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Prisons’ Pandemic Response: Throw the Infected Into the Hole
× Expand Ben Margot/AP Photo A solitary confinement cell in San Jose, CaliforniaJermane Scott started to feel sick in late July. In June, Unlock the Box, a coalition of organizations, movement leaders, and state and local campaigns working together to end solitary confinement, released a report that estimated an increase in the use of solitary confinement during the pandemic of nearly 500 percent. An estimated 60,000 people were in segregation in state or federal prisons before the pandemic, but that number has ballooned to nearly 300,000. With the third wave beginning and the possibility that people could be re-infected, the perils of solitary confinement grow. At Federal Correctional Institution Elkton, Ohio’s only federal prison, a massive outbreak in April led the ACLU of Ohio to file suit.
Note to Biden: A President Can Do a Lot Even Without the Senate
Wielding the full range of tools in the administrative tool belt will allow the Biden administration to eliminate Trump-era rules more quickly. Give what you can... SUPPORT THE PROSPECTCritically, however, learning the lessons of the Trump administration does not just mean looking to its example and then doing the opposite. If Trump’s administration wasn’t quite so sloppy in its rush to appease industry, it likely could have accomplished even more. Wielding the full range of tools in the administrative tool belt will allow the Biden administration to eliminate Trump-era rules more quickly—something well within reach through legal means. A Biden administration would have the power to implement transformative changes on everything from financial to labor policy and climate to health policy, even in the face of Senate intransigence.
What We Will Know Election Night
× Expand Andrew Harnik/AP Photo Joe Biden speaks at Mountain Top Inn & Resort on Tuesday, in Warm Springs, Georgia. Thanks to the Trumpian Supreme Court, the election outcomes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin may well be in doubt next Tuesday night. But despite the efforts of Trump’s toadies in robes to disqualify ballots that arrive after Election Day, Biden seems decently ahead in both states, and could win one or both based on ballots cast and counted by Election Day. At this writing, Biden seems narrowly ahead in both, and these states will report their results by election night. So while we may go to bed not knowing who won, Biden may actually win the election on Election Day.
“I Voted” Isn’t Enough
Unfortunately, it’s becoming clearer by the day that even if Trump doesn’t win, there’s no telling what chaos and tyranny might ensue. What this means is that the old activist adage about voting one day and organizing on the other 364 needs to be updated. Even on Election Day itself, we need to be prepared to do much more than vote in order to defend our democratic rights. For starters, it’s not idle speculation to assume that Republicans will try to sabotage a Biden presidency with the less dramatic but perhaps more destructive tactic of sabotaging an economic recovery. Make a recurring or one-time donation today or subscribe to our monthly print edition and get every copy sent straight to your home.
10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup
After all, the best way to stop a coup is to not have one. People who do power grabs always claim they’re doing it to save democracy or claim they know the “real” election results. There’s some good news in that — because people who stop coups rarely have the chance to get training, warning or preparation. The best way to stop a coup is to never have one. These public commitments ahead of time increase the political cost of attempting a coup — because the best way to stop a coup is to deter it.
Trump’s NLRB Just Quietly Ruled to Make Union Pickets Illegal
The NLRB reached its con­clu­sion by using the com­plex and con­vo­lut­ed employ­ment struc­ture cre­at­ed by the jan­i­tors’ employ­ers. The NLRB based its deci­sion on a par­tic­u­lar­ly oner­ous pro­vi­sion in fed­er­al labor law that pro­hibits employ­ees from engag­ing in boy­cotts, pick­ets or oth­er activ­i­ties that are aimed at a sec­ondary employ­er. It takes a nar­row read on the joint employ­ment doc­trine and there­by lim­its work­ers’ right to pick­et. Ulti­mate­ly, this case shows how many basic fun­da­men­tal rights asso­ci­at­ed with the First Amend­ment work­ers are pro­hib­it­ed from engag­ing in. But the case also high­lights some of the core prob­lems of labor law as it cur­rent­ly exists.
Democrats Have Proven They Can Compete on Small-Dollar Donations Alone
In total, donations to Democratic Senate candidates have tripled over where they were in 2018’s cycle, itself a record-setting year for small-dollar donations, evincing an aggressively upward trend. While Biden continues to embrace big money unnecessarily, he’s doing so with the least transparency in a Democratic presidential campaign in recent memory. Democrats, it turns out, can compete, and dominate, solely on the backs of small-dollar donations. Now, it seems that even generic Democrats running in general-election races against Republicans can compete and even overwhelm opponents on internet donations alone. If Democrats do retake the Senate (and they remove the filibuster), that could easily be accomplished.
From One Fragile Democracy to Another
As a citizen of Turkey, a fragile democracy with a history of military coups, where election results are contested and fraud is always a risk, I believe Turkey offers useful lessons for U.S. voters. I remember my celebration of his hard-won victory being cut short when Y?ld?r?m stated his refusal to accept the results. Clearly under pressure from the Erdogan government, the council annulled Imamoglu’s win and decided that the Istanbul election had to be repeated. The first step is to accept that the election results might take an unusually long time to establish, and even then, they might be contested. My suggestion to think of the United States as a “fragile democracy” might sound outrageous.
Bolivia Votes for More MAS
This desire to hold onto power is a chronic problem for left governments in countries with weak institutions like Bolivia. A significant factor propelling the MAS win was the re-articulation of popular indigenous, peasant and union movements after Morales was ousted in a coup last November. The MAS win signals the vibrancy of Bolivian democracy in a country with a long history of instability and unconstitutional political transitions. The opposition candidates focused their campaigns on defeating the MAS at all costs, while Arce and Choquehuanca astutely emphasized the economic stability the previous MAS government had brought compared to the current economic meltdown. This goes hand in hand with controlling the patronage politics that plagued the MAS just as it has all administrations in Bolivia.
Left-Wing Groups Are Filling the Void Left By an "Invisible" Biden Campaign in Michigan
It cer­tain­ly isn’t the two con­tes­tants — one alto­geth­er under­whelm­ing (Biden), the oth­er a socio­path­ic scam artist (Trump). Rather than obsess­ing over the man­ners or absur­di­ties of the can­di­dates, left-wing orga­ni­za­tions are march­ing in to fill the void left, as Time reports, by an ?“invis­i­ble” Biden cam­paign. In a recent Michi­gan Get Out The Vote vir­tu­al ral­ly, Rep. Rashi­da Tlaib (D?Mich.) Groups like Detroit Action, Michi­gan Lib­er­a­tion, Moth­er­ing Jus­tice and the Michi­gan Envi­ron­men­tal Jus­tice Coali­tion are run­ning var­i­ous call­ing, tex­ting and door knock­ing pro­grams, com­mu­ni­cat­ing with tens of thou­sands in the Detroit area. ?“If we’re lucky, our move­ment will pro­duce and con­tin­ue to pro­duce folks like Rashi­da Tlaib,” Michelle Mar­tinez, pres­i­dent of the Michi­gan Envi­ron­men­tal Jus­tice Coali­tion, recent­ly told me.
Our Politicians in Alabama Are Scapegoating Immigrants, But Workers Shouldn't Be Fooled
Yet, many politi­cians and pun­dits in Alaba­ma are using this heat­ed elec­tion cycle to foment divi­sion along these lines. Right now in Alaba­ma, few are more tar­get­ed as scape­goats than immi­grants, espe­cial­ly the undocumented. (Homan was, of course, not remind­ed that it is through the use of ICE as a dis­ci­pli­nary mea­sure for the boss that undoc­u­ment­ed immi­grants are exploitable.) The solu­tion that address­es both of these prob­lems — exploita­tion of immi­grants and low wages and unem­ploy­ment for U.S. born work­ers — is sol­i­dar­i­ty. Alaba­ma Repub­li­cans and their media mouth­pieces want you to be mad at your immi­grant neigh­bors so that you aren’t mad at them.
Trump and the Rotting Core of America
LaborStanding Rock's Enduring Message: "Let Us Teach You How To Live on This Land"A conversation with LaDonna Brave Bull Allard of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Vote Green to Save Life on This Planet
Green Party positions are broadly popu- lar: we embrace Eco-Socialism and call for public ownership and democratic control over our economy. All the WFP needs to do is convince a few percent of New York’s 5 million Biden voters to vote on the WFP line. The Green Party needs the vote of pro- gressives who want a different world and who have the courage to stand up to the two corporate parties. Biden’s climate agenda is a death warrant for life on the planet as we know it. Mark Dunlea is a co-founder of the Green Party of New York and its 2018 candidate for state comptroller.
Journey to the Underworld and Back
His journey of self-discovery ricochets back and forth between the rural El Salvador of the 1930s, the Bay Area of the 1970s, the Marxist guerrilla movement that he would eventually join and present-day El Salvador. In a bout of late Cold War hysteria, El Salvador and neighboring Nicaragua became an obsession of U.S. foreign policy makers during the 1980s. I did a study for the Columbia Journalism Review and found there were zero Central American scholars cited, zero Central American community leaders, zero Central American lawyers and zero Central American journalists or any other experts. You refer to your book as a journey through the underworld. We in the United States could really use hearing that right now because there’s an increased amount of terror here.
Vote Biden/Harris on the WFP Line
Andrew Cuomo and the corporate Democratic establishment are now trying to take away the Working Families Party’s ballot line and weaken progressive power. We can’t let that happen — that’s why we’re voting for Biden and Harris on the Working Families Party ballot line, and you should too. We will both be voting on the WFP line, because we cannot let Gov. By voting for Biden and Harris as well as candidates like us on the WFP line, you can help protect the ballot line — and protect the multiracial, people-powered movement for justice that this moment demands. To win, we need to keep progressive power growing in New York — so join us, and vote for Biden and Harris on the WFP line.
Migrants Face Uncertain Future
But CBP officials without medical qualifications routinely deny them orally, with no written decision attorneys can question. The Border Patrol vehicles swarming the streets of low-income immigrant neighborhoods and the border wall running through backyards are too commonplace to draw much outrage. In Brownsville, stray bullets have hit joggers by sections of the border wall that run near the local community college. Families living in tents complain that immigration judges seem disengaged, do not appear to understand the paperwork presented in court. This water brings you life, this water brings you resources, this water brings you prosperity.
Housing for the People
Philadelphia Housing Action, the umbrella coalition, has filed papers to incorporate the land trust, but details are still being worked out. In June, scores of homeless people set up two encampments demanding permanent housing — one on Ben Franklin Parkway, the boulevard leading to the city’s art museums, and a smaller one in the Sharswood neighborhood, across the street from the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s headquarters. In a deal announced Sept. 25, the housing authority agreed to turn over 50 buildings to the land trust. The 59 buildings in the deal are generally two to four stories tall, with two to six bedrooms, Philadelphia Housing Authority CEO Kelvin Jeremiah told The Indypendent. Community land trusts ensure long-term affordability, especially when combined with a mutual housing association to manage the buildings, Orselli says.
Trump Depression Hotline
Dear Reverend Billy,I can’t wait for the election to be over, hopefully with Trump being trounced so badly we never hear from him again. After all, that paradise you are nostalgic for was the world that created Trump. Accelerating extinction around the world — normal. Trump — normal. What kind of person is drawn to Trump?
Canada’s Only Social-Democratic Government Has Been Decisively Reelected in British Columbia
British Columbia remains the only province in Canada governed by the New Democratic Party (NDP), after the social democrats won a decisive election on Saturday, October 24. Relief From Right-Wing Dominance With conservative and right-wing parties dominating at the provincial level across Canada, the results are a welcome relief. In addition, crucially, the NDP has stemmed the bleeding from sixteen years of privatization and other attacks on the public sector under the BC Liberals. In a 2014 interview with the Georgia Straight, then opposition leader John Horgan asked rhetorically about LNG expansion: What are the greenhouse-gas consequences of expanding the industry? In 2017, Horgan won support for promising to use “every tool in the toolbox” to stop the pipeline expansion.
Donald Trump Has Done One Good Thing — He’s Desacralized the American Presidency
Domestic failures and military defeats notwithstanding, Louis XV’s private life and sexual indiscretions also became the stuff of eighteenth-century tabloid fodder. Before 2016, Trump had never wielded political power and had far more crash-and-burn enterprises under his belt than genuine successes. Trump visibly relishes hierarchy and partly became famous by theatrically telling people, “You’re fired!” on national TV. As Jodi Dean wrote in 2016:Donald Trump cuts through the ideological haze of American politics and exposes its underlying truth . Certain to take office in a country even sicker than the one that produced Donald Trump, the sheen is unlikely to last for long.
The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Dark Money Is Getting Even Darker
The situation is unfolding in a Delaware federal court, where Extraction Oil & Gas declared bankruptcy earlier this year. State records show the company has spent more than $4 million on political causes since 2015. That’s an average rate of more than $12,000 of political spending every single day. Extraction has been active in Colorado elections and ballot measure fights, and it has fought “setback” efforts that would require oil and gas wells be sited further away from homes and schools. According to Reuters, nearly three-quarters of Extraction’s land in Colorado could become “nonviable” under new setback rules proposed by Colorado regulators.
Fighting for Their Hospital
I could never forget his face.”In April, after five Kingsbrook staff members died of the coronavirus, hospital workers rallied outside the hospital for personal protective equipment, saying that insufficient protective gear had contributed to the deaths. Jo Ann Brown, a dietician at Kingsbrook who is organizing against the closure, says removing hospital beds will compound the racial and economic inequities that the hospital and community face. Brooklyn already has 2.2 hospital beds for every 1,000 people, while Manhattan has six. The loss of hospital beds and inpatient services has been a pattern across the city over the past two decades. We have to be there to assist them.”• • •Community Concerns What does it mean for a community when their hospital closes?
Happy 100th Birthday to the Communist Party of Australia
They resolved to establish the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), an organization whose contribution to the workers’ movement echoes to this day. They invited delegates from across Australia to discuss the formation of an Australian Communist Party. Despite their small number, this eclectic assembly resolved to form a communist party, electing an interim executive committee, with Earsman as secretary. An Australian Communist in Moscow After two years, many internal debates and several visits by delegates to Moscow, the Communist Party of Australian was accepted into the Comintern. Others became supporters of the Chinese Communist Party after the Sino-Soviet split, forming the CPA(M-L) in 1963.
Chileans Can Finally Finish the Revolution Against Augusto Pinochet
They are exactly the same demands that we had in the 1980s, when we were fighting for the end of the dictatorship. We should have left the dictatorship behind, with a new constitution, and not with the constitution of the dictatorship. But you have to be honest: at that time, there was a citizen and political majority that opted for the alternative route, the route of neoliberal social democracy. One could say that, while in Chile the cost of living rose every day, in Recoleta, it began to fall. This was thanks to municipality that broke into areas of the market whose abuses had overwhelmed Chileans.
The Labour Antisemitism Report Has Always Been a Politically Motivated Travesty
The JLM apparently considers it damning that the vast majority of Labour members could see what was staring them in the face. After several years of wall-to-wall media coverage of “Labour antisemitism,” academic researchers asked members of the public to guess what percentage of the Labour membership had been disciplined for antisemitism. The liberal broadsheets had invested heavily in the conventional media narrative of “Labour antisemitism” under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and they were not about to start questioning that narrative now. The willingness of Labour members to maintain their empirical foothold in the face of this hurricane was entirely commendable, however frustrating some might have found it to be. What changed after 2015 was the massively increased level of scrutiny from the national media and various campaigning groups seeking proof of “Labour antisemitism.” It was fundamentally a question of demand rather than supply.
The Return of the Trump-Obama Feud
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. If we were focused on Covid now, the White House wouldn’t be having its second outbreak in a month. You can take some preventative measures in the White House to avoid getting sick, except this guy can’t seem to do it.
Along the Keystone XL Pipeline, Hoping for a Miracle
(Sara Hylton / Redux Pictures)Fourstar spread his arms wide, pointing in the direction that TransCanada, the Canadian energy company, plans for the Keystone XL pipeline to cross the river. (Sara Hylton / Redux Pictures)I first became interested in the Keystone XL pipeline because of the impact the project was having on Indigenous women. Sections of pipe that will be used to construct the Keystone XL pipeline are stored in a field near the border of Montana and North Dakota. (Sara Hylton / Redux Pictures)Vermae Taylor spent time in Standing Rock opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline and continues to fight against the construction of TC Energy's Keystone XL. But two months after taking office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order bringing both the Keystone XL pipeline and the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline back to life.
For Black Americans, Being Voters Is Who We Are
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. To paraphrase the voting rights champion Lani Guinier, Black voters are the “miner’s canary” of our entire system of democracy. Consider the case of Michigan, where right-wing provocateurs were arrested for allegedly calling Black Detroit voters and spreading misinformation to keep them from voting.
Covid Takes Center Stage at the World Series
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. We should be talking about the greatest baseball announcer in history, Vin Scully, who at age 92 was able to celebrate another Dodgers World Series win and tweet his joy. It didn’t have to be this bad: The curses of ego, entitlement, and ignorance have overcome this country and infected the innocent from the White House to the World Series.
A White House Adviser Was Involved in Surveillance of Protesters
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. After joining the DHS, Dobitsch was “promoted like crazy,” scoring three promotions in about a year, the former senior I&A intelligence officer said.
Palestinian Maher Al-Akhras Demands: Freedom or Death
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Under the cover of chaos from the coronavirus crisis, Palestinian Maher Al-Akhras is on the brink of death in an Israeli hospital, on hunger strike to protest his administrative detention in Israeli prison.
The GOP’s Education Extremism Is Alienating Moderate Voters
And it’s not just in Michigan that the GOP’s perceived hostility to public schools has created an opening for Democrats. The extreme discourse of the Trump/DeVos era that paints “government schools” as centers of indoctrination is alienating voters in both parties. At a recent candidate forum on public education, the GOP incumbent painted himself as an ardent supporter of local schools. “Those struggles over public education tilled the soil for GOP voters to begin supporting moderate Democrats,” says Bender. “People look at who has been representing them and they want to know ‘where are the solutions?’”In states across the country, the GOP’s hard-right turn on public education is turning off voters.
To Stop Trump Stealing the Election, Democrats Must Do These 3 Things
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. On election night, Trump will declare victory and assert baselessly that any ballots counted after Election Day are fraudulent. If Trump and his allies try to prevent every vote from being counted or to overturn the results of the election, Trump effectively forfeits his right to win an Electoral College majority.
The World Is Burning, but the Political Press Insists It’s a Horse Race
Ad PolicyLast week, audiences watched the most substantive conversation on climate change to ever feature in a US presidential debate. Moderator Kristen Welker, of NBC News, first asked the candidates what each would do to combat climate change while also supporting job growth—a welcome improvement on questions in the first presidential debate and vice presidential debate, which absurdly framed climate change as a matter of opinion. Such a transition, via heavy investments in clean energy, is central to the climate plan Biden put forward in July. (Conservatives, Politico wrote, were “accusing the Democratic nominee of being callous with the economy in his proposals for tackling climate change” [emphasis added].) It’s increasingly evident what makes good climate coverage; the question, as ever, is whether journalists will deliver it.
If You Can’t Speak English, Good Luck Voting in Trump’s America
Current Issue View our current issueSome advocates worry that this fall will see more voting rights violations, including language access violations, than in the past. It’s this last right, advocates say, that is most often trampled upon by poll workers who don’t understand voters’ rights to assistance. Though it does not release the breakdown of problems raised, advocates say that language access issues are common. “Since Trump was elected, the private voting rights bar has had to shoulder all the burdens of litigation,” said Gerry Hebert, a voting rights attorney who worked for the DOJ for 21 years. “That was done out of a political belief that Republicans could win Hispanic votes,” said William Yeomans, who spent two decades at the Civil Rights Division, including as the former acting assistant attorney general for civil rights.
What We Call Freedom Has Never Been About Being Free
As an alternative, they invented the idea that political freedom was to be found in protecting individuals by limiting the sphere of government. Hence the origins, de Dijn concludes, of how we conceive of freedom today and why it means something different for conservatives and liberals. Along the way, we discussed the relationship between democratic socialism and political freedom, the relationship between freedom and today’s populist movements, and how to make sense of the right’s appeal to political freedom. They had what I call a democratic conception of freedom: A free state was one in which the people ruled itself. But I think that appeals to religious freedom today, as in the Hobby Lobby case, are primarily inspired by another and more modern tradition: the conservative tradition identifying freedom not with an inner condition of spiritual freedom from sin but with an absence of state intervention.
The Supreme Court Has Never Been on the Side of Working People
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. But Biden’s remark that “the last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into just a political football” reveals remarkable ignorance of both court history and current political reality.3The Nation has been in this fight a long time. Stone’s warning, in The Court Disposes (serialized in these pages), that “democracy must curb the Supreme Court or the Supreme Court, instrument of our great concentrations of economic power, will destroy democracy,” this magazine has never been inclined to treat the judicial branch with excessive deference.
Some Advice for White People on Halloween
Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. Join the Nation Festival Join the Nation Festival for four days of essential conversation and commentary in the wake of the 2020 election. I’m not making fun of “the white race,” so I don’t need my face to be white in order to stick the landing. 9Two years ago, I ended up in a long offline conversation with a white parent.
Separation of Trump and state: Blocking Republicans’ evangelical election strategy
So Trump aimed his Bible photo-op at right-wing white religious voters, mainly white fundamentalist evangelicals or Christian nationalists (used here interchangeably). Besides evangelicals, right-wing Christian voters include mostly white Catholics and Protestants who have been moving toward fundamentalism on many issues. Organizations like United in Purpose use sophisticated data-mining operations to identify and turn out dormant right-wing religious voters. According to Christian nationalists, the more significant the social change, the greater urgency to stop and reverse it. They are working to prevent Christian nationalists’ regressive measures in Congress and state legislatures across the country.
In Key Cities, Activists Are Mobilizing Black Voters Biden Isn’t
Yet, since August, she’s been coming to the Rosa Parks Transit Center and other local hubs every week in an attempt to mobilize Detroit voters. Dubbed the “Black Voices Community Center,” it’s a testament to the Trump campaign’s renewed pitch to Black voters, and Small calls it “scary” to see. And they’re active voters.”Caldwell-Liddell, too, has seen signs that Trump is peeling at least a small share of prospective Black voters away from the Democrats. But he singles out one factor in particular: the Clinton campaign’s failure to actively engage Black voters. The former vice president, for his part, has repeatedly presented Black voters as his “firewall,” while emphasizing a message of bipartisanship designed to win back the elusive white swing voter.
Get Out
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Trump provides economic stimulus…for the funeral industry
Greg KearneyGreg Kearney was born in Maine and has worked as an editorial cartoonist for over 40 years. A “traditional labor Democrat,” his cartoons have appeared in publications as diverse as the Journal of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union to People's World. “You may not always agree with my views but that is the whole point of editorial cartooning.” Kearney is a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.
Nigeria’s #EndSARS police brutality protest movement morphs into nationwide uprising
It is the task of legislators to represent their constituents, many of whom can be counted among the End SARS protesters. It is imperative that the government realizes that in nation-building, it is the average citizen that carries the prime burden and the End SARS movement is a major example of this. What that means is that the End SARS movement can be harnessed to confront a multitude of state actions. End SARS could eventually end many things in Nigeria. It is unfortunate that so far the purpose and direction of the protest movement appears to be turning against this tide of positive nationalism.
Modern-day China through Chinese eyes: reviews from Toronto International Film Festival
An ambulance speeds through the streets of Wuhan, China, in this scene from '76 Days'. The 2020 Toronto International Film Festival screened a couple of films that shone some light on the people and history of China. 76 Days is an incredible firsthand account of the early days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, where panic and chaos initiated a total lockdown that lasted for 76 days. On April 4, sirens were wailing for the dead, and on April 8 the lockdown was released after 76 days. 76 Days will have its U.S. debut at DOC NYC, where you can watch it at their fabulous online film festival, featuring dozens of world-class documentaries.
Without Senate control, a Biden agenda would be crippled
They were calling for Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell's ouster over his handling of the trial. If Democratic control of the Senate is not won on Nov. 3, McConnell will continue to hold power to set or block the nation's legislative agenda. If Biden wins, his agenda can be largely crippled if Republicans continue to control the Senate. If Trump wins, a Democratic Senate can prevent him from doing some of the worst he is capable of. A Democratic Senate can put an end to the brazen dismantling of democracy that the current GOP-controlled Senate has been carrying out.
Colorado’s Sen. Bennet: Barrett on High Court good for the exploitative 1%
| John Locher/APWASHINGTON—Elevation of federal judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court is not just bad news for workers, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., says. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, won the High Court seat by a 52-48 Senate vote on Oct. 26. But Collins was the key vote in confirming GOP Oval Office occupant Donald Trump’s second right-wing High Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh—a top issue now on the Maine campaign trail. Barrett is Trump’s third successful High Court nominee. “And based on everything I have learned about Judge Barrett’s record, I fear she will become one more predictable vote for that agenda,” he concluded.
Texas voter turnout hotter than any Texas BBQ
| LM Otero/APAcross the country, neither the resurgent COVID 19 pandemic nor GOP voter suppression is deterring millions of voters from casting their ballots. Early voter turnout is shattering records (as of this writing, 71 million, or over half of total turnout in 2016, have already voted), and at this pace, the U.S. will experience the highest percentage of eligible voter turnout since 1909. Turnout is the largest in the nation and hotter than any Texas BBQ. While Republican turnout is big, Democratic turnout in blue cities and counties is huge too. “Our targeted universe of voters falls in the low voter turnout category,” said Lira.
Senate tossups: Maine was predicted; Iowa, Kansas and Alaska weren’t
Maine Democratic House Speaker Sara Gideon is running ahead of GOP Sen. Susan Collins in the polls. The Senate races are vital to workers, no matter who wins the White House, Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s VP. The shaky GOP roster is now up to a dozen or so of the 23 GOP-held seats up this year. No Senate candidate, of either party, challenges the basic underlying inequities of corporate capitalism, as Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind-Vt., does. Kansas and Alaska: Call the doctorThere’s one unifying factor in two unlikely Senate battles, in Kansas and Alaska: Medicine.
How Texas Jails Avoid Investigations of Inmate Deaths
Every Texas jail death is supposed to be investigated. But the Bi-State jail didn’t call or email either of them. Since 2009, Texas county jails have been required to report all inmate deaths, and TCJS must inspect the jail to see if it violated minimum standards. Duboise was arrested in 2019 for public intoxication, and this spring hung himself from a handicap bar in the county jail. Two days before Barlow-Austin died, her husband went to visit her at the jail, and was told she wasn’t there.
30% GDP growth? Don’t be fooled by Republicans’ booming economy claims
It is indeed true that economic growth on this scale is unmatched in U.S. history. But before anyone is tempted to give Trump or the Republicans any credit, we should examine this 30% number in more detail. The second quarter was when much of the economy was shut down in an effort to control the coronavirus. For over 70 years, GDP growth has been the gold standard for governments and international financial institutions when they try to quantify economic activity. But the only part of the economy the Trump administration is providing stimulus to right now is the funeral industry.
Trump Makes One More Desperate Bid to Frack the Election
WASHINGTON - The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Donald Trump is considering an executive order that would seek to make the case for expanding fossil fuel drilling. The order would include an analysis of fracking’s economic impacts and the possible consequences of a ban. There is no doubt that fracking poisons our air and water, and that drilling is driving us towards climate crisis. There is something grotesquely fitting that an administration that has sacrificed climate action for the sake of the fossil fuel industry thinks fracking is a winner. “The truth is that the fracking industry is in collapse.
Bankrolling Extinction: The Top 10 Banks Financing Biodiversity Loss
In 2019, 50 global banks provided loans and underwriting of more than USD 2.6 trillion (>GDP of Canada) to economic sectors scientists and governments agree are primary drivers of biodiversity loss. On average, each of the 50 banks was linked to finance with biodiversity loss risk of USD 52 billion. Governments to stop protecting banks’ role in biodiversity destruction and rewrite the rules of finance to hold banks liable for the damage caused by their lending. Removing these legal protections would force banks to more systematically address the biodiversity impacts of their financing, and transform activities across major supply chains. We need to reset the financial system so it is held fully accountable for its impacts.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett Must Recuse Herself from Any Election Litigation
Justice Amy Coney Barrett owes it to the American people to recuse herself from any litigation related to the 2020 Election. She would do grave harm to the integrity and reputation of the U.S. Supreme Court if she were to rule on any election litigation. Justice Barrett has an obvious and enormous conflict of interest that is addressed by federal law. Any participation in litigation related to the ongoing election by Justice Barrett would reek of partisan bias and would damage the Court’s independence. Justice Barrett has no business deciding any case related to this election and she must recuse herself.
Federal Court in Texas Requires All Voters and Poll Workers to Wear Masks at the Polls
WASHINGTON - A federal court in San Antonio, Texas issued a ruling last night requiring that all voters, poll workers, and poll watchers wear masks at the polls throughout the state leading into the November election. The ruling, issued in a voting rights lawsuit brought by Mi Familia Vota, the Texas NAACP, and an individual Texas voter, takes effect immediately at all Texas polling sites. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Abbott’s exemption for voters, poll workers, and poll watchers from the mask mandate unlawfully forced voters to make that choice, and Latino and Black voters were disproportionately impacted by it. We celebrate this ruling today for all voters across the State of Texas. Now that the district court has properly struck down the Governor’s poll place exemption, Texas voters can safely go vote in person without fear of contracting COVID-19 from unmasked voters and workers.”Read the full court ruling here.
Lawsuit Aims to Save Leopards From Import to U.S. as Hunting Trophies
On average the country imports nearly 300 leopard trophies per year, which is 52% of all leopard trophies in trade each year. During the most recent five-year period for which data are available, it imported 1,037 leopard trophies from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia alone. Please select a donation method:The lawsuit challenges the Fish and Wildlife Service’s failure to meet this obligation by authorizing U.S. trophy hunters to import leopard trophies from Africa. Furthermore, an endangered listing would increase transparency and give the public the ability to comment on trophy import applications. That petition also asked the agency to take immediate action to apply a stricter standard to the import of leopards as hunted trophies.
Defying a Federal Court Order, Trump’s EPA Approves Continued Use of Toxic Weedkiller Dicamba
The EPA’s decision ignores an order in June by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacating the use of dicamba. In its opinion, the court cited the EPA’s failure to acknowledge the risks the chemical poses to conventional crops and the environment. “Protecting the pesticide industry has been a top priority of the EPA during the Trump administration,” said EWG President Ken Cook. Please select a donation method:Dicamba has been linked to increased risk of cancer and nervous system damage in pesticide applicators. A 2006 study by the National Cancer Institute found an increased risk of colon cancer for those who handle and apply dicamba to crops.
New Stop-and-Frisk Report: NYPD Racial Bias Persists
Despite years of attempted reforms, significant racial disparities in policing persist, with Black and Latinx New Yorkers much more likely than whites to be subjected to illegal stops and frisks. If new trainings, patrol guides, documentation requirements, and all the other efforts ordered by the court fail to reform the NYPD, it’s time to ask, what will? Can you pitch in today and help us make our Fall Campaign goal of $80,000 by November 2nd? NYPD line supervisors who review their subordinate officers' stops continue to fail to catch a very large percentage of the unlawful stops those officers conduct. For the most recent quarter of stop data analyzed by the monitor, 4th Quarter 2019, more than one in four stop reports did not sufficiently articulate reasonable suspicion for the stop.
Sanders, Klobuchar Issue Statement Correcting Misinformation from President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh on Voting Processes
Despite the incorrect assertions from President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh, election officials across the country accept ballots well after Election Day every year, and results are not certified until the votes are counted and a canvas to confirm the results is conducted. Absentee ballots counted after election day do not ‘flip the results of an election,’ as Justice Kavanaugh claimed. “More than twenty states, including states like Mississippi, Kansas, and Utah, require ballots postmarked by Election Day to be counted even if they are received after Election Day. State and local election officials are working around the clock, and experts have concluded that the integrity of our election system is strong. Can you pitch in today and help us make our Fall Campaign goal of $80,000 by November 2nd?
New Report Exposes Secret US Drone Strikes in Yemen
WASHINGTON - A new report from Airwars raises the question of whether the Trump administration has switched to using the CIA for strikes in Yemen in order to shroud US operations there in greater secrecy. Airwars documented at least 30 locally-claimed US drone strikes, including 11 in the past ten months. The US has not officially declared a strike in Yemen since mid-2019. The report found that US strikes and raids in Yemen since Trump came into office have killed at least 86 civilians, including 28 children and 13 women. Instead, officials confirmed that there is no functioning civilian casualty monitoring cell covering Yemen operations within the US Department of Defense.
The Trump Administration Set a New Low Number for Refugee Admissions at 15,000 for Fiscal Year 2021
This is yet another tragic continuation of the administration’s pattern of reducing access to the U.S. refugee admissions program for Muslim refugees. As refugees in the U.S. admissions pipeline, their needs for safety have been verified and security checks completed by U.S. security and intelligence agencies. The Trump Administration’s arbitrary bar on their admission will only serve to keep refugees in danger. Jennifer Sime, the Senior Vice President of Resettlement, Asylum, and Integration at the International Rescue Committee said:"The Trump administration continues to gamble with people’s lives as the President set the annual refugee admissions goal to a new historical low number of 15,000. Please select a donation method:“Since 2016, the number of refugees worldwide has grown by more than 14 million while the Trump administration lowered the refugee admissions cap by more than 80 percent.
The Black Hole of Depressions: Doing Nothing About Climate Emergency Could Cost More Than All the Wealth in the World
* That is in the worst case scenario where the world does virtually nothing to stop carbon dioxide and methane emissions over the coming decades. Although the governments of the world talk a nice game, actually none of them is significantly reducing their annual emissions. In 2019, you, I, and everyone else on earth put nearly 37 billion tons of the dangerous heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, the third year in a row the number increased. A couple of years ago, this site estimated the value of all the immoveable property in the world at $217 trillion. The world has what is called a “carbon budget.” This results from the ability of the oceans to absorb carbon dioxide.
Voting Will Not Save Us, But We Must Show Up Anyway
Black folks, queer folks, femme folks, folks who watched their families and friends lose jobs and healthcare during COVID, lose their lives to police brutality and incompetence. Voting doesn’t mean we accept the validity of our corrupt system or that our responsibility to change these systems comes once every 4 years. Voting doesn’t mean we accept the validity of our corrupt system or that our responsibility to change these systems comes once every 4 years. Voting will not solve everything and getting the “right” person in the White House won’t magically fix what has plagued this country since its beginning. Each of us must find our work and do it.”The work is voting.
Trump In A Nutshell: They Came For the Covid, But Stayed For the Hypothermia
Meanwhile, temps dropped to 31 degrees, MAGA hats weren't much help, and there were few masks in sight. At the rally, Trump said the U.S. was "turning the corner" on COVID, despite Nebraska cases hitting record highs and 500,000 new U.S. cases in the last week, but details, details. He also complained about the cold - "I'm standing here freezing" - and told his sheeple, "Get the hell out and vote." fumes and his hapless, frosty, often older supporters waiting in more lines for 30 buses to return them to their cars, almost four miles away. With Trump, we all end up abandoned in the cold and dark, trying to get home.
Journalists Pick Sides When They Call Adding Justices 'Court Packing'
And by accepting “court packing” as “the term for” expanding the court, journalists lend a hand to those anti-democratic forces. The phrase “court packing” isn’t new. But the rampant journalistic use of the biased term “court packing” hasn’t changed. A Nexis search of US newspapers for the past three months (7/24/20–10/24/20) turns up 244 headlines with some version of the phrase “court packing” (including, e.g., “pack the court” or “packing the court”). Less than half as many, 98, used a version of the more neutral “court expansion” (such as “expanding the court”), and almost half of those (48) also used the phrase “court packing” within the article.
Facebook's Content-Moderation Policies Are a Hot Mess
We have different friends, different likes, different group affiliations and different interests. As a result, Facebook’s algorithms deliver an experience unique to each of us, specifically designed to keep us hooked on the platform. Facebook has long deployed algorithms that amplify and spread these organic posts, ads, events, groups and pages that endanger people’s lives. Facebook has long deployed algorithms that amplify and spread these organic posts, ads, events, groups and pages that endanger people’s lives. The event was flagged 455 times in a day and reviewed by four human moderators who determined it did not violate Facebook’s policies.
What Trump and Biden Get Wrong About North Korea
While North Korea has improved its military capability, it has not tested any long-range missiles or new nuclear weapons since then. But since last year’s Hanoi Summit, talks between North Korea and the United States have stalled. That’s because engagement with North Korea was not accompanied by a fundamental change in U.S. policy. Talking with North Korea should not be viewed differently from what Washington does with any authoritarian power. Furthermore, a majority of Americans support the United States negotiating with adversaries like North Korea to avoid a military confrontation.
Black Americans Won’t Fall for Trump’s Big Con
While white Americans recovered about half the jobs that were lost by August, African Americans recovered barely over one-third. White women recovered over 60% of the jobs they lost; Black women barely 34, one in about three. Please select a donation method:Trump’s Small Business Administration stiffed African Americans in dispensing loans through the Pay Protection Plan. Nearly one-half of Black women report that they are unable to pay for necessities like food and housing, even though most work. African Americans have suffered the most from Trump’s mismanagement.
The Rise in Material Hardship Among Working-Class Whites and How It Could Impact the 2020 Election
While housing insecurity has remained relatively stable among whites overall, it has spiked among lower-income whites (under $50,000) without college degrees. Lower-income whites without college degrees were the largest group of voters who voted for Obama in 2012 but switched to Trump in 2016. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Housing Insecurity Remain LargeIn an August 2020 report, CEPR documented substantial racial and ethnic disparities in housing insecurity between late April 2020 and July 2020. Fewer households have experienced housing insecurity than lost earnings, but the racial and ethnic disparities are even larger. However, the share of lower-income whites without college degrees reporting housing insecurity spiked in 2020.
Freedom Dreamers: The Faces of Student Debt
In a recent Instagram discussion about student debt for the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Ilhan Omar quoted Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza as saying, “We’re not freedom fighters, we’re freedom dreamers.” Rep. Omar, who has student debt of her own, went on to say: “We can all dream, and envision, and make it happen: a world without student debt.”Who are the people dreaming of a world without student debt? But many people will be surprised by some of the other groups who are especially harmed by student debt. Student debt also harms people who have no debt of their own – including unemployed and under-employed workers, small business owners, and the nation as a whole. Small business ownersIn a 2015 study for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, “The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Small Business Formation,” economists found that student debt depressed the formation of new small business – that is, businesses with one to four employees. We Are All Freedom DreamersThe Levy Institute report shows that the entire US economy would grow if we cancelled all student debt.
Between Chaos and Commonwealth
But not more accepting of our world’s systematic disparities of wealth and poverty — and corresponding distortions of corporate and political power. Centuries ago, in a flat-earth world, looking up to the great lords on their commanding heights may have seemed quite natural. Didn’t the sun, moon, and stars shine down from the sky and didn’t gods in heaven above dictate from mountaintops? What’s not so natural or comprehensible today: that this Babel of wealth, power, and knowledge should still survive intact. Yet today we need all the energy and skills, ideas and models, plans and images we can muster between us.
'Grotesquely Fitting' Say Climate Campaigners as Trump Mulls Pro-Fracking Executive Order Ahead of Election
There is no doubt that fracking poisons our air and water, and that drilling is driving us towards climate crisis. There is something grotesquely fitting that an administration that has sacrificed climate action for the sake of the fossil fuel industry thinks fracking is a winner." Trump weighs issuing a not-so-subtle executive order on fracking as he seeks to shore up the oil-and-gas vote in battleground states. "In Pennsylvania fracking does make a difference at the margins. However, in 2016, then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost all three states to Trump, and some polling in those states and others still suggest a second Trump victory in next week's election.
Unleashing the Power of Poor Voters
During the disastrous Wisconsin primary in April, an estimated 16 percent of Black voters in Milwaukee were disenfranchised. Please select a donation method:A report by the Poor People’s Campaign shows that increasing voter participation among the poor could make a huge difference in election results. In the 2016 presidential election, 34 million poor or low-income people who were eligible did not vote. If low-income voters had participated at similar rates as higher income voters (and voted against the winning candidate) in 2016, new low-income voters could’ve flipped the presidential results in 15 states. Single-digit increases in voter turnout among poor voters could have easily changed the results in states like Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania — not to mention Wisconsin.
Warren Rips USPS Board Members for 'Acting as Accomplices' to DeJoy as He Sabotages Mail Delivery—and the Election
"The USPS Board of Governors has refused to release information about their own financial ties and has doubled down on their support of Louis DeJoy," the Massachusetts Democrat said in a statement. "Once again, I call on the board members to release their financial disclosure forms, remove DeJoy, and do their jobs by reversing DeJoy's actions." The @USPS Board's “full support” of Louis DeJoy’s efforts to delay and degrade mail service raises serious questions about its members' motivations. DeJoy has stock in Amazon & USPS competitors – we should know if the USPS Board has conflicts affecting their actions too. The Board of Governors, wrote Duncan, "remains fully confident that Mr. DeJoy is the right person for the job"—an assessment Warren slammed as "absurd."
'He Needed Social Supports, Not Bullets': Mass Protests Engulf Philly Streets for Second Straight Night Over Police Killing of Walter Wallace
"As we know from the tragic killings of Daniel Prude, Nicolas Chavez, Quintonio LeGrier, and now Walter Wallace Jr., the criminalization of mental health is dangerous, particularly for Black and Brown people." "We must redefine public safety and prioritize investing in community-based services and non-police responses to assist people with mental health needs so we can prevent more tragedies like this." As many as 2,000 people poured into the streets and marched near the site of Wallace's killing in West Philadelphia Tuesday night, with demonstrators chanting, "Who killed Walter Wallace?" "Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another Black life in America lost," Biden and Harris said. "We cannot accept that in this country a mental health crisis ends in death."
'Bankrolling Extinction': Report Shows Big Banks Lent Over $2.6 Trillion to Fund Global Biodiversity Destruction in 2019
The world's largest banks in 2019 provided more than $2.6 trillion in loans and underwriting to economic sectors linked to the global biodiversity crisis while doing little to monitor, let alone curb, damage to life-sustaining ecosystems. Did you know that in 2019 banks pumped more than $2.6 trillion into sectors that are driving the destruction of nature? Please select a donation method:The report argues that "to prevent extinction, banks have to stop funding it." "The current legal system protects banks from responsibility and liability, and therefore reduces their business incentive to help address damaging activities. Robin Smale, director of Vivid Economics, pointed out that "the current legal system protects banks from responsibility and liability, and therefore reduces their business incentive to help address damaging activities."
Texas Supreme Court Upholds 'Shameful, Naked Voter Suppression' With Ruling Allowing State to Limit Counties to One Ballot Drop Box
In a ruling that critics said served as an endorsement of voter suppression, the Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday evening sided with Republican Gov. "Texas continues to be openly hostile to voting rights," tweeted Common Cause Texas after the ruling was handed down. Texas Supreme Court upholds governor’s order for single drop box per county for mail-in ballots. The Tx Supreme Court did its thing. https://t.co/WGtNGpaq4W — Myrna Pérez (@myrna_perez_) October 28, 2020"The Texas Supreme Court did its thing," Perez tweeted.
Incensed Over Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation? Don't Mourn—Organize and Vote
Even the progressive Court of the 1940s, in its infamous Korematsu decision, upheld the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II. All of these reactionary decisions were eventually overturned or negated by political movements, constitutional amendments, legislation, or political pressure on the Court. On abortion rights, LGBTQ rights or racial justice, the Court, not Congress, has often initiated reforms. To be sure, a reactionary Supreme Court could overturn longstanding precedent and attempt to constitutionally block progressive legislation and reverse women’s and LGBTQ rights. As the labor activist and songwriter Joe Hill famously stated as his death approached: “Don’t mourn, organize”—and vote.
Miles Taylor (aka 'Anonymous') Goes Public as Voice From Within White House Who Warned of Trump's Depraved Personality and Leadership
—Miles Taylor, aka "Anonymous"In a Medium post also published by the Times, Taylor wrote that it "wasn't easy" to come out as "Anonymous" but "we owe... the American people the truth." "While I hope a few more Trump officials will quickly find their consciences, your words are now more important than theirs. So, no," says @MilesTaylorUSA, when asked by @AndersonCooper if he is the author of the op-ed book written by someone called Anonymous. In a statement later on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Taylor a "low-level, disgruntled former staffer" who "is a liar and a coward who chose anonymity over action and leaking over leading." https://t.co/ARzUQ9oss2 pic.twitter.com/JEgBCxdSss — Miles Taylor (@MilesTaylorUSA) October 28, 2020Read Taylor's full statement—titled "Why I'm No Longer 'Anonymous'"—as it appeared in the Times on Wednesday, below:
'One Word for This: Vandalism': Six Days Before Election, Trump Finalizes Plan for 'Catastrophic' Attack on Largest National Forest
The Trump administration on Wednesday announced its finalized plan to gut protections for the nation's largest national forest, Alaska's Tongass, opening the carbon sink to clear-cut logging and irreparable ecological destruction. [...] America's largest national forest, the 17-million-acre Tongass is home to species like wild Pacific salmon, the Alexander Archipelago wolf, and many others that depend on its majestic old growth forests. The Juneau-based Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) also blasted the Trump administration's attack on the forest. Trainor said her group was nonetheless undeterred in fighting for protection of the area, saying, "we are committed to taking any and all necessary steps, including litigation, to keep these national Roadless Rule protections in place on the Tongass National Forest in perpetuity." To achieve that goal, Greenpeace's Moas pointed to pending legislation that would permanently protect areas designated under the Roadless Rule.
'Don't Be Fooled': Economists Warn Against Deceptive Trump Spin on New GDP Figures
Even though the numbers have not yet officially been released, the Trump reelection campaign is already running Facebook ads touting the "fastest GDP growth in history" and celebrating the "Great American Comeback" that the figures supposedly show. "One reason 30 percent growth doesn't mean the economy is healed stems from how percentage changes work when going down and then up. since @Facebook won't allow new political ads after tomorrow, team Trump went ahead & ran a bunch of ads today about record-setting GDP growth from the Q3 report that won't be released until 10/29. "However, even record-breaking third quarter real GDP growth of 30%-35% will leave the U.S. economy substantially smaller than when the year began." Forecasters predict that tomorrow's Q3 GDP release may reach 30% or higher, by far the largest rise on record.
'Stuff of Tinpot Dictatorships': Trump Appointee Denounced for Move to Turn US Media Agency Into Mouthpiece for State 'Propaganda'
In addition, "the broadcasters are also intended to serve the citizens of nations which do not allow journalists to operate freely." Trump stooge Michael Pack is eliminating the legally required editorial independence of US-funded news outlets abroad so they can act like Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda. She explained that by rescinding the "firewall rule," Pack had removed "the one thing that makes VOA distinct from broadcasters of repressive regimes." "That is what differentiates VOA and the other USAGM-funded networks from the state-sponsored propaganda of Russia, China, Iran, and others." Engel noted that Pack lacks the authority to undue the "firewall rule," which was legislated by Congress.
Warning of the 'Many Trumps... in Waiting,' Ocasio-Cortez Says Democrats 'Have to Be Better'
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"It's not just that we can be better, it's that we have to be better," the first-term congresswoman insists. If "people's lives don't actually feel different" under a Biden administration, then "we're done," she says before asking, "You know how many Trumps there are in waiting?" Presenting our December cover star: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "We need to have Medicare for All, but the way that Medicare for All can work is if we forgive student debt so doctors are not crushed under student debt." "And so, you know, I don't know if I could necessarily be more effective in an administration, but, for me that's always what the question comes down to."
In 'Extraordinary Step,' International Crisis Group Issues Report Warning of US Election Violence
Robert Malley, president and CEO of the ICG, called the organization's report, advising U.S. and world leaders on how to avoid election-related unrest and violence in the wealthiest country in the world "an extraordinary step." If not, the world's most powerful country could face a period of growing instability and increasingly diminished credibility abroad." "If not, the world's most powerful country could face a period of growing instability and increasingly diminished credibility abroad." But observers on social media expressed alarm over the ICG's unprecedented report on the United States. As with the Carter Center, this is the first time the International Crisis Group is covering a U.S. election.
Sanders and Klobuchar Explain to Trump: 'In America, We Count the Votes to Determine Who Wins'
"Despite the incorrect assertions from President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh, election officials across the country accept ballots well after Election Day every year." Those widely rebuked remarks came a day after Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee, issued an opinion parroting the president's lies about mail-in voting fraud. "In America, we count the votes to determine who wins an election," declared Sanders (I-Vt.) and Klobuchar (D-Minn.), both ex-Democratic presidential primary candidates who have since endorsed the party's nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. "Absentee ballots counted after Election Day do not 'flip the results of an election,' as Justice Kavanaugh claimed. Absentee ballots counted after election day do not ‘flip the results of an election,’ as Justice Kavanaugh claimed.
October 29, 2020 – Consortiumnews
The presidential and vice presidential candidates of the U.S. Green Party will be interviewed on CN Live! Thursday night at 8 pm EDT. Read more ?
ELECTION 2020: What Trump & Biden Get Wrong About North Korea
Christine Ahn says the two leading presidential contenders present a false dichotomy about U.S. diplomatic options with North Korea. And more pressure and sanctions will not convince North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons arsenal. While North Korea has improved its military capability, it has not tested any long-range missiles or new nuclear weapons since then. Stalled TalksBut since last year’s Hanoi Summit, talks between North Korea and the United States have stalled. Furthermore, a majority of Americans support the United States negotiating with adversaries like North Korea to avoid a military confrontation.
October 28, 2020 – Consortiumnews
The triumph of corporate and foreign interests over one of the most consequential decisions regarding China is likely to bedevil U.S. foreign policy for years to come, writes Gareth Porter. Read more ?
'Drop It Off or Vote in Person,' Advocates Plea as Supreme Court Suggests It Could Toss Out Late Pennsylvania Ballots After Election
"If the State Supreme Court's decision is ultimately overturned," Alito wrote, "a targeted remedy will be available." It would be anything but: This 'relief' would likely involve the U.S. Supreme Court nullifying thousands of ballots cast under a lawful court order," Stern wrote Wednesday. "If the race is close enough, the winner of Pennsylvania—and the presidency—might come down to a few thousand ballots," Stern continued. Don't leave your vote in the hands of the Supreme Court. "Most important for PA voters right now," said Gupta, "is to vote and drop off ballots as early as possible or vote in-person."
WATCH: CN Live! New Episode—‘Green Ticket’
The presidential and vice presidential candidates of the U.S. Green Party will be interviewed on CN Live! Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins and vice presidential candidate Angela Walker join CN Live! to be questioned on the candidates’ positions on domestic and international issues, five days before the 2020 presidential election. has also requested interviews with the Joe Biden and Donald Trump campaigns. Watch the Hawkins-Walker interview live here with your hosts Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria:Please Contribute to Consortium News
Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over to Arms Industry & Taiwan Supporters
The arms sales Schriver has overseen represent the most dangerous U.S. escalation against China in years. Returning FavorsSchriver is a longtime advocate of massive, highly provocative arms sales to Taiwan who has advanced the demand that the territory be treated more like a sovereign, independent state. Lockheed Martin was the biggest corporate winner in the huge and expensive suite of arms sales to Taiwan. Neocon VisionThe arms sales to Taiwan represented a signal victory for those who still hoping to reverse the official U.S. acceptance the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government of all of China. The Project 2049 Institute was a key member of the council, along with all the major arms companies hoping to make sales to Taiwan.
America’s Imperial Expenditures & Escapades Stranger Than Fiction
In his classic 1961 novel Catch-22, his wounded protagonist lamented that “outside the hospital the war was still going on. After all, given the hardly distinguished recent track record of America’s 17 intelligence agencies – eight of them within the DOD – a bit more oversight and skepticism seems sensible. Especially since, in any given year, combined intelligence programs account for some 11 percent of the total defense budget. Yes, the very same Shia Washington once feared as a potential Iranian Fifth Column. After 9/11, the Taliban – which Washington had long tolerated even as they terrorized the populace – became the new absolute evil incarnate.
Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey – study
The Republican party has become dramatically more illiberal in the past two decades and now more closely resembles ruling parties in autocratic societies than its former centre-right equivalents in Europe, according to a new international study. By contrast the Democratic party has changed little in its attachment to democratic norms, and in that regard has remained similar to centre-right and centre-left parties in western Europe. V-Dem’s “illiberalism index” gauges the extent of commitment to democratic norms a party exhibits before an election. “The data shows that the Republican party in 2018 was far more illiberal than almost all other governing parties in democracies,” the V-Dem study found. • The graphic accompanying this article was amended on 26 October 2020 to reduce the number of parties shown.
Cartoon: Trump's last push for votes
Order my new book, We Should Improve Society Somewhat, 184 pages of political cartoons on the last few years of our dystopian world!
The Climate Case for Joe Biden (Is Strong but More Complicated Than You Might Have Heard) ? Current Affairs
The argument in favor of Biden roughly goes like this: Biden has a climate plan and Donald Trump doesn’t. Independents and climate activists are right to be skeptical of corporate Democrats like Biden. An ambitious Green New Deal plus keep-it-in-the-ground style policies like fracking bans are bare minimum positions needed for slowing climate change. But even despite this abysmal record, there is a very compelling case from a climate perspective to support Joe Biden, and for climate activists and independents to work for his victory. While Biden is weak on climate, Trump winks at militias who will undoubtedly feel empowered to physically attack those who will be critical in forcing climate action.
Can Biden win one of these states: AZ
More important matters are whether one of five swing states can be won by Biden/Harris. Basically, to win, Biden needs to win at least one of AZ/FL/GA/NC/PA. x Miles Taylor, former Chief of Staff to Kirstjen Nielsen and Chad Wolf at DHS, confirms he is 'anonymous'.https://t.co/AQb0iKeHRC — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 28, 2020 x I had an amazing conversation this morning with ... https://t.co/P99F5JJfU3 — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 28, 2020The Trump administration’s covid-19 message: You’re on your own. https://t.co/llKGAiJTSD — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 28, 2020x Opinion | The Trump administration’s covid-19 message: You’re on your own.
“Truth has a leftist bias”
You’ve probably heard that saying before. And I’ve seen it verified time & time again…Just as a recent example: my daughter (a sophomore attending- 100% remotely, at this time- Berkeley High), told me the other day how they managed to sneak some politics into her math class- where they illustrated a step function by presenting a graph of the minimum wage over time (which is constant until it jumps up when it gets increased, and then remains constant again until the next increase), contrasted with a function that varies continuously, illustrated by the minimum wage adjusted for the changing value of the dollar, over time (God I love Berkeley…)And now, there’s this…The above link will take you to a page created by web developer Dan Goodspeed, that has a graph- mesmerizingly animated over time- of the total number of COVID cases per million, broken down by state. The bars for each state are also color coded, in a spectrum ranging from intensely red (for heavily Republican states) to intensely blue (for heavily Democratic states). Early on in the pandemic, the distribution of red & blue in the graph is fairly random, as can be seen from the following 2 screenshots:However the graph becomes rather unmistakably stratified, as the pandemic progresses…Which perhaps isn’t too surprising, given that the reality of masks & social distancing being the most effective methods for reducing the transmission of the virus (in the absence of a vaccine or cure), isn’t going to change, merely because the deniers of science (a group strongly correlated with Republican affiliation) declare (with zero substantiation) otherwise. xI’d like to add one…What you say: “herd immunity”What I hear: “genocide”
Photo Diary: Maximo Park Archaeological Site, St Pete FL
Maximo Park is one of several parks in St Pete that preserve and protect Tocobaga Native American archaeological sites. :)The Florida Natives, like most pre-contact cultures, had no written language and left no history of their own. Another temple mound is preserved at Pinellas Point, in Indian Mound Park. There are Tocobaga midden mounds at Abercrombie Park and Jungle Prada de Narvaez Park. In nearby Manatee County is the Portavant Mound site and the Madiera Bickle Temple Mound complex.
TRUMP WHINES: Twitter Won't Allow Me to Tweet Bogus Biden Story that I'm Tweeting
The other closing argument of the Trump campaign is the one that he does want to see more media coverage of. On Wednesday morning he unleashed several tweets assailing the media for "suppressing" the Hunter Biden story. Twitter refuses to allow the any mention of the Biden corruption story which was carried so well on @TuckerCarlson last night. In another of Trump's morning tweets he said that "Calls grow louder to get special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden." Trump continued his twit-opining by asserting that "Media and Big Tech are not covering Biden Corruption!"
How it's done: activist thrashes KC Board of Police Commissioners, leaving smoldering heap.
I’m not asking y’all for anything because y’all can’t and won’t be both my savior and my oppressor. These would make some really nice apartments.” “So I’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving Black folks. Well done, I say, and thank you Keiajah Brooks for showing the way. You can sign a petition (I did) demanding the Chief’s removal at Change.org. here:Demand the Removal of KCPD Chief Rick Smith for Enabling Police Brutality.
So you say you're 'pro-life,' huh? Yeah, I don't think so
Anyone who was actually “pro-life” wouldn’t belong to a group of Americans who loudly and actively disdain efforts to protect others from infection by this novel coronavirus. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, anti-choice political leaders have made it crystal clear that they don’t value people’s lives. Now, against experts’ recommendations, these so-called “pro-life” politicians and pundits have criticized and defied stay-at-home orders in states across the country. There’s nothing“pro-life” about deliberately putting people’s health and safety at risk. If they say “Republican,” you can laugh in their face and ask them if they have any more lies to sell.
Accountability is not Cancellation
Instead of facing the truth about systemic racism, the words ‘Race Card’ become a shield. And for pure bad behavior, we do not apologize, we say ‘Cancel Culture’ is an insult to free speech. Sometimes saying, I was wrong, make me understand, stops what you may feel is your cancellation. So you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton is abusive to women. Of course, Mr. Trump, embedded lies, misdirection, projection, and most of all a lack of sincerity, honor, or accountability, but lots of malevolence.
Mi Famila Vota lawsuit against Trump, Barr, and Wolf for voter intimidation and Ku Klux Klan Act.
It was noted that Trump described the phrase Black Lives Matter as “a symbol hate.” Armed Federal agents, in unmarked clothing were deployed to break up assemblies and detain demonstrators, sometimes with violence. In June federal agents, including riot control teams from the Bureau of Prisons, were ordered to clear peaceful demonstrators from Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. In July the Customs and Border Protection sent armed federal agents to Portland Oregon, to protect the federal courthouse from protestors, some were wearing camouflage and tactical gear which lacked any insignia identifying them as federal agents, they used tear case and impact weapons to disperse mostly peaceful protestors. When asked if the federal agents to had probable cause to detain people, the Deputy Director of the Federal Protective Service, Kris Cline said they were not custodial arrests requiring probable cause. In Trump’s world federal agents can forcibly remove you from the public streets, and detain you, without charging you with any crime, or having probable cause.
Anonymous is Miles Taylor as Speculated
www.nytimes.com/..."Much has been made of the fact that these writings were published anonymously. The decision wasn't easy, I wrestled with it, and I understand why some people consider it questionable to levy such serious charges against a sitting President under the cover of anonymity. But my reasoning was straightforward, and I stand by it," Taylor wrote.
Take Heart, America. Helping Humpday at Street Prophets Coffee Hour
HHday resides at the Street Prophets Coffee Hour, the intersection where politics and religion and faith and history and ethical values and art and serendipity conveniently meet and sometimes collide. When you take heart, you’re more able to deal with challenges like aging, illness, trauma, or conflicts with others. You’re also more able to take advantage of opportunities with confidence and grit... … Additionally, it takes heart to live in, live with, and live beyond times that are really hard. So, let’s all take heart and trust that our ship of state will soon be righted and back on course. Some need help with a one-time emergency.
Harvey Wasserman calls voter suppression, Pelosi scorches Trump, Trump abandon supporters & more
Trump’s voter suppression is real, as Harvey Wasserman explains. Nancy scorches Trump. Harvey Wasserman has choice words and advice on voter suppression. Pelosi scorches Trump: Stand up like a man and accept the will of the American people. Harvey Wasserman discusses the state of voter suppression in the latter days of Election 2020.
Our secret weapon this election? Texting millennials.
With young voters quickly becoming the largest and one of the most progressive voting blocs in the country, we need to reach young people to ensure they have all the information they need to vote. From now until Election Day, you can join NextGen’s robust textbanking program and get out the youth vote! Textbanking shifts tend to fill up more quickly than phonebanking shifts, so please sign up to text young voters with NextGen America right now. Click here to sign up to volunteer to text young voters with NextGen. Thank you so much for all you’re doing to win this election for Democrats up and down the ballot.
it's necessary, the only way to defend everything we hold dear
There is no other way to protect the ACA and Roe and the VRA and the environment and any number of other issues. Expanding the Court is not outlandish.What is outlandish is attacking the means , the one and only means, to defend our core principles as Democrats. I can't fathom somebody having the gall to call expanding the Court outlandish after what the republicans did and considering what is at stake. I don't see an alternative to expanding the court that defends all of that which is at stake. If there are other moves that could be made that would defend everything at stake that will come before SCOTUS, tell us what they are and how they defend everything we must defend.
Republican Voters Are Fine With U.S. Being Owned by Polluters, Poisoners, Profiteers and Predators
I should note that while I do have some right-wing friends on Facebook, I’ve unfollowed most of them. Every once in a while my unfollowed right-wing friends will respond to one of my rare political posts. A duly-elected President and a duly-elected Senate exercised their constitutional responsibilities and authority to nominate and confirm a qualified candidate. After all, that is what Republican voters voted for, even if they didn’t do so consciously. Or is it because they’ve been marinating in Republican Fan Fiction for so long that the idea is just entirely beyond their comprehension?
NEW CNN POLL: Biden 54-42 National DANG!!!
Already voted Biden 64-34, will vote but BEFORE 11/3 Biden 63-33, will vote on 11/3 Trump 59-36. Biden up 55-44 on SeniorsBiden up 61-37 with WomenTrump only 48-47 with MenTrump only 50-48 with WhitesBiden up with POC 71-24www.cnn.com/...
Kagro in the Morning podcast (AUDIO): Wednesday, October 28 2020
Greg Dworkin asks us to keep our hands and feet inside the Pollercoaster… but you know what? Will Donald’s inept handling of his own rally, potentially endangering his own voters, because he stiffed the bus company, affect Donald Trump’s chance of reelection? Less than a week away from the election and the “How Trump Can Win” articles are finally slipping under “How Trump Can Lose” articles. It still is pretty certain that if Trump loses, he won’t be a good loser, and neither will his supporters. There is the chance Donald Trump could call for… well, violent insurrection and political assassination... as he is sometimes wont to do.
CNBC: Paulette Jordan running to be 1st Native American woman in U.S. Senate
Chip In To Support PauletteBy Courtney Connley — CNBCPaulette Jordan is running to become the first Native American woman in the U.S. SenateIdaho native and politician Paulette Jordan is hoping to bring a lot of change to her home state this November. As the Democratic nominee for Idaho’s Senate seat up for election this year, Jordan, is hoping to defeat long-term Republican incumbent, Sen. Jim Risch, who is running for a third six-year term. If Jordan wins, she will be Idaho’s first female senator and the first Native American woman in U.S. Senate history. Paulette Jordan, Democratic nominee for Idaho’s Senate seat.Photo credit: Paulette JordanAfter graduating from the University of Washington in 2003, Jordan followed in her family’s footsteps and was elected to the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council in 2008, making her the youngest person to hold that role. “Many people ask, ‘Well, why in the 21st century have we never seen a Native American woman like yourself in the Senate,’” she says.
Do liberals really want to take away everyone’s meat?
The political talking point that Democrats want to take away Americans’ meat—spoiler alert, most don’t —references the climate-diet link . Liberals are far more likely to eschew meat and dairy, while conservatives attempting to do so often feel “socially unsupported.” A deeper dive, however, reveals darker connections. Even among the left , veganism largely remains an unpopular ethical stance and dietary choice. Illustrating the prevalence of this implicit bias , 95 percent of Americans consume animal meat and dairy. Left-wing politicians, despite otherwise championing climate science and social justice, largely enable or reinforce dominant attitudes toward animals, too.
Post 11-3: how to keep up the attack?
Rally round the flag! The election won’t be over on 11/3, but like it or not the focus of all the pumped up Biden supporters islikely to a great extent aimed at a target that is, in their minds, finite: 11/3. Won’t the Pandemic’s inexorable rise in the US, just as Trump wants, begin to erode the ardent support post 11/3 for getting Joe in the White House and Don in the Dog House? Oh we'll rally round the flag, friends, rally once again,Shouting the voters cry for freedom,As we rally ‘cross the fruited plain, we'll gather at the pollsShouting the battle cry of freedom. And we'll fill the vacant seats of the Congress more and more,Shouting the victory cry of freedom.
Election Day is Almost Here! We Are Going to Win This in a Very Big Way!
I have a feeling Election Day and the transition of power will go much smoother than most of us expect. I was so distraught that Hillary was going to lose that I even traveled out-of-state, close to Election Day, to be with my family so that we could consol each other. King Trump and his fellow traitors have traumatized many of us in ways, big and small. The American people are just plain exhausted of King Trump saying 2 + 2 = anything but 4. Most of us on DK have helped Biden and the rest of the Democratic ticket in ways big and small.
Yeah, like not enough is going on, Hurricane Zeta heading to the Gulf Coast
Tracking for Hurricane ZetaWith all the political news coming to a boil lately, it’s easy to get distracted from local weather reports. But, yeah, there is another hurricane on its way to the gulf coast. From CBS News: Hurricane Zeta, a Category 2 storm, is expected to slam New Orleans with a direct hit on Wednesday afternoon. Forecasters said the hurricane will likely bring life-threatening storm surge and strong winds along the Gulf Coast. But I wanted to give space to those in the storm’s path to check-in and let everyone know you’re well and safe.
There is No Right-Wing Militia
Yes, we all need to vote and no, right-wing military groups aren’t going to take over. And there aren’t just police to confront these guys, there is a real militia, the National Gaurd, that can step in if these folks start shooting people. That well-regulated means a militia is controlled by the government for the good of the country. Where are these guys going to go? Does anyone think that they guys are going to drive enmass into such an area and start shooting?
Pelosi scorches Trump: Stand up like a man and accept the will of the American people.
The President said that he wants the race called on the day of the election. Due to the unprecedented surge in mail-in voting sparked by the pandemic, the process of tallying ballots and determining the election winner is expected to take longer than usual. Nancy Pelosi did not mince her words as she scorched the president by enumerating all the evil deeds he has done throughout his administration. She then makes it clear that not vacating the White House after his loss will not be tolerated. Please join our YouTube channel so we can get the numbers up to open up some more features and reach more folks.
Happy Oxi Day, darn those anti-fascists “Alors, c’est la guerre!” (Then it is war!)
x When writing my opening today saying we are currently in the midst of a coup, comparing Mussolini’s power grab - I hadn’t even realized today is Oxi Day. https://t.co/acpF5XFJMf — Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) October 28, 2020Ohi Day or Oxi Day (Greek: ???????? ??? ???, Epéteios tou Óchi [e?petios tu ?oçi]; "Anniversary of the No") is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on 28 October each year. Ohi Day commemorates the rejection by Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on 28 October 1940, the Hellenic counterattack against the invading Italian forces at the mountains of Pindus during the Greco-Italian War, and the Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation. The Greek Resistance (Greek: ?????? ?????????, romanized: Ethnikí Antístasi, "National Resistance") is the blanket term for a number of armed and unarmed groups from across the political spectrum that resisted the Axis occupation of Greece in the period 1941–1944, during World War II. It is considered as one of the strongest resistance movements in Nazi-occupied Europe.
MT-Sen: New Poll Has Gov. Steve Bullock (D) Beating Sen. Steve Daines (R) 48-47
Montana Governor Steve Bullock, the Democratic candidate, leads Sen. Steve Daines (Republican) in the Senate race by a 48 percent to 47 percent and five percent are undecided. Mike Cooney (Democrat) and Rep. Greg Gianforte (Republican), with Libertarian candidate Lyman Bishop eliciting two percent support. Undecided voters look to hold the key as nine percent of respondents stated they do not know at this point. In the presidential race, President Donald Trump (Republican) leads former Vice President Joe Biden (Democrat) by a 52 percent to 45 percent margin. Another 1 percent support Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, while 2 percent of respondents are undecided.
Standby: Report on US election and post-election rightwing terrorist violence
The International Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project (ACLED) and Militiawatch have released an October 2020 joint report: STANDING BY: RIGHT-WING MILITIA GROUPS & THE US ELECTION. (At 28 pages with an excellent executive summary, it is a downloadable pdf and an easy read.) This joint report reviews the latest data on right-wing militia organizations across the country, identifying the most active groups and mapping the locations most likely to experience heightened militia activity before, during, and after the election. Although many US militias can be described as ‘latent’ in that they threaten more violence than they commit, several recently organized militias are associated with a right-wing ideology of extreme violence towards communities opposed to their rhetoric and demands for dominance and control. ACLED has tracked the activities of over 80 militias across the US in recent months, the vast majority of which are right-wing armed groups.
Will Republicans Melt In The Rain ?
European Model for Zeta Storm TrackCourtesy of WAPOHurricane Zeta may bring a burst of strong, damaging wind gusts to portions of Alabama and Georgia, with the storm maintaining its force as it spins far inland thanks to two factors: its rapid forward speed and interaction with the jet stream. There’s a potential for scattered to widespread power outages as far northeast as the Appalachian foothills, with Zeta’s core of strong winds remaining largely intact for more than 500 milesSo, with lots of early votes banked, the dems are getting an assist from mother nature in defeating the orange menace. I wonder if he will change his schedule to visit an area that has been ravaged this hurricane season ?
10/28: No video today, sorry; just a tweet.
I need the same picture, but with cats...Twitter is good for something, anyway...x THE VIDEO THAT MADE MITT ROMNEY CRY! Till then enjoy Olbermann Vs Trump #1 explaining Trump is a terrorist. 15 minutes: https://t.co/0QyxdL4lVcFastest 2 minutes: pic.twitter.com/8iQNAxVhSy — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) October 28, 2020Link to KO’s YouTube page. Note title and numbering updates for videos as of 10/25/20. These are published weekday evenings at 5:00pm Eastern time on YouTube, and I’m currently republishing them shortly thereafter.
BREAKING: SCOTUS Rejects Request to Toss Out PA Ballots Rcvd After 11
Or is it only because this particular case had already been decided by the Court? x BREAKING: Supreme Court won't expedite Republican request to stop extended deadline for receiving mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. New Justice Barrett did not participate — Robert Barnes (@scotusreporter) October 28, 2020Today’s Court decision mirrors their 4-4 decision in this same case earlier this month, Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar. Because I believe this intervention was improper, I agree with the decision of the Seventh Circuit to stay the injunction pending appeal. I write separately to note that this case presents different issues than the applications this Court recently denied in Scarnati v. Boockvar, ante, at ___, and Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar, ante, at ___.
Racism In America: The Root Of America’s Political Problems.
The Council back then was one of the largest civil rights groups in the nation along with the NAACP. We are now faced with an election that some have called perhaps the most consequential election of our times. And, if you do not believe that racism is the underlying factor in the election and the most important. Yes, climate change is an existential threat to humanity’s future, but it is racism and their support of racist political leaders that is used by the natural resources industry to maintain political control to protect their interests and especially the value of their hydrocarbon reserves. America’s political, economic and social structures have been profoundly influenced by an insatiable urge to obtain wealth, from early settlers to the present.
The Tend Line Continues
We are at the preelection point now where in 2016 Clinton’s polling numbers took a nose dive after Comey's email lap top October surprise. That nose dive is what lead to all the conversations about polling being wrong in 2016, whereas the fact is that the late polling was approximately correct. And last but not least this bazaar story about Trump stranding rally goers out in below freezing temperatures in Nebraska. Unlike the week before the election in 2016 when Clinton’s polling averages went dramatically down, now in 2020 Biden’s numbers are quite dramatically trending upwards nationally and in swing states. Just keep in mind that we are about to enter a political period with an historically unusual window of opportunity for progressives.
Austin and TX update: Masks NOW REQUIRED in polling locations!
This is what we want to seeThis will be quick, since I’m on a crazy work deadline this week. There’s still work to be done in TX, as dvogel0308 points out: www.dailykos.com/…But a couple of headlines from today’s paper caught my eye and made me smile. In Travis County (home to most of Austin), the early vote count surpassed the total count in 2016 today. www.statesman.com/…More interestingly: US judge requires face masks in all Texas polling locations www.statesman.com/…Makes me laugh like the news came straight from bubbanomics. But in the meantime it should help deter some hijinks:Last weekend, the NAACP received reports of maskless poll watchers approaching minority voters as an intimidation techniqueMeanwhile, let’s GOTV!
America Was Ripe For Plunder By A Psychopath (part one)
In 2016, America was ripe for plunder by a clinical psychopath. Neil Postman delineates the contrast between the two dystopias in his influential book Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985):What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance, Orwell feared we would become a captive culture Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us, Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.
Mad Dog off leash. Who pays this guy a visit?
I have no clue what to say about this but this is the biggest dogwhistle yet. So who pays him a visit? Biden’s secret service detail, the FBI, or his secret service detail. This is grotesquely irresponsible given how many people now have security detail due to Trump publicly disparaging them. Dr Fauci, Leslie Stahl, Gov Whitmer ... — Social?Fly (Gov Cuomo's #StayAtHome Girlfriend) (@socflyny) October 27, 2020The minute he said it, all media should have broken away and apologized for his rhetoric and dogwhistle of inciting violence.
The Lincoln Project Will Not Be Intimidated
Some Cheese To Go With Their WhineLast Friday, a DK Diary described the Lincoln Project’s one-word reply to the letter from Marc Kasowitz threatening a suit for “enormous compensatory and punitive damages” unless the Times Square billboards shown above were “immediately removed.”The next day, LP’s lawyer replied in more detail. I apologize if this letter was previously reported here, but it’s too good not to share. The reply letter starts strongly: “Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster. Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump will hear more from the Lincoln Project soon.
AJ Kurdoglu AZ LD-17 and Judy Schwiebert AZ LD-20 are aiming for a Dem Majority in Arizona!
AJ Kurdoglu and Judy Schwiebert will bring a small business focus to new majorities in the Arizona State Legislature...if we put them over the top in AZ LD-17 and LD-20. When researching this profile, I came across a Zoom candidate interview that Judy Schwiebert (running for Arizona House in AZ-LD-20) did with the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The fact that she’s answering small business oriented questions from a local Chamber...well, that just shows Schwiebert’s skill and poise. x YouTube VideoArizona is poised for big political changes this year, and flipping BOTH chambers of the Arizona state house is not outside the realm of possibility. ::AJ Kurdoglu is really popular and is running a truly great campaign for AZ Senate in LD-17.
Gangsta Trump Video: Making America Gangsta Again
Jabba The TrumpIs the tragicomic reign of Donald Trump coming to an end? Here, the Gangsta In Chief spouts off about the 'rona, Biden, the Mexicans, thugs, grabbing Lady Liberty, and even shows off his New Clothes (involves some partial nudity, and copious amounts of body hair). One hopes that this will be the last bad Trump impression I'm forced to debase myself doing.
KS-Sen: New Poll Has Dr. Barbara Bollier (D) Beating Rep. Roger Marshall (R) 47-46
Bollier leads Marshall by one point in a three-way vote with Libertarian Jason Buckley (Bollier: 46%, Marshall: 45%, Buckley: 4%, other/undecided: 4%). She has better consolidated Democrats (Bollier: 93%, Marshall: 6%) than Marshall has consolidated Republicans (Bollier: 20%, Marshall: 70%). She has better consolidated Democrats (Bollier: 93%, Marshall: 6%) than Marshall has consolidated Republicans (Bollier: 20%, Marshall: 70%). Half of Kansas voters say “moderate” better describes Bollier than it does Marshall (51% describes Bollier better, 28% describes Marshall better). Moderates are even more likely to say Bollier—and not Marshall—is the moderate candidate (64% describes Bollier better, 20% describes Marshall better).
Fun Indie Developed Dump Trump Game
The game has an animated Trump sitting over a dunk tank taunting the player with some of his more outrageous and offensive comments. The player aims and throws a tomato at a moving lever that must be hit to dunk Trump. I’m sure there are many people who would pay for a chance to dunk Trump, or throw a tomato at him for that matter, but this game is free. Voters can take out some of their frustration at the current political landscape by dunking Trump while also donating to the Democratic party. Donate if you will, but I hope you at least get some laughs from this satirical election game.
Has Spelling Devolved into Spelynge?
In Tudor England no one seemed to bother much about spelling. Looking back at that time, we know they had more serious problems than bad spelyng or spelynge. (As you see, I still spell Internet with a capital “I.” “Capital, quite capital!” I can almost hear you saying.) One reason is that I’m trying to put off working on the three articles I’m supposed to write, the mss. I’m supposed to be editing, and the book chapter I’m supposed to upload on Friday night.
Rounding the Corner
President Trump keeps saying that we're rounding the corner with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Exactly what corner are we rounding? One morning it was seriously cold and there'd been freezing rain the night before, so the street was a sheet of glass-like ice. The Jeep did round the corner after a fashion. Is that what President Trump meant?
We're at 75 million votes already ! We are looking at a 154 million vote election !
If we get to 82 million votes cast early, then 72 million will get us to 154 million votes total cast. If we can get to 82 million votes cast before 11/3 , then we would only need 72 million votes to get to 154 million votes cast. 72 million votes on 11/3 would be only 80% of the amount of votes cast on election day in 2016 which was 90 million votes. So, even if we saw a dramatic drop of 20% of votes cast on election day proper itself, we would still get to 154 million votes cast. While it is not certain, it seems very likely that we will get to that 154 million votes as 538 is projecting.
IA-Sen: New Poll Has Theresa Greenfield (D) Beating Joni Ernst (R) 51-45
Going head-to-head, Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield holds a six point lead over incumbent Republican Joni Ernst. Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, leads President Donald Trump, a Republican, by four percentage points in the latest Nexstar Iowa 2020 RABA Research Poll released on Tuesday. Biden leads Trump 50% to 46% in Iowa, according to research conducted by Red America Blue America in October. Let’s keep up the momentum to flip Iowa Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Greenfield, Biden and their fellow Iowa Democrats campaigns:Joe BidenIowa:Theresa GreenfieldAbby FinkenauerCindy AxneRita HartJD ScholtenIowa Democratic Party
Democracy Means Listening to the Other Guy
I think that means is that we should make the attempt to listen to voices from the opposition. Donald tRump: Person, man, woman, camera, … uh … wait … I know this … Just a minute … Jared, get in here. Voting Update: At least 73.3 million people have already voted (143% of the 2016 early vote & 53% of the total vote in 2016). 27 states have already surpassed half of their total vote from 2016. Music for Resistingx YouTube Videox YouTube VideoMemaliciousnessAd(s) of the Dayx YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube VideoKeith Olbermann: The Worst Person in the Worldx THE VIDEO MITT ROMNEY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE!
Texas Early voting, graphical summary
Pattern of Early Voting. The counties in the Austin to San Antonio axis have more early votes than total 2016 votes cast. High Early voting largely coincides with high Democratic counties, with the notable exception of the lower Rio Grande. I am quite certain, the Biden campaign knows of the relative under performance of the lower Rio Grande in the Early Voting turnout. Shapefile used to create map (consists of a simple union of a county outline map and County early voting files ).
What is your favorite Johnny Cash song?
I was lucky enough to grow up listening to Johnny Cash. My brother and sister had a 45 of “A Boy Named Sue” and that introduction caused me to seek out (As I still do) all the Johnny Cash songs that I can get my hands on. From his voice, his politics, to his songs, Johnny Cash was a first class man. I cannot disagree with them necessarily, as I never met a Cash song that I did not like. x YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube VideoAll of the above and many more have been my favorite Cash song at various points in my life...but currently my favorite is:x YouTube VideoHow about you, what is your current favorite song by Johnny Cash?
Culver City stands up to Big Oil, votes to phase out drilling in largest urban oil field in U.S.
In a year of record fires, record heat and the unprecedented Coronavirus in California, the City Council of Culver City, the site of the largest urban oil field in the U.S, voted on October 26 to phase out oil drilling. The council voted unanimously to phase out oil drilling, properly cap and remediate the site of the largest urban oil field in the country and develop a plan to enact a just transition for workers within five years. Twelve years of work went into the Culver City success and was highlighted in a webinar cohosted by Sierra Club and The Climate Center. Only in a Big Oil state like California would a Legislator have to even author a bill to ban offshore oil drilling in a "marine protected area." And only in a Big Oil state like California would the Legislature vote against a bill to stop oil drilling in a "marine protected area."
No One Can Legally Prevent You from Voting
(Brennan Center for Justice)No one can legally prevent you from voting in the 2020 Presidential election. It is any attempt to prevent people from voting either through intimidation or by preventing them from registering or voting. Today voting suppression is a primary Republican Party campaign strategy. What does modern-day voter suppression look like in comparison to past historical voter suppression? Remember, no one can legally prevent an American citizen and an eligible voter from voting in the 2020 Presidential election and that includes Donald Trump.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 10
Now in my autumn years, I still like to put the blacklights in the windows for the kiddos. Cheap thrillsCheap plastic skeletons with glow paint, day-glo spiderwebs illuminated by blacklight and a couple of lasers bouncing around in the background work pretty well. spooookyMy plastic skeletons are getting old and breaking so I had to make internal frames out of coat hangers. Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share a virtual kitchen table with other readers of Daily Kos who aren’t throwing pies at one another. Newcomers may notice that many who post in this series already know one another to some degree, but we welcome guests at our kitchen table and hope to make some new friends as well.
NY-SD-43: State Senator Daphne Jordan's Voting Record Is Outside Of The Mainstream
Daphne Jordan: A Right-Wing Voting Record That Clearly Places Her Outside Of The Mainstream:Arch-conservative New York State Senator Daphne Jordan (R), who represents most of the northern stretches of the Hudson Valley region, has maintained a voting record that is so far to the right, it places her out of step with many of her Republican colleagues. (As a matter of fact, in 2019, Jordan was one of only three State Senators to earn a perfect, 100% score from the Conservative Party of New York State.) Daphne Jordan was one of only thirteen State Senators that opposed establishing early, in-person voting (S 1102, 2019). You can learn even more about Daphne Jordan’s voting record at DoNothingDaphne.com. Fortunately, we now have a strong alternative that is running for State Senate this year that will provide our region with more mainstream representation at the state capital in Albany.
Trump creep Stephen Miller: Biden will "incentivize child smuggling
Top Trump aide claims Biden would encourage child trafficking, echoing baseless QAnon conspiracyDonald Trump adviser Stephen Miller, on behalf of the president’s re-election campaign, has claimed without evidence that Democratic candidate Joe Biden would “incentivise” child trafficking under his administration, if elected. (via @priscialva) https://t.co/ly6voiHjiI https://t.co/1m1wUu8F6Z — DJ Judd (@DJJudd) October 28, 2020x I'm sorry, but it's people like #StephenMiller that give things like Neo-Satanic Ritualism in Pedo-cannibalistic orgies a bad name! https://t.co/E2BZxPoWbS — politicallandscaping (@politicallands1) October 28, 2020x Stephen Miller must be so proud of himself. https://t.co/t0l3a5bm8w — Molly Wood (@mollywood) October 28, 2020With people like Miller and Trump it is all about projection. It is Trump and Stephen Miller who are trafficking children, many of them.
Expand the Court to 25. Here’s Why and How.
Over the next 16 years, we should add 16 justices to the Supreme Court. First, if we expand the court just once, then the next time Republicans take over, they’ll have to expand it again, and we get into a tit-for-tat arms race. The final number, 25, is roughly two times thirteen. With 25 justices, it will be impossible to pack the court in less than 100 years. With 25 justices, there will be a lot less at stake each time a vacancy opens.
????OFPMFP Novel: Dark Redemption -- Chapter 39
"I recently met a woman named Miss Cooper, Miss Ferner Cooper, who has been looking for a friend, a wolf who disappeared some time ago." "They were very close, and Miss Cooper has been extremely worried. But I promised Miss Cooper I would help her if I could." "Oh, and I should also mention... Miss Cooper is of the Faerie Tribe." You were the one who didn't want to join a wolf pack, but in the end you became the Alpha Wolf of a pack of your own."
Dear Coach Saban: Please endorse Doug Jones for AL Senate. You'll be doing well by doing good!
You have a rare opportunity to pull this off by endorsing Doug Jones for Alabama Senate. Now it’s time for an additional step: Supporting Doug Jones for Senate next Tuesday. On the other hand, when asked about Black Lives Matter, Tommy Tuberville said, “This is not a black issue. Doug Jones or Tommy Tuberville? Marching with your players certainly helped your reputation among African-American recruits , Endorsing Doug Jones would extend and solidify it.
Bishop of church that triggered Charlotte super spreader: Keep coming to church, COVID be hanged
But something playing out in my hometown of Charlotte has done exactly that, and then some. A yearly convocation at a Charlotte megachurch has triggered the area’s first bona fide super spreader—and there is now overwhelming evidence that this was a criminal act. Earlier this month, the United House of Prayer for All People held a “holy convocation” at its flagship church in Charlotte, just north of downtown. And yet, according to these members, church leaders sat on their hands and let the gatherings continue. If this is even half true, then the United House of Prayer basically planted a dirty bomb in Charlotte—with my neighborhood as the epicenter.
Late Breaking Opportunities to Make a Difference
Late Breaking Opportunities to Make a DifferenceAs we reach election day, there are new developments in the news and polling that greatly improve candidates chances. Please donate to the Late Breaking Opportunities Fund to help these candidates. After tomorrow (10/29), Florida candidates can no longer receive money. Kathy Lewis FL-SD-20: Florida needs to flip 3 seats to tie in the senate and prevent a partisan gerrymander. Please support these candidates whose chances have been greatly improved or made more important by late breaking news.
SCOTUS allows extended vote count in North Carolina. GOP plan to disenfranchise falling apart.
So the news keeps getting better:US Supreme Court keeps Nov. 12 deadline for NC to accept mailed-in absentee ballots. North Carolina voters will have a few extra days for their ballots to reach election officials and still be counted after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene Wednesday night. The new deadline for mail-in ballots to be received is Nov. 12, though ballots must still be postmarked on or before Nov. 3, Election Day.
Poll: Who would be the second person of this administration you'd like to see in jail?
In my dreams—and they are plausible—there are a slew of criminal cases ready to hit the disorganized crime syndicate currently at the White House. The Great Pumpkin himself would be first, for a long line of felonies from tax evasion to Hatch Act violations to who knows what else. I wish him a long life in jail, his only brief time on the outside outside being for additional indictments. I can’t imagine Barr and Kushner not being guilty of something they could go to jail for. Unfortunately, there are some real monsters who up to now have not been linked with any actionable criminal activity.
A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished
This nightmare that we’ve been experiencing for the past four years may finally be coming to its end. I wrote before the inauguration of the apocalyptic choices to head the key agencies with responsibility for energy and the environment. More democracy will bring more change and we are in desperate need of change on this old sweet blue earth. And then we can truly “crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!” That’s the idea anyway. (Originally posted at A Newer World — on the policy, politics, science and economics of environmental protection, sustainability, energy and climate change)
A Teacher in Vegas
They will NOT be sitting with their teacher and friends, playing games to improve their reading or math skills. They will NOT have a teacher sitting at their desk for one-on-one help. Their teacher will be attempting to help them from a minimum of six feet away – there will be no individual help. And God forbid a student or teacher get severely ill or die. I certainly don’t want to explain to my children that their friend, classmate, or teacher is dead.
Tried to sign in to ActBlue.com They could not find my email address... dirty work?
Made numerous donations via ActBlue.com in the past month. Tried to log in just now at 9:05pm EST 10/28/2020 supplying my usual email address and got a response saying “We couldn't find an ActBlue account with that email, please create an account to continue.”I triple checked the email address I supplied and found that it is right. So… is this dirty work by GOPeratives or is it just a glitch ?
How Biden Gets to 413 Electoral Votes!
As I said in 2018, Blue Wave 2.0 is coming in 2020. 40 years after the 1980 Reagan Landslide, when he won with 489 electoral votes and 11 Dem Senate seats flipped Red, the political pendulum has swung back far left. And he has created the Perfect Wave within a Blue Wave all down the ballot to state and local levels. Electoral Vote Totals for Biden will be one of the following: 351, 357, 375, or 413. Congratulations, President Biden, VP Harris, Speaker Pelosi, and MAJORITY LEADER Schumer!
Jack Black, Jason Bateman & Eric Holder Join Beto O'Rourke In Helping Flip Texas Blue
Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D. TX) and his organization, Powered By People:It's official: Texas is a TOSS-UP! A state that hasn’t voted for the Democratic nominee since 1976 has been labeled as a Toss-Up state by multiple major polls and election trackers. The polls, the tweets, and other positive indicators about flipping Texas don’t mean a thing if people don’t vote. That’s why we’re spending the three days leading up to Election Day calling voters across Texas, along with some special guests, for Calling Texas: The Last Mile. Whether you can sign up for multiple shifts or just one, it will make a huge difference in Texas.
Tim Curry & The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast Reunite On Halloween To Help Flip Wisconsin Blue
Received this e-mail from actor Tim Curry on behalf of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:Right now, we can almost see blue skies through the tears… of the Trump presidency, of course. That’s why we’re doing the Rocky Horror Show — LIVE — this Halloween night — to help get out the vote in Wisconsin. This is a live, once-in-a-lifetime musical livestream event, featuring cast members both old and new. And we’re doing this for the most important cause right now — to end the Donald Trump nightmare by turning Wisconsin blue. RSVPPlease join us, it’ll be an absolute pleasure!
TX-Sen: "John Cornyn’s (R) fate may depend on whether voters give him a pass for standing by Trump"
Erica Grieder at The Houston Chronicle has good piece out about U.S. That’s a question that may determine a number of downballot races in Texas this year, and the 68-year-old senator seems to know it. Cornyn, a Republican who also serves as Senate majority whip, has been generally if not ardently supportive of Trump since the latter’s election in 2016. The result is that Texas voters now see the two as linked. Several polls have found Trump in a virtual tie with former Vice President Joe Biden in Texas.
Trump’s Body Count: War Crimes Against Iran and Venezuela
Trump’s Body Count:War Crimes Against Iran and VenezuelaBy Al CarrollTrump has been trying to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela since he first took office. Trying to Start a War with IranBefore Obama, every US president since Jimmy Carter has denounced, sanctioned, and occasionally bombed Iran. One Failed Coup After Another in VenezuelaBoth GW Bush and Obama tried to force first Hugo Chavez and then Nicolas Maduro out of office. Where Obama tried diplomatic and limited economic pressure, Trump has tried coup after coup and repeatedly tried to invade. His next book is Trump’s Body Count: The Horrific Human Rights Record of America’s Third Worst President at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KY8XRYB?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420.
Remember THIS When Trump Lawyers start Challenging Early Votes and Mail-in Ballots ...
Get out and vote," Mr. Trump said. "Vote early. www.cbsnews.com — Oct 24, 2020And there’s this incriminating “Trump endorsement” of Vote-by-Mail:Trump told supporters [in North Carolina] who'd dialed into a telephone rally. Donald was an active advocate of Early Voting — BEFORE he was against it. —And bring THIS evidence into every court case protecting our precious Right to Vote — whether by mail, or by drop box, or by in-person time-costly lines — early lines, or the day of.
Top Comments: Six Days Out Edition... The Waiting
The job of observers is to make sure that everyone who wants to vote gets that chance. No one who comes to vote should leave without at the very least submitting a provisional ballot. If there are any signs of intimidation, I need to help the intimidated voters, and report the intimidation to Democratic operatives. All I need to do is obtain my Poll Observer Certification, and I’m ready to go. In the meantime...x YouTube VideoComments are below the fold, after this message from our sponsor:
Mischief Night on Woozle Wednesday at PWB Peeps
Welcome to another edition of Woozle WednesdayHello Peeps, welcome to our little corner of Woozleville at the PWB Peeps [that’s Pooties (cats), Woozles (dogs), Birdeez (duh), and us Peeps of course]. But first, a bit of Woozleville history... for Peeps Mischief Night is mostly a thing of the past, for obvious reasons that we won’t go into. It became known by a variety of names including Devil's Night, Gate Night, Goosey Night, Moving Night, and Cabbage Night. [If you want to read last year’s Woozle Mischief Night diary, here is the link, for more history and regional differences from the UK, Canada, New England, and the Northeast U.S. Inaugural Woozle Wednesday Mischief Night Edition 2019]The woozles decided they wanted to put their own stamp on this day. After last year’s successful night of mischief, the Woozleville Community Events Committee decided to make Mischief Night part of the annual calendar.
When freezing supporters isn't enough...collect their ballots first
The story about the Trump campaign abandoning rally attendees in freezing temperatures after Trump left Omaha has been covered widely here and on the news shows, but thought I’d add a few tidbits:1. Also, don’t know if they wore masks to the rally, but they definitely weren’t on the return trip after they had been congregating in the cold for hours. Nobody wore masks and they kept singing YMCA. The Trump campaign arranged for their own drop boxes to be furnished to the crowd so they could leave their absentee ballots in them. So they grabbed ballots and then left the crowd to fend for themselves.
Florida Early Vote, graphic presentation
Florida early vote is clocking in at 66% of total 2016 presidential vote (10/26 data). High early vote is associated with the sea-front fringe, but is less concentrated in known "high Democratic" strongholds than in Texas. Coastal counties on the densely populated Florida penisula are reporting higher early vote than rural counties. As in Texas, a catastrophic strategy mistake of the Trumpistas was to agitate against early voting, it effectively suppressed Republican (early) turnout in their strongest territory. Shapefile (readable in QGIS and other software) share publicly here, simple union of a county outline map and early voting stats listed above: drive.google.com/...
545 Children
Federal court filings made this week by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Justice Department say that the parents of some 545 migrant children who are currently in the United States have not been found. These parents were separated from their children at the U.S. border by border officials under President Trump's zero tolerance policy from 2017 to 2018, and the filing says the parents are now unreachable. It’s painful to think about the children who have been separated from their parents by this administration. If Biden is elected, I have no doubt that reuniting those children with their parents is going to be his first priority, but it isn’t going to be easy. If you are feeling helpless about those children and want to do something, please consider donating to help them do the work of reuniting those children with their families.
Don't forget that Republicans also eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees
Just a quick reminder about something I see largely left out of the coverage of Republicans’ bad faith regarding the Supreme Court: Republicans eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. This was supposed to be a seismic event, but I don't hear it discussed much anymore in the overall Supreme Court debate and the so-called “packing the court” narrative. But, Republicans were only able to fill that seat with an ideologue like J. Gorsuch because Republicans eliminated the Supreme Court filibuster. Kavanaugh was nominated and appointed solely because Republicans eliminated the Supreme Court filibuster . As you can see — the key event of the last few years was the Republicans eliminating the Supreme Court filibuster — the once-understood “nuclear option.”So, the case against Republicans, properly understood, leads to three improper Supreme Court nominations based on three key facts: (i) denying Pres.
Preparing to Play the SCOTUS Trump Cards: 'BradCast' 10
If you have any doubts about that, they quote noticed science and technologist Ivanka Trump as supporting evidence;20 former Republican U.S. (So much for Trump as the self-proclaimed "law and order President");Hundreds of Trump supporters were left stranded by the Trump Campaign in frigid temps on an airstrip in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday night, after Trump's latest super-spreader rally. But he still has a few Trump Cards that he believes -- with good reason -- he may be able to play at his stolen and corrupt U.S. Supreme Court. That effort will involve preventing timely cast ballots from being tabulated at all following Election Day. Since elections are never certified by states on Election Night -- only the media declare "winners", in that sense -- official state results cannot be "flipped" with the counting of ballots after Election Day.
Overnight News Digest October 28, 2020
From there it made its way across metro New Orleans, taking down trees and wrecking roofs from Grand Isle to Slidell. The new deadline for mail-in ballots to be received is Nov. 12, though ballots must still be postmarked on or before Nov. 3, Election Day. he previous deadline for ballots to be received by local boards was Nov. 6, as set by state lawmakers. Tuesday marked the last day that postal and election administration experts said ballots could be mailed to ensure delivery in time for Election Day, based on national first-class mail service. The celebrated Parisian bookstore told readers on Wednesday that it was facing “hard times” as the Covid-19 pandemic keeps customers away.
Twisted Trumpist Presidential Quotes
So let’s play a game — take a famous presidential quote and twist it around to create the Trumpist version. Donald Trump: Speak loudly and carry a little _ _ _ ck (Feel free to fill in the blanks). Franklin D. Roosevelt: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Donald Trump: And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what you can do for your country --- ask what you and your country can do for me! Feel free to add your own twisted Trumpist presidential quotes.
Late Night Insomniacs' Vent Hole
SPOILER WARNING: A late night gathering for non serious palaver that does not speak of that night’s show. This Vent Hole (hereafter known as IVH), if lost or stolen will not be replaced nor will the purchase price be refunded. Violation of IVH Rules will result in expulsion without a refund. Kimmell: Oh, oh David Letterman, Gillian Jacobs and Gracie Abrams stop by. Meyers: Guests include Bette Midler and Bryan Washington.
I Got your Recall Petition Right Here, M*therF*cker!
It was with great pleasure that my lady friend and I dropped off four ballots at our local voting location here in Clark County, Nevada. I was irritated on the way in by some jerk with a bull horn just outside the legal perimeter with a recording that repeated over and over “Sign the petition to recall Governor Sisolak and open up Nevada. Sign the petition right here.” Right — let’s all get Covid. As soon as I was past the “perimeter” sign. I turned to the idiot with the bullhorn and shouted “I got your petition right here, motherfucker!” And gave him the classic double palm outward crotch shot signifying “right here!!”.
AZ-Sen: New Poll Has Mark Kelly (D) Leading Martha McSally (R) 50-40, Biden Beating Trump 49-46
In Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county, the Democratic candidates for County Attorney and Sheriff hold leads against their Republican opponents. Our polling shows strong leads for Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Senate candidate Mark Kelly in Arizona ahead of Tuesday’s election. ?Democratic challenger Mark Kelly is leading current Senator Martha McSally 50% to 40%, ?with 10% of respondents undecided. In Maricopa County, one of the most important national swing counties, our polling shows strong leads for Democrats in the County Attorney and Sheriff elections. Democratic ?Maricopa County Attorney nominee Julie Gunnigle leads incumbent Republican Allister Adel 38% to 32%.In the Maricopa County sheriff’s race, incumbent? Democrat Paul Penzone leads Republican challenger Jerry Sheridan 47% to 33%.
Possible Republican Strategy: Cheat, Then Yell 'Sore Losers'
This is what happened in 2000. Will it happen again? It’s possible. Don’t back down when they yell “Sore losers”! No one should be allowed to declare victory before all the votes are counted!
I am hoping that the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory.
They think it will be a win for them but I think that will be their final downfall. I think that getting rid of the ACA with no real replacement will turn even more of the people against them. Things are going to be bad even if we do get our blue wave and win the election handily. Once the new Supreme Court does the things I mention above I don’t see anyone arguing too much when we rebuild the Supreme Court by adding justices and setting term limits. We also need to rebuild much of the federal court system.
Morning Digest: Uber's 9-figure ballot measure to curtail driver rights narrowly leads in new poll
Despite the yes side's lopsided resource advantage, UC Berkeley finds little change from its last poll in mid-September, when Prop. The only other poll we've seen was a late September SurveyUSA poll that had the measure in better shape with a 45-31 edge. 22 would impose massive costs on them that would lead to far fewer drivers in California and higher prices for customers. Local governments would also not be able to require companies to provide additional benefits or protections for their gig workers. More than $5 million will go towards turning out voters of color, while the rest will be for digital ads.
2020 Boxed Mixes are not Sacred!
Mother's Little HelperI have used boxed cake mixes and the like for decades, just like you have. Most of my baking uses boxed mixes. Some of them involve doctoring boxed mixes to make them taste more homemade. That idea spurred me to start adding stuff to all kinds of mixes and tins of food. Videos suggest replacing oil in cake mixes with butter, adding extra eggs and vanilla, changing water to milk and other enhancements that had not occurred to me.
Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 10
Welcome to the Daily Kos Elections Live Digest, your liveblog of all of today's campaign news. Please note: The Live Digest is a 2016 and 2020 Democratic presidential primary-free space. It’s also a place to discuss elections, not policy. Sign up here to receive the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest in your inbox each weekday.
Markos Moulitsas on MTP Daily: "We have a much broader playing field now"
x WATCH: @Markos says "Hillary Clinton dramatically outspent [Trump] in 2016." #MTPDailyMarkos: "He did not win because of money in 2016." "But it negates one of the Republican Party's historical advantages over the Democrats, that is big money." As Markos explains:We’re seeing fundraising numbers that are just mind boggling, right? I still can’t believe I’m saying Texas is competitive.”You can watch the full video here:
North Dakota has the highest COVID-19 death rate and lowest mask-wearing. Go figure
Masks work. But thanks to Donald Trump politicizing them, many people reject masks and boost the spread of the coronavirus around the United States. We’re in a third surge that is about to swamp the previous two, disastrous ones, and many of the people in affected areas are not willing to change their behavior for their own safety or for public safety. For instance, “North Dakota has the highest covid death rate per capita in the world right now,” the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington’s Christopher Murray told The Washington Post, yet data suggests that less than 50% of people there wear masks. When Dr. Deborah Birx was in the state on Monday, she told reporters, “Over the last 24 hours, as we were here and we were in your grocery stores and in your restaurants and frankly, even in your hotels, this is the least use of masks that we have seen in retail establishments of any place we have been.”
A Senate majority isn't assured. This is how close we are to flipping the Senate
Using FiveThirtyEight.com’s Senate forecasts, we can see just how close that dividing line between “good” and “the best ever” really is. So is a four-seat majority enough to pass the kind of aggressive reforms we need to safeguard our democracy? It’s a real dogfight just to get to a small majority. I actually think both Georgia Senate seats are looking good for us (even if we might need to wait until January to clinch the seats in runoff elections). That’s how close things are between a tied Senate, or even Republicans maintaining their majority, and a 10-seat majority that could become 14 seats nearly overnight with Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehoods.
Daily Kos Elections Nov. 3, 2020 poll closing times map
Bookmark Daily Kos Elections’ handy map of poll closing times for the Nov. 3, 2020 general elections so that you can know when to start checking returns in each state on election night. Note that all times on the above map are Eastern, not local. Check back in with us when polls start closing at 6 PM ET Tuesday for our liveblog of all of this year’s key elections. Follow along by printing out and coloring in your own maps for the Electoral College, the Senate, and the House. And in the meantime, sign up for the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest to get the most comprehensive roundup of campaign news delivered to your inbox for free each weekday.
The Main Event: White Privilege vs Democracy
By 'white privilege' I mean the advantage inherently provided to persons of white descent who live in the United States. White privilege became a part of every practice in and operation of American society and serves the purpose of controlling the national agenda. White privilege is a gravely damaging insidious intrusion into democracy and any provision, any action that advances it diminishes the democratic impulse. White people who have protected white privilege during the course of their lifetimes are determined to continue being successful. Persons who promote white privilege in these offices use every means available to them, even more radical measures employed by white supremacists, to preserve white privilege.
Trump's October surprise commits the ultimate political sin—it's not just unbelievable, it's boring
Not only did the laptop come in without an identifiable source, it did so at a time when Hunter Biden was living on the opposite coast. Sure, there’s an understandable reluctance to post unsubstantiated emails that feature Hunter Biden delivering scenes from a mob film—if only because no one believes that Joe Biden would make a good Brando. Part one is publishing images of a supposed Hunter Biden that supposedly came from the mystery laptop. Instead of talking directly about Biden, Trump’s team is now busy focusing on the story of how no one will publish their thoroughly debunked material. If the umpteenth coming of the Hunter Biden story was already a limp choice for October surprise, this meta-fiction about that story is incredibly weak.
Pandemic Observations -- October 28, Top 40+ Nations (Israel Revisited Edition):
It was just a month ago when Israel, foreshadowing the latest resurgence of the coronavirus that was about to sweep across Europe and North America, crossed the previously unheard of threshold of 5,000 new Covid-19 cases per Million population per week (i.e. a weekly infection rate of 0.5%). a weekly C/1M of 1,000+). Nonetheless, just over a week before reaching its peak infection rate, Israel reinstated the same sort of draconian lockdown measures that had enabled it to crush the initial phase of the pandemic back in March and April. And despite all the grumbling and “Covid fatigue” from a significant portion of the population, they are now one of only two countries (Australia being the other) to have substantially defeated a significantly worse second surge of the coronavirus — reducing their weekly infection rate by nearly an order of magnitude to their pre-surge levels over the past month.
Trump's precious stock market plunges right as he makes closing argument to voters
After a smaller dip Tuesday, the Dow tumbled more than 943 points Wednesday, or about 3.4 percent," according to The Washington Post. The Dow has tumbled more than 2,400 points since early September, roughly an 8% decline. On Wednesday, Joseph LaVorgna, the chief economist at the White House National Economic Council, tried to pin the stock market dip on Europe. But no matter what happens, expect Trump to lie about the stock market. After all, among Trump’s list of first-term accomplishments, the White House included "ending the COVID-19 pandemic."
MFWOT Daily Update Thread
Police officers during a far-right demonstration in Berlin. Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open ThreadThis is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. You are welcome to join us
USA joins sad and sorry 700 club. Now among the world’s worst eight Covid-19 victim nations.
Chart showing the 20 nations worst-affected by the coronavirus pandemic at 28 October 2020. Data from worldometers.comYesterday the USA clicked over 700 deaths per million population from the coronavirus, joining just eight loser countries with that shameful record. The others are Ecuador (711), Chile (732), Bolivia (742), Brazil (744), Spain (758), Belgium (962) and Peru (1,036). The USA has surged ahead of most of the countries badly affected in the early months of the pandemic. It is intriguing to note that the worst-affected twenty nations include ten classified by the UNHRC as very highly developed (shown in red on the chart, above) and ten less advanced nations.
"It's Close To Midnight..."
In my humble opinion, I feel that the late Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller” was by far one the 5 best music videos ever to be recorded and released on music television venue. The music video, also known as “Michael Jackson's Thriller”, for "Thriller" premiered on MTV on December 2, 1983. The pair conceived a short film with a budget much larger than previous music videos. It was accompanied by a making-of documentary, “Making Michael Jackson's Thriller”, produced to sell to television networks. “Michael Jackson's Thriller” was launched to great anticipation and played regularly on MTV.
Shouting as a COVID-19 spreader risk, and three sobering scenarios. Spot the Trump implications.
Part of a long analysis of how COVID-19 propagates via aerosols. They don’t directly mention the ‘Trump shouting’ implications though. speaking in a loud voice releases 50 times more virus-laden particles than when we don’t speak at all. These aerosols, if not diffused through ventilation, become increasingly concentrated, which increases the risk of infection. The whole analysis of three scenarios (a social gathering in a private house, a bar, and a schoolroom) is a sobering read.
like the stock market isn't the economy, America just isn't the 12 states of the 2020 campaign
The last minute, multimillion-dollar boost will air intensive ad campaigns in all television markets in both states. Virtually all of the 2020 campaign has been in 12 states (based on campaign events). Silver notes that although polls are showing Biden with an advantage in Michigan and Wisconsin, "The polls have been tighter in Pennsylvania." [...]"(Pennsylvania) is close to being a must-win for Trump, who has only a 2% chance of winning the Electoral College if he loses Pennsylvania," Silver argues. Sun Belt states in which Biden is competitive include Florida, Arizona and Georgia, among others.
Twitter Star Mark Hamill Endorses Biden in Glorious Ad
Still from Mark Hamill’s new ad for BidenFrom Joe Biden’s Twitter feed:x Thank you for your support, @HamillHimself. pic.twitter.com/GlgnKz8q96 — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 28, 2020We’ve known Mark Hamill was anti-Trump for a while now, but this official Biden video makes it, well, official. The scrolling yellow text, like from the original Star Wars movies is a nice touch. It kinda hits home the point that this election really is the ultimate battle between good and evil. Thank you, Mark Hamill for being a hero both on-screen and off.
538 says there's "Little sign of the presidential race tightening."
x Right- @chrislhayes is absolutely right, The ABC/WashPO poll released their results as they fell. It showed Joe Biden 17 points (not a typo) ahead of President Trump, 57 percent to 40 percent, among likely voters. Project Veritas for years has misrepresented itself to get an inside look at how Democratic campaigns and liberal groups operate in Wisconsin and around the country. In the latest episode, a man with ties to Veritas posed as a documentary filmmaker to get interviews with liberal groups, according to those groups. In all, six groups said they were targeted: BLOC, Voces, Our Wisconsin Revolution, Souls to the Polls, Wisconsin Race Class Narrative Project and Wisconsin Voices.
Kansas organization launches website aimed at using flashmobs to expose others to COVID
Well, ridiculous tropes and debunked science, combined with a commitment to expose others. I would like to note, the part about: “enjoy your shopping experience”, should likely read: “your shopping experience will be interrupted by a security guard and people booing you as you are ushered out of a store. “The mask mandate doesn’t make sense and takes away our right to make our own decisions regarding our health.”Hmm. I guess it’s just me, but my next question would be: “So, how do you feel about Roe V Wade”? “There is a cost to remaining silent on the mask wearing issue,” Harpe wrote.
Trump campaign literally leaves hundreds of supporters 'in the cold,' unable to leave Nebraska rally
The Trump campaign literally left hundreds of its supporters out in the cold on Tuesday evening. As reported in Newsweek and elsewhere:Backers of President Donald Trump were left stranded overnight, with several taken to hospital for hypothermia after an Omaha campaign rally ended in chaos. Trump’s rally was held at Eppley airport, with supporters transported in buses along an airport service road from parking lots approximately four miles away. As reported by the Iowa Starting Line:According to a Twitter account named “Omaha Scanner,” police officers located two groups of elderly Trump supporters shortly after the event ended who were struggling in the cold. We saw this: pic.twitter.com/DTRKnH5lkb — Aaron Sanderford (@asanderford) October 28, 2020x ??BREAKING—Elderly attendees at Trump’s Omaha MAGA rally being treated for *hypothermia* after AF1 departs.
Shock! Tucker Carlson says that his treasure trove of secret Hunter Biden documents has 'vanished'
Tucker Carlson has been attempting to do the dirty anti-journalistic, pro-fascist work, of carrying the hoax water of Hunter Biden-gate for Trump. He’s teased out an interview with Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s “ex-business partner.” Surprisingly, even though his Bobulinski interview was going to be explosive and a must-see for American citizens, Tucker decided to tease out the interview, so far, over a few days. I guess American national security needs to compete with Tucker’s pointless ratings. The special secret documents that Tucker had, showing Hunter Biden’s wheeling and dealing with international companies has “vanished.” VANISHED!!!! Tucker went on his show to say that this package, sent to California, where he was interviewing Bobulinski, was opened and its contents had disappeared.
My 1st Sign. I Took This Photo As A Marine Officer Walked Towards Me. He Was Pissed Off. So Was I.
But I was a Democrat at the end of December in the year 2000, and absolutely prepared to stand my ground. Here was our conversation:“Did you put that up there?”“Yup.”“Why are you displaying the flag like that?”“It’s an international sign of distress.”“I know it’s a sign of distress. He did not, as I’d expected, go onto the bridge and take down my sign, which I really appreciated. 1st experiment with approach/reveal — from a distance looks like a bus terminal or water fountain sign from the late 50’s. And the way to do that was by putting signs on freeways, but not like the ones I’d seen because those signs looked like crap.
Thinking moving towards landslide
because I am seeing more and more evidence that political professionals who have access to internal polls are seeing it. You look at where key people are being deployed — compare Mike Pence going to SC and Kamala Harris going to TX. Read between the lines on some of what Mitch says, and apparently he not only thinks Trjump is going to lose, but that he will lose his majority. There are even more stories embarrassing — or worse — for Trump that are breaking across multiple media outlets. we are seeing results of activity for registering voters in TX and GA, and turning out Native Americans in AZ.
Natives Turn Out in Record Number, Rev Up Actual Bus To Finish Trump in Arizona
In Kayenta, near Monument Valley and the Utah state line, fully one-third of the early ballots are coming from Navajos who have not voted in many years. The 25 paid field organizers of Northeast Arizona Native Democrats have been working to produce this turnout for many months. Of the first 11,800 early ballots returned in Apache County (Arizona’s far northeast which ironically includes the heart of the Navajo Nation), 7,732 have come from Democrats. The White Mountain Apache Tribe responded by creating a new bus line with twice-daily service between Canyon Day and Globe, the county seat with the nearest drop box for Gila County ballots. This doesn’t account for the fact that many county election officials, particularly in Democratic northeast Arizona, are behind in opening their mail.
Caught repeatedly violating 'firewall' rule, Trump's Voice of America head rescinds it entirely
To this end, new Trump-selected USAGM Chief Michael Pack and subordinates have been mounting numerous inquiries aimed at pushing out Voice of America employees deemed insufficiently supportive of Dear Leader, including Voice of America White House Bureau Chief Steve Herman. Pack, a Steve Bannon associate described as "paranoid" in his hunt for anti-Trump witches among the agency's reporters, was put into the position to do exactly that. In September, agency whistleblowers stepped forward to file a claim with the State Department inspector general charging him with violating those rules. He also asserts that the rule is unconstitutional, and based on "flawed" reasoning, and "made the agency difficult to manage," and take-your-pick. And, importantly, the rule "threatened constitutional values because the Constitution gives the President broad latitude in directing the foreign policy of the United States."
Desperate Trump campaign trots out Melania to make partisan attacks
"Let us also not forget what the Democrats chose to focus on when COVID-19 first came into our country,” Melania offered. “While the President was taking decisive action to keep the American people safe, the Democrats were wasting American taxpayer dollars in a sham impeachment.”Um. So we’re in very good shape.”February 25: “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away.”February 27: “It’s going to disappear. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. Senate Minority Leader Schumer called on Trump to declare a national emergency on January 26.
Mississippi Republican gives a special kind of racist answer to question about Black Lives Matter
Incumbent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is running with a strong lead over Democratic challenger Mike Espy in Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race. Not unlike the rest of the Republican field, Sen. Hyde-Smith has been ducking away from having to face off with her challenger in a debate. However, she has made appearances local news broadcasts to take questions, without challenge, from local news reporters. WAPT’s Mississippi Matters had the senator on Tuesday evening, and host Erin Pickens asked her a few questions. Pickens gave the example of a peaceful protest held by activists in June, in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.
'It's really important to me to be in this fight': DACA recipients working to get out the vote
Not only are their families at ongoing risk of separation, their immigration protections have been decimated. "Many of our leaders who are volunteering … their family members have gotten sick or lost their jobs because of the pandemic,” she said. "It's really important to me to be in this fight," Guzman said to CNN. Young voters respond to text messages, and NextGen America is reaching out to young voters in 11 battleground states to make sure they have a plan to vote. Sign up to volunteer, and spend some time sending text messages to get out the vote.
Hello, 911? I'd like to report a murder of senatorial dignity in the GA-SEN Debate. Ossoff vs Perdue
Senator...” begins the 151 shot:x Sen. David Perdue is a man without vision or integrity. Georgia is finished with David Perdue.https://t.co/zi5Wxg0VYr pic.twitter.com/am9Gh18gUY — Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) October 29, 2020And the Everclear chaser:x Sen. David Perdue doesn't deserve to be re-elected. pic.twitter.com/S7Zi3dsnik — Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) October 29, 2020I don’t remember that I had ever seen Ossoff speak before. There was nothing for David Perdue to do other than stand there looking sheepish as he got pwned. They’re not getting it again until they earn it back, on an individual basis with contrition, humility, and a move toward real integrity.
Walt Disney World entertainment gutted
Actors Equity just announced that 720 of its 780 members at Walt Disney World have lost their jobs. Though that might not seem like much, compared to the company-wide layoffs of 28,000, it is an almost fatal blow to the entertainment industry here in Orlando. It is also an unimaginable loss to all of us who have worked for the company for decades. Outside of Disney we worked in local theatre, did some film and tv, & dinner shows. As if Disney doesn’t plan on having anyone in entertainment who will be able to build a life here anymore.
Congratulations to Bolivia’s President-Elect Luis Arce
The United States congratulates Bolivian President-elect Luis Arce and Vice President-elect David Choquehuanca, whom the Bolivian people chose in their October 18 national elections. We recognize Supreme Electoral Tribunal President Salvador Romero and all of Bolivia’s electoral authorities for overseeing this credible process, along with the hard work and peaceful conduct of Bolivian voters, political parties, civil society, and the security forces. The United States looks forward to working with the new, democratically elected government on matters of mutual interest.
Trump's thin, thin skin is showing as Obama says a fraction of what he really thinks
At another Florida rally, on Saturday, Obama listed some of Trump’s greatest hits, like suggesting bleach injections to cure coronavirus. “Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff!” Obama said. “Why do we accept it from the president of the United States?”And yeah, Trump immediately tweeted about that speech, too. Obama is taking over that role while Harris meshes her tone more with Biden’s unity-focused theme. For years, Obama had to work to deny anyone the chance to stick “angry Black man” stereotypes on him, and he did that work.
Getting Away With Murder: ‘Clash’ as Media Euphemism for ‘Massacre’
Those same forces have now conducted massacres of Morales supporters near the cities of Cochabamba and La Paz. (11/18/19) and Common Dreams (11/22/19) framed events as a “massacre” rather than a “clash,” and with far fewer resources, too. Yet when official allies carry out similar violence, it is laundered through the passive voice and the use of neutral words. Words matter, and how issues are presented to us has an enormous effect on public opinion and in shaping society. In a very real sense, by muddying the waters, media are literally helping the powerful getting away with murder.
An innovative way for Bay Area volunteers to get out the vote in swing states
That's why Manny's—a politically themed restaurant at 16th & Valencia in San Francisco's Mission District—has set up get-out-the-vote Victory Booths on their sidewalk as a safe, coronavirus-compliant way to do in-person volunteering to reach voters in swing states. Click here to volunteer for a shift at Manny's Victory Booths. When you show up, you will be given the choice to phonebank or textbank to Democratic voters in swing states. We are so close to recruiting 100,000 get-out-the-vote volunteers for the 2020 cycle. Click to sign up for a shift at Manny's, and come join us at the Victory Booths.
Memes, mocking take over Twitter after Kim Kardashian West shares vacation photos on private island
Kim Kardashian West is a famous person. She is also a wealthy person and her extended family has been at the forefront of the “reality stars” entertainment economy for some time. It’s also Kim Kardashian West’s 40th birthday! On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian West put up a post of glamour shots showing a big crew of friends and family living it up in some tropical area. Of course, the tone-deaf, privileged, and ill-timed boasting Kardashian West was very quickly memed into the history books.
Storms in the south and melting ice in the north are emblems of a changing world
The National Snow and Ice Data Center has been tracking the extent of Arctic sea ice for decades. That heat results in more melting ice, and more heat, and … the result is an average extend of sea ice that has fallen over 40% in as many years. Initially, 2020 looked to be tracking second to the record low sea ice in 2012, but as fall began, something … different happened. Since this is sea ice, it’s melting won’t directly cause ocean levels to be higher. The melting ice has already fueled the destabilization of the polar vortex.
Secret History of U.S. Involvement in Brazil’s Operation Car Wash
The nature of the U.S. government’s role in the operation has also generated much public speculation and suspicion among many Car Wash critics. Car Wash task force is part of the former, which is led by the prosecutor general and is responsible for prosecuting crimes. All of this was facilitated by the Car Wash prosecutors and took place in their offices. In 2016, a Swiss court ruled that prosecutors had illegally shared bank data with Car Wash prosecutors. Pozzobon said that a Keppel lawyer had confirmed a trip to Brazil to meet with Car Wash prosecutors.
Wednesday Night Owls: Beating Trump is just the beginning
Social movements need a healthy ecology, which means a wide array of activities and manifestations of grassroots power. I say on the campaign trail that we need our feet on the ground and our eyes on the stars of our ideals. If nothing else, Donald Trump has revealed just how much state power matters in this country. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As much as our favorite boogeyman loves the limelight, there's one thing he loves even more—being Senator.
To Media, No Democrat Can Possibly Be Right-Wing
The media do report on the split, but they never identify the latter as representing the right at all. In fact, the phrase “right-wing Democrat” has not appeared in the New York Times for over 30 years. This is a common occurrence in media, and has the effect of normalizing the right wing of the party as the default. “Pragmatic”—meaning adapting sensibly and adopting realistic, fact-based positions—is another newspeak word media use to describe right-wing Democrats espousing pro-corporate policies, regardless of what the facts actually are. Corporate media are funded by the same sources that fund both parties and broadly share the same ideology, hence the reluctance to critique them.
Judge Sergio Moro Directed Car Wash Prosecutors on Lula Case
Last weekend, The Intercept published explosive group chats between Car Wash prosecutors and conversations between task force coordinator Deltan Dallagnol and Moro, showing that the then-judge and the prosecutors were unethically and inappropriately collaborating in secret. The Car Wash task force refused to comment on the contents of this story. “I thought it went really well,” Santos Lima, the prosecutor, responded. Press Aide 2 – 22:29:13 – What’s the need, actually.. Santos Lima – 22:30:50 – Just something I need taken care of. However, in this case, Car Wash prosecutors spent hours crafting a communications strategy at the judge’s suggestion in order to, in the words of their leader, “comfort the judge.” Prosecutors Deliver on Moro’s Suggestion The following afternoon, the Car Wash prosecutors put out a statement attacking Lula’s arguments and using the exact word Moro had suggested: contradictions.
Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots
Among the names being floated for possible Biden Cabinet posts are Meg Whitman, the CEO of Quibi and former CEO of eBay, and former Ohio Gov. “This plays to Joe Biden’s comfort zone,” said one former Republican member of Congress who is close to the Biden transition. Despite their criticisms, progressives have collected a handful of wins on the Biden transition. Some Cabinet positions have historically been considered less ideological than others, a “safe” slot to fill with a member of the opposite party. The Transportation Department, however, is expected to have a higher profile in a potential Biden administration that wants to focus on a major infrastructure package.
US ‘spied on Brazilian president and top officials’
The US spy agency bugged the phone of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff along with her top political and financial officials, according to new information released by WikiLeaks. The whistle-blowing website published on Saturday a National Security Agency (NSA) list of 29 Brazilian government phone numbers that the controversial American spy agency monitored. “Even on her official travels, President Rousseff is not safe from interception,” the group added. WikiLeaks said the mobile phone of Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado, former foreign affairs minister from 2013 to 2015 and current Brazilian ambassador to the US, was targeted. The latest disclosures come on the heels of new WikiLeaks releases that appeared to show the United States had spied on German and French government officials.
Biden holds a big lead over Trump, but race could tighten, according to CNBC All America Survey
Former Vice President Joe Biden holds an 11-point lead over President Donald Trump one week before the election, but the CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows the race could tighten. Biden leads Trump by 51% to 40%, a 2-point increase from the June poll and 6 points better than in April. Three of the least important issues — taxes, immigration and relations with China — are most critical to Trump voters. That's well below his best days in June 2018, when his net approval (approval minus disapproval) was positive 15. In fact, 18% of Biden's supporters believe the market will go up under Trump compared with 7% of Trump voters who believe it will rise under Biden.
Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’
And in a region where the former vice president feels the United States has long been regarded as a “bully dictating policy to smaller countries,” as he wrote in his book, a Biden White House would work more through persuasion than imposition, several advisers said in interviews. Keep up with Election 2020“The vice president fundamentally believes that the United States should be operating in mutual respect and a sense of shared responsibility,” said Jake Sullivan, a top foreign policy adviser to Mr. Biden. As a starting point, Mr. Biden is proposing a $4 billion aid package for Central America to address the causes of unauthorized migration and help defuse a third rail in American politics. And Mr. Biden’s advisers say they would seek to revive the anti-corruption campaign that set off political earthquakes across the Americas starting in 2014, but largely stalled in recent years. Critics said the Obama administration’s efforts to be seen as conciliatory and pragmatic made it lose leverage.
What's Beneath the Chaos We're Experiencing.
Chaos(Image by callum-skelton-LaMnXPLz7qc-unsplash) Details DMCAIt's easy to see politicians and their avid supporters surfing the waves of our social convulsions. The first is a resurgent form of Marxism that has regained new life in our young SJW's (Social Justice Warriors). This thinking is further advanced by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre's observation that everything, including personal attributes, is a social construction. In that case, the first step is to awaken to the underlying dynamics at cause in our society's convulsions. Read more in my soon to be released book, "Loosing" Your Mind: Critical Thinking in an Age of Chaos.
Nigeria Is Murdering Its Citizens
For years, the name SARS hung in the air here in Nigeria like a putrid fog. SARS, which stood for Special Anti-Robbery Squad, was supposed to be the elite Nigerian police unit dedicated to fighting crime, but it was really a moneymaking terror squad with no accountability. SARS was random, vicious, vilely extortionist. SARS officers would raid bars or stop buses on the road and arbitrarily arrest young men for such crimes as wearing their hair in dreadlocks, having tattoos, holding a nice phone or a laptop, driving a nice car. Then they would demand large amounts of money as “bail.”
Biden Vs Trump Poll: Joe Biden Lead Shrinks As Donald Trump Tops 2016 Vote Share In IBD/TIPP Presidential Poll
Biden Vs Trump Poll: Suburbs Back ChallengerUrban voters prefer Biden by a 38-point margin, outperforming Clinton's 2016 result, the IBD/TIPP presidential poll update finds. The IBD/TIPP presidential poll shows suburban voters back Biden vs. Trump, 53.5% to 44%. Presidential Poll DemographicsIBD/TIPP's latest Biden vs. Trump poll suggests the president now leads by 8 points among senior citizens, 53%-45%. Meanwhile, Trump trails Biden among Hispanics, 33%-65.5% in the latest IBD/TIPP Biden vs. Trump poll. Yet the latest IBD/TIPP Trump vs. Biden poll finds important contrasts with the Trump vs. Clinton race.
White House Watch
President Trump has seesawed back into a one-point lead over Democrat Joe Biden in Rasmussen Reports’ daily White House Watch survey. On the last Wednesday before Election Day in 2016, Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were tied at 44% apiece in Rasmussen Reports’ daily White House Watch. Rasmussen Reports has been releasing White House Watch weekly on Wednesdays since the beginning of July. But starting this week, White House Watch is being posted daily at 10:30 am Eastern. Please sign up for the Rasmussen Reports daily e-mail update (it's free) or follow us on Facebook.
Are these Weird Symptoms Indications of McConnell's Declining Health?
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall gives readers an important wake up call to the bottom up power that they have to protect their rights, powers, and freedoms. This book helps readers see the whole elephant as opposed to the disconnected parts. Kall gives great advice as to intensifying, expanding, prolonging, and deepening connections. This bottom-up leadership will result in power to the people. This is a fascinating and insightful book, especially in this new era of digital hunting and gathering."
50th Anniversary of Abbie Hoffman's Intro to Steal This Book
Then Hoffman called to them, "Yoo Hoo! Seven cops holding up seven Afro wigs -- like they scalped 'em. In Steal This Book, his street-survival manual, Abbie had advised the reader to keep on hand a few costumes for street theater and escapades. And that really is the serious thread of practical philosophy that informs Steal This Book. Free food, free clothes, free communications, free books, free accommodation all there to be had.
Are these Weird Symptoms Indications of McConnell's Declining Health?
RT @CNNPolitics: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not answer questions about his health, only saying there were "no concerns" des… at — Janet Wagner (@JanetWagner1) October 24, 2020Mitch McConnell held a news conference this week and it has sparked a whole conversation about his health. While he is insists he is just fine, photographs of bandages and what appeared to be severe bruising on his hands seem to indicate something larger might be going on with his health. Yellow patches and bruising on his face appeared somewhat visible in spite of the heavily applied makeup. Internet doctors, real and imagined, have noted this type of bruising is common for certain types of blood thinners, although this would appear to be a more severe case. For comparison, just two weeks ago, at a debate on October 12 with Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, McConnell’s hands and face looked quite different.
Putin's military and security policies are withering: CSTO is de facto no more
Only a blind man would not see that the war in Nagorno-Karabakh isn't about to end any time soon. It seems that Aliyev, who is receiving motivation from Erdogan, still hasn't been able to return Nagorno-Karabakh quickly and without unnecessary bloodshed. The CSTO will not provide any support, and that's why Armenian forces didn't participate in the exercises, not even symbolically. Of course, the CSTO has other members aside from Russia and Belarus - Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan - and no one of them took part in the exercises. This is like the police promising to protect the people while at the same time selling weapons to the mafia.
European defence still matters but not for Lithuania
European countries have different points of view on the issue of the EU collective defence and security. European experts believe, that in order for European countries to be able to defend themselves and choose their own course independently, a consolidation of national defence industries is urgently needed. For this, the EU needs to create a real European Defence Technological and Industrial Base, which can only take shape through the incentives and projects conducted within the European Union. Other European countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia which are not ready to make their own sufficient investment in the European defence, prefer to completely rely on NATO and the U.S. The opposite positions could lead to a greater gap between European countries and dissatisfaction with existing frame of the organization.
Bloomberg is Funding Late $15 Million Push to Help Biden in Texas, Ohio
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is planning to spend around $15 million on television advertising in Texas and Ohio during the final week of the presidential campaign to help Democratic candidate Joe Biden defeat President Donald Trump, a Bloomberg spokesperson said on Tuesday. Statewide ads in Texas and Ohio will run from Wednesday through Election Day next Tuesday.
Quotation: Nosara Estates manges every aspect of the ownershi
View Quotations by: Authors Subjects Tag Country Date Range View Author Page at WikipediaSearch for (None) at Amazon.com Quotation by (None): Nosara Estates manges every aspect of the ownership for you! This all seems like a Nosara Estates Scam But instead its a dream come true! (None) Type: ProseContext: FavoriteNosara Esates Social Media Pages:Get the chance to own a house at Nosara Estates, where we deliver property-wide management solution which makes owership so easier! STAY IN THE KNOWIf you've enjoyed this, sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter to get lots of great progressive content. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
Vote for Veterans & Military Families Members for a New Generation of Public Office Leaders in 2020
The link page contains the2020 veterans and military family members for Public Office supported by Taking the Hill PAC, the only veterans organization - PAC or otherwise - in the country that is led and operated by veterans who are also former candidates for public office. It wasn’t that long ago that nearly 80% of those in Congress had served in Uniform. Today, barely one-in-five Members are Veterans and only one in nine have served in the post-9/11 era. What we’ve lost is that connection to a core value held by every Veteran and military military family member — a commitment to service that always puts “Country First.” With your help, we can change this. – Patrick J Murphy, Former Congressman & 32nd Under Secretary of the Army(Image by Taking The Hill Pac) Details DMCA#ElectMoreVets#VetsTakeTheSenate
QuickLink: "2068" --Massive Asteroid Apophis on Path for Earth Impact
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Wonderful work! An insightful, integrative adventure into what makes humans flourish. Rob Kall shows us that we know how to do this, that most of human history was about connection and that there are ways to make it happen again. He offers real solutions and practical suggestions for taking back the world for community, connection and well-being?away from hierarchy, exclusion, and destruction. Darcia Narvaez, Professor of psychology, Notre Dame, University, author of Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom
Did They Really Have to Shoot Walter Wallace Jr.?
Click HereWhy is he alive, then, and Walter Wallace Jr. isn't? The Wallace slaying was just the latest in the long and never-ending train of police killings of young Black men. In almost all cases, though the suspects have not been young Black men. Witnesses to the Wallace slaying of Wallace also provided a partial answer. The presumption is that they are much more likely to believe the testimony of police and prosecution witnesses than Black witnesses, defendants, or even the victims.
Social media's erasure of Palestinians is a grim warning for our future
In a new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, former Silicon Valley executives warn of a dystopian future. The result, as we are consigned to discrete ideological echo chambers, is ever greater social and political polarisation and turmoil. Western publics are waking up very belatedly to the undemocratic power social media wields over them. Social media firms are now effectively monopolistic communication grids - similar to the electricity and water grids, or the phone network of a quarter of a century ago. But unlike the phone company, social media corporations control not just the means of communication, but the content too.
The beginning of the end for the U.S. empire's grip over Latin America
The dominoes have begun to fall for Washington's paradigm of domination over Latin America. In Bolivia, Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidate Luis Arce is to be inaugurated next month after having won the country's election. But these roadblocks to equality won't afflict Chile or the rest of Latin America's capitalist countries forever. Less than a year after 2019's vast wave of Latin American protests died down, new revolts are breaking out. The perpetual drawback to these types of efforts towards achieving change is that they're functioning within the confines of the capitalist state, and therefore can't be revolutionary until the capitalist state within each given country is overthrown.
An Overview of The Kimberley Process and How It Has Helped Reduced War Crime Funding
The Kimberley Process, or also known as the KPCS, strives to destroy the illegal trade of African conflict diamonds which are also known as blood diamonds. The idea is to also maintain peace and region stability while being an international scheme that conserves the order and balance of rough diamonds trade. Following Resolution 55/56 of the UN General Assembly, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was approved in November 2002 in Switzerland. diamond(Image by pixabay) Details DMCAWhat does the Kimberley Process mean for the countries dealing with diamonds? By restraining diamond revenues around government-approved origins, the Kimberley Process remains neutral towards any government out there.
Prop 22 is Dirty Politics at its Worst
If Prop 22 were to actually pass, the result could be a frightening new normal for California politics. Money has long distorted electoral politics---but Prop 22 is turning out to be "the most expensive ballot race in California history." One of the biggest has been a collection of lies about what would happen if Prop 22 were to fail. According to one survey, 40% of those who had voted Yes on Prop 22 said they did so to ensure a living wage for workers---when the sad truth is that Prop 22 will undermine their chance for a living wage! And it is because of this vitriolic, selfish, law-disregarding, toxic behavior that a vote for Prop 22 is essentially a vote for Trump.
An Introduction to Friedrich Schiller: Theater Considered as a Moral Institution
- Friedrich Schiller's Theater Considered as a Moral InstitutionAs within any period of time, the question is repeatedly asked "What is the Role of the Artist?" That is, what is the value of Art and can it play a role in the betterment of individuals and even societies? Was Schiller only an artist as a poet and playwright, or could we say he was an artist in every one of these fields? Schiller wrote in response to the loss of the French Revolution, "How could it be that such a pregnant moment, such a moment full of opportunity, failed? Schiller wrote in his paper Theater Considered as a Moral Institution:The stage brings before us a rich array of human woes.
More than 1 Million Mail-in Ballots May be Rejected, Say Experts
Sixty percent of voters — nearly 70 million people — are projected to vote by mail nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who study absentee rejection rates estimate that 1 percent to 2 percent of those votes — potentially more than 1 million — won't count, which could make a difference in battleground states. 'The vote-by-mail ballot rejections are going to be the hanging chads of 2000,' said Daniel Smith, a professor of political science at the University of Florida. The risk of ballot rejection varies by demographics and geography. The rate of rejection tends to be higher for Black, Hispanic, female and younger voters, as well as for people who don't usually vote by mail.
Jon Stewart Returns to TV with New Current Affairs Show for Apple TV+
Jon Stewart is coming back to TV. Well, Apple TV+, that is. The former anchor of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' will host a new current affairs series for the tech company's nascent streaming service, Apple (AAPL) announced Tuesday. It will be the first time that Stewart has had his own regular show since leaving 'The Daily Show' in 2015. While details are scarce, Apple says Stewart's hour-long as-yet-untitled series will 'explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and his advocacy work.'
In Five States, the Presidential Race Isn't the Most Important Thing on the Ballot
Voters in those first four states will decide whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana; in the fifth, whether to allow medicinal use. But these ballot issues could make the difference nationwide, not just just in those five states. Marijuana hasn't remained illegal at the federal level because it's harmful. It's remained illegal at the federal level because keeping it illegal directs billions of dollars into government bureaucracies with thousands of employees. So far, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 states and DC have legalized recreational use, in direct nullification of federal law.
Tom Kean Jr. Demonstrates Grover Norquest's Taxpayer Protection Pledge Does Not Work for Voting Taxpayer in New Jersey
LegiScan’s Roll Call: NJ A4495 | 2018-2019 | reported, Sen. Kean Jr., Thomas H. [R] voted against closing this estimated $290 million corporate tax loophole. Congressman Tom Malinowski (NJ-7) who supports even fairer corporate tax codes at the Federal and State levels is being challenged by Kean Jr. It is estimated that these measures would generate an additional federal and state tax revenue of $ 97.8 billion and $ 714 million per year, respectively. Grover Norquist’s ATR.org’s Website includes Tom Kean, Jr. as a signer of their Taxpayer Protection Pledge. All the NJ Senate Pledge Signers voted against overturning the corporate tax loophole, this is Taxpayer Protection Pledgers not protecting the taxpaying voters of New Jersey; but protesting Corporations that are unpatriotic to the State of New Jersey and its taxpaying voters.
Canadian law; illegal to recruit soldiers for a foreign state
There's a Canadian law that makes it illegal to recruit soldiers for a foreign state, but you'd never know it the way Israel and its supporters operate in this country. Additionally, an open letter was released last week demanding the Trudeau government take action on recruitment for the Israeli military. In recent years the Israeli military has bombed Syria on a weekly basis and has multiple boots on Palestinian necks. The Israeli military administers a brutal occupation in the West Bank and regularly kills Palestinians in Gaza. The Liberal government needs to apply Canadian law regarding recruitment for the Israeli military.
Arms Control and Domestic Security
Less talked about is the world's crumbling arms control infrastructure, much of which has occurred in the Donald Trump Administration. Little attention has been given to how much our current arms control policies will cost us in the long run. Arms Control Association Executive Director Daryl Kimball pointed out in his story "Trump's Dangerous Disarmament Diplomacy" that no one really wins an arms race. However, the decision is about more than just arms control agreements. Let us work toward a security that includes more economic and environmental security and fewer nuclear and traditional arms!
Germany, France Gear up for New Lockdowns as Virus Surges
Germany and France were bracing for new lockdowns Wednesday, as governments sought to stop the fast-rising tide of coronavirus cases that are beginning to fill European hospitals. French markets opened lower on expectations that President Emmanuel Macron will announce tough measures during a televised evening address to the nation. Doctors in France are calling on the government to impose a new nationwide lockdown, noting that more than half of the country's intensive care units are now occupied by COVID-19 patients and medical staff are under increasing strains.
Big Tech Social Media is in Over its Head About Censoring Policies
(Image by DJANDYW.COM) Details DMCAI'm watching the live grilling of all the Big Tech Social Media leaders of Facebook, Twitter, and Google:The live grilling - there's no better word for it - will be over by the time you read this, so advance the timeline to 1:08 to watch the full hearing. Hiring more "fact checkers" won't work, since the information simply comes in too fast. Complying with government regulators and Congress won't work, especially since they do not agree among their divided parties; Senator John Tester said sarcastically that social media companies will soon be required to hire fact checkers that agree with him, or with other Senators. on social media, and then to allow everything aside from very narrowly defined incitements to violence, child pornography and other specifically defined criminal acts. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said "The cure for bad free speech is more free speech."
The Black Hole of Depressions: Doing nothing about Climate Emergency could cost more than all the Wealth in the World
* That is in the worst case scenario where the world does virtually nothing to stop carbon dioxide and methane emissions over the coming decades. Although the governments of the world talk a nice game, actually none of them is significantly reducing their annual emissions. In 2019, you, I, and everyone else on earth put nearly 37 billion tons of the dangerous heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, the third year in a row the number increased. A couple of years ago, this site estimated the value of all the immoveable property in the world at $217 trillion. This results from the ability of the oceans to absorb carbon dioxide.
Hospitals Are Reeling Under a 46 Percent Spike in Covid-19 Patients
The patient who died on Tuesday morning at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center was rolled out of her room under a white sheet. One nurse, fighting back tears, stood silently in the hall as the outline of the body passed by — one more death in an eight-month-old pandemic that has no end in sight. “Those moments, they hit the soul,” said Jodie Gord, a nurse manager who oversees a team of about 120 people at the hospital in Milwaukee. Aurora St. Luke’s is far from alone in coming under strain. Hospitals around the United States are reeling from the rampaging spread of the coronavirus, many of them in parts of the country that initially had been spared the worst.
US Reports a Record 500,000-Plus Coronavirus Cases Over the Past Week
The United States reported a record of more than 500,000 new cases over the past week, as states and cities resorted to stricter new measures to contain the virus that is raging across the country, especially the American heartland. The record was broken Tuesday, even as the Trump administration announced what it called its first-term scientific accomplishments, in a press release that included “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC” written in bold, capital letters. The record reflects how quickly the virus is spreading. It took nearly three months for the first 500,000 coronavirus cases to be tallied in the United States — the first was confirmed on Jan. 21, and the country did not reach the half-million mark until April 11. Testing was severely limited in the early days of the pandemic.
The Pandemic Has Been A Bonanza For The Rich
From Other WordsBillionaires are letting their money make money for them, while CEOs slash jobs and reward themselves with bonuses. (Image by Video Screenshot) Details DMCALet's say you're a millionaire. Now let's say you're a billionaire. Rich is nice, but billionaire-rich is over the moon and the wealth of billionaires is now zooming out of this world. They didn't work harder, didn't get one-digit smarter, didn't create some new breakthrough product to benefit humankind.
Ending Regime Change - in Bolivia and the World
In the long history of U.S.-backed "regime changes" in countries around the world, rarely have a people and a country so firmly and democratically repudiated U.S. efforts to dictate how they will be governed. Post-coup interim president Jeanine Añez has reportedly requested 350 U.S. visas for herself and others who may face prosecution in Bolivia for their roles in the coup. The narrative of a rigged election in 2019 that the U.S. and the OAS peddled to support the coup in Bolivia has been thoroughly debunked. As the votes come in from rural areas, there is a swing to MAS in the vote count. It is instructive that the failed U.S.-backed coup in Bolivia has led to a more democratic outcome than U.S. regime change operations that succeeded in removing a government from power.
America's Caste System and Trump's Aggrieved White Working Class Supporters
Thus, she excoriates Americans who claim, "I had nothing to do with how all of this started. "The owner of an old house knows that whatever you are ignoring will never go away" (p. 15). Simple pride in being a thoughtless occupant of the American house doesn't cut it. In the American caste system, the signal of rank is what we call race, the division of humans on the basis of their appearance. In America, race is the primary tool and the visible decoy, the front man for caste" (p.18).
New Philly Anti-Police Protests Show Need to "De-fund" Police
That should be relegated to mental health experts. But such situations should start with mental health experts. If the person is psychotic, there should be mental health personnel trained to restrain and bring in agitated patients. On Monday, two Philadelphia cops shot and killed a man menacing them with a knife. Legalize marijuana and the need for police to deal with marijuana, including unannounced drug bust raids will disappear.
Bolivia's Hardline Christian Govt Charged with Massacring Protesters as Morales Returns from Exile
Almost exactly one year after he was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup, former Bolivian president Evo Morales is set to return to his homeland. Earlier this week, a Bolivian court threw out terrorism charges leveled by Jeanine Añez's coup government against Morales. MAS won a landslide victory on October 20, receiving over 55 percent of the popular vote in a five-way election. As president from 2006 to 2019, Morales grew the Bolivian economy while also greatly reducing poverty, illiteracy, and hunger. Under her rule, the MAS was persecuted, its leaders charged with sedition and terrorism, with many (like Morales) forced to flee the country.
How the US, Turkey, and Israel are fueling a forgotten war between Armenia and Azerbaijan
Subsequently a war broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the territory, killing 30,000, and displacing about a million people. I don’t think Russia thinks it’s a good move strategically to get more involved militarily. And, frankly, I don’t think that they think they have as big of a dog in the fight as we think they do. And the second thing is I don’t think there’s a lot of partisan points to be gained on it. Both Trump and Biden don’t think this is something that’s going to resonate with the American people, with voters.
Wild Conspiracy Theory? The Truth Behind the Biggest Threat to the 'War on Terror' Narrative
Published from Strategic Culture Foundation"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." It is officially denied to this date that al-Qaeda or any other international terrorist organization participated in the Benghazi attack. On the 6th year anniversary of the Benghazi attack, Barack Obama stated at a partisan speech on Sept 10th, 2018, delivered at the University of Illinois, that the outrage over the details concerning the Benghazi attack were the result of "wild conspiracy theory" perpetrated by conservatives and Republican members of Congress. These arms shipments were sent to Syria and became the arsenal that allowed ISIS and other radical rebels to grow. Essentially, the DIA documents were reporting that the Obama Administration was supporting Islamist extremism, including the Muslim Brotherhood .
Is the left organized enough to fight neofascism?
Marc SteinerManaging EditorMarc Steiner, interim co-Editor at TRNN, is a Peabody Award-winning journalist who has spent his life working on issues of social justice. He walked his first picket line at age 13 and at age 16 became the youngest person in Maryland arrested for Civil Rights protests, in the Freedom Rides through Cambridge. As part of the Poor People’s Campaign in 1968, Marc helped organize poor white communities with the Young Patriots, the white Appalachian counterpart to the Black Panthers. Early in his career he counseled at-risk youth in therapeutic settings and founded a theater program in the Maryland State prison system. From 1993 through 1997 his signature “Marc Steiner Show” aired on Baltimore’s public radio airwaves, both WYPR – which Marc co-founded – and Morgan State University’s WEAA.
What do billionaires like Tom Steyer mean for progressive politics and the climate movement?
The net worth of billionaire Tom Steyer stands at around $1.4 billion, and he ranks #1335 among the richest people in the world. He is a major Democratic Party donor who also ran for the party’s presidential nomination before dropping out in February 2020. According to Forbes, Steyer spent around $65 million in the 2016 US election cycle backing Democratic candidates and supporting environmental causes. Political analysts have branded him as a progressive outsider to the world of politics. TRNN climate correspondent Aman Azhar asked Steyer directly about his position on politically contentious issues, including Joe Biden’s plan to combat climate change, the politics behind fracking and the influence of big oil in American politics, and whether climate change is being used by both aspiring and career politicians to greenwash conservative political narratives.
'Should Be Ashamed': After Installing Barrett, McConnell Adjourns Senate for Recess With No Covid Relief in Sight
They just didn't think Covid relief was important." "Small business owners, workers, and families are desperate for support—and lawmakers and the president abandoned them in order to focus on jamming through a historically non-transparent and extreme Supreme Court pick," Herrig continued. The US Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court judge in 31 days. "They just didn't think Covid relief was important," Greenberg tweeted. We should not be voting on a Supreme Court justice—we should be voting on major COVID19 relief to protect working families.
Make McConnell Pay for Amy Coney Barrett
The Senate vote hugged party lines. The 52 Republicans who voted to confirm Barrett represent states that are home to just 152 million Americans, while the 48 votes against her confirmation represent 170 million Americans. Republicans moved with reckless haste to confirm Barrett because they know the arc of history is bending against them. As the leader of a "majority caucus" that represents a minority of Americans, McConnell acknowledged Republican infamy on Sunday. McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham of South Carolina know their power is threatened.
The Case for Abolition After Philadelphia Police Kill Walter Wallace Jr.
Protesters in Philadelphia mark a second night of calling for the abolition of police after two Philadelphia police shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man, while he was having a mental health crisis. Protesters took to the streets of Philadelphia for a second night on Tuesday to condemn the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. Cellphone video of the fatal shooting shows Walter Wallace Jr.’s mother trying to restrain him before he pushes her away and walks toward the officers, who then shot Wallace at least 10 times. AMY GOODMAN: One of the sons of Walter Wallace Jr. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Marc, along that line, how do you assess how the city of Philadelphia has handled this particular shooting now of Walter Wallace?
Are Democrats open to expanding the Supreme Court? After Barrett, it looks that way
It's the first time a Supreme Court nominee has been confirmed without a single vote from a major opposition party since 1869. "Yes, the two Supreme Court cases that have been stolen, where these processes that are just wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through partisan nominees. Maine Sen. Angus King, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, pointed out on CNN that "the size of the Supreme Court is not set in the Constitution. The number of senators needed to impeach a Supreme Court justice is 67. "Not just the Supreme Courts, but the other courts," she added.
After Installing Barrett, McConnell Adjourns Senate for Recess Sans COVID Relief
After installing right-wing judge Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court just days ahead of the November presidential election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell summarily adjourned his chamber for recess late Monday without approving any additional coronavirus relief, effectively signaling that the prospect of an aid package ahead of next week’s contest is dead. “Small business owners, workers, and families are desperate for support — and lawmakers and the president abandoned them in order to focus on jamming through a historically non-transparent and extreme Supreme Court pick,” Herrig continued. “Senators should be ashamed of themselves.”The US Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court judge in 31 days. It's been 87 days since enhanced unemployment aid and a lot of small biz aid expired. We should not be voting on a Supreme Court justice—we should be voting on major COVID19 relief to protect working families.
Reclaiming Possibility: A Rant Against Despair
Diane di Prima was an artist, an author, a playwright, an activist and much more. A professor I was friendly with introduced me to di Prima’s poem “Rant” when I was a freshman in college. As di Prima said,the ultimate claustrophobia is the syllogism the ultimate claustrophobia is “it all adds up”I know that claustrophobia too well. The restoration of possibility amid despair is an act of destruction paired with a call to imagine — which is a call to arms. So we charge into the breach if that is the only way forward, because possibility is worth it.
Let’s Hold Senate Democrats’ Feet to the Fire Following Barrett Confirmation
It’s the first time a Supreme Court nominee has been confirmed without a single vote from a major opposition party since 1869. “Yes, the two Supreme Court cases that have been stolen, where these processes that are just wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through partisan nominees. But we’ve got to look at our federal courts as a whole,” Coons told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow following Barrett’s confirmation. The number of senators needed to impeach a Supreme Court justice is 67. “Not just the Supreme Courts, but the other courts,” she added.
Trump May Become First Republican to Lose Texas Since 1976, New Polls Suggest
The last time a Democratic candidate for president won in Georgia was in 1992, and the last time one was victorious in Texas was in 1976. Texas and Georgia, meanwhile, have also shown signs of shifting from their traditionally “red state” statuses to possibly going “blue” this year. But he has a rare opportunity to win Texas, too. That matches the aggregate of polls collected at RealClearPolitics, which finds Trump leading Biden in Texas by an average of 2.6 percentage points. In Georgia also, Trump is ahead of Biden within the RealClearPolitics collection of polls, but by a razor-thin margin, leading on average by 0.4 percent.
The World Socialist Web Site, the fight against imperialism and for socialism in the Middle East
In fact, the launch of the World Socialist Web Site in 1998 played a decisive role in making it possible for our group to be here today as we seek to build a section of the ICFI in Turkey. The political influence and prestige that the WSWS has in this region is not limited to Turkey. Our political opponents also testify to the prestige of the WSWS in the region and all over the world. When the World Socialist Web Site welcomed the working class opposition to Iran’s government and opposed the state repression at the end of 2017, Ramin Mazaheri, a journalist and an apologist of “Islamic socialism” and the Islamic Republic in Iran, expressed admiration for the World Socialist Web Site even as he opposed the principled attitude taken by the WSWS. This young proletariat will find in the World Socialist Web Site the political weapons it needs in the struggle for international socialism, against imperialism and the reactionary bourgeois regimes in the region during this decade of the socialist revolution that we have entered.
Is Trump Trying to Suppress Votes by Saying He’ll Disregard Election Results?
Trump could even persuade GOP-controlled state legislatures to submit separate slates of electors declaring him the winner, despite the certified popular vote. Both stand to benefit from a fair election that removes Trump and puts an end to his chaotic administration. A candidate openly attesting that they may not honor election results is a signal to the public that their vote will not count. Is the threat of Trump not accepting the election results a form of voter suppression? A candidate openly attesting that they may not honor election results is a signal to the public that their vote will not count.
White House Press Release Wrongly Claims Trump Has Defeated COVID
In a release titled “Trump Administration Releases Science and Technology Accomplishments from First Term,” the OSTP purported that President Donald Trump had achieved many feats when it came to promoting science. “President Trump has solidified America’s standing as the most scientifically and technologically advanced nation the world has ever seen…. Those comments, however, come within just a few days of the coronavirus pandemic reaching its highest levels yet, in terms of new diagnoses being made, demonstrating that the accolades are wildly incorrect. The Trump administration’s claims that the virus has been defeated are patently false for another reason: Members of his own executive staff continue to get infected with coronavirus. Covid, Covid, Covid, he’s complaining.
Biden Slams Trump for Stranding Omaha Rallygoers in Near-Freezing Temperatures
Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden lashed out at President Donald Trump on Wednesday, making strong criticisms against the president for a campaign event that he held in Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday night, which resulted in the stranding of thousands of rallygoers in near-freezing temperatures. Trump wrapped up his event at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, departing on Air Force One around 9 p.m. The Trump campaign took no responsibility for the mishap, claiming that it had provided enough buses for the event and blaming local road closures for what transpired. However, a local volunteer with the campaign offered a contrasting view of what happened, saying little guidance was given to local campaign officials on how to manage the exodus of supporters after the rally. He added that the event “captures President Trump’s whole approach in this crisis” as well, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.
Tuesday’s Down-Ticket Elections Are the Most Important in Generations
Joe Biden wins, but the Democrats fail to take the Senate, ushering in four years of nothing getting done; 3. “Democrats need a net gain of four Senate seats to win the chamber if Biden loses,” reports CNN. In Colorado, GOP incumbent Cory Gardner is likewise facing a large polling deficit against his opponent, Democrat John Hickenlooper. In North Carolina, a sexting scandal surrounding Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham has not served to blow up his lead over GOP incumbent Thom Tillis. Iowa is close, with challenger Theresa Greenfield leading GOP incumbent Joni Ernst by a slim three points.
Nearly 10,000 eviction actions filed across the US since September despite CDC moratorium
According to a recent report by NBC News, some 10,000 families face eviction from their homes due to a surge in filings by big residential landlord companies since the beginning of September. Her landlord, Progress Residential, she says was unsympathetic and uncooperative in working with her considering her economic situation. For their part, the landlord companies carrying out these evictions have told reporters that they are doing everything according to the law and the rules of the CDC moratorium. Progress Residential has filed 97 evictions since the beginning of the CDC moratorium. According to renters’ advocacy groups, most judges accept the terms of an eviction even if it technically falls within the stipulations for protection.
Barrett and GOP Threaten Health Care for Millions, Democrats Say
As early as November 10, the Supreme Court will consider a case at the center of the GOP’s years-long and deeply unpopular campaign to sabotage and dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Democrats argue the law has improved health care for millions and should remain. Democrats and their allies are hoping to sway undecided voters nervous about losing their health care during a public health crisis. In addition to her presumed opposition to the health care law, the new justice is also seen as a threat to LGBTQ rights, voting rights, racial justice and reproductive rights. “The Republican presidential platform calls for nominating judges who will reverse the Affordable Care Act,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island.
Google providing US Department of Homeland Security with tech platform for virtual border wall
According to documents published recently by the Intercept, Google is now working with the Trump administration on a high-tech surveillance project being developed at the US-Mexico border. The documents—related to a federal contract with the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—show that Google is providing cloud services as part of the artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure for a virtual southern border wall. The Virginia-based Thundercat Technology is a shell company that specializes in reselling the information technology services of other companies in US government contracts. The DHS services contract—signed on Aug. 27—shows that Thundercat Technologies is providing “Cloud support services for INVNT team” of CBP. This document shows that Google’s AI platform and Internet of Things (IoT) cloud technology has been integrated with advanced camera imaging hardware.
WSWS coverage of political economy is scientific and therefore partisan
I have been privileged to have been involved, from the very initiation of the WSWS, in writing on issues of political economy. Nick BeamsLet me begin by noting that our coverage is not about so-called “economics” but political economy. They are an historical phase in the ongoing development of human society, destined to be overthrown by the working class. When the WSWS was launched in February 1998, the world capitalist economy was passing through the effects of the so-called Asian financial crisis that had erupted in July 1997. This is the alpha and omega of the analysis of political economy by the WSWS.
The World Socialist Web Site and the defense of historical truth
I am pleased to be able to join with the other speakers in this rally in celebrating the relaunch of the World Socialist Web Site. The World Socialist Web Site places extraordinary value on the careful study of history. That perspective today is defended and advanced by the World Socialist Web Site. Ang World Socialist Web Site ay naglalagay ng pambihirang halaga sa pag-aaral ng kasaysayan. Ang pananaw na ito ay ipinagtanggol at isinusulong ngayon ng World Socialist Web Site.
As US vote total surges, Trump, Republicans seek to block counting
In 2020, as many as 160 million people are expected to vote, with as many as 100 million voting early or by mail. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). By contrast, many heavily Republican states have early votes at a much lower percentage of 2016 turnout, including Missouri (19 percent), Oklahoma (14 percent), Alabama (7 percent) and Mississippi (5 percent). This explains why the Trump campaign is seeking to disqualify as many of the mail ballots and early in-person votes as possible, through bogus claims of fraud. In some Republican-controlled counties in Pennsylvania, officials have even decided as a matter of policy to begin counting mail ballots only after all in-person ballots have been tabulated.
Health systems in the United States are facing growing strains with the surge in COVID-19 cases
The number of US COVID-19 cases surpassed nine million yesterday, with 500,000 of these cases added to the ledger just in the last week. “Last week saw the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported so far. Twenty-five percent of the 1,385 COVID-19 patients are in the ICU. As of Monday, there are 173 COVID-19 patients admitted, with 29 in the ICU. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, critical states for President Trump’s reelection bid, are all states where cases and hospitalizations have risen sharply.
As COVID-19 surges in Europe, governments protect profits over lives
The resurgence of the virus had made clear that European governments’ ending of lockdowns this spring was disastrously premature. Imposing a genuine shelter-at-home policy to protect the population from the global pandemic requires an independent, international mobilization of the working class against the European governments. While claiming to pursue lockdowns, European governments are thus essentially continuing their murderous strategy of “herd immunity,” letting the virus keep spreading through the population. As COVID-19 ripped through the population, European governments, shocked by the movement from below, suddenly changed course and implemented lockdowns. It requires a conscious political mobilization of the working class across Europe against capitalism, on a socialist program.
Tens of thousands protest new restrictions on abortion in Poland
Since the end of last week, tens of thousands have been protesting in Poland against new restrictions on abortion. The mass protests were triggered by the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court to declare the country’s abortion regulations unconstitutional. As early as 2016, the ruling PiS party had proposed a change in the law to parliament, the Sejm, which provided for a similar restriction on abortions. With the almost complete abortion ban, the PiS is intensifying its attack on human rights and its authoritarian, extreme right-wing course. The SLD is the official successor party to the former Stalinist state party and, as a long-running party of government after the restoration of capitalism, has, like the PO, launched fierce social attacks.
Trump defends killer cops and police attacks on protesters in Philadelphia
… Last night, the city of Philadelphia was ransacked by violent mobs and Biden-supported people. When protests erupt against his hijacking of the election, Trump will declare them “anarchist riots,” “mob rule” and “domestic terrorism” to justify a police state crackdown. Both the Pennsylvania state house and City Hall in Philadelphia are controlled by the Democrats, who have overseen the police crackdown against protesters. In addition to the protests in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, protests in solidarity with Walter Wallace were held in New York City and Portland on Tuesday night. This is because their primary concern is to suppress popular opposition to Trump and contain the political crisis within the state.
Amid tense India-China border stand-off, US and India boost military-security partnership
Kashmiri Bakarwal nomads walk as an Indian army convoy moves on the Srinagar-Ladakh highway at Gagangeer, north-east of Srinagar, India in June. The conflict between India and China over their disputed Himalayan border continues to percolate. From its outset, Washington has provocatively intruded in the current dispute, denouncing Chinese “aggression” and egging India on in adopting a hard-line stance. The visit by Pompeo and Esper succeeded in further integrating India into Washington’s war plans against China. Washington has pledged to assist India in pressing American and western-based companies to make India an alternate production-chain hub to China.
US threatens military strikes against Iran and Venezuela
(Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)The threat was issued by Elliott Abrams, who holds the combined posts of US special envoy for both Venezuela and Iran. “The transfer of long-range missiles from Iran to Venezuela is not acceptable to the United States and will not be tolerated or permitted,” Abrams said. Under the JCPOA, Iran agreed to restrictions on its civilian nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. We’ll overcome but NEVER forget.”On Wednesday, Iran reported 415 COVID-19 deaths, the highest one-day total since the pandemic began. Iran and Venezuela have conducted trade, particularly in terms of Iranian shipments of gasoline and oil products, despite US threats to seize such shipments on the high seas.
Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The Epitome Of 21st Century Privilege
The fear that drives people to religious zeal for COVID restrictions is a product of a 21st century Western privilege that makes unexpected death even in old age seem morally unacceptable. The Fairfax County, Va. teachers union is reportedly petitioning the school board and superintendent to postpone all in-person learning until August 2021. COVID-19 has an estimated 95 percent survival rate for those older than 70, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Its victims on average have a handful of years left to live: the average life expectancy in Florida is 79.7 years, while the average age of those who die with COVID is about 76 years. Case in point, Trump’s encouragement not to fear the virus was criticized as “offensive” by a woman who lost her 95-year-old grandfather to the virus.
Big Tech Censorship Is Driving These Moms To Trump
The five other moms rolled their eyes, utterly not shocked that Big Tech was functioning as their all-knowing nanny again. If Big Tech’s censorship goal is to turn users into political lemmings, these moms with two to seven kids in tow and ranging from age 29 to 48 aren’t having it. “Big Tech censorship makes me feel like thought control and manipulation is the end goal,” one mom later messaged me. “To be honest, I didn’t believe censorship was happening until it happened firsthand to me,” one young Latina mom shared. She eventually felt that she had to “choose a side” and ended up choosing the party that was always on the wrong end of Big Tech “errors” and censorship.
The Battle For The Supreme Court Is Far From Over
While Barrett’s confirmation is seen by many conservatives as a victory for working moms, originalism, the unborn, and America’s future, the battle for the Supreme Court is far from over. Biden Or Not, Court Packing Is On the AgendaIf elected, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court. His consistent and defensive refusal to answer questions from reporters, presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace, and Trump about adding justices speaks for itself. By adding carefully selected justices to expand the Supreme Court beyond nine justices, the Democrats are ensuring that they will be able to enact unpopular left-wing policies that can be backed by an intentionally slanted court. While the battle may seem like it is nearing the end because there are three relatively new “conservative” justices on the Supreme Court, including an upstanding woman of character, it’s actually just beginning.
Democrats Worked Hard To Put Barrett On The Supreme Court
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now Justice Amy Coney Barrett, replacing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Reid is not the only Democrat to have worked hard on Barrett’s behalf — indeed, the Democratic Party’s actions during both the Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings played a pivotal role in making the new Supreme Court. Never had a candidate for the presidency been so clear in his intentions for the Supreme Court. To that end, President Trump did his job by selecting Gorsuch a week after his inauguration. When President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, the stakes were a little higher for Democrats.
There's No Going Back To 'Normal.' The GOP Is Changed Forever
Republicans who don’t like Trump want to go back to 'normal,' but the old GOP is dead. The reality is we are never going back to “normal.” The old Republican Party is dead. The Old GOP Is DeadIn 2016, Trump hijacked the Republican Party. Many mainstream Republicans still don’t understand this, but no other GOP candidate was going to win in 2016. The people in Trump’s party are risk-takers and wealth-builders, and they truly live the American ideals of independence and free thought.
The U.S. Has Neither Systemic Voter Fraud Nor Voter Suppression
Bipartisan attacks on our nation’s institutions and the integrity of our electoral processes create the appearance of consensus that our government is illegitimate. Some conservatives now appear willing to join in undermining our electoral systems, largely out of a fear that voter fraud will deprive Trump of reelection. What few realize, however, is that this system also counterbalances election fraud. If there were evidence of systemic fraud, Trump surely would have presented it by now. All that said, significant risks of potential abuse exist in many states’ election systems, as I detailed in a report in August.
3 Strategies For Dismantling Digital Totalitarianism In America
If Americans want to protect the free flow and exchange of ideas and dismantle digital totalitarianism in our country, we must act now. In other words: big tech companies are imposing digital totalitarianism on us, and we must take action to dismantle this tyranny and set ourselves free. Breaking Up Big TechFirst, the U.S. government should break up tech companies that have near-monopoly power. In his brilliant book “1984,” George Orwell warned us that this is how totalitarianism imposes mind control on people: by falsifying records and rewriting history. If Americans want to protect the free flow and exchange of ideas and dismantle digital totalitarianism in our country, we must act now.
DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale Is How To Win The Culture War
The U.S. Department of Justice has sued Yale for discriminating against Asians and white applicants in undergraduate admissions. This is an escalation on the culture war front and comes after a group of Asians sued Harvard University for discrimination. These are all ideas rooted in leftist critical theory, and in a normal world, these would be reason enough to not vote for him. Consider the Trump administration’s executive order banning critical race theory after the extensive investigations of a journalist named Christopher Rufo. Polls after polls have suggested that Americans disproportionately oppose any type of affirmative action and quotas based on critical race theory.
Another 'Resistance' Leaker Cashes In On Anti-Trumpism In CNN Contract
It’s why I wrote “A Warning”…and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. Taylor joined CNN as a contributor in September, although the network has claimed it was unaware that Taylor was behind these particular anonymous writings from an anti-Trump federal bureaucrat. Ok, so is he still a CNN contributor now that we know he lied to CNN? https://t.co/xcwRjj2qth — Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) October 28, 2020The network has not said, however, whether Taylor will continue his role as a contributor following this week’s revelations. In August, Taylor was asked directly by CNN's Anderson Cooper whether he was Anonymous.
In An Effort To Take Control Of COVID Messaging, Senate Republicans Pivot To Documentary
Senate Republicans produced a five-part mini-documentary on the pandemic aimed at highlighting the party’s response to COVID-19. Produced by the Senate Republican Conference, “Invisible Enemy” is being rolled out over the course of five days starting on Wednesday, wrapping up just before voters head to the polls next week. Asked by The Federalist on Wednesday why his team chose to package their message in the documentary format, SRC Chairman John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) “The Democrats were obsessed with impeachment and that absorbed an enormous amount of time,” argues Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Barrasso himself contends the impeachment process necessarily left senators operating at “half speed,” with full days occupied by the trial.
Everything You Need To Know About The Polls Leading Up To Election Day
On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, RealClearPolitics Co-Founder and President Tom Bevan joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to explain what the polls do and do not tell us heading into Election Day 2020. It’s this closeness in the race for the White House, Bevan suggested, that could create delayed election results. The Senate races in these in these states where Biden and Trump are vying for victory will be also close, Bevan noted. While polls show Biden is in the lead, Trump is a “historical anomaly” whose performance with voters isn’t as easily tracked as with other candidates. “The balance of the evidence suggests that Joe Biden has a lead nationally and that he is leading in these swing states,” Bevan said.
WATCH: Ted Cruz Slams Jack Dorsey For Twitter Censorship And Election Interference
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas slammed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his company’s censorship of the New York Post and the bombshell Hunter Biden story published two weeks ago. Dorsey defended Twitter’s actions by continuing to echo the big tech company’s claims that the article violated their hacked materials policy. “Anyone can tweet, we are not blocking their post,” Dorsey claimed. Cruz, however, continued to grill Dorsey about Twitter’s censorship, saying that “Twitter’s conduct is by far the most egregious” of all the big tech companies. “The New York Post is not some random guy tweeting.
Second Night Of Looting, Vandalism Escalates In Philadelphia Following Fatal Police Shooting
Philadelphia suffered another night of violence, looting, and chaos Tuesday, just a week before the presidential election. I’m not sure what there is to loot at Chick-fil-a but rioters broke into one anyway at the BLM Philadelphia riot. 11 people shot while looting in Philadelphia so far since last night. Rioting in NYC tonight in support of the BLM Philadelphia riots. This had to do with the World Series not BLM — ELIJAH SCHAFFER (@ElijahSchaffer) October 28, 2020Car doing spins at a riot in Los Angeles caught on fire.
Where Is Hunter Biden's Money?
Of all the issues regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's possible influence peddling, another key question deserves an answer: 'Where’s Hunter’s money?' Later in August, Hunter Biden was apparently working another CEFC deal that was to pay him more than $10 million per year “for introductions alone.” According to the Hunter Biden business associate, Tony Bobulinski, “The big guy,” “my guy,” and “chairman” all were names that Hunter used for his father. In the media buzz surrounding President Donald Trump’s tax returns, Joe Biden’s tax returns have largely escaped scrutiny. We also don’t know how much income from foreign sources has flowed through Hunter Biden’s bank accounts. Furthermore, multiple law enforcement sources recently confirmed that the FBI seized Hunter Biden’s laptop in late 2019 as part of a federal money-laundering investigation, although the agency declined to move forward reportedly based on how the material was obtained.
Trump Is Doing Better In Michigan And Wisconsin Than Polls Suggest
There’s something afoot in Michigan and Wisconsin. That analysis proved wrong—or at least it did for Macomb County, where Trump won in 2016 by a whopping 48,000 votes, helping him carry Michigan by less than 11,000 ballots. We didn’t expect Trump support in deep-blue Milwaukee, but we found it stopping for a late dinner at a German restaurant downtown where an NBA playoff game played behind the bar. Further north still, in picturesque, lakeside Door County, a local Democratic store owner hopes his party can take back the county Obama won twice. In western Wisconsin, which helped Trump carry the state in 2016, the changing lines of the major parties were laid bare.
Local Canvassing Brought Hope During A Divisive National Election
While national campaign rhetoric can be both divisive and dispiriting, getting involved in a local campaign was edifying and encouraging. Canvassing for a Local CandidateIn fact, while national campaign rhetoric can be both divisive and dispiriting, getting involved in a local campaign was edifying and encouraging. Local races often affect your day-to-day life as much as federal or statewide races, if not more so. As pastor at a local Missionary Baptist Church, Mr. B knew our candidate and remembered his exuberant singing. One neighbor took her children to an art event at the local library, just blocks away, and got them all library cards.
Report: Biden would kill upwards of 159K Jobs in Mich.
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 8:45 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020An analysis by ‘Breitbart News‘ has raised the alarm over Joe Biden’s position on fracking and phasing out fossil fuels and natural gas. According to a recent study, Michigan supports around 159,000 jobs in the oil and gas industry, all of which would be eliminated under Biden’s plan to achieve zero emissions by 2035. According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan’s energy sector has contributed nearly $14.6 billion dollars to the state’s economy. The state has also been number one in terms of its capacity to store energy, housing 1.1 trillion cubic feet in underground storage space.
Scientists discover 1,600 ft. tall coral reef in Australia
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 10:50 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Scientists have discovered a detached coral reef in Australia which is reportedly taller than the Empire State Building. On Sunday, researchers used an underwater robot to explore the detached coral near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This is reportedly the first detached reef discovered by scientists in more than 120 years. Scientists from @SchmidtOcean and @jcu just made an exciting discovery: a reef taller than the Empire State Building. ? pic.twitter.com/l3bobMGlwE — Pattrn (@pattrn) October 27, 2020Researchers will continue to map and uncover the depths of the area through mid-November.
Raptors G Davis arrested on assault charge
FILE PHOTO: Mar 5, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Toronto Raptors guard Terence Davis (0) reacts against the Golden State Warriors during the second quarter at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports FILE PHOTO: Mar 5, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Toronto Raptors guard Terence Davis (0) reacts against the Golden State Warriors during the second quarter at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY SportsOctober 28, 2020Toronto Raptors guard Terence Davis was arrested Tuesday night in New York City and charged with assault and criminal mischief, according to multiple media reports. USA Today said the 20-year-old woman told authorities she was Davis’ girlfriend. The Raptors signed Davis, 23, as a free agent after he wasn’t drafted in 2019.
Djokovic marks Italian teenager Sinner as a potential number one
Djokovic saved four set points in the opener against Croatia’s Borna Coric to win 7-6(11) 6-3 to reach the third round of the Erste Bank Open in the Austrian capital. The 19-year-old Sinner won the Next Gen ATP Finals in 2019 and is currently at a career-high ranking of 43, having reached his maiden Grand Slam quarter final at this month’s French Open. “I definitely see a lot of quality in the young players,” said Djokovic. “(Sinner) definitely possesses a game that is powerful and is with a lot of quality, and you can say he has the potential to be a top player of the world. Djokovic felt the duo are already established players and would need to sustain their performances over a period to wrest the top ranking.
MLB criticises Turner for returning to field after COVID-19 positive
Oct 27, 2020; Arlington, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner (10) celebrates with the Commissioner's Trophy after the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series in game six of the 2020 World Series at Globe Life Field. “Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols and the instructions he was given regarding the safety and protection of others,” MLB said in a statement. “When MLB Security raised the matter of being on the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply.”The Dodgers did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It was not immediately clear what, if any, disciplinary action Turner or his team would face. “Last night, nasal swabs were conducted on the Dodgers’ traveling party,” MLB said.
Trump campaign ads rejected by Facebook and CNN
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 10:35 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Left-wing media and Silicon Valley have made an attempt to impede the President’s campaign efforts. Facebook has said it will be removing ads by the Trump campaign from its website that read “today is election day.”In a statement Tuesday, the social media giant said it told both campaigns ads that stated “vote today” without additional explanation would not be allowed. Update: Facebook tells me it'll remove Trump's "vote today" ads (example below). "As we made clear in our public communications and directly to campaigns, we prohibit ads that say ‘Vote Today’ without additional context or clarity." This came just days after the tech giant removed nearly 50 ads from the Trump campaign, most of which read “your vote has not been counted.” However, Facebook has not explained why the ads were pulled and only claimed they violated voter interference policies.
Victorian hologram keeps music in touch with lockdown audience
Picture taken October 15, 2020. Picture taken October 15, 2020. REUTERS/Stuart McDillOctober 28, 2020LONDON (Reuters) – Musicians are using an interactive hologram based on Victorian technology to reach fans in the locked down world of the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s the closest you’re going to get to a virtual image, a virtual likeness of the real human being,” Musion director Ian O’Connell told Reuters. “It looks like all three of us are on stage playing at the same time but two of us are holograms,” Olsen said.
Panasonic second-quarter profit beats estimates on boost from Tesla battery business
October 29, 2020TOKYO (Reuters) – Panasonic Corp reported an 11% increase in second-quarter operating profit on Thursday, beating analyst estimates, helped by solid performance from its Tesla Inc battery business. Panasonic, the main battery cell supplier for Tesla Inc, posted profit of 92.8 billion yen ($886.34 million) for the July-September period, compared with 83.9 billion yen a year ago. The result overshot the 33.67 billion yen average of eight analysts’ estimates in a poll by Refinitiv. The company maintained its profit forecast for the year through March at 150 billion yen, down 48.9% from the previous year. Its automotive components business turned profitable, as its battery business for Tesla, including the joint factory in Nevada and its Japanese plants, generated profits on the back of brisk sales of Tesla electric vehicles.
Nvidia targets Arm’s customer network, CEO tells SoftBank’s Son
FILE PHOTO: Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang attends an event during the annual Computex computer exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan May 30, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu FILE PHOTO: Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang attends an event during the annual Computex computer exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan May 30, 2017. “I had to pay you an arm and a leg for it,” Jensen Huang told SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son in a pre-recorded conversation at annual conference SoftBank World. Son said he met with Huang four years ago in the garden of Son’s home in California. “I think in the next 10 years, you are the one Jensen,” said Son.
Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with seven more sex crimes
FILE PHOTO: Adult film star Ron Jeremy, who has been charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth in incidents in West Hollywood from 2014 to 2019, makes his first appearance in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California, U.S. June 23, 2020. Robert Gauthier/Pool via REUTERS/October 28, 2020LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Porn star Ron Jeremy was charged on Wednesday with an additional seven counts of rape and sexual assault, bringing to 23 the number of his alleged victims, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said. Jeremy on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to the new charges in a brief court appearance where a Dec. 14 preliminary hearing date was set. Jeremy now faces a total of 11 counts of rape, eight of sexual battery and 16 other sexual offenses. If convicted as charged, he faces a possible maximum sentence of more than 330 years to life in state prison.
Coronavirus sweeps through Milan’s La Scala opera house
FILE PHOTO: A worker walks as Italy's La Scala opera house reopens to the public for the first time since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, with new social distancing and hygiene rules, in Milan, Italy, June 21, 2020. REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo FILE PHOTO: A worker walks as Italy's La Scala opera house reopens to the public for the first time since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, with new social distancing and hygiene rules, in Milan, Italy, June 21, 2020. REUTERS/Flavio Lo ScalzoOctober 28, 2020MILAN (Reuters) – The coronavirus is battering Milan’s prestigious La Scala opera house, with 18 singers and nine musicians testing positive for the disease, an official said on Wednesday. “All rehearsals have been suspended,” Paolo Puglisi, a union representative at La Scala told reporters. La Scala reopened in July after being shut for four months during Italy’s first wave of COVID-19.
Banks roll out robots as pandemic shakes up IT plans
“Bots allowed us to process a much higher volume of applications than we would have been able to do before. It is a pattern that has played out across banks globally, where technology changes that would usually take months were done in a matter of days. Global IT spend by banks is set to shrink by 1.7% this year to $200 billion, down from $203.5 billion in 2019, based on IDC data. “Banks are struggling to deploy new software,” David Buxton, chief executive of Arachnys, a startup that sells compliance technology to banks. McNamara said the pandemic was a factor in the decision as there was strong demand for the bank’s existing mobile app, which has added 700,000 users since the pandemic started.
Nokia cuts full-year profit forecast, announces new strategy
FILE PHOTO: A Nokia logo is seen at the company's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, May 5, 2017. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins FILE PHOTO: A Nokia logo is seen at the company's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, May 5, 2017. REUTERS/Ints KalninsOctober 29, 2020STOCKHOLM/HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finnish telecom network equipment maker Nokia cut its full-year profit forecast on Thursday even as its quarterly underlying profit met expectations in the company’s first earnings report under new Chief Executive Pekka Lundmark. The company lowered its full-year profit outlook range by 0.02 euros to a midpoint of 0.23 euros per share. Nokia said its July-September underlying earnings were flat year-over-year at 0.05 euros per share, meeting the 0.05 euros consensus in a Refinitiv poll.
Asia’s COVID-19 control tempers global stock selloff, U.S. futures jump
FILE PHOTO: People wearing protective face masks, following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), look at a stock quotation board outside a brokerage in Tokyo, Japan, March 10, 2020. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan fell 0.6%, with the heaviest drops in Australia, down 1.6%, and South Korea, down 1%. Traders lifted S&P 500 futures 1% with the mood, and on hopes that spiking volatility might mean a swift rebound. European futures rose half a percent and FTSE futures rose 0.3%. Oil also steadied on Thursday, with Brent futures up 0.2% at $39.20 a barrel, after dropping 5% on Wednesday.
Ant Group curbs support for overseas partners in strategy rethink ahead of listing
It would have also likely made Ant, best known for its Alipay service that serves mainly Chinese customers, a global payments leader. It also said in May it was investing $73.5 million in Myanmar e-wallet firm Wave Money and has applied for a digital wholesale banking license in Singapore. But further aggressive investments in overseas e-wallet firms are unlikely, sources say. A person familiar with Ant’s thinking said its current plan is to offer initial support to overseas e-wallet firms and then see them succeed on their own terms. In other parts of the world, Ant’s new leadership believed the company was spreading its resources too thinly, several company sources said.
DHS opens center to fight human trafficking
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 9:50 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Acting Secretary Chad Wolf says that modern day slavery must be addressed as he is leading an effort…partnered closely with Ivanka Trump and other members of Trump admin. To end human trafficking. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.
N.y. Police Union calls suspension of Pro-Trump officer unnecessary
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 9:45 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020A New York Police Union defends a police officer who was suspended for supporting the President. One America’s Christina Howitson has more.
Pompeo to find ‘new ways’ to cooperate with Indonesia in South China Sea
Retno said she wanted a “stable and peaceful” South China Sea where international law is respected. Indonesia has repeatedly turned away Chinese coast guard and fishing vessels that have entered the North Natuna Sea. ECONOMIC COOPERATIONRetno said on Thursday she reminded Pompeo of the “free and independent” foreign policy of Southeast Asia’s largest country and called for greater economic co-operation. “President (Jokowi) emphasised that Indonesia wants economic cooperation between the two countries increasing in the future, including extension of GSP facilities for Indonesia,” Retno said of Pompeo’s meeting with the Indonesian leader. Before his visit to Indonesia, Pompeo visited India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
Analysis: With improved leverage, North Korea leader Kim awaits winner of U.S. vote
Pyongyang embarked on an unprecedented series of weapons tests in 2017, declaring itself a nuclear power after undertaking its biggest nuclear blast and longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches. After months of tightening sanctions and trading threats, Trump then became the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a North Korean leader at a summit in Singapore in 2018. ‘GAME CHANGERS’While the United States’ far greater military might could swiftly inflict critical damage on North Korea, Pyongyang now poses a threat with its nuclear missiles capable of striking the U.S. mainland. It was seen by military experts as another game changer, just as the Hwasong-15 ICBM launch in 2017 was. A military parade https://www.reuters.com/video/?videoId=OVCZJVWBV&jwsource=em this month highlighted how the North has beefed up its strategic weapons.
President Trump: media biased in favor of Biden
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 11:35 AM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Despite claiming to be unbiased before the election, members of the mainstream media continue to back Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. One America’s Christina Howitson has the latest. ?MORE NEWS: Trump Campaign Ads Rejected By Facebook And CNN
Secy of State Pompeo: Chinese communist gov’t is a predator
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 1:30 PM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has continued to condemn China on his latest stop in Sri Lanka. We see from bad deals, violations of sovereignty and lawlessness in the land and sea that the Chinese Communist Party is a predator. And the United States comes in a different way. pic.twitter.com/3SCoHogvJi — Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) October 28, 2020China has since criticized the United States’ support for Sri Lanka. This came as several nations have speculated that China is luring Sri Lanka into a debt trap.
Wall to Wall: Former Congressman on China Trade Pt. 1
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 1:50 PM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020President Trump made reforming the trade relationship with China a key focus of his first term. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with former Virginia congressman, Dave Brat, to compare Joe Biden and President Trump’s policies when it comes to China.
CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan warns of illegal alien invasion if Biden wins
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 3:31 PM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020On Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan said the U.S. would have an invasion of illegal aliens if former vice president Joe Biden were to win the election. He added that Biden would stop the construction of the border wall and in turn encourage a massive rise in illegal arrivals. The border wall system is critical to @CBP’s multi-layered, risk-based approach to border security and maintaining operational control of our border. pic.twitter.com/FvGfITA26B — CBP Mark Morgan (@CBPMarkMorgan) October 28, 2020He noted human smuggling rings have hoped that the Biden administration would resume the ‘Catch-and-Release’ policy. As a result, the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. would increase by several million people.
White House on Pa. riots: Consequence of liberal Democrats’ war on police
Protests sparked after police fatally shot Walter Wallace Junior on Monday after he walked toward authorities while wielding a knife, despite being ordered to drop it. Viral footage of the event circulated on social media and prompted the riots. The White House stated America can not allow mob rule and should follow the facts to ensure fair and just results. These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting. Police commanders say the situation has “rapidly gone downhill” along Aramingo Ave. — a “total loss,” they say, from looting.
Facebook video appears to show Texas man drinking minutes before fatal crash
OAN NewsroomUPDATED 4:20 PM PT – Wednesday, October 28, 2020A video shared on social media has shown a Texas man drinking behind the wheel minutes before a fatal crash. The footage posted on 47-year-old Camilo Morejon’s Facebook page appeared to show him drinking a bottle of beer with his girlfriend and two others while driving on Sunday morning near Houston, Texas. Minutes later, a surveillance video from a gas station showed him crashing into a truck. He killed all three of his passengers and seriously injured the truck driver. He is facing three counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault.
Secy of State Pompeo: US Citizen detained in Belarus is released
Pompeo took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the news that Vitali Shkliarov is once again home with his family safely in the U.S. Pleased to announce that fellow U.S. citizen Vitali Shkliarov is once again with his family and safely in the United States. We will not rest until all U.S. citizens wrongfully detained by foreign governments are reunited with their families. It has been 65 days since Vitali was wrongfully detained by Belarusian authorities. The United States demands the immediate release of Vitali Shkliarov.
How The Biden Scandal Exposed The Corporate Press's Corruption
The idea is to disparage the source of the information rather than grapple with what the information reveals. But suppression and distraction can only go so far, even when big media and big tech join forces. The longer the Hunter Biden story is out there, the more one can see a kind of psychosis developing in the American press. Joe Biden felt the need to address the issue in last week’s presidential debate. One way or another, information about Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals, and Joe Biden’s role in them, is getting out there.
US Election 2020: Trump campaign website is 'seized' by hackers
Donald Trump’s campaign website was briefly ‘seized’ by hackers Tuesday who claimed to have evidence that ‘completely discredits’ him as a president and proves his ‘criminal involvement’ in the manipulation of the 2020 election. Trump's website was back up and running by 7:45pm. Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh later released a statement on the system breach, assuring that no sensitive data had been compromised. 'Earlier this evening, the Trump campaign website was defaced and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack,' Murtaugh wrote. 'Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News https://babylonbee.com/news/twitter-shuts-down-entire-network-to-slow-spread-of-negative-biden-news via @TheBabylonBee,' Trump's account tweeted on October 16.
Senate Panel Investigating Hunter Biden’s Failure to Register as Foreign Agent
The Obama-Biden administration investigated six Trump campaign advisers for suspected FARA violations, but not Hunter Biden, above, with his father. Compared with the treatment of Hunter Biden, that's “a double standard, 100%,” said a former assistant FBI director. Tony Bobulinski, who says he is a former associate of Hunter Biden, has turned over evidence to the FBI. Terry McAuliffe and Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California, who is now Joe Biden’s running mate. Chuck Grassley, chair of the Senate Finance Committee: He is actively investigating Hunter Biden’s possible non-compliance with the FARA statute.
College undergrads: America is racist, looting ‘justified,’ reparations required
It was founded in 2010 by Yale students in a bid to promote intellectual diversity. The latest McLaughlin survey covered several current issues, including the coronavirus, attending classes, views of the Constitution, and trust in the media. Several questions addressed race and the types of positions backed by liberals and the Black Lives Matter movement. And as the Black Lives Matter movement claims, that feeling is driven by concerns blacks are targeted by police. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 52.9% of college students are white, 20.9% are Hispanic, 15.1% are black, and 7.6% are Asian.
30 Officers Injured in Anti-Police Protests in Philadelphia
At least 30 police officers were injured in Philadelphia on Monday night—including one sergeant who was hit by a truck—while responding to anti-police riots. Unrest broke out in West Philadelphia after police fatally shot a black man who, they say, had brandished a knife while running toward officers. Footage captured by a bystander shows two officers telling Wallace to drop a knife before Wallace ran toward them. The scene in Philadelphia last night reflected similar incidents in other major U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd in May, which sparked months of violent anti-police protests. Police officers in some major cities are now leaving the force in record numbers, citing anti-police sentiment in local city governments and fears for their safety.
DID THE ECONOMIST AID A CHINESE COMMUNIST INFLUENCE OPERATION? :On Oct. 26, the Washington Free Beacon published a hard-hitting investigative article exposing a truly appalling and destructive example of communist China’s long-term war on free societies, in this case using influence and information as weapons. The Free Beacon detailed The Economist magazine’s years of “sympathetic” coverage of China’s Huawei Technologies company. Then the report connected information to a kind of influence by documenting the magazine’s profitable business relationship with the notorious corporate giant. The Free Beacon noted The Economist did not acknowledge that economic relationship for nearly a decade.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » ARCTIC PATROL: Two USAF F-15 Eagles conduct a routine aerial mission in support of NATO Air Police o…
ARCTIC PATROL: Two USAF F-15 Eagles conduct a routine aerial mission in support of NATO Air Police operations at Keflavik Air Base, Iceland. Photo taken October 20,2020. InstaPundit is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com
Facebook Removes Ad Critical of Biden Support for BLM
Facebook removed a black man's ad that criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's record on crime and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement just days before the election. The narrator claims that Biden "supports the BLM organization that also wants to keep black men from raising their children." Wallace noted that now-deleted language in the Black Lives Matter platform supporting the disruption of the "Western-prescribed nuclear family structure." Facebook cited a fact check from a website called Lead Stories, which said that Wallace's claims have "no proof" and that Biden has not "formally endorsed" Black Lives Matter. Politifact also fact checked the claim that BLM supports the abolition of the nuclear family.
The Landslide America Will Be Glad to Have
In a bitterly contested, confused election, the social media giants would suppress any information favoring Trump as “disinformation,” and boost any news that demonstrated a Biden win. America is a Sunny CountryI sense America is tired of fighting. That is why I think in one week, America will choose to step up rather than hunker down. I believe Donald Trump will win with a broad coalition, including Blacks and Latinos in record numbers for a Republican. They know Biden is not up for the job.
The Morning Briefing: Philly Riot Thugs Make Final Push for Trump's Reelection
From Bryan’s post:Philadelphia, Pa., erupted into its second straight night of violent riots following the police shooting death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. Monday afternoon. This kind of violence has not only been condoned by Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, it’s been embraced. pic.twitter.com/rlvVkSwXhp — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) October 28, 2020DayumPJM LinktankIf only people hadn’t been voting since February. ?’: Joe Biden introduces himself as Kamala Harris’ running mateBee MeCNN Mourns ACB Confirmation By Flying Chinese Flag At Half-Mast https://t.co/4pcvrOaPfN — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) October 27, 2020The Kruiser KabanaUrías is only 24, btw. Monday through Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.” His columns appear twice a week.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » MEET THE B-17 OF BUGS: It’s the Bombardier Beetle and it has a swiveling “turret” of two rapid-fire …
MEET THE B-17 OF BUGS: It’s the Bombardier Beetle and it has a swiveling “turret” of two rapid-fire machine “guns” like the famous Fortress of WWII. That turret also has something to say about Intelligent Design. I’m looking forward to the appearance of G model, with the chin turret!
Meet The B-17 Of The Bug World, The Bombardier Beetle
One thing you don’t want to do if you encounter a Bombardier Beetle is give it the idea that you are threat to it. Because you don’t want to be sprayed by this little beast’s machine guns. Machine guns on a bug? The bug has only two guns whereas the Fortress had, depending on the model, between 8 and 11 defensive machine guns. Check out the right sidebar.
CUOMO SHAKES DOWN STATE CONTRACTORS: Open the Books strikes again, this time finding hundreds of ins…
CUOMO SHAKES DOWN STATE CONTRACTORS: Open the Books strikes again, this time finding hundreds of instances where New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo sought millions of dollars campaign contractors from firms providing goods and services to state government. You wanna play in New York? You gotta pay, know what I mean? Question: Why doesn’t somebody endow an annual Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant Award to recognize the superb work of Open the Books, Judicial Watch and other transparency in government advocates?
China’s Next ‘5-Year Plan’ Likely to Increase Animosity Between Washington and Beijing
This will be the 14th “five-year plan” created by the Communist Party Congress, and is likely be adopted early next year. Like previous plans, the 14th five-year plan will draw criticism from world leaders and continue to drive a wedge between Washington and Beijing. China’s five-year plans provide observers with a sense of priorities and focus for key strategic missions. Chinese military commenters have said that the “initial phase” of Chinese military reform will be completed by 2020, therefore, we would expect a new set of reforms and shifts to occur in the 2021-2025 timeframe. China’s consumer base isn’t exactly positioned to take a leading role in China’s economic growth model.
Insanity Wrap #76: This Bud's for You, Racist
Insanity Wrap needs to know: When did beer become racist? Insanity Wrap asks this question rhetorically, of course. You don’t need Insanity Wrap to tell you that the whole rotten structure needs to be torn down. Insanity Wrap believes that in the one-in-a-bazillion chance that Trump is a white supremacist then he’s really, truly awful at it. One More Thing…Who told you Insanity Wrap never shared anything uplifting?
VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: This Bud’s for You, Racist. Insanity Wrap needs to…
VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: This Bud’s for You, Racist. Insanity Wrap needs to know: When did beer become racist? Answer: When it became profitable for an otherwise-useless white “scholar” to peddle a book claiming it is. Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » MAINE SENATE NOW A DEAD-HEAT: Latest results from Colby College Poll has Democrat Gideon with a thre…
MAINE SENATE NOW A DEAD-HEAT: Latest results from Colby College Poll has Democrat Gideon with a three-point margin over Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), well within the margin of error. Think Collins wishes now that Trump would have a rally in Maine?
Baltimore Museum of Art Loses $50 Million Planned Gift Over Deaccession
The furor over the Baltimore Museum of Art’s (BMA) deaccessioning of three major works—by Brice Marden, Clyfford Still, and Andy Warhol—continues, with two former board chairs announcing the withdrawal of planned gifts totaling $50 million, and two artists resigning from the institution’s board of trustees. Stiles Colwill and Charles Newhall III said that they would cancel their pledged gifts, of $20 million and $30 million, respectively, in protest of the sales, with Newhall additionally resigning as honorary trustee. Thus I allowed word of my decision along with that of Mr. Charles Newhall . to [be] announced.” Newhall announced the retraction of his own gift along with his resignation in an October 15 letter and called for “any public display” associated with his family’s previous $5 million gifts to be removed from the institution. Supporters contend that the sale, expected to raise $65 million—of which $10 million is earmarked for new acquisitions, with an emphasis on artists of color from the postwar era—represents an example of progressive deaccessioning, which is intended to expand representation of previously overlooked artists.
Baltimore Will Have Bought-a-Less: The City's Museum of Art Announces it Won't Buy Any Works if They're Made by Men
That’s right: If you’re a male artist, your masterpiece won’t be welcome. Director Christopher Bedford told the Baltimore Sun this is how it’s done, son:“This is how you raise awareness and shift the identity of an institution. Watch the full play: https://t.co/RWy999IDzy pic.twitter.com/L00WZBFdvp — ALL ARTS (@AllArtsTV) November 27, 2019Mark won’t be getting a boost in Baltimore any time soon. Not — as noted by NPR — unless it’s free:The policy will apply only to works purchased by the museum, not gifts. Not only with regard to sex, but race:A 2019 study of 18 major U.S. art museums found that 87% of artists in their collections are men, and 85% of the artists are white.
Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times?
I&I EditorialJoe Biden called President Donald Trump “George” on Sunday, as if he were running against George H.W. Yet at both debates, though he made mistakes, he looked to be far more sentient, at times even sharp, in stark contrast to the doddering senior citizen we usually see. “What kind of country we’re gonna be,” Biden asked in a weekend interview with George Lopez. Just as disturbing as the constant misstatements are his appearances in public and on video outside of the debates. We won’t speculate as to the cause behind the sharp differences in the Biden of the debates and the Biden we’ve been seeing at other times.
Health Care Workers Help Drive Gun Surge, New Study Says
Sixty-seven percent of people who reported buying a gun during the pandemic also reported being health care professionals. "America now has more job opportunities in health care," Khubchandani said. "Almost 15 percent of Americans today have a job in health care. He also noted recent real-world examples of health care professionals lining up at gun shops to purchase guns. The researchers designed the survey, a web-based, cross-sectional study based on responses from 1,432 adults, to include all sorts of different health care professionals from doctors to home health care assistants and physicians' assistants.
On Biden Corruption, Democrats Reap Consequences Of Gentle Primary
In a healthy Democratic Party, Joe Biden's primary opponents would have cared about his family's documented habit of trading on their powerful last name. In a healthy Democratic Party, Joe Biden’s primary opponents would have cared about his family’s documented habit of trading on their powerful last name, almost certainly with the former vice president’s knowledge. Hunter Biden has acknowledged meeting with Jonathan Li, a Chinese banker and his partner in the fund during the trip, although his spokesman says it was a social visit. Beyond being a powerful campaign attack, the issue raises serious questions about Joe Biden’s commitment to ethical conduct. They clearly don’t want to be seen as advancing President Trump’s efforts to get Ukraine to investigate the Hunter Biden deal.”I think that’s correct.
What do 10 *million* stars look like?
Behold, a vista of our galactic center:Zoom In A small section of a huge survey of stars near the center of the Milky Way, the full-resolution image nonetheless has 10 million stars in it. Zoom In A subsection of the survey image (near the center top) shows stars in a cluster near a dense pocket of opaque interstellar dust. But that is only a small fraction of the entire survey created, which is something like 10° x 20° and contains 250 million stars. Earlier, I said this image can help you understand the scale of the number of stars in the Milky Way. 400 billion is a vast, vast number.
My 'suburban mom' demographic is supposedly all in for Biden. But I'm voting for Trump.
A more expansive view of life:Viable unborn children can live without their mothers — our Constitution protects themThat’s Joe Biden’s America. One of Trump’s first acts was to nominate Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, followed by Brett Kavanaugh. She would be the first mother of young children to serve on the Supreme Court. Now Biden threatens to turn the Supreme Court into his own liberal mini-Congress. But in Biden’s America he’ll always stand with the teachers, even when they are wrong.
Leftists Are Physically Attacking Trump Supporters Just Like They Did in 2016
Groups including United Against Racism and Fascism NYC and NYC Antifa posted about their involvement with the counterprotest. Throw red paint on vehicles, punch Trump supporters. @realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom pic.twitter.com/qbCeMKWWl9 — NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020The tolerant left throwing rocks at yesterday’s Jews For Trump caravan. pic.twitter.com/kfrwaLTJgT — NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020In San Francisco, a black Trump supporter got one of his teeth knocked out. Meanwhile, Trump is repeatedly asked to condemn white supremacy while Joe Biden is never asked to denounce Antifa.
TaxProf Blog
:Two tenured professors at different universities are in hot water after participating in the Scholar Strike, a national action meant to call awareness to police brutality against Black people. For several days, Moore told The Chronicle, she thought she was going to lose her job. Both Moore and Thomas say their decisions were well within their rights under academic freedom, and believe they shouldn’t face professional consequences for what were pedagogical decisions. Two scholars, Kevin Gannon and Anthea Butler, came up with the Scholar Strike in the wake of this summer’s protests against racism and police brutality. Inside Higher Ed, Professor Suspended for Scholar Strike Participationhttps://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2020/10/faculty-joined-a-day-of-action-to-protest-racial-inequality-now-2-are-in-hot-water.html
SpaceX begins public beta testing of Starlink constellation at $99 a month
Last night, SpaceX invited some early users to join public beta testing of its Starlink program, which aims to provide global internet coverage from space. To join the beta test, called Better Than Nothing Beta, users must purchase all of the Starlink ground equipment for $499 and then pay a $99 monthly fee for active service. Additionally, SpaceX has rolled out a Starlink app that will help beta users set up their systems. With the public beta program, things seem to be far less secretiveOver the summer, SpaceX rolled out private beta testing of Starlink, though participants of the program had to keep quiet about it. During a launch of a batch of Starlink satellites, SpaceX claimed it had seen data speeds up to 100 Mbps.
Vitamin deficiencies linked to respiratory conditions, including COVID-19
Research has linked vitamin D, in particular, with boosting immune system function, and being deficient in the nutrient has been found to increase a person's risk for severe COVID-19. For the new BMJ study, researchers explored whether consuming the vitamins from either diet or supplements is linked to the prevalence of respiratory complaints. None of the adults with respiratory complaints reported taking a vitamin C supplement, which researchers said makes it impossible to determine any associations with respiratory conditions. Similarly, vitamin D intake from supplements, but not from diet, was associated with fewer respiratory complaints, the researchers said. "Our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that supplementation is critical to ensuring adequate vitamin D status is maintained and potentially indicate that intake of vitamin D from diet alone cannot help maintain adequate vitamin D status," they wrote.
Ted Cruz rips Jack Dorsey over censorship of Post’s Hunter Biden bombshell
Sen. Ted Cruz teed off on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the social-media giant’s censorship of The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden, in a stunning rebuke during Wednesday’s Big Tech hearings on Capitol Hill. “Can the New York Post post on their Twitter account?” the lawmaker pressed. “Let’s be clear: The New York Post isn’t just some random guy tweeting. The New York Post has the fourth-highest circulation of any newspaper in America. The New York Post was founded by Alexander Hamilton,” he scolded Dorsey.
White Castle employees, meet Flippy the Robot
Photo : Miso RoboticsIt has been 105 days since we learned that the robots had infiltrated White Castle. AdvertisementAfter allowing Flippy to stage at one of its restaurants, White Castle has announced plans to adopt some of Flippy’s siblings from their creator, Miso Robotics. The restaurant chain will be deploying them in 2021 at ten additional locations to steal jobs the hearts of customers . Let’s take a look at some of the fine work Flippy’s been doing on the line:Flippy hard at work cooking friesLook at it go! Flippy has grown so much since it was first introduced two years ago at Pasadena Caliburger ( and was quickly fired for sucking at its job) .
Asymptomatic Cases of Coronavirus Seem to Lose Antibodies Sooner, Study Finds
Asymptomatic coronavirus sufferers appear to lose detectable antibodies sooner than people who have exhibited COVID-19 symptoms, according to one of the biggest studies of its kind in Britain reported on Tuesday. Overall, samples from hundreds of thousands of people across England between mid-June and late September showed the prevalence of virus antibodies fell by more than a quarter. James Bethell, a junior health minister, called it "a critical piece of research, helping us to understand the nature of COVID-19 antibodies over time". The study involved 365,000 randomly-selected adults administering at home three rounds of finger prick tests for coronavirus antibodies between June 20 and September 28. "This very large study has shown that the proportion of people with detectable antibodies is falling over time," said Helen Ward, one of the lead authors.
SpaceX launches public beta test of Starlink Internet service
A SpaceX Faclon 9 lifted off Saturday from Cape Canaveral AIr Force Station in Florida, carrying 60 Internet satellites into orbit. Photo courtesy of SpaceXSpaceX is moving forward with beta testing of its Starlink satellite network. File Image by SpaceXOct. 27 (UPI) -- SpaceX has launched public beta testing of its Starlink communications satellite program that aims deliver high-speed Internet globally, particularly in underserved areas. AdvertisementThe initial Starlink service is called "Better Than Nothing Beta," according to multiple screenshots of an email, CNBC reported. The company rolled out private beta testing over the summer for which users had to agree to keep their experience confidential.
Angela Merkel’s executive power-grab
Germany’s Social Democrats have remained quiet for months as their coalition partner, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, have tackled this pandemic. Social Democrats are fed up with how the federal government has relied on decrees and executive orders during the epidemic, rather than using the proper legislative procedures. Spahn’s advisers have drafted an update to the Infection Protection Act — which has already given the minister vast executive authority since the early stages of the pandemic. Lawmakers and legal experts in Germany are increasingly concerned that parliaments are losing their legislative power because governments are pushing for inappropriate executive authority. Courts are increasingly involved in stopping executive measures because they argue that these measures are either too vague or outright unconstitutional.
Wargaming the Electoral College: Can BIDEN Thread the Needle to 270? (Yes, Biden)
Wargaming the Electoral College: Penultimate Edition. Let’s start this edition of Wargaming the Electoral College with that premise and with the broadest possible battleground state map. If the Dems can steal big enough to steal this one from Trump, then voting and the Electoral College no longer matter and this whole country is moot. On this map, without Pennsylvania, Biden would have to sweep all three remaining Rust Belt battlegrounds: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Not because I’m driven to flights of fancy, but because all these scenarios drive home the entire point of today’s edition of Wargaming the Electoral College: Trump has more and wider paths to victory than Biden does.
Where the Streets Have No Jokes (cont)
Where the Streets Have No Jokes (cont) by Mark SteynSteyn on EuropeApril 15, 2016 https://www.steynonline.com/7515/where-the-streets-have-no-jokes-cont Why do German comedians get the works? What a disgraceful person she is, the worst German chancellor since ...well, I don't want to go all Godwin's this early in the piece. He has, in effect, imposed Islamic concepts of free speech on a major western power. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of Mark Steyn Enterprises. If you're a member of The Mark Steyn Club and you take issue with this article, then have at it in our comments section.
Unhinged Anti-Trumpers Already Calling for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to Be Impeached
Democrats were powerless to stop the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, but anti-Trumpers aren’t giving up their anti-ACB crusade. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court recently ruled that signatures on mail-in ballots do not have to match—which makes such votes highly susceptible to fraud. Justice Elena Kagan has been casting votes in Supreme Court cases on Obamacare for years when, by law, she was disqualified from doing so and should have recused herself. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, however, has no legally mandated reason to recuse herself from election cases. Editor’s Note: Want to support PJ Media so we can expose and fight the Left’s radical plans for the Supreme Court?
‘Anonymous’ anti-Trump writer the NYT’s promoted reveals identity, and in a SHOCKING twist, he’s a CNN contributor (who lied) – twitchy.com
— Mike LaChance (@MikeLaChance33) October 28, 2020The anonymous White House staffer is also a CNN contributor. Miles Taylor wasn't even listed on DHS's senior leadership page when NYT published his op-ed because he was just a policy advisor, not even chief of staff. https://t.co/JU0bYvlttL — Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) October 28, 2020LOL “anonymous” was that lib Miles Taylor?!!! pic.twitter.com/6q603PGmTY — Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) October 28, 2020Miles Taylor confirms he is "anonymous"Here he is on video categorically denying to Anderson Cooper that he's anonymous. pic.twitter.com/LeAbYgQfr5 https://t.co/HCnaFdk1hT — Rising serpent ?? (@rising_serpent) October 28, 2020So ring that up as yet another lie that was peddled on CNN.
Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering
Thus, the government of Ukraine replaced the chief prosecutor with a new one that would be fired one year later at the insistence of Joe Biden. White House phone logs show that Joe Biden talked to the president of Ukraine at least three times in the week surrounding the firing. This left Joe Biden incapable of using U.S. taxpayer funds to influence Ukrainian officials. The Meeting OccurredYet another media falsehood is the claim that the e-mail isn’t clear about whether Joe Biden actually met with the energy executive. the email isn’t clear about whether Joe Biden actually met with the energy executive.
First look: Victoria Coates denies being "Anonymous"
What she's saying: "The allegations published in Real Clear Investigations are utterly false. I am not Anonymous, and I do not know who Anonymous is," Coates says in a new statement obtained by Axios. Cleta Mitchell, Coates’ lawyer, adds that RealClearInvestigations "peddled false statements citing only anonymous sources, despite on-the-record denials from Javelin LLC (the literary agent for Anonymous), the White House, and three well-respected former members of the Trump Administration—and now Dr. Coates as well." Details: Earlier this week, RealClearInvestigations published a story asserting that a months-long White House investigation identified Coates as "Anonymous," citing "people familiar with the internal probe." Last fall, rumors claiming Coates was the "Anonymous" writer began circulating throughout Washington, despite the administration rejecting the allegations against her.
4 Great Shotgun Hacks That Actually Work
Try these four simple hacks to increase your effectiveness with the shotgun. Extended Spring Tension MaintenanceProbably the weakest part of a shotgun is its magazine-tube spring, especially if it’s an extended magazine. In fact, I bet some folks make the decision not to buy a shotgun due to its low capacity. With your finger on the trigger guard ready to press the safety off, it’s often tough for onlookers to tell. Shotgun Fit TestTo see if your shotgun fits you correctly, bend your gun hand 90 degrees at the elbow.
LIVE NOW: VIP Gold Live Chat with VodkaPundit, Kruiser, and Preston
Join Stephen Kruiser, Bryan Preston, and Yours Truly for a live chat with our VIP Gold members Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern. If you’re not already a VIP Gold member, you can subscribe here. We’ll discuss the week’s events, crack bad jokes, and share stories too personal for daytime TV chat shows. Reddit has “Ask Me Anything” but VIP Gold members get “Ask US Anything.” For example, if you want to know if all three of us are suffering wild mood swings every time we think of Election Day (we are! A replay will also be available long after we’ve retreated to our drab real lives where VIP Gold Members aren’t asking us interesting questions.
Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden Story
In Wednesday’s Senate hearing on Big Tech and Section 230, both Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that neither had any evidence that the New York Post’s reporting on Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals is Russian disinformation. “Do you have any information whatsoever they are not authentic or they are Russian disinformation? Dorsey and Zuckerberg both denied receiving any indication that the story was part of a Russian misinformation campaign. “We judged it by our hacking policy,” Dorsey replied. Mr. Dorsey,” Johnson replied.
Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Studies Showing Waning Coronavirus Antibodies
It is normal for levels of antibodies to drop after the body clears an infection, but immune cells carry a memory of the virus and can churn out fresh antibodies when needed. “Some of these headlines are silly,” said Scott Hensley, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Declining antibody levels after the acute infection has resolved “is the sign of a normal healthy immune response,” Dr. Hensley said. “It doesn’t mean that those people no longer have antibodies. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have protection.”
Chicago sisters accused of stabbing employee 27 times after being asked to wear a mask
Two Chicago sisters were denied bail after allegedly stabbing a store clerk 27 times over the request to wear a maskA man was stabbed multiple times after asking two women to wear masks. Jessica and Jayla Hill (Credit: Chicago Police)Jessica allegedly taunted the employee as a “b- – – -” and said he had gotten “f- – – – – up” by the sisters. The Hill sisters were both treated for minor wounds at St. Anthony Hospital while the victim was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital. In June, a Walmart employee in Florida was shoved after they asked a customer to wear a mask. The post Chicago sisters accused of stabbing employee 27 times after being asked to wear a mask appeared first on TheGrio.
'Anonymous' Anti-Trump Author Outs Himself as Former DHS Chief of Staff. Here's What We Know.
The man, who also wrote a book, A Warning, under the name “Anonymous,” is former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor. “Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’…and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. It’s time for everyone to step out of the shadows,” he said in a tweet with a link to his statement. My statement: https://t.co/yuhTgZ4bkq — Miles Taylor (@MilesTaylorUSA) October 28, 2020“Make no mistake: I am a Republican, and I wanted this President to succeed.
Study: Loss of smell in COVID-19 far more common than thought
Loss of smell is common in COVID-19, but fewer people say they have this symptom than objective tests reveal, a new study finds. In fact, about 77% of COVID-19 patients who were directly measured had smell loss, but only 44% said they did, researchers found. "Objective measures are a more sensitive method to identify smell loss related to COVID-19," said study co-author Mackenzie Hannum, a postdoctoral fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. For the study, the researchers reviewed previously published studies on COVID-19 and loss of smell. Senior author Danielle Reed, associate director at Monell, suggested that "measuring people for smell loss may become as routine as measuring body temperature for fever."
WATCH: Oregon health official announces COVID-19 death toll dressed as clown
A senior Oregon health official donned a clown costume prior to announcing the daily death toll from coronavirus. Claire Poche, a senior official of the Oregon Health Authority, made the announcement dressed in a red tie, polka dot shirt, bright yellow pants, and a full face of clown makeup. Oregon’s public health authority had their MD dress up like a clown and announce COVID deaths. “Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today, bringing the statewide total for COVID-19-related deaths to 608,” she somberly continued in heavy contrast to her attire. I'm sorry but who at the Oregon Health Authority thought this was a good idea?
Joe Biden derides game dev ‘creeps’ who ‘teach you how to kill’
During the interview, reporter Charlie Warzel asked Biden about his problems with tech, including Facebook, and Biden mentioned video games. Biden: Yeah, video games… And then one of these righteous people said to me that, you know, “We are the economic engine of America. Considering I highly doubt the words of the artist in question were “my games teach you how to kill people,” I take that as Biden’s slant on what was said. What he says about video games stands out precisely because of how nasty and out-of-touch it sounds. Not necessarily, but there will be a contingent of voters who see in themselves the “little creeps” Biden is referring to, and they’ll remember that when they’re in the voting booth.
Pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills shows True Diversity
They love this country and they support President Trump. It was not simply an assembly of old, white men, as the left often attributes to the majority of Trump supporters. Covering the Freedom Rally in Beverly Hills, a weekly Trump rally in Beverly Hills that’s grown to one of the largest regular pro-Trump events in Los Angeles. Here is another article brought to you by Law Enforcement Today regarding people celebrating their support for President Trump. The current world record according to Guiness Book of World Records was achieved in Malaysia in 2014 and had a recorded 1,180 boats.
Judge: Virginia can’t count some ballots without postmarks
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A judge ruled Wednesday that Virginia elections officials cannot count absentee ballots with missing postmarks unless they can confirm the date of mailing through a barcode, granting part of an injunction requested by a conservative legal group. If the barcode shows the ballot was mailed after polls closed on Election Day, the ballot would be considered invalid. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Pennsylvania state court order extending the absentee ballot deadline. But on Tuesday, the high court sided with Republicans to prevent Wisconsin from counting mailed ballots that are received after Election Day. ___This story has been corrected to note that the judge ruled that elections officials cannot count absentee ballots with missing postmarks unless they can confirm the date of mailing through a barcode, but ruled that they can count absentee ballots with illegible postmarks if the voter signed the ballot by Election Day.
Not a Joke: Dan Rather on ‘Reliable Sources’ Slamming Trump’s ‘Fantasy Land’
Host Brian Stelter began the show the way he almost always does: by whining about Trump and questioning his mental fitness. Even if President Trump prefers to live in a fantasyland, journalists have to at least try to help him see the reality,” he declared just before introducing Rather. But that didn’t stop Stelter from asking, “as someone who has been covering presidents for decades, have you seen this kind of fantasy land thinking or behavior before?”“No. We've certainly seen behavior we didn't like in presidents but we’ve never seen anything like this. It's perhaps more important with President Trump because there are more untruths so to set record straight.
'Please Think About Others': Chris Cuomo Pretends He Didn't Break Quarantine Already
Why the hell did Chris Cuomo break quarantine? Then Fredo has the nerve to say stuff like this:Please think about others https://t.co/5ICdw5zO1g — Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) April 21, 2020Think about others? Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press don’t think the rules apply to them. Chris Cuomo doesn’t. I’d tell you to stay safe, Chris Cuomo, but you already haven’t.
FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate
They then compared those figures with actual prices and wages as reflected in the Conference Board data. In the three years following the implementation of Roosevelt’s policies, wages in 11 key industries averaged 25 percent higher than they otherwise would have done, the economists calculate. Cole and Ohanian calculate that NIRA and its aftermath account for 60 percent of the weak recovery. Without the policies, they contend that the Depression would have ended in 1936 instead of the year when they believe the slump actually ended: 1943. Without competition, wholesale prices remained inflated, averaging 14 percent higher than they would have been without the troublesome practices, the UCLA economists calculate.
China chooses landing site for its Tianwen-1 Mars rover
China has apparently chosen a primary landing site for its Tianwen-1 Mars rover ahead of the spacecraft's arrival at the Red Planet in February 2021. Related: Here's what China's Tianwen-1 Mars mission will doA portion of Mars' Utopia Planitia impact basin, as photographed by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. China's Tianwen-1 Mars rover will touch down in a section of Utopia Planitia in 2021. McEwen added that he's not aware of any evidence suggesting that there may be water ice at or near the surface of the Tianwen-1 landing site. (240 kilograms) solar-powered Tianwen-1 rover will investigate the surface soil characteristics and potential water-ice distribution with its Subsurface Exploration Radar instrument.
CNN Contributor ‘Anonymous’ Will Remain With Network After Lying On Air
CNN contributor Miles Taylor will remain with the network despite lying on the air about being the anonymous administration official who wrote a book condemning President Donald Trump. Taylor was an aide to former homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen before resigning last year, and he joined CNN as a contributor in September. However, Taylor lied to anchor Anderson Cooper on Aug. 21 when he denied being "Anonymous." So, no," says @MilesTaylorUSA, when asked by @AndersonCooper if he is the author of the op-ed book written by someone called Anonymous. pic.twitter.com/sPjs4OoAnp — CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) August 21, 2020Taylor is one of at least six Republican contributors at the network who are openly supporting the Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden.
Biden previews FDR-like administration during unity pitch in Georgia
During a stop in Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden recalled how Roosevelt sought out the city's mineral springs to ease the paralytic effects of Guillain–Barré syndrome before he died from the disorder in 1945. "This place, Warm Springs, is a reminder that though broken, each of us can be healed. And yes, we can restore our soul and save our country," he said Tuesday, not far from Roosevelt's Little White House. One week before polls close, Biden had two public events in Georgia on his schedule, a state that hasn't supported a Democratic standard-bearer since Bill Clinton in 1992. Trump won Georgia by 5 percentage points in 2016, but four years later, the president is only ahead on average by less than a point, according to RealClearPolitics.
Fifth Circuit Speaks Out Against Campus Speech Codes (in University of Texas Case)
… [The University of Texas-Austin student code forbids, among other speech,] "[h]arassment," which is the "mak[ing], distribut[ing], or display[ing] on the campus any statement that constitutes verbal harassment of another." … Finally, within the University's Handbook of operating procedures is the "Hate and Bias Incidents" policy. The Hate and Bias Incidents policy describes verbal harassment in the same language as the Institutional Rules…. Speech First must clearly show a likelihood that its members' constitutionally protected speech is arguably proscribed, or at least arguably regulated, by the University speech policies…. Such a qualified limitation on the scope of the term "verbal harassment" increases rather than decreases its uncertainty.
WHAT IF THEY START OUTLAWING CONSERVATIVE SPEECH? They will, you know, if Biden wins and Democrats t…
WHAT IF THEY START OUTLAWING CONSERVATIVE SPEECH? They will, you know, if Biden wins and Democrats takeover both chambers of Congress, according to Hans Bader of Liberty Unyielding.
1,000 Looters Turn Philly Retail Zone into "Total Loss"
In the second night of unrest in Philadelphia after the Monday shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. by police, police say 1,000 looters descended on retail stores in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Police told CBS Philly that the area was "a total loss." Philadelphia County's District Attorney Larry Krasner has reportedly charged dozens of suspect with felony burglary related to Monday's looting. Despite the prosecutions a Fox29 reporter tweeted that police were ordered not to arrest looters Tuesday night. Extremely frustrated officers, both patrol&commanders told me overnight they were”ordered to NOT arrest looters just disperse them”.
Some conservative speech may become illegal after the election
By making lawsuits over speech easier, the BE HEARD Act would radically increase this censorship based on fear of lawsuits. And an appeals court dismissed a racial harassment lawsuit over a professor’s racially-charged emails about immigration, citing the First Amendment. Judges have questioned the constitutionality of harassment rules that penalize workplace speech about religion that does not really harm the complainant. And many progressive judges will likely ignore any First Amendment problems with the BE HEARD Act. But according to judges, all these things logically weigh against a finding of workplace harassment under current federal law.
Supreme Court: Girl Scouts deletes Amy Coney Barrett Twitter post
"Shame on Girl Scouts for promoting this. one woman wrote in reply to Girl Scouts' Facebook post. "If you would like to debate partisan politics—keep scrolling," the Girl Scouts tweet added. A third woman wrote of Barrett: "She goes against so much of what Girl Scouts stands for — very disappointed in this. And another woman wrote, "Amy Coney Barrett does not represent what I always thought the girl scouts stood for.
Tony Bobulinski And The Compromised Biden Family
Become a Victory Girl! Are you interested in writing for Victory Girls? If you’d like to blog about politics and current events from a conservative POV, send us a writing sample here
Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice
The Philadelphia riots have zero to do with Walter Wallace, the victim who was shot by police after menacing them with a knife. These riots are useful opportunities for thugs to loot and destroy businesses and the city. You see, the Governor believes all of the destruction in Philadelphia is very “peaceful” destruction. If this was about justice for all, then how come those cordial thugs in Philadelphia went after Orthodox Jews who had shown up in support? The police had already visited Wallace THREE times the day he went after cops with a knife in his hand.
Note to Jeff Flake: Joe Biden Is Not the 'Decency and Civility' Candidate
Joe Biden does not have the mean tweets or the history of marital infidelity, but he has character flaws of his own. New revelations from a laptop that apparently belonged to Biden’s son Hunter implicated Joe Biden in Hunter Biden’s notorious foreign deals. While Hunter Biden raked in cash in China and Ukraine, his father served as Obama’s point man on both countries. The Biden family traded on their influential last name before Joe Biden became Obama’s vice president. Only Christopher Tigani, a wealthy beer distributor who bundled cash for the campaign, faced charges, but he exposed Joe Biden’s “Delaware Way” soft corruption.
The Phantom Soapbox: Communist China Runs Your Bookstore and WorldCon too.
"...the deep searing hatred of free speech, free association and freedom of ideas reveals itself every time." floppy cameltron, 2018
EXCLUSIVE: FOX News Has Copies of 'Damning' Biden Family Documents Removed From Shipping Package
We have learned from an extremely reliable source in a position to know that Fox News did in fact keep a copy of the documents. In an explosive development, Tucker Carlson of FOX News reported Wednesday night that a potentially ‘damning’ set of ‘confidential documents’ related to the Biden family business dealings went missing while in transit with an overnight carrier between New York and Los Angeles this week. Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish pic.twitter.com/B2qsajZlID — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 29, 2020Neither Tucker in his on-air statement, nor Fox News in its news report, stated that the missing set of documents was the only copy. Nonetheless, this has given rise to claims that the missing set of documents meant Fox News does not have a copy. We have learned from an extremely reliable source in a position to know that Fox News did in fact keep a copy of the documents.
Email reveals deal planned between Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg
A recently revealed email from a business associate of Hunter Biden's reveals plans of a potential deal between the two of them and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. SCOOP: Hunter Biden associate emails show deal they were working on that included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - @OANN pic.twitter.com/an1iBsLBmi — Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) October 27, 2020The email in question is from well-known Hunter business associate Devon Archer to a certain Jason Galanis. In the text of the email thread, Archer mentions, in response to something Galanis sends him:"This is great. Galanis responds, "Facebook zuckerberg [sic]???"
WATCH: Tucker Carlson reveals damning Hunter Biden documents have suddenly vanished
Fox News' Tucker Carlson reported on Wednesday that a trove of Hunter Biden documents vanished while they were being delivered to him. His producer sent these damning documents from the Fox News studio in Manhattan, using a very popular shipping service. Carlson states he never received the package as the company informed him it was emptied along the way. A comprehensive investigation is under way, but it is believed someone opened the package and took the documents contained within it. "So we texted a producer in New York and asked him to send us those documents to LA.
Hey There, Big Tuna. A Monster 360-Pound Fish Was Netted in Orange County
This certainly deserves the buggy-eyed emoji. A 361-pound tuna fish was captured off the Orange County coast, becoming the largest captured off fishing fleet vessels since 1958, according to Newport Landing Sportfishing in Newport Beach. The big tuna was caught sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon on an overnight trip. A whopping 11 Bluefin Tuna were caught aboard the vessel hosting 24 guestsEven the smallest weighed what a full grown adult would -- weights ranged from 160 to 361 pounds. Giant Tuna Sets Record in Orange CountyThe biggest tuna was professionally weighed, Newport Landing Sportfishing in Newport Beach said.
Drudge Alternative Citizen Free Press Mysteriously Disappears From Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go — Updated
The Drudge Report alternative Citizen Free Press, which has racked up 75 million page views in October so far, mysteriously disappeared from search results on Bing, Duck Duck Go, and Yahoo on Wednesday. Citizen Free Press raised the alarm on Twitter about an hour after the disappearance. CFP gets 15,000 visitors per day thru Bing.https://t.co/OSZ71JQ0Ch@bing pic.twitter.com/hvRC77fUbB — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) October 28, 2020“For BING to suddenly remove Citizen Free Press from search results — 7 days before the election — certainly raises some questions. As of Wednesday evening, the link to Citizen Free Press (citizenfreepress.com) still does not appear on the Bing search results. Citizen Free Press will weather the mysterious disappearance from Bing, Duck Duck Go, and Yahoo, whether or not Microsoft does indeed fix the problem.
Biden 50, Trump 46: It’s getting real in Georgia
Monmouth has a new poll out this afternoon confirming that the state really is in play: Biden 50, Trump 46, assuming high turnout. (Lower turnout points to Biden 50, Trump 48.) Trump maintains an advantage among Georgia voters aged 65 and older – leading Biden by 58% to 42% now, versus 61% to 36% in September. The bad news for him is that the GOP’s own polling is reportedly showing a Biden lead now as well: “A pair of internal G.O.P. Hillary lost the Michigan primary to Bernie Sanders in 2016; Biden destroyed Sanders in the Michigan primary earlier this year.
Tucker Carlson says Hunter Biden documents disappeared en route from New York to Los Angeles
Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish pic.twitter.com/B2qsajZlID — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 29, 2020HOLY SHIT. Tucker Carlson just said documents he shipped to LA regarding the Hunter Biden story were STOLEN right out of the package somewhere between NY and LA. — Mike LaChance (@MikeLaChance33) October 29, 2020Tucker says that Biden documents that were mailed to him in LA by his NY producer vanished en route — a major shipper was used and they have been unable to determine who opened the package and stole the Biden documents. Not notes from Tony Bobulinski but from Hunter Biden and James Biden, etc. The Senate report revealed that Chinese sent money to a Biden firm and then straight to Hunter Biden — circumventing Bobulinski's work on behalf of Sinohawk.
Open Our Schools Now
We still have states — like California and New York — that are keeping schools closed. There has yet to be any data that shows schools are hotbeds of transmission. From 2004-2005 to 2018-2019, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons ranged from 37 to 187 deaths. During the H1N1pandemic (April 15, 2009 to October 2, 2010), 358 pediatric deaths were reported to CDC. I am not sure that anyone who is forcing schools to stay closed is really considering the science or the data.
Don’t Get Suckered By The Establishment Psy-Op
You have people moving from Hillary to Trump, but nobody moving from Trump to Grandpa Badfinger. On the inside, the insiders almost unanimously think Trump will win – that’s the real talk behind the scenes among people whose names you know. Early voting numbers are GOP-friendly, and many polls now show Trump moving up or taking the lead. But the Establishment will try to psych you out, because you are in total control of the one last piece of the puzzle. Oh, we were totally off in 2016 but we totally get Trump voters now and can poll them accurately.
USPTO: One Deep State Swamp Backwater That Is Getting Drained
President Trump has acknowledged that the Swamp is much deeper – and its Creatures much nastier – than he anticipated. Let us briefly examine the incredibly damaged-by-the-Obama-Era system Trump and Iancu inherited. Iancu Says Congress May Be Up for Patent Eligibility ReformThankfully, Iancu hasn’t been fiddling while Congress and the US patent system burn. Oh: Obama and the Republican Congress also had judicial help in undermining the US patent system. (T)he case was widely considered as a decision on software patents or patents on software for business methods….
Horrific Night of Violence and Looting in Philadelphia -- Police Powerless To Bring Order
The City of Philadelphia descended into near anarchy on Tuesday night, with large sections of the city in total chaos as major chain stores were looted of all their contents. The night of violence came just over 24 hours after Philadelphia police shot and killed a black man with a knife as he advanced upon them. Videographers who are veterans of street protests such as those in Porttand and Seattle expressed real fear for their own safety, and did not remain with the crowds doing the looting. pic.twitter.com/xOKsigSx2Q — robertklemko (@RobertKlemko) October 28, 2020BREAKING: Wal-Mart is being looted for a 2nd time by BLM rioters in Philadelphia They are looting 15+ stores over a 4 block radius. pic.twitter.com/gmcsebGLDJ — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 28, 2020The inside of a looted Rite Aid in Philadelphia.
Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste to the Biden Family Legacy in Interview With Tucker Carlson
But at some point in 2016, and into 2017 he was brought into the conversation and planning of matters with James Biden and Hunter Biden. He met Rob Walker who was a close associate of the Biden family that Gilliar had been working with. Walker told him that he was a “proxy” for the Biden family in arranging transactions for them around the world. In May 2017 Hunter Biden decided it was time for Joe Biden to meet Bobulinski. But part of the funding turned out to be a “non-recourse” loan for $5 million to the Biden family.
Bette Midler Goes Off the Rails Even More Than Usual; Asks God to 'Let Biden' Beat 'Racist Criminal' Trump
In one hilarious “please and thank you” tweet, Midler beseeched the Lord to please let Joe Biden beat Trump. https://t.co/v1k5qbF43e — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) October 25, 2020Hmm. — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) October 24, 2020Did I mention that Bette’s not very fond of Fox News host Sean Hannity, either? — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) August 26, 2020Anodyne, anodyne, nothing but simple minded pablum. — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) August 26, 2020Those three tweets are as perfect an example as there is of the hypocrisy of the Left and the Democrat Party as a whole.
Tony Bobulinski Shares Why He Came Forward About Joe Biden's Corruption, Adam Schiff Hardest Hit
Tony Bobulinski just told @TuckerCarlson that he came forward because @RepAdamSchiff said the whole story was Russian disinformation from the Kremlin. He also provided a receipt showing Hunter Biden signed to have them dropped off (see Repair Shop Receipt for Hunter Biden Laptop Revealed, Media Narrative Burns to the Ground). He could not understand why the Biden campaign was leaning into an obvious lie. In short, had Adam Schiff just kept his mouth shut, none of this would be happening right now to the Biden campaign. The Bidens can send Adam Schiff a nice thank you letter for that campaign contribution.
CNN's Oliver Darcy Beclowns Self in Latest Fox News Criticism, Bret Baier Swoops in to Finish Him Off
“It’s what we do to cover an important election fairly,” Baier stated on the program. Trump uses air time to brazenly lie and spread misinfo, including about the coronavirus. Obama and Biden do not. Plus, Biden lied his you-know-what-off during the last presidential debate, not that anyone who watched CNN religiously would know. — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) October 27, 2020OMG.
The Hunter Biden Emails Are About Joe Biden Not About Hunter
that presents itself in the form of Hunter Biden. The Bobulinski interview made it clear that Joe Biden was a knowing and willing participant in the various scams in which Hunter Biden was a central figure. That shouldn’t be a shock as virtually all large scale commercial enterprises have some degree of oversight by Chinese intelligence. (READ Hunter Biden Caught On Tape Lamenting His Chinese Business Dealings.) We know that the Chinese desperately want Joe Biden to win, and the porn would be useful in manipulating a President Biden so his wastrel son would not end up in prison.
Forcing Transgenderism on Your Child Is Child Abuse, Period.
If you do manage to have transitional surgery, you’re 19 times more likely to resort to suicide according to studies. It’s sad that her child will have to undergo this nonsense, especially since it’s based on bunk science. Therefore, identical twins have the same skin color 100 percent of the time. But in the largest study of twin transgender adults, published by Dr. Milton Diamond in 2013, only 28 percent of the identical twins both identified as transgender. Gender dysphoria is a very real mental disorder, but pushing it on someone, especially a child, is not only cruel but unnecessary.
USNA Cancel Culture: Status Report on the Midshipman 1/C Standage Case
MIDN Standage was removed from classes and directed to out-process and leave USNA by 30 September. How is it that it was the “manner” but not the “content” that led to the decision to separate MIDN Standage from USNA? When MIDN Standage was asked why he would think otherwise, MIDN Standage said he had viewed the situation through the eyes of his parents. He then found MIDN Standage guilty of both charges, imposed the maximum punishments allowable, and forwarded him for separation. The next milestone in this case is the court’s hearing on MIDN Standage’s motion for preliminary injunction on Friday.
You’re ‘Gonna Bury All of Us’: Tony Bobulinski Plays Tape of Biden Partners Begging Him Not to Go Public
Tony Bobulinski gave some rather compelling tidbits of information about the Biden family’s business dealings with a Chinese company during his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. At one point in the conversation, the whistleblower played an audio recording of a phone call with a Biden family representative who attempted to talk him out of taking the story public. “The Biden family knew that you were going public with this,” said Carlson. You’re just gonna bury all of us man.’”Carlson asked Bobulinski how he responded to Walker’s plea. “They all know the facts; I lived the facts.
The Media's Excuse for Ignoring the Tony Bobulinksi Bombshell Is Nonsensical Garbage
With Tony Bobulinski throwing more fuel on the fire, providing more texts and documents, the media have upped the standard again. — Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) October 28, 2020When Alexander Vindman sat down with CNN, NBC reported on the interview and took everything that was said as newsworthy. I did not become a journalist to push Russian disinformation. Russian disinformation was good when it was actually Russian disinformation and targeted Trump. The Hunter Biden laptop story is not Russian disinformation, but it will be called such and won’t be reported on because it shields his father.
Law Enforcement Smashes Human Trafficking Ring, Rescues 45 Missing Children
A law enforcement task force just scored a major victory in the fight against human trafficking. During the operation 45 missing children were recovered by the U.S. Marshals and 179 arrests were made by the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. Information developed from that recovery linked her and other possible victims to an individual in Columbus suspected of human trafficking. I’m incredibly proud of them and pleased that they were able to apply those same skills to finding missing children.
The Most Insane Part of the Bobulinski Interview On the Bidens Is the Least Shocking
Last night I was watching the Tucker Carlson interview with Tony Bobulinski as many in America were. The central figure is Joe Biden, the patriarchal leader of the Biden family on whose name the Chinese are making deals. The most insane thing about that Tucker Carlson interview is the fact that it’s only being covered by Tucker Carlson. Only Tucker Carlson is putting this out there to see. Only Tucker Carlson is willing to expose the truth.
Shutdown DC Plans to Shutdown the Election; the Left’s Agenda is no Return to Normal
I have heard it recently from several friends: I can’t wait until this election is over so things can go back to normal! Now there is unrest in the streets, and apparently someone planned for these “spontaneous” protestors to be well armed. — SV News ? (@SVNewsAlerts) October 28, 2020Issues and Insights warns us,“[… W]hether Donald Trump wins or loses, the left has other plans. Shutdown DC is encouraging other so-called grassroots organizations to coordinate and pop up. The message and training resources is already being delivered via the Shutdown DC website.
Washington Post Letter From 20 Former US Attorneys From GOP Administrations Supporting Biden -- A 'Who's Who' of RINOs
Tuesday saw another “Open Letter from former Republican Administration Officials who support Joe Biden” published by the Washington Post. With changes during an Administration, there are easily 200 or more US Attorneys appointed over the course of an eight-year Presidency. So rounding up 20 appointed by GOP Presidents to say they support Joe Biden is not really a big chore. The New Mexico GOP and then New Mexico GOP Senator Pete Domenici complained about Iglesias to the White House. Charlton had clashed with the Bush Administration over the death penalty; in at least two cases he did not seek capital punishment but was overruled from Washington.
Jack Dorsey Lies to Ted Cruz in Senate Hearing on Twitter's Election Interference But Will the Senate Do Anything
The pivot men in this circle jerk are Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter. This is Ted Cruz going at Jack Dorsey. For the record, everything Senator Cruz says in his opening statement is true. This is Senator Cruz’s grilling of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Jack Dorsey is either a pathological liar or an out-of-touch dupe.
Kamala Says Biden Admin Will Be a 'Game Changer' for Parents; Angel Dad Don Rosenberg Agrees
Drew Rosenberg, right, was killed by illegal alien Roberto Galo in 2011. Credit: Rosenberg family photo, used with permission. Kamala Harris’ current view of what will help parents in the United States is certainly consistent, though, with her actions throughout her career. Nothing Kamala Harris has done, whether as San Francisco District Attorney, California Attorney General, or a United States Senator, has been helpful to parents or families. He received one generic response from a staffer in Harris’ office while she was Attorney General, but, other than that, silence. When asked to comment on the above clip, Don Rosenberg said:“If her [Kamala Harris] entire career has been focused on keeping people safe, she is a failure.
Joe Biden’s Five Worst Policies
To date, presidential nominee Joe Biden has released almost 50 policy plans on his website. Now, without further ado, here are Joe Biden’s five worst policy proposals. “Build Back Better: Joe Biden’s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families”This is one of Joe’s biggest and most ambitious plans. However, history has shown that centralized planning, which Joe Biden is promoting en masse, does not work well. Yet, this is something that Joe Biden has yet to learn after spending more than 47 years as a politician.
NYT Reporter Whines About Conservatives' Reactions to Philly Riots, Gets the Responses He Deserves
Not long after the officer-involved shooting death of a knife-wielding Walter Wallace Jr. on Monday, riots broke out across the city. As big as this story of the Philly rioting and looting should be, however, many national media outlets have chosen to either give it minimal coverage or outright ignore it. Taking cheap shots at conservatives for wanting more attn being drawn to the burning down of a major U.S. city. https://t.co/Cc7JVpNeRK — Claire Mahoney (@TaggertGirl) October 28, 2020Pray tell what the appropriate amount of coverage is for mass looting and rioting in an American city. 3) Reaffirm that legitimate concerns from conservatives about what the national media chooses and does not choose to thoroughly cover are irrelevant to many big-league journalists.
Noted Legal Scholar Sunny Hostin of 'The View': Dems Adding Justices Would Actually Be 'Unpacking' SCOTUS
Sunny Hostin spins: Dems adding justices is actually ‘UNpacking’ Supreme Court Like, putting more shoes in your suitcase is "unpacking" it?https://t.co/4s5PkhlaSD — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) October 27, 2020Here we go. Trump has put now three justices on the Supreme Court and just dozens and dozens of judges on the federal judiciary. “I was, in particular, talking about the Supreme Court being packed and I used those words very specifically. Hostin switched her argument from unpacking the Court to unpacking the “culture” and “values” that she claimed, “are on the Supreme Court.” What is that? It’s not constitutional.”Watch:Joe Biden: "The only court packing is going on right now — it's going on with Republicans packing the court now.
Thoughts On The Walter Wallace Police Shooting
Philadelphia is dealing with civil unrest following the police shooting of Walter Wallace, a 27-year-old black man. Shaka Johnson, an attorney representing Wallace’s family, told Fox 29 that the man had been experiencing mental health issues. “My prayers are with the family and friends of Walter Wallace. The footage shows that the officers continually told Wallace to drop his knife. If Wallace had mental health problems, they likely drove him to act in an aggressive manner.
ICE Releases 250 Immigrants With Violent Criminal Histories. The Reason Why Is Infuriating
In yet another story showing how much the open borders crowd cares about the safety of American citizens, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently announced that they released 250 immigrants with violent criminal histories into the general public. The agency stated that “despite requests to transfer detainees to alternative locations,” it released these individuals from the facility. The same trend continues in New York City, in which dozens of recently-released criminals committed new violent crimes. According to ICE, over 85% of the nearly 730 immigrants at the Adelanto facility had pending criminal charges or convictions. It is for this reason that they have declared California a “sanctuary state,” that protects illegal immigrants — especially those who commit additional crimes after crossing the border.
A Key Source for Steele Dossier Was an Alcoholic Female Lawyer Living In Cyprus Who He'd Known Since 8th Grade
This is not the first time Olga Galkina’s name has been confirmed as one of the key sources behind allegations in the Steele Dossier reports. Galkina and Danchenko had been friends since the equivalent of 8th grade in the Russian city Perm where they both grew up. XBT and Gubarev sued Buzzfeed News after they published the Steele Dossier reports which included Galkina’s claims to Steele. “Almost immediately,” she recognized the name of Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Mr. Cohen, according to the declassified notes. In December, Ms. Galkina gave Mr. Danchenko new details about Mr. Cohen’s purported meeting and implicated her erstwhile boss, Mr. Gubarev, in the DNC hacking, the notes said.
Wisconsin Congressman Gives Best Response to Democrat Opponent Who Accused Him of Being 'Privileged'
Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-8) has been on the receiving end of the “privilege” accusation on multiple occasions courtesy of his Democrat opponent and state Rep. Amanda Stuck. From a simple Google search of “Mike Gallagher privilege”, one can find out that Ms. I didn’t marry a Broadway star like Mike Gallagher did. […] “Congress is full of people like Mike Gallagher who come from privilege,” Stuck said. pic.twitter.com/04wa9jaNYi — Mike Gallagher (@MikeforWI) October 27, 2020Bravo!
Infamous 'Anonymous' Op-Ed Writer and Trump Official Has Been Revealed, and It's Hilarious
Some years ago, a supposed “high-level” Trump administration official penned a scathing op-ed in the pages of The New York Times. Well, the identity of that person has finally been revealed and it’s absolutely hilarious. And how does this qualify as a “senior level” Trump administration official? There was a time when people seriously thought the person who wrote the anonymous op-ed was Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo or Nikki Haley. He thought up this scam of purporting to be an “Anonymous,” high-level Trump official, claiming he was saving the nation, to get a CNN gig.
The Netflix War On Comedy Continues with Liberal Lip-synch Comedian Sarah Cooper Special
After being featured at the Democratic convention Cooper continues the humor-free antics. Netflix appears to be on a mission to kill off comedy as it has been accepted. In 2018 there was excessive hype surrounding the release of the stand-up special starring the Australian comedian Hanah Gadsby, entitled ‘’Nanette’’. In this light the newest offering on the streaming platform, ”Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine’’ is a bit different in that there is at least the attempt at humor. Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine is now on Netflix and it's going to be a *great* day ? Starring @sarahcpr and directed by @nlyonne!!
Ted Cruz Absolutely Wrecks Jack Dorsey at Senate Hearing, 'Who the Hell Elected You'
Today, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, among other social media platform leaders, testified about the recent censorship of damning information surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden. In fact, that ban was not lifted until today after Cruz caught Dorsey lying about the matter (see Jack Dorsey Lies to Ted Cruz in Senate Hearing on Twitter’s Election Interference, but Will the Senate Do Anything). In a blistering exchange, Cruz laid into Dorsey, and the Twitter founder deserved every bit of it. Cruz began his line of questioning by hammering Dorsey for claiming, without evidence, that Twitter does not have the ability to influence elections. What’s not conservative is giving social media special protections while excusing their blatantly partisan, un-American behavior in quashing free speech.
Twitter's Warning People to Be Wary of 'Unconfirmed Claims' That a Candidate Won the Election
With the increase in voting by mail, there might be a delay in the announcement of election results. This means you could encounter unconfirmed claims that a candidate has won their race. They offer users the opportunity to “Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure” and to “Find out more” about why they believe election results might be delayed. Experts are anticipating historic in-person & by mail turnout this year, which means we may not know the full results of voting on election night. The striking messages are designed to push back against the deluge of false claims about the 2020 election.
PODCAST: Latest Breakdown of Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania With RedState
Duke is back with “Bourbon On The Rocks 1019” and RedState contributors Scott Hounsell and Brad Slager join him and talk about these topics. *How Michigan and Pennsylvania are doing. *What is going on in Florida. *Who will win next Tuesday. * Also why Florida Man prevented the Governor of Florida from voting.
New John James for Michigan Ad Taps Last Man Standing's Tim Allen
After the Detroit News endorsed Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James, he has been firing on all cylinders in order to bring more daylight between him and Democrat incumbent Gary Peters. The gorgeously filmed campaign ad “Together”, narrated by none other than Michigan’s adopted son, comedian and actor Tim Allen (Home Improvement/Toy Story/Last Man Standing), should give James some wind in his sails. That’s John James. I hope everybody remembers.” “James had previously told reporters that he is 2000% in support of President Trump when he ran for office in 2018. As a veteran fighter pilot, business owner, job creator, and Black conservative, John James embodies that change from the status quo.
Google Confirms: There's No Ignoring Bobulinski and 'Plausible Deniability'
During the interview, Bobulinski states that James Biden, brother of the former Vice-President used a particular term to explain away Biden’s potential for scandal should the business dealings in which they were engaging become public. And I just can almost picture his face, where he sort of chuckles and says, you know, plausible deniability. BOBULINSKI: Anyone watching this interview can look up what plausible deniability means — CARLSON: Yes. BOBULINSKI: And the definition is very distinct.”WATCH: Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski says Joe Biden is lying about his family's foreign business deals and planned to hide behind "plausible deniability" pic.twitter.com/axzpn9HMGR — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) October 28, 2020Turns out, people took his suggestion to heart and jumped on google to do just that. Google has the ability to monitor search results to see what people are searching for, and from where they might be searching.
A Look at the 2020 Election: North Carolina
Part of it is due to districting because there are some weird looking districts in North Carolina. It should be noted that voters in North Carolina are not averse to sending a Democrat to the US Senate. Trump won North Carolina in 2016 by a comfortable margin of slightly less than 200,000 votes of more than 4.5 million cast. Polling out of North Carolina puts that state on the cusp of a Biden victory. I think it comes down to whether Trump pulls Tillis up, or whether Tillis pulls Trump down in North Carolina.
Kira Davis: Vote With Your Eyeballs
I kept trying to make sense of the lockdowns in comparison to the numbers and I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around any of it. So I kept trying to wrap my mind around it, kept trying to convince myself that I just wasn’t smart enough to understand the data. The problem is that we have a media and a social media landscape that is constantly telling us we can’t believe our lying eyes. If you feel confused about what you’re seeing versus what you’re being told it’s only because you’re a rational human being. When you can’t believe anything else, you must believe your “lying” eyes.
'Hold the Line': Cocaine Mitch Expertly Lays out Why the Stakes 'Couldn't Be Higher' in This Election (Watch)
I don’t often write about political ads, but the “Hold the Line” video recently put out by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the NRSC is worth amplifying because it’s critically important to reaffirm what’s at stake in this election, especially as it relates to the United States Senate with the Republican majority being on the line. Some of those shown include Sen. Thom Tillis (NC), Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (SC), Sen. Martha McSally (AZ), and Michigan Republican Senate nominee John James, among others. “Everything is on the line,” McConnell says in the background, while a quaint, small-town with an American flag proudly billowing in the breeze can be seen in the distance. If anything, the “law and order” factor supersedes all others this year as the primary reason to keep the Senate in Republican control.
Here’s Why Miles Taylor Deserves The Grifter Of The Year Award
The anonymous author, who wrote the piece for the Times, revealed himself as Miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security staffer. He wrote:“The NYT answered a bunch of written questions about why they decided to publish the op-ed, and defended the use of “senior administration official. “I also didn’t realize the definition of ‘senior administration official’ could be *this* expansive,” said Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. Miles Taylor was a distant, disconnected figure who pretended to be some prominent Trump administration insider. The former staffer’s motivation seems clear: He wanted attention and money, and he used an all-too-willing New York Times to achieve both.
'Florida Man' Almost Suppresses DeSantis' Vote
As Election Day 2020 looms (and concerns regarding voter fraud and voter suppression are being bandied about), “Florida Man” is doing his part to keep things interesting. Earlier today, The Hill reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ran into a snag when he went to cast his vote:Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was nearly prevented from casting his ballot this week after a man allegedly changed his home address online. A Florida man is facing felony charges after authorities say he changed Gov. Of course, now I’m wondering how many other clever souls out there might attempt to mess with Florida voter registrations now that they’ve learned of Guevara’s prank.
Is New York Using Anti-Semitism to Expand Its Assault on the First Amendment?
The governor of New York threatening the Orthodox community. The mayor of New York threatening the Orthodox community. NYPD uses a “parking complaint” as an excuse to enter an Orthodox Jewish home. Police officers enter PRIVATE HOMES to find Jewish gatherings in Monsey, New York: “We came because we had a vehicle parking complaint. This virus has allowed would-be totalitarians everywhere to find a “public health” exception to the First Amendment.
Yeezus Saves? New Poll Out of Minnesota Is Going to Have Team Biden Fuming
Minnesota went to Clinton in 2016 by a margin of just 44,000 votes, among the smallest margins of victory in the country. That tiny margin, coupled with the economic boom created prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, placed Minnesota within striking distance for team Trump. Polling for the state has Biden up 6 for the Real Clear Politics average, and 270towin had Minnesota leaning blue. To compare to 2016, the last two polls had Clinton with a 10 and 8 point lead respectively, in a race that had Clinton win by 1.5 points. In other words, the majority of Kanye’s voters would be voting for Biden if Kanye wasn’t on the ballot.
Disney Considers Suing Newsom, Moving Jobs out of California, as Newsom Doubles Down on Closures
Before getting to WDW Pro’s listing of actions Disney could take, a pause to appreciate their intro to the story. Theme parks all over the world are shut down. America and China enter into a soft cold war, risking your multi-billion dollar investment in Asian theme parks should you say one wrong thing. Iger was tasked with getting the NBA to Walt Disney World in order to keep WDW profitable. Yep, that pretty much sets the stage for where Disney was as the execs awaited Newsom’s theme park reopening guidelines.
WATCH: Jewish Men Trying to Stand in Solidarity with Philly Rioters are Harrassed, Assaulted and Chased Away
BREAKING: Wal-Mart is being looted for a 2nd time by BLM rioters in Philadelphia They are looting 15+ stores over a 4 block radius. A group explained to three men — two of them wearing yarmulkes — “We don’t need no solidarity. The nation of Amalek is long gone, but they live on as the internal enemies that we each battle on a daily basis. Black Lives Matter? Furthermore, Black Lives Matter™, so far as I can tell, also isn’t focused on the lives of a particular race but rather a broad scope including Marxism, gender politics, and the dissolution of the family.
Supreme Court in Two Cases Today Says It Is Too Late to Intervene in Election Law Challenges -- BEFORE the Election
In two separate cases today the Supreme Court declined to intervene and block changes to state election laws that had been imposed by lower courts. In North Carolina, the law was changed by the North Carolina Board of Elections. The Purcell principle involves the Supreme Court’s admonishment to lower federal courts that they should not grant relief making changes in state election law close to an election. Justice Roberts has already indicated a reluctance to have federal courts get involved in second-guessing state court decisions on state election law. Justice Kavanaugh has been very outspoken about the application of Purcell to these late election law changes.
Girl Scout Org. Tweet Honors 5 Women on SCOTUS, Then Swiftly Bowed to SJW Scolds
Girl Scouts just deleted this tweet after being attacked by the mob. pic.twitter.com/rfv5LuQUiA — Lisa Britton (@LisaBritton) October 28, 2020Here was the top blue check to call out the Girl Scouts’ “misstep” against leftist conformity. For science.https://t.co/JNdXTHLS12 — L ? (@SomeBitchIKnow) October 28, 2020This evening, unfortunately, the Girl Scouts of America bowed to the scolds, by deleting the offending tweet. In a startling bit ot irony, look who has no trouble debunking that concept, in a comment on the Girl Scouts’ statement. [see: Girl Scouts Reward Highest Honor to Girl Who Organized Abortion Promotion Campaign]As the other Stephen Miller put it:Twitter bullied the Girl Scouts lol.
Boise NBC Affiliate Refuses to Remove Fake News About GOP Lawmaker and Face Masks
Such is the case with KTVB, the NBC affiliate in Boise, Idaho, which recently lied about a state representative who posted the CDC’s data regarding masks use and Covid infection rates. In her report, Fields stated, “The CDC study Nichols cited as proof that masks don’t prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it needs some context.” Fields then went on to momsplain the study. That was your input.”Then, when Nichols checked her state email account an hour and 15 minutes later, she saw Fields’ email and responded again. KTVB was contacted twice by Representative Nichols and twice by her attorney, but they have chosen to leave slanted, false news on their website. By the way, I reached out to Representative Nichols for comment on this story.
Legendary Golfer Cautions Critics Who Hate Trump's Tweets: 'His Love for America....Has Come Through Loud and Clear'
And all believed in the American Dream. He’s worked for the average person. They gave their son—my father—the opportunity to pursue his education and his American Dream. I was taught strong family values and worked hard to pursue my own dreams—my own American dream. I also believe that Donald Trump’s policies will bring the American Dream to many families across the nation who are still trying to achieve it.
In War, Chinese Shipyards Could Outpace US in Replacing Losses; Marine Commandant
He calls the current configuration of amphibious ships “the most obvious manifestation of this obsolete paradigm” in a draft document obtained by Breaking Defense. Berger takes care not to blame the Navy for building expensive, relatively slow amphibious ships to carry Marines across the globe. The Next Generation Medium Logistics Ship would resupply both ships at sea, as well as small, ad hoc bases ashore. The ship fits within plans Berger has made to stand up several Marine Littoral Regiments designed to move fast and have their own integrated anti-air and possibly anti-ship weapons. The Corps and Navy are also looking to buy as many as 30 Light Amphibious Warships in coming years, which would be much smaller than the current amphibious ships.
Apple CEO Tim Cook: This Is the No. 1 Reason We Make iPhones in China (It's Not What You Think)
It's not designed and sent over--that sounds like there's no interaction. The truth is, the process engineering and process development associated with our products require innovation in and of itself. Not only the product but the way that it's made, because we want to make things in the scale of hundreds of millions, and we want the quality level of zero defects. You don't do it by throwing it over the chasm. I can't imagine how that would be.
Opinion | Why We Can’t Be Friends with Our Allies
Amid the competitive world of international politics, even close allies have interests that diverge; even when they have common interests, they are not equally felt. Moreover, major powers like the United States often have multiple alliances, some of which conflict with one another. The United States de-recognized its Taiwanese ally in 1979 in order to gain the People’s Republic of China as an ally against the Soviet Union. And, lest we forget, the United States’ German and Japanese “friends” were anything but prior to 1945. Only if policymakers act upon this messy reality can we hope for a more peaceful world and sounder American policy.
America Must Stop Turkey’s Rogue Adventurism In The South Caucasus
However, Turkey’s behavior in the South Caucasus has reached a pinnacle of brazenness even for a strongman like President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has thrown Turkey’s full weight of support behind a country that aggressively bombs Armenian settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh such as Stepanakert. The lack of sanctions over Turkey’s great game in the South Caucasus contrasts with the American reaction last year when Turkey invaded northern Syria and displaced America’s Kurdish allies. For example, Michael Doran, a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, tweeted out, “Russia, Iran, & Armenia versus the US, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Furthermore, ethnic Armenians have always constituted a demographic majority of the Karabakh region.
The Mysteries of the American-Saudi Alliance
And the world is not yet ready to live without the unmatched reserves, enormous production and unique spare capacity of Saudi Arabia. ), is so important to the United States. is trying to bring about is exactly the right answer for the kingdom and what the United States needs to have happen there. I wish that every United States diplomat, military officer and journalist would read this book before deploying there. I wish that every member of Congress would read it before voting on any measure related to Saudi Arabia.
Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden to Joint United States and Romanian Participants in Carpathian Spring Military Exercise
Otopeni Military AirbaseBucharest, Romania3:31 P.M. (Local)THE VICE PRESIDENT: Let me begin by saying, Mr. Minister, thank you, and it’s very hot in here. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor to have a chance to see our militaries work together in this Carpathian Spring Joint Military Exercise. I even advocated for Romania’s early entry into NATO when I was a United States senator. In Romania, American forces have found a devoted NATO ally. I want to thank our Romanian colleagues for standing with us, alongside us, emboldening us, making us stronger.
Read the full transcript of vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris
This is a transcript of the 90-minute debate between Vice President Mike Pence and vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris. 08:05 PAGEThank you, Vice Pres- Thank you Vice President Pence- Thank you, Vice President Pence. And I think –PAGEThank you, Vice President Pence – Vice President Pence, your time is up –17:19 PENCE– the American people, I’m gonna say again, can be proud of what we done--PAGEVice President Pence, I’m sorry. 29:36 PAGEThank you, Vice President Pence – Thank you, Vice President Pence. He said it was hysterical, he said it was xenophobic –PAGEThank you, Vice President Pence – Vice President Pence, your time is up –45:56 PENCE– but President Trump has stood up to China and will continue to stand strong.
Hillary the Hawk: A History
Unlike Donald Trump, who has wildly shifting positions and alleged “secret” plans to defeat the Islamic State, Clinton has an extensive track record upon which one can evaluate her likely positions. By any reasonable measure, Clinton qualifies as a hawk, if a nuanced one. As historian Taylor Branch recounted in his diary of interviews with Bill Clinton: “I asked him what Hillary thought. Pakistan: In 2007 and 2008, Clinton strongly disagreed with then-Sen. Barack Obama about striking al Qaeda targets inside of Pakistan. As Hillary Clinton later wrote in her memoir: “They told me not to tell anyone, so I didn’t tell anyone.
Barack Obama hails 'eternal' US-Israel alliance at start of Middle East visit
Obama, Netanyahu and the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, wore broad smiles and matching blue ties as they strode along the red carpet. Netanyahu said Israel sought peace with its Palestinian neighbours, and the need for the US-Israel alliance was "stronger than ever". He will travel to Ramallah to meet the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and prime minister, Salaam Fayyad. On Tuesday Mustafa Barghouti, an independent Palestinian legislator, criticised the stated goal of the Obama visit of listening to both sides. In January, Kerry warned US senators that the chances of achieving a Palestinian state alongside Israel were diminishing.
The wacky plagiarisms of Joe Biden.
Also in Slate: David Greenberg argued that Joe Biden’s plagiarism shouldn’t be forgotten. The Biden episode merits revisiting because as acts of plagiarism go, it was spectacular, and because it points to other dicey chapters in his life. Pointing to his wife, Kinnock said:Why is Glenys the first woman in her family in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? For instance, Biden wasn’t the first in his family to attend college, as he claimed, conceding to E.J. The Times’ Dowd also found Biden lifting Kinnock’s “gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact,” proof of his intimacy with the source material.
The war in Afghanistan shattered Joe Biden’s faith in American military power
Vice President Joe Biden decided to make one more last-minute push to convince President Obama that the advice his generals were giving him was disastrously wrong. There was little in Biden’s past that could have predicted that he would stake out such a hard position in his first months as vice president. [The Afghanistan Papers: The secret history of the war]By that point, Biden was beginning to turn against the war in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Biden rejected the notion that America had any moral obligation to improve the lives of Afghans or prevent civil wars. “I am not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of women’s rights!” the vice president shouted at him.
3 Tallest Biden Tales on Foreign Policy
Former vice president Joe Biden has spun his foreign policy bona fides for the better part of two decades in order to make them fit with the political zeitgeist. The Iraq War voteBiden was chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when he voted to give President George W. Bush the broad authority to go to war in Iraq. Just hours before the invasion, on March 19, 2003, Biden told CNN, “I support the president. Now, in his 2020 bid for the presidency, Biden continues to offer “jumbled Iraq war revisionism.” “Yes, I did oppose the war before it began,” Biden said at a September 6 campaign event. There were several senators who, unlike Biden, voted against the Iraq war while also arguing for the return of United Nations weapons inspectors to Iraq.
A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win
As the civil rights movement of the 1960s scored victories, the propaganda efforts of the Soviet Union lost steam. Further, these moments of collective mobilization for civil rights act as earthquakes, sending shock waves all over the world. Patrick Lekota, a major figure in the antiapartheid movement in South Africa, said the American civil rights movement was “highly studied material.” Polish Solidarity leaders invited U.S. civil rights leaders to instruct them on the tactics of nonviolent action. But maybe the country is at the dawn of a second civil rights movement that will prompt fundamental reforms to its systems of law enforcement, criminal justice, housing, and school finance. And maybe—just maybe—the country’s second civil rights movement will be its best chance to reset its image and influence around the world.
How to Make a Progressive Foreign Policy Actually Work
A second major critique of the progressive foreign policy outlined by 2020 candidates is that their focus on helping democracy and human-rights causes prevail over the dark forces of demagoguery and despotism sounds very much like Obama’s values-based approach to world leadership. But progressive foreign policy, done correctly, could offer up an entirely new approach to soft power projection that would make our use of soft power much more effective than it was during the Obama administration. By the time Obama could come up for air, he was dealing with a Republican Congress that politicized every foreign policy crisis (remember when Republicans opposed bombing Syria? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked boldly about smart power projection, but by the time she left Foggy Bottom, she was still stuck deploying the same meager, smart power tools that she inherited. Progressives also need to recognize that there is almost no important domestic progressive value that can be advanced without a foreign-policy complement.
The Answer is to Empower, not Attack, the World Health Organization
Millions of refugees rely on the World Health Organization for their health care, and millions of children rely on the WHO and UNICEF to access vaccines. The World Health Organization is not perfect, but its team of doctors and public health experts have had major successes. Trump’s team likely knows this, but they see an opportunity to attack the World Health Organization because of the increasing influence that China has inside the organization. Without an increase in funding, the World Health Organization will be unable to respond to this outbreak or prepare for the next global health emergency. Rather than withdraw from the World Health Organization, this is the time for America to further invest.
Trump has been a great president for China. For America amid coronavirus, not so much.
From threatening Australia with an economic boycott, to imprisoning Canadian citizens, to pushing the U.S. military out of the Philippines, President Xi Jinping is on the march. Trump’s China policy has been a gold-leaf wrapped gift to Beijing, creating space for Xi to consolidate his power domestically and expand his influence abroad. Space to run circles around AmericaHis disastrous China policy is, of course, centered on a bungling myopia. Four more years of Trump’s disastrous China policy will likely help vault Beijing into a position of global prominence from which it may never be dislodged. If Trump wants to make China policy a centerpiece of the coming campaign, his opponents should welcome it.
Scarane burns up the phone lines, hoping to beat Del. veteran Coons
Last November, Scarane announced a progressive campaign in Delaware against U.S. Sen. Chris Coons. “My phone has been ringing off the hook, people have reached out to my office by text, by email, by phone,” Coons said. While Scarane’s camp was immediately willing, Coons campaign finally decided not to participate on Aug. 25. Scarane accused Coons of being too concerned with national politics at the expense of what Delaware voters want. There’s also been frustration for Coons, as he’s worked to find common ground across the aisle in a bitterly divided Congress.
Meet the GOP’s favorite Democrat
I guess probably the outside world is looking at [the Pompeo vote] and going, ‘Are you kidding me? Why don’t people do this all the time?’” – Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) “He’s very definitely a partisan Democrat. But Coons and Tillis made a pact: No more Democrats can co-sponsor the bill until Republicans join them. The agreement frustrated some in Coons’ party, but Tillis said he intentionally chose his partner because he knew the Delawarean wouldn’t buckle. Back home, Coons said he’s heard some gripes but mostly praise for his efforts at conciliation.
Chris Coons should be Biden's secretary of state - The Washington Post
In 1950, with NATO launched and the Marshall Plan igniting Europe’s revival, the United States, with 32.5 percent of world gross domestic product, needed allies. As it does now, with China as a peer competitor. Although significant factions in both parties are increasingly ambivalent about free trade, Coons believes in the possibility of a bipartisan consensus supporting global trade standards that benefit Middle America while strengthening the nation’s hand in constraining China. There is a “constitutional and moral quandary” in the fact that only 108 (20 percent) of the 535 members of today’s Congress were in Congress when these AUMFs were passed. Coons knows what produced Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Turkey Seeks Diplomatic Gains After Risky Libya Military Intervention
ISTANBUL - Turkey is seeking to reap diplomatic rewards from its military success in Libya. The Turkish military deployment to Libya, widely seen as a gamble by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, turned out to be a game changer in the civil war. "Turkey and the U.S. can together make a positive difference [in Libya]," Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said Friday. But Turkey's Libya military intervention is seen as thwarting Russian ambitions. Turkey, Russia and Iran are part of the Astana Process, which is seeking to end the conflict.
Biden is already forming a government. Here's what his Cabinet could look like.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is widely viewed as a potential Treasury secretary in a Biden administration. She is widely viewed as a potential Treasury secretary in a Biden administration. A veteran Democratic strategist close to Biden’s transition team said that if Warren wants a post, she is “definitely in the Cabinet.” And even if she isn’t, she's likely to influence Biden’s thinking. Michelle Lujan Grisham “comes up a lot” in Cabinet talks, according to one former Biden adviser who remains in contact with Biden campaign officials. And Jared Bernstein, a longtime economic adviser to Biden, is frequently mentioned as a potential chair of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors.
Inside Afrin, the true victims of Turkey's invasion of northern Syria are revealed - refugees, babies, women and children
Even the rescue workers – such as they are in the Kurdish province of Afrin – didn’t touch the shoes. They left one of the blood-soaked bedspreads where it was in the rain under the collapsed roof of the cheap breeze-block house. Taha was 40 years old, his wife Amina the same age, Zakia was 17 and her bother Suliemann just 14. Safa, who is 19, survived – miraculously, with only wounds to her hands – but of course she is now an orphan. Where, I wondered as I walked through the wards of Afrin Hospital, had I heard all this stuff before?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an: 'Our Civilization Is One Of Conquest'; Interlocutors Should 'Stay Away From Mistakes That Will Open The Way For Them To Be Destroyed'
He added: "If there is anyone who wants to stand against us and pay the price, let them come." President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an: "In our civilization, conquest is not occupation or looting. [...]"Turkey will take what is its right in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Aegean Sea, and in the Black Sea. We invite our interlocutors to put themselves in order and stay away from mistakes that will open the way for them to be destroyed. In the spirit of the armies here: 'This storm breaking out is the Turkish army, oh Lord!
Official Data Shows Turkey Violated Greek Territorial Waters 2,032 Times in 2019
The number of Turkish violations of Greece’s territorial waters rose dramatically this year compared to 2018, according to official data released recently by the Hellenic (Greek) Defense General Staff (GEETHA). According to GEETHA’s figures, the Turkish Navy and Turkish Coast Guard have violated Greece’s territorial waters a grand total of 2,032 times so far in 2019! This figure, shocking even to longtime watchers of Mediterranean geopolitics, is significantly higher than the 1,479 separate violations recorded during all of 2018. These violations are a common reality for many people who live on Greece’s Eastern Aegean islands, and especially for fishermen who ply the waters around the island of Kalymnos, who are regularly harassed by Turkish fishermen or even, as happened this week, the Turkish Coast Guard itself. This incident, in which a Greek fishing boat was harassed by dangerous maneuvers carried out by a Turkish Coast Guard vessel, took place near the islets of Imia.
EU foreign ministers condemn Turkish violation of Cyprus’ EEZ, Greek airspace
The foreign ministers of the European Union condemned on Friday the violation of Greek airspace and territorial waters by Turkey and Ankara's drilling plans in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) during a teleconference. According to the final draft of the joint statement, the EU said it is “in full solidarity” with Cyprus and reiterates that “tangible steps are needed to create a climate conducive to dialogue.”“We condemn the fact that Turkey has not yet responded to repeated calls from the EU to stop these activities and we reiterate our call on Turkey to show restraint, to avoid such moves and to respect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Cyprus, as defined by international law,” the ministers said. The statement welcomed Cyprus's invitation to Turkey to “negotiate in good faith” the limits of their maritime economic zones and stressed that “recent escalating actions by Turkey [with the new drilling ship in the Cypriot EEZ ] are moving in the opposite direction.”Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, the ministers also condemned the "escalation of violations of Greek territorial waters and airspace” by Turkey, which includes overflights over residential areas, in violation of international law. Commenting about situation in the Eastern Mediterranean at the press conference, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said: “We uphold our principles and interests. We will continue our diplomatic engagement with Turkey to try to steer our relationship towards a cooperative and constructive approach.”
US: Turkey-sent Syrian fighters generate backlash in Libya
The report, which was released Tuesday, said Turkey has sent to Libya at least 5,000 Syrian mercenaries who previously worked closely with Ankara in Syria’s civil war. They were sent to help Tripoli-allied militias fight the forces of east-based military commander Khalifa Hifter. ADTurkey also deployed several hundred regular troops to Libya, including operators and technicians for Turkish air defense systems deployed in western Libya, the report said. Increasing reports of theft, sexual assault and misconduct by Syrian mercenaries in western areas are likely to further degrade the security situation and generate backlash from the Libyan public, AFRICOM said. Tripoli-allied militias have backing from Turkey, a bitter rival of Egypt and the UAE in a broader regional struggle, as well as from the wealthy Gulf state of Qatar.
Egypt approves Libya deployment, risking clash with Turkey
Egypt has been backing the east-based Libyan forces in the conflict while Turkey backs the forces in Tripoli, in the west. Egypt has been backing the east-based Libyan forces in the conflict while Turkey backs the forces in Tripoli, in the west. A troop deployment in Libya could bring Egypt and Turkey, close U.S. allies that support rival sides in the conflict, into direct confrontation. Turkey, a bitter rival of Egypt in a broader regional struggle over political Islam, is the main patron of the Tripoli forces, which are also backed by the wealthy Gulf state Qatar. Tripoli forces drove Hifter’s self-styled army from the capital’s suburbs, several western towns and a key airbase.
Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire
Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman EmpireIn the past few weeks, a conflict between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkey’s role in the liberation of Mosul has precipitated an alarming burst of Turkish irredentism. But if the past is any indication, the military interventions and confrontational rhetoric this nationalism inspires may worsen Turkey’s security and regional standing. That is to say, they aren’t maps of the Ottoman Empire, which was substantially larger, or the entire Muslim world or the Turkic world. On Turkey’s southern border, this line ran from north of Aleppo in what is now Syria to Kirkuk in what is now Iraq. In both Iraq and Syria, however, Turkey’s sectarianism has not been allowed to trump pragmatism.
Israel is shooting itself in the foot by selling arms to Turkey’s ally Azerbaijan
For Israel, supporting Azerbaijan whenever Baku and Yerevan cross swords has always made a lot of sense. But Israel must realise that geopolitics of the region has changed and by supporting a Turkish ally, it is only shooting itself in the foot. For Israel, helping Armenia to weaken down Turkey is a much better deal than thinking that helping Azerbaijan would debilitate Iran. And then if Israel thinks that Azerbaijan will help Israel as an ally, it is grossly mistaken. Ultimately, if Azerbaijan gets an upper hand over Armenia, Turkey will become stronger, and then Turkey and Azerbaijan would form an anti-Israel axis.
‘Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh face an existential threat,’ says Armenia’s PM Pashinyan
‘Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh face an existential threat,’ says Armenia’s PM Pashinyan9K sharesPASHINYAN © FRANCE 24By: Gallagher FENWICK 18 minIn an interview with FRANCE 24, Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan talks about the reignited conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Pashinyan accuses Turkey of inciting the military campaign, and denounces what he calls an "ethnic cleansing" against the people in the region. “Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh are facing an existential threat,” he says, urging the international community to recognise the region’s right to independence.
BREAKING NEWS: Azeris Behead Armenian Soldier, Post Photo On Social Media & Call His Brother Taunting Him.
Today, the Human Rights Defender received an alarming call certifying that Azerbaijani military forces beheaded an Armenian soldier, several days ago, per Armen Tatoyan, the Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) of Armenia. Afterwards, several hours later, the brother found the photo of his martyred brother on his social media page. There were two phone calls with Azerbaijani soldiers who used hate speech with intention to humiliate the Armenian killed soldier’s brother. As the latter informed the Human Rights Defender, the calls were made from the Armenian soldier’s phone number. The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has recorded other cases of torture and atrocities; these activities are ongoing.
Armenians most targeted by hate speech in Turkish media, report shows
Armenians most targeted by hate speech in Turkish media, report showsA report prepared annually by the Hrant Dink Foundation showed that Armenians were the most targeted group in hate speech in Turkish media in 2019. According to the report, there were 5,515 instances of hate speech in local and national media and 803 of them targeted Armenians. Duvar EnglishArmenians were the most targeted group in hate speech in the Turkish media in the past year, according to an annual report prepared by the Hrant Dink Foundation. The report titled “Hate Speech in Media and Discriminatory Discourse in Media in 2019” said that there were 5,515 instances of hate speech in the past year and Armenians were targeted 803 times. Hate speech against Armenians was seen to be frequently used in articles about Khojaly massacre and the April 24 Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.
Aliyev: Turkey's support for Azerbaijan 'a clear message to the world'
Azerbaijan's President ?lham Aliyev thanked Turkey for its support and said that "his brother" President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an's statements were "a clear message to the world." Fresh clashes erupted on September 27 in Nagorno-Karabakh, or Upper Karabakh, an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. Turkey has supported Baku's right to self-defense and demanded a withdrawal of Armenia's forces from Upper Karabakh. "We support Azerbaijan not only because of our bonds, but because Azerbaijan is right. Upper Karabakh has never been a separate place from Azerbaijan."
37 Armenian Soldiers Martyred Defending Artsakh, Totaling 710.
Today, 37 Armenian soldiers were martyred during battles defending Artsakh against Azerbaijan, totaling 710, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense. In Memoriam:Kocharyan Zohrab Hrachiki, born in 1991Khachatryan Tsolak Samveli, born in 1990Harutyunyan Karen Seyrani, born in 2000Manukyan Narek Sureni, born in 2000Elizbaryan Mher Ashoti, born in 2000Grigoryan Gor Sergeyi, born in 2000Hayrapetyan Sasun Tigrani, born in 2000Poghosyan Arman Manveli, born in 2002Gevorgyan Grigor Armeni, born in 2002Mkrtchyan Vazgen Rudiki, born in 2000Kirakosyan Arthur Hayki, born in 1999Ghardashyan Roman Vladimiri, born in 2001Galstyan Musheghi Aram, born in 1997 (Reserve)Gabrielyan Gegham Ediki, born in 1977Balayan Karen Arthuri, born in 1993Melkumyan Hovhannes Vagharshaki, born in 1977Nikoghosyan Arthur Khosrovi, born in 1991Paramazyan Arshak Hrachiki, born in 1983 (Reserve)Mirzoyan Gor Gevorgi, born in 1990Baghdagulyan Ashot Varazdati, born in 1973Mikaelyan Hayrapet Gurgeni, born in 1994Tatikyan Sasun Zohrabi, born in 1998Isayan Vahram Vazgeni, born in 1980Kyarunts Gagik Razmiki, born in 1998Avanesyan Boris Varuzhani, born in 1990 (Reserve)Udumyan Vahe Haykazi, born in 2001Harutyunyan Misha Sedraki, born in 2001Mailyan Norayr Vahani, born in 1999Konjoryan Rafael Yuriki, born in 2000Sargsyan Robert Arthuri, born in 2001Abgaryan Arsen Seyrani, born in 2001Movsisyan Arthur Arseni, born in 2001Movsisyan Eric Arthuri, born in 2001Avanesyan Manvel Karleni, born in 2001Barseghyan Areg Arthuri, born in 2001Grigoryan Karen Gedeoni, born in 2001Sargsyan Arman Arkadiki, born in 2001Our condolences to the relatives of these Armenian heroes protecting Armenia and Artsakh from Azeri aggression.
A Brief History of Artsakh
Ruth Kupeian, Aglow Armenia National Board, shares about the history of Nagorno-Karabakh which is located in Europe within the borders of Armenia. Artsakh (or Nagorno-Karabagh) is part of historical Armenia, inhabited by Armenians even from before Roman times. Armenia sided with the people of Artsakh and Armenians from all over the world came to help them out. To this day, the international community does not recognize Artsakh to have the right to have self-determination in light of its history of massacres and need to survive. She also encouraged Aglow regional leaders to visit Armenia and Artsakh to establish the work here.
Hagia Sophia Converted Back to Mosque by Turkey’s President
As Christians feared and many expected, the Hagia Sophia is now—again—a mosque. They chanted, “We’ll light candles in Hagia Sophia!” and held Greek flags and Byzantine banners. Dozens stood outside the Hagia Sophia, cheering in celebration. A poll conducted in June showed a divided population: 47 percent favored Hagia Sophia being opened to Muslim worship, while 39 percent said it should remain a museum. “Hagia Sophia was a symbol of our rich history.
Turkish Government Music Video Presents Turkish Military, Erdo?an As Heir To Ottoman, Seljuk Dynasties, Portrays Turkish Conquerors Praying In Hagia Sophia Mosque
The music features the zurna, a wind instrument central in the traditional Ottoman military band, giving the music a distinctly "Ottoman" sound. Upon the release of the video, Communications Minister Fahrettin Altun tweeted: "For us, the Red Apple is a great and powerful Turkey. The Red Apple is the great sycamore tree in the shade of which many oppressed [peoples] cool themselves. "Only With The Conquest Of The Red Apple Will The World Find Tranquility And Peace"Lyrics: "The goal of the Red Apple will be reached only with the lives [lost] on the way. The destination is the Red Apple, we will not despair.
Turkish Government Music Video Presents Turkish Military, Erdo?an As Heir To Ottoman, Seljuk Dynasties, Portrays Turkish Conquerors Praying In Hagia Sophia Mosque
The music features the zurna, a wind instrument central in the traditional Ottoman military band, giving the music a distinctly "Ottoman" sound. Upon the release of the video, Communications Minister Fahrettin Altun tweeted: "For us, the Red Apple is a great and powerful Turkey. The Red Apple is the great sycamore tree in the shade of which many oppressed [peoples] cool themselves. Lyrics: "The goal of the Red Apple will be reached only with the lives [lost] on the way. The destination is the Red Apple, we will not despair.
Civilians and BBC team flee shelling
Civilians are being forced to flee the city of Stepanakert as clashes continue over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. The enclave is officially part of Azerbaijan but run by ethnic Armenians. More than 200 people are now known to have been killed, including civilians, since the fighting between troops from Armenia and Azerbaijan began a week ago. Jonah Fisher reports from Stepanakert.
When Malcolm X Met the Klan
Photo by Truman Moore/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty ImagesIn Politico, Les Payne and Tamara Payne write about the time Malcolm X and the Ku Klux Klan met to talk about shared interests—like separating the races:“The meeting began with a telegram that was delivered from the Klan at the end of 1960. “At an NOI gathering in Atlanta, 33-year-old Jeremiah X rushed up and handed over over the message, as if passing along a burning ember. The Klan did not normally send its messages to Black people by day or post them in writing. “The details of the Klan telegram, and the events that resulted, have never been fully disclosed. The original telegram was thrown out, according to Jeremiah X (later known as Jeremiah Shabazz).
‘Anonymous’ Revealed To Be a Figure of Limited Significance
He became unhinged.”The former official penned an anonymous article in September 2018 while in government service. “A senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. Because second, many question the classification of Taylor by the Times as a senior official in the administration. Trump “complained for weeks about senior staff members letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia,” Taylor wrote. But Bolton has identified himself publicly from the start, has declined to collaborate with groups flamboyantly dedicated to the destruction of the president and was actually a senior administration official.
Turkey’s Hateful Neo-Ottoman Campaign Against the Armenians
The Red Apple is a great plane tree that provides shade for the downtrodden to refresh. The Red Apple is what the entire humanity has longed for from Gibraltar to Hedjaz and from the Balkans to Asia. The world is waiting for “There is no God but Allah.” The destination is the Red Apple, we will not despair. Twenty-six years later, Artsakh is once again under attack by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and jihadist terrorists reportedly deployed by Turkey from Syria. As of October 18, 710 members of the Artsakh military have lost their lives, according to the Armenian media.
Soft Totalitarianism Threatens Scotland
BBC Scotland, Catholic bishops, the Humanist Society of Scotland, and the Scottish Police Federation are amongst those to have raised concerns, along with Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson and writer Val McDermid. Finally, the bill formally abolishes the offence of blasphemy – which has not been prosecuted in Scotland for more than 175 years. And look, this bill is the essence of totalitarianism: leaving no space outside the realm of politics. In an authoritarian society, a political leader or party exercises a monopoly on political power, but doesn’t care outside the realm of the political. If this bill passes, then Scottish people had better get rid of Alexa devices, and decommission Siri from their smartphones.
The Founders Believed in a National Economic Strategy
It also fails to appreciate higher realities of statecraft and one of America’s oldest strategies for political economy in the national interest. In fact, America has adapted trade to the national interest, and protectionism was the first and eventually dominant strategy of building economic power and independence. Ironically, the American economic strategy of rebuilding allies and opening our home market to their exports succeeded so well that West Germany and Japan by the 1970s were outcompeting American industry. But any foreign strategy must rest on a political coalition durable enough to provide statesmen a stable interpretation of the national interest. The ends of this strategy would be protection of economic sectors vital to the national interest, for the purpose of reshoring and rebuilding productive powers for national safety and independence when the next emergency or war comes.
Allies Aren’t Friends and Clients Aren’t Allies
There is a tendency to sentimentalize our relationships with allies, clients, and partners by claiming them as our “friends.” There are no friendships between states. And so we know this, in our personal, professional relationships – you guys keep your word to your friends. The peril in talking about allies as friends comes from encouraging more of what Barry Posen has called reckless driving. If clients are wrongly labeled as allies and allies are mistaken for friends, these governments will believe that they can expect U.S. support no matter what. Turkey’s government today is clear proof that allies aren’t friends, and it is showing that even a formal treaty ally can effectively cease to be a real ally with its aggressive and irresponsible policies.
Will President Biden’s Likely Secretaries of State End Forever Wars?
They’ve both been busy penning opeds and appearing on foreign policy panels and cable news shows. “Trump’s China policy has been a gold-leaf wrapped gift to Beijing,” he writes. “Four more years of Trump’s disastrous China policy will likely help vault Beijing into a position of global prominence from which it may never be dislodged. If Trump wants to make China policy a centerpiece of the coming campaign, his opponents should welcome it,” Murphy wrote. A piece in The Atlantic Murphy wrote a year ago offers several clues on his foreign policy thinking.
Trump, Trans, And Therapeutic Totalitarianism
That made it dangerous for medical experts to speak up about problems with transition treatments. Some told me privately that they thought transition treatments were bad, but they did not want to say this publicly. One scolded me for being “heteronormative” because I questioned the safety and necessity of testosterone drug treatments for young females. I believe this is why so many medical experts declined to acknowledge problems with transition treatments. Public and private actors created a tidal wave of favorable attention for gender transition in the U.S. and other countries.
Holly Willoughby's plum leather Boden skirt is such a stylish autumn buy
Holly Willoughby looked stylish and autumnal while hosting This Morning in a plum coloured leather skirt this Wednesday (28 October). Opting for a plum or brown tone softens the leather look and takes it away from the punky image. While it's certainly an investment piece that would last forever, faux leather options can make the autumnal look more pocket friendly. Boden Catriona Leather Skirt - Ruby Ring Boden £350.00 BUY NOWFaux leather is also preferable to vegans and those who avoid animal products. M&S Faux Leather Midi A-Line Skirt M&S Collection £35.00 BUY NOWOr you can switch things up and stick with the purple leather look but in a pencil style.
25+ spooktacular Halloween food ideas and recipes to try
If you're planning a Halloween party or simply fancy whipping up a spookacular feast of seasonal dishes to enjoy with the family this 31 October, then you've come to the right place because we have rounded up all of the best Halloween food ideas to try this year. Whether you're after sweet treats to impress the kids or want to wow guests with delicious dishes at a Halloween-themed dinner, we have all of the best Halloween recipes to keep all ages happy, from toffee apples to pumpkin soup. There are some seriously fun sweet recipes among our top Halloween food ideas, including everything from wizard-themed Harry Potter cupcakes to white chocolate 'ghosts', not to mention boozy Baileys freakshakes for the adults to enjoy. But we've also included plenty of savoury Halloween recipe ideas too, including a show-stopping pumpkin fondue, a classic butternut squash soup and even some spicy pumpkin slices. From party food and family-friendly meals to impressive desserts, here are over 25 of our best Halloween food ideas...
All About the Actress, Her Role on the Show, and More
Now, all these months later, viewers still seem to harbor mixed feelings when it comes to the parents to be. In season 4 of This Is Us, fans see Madison and Kevin sleep together on a whim. pic.twitter.com/Cb8uxnttNu — This Is Us (@NBCThisisUs) October 23, 2020The above season 5 sneak peek shows Kevin and Madison sharing their news with Kate. Before TIU, the 33-year-old actress starred in other TV shows, like and , and in the holiday Lifetime TV movie Christmas Perfection. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io
The big questions we have after watching The Sister episode 1
The Sister has been one of ITV’s most hotly-anticipated shows of the year, and the first episode of the psychological thriller has finally aired. Just that she’s the younger sister of Holly (played by Amrita Acharia), and that she’s creeping around in the afterlife haunting people. We know Elise was there with her mum and dad, and Holly, but stayed when the rest of her family went home. Elise’s sister Holly (who Nathan is married to) has at least 20 photos of Elise around the house. Technically she is, but then there’s the creepy EVP recording from creepy Bob with ‘Elise’ telling them she’s not dead.
Kate Middleton and Prince William's Apartment Is Actually a Mansion
Kate Middleton and Prince William live in an apartment at Kensington Palace, which, frankly, sounds somewhat casual. HA HA HA HA. “All of these royal residences at Kensington Palace are called apartments, which of course makes people immediately think they are flats like the American term for an apartment. If you think of Kensington Place, in a way, it is built around three courtyards. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.
Here's What You Should Know When Visiting National Parks During the Off-Season
Here’s a secret — National Parks are even more beautiful during the off-season. Plus, you might even see more cool animals from your favorite National Parks along the way, since there's less foot traffic. While “always be prepared” is the tagline of the great American Boy Scouts, it’s a sentiment that should be shared by every National Park visitor. Being over prepared is much more favorable than arriving at the park and realizing you're not going to be warm enough. Here’s what you should know when visiting National Parks during off-season!
Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara Review
The natural texture of beeswax is the perfect base for creating a super buildable formula—and as a self-proclaimed mascara connoisseur, I specifically seek it out in the ingredients. It’s the common thread between many of my go-to mascaras, including Buxom’s Volumizing Mascara and Honest Beauty’s Extreme Length Mascara and Primer, and I’ve often pointed to the lack of beeswax as a reason for my dislike of a product. In fact, the one product I struggled to give up in my year of experimenting with a vegan lifestyle was my beeswax-based mascara.
'Today' Show Fans React to Hoda Kotb’s Incredible Act of Kindness
Today show star Hoda Kotb was featured in an Overheard Celebs Instagram post. The 56-year-old cohost sent a heartwarming video message to a breast cancer patient before their death and later consoled their grieving friend. What’s more, Hoda recalled the moment on Today, adding that she wanted to help her in any way she could. In 2007, Hoda was diagnosed with breast cancer after lumps were found during a routine exam. Over the past decade, Hoda has openly shared her story, especially in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
'This Is Us' Season 5 Premiere Fall 2020 Recap: The Important Things You Missed
The This Is Us season 5 premiere aired on NBC Tuesday night, and all we have to say is ... wow. Because there was so much happening every single second of the premiere episode, it was easy to miss a few things here and there. ), Jack tells Rebecca that he even threw a razor in the bag "just in case" she decided she didn't want him to have a beard anymore. Exhibit A: At the beginning of the premiere episode, we see Randall sitting with his family watching coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests. To reinforce this point, Kevin tells Madison, "You know, we all used to watch this together."
Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson Opened Up About His Facial Injury and How It Happened
"Sometimes things get intense here in the iron paradise," the Rock said of his gym, where the injury happened. Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson Opened Up About His Facial Injury and How It HappenedDwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been seriously into fitness for decades, but a recent experience shows that even the pros don't always get those gym moves right. The actor and former pro wrestler shared an Instagram video to reveal injuries to his face that happened during a workout. In the post's caption, Johnson explained what caused the injury. When it comes to your workout gear, comfort is key—and it's important to think carefully about how safe your footwear is.
Working Out But Not Losing Weight? Here Are 9 Reasons Why
Working Out But Not Losing Weight? Here Are 9 Reasons Why—and What You Can Do About ItDo you eat well, exercise often, and still feel like you’re not losing that stubborn weight? You’re eating too muchIf you’ve already cleaned up your diet big time and you’re still not losing weight, it may be that you're simply eating too much. If you love to run or bike for reasons other than losing weight, then by all means don’t stop. But if you’re working out but losing weight and your primary goal is fat loss, there are other forms of exercise that give a much better bang for your buck.
I Lost My Job 3 Months After Being Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer—And I’m Terrified the ACA Will Be Struck Down
My surgery was performed in March 2020—a partial thyroidectomy, during which half of my thyroid was removed­—and I was diagnosed with minimally invasive follicular thyroid cancer the day after. I chose the bi-annual tests—the option seemed preferable at the time to having my entire thyroid removed at 25 years old. Before I lost my job, I’d planned on switching to my employer-offered health insurance plan. But now, without a job, the reality of not having accessible, affordable health insurance is becoming very real, very fast. (President Donald Trump has said that, should the ACA be struck down, a different health care initiative would replace it.
Ciara Partners with Amazon Home to Honor a Seattle Nurse with a Home Makeover
Amazon / Mark Malijan PhotographyBut managing hectic schedules and raising two children during a pandemic isn't the only challenge Sellier has faced this year. “Russ and I are longtime supporters of Seattle Children’s Hospital and when it comes to Seattle, we’re always looking for ways to celebrate our city and the people who make it great,” Ciara tells Good Housekeeping exclusively. Amazon / Mark Malijan PhotographyThe beach-inspired bedroom. Amazon / Mark Malijan PhotographyThis makeover shows the power of how even small upgrades can boost your mood as we’re all spending so much more time inside our homes this year. Monique Valeris Senior Home Editor, Good Housekeeping Monique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers decorating ideas, home tours, gift guides and more.
Trump: How Dare Fox News Air an Obama Speech
With the election less than a week away, Donald Trump has been pulling out all the stops and going after anyone he sees as a threat to his re-election. Today the target was, surprisingly enough, Fox News, the president’s unofficial channel. And they say, ‘He’s so handsome, he’s so handsome.’ Oh.”The relative minor slight from the president aside, Fox continues to carry water for Trump and paint him as a victim of a biased press. “Why aren’t Hunter Biden’s dealings being covered far and wide by every mainstream newspaper or media organization? Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
“No One Else Can Do This”: Ady Barkan Is Using the Health Care Fight to Tip the Scales in 2020
It was mid-September 2019—the thick of the Democratic presidential primary. This cycle Barkan was endeavoring to discuss health care policy with every Democratic presidential hopeful. “We thought it was absolutely critical to engage with Mr. Barkan because this conversation is so critical. “We have wanted to make this election about health care, and we’ve wanted to make this election about Trump’s handling of the COVID crisis,” a senior Democratic aide told me. “We have been clear: Ady is going to do everything on ‘Medicare for all.’ He’s going to fight Joe Biden tooth and nail if he’s elected,” Jaff said.
Report: Donald Trump, Grifter Incarnate, Charges Taxpayers for Water He Drinks at Mar-a-Lago
Still, in other ways, being the most powerful person in America has been absolutely tremendous for Trump’s family business, which he refused to divest from after being inaugurated and still profits from to this day. For another, he’s able to use trips abroad to peddle his money-losing golf clubs, where he can also “suggest” the vice president spend the night despite non-Trump properties making more sense. And then, of course, there are the trips to Mar-a-Lago and his club in Bedminster, New Jersey. What the government needed from Trump’s properties, it had to buy from Trump’s company. So the more he went, the more he got.
It Sure Seems Like the FBI Doesn’t Want to Tell Trump that His Far-Right Supporters Are a Threat
But it was Donald Trump who had consistently downplayed the threat, both before the 2016 election, when he flirted with far-right supporters online, and after, when he referred to white extremist rioters as “very fine people,” while simultaneously ginning up concerns about leftist and Black radicals. And now, with the U.S. one week out from a presidential election that has heightened fears of political violence, the bureau has not fulfilled a legal obligation to release its reporting on domestic terrorism threats—including far-right violence—that the nation could face after November 3. “I would hate to think that they are reacting to President Trump’s machinations about his dislike for senior leadership in the FBI,” said House Homeland Security Committee chairman Bennie Thompson in a statement to the Daily Beast. “This report probably would not be viewed favorably by this administration. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
Donald Trump Courts Senior Citizen Vote by Nearly Freezing Half a Dozen to Death
The president left on Air Force One just after 9 p.m following the event at the Eppley Airfield. But many of his supporters were stuck there until very late at night, miles away from their cars, waiting for the buses the Trump campaign had chartered to shuttle attendees back to the parking lot...Thirty people were “contacted for medical reasons” and seven were transported to the hospital from the event, a spokesperson for the Omaha Police Department told BuzzFeed News. According to Omaha Scanner, a Twitter account that monitors local emergency scanners in the area, a number of people had to be treated for hypothermia and other conditions as a result of the cold. One older adult was reported to be “frozen cold unable to move with an altered mental status.” Police said many attendees walked about three miles back to the parking lot, and that officers personally transported some older attendees who were having difficulty in the cold and chaos back to their cars.... The weather hovered around freezing with a strong wind chill, records from the National Weather Service show, making temperatures feel frigid.
Mitch McConnell Is Basking In His ACB Victory
Word that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died had only just begun to spread when Mitch McConnell began maneuvering. “We pledged to work with President Trump and support his agenda, particularly his outstanding appointments to the federal judiciary,” he said in a statement. “Once again, we will keep our promise.”He called the White House that night, telling Trump to make an appointment so he could get moving. Speaking to the Washington Post, McConnell speculated that the move could energize support for the president and improve the prospects for down-ballot Republicans. Either way, McConnell will be coming out of these four years with what he wanted.
Trevor Noah Urges Joe Biden to “Read the Room” After Barrett Confirmation
Trevor Noah was left with almost perverse respect for the way Senate Republicans managed to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court just days before the presidential election. “They swapped out a Supreme Court seat in four weeks. It marked the first time in 151 years that a justice was put on the Supreme Court without a single vote from the opposition party. And Amy Coney Barrett may become the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. “If elected, what I will do is I’ll put together a national commission of, bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal, conservative.
Jennifer Hudson’s Aretha Franklin Biopic Pushed Back Again
It’ll be a lot longer before filmgoers get to see Jennifer Hudson’s turn as Aretha Franklin in Respect. The biopic, a surefire Oscar contender, had already been delayed previously, pushed back from its October release date to Christmas. Respect stars Hudson as Franklin, the legendary soul singer, tracing her journey from a precociously talented kid to one of the most iconic artists of all time. Franklin hand-selected Hudson to play her, anointing the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls star over a decade ago. Franklin, Aretha’s father; Audra McDonald as Barbara Franklin, Aretha’s mother; Mary J. Blige as singer Dinah Washington; and Marc Maron as Jerry Wexler, one of Aretha’s key producers.
The Craft: Legacy Is Afraid to Be Wicked
But that stuff—from the cult favorite 1996 film The Craft—is decidedly old school. Mores and values have changed in the quarter-century (good lord) since, which is probably why the new followup film, The Craft: Legacy (October 28, on-demand), exists. There is plenty of welcome discourse in the film, adding a richness to the world of its characters that a simple redo of the original Craft wouldn’t accomplish. For all its teen-girls-written-by-men faults, the original Craft actually got to know its main foursome on an individual level; each had a mission of revenge or repair that gave specific shape to their magical urges. In Legacy, we really only know Lily (Cailee Spaeny), the new girl in town who is this film’s version of the Robin Tunney character.
Kensington Palace Is One of Several Royal Properties Being Investigated Over Its Ties to the Slave Trade
Historian Lucy Worsley is leading an investigation into the ties between the slave trade and historic royal residencies, including Kensington Palace, the Tower of London, and Hampton Court. Worsley, who is both a TV presenter and head curator of the Historic Royal Palaces charity, which oversees access to all the royal homes, told The Times that an investigation into these connections was prompted by the Black Lives Matter movement and is long overdue. It also comes after a September report from the National Trust which estimates that a third of its properties were linked to money from the slave trade. The Historic Royal Palaces charity sees it as its job to make this historical context more readily apparent to the public by reexamining the way they describe and interpret the art and interiors of these properties tied to the profits of the slave trade. A Historic Royal Palaces spokesperson explained the reasoning behind this new investigation to People via a statement, writing, “We cannot ignore the fact that for hundreds of years colonialism and empire, enslavement and exploitation were part of our national story.
Dominic West's Wife Is Reportedly Holding “Family Crisis Meetings” at Her Family's Castle
It seems that Dominic West and his wife Catherine FitzGerald's marriage might not be quite as strong as those paparazzi photos and that hand-written placard would have you believe. A “pal” told the tabloid that the landscape designer is currently “holed up in her family’s ancestral home, Glin Castle in County Limerick, thinking everything over. “Nesta has told friends that it felt like a family crisis meeting,” the source continued. She has been left feeling humiliated by Dominic’s actions.”Last week, West confirmed that his wife had in fact returned to her family's castle, but offered a very different interpretation of what she went there to do. She is absolutely devastated at those pictures and their story will inevitably have a sad ending.”Representatives for Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald were not immediately available for comment.
Kylie Jenner Is “Sad” She Can't Show Her “True Personality” on Social Media
But according to the reality star, it's precisely that level of celebrity that's led her to hide what she's really like. While filming a Halloween makeup tutorial with James Charles for his YouTube channel to promote her new cheetah-themed cosmetics collection, Jenner revealed, "I think that I showed my true personality for so long ago on Vine and when I first started Instagram. So yeah, I just started doing a little less, which is sad. She replied, "Even for you to say, ‘You’re always so funny,' that's a bigger compliment to me. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
What Is Jack Dorsey’s Beard Hiding?
\On Wednesday, Senate Commerce Committee called on a few major players in tech publishing in order to find out once and for all what secrets Jack Dorsey’s beard is keeping. When Dorsey appeared on the screen, it was obvious that his beard had grown even longer yet since the Senate last cast eyes on it a couple years ago, which must have been really frightening! Have you ever taken a tweet down from the ayatollah?” asked one senator, Cory Gardner of Colorado). No clue what Dorsey actually said, but here’s what I heard his beard say: In the bramble waits a tip or two to take. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
Borat’s Babysitter Speaks: “You Can’t Print What First Went Through My Mind”
Bless Jeanise Jones, the babysitter with a heart of gold in the Borat sequel. “I used to not have any patience at all.”“You can’t print what first went through my mind,” she said of seeing Borat and Tutar for the first time. “I can’t say it was fair because they knew it was going to be a movie, and I didn’t,” Jones said of her pay. Where to Watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm:All products featured on Vanity Fair are independently selected by our editors. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
Prince Charles Wears a Stylish and Symbolic Mask at the Bank of England
On Wednesday, the couple made a visit to the Bank of England, and while Camilla opted for an intricate floral pattern, Charles sent a subtle message with his protective gear. His turquoise silk mask was made by Turquoise Mountain, a charity he helped found in 2006. Charles also wore a Turquoise Mountain creation when he first wore a mask in public on his trip to Northern Ireland earlier this month. While at the bank, the couple spoke to employees who work in its education programs and looked at the bank’s redesigned £50 note?. Charles also signed a promissory note worth £1 million, a royal tradition that Queen Elizabeth has participated in since she was a child.
Even Nickelodeon’s Fake Election Was Targeted by Misinformation Bots
While President Donald Trump continues to push false claims about the potential for voter fraud during the forthcoming presidential election, an actual attempt at deception was apparently performed online—an effort to help Trump win Nickelodeon’s presidential poll for kids. The bizarre misinformation campaign was revealed by the network on Tuesday night. But the existence of an online campaign designed to secure a victory for Trump had been previously revealed by reporters from NBC and Media Matters. “And just as kids value honesty and fairness, so do we at Nickelodeon,” the network added. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now.
Inside Keith Raniere’s Sentencing: India Oxenberg on Facing the NXIVM Monster in Court
For weeks, India Oxenberg had been steeling herself to deliver a victim statement at the courtroom sentencing of Keith Raniere. While walking into the Brooklyn courtroom for Raniere’s long-awaited sentencing on Tuesday, Oxenberg felt a tap on her arm. Inside the courtroom on Tuesday and surrounded by fellow survivors of the NXIVM subsect DOS, Oxenberg found new reserves of strength. And that felt really good. And that felt really good.
Meghan Markle Is Asking to End Her Tabloid Lawsuit Early
Meghan Markle is asking to delay her High Court case against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, and has requested a court order that could see her win the case without going to the High Court. In what has become an increasingly complicated lawsuit, the Duchess of Sussex has today applied for an adjournment and a summary judgment, the latter of which, if granted, would end the case and potentially deliver victory to Meghan without the need for a full trial. Associated’s attorneys have argued that Meghan and Prince Harry participated with authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand in writing the book, which the Sussexes have denied. There is a precedent for the royals using summary judgment during litigation to avoid a public court case. The duchess is hoping her appeals will be successful, but if she is refused summary judgment, she will return to the U.K. for the court case in January.
The Genuine Conundrum of Sex in Lockdown
Depending on your closest inner circle, you have either been quarantining and health screening for a private island trip, or you’ve been at home reading the news of Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard’s incoming baby. With EmRata and the many other cool celebrity pregnancies of late, you may be fooled into thinking a baby boom is upon us, a by-product of all the sex we can’t stop having, right? May I take this moment to thank you for taking a break in your wild frotting to read this article. Lockdown, with its opportunity to meet in the bedroom at any time of the day, was also an obstacle to sex. There’s something so brutally un-horny about a day on Zoom staring at your little self-square as your morale erodes, even if having sex straight after is the only reminder you exist below the waist.
Don’t Worry, Suburban Women: Trump Will Get Your Husband a Job
American women are in crisis mode. But don’t worry, women: President Trump wants you to know that he’s right on top of your husbands’ job prospects. Black and Latinx women, in particular, have experienced about 11% unemployment rates, disproportionately higher than white men and women. Not that women of color are on Trump’s radar; when he appeals to “suburban women,” however poor his pitch, it is yet another dog whistle to white women. “Suburban women, will you please like me?” the president pleaded at a recent rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Against All Odds, I’ve Fallen in Love With Balenciaga’s Toe Heels
I wanted to give the boots a try, you know, because they are truly a level of mystifying heinousness. I’m always fascinated by Gvasalia, who was also the designer for Vetements from 2014 year to 2019. My feet felt animalistic, like I was a newborn deer trying to find balance. And yet, from toes to arches to heels, my feet felt amazing. As brazen as the shoes were, neither I nor my feet have never felt so good.
Artist Masha Reva Looks Back at an Unexpected, Creative Summer in Rural Ukraine
One of her clearest memories is of her parents returning every holiday bearing gifts of their own making. “My mom would bring me sketches, and my dad would create small sculptures out of clay,” Reva says. “When I graduated I got a job offer in fashion design, but it felt weird,” Reva adds. But like so many around the world, with the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of the year, her plans abruptly changed. While on holiday with her boyfriend and parents in Mexico, restrictions were imposed that left them stuck there for most of the spring.
This Wonton Noodles and Clams Dish Is The Creative Comfort Food to Make This Fall
Like so many New York restaurants, Nolita's Noodlelove had to pandemic-pivot. With bars, movie theaters, and Broadway closed, dinners are no longer the first stop on a long night out. Owner Natalie Camerino decided to embrace this new reality and transform Noodlelove into Umma, a new, full-service restaurant cooking up Asian-Americana comfort food. (And even that descriptor is diminutive: chef Tabitha Yeh takes cues from Italian and French cuisine as well. As the weather gets colder and the times remain uncertain, it’s the type of cuisine that both excites and assuages.
Julia Roberts Wants You To Rock the Vote
When you think of Julia Roberts, you may think of rom-coms, Hollywood glamour, and great hair. From the start of 2020, Roberts has been vocal about the importance of the upcoming election and the fact that its result impacts everyone. Back in 2018, the star also pulled out her voting t-shirts to raise awareness about the midterm elections. No matter where it winds up, the fact that an A-list movie star uses their platform for good is heartening. Who knows, in the future, Roberts may be as known for her civic action as all those ’90s rom-coms.
The Best Winter Staples to Buy Now
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue, August 2019When shopping for the best winter staples, there are three key things to look for: something to keep you warm, a piece that offers ample versatility, and items that can withstand the test of time. That might sound like a lofty demand for one piece of clothing, but there are several winter staples that deliver on all three needs. Wearing one on an icy day feels as comforting as a warm hug. It’s also an all-around hero for its ability to work with every outfit, from fancy dresses to casual sweatsuits. In addition to being cozy classics, they can anchor any day or night ensemble during the winter.
The 13 Best Hair Oils to Keep Your Hair Healthy Through Winter
As signs of change reach our lengths, only the best hair oil formulas will do to keep parched strands quenched. This is because, with the arrival of autumn, hair becomes more vulnerable to moisture loss, resulting in unwanted drying and brittleness. A nourishing hair oil will counteract the effects of the cold weather by conditioning and sealing moisture in the hair shaft to keep lengths shiny and healthy-looking, as well as silky to the touch. But before introducing a hair oil into rotation, it's essential to find the right one for your desired results. From new launches to cult favorites, here are the best hair oil formulas to address a wide mix of hair types and concerns.
10 Parsons Graduates Show Off Their Collections in a Poignant New Fashion Film
“I just spent some time being alone in my apartment, kind of really thinking about things I hadn’t had the time to before, like what is fashion? What kind of position do I want to put myself in in this fashion industry? It’s a really beautiful moment before I was aware that maybe for a boy it’s not really appropriate to wear a dress. “It’s a lot about problem-solving,” says Joff, who notes that the requirements for a graduate collection changed from finished garments to finished toiles. “Some of them were exceptional at doing that and being able to communicate their work through a digital medium.”
In Nigeria, When Will Justice Catch Up With the Present?
Nigerian women are saying the time is now. Spearheading the ongoing End SARS movement, women are organizing, mobilizing, and pooling resources to help sustain the protests all across Nigeria. The Feminist Coalition, a three-month-old group, has taken on the bulk of this work. Currently, judicial panels have been set up across various states to begin to investigate SARS-related abuses, quelling protests in Nigeria. When will justice catch up with the present?
Why Classic Fall Coats Are Magic In Your Closet
This week, as I draped a well-loved, almost floor-grazing wool coat over the tired sweatsuit I’ve been wearing on a weekly basis since March, I quickly remembered that coats are practically closet magic. A good fall coat can transform any outfit, and make casual separates (yes, even sweatpants!) This season, the best fall coats go back to basics with classic silhouettes. From timeless trench coats, to elegant wool overcoats, getting out of a style rut is easier than you may think. Here, 34 fall coats to help you keep warm, feel put together, and help shake up the monotony of your wardrobe.
The Met Store Released a Special ‘About Time’ Collection—With a Wide Selection of Masks
At long last, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s exhibition “About Time: Fashion and Duration” has opened in New York. To complement the exhibition, eight designers created special items, which are only available at the Fifth Avenue location. The Gypsy Sport pieces, for instance, are fashioned from I Heart NY merchandise found on Canal street. Off-White, Gypsy Sport, Bode, Erdem, and Balmain masks are now available at the “About Time” store. To see the selection, head on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue, as they’re only available in person.
Issa Rae Shares How She Learned to Love Her Hair, From College to Co-Owning Sienna Naturals
What can’t Issa Rae do? The YouTube sensation turned actor, screenwriter, and director recently became the co-owner of Sienna Naturals, a textured hair-care brand, alongside her friend Hannah Diop. When she got to college, at Stanford University, Rae was surrounded by Black women with all different hair types. “I saw Black women trying different styles and embracing their hair,” she says. “As a Black business owner myself and a Black business consumer, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to be a part of a podcast that’s showcasing the history and influence of Black businesses throughout our American time,” she says.
This Bride Wore a Ralph Lauren Suit for Her Civil Ceremony in Paris
Instead, they planned a civil ceremony for immediate family in June with the intention of celebrating in a bigger way next July. “My mother-in-law kindly gifted me a white double-breasted Ralph Lauren smoking,” she says. The bride paired her suit with her grandmother’s gold cross, and a bespoke silk birdcage veil from Sandrine Bourg with her mother’s pearl and gold half-moon brooch to secure it. During the service, they exchanged simple gold wedding bands from Cartier. It was a perfect match!”For this portion of the celebration, Alexandra fell in love with a dress from Chanel’s Metiers d’Art collection.
Rebag Dives Into Fine Jewelry and Watches
It’s been six years since the launch of Rebag, a digital, luxury handbag-resale platform. As of today, the company will further dig its heels into the luxury sector by adding fine jewelry and watches to its business. “Our ambition is to offer customers a relevant platform to execute resale services on a large scale,” says CEO of Rebag, Charles Gorra. “Our entry into watches and jewelry was the logical next step. Cartier 18k-gold Love bracelet $5,735 REBAG Shop Now Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II Pepsi dial watch $12,120 REBAG Shop Now
Heading to the Polls Early? Make Sure to Dress Comfortably
Ahead of next week’s pivotal presidential election, early voters are showing up to the polls in record-breaking numbers. So in addition to making a voting plan, you may want to also make sure you’re dressed for the occasion—rain, shine, or otherwise. Before you head to the polls, here are a few helpful things you should know: First, and foremost, make sure you’re at the correct polling place. Don’t forget that elections have a dress code, which means you can also be turned away for what you’re wearing. Black Halo houndstooth face mask $35 SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Shop Now Eugenia Kim pleated face mask $22 ZAPPOS Shop NowRag & Bone the multi pleat mask $30 $20 RAG & BONE Shop Now Fraas floral-print face mask $22 BLOOMINGDALE’S Shop Now
Campaign 2020: Trying to Win Back Michigan for Joe Biden, One Door at a Time
We are in the heart of Trump country here in northern Michigan. On the ride up the I-75, passing towns like Bay City and Roscommon, we saw Trump billboard after Trump billboard, some explicitly linking support of the president to the right to bear arms or the belief in the healing power of Jesus. Some of the down-ballot races, like the state Supreme Court, are as important to Michigan as the presidential one.”We’re not alone up here in Traverse City. Among the dozen or so other canvassers on this day is Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of the former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, returning to his Michigan hometown to campaign for Biden and Harris. “If Democrats can come close to that kind of performance in Grand Traverse,” Hanson said, “Biden is likely to have a strong win statewide.”
The Best Wines to Drink With Takeout, According to Sommeliers
Sure, you know the basics: White wine goes well with fish, red wine with red meat—a perfect rule for the simple week-night dishes you whip up at home. Without further ado, our definitive guide on the best wines to pair with your takeout, from fried chicken to Chinese food. “In today’s time of take-out and eating at home—a personal favorite (and minor guilty pleasure) is pizza and a good bottle of Pinot Noir. “Sparkling wine is a great style to have in the fridge because it pairs excellently with many takeout options. Vigneto Saetti Lambrusco is a slightly earthy bottling that is great with mushroom pizza and the nuttiness of parmesan.”
Margot Tenenbaum Meets Miami: A First Look at Pharrell and David Grutman’s New Goodtime Hotel
Across the sprawling property, a careful consideration of every element is made evident in its depth and scope. In the indoor-outdoor eatery, Strawberry Moon, guests find a menu of poolside classics and Mediterranean delicacies with Instagram-worthy twists served up alongside Art Deco-inflected furniture and fixtures. In the lobby lounge, cocktails like the “Purple Rain”—mixed with Avion Blanco tequila, Sho?chu?, butterfly pea flower, lavender, and Yuzu—are on offer in glassware plucked from a retro Miami living room. Some people don't like the humidity, but I think humidity is good for the skin, and for creativity. It might rain once a day here for about 10 minutes, but that means there are lots of rainbows, and who doesn’t want that?”
Married with Two Kids, and Seeking an Abortion in West Virginia
I sat against a wall, where the taupe paint was scratched, an uncapped pregnancy test developing in my grip. I held the test upside down. Lots and lots. Professors at West Virginia University, Tony and I held the exact same position, only he made more than I did. I’d placed Iris on several waiting lists six weeks into my first trimester.
The Ultimate Guide to Prenatal Vitamins
Good nutrition and appropriate supplementation also promotes healthy development for the baby.”Along with eating a nourishing diet, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking and alcohol, prenatal vitamins can supply extra nutrients tailored to support the needs of pregnancy. Here, a breakdown of everything you need to know about prenatal vitamins, as well as the latest crop of offerings to consider. What are prenatal vitamins, and why are they so beneficial? But as Sakara cofounder Danielle DuBoise, who developed the wellness brand’s new The Foundation: Prenatal while pregnant, underlines, that’s not realistic. “Because the baby gets all the nutrients it needs directly from mama, it’s easy to become deficient in vitamins” she explains.
Don’t Worry, Suburban Women. Trump Will Get Your Husband a Job
But, don't worry women: President Trump wants you to know that he's right on top of your husbands' job prospects. Black and Latina women, in particular, have experienced 11-percent unemployment rates, disproportionately higher than white men and women. Not that women of color are on Trump's radar; when he appeals to "suburban women," however poor his pitch, it is yet another dog whistle to white women. In 2016, an estimated 53-percent of white women supported Trump. “Suburban women, will you please like me?” the president pleaded at a recent rally in Johnstown, Pa. “Please.
Against All Odds, I’ve Fallen In Love With Balenciaga’s Toe Heels
I wanted to give the boots a try, you know, because they are truly a level of mystifying heinousness. I’m always fascinated by Gvasalia, who was also the designer for Vetements from 2014 year to 2019. My feet felt animalistic, like I was a newborn deer trying to find balance. And yet, from toes to arches to heels, my feet felt amazing. As brazen as the shoes were, neither I nor my feet have never felt so good.
Corey ‘Sunglasses at Night’ Hart on Balenciaga, Orwell, and the 1980s
True, the ending implies it was all just a dream or, as you perceptively point out, a living nightmare. Do you see a connection between the dystopian world of the video and today? But I actually do see an alarming similarity between the imaginary dystopian society created in my “Sunglasses At Night” video and the real one slowly bubbling under and rearing its oppressive head in the current world state of affairs. The recent Hunter Biden story in the New York Post is an egregious example of what I’m talking about. When did it become acceptable for folks to proclaim supreme dominion over moral attitudes and enforce ideological conformity through dogmatic coercion?
Gaia Repossi Keeps Her Complexion Clear With This Surprising Cleanser
In the head-spinning age of multistep skin-care routines and mic-drop makeup launches, The One is a space for minimalists to sound off on a single beauty product that has found a longtime spot in their carefully curated regimens. When the Paris-based jewelry designer Gaia Repossi is not practicing yoga at Jivamukti or toiling away in Repossi’s headquarters on the Rue Saint-Honoré, chances are she can be found at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés tea shop Jugetsudo, stocking up on matcha for her homemade vegan delicacies (think: affogatos, banana bars, and white chocolate cakes). So when Repossi came across Odacité’s Green Ceremony Cleanser, which taps the potent antioxidants of the Japanese tea powder, she was immediately smitten. “It’s very energizing,” says Repossi, adding that the DIY concoction connects her to nature, even when she’s apartment-bound. “It makes me feel like I just bathed in cool ocean water.”Below, shop Gaia Repossi’s The One.
The Genuine Conundrum of Sex in Lockdown
Depending on your closest inner circle, you have either been quarantining and health screening for a private island trip, or you’ve been at home reading the news of Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard’s incoming baby. With EmRata and the many other cool celebrity pregnancies of late, you may be fooled into thinking a baby boom is upon us, a by-product of all the sex we can’t stop having, right? May I take this moment to thank you for taking a break in your wild frotting to read this article. Lockdown, with its opportunity to meet in the bedroom at any time of the day, was also an obstacle to sex. There’s something so brutally un-horny about a day on Zoom staring at your little self-square as your morale erodes, even if having sex straight after is the only reminder you exist below the waist.
Rina Sawayama’s Fallon Performance Proves She’s a True Style Star
Rina Sawayama’s debut album, Sawayama, is one of the best pop records of the year. She often supports smaller artists and collaborates with them on special, one-off pieces for her various projects. For her “XS” video, for instance, Sawayama and Arias worked with special effects designer Natasha Lawes on a custom “Swamp Creature” costume. Working yet again with Arias, Sawayama wore an opulent ensemble that was equal parts retro- and fetish-inspired (an interesting combo, no less). For the latter inspo, Sawayama wore a red leather bodice and garter-style harness by Fleet Ilya, pairing the two pieces with a crystal-embellished latex bra by GCDS.
Get to Know the Young Winners of the 2020 International Talent Support Awards
ITS Responsible Fashion Award winner Olivia Rubens. The pandemic scuppered travel plans to Trieste, Italy, where the International Talent Support Award ceremony has been held since 2002. This year’s ITS Responsible Fashion Award went to the Canadian-born, London-based designer Olivia Rubens, for a collection, dubbed Duplicitous Lives, that explored feminine identities. Referencing the work of Cindy Sherman, Juno Calypso, and Laurie Simmons, Rubens played with juxtapositions of protective layers, soft-structured corsetry, and masked headdresses. Rubens will receive a cash prize of €10,000; she also took home the Italian Camera della Moda Award, a cash prize of €5,000.
Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Baby Bump In an Unlikely Way
Photo: SplashnewsEmily Ratajkowski is already off to a midriff-baring start with her maternity looks. Just this past week, after announcing her pregnancy to Vogue, the model-actress-businesswoman stepped out in a bodycon dress with a cut-out as a chic celebratory moment. And yesterday, Ratajkowksi took another unlikely approach to styling her bump. Her stylist, Vogue alum Emma Morrison has already taken some outré inspirations into consideration, such as Amber Valetta in bodycon outfits and Shiv Roy from Succession. In other words, we’re sure that this isn’t the last of the chic, midriff-baring outfits that we will be seeing from Ratajkowski.
No, Elvira Isn’t Tired of Halloween
Our first inclination was not to be the same old, same old—black hair, black dress. Robert decided to do the hair after his favorite singer in the world, Ronnie Spector from The Ronettes. When did your dagger belt come into play? I went shopping with Robert and we went to Macy’s, and we found it there. It was all leather and it had a leather pin that held the belt together in the front.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Ready for Glamour Again
One of the first opportunities Gellar got to really dress up this year was as a virtual guest of Christian Siriano’s spring 2021 show in September. The designer, who is a close friend of Gellar’s, sent her a feathery, tulle pink gown to wear for the occasion. “I came home and my daughter was wearing the gown in our backyard,” Gellar says. “She was twirling, and my husband and my son were there, and they were all laughing and giggling. “My husband and I usually do a costume together,” says Gellar.
The Best (And Useful!) Gifts for New Parents
You’ve been to the (maybe virtual) baby shower, you’ve shopped the registry, and now your friends are new parents. It’s de rigueur to send something when everyone’s home from the hospital, but often, the gifts go to the new bundle, instead of the new parents. Balloons are lovely, flowers are great, but useful gifts for new parents are a homerun for those running on adrenaline. These little gifts help take some stress out of those first few weeks and months at home, so new parents can spend their time concentrating on the new center of their world. Here are a few things that will be useful whether this is their first or fourth.
Barragán Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Victor Barragán opened his no-audience New York show with a men’s look, two firsts for the brand. Barragán alternates his shows between Mexico City and Manhattan, a tradition informed by his own upbringing. For spring 2021, he breathed life into a shuttered sushi restaurant on Seventh Avenue, formerly the Sex & the City-famed hotspot Sushi Samba. The bare venue was an ideal setting for his vibrant collection of asymmetrical silhouettes, fringe, and sporty sets. This season, Barragán swapped his exaggerated “bubble” shoes for sharper, square-toed boots; he said they were a play on Mexican street clown costumes.
19 Designers—From Household Names to Emerging New Talent—On The Power of Partnership
“People often say it evokes the energy of our early Fashion Week presentations.” That’s partly thanks to her frequent collaborator and fiancé, Aaron Aujla of Green River Project LLC. Bella Hadid in a Dolce & Gabbana bolero ($995), dress, gloves, and slippers; dolcegabbana.com. Raising the flag for Italian design, Dolce & Gabbana toasted Florence—and the many talents of its artisans—in fall 2020. “After the Second World War, that Alta Moda moment helped create a new kind of rebirth for Italy through fashion,” Gabbana said recently. “Every season we take Alta Moda to a new part of the country, and we go deeper and learn more about our culture.”—M.H.
Lena Dunham on Directing Emily Ratajkowski’s Pregnancy Reveal Video
The pair also share their writing with one another; most recently it’s been passages from Ratajkowski’s upcoming book. With such an easy rapport, the script-writing process for the new video was practically seamless. “She would send me paragraphs about what she’d been thinking, and I would send back questions and ask for more,” says Dunham. Chronicling those everyday experiences was meaningful for Ratajkowski, but also for Dunham. “I have talked a lot about my own infertility and how the culture of baby announcements and Instagram can make women feel excluded or less than, but actually early pregnancy is a very confusing and complex time—how could we capture all that but also feel the hope and joy of growing new life?” she says.
Emily Ratajkowski’s First Maternity Look Involves a Cut-Out and Midriff
Photo: SplashNewsEmily Ratajkowski is already the queen of the grand baby bump reveal. And it’s clear that EmRata will not be abandoning her signature style, as the dress featured a cut-out that stretched from hip to chest for a side-midriff reveal. As for her newfound maternity style, Morrison told Vogue that she was inspired by a number of images, including those of Shiv Roy from Succession. “It was totally bodycon dresses with cutouts,” Morrison told Vogue. EmRata’s take allowed her bump, for the first time in the public eye, to see the light, quite literally.
How These First-Time Poll Workers Are Fighting for Democracy
That sense of normalcy is exactly what poll workers bring to U.S. elections, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage in their ranks this year; many older volunteers, who make up the bulk of poll workers, are also at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and stayed home accordingly. Having more poll workers and more places to vote could mean more people want to actually go vote rather than getting discouraged because they have to go a mile instead of a block. It’s even more important than ever because a lot of those poll workers were actually older individuals who have reasonably taken themselves out because of COVID concerns. There was a shortage of poll workers, which is what makes this election so difficult. I actually got three of my other friends to also become poll workers.
Ariela Weinberg: If Biniyam Hadn't Walked Avi Home, He Would Have DIED!
On this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ariela Weinberg rescued her son after a tense debate. But before that, she made Biniyam walk home holding their son while she took the car. "A lot of countries do not use car seats," Ariela grimly acknowledged. "Our house was two blocks walking from the hospital on streets where cars do not pass," Ariela noted. "He just wanted to show the viewers that most people in Ethiopia don’t use car seats," she reasoned.
Kathy Hilton: Confirmed for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!
As previously detailed, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will look very different when it returns. This addition has been a rumor for quite awhile now, with fans assuming Hilton might be coming on board after the departures of Denise Richards and Teddi Mellencamp. What changes are afoot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? First, as cited above, Denise Richards is out. I think that she's going to be really good for the show,”“You really have to be a strong, confident person.
David Eason: Did He Just Mock Jenelle Evans' Post About Mental Health?
Jenelle Evans and David Eason breakup so often that it's impossible to say from one day to the next if they're together or not. The situation began when Jenelle actually attempted to do something decent and posted a message about mental health awareness and suicide prevention on TikTok. It's sort of weird to encourage people suffering from mental illness to "#Surrender," but apparently, Jenelle was listening to the song "Surrender" by Natalie Taylor. Not surprisingly, the post sparked concern among Jenelle's fans, but she quickly clarified that she's not suffering from a mental health episode, herself:"I'm smiling! This has been your daily "David Eason Is the Absolute Worst" update.
Nikki Hall Will Appear, Swallow Pauly D's Tongue on Jersey Shore
Earlier this week, MTV released the first trailer for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4. It involves Pauly D, his hands, his mouth ... and the woman on receiving end of these body parts. The 40-year old -- yep, Pauly D is now 40 years old! In case you forgot, he met the brunette last year on the fire season of Double Shot at Love. This, of course, is where Pauly and Nikki will find themselves on the aforementioned fourth season.
Dove Cameron Mesmerizes Fans with Racy Selfie
Whether she's thirst trapping her fans or talking about the destructive entertainment industry, Dove Cameron is one to watch. Dove Cameron is stunning -- as always -- in her latest selfie. "Dove Cameron you look super fit," one praised, asking: "Also what show are you watching now?”Another heaped accurate praise upon Dove, writing: “wOW an icon.”"You're making my heart melt!!!!!" "i believe in dove cameron in suit supremacy,” one quipped, referring to her gray plaid sport coat. Another heaped praises upon Dove, writing: "i love how suits make you look 10x more powerful."
The Bachelorette Recap: God, That Was Awkward...
"The hardest part about this group date is seeing other guys hug her and stuff," Ivan said on air. For the second group date, the men played strip dodgeball -- yes, strip dodgeball -- and only members of the winning team could proceed to that night's cocktail hour. I know I'm going to take a bunch of heat for this, but I just don't really care that much." "I don't really know anything about you," he told Clare. "Everything you are doing is so right," Clare said.
The Bachelorette Recap: "You're Completely Classless, Clare!"
"I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette that's ever been," he told Clare, beating around nary a bush. I'm the oldest Bachelorette that's standing here that's single because I didn't settle for men like that." "This might be the shortest season ever," Clare told former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas prior to the get-together, gushing over and over again about Moss. At one point, Clare and Zach J., Clare tried to open up her mind, leaning in to kiss Zach. "I feel confident and I feel like I am literally on the right path," Clare told a producer.
Ryan Edwards Opens Up About Latest Arrest: I Messed Up! Again!
Last month, Ryan Edwards was arrested for the third time in less than 18 months. These days, however, he's a free man -- for the time being. Ryan is due back in court on August 23, and if he's convicted for his latest probation violation, he could face up to a year in prison. So it's a bit surprising that the usually press-shy Ryan has decided to speak to the media about his legal troubles. His lawyers probably weren't crazy about the decision, but if we've learned anything about Ryan over these past two years, it's that the man is not big on following rules:
Angela Deem: Watch Michael Do a Sexy Dance for Me!
Angela wants all of her fans to see the way that Michael dances for her. In the video, Michael dances very goofily for a short period of time. Angela has mentioned in the past how much it amuses her when Michael dances for her. To some extent, whether Angela and Michael can be together may depend upon the same Presidential election that determines if civilization collapses. That said, some fans are hopeful that Angela and Michael will never be able to be together in America.
Anna Duggar Claps Back at Haters: My Family Is NOT Poor and Miserable!
During an episode of Counting On, TLC inadvertently revealed that Josh Duggar lives in a windowless warehouse along with his wife and children. "I’m not sure how this started, but it’s a fun tradition for our family!” Anna continued. Though several fans wondered if Josh and Anna are able to afford a road trip, most just shared travel traditions of their own. It's possible that the Duggars are skipping this year's trip, but Anna wanted to keep the tradition alive, anyway. Speaking of traditions, Anna has posted a pic of daughter Maryella every month since the girl was born, and this month was no exception.
Saffire Matos: Dating Ronnie Ortiz-Magro! For Some Reason!
On Tuesday, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro went Instagram official with Matos, holding her way up in his arms while enjoying a tropical getaway to Dorado Reef in Puerto Rico. the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star wrote as a simple and kind of confusing caption. Just like Ronnie, Saffire is a New York City native and appears to be a proud Italian-Puerto Rican. According to Yelp, she runs the business Lashes by Bear in Staten Island, and her clients include The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub. Check out the following promo to see what Ronnie will be up to when Jersey Shore returns:
Joy-Anna Duggar ALREADY Pregnant With Baby #3??
Late this summer, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed their new baby. Now, fans are asking if Joy is already pregnant with Baby #3. Joy-Anna Duggar shared this sweet photo of herself with Austin Forsyth. But something about the tenderness of this photo has fans asking the ever-present Duggar question. Joy and Austin took baby Evelyn to church as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to get worse.
The Bachelorette Preview: Welcome, Tayshia Adams!
So says Chris Harrison to Clare Crawley at the outset of the new trailer for The Bachelorette, which teases the worst kept secret in all of reality television:Clare will be leading the show early this season and will be getting replaced by Tayshia Adams. Next Tuesday night, word leaks out that Crawley is on her way out -- and the guys are pissed. As The Bachelorette spoilers revealed ages ago, Adams was brought in early on by producers, who took note almost immediately that Clare was smitten with Dale. "I have so many good guys," Clare said to former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas this week. Find out what's next for The Bachelorette on Thursday, November 5 at 8/7c on ABC.
Jessa Duggar: Did She Just Reveal She's Pregnant With Twins?!
And if the latest fan theory is correct, Jessa might become the first Duggar of her generation to carry on a family tradition by welcoming twins. "How much do you want to bet she's hoping this sparks speculation that she's pregnant with twins?" "As soon as I saw the post I thought 'oh my god she’s training Ivy for two babies she’s going to announce twins,'" another added. The bee shirts, not having her midsection even accidentally filmed, and now giving Ivy dolls," a third chimed in. This might seem like a lot of speculation based on what is essentially just two pics of Jessa's kids.
Meri Brown to Kody: You'll Never Defeat Me!
But it also seems clear that they now apply to Meri Brown and the attitude she's taking toward spiritual husband Kody. Just a few days ago, Meri indirectly shaded Kody by sharing a meme that implied he never really valued her at all. "There's a difference between being liked and being valued," Meri posted on her Instagram account. Until Kody divorced Meri in 2014 so he could marry Robyn instead and legally adopt her kids. In the time since the newest Sister Wives season aired, Meri and Kody have snubbed each other on their 30th wedding anniversary and Meri has constantly posed without her wedding ring on.
Larissa Lima Reignites Feud with Evelin Villegas: You're a Poor Cuck!
In early October of 2019, Larissa Lima and Evelin Villegas went to war over Corey Rathgeber. Now, that feud has been reignited, and neither of the 90 Day Fiance alums are pulling any punches. Corey has met other 90 Day Fiance stars, as you can see in the photo below. He and Evelin did eventually get back together, but Evelin and Larissa had traded so many barbs that no fences were mended. When John Yates posted the photo to Instagram, Evelin was one of those to respond.
Kim Kardashian Parties on Private Island Amid Pandemic, Gets Destroyed as "Cruel and Classless"
We hope it was worth it, Kim Kardashian. The reality TV mainstay was stuck hitting the aforementioned milestone amid a global pandemic last week -- but fear not, people! Yup: She really did fly her friends and loved ones out to a private island. It's also worth noting that Kim violated the travel guidelines in Tahiti with this gathering. "You can travel for urgent matters or if such travel is essential to your permitted work," the state wrote on its COVID site.
Scheana Shay: I'm Finally Pregnant!
Yes, Scheana Shay may not have been a part of the Vanderpump pregnancy pact, but after months of trying the 35-year-old former hostess is pregnant with her first child! Scheana has been dating Brock Davies for several months now, and the couple announced their big news on Instagram today. The exciting development comes just months after Scheana suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. “After going through the miscarriage and knowing those signs … it was comforting knowing, ‘OK, you’re not spotting, you’re not cramping, you still feel pregnant, you’re still tired, your boobs still hurt,” she added. Currently, Scheana is involved in a feud with Stassi, who has retained her queen bee status despite being fired from Vanderpump.
Amy Roloff Slammed (Again!) by Little People, Big World Over Alleged Jeremy Bias
Amy Roloff has not endeared herself to Little People, Big World fans over the past couple weeks. They think she prefers son Jeremy Roloff over son Zach Roloff. "I know Jeremy has been thinking about it for quite some time. And yet:A number of Amy Roloff critics have jumped online in order to jump down Amy's throat. I know Amy is worried about being back in that house but don't put that on the kids.
Jess Caroline DESTROYS Body-Shaming Trolls: You Can't Hurt Me, I'm Hot!
A year after breaking up with cheating loser Colt Johnson, Jess Caroline married the man of her dreams. "Your words can't hurt me anymore!" Soon, it was apparent that Colt had moved on from his Brazilian model wife, Larissa, to his Brazilian model girlfriend, Jess. At this point, Colt was obviously just wasting Jess' time, using her to film for the show and get laid. Fortunately, Jess moved on with a much hotter dude, leaving Colt as nothing but a bad memory.
Angelina Pivarnick Unveils Butt Implants, Responds to Chris Larangeira Cheating Allegations
We're talking of course about the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island herself, Angelina Pivarnick. In fact, Shore isn't even filming right now, and Pivarnick is still giving fans plenty to talk about. But when you're as controversial as Angelina, you have to expect that a before-and-after photo of your butt implants is bound to attract some haters. Angelina probably posted the pics as part of deal with her plastic surgeon in which she received either a deep discount or a freebie for shouting him out on her page. Our best guess is that many Shore fans continue to blame Angelina for Snooki's retirement.
Scott Disick: No, Don't Cancel KUWTK! I Don't Want a Real Job!
These days, Kim Kardashian gets more attention when she's getting brutally memed for being out of touch than for KUWTK. But while she is happy to put her family's show behind her, one member of the family isn't ready to quit. According to what an inside source tells Us Weekly, Scott Disick wanted to keep kicking the ol' dead horse as long as it kept spitting out money. But KUWTK has been renewed in multi-season chunks for years, and this was a natural place to say "that's enough." The show's 20th season will be its last, though of course the series finale will air in 2021.
Khloe Kardashian Tests Positive for COVID-19: It's Really Bad...
Khloe Kardashian has found a way to distract folks from the fact that her sister hosted an enormous party amid the coronavirus pandemic this week. In a sneak peek at Thursday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner express worry over their loved one's health, theorizing that she has likely contracted COVID-19. "That really scares me for her because I can tell that she's now getting scared and she's really nervous about it." Cut to Khloe, who is clearly under the proverbial weather while filming herself under the sheets in bed. "I have been in my room, it's going to be fine, but it was really bad for a couple days."
Chelsea Houska on Instagram: My Baby Bump Isn't Gonna Stop Me From Modeling!
As you're probably aware, Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her fourth child. Well, along with her husband, Cole DeBoer, Chelsea has launched a fashion line, and she's involved in just about every part of the operation. And as you can see, Chelsea's burgeoning baby bump has not stopped her from flaunting her latest fashions. Houska posted an Instagram Story this week in which she rocked a hoodie and jacket from her own line. Rather than attempt to conceal her bump, of course, Chelsea proudly put it on display as means of showcasing to pregnant women that the garb can double as maternity wear.
Britney Spears Disappears From Instagram as Father Insists She's Not Comatose
Another day, another frightening development in the increasingly sad saga of Britney Spears. If you've been following the latest news of the pop icon, then you're aware that Britney's fans have become seriously concerned for her well-being -- and with good reason. Back in August, Spears lost a court case against her father, Jamie Spears., as a judge ruled that her controversial conservatorship should continue until at least February of 2021. Now, Jamie Spears is lashing out against that description and claiming that he can prove his daughter is perfectly aware of what's happening. Matters are made worse by the fact that her awful father Jamie Spears is involved in the conservatorship.
Chrissy Teigen Writes Son Will "Always Be Loved" in Emotional Essay on Pregnancy Loss
Chrissy Teigen has written a new, lengthy and very personal essay about the loss of her son, Jack, just 20 weeks into her recent pregnancy. From there, Teigen said it felt right to start the essay with a mention of gratitude. Teigen said she originally went public with this loss in order to help anyone who has experienced a similar mishap. Chrissy then delved into the details behind what transpired, expounding on the day her late son was born. Jack will always be loved, explained to our kids as existing in the wind and trees and the butterflies they see.
Who Is Zac C. on 'The Bachelorette'? Meet the Addiction Specialist
Despite Clare Crawley‘s not-so-lucky past with love, the season 16 Bachelorette has found herself surrounded by some incredible contestants — and that includes Zac Clark— a.k.a. Zac C. Although the 36-year-old stayed pretty quiet during the first two episodes, that won’t be the case for the rest of the season. ABC/Craig SjodinZac C. is an addiction specialist:According to his official ABC biography, Zac once struggled with addiction. Zac C. is a big sports fan:Philadelphia sports, to be specific. Be sure to catch new episodes of The Bachelorette on ABC on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m.
Kailyn Lowry: I Can't Believe I Got Pregnant By Chris Lopez AGAIN! I'm Such an Idiot!
But there was a time when Kail was not so overjoyed by the prospect of welcoming another child with Chris Lopez. “I don’t really have an answer for you, to be perfectly honest. “I thought you said you loved Chris?” Lincoln asked his mom. "I haven't talked to Chris in awhile, so he hasn't seen Creed in a while," Lowry told TooFab not long after Creed's birth. "I'm hoping that it will get better with time but I don't have a big vision," Lowry continued.
Ryan Edwards: Maci Bookout Won't Let Me See My Son!
Unfortunately, the upturn in Ryan's fortunes seems to have coincided in a downturn in his relationship with Bentley, his 12-year-old son with Maci Bookout. According to Ryan's father, Larry Edwards, Ryan “hasn’t gotten to see Bentley very much" in recent months. Ryan wasn’t going to comply with everything she wants and needs and we’ve been shut down," Larry told the UK tabloid. He doesn’t want to put himself back in a situation… He’s got a family. I hope so more for Ryan," Larry added.
Who Is Brendan Morais on 'the Bachelorette'? Get to Know Him!
While The Bachelorette has had its fair share of amazing contestants, Clare Crawley‘ and Tayshia Adam‘s season 16 group of eligible bachelors definitely stand out amongst the Bachelor Nation crowd — and that includes Brendan Morais. Brendan Morais is a family man:Sadly, Brendan, who works as a commercial roofer, lost his dad at a young age. Brendan Morais is on social media:One look at Brendan’s Instagram, and it’s clear that the camera loves (loves, loves) him! Even if contestant Dale Moss is clearly Clare’s favorite, Brendan is certainly a top contender. (Ahem, perhaps upcoming Bachelorette Tayshia will give him a fair chance!)
Scheana Shay Pregnant After June Miscarriage With Boyfriend Brock
Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay is pregnant with boyfriend Brock Honey Davies after the couple suffered a miscarriage in June. “We did a thing, honey,” Brock commented on Scheana’s post. “I’m sure I was driving Brock crazy because he’s like, ‘You’re fine!’ But I was just like, ‘I need to make sure, I need to make sure’ — and now we’ve made sure! “After going through the miscarriage and knowing those signs … it was comforting knowing, ‘OK, you’re not spotting, you’re not cramping, you still feel pregnant, you’re still tired, your boobs still hurt,” Scheana said. Whatever.’ So then I slid into her DMs and then we hung out.”Congrats to Scheana and Brock!
Gwen Stefani's Kids 'Can't Wait' for Wedding With Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani’s three sons — Kingston, Zuma and Apollo — “can’t wait” for her and stepfather-to-be Blake Shelton’s wedding following their engagement, an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “Blake treats Gwen’s kids like they’re his own,” continues the insider. It’s no secret Gwen and Blake are completely smitten over each other after all these years. Royce Lovett, a former Voice contestant and member of Team Gwen, exclusively spoke with Life & Style about the pair’s romance. “You know how some people, they’re in love, but there’s things about them that they don’t like?” You can tell that these guys genuinely are each other’s favorite person,” Royce said in November 2019.
The Bachelorette's Riley Christian Job: What He Does for a Living
As far as contestants go, her group of eligible bachelors are some of the best the franchise has ever seen — and that includes Riley Christian. To learn more about Riley’s job and what he does for a living, keep reading! Riley Christian is a successful attorney:After graduating from a small college in Ohio, Riley attended Syracuse School of Law. ABC/Craig SjodinRiley Christian loves to dance:During season 16, episode 2 of The Bachelorette, Riley pulled Clare aside during the group date and invited her to slow dance. Riley Christian is on social media:“Be yourself,” with a peace sign emoji is Riley’s Instagram bio.
Who Is Skepta? Meet Adele's Boyfriend Post-Simon Divorce
Adele and Skepta first sparked dating rumors in October 2019 just one month after the “Hello” singer filed for divorce from husband Simon Konecki. “She’s really into Skepta,” an insider told In Touch at the time. “They have been seeing each other,” a separate source told Us Weekly on Wednesday, October 28. Ben Perry/ShutterstockSkepta is on social media:Boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram alone, Skepta primarily posts about his music and fashion. Skepta and Adele started off as friends:“They’ve been friends for years,” a source previously told In Touch.
Tana Mongeau Rocks a Sexy All-Black Outfit: See Photos!
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/InstagramAnother day, another over-the-top fashion moment from Tana Mongeau. This time, the popular YouTuber took things to the next level in a sexy all-black outfit on Monday, October 26. For the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, Tana wore a literal snake on the red carpet. Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/InstagramWhen Tana isn’t making headlines for her style, she’s focused on her blossoming career. And I think putting that energy into something so negative is just not cute, to be frank.”Can’t get enough celebrity content?
Becca Kufrin Claps Back at Troll Shading Her for Garrett Split
Former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin clapped back at a troll shading her over her split from fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen on Tuesday, October 27. Becca responded, “Since you seem to know everything, please tell all of us how to live properly,” with an eye-roll emoji. Speculation about Becca and Garrett’s split started in June after the California native, 31, posted in support of law enforcement amid nationwide protests against police brutality following the death of George Floyd. “Garrett is my fiancé, and I love him and to his core, I believe that he is a good person. “Just because we’ve arrived at this decision now doesn’t take away all of the years and the countless memories that we’ve made together,” she added.
Kylie Jenner Thinks About Having Another Baby 'Every Day'
Kylie Jenner is definitely looking to give her daughter, Stormi Webster, a sibling. I actually think about it every day,” the longtime Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told makeup artist James Charles of having more kids. “To do the right things at all times … I read books, I follow all these Instagram [accounts],” Kylie added. While the A-list pair took a break from their romantic relationship in October 2019, Kylie and Travis appear to be reigniting the flame. “Kylie and Travis are in the process of getting back together,” a source previously told Life & Style.
Tayshia Adams Makes First Appearance as Bachelorette
Tayshia Adams officially announced herself as the new Bachelorette following an explosive week 3 episode with Clare Crawley on Tuesday, October 27. Courtesy Tayshia Adams/InstagramNeedless to say, fans are pumped about the exciting midseason swap, which is a first in franchise history. “I saw an angel coming out of the pool, and I am not OK,” one person commented in reference to the short shot of Tayshia at the end of The Bachelorette. In early August, Life & Style confirmed Tayshia would be stepping in for Clare to finish out the season. Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti exclusively told Life & Style the California babe would be a “really good choice” for the new Bachelorette.
The Bachelorette's Zach J. Defends Trying to Kiss Clare Crawley
Most notably, leading lady Clare Crawley and contestant Zach Jackson had an uncomfortable one-on-one date that led to his elimination. While getting ready to leave for the night portion of their date, Clare, 39, went to give Zach a goodbye kiss. I was simply trying to let her know that I didn’t pull away. “I go in for the kiss to Zach, he pulls away, and the second I just try to walk away, he grabs me. If I want to walk away because I’m uncomfortable, let me walk away.”Clare then sent host Chris Harrison in her place to tell Zach he was being sent home.
Gwen Stefani's Engagement Ring From Blake Shelton Price and Size
Gwen Stefani’s diamond engagement ring from fiancé Blake Shelton is estimated to cost “around $500,000,” depending on the quality and characteristics of the center stone, Kathryn Money, Brilliant Earth’s SVP of Merchandising and Retail Expansion, tells Life & Style. AFF-USA/ShutterstockThe former No Doubt artist, 51, and country crooner, 44, announced their engagement on Tuesday, October 27. “Yes, please,” Gwen captioned a romantic photo of the A-list pair kissing while she flashed her new piece of jewelry. “Blake treats Gwen’s kids like they’re his own,” continued the insider. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gwen and Blake!
Katy Perry Helps Fiance Orlando Bloom on IG Live After 'Hiccups'
Katy Perry swooped in to help fiancé Orlando Bloom on Instagram Live after the actor experienced a few “hiccups” on Tuesday, October 27. How do I find Jessica?” Orlando asked Katy, who was standing off-camera. Katy is “enjoying every minute of being a new mom,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style at the time. “Orlando knows what he’s doing, having gone through it all before,” the insider said. It looks like Katy and Orlando will always have each other’s backs!
Nikki and Brie Bella Call Sons Matteo and Buddy 'Spiritual Twins'
Nikki Bella and her sister, Brie Bella, couldn’t be more excited to raise their sons, Matteo and Buddy, at the same time. “When you see them together, it’s crazy,” Brie gushed during a Wednesday, October 28, episode of their podcast. “Obviously, I do call them spiritual twins but it’s like they’re legit siblings. “Is that a real thing?” Brie laughed. Courtesy of Nikki Bella/InstagramSince Nikki gave birth on July 31 and Brie gave birth on August 1, the former WWE wrestlers and their little ones spend plenty of time together.
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Post Bikini Pics From Tahiti
Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian showed off their insane bikini bodies during their trip to Tahiti for the KKW Beauty founder’s 40th birthday. “Girls just wanna have sun,” Kim captioned a photo on Wednesday, October 28, with her sibs standing on a gorgeous beach. Each of the ladies rocked a string bikini as they posed underneath a palm tree. Thank you, Keeks,” she captioned four photos of herself posing in the crystal-clear water while wearing a barely-there pink Chanel bikini. “We danced, rode bikes, swam near whales, kayaked, watched a movie on the beach and so much more,” continued Kim.
Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Pose for Cute Selfies
Kourtney Kardashian shared the cutest photos of herself and ex Scott Disick. “Selfie selfie,” the Poosh.com founder captioned the snapshots on Wednesday, October 28. Kourtney and Scott dated for nearly nine years before ultimately calling it quits in 2015. Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/InstagramAlthough both reality stars have had other significant relationships since their breakup, Scott and Kourtney are seemingly single these days. Scott’s mother, Bonnie Disick, died in 2013, and his father, Jeffrey Disick, passed away three months later.
Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick Claps Back After Butt Injections
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick clapped back at critics after unveiling her cosmetic injection results following a bandaid buttlift procedure done at Tutela Plastic Surgery in New Jersey. Angelina admitted she was a “little weary” to share the before-and-after photos because of “mean” and “cruel” commenters — and rightfully so. I am not perfect,” the VH1 alum continued, noting she wasn’t a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift so they explored other options to give some extra curve and definition. One of my ex friends I kicked outta my life because [you] were a junk box,” Angelina replied to the speculation about her husband, whom she married in November 2019. “Sculptra is injected for a small volume butt lift or to fill in hip dips,” according to her doctor, John Paul Tutela, who also performed Angelina’s breast lift and implants in 2018.
90 Day Fiance's Larissa and Evelin Feuding After Corey Drama
90 Day Fiancé stars Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Evelin Villegas are facing off yet again on social media following Larissa’s exit from the TLC franchise. Courtesy Larissa Dos Santos Lima/InstagramHowever, Larissa apparently told Corey to head in her direction instead and claimed she had no interest in pursuing him if he was still involved with Evelin. Evelin clapped back at Larissa’s remarks while leaving a comment under the clip reposted by 90 Day blogger John Yates. Courtesy Larissa Santos Lima/Instagram; YouTube (2)“Why is that bitch Evelin STILL talking about me? “We met up as friends, that’s how it is,” the 90 Day Fiancé star wrote in his statement.
Jaden Hamilton Releases New EP ‘Ain’t That Something’
Jaden Hamilton Debuts New EP ‘Ain’t That Something’ After Capturing Fans’ Hearts on TikTokCountry music’s next big thing! Jaden Hamilton released his debut EP, Ain’t That Something, on October 16 — and fans are loving it. Long before his success online, the self-taught musician was raised on a homestyle mix of hard rock and classic country. Jaden Hamilton“Always be true to yourself, stay in your own lane and never jeopardize something you want for anyone else,” he said in a statement. Watch the “Long Night Letting Go” music video above!
'Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie Edwards Responds to Veneers Speculation
Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer) responded to fan speculation that she had her teeth done by undergoing a dental procedure for veneers. I don’t have veneers,” Mackenzie, 23, said while recording selfie videos on her Instagram Stories on Sunday, October 25. “I never understand why people think veneers look good. It looks like she had it done,” the follower wrote. Beak is still there,” Mackenzie wrote back.
Jessa Duggar Shows Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor: Take a Tour!
Jessa Duggar Says She ‘Couldn’t Help’ Putting Up Holiday Decor Before Thanksgiving: Take a Mini Tour‘Tis the season! Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) gave a mini tour inside her cozy home after putting up her Christmas tree and holiday decor one month before Thanksgiving. This will be Jessa and husband Ben Seewald’s second Christmas with their daughter, Ivy Jane, whom they welcomed in May 2019. Spurgeon was born at nearly 10 pounds, and Henry close to 9 pounds,” the proud parents added. “There’s no baby behind the bump — only tacos,” Jessa quipped with a laughing-crying emoji.
TLC's Birth Moms: Where Are They Now? Get an Update
It’s hard to dredge up any information on TLC’s May 2012 special Birth Moms — which followed three pregnant women as they looked for adoptive families for their children — let alone intel on where the stars are now. The network has scrubbed the show’s page clean, the IMDb entry is empty, and there’s no Wikipedia article about it. When the special debuted two months later, Starcasm reported she was released from jail. All we know about her is her tragic backstory: She was raped and impregnated while unconscious on pills. “The hardest part is knowing I’m only her birth mom, no longer her mom,” she said at the time.
LPBW's Zach Roloff Hopes to Buy Farmhouse From Amy and Matt
Zach Roloff revealed his hopes to buy the farmhouse from his mom, Amy Roloff, and dad, Matt Roloff, in a teaser clip from the season 21 finale of Little People, Big World, airing Tuesday, October 27. “I’m really excited to show Zach and Amy all the progress we’ve made fixing up the farmhouse,” Matt, 59, said while showing off the cleared-out property in a video shared on TLC’s Instagram account. “Zach let me know earlier that him and Tori [Roloff] are interested in buying the farmhouse. Zach, 30, was wowed by the place, too, and it further fueled his desire to make it his. It suddenly changes how Matt and I look at this property,” the reality star added in her confessional.
Anna Duggar's Clapbacks: See the 'Counting On' Star's Replies
Don’t Mess With Anna Duggar! See All of the ‘Counting On’ Star’s Most Epic ClapbacksTLCTell ’em! Anna Duggar isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to online trolls, especially those who criticize her family. “What happened to his poor toe?” one wrote, seemingly suggesting that the toddler had been in some kind of accident. Spurgeon must have bent it while taking the picture.”Keep scrolling to see all of Anna’s epic clapbacks so far.
Chelsea Houska Packs on PDA With Cole DeBoer Ahead of Baby No. 4
Teen Mom 2 couple Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have fans calling them “relationship goals” after she posted new photos showing them packing on PDA ahead of baby No. Chelsea and Cole closed their eyes while locking lips in the first snap she uploaded to her Instagram account on Tuesday, October 27. “He was across at the other pump,” the reality star told Us Weekly following her split from Adam Lind. Cole and Chelsea got married in October 2016 and she gave birth to their first child, son Watson, on January 25, 2017. The next year, the pair welcomed their second child, daughter Layne, on August 29, which happens to be Chelsea’s birthday.
Joy-Anna Duggar Responds to Austin Forsyth Divorce Rumors
Not for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth! I’ll be your companion any day, baby.”Courtesy of Joy-Anna Forsyth/InstagramIn response, one person commented, “So, do you just get an engagement ring in this belief? “To say my heart is full is an understatement,” she wrote on Instagram. Getting to spend that quiet, quality time with her through the night has been SO special!”Joy and Austin tied the knot on May 26, 2017. At the time, the couple sparked rumors they engaged in premarital sex — a Duggar no-no — because of their quick timeline from marriage to babies.
Scheana Shay Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby With Brock Davies
Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay is pregnant with boyfriend Brock Honey Davies after the couple suffered a miscarriage in June. “We did a thing, honey,” Brock commented on Scheana’s post. “I’m sure I was driving Brock crazy because he’s like, ‘You’re fine!’ But I was just like, ‘I need to make sure, I need to make sure’ — and now we’ve made sure! “After going through the miscarriage and knowing those signs … it was comforting knowing, ‘OK, you’re not spotting, you’re not cramping, you still feel pregnant, you’re still tired, your boobs still hurt,” Scheana said. Whatever.’ So then I slid into her DMs and then we hung out.”Congrats to Scheana and Brock!
'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Denies Shading Leah Over Addiction
Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans denied throwing shade at her former costar, Leah Messer, after she opened up about her past struggle with addiction on the Tuesday, October 27 episode. The drama started when Jenelle, 28, shared a cryptic message on Twitter. “I wonder if you’re really going to tell the truth about your addiction. She added in a separate tweet, “#IfTheShoeFits [woman shrugging emoji].”I wonder if you’re really going to tell the truth about your addiction. “Y’all have no idea wtf I’m even talking about … but go ahead keep assuming [woman shrugging emoji],” Jenelle wrote in a series of follow-up tweets on Wednesday, October 28.
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Ex Jen Harley Reveal New Relationships
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and ex-girlfriend Jen Harley posted photos of their new relationships on the same day. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star, 34, went Instagram official with Saffire Matos on Tuesday, October 27. When a fan asked her if she’d ever get back together with the New York native, she responded, “We tried too. I want a family man, not a 35-year-old going on 25.”Previously, Harley told In Touch exclusively she had a difficult time breaking their “toxic cycle.”“Our problem was we knew what was bothering us. Our underlying thing was cheating, but we would never do anything [about it],” she explained of their cyclical issues.
'Teen Mom 2': Chris Lopez Reacts to Kailyn Lowry Split
Chris Lopez opened up about his split from Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry after she broke down in tears several times during the Tuesday, October 28 episode while revealing their breakup and announcing she was pregnant and expecting their second child together. There’s a lot of things going on that I’m dealing with privately and trying to work through in counseling. I don’t feel happy, I don’t feel good, I don’t feel like I’m being a good mom,” the Pride Over Pity author said as she reflected on their on-again, off-again relationship. I’m pregnant,” she announced, which marked her fourth child. And so, going into this one knowing that he won’t be there at all is really scary.”Keep scrolling below to see more of Chris Lopez’s reactions to the Teen Mom 2 episode below.
How Did Blake Shelton Propose to Gwen Stefani? Engagement Details
Blake Shelton wanted to make his proposal to Gwen Stefani very special so he brought her to a place she could never forget. “The engagement happened at the chapel Blake built for Gwen on the grounds of their Oklahoma home,” an insider close to the country crooner, 44, exclusively tells In Touch about his thoughtful gesture. “Gwen has been waiting for this moment and it’s finally happened!”Gwen announced the joyous news via social media. Not to mention, Blake and Gwen found love with each other after tough splits in the public eye. They are “well-adjusted” to her relationship with Blake, another source previously told In Touch.
'Married at First Sight': Are Miles and Karen Still Together?
Married at First Sight star Miles Williams is unsure about whether he wants to remain married to wife Karen Landry or if he wants to get divorced on decision day. “I feel like my head and my heart are in two different places,” Miles, 26, tells cameras in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek of the Wednesday, October 28 episode. At one point I forgot the cameras were there!”Kinetic ContentAll Married at First Sight couples face the challenge of meeting, marrying, honeymooning and then moving in and adjusting to life with a complete stranger. But this season’s couples had the added obstacle of having to hunker down and self-quarantine together amid the coronavirus pandemic. The season 11 finale of Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime Wednesday, October 28 at 8 p.m.
Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and True Enjoy Halloween Outing
Khloé Kardashian and boyfriend Tristan Thompson took their daughter, True Thompson, to Nights of the Jack in Calabasas, California, for some Halloween fun. The longtime Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 36, shared several videos of her precious toddler enjoying the exhibit on Tuesday, October 27. While the Good American founder hasn’t publicly confirmed that she and Tristan are back together, it’s clear they’re going strong! Maybe he and I weren’t compatible or whatever in that way, but that’s OK. Nobody’s going to die. I always want True to be surrounded by love.”Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Khloé, Tristan and True having fun at Nights of the Jack!
End-to-end (E2E) encryption for meetings
Firewall and proxy server settings3.138.115.0/2744.242.143.128/27Port 443Enabling end-to-end encryption for meetingsBecause end-to-end encryption is in technical preview and disables several other features, we recommend using E2E only for meetings where additional protection is needed. Under Security, verify that Allow use of end-to-end encryption is enabled. Note: Because of the limitations of E2E, we recommend using Enhanced encryption as the default encryption type and using end-to-end encryption for meetings where additional protection is required. Note: Because of the limitations of E2E, we recommend using Enhanced encryption as the default encryption type and using end-to-end encryption for meetings where additional protection is required. Note: Because of the limitations of E2E, we recommend using Enhanced encryption as the default encryption type and using end-to-end encryption for meetings where additional protection is required.
90 Day Fiance's Loren Shares Struggles With Postpartum Depression
90 Day Fiancé star Loren Brovarnik (née Goldstone) revealed she is “still” struggling with postpartum depression six months after the birth of her son, Shai Josef Brovarnik, shared with husband Alexei Brovarnik. Loren explained there is no magic way to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings, so instead, she embraces them. The last few days I absolutely have my moments and It’s OK!” Loren replied to the social media user. Exactly one week later, Alexei and Loren revealed the name they decided on for their son, Shai, which is of Hebrew and Aramaic origin and means “gift,” according to parenting site The Bump. Courtesy of Loren Brovarnik/InstagramThis summer, Loren shed 26 pounds and revealed her weight loss goals.
Zoom Launches End-to-End Encryption for Free and Paid Users Globally
SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) today announced its new end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is now available to users globally, free and paid, for meetings with up to 200 participants. Starting today, E2EE is available on Zoom desktop client version 5.4.0 for Mac and PC, the Zoom Android app, and Zoom Rooms, with the Zoom iOS app pending Apple App Store approval. Zoom’s E2EE uses the same powerful 256-bit AES-GCM encryption that secures Zoom meetings by default. In typical meetings, Zoom’s cloud meeting server generates encryption keys for every meeting and distributes them to meeting participants using Zoom clients as they join. “We’re very proud to bring Zoom’s new end-to-end encryption to Zoom users globally today,” said Zoom CISO Jason Lee.
Amid a Pandemic, Geography Returns With a Vengeance
Over the past few centuries, new technologies in transportation and communication made geography feel less critical. “Pandemic throws the importance of space back into sharp relief.” We’re thinking about it at the smallest scale, navigating supermarket aisles or converting closets into serviceable home offices. We’re dealing with it at the regional scale, moving medical equipment from places with surplus to places with need. Jonathan Mayer, professor emeritus of geography and epidemiology at the University of Washington, says the pandemic underscores, with tragic clarity, why where is so fundamental to our experience. It is naive to think of other places as disconnected from our own geography, our own lives.
Propane heaters are the new toilet paper
“As it gets colder outside, shoppers are looking for ways to extend the use of their outdoor spaces, with fire pits, outdoor heaters, outdoor lights, canopies, and even hot tubs,” says Jonathan Johnson, CEO of internet retailer Overstock.com in an email. Ilili, a Lebanese restaurant in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan, has been offering outdoor dining, with 80 seats in front of the eatery. (Propane heaters are Amazon’s current second- and third-ranked bestsellers under its Outdoor Heating and Cooling category, priced at $262.00 and $229.99.) Because of the inflammatory properties of propane, New York has traditionally prohibited restaurants from using propane heaters, but it recently announced an emergency exception. “So, I’m sitting on $2,000 worth of outdoor heaters that, as it stands right now, I cannot use,” Massoud says.
This infographic shows how Mark Zuckerberg changed his position on Russian propaganda
It took a long time to get to this week’s disclosure by Facebook that up to 150 million Americans may have been exposed to Russian propaganda. Just days after Trump’s victory in the election last November, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it was “crazy” to think that fake news shared on the platform influenced the election. A year later–but only really in the last month, and amid plenty of public outrage and Congressional arm-twisting–the company finally disclosed the extent of the problem (so far).
News anchor Joy Reid on the career fork in the road that led her to MSNBC
FC: What’s the best mistake you ever made? FC: Did you have a career fork in the road? FC: What’s the advice you’re glad you ignored? FC: What’s always in your bag? FC: What’s your “get pumped” song?
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9 maps that show which areas could be more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic
You can find the collection of nine interactive maps by visiting the Hub and scrolling down, or through the direct link here. Direct link. This map shows areas in the Southeast tend to have higher percentages of people without health coverage. This map shows areas in the Southeast tend to have higher percentages of people without health coverage. Direct link.
Passion, grit and mindset in the ages 14 to 77: Exploring relationship and gender differences
This study aims to investigate the relationship between passion, grit and mindset across the life span. The eight item Passion Scale was used to assess passion, and the Grit-S scale to assess grit. The results showed that for the group as a whole there was a significant relationship between passion and grit (r = .325); passion and mindset (r= .166) and grit and mindset (r= .167). For the female group (N = 502) the correlation was significant for the three factors: between passion and grit (r = .311), for passion and mindset (r = .195), and grit and mindset (r = .170). 20–36: r = .
How to identify your ‘black sheep values’
To make the best choices, you need to identify your “black sheep values” and let them be your guide, says Brant Menswar, author of Black Sheep: Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You . “A black sheep is 100% authentically original,” he says. Your ‘black sheep values’ are your five non-negotiables. Understand the core values that make you who you are can empower your life. You can balance the tug-of-war between your emotions and your black sheep values so that you make good decisions.”Menswar says he discovered his black sheep values after making the single worst decision he’s made in his life.
10 ways social media platforms can fight election disinformation
Approaching the U.S. presidential election, social media platforms have been feverishly introducing new measures to curb disinformation. Websites in general and social media platforms in particular have been optimized to increase speed and volume of engagement. Websites in general and social media platforms in particular have been optimized to increase speed and volume of engagement. Algorithms that allow social media platforms to automatically push the next related video have been shown to be radicalizing forces for users. Algorithms that allow social media platforms to automatically push the next related video have been shown to be radicalizing forces for users.
Stripe now lets businesses put money directly into carbon removal
Stripe, the digital payments startup, wants its customers to get in the carbon removal business. “That really got us thinking, maybe there’s an opportunity here for us to take to go far beyond Stripe’s million dollars and try to make a large scale market for carbon removal,” she says. The projects Stripe is backing aren’t the cheapest or most intuitive ways to draw down carbon; planting trees is far less expensive, though it’s less intriguing than more tech-focused projects. Businesses can put a badge on their site telling customers their purchases are going toward carbon removal (Stripe itself isn’t taking any percentage of the funds). But we are really betting on a breadth of projects here that we need in order to hit what are ultimately massive carbon removal numbers in 2050.”
My startup has the chance to hire a heavy hitter. Should I scrape together the cash?
A consultant I hired as an independent contractor wants to join my team as the COO. This would be a huge win for the company, but the candidate is looking for a 6-figure salary (straight cash, not combined with equity). We don’t have that kind of money so I would be fundraising with the intention of allocating that capital towards the COO salary. -Founder of an East Coast startupDear Founder,It is awesome that this candidate wants to join your team. That said, in a world of constrained cash, a six-figure salary in cash is a lot of money.
5 ways to land a promotion (besides showing you’re a hard worker)
Throughout my career, I have seen my colleagues get angry when they aren’t chosen for a promotion. It’s important to remind yourself it’s not your fault, as workers have repeatedly been taught that seniority and putting in good work are the main factors for getting promoted. Get the ball rolling earlyBegin a conversation around a promotion with your manager at least 6-12 months in advance. By letting him know that’s what I wanted—and by doing good work, receiving regular feedback, and reminding him about my goal of getting promoted—I ended up getting that promotion in half a year. Bring additional ideas to the tableJust doing what you are told will make you a good worker, but higher-ups expect more from their leaders.
4 ways to destress this election season
Video 4 ways to enjoy more time outside this fall and winter As winter approaches with no end of the pandemic in sight, we're all worried about being stuck inside our homes for those cold months. But senior staff writer Liz Segran has four tips to help you enjoy more time outside, even when it's bitterly cold.
Harley-Davidson is making electric bikes now
While developing the Live Wire electric motorcycle, which has been in the market for around a year, the company’s skunk-works team started looking for other ways to use the technology. “Lithium-ion batteries are getting better, they’re getting lighter, they’re getting more reliable, they’re getting less expensive.” And while the range on some electric cars is still low enough that it may be an issue for some drivers, a city bike—ridden casually, to run errands locally—doesn’t have the same requirements for range. The engineers also used their ergonomic database—made up of a large group of measurements from its customers—to design bikes that Frank argues will fit a wider range of people than typical bikes. Though the design work came from Harley-Davidson, the company decided to launch a separate startup. And the market is completely different.” The company expects to have its first bikes on the market by the spring of 2021.
Timber is having a moment. Should it?
It’s is an expansive look at the timber industry and the hidden costs behind the wood we encounter in our daily lives, from housing to furniture. Timber is having a moment. There are timber skyscrapers, timber houses, and timber interiors, including everything from accent walls to kitchen cabinets to wooden bathmats. But the research Trimarchi and Farresin conducted suggests that much of the timber industry is poorly regulated, and timber products are treated as disposable, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. “So the next step is making sure what is legal is also more sustainable,” Farresin says.
These mushroom balls turn your yard into a climate-change-fighting machine
Lawns also require a lot of upkeep, and can end up having a bigger carbon footprint than what they sequester. Now NetZero wants to remove some of the negative externalities of lawn care by making your yard absorb extra carbon, via the power of mycelium, the thread-like feeding structures of fungi. Though they look a bit like bath bombs, NetZero mycelium orbs are actually meant for the ground. One inoculation lasts 10 years and allows the average-size American yard, which is about a quarter acre, to absorb a ton of atmospheric CO2 every year. “It’s very hard for people to visualize,” Kelly says.
Your webcam is killing your leadership presence. Save it in 3 steps
Where the new normal is virtual for the foreseeable future, how can you increase your leadership presence when you are presenting over a webcam? To get rid of any perceived frostiness between the participants, and engage your audience, know where to look and when. When speaking, speak into the camera. Feel free to glance down now and then to gauge their reaction but speak into your camera. Pro tip: Pretend the person is right behind the camera or that the camera is the other person’s eyes.
I tried every major direct-to-consumer bra company. Here’s what I found
That’s how my fitting with DTC bra company Cuup started, and my search for the best bras began. I spent the night before my first online appointment with my measuring tape and Google. Despite being a firm adherent to science over “vibes,” I just didn’t believe what the measuring tape was telling me. I was surely a 38B, or maybe a 36B (even though the measuring tape was saying 34)? Best Overall: Cuup Cuup provided the best experience I had overall in my bra search.
How to prepare your business for a post-COVID-19 recovery. Top CEOs weigh in
The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging for more than seven months now, but astute business leaders are thinking about how to rapidly recover. Now is the time to make sure your team and your clients have the digital tools needed to thrive. ASU, for example, added a third platform for classes, so students could learn and professors could teach the way that suits them best. This revolution means companies need to have the tech—and the people—in place in order to tackle the challenges that have emerged since March. “This pandemic has shown the haves and the have-nots,” says Andersen.
‘Can I change my vote’ trending? Yes, Google showed searches for it, but don’t read too much into it
The thing to know about Google Trends is that the data are relative to a specific time period. So if you looked up search interest in “change my vote” last week, you might have seen a spike on the day of the debate or the day after. Some blogs and Reddit posts pointed this out last week, and news outlets picked it up and ran with it. Indeed, if you start searching “can I change my vote” in Google right now, you’ll see that the word “trending” appears in the autocomplete suggestions, indicating that some people searching for it are just curious about all this chatter. Google declined to comment on Trump’s tweet or what’s been driving these searches.
Stimulus update: What the Senate break and stalled talks mean for second checks and unemployment
The White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been negotiating for weeks, but they remain far apart on key points. On Monday, a White House spokesperson told Fox News that a deal could happen “in the coming weeks” but declined to be more specific. President Trump, trailing in the election polls, had said he wanted a “big” stimulus package, but on the Senate side, McConnell has remained noncommittal. Both sides have said they agree on major issues such as federal unemployment and direct payments to Americans in the form of stimulus checks. That depends on a lot of things—including who wins the presidential election, who wins key Senate and House races, and who will ultimately be in charge in 2021.
What is the best political branding of all time? Experts weigh in
The two of them debate the best political branding of all time—the campaigns that were able to break through the rancor of election season and affect change, even if they didn’t end up winning. Fast Company: Ben, what separated the Obama branding from the “I like Ike” branding for you? This might explain, for example, why there were so many Obama brand copycats around the world following 2008 (not just in the U.S.). Political visual branding is arguably the most important visual proxy for the candidate, and Obama’s graphical material managed to convey the emotional heft of his oratory and his persona almost without him even being there. Relative to almost any other American political campaign before it, Obama 2008 leveraged visuals to extend the reach of the campaign.
You won’t believe these COVID-19-themed fundraising products
Desperate times bring desperate measures. As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, the quarantine creativity of those who want to help does not disappoint. Here are our favorite COVID-19 fundraisers from around the web:
Senate Big Tech hearing: What to expect from Zuck, Dorsey, Pichai’s Section 230 defense
It’s another day and another hearing about Big Tech on Capitol Hill. This latest hearing is all about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act , a decades-old law that offers websites protection against being held liable for what their users post. Democrats don’t like the law because they say it lets Big Tech off the hook for hate speech published on their platforms. Showing up for the hearing (all via teleconference) will be Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. MarketWatch reports that Dorsey is expected to fiercely argue in Section 230’s favor, while Zuckerberg and Pichai may be more open to potential change.
Maps are a critical weapon in our fight against COVID-19. We can be smarter about how we use them
Cholera previously killed over 14,000 people during outbreaks in 1832 and 1849, but the cause of the disease was yet unknown. The resulting overlap map showed a clear correlation between the one water pump and deaths. By removing the water pump handle, the outbreak was contained and stopped. What we have learned is that 80% of our health outcomes are context-driven: physical environment (10%); health behaviors (30%); and social and economic factors (40%). Average life expectancy, the ultimate measure of population health, can vary by 20-30 years from place to place.
This interactive horror sequel will scare the privacy out of you
Less than a year after The Social Network debuted in 2010, a freaky, enhanced horror short gave a hint of the nightmare that Facebook had become. The digital experience, Take This Lollipop, showed how easily a hypothetical serial killer could realistically hunt his prey using information gleaned from Facebook. Now, creator and The Forest director Jason Zada is back with Take This Lollipop 2, an equally timely sequel for the era of deepfakes and webcam hijacking. “We turn on our webcams every day and communicate with strangers, business colleagues, schoolmates, and family. Users turn on their webcams and find themselves inserted into the utterly familiar sight of a four-quadrant Zoom chat.
Bad news if you were planning to achieve career greatness later in life
Your plan of later-life career brilliance is unlikely, according to a new study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The study put 917 people through a battery of psychological tests and found consistently high levels of passion, grit, and positive mindset among participants up until age 53. Specifically, all three traits fail to stay at high levels simultaneously. And high levels of passion and grit are common early in life, especially in boys (see: The truck phase. Grit drives our strength, how much effort we are willing to put in to achieve something,” says Sigmundsson.
How did music evolve? Harvard study reveals a surprising theory. No, it’s not a sexual mating call
The authors draw on extensive evidence to suggest two other likely roots for music: territorial signaling and infant care. In warfare, rhythm and melody allow tribal groups to signal their strength, numbers, and coordination across far distances, to both allies and foes. This is not unlike how animals commonly use vocalizations to signal their territory or scare off others. “If we study music in traditional societies, we see it used consistently to form political alliances,” says Hagen. In infant care, the researchers note that parents use sing-song language to communicate with their helpless infants.
Big Tech is spending big to turn the U.S. Senate blue next week
The employees of the biggest tech companies spent big in 2020 to help Democrats around the county turn the Senate blue. Tech company employees have donated $832,000 to Collins’s Democratic opponent, Sara Gideon, a former speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Steve Bullock (Montana)Big Tech is backing former presidential candidate Steve Bullock in his bid to take one of Montana’s Senate seats away from the Republican Steve Daines. Tech company employees see it that way, giving a total of $768,483 to Bullock’s campaign, the third most for any Senate challenger. Tech employees have put more than $700,000 behind Greenfield, a businesswoman and political newcomer.
What are your chances of catching COVID-19? New insight from a famous formula meant to predict alien life
From that effort sprang his famous Drake equation , which consists of seven variables that, when multiplied together, predict how many alien civilizations dwell within our cluster of stars and planets. And they’ve developed a new equation consisting of 10 variables that, when multiplied together, predict your chances of coming down with COVID-19. And where the Drake equation considers planets and intelligent life, the CAT inequality considers factors including breathing rates of infected persons and amounts of virus-carrying droplets expelled. Each of the 10 variables, scientists say, correlates a risk factor significant to the spread of COVID-19. Similarly to the Drake equation, the true value of the CAT inequality is not in calculating an exact probability, but in understanding which variables to focus on.
Yes, the stock market is tanking, but read this before you panic
But before you start stress eating chocolate, here’s what you need to know about what’s happening on Wall Street, in Washington, D.C., and beyond. At this point, what’s happening to the markets is a wait-and-see game. As of late this morning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about 740 points, or 2.7%. Black Friday, as October 19, 1987, is known, saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummet 22.6% in one day. To this day, that’s still the biggest single-day market decline ever by percentage.
Jack Dorsey takes leaf out of Zuckerberg’s book, says Twitter has no influence on elections
Wednesday’s Big Tech Senate hearing —which convened the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to discuss Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act—quickly morphed into an opportunity for Congress to grill Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey on either their overzealous (if you ask Republicans) or underwhelming (per Democrats) content moderation on social media. Dorsey took much of the heat from Republicans, with specific ire directed toward Twitter’s decision to block a recent New York Post article alleging that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, profited from Chinese deals. Twitter actually cannot impact matters such as elections, he said, because it is “one part of a spectrum of information channels that people have.” Forget the chatter of millions on Twitter. Notably, it’s the same defense Zuckerberg threw up in 2016, in response to allegations that Russian-planted, pro-Trump propaganda shared on Facebook could have influenced the presidential election. That November, less than a week after Election Day, Zuckerberg called it “crazy” that fake news could’ve changed the outcome.
This incredible Google experiment lets you time travel to your hometown 200 years ago
“It was a completely different place, a different town,” says Kiveris, a software engineer at Google Research. This got him wondering what his neighborhood looked like even before that—before he’d lived there, before he’d even been born. Automatically generated 3D models of buildings rise from the landscape as the slider moves forward through time. The map, called “r?,” is a project Kiveris has led through his research into artificial intelligence and machine learning at Google. It can even integrate photographs of buildings, using deep learning to analyze images and augment the blocky 3D models with architectural details.
‘I worked 246 hours in 15 days’: What it’s like to fight wildfires in 2020
In Oregon, wildfires usually slow down around Labor Day, but the Holiday Farm Fire, for instance, burned more than 173,000 acres in September and October. Overall, I worked 246 hours in 15 days starting Labor Day weekend. That first morning on the Holiday Farm Fire, we had 32 people, and that was already the biggest fire I’d ever been on in my life. More than 400 residences burned on the Holiday Farm Fire, and in Obenchain, probably around 50 homes burned. On the way back, I drove through the middle of the Holiday Farm Fire.
Yes, the lines are long. But voting is actually easier than ever
In the presidential election season alone, we’ve seen Russian interference, reported intimidation at polling places, long lines, and dozens of court cases. Ballot design is clearer and more usable. The reason we can bemoan the travesty of hours-long lines at polling places is because there is early voting. In 2007, the Election Assistance Commission issued the first research-based design system and ballot design guidelines. Most of these systems also base their user interface design for touch screen systems on Anywhere Ballot design principles.
Will the Pandemic Reshape Notions of Female Leadership?
Featuring Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-first, one of the world’s leading gender consulting firms, author of Seven Steps to Leading a Gender-Balance Business, and coauthor of the HBR article, “Will the Pandemic Reshape Notions of Female Leadership?”During the COVID-19 pandemic, countries with women in leadership have suffered six times fewer confirmed deaths than countries led by men. Unsurprisingly, the media has swelled with stories about female leadership, citing the pragmatism, prowess, competence, and humanity of these leaders. Or, could this be a defining moment where we replace our old, obsolete leadership archetypes with more pragmatic and meritocratic models? On October 19, 2020, in a live, interactive HBR webinar, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox will lead a discussion about the future of female leadership. Wittenberg-Cox heads one of the world’s leading gender consulting firms and has written extensively about gender-balanced businesses.
What’s Wrong with Asking “Where Are You From?”
Asking someone, “Where are you from?” can seem like a very innocuous question but can quickly turn into a microaggression. Trisha Rai, a former colleague who lives in India, explains that asking this question can often stereotype people. Maria Ortega, a colleague from Mexico City, says that asking about people’s backgrounds can be an opportunity to build an honest, trusting relationship. So, here’s a question Rai nudges us to ask ourselves, “Why am I even asking this question? “The best we can do for ourselves and for historical injustices goes far beyond asking where someone is really from.
Agile Talent: How to Source and Manage Outside Experts
Increasingly, as an alternative to hiring full-time employees, organizations are turning to freelancers and other outside experts to meet their strategic talent needs. But the increased use of external talent comes with a unique set of challenges. Internal employees can be suspicious and distrustful of external talent, worrying about the future of their jobs. In this webinar he will share five best practices for fostering trust, building collaboration, and creating successful work environments that involve both internal employees and external contributors. If your organization wants to know the most effective ways to leverage external talent while maintaining a strong culture and high employee trust, join Jon Younger and HBR on October 15.
AI Engineers Need to Think Beyond Engineering
Community-based system dynamics (CBSD) is a promising participatory approach to understanding complex social systems that does just that. From an engineering standpoint, AI is just a more advanced form of data engineering. As Google AI practitioners, we understand that how AI technology is developed and used will have a significant impact on society for many years to come. Causation mistakes like this, where a correlation is wrongly thought to signal a cause and effect, can be extremely harmful in high-stakes domains such as health care and criminal justice. This assumption ignores critical factors — such as lack of trust in the health care system and lack of access to affordable health care — that tend to decrease spending on health care by Black patients regardless of the complexity of their health care needs.
12 Words for Experiences We Can’t Name in English
Over time, the granularity of our experiences ebbs away, leaving us with hazy memories of moments we label with basic words like happy or sad. Almost all languages lack words that can be found in other tongues. Moreover, when we borrow, we improve our ability to understand our experiences in a differentiated and granular way. Here, I am going to empower you with 12 words to help you name some of your elusive experiences. Literally, “good spirit” or “good conscience.”Psychological and character development and resulting experiences of flourishing and fulfillment.
It’s Time to End Slash-and-Burn Capitalism
Richard Drury/Getty ImagesThe conversation about stakeholder capitalism is heartening evidence that the business community recognizes that capitalism has gone seriously off track. What’s needed is not to make CEOs into central planners but to evolve toward sustainable capitalism — and away from the slash-and-burn capitalism of recent decades. Starving GovernmentSustainable capitalism requires paying a fair share in taxes, but slash-and-burn capitalism aims to do exactly the opposite. Shareholder capitalism is really managerial-capture capitalism, as is evidenced by the company after company where CEOs’ compensation has skyrocketed during the pandemic. It’s time to replace slash-and-burn capitalism with sustainable capitalism that provides the economic and political infrastructure needed to support a healthy economy.
Marketers Underuse Ad Experiments. That’s a Big Mistake.
I started the session with a brief survey: Who had run experiments with their website and app — for example, testing different layouts, colors, designs, or onboarding experiences? Then I asked who had run experiments with their digital advertising, such as evaluating different audience targeting, frequency, or optimization regimes for their campaigns? Given the powerful impact of ad experiments, why are they so underused? But as noted, our study shows that advertisers who run experiments experience better performance than those who do not. Additionally, many firms may lack the required culture of collaboration between marketing and other functions needed to execute ad experimentation.
Successful Remote Teams Communicate in Bursts
For remote teams, remote communication is both a challenge and a priority — and it will remain so long after the present pandemic has ended. But, as many organizations are learning, managing the flow of communication among remote teams is tricky. Our research suggests that such bursts of rapid-fire communications, with longer periods of silence in between, are hallmarks of successful teams. At these times, teams can synchronize through facial expression and voice to convey such fundamental human qualities as shared attention and empathy. Such practices will help drive remote teams’ performance in our emerging new normal.
Every Company Needs an Entrepreneur in the C-Suite
And entrepreneurial CEO is one who is actively involved in developing and managing a portfolio of new ventures. This allows the chief entrepreneur to be able to make decisions to allocate resources that drive innovative ventures. In these situations, the company should consider appointing a Chief Entrepreneur instead. The major disadvantage of this arrangement, of course, is the likelihood of tension between the CEO and the chief entrepreneur. This arrangement works well when the CEO doesn’t see the chief entrepreneur as an enemy but as an ally.
Facebook’s Tech Chief: How We Built It and Where We’re Going
When Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer joined the company in 2008, it was about to hit 100 million users – today they serve 2.7 billion. He joins Azeem Azhar to explore how they planned for infrastructure resilience to cope with such explosive growth, and why Facebook has invested so deeply in AI and virtual reality. They also discuss:How Facebook increasingly uses AI systems to moderate content, including hate speech. What Facebook is doing to address the need for greater diversity in its workforce and culture. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Harvard Business Review or its affiliates.
How to Track Your Early Vote and Election Results
Voting before this Election Day may set a record. These resources can help you check your absentee or mail-in ballot.
Cadillac's Super Cruise Outperforms Other Driving Assistance Systems
Other automakers close in on Tesla's Autopilot, now a distant second, in Consumer Reports' new ratings of 17 systems
FDA Delays Setting Limits on PFAS in Bottled Water
The agency relies on outdated research to explain why it's 'premature' to regulate the toxic chemicals
No Need to Wait Until Black Friday: AirPods Pros Are on Sale for $200
The purpose of this disclosure is to explain how we make money without charging you for our content. Our mission is to help people at any stage of life make smart financial decisions through research, reporting, reviews, recommendations, and tools. Earning your trust is essential to our success, and we believe transparency is critical to creating that trust. If you choose to interact with the content on our site, we will likely receive compensation. To find out more about our editorial process and how we make money, click here.
Here Are Today's Best Mortgage & Refinance Rates for October 28, 2020
Money’s current mortgage rates include data from over 8,000 lenders across the United States and are updated daily. On Tuesday, borrowers in Illinois were quoted the lowest mortgage rates — at 3.26%. Refinance rates todayMoney’s survey also shows that the offered rate for a 30-year refinance for someone with a 740 credit score was 3.773% on Tuesday. Last October, the average mortgage rate (including fees) was 3.859%. Ads by Ad Practitioners Quicken Loans - #1 Best Mortgage & Refinance Lender on Money.com Rates Near Historic Lows.
How Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market
A look back at history shows that presidential election cycles indeed correlate with stock market returns – although not in the same, clockwork way that, say, the moon pulls on tides. But over the past century, the stock market has mostly run briskly across most of the presidential cycle before losing momentum during election years. However, stocks do better in the lead-up to elections when America is signaling a Republican presidential win. "Today, many are warning of how a Biden presidency might negatively impact the stock market or the economy," he says, but adds there were similar warnings about Trump in the previous election cycle. YCharts has looked at stock returns going back to 1930 under three separate scenarios.
Associate Executive, Performance Advertising in Remote / DC / NY, Virginia
Associate Executive, Performance AdvertisingQuick Take: Axios is a growth-stage startup dedicated to providing trustworthy, award-winning news content in an audience-first format. We are hiring an Account Executive, Performance Advertising to join our growing partnerships team. Why it Matters: As an Account Executive of Performance Advertising, you’ll work with new and existing partners to grow revenue through newsletter advertising. You'll act as a brand ambassador for Axios to develop and maintain trusted, strategic relationships with agencies and client partners. This is a high-energy role that requires strong communication skills, an ability to understand partner business priorities, and a proven ability to generate leads.
Got a Robocall or Text Saying Your Polling Place Moved? Better Double-Check.
Voters have also received messages alleging widespread voter fraud and falsely claiming that candidates have quit their races
15 Dividend-Paying Stocks to Sell or Avoid
In this volatile market, many investors are looking to dividend-paying stocks to hedge their bets in equity markets. Here are 15 dividend-paying stocks to sell or at least avoid right now. Income hunters looking for bargains in dividend-paying stocks might be sniffing around Kraft shares, which trade at roughly one-third of their peak post-merger pricing in 2017. Despite all that, Wells Fargo doesn't even offer up a yield that's competitive with similarly battered dividend-paying stocks. Also, like some of the other dividend-paying stocks on this list, Invesco was forced to cut payouts earlier this year.
Tax Tip: How to Deduct Property Damage Caused by Hurricane Zeta
But once the hurricane has passed, your primary concern might be dealing with property damage from high winds or flooding. Personal casualty losses of individuals are deductible to the extent that they are attributable to a federally declared disaster area. Generally, only taxpayers who itemize deductions can take a tax write-off for damage to personal property. Let's say your AGI is $100,000 and you have $30,000 in unreimbursed losses from damage to your house caused by Zeta. Find a list of federally declared disasters and the declaration numbers at fema.gov/disasters.
Stock Market Today: Dow Drops 943 Points as Investors Storm the Exits
Oct. 28, on average the S&P 500's best-performing day over the past 70 years, was instead one of 2020's worst as COVID-19 concerns continued to flare up in the U.S. and Europe. The S&P 500 did not come close to meeting its average 0.54% gain on Oct. 28, instead plunging 3.5% to 3,271. Other action in the stock market today:The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 3.4% to 26,519.declined 3.4% to 26,519. "We believe that if the S&P 500 breaks below 3,200 before the election, its next move may be down another 12% to 2,890." Even if the market as a whole doesn't plunge that much in the uncertain days, weeks and months to come, many weaker stocks might drop calamitously.
Figure Out Your Investor DNA to Make the Best Financial Decisions for Retirement
I like to call this a person’s “investor DNA,” because whatever your type, it helps to identify your potential investing strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your investor DNA is crucial to making the best financial decisions for a successful retirement. If you don’t make decisions based on your DNA, you could cost yourself a lot of money, time and anxiety. However, they were not knowledgeable about investing and thought it was just a necessary means to retirement. Now that you understand the importance of knowing your investor DNA, let’s start figuring out where you fall.
5 Ways to Survive Divorce, Emotionally and Financially
When clients come to me ready to get divorced, they’re often concerned about how they will get through it emotionally and financially. Indeed, the toll divorce takes on your mental well-being and bank account is steep. It is possible to not just survive divorce but thrive as you find your way to your next — hopefully happier — chapter. Here are my five tips for getting through splitting up without letting it drain you emotionally or financially. Hire a mental health professional Get yourself a counselor, a therapist, a mental health professional.
How the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed Student Spending
According to a new report from Student Beans , 71% of students have changed their shopping behavior in response to the Black Lives Matter movement with 44% wanting to support more Black-owned businesses and 40% wanting to buy from brands that support the movement. Student Beans’ examines the shifts taking place in student spending based on an exclusive survey of more than 1,500 young people age 16 to 24. Key insights include:45% of the students surveyed now buy things online that they used to buy in-store because of Covid-19. They and offering one is a powerful way to show you understand their circumstances. It’s simple: Student spending patterns have changed.
Kochava Rolls Out Identity Tool for Publishers Focused on CTV and Mobile
Kochava, a mobile attribution company, wants to woo these media owners with an omnichannel measurement and attribution tool that would connect what happens on their properties with an advertiser’s first-party data. The tool, Kochava for Publishers, is especially focused on connected TV and mobile advertising, two areas that don’t support the third-party cookies that Google is phasing out of its Chrome browser by 2022, but have shaky identity signals. Kochava for Publishers is essentially an in-house tool that can attribute ad exposure to a certain action, while also integrating advertisers’ first-party data. Manning said three major companies in CTV, including Roku, are signed on to use Kochava for Publishers. The tool is based on Kochava’s identity graph of over 90 million households and 220 million mobile devices.
This Beautiful Animation For an Addiction Charity Shows the Power of Love and Support
Partnership to End Addiction, a nonprofit, has launched a new TV, print, radio and digital media PSA campaign, created by agency DiMassimo Goldstein. It emphasizes the importance of human connections in addressing the nation’s addiction crisis and how the Partnership can help families reconnect. “When we foster strong connections with loved ones, we see better outcomes in prevention and treatment,” said Creighton Drury, CEO of Partnership to End Addiction. Strengthening families and communities “as agents of change” could ultimately transform the way addiction is addressed, he added. Emily Moyer, CMO at Partnership to End Addiction, said: “The loneliness and isolation of the pandemic are exacerbating the addiction crisis at an alarming rate.
LinkedIn: How to Stop LinkedIn From Saving Your Resumes
When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, the professional social network will save the resume you submitted, as well as your answers to “self-ID” questions (related to things like your race and gender). If you want to stop LinkedIn from saving your resumes and answers, our guide will show you how this is done. Note: These screenshots were captured in the LinkedIn application on iOS. Step 2: Tap “Settings.”Step 3: Tap “Data privacy.”Step 4: Scroll down to the “Job seeking preferences” section and tap “Job application settings.”Step 5: Tap the toggle to the right of “Save and manage your resumes and answers.” This will not only stop LinkedIn from saving your future resumes and answers, but it will also cause LinkedIn to delete any resumes and answers it has previously saved. Step 6: Tap “Delete Answers” on the confirmation window that appears.
These Are Adweek’s Podcasts of the Year for 2020
That spirit of innovation and adaptation in the face of adversity is readily apparent in this year’s winners of Adweek’s Podcast of the Year Awards. Many of the shows are new to 2020, having been launched in quarantine, or were retooled to be more engaging in an increasingly crowded marketplace. But with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down live events, most podcasts simply skipped their live tours and other experiential offerings. Best Podcast Launched in QuarantineEditor’s note: For the 2020 Podcast of the Year Awards, Adweek created a free-to-enter category for any podcast launched during the Covid-19 pandemic’s quarantine period. 2020 Podcast of the Year (Best in Show)Adweek’s top honoree will be announced Tuesday, Oct. 27, on Adweek.com.
Reddit Adopts a Flexible Model for the Future of Its Workforce
Reddit shared details on options that will be available to its workforce on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. The company wrote in a blog post, “Earlier this year, Reddit had to evolve with the unexpected challenge of going 100% remote. The company wrote, “As our teams become more distributed, we will have many learnings about the impact of this model on our performance as a business. We will not be afraid to continuously adapt and evolve our workforce philosophies, programs and processes. 2020 is an unprecedented year, and we strongly believe that for the foreseeable future, providing flexible work arrangements to our current and future Snoos is the right thing to do for Reddit.”
Postmates, TikTok Team Up on Limited-Time Creator-Led Menu in Los Angeles Area
Delivery service Postmates is teaming up with TikTok on the first-ever creator-led menu, but only those within the delivery radius in the Los Angeles area will be able to sample the creations. Starting Wednesday (Oct. 28) and running through Sunday, Nov. 22, some of the most-shared food trends on the video creation application will be available exclusively via Postmates. Postmates/TikTokWhippedCoffee, by Coffee ‘N Clothes ($7.50): Whipped coffee or whipped pumpkin coffee ($1 extra). Food trends have a massive reach on TikTok, so we joined forces to bring these TikTok creator favorites right to your door. Through the power of creativity in the TikTok community and a few of our exclusive merchants in L.A., we are excited to launch this first-ever menu collection.”
Snapchat Introduces 3D Full Body Tracking Technology for AR Lenses
Why settle for 2D body tracking technology when you can have 3D full body tracking technology? Tim Hortons/Snap Inc.American Eagle did the same with Snap’s 2D body tracking technology, debuting a dance challenge lens for back-to-school season. Snap said its 3D full body tracking technology is the first of its kind to be made publicly available, adding that it works across platforms and can be captured by the front- or rear-facing cameras. Seven of the lenses in Wednesday’s rollout overlay 3D body tracking as costumes, while the remainder add AR characters that mirror people’s movements in real-time. The 12 3D full body tracking lenses are accessible by tapping World, and choosing any of them enables users to experiment, take Snaps and share with friends.
How Pandora Is Building Creative Advertising Opportunities Into Its Platform
And that’s created new opportunities for advertisers to meet consumers where they’re at on audio platforms like Pandora. Last week, Pandora parent company SiriusXM finalized its acquisition of the podcast platform Stitcher. “There’s a ton of opportunity” for advertisers to get creative in the audio space, said Fanning, especially in podcasts. Pandora has also worked with advertisers to create branded content that’s customized for the moment we’re living through. Looking ahead, Fanning said that Pandora’s planning to expand this kind of support for brands that want to advertise on the platform.
Podcasting’s Greatest Asset Is the ‘Powerful, Intimate Connection’ With Listeners, Says Guy Raz
Despite what you might think of him, Guy Raz, host of the ultra-popular NPR podcast How I Built This, doesn’t see himself as a great reporter. He’s interviewed the men and women behind some of the world’s buzziest brands such as Glossier, Airbnb, Tempur-Pedic, Brooklinen and Fitbit. “Curiosity is so much more important than intelligence, because actually, the pursuit of curiosity is a choice,” he said. “There are moments inside someone’s consciousness that are never captured in contemporaneous accounts,” he said. “You only discover [those moments] when you ask the right questions and when you’re actually forcing that person to go back in time and to take you on that journey with them.”Watch Adweek’s full conversation with Raz below:
How Delta Air Lines’ Digital GM Innovates With An Almost Century-Old Brand
With newly enforced COVID-19 regulations, Delta Air Lines’ Digital team has had to reply quickly, educating not only worldwide employees but new and returning flyers. Read on to see how Akhil Anumolu, General Manager of Digital at Delta Air Lines, and team leveraged the crucial role digital has played and how they’re delivering personal travel journey experiences by empowering Delta employees with digital tools. I fell in love with digital and my role allowed me to do business strategy along with web development. How does an almost century-old brand stay relevant in today’s digital age? I just celebrated my 5-year Delta anniversary, so it is fun to reminisce on how far we’ve come since then.
Sprite’s Latest Campaign Encourages Black Youth to Vote
With the presidential election one week away, Sprite is encouraging Black and multicultural youth to make their voices heard at the polls. On Oct. 1, Sprite premiered a 15-second spot informing viewers that they could vote early by mail. A couple weeks later, the Coca-Cola brand introduced a 30-second ad featuring Sprite’s six young artists on Spotify and Twitter. This past June, Sprite, like many other brands, donated funds and posted its support of Black Lives Matter. “America has proven its love of Black culture, but now it has to prove its love of Black people,” reads a tweet from Sprite’s official Twitter account.
Chipotle Customers Can Analyze Their Meals’ Sustainability With Real Foodprint
Chipotle this week kicked off Real Foodprint, a sustainability impact tracker that compares the average values for each of the fast-casual chain’s 53 real ingredients to their conventional counterparts. Bill Nye the Science Guy demonstrated how Real Foodprint works in the video below, which he also posted to TikTok. Chipotle teamed up with Twitter on a sharing engine for the Real Footprint site, which converts people’s tweets from the Real Foodprint simulator into sharable text memes that enable them to encourage their followers to follow suit. Data is pulled in directly from the Chipotle order, and the stats are automatically inserted into the tweet copy without the user having to do anything. Now, with Real Foodprint, our guests can see how this commitment is better for the planet in each individual order.”
Snap Inc.’s The Friendship Report 2020 Examines the Toll Covid-19 Has Taken on Relationships
Snap Inc. released The Friendship Report 2020 Wednesday, a compilation of findings from studies the company commissioned from Alter Agents on the pandemic’s impact on wellbeing and friendships. Snap said in the introduction to this year’s report, “Our initial global Friendship Report was released in 2019 to examine the state and nature of friendship around the world. The report was broad in scope, diving into attitudes about friendship and what helps make them healthy and long-lasting. Did some of us not make those close friends in the first place, or did we lose them along the way? While 79% of respondents admitting to losing touch with a close friend, 66% said they would like to reconnect with those friends.
Criteo Posts 10% Revenue Hit for Q3 as Covid-19 Continues to Impact Ad Spend
Amid ongoing preparations for the decline of third-party cookies on the web, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact ad tech with Criteo today citing it as the primary cause for Q3 revenue dipping 10% to $470 million. Criteo CEO Megan Clarken described Q3 income as “better performance than expected” and cited how the numbers were largely in line with guidance issued in its earlier earnings call. CFO Sara Glickman told analysts the financial impact of Covid-19 in Q3 was estimated to be in the range of $33 million. Similar to the tie-up between The Trade Desk and LiveRamp announced Tuesday, Criteo will provide the sign-on solution and co-develop the transparency protocols in Unified ID 2.0. This partnership represents undeniable momentum as the industry collaborates on an upgrade to replace the third-party cookie.”
Jerry Garcia’s Cannabis Line Debuts With an Airstream and a Deadhead Ambassador
There may have been no better launching pad for Jerry Garcia’s cannabis line than the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco and its toker-friendly section called Grass Lands. That meant Holistic, the multi-state cannabis powerhouse behind the Garcia Hand Picked brand, had to pivot its marketing plan away from the famous (but canceled) music fest. (She sports a tattoo of Jerry’s right hand, complete with his partially missing middle finger, a motif that’s often used in Garcia Hand Picked packaging and merchandise.) In fact, the vertically integrated cannabis brand is taking a page from marketers who have latched onto the tactic both recently and historically. Garcia Hand Picked, with old-school strains in prerolled joints and THC-spiked gummies shaped like guitar picks, launches into a cannabis market that’s already packed with boldface names.
Jon Stewart Will Host Apple TV+ Current Affairs Show
Apple TV+ has signed the late-night legend to host and produce a new current affairs series, Adweek has confirmed. As part of a multi-year deal, Stewart will host and executive produce current affairs program for the nearly year-old streaming service. Stewart’s show is also reportedly being worked on with former HBO chief Richard Plepler, whose production company already has a production deal with Apple TV+. For Apple TV+, Stewart’s popularity may help the streamer break through as it looks to use the streaming service to sell more Apple products. And just last week, the streaming service nabbed the rights for the Charlie Brown holiday specials and upcoming series.
The Trade Desk and LiveRamp Team to Forge Post-Cookie Solutions
The Trade Desk and LiveRamp have announced a collaboration that will see the demand-side platform’s Unified ID 2.0 made available to publishers that deploy the onboarding outfit’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. Publishers using ATS, a product LiveRamp unveiled last year, will be able to receive more valuable bid requests from buyers that use the people-based identifiers (both ATS and Unified ID 2.0) to find relevant audiences on desktop, in-app and on CTV, according to the pair. By working together to make these solutions interoperable, LiveRamp and The Trade Desk are helping the advertising industry upgrade its infrastructure, regardless of policy decisions from players such as Apple, whose iOS 14 rollout is pending, and Google, which will withdraw support for cookies in Chrome by 2022. “The great thing is that the CTV ecosystems are based off email, so it’s really easy to add in Unified ID to as a technology on top of that,” she said. “We recognize that 100% of the internet is never going authenticate, and that’s okay,” Clinger said, adding that LiveRamp’s goal is to help connect disparate first-party relationships.
7 Essentials to Sell Part of Your Business Now
He created a studio to conduct the largest Zoom call in the world and in doing so reimagined his business. There is a seed of equivalent advantage in your business. And when you do, articulate it clearly and quickly to whomever you are approaching to buy into your business. Define your sustainable competitive advantage nowYou and your team must be able to articulate, illustrate, and demonstrate your sustainable competitive advantage quickly. You can choose to market your business on your own, but their insight about challenges you will face and potential valuation matters.
WE Tv President Marc Juris Will Leave the Company After 7 Years
Three months after AMC Networks lost its entertainment chief—who oversaw four of its channels—the company is saying goodbye to the president of its fifth network as well. Marc Juris, the president and general manager of WE tv, is leaving the network after seven years. We wish him nothing but the best as he departs to find his next opportunity.”It’s another big executive departure at AMC Networks, following Sarah Barnett, AMC Networks Entertainment Group president, who announced her exit in July. She oversaw the company’s four entertainment networks: AMC/AMC+, BBC America, IFC and Sundance TV. Prior to arriving at WE tv, Juris was president of CourtTV, where he helped reinvent the network as truTV, and was previously president of Fuse Network.
TikTok Makes Moves in Social Commerce With Shopify Integration
“As social commerce proliferates, retailers are recognizing that TikTok’s creative and highly engaged community sets it apart from other platforms,” TikTok ad sales chief Blake Chandlee said. He said in a statement that the TikTok channel lets merchants create and connect their TikTok for Business account and deploy in-feed shoppable video ads, from Shopify. Shopify’s new TikTok channel will let merchants use the “core functions” of the TikTok for Business Ads Manager on the Shopify dashboard, including the TikTok one-click pixel for tracking conversions and creative tools. TikTok and Shopify are also jumpstarting this partnership with a co-branded #ShopBlack hashtag challenge, which will run from Nov. 10-15 and will feature products from 40 Shopify merchants. Most social platforms have been moving toward shoppable ads in recent months, Jess Richards, evp and managing director of commerce at Havas Media Group, said.
Panera Aims to Satisfy Changing Diner Habits With New Pizza Offering
When diners think of Panera, they usually associate the brand with its staple menu items: soups, salads, sandwiches, baked goods and coffee. Beginning today, the fast-casual chain hopes to entice customers with an entirely new category: flatbread pizza, the latest addition to its menu. To make way for pizza, Panera was already in the process of simplifying its menu, so it expects to be able to keep pace with the volume of orders, Luz said. Panera has doubled its delivery business, said Luz, with more than half of its sales generated from off-premise channels. Luz declined to comment either on marketing spend for the campaign or on pizza sales projections.
Study helps explain why motivation to learn declines with age
As people age, they often lose their motivation to learn new things or engage in everyday activities. In a study of mice, MIT neuroscientists have now identified a brain circuit that is critical for maintaining this kind of motivation. This circuit is particularly important for learning to make decisions that require evaluating the cost and reward that come with a particular action. In the new Cell study, the researchers set out to investigate what happens in striosomes as mice learn how to make these kinds of decisions. To do that, they measured and analyzed the activity of striosomes as mice learned to choose between positive and negative outcomes.
Adobe Forecasts Online Holiday Spend Will See 2 Years of Growth in Single Season
While early projections indicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be less meaningful in a pandemic-era holiday season, Adobe Analytics is out with its annual forecast and disagrees vehemently. Per Adobe, Black Friday 2020 will generate $10 billion in online sales, marking a 39% increase year over year, while Cyber Monday will hit $12.7 billion for a 35% bump year over year. Indeed, Adobe projects online holiday spend in the U.S. will reach $189 billion throughout the season—which it classifies as Nov. 1 to Dec. 31—marking a 33% year-over-year increase and what the platform noted is the equivalent of two years of growth within a single season. “The $2 billion sales days is a really big deal,” Woosley said. Of the overall spend, 42% will be transactions completed on smartphones, which Adobe noted marks an increase of $28.1 billion over 2019.
Wieden+Kennedy Moves New York Execs Into Global Leadership Roles
Wieden+Kennedy elevated New York managing director Neal Arthur and executive creative director Karl Lieberman to global roles as chief operations officer and chief creative officer, respectively. The duo will work alongside Colleen DeCourcy, who remains in her role as president as global CCO. WKNY has notched significant wins like Ford, McDonald’s, Michelob Ultra, Kraft Heinz and Duracell, invigorating the indie’s New York operation. Additionally, under Arthur and Lieberman, the office has had four consecutive years of its best revenue growth since opening in 1995. “There is momentum, but we’re not trying to export the style of the New York office,” Lieberman said.
Play-Doh for Adults May Be the Most 2020 Product Innovation Yet
As a decidedly unconventional holiday season approaches, 64-year-old kids modeling compound Play-Doh is launching its first-ever product specifically for adults, which will be available at retail giants Amazon and Walmart. The scented product line, aptly named Play-Doh for Grown Ups, was inspired by “comical trends, iconic themes and pop culture favorites,” according to a spokesperson. “People of all ages … can now enjoy the familiar scents of … [the] joys of adulthood from the comfort of a Play-Doh can,” the spokesperson said. While Hasbro and the spokesperson did not comment on the timing of the product launch, it’s a safe bet that the tumultuousness of 2020 played a role. I don’t know if people really grow out of Play-Doh.”Four years later, a description sheet for the adult-specific product line encourages consumers to spoil themselves with—you guessed it—Play-Doh.
How Agencies Will Be Reshaped in 2021 as 50,000 Jobs Leave the Industry
Jay Pattisall, a principal analyst at Forrester who worked on the report, said he’s tracked 35 agency layoffs this year. Separately, the report predicts that 11% of digital, creative and media agency tasks in the U.S. will be automated by 2023. What’s unclear is whether in-house agencies will begin to automate their capabilities as well, leaving employees back at square one. The Forrester report says the “gig economy” could potentially benefit from a talent exodus. When calculating how many jobs may be lost due to automation, Pattisall said that he did so under the assumption that roughly half of the positions lost because of the pandemic will come back.
T-Mobile’s New TV Streaming Service Aims to Disrupt the ‘Cableopoly’
T-Mobile is pushing into TV and streaming with a new service, TVision. offers live and on-demand programming but is less focused on sports. TVision Channels allows viewers to pick and choose streaming services like Starz, Showtime and Epix, which start at $5.99 per month. The hub also runs Android TV, which can support independent streaming apps like Netflix that aren’t available through TVision Channels. It’s not the first time T-Mobile has attempted to use TV and streaming services as a way to lure in customers.
Responding to Crises With Speed and Agility
Academic research and experience show that Etsy’s experience is not unique; organizational speed and agility strongly influence company performance. During a crisis, companies must also demonstrate agility, a capability that allows the organization to pivot to adjacent or entirely new product domains. Organizational Speed Is a CapabilityOrganizational speed depends on three interconnected capabilities: recognition speed (how quickly external stimuli are recognized as an opportunity/threat), decision speed (how quickly decisions for action are made), and execution speed (how quickly resources, people, and/or processes are mobilized to support the action). Linking Organizational Speed and AgilityConnecting speed and agility has multiple implications for managers. Both speed and agility helped Etsy gain 4 million new customers in April, 32% of whom made a subsequent purchase after buying a mask.
How Organizations Can Build Analytics Agility
In an era of constant change, companies’ data and analytics capabilities must rapidly adapt to ensure that the business survives, never mind competes. In order to survive through crises, proactively detect trends, and respond to new challenges, companies need to develop greater analytical agility. Making the business case for data investments suddenly makes sense as business leaders live through data gap implications in real time. Making the business case for data investments suddenly makes sense as business leaders live through data gap implications in real time. Foundational data investments often languish and are perpetually underfunded because their value is difficult to isolate and describe to others.
The Sources of Resilience
subscribe Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up Privacy PolicySome aspects of resilience are trait-based; that is, some people will naturally have more resilience than others. In this article, we share the 10 most powerful resilience statements, what these questions reveal about the sources of resilience, and what can be done to create more of it. At a deeper level, though, these statements pinpoint three sources of resilience. It is this ecosystem of your own feelings, combined with how your team leader and your senior leaders behave, that creates your overall sense of resilience. Team LeaderAs a team leader, what exactly can you do to build resilience on your team?
4 Truths About Courage in Leadership
In World War I, he recorded the highest number of aerial victories against the Germans. “There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”That attitude served the Ace of Aces well after World War I. A leadership position doesn’t give a person courage, but courage can lead him or her to a leadership position. As you consider the tough decisions, challenges, risks and changes facing you and your organization, recognize these four truths about courage. My friend Jim Mellado explains, “Leadership is the expression of courage that compels people to do the right thing.”4.
How Companies Are Winning on Culture During COVID-19
At first glance, you might expect COVID-19 to be a disaster for corporate culture. To examine how the pandemic has influenced employees’ perceptions of corporate culture, we looked month by month at how workers at Culture 500 companies rated their employer for the five years through August 2020. (See “Employees Gave Companies High Marks for Communication and Integrity During COVID-19.”) Companies on our Culture Champions list, including HubSpot, Hilton, Ultimate Software, Nordstrom, and HP Inc., scored particularly well on transparent communication during COVID-19. Culture 500 companies also received positive reviews regarding leaders treating employees fairly and embodying corporate values in the midst of the pandemic. Culture During COVID-19: Companies With the Biggest Gains Excelled at Communication, Employee Welfare, and AgilityCommunication again emerges as the most important differentiator between companies that saw a significant boost in their culture values score and those that suffered a sharp decline.
The Best of This Week
The week’s must-reads for managing in the digital age, curated by the MIT SMR editors. Member Free 5 Free Articles per month, $6.95/article thereafter. Strain between business operations and data science teams did not originate with the rise of data science. These tensions demand structural solutions, and the way forward is through a data science bridge — an organizational structure and leadership commitment to develop better communication, processes, and trust among all stakeholders. Research Updates From MIT SMR Get weekly updates on how global companies are managing in a changing world.
Do Founder CEOs Tune Out Their Teams?
We then examined whether and to what extent founder CEOs tune out their leadership team when making important strategic decisions. Indeed, several of the best-known founder CEOs maintain unsavory reputations for disregarding the advice of their leadership team, instead relying on their own intuition. Given founder CEOs’ tendencies to tune out their team members, a primary factor may be how potential team members mesh with the founder. Founder CEOs who insist on maintaining a tight grip on decision-making may prevent rather than propel progress. Leading a complex organization generally requires a joint effort; founder CEOs unable or unwilling to share collective responsibility for the organization’s success may be advised to consider stepping down.
The Four Competencies Every IT Workforce Needs
(See “The Research.”) The research revealed that digital business demands four behavioral competencies — qualities that transcend technical proficiency to embrace interpersonal skills and a drive for continuous learning — that enable IT talent to meet current and future business needs. Based on these discussions and current literature, we identified four key IT competencies for further investigation. We conducted interviews with three senior IT and HR leaders directly responsible for overseeing the IT workforce reskilling programs. We then sent a detailed questionnaire to the company’s IT workforce and received full responses from 309 IT professionals. Our research found that learning opportunities are more effective when the IT workforce has some leeway in managing individual learning and progress.
Great frauds in history: Carlton Cushnie’s befuddling Ponzi scheme
Carlton Cushnie was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1950 and moved to London when he was 16. After studying maths at the University of London, Cushnie started up his own computer software business. His experience led him to start up Versailles Group in 1989, a finance company supposedly acting as middleman between lenders and small firms. By 1995 Versailles had floated on the junior Aim market, and within two years it had reached the main market, later breaking into the FTSE 250. As Cushnie later admitted, the firm made only one trade finance loan in its existence, which lost money.
28 October 1971: Britain’s only independent satellite launch
The phrase "British space programme" conjures up the image of a couple of bearded boffins welding dustbins and electronics parts in a lock-up garage in Swindon or somewhere. But they did manage to get a satellite up into space. The first launch went badly, and the rocket had to be remotely destroyed after it spun out of control. And so, the fourth and final launch went ahead on this day in 1971. The Black Arrow shot up and deployed the "Prospero" satellite, designed to test the effects of space on communications satellites.
The stars are lining up for bitcoin – make sure you own some
I call it “golden alignment”. This is an extraordinarily strong trend Let’s start by illustrating what I mean by “golden alignment”. The most common measures of short-, medium- and long-term trends are the 20-, 50- and 200-day simple moving averages (SMAs). But for our purposes here we will use the 20, 50 and 200 SMAs. The blue, red and green lines now represent the 20-, 50- and 200-weekly moving averages.
Superhuman resources: How HR leaders have redefined their C-suite role
For decades, the HR function struggled to be heard in the C-suite, primarily because it was expected to manage only personnel transactions. Innovation is happening between the operations function, the HR function, the engineering function, and the IT function. “The HR function should be pretty independent, just like audit is on the board. That starts with viewing an excellent HR function as table stakes, rather than the endgame of their role. “We’ve got to redefine HR, and, most importantly, we’ve got to redefine HR against our business strategy, the future of work, and the future of the workforce.
Too embarrassed to ask: what is a share?
When people talk about investing, they often refer to putting money into “shares”, or buying “stocks and shares”. When a company sells shares in itself on the stock exchange for the first time, this is known as “going public”. If you own shares in a company, you are entitled to a share of the profits that the company makes, often in the form of dividend payments. So when people say “stocks and shares” it means the same thing as saying plain old “shares”. For more on investing in shares and how to decide which ones to buy, subscribe to MoneyWeek magazine.
28 October 1886: Wall Street's first ticker tape parade
The dedication of the Statue of Liberty on 28 October 1886 set the scene for the first ticker tape parade. The ticker tape was a reel of long, thin paper that fed into the stock ticker' a device connected to the telegraph system. But of course, the office boys of Wall Street had found a far more inventive use for the tape that day. New York took to the ticker tape parade as its own quirky style of celebration. Although, these days, the ticker tape is mainly reserved for triumphs of a sporting nature (which says a lot about modern values).
Early Holiday Shopping? Bid on Eva Braun’s Stockings, Hitler’s Cocktail Bar, and a Bible Autographed by Donald Trump
In 2010, Alexander Historical drew criticism for auctioning off Josef Mengele’s diaries. It had been salvaged from Hitler’s private yacht when it was broken up at a boatyard on the Delaware River, in 1951. Another lot was prominently advertised: a Bible signed by Donald Trump. He had urged the consignor to put the Bible up for sale before the election, in the event that Trump loses. Someone who knew someone who knew Panagopulos had presented it to the President at a rally, to be signed.
Laura Dern Plays a Depressed Suburban Housewife in a New Photo Memoir
You’re seeing Cherry Hill, New Jersey, circa 1966, when Jona Frank was born. Laura Dern and Jona Frank Illustration by João Fazenda“There was this feeling of Nothing happened here,” she said. Photograph by Jona Frank / Courtesy the Monacelli Press“I have been away, working,” Dern said. Photograph by Jona Frank / Courtesy the Monacelli Press“This is a very different childhood from yours,” Frank said. Photograph by Jona Frank / Courtesy the Monacelli PressDern was thinking about Ellery, who had just left home for New York, where he is a freshman at Parsons.
The Unsettling Anti-Entertainment of “A World of Calm”
The show is an outgrowth of the meditation app Calm, which is trying to adapt its vast library of audio material for TV. “A World of Calm” is Calm’s latest attempt to transform itself into a media empire. In addition to Liu, “A World of Calm” will feature narrations from stars with conveniently dulcet voices, among them Nicole Kidman, Mahershala Ali, Keanu Reeves, and Idris Elba. And yet, despite this broader, unsettling repackaging of meditation, “A World of Calm” demonstrates a great deal of restraint. “A World of Calm” skips over those sorts of menaces altogether.
Kavanaugh Supports Cutoff For Vote-Counting But Not for Drinking
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an opinion that sparked controversy in legal circles, Brett Kavanaugh wrote that there should be a cutoff for vote-counting but not for drinking. The Supreme Court Justice wrote that, while ballots received after midnight on Election Night should not be counted, drink orders placed after closing time at a bar should always be honored. “While the Constitution does not guarantee the right to vote, it clearly enshrines the right to drink,” Kavanaugh wrote. “If a patron is seated at a bar at midnight, drinking should be allowed to continue for hours, if not days, until drinking has been completed.”Kavanaugh added that there is “no scenario in which it would be right to cut a drinker off.”“If, for example, a drinker is at a bar after a UB40 concert and some other dudes start dissing UB40, and the dude—the first one—starts punching the other dudes, cutting off that dude would be bogus,” he wrote, adding, “UB40 is the best band evahhhh!”
Watch The New Yorker Documentary | Millennial Politician Chlöe Swarbrick Challenges New Zealand’s Boomer Generation | The New Yorker Video | CNE | Newyorker.com
By taking up issues such as mental health and marijuana legalization, the country’s youngest M.P. has shaken up the country’s politics.
Watch Daily Shouts | Finally, a Female Candidate You Can Grab a Beer With | The New Yorker Video | CNE | Newyorker.com
My name is something that doesn't remind youof a mean math teacher you once had. And today, I'm announcing, in a voice with a pitchand volume you find pleasing that I am runningfor President of the United States. Indeed, I was the woman on the bar trivia teamwho allowed her temperamental male teammates to screamat her when she got the answer wrong. And now I am the candidate who is asking you,if you wouldn't mind, to please vote for me,if you're free that day or whatever. And yet I realize that I am up againstone of the most sympathetic male candidatesthis race has ever seen.
Trump Tells Stranded Omaha Supporters That Buses Are Rounding the Turn
OMAHA (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump told supporters who were stranded in freezing temperatures when campaign buses failed to materialize on Tuesday night that the buses were “rounding the turn.”“The buses will be there very soon,” Trump said. “We are moving very powerfully on buses.”“One minute, there are no buses, and then, suddenly, like magic, there are buses,” he said. “It’ll be a miracle.”Trump blasted the media for criticizing the absence of buses instead of emphasizing the “fantastic job I’ve done on buses.”“The other day, a very smart and respected man called me, and said, ‘Sir, you have the most amazing buses,’ ” Trump said. “But CNN doesn’t report that, because they are horrible people.”On Wednesday morning, the Trump campaign Web site added to the list of the President’s first-term accomplishments: “Buses.”
Misremembering the British Empire
The Colston statue stood on Colston Avenue, in the shadow of Colston Tower, on Colston Street, around the corner from Colston Hall. Every year, the Queen honors hundreds of citizens with the Order of the British Empire. “In the end, the British sacrificed her Empire to stop the Germans, Japanese and Italians from keeping theirs,” Niall Ferguson wrote in 2002. What happened to this critical strand in the history of the British Empire? In 2002, the privately funded British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, which aimed to present the imperial age from multiple perspectives, opened in Bristol after more than a decade of planning.
A Young Politician Revisits Her “O.K., Boomer” Moment in Parliament
She did not come close to winning, though she placed third in a field of nineteen. Knowing the stakes of her speech, one might argue that unadulterated politeness is less important than keeping the planet habitable. The documentary “OK Chlöe,” filmed in the wake of the attention Swarbrick received from that viral moment, offers a more detailed look at her life and its subtleties. Although her political project is idealistic in nature, she expresses her weariness with her job’s long hours, constant conflict, and public scrutiny. Both come from the knowledge that most people in positions of power do not share their priorities or their acute fears about the future.
Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party
For decades, I have been known as one of the most significant voices in the Republican Party. Yet I cannot stand idly by and watch as these crooks take over the party I love. Here are the reasons that I am leaving the Republican Party. They do not get down on their knees to kiss the boots of an elected official while crying, “Oh, I love you so much, mwah, mwah, mwah, such a nice boot, I love this boot,” until, out of embarrassment, an aide has to slowly pry them off the guy’s leg. Benjamin Franklin also thought goblins were real, and James Madison was scared of goblins, too.
We May Need the Twenty-fifth Amendment if Trump Loses
That is likely why the Twenty-fifth Amendment has been invoked only in temporary and limited ways, and only in cases of physical incapacity. But Nixon’s Cabinet did not seek to set in motion his removal under the Twenty-fifth Amendment. In 2017, Rod Rosenstein, then Trump’s Deputy Attorney General, reportedly suggested that the Cabinet invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment, shortly after Trump fired the F.B.I. That is the reason the Twenty-fifth Amendment is in the Constitution in the first place. If, as seems likely, voters deliver a loss for Trump, the Twenty-fifth Amendment comes into different focus, as an essential support to the democratic electoral process rather than an end run around it.
What Can You Do If Trump Stages a Coup?
That last one is not something you’d expect to be doing in the United States, but things are different in the Trump era. For example, Trump could summon federal agents or his supporters to stop a recount or intimidate voters. His own “Aha!” moment came when Trump sent federal agents in military fatigues to Portland, Oregon, to tangle with protesters. “He walked into the capitol building ready to run the country,” Lakey said. “It brought a surge of people into the struggle that overthrew the coup plotters,” Lakey said.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett Is Sworn In Under Darkness at the White House
The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is confirmed! The seats were already being set up on the South Lawn of the White House; the Trump Administration wanted Barrett not only confirmed but sworn in before the night was out. Perhaps the feeling, on Monday, was that the darkness and the different angle on the White House would help to avoid reminders of that event. When Trump said that Barrett’s seven children had become “very, very popular in this nation,” Barrett laughed appreciatively. Trump, whom Barrett, smiling and chatting, joined on the balcony of the South Portico after Monday’s ceremony, wouldn’t have it any other way.
Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Barack Obama’s New Memoir, “A Promised Land”
Read More A note from our editor about this excerpt, drawn from President Obama’s forthcoming memoir. During the Clinton Administration, he helped secure passage of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. At the time, few people had or felt the need for private health insurance. It wasn’t long, however, before doctors and Southern politicians vocally opposed any type of government involvement in health care, branding it as a form of Bolshevism. “Republicans will say health care is a big new liberal spending binge, and that it’s a distraction from solving the economic crisis,” Rahm said.
What the Democrats Achieve By Threatening to Pack the Supreme Court
This week, Amy Coney Barrett begins her life-tenured appointment as the newest Supreme Court Justice. When Congress established the Supreme Court, in 1789, it stipulated that the Court should have six Justices. Whether liberal or conservative, Justices have an institutional and personal interest in keeping that fig leaf. Last month, House Democrats introduced a bill that proposes a new Supreme Court appointment every two years, for a nonrenewable eighteen-year term. The Constitution clearly does allow Congress to determine the number of seats on the Supreme Court.
The Best Horror Movies for Halloween—Without the Gore
Halloween is my least favorite viewing season because genre is a curse and horror films carry an extra curse—the curse of gore. I consider it a dereliction of directorial duty for horror films to yield to disgusting the viewer—and not only because I’m squeamish. The curse of genre, though, pulls in the opposite direction, allowing filmmakers to rationalize a movie’s ordinariness as adherence to convention. It’s precisely such ordinariness, such deference to formula, that turns so many horror films’ depiction of monstrous violence not just revolting but morally repulsive, not just trivializing but pornographic. Some of these movies start with classic stories; others graft well-worn tropes onto sharply observed realities and, in the process, transform both.
Will Florida Decide the Presidential Race or Throw It Into Confusion?
But there may be at least one way to know whether Joe Biden will be President—if he decisively wins the state of Florida. In Florida, election officials say there’s a good chance that they will have the overwhelming majority of ballots counted by midnight on November 3rd. That’s because state laws do not allow mail-in and absentee ballots to be counted until Election Day—even as mail-in ballots are surging amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (In Florida, Democrats lead Republicans by a huge margin in mail-in votes, and Republicans have a sizable lead in early voting.) If the signatures match, the envelope is opened and the ballot counted.
2020 Election Live Updates: ‘Anonymous’ Trump Critic Revealed as Miles Taylor, Former Homeland Security Official
ET 2020 Election Live Updates: ‘Anonymous’ Trump Critic Revealed as Miles Taylor, Former Homeland Security Official The cost of 2020 races is nearing $14 billion, shattering records. Mr. Taylor resigned from the Department of Homeland Security in June 2019, and went public with his criticism of Mr. Trump this past summer. (The fund-raising hauls by both Mr. Biden and President Trump, when combined with party funds, already far exceed that amount.) Mr. Obama won Michigan twice, with Mr. Biden as his running mate, before Mr. Trump narrowly claimed the state in 2016. “Just look at what happened last night in Omaha after Trump — after the Trump rally ended,” Mr. Biden said.
Covid-19 Live Updates: France and Germany Announce New Restrictions as Cases Surge in Europe
ET Covid-19 Live Updates: France and Germany Announce New Restrictions as Cases Surge in Europe Germany will close restaurants and bars starting Monday, while France tightens rules of its own. Video German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country will impose new restrictions, including the closure of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, in an effort to contain increasing coronavirus cases. Credit Credit... Markus Schreiber/Associated Press In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that restaurants and bars will have to close their doors to patrons starting Monday. —N.y. and N.J. roundup New Jersey’s largest city shuts down again as virus cases surge. The seven-day average of the citywide rate of positive coronavirus test results was 1.75 percent, he reported.
Stocks Tumble as Efforts to Contain Pandemic Ramp Up: Live Updates
ET Stocks Tumble as Efforts to Contain Pandemic Ramp Up: Live Updates S&P 500 U.S. % Dow U.S. % Oil W.T.I. The Internal Revenue Service considers such forgiven debts to be taxable income, but Mr. Trump managed to avoid paying almost any taxes. Mr. Trump still owes Deutsche Bank a total of at least $330 million, including $45 million on the Chicago project. Mr. Trump and his daughter Ivanka have repeatedly boasted that the skyscraper was a great place to live. “I love Chicago” was the headline on a piece Mr. Trump wrote for The Chicago Tribune about his building in 2014.
Covid-19 Live Updates: France and Germany Announce New Restrictions as Cases Surge in Europe
ET Covid-19 Live Updates: France and Germany Announce New Restrictions as Cases Surge in Europe Germany will close restaurants and bars starting Monday, while France tightens rules of its own. Video German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country will impose new restrictions, including the closure of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, in an effort to contain increasing coronavirus cases. Credit Credit... Markus Schreiber/Associated Press In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that restaurants and bars will have to close their doors to patrons starting Monday. —N.y. and N.J. roundup New Jersey’s largest city shuts down again as virus cases surge. The seven-day average of the citywide rate of positive coronavirus test results was 1.75 percent, he reported.
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Social Security Seemed Like a Future Problem. The Virus Changed That. Even before the pandemic, Social Security’s finances were under pressure. The next president and Congress will play a crucial role in what happens next.
12-Year-Old Tourist, Tour Guide Each Lose a Limb in Shark Attack Off Coast of Egypt
The boy's mother was also injured in the attack at Ras Mohammed National Park12-Year-Old Tourist, Tour Guide Each Lose a Limb in Shark Attack Off Coast of EgyptA 12-year-old boy lost an arm and his tour guide lost a leg after a shark attacked them in the waters of a national park off the coast of Egypt. The boy and the guide, along with the boy’s mother, were injured on Sunday after a shark pounced as they swam at Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt’s Ministry of Environment said in a translated statement. RELATED VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Jumps Into Water to Rescue Husband from Shark Attack in FloridaThe AP also reported that the guide lost a leg, per an Egyptian health official, and the boy’s mother suffered minor injuries. The shark is believed to be an oceanic whitetip shark and about 6 feet long, the statement said. They believe the shark captured in the footage is the same one that attacked the group.
Jennifer Hudson's Aretha Franklin Biopic Respect Delayed by Another Seven Months
The film had originally been scheduled to premiere in August 2020 but was first pushed back to January 2021 at the start of the pandemicJennifer Hudson's highly anticipated film, Respect, has been delayed once again. On Tuesday, MGM announced that it would be pushing back the premiere of the upcoming biopic about Aretha Franklin until August 2021. "You got to disturb the peace when you can’t get no peace," Hudson says as Franklin in the teaser. Speaking to PEOPLE earlier this year about the film and her relationship with Franklin, Hudson said she still feels the late star's presence. You think you respect Aretha, but once you see the film and you learn her story, you can't help but to have a newfound respect for her."
Cameron Diaz Opens Up About Possible Return to Acting After Break: 'It's Been a Long Time'
"I mean, I never say never to anything, first of all, but I feel really resolved," she told Naomi Campbell about being away from the spotlightCameron Diaz Opens Up About Possible Return to Acting After Break: 'It's Been a Long Time'Cameron Diaz is assuring fans that a return to the big screen isn't off the table. "I feel really resolved. But I'm really resolved at where I'm at right now." "There’s a lot of energy coming at you at all times when you’re really visible as an actor and doing press and putting yourself out there." I didn't make any space for my personal life," Diaz admitted.
Machine Gun Kelly Says He 'Became a Better Person' After He 'Fell in Love' with Megan Fox
Machine Gun Kelly Says He 'Became a Better Person' After He 'Fell in Love' with Megan FoxMachine Gun Kelly thinks meeting Megan Fox changed the course of his life. The two fell in love while filming the upcoming movie Midnight In The Switchgrass in Puerto Rico. “Tickets is essentially my diary, because I did fall in love during the making of this record, and I did become a better person," he said. Image zoom Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly | Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty; Gregg DeGuire/WireImageLast month, Kelly spoke about their blossoming romance on The Howard Stern Show, saying that he fell in love "for the first time" with Fox. When asked by Stern if it was love at first sight for the two of them, Kelly said, "Yeah, for sure."
Kensington Palace Among Royal Residences Being Investigated for Ties to Slave Trade
“We cannot ignore the fact that for hundreds of years colonialism and empire, enslavement and exploitation were part of our national story," a spokesperson for Historic Royal Palaces tells PEOPLEA top-level investigation into ties between royal palaces and the slave trade is underway at historic royal residences, including the Kensington Palace home of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Historic Royal Palaces is in the process of recruiting a $50,000-a-year “talented, experienced and creative” Curator of Inclusive History to engage with new audiences. Historic Royal Palaces is looking at how they describe and interpret the decorations and artwork in the interiors of palaces like Hampton Court and Kensington Palace. Image zoom Hampton Court Palace | Credit: Matt Kent/WireImageKensington Palace was re-modeled by the Stuarts, Worsley points out. We haven’t done well enough.”She admits that Kensington Palace, for one, does not reflect the story of slavery’s role in the royal court — or British society — for its tourist visitors.
Wash. Teen Who Vanished in 2019 Was Last Seen Hitchhiking After Contacting His Birth Mother
Teen Who Vanished in 2019 Was Last Seen Hitchhiking After Contacting His Birth MotherFor more than a year, Lee Mealone, 66, has kept a pair of binoculars under the seat of her car. She uses them to look at the faces of strangers in the ongoing search for her grandson, John Riser, who vanished from his Washtucna, Wash., home last year at age 16. “I’m constantly driving these streets,” Mealone says, “looking at people.”Get push notifications with news, features and more. He was last seen hitchhiking on Highway 395, Mealone says. Sign up for PEOPLE's free True Crime newsletter for breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases.
You Can Buy a $1 House in Sicily — Just Like This Sopranos-Turned-HGTV Star!
If you missed out on snagging a bargain-priced home in the past, now’s your chance to try again. The town of Salemi in Sicily — just a 30- to 40-minute drive from the vineyards of Marsala — is the latest to launch a €1 home initiative. Over the next month, a few-dozen dilapidated homes will go up for auction with a starting price of €1, CNN Travel reports. The town’s population numbers have never fully recovered, but Salemi's mayor, Domenico Venuti, hopes this initiative will help combat that. To help buyers make their final decisions, photos will be available to view the properties, as well as maps of their locations, which are all within the ancient walls of the city center.
Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Calls World Series Win 'Incredible' — But Can't Wait to 'Go Home'
The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 to win the 2020 World Series on TuesdayDodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Calls World Series Win 'Incredible' — But Can't Wait to 'Go Home'Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is feeling grateful after coming off his first World Series win. The Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 to win the 2020 World Series, which took place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Three decades of waiting was ended swiftly in the 9th inning with Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias dashing the Rays' final hopes. The Dodgers earned their ticket to the World Series by beating the Atlanta Braves, who blew a 3-1 lead in the National League Championship Series. The Rays beat the Houston Astros in seven games to represent the American League at the Fall Classic.
Vanessa Bryant Sells $2M Irvine, CA, Investment Home She Owned with Kobe in Under 1 Week
The single-story home is a few miles away from Vanessa Bryant's main residence in Newport CoastVanessa Bryant Sells $2M Irvine, CA, Investment Home She Owned with Kobe in Under 1 WeekVanessa Bryant has sold an investment home she owned with late husband Kobe — just a week after putting it on the market. By Friday, the home was already under contract, and it has now officially sold for $2 million — $5,000 over asking. Image zoom Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant | Credit: SplashImage zoom Vanessa Bryant and her daughters | Credit: Vanessa Bryant/InstagramThe Tuscan-style home, which Vanessa and Kobe kept as an investment, boasts over 2,300 square feet of living space and features three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. Image zoom (From left) Natalia, Gianna, Kobe, Vanessa and Bianka Bryant | Credit: Kobe Bryant/InstagramLast month, the late Lakers player's childhood home outside Philadelphia was put up for sale for the first time since his parents sold it in 2008. When the family relocated to Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, they moved into this Colonial-style house where Kobe spent his middle and high school years.
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Posts Steamy Kissing Photo with New Woman
Both Ronnie-Ortiz Magro and his ex Jen Harley debuted new relationships on Instagram this weekRonnie Ortiz-Magro has a new woman in his life. On Tuesday, the Jersey Shore star posted a steamy photo on Instagram of him holding up his new flame, Saffire Matos, as the two shared a passionate kiss on a yacht. Fellow Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino joked in the comments, "What in the single Ronnie is goin on here?!" News that Ortiz-Magro is "totally smitten" with Matos, though they aren't official yet. He pleaded not guilty in November 2019 to seven charges, including false imprisonment of Harley, his rep confirmed to PEOPLE.
A City Hall Cleaner Becomes Mayor in Surprise Victory: 'She Was Flabbergasted'
— a clean sweep: The woman who used to keep up the city hall in Povalikhino, Russia, now runs it as mayor after a surprise election victory last month. That's when he asked Udgodskaya, a cleaner at city hall and one of the town's 242 residents. "You shouldn’t expect anything in an election," Udgodskaya told the paper. Udgodskaya initially continued in her cleaning job until Loktev moved out of her new office, according to the BBC. There can be exceptions, however, as a member of the Povalikhino electoral commission told the BBC when discussing Udgodskaya's victory.
Borat 2 Fans Raise $50,000 for Beloved Babysitter Jeanise Jones, Who's Unemployed Due to COVID
Jeanise Jones had no idea she was taking part in Borat 2 and thought it was realOne of the breakout stars from the Borat sequel is feeling the love online. Jeanise Jones, who brought heart into the comedic sequel as a babysitter to Borat's daughter Tutar, is at the center of a new GoFundMe after fans looked for a way to help the grandmother. It all came from the heart," Scobey wrote. One good thing that has come from this is that Jeanise doesn’t have to worry about 'Tutar' anymore. Scobey wrote.
Spanx’s Popular Pull-On Jeans Are 50% Off Until Midnight Tonight
Today only, you can get Spanx’s Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans for 50 percent off while the usual price tag of $128 is marked down to just $64. Below, shop the popular Spanx Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans while they’re discounted. Spanx Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash, $64 (orig. Spanx Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans in Vintage Black, $64 (orig. Spanx Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans in White, $64 (orig.
Couple Has Donut-Themed Wedding at the Dunkin' Drive-Thru Where They First Met
Couple Has Donut-Themed Wedding at the Dunkin' Drive-Thru Where They First MetThis couple found their happily ever after at a Dunkin' drive-thru. In 2015, the general manager of a Dunkin' location in Edmond, Oklahoma, Sugar Good, met her now-husband John Thompson, as she was working the drive-thru. Image zoom Credit: Dunkin DonutsThompson popped the question in the parking lot the Dunkin' location and just last week, on October 13, the couple wed in the drive-thru where they met. Image zoom Credit: Dunkin Donuts"I am so thankful for everything Dunkin’ has given me - from my job to lifelong friends, and now, my husband,” Good said on Dunkin's blog. This Dunkin’ drive-thru has brought me one of my biggest blessings, and we’re so glad we were able to celebrate such a special occasion here with our Dunkin’ family!"
Model Jessica Hart Got Engaged to Boyfriend James Kirkham at Her Baby Shower: 'We're on Cloud 9'
The couple announced in September that they're expecting their first child togetherModel Jessica Hart Got Engaged to Boyfriend James Kirkham at Her Baby Shower: 'We're on Cloud 9'She said yes! Model Jessica Hart was in for a major surprise at her beachside baby shower when her boyfriend, race car driver James Kirkham with whom she's expecting her first child, stopped by to ask for her hand in marriage. Image zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/InstagramImage zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/Instagram"It was so so special! Image zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/InstagramImage zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/InstagramImage zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/InstagramImage zoom Credit: Jessica Hart/InstagramHart announced her pregnancy on Instagram in September by posting a selfie holding up a positive pregnancy test. The baby on the way will be the first for Hart and second for Kirkham, who is already dad to 6½-year-old daughter Wren.
N.J. Mom Makes Desperate Plea for Help After Receiving 'Grim' Diagnosis of Stage 4 Colon Cancer
"On July 13th of this year, my entire world was turned upside down," Selimaj wrote on the fundraiser. "I am a young mother, and a short life span of suboptimal quality simply will not do," she continued of her diagnosis. Image zoom Mimosa Selimaj with son Dean | Credit: GoFundMeAccording to the American Cancer Association (ACA), colon cancer affects the large intestine and rectum and is slightly more common in women than it is in men. In order to assist with those expenses, Selimaj created the GoFundMe page, which has raised over $320,000 so far. "If you can make a financial donation to help us, we will forever be grateful," she wrote on the fundraiser.
Nxivm Leader Keith Raniere Gets 120 Years in Prison After Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor Convictions
More than a year after being convicted on federal sex crimes and other charges, Nxivm cult founder Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison, PEOPLE confirms. "For both my mom and I, this case has been more than personal," India Oxenberg says in a statement to PEOPLE. At his trial, prosecutors described Nxivm as a sexual pyramid scheme involving sex slaves, with Raniere at the top. Watch the full episode of Catherine and India Oxenberg: Surviving NXIVM streaming now on PeopleTV.com, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device. RELATED VIDEO: Catherine & India Oxenberg: Surviving NXIVMLast year, Mack, 38, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering charges.
Sam Smith Says Lady Gaga Inspired Them to Come Out as Non-Binary: 'Gave Me Permission to Be Myself'
"She gave me complete permission to be myself and to be proud of my queerness," the singer saidSam Smith Says Lady Gaga Inspired Them to Come Out as Non-Binary: 'Gave Me Permission to Be Myself'Sam Smith is opening up about their journey to come out as non-binary. Image zoom Sam Smith, Lady Gaga | Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage; Presley Ann/GettyThe British singer then shared how Gaga, 34, allowed them to accept their non-binary identity. "I was 15 when The Fame came out and I was obsessed with Lady Gaga," Smith said, referring to the "Rain on Me" singer's debut album. Image zoom Sam Smith | Credit: Jeff Spicer/GettyLast September, Smith came out as non-binary on social media and revealed that they would be using they and them pronouns. RELATED VIDEO: Sam Smith on Coming Out as Nonbinary: ‘It Was a Torture’ in ‘My Mind’Earlier this month, Smith also detailed how their body dysmorphia helped them come to terms with their gender identity.
Maury Povich and Connie Chung Share the Secret to Their 42-Year Love Story
"We've always respected each other's careers and we've always respected each other’s space and values," Maury Povich says of his relationship with Connie ChungEven after more than four decades together, Maury Povich and Connie Chung are more in love than ever — and still enjoy pushing each other's buttons every once in a while. In this week's issue of PEOPLE, the TV power couple open up about their 42-year love story and share how humor has gotten them through the good and bad times. Image zoom Maury Povich and Connie Chung in 1977For more on Maury Povich and Connie Chung, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday"Several years later, after bouncing around the country from job to job, I ended up in Los Angeles by 1977 and at that time, I was the second banana to Connie," says Povich, whose daytime talk show Maury is currently in its 29th year. "Connie was the big anchor star at the CBS affiliate and I was her co-act before they cleaned house. "But we’ve always respected each other’s careers and we’ve always respected each other’s space and values," Povich says.
Scheana Shay Reveals She Is Pregnant Again After June Miscarriage: I'm So Excited to 'Be a Mom'
Scheana Shay is pregnant! "We got pregnant so quickly," says Shay. "It was every little thing, which I'm sure was driving Brock crazy because he's like, 'You're fine!' But I was just like, 'I need to make sure, I need to make sure' — and now we've made sure! I'm so excited to have a healthy baby and hug my baby and just be a mom."
6-Months-Pregnant N.Y. Woman Is Found Strangled on Side of the Road, and Boyfriend Is Charged
PEOPLE confirms the allegations against 29-year-old Goey Charles, who investigators contend killed Vanessa Pierre. Police allege that Charles dumped the body of Pierre, 29, along the shoulder of the Horace Harding Expressway in Bayside. A statement from the Queens District Attorney's Office alleges Pierre was found with a pair of gray sweatpants wrapped around her neck. "Charles exited the driver's seat of a 2019 white Dodge Challenger, which is registered in the name of the victim, Vanessa Pierre," the statement reads. "Vanessa wanted a family.
Tweens and Teens Proud to Volunteer for COVID Vaccine Trials: ‘It Could Really Benefit the World’
Kids as young as 12 have signed up for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials to test how well it works on young peopleLast week, Abhinav, a 12-year-old from Ohio, received his first injection for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial, making him one of the youngest people in the world to participate in the search for a viable vaccine. The kids get two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, which has had no adverse effects in their adult volunteers so far, three weeks apart. Image zoom Katelyn Evans gets a shot for Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trial | Credit: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterKatelyn Evans, a 16-year-old also enrolled at Cincinnati Children’s, said that she was initially concerned about the possible symptoms, but hasn’t had any issues so far. “We’ve had 120 kids in the U.S. die from COVID so far.”Image zoom Abhinav at Cincinnati Children's Hospital | Credit: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterEvans and Abhinav hope that other kids will sign up for the trials. "I really think a vaccine could prevent the spread of the infection.
Americans Are Admittedly Already Watching Christmas Movies — and Started as Early as August: Study
Over 60 percent of respondents to a survey are looking forward to the holidays more this year than they have ever beforeAmericans Are Admittedly Already Watching Christmas Movies — and Started as Early as August: StudyOne in three Americans has already turned on a holiday movie this year, according to new research. Of those who’ve already watched a Christmas movie, two in five started in October while 37 percent first indulged in September. When asked why they decided to start on holiday flicks early, one in five admitted they needed some extra cheering up this year — which isn’t surprising, given 72 percent agreed that watching holiday movies brings them comfort. Related Video: 5 Over-the-Top Celebrity Christmas Gifts with Major Price TagsFor those who’ve already been watching holiday movies early, it has increased the likelihood they’ll get through their traditional seasonal favorites fast and will need to find new ones. Results revealed 80 percent of respondents agreed they’ll likely watch more holiday movies than they normally would this year, with over one in five (21 percent) planning to watch 10 to 12 holiday flicks.
Montana Girl, 5, Was Abducted Near Home and Found Dead in Drain — and Killer ID'd 46 Years Later
For 46 years, the family of Siobhan McGuinness waited to find out who killed the spunky 5-year-old back in 1974Montana Girl, 5, Was Abducted Near Home and Found Dead in Drain — and Killer ID'd 46 Years LaterOn a frigid February afternoon in 1974, Siobhan McGuinness was walking the short distance home from a friend’s house in Missoula, Montana, when she vanished. Two days later, the 5-year-old’s body was found in a snow-covered drain culvert near the exit for Turah on I-90, just outside the city limits. Richard William Davis was 32 when he was traveling through the area at the time of Siobhan’s murder, Missoula Police Chief Jason White said at a press conference on Monday. Image zoom Richard William Davis | Credit: Missoula Police DepartmentDavis died in 2012 in Arkansas at age 70. Sign up for PEOPLE’s free True Crime newsletter for breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases.
Meghan Markle Asks Judge to Delay Her Legal Case Against Mail on Sunday
The Duchess of Sussex's legal team will go to court in London on Thursday to argue for a summary judgment rather than a full trialMeghan Markle is asking a judge to decide on her legal case against the Mail on Sunday rather than having to face a trial. The Duchess of Sussex's legal team will go to court in London on Thursday to argue for a summary judgment rather than a full trial that is due to start on January 11. Meghan’s legal team is making the application for a summary judgment because they are confident in their case. A spokesperson for the couple previously said in a statement, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not interviewed and did not contribute to Finding Freedom. Sign up for our free Royals newsletter to get the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and more!
Adam Brody Opens Up About Welcoming Son with Leighton Meester: 'It's Been Magical'
To be "quarantined during [this] time — the last trimester of pregnancy and the fourth trimester, if you will — has its benefits," says Adam BrodyAdam Brody is basking in the father-of-two glow. "It's been pretty magical," says Brody, 40. "For us, luckily in this time in our lives, this moment in our lives, this family growing by one has definitely had its magical moments and it's had its benefits, for sure," Brody says. Image zoom Adam Brody and Leighton Meester in 2016 | Credit: Todd Williamson/GettyRELATED VIDEO: Adam Brody: The Best Thing About Working with My Wife Leighton Is …"I have a new kid. Meester and Brody tied the knot in early 2014, before going on to welcome Arlo in August of the following year.
Justin Turner Tests Positive for COVID Mid-Game Then Takes Off Mask to Celebrate Dodgers Win
The Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 to win the 2020 World Series, which took place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The historic win marked the first Dodgers championship victory since 1988. According to ESPN, teammate Mookie Betts defended Turner celebrating with the team despite his positive COVID-19 result: "He's part of the team. RELATED GALLERY: Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for CoronavirusDodgers shortstop Corey Seager was awarded the MVP of the 2020 World Series. He said, according to ESPN, that Turner not being able to fully celebrate the win due to his diagnosis is "gut-wrenching."
COVID Testing Leader Contradicts Trump, Says Rise in Cases Is ‘Real’ — Not from Increased Testing
President Trump falsely claimed that the record-breaking numbers of new COVID-19 cases are due to an increase in testingThe Trump administration’s head of COVID-19 testing said that the record-breaking numbers of new infections in the U.S. are “real,” and not because of an increase in testing, counter to what President Donald Trump has claimed. Testing czar Admiral Brett Giroir, also an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services who was appointed to his position by Trump, confirmed that U.S. COVID-19 cases are rising. “Testing may be identifying some more cases, I think that's clearly true, but what we're seeing is a real increase in the numbers,” he told the Washington Post. Image zoom Brett Giroir | Credit: Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty“Compared to the post-Memorial Day surge, even though testing is up, this is a real increase in cases,” he said. “We really have to reengage the public health measures that we know work or those hospitalizations can go up substantially.”
Simone Biles Calls Boyfriend Jonathan Owens Her ‘Man Crush Every Day' in Sweet Snap
Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens went public with their relationship over the summerSimone Biles can't help but swoon over boyfriend Jonathan Owens. "Mancrush every day," Biles wrote alongside the photo, adding a heart emoji. Image zoom Jonathan Owens | Credit: Simone Biles/InstagramEarlier this month, Biles attended the Texans game against the Jacksonville Jaguars — which Houston won 30-11 — and shared a photo of herself throwing up a peace sign and rooting for Owens. In August, when Biles confirmed her relationship with Owens, she posted two photos on Instagram of the new couple cozying up to one another. Image zoom Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens | Credit: Simone Biles/InstagramPrior to Owens, Biles dated Stacey Ervin Jr., whom she confirmed her split from in July's cover story for Vogue.
Kamala Harris & Husband Doug Emhoff Open Up About a Pandemic Campaign, Private Time Together and the Future
So when the Florida skies poured rain on her Oct. 19 campaign speech in Jacksonville, there was only one thing she could do: dance. "She's a joyful warrior for a reason," the California senator's husband, Doug Emhoff, tells PEOPLE. • Watch the full episode of People Features: Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff streaming now on PeopleTV.com, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device. Image zoom Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in Jacksonville, Florida, on Oct. 19. (Harris and Emhoff, both 56, use a tricked-out studio at Howard University, Harris’ alma mater, for various remote appearances.)
Freshman at UCLA Dies After Fall from Apartment Building Roof: Reports
The student was reportedly on the roof with friends when he slipped and fellA UCLA student died after he fell from the roof of an apartment complex, according to local reports. The incident occurred early Saturday morning at 433 Midvale Ave., just several blocks away from the school’s campus in Los Angeles, student newspaper The Daily Bruin reported. The freshman student was on the roof of the apartment complex with friends when he slipped and fell, according to KCBS. Though the identity of the student has not been released, UCLA spokesperson Bill Kisliuk confirmed the incident in a statement to PEOPLE. “We were devastated to learn that a UCLA student tragically died early this morning after falling from an off-campus apartment building,” the statement read.
Alex Rodriguez Jokes He's 'Always Available to Make a Fool Out of Myself' on TikTok for His Kids
"Anytime that I can do things that are really important to [them] and that they're passionate about, I'm always up for it," Alex Rodriguez tells PEOPLEAlex Rodriguez Jokes He's 'Always Available to Make a Fool Out of Myself' on TikTok for His KidsAlex Rodriguez is always down to get down for the sake of his kids. "It's all in good fun and I think a lot of people get a lot of laughs out of our dances." Image zoom Alex Rodriguez and his daughters | Credit: Alex Rodriguez/InstagramThe father of two also talks about how Ella and Natasha have fared amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in terms of taking virtual classes before they recently went back to physical school. "I think we can all be a little sweeter, a little kinder, a little bit more patient." Image zoom Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with their kids | Credit: Alex Rodriguez/InstagramRELATED VIDEO: Alex Rodriguez Admits His 14-Year-Old Gave Him Style Tips Before He Hit the Runway for DICK's Sporting GoodsRodriguez — who stars in a new commercial for LG alongside Ella and Natasha — also loves spending time cooking with them.
Melania Trump, in Rare Campaign Appearance, Says Kids Deserve 'a Better Display of Political Responsibility'
The first lady also attacked Democratic nominee Joe Biden, touted her "Be Best" initiative and attempted to poke fun at her husband's chronic use of social mediaMelania Trump, in Rare Campaign Appearance, Says Kids Deserve 'a Better Display of Political Responsibility'Melania Trump says children in America need a better example. The first lady, the president and their teenage son, Barron, have all contracted the virus in recent weeks and since recovered. President Trump's condition, however, grew concerning enough to send him to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for three days. Image zoom President Donald Trump campaigns at the Erie International Airport in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 20. "It is amazing to see the way we, as Americans, have come together in this time of need," she said.
Average American Child Asks Parents for a Pet 1,584 Times Before Turning 18, Study Finds
A survey of 2,000 parents found that kids ask for a pet an average of 11 times per month starting at age 6The average kid will beg their parents for a pet 1,584 times before the age of 18, according to new research. And parents should be even more prepared to hear, “Can we get a puppy?” as we enter the holiday season. Sixty-two percent of children who’ve asked their parents for a pet double-down during the holiday season, and they ask seven more times per month. And some kids might soon get to experience the joy of a furry friend: A third of parents surveyed are planning to buy their child a pet this holiday season. While kids are asking (and asking, and asking) their parents for a pet, the survey found they need to do more than just that.
See Kelly Clarkson — and Her Show! — Get a Death Becomes Her Transformation for Halloween
See Kelly Clarkson — and Her Show! The Kelly Clarkson Show is getting into the Halloween spirit this year as its set morphs into Robert Zemeckis' 1992 film Death Becomes Her — and PEOPLE has exclusive photos of Clarkson, 38, herself as she transforms into Meryl Streep's iconic character Madeline Ashton! Image zoom Kelly Clarkson | Credit: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversalImage zoom Kelly Clarkson | Credit: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversalIn 2018, she told NBC about meeting Streep at the Golden Globes, adding that she "didn't even know" who she was. But she's Meryl Streep y'all! She touched my face y'all!”Image zoom Kelly Clarkson performs Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" | Credit: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversalImage zoom Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her | Credit: everettClarkson did another interview with Seacrest during the 2018 Grammys where they relived the moment.
Kate Middleton and Prince William Hail Frontline Heroes of Coronavirus Pandemic with Special Award
"We have been inspired by their stories of bravery and selflessness," says Princess Kate of the Pride of Britain award winnersKate Middleton and Prince William have supported the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of the crisis. Thousands of members of the public nominated the frontline NHS heroes to receive a special recognition Pride of Britain award. Image zoom Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Credit: BBCCan't get enough of PEOPLE's Royals coverage? Sign up for our free Royals newsletter to get the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and more! "I don't think Prince William knew there was a different branch of physiotherapy in terms of respiratory, so I was explaining to him.
This Cozy Robe Has Raked in Thousands of Perfect Ratings Thanks to One Unexpected Detail
This Cozy Robe Has Raked in Thousands of Perfect Ratings Thanks to One Unexpected DetailIt’s available in 25 colors and sizes up to 4X
European Countries Brace for Potential Lockdowns as COVID Infections and Deaths Surge
European citizens are bracing for varying degrees of shutdowns as leaders aim to mitigate recent spikes in COVID-19 cases. According to data compiled by The New York Times, places like Britain, France, Italy and Germany have reported significantly increased death tolls and tallies of confirmed coronavirus infections this fall. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said, per the Associated Press, that Europe has "two enemies at this time." Image zoom Police control in Granada (Spain) to restrict the movement of citizens due to the large increase in coronavirus cases. | Credit: Álex Cámara/NurPhoto via GettyImage zoom A staffer waits for clients in central Rome as Italy is facing a surge in the coronavirus infections on October 26, 2020.
Meet the Celebrity Chefs That Will Star in OWN's First-Ever Cooking Shows
The Oprah Winfrey Network just announced that it's adding a food block to its programming, a first for the network. [primary_media_image primary_image="12356991" orientation="default" /]Treygaye's Way spotlights Food Network Star winner Traygaye Fraser as she creates family-friendly meals. Image zoom Credit: Oprah Winfrey NetworkFood Fantasies explores various chefs' ultimate fantasy meals. Eddie Jackson (also a Food Network Star winner), Nyesha Arrington, Jernard Wells, Darnell Ferguson, Danni Rose, and more make special appearances on this series. Image zoom Credit: Oprah Winfrey Network
Bebe Rexha Talks Insecurities & Teases New Britney Spears-Inspired Music
Here, Rexha opens up about tackling insecurities, her upcoming album, and her steamy new romance with filmmaker Keyan Safyari. I really love [my fans] for their patience. Yeah, he's really sweet and so supportive; he's just really awesome. Image zoom Bebe Rexha and Keyan Safyari | Credit: Bebe Rexha/InstagramIs this relationship inspiring new music? And I'm really transparent.
Royal Ghosts! Which of Queen Elizabeth's Palaces Are Haunted?
The monarch's London residence has been in the royal family since 1703, but some of its ghosts date back to before that time. An enchained monk is said to haunt the rear terrace, where a monastery once stood. King Edward VII's private secretary, Major John Gwynne, is also said to have stayed in the royal residence — where he died by shooting himself after divorcing his wife.
Watch the Trailer for David Bowie Biopic Stardust
Star Johnny Flynn Transforms Into David Bowie in New Biopic Stardust : Watch the TrailerDavid Bowie wasn't always a beloved icon. The legendary singer's beginnings are traced in the new biopic Stardust, following how Bowie developed the iconic Ziggy Stardust persona while touring the U.S. for the first time. The first trailer for Stardust dropped on Wednesday and shows how Emma. In comes Ryan Oberman, played by Marc Maron, the only guy at Mercury Records who still believes in Bowie and goes with him on his American tour. Image zoom Credit: IFC FilmsWhen Bowie admits he's full of fear and having a hard time being himself, Oberman tells him to be someone else — and Ziggy Stardust is slowly born.
The Queen's Gambit: What to Know About Netflix's New Show
The seven-episode miniseries follows a young girl who discovers she has an extraordinary talent for the game of chessWhat to Know About The Queen's Gambit , Netflix's No. 1 Show Inspired by 'Brainy Women'The Queen's Gambit has taken the spot of number one on Netflix, less than a week after debuting on the streaming service. As a child, Beth was force-fed pills at her orphanage, leaving her with a drug addiction that complicates her ascent to world-class chess champion. In addition to Taylor-Joy, the show features Love Actually's Thomas Brodie-Sangster as chess player Benny Watts, who both battles and woos Beth. "He knew who he was and he knew what he was good at, what he was capable of and he knew what he wasn't good at.
Ashley Graham Says She Wasn't Afraid to Have Sex Again After Baby: 'Furniture Is Just Rearranged'
Graham adds that she and her beau, who celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary this past August, have started timing their bedroom romps around Isaac's naps. (Most doctors advise waiting six weeks to have sex after giving birth.) Graham continues, "A lot of women have asked me, 'Were you afraid to have sex again?' Everything's still in there, it all feels the same, the furniture is just probably rearranged." "I was pumping backstage in Milan and I had so many young girls coming up to me like, 'What are you doing?
Billy Joe Shaver, Singer-Songwriter and Pioneer of Outlaw Country, Dies at 81
Billy Joe Shaver was once referred to as "the greatest living songwriter" by Willie NelsonBilly Joe Shaver, the Texas singer-songwriter who was a key player in the Outlaw Country movement, died on Wednesday morning following an illness, a rep for Shaver said in a statement to PEOPLE. Shaver hitchhiked to Nashville in 1965, getting a job as a songwriter for $50 per week from country singer Bobby Bare. Image zoom Billy Joe Shaver | Credit: Kirk West/GettyAlong with Jennings and Nelson, singers like Elvis Presley, David Allan Coe, Patty Loveless, Tom T. Hall, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Paycheck and Doug Kershaw recorded Shaver's songs. Shaver was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Image zoom Billy Joe Shaver | Credit: Daniel Knighton/FilmMagicOutside of country music, Shaver briefly appeared in the 1996 Robert Duvall film The Apostle and in 2004, a documentary about Shaver, A Portrait of Billy Joe, was released.
Michael Strahan Opens Up About Coping with His Dad's Death and What 'Brought Smiles' to His Face
I have all the texts," the GMA co-host says of the condolence messages he received after his father's passingMichael Strahan Opens Up About Coping with His Dad's Death and What 'Brought Smiles' to His FaceMichael Strahan is opening up about the loss of his father, Gene Strahan. "I kept everything," Michael tells host Dr. Mehmet Oz, adding that it was "important" for him to respond "immediately when someone reached out to me." Image zoom Gene Strahan and Michael Strahan | Credit: Michael Strahan InstagramThe former football player's Good Morning America family paid tribute to Gene during the Sep. 4 broadcast, saying, "We wanted to take a moment to say our thoughts and our prayers are with our colleague Michael Strahan and his family." "His father Gene Willie Strahan Sr. is being laid to rest today," said co-host Amy Robach. "To Michael, Louise and the entire Strahan family, we want you to know our hearts are with you today.
Charlize Theron Lets Her Daughter Do Her Makeup — and Jokingly Tells Professionals to 'Watch Out!'
Charlize Theron Lets Her Daughter Do Her Makeup — and Jokingly Tells Professionals to 'Watch Out!' Charlize Theron has a new glam squad member! On Tuesday, the actress, 45, posted two photos on Instagram of an unblended makeup look that appeared to be the work of one of Theron's children, 8-year-old Jackson or 4-year-old August. Although the overall glam isn't quite red-carpet ready, Theron's daughter did nail her signature bold lip by brushing on a matte orange shade! Image zoom Charlize Theron and daughters | Credit: Charlize Theron/Instagram"Everything that I hoped would happen during my adoption process did happen because these two babies were meant to be in my life — and they’re my children," she told the outlet.
Family of Philadelphia Man Killed by Officers While Wielding Knife Sought Ambulance, Not Police
The victim, 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., a married father of nine, died following the shooting. The incident was caught on video Monday afternoon after the officers say he defied an order to drop a knife. Police knew her son was troubled, Wallace's mother Cathy Wallace told reporters Tuesday night, because officers had been to the family's home three times earlier that day. On one of those visits, she alleged, "they stood there and laughed at us,” reports Philadelphia TV station WCAU. She said the 911 call to request medical assistance and an ambulance had been placed by Wallace's brother.
Pregnant Emma Roberts Reveals Why She's Happy to Be Expecting a Baby Boy: 'Thank Goodness'
Emma Roberts is glad she doesn't have a daughter on the way to spoil. In a new interview with Glamour, the Holidate actress, 29, reveals the reason why she's satisfied with the fact that she's expecting a son. (Roberts announced in late August that she and Garrett Hedlund are expecting their first child together.) I love cupcakes in general, but for some reason Sprinkles during my pregnancy, during the pandemic," Roberts said. A second source said earlier this month that the dad-to-be "can't wait for his baby boy to arrive."
Adele Is Dating Rapper Skepta: 'Things Have Been Heating Up,' Says Source
"They run in the same circles in London, and she's having fun," a source tells PEOPLE of Adele and her new beau Skepta in this week's issueAdele Is Dating Rapper Skepta: 'Things Have Been Heating Up,' Says SourceIt's no rumor: there's a new man in Adele's life. The pop star, 32, is dating rapper and fellow Brit Skepta, 38, a source close to Adele confirms to PEOPLE in this week's issue, on newsstands Friday. Image zoom Adele; Skepta | Credit: NBC; Ken McKay/ITV/ShutterstockSince filing for divorce from husband Simon Konecki in September 2019 after seven years together, Adele has "been a lot more social and opened up quite a bit," the source close to Adele says. Image zoom Adele | Credit: NBCAccording to sources, Adele has remained committed to a diet and fitness regimen including Pilates, weight training and other targeted areas. Much has changed in Adele's life as of late, but her commitment to her and Konecki's 8-year-old son, Angelo, remains the same.
Selma Blair & Ron Carlson Grab Coffee in L.A., Plus Kate McKinnon, Woody Harrelson and More
Bella Hadid leaves lunch with a friend at N.Y.C. 's Washington Square Park after getting her hair touched up at the salon on Monday.
Kelsea Ballerini Dresses as Legally Blonde's Elle Woods
Kelsea Ballerini is getting into the holiday spirit just days ahead of Halloween. The country star dressed up as Legally Blonde's Elle Woods, re-enacted her signature move — and Reese Witherspoon approves! "I travel the entire world and always, the movie that people stop me about is Legally Blonde. And the thing that actually really touches my heart is more people stop me and say, 'I went to law school because of Elle Woods.' MGM Studios, which produced the first two iterations of Legally Blonde, announced that Witherspoon will be returning to her role as Woods for Legally Blonde 3 in May 2022.
Pregnant Bindi Irwin Says 'Baby Bump Is Getting Bigger' in Sweet Snap with Husband Chandler Powell
Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell announced in August they are expecting their first child togetherPregnant Bindi Irwin Says 'Baby Bump Is Getting Bigger' in Sweet Snap with Husband Chandler PowellBindi Irwin is getting closer to meeting her baby girl! It's the Irwins star gave her Instagram followers an update on her pregnancy, sharing a sweet photo of herself and husband Chandler Powell wearing matching uniforms while posing near a giraffe at the Australian Zoo. "Baby bump is getting bigger!" During one of Irwin's recent baby bump updates on Oct. 10, she revealed alongside a photo taken by mom Terri Irwin that her daughter on the way was "doing great." ?"Dad-to-be Powell, 23, commented on the sweet post, "She's already growing up so fast and she hasn't even arrived yet."
Idaho Mayoral Candidate and Woman Found Dead in Coffee Shop, and Police Say It Was Murder-Suicide
Jared Murphy, 28, was running for mayor of the small town of Bellevue, Idaho, and 34-year-old Ashley Midby was the manager at a coffee shopIdaho Mayoral Candidate and Woman Found Dead in Coffee Shop, and Police Say It Was Murder-SuicidePolice in Idaho say that a mayoral candidate and a coffee shop manager are dead of gunshot wounds in a murder-suicide. Jared Murphy, 28, was running for mayor of the small town of Bellevue, Idaho, but worked as a police officer for the neighboring town of Hailey. Authorities say he and 34-year-old Ashley Midby were found dead of gunshot wounds at the Coffee Corner on Oct. 22, a Bellevue eatery that she managed. Police say that Murphy and Midby knew each other, but did not elaborate on the nature of their relationship. Image zoom Credit: FacebookA friend of Midby has started a GoFundMe page to financially help the employees at the coffee shop that Midby managed.
Barack Obama Slams Jared Kushner's Suggestion That Some Black Americans Need to 'Want' to Be Successful
What history books do they read?” the former president saidBarack Obama Slams Jared Kushner's Suggestion That Some Black Americans Need to 'Want' to Be SuccessfulFormer President Barack Obama was quick to voice his disapproval with Jared Kushner over the latter's recent comments suggesting Black Americans need to want to be successful to see how Donald Trump has helped them. But he can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful,” Kushner, who is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump, said on Fox & Friends Monday morning. "[Trump] loves to talk about Black unemployment, 'look how low Black unemployment' — well, you know what, unemployment was really high when I came in and we brought that unemployment low and it kept on going low," Obama said in Orlando. "And he wants to take credit for it, says he's the best president for Black folks since Abe Lincoln. His son-in-law says Black folks have to want to be successful, that's the problem,” Obama added.
Nev. Dad Allegedly Killed His Baby by Throwing Her 22 Feet Off Balcony During Dispute with Mom
A statement from police says London Martin was nearly two months old when she was killed Saturday morning just before 4 a.m.Get push notifications with news, features and more. The baby's father, Clarence Martin, Jr., 32, has been charged with open murder for allegedly throwing his infant daughter from a balcony during an argument with his fiancée — London's mother. Image zoom London Martin | Credit: GoFundMeAccording to police, Martin fled the area as officers were arriving. She took London into the living room, but Martin allegedly followed and snatched London from her. London's mother ran out to get her, she said, and a neighbor helped her call 911.
Cheryl Hines Reflects on 2006 Emmys Dress Drama: 'I Was on the Worst and Best Dressed List'
But when Cheryl Hines arrived at the 58th Annual Emmy Awards in a purple satin gown that featured an embellished see-through mesh back, the verdict was split. “One year for the Emmys, I wore a Georges Chakra dress. Somehow, I was on the worst and the best dressed list,” the actress, 55, who is a panelist for Fox's new reality competition I Can See Your Voice, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. And while she's not hitting any red carpets now, Hines still enjoys dressing up during quarantine. "I recently wore a bright-red suit," she tells PEOPLE of feeling empowered when dressing up at home.
D.C. Gym Paints Mural for 90-Year-Old Former Ballerina Who Watches Classes Through Her Window
“I hope it reminds people that they have to smile and stay determined," Tessa Sollom Williams saidD.C. Gym Paints Mural for 90-Year-Old Former Ballerina Who Watches Classes Through Her WindowEach morning at 7 a.m., Tessa Sollom Williams settles in at the window of her eighth-floor apartment and watches across the way as members of the gym next door work out on the roof. The 90-year-old Sollom Williams has been cooped up inside her Washington, D.C. apartment for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and so watching others exercise at the neighboring Balance Gym has been her sole source of inspiration. “I never miss it,” she told the Washington Post. Her daughter told the Post that even in her 90s, Sollom Williams still loved keeping fit, and often attended exercise classes in her retirement home. But once those stopped in March due to the pandemic, watching Balance Gym members and trainers working out on the roof next door became her go-to source of inspiration and entertainment.
Ellen Pompeo Says Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy May Be the Last: ‘This Year Could Be It’
Ellen Pompeo Says Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy May Be the Last: ‘This Year Could Be It’Ellen Pompeo is casting doubt on the future of Grey’s Anatomy past the upcoming season 17, which is set to debut next month. “We don’t know when the show is really ending yet,” Pompeo said. I don’t know that this is the last year? RELATED VIDEO: Grey's Anatomy Stars Ellen Pompeo and T.R. “I’m really, really, really excited about this season,” she told Variety.
Marcus Lemonis Launches Lemon-Aid Foundation, Pledges $50 Million of His Own Money to Help Others
The host of CNBC's The Profit hopes to help underserved small businesses, communities and organizations with his new foundationWhen Marcus Lemonis was a kid, he promised his mom one thing. On Wednesday Lemonis is making good on his promise to his mom by launching The Lemon-Aid Foundation and pledging $50 million of his own money to help underserved small businesses, communities and organizations. "The sole purpose of the foundation is to provide grants, loans, and equity investments to underserved communities, individuals, and small businesses that otherwise haven't been given the opportunity," says Lemonis. "This year has been extremely challenging for small business owners, and it's so important that now, more than ever, we show our support and help these entrepreneurs not only survive, but thrive." When asked why he chose the Lemon-Aid Foundation as his way of giving back, Lemonis says his answer is simple.
Omarosa Has Even More to Say About Trump's White House and How Melania Is Sometimes 'Repulsed'
The president has said his former Apprentice protege-turned-White House aide is a "dog" with "zero credibility"Omarosa Has Even More to Say About Trump's White House and How Melania Is Sometimes 'Repulsed'Some three years removed from her White House tenure, Omarosa Manigault Newman still hasn't finished lifting the lid on her time with President Donald Trump. Her latest claims, made Tuesday morning on a U.K. talk show, include that First Lady Melania Trump is sometimes "repulsed" by her husband and that the president will not want to leave the White House willingly, should he lose to Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 election. As for next week's election, Newman said on Lorraine that she believes Biden (whom she said she supports) will win. While she was promoting the book, Newman also trickled out a series of secret recordings she had made during her time in the White House, including one of her firing. 1 on The New York Times‘ bestseller list, even as the White House labeled her a disgruntled employee and filed for arbitration, accusing Newman of violating the terms of a nondisclosure agreement.
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Taglines Revealed — Meet the New Bravo Stars!
The season 1 taglines for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are here. Although Salt Lake City is the global headquarters for Mormons, not all the women follow the religion. Image zoom Credit: BravoTheir taglines, first revealed by E! Image zoom Jen Shah | Credit: Bravo"In this town, I'm Queen Bee and MVP," Shah, a CEO of three marketing companies and mom of two, declares. Image zoom Lisa Barlow | Credit: Bravo"When you take cheap shots, always expect a hangover," says Barlow, the owner of a marketing company and various tequila brands.
Khloé Kardashian Tests Positive for COVID in KUWTK Sneak Peek: 'It Was Really Bad'
"I suffer from migraines, but this was the craziest headache," she says in the clipKhloé Kardashian Tests Positive for COVID in KUWTK Sneak Peek: 'It Was Really Bad'Khloé Kardashian tested positive for the novel coronavirus earlier this year. In a sneak peek at Thursday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé's sister Kim Kardashian West and mom Kris Jenner express concern over the Good American mogul's health, surmising that she has likely contracted COVID-19. Filming herself ill in bed, Khloé, 36, confirms that she tested positive for the virus. "I have been in my room, it's going to be fine, but it was really bad for a couple days." Image zoom Khloé Kardashian | Credit: E!
Lily James Has 'No Comment' About Chris Evans Romance Rumors
Lily James won’t spill any secrets when it comes to her flirtatious photographs with Chris Evans. James dated The Crown‘s Matt Smith from 2014 to December 2019, and in July, was briefly linked to the 39-year-old Captain America star. Despite speculation about her relationship status, the interviewer noted that James was “too sensible” to reveal the details. Though fans have hoped to see a romance brewing between the pair, James has consistently kept quiet, dodging a question about the Boston native while speaking with Harper’s Bazaar UK in September. After the PDA pics gained attention, a source told Us Weekly exclusively that James was “horrified.”“It has strained Lily and Dominic’s working and personal relationship too,” the insider added.
HighLowLuxxe x The Drop Collection Is Here for 30 Hours Only
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Kristin Cavallari Is Teaching Sons About Importance of ‘Bond'
Kristin Cavallari is raising her and Jay Cutler’s two sons to respect each other. That’s really special. I just love having that bond, that unconditional love that’s unexplainable to anyone else.”Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and their sister, Saylor, 4, “all have a very sweet side,” the Colorado native added. “There’s a way to do this,” the True Roots author told Us on Tuesday. “I’m gonna do the apple pie from True Roots, the butternut squash mash and then the crispy brussels sprouts.
WonderLAnd: A Safe Holiday Themed Drive-Thru Experience Is Coming to L.A.
Holiday festivities may look a little different this year due to the social-distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a safe way to celebrate. Luckily for California residents, Experiential Supply Co., who previously brought Haunt’Oween to the area, are back at it again with WonderLAnd, an interactive and safe drive-thru experience filled with installations, beautiful lights, seasonal songs, photo moments and more. “If you came to Haunt’Oween L.A., you haven’t seen anything yet,” Experiential Supply founder and chief experience officer Jasen Smith said in a press release. He added: “We’ve learned a lot from our first run and are taking WonderLAnd to an unimaginable new level. Experiential Supply Co. previously presented the popular Ready Player One Challenge and Smallfoot Yeti Village attractions — and Smith is looking forward to the world seeing his latest project.
Bachelor's Chris Harrison Launches Men's Wedding Ring
Chris Harrison is embracing his role in the game of love with a new jewelry line for men. The Bachelor and Bachelorette host, 49, teamed up with Manly Bands to launch a collection of men’s wedding rings. Most recently, Peter Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia with a 3.27-carat platinum-and-diamond Neil Lane engagement ring. There was Becca Kufrin’s 18-karat yellow gold three-stone engagement ring from Garrett Yrigoyen, Catherine Giudici’s 3.15-carat stunner from Sean Lowe and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s $150,000 3.5-carat ring from Shawn Booth. And of course who could forget Hannah Brown’s classic oval-cut diamond ring, which was surrounded by a halo of 89 smaller diamonds and set in a diamond band, from Jed Wyatt.
Bachelorette Contestant Bennett Jordan Reveals First Impression of Dale Moss: 'I Was Blown Away'
Dale Moss has quickly become this season's front-runner in the quest to win Clare Crawley's heartEven Bennett Jordan would have given Dale Moss the first impression rose during the premiere of The Bachelorette. "I remember speaking with Dale and I was blown away by him. Image zoom Dale Moss and Clare Crawley | Credit: Craig Sjodin/ ABCAnd Bennett put his newfound voice on display during Monday night's episode of the ABC reality show, delivering multiple playful jabs at Dale while participating in a group date comedy roast. (Dale received a rose on a separate group date earlier in the episode.) Tayshia Adams — a contestant from Colton Underwood's season 23 of The Bachelor, who later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise — was brought in as a back-up Bachelorette.
Duggar Sisters Clapping Back at Parenting Police Over the Years
Jessa Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar and more members of the Duggar family haven’t hesitated to defend themselves against social media trolls. “We just have to remind ourselves, like, we don’t live for the appraisal of every single person out there. While Jana Duggar gushed about how “amazing” she looked and Bringing Up Bates’ Josie Bates called the family photo “gorgeous,” a troll noted that Joy-Anna looked like she was “fixing to drop” the newborn. “I wasn’t about to drop her!” Joy-Anna clapped back in the comments at the time. Keep scrolling to see more of the TLC personalities responding to mom-shamers over the years, from bottle-feeding to baby bump progress.
Celebrities Who Have Slammed Pregnancy Rumors
Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Garner and more celebrities have clapped back amid pregnancy rumors over the years. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star faced speculation in May 2020 after sharing an Instagram slideshow of bikini photos. “I am 48, have three healthy kids and am not — and never will be — pregnant,” the Love, Simon star wrote via Instagram in September 2020. “We can lay that pupper to rest.”Other actresses showed their support for the Texas native’s denial in the comments. “You, in those overalls, made my day,” Reese Witherspoon gushed, while Natalie Portman called Garner “so gorgeous.”Keep scrolling to see more stars shutting down pregnancy rumors, from Counting On‘s Jessa Duggar to Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart.
Everything Clare Crawley Has Said About Dale Moss, Season 16's Ending
Clare Crawley has been candid about her attraction to Bachelorette contestant Dale Moss since the moment he stepped out of the limo. Fans first met the hairstylist, now 39, during season 18 of The Bachelor, which aired in 2014. Following three years off of ABC, Clare gave it another shot on The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. In March, Bachelor Nation learned Clare was set to make history as the oldest Bachelorette in the franchise. Fans did, however, see how struck Clare was by Dale, a 32-year-old football player turned model and host who resides in New York City.
Prince Philip ‘Can’t Fathom’ Why Harry, Meghan Markle Stepped Away
Prince Philip allegedly did not sympathize with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before they relinquished their roles within the royal family. So, beautiful house, beautiful child, looked after — what was so awful about that?”Philip, 99, failed to grasp his grandson’s reasoning for stepping back. She claimed: “He just couldn’t fathom it and can’t fathom it.”Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, announced in January that they would no longer be senior members of the royal family. So he didn’t really have a chance to form a relationship with her.”Still, Philip was excited to attend the nuptials, despite undergoing hip surgery one month earlier. “I would say that he had very high hopes for Meghan,” Seward claimed.
Kim Kardashian's 40th Birthday Trip Swim Style: Pics
Kim Kardashian treated her “closest inner circle” to a tropical vacation for her 40th birthday. And naturally, it was filled with some incredibly sexy swim style. To kick off the slew of bikini pics, the KKW Beauty founder shared a crazy hot Instagram post on Monday, October 26. “This is 40,” she simply captioned the series of snaps showcasing her infamous curves in a nearly nude two-piece. To see these and many more steamy Kardashian-Jenner swim snaps from Kim’s birthday trip, keep scrolling.
When Does Clare Crawley Leave ‘The Bachelorette’? What She’s Said
Some Bachelorette viewers are ready for Tayshia Adams to start handing out roses … but what exactly went down on set of La Quinta Resort with OG lead Clare Crawley? The season 16 Bachelorette has started to speak out about the shake-up. ABC named Clare, 39, the Bachelorette in March. While the network continued to play coy about Clare’s departure, fans saw Harrison tell Clare she “blew up The Bachelorette” in a trailer for the season. Us broke the news that season 12 Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher stepped in to guide several episodes after Harrison had to leave Palm Springs to take his son to college.
JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Share Unaired ‘Clare and Dale Moment'
In the emotional moment, in which the 39-year-old hairstylist sent Yosef, 30, packing, Dale, 32, immediately made her feel better. … Who wouldn’t want to spend time with you?”While that moment was captured on camera, a similar moment during season 12 of The Bachelorette was not shown. During Tuesday’s episode, JoJo Fletcher and fiancé Jordan Rodgers took to Instagram to reveal an important moment in their relationship. “(In Uruguay with all the guys waiting around the corner),” Rodgers, 32, captioned a photo of he and Fletcher, 29, hugging. Fletcher will appear on this season of The Bachelorette as she temporarily will step in to host.
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Kardashian-Jenner Family’s Biggest Controversies and Scandals
The Kardashian-Jenner family has had their fair share of ups and downs through the years. Revisit some of their biggest controversies and scandals below.
Bachelorette Clare Crawley, Dale Moss' Relationship Timeline
When you know, you know! From the moment Clare Crawley met Dale Moss on night one of the ABC dating show, things were different. However, she stands by the fact that she and Dale did not talk ahead of her season. ‘Cause it’s like, you only really know when you meet them in person and it can actually be around their pheromones to see them in person to know, do we have that connection? Is there one example of this is how it’s done?”Scroll through the gallery below to see a timeline of Dale and Clare’s relationship — from night one to now.
Two and a Half Men's Angus T. Jones Spotted for 1st Time in Years
Angus T. Jones was seen stepping out in Los Angeles for the first time in years — and he sported a totally new look. The Two and a Half Men alum, 27, has largely removed himself from the public eye since exiting the CBS sitcom after 10 seasons. On Tuesday, October 27, Jones was spotted outside of his L.A. home as firefighters responded to an emergency nearby. When Jones first spoke out against Two and a Half Men, Sheen, 55, joked in an interview with E! Despite his rocky history with the series, Sheen told Us Weekly exclusively that he’s more than ready for a reunion.
RHOC's Gina Kirschenheiter Approves of Ex Matt's Girlfriend
Gina Kirschenheiter’s coparenting relationship with her ex-husband, Matt Kirschenheiter, has come a long way — and Real Housewives of Orange County fans are finally going to meet him on season 15. “I was very thankful that he [filmed] and I do owe a lot of that I think to his girlfriend,” Gina, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly. And she has children also and she always puts the kids first and I think it was helpful for everybody. And I don’t even know, honestly, at this point what our legal things say or whatever,” Gina told Us, noting that they currently switch off every other week. So, but we’re cool.”For more from Gina — including an update on her relationship with Travis — watch the video above.
Southern Charm's Craig Conover: Shep Rose Is ‘Better' With Girlfriend Taylor
Craig Conover is a fan of costar Shep Rose‘s new girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, and hopes the couple are in it for the long haul. “I love Taylor,” the Southern Charm star, 31, exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, October 23. One month later, Green confirmed their relationship when she shared a photo of the pair getting cozy at the beach. I promise,” Green wrote. Southern Charm season 7 premieres on Bravo Thursday, October 29, at 9 p.m.
Hilaria Baldwin’s Parenting Clapbacks While Raising Kids With Alec
Hilaria Baldwin has defended herself against Instagram trolls while raising her and Alec Baldwin’s kids. The Living Clearly Method author wed the actor in June 2012, and Alec was already the father of daughter Ireland with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. The former yoga instructor has an “amazing dynamic” with her stepdaughter, she exclusively told Us Weekly in March 2020. “I think that’s really important. You have to learn at a very young age to be a good problem solver.”Keep scrolling to see how Hilaria has responded to the parenting police over the years, from breast-feeding to dressing her kids.
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Jordan Rodgers Jokes About JoJo Fletcher Not Falling as Fast as Clare
JoJo Fletcher may have found love with Jordan Rodgers on The Bachelorette, but their connection wasn’t quite as instant as Clare Crawley’s with Dale Moss. But her reaction was, I literally feel like she fell in love in that moment. I had never seen anything like it out of all the seasons I’ve ever watched.”Fletcher got engaged to Rodgers, 32, during the August 2016 finale. Fletcher quipped back, “It was giddy, lusty at first sight!”She went on to admit that Rodgers had the “edge” over the other contestants. And I think it’s something that people will love and will really, really just use and appreciate as a gift for gifting season.”The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
Just Dropped! These Windproof Sherpa-Lined Joggers Are Made for Winter
They have the ideal weight and design that can measure up to even the harshest winter weather. Get the BALEAF Women’s Sherpa Lined Joggers for $37, available at Amazon! Obviously, the fact that these joggers are lined with fleece makes them a cut above the rest. BALEAF Women’s Sherpa Lined Joggers (Black)Get the BALEAF Women’s Sherpa Lined Joggers for $37, available at Amazon! See it: Get the BALEAF Women’s Sherpa Lined Joggers for $37, available at Amazon!
Stars Dressing Up for Halloween 2020, Celebrity Costumes: Pics
While this year’s festivities might look a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t get in the spooky season spirit. A-listers like Khloe Kardashian, Bella Thorne and Charli XCX have shown off their Halloween costumes for the 2020 season. It was her hot take on Little Red Riding Hood. By far the most invested star in spooky season is Hudgens, who has posted an eerie pic pretty much every day since October 1. Spooky season.
Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte on Kathryn Dennis' Racism Drama
The tide is changing in Charleston — and Leva Bonaparte is here to hold her new costars accountable. In the trailer for the season, fans see Leva confront Kathryn about the situation. “I’m a pretty direct person to a fault.”Leva added that Kathryn struggled in the beginning when the conversations about race came up on-camera. “In the beginning, Kathryn was really wanting to sort of like bury her head in the sand, I think. I also think that Kathryn had to have some adult conversations … she couldn’t be the victim.
'Big Brother: All-Stars' Pre-Jury Reveal Winner Picks
The Big Brother: All-Stars pre-jury members may not cast a vote for the winner of the season, but it doesn’t mean fans don’t want to know what they think of how the game will end. Enzo Palumbo has always been a favorite for his social game, but did he do enough to warrant a win? And will early front-runner Cody Calafiore make the same mistake he did in season 16 or could he sweep the jury? Scroll down to find out who Keesha, Nicole, Janelle, Kaysar and Bayleigh picked to win the game! The Big Brother: All-Stars finale airs on CBS Wednesday, October 28, at 9 p.m.
‘Bachelorette’ Front-Runner Dale Moss’ Family: Sisters, Mother
Meet the Moss family! If Clare Crawley ends up marrying Dale Moss, she’s not just getting a husband … but four new siblings too! “Monday Night with the Moss Family. #LifeAtHome #MotivationMonday #Family,” Dale, who moved back in with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic, wrote alongside an Instagram photo of him doing pull-ups at their South Dakota home. Scroll through for more details of the Moss family:
Chris Harrison: Clare Crawley Had ‘Control’ as Bachelorette
Chris Harrison fired back at rumors that Clare Crawley was forced out of season 16 of The Bachelorette after the leading lady “liked” tweets suggesting as much. “This season of The Bachelorette was completely about Clare. “They’ve never had a lead just ‘quit’ and with how excited and how bad Clare wanted this, I doubt it. During Tuesday’s episode, she claimed she was “falling in love” with the former football player, 32. “That was really it, when we started making the call [to replace her].”The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
Kristin Cavallari Reveals She’s Spending Thanksgiving With Ex Jay Cutler
Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are putting their differences aside for Thanksgiving this year, during which they will spend the holiday together alongside their children. “I’m actually gonna be spending it just with my kids and [my estranged husband] Jay Cutler as a family. I think Jay and I are navigating this the best way we know how,” she explained to Us. “I’m gonna be doing the stuffing that’s in the book [and] the gluten-free and dairy-free pecan pie,” she told Us. “I’m gonna do the spicy deviled eggs as an appetizer and I’m gonna do the apple pie from True Roots, the butternut squash mash and then the crispy brussels sprouts.
Adele’s New Man Skepta: 5 Things to Know About the British Rapper
Adele has been spending time with British rapper Skepta, a source tells Us Weekly. The “Someone Like You” singer, 32, and Skepta, 38, were both born in the Tottenham district of North London. She’s one of the people I know that, from her [example] alone, you can move in a certain way where you’re not inviting fame. “Finally got your Instagram password lol,” Skepta (real name Joseph Adenuga Jr.) wrote. Scroll down for five things to know about Skepta!
KIRUNDO Fleece Hoodie Is Like a Wearable Fuzzy Blanket
Preferably, that fuzziness is wrapped around us in blanket form on our bed or while we’re sinking into the couch. Get the KIRUNDO 2020 Fleece Sweatshirt for just $30 at Amazon! When we say this hoodie is like a wearable blanket, know that it’s not the kind that looks like a giant potato sack on your body. Get the KIRUNDO 2020 Fleece Sweatshirt for just $30 at Amazon! Get the KIRUNDO 2020 Fleece Sweatshirt for just $30 at Amazon!
Gwen Stefani's Engagement Ring From Blake Shelton: Details
Gwen Stefani announced her engagement to Blake Shelton — and we got all the details on the stunning ring! “Blake had the ring custom designed,” a source tells Us, revealing that The Voice coach asked permission from her dad before popping the question. “It meant so much to Gwen that Blake was so traditional about it,” the source added. Even though a source tells Us Shelton proposed earlier this month in his native Oklahoma, stars flooded the comments to congratulate the lovebirds. The kids love him, we love him, everybody loves him,” the “Hollaback Girls” said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Cameron Diaz Would ‘Never Say Never’ to Returning to Acting
Cameron Diaz teased the possibility of her hitting the big screen in the distant future. “I feel really resolved. “But I feel really resolved. It’s been a long time, it’s been seven years or six years since I made a film. “There’s no part of me that’s like, ‘I gotta get back in front of the camera’ or anything like that.
Chelsea Handler: Andrew Cuomo Ghosted Me After I Asked Him Out
Chelsea Handler said in a new interview that she and Andrew Cuomo made plans to go on a date — but then he ghosted her. He is coming by the show tomorrow, but we would never tell him what you tell us,” the journalist, 43, said. What is it about him?”After Handler described Cuomo as “this big, Italian hunk” who showed “real leadership” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she quipped, “He’s like, ‘Wear a mask.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll wear a mask. “The thing is, I like older men, which brings me to the strong and deep sexual feelings that I have developed for Andrew Cuomo,” she said. Cuomo, for his part, was married to activist Kerry Kennedy from 1990 to 2005, and they share three daughters: twins Cara and Mariah, 25, and Michaela, 23.
Princess Sofia of Sweden Best Dresses, Outfits, Gowns: Photos
And the world tour of fashionable royals continues! Today, we touch down in Sweden where we will examine the bright and girlie style of Princess Sofia. Most recently Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attended Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry in May. But she’s also not afraid to rock a daring print, and like her fashionable royal counterpart the Duchess of Sussex (a.k.a. Behold, the most fashionable Princess Sofia moments for you to obsess over.
ABC Exec Spills on Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams 'Bachelorette' Drama
ABC executive Robert Mills got candid about the unprecedented season 16 of The Bachelorette, revealing the moment he knew Tayshia Adams was going to have to start handing out roses for Clare Crawley. “I think that Clare was exactly what we thought she’d be, which is Clare — unpredictable,” he began. According to Mills, Clare insisted that the 32-year-old former football player be included on a date after he got the first impression rose, which the show usually discourages. “I remember at this point this is where I started to think, (it’s a shame Clare and Dale aren’t) on Paradise right now. “Nothing ever comes easy to Clare,” Mills said on the “Viall Files” podcast.
'Big Brother' Alums Reveal Picks to Win 'All-Stars' Season 22
As the Big Brother: All-Stars season 22 finale approaches, the focus becomes which finalist – Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel or Enzo Palumbo – played the best game and deserves to win $500,000. Us Weekly reached out to tons of BB alums – including five former winners in Lisa Donahue (season 3), Jun Song (season 4), Rachel Reilly (season 13), Andy Herren (season 15) and Josh Martinez (Season 19) – to get their winner picks. He’s also won a few competitions, but did he do enough strategy-wise to convince the jury he deserves the votes? Scroll down to see what former players have to say about the final three houseguests and pick who they want to win All-Stars. The Big Brother: All-Stars finale airs on CBS Wednesday, October 28, at 9 p.m.
Kim Kardashian Slammed for Island Birthday Trip Amid Pandemic
Kim Kardashian made sure that her family took the necessary precautions before traveling to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time,” she wrote. Screw ‘em.”Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, Khloé Kardashian (who previously tested positive for the virus), Tristan Thompson, Rob Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were among the family members who attended Kim’s birthday bash. Given the constantly evolving nature of COVID-19, Us Weekly wants our readers to have access to the most accurate resources. For the most up-to-date coronavirus information, guidance, and support, consult the CDC, WHO, and information from local public health officials.
Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Details ‘Toxic’ Chris Lopez Relationship
Kailyn Lowry broke down on Teen Mom 2 when looking back at her tumultuous relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. The reality star, 28, detailed the highs and lows of her on-again, off-again relationship with Lopez, 26, during the Tuesday, October 27, episode of the MTV series. “I have not talked to Chris,” the MTV personality explained during the show, after confirming that she was pregnant with his child. He has been in and out of jail.”The “Coffee Convos” podcast cohost welcomed the pair’s second son, Creed, in July, and revealed that this time around, her motherhood journey wasn’t smooth. “I think I let certain people into my life knowing that they were toxic and I ignored a lot of red flags.
Michelle Money: Clare Crawley's 'Bachelorette' Edit Is Unfair
Michelle Money joined Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast to recap the Tuesday, October 27, episode of The Bachelorette — and she didn’t like what she saw. Those conversations can be so taken out of context,” Michelle, 40, told Us on the podcast. During Tuesday’s episode of the ABC series, viewers saw Clare, 39, sneak around with Dale, 32, during the first group date — and give him the coveted group date rose. Clare obviously fell in love with Dale really quickly, but the irony is that Tayshia had to have come in and quarantined before even filming,” Michelle said on the podcast. “They had this girl already on standby before they even knew what was going on with Clare and Dale.
Tennessee tornadoes leave at least 19 dead and a trail of destruction
Tennessee tornadoes leave at least 19 dead and a trail of destructionAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 21 views | 0 commentsSource: www.nationalgeographic.comTornadoes tore through Nashville and the surrounding areas last night, destroying buildings and leaving downed power lines in their path. At least 19 people were killed and others are still missing. More in www.cnbc.com »
Jennifer Aniston Wore This Wolford Silk Mask to Vote This Year
Get the Wolford Reversible Lace Silk Face Mask for just $43 at Amazon! This is not the first time Aniston has posted a photo in a Wolford mask, so we know they must seriously be some of the best out there. Get the Wolford Reversible Lace Silk Face Mask for just $43 at Amazon! Get the Wolford Reversible Lace Silk Face Mask for just $43 at Amazon! Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.
Lily Collins Thinks Criticism About 'Emily in Paris' Is a 'Gift'
Lily Collins is keeping a positive outlook after seeing some viewers’ strong criticisms of her latest project, Emily in Paris. The Netflix series, created by Darren Star, quickly became a trending topic after it premiered on the streaming service earlier this month. While stepping into the role of producer, the To the Bone star was grateful for Star, 59, and his team. After Emily in Paris made its debut, Collins raised eyebrows with her wild guess at her character’s age, claiming Emily was around 22 years old. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know everything that’s going on in Paris,” he told Cosmopolitan in an October 9 interview.
Dodgers’ Justin Turner Slammed at World Series 2020 Over Coronavirus
ET: The MLB spoke out on Wednesday, October 28, after coronavirus-positive Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner came under fire for celebrating at the 2020 World Series. I hope you and everyone you exposed are fine, but you may have just ruined this lifelong Dodger fan’s World Series fun. Seriously, please explain yourself.”After his team clinched their first World Series title since 1988, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke to Fox Sports about the backlash. Turner was the first MLB player known to test positive since the shortened 2020 season began in July. For the most up-to-date coronavirus information, guidance, and support, consult the CDC, WHO, and information from local public health officials.
Hotter winters, darker syrup: Maple farmers fear climate change will upend New York's industry
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsThe end of winter is normally prime tree-tapping time for New York maple farmers. But as climate change accelerates, hotter winters make it harder for farmers to pull sap from the trees and threaten to end the production season early.
Nashville tornado relief effort puts growing business city to the test
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsAfter devastating tornadoes struck Nashville, Tennessee, the growing business hub has seen tech giants Amazon and Google, as well as local and regional entrepreneurs, join relief efforts.
Coronavirus could weaken climate change action and hit clean energy investment, researchers warn
Coronavirus could weaken climate change action and hit clean energy investment, researchers warnAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 13 views | 0 commentsThe International Energy Agency urges governments to offer economic stimulus packages that invest in clean energy technologies, amid coronavirus crisis.
There are some good reasons to check your homeowners insurance heading into spring
There are some good reasons to check your homeowners insurance heading into springAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 9 views | 0 commentsSource: www.nps.govWith weather events wreaking havoc around the U.S. — often in places unaccustomed to them — experts recommend that you review your own homeowners insurance. More in www.cnbc.com »
Coronavirus hits already struggling US farmers: 'We've stopped saying it can't get worse'
Coronavirus hits already struggling US farmers: 'We've stopped saying it can't get worse'Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 9 views | 0 commentsSource: crooksandliars.comFarm trade groups are lobbying the Trump administration to provide financial aid for farmers enduring price drops amid the coronavirus pandemic. More in www.cnbc.com »
East Africa faces dual shock from coronavirus and locust swarms
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 9 views | 0 commentsAlready being ravaged by the worst infestation of desert locusts in 70 years, East African economies are now staring down the barrel of the coronavirus pandemic.
Firefighters say coronavirus will obstruct emergency service as wildfire season closes in
Firefighters say coronavirus will obstruct emergency service as wildfire season closes inAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 15 views | 0 commentsIn wildfire-prone states like California and Washington, the coronavirus pandemic has already hindered emergency preparation for the upcoming season.
Can the coronavirus outbreak be contained?
Can the coronavirus outbreak be contained? Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 10 views | 0 commentsAs the public and private sectors race to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, innovations to help identify or limit the spread are also equally important, if not more. CNBC's Nessa Anwar spoke to scientists, entrepreneurs and economists about what countries can do to slow down the spread of the disease. More in www.cnbc.com » Scientists Tags: EU
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warns
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warnsAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsFamines of "biblical proportions" are becoming a serious risk as the coronavirus crisis threatens to double the number of people nearing starvation, a U.N. body has warned.
Nearly 60 vehicles involved in a snowy Chicago pile-up, 14 people hospitalized
Nearly 60 vehicles involved in a snowy Chicago pile-up, 14 people hospitalizedAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsLow traction on the expressway due to overnight snow and icy conditions caused multiple collisions, NBC Chicago reports.
Easter storms sweep through the South, killing at least 19
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsStorms battered the South on Easter Sunday, killing at least 19 as several tornadoes spun up from Mississippi to South Carolina. Hundreds of homes were damaged, and the storms left nearly 750,000 without power.
Coronavirus, floods and locust swarms: Kenya is fighting a 'triple whammy' of crises
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 10 views | 0 commentsAlready navigating the coronavirus pandemic and the worst invasion of desert locusts for more than 25 years, parts of East Africa are now being devastated by flooding.
Tropical storm could form off the East Coast this weekend before hurricane season even begins
Tropical storm could form off the East Coast this weekend before hurricane season even beginsAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 13 views | 0 commentsThe Atlantic hurricane season's first tropical storm could develop near Florida and the Bahamas this weekend, continuing a trend toward more preseason storms in the Atlantic in recent years.
A third of the world could live in places as hot as the Sahara desert by 2070, WEF warns
A third of the world could live in places as hot as the Sahara desert by 2070, WEF warnsAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsScientists warned that billions of people could be forced to endure "unliveable" circumstances by 2070 if decisive action is not taken to halt climate change.
'Very unusual': Arctic air set to hit Eastern US with record-low temperatures for May
'Very unusual': Arctic air set to hit Eastern US with record-low temperatures for MayAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe blast of cold air set to hit the Eastern U.S. this week could bring record-low temperatures and snowfall and frost in some Northeast states.
Alcott slams U.S. Open 'discrimination' over wheelchair omission
Added: 18.06.2020 15:10 | 11 views | 0 commentsAustralian Paralympic tennis champion Dylan Alcott has slammed the omission of the wheelchair tournament from the U.S. Open, calling it "disgusting discrimination".
On this day: Born June 19, 1978
Added: 18.06.2020 12:59 | 11 views | 0 commentsDallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki was one of the finest imports to feature in the NBA and became the first European player to win the league's Most Valuable Player award (MVP) in 2007 before he led the franchise to a maiden championship in 2011.
With an active hurricane season on the way, officials prep disaster plans for coronavirus challenges
With an active hurricane season on the way, officials prep disaster plans for coronavirus challengesAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe coronavirus is complicating the job for emergency officials as they look to keep their teams and residents safe while responding to a catastrophe.
'Catastrophic' flooding underway as dam failures in Michigan force thousands to evacuate
Added: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe collapse of the Edenville Dam and Sanford Dam in Michigan released floodwaters that have inundated houses and businesses on the Tittabawassee River.
Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens prevention
Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens preventionAdded: 27.10.2020 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsClimate change has fueled more frequent weather disasters that release deadly carcinogens into communities and delay access to cancer treatment.
Fauci casts doubt on football this fall
Added: 18.06.2020 16:52 | 11 views | 0 commentsWith the United States bracing for a possible second wave of the novel coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Thursday cast doubt on the National Football League playing this year.
Djokovic says important all players free to travel to U.S. Open
Added: 18.06.2020 16:22 | 11 views | 0 commentsWorld number one Novak Djokovic says he is excited by the prospect of playing at the U.S. Open but says it would only be fair if every player eligible is able to compete.
Golf: Poulter, Hubbard share early lead at RBC Heritage
Added: 18.06.2020 19:37 | 11 views | 0 commentsBritain's Ian Poulter capped an error-free opening round with a birdie-birdie finish to grab a share of the early lead with American Mark Hubbard at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina on Thursday.
Horse racing: Stradivarius takes third successive Ascot Gold Cup
Added: 18.06.2020 19:33 | 11 views | 0 commentsStradivarius, ridden by Frankie Dettori, blew away the field to land a third successive Gold Cup at Royal Ascot on Thursday in a race run without spectators due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Golf: Spieth uses birdie blitz to climb Harbour Town leaderboard
Added: 18.06.2020 18:52 | 11 views | 0 commentsJordan Spieth recovered from a poor start with a stunning run of birdies to tie the lowest nine-hole score of his career in the opening round of the RBC Heritage in South Carolina on Thursday.
Lamine Diack will die in jail if sentenced
Added: 18.06.2020 18:50 | 11 views | 0 commentsLawyers for former world athletics chief Lamine Diack, who is on trial for corruption, on Thursday protested their client's innocence and said the 87-year-old would die in jail if sentenced to a prison term.
Kaepernick joins Medium, will create content on race and civil rights
Added: 18.06.2020 18:44 | 11 views | 0 commentsFormer NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has joined the board of directors of Medium and will work on content focused on race and civil rights, the U.S.-based online publishing platform announced on Thursday.
Barcelona in turmoil as president Josep Maria Bartomeu resigns along with entire board of directors
Barcelona in turmoil as president Josep Maria Bartomeu resigns along with entire board of directorsAdded: 27.10.2020 23:00 | 34 views | 0 commentsA major shake-up is underway at Barcelona after Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned as club president with immediate effect.
74-year-old is the world's oldest professional footballer
Added: 27.10.2020 16:26 | 33 views | 0 commentsIf you want proof that age is just a number, then look no further than Egyptian footballer Ezzeldin Bahader.
Report: Some NFL coaches want season delayed
Report: Some NFL coaches want season delayedAdded: 18.06.2020 19:42 | 10 views | 0 commentsSome NFL coaches want the 2020 regular season delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN's Ed Werder reported.
Juve faces nervy wait on Ronaldo's coronavirus test results
Added: 28.10.2020 5:19 | 25 views | 0 commentsCristiano Ronaldo is expected to find out later on Tuesday if he will be able to play in the highly anticipated Champions League clash against Barcelona and Lionel Messi
Los Angeles Dodgers win World Series for the first time since 1988, defeat Tampa Bay Rays in six games
Los Angeles Dodgers win World Series for the first time since 1988, defeat Tampa Bay Rays in six gamesAdded: 28.10.2020 4:05 | 24 views | 0 commentsAfter a Major League Baseball season unlike any other, the Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6 to win the best-of-seven series four games to two.
Late drama as Real Madrid rescues point in the Champions League
Added: 27.10.2020 23:38 | 49 views | 0 commentsA last-minute goal from Casemiro completed a stunning comeback from Real Madrid on Tuesday which earned the Spanish giants its first point of the new Champions League campaign.
Baseball star pulled mid-game during World Series win after positive Covid-19 test
Added: 28.10.2020 12:17 | 19 views | 0 commentsAfter a Major League Baseball season unlike any other, the Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6 to win the best-of-seven series four games to two.
Trailblazing climber told 'little girls don't belong.' She didn't listen
Added: 28.10.2020 10:54 | 24 views | 0 commentsSasha DiGiulian is used to proving people wrong, she's done it her whole life.
Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup to be played in 'two-week festival of golf' in 2023
Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup to be played in 'two-week festival of golf' in 2023Added: 28.10.2020 15:21 | 15 views | 0 commentsThe 2023 Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup will be played in back-to-back weeks in what has been billed a "two-week festival of golf."
Mystery surrounds much vaunted '$6 billion European Super League'
Added: 28.10.2020 12:40 | 20 views | 0 commentsOutgoing Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu says that the club has accepted invitations to join a much talked about new European Super League.
Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of JFK, is dead at 92
Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of JFK, is dead at 92Added: 18.06.2020 19:02 | 11 views | 0 commentsJean Kennedy Smith, the last surviving sibling of slain President John F. Kennedy, who as U.S. ambassador to Ireland in the 1990s played a pivotal role in the Northern Irish peace process, died on Wednesday at age 92.
USWNT stars on equal pay: To win that fight is bigger than World Cup victory
Added: 28.10.2020 16:35 | 14 views | 0 commentsWhen you have the chance to sign two star soccer players from the US Women's National Team, who happen to be winners of the 2019 Women's World Cup in France, the decision would seem to be a no-brainer.
Ronaldo ruled out of renewing rivalry with Messi in Champions League
Added: 28.10.2020 15:21 | 16 views | 0 commentsFootball fans looking forward to seeing the renewal of the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are going to have to wait a bit longer for that prospect.
Tributes paid to Olympic silver medal bobsledder who has died at 37
Tributes paid to Olympic silver medal bobsledder who has died at 37Added: 28.10.2020 16:25 | 13 views | 0 commentsTributes from the winter sports community have been paid to German Olympic silver medalist bobsledder Richard Adjei who has died at the age of 37.
The future of golf could be shorter than you think
The future of golf could be shorter than you thinkAdded: 28.10.2020 15:21 | 7 views | 0 commentsThere can surely be no greater advert for golf than an 11-year-old boy hitting a hole-in-one on the inaugural tee shot at the opening of a Tiger Woods-designed short course in front of the 15-time major winner himself.
What is Juneteenth and how are people commemorating it this year?
What is Juneteenth and how are people commemorating it this year? Added: 18.06.2020 19:46 | 9 views | 0 commentsJuneteenth, an annual U.S. holiday on June 19, has taken on greater significance this year following nationwide protests over police brutality and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and other African Americans.
What is next for immigrant 'Dreamers' after U.S. Supreme Court ruling?
What is next for immigrant 'Dreamers' after U.S. Supreme Court ruling? Added: 18.06.2020 19:29 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled 5-4 against President Donald Trump's move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offers work permits and deportation relief to certain immigrants who came to the country illegally as children.
Unemployment payments backlog draws hundreds to Kentucky's capital
Added: 18.06.2020 19:02 | 11 views | 0 commentsHundreds of people who lost jobs during the coronavirus crisis but have been unable to get their unemployment insurance checks converged at the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort early Wednesday to seek in-person help.
U.S. Supreme Court blocks Trump bid to end 'Dreamers' immigrant program
Added: 18.06.2020 19:30 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt President Donald Trump a major setback on his hardline immigration policies, blocking his bid to end a program that protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants - often called "Dreamers" - who entered the United States illegally as children.
U.S. House panel hears from Facebook, Google, Twitter on election security
Added: 18.06.2020 19:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsTop officials from Facebook, Google and Twitter were grilled by U.S. lawmakers on Thursday at a virtual hearing on foreign influence and election security ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential contest.
Former White House aide Bolton says Trump not 'fit' to be president
Former White House aide Bolton says Trump not 'fit' to be presidentAdded: 18.06.2020 19:47 | 5 views | 0 commentsFormer top White House aide John Bolton delivered a damning indictment of his former boss, saying Donald Trump's behavior in office and dealings with foreign leaders showed he was unfit to be president of the United States.
Juneteenth, reparations and African-American history with Keisha N. Blain
Added: 18.06.2020 19:46 | 11 views | 0 commentsAhead of the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, the holiday marking the abolition of slavery in the United States, Lauren Young and Arlene Washington of Reuters spoke with Keisha N. Blain, an associate professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh and president of the African American Intellectual History Society, as part of our #AskReuters Twitter chat series.
Southern California wildfires force Chargers players, including starting QB, to evacuate homes
Added: 27.10.2020 20:38 | 18 views | 0 commentsSeveral players and staff of the Los Angeles Chargers have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing fires in Southern California.
Tony Blair: Africa should not be left out of the pandemic recovery
Tony Blair: Africa should not be left out of the pandemic recoveryAdded: 27.10.2020 15:20 | 24 views | 0 commentsSource: institute.globalIt is now widely recognized that in Africa, the Covid-19 pandemic is on a different trajectory than much of the rest of the world, including the West. While relatively low levels of testing obscure the full picture, death rates have been significantly lower; health systems, while sometimes strained, have not been overwhelmed; and the latest serological studies suggest that while infection rates in Africa have been high, a great deal of these infections have been asymptomatic. More in rss.cnn.com » Tony Blair Tags: Africa
U.S. Senate votes to confirm McConnell protege to influential appeals court
Added: 18.06.2020 20:07 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to confirm a federal judge who is a protege of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to an influential appeals court in Washington.
Pelosi says Trump 'ethically unfit' for presidency, will continue oversight
Added: 18.06.2020 19:47 | 11 views | 0 commentsU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday revelations in a book by a former top White House aide show President Donald Trump is unfit and unprepared to be president and Democrats will continue oversight of the Republican president's behavior.
Wildfires are ravaging the West Coast. Here's how you can help
Wildfires are ravaging the West Coast. Here's how you can helpAdded: 27.10.2020 22:20 | 17 views | 0 commentsSince August deadly wildfires have wreaked havoc on California, Oregon, and Washington forcing tens of thousands of people into shelters amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Covid-19 shut down campuses. That hasn't stopped students from voting
Added: 27.10.2020 22:20 | 24 views | 0 commentsUsually college campuses in Pennsylvania would be filled with volunteers trying to register and cajole the ever-elusive student voter. But during the pandemic, Democrats have had to rewrite their campus playbook to encourage progressive first-time voters to cast their ballots.
Alabama voters will decide whether to remove racist language about segregated schools and interracial marriage from the state constitution
Alabama voters will decide whether to remove racist language about segregated schools and interracial marriage from the state constitutionAdded: 27.10.2020 20:53 | 16 views | 0 commentsThis Election Day, Alabama voters once again will decide whether to remove racist language from the state's constitution and other sections that ground it in its segregationist past.
Girlfriend's account of Waukegan officer killing varies from police narrative
Added: 27.10.2020 23:19 | 19 views | 0 commentsThe girlfriend of Marcellis Stinnette, who survived the shooting that killed the 19-year-old in Waukegan, Illinois, last week, told reporters Tuesday the police harassed her and Stinnette before opening fire without warning after she drove away.
Markets can't ignore the pandemic any longer. Stocks are dropping
Added: 28.10.2020 11:51 | 17 views | 0 commentsStocks are selling off sharply on fears that Covid-19 infections are spiraling out of control again and government leaders could have no choice but to enact another wave of lockdowns.
London Heathrow loses the title of Europe's busiest airport
Added: 28.10.2020 11:49 | 18 views | 0 commentsLondon Heathrow has lost the title of Europe's busiest airport to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and is downgrading its forecasts for passenger numbers this year and next as the outlook for aviation deteriorates further.
Texas Supreme Court sides with governor on rule requiring one ballot drop box per county
Texas Supreme Court sides with governor on rule requiring one ballot drop box per countyAdded: 28.10.2020 11:19 | 17 views | 0 commentsThe Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's order to limit mail-in ballot drop box locations to one site per county, a decision that largely affects the Houston and Austin areas.
Pre-election voting surpasses half of all 2016 ballots cast with week left until Election Day
Pre-election voting surpasses half of all 2016 ballots cast with week left until Election DayAdded: 28.10.2020 0:16 | 18 views | 0 commentsPre-election voting for the November election has surpassed half of all ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election with a week left until Election Day.
Group of Maine students protest after the district told teachers and staff not to display support for 'Black Lives Matter'
Group of Maine students protest after the district told teachers and staff not to display support for 'Black Lives Matter'Added: 27.10.2020 23:48 | 18 views | 0 commentsA superintendent in Maine apologized Tuesday after receiving backlash from students for a memo telling staff to not display any "controversial" phrases including "Black Lives Matter" ahead of the election.
Breonna Taylor grand jurors say police actions on night she died were 'criminal'
Breonna Taylor grand jurors say police actions on night she died were 'criminal'Added: 27.10.2020 23:19 | 11 views | 0 commentsThe actions of Louisville, Kentucky, police on the night Breonna Taylor was fatally shot were "negligent" and "criminal," two anonymous grand jurors in the case said in a broadcast interview to air Wednesday.
They sounded the alarm about Northern California’s wildfire risks, but little help arrived
They sounded the alarm about Northern California’s wildfire risks, but little help arrivedAdded: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 14 views | 0 commentsSource: www.kezi.comThe warnings were there in black and white less than a year after the Camp fire killed 85 people in their homes and driveways and on the road. To avoid the next Paradise, a grand jury warned, Butte County needed to reduce its wildfire risks. That included identifying key evacuation routes and reducing grass, brush and timber fuel. “Other foothill communities such as ... Berry Creek ... although sparsely populated, are even more vulnerable,” the report warned. “This is due to narrow, one-way-in and -out roads overgrown with heavy vegetation.
Climate at a crossroads as Trump and Biden point in different directions
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 13 views | 0 commentsThe two US presidential contenders offer starkly different approaches as the world tries to avoid catastrophic global heating Among the myriad reasons world leaders will closely watch the outcome of a fraught US presidential election, the climate crisis looms perhaps largest of all.
Isle of Wight oil tanker: Seven arrested on suspicion of hijacking
Isle of Wight oil tanker: Seven arrested on suspicion of hijackingAdded: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 15 views | 0 commentsSeven men detained following an SBS raid on an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight have been arrested on suspicion of...
Wall Street is spooked, but should have seen this coronavirus surge coming
Wall Street is spooked, but should have seen this coronavirus surge comingAdded: 28.10.2020 16:37 | 13 views | 0 commentsFor months, Wall Street was sleepwalking towards what every health expert said would be a terrible fall and winter. Now, a harsh reality is setting in.
How grocery stores are preparing for an online delivery rush as winter approaches
Added: 28.10.2020 14:01 | 15 views | 0 commentsIn the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, finding an open slot for grocery delivery was like winning the lottery. Even when shoppers were lucky enough to lock one in, food and cleaning supplies were often out of stock and there were delivery delays ranging from hours to days.
Used masks and gloves are showing up on beaches and in oceans
Used masks and gloves are showing up on beaches and in oceansAdded: 28.10.2020 13:22 | 19 views | 0 commentsSource: jpninfo.comThe pandemic has not only upended millions of lives around the world, it's now threatening the world's oceans. More in rss.cnn.com »
Today’s Silent Majority Is Not What Trump Or Republicans Think It Is. Instead, It Mirrors Biden’s Cabinet
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 25 views | 0 commentsArticle by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Today, there is a fundamental flaw in how Donald Trump and the Republicans perceive the Silent Majority. The term, which was popularized by President Richard Nixon during a televised speech on November 3, 1969, described an unspecified large group of mainly white male conservatives with blue-collar ties that would not express their opinions publicly until the final day of the election. Nixon, along with many others, also saw this group of Middle Americans as refusing to join in the large demonstrations against the Vietnam War and of being overshadowed in the media by the more radical and vocal minority. (1) The Real Silent Majority The problem...
Facebook, Google and Microsoft 'not paying enough tax in developing world'
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 14 views | 0 commentsGoogle, Facebook and Microsoft should be paying more corporation tax in developing nations, says ActionAid. The aid charity estimates that poorer countries are missing out on up to $2.8bn (£2.2bn) in tax revenue that could be used to tackle the pandemic. ActionAid is calling for new international tax rules that force big companies to pay a global minimum rate....
As India drifts into autocracy, Gandhi is inspiring students' nonviolent resistance
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 13 views | 0 commentsNothing is as important, the philosopher Immanuel Kant claimed, as the “freedom to make public use of one’s reason on all matters”. Unfortunately, as Kant also noted, the opportunity to argue is often restrained by society – sometimes very severely. A disturbing fact about the world today is that...
Europe COVID lockdown: Macron could trigger shutdown domino effect around continent today
Added: 28.10.2020 9:14 | 13 views | 0 commentsEUROPE is edging its way towards a full lockdown as countries throughout the continent prepare to implement strict measures on their citizens to curb another huge spike in coronavirus cases.
BBC's Maitlis shut down by John Bolton after accusing Trump of being 'clearly corrupt'
BBC's Maitlis shut down by John Bolton after accusing Trump of being 'clearly corrupt'Added: 28.10.2020 9:14 | 19 views | 0 commentsBBC host Emily Maitlis was forced to backtrack on questioning former Donald Trump adviser John Bolton as he demanded she let him finish answering her questions during a tense clash.
Channel migrants: Deaths should be 'a wake-up call' for those in power
Added: 28.10.2020 5:33 | 21 views | 0 commentsThe deaths of two children and two adults after a migrant boat sank off the coast of northern France should serve as a "wake-up call" to those in power, charities have said. Fifteen others were taken to hospital but the French authorities believe at least one more could be lost at sea. Care4Calais urged the government to create legal routes for refugees to reach the UK. UK PM Boris Johnson pledged to "crack down" on gangs facilitating crossings. An investigation into the cause of the sinking has been opened by the public prosecutor in Dunkirk.
Poland’s churches become sites of protest amid abortion row
Added: 28.10.2020 4:29 | 19 views | 0 commentsProtests against the tightening of abortion legislation have a long tradition in Poland — but never before has the country seen protesters enter churches and disrupt services. At the weekend, 20 young men and women held a sit-down protest in front of the altar of a church in Poznan, chanting and holding up banners. The disruption was so massive that the priest broke off the Mass. Catholic Church under fire Protesters holding banners that read "You have blood on your hands," "Women's hell" and "Let us pray for the right to abortion" also tried to enter churches in other cities. Several church buildings, including the cathedral in Warsaw, were...
Pakistan quadcopter shot down by Indian Army in J-K's Keran sector
Pakistan quadcopter shot down by Indian Army in J-K's Keran sectorAdded: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 21 views | 0 commentsKupwara (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], October 24 (ANI): Indian Army troops shot down a Pakistan Army quadcopter along Line of Control (LoC) in Keran sector of Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara...
Merkel's party postpones December 4 congress to choose new leader
Added: 28.10.2020 3:19 | 14 views | 0 commentsBERLIN: The executive committee of German Chancellor Angela Merkel&'s Christian Democrats (CDU) has decided to postpone the party congress planned for Dec. 4 to elect a new leader, sources within the CDU told Reuters on Monday. The executive committee voted unanimously in favour of a...
US Election 2020: Trump in 'remarkable comeback' as final vote comes down to two states
US Election 2020: Trump in 'remarkable comeback' as final vote comes down to two statesAdded: 28.10.2020 10:32 | 20 views | 0 commentsTHE US Election 2020 could see President Donald Trump overturn poll expectations for the second time in four years as a former presidential adviser warned the final result will be down to two swing states.
Joe Biden blow as Barack Obama kept VP 'at arms' length and on leash' in White House
Joe Biden blow as Barack Obama kept VP 'at arms' length and on leash' in White HouseAdded: 28.10.2020 9:55 | 18 views | 0 commentsJOE BIDEN has found a key cheerleader in Barack Obama in recent weeks - but reports reveal that the former US President used to deliberately keep the Vice President "at arms' length" and "on a leash" when they first started working together.
World War 3 warning: Iran begins construction of new nuclear site – satellite images
Added: 28.10.2020 9:43 | 20 views | 0 commentsIRAN has started to build a new nuclear facility at its Natanz site, according to satellite imagery of the base.
Coronavirus surveillance: Health app tracking citizens’ every move ‘here to stay’
Added: 28.10.2020 12:27 | 18 views | 0 commentsCORONAVIRUS surveillance in China has taken a turn as a human rights expert told Express.co.uk the country's health code app, which tracks citizens' every move, is here to stay.
Russia threat: ‘Serious concerns’ as Putin tipped to 'annexe' region in 'gateway' to UK
Russia threat: ‘Serious concerns’ as Putin tipped to 'annexe' region in 'gateway' to UKAdded: 28.10.2020 12:20 | 16 views | 0 commentsRUSSIA is a cause for concern in the Arctic, as a geopolitics expert tells Express.co.uk the Kremlin may "annexe" part of the region.
India sends warship to South China Sea in bold move – Beijing warns conflict now possible
India sends warship to South China Sea in bold move – Beijing warns conflict now possibleAdded: 28.10.2020 11:29 | 20 views | 0 commentsSOUTH CHINA SEA tensions could be set to erupt after India sent a warship to the region to combat Beijing's aggressions in the waters.
Joe Biden misery: Anti-Greta Thunberg debunks key green campaign pledge by Democrat
Added: 28.10.2020 10:38 | 22 views | 0 commentsJOE BIDEN's key pledge on resolving the "number one issue facing humanity" has been rubbished by Naomi Seibt, the activist known as the anti-Greta Thunberg of climate change, during an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.
Pablo Escobar: How drug kingpin's associate 'avoided being fed alive to crocodiles'
Pablo Escobar: How drug kingpin's associate 'avoided being fed alive to crocodiles'Added: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 5 views | 0 commentsPABLO ESCOBAR's former associate described the shocking way he narrowly avoided being "fed alive to crocodiles", in horrifying accounts recounted to Express.co.uk.
US UK trade: New presidency could be DISASTROUS for US UK deal
Added: 28.10.2020 16:50 | 15 views | 0 commentsTHE US election is just round the corner, and as negotiations to leave the EU edge closer to the deadline, there is much concern over what a Joe Biden or Donald Trump presidency will mean for US-UK trade relations post-Brexit.
US election 2020 odds: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win
Added: 28.10.2020 16:23 | 15 views | 0 commentsDONALD TRUMP is around nine percentage points behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden according to poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight. But with just a week before Americans head to the polls, what do the latest odds reveal about the 45th US President's chances of winning a second term? A new swingometer tool predicts exactly which candidate will win the White House this November.
Macron meltdown: Ambassadors to France lash out at 'rude' treatment from President's staff
Macron meltdown: Ambassadors to France lash out at 'rude' treatment from President's staffAdded: 28.10.2020 13:45 | 23 views | 0 commentsEMMANUEL MACRON is facing a political crisis after international ambassadors complained about the treatment they have received from officials.
Donald Trump's 'state of disbelief' after 'brush with death' over helicopter accident
Added: 28.10.2020 13:12 | 20 views | 0 commentsDONALD TRUMP once claimed he narrowly avoided death after several of his colleagues died in a tragic helicopter crash that he said he intended to board, a new documentary has revealed.
‘Superstar’ Michelle Obama to play pivotal role in Biden’s campaign as election looms
Added: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 3 views | 0 commentsMICHELLE OBAMA may be about to take centre-stage in the last few days of Joe BIden's presidential campaign, as commentators dub the former First Lady a "superstar" addition to the Democratic strategy.
Chile earthquake: Huge 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes causing violent tremors
Added: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 3 views | 0 commentsCHILE has been rocked by a violent 5.8 magnitude earthquake.
Germany lockdown: Is Germany going into a full lockdown?
Germany lockdown: Is Germany going into a full lockdown? Added: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 5 views | 0 commentsGERMANY is facing a surge of COVID-19 cases as Europe battles through the second wave. Is Germany going into full lockdown?
France lockdown: Is France going into a full lockdown?
Added: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 4 views | 0 commentsFRANCE, like elsewhere in Europe, is currently being savaged by a second wave of COVID-19. Is France going into full lockdown?
Donald Trump torn apart as brutal North Korean swipe at US President emerges
Donald Trump torn apart as brutal North Korean swipe at US President emergesAdded: 28.10.2020 19:19 | 4 views | 0 commentsDONALD TRUMP is regularly torn apart in North Korea and the subject of brutal derision, an advisor to business leaders in Kim Jong-un's state has told Express.co.uk.
Fabric responds to temperature changes and other news
Fabric responds to temperature changes and other newsAdded: 28.10.2020 8:20 | 23 views | 0 commentsBBC Click’s Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Stormzy takes starring role in Watch Dogs: Legion video game
Added: 28.10.2020 7:19 | 23 views | 0 commentsThe grime star tells the BBC that video games can be a platform to speak out against injustice.
Woolworths High Street 'relaunch' proves a hoax
Added: 28.10.2020 7:19 | 9 views | 0 commentsThe Twitter account @UKWoolworths, which now has more than 4,000 followers, misspelled the shop's name.
World War 3 fears EXPLODE as India and US sign landmark alliance against China
World War 3 fears EXPLODE as India and US sign landmark alliance against ChinaAdded: 28.10.2020 19:29 | 4 views | 0 commentsFEARS of open conflict in Asia have surged after the United States and India signed a new defence agreement that analysts claim is aimed at China.
Trump campaign website hacked in cryptocurrency scam
Added: 28.10.2020 12:21 | 26 views | 0 commentsThe US president's re-election campaign insists there was "no exposure to sensitive data".
The apps promising to improve your sex life
Added: 28.10.2020 10:19 | 22 views | 0 commentsThere are a growing number of apps that promise to help with sexual wellbeing, but are they effective?
Quest Sprout: 'The most wholesome thing on the internet'
Quest Sprout: 'The most wholesome thing on the internet'Added: 28.10.2020 9:20 | 23 views | 0 commentsAmong the horrors of 2020, one small green hero has emerged to bring brief moments of joy.
BT signs 5G deal with Ericsson to help ditch Huawei
BT signs 5G deal with Ericsson to help ditch HuaweiAdded: 28.10.2020 9:00 | 27 views | 0 commentsThe move means its EE mobile network will be powered by both Ericsson and Nokia's products.
Trump's White House isn't the only one with a stimulus plan. Joe Biden has one, too
Trump's White House isn't the only one with a stimulus plan. Joe Biden has one, tooAdded: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 16 views | 0 commentsPresidential hopeful Joe Biden shared his thoughts on how he would direct the country's financial recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
Facebook sued over Cambridge Analytica data scandal
Added: 28.10.2020 18:32 | 6 views | 0 commentsThe company is accused of misusing almost one million users' data in England and Wales.
Facebook, Twitter and Google face questions from US senators
Facebook, Twitter and Google face questions from US senatorsAdded: 28.10.2020 13:48 | 22 views | 0 commentsHeads of Facebook, Google and Twitter defend a key piece of internet law in front of senators.
The best smart bulb bargains in 2020: Wiz, Wyze and lots, lots more
The best smart bulb bargains in 2020: Wiz, Wyze and lots, lots moreAdded: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 7 views | 0 commentsSource: www.youtube.comLooking for smart light bulbs that you can automate or control with voice commands? There's no need to spend more than $15. More in www.cnet.com »
Best gifts for foodies in 2020
Best gifts for foodies in 2020Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 6 views | 0 commentsSource: wallpapersite.comA bevy of gift ideas for people serious about their eats. More in www.cnet.com »
Sony PS5 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X: The best new game console for holiday 2020
Sony PS5 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X: The best new game console for holiday 2020Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 7 views | 0 commentsWe've got all the details short of actually gaming on production models.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Dot, Dot, Dot... video
Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 9 views | 0 commentsThe fourth-gen Amazon Echo Dot brings better audio and a striking new profile for its signature $50 price tag. But should you buy it over the still-excellent third-gen Dot or the best-in-class 2020 Echo?
Stimulus check facts: Eligibility, amount, timing and your priority group
Stimulus check facts: Eligibility, amount, timing and your priority groupAdded: 28.10.2020 17:30 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: forum.am22tech.comHere's the basic rundown on when a second stimulus check might arrive, how to estimate your total payment, and what to do if you didn't get your first check. More in www.cnet.com »
PS5 and Xbox Series X backward compatibility: Everything you need to know
PS5 and Xbox Series X backward compatibility: Everything you need to knowAdded: 28.10.2020 17:26 | 6 views | 0 commentsBoth Sony and Microsoft will let you play old games on their new consoles. Here's what we know about the limitations of those features and how to transfer saves.
Best gifts to buy teenage girls for 2020
Added: 28.10.2020 17:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsTeens can be challenging to shop for, but we've done some of the hard work to make it easier.
Amazon Echo Dot (2020) Review: Wait for a sale
Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 7 views | 0 commentsThis ball-shaped smart speaker is solid, but is it good enough to buy?
Insta360 One X2 is a 360 camera that unlocks your creativity for $430: Hands-on
Insta360 One X2 is a 360 camera that unlocks your creativity for $430: Hands-onAdded: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 8 views | 0 commentsThe updated dual-lens 5.7K-resolution camera and the company's app and community will help shake up your social sharing.
Xbox Series X games, specs, price, how it compares to PS5, Xbox Series S
Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 7 views | 0 commentsAll we know about Microsoft's forthcoming game console, which is almost everything at this point.
Everything AMD just revealed at its RX 6000 graphics card event video
Everything AMD just revealed at its RX 6000 graphics card event videoAdded: 28.10.2020 17:38 | 5 views | 0 commentsAMD CEO Lisa Su just announced new RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT graphics cards based on the RDNA 2 architecture. Watch a recap right here.
Hacker changed Florida governor's address in voter registration database
Added: 28.10.2020 18:20 | 5 views | 0 commentsGov. Ron DeSantis didn't notice the change until he went to vote on Monday.
The Xbox Series X is now an actual refrigerator
The Xbox Series X is now an actual refrigeratorAdded: 28.10.2020 18:14 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: wallpapersite.comYou can enter to win a $500 Xbox Series X fridge now. More in www.cnet.com »
Rare blue moon will bring a Halloween 2020 treat to the skies
Added: 28.10.2020 17:54 | 4 views | 0 commentsFor the first time since World War II, people in all parts of the world will be able to see the Oct. 31 display.
Election 2020 live updates: Biden seeks to keep focus on coronavirus while Trump stumps in Arizona
Election 2020 live updates: Biden seeks to keep focus on coronavirus while Trump stumps in ArizonaAdded: 28.10.2020 11:19 | 18 views | 0 commentsThe Democratic nominee is delivering remarks on the pandemic and healthcare, two subjects his campaign believes work to its advantage. The president is spending his day in a key western battleground state.
'I witnessed first-hand the manipulation of things’: New Post documentary details a coronavirus response with blinders on
'I witnessed first-hand the manipulation of things’: New Post documentary details a coronavirus response with blinders onAdded: 28.10.2020 10:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsOliva Troye’s account is one of several in a new, three-part Washington Post documentary about the government’s pandemic response — both under President Trump and his predecessors.
Doug Emhoff paused his career for his wife Kamala Harris’s aspirations — and became the campaign’s ‘secret weapon’
Doug Emhoff paused his career for his wife Kamala Harris’s aspirations — and became the campaign’s ‘secret weapon’
When will a second stimulus check arrive now? Our best post-election guesses
When will a second stimulus check arrive now? Our best post-election guessesAdded: 28.10.2020 18:30 | 6 views | 0 commentsThe congressional calendar plus your priority group (yes, it exists) equal some estimates on how long you might have to wait for your check to come.
Best gifts for Dad in 2020
Best gifts for Dad in 2020Added: 28.10.2020 18:22 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: www.barnorama.comA collection of great gifts, from the practical to the extravagant, for a hard guy to please. More in www.cnet.com »
President Trump’s questions about mail-in ballots, answered
Added: 28.10.2020 16:27 | 14 views | 0 comments“Who’s sending them? Where are they going? Who’s sending them back?” Trump asked a crowd. Here's who.
If there’s a conspiracy to swing the election, it’s the one alleging, not committing, voter fraud
If there’s a conspiracy to swing the election, it’s the one alleging, not committing, voter fraudAdded: 28.10.2020 14:20 | 17 views | 0 commentsThere's a system in place that's working to have ballots set aside, not one trying to forge them.
Why Obama’s ‘lazy’ line about 2016 voters is irking Democrats’ left flank
Why Obama’s ‘lazy’ line about 2016 voters is irking Democrats’ left flankAdded: 28.10.2020 12:20 | 10 views | 0 commentsBarack Obama is hoping that liberal voters turnout in higher numbers than they did in 2016.
In campaign’s closing days, disinformation arrives via text message and email
In campaign’s closing days, disinformation arrives via text message and emailAdded: 28.10.2020 12:20 | 19 views | 0 commentsRecent efforts targeting swing states with deceptive tactics show the problem is larger than social media.
QAnon learns to survive — and even thrive — after Silicon Valley’s crackdown
Added: 28.10.2020 11:19 | 11 views | 0 commentsQAnon accounts are multiplying on sites such as Parler and Telegram that have little content moderation. Merchants selling QAnon-themed t-shirts appear to be thriving, including on major online retailers such as Amazon. And even on Twitter, one of the tech companies that recently has worked to curb the conspiracy content, accounts openly touting QAnon remain active, especially in key states such as Florida and Texas.
Detroit's water shutoff stopped amid pandemic, but problems loom
Added: 29.07.2020 11:05 | 11 views | 0 commentsAdvocates who work directly with affected families spoke with CBS News about how COVID-19 has exacerbated their need for running water.
Where voting stands, 6 days from Election Day
Added: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 9 views | 0 commentsThe Fix is providing daily updates on what we know about the 2020 election. Today: Democrats have an edge in turnout, but the GOP is narrowing the gap in key states.
New polling shows how the pandemic is hobbling Trump’s reelection chances
New polling shows how the pandemic is hobbling Trump’s reelection chancesAdded: 28.10.2020 17:22 | 12 views | 0 commentsFor the most part, though, views of the pandemic appear to be baked in.
Intelligence Matters: A CBS News original national security podcast
Added: 29.07.2020 12:05 | 11 views | 0 comments"Intelligence Matters" is a weekly podcast about national security and policy hosted by CBS News senior national security contributor Michael Morell
Author Robert Draper on what led the U.S. to war in Iraq
Author Robert Draper on what led the U.S. to war in IraqAdded: 29.07.2020 12:02 | 12 views | 0 commentsOn "Intelligence Matters," Mike Morell and Draper discuss the key players, events and decisions that led to the George W. Bush administration's invasion of Iraq more than 15 years ago.
Most view kneeling during anthem as acceptable form of protest
Most view kneeling during anthem as acceptable form of protestAdded: 29.07.2020 12:00 | 11 views | 0 commentsViews on this are divided by political party and race.
Barr and Judiciary Committee clash in contentious hearing
Barr and Judiciary Committee clash in contentious hearingAdded: 29.07.2020 11:37 | 11 views | 0 commentsSource: artnunymiss.wordpress.comIn his opening statement, Barr told the committee that "what I'm trying to do is restore the rule of law." More in feeds.cbsnews.com »
How big a stimulus check would you get under HEALS Act?
How big a stimulus check would you get under HEALS Act? Added: 29.07.2020 11:34 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe Republican stimulus proposal would provide similar amounts as the first round of checks, but cover more people.
Formal remembrance of Congressman John Lewis begins Saturday
Formal remembrance of Congressman John Lewis begins SaturdayAdded: 29.07.2020 15:14 | 12 views | 0 commentsSource: www.al.comCivil rights icon Congressman John Lewis died last week at age of 80. Lewis was a leader of the freedom riders, and a protege of Martin Luther King Junior. He often faced arrest and violence during his fight against racial segregation. Lewis's body left Atlanta Saturday morning, and is now on its way to Alabama. More in feeds.cbsnews.com » Alabama Tags: Congress
Biden talks VP pick and hits Trump on coronavirus response
Added: 29.07.2020 15:10 | 10 views | 0 commentsPresumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he's close to choosing a running mate. The former vice president said the decision will come next week. Ed O'Keefe reports from the campaign trail.
Watchdog accuses Trump campaign of masking millions in spending
Added: 29.07.2020 14:09 | 12 views | 0 commentsTrump's reelection campaign and campaign committee are accused of hiding nearly $170 million in spending to vendors and Trump relations by funneling money through firms led by Brad Parscale and campaign officials.
Sen. Chuck Schumer on what it will take to get a new stimulus package
Sen. Chuck Schumer on what it will take to get a new stimulus packageAdded: 29.07.2020 15:29 | 10 views | 0 commentsDemocratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the GOP proposal for a new stimulus package and what it will take to make a deal.
White House press secretary discusses the president's controversial comments on COVID-19
Added: 29.07.2020 15:40 | 10 views | 0 commentsAs U.S. COVID-19 deaths near 150,000, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss President Trump's controversial comments on hydroxychloroquine, which has been deemed not effective by medical professionals, and his retweeting of a video that contains mixed messaging on masks.
Senate Republicans release COVID-19 relief plan, as White House adviser tests positive for virus
Added: 29.07.2020 15:29 | 10 views | 0 commentsSenate Republicans on Monday proposed a coronavirus relief plan that would significantly reduce the $600 weekly jobless benefit for Americans, a move that Democrats oppose. Meanwhile, President Trump's national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, became the highest-ranking administration official to test positive for COVID-19. Paula Reid reports.
Congress debates stimulus package while unemployment benefits in limbo
Added: 29.07.2020 15:29 | 12 views | 0 commentsRepublicans are unveiling a proposal to extend benefits for Americans, but in a scaled back fashion. A final agreement with Democrats could be weeks away, and time is running out for millions of unemployed workers. Nancy Cordes has the latest.
Trump's national security adviser tests positive for COVID-19
Added: 29.07.2020 16:29 | 12 views | 0 commentsPresident Trump's national security adviser Robert O’Brien is in quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus. This comes as Mr. Trump touts progress in the race for a vaccine during a trip to battleground state North Carolina. Ben Tracy reports.
U.S. to withdraw 12,000 American troops from Germany
Added: 29.07.2020 16:27 | 11 views | 0 commentsDefense Secretary Mark Esper said 5,600 troops would be redeployed to other NATO countries and 6,400 would return to the U.S.
Late Congressman John Lewis departs Washington for final time
Added: 29.07.2020 16:24 | 11 views | 0 commentsA funeral will be held for Lewis in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.
Leopard on the loose in Cornwall for nearly a WEEK after breaking out of its enclosure
Leopard on the loose in Cornwall for nearly a WEEK after breaking out of its enclosureAdded: 14.01.2018 19:41 | 9 views | 0 commentsSource: www.fox9.comThe big cat, believed to belong to Todd Dalton, was only caught when a farmer set a trap after some of his sheep were killed More in www.mirror.co.uk »