sunday. But though “Succession” may be a bit of a dinosaur, there’s lots of roar left in the old girl yet. It's the story of the billionaire Roy family, and the struggle over who will inherit the patriarch’s glitzy but struggling media conglomerate. Ever since the show’s first season, when Waystar Royco CEO Logan Roy (Brian Cox) miraculously recovered from a stroke, the immediacy of the succession question has been backburnered for a slower musical chairs dynamic. His Logan Roy is both man and monster, someone utterly consumed by the game of acquisitions and mergers, and who must appear to be winning at all times.
Melbourne to ease world’s longest Covid-19 lockdown
MELBOURNE — Melbourne, which has spent more time under Covid-19 lockdowns than any other city in the world, is set to lift its stay-at-home orders this week, officials said on Sunday. Australian and other media say this is the longest in the world, exceeding a 234-day lockdown in Buenos Aires. More easing, including the reopening of many retailers, will come once 80 percent of eligible Victorians are fully vaccinated — estimated by Nov. 5 at the latest. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politicsOn Sunday, Victoria recorded 1,838 new coronavirus cases and seven deaths. The government is also in discussions with Singapore about reopening travel between the two countries for the fully vaccinated.
After 9/11, China grew into a superpower as a distracted U.S. fixated on terrorism, experts say
WASHINGTON — Twenty years ago, White House officials were worried about China and tensions were rising. The move, and the rhetoric surrounding the fight against terrorism, gave China a justification to crack down on Muslims in China, experts said. But a faltering war effort in Afghanistan and turmoil in the Middle East kept drawing Washington's attention away from China. But they say America remains a center of innovation and still has the means at its disposal to compete with China and win. In private conversations with his Chinese counterparts, Lewis said he has told them not to write off the United States just yet.
UK will seek to ‘correct’ rulings by European Court of Human Rights
Raab also claimed that British troops serving overseas were being put “in harm’s way” | Steve Parsons/WPA Pool via Getty ImagesU.K. Justice Secretary Dominic Raab on Sunday said an upcoming overhaul of the U.K.’s Human Rights Act would include a “mechanism” to “correct” rulings by the European Court of Human Rights. The minister also claimed that British troops serving overseas were being put “in harm’s way” out of fear of legal action under the European Convention on Human Rights. “We’re identifying the problems and we’re making sure we fix them,” Raab said. “The Justice Secretary proposes to enable ministers to ‘correct’ court judgments that they consider ‘incorrect’. This raises profound constitutional concerns.”The U.K. was among the first countries to ratify the European Convention of Human Rights in 1949 and has accepted the jurisdiction of the Stasbourg court since 1966.
As Ron Rivera knows, having worked for Andy Reid isn’t much help while facing him
On Sunday, Rivera will be the third former assistant Reid has faced in this season’s first six weeks. Reid has fared well against them overall, with a 11-5 record, according to TruMedia, but he has lost both times this season, first to John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens and last week to Sean McDermott’s Buffalo Bills. Rivera is 1-1 against Reid, and mutual friends joked Rivera should call Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, with whom Rivera played on the Chicago Bears, to ask the finer points of how he stifled Mahomes with two-deep zone coverages.
California faces 'existential' dilemma in tackling climate change, housing crisis
LOS ANGELES — Santa Monica resident Leonora Camner only has to open her windows to escape Southern California's worsening heatwaves. Where millions of Los Angeles County residents must sit in a car for more than an hour to drive to the beach, Camner can get there in minutes. At the center of the debate in Southern California is a yet-to-be completed tool that could bridge the gap between conservation and development. Visitors check their photos taken at Griffith Observatory with a smoky/smoggy view of the Hollywood sign in the background, in Los Angeles, on Sept. 14, 2020. Ultimately, members of the Southern California Association of Governments voted to pause development of the SoCal Greenprint for future study and review.
After the Jan. 6 riot, police departments confront the mental health toll of the job
Erin Smith, whose husband, Jeffrey Smith, died by suicide days after responding to the Capitol riot, wants to change that. Efforts to address policing and hold them accountable have come with advocates and police departments pushing for money to address mental health issues among the uniformed. The police reform bill that fell apart in the Senate last month would have included tens of millions of dollars for police departments across the country to address the growing mental health needs. Jeffrey Smith. Her husband, who had no prior history of depression or mental health issues, became irritable, distant, reclusive and angry.
In Virginia, Republicans see education, curriculum fears as a path to victory
WARRENTON, Va. — Democrat Terry McAuliffe launched his campaign for Virginia governor last year at a public school to tout his education plan. And education has frequently been the battlefield of American culture wars, from war protests to classroom prayer. He just absolutely confirmed what we all believed.”McAuliffe has dismissed the issue and conspiratorial fear-mongering, saying critical race theory is not even taught in Virginia schools. And all he's doing, like (Former President Donald) Trump, is getting parents fighting parents, using children as political pawns. (Republicans ran ads suggesting that the suburbs of Washington, D.C., had become dangerous because of gang activity and blamed Democrats.)
Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier is public, but most visitors can reach it only via private land
“It is something that comes up on every tour, and if it doesn’t come up on its own . I don’t mind bringing it up,” said Nick Jenkins, who has guided thousands of visitors on the Matanuska Glacier since 2011 for Nova Alaska, a tour company based a few miles west of the access road. “Some people assume it’s a public access point. And so they ask, ‘Is this state park access?’ Or they ask, ‘What kind of a park is this?’ And the answer typically surprises them that it’s a private park.”
In 'Build Back Better' fight, progressives have to give a lot to get a little
In other words, progressives are going to have to give up on some of their goals to achieve others. But they have resisted making those choices themselves as the try to gauge what they can and can't get from the pivotal moderate Senate Democrats, Sens. Sinema has resisted making a bargain before the House passes a separate bipartisan infrastructure measure that progressives blocked a few weeks ago. To get a deal, they will have to disappoint progressives — because the plan is essentially a compilation of progressive legislative proposals. Sanders escalated the fight Friday by publishing an op-ed extolling the provisions of Biden's plan in Manchin's home state.
Critical race theory battle invades school boards — with help from conservative groups
Jeff Porter, a school superintendent in suburban Maine, said his district has been "almost held hostage" by a national battle over critical race theory. They have become media darlings in conservative circles and made the debate over critical race theory a national issue. “The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory,’” he wrote. “There was the ‘war on Christmas,’ and now everybody is teaching critical race theory. The critical race theory debate became a central issue of last week’s school board race, with Maksymowicz facing calls to resign.
Rami Malek, Pete Davidson Spoof 'Squid Game' In Bloody County Music Video On 'SNL'
“Saturday Night Live” guest host Rami Malek and Pete Davidson twisted the grim Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” into a languorous — and bloody — country music video in an odd homage to the hugely popular program. The two begin in typical country duds and settings, sadly singing their woes and lack of cash. “Guess I gotta play the Squid Game,” they each croon. AdvertisementThen things get creepy, but they stay nearly as relaxed, even while playing the deadly “red light, green light” game. “So I’m back to the Squid Game.
Covid and critical race theory: Sleepy school board races are waking up
This year's school board race is heating up in Kansas' most populated county — and across the country. And school board recall efforts are under way in districts in several states, including Louisiana, Virginia and Wisconsin. The endorsements are among more than 50 the PAC has made, supporting school board candidates in Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio and elsewhere. In Ankeny, another Des Moines suburb, a school board race garnered attention after Iowa Gov. A third candidate dropped out of the school board race in September, although her name will remain on the ballot.
In historic first, Russian film crew lands after shoot aboard ISS
MOSCOW — A Soyuz space capsule carrying a cosmonaut and two Russian filmmakers has landed after a 3.5-hour trip from the International Space Station. Saturday with cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy, actress Yulia Peresild and film director Klim Shipenko aboard. Novitskiy, who spent more than six months aboard the space station, is to star as the ailing cosmonaut in the movie. More scenes remain to be shot on Earth for the film whose release date is uncertain. Seven astronauts remain aboard the space station: Russia’s Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov; Americans Mark Vande Hei, Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur; Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency, and Japan’s Aki Hoshide.
The Nicki Minaj and Jesy Nelson Blackfishing controversy shows how Black culture is abused
Now Minaj is also aiding her defense against accusations that the music video shows Nelson engaging in Blackfishing. The production features colorful wigs and white individuals in dreads, gold teeth and hoop earrings, all in an attempt to replicate early 2000s hip-hop culture. In the video, Nelson has chosen to display Black aesthetics in a vein that reinforces negative, time-worn beliefs. That, of course, undermines the claim that they were merely intended as tributes rather than exploitation, all while reinforcing that Black culture is less than — and disposable. After making money off the aesthetic of hip-hop culture, she essentially rejected an entire, complex genre for being uncivilized.
Life as a 'foreign agent': Inside Russia's crackdown on free speech
But, last year, the state began to deploy it against independent Russian journalists. The Kremlin's moves against domestic dissent have sparked fears of a return to the Communist era's approach to free speech Spencer Platt / Getty ImagesThe foreign agent law was signed in 2012. “It is not the Russian state that drives you out of business, you have to kill your own business yourself,” Kovalev said. And now, when you have individual people declared foreign agents, you see how devastating this actually is.”President Vladimir Putin addressed the law at a forum in Moscow on Wednesday, defending the foreign agent list as a routine act of bureaucracy, akin to the Foreign Agent Registration Act in the United States. That law obliges think-tanks, lobbyists, and foreign state-funded media outlets to report financial ties to foreign governments, but is less aggressive than the Russian law.
Bowen Yang Does Hilarious 'SNL' Take On An Oompa Loompa Coming Out
“Oh my God,” says Yang. “You just outed me on national television.”AdvertisementAll Yang wanted to do was read a press statement about the Oompa Loompa crew going on strike because of horrible working conditions at Wonka’s chocolate factory. “This twink Wonka or Twonka may look as yummy as lickable wallpaper, but make no mistake, he is ...” he begins again to read. Actually, Colin, you just did me a huge favor, because now I can be honest — about absolutely everything.”AdvertisementCheck it out in the video clip above. Yang also had an interesting take on his participation in “bug day” at a middle school, which can be seen here:
'Colin Kaepernick' Reminds 'SNL' Who Was Right About The NFL All Along
I wonder if anyone tried to warn people about this before. I’m scratching my head trying to remember who said that,” said Redd. He was followed by a long line-up of replacement coaches who had to resign immediately because of similar issues. The bit began with Colin Jost as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defending the league. “All 32 teams in our lerague understand that diversity is our strength,” said Jost.
With Walk-Off Win, Atlanta Snags an Early Edge Over Dodgers
It was Los Angeles’s turn for a lead to vanish fast. With one out in the fourth, Tony Gonsolin entered as the Dodgers’ fourth pitcher of the evening. As he walked to the plate, a smattering of chanters demanded that he win the league’s Most Valuable Player Award. Albies, who levitated in the sixth inning for a catch to extinguish one of Los Angeles’s most menacing scoring opportunities, swung at the first pitch he saw from Treinen. The ball lobbed toward the outfield, near the etching in the grass honoring the Atlanta slugger Hank Aaron, who died in January.
Countries in Asia are placing orders for a new drug to treat coronavirus. Poorer nations could miss out again
(CNN) During the global scramble to secure vaccines, many countries in Asia-Pacific were slow off the mark. Countries around the region are rushing to place orders for the latest weapon against Covid-19 : an antiviral pill that isn't even authorized for use yet. Molnupiravir is seen as a positive step because it offers a way to treat Covid-19 -- without patients needing to be in hospital. And unlike other Covid-19 treatments, molnupiravir can be taken at home, freeing up hospital resources for more seriously ill patients. Senanayake said once again there was a risk of richer countries getting more than their fair share.
Iowa's Loss Opens the Door for Romping Cincinnati into the CFB Playoff
For the Bearcats to make the College Football Playoff, they must go above and beyond. They must convince the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, which has made it clear it does not much care for teams outside of Power Five conferences, that it can't omit them this time around. Everything that needs to happen for Cincinnati to make the College Football Playoff is happening. Iowa's loss means Cincinnati will likely climb up yet another spot. With so many more meaningful games to be played by College Football Playoff contenders, that help is likely to come.
‘Mommy, are those mean people still outside?’: Florida school board member shares harassment’s toll
Brevard County School Board member Jennifer Jenkins has been the target of a months-long intimidation campaign over her support for masks, from protests outside her home to a false report made against her to child protective services. Jenkins tells MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez about the impact on her 5-year-old daughter and why she believes these right-wing groups continue to “terrorize and harass people.” Oct. 17, 2021
Trump telling Republicans not to vote is the GOP's worst nightmare
Former President Donald Trump is taking his commitment to 2020 election disinformation to the next level — and it should be terrifying his own party. Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. All of these claims — and every other claim about the 2020 election being rigged — have been presented without credible evidence and debunked. But the point is that Trump has worked backward from the lie that the election was rigged and is now asking Republicans to manufacture evidence to buttress that lie. And even if Trump were to backtrack eventually, he might not be able to reverse all the damage he’s caused.
Climate change policy likely to be cut from spending bill
President Biden’s signature clean energy program is likely to be cut from the spending bill in order to appease democratic senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The senator says the policy is unnecessary. MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez and her panel discuss how this could impact president Biden’s climate change goals. Oct. 17, 2021
Russian Film Crew Wraps Space Station Shoot and Returns to Earth
A Russian actress and a film director landed safely on Earth early Sunday after spending 12 days aboard the International Space Station shooting scenes for the first feature-length drama made with scenes shot in space. Yulia Peresild, the actress, and Klim Shipenko, a film director, launched to space with a Russian astronaut on Oct. 5 aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. The 12-day journey, backed by Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, was the latest act in a race among spacefaring countries to generate public excitement about human spaceflight and demonstrate that destinations like the space station aren’t exclusive to government astronauts. The mission also adds another superlative to Russia’s spaceflight record over the United States: beating Hollywood to orbit. The Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft that carried them back to Earth undocked at 9:14 p.m. Eastern time.
Live Updates: U.S. Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti
Image A gang member in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Saturday kidnappings of American Christian missionaries is the latest development as violence surges across Port-au-Prince, fueled by armed gangs. Haiti has been in a state of political upheaval for years, and kidnappings of the rich and poor alike are alarmingly common. The kidnapping of the American missionaries happened only a day after the United Nations Security Council extended its mission in Haiti by nine months in a unanimous vote on Friday. Gangs have kidnapped even poor street vendors, and when they find little to nothing in their wallets, gang members sometimes demand that they sell off items in their homes, like radios and refrigerators.
Venezuela suspends talks with opposition after Maduro ally extradited to the United States
It wasn’t immediately clear whether the men — who were convicted and sentenced last year to lengthy prison terms in a corruption case that the United States says was marred by irregularities — were being returned to jail, or whether the move was connected in any way to Saab’s extradition. A lawyer for the men told the Associated Press he didn’t know where they were being taken. All six men — acting president and chief executive José Ángel Pereira and vice presidents Vadell, Gustavo Cárdenas, Jorge Toledo, Alirio Zambrano, José Luis Zambrano — were born in Venezuela. Five are naturalized U.S. citizens; one is a U.S. permanent resident.
American missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti
Saddled with endemic poverty and violence, Haiti is no stranger to kidnapping waves. But as armed gangs allegedly linked to politicians and private business interests have strengthened, now controlling swaths of the nation, analysts say the current wave is by far the worst in Haiti’s history. During the first six months of the year, there were at least 395 kidnappings, more than four times the 88 during the same period last year, according to the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights in Port-au-Prince. After the assassination in July of President Jovenel Moïse — who was accused of being in league with the very gang members who use kidnappings as a source of revenue and control — abductions dropped briefly, before surging to 73 in August and to 117 in September, according to the center.
'SNL' shows pro football as a sport rife with racism
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, played by Colin Jost, held a news conference with team officials and others. Goodell allowed fired Raiders coach Jon Gruden to address the media because he begged, he said. pic.twitter.com/UvkVZoyv1K — Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) October 17, 2021Pete Davidson was introduced as a replacement coach, but he was quickly ousted. A Washington Football Team cheerleader (Heidi Gardner) decried the Gruden emails that made their way to her organization, saying they "do not reflect the values of our team — a team which until a year ago was called the Redskins." "But the Giants are still going to stick with their current quarterback, a scarecrow on a Roomba," he said.
College Football Rankings: B/R's Top 25 After Week 7
Iowa's anemic offense made another appearance in Week 7, and an ordinarily elite defense couldn't pick up the slack. Bleacher Report's college football crew of David Kenyon, Adam Kramer, Kerry Miller, Morgan Moriarty and Brad Shepard each submitted a Top 25 ballot. A first-place vote is worth 25 points, followed by 24 points for second, 23 for third, etc. Michigan State (T-10)9. Oklahoma State (14)10.
Winners and Losers from Week 7 of College Football
2 goes down, you know it's a big day in college football. So, a weekend that didn't look like it had a lot of gargantuan matchups on paper took that idea, wadded it up, and threw it out the window. While undefeated teams Michigan State, Oklahoma State and San Diego State had to sweat out close ones, they got the job done. According to ESPN, 42 teams have been ranked through the first seven weeks of the season, which is the most ever. Let's take a look at the winners and losers from Week 7.
West eyes China’s playbook as Big Tech revs up finance ambitions
But a looming monetary crisis at the hands of Big Tech has made strange bedfellows. Entities and activitiesThe Chinese playbook is attractive because it carves an entity out of big tech firms that financial watchdogs can demand information from — and fine, if necessary. "If you look at the business model, there are strong internal relations," Villeroy de Galhau added, referring to the data that Big Tech keeps in-house on their customers from other sectors. "We could consider organizing a specific legal entity within Big Tech to regroup all financial activities, and this specific legal entity would be subject to financial regulation, financial rules, and financial supervision," the Frenchman continued. By then, policymakers will have had time to consider options that go well beyond stopping Big Tech from swallowing up their payments system.
Fuel duel in the race to power green trucks
Trucks and buses account for about a quarter of the EU's CO2 emissions from road transport and some 6 percent of the bloc's total emissions. Trucks and buses account for about a quarter of the EU's CO2 emissions from road transport and some 6 percent of the bloc's total emissions. To hit its goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the EU needs transport emissions to fall by 90 percent compared to 1990 levels. Batteries vs. hydrogenThere are two technologies vying for leadership in zero-emission trucks — batteries and hydrogen. Like with batteries that need higher voltages for trucks, fuel-cell trucks cannot use refueling infrastructure for cars.
U.S. religious group says 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A group of 17 U.S. missionaries, including children, were kidnapped by a gang in Haiti on Saturday, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions by an organization with direct knowledge of the incident. The missionaries were on their way home from building an orphanage, according to a message from Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries. “The welfare and safety of U.S. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State,” the spokesperson said, declining further comment. Gangs have demanded ransoms ranging from a couple hundred dollars to more than $1 million, according to authorities. Last month, a deacon was killed in front of a church in the capital of Port-au-Prince and his wife kidnapped, one of dozens of people who have been abducted in recent months.
The unintended consequences of Vestager’s tougher take on ‘killer acquisitions’
The idea is to prevent big companies in sectors like tech and biotech from buying up small players in anticompetitive ways. While the European Commission says startups can alleviate their uncertainty "by proactively engaging" with Brussels, the fear remains that it could even end up hindering the innovation it seeks to preserve. European startups raised €48.3 billion in the first six months of this year, according to data from Dealroom, already exceeding the roughly €38.7 billion they attracted for the whole of 2020. Article 22 can be used to vet acquisitions that don’t meet traditional thresholds for an EU merger investigation but are nonetheless deemed to pose significant competitive risks. This is seen as a tool to tackle "killer acquisitions," where big companies swallow up promising small enterprises to avoid future competition.
The squeeze to get rid of ‘forever chemicals’
"Forever chemicals" are used in everything from cookware to paints and clothes | John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFFPress play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollyPressure is growing on the EU to ensure a group of highly persistent substances known as "forever chemicals" — used in everything from cookware to paints and clothes — is forever banned from the bloc. "Time is finally running out for 'forever chemicals,'" the nonprofit ChemSec said. PFAS substances, which don't break down naturally, have been shown to accumulate in the environment and cause a host of health conditions, including cancer, liver damage and decreased fertility. If the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) adopts the restriction proposal, manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers would be banned from using most PFAS, with the exception of some that are seen as essential. The substances will also be targeted in the Commission's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability next year.
Indians 101: Blackfeet tribal leader Earl Old Person has died
In 1952, Earl Old Person was elected to the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council. Earl Old Person died Wednesday at the Blackfeet Community Hospital in Browning, Montana. According to the Tribal Facebook page:“The Blackfeet People have suffered a huge loss today with the passing of Chief Old Person. The Blackfeet Tribe offers prayers and support to the family of Earl at this time.”Earl Old Person was the longest-serving elected official in the United States. During his time as an elected official, Old Person met many dignitaries, the tribe said, including every U.S. President since Dwight Eisenhower, the British Royal Family, the Shah of Iran, and other world leaders.
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VA-Gov: Hillary Clinton Helps Boost GOTV Efforts For Terry McAuliffe (D)
Terry McAuliffe (D. VA) & Hillary ClintonReceived this e-mail last night from former First Lady, Secretary of State, U.S. Help my friend Terry McAuliffe take on Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate by signing up to volunteer for Democrats in Virginia today. We must unite behind a proven leader like Terry McAuliffe, who has taken on Republican extremism before — and won. Friendly reminder:Former President Barack Obama will campaign with fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final stretch of the Virginia governor's race. But at the grass-roots level, the messages from Virginia Democrats and Republicans are less distinct.
A farmhouse
One of the displays in the Cultivation and Conservation building of the Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro, Oregon, features a typical small farmhouse. During the 1930s, Sherman County towns were electrified, and it wasn’t until after World War II that farms were electrified. Electrical appliances made a huge difference in the lives of rural woman and their families. Farm children, like children in other areas, like to play games such as hopscotch. The farmhouse included walk-in cooler and freezer facilities.
Profit Mania, SWA’s Woes, Supply-Chain Bottlenecks, and our Brittle Economy
So the notion of private profit as the primary motivator for human striving is, as Mark Twain might say, greatly exaggerated. With lower labor costs, the owners could still make a profit while offering lower prices for their goods and services. The goal: let the profit motive cut prices to the bone and, at the same time, increase private profit. So China’s heavy-handed quest for global political supremacy is now at odds with its maintaining and growing its domestic economy as it recovers from Covid-19. We need more competent technocratic experts, endowed with the latest technology, who just want to make our economy work.
Crazy times, crazy words
Making an excuse to eventually back out of a 1924 election? Threatening party leaders to get on the Big Lie train op lose their base? A small army of wannabes are ready to run for Pres (or Veep) including DeSantis, PCruz, Haley, Hawley (Haley-Hawley in '2024?) More will surely dive in so don't take it as a given that Lard-Ass will be the candidate. Somebody smarter and more articulate might have a better shot at winning and "deconstructing the Administrative state.2022
Can someone clearly explain the downside if only Democrats vote to raise the debt limit?
So far, however, I have not heard a clear explanation of why exactly it matters to Democrats if Republicans don’t want to participate in the vote to raise the debt ceiling. Why does voting to raise the debt ceiling so the U.S. can pay its obligations supposedly make Democrats in Congress look bad? Republicans have made it clear that they intend to filibuster an ordinary bill to raise the debt ceiling, as they did on Monday. And suppose Democrats win another round of brinksmanship and force a bipartisan vote on the debt limit: does anyone think that’s going to stop Republican politicians from casting Democratic politicians as taxers and spenders? 2-ranking Senate Democratic leader, on Tuesday dismissed a proposal to use the budget reconciliation process to raise the federal debt limit with only Democratic votes as a non-starter.
Climate Brief:Earth is dimming due to Climate Change-contributing to global warming
Specifically, there has been a reduction of bright, reflective low-lying clouds over the eastern Pacific Ocean in the most recent years, according to satellite measurements made as part of NASA's Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) projectAngmarThe dimming of the Earth can also be seen in terms of how much more solar energy is being captured by Earth's climate system. Once this significant additional solar energy is in Earth's atmosphere and oceans, it may contribute to global warming, as the extra sunlight is of the same magnitude as the total anthropogenic climate forcing over the last two decades. "It's actually quite concerning," said Edward Schwieterman, a planetary scientist at the University of California at Riverside who was not involved in the new study. For some time, many scientists had hoped that a warmer Earth might lead to more clouds and higher albedo, which would then help to moderate warming and balance the climate system, he said. "But this shows the opposite is true."
Doctors selling used cars for cheap!!!!!
For a brief reminder, my current doctor and all doctors within his practice are not very brave doctors. well…...Now I'm forced to beg doctors around the grater Portland area to please please help me. This is the most recent doctors visit in Portland. I have an idea of what that means but I don't think he does…...Mr. I will not go back to the wheelchair just because of the cowardice of these sad, sad people!
NC-Sen: DFA Keeps Up The Momentum To Help Cheri Beasley (D) Flip North Carolina Blue
Republicans only need to win one seat to take back the Senate majority, unless we flip seats they currently hold. Help DFA Flip the South in North Carolina by ensuring Cheri has the resources it’ll take to beat Republicans at the ballot box in 2022: make a contribution of $10 or more right now. Cheri Beasley overcame these institutional barriers when she won her 2014 race for Associate Justice of the North Carolina State Supreme Court. Will you rush a donation right now and help make history as we work to elect the first Black U.S. senator from North Carolina and flip this extremely important seat from red to blue? Thank you for powering our work to flip the South and win a crucial Senate seat in North Carolina.
Tales from Vermont #3
So I want to share some not only horrible news from Vermont today. This morning I started with Tales and Tails from Vermont #1 . Tales from Vermont #2 . The base of the story is a grave yard, and the remaining remains have to be relocated due to erosion (climate change?). And I wonder if other cemeteries in the country are in harms way also.
Joe Manchin is sacrificing our planet to save West Virginia: And Chuck Schumer doesn't seem to care
Photo by Bart van Dijk on UnsplashWhy are Democrats behaving as if the climate change problem can be negotiated away? If the planet is on fire, how will jobs in coal save West Virginia? Where is the plan to convert jobs in coal to renewable energy jobs? When the fires and the floods come, money won’t stop them. Why aren’t politicians doing more to protect the American people from such abuse?
California will implement single payer and Assembly candidate Pilar Schiavo will play a leading role
Pilar Schiavo for California Assembly District 38The single payer movement is gaining a lot of momentum in California. Early this year, the California Legislature introduced AB 1400, a new single payer bill that when approved by Gov. This is where Pilar Schiavo, Assembly District 38 candidate will play a key role. AB 1400 has already been endorsed by many influential people, single payer organizations and government bodies like the Los Angeles City Council. If Newsom Survives the Recall, the Health Care Unions Who Backed Him Expect a Push for Single-Payer Health Care
WOW2: October's Trailblazing Women and Events in Our History
October 19 , 1917 –During WWII, Salvation Army Ensign Helen Purviance and Captain Margaret Sheldon, two of the first eleven Salvation Army women to arrive in France, were stationed behind the American fighting lines at Monte-sur-Soux, France. She came home a national heroine, and used her celebrity to promote the Salvation Army, helping to set up Salvation Army posts in her hometown of Huntington, Indiana, and in Oswego, New York. She continued to make speeches, and often demonstrated making doughnuts at events, generating more positive press for the Salvation Army. Though she dreaded another war, when the U.S. entered WWII, Brigadier Helen Purviance trained the Salvation Army recruits for work in the field. A new treat was developed, the “All-American Cookie,” which could be made and packaged in Salvation Army kitchens at home, then shipped overseas.
Profit Mania, SWA’s Woes, Supply-Chain Bottlenecks, and our Brittle Economy
Nevertheless they carry on, even during a pandemic.So the notion of private profit as the primary motivator for human striving is, as Mark Twain might say, greatly exaggerated.Thisessay is aboutanotherproblem that hasn’t gotten much press. So your culture becomes brittle and prone to shattering under stress.That’s the story of our nation’s decline over the last generation. Let’s look at a few examples.First and foremost, our owners sold our nation’s factories and jobs abroad for profit. The pilots’s unionand claims that SWA’s lean operations made it “brittle and subject to massive failures under the slightest pressure[. We need more competent technocratic experts, endowed with the latest technology, who just want to make our economy work.
Why are we playing by artificial rules with Manchin and Sinema?
We HAD a deal with Manchin and Sinema. If Manchin and Sinema want to gripe that they already had a deal with the Republicans, the House is NOT bound by it. If Manchin and Sinema don’t want to vote for cloture, that’s their prerogative. If they say that it wasn’t the Bill they sent to the House, legislation doesn’t work that way. Neither the House or Senate can dictate to the other what is brought to the floor, much less passed.
Religious beliefs differ widely; some can lead to antivaccination
These are people who identify as ethnic and culturally Jewish, but who do not belong to any religious organization, and do not observe any religious traditions. One might even fit Modern Orthodoxy into this category because it fits the same essential characteristic: We do not believe in an anthropomorphic, intercessional diety. Fundamentalists are the ones who believe in an intercessional diety, one who directly acts on the physical world. Virtually all of them believe in an intercessional diety. Time and again they get sick and die and their families think that they somehow must have displeased their intercessional God or Jesus.
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---DAY269---Evening Shade-Saturday
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 16, 2021x President Biden is speaking now at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. pic.twitter.com/h1ojWcAfy4 — The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2021x President Biden: "My friends on the other side never had any problem printing $2 trillion in tax cuts for the very wealthy. pic.twitter.com/oat2BCHBZP — The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2021x President Biden: "They're not about left versus right. pic.twitter.com/M3OTE3oeR2 — The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2021x President Biden: "But somehow, along the way, we sort of stopped investing in our people. pic.twitter.com/HtQeheE9ue — The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2021x Sanders, Manchin escalate fight over $3.5 trillion spending bill https://t.co/V9Y7cyxfsW pic.twitter.com/Pxo14tmFHL — The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2021x .
A compendium of Sinema campaign ads
Sinema campaigns for the Senate on education, health care, and fair taxes. Here, Sinema assures Arizona voters that she will not sacrifice her progressive values. An insurance company front group thanks Sinema for a job well done. Sinema promises to power through gridlock. Sinema calls out these guys, one of whom is John McCain.
It's time to call Sinema's and Manchin's bluffs
Then he said all spending in the reconciliation bill would be subject to the Hyde Amendment (no public funds for abortion). Then she called the House Speaker’s actions to delay the vote on the infrastructure bill “inexcusable”. These two are not Democrats, so the President and the Senate Majority leader should threaten to force them out of the Democratic party. It’s time to threaten to remove that power from them and threaten to expose their venal selfishness as the full-blown Trumpism that it is. If they really want to be in the Democratic party, they will have to concede at least some of their pet positions.
WYFP? Tucker Carlson: we're all baizuos on this bus
MARCH 27, 2021On March 19, Fox News host Tucker Carlson spiritedly disparaged U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken for supposedly embarrassing the United States in his lack of aggression during his meetings with Chinese delegates. foreignpolicy.com/...On Monday, in telling of a 2017 encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump described Xi's aides as straight out of "central casting." It's a Chinese propaganda film about the 1950s Korean War, centred on a story of Chinese soldiers defeating American troops despite great odds. Its success is good news for China's pandemic-affected film sector as Covid forced cinemas to shut and reopen multiple times. [...] Sun Hongyun, an associate professor at Beijing Film Academy said that the film was "an extraordinary and perfect collusion of capital and political propaganda.
?This Week In The War On Woman: The VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT
At least they are giving and matching donations toNNEDV in support of the 2021 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act that the previous administration let lapse. And contrary to ancient-thru’-modern beliefs, it also proposes that observing violence does NOT induce catharsis of violent feelings, it sustains them. Last week, she received UNHCR's regional Nansen Refugee Award, an annual prize for individuals doing outstanding work for displaced people. Despite her insistence on direct action on abortion-rights at a time when many were uncomfortable even saying the word "abortion," Maginnis is not a bold letter name of the movement. [Maginnis] was also a political cartoonist, painter, and peace activist...”This Week In The War On Women meets Saturday evenings & reblogs relevant diaries across the week.
Another Saturday Night
The postseason has started and my team has been playing this week. Spoiler Alert: My team was eliminated in five games (but we won our division). I’m not going to limit you to “songs about baseball” — that would be a difficult assignment. You know how this works — Put your quarter in the slot and your song in the comments. This is your Saturday night jukebox and the party starts NOW.
Biden and Democrats are moving on to plan B
Biden is still optimistic a deal can be reached. I feel optimistic even if a deal cannot reached, Biden and Schumer/Pelosi will make Manchin/Sinema face 24/7 accountability voting to kill the bill. Biden has also mentioned he is ready to aggressive through executive/epa action just like the student loan forgiveness/debt erasure (referencing recent public loan forgiveness good news stories and $10,000 outright forgiving through EO). It is up to Biden show he is not someone who gives up and wants people to be reassured there are other ways. If Biden positively controls the next few weeks plus November, December, and January on aggressive student loan debt reform/relief, his approval ratings will be back to 50% by February.
Fake Anti-Vax Rock Critic Still Evades YouTube Ban-Leads More Direct Attack On Fauci, Unpunished
The fake rock critic YouTuber I’ve talked about the past continues to evade the YouTube ban, despite new rule changes, now having a more direct attack on Fauci, calling him, “Dr. Falsy.”And regardless of how you think about the Clapton imbroglio or how to think about him personally, this asshat’s response is beyond the pale, so the meat of this particular video is not about Clapton, but a lack of run on fragments saying, “was the Tuskegee Study a conspiracy theory?” “If Clapton is a racist, why has black musicians been in his band?”, “If science is settled, it’s not science because science evolves with skepticism and trial and error,” And “Why are you attacking Clapton, when Nicki Minaj is a bigger target with a bigger following, who matters more?”
Google News — WTF?
So, I guess Google is doing “bothsiderism” now?? I just saw this in my newsfeed and was astonished to see the bottom article in the queue. Just documenting this. On to my real life.
Virtual Fridays Without Fitzpatrick (VFWF) 36
Congressman Fitzpatrick and the president he failed to impeach twice, but voted for in 2020. Virtual Fridays Without Fitzpatrick (VFWF) 36In Response To Your 10/15/21 NewsletterQUESTIONS“Why do we never get an answerWhen we're knocking at the doorWith a thousand million questionsAbout hate and death and war? I guess you were too busy taking photo-ops to report on any of the innumerable critical problems facing our country today. Do you regret that decision after you saw him incite an attack on the Capitol and our democracy? At the very least, why aren’t you fighting to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to a living wage?
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, 10/16/21: wishes to save humanity
the brain no longer comprehends killingA chance to talk to a loved one who is no longer of this world. 1 more person is empathetic to 1 more person and so onTrump turns into what he eatsAn absence of long time sadness or pain (mental and/or physical)a few extra squirts of serotonin and corrected cortisol levels - ongoingTicToc and other social media become discordant with vulnerable mindsYour back yard, and everyone els's (including those w/out a back yard bc this is imaginary) shifts into a misty mountain path with magical creatures.
Haitian gang kidnaps 17 US missionaries
"As many as 17 Christian missionaries from the United States and their family members, including children, were kidnapped on Saturday by a gang in Port-au-Prince as they were leaving an orphanage, according to Haitian security officials. They are from Christian Aid Ministries based in Millersburg, Ohio #ChristianAidMinistries https://t.co/OOetGUoYRH — PolitiSite Means Politics (@Politisite) October 17, 2021The kidnapping happened as the missionaries were leaving an orphanage in the crisis-engulfed Caribbean nation, the Times said. [...]A surge in gang violence has displaced thousands and hampered economic activity in the poorest country in the Americas. Violence spiraled after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July and an earthquake in August which killed over 2,000 people. www.reuters.com/...x “Haiti now holds the tragic title of highest per capita kidnapping rate on Earth” - The Washington Post https://t.co/HLGGvOVHhT — Gilles Rousseau (@GillesLRousseau) October 11, 2021
Top Comments: Meteor Lands in Canadian Woman's Bed
From Scientific American:A woman in Canada narrowly missed being struck by a meteorite that crashed through her roof and landed on her pillow. Hamilton was luckier than Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, who was also wakened by a meteor falling into her house in 1954. Scientists have not yet gotten their hands on the meteor, but Hamilton has sent it to Western University in Ontario for study. "We’re trying to reconstruct what the path was through the sky as it arrived," Phil McCausland, a geophysicist at Western University, said. Because it’s a rock that is older than the Earth, it may contain clues about the origin of the Solar System.
Anti-choice is semantic sleight of hand
Neither in the material world (or, if one prefers, in nature) nor in terms of a self is this entity individuated. This person has a web of existing and historical social relationships that anchor this person within a community. This person is individuated in every meaningful sense: in terms of awareness and the ability to survive without intervention. It is not a person—it is a potential person. This right to privacy has been upheld several distinct times by the Supreme Court, notably in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965.
halfway through my personal year
Still stiff, and I have to take things slow when I’m not using a cane; but I’m getting better by the day. If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! I’ve had a couple of ideas — one seems better than the others, so I’m trying to think how to make it can work.
The children suffer: Texas' cruel abortion law is impacting rape victims as young as 9 years old
Sharon Grigsby, a reporter for the Dallas News, visited the center where staff members told her of recent pregnant rape victims as young as 9 years old. “They’re small, young, in a cute little T-shirt and rainbow shoelaces.”x Think it's rare that sexual abuse of children results in pregnancy? But the new Texas law eliminates the abortion option. What does this mean for the pregnant child rape victims who are showing up at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center? If the Supreme Court once again allows the Texas law to remain in effect on a technicality, it will take months before there is any definitive court ruling.
What's For Dinner 16x15: 40 Cloves of Garlic
Chicken 40 Cloves is a provincial French dish which is basically some browned chicken parts braised in a liquid that has 40 cloves of garlic in it. I also had some brine from a jar of garlic stuffed olives I had just finished. I also added other seasonings—my pulled pork rub, which has brown sugar as one of it’s main ingredients2. I then browned the pork, and at the flip, added the garlic and a knob of butter. I then poured that thick sticky sauce with all that garlic into the couscous.
Climate Change is Purely a Political Problem, The Tech to Address the Crisis Already Exists Part 2
The big joke in the small scale wind industry about the 3 main complaints of owners of wind turbines are:1: My tower is too short! Combined, these factors are why home wind power is relatively rare. It turns out that the why is that the grid is inadequate to redistribute wind power effectively enough to meet demand. Large wind turbines are arguably the least expensive electricity we can produce. So going back to our two broad categories of energy production, wind power is, hands down, best suited to Utility scale installations.
Medscape: "How the Navajo's Cultural Values Are Driving COVID Vaccinations"
COVID-19 has killed Native Americans at twice the rate of White Americans, underscoring the health inequities and deep-rooted distrust tribal nations have of federal government entities. And yet, Native Americans have the highest vaccination rates of any major racial or ethnic group in the United States. Like many other tribal nations, the Navajo had to embrace Western science to reclaim its social customs and ceremonies. "We're a very social culture, so having to isolate really impacted our mental health," said Mary Hasbah Roessel, MD, DLFAPA, a Navajo psychiatrist who is affiliated with Santa Fe Indian Hospital in New Mexico….
Overnight News Digest: Bumblebees now all but extinct in 16 states
But in 16 states, they are all but extinct. As their ecosystem is disrupted by climate change, development and invasive species, how well will the insects adapt? The researchers hope their data about this little-known species will shed light on an urgent and complex issue: pollinator decline. The asteroid caused around 75 percent of all species, and all of the non-avian dinosaurs, to go extinct. To study this evolutionary change, a team of researchers examined the diets of existing snake species to get a glimpse into the past.
PWB Peeps Caturday Open Thread: Global Cat Day!
Hey, our furry folk get their own day today. Not just any Caturday, but a global recognition day. AbyssinianEgyptian MauNorwegian Forest CatUkrainian LevkoyScottish FoldManxThai (original Siamese)SphynxWhere we will find them? As emotional support friends at cat cafes. PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers.
Manchin's response to Bernie's Build Back Better op-ed exposes his stark betrayal of West Virginians
Sen. Manchin, are West Virginians really more concerned about pharmaceutical industry profits than their own prescription drug costs? How dare you tell West Virginians how transformative the Build Back Better plan would be for them and their families? First of all, West Virginians have already decided what’s best for them, and it’s Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. In other words, Sanders, a Vermont liberal, is self-evidently more attuned to the needs of West Virginians than Manchin is. The senior senator from West Virginia is going to have to work on his deflections, because this one is just trash.
Ted Cruz, stupid again
xYou can’t read can you? “Delta Air Lines said Wednesday 90% of its workforce of about 80,000 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, weeks before the company imposes a $200 monthly insurance surcharge on staff who haven’t gotten shots.”
Trump Throws PSYCHO Tantrum Over Andrew McCabe's Pension and Hunter Biden's Paintings
Trump babbled that..."Isn’t it terrible that all of Andrew McCabe’s benefits, pensions, salary, etc., were just fully reinstated by the Justice Department? It was a purely political assault by Trump because McCabe was doing his job as a law enforcement professional, which a criminal like Trump couldn't abide. So he drifted off into a well-worn rant about Hillary Clinton that had been completely debunked long ago. He continued with a sharp turn into Hunter Biden territory, whining that..."Hunter Biden will be given a clean bill of health on everything done by him, with everyone to receive as payment a beautiful Hunter Biden inspired painting selling at your local art gallery for $500,000. What's more, Trump saying that he "always felt I have a talent" for art is so very Trump.
After news of travel restrictions to be eased, border shops ready to welcome back Mexican customers
University of Texas at El Paso professor of economics Tom Fullerton told El Paso Matters that the total economic losses stemming from the restrictions could total hundreds of millions of dollars. “At Simple Mobile, a cell phone store on El Paso Street near the international bridge, Mexican consumers made up 80% of sales, according to shop owner Miguel Lara,” El Paso Matters reported. “It’s been really hard,” he told El Paso Matters. “For too long, El Paso and all border communities have really suffered,” Escobar said in the report. “It’s great news that our ports of entry will be reopened for travel and business, which is the economic lifeblood of so many border communities,” former Housing and Urban Development Sec.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: When they blame hospitals for not using ivermectin, instead of themselves
Prayer, like any mindfulness practice like meditation, can help lower stress, thus lowering system inflammation and strengthening the immune system. The virus triggers the immune system into releasing a flood of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. The immune system doesn’t recognize them as malicious because they look the same to them as healthy cells. It’s about training the body’s immune system to attack and kill malicious entities, be they external pathogens, or our own damaged cells. I really don’t see what’s so nefarious about last rites being done outside, where the family can more safely participate.
Connect! Unite! Act! Celebrating our free writers
There is power in writing fictionI love writing about things that happen in the real world, I really do. However, writing fiction is a very different skill. It’s a creative process that makes you think about a world you wish you lived in, or a world you would dread. You can see a magical place with superpowers, or a dreary place in the past of battles and loss. No one expects every person to write as though they were award winners, but writing fiction can give you a different way to communicate with your friends.
Women over 40 are being trampled by the COVID-19 economy, this week in the war on workers
Women over 40 have been particularly hard-hit by the COVID-19 economy—and, in this as in just about every other piece of bad economic news, Black and Hispanic women have had it the worst. Overall, 41% of women in this age group lost job-based income. But the pain was felt unequally: While 13% of white women and 14% of Asian women lost jobs, 23% of Latinas and 20% of Black women did. After these work interruptions, many women continue to be unemployed in the long term—for six months or more—or to be underemployed. Nearly a third of the women who had looked for work while over 40 cited age discrimination as a source of difficulty.
Community Spotlight: This story doesn't need a trigger warning but it will help you write one
It’s a courtesy to consider that, even though a topic is no big deal for you, it may indeed be a big problem for someone else. Trigger warnings are needed for violence and anything that can initiate a panic attack or be associated with PTSD. These are added to warn about material in the story and don’t need to be the story’s lead sentence. The point is to give readers space on the page to avoid the trigger before seeing the specific words. Bookchat: Music & books, books & music by anotherdemocrat (2006-245-?)
Thousands of public servants to get another chance at loan forgiveness in new settlement
The Education Department will automatically review applications rejected before November 2020 in cases where the applicant had made 10 years of payments on a direct loan. It will also increase transparency, letting people know how far they are from qualifying for loan forgiveness and what they have to do to finish qualifying. She had the classic story experienced by so many Public Service Loan Forgiveness applicants: After making 10 years of payments on what she thought was a loan that qualified her for the program while working a job that did qualify her, she was rejected for having the wrong loan. She will see more than $80,000 in loans taken off her shoulders thanks to the settlement. To be defrauded like that is not right, especially during a pandemic when I’ve been teaching in person every day.
Are We Learning Disabled? No Wonder our World is in Such a Mess.
He has originated and popularized the term "complex thinking," and his writing exemplifies this fresh approach to thought. Complex thinking can be thought of as a "kissing cousin" to critical thinking. Such a reform in thinking, Morin summarizes, implies a mental revolution "of considerably greater proportions than the Copernican revolution." Further Implications of Complex and Simplistic ThinkingMorin's complex thought does not provide a "quick fix'. Complex thought leads us to metacognition - it is not about an identification with our thoughts and their content, but rather observing how we think and why.
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Iran sentences British-Iranian charity worker to another year in jail
More Jail Time For NothingThis lady is going to spend one more year in Iranian political prison center. She has developed such a bad case of panic disorder that she has been jailed in a psychiatric unit in some hospital in Tehran. She is not proven to be guilty of anything . Her little daughter is deprived of having a mother because the murderers in Iranian government are using her mother as a hostage to get some money that U.K is supposed to owe to Iran. Those cowards can not fight like real men , they use a defenseless woman for a bargain
Despite Taliban Rule, Feminists Must Not Abandon Afghan Women
Since the Taliban took control of Kabul and the central government on August 15, efforts to support Afghan women have become extremely challenging. But does that position really help Afghan women? There's little question that gains made by Afghan women over the past 20 years, particularly urban women, have been rolled back -- at least temporarily. Even though Taliban spokesmen insist that women can continue to work, there are also frequent reports of Taliban militants ordering women to leave their workplaces. On October 6, the 45,000-member Afghan Teachers Association put out an urgent appeal calling attention to their dire situation.
Manchin Lashes Out After Sanders Condemns Obstruction of Biden Agenda
Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia lashed out Friday after a major newspaper in his home state published an op-ed by Sen. Bernie Sanders that called out Manchin’s obstruction of his own party’s Build Back Better reconciliation package. “Congress should proceed with caution on any additional spending and I will not vote for a reckless expansion of government programs,” Manchin said in a statement shared on social media. “No op-ed from a self-declared Independent socialist is going to change that,” he added. “Poll after poll shows overwhelming support for this legislation,” wrote Sanders. Two Democratic senators remain in opposition, including Sen. Joe Manchin.” The other is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.
5 Charts Show How Tax Reform Can Tackle Bad Corporate Behavior
Here we highlight corporate tax proposals in play on Capitol Hill that are designed to discourage corporate tax dodging and offshoring, excessive CEO pay, and wasteful stock buybacks. Corporate tax dodging and offshoringFor decades, large corporations have pitted countries against each other to drive their own tax bills lower and lower. This has put an enormous strain on public budgets for education, health care, and other vital investments. One government survey found that U.S.-based multinationals paid an average U.S. tax rate of just 7.8 percent in 2018. Corporate tax rate increaseThis piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license.
Migrant Farmworkers Are Being Left Out of Roundup Cancer Compensation
It is hard to know exactly how many migrant farmworkers have filed lawsuits against Bayer. Fear of retaliation, and a lack of legal resources and legal immigration status, has diminished migrant farmworkers’ likelihood to seek justice and compensation. Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman is the law firm that co-represented Dewayne Lee Johnson—the high school groundskeeper in the first-ever Roundup cancer trial. The firm, which has since represented about 3,400 plaintiffs in Roundup cancer lawsuits, told EHN that no farmworkers have come to the firm asking to be represented. Chavez was not aware of any migrant farmworkers participating in the Roundup cancer lawsuits.
5 Charts on Tackling Bad Corporate Behavior Through Taxes
Here we highlight corporate tax proposals in play on Capitol Hill that are designed to discourage corporate tax dodging and offshoring, excessive CEO pay, and wasteful stock buybacks. Corporate tax dodging and offshoringFor decades, large corporations have pitted countries against each other to drive their own tax bills lower and lower. This has put an enormous strain on public budgets for education, health care, and other vital investments. One government survey found that U.S.-based multinationals paid an average U.S. tax rate of just 7.8 percent in 2018. This would go a long way towards covering the costs of vital investments in the Build Back Better agenda.
Red Sox Power Up, Again and Again, to Even Series With Astros
HOUSTON — Since late last season, whenever a Boston Red Sox player smashes a home run, he plops down afterward in a metal laundry cart and gets pushed the length of the cramped dugout through a receiving line of high fives. In Game 2 of the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros, the Red Sox were in danger of wearing out their cart. Six batters into the game, they celebrated a grand slam by designated hitter J.D. Six batters later, they did it again, this time for third baseman Rafael Devers, who also hit a grand slam. The Red Sox thus became the first team in postseason history with multiple such blasts in the same game.
Caps lean on Alex Ovechkin, are let down by power play in OT loss to the Lightning
“I put my head down and skated hard,” Stamkos said. “I didn’t know exactly how much time was left. I knew it was probably the last rush of the game, so I was going to shoot it, and it was nice to see it go in.”
Carolyn Hax: Teen wants space, gets upset when given space
Dear Carolyn: We’ve always been the parents who attend as many of our kids’ events as we can — a challenge with three in wildly different activities — but it’s fun. Youngest and last one at home has told us regularly we don’t have to come and indicates she wants more space. But when we do something without her, she gets mad. This weekend we’re only attending three of the six games of a two-day tournament and doing something else we enjoy instead, and she’s pouting. I’d actually rather spend the whole weekend watching her play, but thought she didn’t want that.
Ask Amy: Couple operate a business, but only one of them gets paid
My point is that you should take a long and careful look at your own situation and ask yourself if you are with someone who is controlling the women in his life through money.
The Braves, with a dose of ninth-inning drama, draw first blood on Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLCS
But against one of the most methodical, deliberate offenses in baseball, Atlanta planned to rely on what Snitker called a more “freelancing” lineup that pounces on pitcher’s mistakes and is in constant attack mode. For evidence, look no further than the first inning at Truist Field. Atlanta struck first against Dodgers reliever-turned-opener Corey Knebel when one of the outfielders acquired to fill the Braves’ sudden voids, Eddie Rosario, singled, stole second, moved to third on a groundball to the right side, then scored on a wild pitch.
Native Americans Demand Fox News Apology, Firings Over Outrageously Racist Comments
A Native American organization is demanding a correction, apology and the firings of Fox News personnel for a series of racist comments. AdvertisementIllumiNative founder and executive director Crystal Echo Hawk called the “outrageously false and harmful statements” about Native Americans “spewed” on national television “abhorrent.”“This rhetoric is incredibly harmful and dangerous and very clearly rooted in racism and white supremacy. We are horrified by these racist comments about Native Americans. #RacismOnFox @FoxNews @RCamposDuffy @JesseBWatters @SeanDuffyWI — Native Organizers Alliance (@NativeOrganizer) October 15, 2021The hosts were bombarded with other criticism on Twitter. https://t.co/8PhvlLuDov — LadyHotdog (@Nextborn) October 14, 2021What you said about Native Americans was hateful, ignorant, and frankly stupid.
The Standing 7-Minute Workout
Mr. Jordan, who is the director of exercise physiology at the institute, said he has never made money on the workout and insisted that the Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app be free of charge. “Many people cannot afford to buy a dumbbell or go to a gym,” Mr. Jordan said. To make the workout accessible to more people, Mr. Jordan recently created the Standing 7-Minute Workout, suited to bodies of any age, size or fitness level. Like the original workout, the standing workout includes exercises for cardio fitness, the lower body, the upper body and the core muscles — in that order. To get the most out of the workout, do each exercise at a relatively high intensity — about a 7 or 8 or on a scale of 1 to 10.
Opinion | How Best to Save the Planet
While bold, creative thinking has its place in addressing the climate crisis, this is not the time to play fast and loose with the only planet we know that can support life. That’s where our collective focus must be going into the crucial international climate summit next month. By taking swift, decisive action to reduce emissions this decade, we reserve the right to begin cooling the planet midcentury, the safe way. Kim M. CobbMichael E. MannDr. Cobb is a professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Mann is director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.
Texas Holocaust 'opposing views' controversy: Teacher speaks out under cover of secrecy
In the wake of a Southlake, Texas, district administrator telling teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust they should also include books with "opposing" views of the Holocaust, one teacher tells CNN's Ed Lavandera that educators are in fear of their livelihood if they speak out against the policy regarding vetting books.
A deadly clash at India’s farmer protests points to a growing challenge for Modi’s BJP
What happened is disputed. Farmers say a convoy carrying the son of Ajay Kumar Mishra, India’s junior minister of state for home affairs and a powerful member of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh state, deliberately rammed into the back of protesters marching along a country road; some allege that the younger Mishra shot Singh in the ensuing chaos. Mishra supporters and members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) say the SUVs were pelted with stones by an angry mob and veered into farmers in trying to flee.
Tom Morey, inventor of wave-riding Boogie Board, dies at 86
But nothing he did made as big a splash as the 3½ -foot board he carved from a piece of foam in 1971. He took his creation into the surf in Hawaii, where he was living at the time, and skimmed across the waves on his stomach. It was the first “Boogie Board,” which later became a trademarked brand name and a seaside sensation, introducing millions of people to the joy of riding the waves.
Nike executive and NBA insider reveals decades-old secret
CNN's Pamela Brown talks to Sports Illustrated writer Howard Beck about his story on Nike executive and Michael Jordan confidant Larry Miller's revelation that he killed someone as a teenager in 1965.
EU, US try to lure Iran back to nuclear talks as hopes fade
VIENNA — A delicate EU mission to Iran this week failed to secure a commitment from Tehran’s new hardline administration to resume negotiations over reviving a teetering nuclear deal, according to EU officials. “They are not yet ready for engaging in Vienna,” one senior EU official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The nuclear talks have been stalled since the election of hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi to the Iranian presidency in June. In addition to Lapid, Blinken met EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful.
American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say
As many as 17 Christian missionaries from the United States and their family members, including women and children, were kidnapped on Saturday by a gang in Port-au-Prince as they were leaving an orphanage, according to Haitian security officials. Details of the kidnapping remained unclear, but local officials said the missionaries were abducted from a bus headed to the airport to drop off some members of the group before continuing to another destination in Haiti. Haiti has been in a state of political upheaval for years, and kidnappings of the rich and poor alike are alarmingly common. But even in a country accustomed to widespread lawlessness, the abduction of such a large group of Americans shocked officials for its brazenness. On Monday, gangs shot at a school bus in Port-au-Prince, injuring at least five people, including students, while another public bus was hijacked by a gang as well.
Hollywood’s Behind-the-Scenes Workers Reach Deal on New Contract
LOS ANGELES — You might say that the people behind the cameras have found their voices. IATSE negotiators agreed to a deal after winning concessions on several fronts. Crews will now receive a minimum of 54 hours of rest on weekends — on par, for the first time, with actors. (Studios were previously not required to give crews weekend rest time, although they were required to pay overtime.) The proposed contract also includes pay increases and a commitment by the companies to fund a $400 million deficit in the IATSE pension and health plan without imposing premiums or increasing the cost of health coverage.
Red Sox square up Astros’ pitching, square up the ALCS with a pair of grand slams
If Game 2 wasn’t already over after the grand slam by Boston Red Sox slugger J.D. Martinez off Garcia in the first — and as it happened, solo homers by Yuli Gurriel and Jason Castro in the ninth, which plated the Astros’ fourth and fifth runs and made the Red Sox sweat out the final out of the game, meant it was not — it almost certainly was after Rafael Devers’s grand slam off Odorizzi in the second made it 8-0. The blasts from Martinez and Devers made the Red Sox the first team in history with two grand slams in a postseason game.
D.C. United, desperate for points in tight MLS playoff race, settles for draw with Nashville
Ola Kamara, who began the day as the league’s leading scorer, hit the far post from the top of the box. Nigel Robertha drew a foul at the edge of the box, setting by Julian Gressel’s free kick that Willis touched over the crossbar. And pleas for a penalty kick were ignored when Steven Birnbaum was knocked down.
A woman was raped on a train, police say. Passengers watched and didn’t call 911.
“I don’t know where we are in society that people can’t help other people out in a time of need,” he said. “If you see something horrendous like this horrible incident, you have to do something, you have to intervene. I think that it starts here when we have to definitely go back to some decency, where we help each other out and we look out for each other.”
Low-Income Voters Were Key To Toppling Trump, Study Finds
Often dismissed by political pundits as disaffected and disorganized, low-income voters played a key role in Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election, according to a new study. The organization, an advocate for low-income Americans, launched a nonpartisan voter registration drive ahead of the 2020 vote across 16 states. But the 2020 elections saw the highest voter turnout in U.S.history, including among poor and low-income voters, noted the study. The low-income voters included large numbers of white Americans as well as people of color. Advertisement“The findings suggest that, rather than writing white low-income voters off, it is possible to build coalitions of low-income voters across race around a political agenda that centers the issues they have in common,” she added.
John Dean Says Trump Deeply Linked To Insurrection, And Bannon Can Bare All
Key Watergate figure John Dean is convinced former White House strategist Steve Bannon is “up to his eyeballs” in the Jan. 6 insurrection and can reveal just how deep a role Donald Trump also played. That’s why it’s so critical for the House select committee investigating the insurrection to question Bannon, Dean told Jim Acosta on CNN Saturday. “But I think Bannon is up to his eyeballs” in the Jan. 6 riot. “I think this committee is determined” to get answers, said Dean. “I hope, Jim, they get their act together and use the power they do have, which is inherent contempt powers” to crack down on Bannon, Dean added.
Beirut, a City Where Everyone Gets By, Revisits Sectarian Violence
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Tony Nohra, a shopkeeper in a Christian neighborhood of Beirut, was receiving a shipment of yogurt on Friday, the day after sectarian clashes killed seven people in the city, and talking about how many Shiite Muslim friends he had. But when asked how the violence had begun, he snapped. “You have to ask the guys there,” he said, angrily pointing toward the Shiite neighborhood nearby. “It started from here.”Most of the time, residents of Beirut, a scrappy Mediterranean city whose roughly 2.5 million inhabitants represent tremendous ethnic and religious diversity, get by and get along. They do business, socialize and even marry outside of their religious groups.
After Iraqi Election, a Shiite Leader Emerges as an Unlikely U.S. Ally
Once a fierce sectarian defender of Iraq’s Shiite majority, Mr. al-Sadr has expanded his reach in recent years, reaching out to Sunnis, Christians and other minorities. In a previous election, the Sadrists formed an alliance with the Communist Party, which is officially atheist. “He has grown and evolved,” said Nabeel Khoury, a former U.S. State Department official who served in Iraq in 2003. “We had coffee, we talked and they said Sadr was interested in playing a political role,” said Mr. Khoury, a fellow at the Atlantic Council. But Iraqi political figures who had returned from exile did not want Mr. al-Sadr involved, Mr. Khoury said, and the United States followed their counsel.
Syria Accuses Israel of Assassinating Official Near Golan Heights
Mr. Saleh, a member of the Druse religious minority, served 12 years in an Israeli prison on charges of using mines and explosives with the intention of killing Israeli civilians and soldiers. Image Mr. Saleh, who spent 12 years in an Israeli prison on terrorism charges, was responsible for overseeing the strategic Golan Heights boundary for Syria. Credit... Syrian Arab News AgencyIn 1997, after his release, he went to Syria, where he was elected to Parliament. The fighting between Israel and Iran inside Syria effectively constitutes a shadow war, as regional powers test their opponents’ abilities amid the carnage of the Syrian civil war. The assassination was the fourth attack this week against Iranian forces in Syria attributed to Israel.
At Alaska’s most popular national park, climate change threatens the only road in and out
“You need to be working with the industry. You need to be working with the private sector. You need to be working with academia. You need to be working with the environmental groups — we all need to be working together,” she said. “Sometimes I think all we want to do is fight and bicker and prove that we can’t get things done.”
Hollywood strike averted with deal between film and TV crews, studios
After days of marathon negotiations, representatives from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and from the studios and entertainment companies who employ them reached the three-year contract agreement before a Monday strike deadline, avoiding a serious setback for an industry that had just gotten back to work after long pandemic shutdowns.
College football winners and losers: No. 2 Iowa stumbles
So here’s the reality for the No. 17 Hogs: They went from being awful in 2018 and 2019 to spunky and feisty but not really that good last year to somewhere in the middle of the pack in the SEC this year. In the macro, they haven’t skipped any steps and haven’t regressed. The micro just makes it harder to see it that way.
Hollywood Workers Secure Deal With Studios, Averting Strike
The union had said that 60,000 workers would walk off the job if such an agreement hadn’t been reached by midnight Sunday night. AdvertisementJarryd Gonzales, a spokesperson for the the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP, the industry group representing TV and film studios, confirmed the deal to HuffPost. IATSE said the two sides had agreed to a deal covering industry workers in Hollywood, but had yet to finalize a deal for workers under contract outside Los Angeles. The union said it was still working on a tentative deal for workers under what’s known as the “area standards” agreement, which mostly covers workers outside Hollywood. Had workers been called to strike, it would have been the largest work stoppage in the U.S. private sector since 2007.
Hollywood production workers avoid nationwide strike with tentative deal
Hollywood production workers across the country will not pick up their picket signs and strike after all — avoiding what could have been the industry’s biggest walkout since World War II. An overwhelming majority — or about 99 percent of the Hollywood union workers who cast a vote — voted Oct. 4 to authorize their union to call a strike. The tentative agreement with AMPTP was a major victory for the union after weeks of stalled contract talks. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Cory Booker of New Jersey. Solidarity rallies were also held across the country over the last few weeks ahead of the potential nationwide strike.
Lawyer Alex Murdaugh jailed in alleged theft of former housekeeper's settlement cash
Embattled lawyer Alex Murdaugh was behind bars in his home state of South Carolina on Saturday after the family of his former housekeeper alleged he absconded with millions of dollars in settlement cash. Murdaugh negotiated an insurance settlement in secret, and none of the cash went to the children, the sons claim. On June 7, Murdaugh found his wife, Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, shot to death outside their Colleton County home. On Sept. 4, Murdaugh was shot in the head on the side of a highway. Murdaugh is a member of a respected and well-known family in South Carolina that has produced multiple prosecutors and attorneys.
Penn Badgley Flexes New Dance Moves
Roy Ayers’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” set the groove; Mr. Badgley, his brooding face etched into a frown, inhaled and exhaled in time, rolling his spine down and up. “All right, not bad,” Mr. Zachery said encouragingly. But it also feels very clumsy.”Mr. Zachery reassured him, gently countering Mr. Badgley’s perfectionism. As Mr. Zachery prepared the next combination, the track switched to Donny Hathaway’s “The Ghetto,” and Mr. Badgley’s face stern face split into a smile. “This is one of my kid’s favorite songs,” Mr. Badgley said.
At Frieze London, the Art World Inches Toward Normalcy
Dating to 1993, “Frieze Week” is traditionally the moment when London hosts the international art world’s most compelling, must-get-on-a-plane mix of fairs, museum shows, auctions and dealer exhibitions. But Britain has changed, and so has the art world. Frieze is now majority-owned by the Hollywood conglomerate Endeavor; Britannia, post-Brexit, is not as cool as it was; and Hong Kong and Paris are now vying with London as hubs for selling contemporary art. “Overall, I found Frieze Week to be at half-mast,” said Wendy Cromwell, a New York-based art adviser who was part of a smaller-than-usual American contingent in London. “As in New York, things are far better than they were six months ago, but the city isn’t fully back,” she added.
Beyond Chucky: Frightening Alternatives for Halloween TV
The approach of Halloween brings an influx of horror to television and streaming, and this year the offerings have a classic appeal: reboots of “Chucky” on Syfy and USA, “Day of the Dead” on Syfy and of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” on Amazon Prime Video. “Midnight Mass” has the same emphasis on chilly, foreboding atmosphere as the earlier shows, but it seems to benefit from not being tied to a specific literary source. Especially in its early episodes, it feels looser and quirkier and more human. A lot of the credit for that goes to the stars, Zach Gilford and Hamish Linklater. Gilford plays a native of a small, isolated coastal island who returns home after a stretch in jail for killing someone while driving drunk; Linklater plays a cleric who arrives at the same time, as a temporary replacement for the island’s aging priest.
Opinion | James Bond Has No Time for China
The final James Bond outing for Daniel Craig, “No Time to Die,” also marks a notable milestone for Bondian geopolitics: The franchise just completed a five-movie arc with a single lead actor, and amid all the globe-trotting and intrigue you would barely know that China existed. In fairness, the Cold War-era Bond movies were not obsessed with Russia, serving up stateless supervillains rather than Soviet adversaries in many of his outings. But the reality of Russian power was part of the fabric of the series. The same actor showed up as the head of the K.G.B., for instance, in five Bond movies in the 1970s and ’80s. The Asian pop culture that has increasing influence on America is mostly Korean and Japanese, while China — despite all its power, despite our economic intertwinement, despite its crucial role in our political and now our public-health debates — remains more a domain for experts, its internal life and culture more distant and opaque.
‘Zombie’ Urchins Are Destroying Kelp Forests. Can’t We Just Eat Them?
So it might seem that a surplus of urchins would be good business for commercial divers, but Mr. Trumper explained that the opposite is true. The purple urchins off the California coast are mostly inedible because they contain little to no uni. Having overgrazed the coastal kelp and devastated the red urchin population, the purple urchins are now starving. Mr. Trumper, who is now in his 50s, has been diving since he was 10 with his father, the founder of the commercial fishery Pacific Rim Seafood. This shortage of edible urchins has affected restaurants as well, just as Americans were developing a palate for the delicacy.
The Radical Vulnerability of Juliette Binoche
Glenn Ligon Glenn Ligon, photographed at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center in New York City on July 30, 2021. © Glenn Ligon. © Glenn Ligon. © Glenn Ligon. © Glenn Ligon.
Democrats Weigh Carbon Tax After Manchin Rejects Key Climate Provision
They are also considering adding to the $300 billion in clean energy tax incentives and credits that remain in the bill, while looking for ways to salvage some parts of the clean electricity program. A White House official said on Saturday that staff members were still engaging with members of Congress and had not yet agreed to a final version of climate provisions. Mr. Manchin and another Democrat, Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, have said they cannot support that spending level. In recent days, as White House officials were trying to forge a deal, Mr. Manchin told them he would not support any legislation that includes a clean electricity program. Once his opposition to the clean electricity program became public on Friday, several fellow Democrats expressed outrage.
Georgia’s defense actually gave up two touchdowns — not that it mattered
11 Wildcats did well to do what they did against No. 1 Georgia at Sanford Stadium — they became the first team to actually score a big-wow two touchdowns against the Bulldogs — but anyone bothering to tune in from around the country got another glimpse of the utmost standard. Georgia’s 30-13 win before a booming 92,746 got it to 7-0 and booked another week atop the charts after the proud program had gone 39 years without an in-season No.
Lebanon crisis: Stakes high in sectarian standoff after Hezbollah-Christian clash
An alternative scenario is that the president and prime minister submit to Hezbollah’s calls to dismiss Bitar, said Nizar Hassan, co-host of the “Lebanese Politics” podcast. But that comes with its own price. The government would likely lose the support of the United States and other Western allies, who have insisted on a transparent investigation into the port explosion and whose support would be vital if there is to be an IMF bailout.
Germany's far-right AfD party lost seats but taxpayer money will buy it more reach
On the one hand, the multiparty system is part of the constitution, and Germany is obligated to finance whatever crazy views a sufficient share of voters believe. On the other hand, the constitution forbids political extremism considered a threat to the democratic order. Right now all eyes are on Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, which has a kind of rapid alert system. The AfD has been subject to surveillance; DES so far has not. That 1 out of 10 German voters supported the AfD in this year’s elections is a result of right-wing ideas becoming mainstream in Germany.
An art project visualizes the toll of gun violence with 200,000 origami boxes
Michelle Bounds, a Portland resident, said she accidentally shot herself after picking up a gun during an argument with her former partner. She said she picked up the weapon to make the point he should not have brought it into their house, but it went off and a bullet went through her chin and exited near her temple.
Texas School Official Apologizes For 'Opposing' Views On Holocaust Comment
A north Texas school superintendent has apologized for an administrator’s instruction that students be taught “opposing” views on the Holocaust. The executive director of curriculum and instruction at the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake was recorded earlier this month suggesting to a group of teachers that a new Texas law requires them to present “opposing” perspectives on events, no matter how horrifying they might be. The law is a thinly veiled attempt to overwhelm the teaching of critical race theory in schools with requiring “opposing” views. “The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism,” state Rep. James Talarico (D) said of the law when it passed. Clay Robison, a spokesman for the Texas State Teachers Association union, told The Washington Post that Peddy’s instruction to teachers was “reprehensible.”
Virginia football rolls to third straight win with shutout of Duke
“It was a pleasure,” Virginia wide receiver Billy Kemp IV said of not having to sweat out the proceedings down the stretch. “Those nail-biter games, they’re tough, but a win is a win, and you’ve got to at the end of the day be happy with every win you get, but today, it really just showed the work we put in, and it’s just nice to not be so close for once.”
Being an incarcerated firefighter was still better than being in a prison in California.
I used to be one of the incarcerated people whom California employs to fight wildfires, and I was fortunate. During my nine years in prison for drug-related burglaries, ending in 2012, I never met a fellow prisoner who didn’t want to be in “fire camp,” as the program is known. Some dreamed of going but knew they would never be allowed to live in such a low-security facility. Others, like me, did everything in their capacity to ensure that they got there as soon as humanly possible. For the most part, this meant being savvy and lucky enough to stay out of trouble during the first few years of my incarceration.
Pro-life advocates focused on legal battles. They’re not enough to end abortion.
Policymakers cannot reasonably expect women to be full-time caretakers for their children and full-time participants in the labor force simultaneously, and then balk at assisting them. The majority of children will grow up in households in which both parents work, and yet child care is often too expensive for, or unavailable to, the families who need it. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that “affordable” child care should cost no more than 7 percent of a family’s income. Many families report not having as many children as they otherwise might have wanted, citing the high costs of child care. This should grieve those of us who deeply value children and families.
Former president Bill Clinton expected to leave hospital Sunday after treatment for infection
“He is in great spirits and has been spending time with family, catching up with friends and watching college football,” Ureña said in a statement. “He is deeply grateful for the excellent care he continues to receive and thankful to the many well-wishers who have sent kind words to him and his family. He’s looking forward to getting home very soon.”
People lie about their ‘religious’ objections to vaccines. Proving it is hard.
But in the past year, the Supreme Court has indicated that it intends to strengthen protections for religious liberty — although the full contours of the change are unclear. In Tandon v. Newsom, for instance, it blocked California from enforcing coronavirus restrictions on private gatherings, including at-home religious services, while the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit considers an appeal. In Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which gave the court a chance to overturn Smith — and to say believers should be exempt from some generally applicable laws — it declined to do so. Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority, noted that the law allowed exemptions at the “sole discretion” of the city’s Department of Human Services commissioner; if a city has an exemptions policy, Roberts wrote, it cannot refuse them to religious organizations without meeting a very high bar. It’s not clear yet how the recent subtle shifts in doctrine will affect court cases related to religious exemptions for vaccine mandates.
Prisoners cleared for transfer remain stuck in the military prison at Guantánamo
But to be recommended for transfer by a board composed of the top national security agencies doesn’t mean that a detainee gets to leave Guantánamo. There are now 13 men who have been designated by the multiagency Periodic Review Board as eligible for transfer in accordance with U.S. national security concerns. Three of them have continued to be held at Guantánamo for more than a decade. One has been waiting for six years, and six other men were cleared for transfer home or to a third country earlier this year.
On the trail of Maryland’s fugitive zebras
Those who closely follow zebra news may have noticed that the Maryland zebras are not the first ones to escape captivity this year, although they are the only ones who managed to stay free for more than a few hours. In May, an “agitated” zebra escaped the Triple W livestock auction in Cookeville, Tenn., and ran onto a highway. Earlier this month, two zebras escaped from an Illinois pumpkin patch — to the surprise of Jacob Goebbert, who’d gotten the zebras on loan from an exotic animal farm in Wisconsin to jazz up the fall festivities at Goebbert’s Farm. Their enclosure had high fences, Goebbert told The Post. “We’re still doing somewhat of an internal investigation of how exactly they were able to escape.”
“We’re done”: Immigration advocates stage walk-out on Biden administration
“They give us accolades on the outside, but on the inside, we're having to take out the metaphoric knives from our back.”Immigration advocates participate in a virtual meeting with Biden administration officials before staging a walk-out on Oct. 16, 2021. A White House official told POLITICO that “the Biden Administration has been very clear that MPP is not an immigration policy we agree with or support. The official added, “We are incredibly thankful and appreciative of the work immigration advocates and organizations do around the clock to improve our immigration system.”But while the “Remain in Mexico” policy extension was the catalyst for the blow-up Saturday, it was not the only cause, advocates said. Tensions between the Biden administration and immigration advocates have been escalating for months, and are only now breaking into the open. The Biden administration itself is divided on the continued use of that policy.
Robert Durst has Covid, his lawyer says, and is on a ventilator.
Mr. Durst, whose life story inspired a Hollywood movie and an HBO documentary, will not be eligible for parole. Mr. Durst faces a possible murder indictment in New York in connection with the disappearance of Kathie Durst. Preliminary data from the study showed that the antibody levels of those who had gotten a Johnson & Johnson shot followed by a Moderna booster rose 76-fold within 15 days, whereas the antibody levels of those who had received a Johnson & Johnson booster rose only fourfold in the same period. A Pfizer booster raised antibody levels 35-fold in Johnson & Johnson recipients. “At the end of the day, folks having the Johnson & Johnson should probably get an mRNA booster,” said Scott Hensley, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania.
Robert Durst tests positive for coronavirus days after he’s sentenced to life for murder, attorney says
The guilty verdict last month capped a long journey for authorities who sought to prosecute Durst for killings in three states without success. He was never charged in the case of his wife, Kathie McCormack, who was 29 when she disappeared in 1982. She was never found. He was acquitted in Morris Black’s slaying in 2001, even though he admitted to dismembering Black’s body and tossing it out to sea in Galveston, Tex.
Chronic pain is surprisingly treatable — when patients focus on the brain
Imaging technology further validates that psychological and emotional factors spur chronic pain. A. Vania Apkarian, who runs a neuroscience pain lab at Northwestern University, predicted with 85 percent accuracy which subjects would develop chronic pain by looking not at their backs but at their brains. His team found that, when pain shifts from acute to chronic, it actually moves to different regions of the brain, regions that — tellingly — are also involved in controlling emotion, memory and learning. Apkarian now views chronic pain as a brain-learning phenomenon linked to “emotion-related” circuitry. Chronic pain, by contrast, is a whole different animal, and it appears that it’s born in the brain.
A protester shot by Kyle Rittenhouse sues Kenosha, Wis., says police deputized ‘vigilantes’
The suit focuses heavily on law enforcement’s response in August 2020 when Kenosha had been gripped by protests — and later, riots — in the days after a White Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, a now 30-year-old Black man. Officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake at least seven times in the back as Blake was getting into his car; three of Blake’s children were present. The shooting damaged Blake’s stomach, kidney and liver, required removal of most of his small intestines and his colon and left him paralyzed from the waist down. The Justice Department recently declined to bring charges against Sheskey.
A missing Alabama woman was found dead inside a police van. Her family wants answers.
“Cars go by, people walk nearby the van,” McCarver said. “We just wish that she would have hollered out to someone or something because unfortunately there were what we see as potential opportunities for this to not be a tragedy. And unfortunately no one was able to realize she was in that van.”
Opinion : Lebanon’s people face a deadly false choice: Impunity or chaos
But that isn’t the only way this week’s clashes, which killed seven people and injured dozens, drew parallels with the civil war. One of the central legacies of the conflict — a general amnesty that allowed Lebanon’s sectarian militias and warlords to avoid responsibility for their crimes, divvy up public institutions and expand their patronage networks — has created a culture of impunity for Lebanon’s political elite. The same leaders and parties still retain power three decades after the war ended, and they have beat back every challenge to their authority, often by stoking sectarianism and the specter of renewed fighting.
Opinion : Yale Law School triggers me
I don’t think the definition was referring to tree-lined streets, but I also don’t think shady neighborhoods come in only one race, color or ethnicity. But at least nine other law students inferred as much and filed complaints of racism with the Office of Student Affairs. Rather than tell the complainants to get a life, administrators crumpled in a heap of cheap umbrage. Associate dean Ellen Cosgrove and diversity and inclusiveness director Yaseen Eldik called the alleged offender in for a little chat, which he wisely recorded, and told him that not only was his invitation out of line, but also that his membership in the conservative Federalist Society was triggering.
Labor flexes its muscle as leverage tips from employers to workers
One of the main issues running through many of these strikes, or looming strikes, is workers' anger. Airline employees work under a different labor law than most workers, one which limits their freedom to strike. Today, 40 years later, employers are having trouble finding workers to fill their normal job needs, let alone find workers to take strikers' jobs. "Labor fell into tough times following PATCO," said Alexander Colvin, dean of Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations. "The inability of employers to find replacement workers in this market does shift the power back to labor."
Netflix fired an employee who leaked information about Dave Chappelle's special
New York (CNN) Netflix fired an employee for sharing "confidential, commercially sensitive information" outside of the company about Dave Chappelle's controversial stand-up special "The Closer," the company confirmed to CNN on Saturday. The employee leaked the information to Bloomberg, which published it in an article on Wednesday. Netflix said a review of its internal access logs showed that only one person viewed sensitive title data, and that person downloaded and shared it externally. "The Closer" has been criticized by advocacy groups such as GLAAD as being transphobic . The trans employee resource group at Netflix is planning a walkout on October 20 to protest both Chappelle's special and statements in support of the comedian by Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, The Verge report said.
Jelani Day's fraternity, mother call on federal authorities to take over the case into his death
Jelani Day's former fraternity as well as his mother are calling for federal authorities to take over the investigation into the 25-year-old's death. Day, a graduate student at Illinois State University, went missing in late August. Multiple agencies are assisting Bloomington police including the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, the Peru Police Department, the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office, the LaSalle Police Department, and Illinois State Police. Day was a first-semester graduate student in the communication sciences and disorders department at Illinois State University in Normal. A search of the Illinois River was recently conducted to look for any items related to the case, but nothing was found.
Opinion | The Case for File Cabinets
Remember filing cabinets? They were once vital to every workplace, as much a part of the landscape as desks and chairs. You filed and filed until your thumbs wore down. (Let’s not forget that the portal into John Malkovich’s mind lurked behind — why, yes — a file cabinet.) This all must sound so archaic and pointless to the Gen Z employee heading off to work in the cloud.
McAuliffe outraises Youngkin with big national donations in September
The previous campaign finance report, which detailed spending for July and August, had Youngkin leading in contributions with $15.7 million, compared with McAuliffe’s $11.5 million. Youngkin, a former private-equity executive, reported loaning his campaign $4.5 million during the summer. In the latest filing, Youngkin reported no new personal loans to his campaign. The political action arm of the Republican Governors Association continued to be his top donor, contributing $1.5 million in September.
Alexandria school board race: Meet the candidates running in each district
On top of that, Alexandria is wrestling with the question of whether to employ police officers as a security presence in school buildings. The city council voted to remove School Resource Officers this summer — only to reverse its decision and vote to reinstall SROs in mid-October, following a rash of student fights, the shooting of two students near campus and a recent scare in which a student tried to bring a weapon inside the system’s only public high school. The future of the SRO program remains an open question, as the officers are slated to keep working inside schools only through the end of the year.
Jussie Smollett's criminal case will move forward after judge denies dismissal request
Actor Jussie Smollett's last-ditch effort to have a judge dismiss his criminal case related to allegations he lied to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime was denied. But judge James Linn said Smollett's case is now was being led by a special prosecutor appointed by another judge and he would not upset that arrangement. In February of 2019, Smollett was charged with felony disorderly conduct for allegedly making a false report to Chicago police. The case, however, was revived by the special prosecutor and Smollett was again charged with disorderly conduct. His attorney previously tried to have the case dismissed, but said Smollett wants "nothing more than to go to a jury and clear his name."
Police face a 'crisis of trust' with Black motorists. One state's surprising policy may help.
Among their key priorities to address racial disparities: a ban on traffic stops for such infractions as broken taillights, tinted windows and the aroma of marijuana. An NBC News analysis of the early data shows that the measure is having an impact on the percentage of Black motorists searched by police during traffic stops. So it is not about targeting.”Virginia started collecting detailed traffic stop statistics only in June 2020. But in San Francisco, District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s push to end “pretextual” traffic stops has met fierce resistance from the police. Corinne Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, insisted that the arrest was fair because Brooks refused to comply with the trooper’s commands.
Robert Durst Is On A Ventilator With COVID-19: Reports
Robert Durst, the real estate heir who was sentenced to life in prison for murder on Thursday, is reportedly very sick with COVID-19 and has been placed on a ventilator, his lawyer told multiple outlets Saturday. Durst, 78, slumped down in his wheelchair and appeared to have difficulty communicating in court, speaking in a hoarse voice. While he was once the heir apparent to the Durst family’s New York real estate business ? the family owns some of Manhattan’s most prestigious property ? Durst’s volatile personality proved unsuitable. Durst went to trial for murder in 2003 in a separate killing, after he moved to Texas and began living in disguise. Durst is currently facing renewed scrutiny over his suspected role in the death of McCormack; a New York prosecutor is reportedly seeking to indict him.
Ten Years After Occupy, We Have a Left That Matters
Ten years after Occupy Wall Street took over a small park in downtown Manhattan, the new left that was birthed there continues to develop and grow. A decade later, writes Occupy participant, documentary filmmaker, and author Astra Taylor, the US political situation “remains far more promising than it was at the start of the last decade.”In the years leading up to Occupy, Taylor recently commented, the Left was demoralized and fragmented. The Occupy working group that Taylor was a part of developed into the Rolling Jubilee campaign and then the Debt Collective. This growing burden of debt contributes to a yawning chasm of racial wealth inequality. The median wealth of black households with a college degree ($8,000) barely inches above that of black households without a degree ($6,000).
Portugal Is the World’s Most Vaccinated Country Because Its Population Trusts Its Free Health Care System
As any cursory investigation into Portugal’s vaccination success will tell you, Gouveia e Melo is the type of cool head needed in crisis situations. England, cradle of the first universal health care system, the National Health Service, started its vaccination campaign twenty days ahead of Portugal, on December 7, 2020. Revolutionary Change To many, the clearest explanation of the Portuguese success story is historical. Portugal has a publicly funded and universally accessible health care system, born following the 1974 revolution that not only brought down the fascist dictatorship but also hurried in the creation of a welfare state. This trust expands to the entire health care system, which has now operated for over forty years.
Starbucks Workers Are Organizing — and Management Is Worried
In 2004, some locations in New York organized with the International Workers of the World (IWW) under the name Starbucks Workers Union. The Starbucks Workers Union began organizing with grievances — over low wages, short notice for weekly schedules, irregular hours — front and center. One of the organizers from the Starbucks Workers Union, Daniel Gross, was fired, resulting in a well-publicized court case. unionized through Workers United, the same union Starbucks Workers United has been organizing with. Despite these challenges, Starbucks Workers United has a real shot to win a major victory for itself, other Starbucks partners, coffee industry workers, and the whole labor movement.
How Canadian Socialists Built a Working-Class Print Culture During the Great Depression
These were, however, the issues that animated the independent leftist print industry of the 1930s. Masses and the Progressive Arts Club By the middle of the decade, several leftist magazines established themselves within this growing print network. Subscribers also wanted their socialist magazines to engage with issues similar to those discussed in popular print and media magazines. Hollywood movies, theatrical performance, modern novels, true crime, and gangster stories were all areas that readers of the early 1930s socialist press wanted to see discussed from a left-wing perspective. Well before mainstream Canadian publications, Masses printed reviews of Soviet literature and poems by figures such as Langston Hughes, putting its own contributors into conversation with international movements.
No Time To Die Is a Disappointing Finale for Daniel Craig’s James Bond
Perhaps a female Agent 007? Perhaps a black female Agent 007? She’s getting all the rave reviews for her brief dazzling turn in the Havana sequence of No Time To Die. Personally, I liked the Craig Bond series, though it made for a wildly uneven five films. I wish they’d gone further with this than they did and finally make Bond a rogue agent who stayed rogue.
COVID-19 Is Leading to Higher Global Maternal Mortality Rates
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused a sudden increase in maternal mortality rates, particularly among marginalized communities. The United States is one of only thirteen countries where maternal mortality rates are worse than they were in the 1980s. Those who are most impacted by maternal mortality are people living in poverty and remote areas who lack access to health care services. The first is the Black Maternal Health ‘Momnibus’ Act of 2021, which builds on existing legislation to address every issue of the maternal health crisis in the United States. The Black Maternal Health ‘Momnibus’ Act will provide funding to community-based organizations working to improve maternal health, diversify the perinatal workforce, improve data collection, and improve health care and support for incarcerated moms, to name a few.
November 1/8, 2021, Issue
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Meet Representative Elaine Luria, Chowderhead
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Representative Elaine Luria, a Democrat representing Virginia’s Second Congressional District, is in a hawkish mood. The former career naval officer wants the United States to gird itself for a showdown with China over Taiwan. Allow me to nominate Luria for honorary membership in the Tonkin Gulf Chowder and Marching Society.
Glenn Youngkin Talks About Virginia. His Base Talks About Donald Trump.
But at the grass-roots level, the messages from Virginia Democrats and Republicans are less distinct. Democrats argue that losing the statewide election on Nov. 2 would be a bad omen for them in the 2022 midterms, and Republicans agree. And while Democrats paint Mr. Youngkin as an acolyte of Mr. Trump who would help pave the way for the former president’s return in 2024, Republicans at the “Take Back Virginia” rally on Wednesday explicitly said the same thing. They were willing to make clear what Mr. Youngkin has carefully avoided. “Let’s win on Nov. 2 and send a message to America that we have had enough,” Mr. Fredericks told the crowd.
Shame forced Jon Gruden out of the NFL. Daniel Snyder needs a push.
The NFL should exercise the same right, now. It has the means, Section 8.13 of the Constitution & Bylaws of the National Football League. Titled “Disciplinary Powers of the Commissioner,” it states in part: “Whenever the Commissioner, after notice and hearing, decides that an owner, shareholder, partner or holder of an interest in a member club … has either violated the Constitution and Bylaws of the League or has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football, then the Commissioner shall have the complete authority to suspend and/or fine such person … [or] Whenever the Commissioner determines that any punishment that the Commissioner has the power to impose pursuant to Section 8.13(A), is not adequate or sufficient … the following additional or increased punishment or discipline be imposed.”
College football Week 7 TV schedule: New No. 1 Georgia gets a test against Kentucky
Since the start of the 2011 season, Alabama has lost only six games in the middle of a regular season (in other words, regular season games that aren’t the annual Iron Bowl finale vs. Auburn). Twice its next opponent after one of those losses was Mississippi State, and that’s the case again Saturday when the Crimson Tide visits the Bulldogs one week after falling flat at Texas A&M. The Crimson Tide last lost consecutive regular season games in 2007, which was Coach Nick Saban’s first season in Tuscaloosa, but now it gets a Mississippi State team that, unlike Alabama, beat Texas A&M in College Station and is coming off its bye week. The Horned Frogs are 3-2 this year and will need a win over Oklahoma to escape the Big 12?s mushy middle. Sooners Coach Lincoln Riley wouldn’t commit to a starting quarterback after Caleb Williams replaced Spencer Rattler vs. Texas last weekend and rallied Oklahoma to victory, but Williams was spotted by binoculars-clad OU Daily reporters taking first-team reps at practice this week.
Opinion : Is Biden another incredible shrinking president?
The cartoon version of Biden’s plight is that he is becoming “the incredible shrinking president” — a label that seems to be slapped on every modern chief executive, from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump. Now, it’s Biden’s turn. If you look back to June, he seemed to be gaining stature and strength. His trip to Europe was a resounding success; “America is back” seemed more than a slogan. On domestic politics, Biden helped craft a draft bipartisan infrastructure bill in June that embodied the promise on which he had been elected — the country can still be governed through policies that unite left and right.
Opinion : It’s not just the United States. Inflation is soaring around the world.
They are now spending those savings on whatever is available, and still have money left over to burn. This underlies the record-high retail sales figures in the United States, which is now running at more than $620 billion a year. Before the pandemic, U.S. retail sales increased by roughly $20 billion to $25 billion a year, reaching $526 billion in February 2020. The nearly $100 billion increase in 18 months is quadruple the long-established rate of growth, a rise largely financed by the four sets of stimulus checks households received from the government without consideration of need. The fact this massive, unprecedented spike has come while the U.S. economy still employs 5 million fewer people than it did pre-pandemic makes it even more obvious where the blame for inflation lies.
Advocates worry Biden is letting U.S. democracy erode on his watch
Richmond argued that these actions reflect the White House approach of taking the actions that will accomplish the most, not those that are necessarily the loudest or most public. “Many people may want to see the president’s involvement on cable news or on TV, but that’s probably not the most effective way to get this legislation done,” he said. “This is not about ego for us. This is about results.”
Biden commemorates police officers killed: ‘There’s too much pain. There’s too much loss.’
“We face an inflection point,” the president said in a statement after the meeting. “The battle for the soul of America has been a constant push-and-pull between the American ideal that we’re all created equal and the harsh reality that racism has long torn us apart. At our best, the American ideal wins out. It must again.”
China issues death sentence for man who set ex-wife on fire during live stream
Lhamo once more filed for divorce and fled back to her family. In early June, Tang went looking for her and, when Dolma would not disclose Lhamo’s location, reportedly hit Dolma and broke her jaw, according to the South China Morning Post. Dolma reported the incident to the police, who allegedly questioned and then released Tang.
Am I eligible for a coronavirus booster shot?
Millions of people in the United States are eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine booster shot, but the confusing regulatory process can make it hard to figure out if you are one of them. [Follow the latest coronavirus news updates]Start here to find out if you qualify for a booster according to the CDCIf you are not eligible now, you may be soon. Much is still to be decided, including whether a booster should be the same type of vaccine a person received originally. For instance, data suggests that Johnson & Johnson recipients may get greater benefit from a booster of Moderna or Pfizer. [What to know about coronavirus booster shots in the U.S.]Boosters are likely to become available to additional groups in the coming months, and we will update this calculator as the CDC announces newly eligible groups.
WFT-Chiefs preview: Washington prepares to face Kansas City’s explosive offense
“When they go in and play, the comfort level with them is great,” Turner said. “I thought they stepped in and we didn’t necessarily miss a beat. I think we gave up two sacks and we had to hold the ball on really both of them — one of them, for sure. … But for the most part, I felt good about those guys coming in and filling in for our starters.”
Robert Durst sick with Covid-19, and on a ventilator, following life in prison sentence, lawyer says
New York real estate heir Robert Durst has tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently connected to a ventilator, his attorney said. “All we know he’s tested positive for Covid-19, he’s in hospital and on a ventilator," Dick DeGuerin told NBC News on a phone call. He was having difficulty breathing, he was having difficulty speaking." His diagnosis comes the same week he was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a friend more than 20 years ago, in a slaying possibly tied to the killer's missing wife. Berman was shot at point-blank range in the back of the head inside her Benedict Canyon home.
Rep. Pramila Jayapal: “This is not a progressives vs. moderates debate…This is about opportunity vs. decay”
As Democrats work to resolve their inter-party differences over what should be included in President Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending package, Washington Congresswoman and Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal tells Ali Velshi there’s room for negotiation. “You can shorten some of the programs by years in order to bring the price tag down” says Rep. Jayapal. “Negotiation is a messy part of democracy…Sometimes it looks like tempered are flared and they may be...but at the end of the day we’re all Democrats and we’re going to get this done”.Oct.
How 3 Strangers a World Away Came to the Rescue of a Badly Burned Afghan Girl
Not just any doctor, Asma told them, pointing an index finger in the air, as she often did to make a point. But Asma’s family remained in Afghanistan. Image Asma was burned by a tear-gas canister thrown by American forces while she and her family waited to get inside the Kabul airport. Asma’s brother Israr rushed to his mother and sister and poured water on Asma’s face. His sister’s mask was stuck to her face in a ghastly melding of burned material and skin.
'My Monticello, by Jocelyn Nicole Johnson book review
“Buying a House Ahead of the Apocalypse” is a standout, in part because of how it is told. The tale is presented as a checklist, something many of us use to simply help manage our daily lives. The story is a portrait, in list form, of the universally human search for something normal, someplace safe, even in the face of futility: “Vote, but don’t expect it to save you. March, but don’t expect it to save you. Pray, but don’t expect it to save you.”
‘Hadestown’ ushers Broadway back to the Kennedy Center in style
Mind you, the production, stunningly conjured by director Rachel Chavkin, set designer Rachel Hauck and costume designer Michael Krass, plays much more satisfyingly than it did during the Trump era, when it debuted on Broadway. This modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus — who travels to hell to retrieve his beloved Eurydice — seemed too much like agitprop in 2019. This was particularly apparent at the close of Act 1, when Hades, lord of the underworld, leads the call-and-response number “Why We Build the Wall”: “We build the wall to keep us free,” the ensemble chants, which an administration ago came across as cloyingly ideological satire.
'Halloween Kills' movie review:Disappointing and overly familiar slasher sequel is nothing new, and maybe that's the point
The anonymous wag’s delicious sarcasm — and yes, that was sarcasm, dripping like the blood we were all about to experience on the screen before us — neatly encapsulates the perverse appeal of this most predictable of film sagas, now on its 12th chapter and not over yet. It’s an appeal that is by no means unique to the “Halloween” movies, centering on the masked and now presumably immortal serial killer Michael Myers, but rather one endemic to the entire genre of franchise slashers, including “Scream” (which is soon to get its fifth installment this January).
Merriam-Webster promoted Typeshift, a word game littered with offensive language.
A Merriam-Webster representative alerted The Washington Post to degrading terms appearing in Word Wipe, an online game developed by Arkadium that is published on The Post website and in other outlets. Arkadium said it regularly audits and culls the words that could appear in its games and has taken steps to remove additional terms. “We never want anything to appear that could be offensive, even if the word had a benign origin,” Arkadium chief executive Jessica Rovello said in a statement.
‘Dracula’ brought vampires into the limelight. Let’s talk about the best literary blood suckers since.
Lavie: I feel you have an unfair advantage, in that you actually wrote a vampire novel and I didn’t! ?” So, yes, Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend” (1954) is a vampire novel — a very good one. So, from Russia, there’s Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Night Watch” (and its sequels), translated by Andrew Bromfield. In modern-day Moscow, supernatural creatures battle each other, some taking the side of the dark and some of the light. Huge bestsellers in Russia, I came to them through the two Timur Bekmambetov film adaptations.
With MacArthur ‘genius’ grant, this 70-year-old choreographer has big plans for the future
Even before the MacArthur, Zollar had moved into new territory. She has stepped back from leading Urban Bush Women, having handed the reins to two of her dancers in 2019. (The group is holding workshops this fall and has scheduled performances starting in January.) Zollar is continuing to teach at Florida State University, where she has been a professor for 25 years; she splits her time between Tallahassee and Brooklyn so she can coach dancers in her works. But Zollar’s current artistic projects are bigger than anything she’s done before: She is directing two operas and, with Urban Bush Women’s 40th anniversary looming in 2024, planning a major choreographic retrospective.
Hubert Germain, last French WWII ‘Companion of the Liberation,’ dies at 101
He then helped liberate the city of Toulon, the Rhone valley and the city of Lyon. In April 1945, he and his Free French joined with British forces in the Battle of Authion, in the French Alps, driving the Germans off their mountaintop fortress and opening up a strategic route between France and Italy. It effectively marked the end of the war in France, and within a month Germany had surrendered to the Allies.
Here are 10 of the week’s best photos
A painting is protected with a fireproof blanket during a drill aimed at preserving artwork at French cathedral; Star Trek actor William Shatner experiences weightlessness during a Blue Origin suborbital flight; sailboats take part in the Barcelona regatta in Italy’s Gulf of Trieste; a pedestrian marvels at an oversize Halloween decoration in Alexandria, Va. See 10 of the week’s most interesting and gripping images from around the world, selected by Washington Post photo editors.
Stacey Dash speaks out about her opioid addiction for the 1st time
Many know Stacey Dash as Dionne Davenport from the hit 1995 film "Clueless" or in later years, as a commentator on Fox News. Dash told Dr. Oz that it was the pandemic that spurred her to share her story because she could see so much pain and darkness in people. Dr. Oz explained how risky her addiction was, noting that many of her vital organs would have been affected. Dash said her opioid addiction nearly killed her, causing her kidneys to shut down before she was rushed to a hospital for a full blood transfusion. "Even in rehab ... it wasn't until the last 10 days that I finally said, 'Oh snap, I'm an addict,'" Dash said.
Number of Confederate monuments linked to number of lynchings, study finds
Places with more Confederate monuments tend to also have a history of more lynchings, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Virginia. The data showed that the number of lynchings in an area was associated with a higher likelihood that the same area would have Confederate monuments. Also, scholars and activists have long said that Confederate memorials are associated with hate. The research also cited a study that analyzed 30 dedication speeches for Confederate monuments and found that half of them used explicitly racist phrases. Today, more than 2,000 known Confederate monuments still stand throughout the nation, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
Boosters and mixes: Health officials consider most beneficial combinations
Dr. Celine Gounder, infectious disease specialist, talks about the latest conclusions about the benefits of booster shots to supplement Covid vaccinations and new data on follow-up shots of a different vaccine may provide better protection. Oct. 16, 2021
October 16, 2021 – Consortiumnews
In her ruling in January against extraditing the imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher, Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser expressed a high degree of understanding for the CIA wanting to rub out Assange, writes Joe Lauria. Read more ?
What Baraitser Thought About the Plot to Kill or Abduct Assange
The U.S. appeal at the High Court hinges on whether Assange really is as suicidal as Baraitser ruled, or is a malingerer like U.S. prosecutors allege. The High Court will ultimately have to decide whether Baraitser was correct in ruling that Assange was too sick to be sent to the United States. report the High Court will likely look at how the UC Global witnesses testimony was handled by Baraitser. In her 132-page ruling on Jan. 4 against extraditing Assange, Baraitser discussed the evidence of a plot to kill or kidnap him. revelations are admitted to the High Court, it may have little sway on a judiciary that seems in lockstep with whatever the U.S. wants.
Fentanyl, Threnody Requiem Dirge
I could write a book about 1999. My brother worked so hard to help him, and asked family to offer help which we glady did. One time, I set up the chess board, I played White, but with just my King and eight pawns. I could write a book about 1978. Fentanyl is grouped with OTHER SYNTHETIC OPIOIDSHe died in early May this year.
One Can Pretend
One can only pretend to care for so long. All of this is a lunge for attention. Look at meLook at me? Look at you!
Movie Review: Farewell, My Lovely (The Book and the Adaptations)
In the novel, Marlowe refers to Marriott as a “pansy” on account of his mannerisms. But in this movie, Marriott (Hans Conried) merely comes across as weak. In this movie, Malloy took a manslaughter rap for his boss. Jonny Gossamer is the equivalent of Philip Marlowe, and the movie is divided into chapters named after Raymond Chandler’s books, the last one being Farewell, My Lovely. In a twenty-first century remake of Farewell, My Lovely, Moose Malloy and Velma Valento should fill that slot.
If congress fails on climate action, it would be like Trump pulling us out of the Paris accord again
Only he knows how to fix climate change: "Under the green new deal, they don’t like clean, beautiful natural gas. The green new deal don’t know what they like." By any standard, this year’s climate emergency is a preview of how deadly the emergency has become, and the consequences that await us are too horrifying to contemplate. The reconciliation bill is a climate bill. No climate, no deal for his infrastructure bill that showers the fossil fuel industry with all kinds of goodies.
Morning Open Thread. My hometown childhood houses.
--Zsa Zsa GaborMorning Open Thread is a daily, copyrighted post from a host of editors and guest writers. And if you’re brand new to Morning Open Thread, then Hail and Well Met, new Friend. So, in addition to the houses themselves, at each one I tried to get a photo of my bedroom window. It was the middle of winter and one school day morning it was snowing to beat all get out. Didn’t have enough room in my bedroom for that, but I couldn’t leave it set up in the living room either.
ArtKos: Saturday Painting Palooza Vol.844
This week I will be continuing with the painting of Bodiam Castle in the UK. The photo that I'm using is seen directly below. When last seen the painting appeared as it does in the photo seen directly below. Since that time I have continued to work on the painting. The current state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.
Revelations about bogus academy prove charter schools need better oversight
DeVos hoped to use her post to steer more money to religious schools while creating more charter schools. Headline-generating charter scandals have driven some charter school advocates to push for more regulation and a more-managed market approach to school choice. For example, students in urban charter schools generally perform better than their matched pairs—likely for an assortment of reasons—while students in online charter schools perform much worse. Part of the rationale for charter schools is that they should generate innovation and competitive pressure that improve charter and non-charter schools alike. If charter schools harm traditional public schools by, for example, reducing funding or creating funding uncertainty—and there is some evidence for this, too—these comparisons might understate the costs of charter schools.
Village Saturday Morning
Effective May 3, 2023, everyone will need to show a REAL ID or other acceptable form of ID to board a domestic flight. Social Security Card (signed, not laminated)Two documents establishing residency from different sources received within 90 days. Driver’s license renewal card, utility bills, and paychecks are the only acceptable sources. I lost my social security card ages ago. I will have all the documentation I need to obtain my REAL ID.
The boy that stuttered grew up to be a storyteller.
I came to this country from Guatemala in the mid 80’s I was Undocumented, with a stutter and no knowledge of the English Language. In many ways, I didn’t have a voice. Now, I speak English with a sexy Latino accent, I am a storyteller, an American citizen and I vote. I HAVE A VOICE and I use my voice to let people know the realities of the immigration experience. Feel free to listen to my stories on my web site www.nestorgomezstoryteller.com/...
365 Days of Climate Awareness 67
This is the evapotranspirative river which has long-ranging influence over weather patterns. It is a plant-driven monsoonal effect which straddles the equator. As the Amazon rainforest continues to shrink, this monsoonal effect is weakened, and threatens to disrupt weather patterns throughout the western hemisphere. January (wet season) monsoon, and July (dry season) northward wind. Concept of evapotranspirationMap of the Amazon river and basinSouth & Central American monsoonal variationBe well!
View from the Barricades: The Labor Market
The unemployment rate is falling but tens of thousands of workers are leaving the labor market. ; they leaving and aggravating the labor market. The churn in the labor market can be understood by studying the relationship between unemployment and vaccination rates. Where it's safe, workers are returning to the labor market, but they are being picky. The August labor report ( https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/jolts.pdf) indicated that a record number, 4.3 million, quit in August.
Saturday Morning Home Repair 10
old pipeWelcome again to Saturday Morning Home Repair blogging, where we talk about fixing houses and the things in them that are supposed to work for us. We all do a lot of things, collectively, and can probably help out with insights from our vast experience. Contact Glen The Plumber about posting it for Saturday Morning Home Repair. good morning: gonna take it easy this weekend...maybe just a bit of getting ready for rain. occasionally even plumbers need to have their pipes inspected...old but in good working condition.
Snap Pole*: Changing state names to get a certain Senator's vote
JoeM on the RangeSnap Pole: Which state shall we re-name in order to get Joe Manchin’s vote for a Climate Bill? Which state shall we re-name in order to get that one crucial vote on the Build Back Better bill? And what’s it worth to ya? A too-obvious choice would be to rename West Virginia “Manchin." (As in “my father’s house has many...uh...Manchins”)But I suggest either a different name for the state, or a different state.
Maryland Redistricting
Back in February, I posted a proposal here to redistrict Maryland:www.dailykos.com/…A few weeks ago, when Census numbers came out, I slightly adjusted my proposal and submitted to the Governor’s Redistricting Committee via their citizens’ portal — it’s plan #1022 here:redistricting.maryland.gov/…I have now adjusted again, and believe (yes, just imho) that this would be the perfect map for Maryland. It’s an 8-0 gerrymander that preserves both African-American seats, and very likely creates a 3rd Black-represented seat in my version of MD-1. I strongly believe in a Fair Maps type of system, but only when it’s applied uniformly across all states. Democrats should not unilaterally disarm on this issue.
The Daily Bucket
The Daily Bucket is a nature refuge. “Red” Fox Sparrows, widely distributed across the boreal forest of northern North America, are rusty above with some pale gray on the head and rufous splotches on the underparts. The “Slate-colored” Fox Sparrow of the mountains of the Interior West is small-billed and dull gray above with brownish splotches below. The range-restricted “Thick-billed” Fox Sparrow of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains looks like a “Slate-colored” Fox Sparrow but has a very large, chunky bill. White-throated Our summer sparrows have departed, but these winter sparrows will join our year-round Song sparrows and our sparrowoids: the Spotted Towhees and Dark-eyed juncos.
Four Dozen Roses: The third dozen (photo diary)
In 1904, the City of Spokane, Washington, obtained 95 acres of land which became Manito Park. The name manito is an Algonquian Indian word for spiritual forces. Rose Hill was developed in the late 1940s as a joint venture between the Spokane Rose Society and the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department. The gardens now hold 150 varieties of hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, and miniature roses. Shown below are a third dozen different roses from the garden.
Tales and Tails from Vermont #1
Solar panels can work in Vermont winterSome mostly good stories coming from Vermont this week. But also several real news stories that I will be sharing as time permits. And so to begin in MIDDLEBURY Vermont.. The Middlebury College campus has begun the installation of 29,000 solar panels in the plan to be 100% from renewable sources, not fossil fuels by 2028. What’s more, other campuses from across the country are reaching out for information to do things similarly.
Saturday: Pass
If McAuliffe wins, coverage will be CLOSER THAN EXPECTED WIN SIGNALS IMPENDING DOOM FOR DEMS, WHOM ALL VOTERS HATE!!! Hope you all have your flu shots and are ready for the COVID booster, if its in your area. x Red Wing Black BirdThis one has amazing colors and hung out a lot. I didn't see this on the other birds.#birdphotography #bird #nature #TwitterNatureCommunity pic.twitter.com/08hHx6pi4D — Nick?? (@wtf_light) October 14, 2021. Newdists, please grab something to eat and drink, and join us in the thread.
Photo Diary: Zoo Tampa
Now that I am back in Florida for the winter, one of the things I had to do was renew my zoo membership (it expired while I was gone). Much of the zoo is torn up now as they expand the Florida native exhibits. Some photos from an afternoon at the Zoo. For those who don't know, I live in a converted campervan and travel around the country, posting photo diaries of places that I visit. This Coral Snake is usually well-hidden so I hardly ever see himRiver OtterBald IbisMilitary Macaws in the bird showBrown Pelican
Paul's Book Reviews
This one turns out to be a bit too "nice" for adult science fiction ... Box, Breaking PointRating: 4 of 5 starsBreaking Point (Joe Pickett #13)by C.J. Box brings on Reacheresque tension and villainy, when it comes to his human and relatable hero Joe Pickett, it's more a matter of luck. I may watch more, but as far as the book series, I'm done. I post book reviews on my blog Paul's Thing, on Goodreads, and on the Readers and Book Lovers group page of the community website Daily Kos.
44th Commander in Chief Barack Obama Called into Virginia. Why?
Our 44th President of these United States of America has been called in to Political Action at the battleground of Virginia. The battle of Virginia has been won atleast the last 8 years, repeatedly 8 times in a row. Here's the news we’ve been fed: polls are slowly dripping away to not being in favor for Democratic voters in Virginia. Democratic Voters who are loyal to the party aren’t affected by the misinformation nor disinformation. Another move, that would probably better, would be for the heavy hitters to play serious offense in the districts President Biden almost flipped.
Republicans urging Republicans to vote Democratic in 2022 and 2024
Republicans Christine Todd Whitman and Miles Taylor have an important message for Republicans to save our democracy. Responsible Republicans not always an oxymoronWatch Politics Done Right TV here. The two ‘Republicans’ wrote the New York Times article, “We Are Republicans. There’s Only One Way to Save Our Party From Pro-Trump Extremists,” They stated the following. But it’s become obvious that political extremists maintain a viselike grip on the national and state parties and the process for fielding and championing House and Senate candidates in next year’s elections.
Save the Climate. Ruin Manchin.
Joe Manchin has a Dirty Empire. Through these operations Manchin receives hundreds of thousands of revenue every year. Joe Manchin killed Joe Biden’s clean energy proposal. So the time to play nice with Joe Manchin is over. Biden needs to call Manchin into the Oval Office and tell him that if he doesn’t vote for clean energy, Biden will pursue policies that will ruin Manchin and his family business.
DKos Asheville Open Thread: Faith based COVID, Charlotte St. change approved, Music, Fall color
Among local public schools, there is widespread compliance with health officials’ advice on how to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get kids back in classrooms safely. But a number of private schools and home school cooperatives are taking approaches that diverge from those guidelines. Among WNC public school districts, only Yancey County Schools isn’t requiring masks. Both Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools say they’ve enacted the toolkit’s precautions, including masking and rapid COVID-19 tests for students who may have been exposed to the virus. But the Appalachian Academy (*Good luck finding a link, the only Asheville Academy I found was an all -girls therapy boarding school.)
?This Week In The War On Woman: Media, messaging, & the persistent miasma.
Last week, she received UNHCR's regional Nansen Refugee Award, an annual prize for individuals doing outstanding work for displaced people. She is a CELI Fellow, Fulbright Scholar and graduate student in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. Texas Women are driving hours to Louisiana, other states for abortions after new lawfrom NPR Oct 14: Remembering an Abortion Rights Activist Who Spurned the Spotlight Audio. Despite her insistence on direct action on abortion-rights at a time when many were uncomfortable even saying the word "abortion," Maginnis is not a bold letter name of the movement. * "Patricia Theresa "Pat" Maginnis (June 9, 1928 – August 30, 2021) was considered the first abortion rights activist in American history.
Who needs Mt. Rushmore? Trump now demands a do-over for the US Constitution: The Trumpstitution
Former President Donald Trump is pushing a new conspiracy theory while demanding to be either reinstated as president or get a do-over election. President Donald Trump has made clear that he believes – and wants everyone else to accept – that he is always the smartest person in the room. Rushmore statues even make the list of the world’s tallest statues (here). My version of the world’s tallest statue as fantasized by Donald Trump. Click here to see my proposed site for a giant Trump statue.
Panicking? Good.
Floods, fires, famines, and pandemics; ice caps melting; species disappearing; the list of catastrophes is horrible, long, and growing all the time. This is a relief to those of us who have already been living in dread for years. It shows we are beginning to understand the harm we have done to ourselves and this beautiful earth. We’ve built our present world by imagining every detail. Panic is a natural first response to the awareness of what we have done.
Cynical, So-Called "Heartbeat" Laws Reduce Human Beings to "Host Bodies"
This is the case that helped galvanize the forces for abortion rights in Ireland. Even though abortion is legal for therapeutic reasons in Peru, K.L. When the Committee made its decision, it marked the first time that a UN human rights body held a government accountable for failing to ensure access to legal abortion services. After her ordeal K.L became an activist for reproductive rights. As the abortion issue heats up, FiveThirtyEight is reporting that support for abortion rights has increased since the Texas Law.
Texas Lawyers Defend Abortion Law By Claiming Supreme Court Has No Authority In The First Place.
What these Texas lawyers are proposing here is to make themselves essentially, insulated from the rulings of the Supreme Court. After all, the Supreme Court for better or worse, has adjudicated weighty matters ranging from Dred Scott to Brown v Board of Education. NBCNews has more-Lawyers for supporters of the Texas abortion law told a federal appeals court Thursday that the state was free to pass its law banning abortion after about six weeks because states can reach their own conclusions about whether abortion is constitutional. We can just ignore the Supreme Court altogether? They go further.."Abortion is not a constitutional right; it is a court-invented right that may not even have majority support on the current Supreme Court," they said.
Tales from Vermont #2
Burlington High School SeaHorsesThe full story herehttps://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/local-news/bhs-homecoming-halftime-features-a-drag-show-in-support-of-lgbtq-community/Long story short. Last night was Homecoming for Burlington High School. The half time show was nothing like Super Bowl stuff. Instead it featured a halftime drag show. 15 students and 12 twelve faculty and staff members were predicted to be “fabulous.” I see no reports on it yet today today but I will be on the lookout.
With Nuclear Superpowers, Humankind Can’t Play Russian Roulette
Humankind should contemplate that lesson, for unless the international system gets transformed, we will be playing a global-scale version of Russian roulette. We came close to a nuclear war that could have brought human civilization – and perhaps much of life on earth -- to an end. So long as the age-old anarchy in the international order is allowed to persist, other such potentially catastrophic confrontations between nuclear superpowers will occur in the generations and centuries to come. It was in the wake of the terrible carnage of World War I that the League of Nations was born. At the very least, the search for ways of moving things in that necessary direction should be one of the dimensions of the diplomacy between the nuclear superpowers.
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 17.42: Gardening for Climate Change
The closer to the trunk, the more respectful to be of the tree’s roots. A few tree species are allelopathic—they produce chemicals that can kill or inhibit the growth of other plants growing underneath or nearby. Aster cordifolius (blue wood aster)What about smaller trees and shrubs underneath trees? This one also includes shrubs, www.countryliving.com/…Which plants are best to grow for climate change? “Wood is good,” so any trees and woody shrubs would be better than other plants, although all plants sequester some carbon.
Caturday Pootie Diary: Dawn of the Vacuum
I felt the hairs on my back rise as I looked past her to see it. I looked past her ankles to see what had startled her. Angrily, she dropped it upside down onto the floor and walked past it to the hallway. She suddenly deflated, and walked past the knocked over vacuum and back to me. She cleared her throat and continued, “I think I’m going to put it outside.
Are we critical thinkers or "useful idiots?"
What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is "thinking about thinking." Critical thinking can discern logical fallacies and cognitive biases. Where this leaves usWithout the skill of critical thinking, it is all too easy for us to function like sheep, where a herd-like instinct holds sway. Clearly, we need to teach children, in both our homes and our schools, the benefits and capacities needed for critical thinking.
50 Amazing Things Democrats Have Done Since Biden Took Office: Saturday's GNR
The agreement is the culmination of years of fraught negotiations that were revived this year after President Biden took office and renewed the United States’ commitment to multilateralism. The Biden White House was quick to cancel the classification, saying it "undermines the foundations of the civil service."finally….. “We cannot ignore this threat or wish it away,” President Biden wrote in the strategy document. He even compared the current president favorably to his predecessor: “President Biden is an experienced statesman. The Biden administration had been accepting applications only from children with cases that were pending when the program closed.
BREAKING: Ron DeSantis sued for trying to deny 3 Black districts any representatives for a full year
Ron DeSantis in Broward County court on Friday, asking the state to compel DeSantis to schedule special elections in three legislative districts where legislators recently resigned. DeSantis also waited 30 days to set a date for the special election to replace Hastings in Congress, resulting in a similar lawsuit. Elijah Manley at a press conferenceHe first campaign for elected office was a symbolic run for president in 2016. I think young people think of these issues differently and sometimes the issues they care about are a lot different. I can't tell you how many elected officials and candidates have said that they won’t go after the young vote because [young people] don't vote.
Trump Loses What Is Left Of Mind, Says AZ Should Hold New Election Or Declare "REP" Candidate Winner
He simply can’t accept that more people in the state of Arizona cast their ballots for Joe Biden than him. You were the Republican candidate. If he won Arizona, President Biden would have had 296 electoral votes. Maybe that is why Trump refers to himself as the Republican candidate. The Republican candidate, what a loser.
The Navy Gets Serious About Vaccinations
Governmental entities tend to be ponderous beasts and change comes slowly to them and the military perhaps most of all. “Transfer orders may be cancelled by Navy Personnel Command.” – CCDA is COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority, the Navy certainly does love its acronyms. Refusal will result in a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, if vaccine refusal is the only reason for separation. Those require a full Court MartialThe Navy is reporting that 94% of active duty sailors and 89% of the total force are fully vaccinated. The Navy is doing this all by the numbers, which is The Navy Way.
Why 52% of Trump Supporters favor seceding from the Nation
Trump supporters of course reject the idea that they are motivated by racism, bigotry and fear. Among Trump supporters, there has been virtually no change since 2016. By contrast, a somewhat smaller share of Trump supporters express this view today (26%) than did so four years ago (31%). [...] Most Trump supporters (72%) continue to associate Islam with violence, though the share saying this has declined 8 points since 2016. In each of these areas, black people, women, immigrants and Muslims, Trump supporters are largely in opposition to the rise and growth of all these groups.
When he claims he's not a climate science denier, Joe Manchin is lying through his teeth
An industry that, in case anyone has forgotten, spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting climate denial disinformation. Manchin and his family have thrived thanks to profiteers who created climate change doubt by gaslighting the populace, smearing scientists, attacking activists, and, of course, pouring gobs of campaign money into the pockets of compliant politicians in both parties. There’s a chance we’ll still see passage of a reconciliation bill with a few crumbs on climate. As Democratic Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota told The Times, “We must have strong climate action in the Build Back Better budget. This week more than 650 protesters, many of them Indigenous, were arrested in Washington for civil disobedience in protest of foot-dragging in Congress on climate change.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: More boosters soon to be in the mix
Zeynep Tufekci/NY times:The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You ThinkThere has been strikingly little research on the sociology of the pandemic, even though billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on vaccines. The research and data we do have show that significant portions of the unvaccinated public were confused and concerned, rather than absolutely opposed to vaccines. Some key research on the unvaccinated comes from the Covid States Project, an academic consortium that managed to scrape together resources for regular polling. It categorizes them as “vaccine-willing” and “vaccine-resistant,” and finds the groups almost equal in numbers among the remaining unvaccinated. (David Lazer, one of the principal investigators of the Covid States Project, told me that the research was done before the mandates, and that the consortium has limited funding, so they can poll only so often.)
Trump is dividing the GOP against itself in ways Republicans couldn't have imagined
Whatever the case, Senate Republicans handed Trump that lifeline, and now we are just beginning to get a glimpse of how disastrous the move was for the party as a whole. But Trump is also notching those successes by breaking state parties and pitting Republicans against themselves in almost every case. Right now, in Nevada—a swing state with a key 2022 Senate race—the state GOP is in full meltdown mode, or a "civil war," as Politico framed it. But the real problem for Republicans is flagging support within their own party—including 35% of self-identified Republicans in the poll saying GOP members don't deserve reelection, and just 65% saying they do. Similar to the CNN poll, just 66% of registered GOP voters have a favorable view of their own party.
Natural infection versus vaccination: Differences in COVID antibody responses emerge
There are several potential reasons that memory B cells produced by natural infection might be expected to outperform those produced by mRNA vaccines, the researchers say. It is possible that the body responds differently to viruses that enter through the respiratory tract than those that are injected into our upper arms. Or perhaps an intact virus goads the immune system in a way that the lone spike protein represented by the vaccines simply cannot. Then again, maybe it's that the virus persists in the naturally infected for weeks, giving the body more time to mount a robust response. The vaccine, on the other hand, is flushed out of the body mere days after triggering the desired immune response.
Mass Death Ahead
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Cape Town, 2021(Image by Linh Dinh) Details DMCAUniversal suffrage finally came to South Africa in 1994. They expected societal breakdown, if not mass violence committed by blacks in retribution. A young male voice narrates, "In 1994, we moved from our house in Oranje Street, number 30, to our new home, under Oranje Street, number 30." Next Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
Data manipulation pushed pandemic
TerminologyOne simple and correct way is how many people die from the infection caused by the virus: the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR). For our COVID pandemic there has been, surprisingly, very little wide blood testing across the whole population. That figure of 3%, far from reliable, is 30 times greater than the figure given for the seasonal flu. Simply by implying great lethality for everyone infected by the new COVID virus. Higher than the usual quoted flu value [.001] for the height of the pandemic in high density New York City.
Legacy Social Media: Free as in Beer, Not as in Speech
Per Haugen's theory, lack of "action" by social media platforms is the cause of social ills such as violence in Myanmar and Ethiopia. Richard Stallman tells us to "think of 'free speech,' not 'free beer'" when discussing the free software movement. The marriage of legacy social media platforms to government censorship reverses that proposition. Free speech requires complete separation of social media and state. Punch "distributed social media platforms" into your preferred search engine to find them.
Sonnet: Riddle of the Sphinx on My 65th Birthday
Sonnet: Riddle of the Sphinx on My 65th BirthdayWhat is it got a big black moustache, smoke a very big cigar, and is a real big pain in the neck? I crawled on four legs through a black-and-white worldhighlighted by EBS Russkie scaresHank Williams, Patsy Cline, heart broke dailymy family all Barnum & Baileyearly childhood ed the sum of all fearsJFKed, Lawrence Welked, and Milton BerledUp on my own two feet, adventures roaredI took learning by the horns, both of themcomposed symphonies in my head, lost chordsI switched to isms and highfalutin wordsthen my heart got bushwhacked by a golemHegel showed how history gets obscuredThree legs now. a Taoist late for Mao's March,tender in the night, all Achilles arch
The View from the Barricades: The Labor Market
The unemployment rate is falling but tens of thousands of workers are leaving the labor market. ; they leaving and aggravating the labor market. The churn in the labor market can be understood by studying the relationship between unemployment and vaccination rates. For example, California the state with the highest vaccination rate is also one of the states least impacted by the labor shortage. Where it's safe, workers are returning to the labor market, but they are being picky.
We're Not Safe, Thanks to Facebook
(Image by generic) Details DMCAI think I'm living in a Facebook page sometimes. I supply the answers and then listen to a five-minute description of what transpired when she (it's usually a woman) purchased of a rug recently. This spring, I received a set of free veggie vouches, from a program free to any and all seniors. The next day, in a conversation with a woman, when I try to discuss race, I hear this: Are you Black! In 2021, thanks to Facebook's business model, Black is a deviation from the norm.
‘There’s a Lot the Postal Service Can Do to Be Present in the 21st Century’
Janine Jackson interviewed Lisa Graves about the fight for the Postal Service for the October 8, 2021, episode of CounterSpin. And he has no experience running the Postal Service or within the Postal Service. But it also hinders us in developing a positive vision of what a 21st century Postal Service could look like. There’s a lot of things the postal service can do to really be present in the 21st century in people’s communities, in even broader ways to help. The idea that in the 21st century, our Postal Service is not going to be expanding its use of planes to get mail faster is absurd.
Profile of America's Underpaid Cops: St. Louis County
Officer pay data obtained from 24 municipal police departments in St. Louis County from NBC News revealed “a gulf between police officer pay in poor, majority African-American northern cities and wealthier, whiter cities further south. Average annual patrol officer pay ranges from $23,000 in Hillsdale to nearly $70,000 in Town and County and Des Peres.”The gap mirrors metropolitan areas and rural communities around the United States. He bounced from job to job—private security, pizza delivery—and graduated from the St. Louis Police Academy in 2009. Since then, he’s worked for three different police departments in St. Louis County, all paying between $10.50 and $12.50 an hour. “If you are not making enough to pay for what you need, people do stupid things,” NBC quotes him as saying.
Growing BIPOC Youth-Led Climate Movement Is the Force Occupy Could Have Been
The movement’s failures to address white supremacy and colonialism kept us internally stifled and also externally limited our demands and narrative. This limited analysis leads to Band-Aid approaches to systemic harms that fundamentally leave marginalized people behind in a country built on white supremacy. When I was first exposed to the youth climate movement, the loudest people were the most privileged, and those who were most invested in continuing the status quo. Ten years ago, we elevated a narrative about the violence and dangers of corporate power into the national stage. Today’s BIPOC youth-led climate justice movement is challenging both government and corporate power that is holding us all back from a livable future.
Survivors of Medical Abuse at ICE Jail in Georgia Are Still Waiting for Justice
While the Department of Homeland Security ordered the ICE contract at Irwin County Detention Center to be terminated in May 2021, the prison still remains open. The survivors of Irwin County Detention Center deserve justice in the form of closure of the Irwin County Detention Center along with all ICE prisons, immediate accountability for the violations that occurred in ICE custody, immigration relief and reparations. While the Department of Homeland Security ordered the ICE contract at Irwin County Detention Center to be terminated in May 2021, the prison still remains open. But nothing prepared her for the grim realities of the Irwin County Detention Center. While Irwin’s termination of the ICE contract should be celebrated, Dowe, other Irwin County Detention Center survivors and all people impacted by ICE still deserve justice.
The Postal Service Can Do More to Be Present in the 21st Century
Janine Jackson interviewed Lisa Graves about the fight for the Postal Service for the October 8, 2021, episode of CounterSpin. And he has no experience running the Postal Service or within the Postal Service. But it also hinders us in developing a positive vision of what a 21st century Postal Service could look like. There’s a lot of things the postal service can do to really be present in the 21st century in people’s communities, in even broader ways to help. And so, if the Postal Service is allowed to fail, it doesn’t just fail for America in general.
Miso-Butter Pasta With Butternut Squash Recipe
A true love match, miso and butter create a simple yet deeply flavorful pasta that hits all the right notes: sweet, salty and savory. Smashed garlic cloves roast with the squash to gently flavor it, then become silky-soft treasures you’ll discover while eating. Finishing the dish with lime cuts through the richness of the butter, but you can use lemon, too. Try using other vegetables like eggplant, pumpkin or carrots to make this dish your own. To get vegetarian recipes like this one delivered to your inbox, sign up for The Veggie newsletter.
Hate Crimes and Pandemic Lead More Asian Americans to Seek Therapy
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, life was not as easy as it looked for Julian Sarafian. Then, in November of last year, he came down with symptoms of Covid-19, and his girlfriend tested positive for the virus. “It was just kind of the icing on the cake that was, like, the middle finger of 2020,” he said. Mr. Sarafian, 27, who is from Sacramento, went to therapy a month later, but it was not as simple as making a phone call. After a few months of therapy, he said, he “hit a point where it’s looking a lot brighter than ever before.”
‘Fiscal Justice Ratings’ Fight Police Brutality With Finance
To Mr. Wallace, factors that contribute to inequality, including police misconduct, add up to trouble for both residents and city finances. He believes that municipal bond investors should consider “fiscal justice” before investing in a city’s debt. His firm, Activest, plans to introduce a new type of ratings system this year to help them do it. Mr. Wallace, however, gives Louisville’s finances poor marks across the board. His fiscal justice ratings aim to account for this long-term impact.
Taktouka With Burrata and Lime-Parsley Oil Recipe
Taktouka is a Moroccan cooked salad traditionally made of bell peppers simmered in a tomato sauce that’s seasoned with sweet paprika and cumin. The end result is a lightly fragrant and flavorful dish that is typically served with plenty of bread. Here, it is also served with burrata. Although the addition of the creamy cheese is not traditional, it makes taktouka a complete vegetarian meal. The optional addition of lime-parsley oil adds a touch of acidity and freshness.
Sheet-Pan Chicken With Shallots and Grapes Recipe
This one-pan meal is simple enough for a weeknight, but impressive enough to serve at a dinner party. Chicken thighs are quickly marinated in garlic, olive oil and za’atar, if you’d like, while the oven comes to temperature. Then, they’re roasted alongside thick wedges of shallots and sweet grapes, whose flavors are gently coaxed together and deepened by the chicken fat as they cook. Serve with a salad of chicories dressed with lemon, olive oil, anchovies and salty pecorino cheese. Learn: How to Make a Sheet-Pan Dinner
With Biden Agenda in Limbo, Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Promise
To get around Republican obstruction, Democrats are using a fast-track process known as reconciliation that shields legislation from a filibuster. That would allow it to pass the 50-50 Senate on a simple majority vote, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting a tiebreaking vote. But it would still require the support of every Democratic senator — and nearly every one of their members in the House. Democratic leaders and White House officials have been haggling behind the scenes to nail down an agreement that could satisfy both Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema, who have been reluctant to publicly detail which proposals they want to see scaled back or jettisoned. “As with any bill of such historic proportions, not every member will get everything he or she wants,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, wrote to Democrats in a letter ahead of the chamber’s return on Monday.
In Venezuela, a Rum Maker Offers Gangsters a Life Outside of Crime
In the process, the family running the company, Ron Santa Teresa, has gone from bankruptcy to exporting an award-winning vintage rum. Isayen Herrera andOct. 16, 2021SABANETA, Venezuela — They once used the house to hide their kidnapping victims as they awaited ransom. Now they are converting it into an office for a rum distribution business. The drastic shift by the crime boss Luis Oropeza and his gang is part of an unusual social reintegration project that has brought relative calm to the town of Sabaneta as lawlessness engulfs much of Venezuela.
Those Buried at Guantánamo Graveyard Never Found Their Way Home
Six Brazilian sailors from the battleship São Paulo who died of influenza in the early 1920 are buried here too. An “Unknown Cuban refugee” died on Jan. 27, 1994, and two other Haitians passed away on the Fourth of July the same year. But there are no war-on-terror prisoners buried here. The U.S. military repatriated the remains of the nine men who died while in detention — three Afghans, three Saudis and three Yemenis. Word spread that those who stayed would be able to go home in about six months.
Four wounded in shooting at Alabama high school football game, police say
Two students were wounded in a September shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News, Va., in an incident police said stemmed from a dispute between youths who know each other. A former student at a Houston public charter school was charged after confessing this month to shooting and wounding the principal. Four people were wounded in a shooting earlier this month at Timberview High School in Arlington, Tex., in an incident that authorities said stemmed from a fight between two students.
How ‘Mass’ treads the delicate line of asking a school shooting victim’s parents to grieve with the shooter’s
Eventually, Dowd says, she accepted “the honor, if you will, of entering the life of someone who not only has the grief of losing her son, but also has the profound guilt of her son killing others. ‘As a mother, what did I miss? How did I miss it? I loved my boy, and I know I have no right to do so at this point,’ would seem to be the worry that she has. Can you even imagine being that person?”
Opinion: Europe's energy crunch is giving Putin the upper hand
It's not the first signal that Russia is prepared to hold Europe hostage to natural gas prices, which are escalating dramatically. But with Europe currently facing an energy crunch, the context and timing are significant -- on both sides of the Atlantic. With French President Emmanuel Macron on the cusp of launching his own reelection campaign, rising gas prices heading into winter could harm his standing. With Nord Stream 2 still in the works, Russia is already Europe's main gas supplier, accounting for 41% of its imports. The United States remains the largest single supplier to Europe of liquefied natural gas, which can be shipped via tankers.
Opinion: For families like mine, the social services in Biden's budget proposal are a choice between life and death
(CNN) In the fall of 2019, my husband and I had to decide whether we could afford for him to stay alive. But after the tracheostomy, Ady would need 24-hour care to make sure his airways were open and the ventilator was working. Our insurance did not cover home care, which would cost more than $10,000 per month, at a minimum. JUST WATCHED Activist Ady Barkan is not going quietly Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Activist Ady Barkan is not going quietly 13:43I was pregnant with our second child, due that November. My husband is a prominent healthcare activist who has the knowledge and resources to work the system.
Pressure mounts on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United unbeaten away run ended by Leicester City
(CNN) The pressure on Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was ratcheted up a few notches on Saturday afternoon as his side lost 4-2 to Leicester City in the Premier League . "It's always tough when you come here and then, you need to perform to get results," he told the Manchester United website. We didn't deserve more because we didn't perform up to the standards to take points in the Premier League. Vardy celebrates scoring against Manchester United. Ronaldo reacts during the match between Leicester City and Manchester United.
Hertz files for a new IPO
New York (CNN Business) Hertz is going public again. The rental car company, which filed for bankruptcy early in the pandemic and emerged on June 30, has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering. It also had a net loss of $168 million brought about by $633 million of reorganization expenses. The company is benefiting from a shortage of rental cars that is boosting rates incredibly high by historical standards. With so few people traveling, the companies sold cars into the used car market to raise the cash they needed to survive.
Wales international David Brooks, 24, reveals cancer diagnosis
"I want to thank everyone at the Football Association of Wales because without the swift attention of their medical team we may not have detected the illness. "I'd also like to say thank you to AFC Bournemouth for all of their support and assistance this past week." David Brooks (c) in action during for Wales on November 15, 2020. Brooks has played nine times for Bournemouth this season but will step away from the game as he starts his recovery. "I look forward to seeing you all again and playing the sport I love very soon."
Tracking new coronavirus cases in hot spots across the United States
As U.S. authorities and medical personnel work to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the number of total cases is growing across the country at different rates. NBC News will update the data in these charts, which show the per-day count of confirmed cases in states that had spikes during the first wave of Covid in the U.S., daily. See the numbers on per-day coronavirus deaths in the U.S. and per state here. And while New York and New Jersey's Covid-19 outbreaks were the largest in the spring of 2020, several other states with high populations saw outbreaks as well. Note that cases in the U.S. are increasing due to improvements in testing capabilities as well as more people catching the disease.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear at Global Citizen Live
The annual Global Citizen Live fundraising event took place in New York’s Central Park over the weekend, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stopped by to talk about vaccine inequality around the world.Sept.
Macron condemns “inexcusable” 1961 massacre of Algerians in Paris
French President Emmanuel Macron stands at attention after laying a wreath near the Pont de Bezons | Rafael Yaghobzadeh/AFP via Getty ImagesPARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday denounced the killing of dozens of Algerians during a police crackdown on protests in Paris 60 years ago as “inexcusable” crimes, but he stopped short of issuing a formal apology for the massacre. “The repression was brutal, violent and bloody,” said a statement from the Élysée Palace. He respected a minute of silence at the Bezons bridge where the protest started. The French president went further than his predecessor François Hollande who had acknowledged in 2012 that Algerian protesters had been killed during a “bloody repression”. Some estimates suggest over 200 Algerians were killed in Paris in total though the autumn of 1961.
VELSHI: “The American public education system has lost the plot”
Teachers in the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas recently took part in a training session on new guidelines for what books they are allowed have in their classroom libraries to line up with the new regulations in the Republican Texas House Bill 3979, and its soon to be updated version, the Republican Texas Senate Bill 3. They were told if they had books on the Holocaust, they need books with ‘opposing views’ and ‘other perspectives’ as well. It is crucial for students to learn and discuss different perspectives and how and why bad things happen in history - including genocides, war crimes, and slavery -- in order to better recognize and respond to them the future. There is a way to discuss important events in history, and to learn how to think critically about different perspectives. But once that perspective includes placing opposing views of the Holocaust on the same level as the (almost) universally accepted truth, the American public education system has lost the plot.Oct.
American workers gain upper hand to demand better working conditions
Robert Reich, former Clinton administration labor secretary, discusses the recent increase in labor union strikes and how the pandemic and circumstances with the U.S. supply chain have given workers new leverage and incentive to insist on better pay and working conditions.Oct.
Weekly Health Quiz: Salt, Covid Tests and Your Microbiome
The makeup of your gut microbiome, the trillions of microbes that inhabit your intestinal tract, is thought to influence your risk of this condition:
What Does the Aspirin News Mean for Me?
What if I’m not taking aspirin and I’m worried about heart risk? For people ages 40 to 59, the task force suggested that you talk to your doctor about daily aspirin use. But for many people, doctors will most likely discourage daily aspirin use based on the task force guidelines. There are still a lot of other things to focus on.”If my doctor tells me to stop taking aspirin, how long does the increased risk for bleeding last? The low risk for bleeding disappears quickly once you stop taking aspirin, Dr. Topol said.
Just Like Their Manager, the Red Sox Keep Coming Back
The suspension Major League Baseball levied on Alex Cora, for example, could not have been imposed at a more convenient time. After Cora played a principal role in the Astros’ illicit sign-stealing caper of 2017, M.L.B. The Boston Red Sox let him go, even after he had led the team to a World Series championship in 2018 with a flawless and at times brilliant postseason managerial run. But in terms of baseball, all Cora missed was 60 rotten Red Sox games. For four months of his suspension, he shared the same fate as virtually everyone else in baseball: At home in lockdown as the world waited for the coronavirus pandemic to end.
Open Tryouts During the Season? For Arizona, Loser of 17 Straight, Why Not?
A similar tryout occurred when Fisch was an assistant at Michigan — but that was in January. If a tryout happens during the season, it is seen as a cry for help. He had planned to hold tryouts earlier this year but wanted to wait until his team was fully vaccinated, which it was by mid-August. When he lost two players to the transfer portal in September, a tryout notice was posted on Twitter. “It was just was there a great high school player who planned on being part of a tryout in January?
Should You Get a Microbiome Test?
How do I know if my gut microbiome is healthy? Is there a test I can take to see what’s going on? A growing number of companies offer tests that provide a glimpse into our gut microbiome, the community of trillions of microbes that live in our digestive tract. Direct-to-consumer microbiome tests require little more than filling out a form online, paying a fee and sending in a stool sample. A few companies claim they can even tell you which foods are best for you to eat based on the composition of your microbiome and other personal data.
For Some Breast Cancer Survivors, October Is the Cruelest Month
“It’s almost like metastatic patients are this dirty little secret of the breast cancer world, because nobody wants to portray breast cancer as a killer.”For Bri Majsiak, 27, who had a preventive mastectomy after her mother died of breast cancer, the month can feel like a seasonal bandwagon that every company wants to hop on. “Breast cancer is 365 days a year, not 31,” she said. It may seem like all eyes are on you this month, but “it’s important not to feel pressure to be a spokesperson for breast cancer,” Dr. Ashton said. Ms. Ilderton gives herself permission not to participate in awareness-raising activities — and then permission to change her mind and participate after all. “You don’t have to use your experience to shout from the rafters as some sort of preventative story,” she said.
Opinion : Hollywood assumed parenthood was the last universal experience. What if that’s no longer true?
Sadly for Bond, there’s another DNA whiz in the mix. The villainous Safin (Rami Malek) infects Bond with a deadly virus that will only attack Madeleine and Mathilde. While Bond might be able to go on without Madeleine, he can’t live with even the tiniest possibility he might infect Mathilde. While Bond lives, she is unsafe. It’s a sacrifice made not for queen and country but for something dearer: a father’s love.
D.C. police identify officer who shot and wounded man in Northeast
The standoff began when police said they were called to the home shortly after noon for a report that Wimbish had shot someone with a BB gun. Police said officers found Wimbish outside holding a weapon that did not match the description of the BB gun and a large knife that police described as a machete. The mother told WRC-TV that her son was not holding the knife when police arrived.
From gas station clerk to bid for Virginia lieutenant governor: Democrat Hala S. Ayala aims for history
That has made it harder for Ayala to distinguish herself in what polls say is an increasingly tight election where either she or Republican Winsome E. Sears will become the first woman of color to hold a statewide office in Virginia. Ayala identifies as Afro-Latina, Lebanese and Irish. Sears, a former state delegate in Norfolk, is Black and was born in Jamaica.
Back in the Virginia political spotlight, Winsome Sears seeks to lift GOP in bid for lieutenant governor
“In Jamaica, we know that Black people can be anything they want to be,” Sears said in an interview. She recounted a childhood where, after immigrating to the United States with her father, she was sent back to the Caribbean nation for elementary school every fall because its public school curriculum was more rigorous than what she was getting in the Bronx section of New York.
Visit ‘therapeutic landscapes’ to ease your woes. Why watery locales are healing.
Of course, it’s always helpful when science supports our gut feelings. Marine biologist Wallace Nichols, the author of “Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do,” is an expert on the healing powers of water. What are those benefits? According to numerous studies, Nichols writes, many things such as reducing stress and anxiety, boosting our sense of well-being and happiness, and lowering the heart rate.
Are Americans growing warier of more government just as Biden tries to pass his big agenda?
Ultimately everyone will have to give ground lest the Biden agenda end up collapsing near the finish line. Still, no one seems to know right now what the magic number will be nor is it clear just what the combination of programs will be. Democratic leaders have signaled growing urgency on the need to come together. At some point, it will be the president’s call, in consultation with Pelosi and Schumer, to settle on something and persuade all sides to get behind it. He has shown patience or passivity, depending on the perspective, but the time for choosing is not far into the future.
Writers Like James Baldwin Led Me to a Black Jesus - The New York Times
It was the first time I had heard of Mr. Baldwin. Dr. James Cone — “The Cross and the Lynching Tree,” “The Spir­ituals and the Blues” and “Black Theology and Black Power.” I read J. Deotis Roberts’s “Liberation and Reconcilia­tion.” I read Stacey Floyd-Thomas’s “Deeper Shades of Purple.” I read Black poetry. I couldn’t find a way out of the dark struggle except by reading Black theology along­side the book of Lamentations and the stories of the prophets and Jesus. Dr. Cone, a central figure in the development of Black liberation theology, particularly spoke to me. I was excited to be learning theology and about church history and preparing myself to become a minister.
Macron Commemorates 1961 Paris Police Killing of Algerian Protesters
PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday became the first French head of state to attend commemorations of the mass killing of Algerian independence protesters by the Paris police 60 years ago, a brutal episode that many historians consider the most violent repression of a peaceful demonstration in contemporary Western Europe. Despite a death toll now estimated to be as high as 200, the French authorities avoided mention of the killings until President François Hollande acknowledged them in October 2012. Activists and historians hoped that Mr. Macron would go further and acknowledge not only the responsibility of the police, but also that of the state in covering up what a court has since described as a massacre. “He should recognize the state massacre,” Mohammed Harbi, a historian of the Algerian war of independence, told Le Monde newspaper. “This cannot be avoided.”
U.S.C. to Issue Honorary Degrees to Displaced Japanese Students
In 2007, Jonathan Kaji, then the president of the Asian Pacific Alumni Association at the University of Southern California, inquired about the school’s actions toward its Japanese students in 1942. That was the year President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which forcibly removed and detained people of Japanese descent from the West Coast after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He had read that universities in Washington State were issuing honorary degrees to the Nisei — children of Japanese immigrants — who were prevented from finishing their studies by the executive order. However, U.S.C.’s president at the time, Rufus B. von KleinSmid, infamous for his antisemitism and support for the study of eugenics, refused to release the transcripts of Japanese American students, preventing them from finishing their degrees elsewhere and forcing many to start over. Mr. Kaji immediately petitioned U.S.C.’s board of trustees to apologize for its actions during World War II and to issue posthumous honorary degrees to Nisei students who were denied their transcripts.
When Outdoor Diners and Homeless People Meet, Restaurants Try to Cope
Homeless people want access to permanent and affordable housing, Ms. Simone said, a need the city government hasn’t been able to meet. Many homeless people avoid staying in dormlike shelters. “There’s a lot of feeling that this crisis of homelessness is not being approached with the urgency that it needs,” she said. Over the summer, the city moved about 8,000 homeless people from hotels back to dormlike shelters, which alleviated some of those concerns. But many restaurant owners said they’re still trying to tamp down conflicts daily.
Why Wasn't Biden's Child Tax Credit More Popular? - The New York Times
When the federal government started sending monthly checks to families with children earlier this year, Democrats predicted that the program would be a big hit. They were counting on public support to extend the payments beyond this year, and to pass a broader expansion of federal aid for families. Enthusiasm has fallen short of the party’s expectations, and Democrats are facing a gut-check moment. This year’s results, released this week, showed that only 43 percent now support that statement. Others think that Democrats are losing a war of ideas that is undermining public support for necessary change.
Opinion | Pramila Jayapal Won’t Let the Biden Presidency Fail
But Jayapal didn’t find the business world fulfilling, and an internship at a nonprofit in Thailand put her on a different path. “Why couldn’t that pushing also occur from the platform of an elected office?” In 2014, when she was 49, Jayapal was elected to the Washington State Senate, becoming that chamber’s only woman of color. Jayapal brought her decades of organizing experience to the work of fortifying the House Progressive Caucus, which has grown from 78 people in 2017 to 96 today. Jayapal and Pocan professionalized the caucus’s political action committee. They built up an outside organization, a nonprofit called the Progressive Caucus Center, which does research, develops policy and coordinates with labor and social justice organizations.
An F.D.A. panel explores mixing and matching vaccine doses.
The question came up after the panel heard a presentation about a study showing that the mix-and-match approach gives patients who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine a stronger antibody response. A Pfizer booster raised antibody levels 35-fold in Johnson & Johnson recipients. While the research on mixing and matching doses is somewhat thin, the approach does have a track record in Europe. German authorities broadened their recommendation for vaccine mixing in July, out of concern over the Delta variant, to include all recipients. Referring to the limited data on mixing and matching, Dr. Johan Van Hoof, a Johnson & Johnson executive, said a booster was preferable.
How to ask for a raise when companies are desperate for workers
The hike in salaries, however, comes as the cost of living is on a sharp rise, with consumer prices up 5.4 percent compared with a year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Experts say no raise or a minimal bump that doesn’t meet the cost of living is unrealistic, especially given the number of openings. As of the end of August, 10.4 million jobs were unfilled.
After lawmaker’s slaying, British police conduct searches as possible terrorism links probed
The Amess killing has also raised questions about whether more security is needed for politicians. The Palace of Westminster in London is guarded by armed officers and there are airport-style scanners at the entrance but there is no equivalent security for when politicians meet, on a weekly basis, with constituents.
Her unexplained jitteriness and weight loss were telling clues
In July 2010, Franklin saw an ear, nose and throat specialist for episodes of vertigo and pulsatile tinnitus, a rhythmic whooshing or thumping sound that can signal a serious disorder. He ordered scans, which were normal, and ruled out an aneurysm or an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in the brain. The doctor told Franklin that her thyroid problem might be related to tinnitus; an overactive thyroid can cause a racing pulse and heart palpitations that could explain the sound that echoed in her ears. Another specialist worked Franklin up for a pheochromocytoma, a rare adrenal tumor that can cause sweating. Testing showed nothing abnormal.
Netflix fires employee for sharing information about Dave Chappelle’s special amid LGBTQ backlash
The firing occurs at a tenuous time for Netflix in the days since the release of “The Closer.” Advocacy groups such as GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition have condemned the special and demanded that it be removed from Netflix’s offerings. Jaclyn Moore, the showrunner of the Netflix series “Dear White People,” said last week that she would no longer work with the platform “as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content.”
Tensions between mainland China and Taiwan spark debate inside Biden amin
As the alliance between the US and Taiwan grows stronger, Beijing is becoming more agitated. CNN's Will Ripley reports.
What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes
The sixth week of the trial was the longest to date, with an additional day tacked on to the typical three-day court schedule. Despite plans to launch nationwide, Theranos testing was only ever offered in 41 stores. The personal and professional relationship between Holmes and Balwani has been a recurring theme in the trial. Dhawan, Balwani's dermatologist-turned-Theranos lab director, took turns reading aloud these texts with the prosecutor. Despite the heavy investment, the Theranos blood testing never got off the ground in the retailer's stores.
Video: Texas school administrator tell teachers to include books with 'opposing' views of Holocaust
A school district superintendent in North Texas apologized after one of the district's administrators told teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, then they should also include books that have "opposing" views of the Holocaust. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
New video shows first rioters enter Capitol on January 6
The Justice Department released new video that they say captures one of the first successful breaches of the Capitol building on January 6.
Lebanon in crisis after worst violence in years
The worst violence the Lebanese capital has seen in more than a dozen years is bringing fears of a return to civil war to the surface, especially in a country where there's no shortage of weapons, but state authority is in dire short supply. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from Beirut.
Anxiety runs high among some incarcerated people as regular Covid testing in short supply
Brandi Jefferson calls her brother and daughter every day from Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she's been held since March 2020. And without access to regular Covid-19 testing, she started making extra masks out of socks or scraps of cloth to protect herself. Enclosed spaces and a transient population of incarcerated people and guards make jails particularly susceptible to Covid-19 spread, a virus transmitted through air particles. Hightower, 26, has been in Broward County Jail since November 2018, awaiting trial. She said waiting for a Covid-19 test for more than seven days after exposure led to bouts of anxiety and panic.
'Highway robbers': How a trip to buy farmland ended with police taking all his cash
But now, at about 2 a.m. on April 19, a Canadian County sheriff’s deputy was peering into their car. “They kept saying, ‘This is illegal money,’” Thai said. White people accounted for 26 percent of the forfeitures in Canadian County, which is more than 75 percent white. In 2020, some 43 percent of the 53 cash seizures in Canadian County involved minorities. The high percentage of minorities subjected to cash seizures in Canadian County is not a new trend.
Riders watched as a woman was raped on a SEPTA train but no one called 911, police say.
The woman was assaulted at around 11 p.m. while riding the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Market-Frankford line towards the town of Upper Darby. "The assault was observed by a SEPTA employee, who called 911, enabling SEPTA officers to respond immediately and apprehend the suspect in the act," Andrew Busch, a SEPTA spokesperson, said in a statement. Surveillance video captured the entirety of the assault, giving investigators enough evidence to charge Ngoy with rape and assault, Bernhardt told NBC Philadelphia. The video also shows how riders, who also witnessed the attack, did nothing to help the woman being assaulted, according to Bernhardt. "There were other people on the train who witnessed this horrific act, and it may have been stopped sooner if a rider called 911."
UK’s Hancock appears to lose UN job days after accepting it
The U.K.’s ex-Health Minister Matt Hancock seems to have lost his job as an U.N. envoy for Africa, just days after the announcement of his appointment unleashed a wave of congratulations from former-ministerial colleagues and indignation from development campaigners. On Tuesday, Hancock announced his appointment as the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa’s envoy for financial innovation and climate change. But Hancock’s appointment soon came under fire. The London-based organisation welcomed the news that Hancock would not be given the job. An announcement of his appointment was no longer available on the website of the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa.
The WNBA won the week! Here are some honorable mentions.
Joy announced on Friday her selection for "Who Won The Week?" She chose the WNBA for their consistent activism — and because the league's finals began earlier this week (Go Mercury!). Here are this week’s honorable mentions:Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick has been on one this week. Yet, somehow, vaccine mandates still prevail — and they’re working. Vaccines and public health considerations like vaccine mandates are having a wonderful week.
Opinion : Finally Understand Kyrsten Sinema in 360 Easy Steps
It has been said that if you clear your mind of all questions and knowledge and everything you thought you knew about the political process; if you become as a leaf blown by the enormous leaf-blower of time; if you transport your consciousness to Mars and hover over its surface in a glass bubble; if you stop demanding that things make sense, that one act follow another through some logical connection, however slight; if you dwell in the desert (Arizona, preferably) for a year and vacation in the city (Paris, ideally) for a week; if you cover yourself in bright caparisons and live for a few moments on every side of all issues; if you read “My Immortal” three times, first with judgment, and then with understanding, and then with acceptance — if you oppose Joe Lieberman in the spring of your life and then become him at your life’s midsummer; if you cut up all the horoscopes for Cancer for the past two years and sprinkle them on the ground on top of a large pile of donor funds and vote accordingly; if you apprentice yourself in a vineyard for the summer while also working as a senator that same summer; if you visit Paris and see all that there is to see there; if you live as Marie Antoinette for a year; if you learn all the secrets of the secret spreadsheets; if you make friends for years and then destroy those friendships in weeks; if you go to a gathering of corporate donors who do not wish to pay additional taxes or give Americans better deals on prescription drug prices and hear all that is to be heard there; if you live as a corporation for a year and as a person for a year and as the Tumblr of someone who proudly self-identifies as a Gryffindor-Slytherin hybrid for a third year; if you learn how to play three-dimensional chess (isn’t that just chess?) and then chess in four, five, and six dimensions; if you go back to the vineyard and study more and really understand things as the grape sees them; if you read all the self-insert fanfiction that has ever been writt
Opinion : Will the Marines let Lt. Col. Scheller off with a slap on the wrist?
But he’s likely to get financial support from far right groups that want to use him to advance their aims. In one of his videos, Scheller solicited donations to a nonprofit started by the family of Edward Gallagher, the ex-Navy SEAL who was acquitted of murder in Iraq in 2019. Scheller acknowledged in his plea deal that he knew soliciting money for the group while in his service uniform was against the rules.
Opinion : Going green must not mean enriching autocrats
That calls for a broad-based tax — preferably on all sources of carbon emissions but certainly on gas, diesel and jet fuel. Politicians of both parties, from Mr. Biden on down, oppose fuel taxes, because, they say, it will raise the cost of transportation for the poor and middle class. True enough. On the other hand, prices are already rising, but Saudi Arabia and Russia are getting the windfall. When you look at it that way, the question isn’t whether Americans are going to pay but whom: foreign dictatorial governments or our own?
Opinion : One bad call for the Giants; one giant leap toward robo-umpires
So the rules will surely change. The genius of inventors and engineers and technologists will fill yet another gap through which human error peeps. But let’s not think that we are headed toward perfection. Hubris is perhaps the most glaring human error, and by far the most dangerous. Unless we are reminded of our fallibility on a steady basis, we’ll end up with mistakes that cost far more than mere dollars or ballgames.
7 apple recipes for baking pies, cakes, tarts and more
Jewish Apple Cake. You might consider this recipe from my family (that many others make as well) a descendant of something similar to Olga’s. The Bundt is designed to impress, but you can make it as a loaf, too. Also check out my Apple and Pear Cake With Citrus and Nuts.
Mourners of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. An Arab Israeli family. An extraordinary gift.
The Falahs — from left, Eva, Eihab, Fadeeleh, Zaid and Rami — on a trip to the Dolomite mountains in Italy. “The doctors saw this big, strong young man, a tiger, and decided they could throw everything at him,” Eva told me. (Martha Rial)The Falahs — Eihab, Zaid, Fadeeleh, Batla and Rami — arrived in Pittsburgh a few weeks later, in mid-December. (David Plaut)When it was Batla’s turn, she read a tribute to Eihab’s life, closing with a riff on Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! And hearing it, I couldn’t help but think that Eihab Falah had also given Pittsburgh the gift of his family.
White House looks to scale back climate initiative after stiff pushback from Manchin
The White House had pushed hard for the creation of the CEPP program, as Biden had campaigned aggressively on taking major steps that he said would address global warming. It ranks as the most significant climate proposal under consideration on Capitol Hill. Still, Democrats had not relied solely on CEPP to try to address their climate agenda. There are other provisions of the pending budget agreement that are also targeted at addressing climate change, particularly the creation of tax credits.
Barack Obama and Marcus Rashford talk about the power of the next generation
And the 23-year-old can count former US President Barack Obama as one of his admirers after all his hard work. On a Zoom call organized by publishers Penguin, Obama hailed Rashford for being "a lot further ahead than I was at 23." "They're already making changes and being positive forces in their communities" Obama said speaking about the young people he meets. Obama and Rashford were on the virtual meeting to discuss the impact young individuals can have on society. Former US President Barack Obama arrives to the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden.
Former Premier League winner Claudio Ranieri hired as Watford manager
(CNN) Claudio Ranieri has been appointed as the new manager of English Premier League club Watford on a two-year contract. Munoz helped Watford win promotion from the Championship last season, and leaves with the club 14th in the Premier League table with seven points from its opening seven games. It is Ranieri's first job in the English top-flight since he stunned the footballing world by winning the Premier League with Leicester City in 2015-16. Ranieri kisses the Premier League trophy after winning the competition. The Italian left Serie A side Sampdoria in the summer, and his appointment at Watford is the 20th different club he's managed at.
Cristiano Ronaldo scores yet another hat-trick in World Cup qualifier rout
(CNN) Having become the all-time leading goalscorer in men's international football last month, Cristiano Ronaldo looks determined to put as much distance between himself and the chasing pack as possible. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in Portugal's 5-0 thumping of Luxembourg in World Cup qualifying Group A last night to take his overall tally to 115 international goals, putting him six clear of former Iran striker Ali Daei and 35 ahead of Lionel Messi , who scored his 80th goal for Argentina this weekend. As he extended one record, Ronaldo claimed another -- becoming the first man to score 10 hat-tricks in international football. Ronaldo wrote on Instagram after the game. "It's in my and our DNA, we'll never settle, we'll never give up and we'll always fight for everything we can achieve!
Sephora launches same-day delivery service
Sephora has launched a same-day delivery service just ahead of the holiday shopping season, which is set up to deliver purchases within two hours for a fee. Here's how it works: customers who place an order on Sephora's website, or through its app, can select the same-day delivery option, enter their address, and a courier picks up the order from the nearest Sephora store for delivery. Also, not all products are available for same-day delivery. Sephora said shoppers can search for qualifying products online by entering their delivery address. Sephora has launched a same-day delivery service.
Big turkeys are back for an IRL Thanksgiving
Turkeys take around 26 weeks to grow, he said, so companies place their orders for turkeys from suppliers early in the year. This year, grocers forecast Thanksgiving turkey orders with the "anticipation that [Covid-19] might be on its way out. Sometimes, a turkey's size is decided by logistics. Instead, the larger size is actually the result of another unexpected factor: supply chain disruptions. "The larger birds are the result of birds being on feed longer than is typical."
Mohamed Salah scores second wonder goal in as many Premier League games to spoil Claudio Ranieri return
(CNN) Mohamed Salah scored his second wonderful solo goal in as many Premier League games as Liverpool spoilt Claudio Ranieri's return to management in the UK. In the 54th minute of Liverpool's comfortable 5-0 win against Watford at Vicarage Road, Salah picked up the ball on the edge of the Watford box with a host of defenders between him and the goal. Using some delicate footwork and intricate trickery, Salah danced past a couple, faking a shot -- which left a player on the ground -- before curling home into the bottom corner to round off the outstanding goal. It comes in the game after the Egyptian's excellent solo goal against Manchester City two weeks ago in which he jinked past multiple City defenders before firing his right-foot shot past goalkeeper Ederson. When asked whether he's scored a better goal before, he said with a smile: "Last game, maybe!"
Marcus Rashford: Manchester United forward told to 'prioritize' football by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
(CNN) Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has been advised by his manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to "focus on football" rather than off-field commitments as he gets set to return from injury. He also launched a book club to get disadvantaged children reading more earlier this year. Solskjaer was not suggesting that the "fantastic things" Rashford has done off the pitch had previously affected his playing career, but the former Manchester United player believes it's time for him to focus more on his footballing career. "I know that we'll see the best of Marcus in the years to come," Solskjaer said in a press conference. "He's done remarkable things at a young age, but he's now coming into the best age for a footballer.
Mohamed Salah scores stunning solo goal as Liverpool draws with Manchester City
(CNN) Liverpool and Manchester City played out an exhilarating 2-2 draw in the Premier League on Sunday, in a match which saw Mohamed Salah score a magical solo goal. After a goalless first half, the game sprung into life after the break with those inside Anfield stadium treated to a breathtaking display of attacking football. Despite the visitors dominating before the break, Sadio Mané opened the scoring for Liverpool, firing home after being smartly played through by Salah. City then responded just 10 minutes after going behind with the brilliant Phil Foden arrowing an equalizer into the bottom corner of the net. With both teams fired up, the game turned into a classic and Salah put Liverpool back ahead with a stunning solo goal.
Storage containers are scarce, so toymakers are focused on small, squishy toys for the holidays
Not in a year in which 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers became scarce and more expensive to deliver goods from factories overseas to US ports and back. So Foreman had to make a decision about which toys Basic Fun would focus on sending stores for the holidays. Toymaker Basic Fun is prioritizing smaller toys such as Cutetitos amid a shipping container shortage. The decisions by manufacturers to prioritize smaller toys are trickling down to holiday inventory that's available for some toy stores. toys, small arts and crafts kits, puzzles and card games.
POLITICO Playbook: Manchin vs. everybody
POLITICO Playbook: Manchin vs. everybody Presented bySen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is again at the center of the narrative on Democrats' reconciliation package as he opposes climate provisions and feuds with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Two Democratic senators remain in opposition, including Sen. Joe Manchin.”— Manchin then further escalated the war of words with a fiery statement of his own: “This isn’t the first time an out-of-stater has tried to tell West Virginians what is best for them despite having no relationship to our state. A message from Better Medicare Alliance: 27 million seniors and people with disabilities are counting on Congress to stand up for Medicare Advantage. PLAYBOOK READSPHOTO OF THE DAY: President Joe Biden greets children as he visits the Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford, Conn., on Friday, Oct. 15. Rosa DeLauro declared herself the best-dressed member of the Connecticut delegation welcoming President Biden during his visit.
The Best Gear for Your Road Trips
A road trip is an adventure. Our original trip, in 2016, included 60 hours of researching and testing gear to take on the open road. After traveling for 1,500 miles, through four states and six national parks, we think we have a good grasp on what makes an excellent road trip. Here are 55 items that will help you have a successful road trip, regardless of region or weather. We do have guides on infant car seats, the best travel car seats, booster car seats, cloth masks for kids, and water bottles for kids—all things that should come in handy on the road.
One Deputy Killed, Two More Injured in Houston Shooting
One Texas deputy was killed and two others were injured in an early-morning shooting outside a Houston bar, law enforcement officials said at a news conference on Saturday. Just after 2 a.m., three deputies with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office working in a police-related job at the 45 Norte Sports Bar, went outside to address a disturbance, according to Jim Jones, executive assistant chief of the Houston Police Department. The disturbance “may have been a robbery that they were intervening” in, he said. At one point, the deputies tried detaining one man and were shot in the back, he said.
With Lawmaker’s Killing, the U.K. Confronts a New Episode of Terrorism
“He was just a fantastic person, very kind, loving, gentle man,” Mr. Dear said. “It was an attack on David, but it was also an attack on democracy in this country,” he said. “It’s very important that we keep in contact with our constituents.”Mr. Dear said lawmakers should be offered better protections, but not at the cost of those connections with voters. Either way, the attack kicked off an urgent debate over whether current measures are inadequate. One Conservative lawmaker, Tobias Ellwood, called for face-to-face meetings to be suspended temporarily until a review of security was complete.
Marine's court-martial highlights the military straining to deal with partisan politics
“The reason that people are so upset on social media right now is not because the Marine on the battlefield let someone down,” Scheller said in the video, which he posted to Facebook and LinkedIn. “That service member has always rose to the occasion and done extraordinary things. People are upset because their senior leaders let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and saying, ‘We messed this up.’”
Mid-Atlantic farms find ways to thrive amid climate change and extreme weather
Tom Farquhar checked the rain gauge on his farm in Ashton, Md., on Sept. 1, when remnants of Ida rolled through the Mid-Atlantic. He was shocked — about one to two inches of rain fell between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Then another one to two inches came in an hour’s time later that afternoon. Much to his frustration, the bursts washed away soils before he had a chance to plant a new set of crops.
Rock star Randy Bachman's treasured Gretsch guitar was stolen 45 years ago. An internet sleuth helped find it
A close up of Randy Bachman's guitar shows a dime-sized ring near the knob he's adjusting. "I see the guy playing my guitar, MY guitar, I can tell by the grain on it and I'm stunned. Bachman explained that he'd written many of his biggest hits on the stolen guitar and that "It is a very incredible, one-of-a-kind guitar that is part of me." But Bachman had built relationships with guitar dealers around North America during his quest to reclaim the guitar. He wrote a song about his lost guitar while working on a new Bachman & Bachman album with his son, and he said it will probably go on the soundtrack.
'Succession' returns with more sinister power struggles
A version of this story appeared in CNN's Pop Life Chronicles newsletter. Well, I have already set you up to enrich your life with "Squid Game" in the latest episode of Pop Life Pop Off! Three things to watch'Succession' Season 3Brian Cox plays a ruthless media magnate and patriarch of the Roy family in "Succession." 'You' Season 3In season three of "You," serial killer Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) is a new dad. Two things to listen toColdplay's latest album is out Friday.
David Amess stabbing leaves U.K. lawmakers reeling from latest attack
Britain was reeling Saturday from the killing of a veteran lawmaker in a public stabbing that sparked a terrorism investigation and renewed calls to address politicians' safety. It has left lawmakers, their families and staff — already navigating an increasingly volatile political atmosphere — once again feeling vulnerable and at risk. "But this is the risk that we're all taking.”Home Secretary Priti Patel said she was launching a review into security measures for all lawmakers. The speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, said that he would also be launching a review into lawmakers' safety and security. Most lawmakers "have modified or changed the way they interact with the general public," Amess wrote.
Lesbian sues federal government after being rejected by foster agency
A Tennessee woman is suing the Department of Health and Human Services after a federally funded foster care agency rejected her application because she is a lesbian. Some states have tried to pass stricter laws to protect LGBTQ people who want to foster or adopt children. Five states have regulations or policies that prohibit discrimination in foster care based on sexual orientation only, and 18 states have no explicit protections against discrimination in foster care based on sexual orientation or gender identity, according to MAP. Instead, the court ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the Free Exercise Clause and discriminated against a religious foster care agency in applying its licensing process, which allows contractors to request exemptions to parts of the contract. The couple alleges that a sub-grantee of USCCB rejected them from applying to foster unaccompanied refugee children because they didn’t “mirror the Holy Family."
Analysis: The global economy's 2020 hangover is far from over
Despite good news about Covid-19 vaccinations, a solid economic rebound and seemingly boundless optimism on Wall Street, we're nowhere near out of the woods. All of that has the global economy in a vise grip that we won't be free of anytime soon. The EU is facing a sharp spike in energy prices, driven by increased global demand. Wall Street's blindersIn the face of so much risk, you might wonder why on Earth Wall Street seems so unbothered . Despite recent volatility, the S&P 500, the broadest measure of Wall Street, is up more than 18% so far this year.
‘At Least You Can Get Pregnant’ And Other Things Not To Say After Miscarriage
Phonix_a via Getty Images Here are a few expert-backed ideas for how to talk to women who’ve experienced a pregnancy loss. AdvertisementHere are a few expert-backed ideas for how to talk to women who’ve experienced a pregnancy loss with kindness and grace. Don’t assume you know what a woman is going through after a miscarriage, and don’t say things like, “You must be so XYZ.”Advertisement“Oftentimes we’re projecting,” Zucker said. Do offer to help spread the wordAfter a miscarriage, people often want concrete things they can do to help. AdvertisementLikewise, events like baby showers can be really difficult for some women who’ve experienced pregnancy loss.
If It Weren't For LeVar Burton, I Wouldn't Have My Ph.D.
LeVar Burton's television career includes over two decades as the host of the popular children's show "Reading Rainbow," which ran on public TV from 1983 to 2006. MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images via Getty ImagesI can still remember the first notes of the opening sequence to “Reading Rainbow.” An animated butterfly emerges, leaving behind a rainbow-colored trail. I gravitated to “Reading Rainbow” ? but not because I was interested in books. It was simple to me: Watching “Reading Rainbow” didn’t ask a lot of me. One big thing that kept me going was something I’d learned from LeVar Burton.
You Should See Someone
A HUFFPOST WELLNESS SERIESYou Should See Someone,A Guide To Doing TherapyA global HuffPost project on everything you ever wanted to know about therapy, whether you've been once or 100 times. Mental health issues — especially among young people — are on the rise. We want to normalize therapy and show you how to do it within your own life and budget. That’s why we’ve launched “You Should See Someone,” a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about doing therapy. Because you SHOULD see someone if you need to ? and there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from that.
Söder calls for center-right ‘bulwark’ against left in Germany
Söder called on the center-right parties to put aside differences as they prepare for opposition | Christof Stache/AFP via Getty ImagesettersAs Germany’s conservatives prepare to hand over power to a Social Democrat-led government, CSU leader Markus Söder has appealed for unity to build a “bulwark” against the left. “With a traffic-light government, we may face a new era in politics,” Söder told newspaper Die Welt, in an interview published Saturday. On Saturday, CDU leader Armin Laschet took the blame. Coalition talks between the SPD, Greens and FPD are expected to last several weeks and, if successful, would lead to Schloz replacing Angela Merkel as chancellor. Söder called on the center-right parties to put aside differences as they prepare for opposition.
Opinion | A Home Built for the Next Pandemic
The dual fridgeThe Covid concept home reflected the idea that American middle-class families need to stockpile food and supplies. The home has two full-size modern refrigerators, one in the kitchen, and one just off the kitchen, in the laundry room. In an area like North Carolina, where the Covid concept home is being built, the stockpiling of the goods in two refrigerators seems like overkill — until one considers where this new home construction is happening. The Covid concept home demonstrates both the exuberant quality of American consumption — that we can buy our way out of everything — and its limits as a solution. The Covid concept home is 2,600 square feet, was built in 60 days and is not yet priced but is expected to be listed at some point next year.
China’s Latest Craze: Scripted Murders, With Real Tears and Piracy
The murders are scripted. In cities throughout China, young people are flocking to clubs to play a game that can be translated as “scripted homicide,” where they become different characters and spend hours solving fake murders. This macabre entertainment is expected to generate more than $2 billion in revenue this year, by one count. The growing popularity has sparked some concerns from Chinese government officials about their sometimes gothic or gory content. It has also led to a proliferation of clubs and competition for new and compelling scripts that players and owners alike say has become, well, cutthroat.
Patrick Mahomes is struggling, by his standard. It could lead to his next breakthrough.
The Chiefs, though still plenty dangerous, aren’t in space and waving at the Earthlings anymore. That’s life in the NFL, where the only thing harder than becoming elite is staying there. Mahomes is still a cheat-code talent directing a top-five offense. But after 51 regular season starts and eight playoff games that include two Super Bowl appearances, he faces film-watching competition that has accumulated nearly four seasons’ worth of material to binge. And there exists the really bad tape of Tampa Bay taking apart Kansas City’s offense in Super Bowl LV, which should serve as a primer for how to fluster the Chiefs (if you have the personnel).
In Kashmir, militants target minority civilians, stoking fears of a return to violent past
A group known as the Resistance Front, which emerged after the revocation of autonomy, has claimed responsibility for this month’s killings on a Telegram channel. The group in a statement said it had attacked those working at the behest of the Indian government and was not targeting minorities. Indian researchers say the group is a product of Pakistan-based terrorism groups who want to make militancy in Kashmir appear “homegrown.”
‘Justice for J6’ rally cost government agencies that assisted Capitol Police at least $790,000, according to estimates
Agencies in and around the nation’s capital are accustomed to responding to protests and demonstrations for a variety of causes. But the Sept. 18. rally, which was held on federal land near the U.S. Capitol, prompted significant media attention and a heightened security response because it was held in support of those charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Organizers had insisted the rally would be peaceful and ultimately, on the day of the rally, the protesters were outnumbered by journalists, police officers and counterprotesters.
D.C. should consider excluding gun offenders from Youth Act leniency, police chief Contee says
“I was horrified to learn of the senseless shooting of young My’onna,” Bonds said in a statement to The Post. “The alleged careless lack of compassion and assistance to the victim by Mr. Ford is hurtful and irrational. Nobody should ever be given lenient treatment under our local criminal justice system for wanton neglect of a wounded or dying child. However, this case has exposed a significant loophole that warrants Council review and action. I am committed to learning more from Chief Contee, others in the D.C. criminal justice community, and especially our mental health practitioners about this situation.”
D.C. wants you to ride bikes. This month it raised the cost to ride Capital Bikeshare.
“They very much buried the lead. It does not say that it’s going to have any effect on the pricing until you actually scroll down through the email,” said Stephen Murray, an annual member of the system. Murray, who uses Bikeshare to commute, said the price increases are poorly timed as the system has been plagued by problems amid the pandemic, such as empty stations or out-of-service bikes.
U.S. plans to make condolence payments to families of Afghans killed in mistaken drone strike
The Defense Department had initially defended the drone operation as a “righteous strike.” However, in September, Secretary Austin said in a statement: “We now know that there was no connection between Mr. Ahmadi and ISIS-Khorasan, that his activities on that day were completely harmless and not at all related to the imminent threat we believed we faced.”
Killing of British lawmaker highlights risks to elected officials around the world
In France, where President Macron was physically confronted at a recent event, deputies don’t generally get constant personal security. But a force from the national gendarmerie keeps a watchful eye over two palaces where the chambers that make up the country’s legislature hold sessions. Government ministers are guarded by a unit of the police that has more than 1,200 officers. Its duties also include protecting foreign dignitaries visiting France.
Vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortages. But hospitals say they’re working.
California-based Kaiser Permanente, with 216,000 employees and 23,000 physicians, reported that more than 92 percent have been vaccinated as of Sept. 30, when staff members were required to get the shot, spokesman Marc Brown wrote in an email. About 6 percent of the workers were unvaccinated but sought exemptions, leaving 2 percent who did not comply and were placed on unpaid administrative leave, Brown said. He said since then, “many” of those workers have agreed to get vaccinated or applied for an exemption, but he did not specify a number.
As Biden's vaccinate-or-test mandate approaches, questions arise over enforcement
This year, despite new hires, the agency lost another 65 inspectors, according to data obtained from OSHA. Experts say the agency’s small size relative to its responsibilities means it can’t enforce the rule by deploying a large number of inspectors. Naming and shamingIf businesses don’t abide by the regulation, OSHA will “have a lot of levers,” Michaels said. Given labor shortages, Taylor said he is not in a position to mandate the vaccination and risk losing employees. In Michigan, Henry Ford Health System announced Tuesday that 400 employees had quit over the system’s vaccine mandate.
Small Home Products That Will Instantly Make Life Better
Easy, reliable smart plugsInsert these smart plugs right into your existing outlets and make your life so much easier. Each smart plug can be operated via Alexa, Google Assistant or the handy, easy-to-use Kasa app. "I have had good experiences with TP-Link devices in the past, so I had high hopes for these little WiFi outlets, and they didn't disappoint. 1) Setup was a piece of cake: Just plug them in and use the Kasa app to configure them... 2) They are small and unobtrusive, projecting about an inch and a half from the outlet. 4) They are very easy to control with the Kasa app, which is well designed and fairly intuitive.
How Latina TV Creators Are Building 'Sisterhood' To Make Sure Their Stories Get Told
In 2012, when she started writing for TV, she found there was the same urgency to create opportunities for herself and other Latinx writers and creators. That seems way more awesome and strong,” Calderón Kellett said. Gloria Calderón Kellett, shown here at the 2019 Critics' Choice Awards, says she feels a sisterhood with "so many Latina showrunners." For years, Latinx creators have been calling that out and trying to make inroads while facing enormous pressure and expectations. We have to say: ‘Hey, just FYI: We see what you’re doing!’”And progress is often extremely incremental and comes in “ebbs and flows,” as Calderón Kellett noted.
Lena Dunham on Joy Sorman and Unnameable Female Pain
She also asks the question her foremothers have held back: Is procreation a selfish folly, a madness in and of itself? In a world where the pressures and pursuit (at any cost) of reproduction have become a billion-dollar industry, this becomes a provocative sub-theme. Image “Life Sciences” is the French novelist’s English-language debut. Sorman vividly describes how the imagination can be warped by the body’s misfiring. Bitterness might not win you any friends, but it comes unbidden, a symptom in and of itself.
An Italian Art Haven Along the Hudson
On a breezy Saturday last month, Vittorio Calabrese, the director of the Magazzino Italian Art museum in Cold Spring, N.Y., stood onstage in the courtyard to introduce the last event of the summer, a concert by the musician Sam Reider and his band the Human Hands. But Mr. Calabrese, a native of Irpinia, Italy, wore a blue suit, loafers and, for a touch of sprezzatura, the Italian concept of nonchalant style, striped socks with several inches visible. Mr. Reider, he said, was going to play a song inspired by Ennio Morricone in the tradition of the American murder ballad. “The biggest challenge is to avoid stereotypes of Italy,” Mr. Calabrese said. “People think they will find Renaissance or Baroque or ancient art, but we are not — and Italy is not — what the average American would think it is.
Crispy Sheet-Pan Noodles With Glazed Tofu Recipe
Contrasting textures are a signature characteristic of Cantonese chow mein, in which crispy fried strands tangle with tender noodles. Here, that is achieved with the help of a sheet pan and an intensely hot oven. To ensure optimal crunch, start with the pan on the bottom rack to crisp the underside of the noodles, then move it up to the highest to encourage crackly noodles on top, too. Instant ramen noodles are the perfect choice for this recipe because they crisp up flawlessly; just soak them in boiling hot water to loosen them up before sliding them into the oven. The hoisin-marinated tofu is subtly sweet and carries a lot of the flavor in this noodle dish.
‘Insecure’ Broke Ground by Embracing Imperfection
ANIOBI: Some of the storytelling felt almost like wish fulfillment for us as dark-skinned Black women. My life would be completely different had we not written those characters that way. I don’t think I’ve ever attributed this to the show and to the portrayal of this lead. I wrote myself with more confidence, and now I get to live that out and portray it, too. “Insecure” is ending in a complicated moment, a year after Black Lives Matter protests ignited the country, and we are still in a pandemic.
A Brief Introduction to Philosophy (Through a Certain Sex Act)
The crowd that night was girls and gays, plus a handful of older Manhattan-types with an air of having read about the show. Sex is about power.” In “G.O.Y.K.,” sex is about everything. It first emerges as an abstract concept, and then as an underlying plot structure, as she recounts her strenuous efforts to perform oral sex for the very first time. She studies the women’s magazines, with their sex tips and their warnings of the extreeeeeeeeme sensitivity of the glans. These concepts, introduced in the first half, provide a vocabulary for exploring the question: What does it mean to perform this sex act?
Beauford Delaney: Portraits Glowing With Inner Light
The art of the American painter Beauford Delaney, who died over four decades ago, deserves sustained attention from a major New York museum. In a moment when the histories of art, and especially Black American art, are expanding in all directions, Delaney seems to be hiding in plain sight. His work is one of the signal achievements of 20th-century American art. Starting in the late 1930s, he developed a semiabstract version of American Scene painting (influenced by Davis, a friend). Starting in the mid-1950s in Paris — where he had moved at Baldwin’s behest — he developed his own brand of allover Abstract Expressionism.
In ‘Succession’ Season 3, the Roys are more vulnerable than ever — to the public and one another
“Succession” isn’t exactly about the Murdochs and Fox News, but upcoming episodes do make pointed references to Rupert et al.’s truce with Donald Trump, while convincingly dramatizing how a conservative cable news network like Waystar’s ATN might arrange quid pro quos with the White House — particularly one whose Department of Justice is on the verge of investigating Logan for his role in the cruise-line scandal. But much of the uncertainty and suspense of the seven episodes screened for review (out of the season’s nine total) stem from the Roys having to contend with the messiness of democracy — electoral and otherwise — after doing all they could’ve to inject volatility into the proceedings for their own gain. (Perhaps it’s more about the Murdochs than we’ve been led to believe.)
What Are Political ‘Surgeries’ in Britain?
David Amess, a British lawmaker who was stabbed to death on Friday, warned in a book published less than a year ago that attacks on members of Parliament had spoiled “the great British tradition” of voters meeting politicians, adding that a deadly assault “could happen to any of us.”That tradition of lawmakers conducting regular, in-person meetings with voters — encounters known as constituency surgeries — gives Britons unusually good access to their political representatives. But Mr. Amess died after being attacked at just such an event on Friday, and in 2016, it was outside a constituency surgery that Jo Cox, a Labour lawmaker, was murdered. In 2010, Stephen Timms, another Labour lawmaker, survived a serious stabbing at another such meeting, and in 2000, a parliamentary aide, Andy Pennington, was killed in similar circumstances while trying to protect Nigel Jones, a lawmaker for the Liberal Democrats, from a machete attack.
Kenyan police called a suspected serial child killer a ‘vampire.’ A mob beat him to death after his escape.
Wanjala, who had not been convicted, was supposed to appear in court on Wednesday in connection with two of the alleged killings. But authorities said he did not appear for the morning roll call — and then it became apparent he had escaped, making front page news around the country.
Earthshot Prize: These innovations could win 1 million pounds from Prince William
She told The Washington Post that the ironing-cart concept could be applied to other street vendors, too. “Soon, there may be solar veg-carts or ice-cream carts, you never know,” she said. She added that teenagers “can definitely be good innovators. We are at an age where we have so much energy and drive … Our youth definitely has the power to do good in this world.”
Thomas Mallon on the Career of Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Franzen’s new novel, “Crossroads,” has generated a lot of discussion, as his work tends to do. The novelist and critic Thomas Mallon, who reviewed “Crossroads” for us, is on the podcast this week to talk about the book and to place it in the context of Franzen’s entire career. “He is fundamentally a social novelist, and his basic unit of society is the family,” Mallon says. “Always families are important in Franzen, and we move outward from the family into the business, into the town, into whatever the larger units are. This new novel is a little bit different in that he’s going back 50 years.
CDC releases official guidance for upcoming holiday celebrations
The latest guidance presents a less restrictive view of the holiday gatherings as two-thirds of Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. The federal government is working to approve vaccination for children 5 to 11 years old, which could come in time for many holiday gatherings. Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said vaccinated Americans should feel comfortable celebrating Halloween and other upcoming seasonal festivities. Friday's guidance mirrored much of what Fauci said about Halloween: that eligible Americans should get vaccinated and that outdoor activities are safer than indoor events. The CDC's initial holiday guidance included an image of the agency's ideal Thanksgiving — a virtual Thanksgiving.
UK Health Officials Fear 43,000 Received False Negative COVID-19 Test Results
The U.K. Health Security Agency said the Immensa Health Clinic Ltd. lab in the central England city of Wolverhampton has been suspended from processing swabs after the false negatives. The issue was uncovered after some people who were positive for COVID-19 when they took rapid tests went on to show up as negative on more accurate PCR tests. The health agency said that “around 400,000 samples have been processed through the lab, the vast majority of which will have been negative results, but an estimated 43,000 people may have been given incorrect negative PCR test results,” mostly in southwest England. Chief executive Andrea Riposati said the company was “fully collaborating” with U.K. health authorities. The government is easing those rules, however, announcing that starting Oct. 24 fully vaccinated travelers to England from most countries can take quick lateral flow tests rather than costlier PCR tests.
Virginia is for worriers: Governor race poses real risk to Dem agenda
Meanwhile, the Senate-passed $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill is sitting on the shelf because the votes aren’t there in the House, much to Virginia Democrats’ irritation. Election day in Virginia, not Oct. 31, is the real deadline for action on Democrats’ domestic priorities for many on Capitol Hill. “I very much hope and don’t expect Terry to lose,” said Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), who lost a gubernatorial race in Virginia in 1997. Even an outline, those Democrats hope, could unlock enough progressive votes to pass the infrastructure bill in the final days before the Virginia election. But Pelosi has dismissed the idea that McAuliffe’s race factors into her timing for a vote on the infrastructure bill.
Opinion | The Perils of Political Foot-In-Mouth Disease
It’s a reminder that the recurrence of political foot-in-mouth disease is one of the constants in our political life. With 36 electoral votes, New York was likely to decide the election and Blane’s campaign was determined to win over the city’s large Irish population. You can toggle back and forth throughout political history and find such examples wherever you look. Governor Mario Cuomo carried upstate New York by 100,000 votes — a 2-1 landslide that gave him the nomination. Indeed, there’s one example of a political figure who has committed rhetorical “own goals” throughout his public life.
Dodgers and Braves, separated by 18 regular season wins, open NLCS on even footing
One of those deals also got them slugging outfielder Jorge Soler, who tested positive for the coronavirus last week and will be out until he completes his 10-day quarantine. Snitker said he is operating as if the outfielder won’t be available for the entirety of the series, which probably leaves Pederson to take more at-bats than he did when he served as a crucial pinch-hit option against the Brewers. The Dodgers know Pederson — and his weaknesses against left-handed pitching — as well as just about anyone; they drafted him, and he spent the first seven years of his career in Los Angeles.
Oman ready to savor 'one in a million' opportunity as host of cricket's T20 World Cup
But that could be about to change come Sunday as Oman, alongside the neighboring United Arab Emirates, is set to host the T20 World Cup. It wasn't so long ago that the idea of hosting an international cricket tournament would have been unthinkable. This year marks the seventh edition of the T20 World Cup: 45 matches which run from October 17 to November 14. "In 10 years' time, they'll be telling their children stories about how their father played cricket at the World Cup," says Khimji. Before those stories can be told, an historic sporting moment awaits for Oman as the T20 World Cup is just the bowl of a ball and the swing of a bat away.
Two of Africa's Covid experts are leaving the continent. Is this a brain drain or gain for Africa?
Some experts assert that this coincidental turn of events underscores the health sector brain drain from Africa. Nkengasong's imminent exit from the Africa CDC has fueled concerns about the sustainability of the institution's Covid-19 action plan. On his part, Nigeria's Ihekweazu told CNN he had built the NCDC to "outlive any single leader." Reacting to comments that his move to the WHO's $100 million Pandemic Hub worsens Africa's medical brain drain, Ihekweazu argued: "I think that my move to WHO strengthens Africa's position in the world!" Gitahi wants regional centers of the Africa CDC to be strengthened so that the power of the parent organization is devolved.
NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds
A NASA spacecraft named Lucy rocketed into the sky with diamonds Saturday on a 12-year quest to explore eight asteroids. An Atlas V rocket blasted off before dawn, sending Lucy on a roundabout orbital journey spanning nearly 4 billion miles. Lucy is named after the 3.2 million-year-old skeletal remains of a human ancestor found in Ethiopia nearly a half-century ago. Some of the Trojan asteroids precede Jupiter in its orbit, while others trail it. It’s a complicated, circuitous path that had NASA’s science mission chief, Thomas Zurbuchen, shaking his head at first.
British MP’s killing was terrorism, police say
Police say it’s believed the suspect, who is reportedly of Somali heritage, acted alone. Amess, a 69-year-old long-standing representative, was holding a meeting with voters in a church on Friday when he was attacked. Such so-called surgeries are commonplace in Britain and see MPs open their doors to hear public concerns. According to the local newspaper Southend Echo, a man ran in the church at midday and stabbed Amess “several times.” Amess was given emergency medical treatment but died at the scene. There are concerns MPs will be forced to restrict their contact with the public.
'Reconciliation bill' doesn't excite Americans like 'Medicare expansion' would
Polls make it clear that expanding Medicare to finally provide our seniors with vision, dental and hearing coverage is wildly popular. That is backed up by a CBS poll this week showing 84 percent of Americans are on board with Medicare expansion. Not only would it be horrible from a policy point of view to eliminate Medicare expansion, but it would also be the definition of political malpractice. Democrats are holding a winning hand — if they make Medicare expansion the focal point of their pitch. In this case, the message should be “Medicare expansion Plus.”That’s not just how Democrats build support for this bill; it’s also how they can win in 2022.
D.C.-area forecast: Gusty showers and storms blow through today, then much cooler air spills in
Today (Saturday): We should see some sun through the morning. Most of the activity should focus on the afternoon as a line of heavier showers and storms moves through. There might be little or no lightning with this activity, but it can cause some isolated wind damage nonetheless. The most likely timing is about 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., west to east. Before the rain, high temperatures are near 80 but falling back to the 60s by sunset.
Ahmaud Arbery shooting: A timeline of case as jury selection begins in murder trial
??Jury selection begins Monday in the murder trial of three white Georgia men in the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man who was killed after being followed by a father and son in their pickup truck in February 2020. The three face state charges of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit a felony. Demonstrators protest the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery at the Glynn County Courthouse, in Brunswick, Ga., on May 8, 2020. May 21, 2020: Man who recorded Arbery’s shooting arrested on murder chargeWilliam “Roddie” Bryan, who recorded the fatal shooting, was arrested on charges of murder and attempted false imprisonment, authorities said. The Department of Justice alleged that the men confronted Arbery “because of his race.” They have since pleaded not guilty.
Harry and Meghan's 'ethical' investments, explained
So this announcement is an important opportunity to talk about what ethical investing means right now — and how it can be improved. This announcement is an important opportunity to talk about what ethical investing means right now — and how it can be improved. This is the inherent tension with ethical investing of all kinds. Asset managers are supposed to be responsible for the actual interests of the households and pension funds who they serve. One might think that “sustainable investing” would solve this problem, and indeed there’s trillions flowing into “sustainable” portfolios, perhaps on that assumption.
Jonah Hill lost weight. He still doesn't want people talking about it — understandably so.
But I’ve never had the courage to ask people to stop talking about my weight like Jonah Hill did this week. Even further, we don’t really know why he lost weight recently, or why others have. While you may think you’re praising someone’s weight loss, you may actually be praising a side effect of a negative event, like being sick. Even if the weight was lost on purpose, we shouldn’t assume that a person wants our praise. Weight loss doesn’t make body issues go away, or even necessarily the perception of being overweight.
Supply chain woes hit school cafeterias, leaving administrators scrambling to make meals
The latest victim of the supply chain slowdown is the school cafeteria, leaving nutrition administrators scrambling to get proper meals on the table for students as they return to the classroom. The number dropped during the pandemic-scarred 2020-21 school year to about 330 million lunches per month, according to the USDA. But if schools can't consistently deliver the food they have told students and parents is on the menu, he worries families won't trust them to provide the meal. "In terms of school delivery delays, our members are working as hard as possible to get schools the supplies they need," Cieslak said. The labor shortage is impacting both schools and the foodservice supply chain, so that will remain a concern."
Trump's stolen election lie is on the ballot in 2022, thanks to these candidates
“He appears to be picking his own team based upon the criteria that I’ll call the lie about the 2020 election,” Grayson added. “It’s out of touch.”A Yahoo News/YouGov poll in August found that two-thirds of Republicans believe the last election was stolen from Trump. Steve Bannon, the former Trump adviser who hosts a podcast with a large right-wing audience, has described a candidate’s position on the 2020 election results as a “litmus test” for 2022. He downplayed the suggestion that, by questioning the validity of election results everywhere, he risks discouraging Republicans from voting. “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020, Republicans will not be voting in ?22 or ?24,” Trump said in an emailed statement Wednesday.
China's new space station: Crew docks for historic mission
BEIJING — Three astronauts entered China’s space station for a six-month mission, setting to work Saturday after successfully docking aboard their Shenzhou-13 spacecraft. Shenzhou-13 is the second of four crewed missions needed to complete the space station by the end of 2022. Kevin Frayer / Getty ImagesThey are the second crew to move into the space station, which was launched last April. It will be China’s longest crewed space mission, a new milestone for a program that has advanced rapidly in recent years. Other Chinese space programs call for collecting soil from an asteroid and bringing back additional lunar samples.
Manchin slams Sanders after opinion piece in W.Va. newspaper urging him to support major spending package
Manchin has been extremely critical of the $3.5 trillion proposal that many of us support,” Sanders told reporters last week. “The time is long overdue for him to tell us with specificity — not generalities, but beyond generalities, with specificity — what he wants and what he does not want, and to explain that to the people of West Virginia and America.”
Houston’s Shortstop Was Right on Time With Go-Ahead Homer
HOUSTON — There are bat flips and home runs celebrations. And then there is what Houston Astros star shortstop Carlos Correa did on Friday night. After blasting a ball toward the left-field seats to break a tie game, Correa stood at home plate to watch his handiwork. He tossed his bat aside like an unneeded prop. Then as Red Sox pitcher Hansel Robles watched the flight of the ball and catcher Christian Vazquez hung his head, Correa pointed to his left wrist as he looked toward the Astros dugout.
Watch the Launch of NASA’s Lucy Mission to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids
The Trojan asteroids are swarms of rocky material left over from the formation of our solar system 4.6 billion years ago. No spacecraft has ever visited the asteroids, which orbit the sun on each side of Jupiter and in the same orbital path, but at a great distance from the giant planet. The spacecraft will first visit 52246 Donaldjohanson in April 2025 and will then proceed to its primary destinations. Lucy will make six flybys of the Trojan asteroids, one of which has a small moon, resulting in seven Trojans visited. The observations should give scientists a diverse set of asteroid material to analyze back on Earth.
Conservative Pundit Torches ‘Absolutely Bats**t Crazy’ Republicans In Texas
Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Friday lamented what he described as the “race to the bottom” to “see who can be the most MAGA” between Republicans in Florida, Arizona and Texas. “I know that Republicans in Texas have been conservative for a long time but there was a time when conservative Republicans in Texas were not absolutely batshit crazy,” Sykes, founder of the conservative website The Bulwark, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in video shared online by Mediaite. Advertisement“Texas Republicans used to be respectable,” Sykes continued. Greg Abbott’s (R) recently banned COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state which is also now subject to a highly restrictive abortion law. Sykes said it was “easy to beat up on the administrator” but “the focus ought to be on the law and the fact that the teachers are terrified.
AT&T and OAN: Your Conspiracies, Delivered
Who knew that the largest telecommunications company in the world was bankrolling the craziest right wing conspiracy network in the world? It’s true, AT&T is behind One America News, the “news” network that is crazier than Fox News. Court documents revealed by Reuters show how much AT&T is responsible for OAN. Without AT&T, the conspiracy-spreading outlet that traffics in election conspiracy and horse de-wormer miracle cures would not exist. It’s a conspiracy outlet that has been pushing dangerous lies for months—dangerous for democracy and dangerous to humans drawn in by promises of miracle cures and COVID-19 misinformation.
Biden looks to recalibrate relationship with Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
“We’ve made clear from the beginning that we’re going to recalibrate our relationship with Saudi Arabia,” she said. Former President Donald Trump meets with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House in March 2018. Mandel Ngan / AFP via Getty ImagesBut Psaki’s words were a signal that Crown Prince Mohammed is being kept at arm’s length by the White House. The crown prince could soon be the king and therefore Biden’s formal counterpart. A statement from the Saudi government Friday acknowledged the phone call between the crown prince and Austin but made no mention of the White House announcement.
4 shot at Alabama high school football game
Four people were shot when gunfire erupted Friday night outside an Alabama high school football game, police said. Two of the four people shot were juveniles, Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine told reporters. The shooting happened just before 10 p.m. on an exit ramp outside Ladd-Peebles Stadium as the game between rivals Williamson and Vigor high schools was coming to an end. Police believe there may have been several people involved but only one shooter, Prine said. "This is a place where family comes, children come after being in school all week."
MAP: Covid-19 vaccination tracker across the U.S.
One two-dose vaccine, developed by the U.S. drugmaker Pfizer and the German firm BioNTech, was the first authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use. A second vaccine, which was developed by Moderna and also requires two doses, began shipping vials on Dec. 20. On Feb. 27, the FDA granted emergency use authorization for Johnson & Johnson's one-dose Janssen vaccine. NBC News is tracking administered doses and how many people are fully vaccinated in U.S. states and territories by surveying health departments and examining daily reports. This map will be updated weekdays before 1 p.m.
Tucker Carlson Offers Most Insincere Response To Pete Buttigieg Attack Backlash
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday offered a fake apology after receiving backlash for his offensive remarks about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s paternity leave. Carlson on Thursday mocked Buttigieg for taking paid leave to spend time with husband Chasten and their newborn twins. “Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child. Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. So understandably, going forward, we are under strict orders from the Biden administration to take Pete Buttigieg very, very seriously,” he sarcastically added.
Prescribed burn gets out of hand, prompts evacuations in California
An intentional burn meant to prevent wildfire got out of control Friday night in Santa Cruz County, California, and prompted evacuations, authorities said. "The #EstradaFire is the result of the Estrada Ranch Prescribed Fire," Cal Fire's unit covering San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties unit said on Twitter. A firefighting helicopter flies over the Estrada Fire in the Santa Cruz area, in California. KNTVMandatory evacuations were in effect for the Pajaro area, Cal Fire said. Crews had the blaze surrounded by fire retardant, and the fire might be slowing, the San Mateo and Santa Cruz unit said.
Translators, experts weigh in on 'Squid Game' subtitle debate
I just never got a chance to study.”For some bilingual and multilingual Korean speakers watching “Squid Game” with English subtitles or closed captions, aspects of the dystopian series felt lost in translation. But experts also point out translation is an art form, one that’s often underappreciated, underpaid and limited by industry practices. But the English subtitles simply read, “Red Light, Green Light,” as the game is known in the U.S., which she said erases its metaphorical meaning. While viewers have credited the translated subtitles and English-dubbed versions of “Squid Game” as being more accurate than the closed captions, some Korean speakers feel this highlights a larger historical issue at play. “[Kang Sae-byeok] has a North Korean accent and hides it around South Korean people — that’s important, that’s significant.”Masked staff members handle boxes holding the dead bodies of contestants in the Korean survival drama "Squid Game" on Netflix.
This fund wants to fight Big Tech. NGOs fear the worst.
Further, they argue the fund's move to focus on "international" issues fails to properly assess the global effects that ostensibly national issues could have. As a result of Luminate's decision, Western European NGOs could lose $6 million of annual financial backing (of which over $2 million goes towards digital issues) over the next three years. “If you combine it with changes at OSF, the Luminate announcement puts European civil society and especially civil society working on digital rights on unsure footing," said one digital rights activist. “I think the house is on fire when it comes to Big Tech accountability,” Tisné said in an interview. "We seek to identify and support actions the impact of which are of a scale and significance to tackle these pressing, complex, global issues.
World’s cartoonists on this week’s events
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5 questions hanging over Italy’s new airline
"ITA Airways" is painted on the side of the airliners, and they're decorated with Italy's tricolor flag on the tail. ITA retains the right to use the Alitalia brand in the future if it wants to, and the old website redirects to the new carrier. The sale also means the Alitalia brand can't be bought by a rival — something Ryanair, which is a big player on the Italian market, mischievously said it might try to do. ITA’s chairman Alfredo Altavilla said the airline is giving itself a year to make a deal. Lazzerini has tried to calm worries about the sense of investing in an Italian airline by pointing to other corners of the country's aviation industry that benefit from state cash.
WATCH: Stand-Ups for Assange
Stand-up comics stand up for Julian Assange: Live! Join Lee Camp, Naomi Karavani, Jaffer Khan and Randy Credico for a night of live comedy in support of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Special remarks by Max Blumenthal, John Kiriakou and Margaret Kuntsler. Consortium News will carry the live stream event right here from the Tabard Inn in Washington DC, at 7 pm Eastern time on Saturday; midnight Sunday in London and 10 am Sunday Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Please Support CN’sFall Fund Drive!
The Forgotten Language of African American Slaves
The Tutnese creole created by enslaved African Americans was mostly lost to the annals of times, until recently. The Gullah people speak an English-based creole language containing many African loanwords and influenced by African languages in grammar and sentence structure. Tut had a different origon, as it was developed by African Americans who had constant contacts with Whites. She and her friend Louise "spent tedious hours teaching ourselves the Tut language. According to NBC News, African Americans are learning Tut and sharing videos, guides, and notes for speaking the language across different online platforms.
We know in many cases people get injured and need pain relief. A man in California was killed in a train collision. The engineer at the time of the collision was under the influence of marijuana. Clearly, we need strict and clear laws on operating heavy machinery or operating a vehicle. What an American does in (possessive pronoun) that does not harm others should be legal.
The Lying Lt Gov: #RadicalRebecca Kleefisch
Rebecca Kleefisch is running to be the GOP’s nominee for Wisconsin governor against Governor Evers. And while Kleefisch has been one of the worst offenders of using Kenosha to provoke conflict, her *initial* response to the shooting of Jacob Blake actually echoed Gov Evers’s comments . It’s not just Kenosha that brings out the two-faced dishonest side of Rebecca Kleefisch. In other words, Kleefisch touted a $3 billion taxpayer giveaway to generate a $10 billion economic investment. On jobs, healthcare, and her campaign-launch narrative of Kenosha, Rebecca Kleefisch has built a crystal-clear record of deception in pursuit of political power.
At the very least, if Biden gives a national speech to abolish the filibuster
Plus call out Manchin and Sinema for their enabling of Trump and Mcconnell plus climate crisis, people will take his side as calling out the intentionally incompetent corrupt congress and rightfully punish republicans plus Sinema/Manchin. Furthermore, he should give a nationally televised address on the huge drastic overhauls on student loan/debt forgiveness plus outright forgive $10,000 when congress refused to do so because of Manchin/Sinema (moratorium January 31st). This will help the majority of Americans show he is on their side and vote in anti filibuster candidates such as from Pennsylvania. Biden knows he cannot afford to let trump republicans take over due to apathy/hopelessness because of Manchin/Sinema.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Seven kids, one disabled, and parents catastrophically fail to protect them
This is a family of nine—mom, who is the Facebook poster; dad; and seven kids. Your child is fighting COVID, so what better use of your time than to shitpost about the vaccine on Facebook? And she should be ready to have that conversation if, indeed, she’s doing all she can to protect him. BTW, if you don’t know, lice like clean hair. “We are a family of 9, but the kids don’t eat a whole lot”?
GOP $ to the insurrection: locking them up will happen because "Legal Offense"
HuffPo reports that Kash Patel has been connecting RNC money to the insurrection. x Former Trump aide Kash Patel’s "Legal Offense Trust" ties the Republican Party even closer to the deadly Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow American democracy. https://t.co/VaGpbgoh7R — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) October 15, 2021WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee’s WinRed platform is raising money for Jan. 6 witness and former Donald Trump aide Kash Patel’s legal defense fund, further tying the national party to the insurrection Trump incited in a last-ditch attempt to remain in power. He was an aide to Devin Nunes who chaired the House Intelligence Committee. [6][4] He was the primary author of the Nunes memo which alleged that the FBI was biased against Trump.
Paddy Moloney, Founder of the Chieftains (Traditional Irish Music) Has Died.
From the DK Image LibraryYesterday morning I discovered, during my morning reading, that Paddy Moloney, founder of the Chieftains, had passed away. I am not an expert on them, or on traditional Irish music, and felt that someone else might better do him justice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I bring sad news: the passing of Paddy Moloney, who founded the Chieftains. byline: Derek Schofield Paddy Moloney, who has died aged 83, was a founder and the leader of the Chieftains, a band that made Irish traditional music famous across the globe. A composer, arranger of traditional music and innovative musician on the tin whistle and the uilleann pipes, Moloney was a towering influence in Irish music for more than six decades.
Farmer Candidate Fights Divisive Politics
Divided we fall, but together we can get a great deal accomplished. Farmer & Attorney Michael Drewry, running for VA House of Delegates ask diverse citizens to leave the national politics at the door in order to solve regional challenges. Rural areas can't afford to have divided citizens, the populations of these regions are so small that when divided, not much gets accomplished and the state parties don't pay attention. Farmer Fights Divisive Politics
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---DAY268---Evening-Shade-Friday
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 15, 2021x President Biden's panel considering Supreme Court reforms concluded, in draft findings, that it sees no legal obstacle to adding justices. https://t.co/fdpRXN2ebb — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 15, 2021KARINE JEAN-PIERREx Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, via pool:"President Biden spoke by phone with President Clinton this afternoon. President Biden and President Clinton look forward to seeing each other again soon. President Biden wishes President Clinton a speedy recovery." @MSNBC — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 15, 2021REPUBLICAN REP. ADAM KINZINGERx Rep. Adam Kinzinger to CNN on Bannon and criminal referrals: "We're serious about this.
Franklin Graham must answer for his bullying of domestic violence survivor Naghmeh Panahi
How in the world could Graham even think that any woman should go back to that environment—especially a mother with children? Then again, it isn’t all that surprising considering how Graham reacted when Panahi told her family’s supporters that she was coming to terms with the abuse she endured. Panahi told Roys that Graham actually had the nerve to ask her if she was cheating on Abedini. When I recalled this, I remembered that Pahani told Roys that she felt compelled to attend that August meeting. I repeat—when you bully a domestic violence survivor in this way, it absolutely is our business when we demand accountability.
IL Dems propose 14-3 Dem gerrymander
IL-Dems have dropped their proposed House map. While this is not final, expect the final version to be pretty similar. Nevertheless, this should provide Dems with a 14-3 delegation in a neutral political environment. Link to map: davesredistricting.org/... Article on new map: https://t.co/PS7XoqqLqs?amp=1
“Ask Your Doctor”
“I think I’ll ask my doctor….”Oooo, Mr. Hoity-toity shall consult with Dr. Foofarah. But it’s true, for me, “the doctor” is usually a little cheaper than the transmission specialist. “A doctor” will usually only stick you with $200 or so...as long as he does basically nothing. But then, “the doctor” might want to play it safe and give you some x-rays, blood work, and maybe just to be safe, process some tissue samples for some routine lab work for whatever is ailing you. Because I can’t believe that we live in an era when billionaires are blasting off into space for joy rides, and “My Doctor” is apparently simply too much to ask for.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, Oct. 15, 2021: Apple Pie
Who doesn’t like apple pie? Apple pie was one of the first things I tried and failed at. Pie with two crusts, pie with crumb topping, pie with custard under the apples, apple galette, or little, hand-held apple turnovers. Bacon-Latticed Apple Pie. Now that takes the idea of apple pie for breakfast to a whole new level!
Andrew McCabe wins back his pension in settlement of his lawsuit against DOJ for retaliatory firing
“For 140 years, civil servants like Andrew McCabe have been the federal government’s backbone, pledging their loyalty to the Constitution rather than to any politician or political party,” Murad Hussain, a lawyer for McCabe, said in a statement. The firm intends to donate the money to its foundation, which provides scholarships to minority law students, among other things. “What happened to Andrew was a travesty, not just for him and his family, but the rule of law,” said Murad Hussain, one of Mr. McCabe’s lawyers. “We filed this suit to restore his retirement benefits, restore his reputation and take a stand for the rights of all civil servants, and that’s exactly what this settlement does.”Yep. Andrew McCabe upheld his responsibility to the Constitution in the face of what must have been unfathomable pressures from a dangerous megalomaniac.
Joe-Coal and Corporate-Kyrsten appear to have a Vested Interest or two
[...] For decades, Manchin has profited from a series of coal companies that he founded during the 1980s. He also holds stock options in Enersystems Inc., the larger of the two firms, valued between $1 and $5 million. Those two companies are Enersystems Inc. and Farmington Resources Inc., the latter of which was created by the rapid merging of two other firms, Manchin’s Transcon and Farmington Energy in 2005. “Super-rich corporations have given Senator Sinema nearly a million reasons to vote against making them pay their fair share in taxes,” Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US, said in a statement. [...]The fact is Coal-barren Joe and Corporate-Kyrsten have other interests, of a more personal nature, that they are fighting to protect.
Tucker Carlson Attacks WH Over Parental Leave, That FOX News Also Offers -UPDATE: Buttigieg Responds
Carlson's tirade was triggered by the audacity of Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, availing himself of the parental leave provided to all federal employees. But Carlson is apparently ignorant of the family leave policies of his own employer. x Hmm wonder why Tucker Carlson makes fun of Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave while other Fox News hosts celebrate their own company policy. Even worse he criticizes Buttigieg for taking leave in the most insulting and infantile manner possible. UPDATE: Mayor Pete responds saying that Carlson "doesn't understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave.
Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day: Bill Posey- 2021 Update
We will never stop reminding folks that GOP Florida Congressman Bill Posey was a sponsor of the "Birther Bill" that questioned President Obama's citizenship. On this date in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, as well as 2020, “Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day” published profiles of the U.S. House Representative from Florida’s 8th Congressional District, Bill Posey, the U.S. House Representative from Florida’s 8th District, the author of HB 1503, aka “The Birther Bill” that would force all presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates. When asked if he believed President Obama was an American citizen in the wake of that, he refused to answer, calling the question “irrelevant”. Bill Posey dodged hosting a town hall in 2017 by instead, opting to call his constituents to let them know he was having a telephone town hall… WHILE IT WAS ALREADY UNDER WAY. His constituents then further berated him, because Giffords herself called on all members of Congress to hold town halls, as their duty remains to the people.
Climate Brief: How well have climate models predicted global warming?
One of the casualties of global warming: Lake Mead, at a record low capacity because of a 22-year long-term drought in the U.S. Southwest. IntroductionThe first scientist to address Congress about global warming was Dr. James Hansen in 1988, based on a paper he and colleague S. Lebedeff had published in 1987. What’s missing from such a simple climate model is considerable. By 2008, none of the atmosphere/ocean climate models used required constraining adjustments on how the atmosphere and oceans interact. The resulting graphic is shown below for 1970 to 2020:11 Climate Model results from 1970 through 2020 compared to observations in bold black line.
Why Dems Should Gerrymander the Hell Out of 'Blue' States (and Why They Shouldn't): 'BradCast' 10
Even if passed, Freedom to Vote won't save everything, of course, but it will help. Next week's cloture vote on the measure is likely to be supported by all 50 members of the Democratic caucus in the Senate. It is, at least on the surface, counter to the small "d" democratic ideals that I have always fought for. I'm joined by the man who actually wrote the book on partisan gerrymanders, DAVID DALEY of FairVote.org. His book on the GOP's REDMAP assault on democracy is called Ratfucked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy.
'Just looking out’: Capitol police officer indicted after using social media to help insurrectionist
The officer and the insurrectionist continue to talk about fishing and the Jan. 6, Capitol event. Person 2 also sent RILEY a screenshot of the video, capturing Person 1 inhaling from a hand-rolled cigarette. If you want to see the capitol building, lets do it legally next time...I know a guy who can get you a tour...lol. Riley says, “thats fine.” Then, the same day, officer Michael Angelo Riley deletes all of his Facebook direct messages with Person 1. On Jan. 21, 2021, Riley sent this direct Facebook message to Person 1:Hey [Person 1], another mutual friend was talking about you last night.
Florida Covid Reporting irregularities
For instance, all this month, every day, Florida has had either 0, 2 or 3 daily deaths reported. On October 1, 2021 there were 55,011 total deaths in Florida, that day there were 2 deaths. In fact, from October 1 until today, there is a reported whopping 24 daily deaths in Florida over half a month. BUT — then I looked at the total deaths from October 1- October 15 and a strange thing occurs. If you add the 55,011 total deaths on October 1 plus the 24 daily deaths from that same time period, you should end up with 55,035 total deaths as of today….
Matt Gaetz so far has not faced legal action per alleged sex trafficking. I live in central Florida, and want to know — why is prostitution against the law in 49 states. We have Americans who work as sex workers with no legal protection. The main advantage to decriminalizing sex workers is this will help law enforcement arrest sex trafficker as well as protect underage girls from forced sex.
If Joe Manchin and Sinema want to kill the bill when Schumer brings it up, let them.
Biden can give a HUGE national daily American people outrage at the corruption by GOP and Manchin/Sinema (oil spill polluting companies/environmental crisis corruption). He can then take aggressive executive action plus follow up on aggressive student loan relief. It is imperative we campaign against Sinema/Manchin plus elect better Democrats in 2022 such as from Pennsylvania. The american people need to feel “this is not Biden’s fault.” The American people need to understand Biden is on their side plus the house democrats. Biden can be like a Harry Truman/FDR calling out the do nothing corrupt congress.
Friday Night Beer Blog
Hi beer fans, happy Friday! —no beer songs this time. I just saw the Doobie Brothers and enjoyed the hell out of it so here’s one of theirs. —I’m starting with the Rodenbach Alexander in the picture. I’ve had the Rodenbach Grand Cru before and this is a similar Flanders Red base with cherries added.
Cinema and Munchkin Aren't The Only Ones; Watch Out For Local Lurkers
THE NEW coordinator talked for freaking-ever about herself, what a wonderful organizer she was, and her house and her neighborhood. If she was wanting sympathy, it didn’t work. THEN SHE needed something on the computer, and I’m thinking “Holy hell, they gave her the keys and the computer passwords?” But she couldn’t get logged in. She insisted she knew what she was doing and was punching keys and trying different passwords and nothing would work. Does anyone check in with their thoughts and beliefs and general outlook before giving them the keys and the passwords?
LGBTQ students report concerning rates of in-person and online bullying from peers, says new survey
About 60% of trans and nonbinary students reported bullying, while about 45% of cisgender queer students did. Just over 50% of white students reported bullying, similar to about 54% of multiracial students. 40% of Black students, 41% of AAPI students, and 47% of Latinx students also reported bullying. As I’ve covered previously at The Atlantic, LGBTQ+ students being bullied at school is sadly far from new. We’ve seen students advocate on behalf of their LGBTQ+ peers when they’ve felt ignored or punished by the administration.
Man jailed in solitary for over a year is first to sue private prison company under recent state law
“Here, Mr. Murillo was held for over a year,” the lawsuit said—and his detention in solitary began through trickery by Management and Training Corporation (MTC), the private prison profiteer running Imperial. “Upon Mr. Murillo’s arrival at Imperial, an MTC employee gave Mr. Murillo a choice regarding where he wanted to be housed: general population or protective custody,” the lawsuit stated. Mr. Murillo was not informed of these restrictive conditions before he agreed to ‘protective custody.’”Murillo is now suing MTC under AB 3228, a first-of-its-kind bill signed by Gov. “California is home to five civil detention facilities used to detain immigrants. “Four out of five of these facilities are operated by private for-profit corporations, holding an estimated 90% of the detained population.
Voting Rights Roundup: Arkansas' GOP governor greenlights new House map but invites critics to sue
An analysis from the nonpartisan site PlanScore also shows an extremely heavy tilt toward Republicans for the map overall. Despite its many snake-like districts, however, several districts would be tenuous for Democrats during strong GOP years, particularly the 3rd, 14th, and 17th. ? Oregon: Oregon Republicans have filed a lawsuit in state court aiming to invalidate the new congressional map that Democrats enacted last month. In legislative redistricting, the GOP's gerrymander of the state Senate districts also advanced out of House committee after the Senate previously passed its own map. The map now goes to the state Senate.
Former Domino’s employee who stormed the Capitol provides FBI with 8 video clips of Jan. 6 violence
McCreary’s plea comes nine months after he first told FBI investigators that it was not Trump supporters but "antifa" who stormed the halls of government. During McCreary’s hearing, U.S. Chief Judge Beryl Howell noted that McCreary provided eight video clips to the FBI that documented the violent mob. #SeditionHunters pic.twitter.com/LloMYd9Htz — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) October 15, 2021Among the videos of the violent mob, one showed rioters attacking Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. Goodman a Black Capitol Police officer, heroically diverted a mob of angry Donald Trump supporters away from the Senate chamber during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Video footage shared to social media depicted him acting quickly and selflessly as angry mob members stormed the building.
Texas lawmakers push redistricting plan that solely benefits Republicans
Hispanic voters aren’t the only demographic Texas Republicans have zeroed in on with their latest redistricting plan. The Asian voting population, which is one of the fastest-growing groups in Texas, would also feel the negative impacts of the redistricting proposal. The plan would decrease the number of Asian eligible voters from 10.8% to 5.6% in TX-3. It would boost the population of Asian eligible voters in TX-4, but minimally compared with the more than 73% of white eligible voters that would encompass the planned district. Republicans’ redistricting plan treats the fact that minorities are at the center of Texas’ population growth as if the increase of people of color in the state is a threat.
10.16.2021: Ian "Audiobook bundle!"
IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! You might even know that thanks to his break-out book entitled “Little Brother”, Cory Doctorow is one of my favorite Authors. Cory has placed Three audiobooks in the Little Brother world, in a bundle, He has then placed that bundle on sale for $30.00, which means (for those of us with whom math is not friends) you are paying only $10 for each of the three books in the bundle. Find the "Little Brother" Audio bundle here!
TLC Express Wash
The team at TLC hopes you find our speed, consistency, and service exceptional. Whether you are a new customer, or a regular, we want you to enjoy your service each and every time you visit! car wash,express car wash,auto wash,car wash prices ,car wash in bellflower,car detailing bellflower,drive thru car wash,mobile car wash,hand car wash
“Biden: We Didn’t Vote for Fossil Fuels”; Declare a Climate Emergency
The “People vs. Fossil Fuels” week long mobilization was organized by Build Back Fossil Free, a coalition of hundreds of Indigenous, Black, environmental, climate justice, youth, and social justice organizations. More than 650 People Arrested During This Week’s “People Vs. Fossil Fuels” Mobilization Demanding Urgent Action to Stop New Fossil Fuel Projects. “In 1854, the great visionary Chief Seattle asked the U.S. Government how it thought it could buy the land or sky. Now 167 years later, the sky is being bought and sold on carbon stock markets in the United States and all over the world,” said Goldtooth. “These carbon markets are targeted schemes that consist of cap and trade, carbon offsets, and carbon taxes that are the primary false solution to climate change.
Delay in Oath Keepers’ conspiracy trial for Jan. 6 insurrection forced by growing pile of evidence
“I can’t order the government to stop collecting relevant evidence,” Mehta said, noting that defendants have the right to a speedy trial as well. Moreover, prosecutors have been circling Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes for months now, with multiple indications that he will eventually face conspiracy charges himself. Court documents in the conspiracy case refer to Rhodes as “Person 1” in the unfolding assault on the Capitol. Rhodes used the encrypted platform Signal to chat with Watkins, 38, an Ohio Oath Keepers militia leader, and Kelly Meggs, 52, a militia leader from Florida charged in the insurrection in February, prosecutors said. Person 1 is the head of the Oath Keepers,” the attorney said, referring to Rhodes.
"John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave. His soul is marching on!"
Although his men were dead or captured, John Brown refused to surrender: he barricaded himself in a small brick building near the gate of the armory. Du Bois appraises Brown's action:In John Brown's last written statement, in prison, before he was hanged, he said: "I, John Brown, am quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood." Ralph Waldo Emerson, not an activist himself, said of the execution of John Brown: "He will make the gallows holy as the cross." Of the twenty-two men in John Brown's striking force, five were black. It would end slavery only under conditions controlled by whites, and only when required by the political and economic needs of the business elite of the North.
Behind Blue Eyes, A musical guide to misogynistic victimhood
My favorite song to start with was “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who with lyrics by Pete Townshend. Pete Townshend wrote this song as the theme for the villain of a larger musical work he was writing. That work never materialized as a whole but “Behind Blue Eyes” was too good not to be released. To be clear, Pete Townshend knew he was writing from the perspective of a monster and was not holding the man with blue eyes as a person to be emulated. And perhaps, with a lot of work, we just might guide people towards true love free from dominance and manipulation.
PWB Peeps Open Thread: Fragment of Keats Poem
… and turns for calmness to the pleasant greenof easy slopes, and shadowy trees that leanso elegantly o’er the waters’ brimand show their blossoms trim. (from Calidore by John Keats)PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers. We share photos, seek & give advice about pet health and behavior issues, support each other in times of sadness and stress, celebrate together when times are good, and on most days have an inordinate amount of fun. You are welcome to join us! Here are few not-too-onerous PWB rules
GOP national fundraising arm sends texts branding non-donors as 'traitors' and 'deserters' to Trump
The following is taken directly from a text ad recently released by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC):You’re a traitor… You abandoned Trump. But when Trump said he’d run for President if we took back the House from Nancy Pelosi … You did nothing. It’s next to impossible to conceive of any Democratic fundraising entity, for example, employing this blatant of an approach. To understand why the NRCC feels this tactic might be successful, some insight into the nature of what the Republican Party has now become is necessary. Republicans so eager to emulate Donald Trump, now clinging so desperately to his coattails out of cowardice and opportunism, would probably do well to remember that.
Top Comments: Open Thread
TOP COMMENTSBrillig's ObDisclaimer: The decision to publish each nomination lies with the evening's Diarist and/or Comment Formatter. Please remember that comment inclusion in Top Comments does not constitute support or endorsement by diarist, formatter, Top Comments writers or DailyKos. Highlighted by BentLiberal:This comment by CLJJ1 in liberaldad2’s recommended post on a judge throwing the book at 1/6 insurrectionists. Highlighted by northsylvania:This comment by G2geek in vjr7121’s recommended post on former Republicans giving advice to democrats. TOP MOJOTop Mojo for yesterday, Thursday, October 14, 2021, first comments and tip jars excluded.
Lucy in the Sky with Asteroids
The NASA Lucy spacecraft is all set to begin its 12-year journey to the Trojan asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter. The stage is set for our #LucyMission to launch to the ancient Trojan asteroids on Oct. 16. The MissionThe Lucy spacecraft will fly-by, image and analyze one main belt asteroid and seven Trojan asteroids. The asteroids in the main belt are shown in white, the Trojans in greenThe following diagram shows the asteroids that Lucy will visit and the approximate date of the fly-by. ReferencesLucy wiki page — en.wikipedia.org/… Lucy NASA home page — www.nasa.gov/… The Lucy Plaque — lucy.swri.edu/… Lucy website at Southwest Research Institute — lucy.swri.edu Trajectory Design of the Lucy Mission to Explore the Diversity of theJupiter Trojans — ntrs.nasa.gov/...
Overnight News Digest: Covid remains in headlines worldwide
Notably absent: Russia, which the US and other countries blame for harboring and possibly encouraging the groups behind the attacks. Boris Johnson has spoken of his shock and sadness at the loss of "one of the kindest" people in politics. The Guardian, UK EditionAbout one in 60 people in England had Covid-19 last week, according to estimates published on Friday. At the peak of the second wave in early January, about one in 50 people were estimated to have coronavirus. "I see a consistent pattern when each of the members of #AppleToo are subjected to investigations or Apple leadership approaches them.
A cheap and efficient way to directly convert industrial CO? offgas into oxygen and solid carbon
Our Aussie friends here used a totally different approach: mechanical energy. The key to the whole process is liquid gallium! Mechanical energy — the friction between the Ag-Ga crystals and liquid gallium — makes this happen:Ga + CO 2 ? Ga+ + CO 2 · ?Separation of charge, folks. Throughout this whole cycle, the crystal rods remain intact, as does the liquid gallium. Now they’re scaling it up to a semi-trailer sized reactor that could handle the offgas from a real industrial plant.
Must’ve Been Some Sort of Sale on Nazi Sh*t This Week. Yikes.
Because we’re lookin’ at Nazi shit tonight, friends. There really IS a lot of Nazi shit this week!” Yes, Virginia, there is indeed. And we’re not done with the week’s Nazi shit, either. But if we don’t deal with the Nazi shit that’s already in front of us, we’re just gonna get served an even bigger plate of Nazi shit for breakfast tomorrow, and not to come off argumentative or anything, but my feeling is, there’s been too much Nazi shit already. Anyhoo, I’m gonna go try to wash all this Nazi shit out of my eyeballs, or at least drown it in beer.
GOP Rep. Kinzinger wonders if Satan wrote bizarre, cultish pro-Trump email
Sadly, I’ve never been very good at worshiping, and if Donald Trump is the designated worshipee, I’d rather just assume the role of goat sacrifice and be done with it. Two of these are Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger and never-Trump media personality Charlie Sykes. And does it work?”Kinzinger’s reply: “Satan (indirectly) and yes.”x Satan (indirectly) and yes https://t.co/x4CnfzsqQ6 — Adam Kinzinger (@AdamKinzinger) October 14, 2021And here’s the NRCC message:“You’re a traitor … “You abandoned Trump. Get them all, including the finale, Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, at this link. Or, if you prefer a test drive, you can download the epilogue to Goodbye, Asshat for the low, low price of FREE.
GOP congressman seems unaware of how unemployment insurance works, so Ocasio-Cortez helps him out
The tweet caught the attention of 10th-level Twitter ninja Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has turned down numerous overtures to join me at Perkins for late-night Sanka bacchanals. x Y’all already did over a month ago despite everyone having data that ending UI doesn’t push people back to work. Not only did ending enhanced unemployment benefits do little to boost hiring, the states that ended the programs early also damaged their own economies. According to a paper released in August from researchers at Columbia, Harvard, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and the University of Toronto, the decision to end benefits early actually resulted in a significant financial hit. But since Republicans found a talking point that works for them, they’re going to dry-hump it into humiliated mounds of lint.
In a boring, ham-handed video, QAnon idol announces a congressional run in Arizona
Watkins says he’s taking his cues from God and Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church. Although Watkins denies he’s the Q in QAnon, he sort of outed himself in the last episode of Cullen Hoback’s HBO documentary Q: Into the Storm. Watkins tells Salon he spent time in Arizona when he was a kid and his father was in the Army. Also, he’s been deeply involved in an election “audit” in Maricopa County over Trump’s loss. "Ron's main issue is election integrity, he's real big on election integrity," Tony Teora, a volunteer helping Watkins prep his campaign, told Salon.
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Shots in Arms FRIDAY!
It's like that one friend we have who says 'I think we should try and be vegetarian—unless it's popcorn chicken.'" —Seth Meyers Good news out of Washington—I don’t have to Google “what is the debt ceiling?” again for 5 weeks. —Conan O'Brien via TwitterAnd now, our feature presentation...-Cheers and Jeers for Friday, October 15, 2021Note: Pick a card. No, not that card, this card. All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you and then you would be President.
Eleven years after retirement, corrupt Kansas City detective Roger Golubski faces federal scrutiny
They called the corruption of police officials in Kansas City "one of the worst examples of abuse of power in U.S. “The police and eyewitness reports of criminal behavior perpetrated by members of the Kansas City, Kansas police department, over the past several decades, are staggering,” the advertisement said. Since McIntyre's release, allegations against Golubski have received coverage in local newspapers including The Kansas City Star. According to The Kansas City Star, last year the Kansas Bureau of Investigation said it shared information about “possible federal violations” committed by Golubski with authorities. x We are encouraged to hear that federal officials are looking into the injustice in Kansas City, Kansas, and hope there will be results.
News Roundup: Biden makes moves on climate; Texas, oh Texas; undoing Trump's cruelties
Get your shots, pass it onThe Biden administration took a step forward in combatting climate change while taking two steps back in humanizing our immigration policies. Tucker Carlson remains a homophobic hack, with jokes that would have embarrassed a stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Texas continues attacking children, this time focusing on trans youth. John Deere workers are going on strike—10,000 strong. And Andrew McCabe gets his retirement back now that Trump is gone.
Sonnet: Would You Like A Room for the Night?
Psycho Fruit Cellar Mama(Image by Paramount Pictures) Details DMCASonnet: Would You Like A Room for the Night? by John Kendall Hawkins. When the Dark Web becomes the Norm-an Bates and "sin" triumphant Redemption,and we lock our mothers in fruit cellars,half off their rockers, mad fortune-tellerswho see Empires fall, without exception --pull the wool over themselves to keep warm,then through peepholes prying, shower room stalls,we'll see the new revolution in blood,clockwise or anti (it's too soon to telljust how we'll do thieving beauty). All hellwill break loose like a horse put out to studonly to hear gelding mares neigh out catcalls. I reckon I'll hop off the bandwidth wagona spell and curl up and nurse a flagon.
Sonnet: The Tin Man as Deus ex Machina
Sonnet: The Tin Man as Deus ex Machinaby John Kendall Hawkins. In this age of shape-shifting paradigms,quantum speed, auctioneer English ahead,tweeters rabbiting on about the dead,the hivebrain a complex mirror of minds,there is no longer a need for Chomsky;human language becomes obsoleteand Noam seems like Saddam in defeat,in the spider hole, Madame Blavatsky. Each new day brings signs that aliensfrom inner space have arrived, are readyto replace our classics with rock-steadysado-ma. Goodbye, homo sapience. Folks seemed like yodeling cartoons today,on parade, toys toodling, That's all!
I Have Covid
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. "...because I have covid." Stupid, stupid stupid, I thought. The doctor came back and said there was a little bit of stuff in my lungs-- could be pneumonia. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
Who decides whether or not 5G is safe to deploy? A protocol for ensuring safer infrastructure
by Katie SingerIn Santa Rosa, California, a cell site was installed on the utility pole without neighborhood notification in January, 2018. Indeed, the TCA's Section 704 puts municipal leaderswho likely do not want their city sued by a telecom corporationin a bind. "Will a professional engineer certify that each cell site's fire and collapse hazards have been mitigated? I began collecting photos about cell towers that have collapsed and caught fire.1 I also wondered what I could have done differently to help my city enact a safer telecom ordinance. When corporations want to deploy 5G and market billions of new devices to go with it, who decides whether or not the new technology is safe?
Five cartoons (to visualize)
Some of his face is showing but most of the vfew is through the windshield and rear view mirror. Two friends are walking down a downtown street with their collars up. but there is a little green, black-eyed alien helping an old woman cross the street and there is an alien walking three dogs and there is an alien weed-wacking. Highway sign of the timesHighway with orange cones and, ahead, a sign with flashing lights: "Road disappears 500 feet". A hundred feet further: 10 MPH A hundred feet further: "Go Back Home".
The New Normal; by Susan B. Glasser
The work of a MacArthur-grant-winning psychologist explains how the unthinkable becomes acceptable—and how the change can be reversed. The beauty of norms is that, unlike ingrained hatreds, they are flexible. They shift quickly; with the right pressure from the right people, they can shift back. But the response, crucially, must be broad, and it must come from sources of authority across the political spectrum. Otherwise, behaviors we think of as socially stable may prove to be far more fragile than we’d like to believe.
Sonnet: Strum Along With A Sitar To Understand
'cdcovers/ravi shankar (1)/concerto for sitar & orchestra ravi shankar.jpg'(Image by exquisitur) Details DMCASonnet: Strum Along With A Sitar To Understandby John Kendall Hawkins. Let's talk panpsychism and the benefits it brings:Nicer bed sheets at Motel 6s of the mind,where you laze around with "Linda," your double-bind;watch pay and pay TV, listen to dingalings. Like most isms there are limits to what you'll believe. There are lots of questions beginning to emerge,like bolshy viruses from some wilderness purge. Consciousness is a virus humans taught to sing.
Trump & His Dead-Ender's Hateful Plan Revealed
The latest bombshell has become the most under-reported and misunderstood story of the week, when Donald Trump threatened the Republican Party. What they’ve created has taken on a life of its own & is now tearing America apart - Steve Bannon, echoing Hitler, predicted, “We’re putting together a coalition that’s gonna govern for 100 years” Trump’s agenda is to destroy democracy in America, and the GOP and their billionaire donors are going along with it while much of the media are treating it like politics as usual. It’s a two-part plan that involves both corrupting our election processes and fomenting a violent “rebellion” by white supremacists to shatter our society.Part one is to end free and fair elections in America."
The problems with The Canadian Press - and those who spread its message.
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. We represent a large group of scientists, medical professionals, and academics, dismayed about the misinformation on COVID-19 showcased in the Canadian Press article, "Alberta Health Services Says Advisory Group Notes Problems with Ivermectin Studies. "1 None of the outlets that have reproduced this article, uncritically in our opinion - including the Toronto Star, the Winnipeg Free Press, and Saanich News - have accepted our rebuttal. Therefore, and given what we believe is the importance of our message in these uncertain times, we reproduce it here in its entirety. The Canadian Press.
Trump's Parallel Universe
The adults paying attention scoffed with indignant, fully justified protest that such a nonsensical statement could be made by a senior elected official. In quantum physics, parallel universe theories have not only been proven theoretically, they frequently appear today in movies, television, and engaging lectures, sparking the public's imagination. This "parallel universe", a simultaneous existence where two totally different interpretations of what it means to be a patriotic American, is at the very least an operative metaphor for what we are experiencing with the "Trump effect." The observer effect in quantum physics tell us that observing a situation changes it based on our observation of it. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
The Narrative of "A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" is a Lie
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. There's a pattern in the global pandemic data that no one in the Western mainstream press is talking about. The global maps of vaccination and low COVID rates, which one would assume would have a high level of overlap, are, in fact, almost mutually exclusive sets. That is, where vaccination rates are relatively high, COVID is high, and where vaccination is low, COVID rates are too. If the narrative out of the mouth of Anthony Fauci is correct--that this is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated"--how is it that the vast majority of countries with far lower vaccination rates than the US and the UK have far lower case and mortality rates as well?
Article: "Algeria has freed itself from dependence on France"--Hana Saada interviewed
French President Macron provoked Algeria's wrath and indignation after his critical and divisive comments were reported by Le Monde newspaper. French President Emmanuel Macron's recent remarks about Algeria were intentional and part of the pre-election campaign for the upcoming French presidential election. SS: President Macron questioned if Algeria existed before the French colonization. SS: France has said that it was disappointed that Algeria did not take back some of its citizens. SS: Algeria in the past experienced many years of destabilization caused by radical Islam similar to what is happening in Syria.
Economic Woes: Biden Blames Trump. Trump Blames Biden. They're Both Right.
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Poultry is in such short supply that WingStop has re-branded itself as ThighStop "to combat the volatility of chicken wing pricing." In my January 19 column, I predicted that the Biden administration would be "business as usual, as usual." Usually, however, we produce wealth faster than a Trump or Biden can steal it and blow it. Government was always too expensive, but now we've reached the point where we clearly can't afford it at all anymore.
India alarmed at Bhutan-China border agreement
The Bhutan-China agreement was met with a cautious reaction from India, a development which could have strategic implications for New Delhi moving forward. In August 1949 India and Bhutan signed a Friendship Treaty under which India controlled Bhutan's foreign policy. In 2007 India and Bhutan signed another Friendship Treaty which said Bhutan and India "shall cooperate closely with each other on issues relating to their national interests. Unsolved China-Bhutan boundary issues were used as an excuse by India to attack China during the Doklam standoff in 2017. India has always been the reason for the delay in negotiations on boundary issues between China and Bhutan.
The Ivermectin Story
The unrelenting opposition to using ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID-19 is stronger than ever. Monthly IVM prescriptions increased 72 percent from 39,864 in 2019 to 68,428 in 2021 (through May). Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have also died from COVID vaccines, the failed solution to the pandemic. FDA will soon give it emergency use authorization because of the emerging clarity that COVID vaccines do NOT work effectively or safely. Speaking as someone who is using IVM as a prophylactic, here is what I have seen in recent times.
Democracy: Bought and Paid For
Although we ostensibly live in a democratic nation, democracy as a meaningful concept has been disappearing before our eyes and before the eyes of the world. Democracy, as it now exists in this nation, has been bought and paid for and now serves other masters than the ordinary citizens of this nation. The result is that neoliberal economics can be exported to the world under the rubric of spreading democracy. In the process the ideals, the real spirit of democracy, were lost as the term became a commodity to be traded in the economic marketplace. There are international theaters, national theaters, regional theaters, state theaters, county theaters and local theaters to keep us all entertained, so we have something like soap operas to follow with bated breath"to pour our passion and our hearts and souls into.
Capitalism has no endgame besides collapse & feudalistic warfare
In the future that capital and empire are creating, the ones with the power will be people like Erik Prince. This type of dystopian vision for what could come after capitalism collapses has been called techno-feudalism. A reversion to the socioeconomic system that produced capitalism, one where the new feudal lords have the powers of modern weaponry. The rise of new political movements (such as those based around populism and nationalism) will probably also challenge existing regimes. If economic inequality within countries continues on current trends, global income inequality will continue to rise steeply.
William J Astore Interview: What Are The Prospects For Peace?
(Image by William J Astore, Professor and Military Analyst) Details DMCAEvents are unfolding at a quickening pace. William J. Astore is a retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel. He is the author or co-author of three books and numerous articles focusing on military history as well as the history of science, technology, and religion. Here is what William J. Astore had to say. The U.S. always portrays itself as the greatest force on the planet for peace, justice, human rights, racial equality, etc.
Mass Death Ahead
Cape Town, 2021(Image by Linh Dinh) Details DMCAUniversal suffrage finally came to South Africa in 1994. They expected societal breakdown, if not mass violence committed by blacks in retribution. Here in Cape Town, I've met two Americans who are still here, though their children have left. A young male voice narrates, "In 1994, we moved from our house in Oranje Street, number 30, to our new home, under Oranje Street, number 30." Brilliantly cast, a ghostly pale, moon faced boy with a bowl haircut seems incredulously at his new abode.
Article: Abandoning Yemen?
From ProgressiveUnited Nations Human Rights Council action silences Yemeni human rights victims. Monday, October 11, marked the official closure of the U.N. Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen (also known as the Group of Experts or GEE). Actions of the Saudi-led coalition waging war against Yemen had been examined and reported on by the Group of Experts. The Yemen Data Project, founded in 2016, is an independent entity aiming to collect data on the conduct of the war in Yemen. Without reports from the Yemen Data Project, the causes of the dire conditions in Sirwah could be shrouded in secrecy.
An Ethically Challenged School Board
An arrangement with Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) that was approved by the board last year provides an example. Following the vote, Gonez accepted a $1,300 campaign donation from this same organization, compounding the ethical issues represented in the contract. An ethically principled public official would have avoided the appearance of a quid pro quo and rejected these funds. (Image by LAUSD) Details DMCA"Carl Petersen is a parent advocate for students with special education needs and public education. As a Green Party candidate in LAUSD's District 2 School Board race, he was endorsed by Network for Public Education (NPE) Action.
‘Fighting to free our people’: 55 years of the Black Panther Party
Eddie ConwayExecutive ProducerEddie Conway is an Executive Producer of The Real News Network. He is the host of the TRNN show Rattling the Bars. He is Chairman of the Board of Ida B's Restaurant, and the author of two books: Marshall Law: The Life & Times of a Baltimore Black Panther and The Greatest Threat: The Black Panther Party and COINTELPRO. A former member of the Black Panther Party, Eddie Conway is an internationally known political prisoner for over 43 years, a long time prisoners' rights organizer in Maryland, the co-founder of the Friend of a Friend mentoring program, and the President of Tubman House Inc. of Baltimore. He is a national and international speaker and has several degrees.
The battle against big landlords in Berlin is just the beginning of a vital struggle for housing justice
How were Berliners able to take on these big landlords and pass this historic referendum? And can Berlin provide a model for those fighting for housing justice around the world? In this segment of The Marc Steiner Show, Marc speaks with longtime TRNN contributor Molly Shah and Berlin-based activist Ian Clotworthy about the recent referendum and the great global housing struggle to come. Molly Shah is a freelance writer and social media consultant based in Berlin, and she’s a regular contributor to The Real News. Tune in for new episodes of The Marc Steiner Show every Tuesday on TRNN.
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand
The CILT union confederation has called on the government to assume responsibility for the workers’ pay and severance entitlements. Punjab state government contract workers demand permanencyContract workers from various government departments protested and marched towards the Punjab minister’s residence in Patiala on October 10. Protesters included workers from the Forest Department, National Health Mission (NHM) staff nurses, contractual multipurpose health workers, employees from the Kasturba Gandhi Hostel, Punjab School Education Board’s Adarsh schools and other staff. Queensland health workers protest over inadequate fundingHealth workers from five Queensland public hospitals held a press conference outside the Ipswich Hospital on Tuesday in a protest against the ongoing Labor government’s underfunding of healthcare. Health workers in Cairns, in far north Queensland, demonstrated outside the Cairns Hospital on September 30 demanding the government “fix” the health system.
Your Boss Is a Dick (A Glossary of Labor Terms, Translated)
(See GOOD BOSS.) GOOD BOSS: Does not exist. GOOD FAITH: Bad faith. After years of Republican rule and Democratic chickenshittery, good faith now means the opposite of good faith. Just like faith in God or director Michael Bay, good faith is not a prediction that good will transpire.
OK Obama, It’s Time to Cancel Centrism
Obama’s view is the reason millennials have adopted scathing retorts like “OK Boomer.” They are tired of being told to shut up about injustice. The system has already been destroyed—by billionaires and their backers in Congress and the White House, including Obama. He denounced Warren’s wealth tax, saying, “I believe in a progressive income tax and the rich paying more. You look at her and think what she is going to do is going to be horrible for the country. Centrists will blame voters for being reckless and will themselves refuse to unify around a Sanders or Warren candidacy.
Battleground Baltimore: Plan for Johns Hopkins cops continues, ‘reform’ talk in tow
“We need local control over BPD, we need to listen to our residents and youth organizers,” Scott said. Now, there is a set date for the group to start looking into local control: Oct. 27. Included on the Local Control Advisory Board is Robert Cherry, a Baltimore Police veteran appointed to the position provided to the Fraternal Order of Police. What that has to do with local control of the police was not clear. The first meeting of the Local Control Advisory Board takes place on Oct. 27 at 5:30PM.
Cori Bush Slams GOP Governor for Threat to Prosecute Reporter: “Shame on You”
Mike Parson has become the subject of widespread criticism for accusing a journalist of hacking after the journalist pointed out a data vulnerability on the state government’s website. The reporter notified the government, giving them time to address the vulnerability and scan other government-run websites for similar issues before publishing the story. Not long after the article was published, Parson accused the reporter of being a “hacker” without evidence and promised to seek criminal prosecution. This type of data vulnerability is a well-known mistake, a cybersecurity professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis told the Post-Dispatch. During his presidency, Trump reportedly asked then-Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey to prosecute journalists who reported on leaks.
Polish Constitutional Court ruling deepens EU crisis
On October 7, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has no right to make decisions about the Polish judiciary, effectively asserting Polish national law precedence over European law. It found that EU law overrides individual provisions in national law and national constitutional law, and that it could therefore force Poland to repeal parts of the controversial judicial reform. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki personally appealed to the Polish Constitutional Court to review the ECJ’s decision. EU Commission President and former German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said she was “deeply concerned” by the Polish Constitutional Court’s ruling. “EU law takes precedence over national law, including constitutional provisions,” she declared.
After three years, Michigan state officials acknowledge lead poisoning of Benton Harbor residents
Seven years after the Flint water crisis, which put the health and lives of 90,000 Michigan residents at risk, state officials have acknowledged large-scale lead contamination of Benton Harbor’s water supply. Some Benton Harbor residents’ tests were as high as 700 and 836 parts per billion. While the discovery of lead poisoning in Benton Harbor occurred in 2018, the condition likely predates the stepped-up testing. In a belated gesture, the state has sent more than 26,000 cases of bottled water to Benton Harbor. In 2019, Whitmer gave the Benton Harbor school board an ultimatum: either shut down Benton Harbor High School or the state would assume control of the district and liquidate it.
Dana workers: We should be on strike!
The strike at Deere makes clear that now is the time for Dana workers to stand up and unite until we win our demands for massive pay increases, the 8-hour day and workers control of Covid-safety and line speed. UAW President Ray Curry issued a brief statement on the Deere strike, asserting that the Deere workers need “solidarity.” What a fraud! This means the UAW and USW are forcing Dana workers to stay on the job to make parts for scab production! In the US, 500 distillery workers in Kentucky who went on strike on September 11; 2,000 hospital workers in Buffalo, New York went on strike October 1; 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal workers went on strike October 5; and 2,000 Frontier telecom workers in California did so on October 6. This means developing rank-and-file strike committees with the following aims: To organize strike action now and join our brothers and sisters at Deere, to open lines of communication between workers in all departments on all shifts in each plant, to establish connections between the plants, with John Deere workers, Big Three assembly workers and workers internationally to fight for democratic discussion and unity in action.
Ontario teacher protest for better PPE fiercely opposed by education unions
Organized independently by rank-and-file teachers, the October 14 protest was bitterly denounced by the education unions, who support the pro-business school reopening policies of the province’s Progressive Conservative government. Thursday’s protest was launched earlier this month by Ryan Imgrund, a biostatistician and high school teacher. (Twitter)Instead, the advisory instructed union members to lodge their concerns with their school principal or ETFO local. A particularly heated exchange erupted on Twitter around a circular sent to members of Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) District 24 by its president, Robert Grascho. When, as a result, rank-and-file school staff take matters into their own hands, the union bureaucracy responds with unrestrained hostility and threats.
As Australia hits record COVID infections, Victorian Labor government spearheads homicidal policies against children
The Victorian Labor government is leading the charge, demonstrating the entirely bipartisan character of the official “herd immunity” campaign. On Thursday, Victoria registered 2,297 infections, exceeding the previous daily case high in any Australian state by 330. As in NSW, Andrews’ agreement is not with the “Victorian people,” but a pact with the largest banks and corporations against the population. According to figures compiled by the Committee for Public Education, 204 Victorian schools have closed since mid-August due to COVID infections, and 109 have been forced to shut in the past two weeks alone. On Thursday, Andrews and his Education Minister James Merlino made clear that any measures to limit infections within schools were purely for show.
Online meeting: No retreat from elimination! Mobilise the New Zealand and international working class to defeat COVID-19
New Zealand’s outbreak of the Delta variant, centred in Auckland, is rapidly expanding and placing thousands of people’s health and lives in danger. The Ardern government is riding roughshod over public sentiment and obeying the dictates of the financial and business elite. Powerful interests have determined that New Zealand must no longer serve as an example, demonstrating that the virus can be eliminated. Workers, students and young people in New Zealand and other countries must prepare to follow this example. We urge readers to share this meeting notice widely and register to attend this crucially important discussion.
Regional authorities around Paris, France, demand police intervene to break Transdev bus drivers strike
Transdev bus drivers in the regions of Seine-et-Marne and Val d’Oise, near the French capital, are striking against the plans to open the regional bus network to competition from private providers. A Transdev bus [Credit: Flickr/Semvatac]The board of directors of the Île-de-France bus network met on Monday, chaired by the president of Ile-de-France, the former minister of education and finances, Valerie Pécresse. German railway workers struck for weeks this summer, and private bus drivers have launched strike action in the UK. Everything has been done to freeze our wages.”New bus depots have recently joined the strike, such as at Rambouillet. They were forced to call a strike at the Transdev depots, even though they had negotiated the agreement with management that provides for increases in working hours.
Australian union pushes sell-out deal for Toll truck drivers
Workers at Toll, one of Australia’s largest trucking companies, will vote on an “in-principle” enterprise agreement (EA) negotiated between management and the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU). In this context, the TWU’s promotion of the proposed deal can only be seen as a sell out, not just of Toll workers, but of workers throughout the trucking industry. Toll drivers should reject this in-principle agreement and the TWU’s moves to contain the struggle of workers to individual companies. What has taken place at Toll is part of a growing strike movement, not just in Australia’s trucking industry and ports, but also internationally. A fight to advance the interests of truck drivers at Toll and throughout the Australian trucking industry must be seen in this international context.
UK: Unite and the RMT unions combine to prevent a fightback over pay at Stagecoach
At the Stagecoach bus company, her allotted task has been to prevent 20 separate disputes against pay restraint from becoming national strike action. But it is telling bus drivers to accept pay deals which are below the current rate of inflation of 4.8 percent (RPI). In most cases Stagecoach bus workers have suffered a pay freeze since 2020. It has suspended strike action at two of the three Stagecoach subsidiaries set to take one day strike action on October 18. It reported the company pay offer came with strings to overhaul terms and conditions, including a reduction of sick pay to sick pay to 60 percent of basic pay.
Spain’s PSOE-Podemos government approves anti-worker 2022 budget
Spain’s coalition government of the social-democratic Socialist Party (PSOE) and “left populist” Podemos has approved the outlines of its 2022 budget. María Jesús Montero [Wikimedia Commons]Described in the Spanish media as “the largest public spending effort in Spain’s history,” it proposes €40 billion of investment. While in theory, Spain’s corporate tax rate is 25 percent, many companies pay far less thanks to tax deductions and exemptions. Many companies will continue to pay far less than Spain’s nominal corporate tax rate. While these parties helped the PSOE-Podemos government pass its 2021 budget last December, the largest, the ERC has indicated that it may not vote in favour of the budget this year.
Podemos acquiesces to Spanish police persecution of second lawmaker
This comes after Madrid regional lawmaker for Podemos, Isabel Serra, was convicted of insulting a police officer and throwing objects at police and sentenced to 19 months in jail. Podemos is also responsible for deepening social attacks on the working class, supporting imperialist wars and carrying out mass police repression. I know that the lawmaker is going to file an appeal and, therefore, we are waiting for final resolution.”Such statements further align Podemos with the police state. Podemos’ incapacity to oppose the persecution of its members flows directly from its class character. These include Deere workers, auto workers, Kellogg’s cereal workers, nurses and health care workers, distillery workers, coal miners and carpenters.
US Circuit Court keeps Texas anti-abortion law in effect
A federal appeals court sided with Texas late Thursday and kept an unprecedented anti-abortion law in place that was signed into law by the state’s governor on May 19. The same federal appeals court had issued a temporary ruling that blocked the preliminary injunction against the Texas law issued by a lower court judge on October 8. The Texas law has been written to specifically avoid judicial review by making it difficult for abortion providers and individuals to challenge it in court. The reactionary Texas law also contains a provision for prosecution of providers who perform abortions under a temporary court order. The Biden administration said on Friday that it would appeal the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court to the US Supreme Court.
SEP (Australia) public meeting: A socialist program to eradicate COVID-19. Become an electoral member of the SEP today
The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) has called a public meeting on Sunday October 31 at 1 p.m. (AEDT) to discuss and explain the case for the eradication of COVID-19 internationally. The meeting will link the criminal reopening policies of governments worldwide, to the new, blatantly anti-democratic electoral laws, rushed through the Australian parliament on August 26. There is a bipartisan agreement between the Liberals and Labor Party to impose a policy of “learning to live with the virus” no matter what the daily cases and death rates. Face to face education is resuming already, resulting in infections among children, students and teachers. As part of this fight we urge all supporters and readers to become an SEP electoral member today, join the campaign, and help the party retain its registration to defeat this attack.
Connecticut educator endorses October 15 school strike, shares her experiences during the pandemic
The World Socialist Web Site has joined with Lisa Diaz, British mother of two school age children, to spearhead a global online picket line. We urge you to join us and send your message of solidarity on Twitter using the hashtag #SchoolStrike2021 and tagging @WSWS_Updates. Our children are our most precious commodity!”Linda asked, “Why are governments insisting children go back to the classrooms? One was during the school year, only 21 years old, in Special Ed, a very sweet child. “Every single school in my district has had COVID among students and teachers bringing it home to their families.
Paulo Freire and the pedagogy of the pseudo-left
This year marks the centenary of the birth of Brazilian literacy educator and international “New Left” figure Paulo Freire (1921-1997). References[1] Andrew J. Kirkendall, Paulo Freire and the Cold War Politics of Literacy (University of North Carolina Press, 2010), p. 15. [2] Paulo Freire, Letters to Cristina: Reflections on My Life and Work (Routledge, 1996), p. 82. [7] Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Penguin, 1996), p. 53. [10] Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Bloomsbury, 2014), p. 86.
UK-European Union conflict over Northern Ireland Protocol amid spiralling national tensions
Political hostilities have erupted once again between Britain and the European Union over the Northern Ireland Protocol. Vehicles at the port of Larne, Northern Ireland, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)Under the agreement, Northern Ireland remains within the EU’s single market for goods which the rest of the UK has withdrawn from. Columnist Nick Timothy accuses the EU of “playing with fire on the Northern Ireland Protocol”. The outcome of the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol is therefore bound up with calculations made in the increasingly frenzied war drive in the Asia-Pacific.
Deadly fire in Taiwan leaves nearly 50 people dead
A fire broke out in a working-class apartment building in the southern Taiwan port city of Kaohsiung early Thursday morning, killing at least 46 people and leaving another 41 injured. Local residents described the structure as a “ghost building,” according to the New York Times. No details have been announced, but authorities are suggesting that arson could be a cause of the deadly blaze. The NPP postures as a non-aligned “third” party in Taiwan, but is in fact a supporter of the ruling DPP. Accessing safe and affordable housing is a growing problem not only in Taiwan, but in many cities throughout China, including in Hong Kong.
International Youth and Students for Social Equality demands the immediate reinstatement of Bright Sheng
Dear Dean Gier,The International Youth and Students for Social Equality demands the immediate reinstatement of Bright Sheng, the Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Composition, to his position as instructor of undergraduate composition. The University of Michigan launched its attack on Professor Sheng after he screened for his class the acclaimed 1965 film version of Shakespeare’s Othello, directed by Stuart Burge and starring Laurence Olivier. Professor Sheng’s removal followed students’ complaint that Olivier plays Othello, a Moorish general from North Africa in the Venetian army, with black make-up. The actions taken against Professor Sheng, a world-renowned scholar, may well rank as the most shameful episode in the University’s history. Yours Sincerely,The International Youth and Students for Social Equality at the University of Michigan, Ann ArborWe encourage our readers to email Dean Gier, demanding the reinstatement of Professor Sheng, atdgier@umich.edu, and to copy the World Socialist Web Site,comments@wsws.org.
GM workers in Brazil reject contract, continue strike in defiance of union and courts
On Thursday, workers at General Motors in São Caetano do Sul, in São Paulo’s ABC industrial region, voted overwhelmingly to continue their strike initiated on October 1. The strike at the São Caetano plant, which employs 7,600 workers, was declared after months in which GM workers in Brazil had their labor contracts suspended in order to reduce the company’s expenses. By October 1, the workers in São Caetano had been working for more than a month on their expired contract. The massive vote to continue the strike came after weeks of efforts by the São Caetano Metalworkers Union to contain and suppress their struggle. A spokesman for the UAW in Brazil gave a statement at the end of Wednesday’s assembly in São Caetano.
Autoworkers voice support for Deere strike as walkout enters third day
Autoworkers speaking to the World Socialist Web SiteAutoworker Newsletter expressed their support for workers at Deere and connected their fight to the broader struggles of workers. Workers at auto parts maker Dana are following the strike by Deere workers very closely. A Dana worker in Pottstown, Pennsylvania said, “I think it’s about time all this is being addressed and brought to light. Our vote here [which rejected the UAW’s deal by 100 percent] blew them away!”“I hope they get what they want, and I hope Dana workers do, too. It’s long past due,” commented a Dana worker in Henderson, Kentucky, adding, “This extension each week is bull crap.
The John Deere strike and the UAW’s lies
More than 10,000 John Deere agricultural and construction equipment workers completed their second day on strike Friday. “The John Deere workers have our support. In Auburn Hills, Michigan, Dana workers reported that the spread of COVID-19 was so bad that a mask mandate was reinstated. Deere workers are being starved on the picket with $275 a week in strike pay, which will not even begin for two weeks. Deere workers have taken an important first step in the formation of the John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee.
Widespread global participation in second school strike against COVID threat to children
Parents, educators, students and workers throughout the world took part in the second global school strike on Friday, October 15. The central hashtag for the event, #SchoolStrike2021, has been tweeted nearly 40,000 times over the past three weeks since Lisa’s announcement of the first school strike. The World Socialist Web Site supported the strike and again set up a Global Online Picket Line, posting many social media videos and tweets. In a video released ahead of the strike Thursday evening, Lisa asked, “Why support the school strike tomorrow? Lucy Garrard, a parent and mental health worker, stated in her video, “Our children cannot be placed in this position.
Why Taiwan is an explosive flashpoint for a US-China war
As the Biden administration ramps up its aggressive confrontation with China, Taiwan is rapidly becoming the most immediate and dangerous flashpoint for war between the world’s two largest economies—both armed with nuclear weapons. The shooting of a civilian protestor on February 28, 1947 provoked island-wide unrest that was violently suppressed by the KMT military. The US reinforced the KMT military, escorted KMT naval vessels to the beleaguered islets and the Pentagon again raised the necessity of using nuclear weapons. In US military circles an intense discussion is underway over the danger of war with China over Taiwan. Any war between the world’s two largest economies, both nuclear-armed, would be catastrophic for the working class in China, Taiwan, the United States and the world.
New Zealand Attempts a Record-Setting ‘Vaxathon’
And the vast majority of Kiwis have, throughout the pandemic, been as flightless as their eponymous birds. But on Saturday, some 300 residents of Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city, boarded an Air New Zealand Boeing 787 jet once again at the city’s international airport. The doses were kept cool with dry ice on the trolleys that typically offer a choice of chicken or beef. The goal was to break the country’s record for the most doses delivered in 24 hours — previously 93,000. By 4:30 p.m., the country had already given out nearly 120,000 doses, with hours yet to go.
How a museum dedicated to ‘The Mad Booths of Maryland’ deals with infamy — and fame
The challenge, of course, is how to accurately describe the family’s history as successful actors while not downplaying their connection to slavery, the evil perpetrated by John Wilkes, or the racist context for subsequent celebrations of the assassin by neo-Confederates. Indeed, it isn’t just the memory of the family that is marred by links to the Confederacy — so, too, is the history of the house itself: When Tudor Hall first opened for tourists in the 1920s, it was owned by Ella Mahoney, a Harford County native and former neighbor who venerated the Booths and was also a Lincoln hater.
Quattro Osteria restaurant review: Putting fun on the plate and in the room
The tone is set at the entrance — a door from India dating to the 19th century — and pops up seemingly everywhere else in the place. Bird cages double as chandeliers. The landing spots include two seats that look directly into the kitchen, helmed by Naples native Andrea Candito, 30, and a larger table, shiny with lacquer, created from a slice of an old tree from West Virginia. A glance around the dining room finds cocktails revealed from beneath smoke-filled cloches and empty gold frames dressing up the brick walls — homage to designer Gianni Versace, who adored gold and frames, but also a way to get diners to focus on their dinner. “I don’t like mirrors or TVs,” says Ippolito, who thinks they “detract from the experience.”
Second Glance: Doll shop, Oct. 10, 2021
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Date Lab: These two tried to keep a secret from us
We set up Henry with Jack Cronin, 25, a GWU alum who is a consultant specializing in cyber risk. Then he got inspired when he saw that someone he follows on Instagram had gone on Date Lab. But also, he’s enjoying being single. So, while he is looking for something serious, he doesn’t feel pressure to find it right now. He’s seeking a partner with “an excitement for life ... that is ready for that next big adventure [and] appreciates quirky jokes.”
Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve rally Astros past Red Sox in ALCS opener
The Astros’ pitching staff took a major hit this week with the news veteran right-hander Lance McCullers Jr. suffered a muscle strain in his right forearm during his start in the AL Division Series, forcing the team to drop him from its roster. In absentia, he joins Verlander, who still hasn’t made it back from elbow surgery in September 2020, as well as veteran right-hander Zack Greinke, who has been slowed by a neck injury and has been relegated to the Astros’ bullpen — though he could be pressed into starting duty by default. For Game 2, however, they will turn to rookie right-hander Luis Garcia.
Australian leader Scott Morrison will attend COP26 climate summit
(CNN) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Friday he will travel to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit later this month, marking an about-turn for the leader who previously indicated he might not attend the talks. Morrison has been under pressure from allies, including the United States, to announce a more ambitious climate pledge , with Australia's target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sitting well below those made by the US, European Union and UK, among other developed nations. The country is the world's second-biggest exporter of coal and the Morrison government has said it will continue to mine, export and use the fossil fuel well beyond 2030 -- a stance that has increasingly isolated Australia from global efforts to address the crisis. Although Morrison is expected to unveil Australia's new position on climate change ahead of COP26, he did not detail any new targets at the news conference Friday. However, Morrison emphasized it is "not just about hitting net zero," referencing a commitment from more than 100 countries which have now set or are considering the target to hit zero emissions by 2050.
China's historic crewed mission arrives at new space station
(CNN) China's three-person crew arrived at its new space station Saturday morning -- a major step for the country's young space program, which is rapidly becoming one of the world's most advanced. This is the second crewed mission during the construction of the space station, which China plans to have fully crewed and operational by December 2022. Aided by the economic reforms of the 1980s, China's space program quietly progressed until the launch of the first crewed mission in 2003. As China's space program expanded, some countries like Russia have reached out to collaborate -- but others remain wary. And though it has been excluded from the ISS, China's space station might one day be the main one in operation, since NASA could retire the ISS by 2030.
China isn't about to invade Taiwan. But the two sides are on a dangerous path
But that wasn't the only reason for the record-breaking drills -- they capped months of heightened tensions between China and Taiwan. "China wants to keep Taiwan in a box and it is using more and more coercion against Taiwan ... "China wants to keep Taiwan in a box and it is using more and more coercion against Taiwan ... Taiwan invasion may be counterproductiveAny Chinese invasion of Taiwan won't come without warning, experts said. Taiwanese soldiers prepare grenade launchers, machine guns and tanks in a drill preparing for a Chinese invasion in Tainan, Taiwan, on September 16, 2021.
Texas Attorney: GOP governor’s vaccine mandate ban is ‘anti-business’
Harris County, TX Attorney Christian Menefee tells Zerlina Maxwell that Gov. Abbott’s executive order banning vaccine mandates, including for private businesses, “strips away choice” from businesses trying to keep employees and customers safe: “It’s bad business for Texas and it’s bad policy for Texas.”Oct.
Manchin pulls plug on U.S. clean electricity ambitions in Biden budget bill: NYT
Even as the Biden administration presses ahead with an ambitious East Coast wind farm plan, the New York Times reports that Joe Manchin has rejected clean electricity elements of President Biden's Build Back Better bill at the core of his climate change agenda.Oct.
Rick Wilson: An unpunished coup is a training exercise
Rick Wilson explains why he does not think the Jan. 6 Committee is taking the risk of Steve Bannon and the insurrectionists seriously enough. Oct. 16, 2021
Kahleah Copper is good as gold as Sky takes 2-1 lead in WNBA Finals
Then Copper put on a show, nearly outscoring the Mercury all by herself in the first half. The onslaught started with a baseline dribble-drive layup and-one. The first-time WNBA all-star bounced up from the floor after being bear-hugged by Sophie Cunningham and let out a scream. She ran down the court with three fingers in the air after a second-quarter three-pointer. At one point she simply shook her head at the defense’s faltering efforts.
Bradley Beal exits with a knee contusion as Wizards close preseason with a late collapse
Holiday, not viewed as one of Washington’s key offensive threats, made 6 of 10 attempts from the field. And Dinwiddie’s points didn’t just come from crafty isolation plays, as is his specialty — the point guard also found his share of quality open looks from long range, hitting 3 of 6 from three. Neto, as he proved last year in his first season with the Wizards, can be a huge asset on both offense and defense when he gets hot; he put forth perhaps the most effort of anyone on the roster Friday.
Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend keeps borrowing money, and she feels mostly alone
Hi Carolyn: Going into the pandemic, my boyfriend and I were in very different financial positions — food industry versus high-paid professional — which was always a bit touchy but we mostly worked it out. Now my job hasn’t changed but he has spent time out of work, and he had little cushion. He’s asked me for loans throughout, and I’ve given him money without any expectation of ever getting repaid. (I can afford it.)
Miss Manners: Illness takes patient’s hair, leaves nosy questions
Gratitude and the idea of enjoying the cake is all that is needed. The woman in question could simply have been too busy enjoying the company to get the chance to eat her serving of cake. But declaring outright that she wants something else is hurtful to the people who attempted to please everyone — however unsuccessful the effort may have been.
Ask Amy: Baby shower brings on infantile behavior
Yes, postponing this would have caused you a headache on the day, but you should have done so for the sake of these young parents, instead of focusing only on a party that you wanted to have on a particular day and in a particular way.
Biden says Justice Department should prosecute those who refuse Jan. 6 committee’s subpoenas
Meadows and Patel were both scheduled to appear before the committee by the end of this week for closed-door interviews and are now expected to be provided an extension or continuance, according to three people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the decision has not been announced.
More flee as Canary Island eruption continues, creates 'lava tsunami'
Several hundred more people on the Spanish island of La Palma have been told to evacuate as a volcano erupts and creates a river of lava being compared to a tsunami. No casualties have been reported in the eruption of Cumbre Vieja, which began Sept. 19, for the first time since 1971. On Thursday, the Canary Islands Volcanology Institute tweeted video of lava moving down a slope and called it "a truly lava 'tsunami.'" People clean up the ash off a house from the volcano in Las Manchas on the Canary island of La Palma, Spain on Oct. 14, 2021. Cumbre Vieja is the most active volcano in the Canary Islands, it said.
Scottish Dunes Trump Promised To Protect On His Golf Course Are Ruined
Environmentally critical coastal sand dunes on Donald Trump’s Scottish golf course in Aberdeenshire have been ruined, even though Trump promised to protect them. The dunes “will be there forever,” Trump vowed in 2008 to quell concerns about his new course. “There is now no longer a reason to protect the dunes ... as they do not include enough of the special, natural features for which they were designated,” said the agency. Accounting for the president’s Scottish resorts is unusual because Trump is the creditor for his own businesses, which means payment for many of the resorts’ costs flow to the Trump Organization. He called the resorts “money disappearing” operations.
U.S. vows to pay relatives of 10 killed in errant Kabul drone strike
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Defense Department said Friday that it is committed to offering condolence payments to relatives of the 10 people who were killed in an errant U.S. drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan, in August. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement that the Defense Department was also working with the State Department to help surviving family members relocate to the United States. On Aug. 29, a U.S. Hellfire missile struck a car driven by Zemerai Ahmadi, who had just pulled into the driveway of the Ahmadi family compound. The drone strike followed a devastating suicide bombing by an Islamic State offshoot that killed 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. military personnel at one of the gates to the Kabul airport in late August. Last month, McKenzie said the United States was considering making reparation payments to the family of the drone strike victims.
Louisiana trooper says firing is retaliation for speaking out on Black man's death after arrest
He shared a letter with NBC News dated Oct. 8, signed by Louisiana State Police Superintendent Lamar A. Davis, notifying him of his potential termination within 45 days. This image from video from the body camera of a Louisiana state police state trooper shows troopers holding up Ronald Greene before paramedics arrived on May 10, 2019, outside of Monroe, La. Louisiana State Police via APCavalier told WBRZ in late June: “We still have murderers, in my eyes, on the job. Cavalier told WWLTV in August about his feelings after learning of videos showing Greene’s arrest. This sends us steps back.”Davis released nine body-and dash-camera videos of Greene’s arrest in late May.
Kushner Pal Pardoned By Trump Now In Plea Talks On State Cyberstalking Charges: Report
A close friend of Jared Kushner who was pardoned by Kushner’s father-in-law former President Donald Trump is now in plea negotiations over state cyberstalking charges, Bloomberg reported Friday. Ken Kurson, one-time editor in chief of Kushner’s former newspaper, The New York Observer, was facing federal charges of cyberstalking when Trump pardoned him in January. AdvertisementNow Kurson is in plea negotiations over state cyberstalking charges connected to the same conduct, Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Alex Wynne revealed at a hearing Friday in New York Criminal Court in Manhattan, according to Bloomberg. “We will not accept presidential pardons as get-out-of-jail-free cards for the well-connected in New York,” Vance said at the time in a statement. Trump pardoned Bannon in January as he faced multiple fraud counts for allegedly stealing funds given to a charity he controlled by donors who believed they were helping to build Trump’s southern border wall.
At Netflix, a star and employees pressure a top executive over Dave Chappelle’s special.
Tensions at Netflix continued to flare on Friday, 10 days after the release of a special by the comedian Dave Chappelle that critics inside and outside the company have described as promoting bigotry against transgender people. Early on Friday, a Netflix star criticized the company and Ted Sarandos, a co-chief executive, in a stinging social media post. Later in the day, Netflix said it had fired an employee for sharing documents related to Mr. Chappelle with a reporter, and Mr. Sarandos fielded pointed questions from employees during a companywide virtual meeting. In a rare public rebuke, the Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby upbraided Mr. Sarandos by name for his defense of Mr. Chappelle. In a note this week, Mr. Sarandos countered the arguments of Netflix staff members who had suggested that Mr. Chappelle’s special, “The Closer,” could lead to violence against transgender people, writing that he had the “strong belief that content on-screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.”
Kliff Kingsbury Won't Coach Cardinals vs. Browns After Testing Positive for COVID-19
Norm Hall/Getty ImagesThe Arizona Cardinals will be without head coach Kliff Kingsbury for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns. On Friday, the Cardinals announced Kingsbury tested positive for COVID-19. He won't be the only one absent for the game, as quarterbacks coach Cam Turner and defensive lineman Zach Allen also tested positive. Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph and assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers will be tasked with splitting head-coaching duties against Cleveland. Kingsbury has been the head coach of Arizona since the 2019 campaign and has an 18-18-1 record.
U.S. Navy denies Russian claim it chased off American destroyer
The U.S. military is denying a Russian claim that an American destroyer was chased off from attempting to enter Russian waters in the Sea of Japan. The Chafee and the Russian destroyer, the Admiral Tributs, were within 65 yards of each other, both militaries said. But U.S. Pacific Fleet said Friday, "The statement from the Russian Defense Ministry about the interaction between our two Navy ships is false." "The USS destroyer ‘Chafee,' convinced of the determination of the Russian ship crew to prevent the violation of the state border, changed direction," The Russian Defense Ministry said. It said the Russian military was conducting gunnery and other exercises in the region and had issued maritime warnings about it.
The one Korean Easter egg that's leaving 'Squid Game' fans devastated
In a number of scenes in Netflix’s “Squid Game,” characters blatantly defy one another’s trust. The linguistic change indicates Ali has developed a loyalty toward, and trust in, Sang-woo, the man who ultimately betrays him. Sang-woo tells Ali he’s hatched a plan so they can both come out of the game alive. Sang-woo, on the other hand, consistently uses the casual speech style to speak to Ali throughout the series, including during the marble game. Perhaps that's why, Jung-Kim said, Sang-woo does not turn to face his friend before Ali’s death.
Schiff: Enforcing select committee subpoenas tests ‘principle no one is above the law’
On Tuesday, the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection will hold a vote to refer Steve Bannon for criminal charges of contempt, after Bannon refused to comply with their subpoena yesterday. Rep. Adam Schiff, who is on the Jan. 6 select committee, joins Joy Reid to discuss.Oct.
How the pandemic economy is boosting labor power
From factory workers to production crews in Hollywood to hospital employees, labor strikes are erupting nationwide. In the aftermath of the pandemic, Americans are trying to take back power and challenge Reagan- era orthodoxies that claimed labor and unions were not vital to the broader middle class. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined my presidential historian Michael Beschloss to discuss.Oct.
Police unions across U.S. urge members to defy vaccine mandates
“Police officers have been on the front lines of battling the virus,” says Chris Hayes. “It would have made sense for every one of them to get vaccinated quickly—but that has not been the case. Instead, vaccination rates in police departments across the country lag behind the national average. And police unions have vehemently, strenuously pushed back against any sort of mandate.”Oct.
F.D.A. Panel Unanimously Recommends Johnson & Johnson Booster Shots
WASHINGTON — A key federal advisory committee voted unanimously Friday to recommend Johnson & Johnson booster shots, most likely clearing the way for all 15 million people who got the company’s one-dose coronavirus vaccine to receive a second shot. If the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accept the recommendation, as expected, boosters could be offered by late next week. But many committee members made clear that they believed Johnson & Johnson recipients might benefit from the option of a booster of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, something a top F.D.A. Well over 100 million fully vaccinated people will be eligible for boosters if the F.D.A. endorse the committee’s latest recommendations, even though some scientists say that the evidence supporting boosters remains weak and that it would have been wiser to focus on reaching the unvaccinated, including abroad.
U.S. Pledges to Pay Family of Those Killed in Botched Kabul Drone Strike
At around 3:38 p.m., a colleague moves Ahmadi’s car further into the driveway. A U.S. official told us that the strike on Ahmadi’s car was conducted by an MQ-9 Reaper drone that fired a single Hellfire missile with a 20-pound warhead. In the days after the attack, the Pentagon repeatedly claimed that the missile strike set off other explosions, and that these likely killed the civilians in the courtyard. They pointed to the small crater beneath Ahmadi’s car and the damage from the metal fragments of the warhead. This plastic melted as a result of a car fire triggered by the missile strike.
Biden: U.S. leadership on human rights depends on our record at home
Weeks before Biden makes a second trip to Europe as president, Hartford and the Dodd Center, located in a community called Storrs, became the latest places for him to tout both his infrastructure plan and his worldview. In Hartford, he toured the Capitol Child Development Center, where he argued that his infrastructure plan would help build a “care economy” that safeguards the most vulnerable members of society and eases the financial burden on caretakers.
Would robot umpires have prevented the Wilmer Flores Giants-Dodgers controversy?
Then, during the game, the company’s sensor in the stands behind home plate uses Doppler technology to determine where the ball is thrown, and where it should have been thrown based on the player’s strike zone. The sensor then relays the call to, well, whoever wants to hear it. In the case of the Atlantic League, this is an actual umpire behind the plate, who, in an ironic reversal, is a human who simply does what the machine tells him to do and announces the call.
Virginia’s dynamic offense and two timely missed fields goals have masked its poor defense
“I’m on the ground, and I’m looking up, and I’m just like, ‘Don’t go in, don’t go in,’ ” Clary said. “And then it goes to the left, and I’m just like, ‘Thank God.’ With something like that you never know, so you’ve just got to pray as the ball is in the air and just hope it doesn’t go in.”
Republicans are stoking QAnon conspiracy fires — and we're all paying for it
Both Republicans and QAnon are peddling evidence-free conspiracy theories, it’s just that QAnon’s go a bit further. Both Republicans and QAnon are peddling evidence-free conspiracy theories, it’s just that QAnon’s go a bit further. In this environment, it’s only natural for QAnon conspiracies — which about a quarter of Republicans subscribe to — to flourish and evolve. Vice News reports that QAnon influencers and adherents have been discussing the addition to the conspiracy theory online and on fringe right-wing media sites in recent days. Where most people see tragedy stemming from trauma and neglect, the QAnon world sees proof of a shadowy effort to silence whistleblowers.
‘Just looking out’: Capitol officer charged with telling rioter to delete evidence
A Capitol police officer was arrested on obstruction of justice charges after prosecutors say he warned a Facebook friend to delete photos he posted from the Jan. 6 rally in order to avoid charges. Oct. 16, 2021
Legendary Springsteen bandmate on decades of activism
Musician and actor Steven Van Zandt and NBC News senior correspondent Harry Smith join MSNBC’s Ari Melber for Fallback Friday, an irreverent segment on The Beat. The trio discuss Texas’ new restrictive abortion law, the rise of unions in the pandemic era, and Senators Manchin and Sinema. Oct. 15, 2021
Pete Buttigieg Shoots Back At Tucker Carlson's Paternity Leave Criticism
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg dismissed attacks from conservatives who have criticized him for taking paternity leave, saying on Friday that it’s shameful for people who claim to be “pro-family” to make such remarks. Buttigieg weighed in on the discussion while speaking with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who asked him what he thought about comments from Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, who disparaged Buttigieg’s choice by saying, “Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed.”AdvertisementButtigieg and his husband, Chasten, recently welcomed twins into their family. The transportation secretary is now on a six-week paternity leave. “Well, look, in his case, I guess he just doesn’t understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave,” he said. “And one of those issues that I have been involved with throughout is, of course, that of supply chains.”
Manchin fires back after Sanders pens op-ed in WV paper
Sanders’ move to land an op-ed in Manchin’s backyard seems to have crossed the line for the West Virginia senator. Sanders also specifically targets Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who both oppose the $3.5 trillion number and are trying to shave it down. Two Democratic senators remain in opposition, including Sen. Joe Manchin,” Sanders wrote. Sanders and Manchin both serve on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s leadership team and come from polar opposites of the Democratic Caucus. Manchin and Sanders have plenty of history: Sanders won West Virginia’s Democratic primary in 2016, defeating Manchin-backed Hillary Clinton in the state.
Fatal Stabbing Of UK Lawmaker David Amess Declared Terrorist Incident
A 25-year-old man arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder is currently in custody at an Essex police station. As part of the investigation, officers are currently carrying out searches at two addresses in the London area, police said. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson led the tributes to one of the “kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics”. Amess is the second British member of parliament in just over five years to be killed. In 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in her constituency by a far-right supporter.
DOJ underscores independence after Biden urges prosecutions for Jan. 6 subpoena holdouts
When pressed on if the Justice Department should prosecute those who defy the subpoenas, Biden said, “I do," according to White House pool reports. He supports the work of the committee and the independent role of the Department of Justice to make any decisions about prosecutions." The House panel scheduled a vote to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress on Tuesday. If that vote moves forward, the full House, slated to reconvene next week, will then hold a vote. But how the Justice Department will decide to proceed, and how quickly, is murky.
Recognition, at Last, After Decades Decolonizing Art
As she walks off, she flirts a little bit with whoever is holding the camera — “either her lover or her father or somebody else who is also white,” Biswas said. “When I see that scene, I don’t identify with the woman; I identify with the servants,” Biswas said. She added she hopes that in that moment, the viewer, who may be white, will also feel a sense of disavowal — “that’s not me” — followed by the recognition that it could very well have been. “My parents witnessed that and, you know, and when you live through that, it’s bleak. “But for people who don’t know me, I’m probably a little bit daunting.”
Visconti’s Operatic Autopsy of German History, Restored Anew
The revered Italian director Luchino Visconti was openly gay yet devoutly Catholic, ostensibly Communist yet unyieldingly aristocratic. In short, he embodied contradictions that haunt many of his films, in which criticism can sometimes be confused with reverence, or obsessive detail with tasteless excess. Nowhere is this more evident, to sometimes frustrating and other times awe-inspiring effect, than in his so-called German trilogy of “The Damned” (1969), “Death in Venice” (1971) and “Ludwig” (1973). In this triptych, that past is the history of Germany, recounted in what amounts to an autopsy that traces the apocalyptic 1930s back to the Romantic 19th century. And now, with the Criterion Collection’s recent release of “The Damned,” the three films are all available again, in new restorations that not only improve picture and sound quality, but also hew more closely to Visconti’s controversial intent.
The Velvet Underground Meets Its Match in Todd Haynes
Tellingly, one of the most compelling witnesses is Jonas Mekas, the curator and experimental filmmaker who was interviewed shortly before his death in 2019. And in this documentary I had handed to me, basically on a platter, this avant-garde cinema, which is so intrinsically bound up in the story of the Velvet Underground.”This approach has been a hallmark of Haynes’s music work. frontman who was an executive producer on “Velvet Goldmine,” Haynes’s 1998 feature about the glam-rock scene. “I knew if anyone could pull together the historical artifacts and make them come to life, it was Todd,” Cale said in an email. In interviews, the director speaks in heady, paragraph-long sentences, which might suggest an abstract, perhaps detached body of work.
Five Horror Films to Stream Now
The film opens on Naomi (Yumiko Shaku), a pregnant woman on the run from her husband in Japan, sitting in a hotel hallway with other people gulping for air. She crosses paths with Val (Carolina Bartczak), a mom whose plan to take her daughter and escape her abusive husband gets a little easier when he turns into a weak, wheezing monster. It’s too early to tell to what extent coronavirus horror movies will influence horror. “Hall” and the demonic Zoom-call picture “Host” — the scariest movie ever, according to a new study — makes me think it will. The jury’s out on “Corona Zombies.”‘Censor’Stream it on Hulu.
Rikers Death Pushes Toll in N.Y.C. Jails to 13 This Year
A Bronx man who was being held at the Rikers Island jail complex died on Friday after contracting the coronavirus, the 13th death in custody during an especially deadly year in New York City’s jails. The man, Victor Mercado, 64, had been held on weapons charges since July after being unable to pay the $100,000 bail a Bronx judge set in his case when he fell ill last week, his lawyer, James A. Kilduff, said. Mr. Kilduff said he had asked the judge to lower the bail last month, arguing that his client’s poor health — Mr. Mercado used a wheelchair and was overweight — made him especially susceptible to the virus. “I explained the family had limited resources, and they left the bail conditions as it was,” Mr. Kilduff said on Friday after learning of Mr. Mercado’s death. This is a tragedy.”
Testimony at Lev Parnas Trial Offers Peek at His Place in Trump’s Orbit
A pattern emerged, in which Mr. Laxalt asked Mr. Parnas about donations, and Mr. Parnas provided responses that were short on commitment. “Are you going to deliver on this fund-raiser,” Mr. Laxalt texted Mr. Parnas at one point. Mr. Laxalt testified that he encountered Mr. Parnas at a rally for Mr. Trump in Elko, Nev. Mr. Parnas said he would bring Mr. Giuliani to Nevada to barnstorm on Mr. Laxalt’s behalf. Mr. Parnas also asked Mr. Laxalt whether he would like help in arranging a robocall.
Carlos Correa Is OK With Being the Heel
HOUSTON — It was a small moment, and it was perhaps unnoticed by many watching Game 4 of the American League division series claimed by the disdained Houston Astros over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday. But it captured exactly what Astros shortstop Carlos Correa has meant to his team. Meyers, 25, wanted to stay in the game and made a few practice throws, but Correa persuaded him not to. “I said, ‘Papi, if you’re not able to make a throw to home plate when you need it the most, you should not stay in the game,’” Correa recounted later. Then, referring to the backup outfielder Chas McCormick, he said: “‘You should let Chas take over and trust your teammates.
Pete Buttigieg Joins the Parental Leave Debate: ‘This Is Work.’
He took four weeks of paid leave from his role where he was mostly offline, but said he was able to delegate responsibilities during leave or log on remotely for higher-priority work. But, Mr. Buttigieg added, taking paid leave “shouldn’t be up to your particular good fortune” or the graces of an employer. Loudest among them, as usual, was Tucker Carlson of Fox News: “Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. No word on how that went.” (Mr. Buttigieg said later that Mr. Carlson might not understand the concept of bottle feeding.) Mr. Carlson’s comments were criticized as sexist and — since Mr. Buttigieg is the first gay cabinet member confirmed by the Senate — homophobic.
Opinion : Inflation is rising. Democrats must avoid making it worse.
Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), a crucial vote Democrats must get to advance their “reconciliation” bill, has said that he fears large new federal spending programs would stoke inflation. Advocates for the bill have been able to respond, reasonably, that it is not stimulus legislation, in which the government injects borrowed money, much of it from abroad, into the economy to boost flagging demand. Rather, it is a set of structural social and environmental reform programs that Democrats plan to finance with new taxes and savings from prescription drug negotiations. The goal is to make the country fairer and more efficient in the long term. Harvard economist Jason Furman points out that President Biden’s spending plans would net out to provide essentially no added fiscal stimulus.
The great pandemic work-from-home experiment was a remarkable success
Nicholas Bloom, an economist at Stanford University, had been studying working-from-home arrangements for years before corporate America sent its white-collar employees home in droves in March 2020. In a paper published in 2015, for example, he and three co-authors explored what happened when workers at a Shanghai travel company were randomly selected into a work-from-home program: It turned out they were 13 percent more productive. Then suddenly, last year, his niche academic focus was thrust to the center of every business discussion. After fielding numerous calls from executives and reporters to discuss his older work, he said, “it became clear that it would be helpful to get contemporaneous data.” Working with colleagues including José María Barrero, of Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology, and Steven J. Davis, of the University of Chicago, he began a fresh set of studies exploring how the pandemic was reshaping working and living arrangements. He discussed that work recently, in a conversation edited for length and clarity.
Biden administration attempts to overcome reluctance of nations to repatriate Islamic State fighters from Syria
At least 70 people have been killed so far this year inside al-Hol, the sprawling camp that has come to symbolize the deadlock over the fighters and family members, hailing from across Europe, the Middle East and beyond, who now personify the unaddressed aftermath of the five-year battle against the Islamic State.
Opinion : Why is a covid-19 test so hard to find?
Sitting in the clinic waiting for my result at the end of my lost day, I thought fondly of the time, pre-vaccine, when testing was so vital that they called in the National Guard. I could register on the state’s website or by phone and then drive 10 minutes to a sprawling outdoor operation where well-trained soldiers in fatigues checked my ID and waved me along to professionals in white coats, who tested me and sent me on my way. It was sobering, impressive, efficient and free.
Opinion : Breonna Taylor’s death sparked remarkable changes to no-knock raids across America
But there’s little evidence that no-knock drug raids have made us safer. They neither ended the drug trade nor really limited it. Given the large percentage of homes who own guns for self-defense, and that the drug war is often fought with dirty information, these raids are almost guaranteed to end sometimes in tragedy. That includes making things more dangerous for police: There’s a long list of law enforcement officers killed in these raids. And there’s certainly no evidence the raids reduced crime.
Opinion : A pivotal political season approaches for a changing D.C.
Along with ward council members Brianne K. Nadeau (Ward 1), Mary M. Cheh (Ward 3) and Charles Allen (Ward 6), who also chair key oversight committees, Bonds must show how her stewardship has improved the Housing Production Trust Fund, which critics say is an accident waiting to happen. Nadeau and Allen, on whose watches are faltering homeless services and public safety, respectively, must also answer to the effectiveness of their oversight. Cheh, conversely, keeps a close watch on transportation and environmental issues and is quick to sound the alarm, even when nothing’s on fire.
How 1 couple overcame a 40-year-old secret
Bobby Love met his wife in the early ‘80s while working at a medical center in Brooklyn. In 2015, Love’s past of committing a crime back in 1971 finally caught up with him and he was no longer a fugitive. The couple tells TODAY’s Al Roker all about it and their new book, “The Redemption of Bobby Love.”Oct.