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Building A Strong Foundation With Bluemercury CEO Marla Beck
This week, Liz is joined by Co-Founder and CEO of Bluemercury Inc., Marla Beck to share what changed her perspective and allowed her to follow her entrepreneurial spirit. Marla explains how she was inspired after hearing Jeff Bezos speak on the value of e-commerce, the innovations that sprung from working in the first Bluemercury retail location, how she navigated the position of CEO after selling the company to Macy's and her advice for young entrepreneurs on achieving their dreams. Follow Liz on Twitter: @LizClaman
Oregon state lawmaker 'likely' created 'hostile' work environment for former romantic partners: investigation
An Oregon state lawmaker "likely" tried to pressure former romantic partners -- over whom he had professional sway -- to become involved with him again, a nine-month-long independent investigation found, according to reports. State lawmakers in Salem could decide as early as next week if state Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, violated the congressional sexual harassment policy, Oregon Public Broadcasting first reported. The report added it found it "more likely than not that Subject Two’s uncomfortableness working around Rep. Hernandez was reasonable." The report also claimed Hernandez created an "intimidating, hostile, and offensive" work environment during and after his romantic relationship with another woman known as Subject Four, according to OPB. — Oregon state Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-PortlandHe said his relationships with the women were all prior to him becoming a legislator.
Rand Paul declares Trump impeachment 'dead on arrival' after Senate procedural vote
Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...Rand Paul declares Trump impeachment trial ‘dead on arrival’ after 45 GOP senators vote against itU.S. Sen. Rand Paul declared former President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial "dead on arrival" on Tuesday after 45 Senate Republicans voted against holding the proceeding, viewing it as unconstitutional. Rand, a Kentucky Republican, had called for a procedural vote regarding holding a trial, claiming the Senate shouldn’t address the article of impeachment against Trump filed by the House this month because Trump is now out of office. If a trial were to proceed, Trump would become the first former president to face an impeachment trial. The House charged Trump on Jan. 13 with "inciting an insurrection" in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol in Washington. "If you voted that it was unconstitutional, how in the world would you ever vote to convict somebody for this?"
NYPD officer shot in the Bronx
A plainclothes NYPD cop investigating a past shooting was shot while chasing a man in the Bronx on Tuesday night, police and sources said. HOUSTON DEPUTY SHOT IN BOTH HANDS, MANHUNT FOR SUSPECT INTENSIFIES"In the course of seconds, what we know is that our officer, we believe fired one round. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMayor Bill de Blasio, who visited the officer at the hospital, hailed him for his bravery. "Here is an officer, a young officer out there in the streets of the Bronx, getting guns off the streets to save lives. The kind of officer we depend on to be safe in the city," he said.
San Francisco school board votes to rename schools honoring Washington, Lincoln, Feinstein, others
Not even revered former presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson are safe from "cancel culture," it appears. The American icons were among a list of historical figures whose names will be removed from San Francisco’s public schools following a 6-1 vote by the school board Tuesday, according to multiple reports. Washington and Jefferson were both slave owners and Lincoln, who ended slavery, became controversial because critics claim he oppressed indigenous people. "It’s offensive to me as someone who went to our public schools, who loves our public schools, and who knows how those years in the classroom are what lifted me out of poverty and into college. While the board focused on renaming the schools in the Tuesday meeting, it did not discuss reopening schools from coronavirus shutdowns.
LIVE UPDATES: All but 5 Republican senators vote to dismiss Trump' impeachment trial
Senators were sworn in as jurors for former President Trump’s impeachment trial Tuesday as the Senate voted 55-45 to end debate on Sen. Rand Paul’s point of order arguing that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office. Fast Facts Trump was impeached by the House earlier this month for "incitement of insurrection" after a mob made a deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 following a Trump rallyRepublican Sens. They voted with all 50 Democrat senators to table the point of order. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has indicated he has an open mind on whether Trump should be convicted, voted against ending debate. Follow below for updates on Trump's impeachment trial.
Harvard health expert makes case for everyone to wear N95 masks
A health expert from Harvard made his case Tuesday that everyone in the U.S. should wear N95 face masks in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. "The brutal truth is, it’s going to take months before we can the majority of Americans vaccinated – months," Biden said. "In the next few months, masks, not vaccines, are the best defense against COVID-19. Experts say that wearing masks from now just until April would save 50,000 lives that otherwise would pass away if we don’t wear these masks." Some asked why the country wasn’t told to wear double masks earlier on in the outbreak, and others asked-- with that logic-- wouldn’t three masks be more effective than two?
Biden shifts on vaccine under pressure from ... the media
The vaccine rollout is a freakin’ mess, and President Biden owns it now. But as the president continued to proclaim his goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days, the media weren’t buying it. That was the question that prompted Biden to snap "give me a break" at an AP reporter who asked about it last week. BIDEN NEEDS A QUICK WIN ON COVID, WITH OR WITHOUT REPUBLICANSEveryone knows why Biden set the goal at 100 million. No one would suggest that Biden and his top spokeswoman are being grilled by the press the way that Trump and his press secretaries were.
Oregon hammer-attack defendant to walk because court rejects witness’ coronavirus concerns: report
The scheduled retrial of an Oregon defendant who was accused of committing a brutal hammer attack on a woman has been scrapped – with the defendant to walk free – because the key witness in the case said she won’t testify without wearing a face mask, according to a report. "It’s the second time I’m going through this trial," Fawcett told the news outlet. Crime victims’ rights advocate Rosemary Brewer said it appeared to be another instance in which the rights of defendants were placed ahead of those of crime victims. "The courts are not granting victims their rights with the same priority that they are for defendants due to COVID-19." Many trials in Oregon have been postponed because of the coronavirus and many others have included virtual testimony, the report said.
Dr. Scott Atlas fires back at Birx over 'bizarre' claim he gave Trump 'parallel data streams' on COVID
Former White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas joined "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday to respond to former White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx's claim that he provided former President Trump with "parallel data streams" about the pandemic. Birx told CBS News' "Face the Nation" Sunday that Trump was "presenting graphs that I never made ... I know what I sent up and I know that what was in his hands was different from that." DR. SCOTT ATLAS: I'm shocked to hear anyone that thinks that they own a monopoly or should be the sole purveyor of information to the president. EX-SURGEON GENERAL DEFENDS FAUCI, BIRX FOR STAYING ON TRUMP CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCEAnd then I come in in August and I say, "Well, what about this?
Cruz: Second Trump impeachment was 'exercise in political rage' by Democrats: 'It was their id speaking'
Congressional Democrats' push to convicted former President Donald Trump of impeachable offenses is "driven by the partisan rage and the partisan anger that the Democrats feel," Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told "Hannity" Tuesday. Cruz told "Hannity" he heard the 46th president call for unity in his inaugural address, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., must not have gotten the message. "Unfortunately, congressional Democrats weren't listening to a word he said," Cruz said of Biden. Turning to the impeachment itself, Cruz argued the House's action "doesn't meet the constitutional standard. "I feel like I'm kind of trapped in 'Groundhog Day' where, apparently, every January, we're gonna be doing another impeachment."
Biden chief of staff backs teachers unions refusing to reopen schools, says they're not 'overruling' science
White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain defended teachers' unions who refuse to resume in-person teaching despite studies that have shown a low risk of spreading the coronavirus. "Ron, why do you think that the teachers unions in many cases are overruling what the studies show?" CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I don't think that teachers' unions are overruling studies," Klain said. "I think that what you're seeing that schools haven't made the investments to keep the students safe. They just want to know that it's safe and we as a country should make the investments to make it safe," Klain added.
Chicago Teachers Union panned for music video using interpretive dance to demand 'safe' return to schools
The Chicago Teachers Union has raised eyebrows with a bizarre music video artistically expressing members' refusal to return to schools during the coronavirus pandemic unless it is "safe." On Saturday, the CTU shared a music video meant to drive its message of safety for its educators. Keep our students and teachers safe." Safe return or no return," the narrator continues. THOUSANDS OF CHICAGO TEACHERS NOT HEADING BACK TO CLASSROOMS FOLLOWING UNION VOTE, WILL REMAIN REMOTE"Is this a parody account?"
Rand Paul calls Trump impeachment trial ‘dead on arrival’ after 45 GOP senators vote against it
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul declared former President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial "dead on arrival" on Tuesday after 45 Senate Republicans voted against holding the proceeding, viewing it as unconstitutional. FORTY-FIVE REPUBLICANS VOTE AGAINST PROCEEDING WITH SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIALIf a trial were to proceed, Trump would become the first former president to face an impeachment trial. In floor marks ahead of the vote, Paul also claimed that the absence of the chief justice of the Supreme Court also made a Senate impeachment trial unconstitutional. RAND PAUL TO TRIGGER SENATE VOTE ON WHETHER TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL IS CONSTITUTIONAL"Impeachment is for removal from office and the accused here has already left office," Paul had argued prior to the procedural vote. He also claimed a Senate impeachment trial would be "the antithesis of unity" in a nation seeking healing after years of partisan division.
Graham warns Dems will ‘blow up’ Senate by moving forward with impeachment trial, calling witnesses
With Democrats preparing for the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., warned his colleagues that moving forward will only cause more damage to the nation. "I’d like to get this trial over sooner rather than later," Graham told "Hannity" on Tuesday. "To my Democratic colleagues, if you try to call one witness, you’re going to blow up the United States Senate. Graham encouraged the opposition to get the "travesty over with" as soon as possible, especially since Trump has already left office. Graham explained that on day one of the trial, there will be a motion to dismiss which he expects to occur.
Ingraham: Biden's 'twisted and poisonous claims' about US take 'wrecking ball to his unity goal'
President Biden "continued taking a wrecking ball to his unity goal" Tuesday by stating "that America, at her core, is racist," Laura Ingraham told viewers. "The Ingraham Angle" host asked rhetorically how Biden's decree that Americanism is at its roots racist and that its founders were men of unjust repute, can square with his own upbringing. His professors, who celebrated, for instance, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as well as the men who sent them?" "The 1776 Commission understood that America is a great nation that nevertheless made some grave errors," Ingraham added. Ingraham later went on to say that Democrats "know all too well that Trump grew his political support among all minorities, especially Latinos and Asians.
Oklahoma trying to get rid of $2M worth of hydroxychloroquine
Officials in Oklahoma are reportedly trying to offload a $2 million stockpile of hydroxychloroquine — the malaria drug once touted by former President Donald Trump as a potential coronavirus treatment. Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt ordered the purchase of 1.2 million pills, or about 100,000 doses, from a California-based pharmaceutical wholesaler in April. At the time, Stitt was criticized by Democrats for the purchase but defended it by saying that the drug showed promise as a treatment in early March, and that he didn’t want his state to miss out on a chance to acquire it. Stitt’s spokeswoman Carly Atchison told The Frontier that: “Every decision the Governor makes is with the health and lives of Oklahomans in mind, including purchasing hydroxychloroquine, securing PPE, and now distributing vaccines as quickly and efficiently as possible to combat this COVID crisis.”With Post wires
Gabbard doubles down on slam of Schiff, Brennan as greater dangers to America than Capitol rioters
During her appearance, she denounced the violent demonstrators, but warned of efforts to combat domestic insurgents through surveillance and other monitoring activities. "We recognize that those who stormed the Capitol on January 6 trying to stop Congress from fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities, they were acting as domestic terrorists undermining our Constitution," Gabbard told host Tucker Carlson. "[However,] those like John Brennan, Adam Schiff and others are also acting as domestic terrorists because they are also undermining our constitution by trying to take away our civil liberties and rights that are guaranteed to us," she added. In the same interview, Brennan likened libertarians to "religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, [and] nativists." "If we do not and if they do not," said Gabbard, "then this country that we love and cherish will no longer exist."
Hume: Liberals calling for free speech crackdown 'don't understand the concept'
Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume warned Tuesday that those on the left calling for increased regulation of speech don't understand the concept of the First Amendment or the marketplace of ideas. BRIT HUME: What's most distressing to me ... is the extent to which journalists themselves are now participating ... it astounds me, frankly. It is alarming and it suggests to me that people who are calling for this stuff don’t really understand the basis of our concept of free speech, which is that people are better informed by hearing a wide range of voices and tolerating them, and that the answer to objectionable speech is not censorship. That’s the concept, open forums, free speech, if you find speech objectionable, respond to it with something better. What we are hearing and seeing now is journalists themselves trying to shut down other news organizations and channels, and I find it astonishing and alarming.
Hannity: 'Irrational psychotic rage' driving Dems' 'dead in the water' impeachment push
The Democrats' push to convict former President Trump in the Senate is dead on arrival, Sean Hannity declared Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the Senate voted 55-45 to end debate on Sen. Rand Paul’s point of order arguing that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office. Most Republican senators found a post-presidency impeachment to be unconstitutional, but the "irrational psychotic rage" of the left continues to fuel Democrats' effort, the "Hannity" host said. "The Senate trial will be conducted as planned, but the Democrats do not have anywhere close to what would be the two-thirds supermajority that would be needed to convict." RUBIO SOUNDS OFF ON TRUMP IMPEACHMENT AFTER SENATE VOTE"They must appease this lunatic fringe that controls the entire Democratic Party establishment," he went on, before adding plainly, "the U.S. Senate cannot validate this insane snap impeachment.
Likely Biden deputy labor secretary pick could face Senate scrutiny over California unemployment fraud
California Labor Secretary Julie Su, President Biden’s reported pick to serve as deputy secretary in the US Department of Labor, could face tough scrutiny in the Senate regarding her handling of unemployment claims in the state during the coronavirus pandemic. Biden has pledged to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 and Su is a longtime advocate for workers’ rights, including increased wages. However, reports that a state agency under Su’s jurisdiction mistakenly paid out billions in false unemployment claims could complicate her candidacy. "California has not had sufficient security measures in place to prevent this level of fraud, and criminals took advantage of the situation." Aside from the fraud claims, state officials questioned the Su-led Employment Development Department’s preparedness to handle claims in the event of a crisis that led to an economic recession.
Video shows officer slamming Florida high school student into ground during confrontation
A confrontation between a Florida high school student and a school resource officer has been caught on camera Tuesday. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA MODIFIES 'TATTLE BUTTON' AFTER PUSHBACK FROM STUDENTS, FACULTYIn the video posted to Twitter, an officer is seen slamming a young Black woman to the ground in an outside breezeway at Liberty High School in Osceola County. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE IN VIDEO BELOWOsceola County School District spokesperson Dana Schaffer confirmed to FOX News that the incident occurred at Liberty High School but declined to comment further, referring all questions to the Osceola Sheriff's Office. "We know that the School Resource Officer was in the process of trying to stop the student from fighting another student in the hallway when the deputy took her into custody." A spokesperson for the Osceola County Sheriff's Office did not immediately return FOX News' request for comment.
Austin SWAT team in standoff outside medical center, doctor reportedly held hostage inside
The Austin Police Department's SWAT team is currently in a standoff at a medical center in central Austin, Texas, that began around 4:30 p.m.At least one doctor is being held inside the building, KVUE reports. The parent of a patient at the medical center tells Fox News that their doctor is being held in the building. Police are currently talking to the suspect, who also appears to also be a doctor, through a bullhorn, according to KVUE. The witness also told Fox News the suspect is a doctor. HOUSTON DEPUTY SHOT IN BOTH HANDS, MANHUNT FOR SUSPECT INTENSIFIESLaw enforcement escorted at least one woman in scrubs away from the building, but it is unclear if she was ever held hostage, KXAN reports.
Sen. Patrick Leahy returns home from brief hospital stay
Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy has returned home from a brief hospital stay after undergoing a thorough examination, his spokesman announced Tuesday night. Leahy, 80, who will preside over President Trump’s impeachment trial, was hospitalized earlier Tuesday after he complained of not feeling well. “After getting test results back, and after a thorough examination, Senator Leahy now is home. He looks forward to getting back to work,” Leahy spokesman David Carle said in a statement. The constitutional role makes Leahy responsible for presiding over the new Democrat-controlled Senate, including the upcoming impeachment trial.
Goldman CEO David Solomon takes $10M pay cut for Malaysian investment scandal
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. slashed Chief Executive David Solomon’s 2020 pay by 36%, punishment for the bank’s admission last year that it broke U.S. laws in its dealings with an investment fund at the heart of a global corruption ring. Mr. Solomon’s 2020 pay would have been $10 million higher but for the actions its board of directors took in response to the 1MDB saga, Goldman said in the filing. Ticker Security Last Change Change % GS GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC. 281.76 -1.28 -0.45%Other bank chiefs that presided over strong growth last year were rewarded with big raises. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREJohn Waldron, Goldman’s president and chief operating officer, and Stephen Scherr, Goldman’s finance chief, saw their 2020 pay cut by 24% and 31%, respectively. All told, Goldman’s dealings with 1MDB cost the bank more than $5 billion.
At UN, Palestinians urge Biden to reverse Trump's 'unlawful and hostile measures'
The Palestinian foreign minister on Tuesday urged the Biden administration to reverse what it described as the prior administration’s "unlawful and hostile measures" in the region -- as the U.S. pledged to renew relations with the Palestinians. The Biden administration has indicated it wants to strengthen relations with the Palestinians, while keeping close ties to Israel. "In order to advance these objectives, the Biden Administration will restore credible U.S. engagement with Palestinians as well as Israelis," he said. It is likely that, among those steps, the Biden administration will renew funding to the U.N. Palestianian refugee agency (UNRWA) -- from which the Trump administration withdrew funding over concerns it promotes an anti-Israel agenda. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Biden administration has indicated it wishes to take a less hostile approach to the body as seen under the Trump administration.
Tucker Carlson: Democrats' meaning of 'equity and inclusion' is 'believe what we say, or else'
Only eight of those reports came from Amazon Web Services, which was hosting quite a few of them. As a director at Parents Together put it: "Amazon Web Services has vast resources, controls a third of cloud infrastructure services and handles billions of uploads and downloads. There's a lot of garbage floating around on Amazon Web Services and on Twitter, but according to a media class, none of it would justify shutting down Amazon Web Services. You should also know that Amazon Web Services provides Web services for the CIA. This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson's opening commentary on the Jan. 26, 2021 edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party looking for a 'soft underbelly' in Biden's administration
The Chinese Communist Party is looking for the "soft underbelly" of the Biden administration in the hope of achieving a series of endeavors Donald Trump stymied as president, according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It's the right thing for the American people, it's how you put America First and something that the Chinese Communist Party will understand the most." We know that the Chinese Communist Party covered that up. These are things the State Department was talking about while I was secretary of state ...""These are important things," he added. They matter for our health, for our safety, for economic prosperity and for our security, and I hope and I'm counting on this next administration to do what the American people demand of them and continue to confront the Chinese Communist Party."
Biden administration pushes forward with two state solution with Israel, Palestine
President Biden has taken steps to reverse Trump-era policies in the Middle East by throwing the administration’s support behind finding a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. ISRAEL TEMPORARILY BANS ALL INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS IN RESPONSE TO NEW COVID-19 STRAINSThe Trump administration closed the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington, D.C., froze all federal contributions to the U.N. Mills recognized the challenge that lies ahead for the Biden administration as they attempt bridge a divide that has yet to be accomplished since Israel’s inception in 1948. But the acting U.S. ambassador also said that the Biden administration believes "the best way to ensure Israel's future as a democratic and Jewish state," is by securing their relationship with Palestine. Despite the Biden administration’s clear intent to reverse most Trump-era policies in how the U.S. works with Israel, Mills did not say they U.S. would remove the U.S. embassy from Jerusalem.
Democratic NYC mayoral candidate brags that some donors are unemployed, wants to defund NYPD
A Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City who has called for slashing the NYPD’s budget in half bragged Tuesday that nearly a third of her campaign’s donors are unemployed. "We are building a people powered movement that is making history," Dianne Morales, a former nonprofit CEO, tweeted Monday night. "Our most frequent donation is just $10, the average donation is $52 and 30% of our donors are UNEMPLOYED. We don't have to go ‘back to normal.’"More than 500,000 New York City workers lost their jobs between December 2019 and December 2020, according to the state’s Department of Labor. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMayor Bill de Blasio is not expected to run for reelection due to term limits.
Leon Black’s $158M Jeffrey Epstein payout raises eyebrows
Leon Black’s nine-figure payout to convicted pedophile alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has the legal world scratching its head. “It is clear that the compensation paid by Black to Epstein far exceeded any amounts Black paid to his other professional advisors,” Dechert reported. Black justified this by explaining that he paid Epstein “in amounts that were intended to be proportional to the value provided,” Dechert said. In hiring Epstein, Black, 69, overlooked his 2008 conviction for soliciting a 17-year-old for sex because he “believed Epstein had mistakenly understood was older,” the report said. “Black viewed Epstein as a confirmed bachelor with eclectic tastes, who often employed attractive women.
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins conservative Hudson Institute in DC
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined a conservative think tank in Washington DC — a move that could possibly set him up for a 2024 presidential run. Pompeo, who is now a private citizen, took a job with Hudson Institute, a non-profit based in DC, where he would have the opportunity to engage in policy discussions and be close to major donors of the Republican Party, Axios reported Tuesday. “I am pleased to be joining Hudson Institute and look forward to contributing to its mission of promoting American leadership and global engagement,” Pompeo said in a statement to the outlet. Hudson is popular among conservatives who view it as a platform for policy proposals. The day after President Biden’s inauguration, Pompeo tweeted, “1,384 days,” which happened to be the amount of days until the 2024 presidential election.
All of a sudden, much of the press has turned against free speech
For decades, it was a commonplace sentiment among journalists that freedom of the press was one of the glories of our system. In a 2018 essay in The Atlantic representing the bygone conventional wisdom, titled “Why a Free Press Matters,” the longtime newscaster Dan Rather noted, “As a working journalist, I know I have a stake in this concept.”One would think so. They’ve become the thing they profess to hate — closed-minded censors who want to stifle free expression, First Amendment be damned. Still, it would be private action undertaken in the service of a profoundly illiberal goal, running counter to the country’s culture of free speech. And where truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails.”And so its erstwhile champions are ready to retreat from strict adherence to the First Amendment to a new rule of “free speech for me but not for thee.”Twitter: @RichLowry
Newsweek retroactively edits 2015 Army Ranger report to support Salon hit piece on Tom Cotton
Newsweek is facing intense backlash after the publication retroactively edited a 2015 report about Army Ranger School in order to support Salon's reporting on Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. The Republican is a Ranger School graduate and was awarded the coveted Ranger tab upon graduation. Cotton has never claimed to have served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, a Special Operations unit separate from Ranger School. "The same 2015 Newsweek story ... acknowledged that 'the 75th Ranger Regiment does not allow female Rangers.'" asked Cotton's colleague Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, a former member of the Iowa Army National Guard.
Texas grocery store run by high school students gives free food to needy
A high school-run grocery store in Texas is supporting its community by offering free food to people in need -- as well as its students and staff. The grocery store at Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas, first opened in November. Fox News previously reported that the grocery store was founded in partnership with local nonprofits to help students whose families were struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. ARKANSAS RESTAURANT RAISES $9G FOR FOOD BANK DESPITE CORONAVIRUS CHALLENGESAccording to school principal Anthony Love, about 130 families have used the high school’s grocery store. They’re excited about helping in the grocery store and just being a part of it."
Hawley rules out run for president in 2024, says 'there's a lot of work to do' in Senate
Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., told Fox News Tuesday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024. "I've always said, Maria, that I'm not running for president," Hawley told "Fox News Primetime" host Maria Bartiromo. There's a lot of work to do, and I look forward to continuing to fight for Missouri every day that I can." Some Democrats have called for the resignation of Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Fla., and some submitted an ethics complaint against him. Hawley, 41, was the first senator to promise to object to President Biden’s win in Congress.
Los Angeles City Council Democrat butchers Pledge of Allegiance
A longtime California Democratic lawmaker badly bungled the Pledge of Allegiance during a Los Angeles city council meeting Tuesday morning, video shows. When asked by Council President Nury Martinez to lead the chamber in the Pledge of Allegiance Tuesday morning at a virtual meeting, Council Member Kevin de Leon replied, "It would be an honor." But then, according to the video, he said this:MICHIGAN TEACHER LEADS NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS IN PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE AMID CORONAVIVRUS CLOSURES"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…undervisible, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…for which it stands. The words to the Pledge are as follows:"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." He previously served in the state Senate as its Democratic majority leader, and in the state Assembly.
California’s 2020 unemployment fraud claims may top $31 billion
California state officials have said that at least $11.4 billion in unemployment benefits have been mistakenly paid out to fraudulent cases since March 2020, with some estimates ranging as high as $31 billion. Continue Reading BelowRoughly 10 percent of all unemployment claims paid out in California during the coronavirus pandemic -- which forced statewide shutdowns and unemployment increases -- have involved fraud. Another 17 percent of the total unemployment claims are under investigation, reported the Los Angeles Times. California has paid $114 billion in 19 million unemployment claims, since the onslaught of the pandemic. The state’s unemployment claims system, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program -- which allows for unemployment benefits for those who would not normally qualify, such as independent contractors – has reportedly shown previous indications of fraud, including as recently as last week.
NY Republicans roll out plan to aid ailing eateries amid ‘Restaurant Week’
Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday for refusing to say when New York City restaurants can resume indoor dining — and unveiled a series of measures intended to aid the state’s struggling hospitality industry. The plan — timed to coincide with this year’s pandemic-inspired “NYC Restaurant Week To Go” — includes prohibiting app-based delivery services from charging higher fees than they did on March 1, 2020, shortly before Cuomo ordered a coronavirus lockdown. State Sen. George Borrello speaking at a press conference on January 26, 2021. Hans Pennink“It’s Restaurant Week in New York City right now,” he said during a news conference in Albany. Those proposals include moratoriums on foreclosures and eviction until May 1, a 15 percent cap on app-based delivery fees and a one-year freeze on the cost of unemployment insurance.
Hammer attack suspect freed after victim refuses to testify without a mask
The suspect in a brutal Oregon hammer attack was set free after his victim refused to testify at his assault trial without a mask, according to a report Tuesday. “It’s the second time I’m going through this trial,” Fawcett told the outlet. But the conviction was overturned when the US Supreme Court in April overturned an Oregon law that did not require unanimous jury verdicts for convictions. The retrial was due to begin this week, but Sanchez and his attorneys asserted his right to face his accuser face-to-face — demanding she testify without a mask. Rosemary Brewer, executive director of the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center, said the ruling jeopardizes the rights of crime victims in the state.
This Biden pick for a top civil-rights job has an ugly history of hate
Clarke was an easy pick for Biden to join the Department of Justice along with attorney-general-nominee Judge Merrick Garland. As president of the Harvard Black Students Association, she invited author Tony Martin to speak on campus, despite his rabid anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. In recent years, we’ve seen that Republican nominees for office haven’t been given a pass for allegations about their youth. But her radical past and belief that anti-Semites who are black women deserve a pass mean she doesn’t deserve the job. More important, if Joe Biden means what he says about opposing hate, there should be no room in his administration for her.
Why is Biden looking to give free vaccines to other nations before US reaches herd immunity?
Americans scrambling to get vaccinated have a right to know how sharing doses with poor countries will affect their own ability to get vaccinated. The vaccine-sharing project, with the acronym COVAX, raises money to buy vaccines for poor countries but also asks wealthier countries to donate actual doses. Duke University public-health experts also argue that high-risk groups in poor countries should get the vaccine before the US public. Thursday’s White House statement on vaccine sharing says the United States will comply once there is “sufficient” supply here. In the last two weeks, both the European Union and the United States have been hit with unexpected news about manufacturing setbacks.
Cuomo says Biden vaccine ramp up 'not enough' for New York
Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that President Biden’s plan to ramp up distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine was "not enough," as the Empire State faces a shortage of doses. Cuomo told the outlet that his state "is basically out of vaccine today – we're functionally out." New York State has administered 1.2 million first doses, or 93% of the doses it has received. The problem, Cuomo said, is supply of the doses, which is not controlled by the federal government, but rather by Pfizer and Moderna. Indoor dining in New York City, however, is not expected to be affected by forthcoming announcements this week.
Vaccine hesitancy based on 'fear and lack of science': Dr. Siegel
The serious risks associated with COVID-19 far exceed the side effects of the "very effective, very safe" vaccine, Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said Tuesday. Siegel addressed vaccine hesitancy in an appearance on "Special Report," taking aim at those who spread misinformation on a basis of "fear and lack of science." "This is a very effective, very safe vaccine, and Dr. Fauci's right, it's the way out of this pandemic," Siegel said. The vaccine hesitancy, the anti-vaxxers, is an antiscientific movement." WHAT'S DRIVING CORONAVIRUS VACCINE HESITANCY IN THE US?
Biden has first call as president with Putin, addresses nukes and election interference
President Biden called Russia President Vladimir Putin Tuesday, to address a wide range of topics on national security, including the renewal of a nuclear arms treaty, bounties placed on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and interference in the 2020 election. The White House confirmed Tuesday that both the U.S. and Russia will "work urgently" to complete the extension by the Feb. 5 deadline. But Biden hit other tough topics in his first phone call with Putin since entering the White House last week. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBiden also addressed concerns regarding reports by the intelligence community of a repeat in Russian interference in the 2020 general election. The president’s decision to address election interference with Putin is a direct contrast to Trump’s response of reports of election interference in 2016 -- at one point suggesting he trusted Putin's word over U.S. intelligence officials.
Biden says masks 'best defense' against coronavirus even as vaccination campaign ramps up
President Biden said Tuesday that masks are "the best defense against COVID-19" in the coming months as his administration acquires a sufficient supply of vaccine to innoculate the majority of Americans. Biden revealed the federal government will purchase an additional 100 million doses of vaccine each from Pfizer and Moderna as part of its effort to ramp up the unprecedented vaccination drive. "The brutal truth is, it’s going to take months before we can the majority of Americans vaccinated – months," Biden said. "In the next few months, masks, not vaccines, are the best defense against COVID-19. Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office requiring masks to be worn on federal land.
Gutfeld on the left using cancel culture to silence opposition
VIVEK RAMASWAMY: BIG TECH'S RISE THREATENS COUNTRY'S FUTURE – BEWARE THE WOKE-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXThe Dems crow "oh, oh, oh, oh, these are private companies." The claim that private companies can do whatever they want is based on the idea that they’re private. Instead, it’s really about a new fascist mob out to silence all dissent, using the "private business" as another excuse. But protect speech? Instead the left claims "we're just silencing lies" -- because, you know, they’re the experts in truth!
Washington Post fact-checker defends his coverage of Biden after intensely monitoring Trump's claims
Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler responded Tuesday to criticism of his intended coverage of the Biden administration after his paper intensely monitored President Trump's claims. "We welcome all suggestions for fact checks. Now that it's a Democrat president, they are fact checking Senators and saying they have no plans to fact check a President," Miller accused the Post. We base fact checks on actual policy statements, not headlines." He also shared a Washington Post headline that quoted Biden saying, "I will not ban fracking.
California DA blasts Newsom for taking ‘no action’ to stop release of convicted killer who tortured teen
A man convicted of torturing, sexually assaulting and murdering a 17-year-old boy in 2001 will walk free because California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom took "no action" to prevent his release, according to the prosecutors who locked him up. In 2006, he was convicted of second-degree murder, torture and kidnapping and sentenced to 18 years to life in prison. According to California’s parole board, he’s had a "stellar disciplinary record" and has expressed remorse. The board once again recommended his release in October 2020, according to Ward.
EU urges Biden admin to join Europe in cracking down on big tech
Continue Reading Below"I want to invite our friends in the United States to join our initiatives. The European Union unveiled draft legislation last month aimed at reining in big tech by making companies more accountable, enhancing privacy, and encouraging competition. Von der Leyen emphasized Tuesday the "need to contain this immense power of the big digital companies." "[Facebook] is propagating falsehoods they know to be false, and we should be setting standards not unlike the Europeans are doing relative to privacy," Biden told the newspaper's editorial board in January 2020. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREThere does appear to be a growing bipartisan push to crackdown on big tech.
Brother of Jeff Bezos’ gal pal refiles defamation suit against publishing execs
The talent agent brother of Jeff Bezos’ gal pal is trying to revive his defamation case against ex-National Enquirer execs David Pecker and Dylan Howard — even as he’s sued by Bezos. Sanchez’s Los Angeles federal court complaint seeks to convince the judge to keep Pecker and Howard as defendants using information about a 2017 OK! The only person Howard reported to, the lawsuit claims, was Pecker, AMI’s CEO. If the judge tosses Pecker and Howard from the suit again, AMI will be left as the sole defendant. AMI has denied Bezos’ claims.
City Hall drops the ball on teacher vaccinations
City Hall apparently has no clue how many teachers have been vaccinated — indeed, there’s no sign of any mechanism for tracking the info. Way to fast-track reopening schools, Mr. Mayor. United Federation of Teachers boss Mike Mulgrew insists reopening depends on getting teachers jabbed. But two weeks after he got priority vax access for his members, City Hall won’t say how many teachers have gotten the vaccine. But that’s no excuse for failing to keep track of teachers’ shots.
Letters to the editor — Jan. 27, 2021
The Issue: The Biden administration’s handling of the pandemic during his first week in office. Last week, President Biden stated that his goal was a million people vaccinated every day for 100 days (“Clueless,” Jan. 26). His new administration didn’t even have a clue as to how many doses of vaccine were available. The most important issue of this pandemic is producing enough vaccine for the people of the United States. Ronald AloisBrooklynLeave it to The Post to call Biden clueless on its front page.
De Blasio, council aim to kick restaurants while they’re down
With restaurants dying by the dozens and the rest on life support, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council are moving to expand the number of food-cart permits in the city. Adding insult to injury, the progressive pols are doing it in the middle of Restaurant Week. It doesn’t help that most of the new permits would be for the outer boroughs, whose eateries are hurting even more than Manhattan’s. Fine, the 4,000 new sidewalk and food-cart licenses would be issued in batches over 10 years starting in 2022. Cuomo’s ban on indoor dining — are furious, since cart vendors don’t have the same overhead costs (rent, salaries, utilities, taxes, etc.).
Impeaching Trump gets more divisive by the minute: Goodwin
“I think it has to happen” the president said in a brief tv interview about his party’s bid to try Donald Trump. That’s the only possible answer because only Democrats would revolt if Trump were not put in the dock. And if Trump isn’t convicted, he can’t be barred from future public office, which is the ultimate aim of the Trump haters in both parties. With his Tuesday vote, McConnell sealed those floodgates shut. Cuomo chastised President Trump for even considering granting a pardon to the ever corrupt Sheldon Silver.
Sen. Patrick Leahy, tapped to preside over Trump impeachment, hospitalized
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, swears in Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the president pro tempore of the Senate, who will preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Sen. Patrick Leahy presides over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the Senate. WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the lawmaker tapped to preside over President Trump’s impeachment trial, has been hospitalized, his spokesman said. “This evening, Senator Leahy was in his Capitol office and was not feeling well,” Leahy spokesman David Carle said in a statement. The constitutional role makes Leahy responsible for presiding over the new Democrat-controlled Senate, including the upcoming impeachment trial.
Mo Elleithee On Impeaching Trump For Second Time: “It Is An Uphill Battle”
Listen To The Full Interview Below:On today's Guy Benson Show, Mo Elleithee, Executive Director of Georgetown University's Institute of Politics and Public Service & Fox News Contributor spoke about the constitutionally and politics of impeaching former President Donald Trump while he's out of office. Mo Elleithee said,"I think the constitutional question, frankly, was a bit of a. Hasn't happened often, but it has happened and most and most constitutional scholars argue that it is a legitimate right of the Congress to do a constitutional right for them to do. I think having said that, though, I think you're right. But, you know, I think it's going to I think it's going to be a heavy lift to get them there.
California unemployment fraud scandal grows to $11 billion, with another $20 billion under scrutiny
At least $11 billion has been looted from California’s coffers in an unemployment fraud scheme run rampant across the state, while another $20 billion in possible losses is still being investigated. "California has not had sufficient security measures in place to prevent this level of fraud, and criminals took advantage of the situation." The California Employment Development Department (EDD) froze the accounts of 1.4 million relying on the assistance earlier this month while it investigated the fraud. Some 19 million claims have been processed by the department. "It should be no surprise that EDD was overwhelmed, just like the rest of the nation’s unemployment agencies," Su said.
What will Biden's immigration overhaul mean for national security?
Experts say Biden is quickly undoing Former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, and some fear these reversals will have huge impacts on national security. CHAD WOLF: BIDEN IMMIGRATION ACTION 'ABSOLUTELY' GOES AGAINST THE LAWImmigration Attorney Rachel Self said this immigration bill is "pretty ambitious." While Bensman and other experts worry Biden’s immigration policy will have negative effects on national security, Self said the government will ensure people granted immigration benefits are not a security threat. With roughly 7,500 migrants making their way on foot to Mexico and the U.S. just last week, Homan reiterated the importance of border security and the national security threat that could arise from Biden’s immigration policies. In a narrowly divided Congress, it remains to be seen whether or not Biden’s proposed immigration bill will pass.
Rubio doubles down on criticism of Trump impeachment trial: 'It's not even constitutional'
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., doubled down Tuesday on statements he made over the weekend calling next month's impeachment trial of former President Trump "stupid". "The automatic consequence of impeachment and trial, if you're convicted, the automatic consequence of it is you're removed from office," Rubio added. "That's the automatic consequence of this process. "How can you put someone through a process where the automatic consequence is impossible?" Later in the interview, Cavuto asked Rubio if Trump was still in office, "Do you think his language was incendiary enough" to warrant impeachment and removal.
Justice Department rescinds ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Tuesday rescinded a Trump-era memo that established a "zero tolerance" enforcement policy for migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, which resulted in thousands of family separations. "Consistent with this longstanding principle of making individualized assessments in criminal cases, I am rescinding — effective immediately — the policy directive," Wilkinson wrote. FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS BIDEN'S 100-DAY MORATORIUM ON DEPORTATIONSThe "zero tolerance" policy meant that any adult caught crossing the border illegally would be prosecuted for illegal entry. Most families have not been prosecuted under zero tolerance since 2018, when the separations were halted, though separations have continued on a smaller scale. The "zero tolerance" policy was one of several increasingly restrictive policies aimed at discouraging migrants from coming to the Southern border.
Citing COVID-19 pandemic, Greece bans protests for a week
University students gather in Athens for a rally against educational reforms with a banner that reads, "The students are not criminals." ATHENS, Greece — Greece’s center-right government on Tuesday imposed a weeklong ban on public protests attended by more than 100 people, angering left-wing political opponents. The ban follows student demonstrations against plans by the government to police university campuses. The main opposition party, the left-wing Syriza, called the ban “arbitrary and undemocratic,” while the Greek Communist Party said it would continue to support student demonstrations planned later this week. The protest ban ends Feb. 1.
GameStop shares soar 93 percent as Wall Street frenzy continues
Etsy was up as much as 8.6 percent in GameStop’s slipstream but later reversed its gains, and BlackBerry was another early buying focus in this increasingly influential corner of Wall Street. Trading of GameStop stock was halted for volatility nine times on Monday and three times on Tuesday. “A retail trader will not lean on Wall Street to manage their money and I definitely now see an antagonistic relationship between the old guard (Wall Street) and individual traders who are on the rise,” he said. GameStop gained $71.19 to $147.98, below Monday’s intraday high of $159.18, but extending its winning streak to a fourth straight session. “GME shorts and longs are in a knockout battle being waged in the stock market as well as social media platforms,” wrote Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3’s managing director of predictive analytics.
ABC anchor Tom Llamas jumps ship to rival NBC
Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Tom Llamas, the weekend anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, has dramatically quit the network to move to rival NBC. Llamas, 41, is being lined up for a wide-ranging role across NBC News that involves work across the network’s news shows, streaming services and MSNBC. Tom is a big talent and he could do lots of things across streaming, across the network, and even cable. “He started his career at NBC, he will be welcomed back.”Miami-born Llamas began his career in 2000 with the NBC News Specials Unit and moved to MSNBC as a reporter. In 2014 he moved to ABC News and substituted for Muir on ABC World News Tonight over the Christmas holiday period.
Shaq sells Florida mega-mansion for $16.5M
Shaquille O’Neal sold his Orlando, Fla., mansion for only $16.5 million — a Shaquille O’Steal — at almost $12 million under its original 2018 asking price. The 31,000-square-foot complex on an almost four-acre lot has 12 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms and a 6,000-square-foot indoor basketball court, perfect for a pro-baller. The showy property outside Orlando has a 17-car showroom, a cigar bar and walk-in humidor and a soundproof home theater. Worth about $400 million himself, O’Neal first listed the property for $28 million in 2018 and relisted the property four times before it sold. O’Neal has six children and is currently dating actress Annie Ilonzeh, according to the most recent reports.
Andrew Yang wants to make NYPD cops live in NYC
It includes carve-outs for officers who live in counties within 30 miles of the Big Apple’s boundaries. Officers and their unions quickly jumped on Yang for the remarks. “We can’t talk about changing the NYPD residency requirements without talking about police officers’ pay,” said Pat Lynch, the head of the city’s biggest police union, the Police Benevolent Association. Another NYPD union picked up that thread as it blasted Yang for his remarks. “Part of my job will require working with state officials and I will push non-stop to realize our anti-poverty agenda.”
Squad member co-sponsoring bill decriminalizing illegal border crossings
"Squad" member Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and Rep. Jesús Chuy Garcia, D-Ill., hosted a Facebook live video conference on Tuesday in support of their vision to transform the U.S. immigration system by expanding protections for noncitizens. The pair reintroduced legislation known as the "New Way Forward Act" during the event, where Japayal said it is not enough to simply reverse the "hateful" immigration policies of Donald Trump’s administration. "We have to deliver on a real, humane reform of our immigration system," Jayapal said. "America’s racist, xenophobic … immigration system has been broken for decades." It also decriminalizes border crossings with an eye towards the broader goals of restoring due process to the immigration system and disrupting the prison to deportation pipeline.
Google stops donations to members of Congress who voted against certifying presidential election results
Google is the latest tech company to halt political donations to members of Congress who voted against certifying the results of the presidential election. Eight Republican senators and more than 100 House Republicans still voted against certifying Biden's win. The lawmakers refused to forfeit the debunked claims President Trump peddled weeks after the November election, insisting that there was widespread voter fraud, which caused him to lose the race to Biden. Other tech giants, including Facebook and Microsoft, have said they have halted political donations and are reviewing their policies before making a final decision. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX BUSINESS APPIf the pause on PAC donations from these companies continues to hold, Republican Sens.
DC National Guard deployment in nation's capital extended through end of March
The National Guard will remain in Washington, D.C., through the end of March over concerns of potential civil unrest, a spokesman confirmed for Fox News Tuesday. "As we continue to work to meet the final post-inauguration requirements, the National Guard has been requested to continue supporting federal law enforcement agencies with 7,000 members and will draw down to 5,000 through mid-March," National Guard Bureau spokesman Wayne Hall told Fox News. Chief of the National Guard Bureau Army Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, said that the deployment of 25,000 National Guardsmen called into Washington, D.C., from every U.S. state for the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, within a two-week time frame was exceptional. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRoughly 13,000 guardsmen still remain in D.C. supporting federal agencies with security efforts. "The D.C. National Guard will remain on orders until March 31, 2021," a spokesman confirmed with Fox News Tuesday.
McFarland: Iran has 'no leverage left' to pressure US to rejoin 2015 nuclear deal
Iran has "no leverage left" over the U.S. that would enable them to pressure the Biden administration to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal, former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland told "The Story" Tuesday. "The Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, they're as upset about the prospect of Iran getting nuclear weapons as Israel is," she said. Whether the Biden administration approved of what Trump did or not, Trump has given them a golden opportunity. "So if the Biden administration really wants success, I think they should push for a very different deal, if one at all."
CNN pundit mocked for claiming McConnell would 'kill the filibuster', despite not doing so in six years
CNN contributor Hilary Rosen raised eyebrows on Monday night by asserting that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., would "kill the filibuster" if he had the chance. "With this win, we can move forward with a 50-50 power-sharing agreement built on the 2001 precedent," McConnell tweeted. Critics mocked Rosen's accusation against McConnell, who did not kill the filibuster during his six-year tenure as Senate majority leader. Rosen's CNN colleague Scott Jennings similarly expressed. "#McConnell ended the filibuster for one of the most important votes Senators take, namely a Supreme Court nomination.
Biden abolishes ‘offensive’ 1776 Commission, reverses Trump policy on racial training
President Biden on Tuesday said he’s abolishing former President Donald Trump’s “offensive” 1776 Commission on “patriotic education” and loosening rules on racial sensitivity training imposed by Trump. The 1776 Commission released a “final report” this month after it was formed ahead of the Nov. 3 election. Biden signed four executive orders at the event, each apparently unrelated to the commission or racial trainings, which Trump created by executive order. Trump signed the First Step Act in 2018 including provisions targeted to help minority individuals incarcerated under Biden’s crime bills. Biden’s 1986 legislation created significant sentencing disparities between powder and crack cocaine, contributing to racial disparities in prison populations.
California man threatened NYC congressman, journalist: feds
You had better have a word with him,” Lemke allegedly wrote in the text message. On the same day, Lemke also allegedly texted a family member of an unidentified journalist while she was in the Bronx, the complaint states. After the threats were reported, investigators tracked down details about Lemke’s phone and his social media accounts. On his social media accounts, Lemke claimed to be an Air Force veteran and a retired sergeant in the Alameda Sheriff’s Office, prosecutors wrote in the complaint. “There is very false information on social media that a Robert Lemke worked for the Alameda County Sheriff.
Schumer says Democrats ready to use reconciliation to pass COVID-19 relief
“Time is of the essence to address this crisis,” Schumer (D-NY) said Tuesday during a briefing with Senate Democratic leaders. The first step to pursuing COVID relief legislation and reconciliation would be to pass a budget resolution. Schumer and McConnell have come to a tenuous understanding on the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to pass legislation. But Schumer is turning to reconciliation, which would allow Democrats to pass certain spending items as part of the COVID-19 package. Democrats control the chamber in a 50-50 split, with Vice President Kamala Harris poised to cast a tie-breaking vote.
States to receive 17 percent bump in COVID-19 vaccines next week
The Biden administration will ramp up states’ allocations of the coronavirus vaccine for next week by about 17 percent, after state and local leaders repeatedly called for increased access to the life-saving shots. The promise of extra shots comes as New York, along with several other states, has been forced to postpone scheduled inoculations and shutter large-scale distribution centers with supplies drying up. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have each beseeched the Biden administration to up New York’s allocation to keep up with both the state’s demand and capacity to administer the shots. Earlier Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that President Biden was set to announce a more comprehensive plan to give states the supplies they need following a conference call with governors. The administration has declined, however, to detail exactly how many doses of the vaccine are on hand.
Capitol riot sedition cases will ‘bear fruit very soon’: feds
Federal authorities are building sedition cases against some rioters who stormed the US Capital — and may bring indictments against those suspects “very soon,” a federal prosecutor said Tuesday. “We are closely looking at evidence related to the sedition charges … We are working on those cases. I think the results will bear fruit very soon,” Michael Sherwin, the acting US attorney for Washington, DC, said on a conference call with reporters. He added sedition charges against suspects would be in “significant” cases related to the Jan. 6 riot and would carry a 20-year sentence in federal prison. Sherwin’s office has brought federal charges against 150 suspected rioters in the three weeks since the siege, and they are continuing to investigate the more complicated cases they are hoping to bring in the upcoming weeks.
Just 5 GOP senators vote to send Trump impeachment to trial, McConnell against
WASHINGTON — Five Republican Senators broke with their party on Tuesday afternoon and voted with Democrats to allow President Trump’s impeachment trial to proceed. GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced a motion to dismiss the trial, arguing the impeachment proceedings would be unconstitutional since Trump is now a private citizenBut the measure was blocked on a 55-45 vote with GOP Sens. Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict Trump on the abuse of power charge during his previous impeachment trial. The vote could suggest how lawmakers will vote during Trump’s impeachment trial. Ten GOP lawmakers also sided with Democrats to impeach Trump in the House in a 232-197 vote on Jan. 13.
Biden signals unilateralism and other commentary
We have to: “The sound of Spector is the sound of the American apogee. And at least 60 percent of child trafficking victims in the US have once been in the foster-care system,” reports Cheri Williams at National Review. Those are ugly statistics, and the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t helped. The COVID-related reasons: children spending more time online, the bad economy “heightening the vulnerability of struggling families” and already-vulnerable foster-care children grappling with “feelings of loneliness or isolation” intensified by the pandemic. — Compiled by The Post Editorial Board
Xi’s cynical warning against a new US-China ‘cold war’
When Australia called for an international investigation of the pandemic’s origins, an angry Beijing slapped restrictions and tariffs on Aussie imports and continues its own “cold war” against Canberra on multiple fronts. Yet Xi’s speech still insisted any confrontation, whether a “cold war, hot war, trade war or tech war” would “end up harming every nation’s interests and sacrificing people’s welfare.”Laughable, when Beijing sent eight bombers and four fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace Saturday and another 15 aircraft Sunday. Washington responded quickly Saturday, sending a strike group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt into the South China Sea. The State Department called it a move to protect “freedom of the seas” and the “rock-solid” US commitment to Taiwan. Xi’s “small cliques” jab may refer to President Biden’s plans to build an alliance to hold China to account.
Cole Haan flash sale takes up to 60 percent off top styles
Cole Haan is back with another exciting New Year’s deal. Now you can save up to 60% off its most popular sale styles. Whether you’re looking for winter accessories, shoes or even purses, this Cole Haan sale definitely delivers. This is the latest round of exciting Cole Haan markdowns we’ve seen this year. Cole HaanSale price: $39.95Original price: $78.00Cole HaanSale price: $84.95Original price: $140.00Cole HaanSale price: $69.97Original price: $300.00Cole HaanSale price: $109.95Original price: $220.00Cole HaanSale price: $29.97Original price: $180.00Cole HaanSale price: $39.97Original price: $148.00
CBS suspends two TV execs amid complaints of racist, sexist conduct
CBS placed two top TV executives on administrative leave Monday night after an explosive report from the Los Angeles Times detailed allegations that they fostered a hostile work environment. Peter Dunn, president of CBS Television Stations and David Friend, senior vice president of news for the stations, were placed on leave “pending the results of a third-party investigation,” CBS said in a statement. Dunn and Friend oversee CBS’s 28 local stations in major markets across the US, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. He often referred to Washington as “a jive guy,” and derided him as “dancing” through his newscasts in front of other employees. Dunn also called one anchor “too gay,” according to Margaret Cronan, a former news director at CBS KWY.
Biden signs record number of executive actions in first week
President Biden has signed a record 37 executive actions in his first week in office, and the exact number of executive orders is not known because the Federal Register has not been updated since Jan. 21. Executive orders are legally binding, and as a result, are published in the Federal Register. On Tuesday, Biden signed four items, all focused on “racial equity.”The first order directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to address the issue of housing discrimination. President Joe Biden signing his first executive orders in the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. A Biden administration spokesperson did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the record number of executive orders.
Lou Dobbs: Republicans Lost In 2020 Because “They Forgot Who Was The True Leader”
"It has a ring to it, but I don't know any particulars, I don't know what he's thinking. But I think the President means to be helpful and energizing those those good gentlemen, no matter what. "People like Mitch McConnell, John Thune, John Barrasso from Wyoming, Roy Blunt from Missouri, these Senators all are working very hard to undercut him. These people have become petty and vindictive and really are not honoring the guy that is the only good thing to happen to the Republican Party in the last of four cycles. And they did lose this year because the Republican Party forgot who was the true leader."
Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT): “The Democrats Have Left The Blue Collar Folks Behind”
"They've become enemies now of the American worker. They talk about the green-on-blue fight that is occurring in the Democratic Party, the green green folks versus the blue collar. That is why President Trump had such a strong following of American workers, because he was standing up for them. We've become global energy dominant under President Trump because of the private sector and American innovation. Biden's taking us back to the dark days of the 70s."
Los Angeles Times mocked after dedicating new beat to celebrating Kamala Harris: ‘Blatant hagiography’
The mainstream media’s love affair with Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t appear to be wrapping up anytime soon. The Los Angeles Times was ridiculed on social media Tuesday after announcing it would launch "Covering Kamala Harris," a project described as "a beat dedicated to her historic rise to the White House." "Covering Kamala Harris" was announced last week when the Los Angeles newspaper unveiled an Instagram account dedicated to Harris. "Kamala Harris is all kinds of firsts: the first woman, woman of color, Black woman, mixed-race woman and South Asian elected to national office. Others said the type of coverage simply isn’t journalism:The Los Angeles Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Trump's adult children see Twitter follower count rise after Biden inauguration
Since the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, the adult children of former President Donald Trump have enjoyed a boost in Twitter followers. Since Trump and former first lady Melania Trump boarded Air Force One en route to Palm Beach International Airport almost a week ago, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. have all acquired thousands of new followers. Although his brother's account has risen incrementally to now more than 6.6 million followers, Donald Trump Jr. reportedly also saw his numbers decrease on Tuesday. Comparatively, Tiffany Trump has fewer than 1 million Twitter followers -- at more than 886,800 -- and even her numbers are shown falling. Line graphs that accompany their Twitter statistics show steep drops in "Monthly Gained Followers" starting around November of last year.
Georgia lawmaker removed from House Chamber after refusing COVID-19 test
George state Rep. David Clark was reportedly booted from the House Chamber on Tuesday for allegedly refusing to get a COVID-19 test. Georgia Speaker David Ralston said he ordered George State Patrol officers to escort Clark of the state Capitol because he would not follow the bi-weekly testing requirements, Atlanta’s Fox 5 reported. All state lawmakers and their staff are required to get COVID tests twice a week during this session. A spokesperson for Ralston said Clark was "advised numerous times about the requirements and had refused to be tested at any point during this session." Writing on Twitter, Democratic Rep. Scott Holcomb said it was "absolutely necessary" for state lawmakers to get COVID-19 tests because they are indoors and "can’t always social distance."
Union leader: Chicago teachers are battling both coronavirus pandemic and fear
American Federation of Teachers leader Randi Weingarten said Tuesday that Chicago educators are battling both the coronavirus pandemic and "fear" as an impasse continues over resuming in-person learning in America's third-largest city. "We're fighting a pandemic and now we're fighting fear," Weingarten told "The Faulkner Focus." Weingarten briefed Biden White House officials last week on the standoff betweeen Chicago public officials and the Chicago Teachers Union, an affiliate of Weingarten's AFT. Members of the Chicago Teachers Union overwhelmingly voted over the weekend to refuse a district order to return for in-person instruction on Monday. Biden sided with the union on Monday, saying that teachers want to work as long as it's in a safe environment.
Pennsylvania woman accused of Pelosi laptop theft during Capitol riot banned from Internet
A federal judge in Pennsylvania Tuesday ordered the woman accused of helping to steal Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the Capitol riot to give up her Internet access and remain under house arrest. PENNSYLVANIA WOMAN ACCUSED OF STEALING PELOSI LAPTOP DURING CAPITOL RIOT COVERING TRACKS ONLINE: DOJ"She has a demonstrated history of deleting her own accounts and instructing other people to delete messages about the events that are under investigation," a Justice Department prosecutor said in court. In addition to alleged theft of government property, Williams faces a slew of other charges in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Williams’ ex-boyfriend flagged her to authorities after he allegedly found her in a YouTube video of the Capitol riot, according to court documents. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAccording to the FBI, Williams intended to sell the stolen laptop to Russian intelligence agents.
Biden ‘nothing we can do’ comment on coronavirus contrasts with campaign optimism
In November, Biden said he was going to "shut down" coronavirus once in office. Biden was pressed Monday to explain the change of tone between his campaign promises and current sentiment. "Now that you're president, you're saying there's nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next couple months," Doocy asked the president. Biden caused a stir with the grim outlook he offered on the nation’s ability to combat the coronavirus pandemic. "I believe President Biden made it very clear, the plane is in a nosedive, and we gotta pull it up.
Forty-five Republicans vote against proceeding with Senate impeachment trial
Senators were sworn in as jurors to President Trump’s impeachment trial Tuesday as the Senate voted 55-45 to end debate on Sen. Rand Paul’s point of order arguing that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office. Five GOP senators voted not to dismiss the impeachment trial of President Trump: Susan Collins, Maine, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Ben Sasse, Neb., and Pat Toomey, Pa. The Senate also passed its pre-trial organizing resolution 83 to 17, and the impeachment trial will be adjourned until Tuesday, Feb. 9, as Sen. Republican leader Mitch McConnell had been pushing for. Paul, in floor remarks ahead of the vote, claimed that the absence of the chief justice, who presides over impeachment trials in the Senate, made the trial unconstitutional. JONATHAN TURLEY, PROFESSOR WHO CALLED TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TO ATTEND SENATE GOP LUNCHEONTrump was impeached in the House after for months claiming that he won the presidential election.
Biden ending Keystone pipeline project was 'totally political': Laid-off pipeline worker
The Biden administration's cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline project was "totally political," a laid-off worker said on Tuesday, expressing dismay after being unemployed due to the executive order. At the time the cross-border permits for the pipeline were rescinded, he and his team were in Nebraska working on a pump station for Keystone XL. LAID-OFF KEYSTONE XL WORKER SAYS DECISION TO CANCEL PIPELINE ‘IS GOING TO HURT A LOT OF PEOPLE’In his first day in office, President Biden signed an executive order to halt the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which was meant to transport Canadian crude oil to the U.S., citing the climate-change crisis as the reason. The move swiftly eliminated the estimated 11,000 U.S. jobs – including 8,000 union jobs – the project would have sustained in 2021. This pipeline wasn't going to be the start of it.
Republicans target vulnerable House Democrats amid Biden fossil fuel crackdown
Republicans are already targeting vulnerable Democrats in states like Texas and Pennsylvania, where many jobs depend on oil or natural gas, as President Biden recommits to the Paris climate a1greement and makes other reversals of his predecessor's environmental policy. "By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he's more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. Many Democrats, including Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia and Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, voted for H.R. 9, which would have required the U.S. to stick with the Paris agreement's stipulations had it advanced further than the House of Representatives. But the gap between Green New Deal Democrats and their swing district colleagues could pose a problem for the party.
Biden, promoting racial equity, rips Trump administration’s ‘ignorance and lies’
President Biden on Tuesday signed a series of executive orders aimed at promoting racial equity in America, following through on a campaign promise he made last year amid nationwide racial protests. "It marked a turning point in this country’s attitude toward racial justice." Floyd’s death quickly pushed longstanding concerns over police brutality against minorities and the broader issue of the country’s history of systemic racism firmly back into the national spotlight. Biden signed four executive actions, including one which he said would root out systemic racism in housing and criminal justice. He directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development, known by its acronym HUD, "to redress historical racism in federal housing policies."
Bernie Sanders won’t say if he’ll move forward with Biden’s budget nominee
Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders is dodging questions on when or if he will move forward with President Biden’s pick for budget chief — given their rocky history. Asked by Punchbowl News whether he would push Neera Tanden’s nomination to run the Office of Management and Budget forward, Sanders (I-Vt.) was cagey. Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress (CAP), was tapped by Biden as his pick for budget chief in late November. President Biden tapped Neera Tanden as his pick for budget chief. We’re talking about a woman who’s notorious for assaulting Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager,” Briahna Joy Gray, Sanders’ 2020 campaign press secretary, told Politico of the choice.
Larry Kudlow, former top economic adviser to Trump, to host Fox Business show
Fox is hiring Larry Kudlow, most recently the top economic advisor to Donald Trump in the White House, as contributor and host of a weekday show on its business network. Kudlow, who will start on Feb. 8, will also provide analysis on Fox News Media platforms, Fox said Tuesday. The company did not provide further details. Fox chief executive officer Suzanne Scott said the former National Economic Council Director will bring his “vast experience in policy making coupled with his intuitive on-air presence” to the network. “I’ve long admired their insightful coverage and am excited to join many of my former colleagues now at FBN, creating a show that speaks to the real issues truly impacting Americans.”Prior to CNBC, Kudlow served as chief economist and senior managing director of then-global investment bank, securities trading and brokerage firm Bear Stearns, and served in Ronald Reagan’s administration in the early 1980s.
No-fly list: Southwest bans emotional-support animals
DALLAS — Emotional-support animals are no longer free to roam about the cabin on Southwest Airlines either. The airline said Monday that it will let passengers bring trained service dogs in the cabin, but it will no longer accept support animals, starting March 1. The move follows a Transportation Department decision to reverse a years long regulation and let airlines ban animals that owners claim provide emotional support. Airlines said some passengers abused the old rules to avoid pet fees. Southwest is the last of the nation’s six largest airlines to change its animal policy after the Transportation Department action.
Senators sworn in for Trump impeachment trial as some GOP members object
WASHINGTON — The US Senate was sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon. Congress is gearing-up for its second impeachment trial in 13 months on accusations Trump incited the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol by encouraging his supporters to overturn the presidential election. Under normal rules, the impeachment trial would begin at 1 p.m. the day after the articles are presented to the Senate. Sen. Patrick Leahy getting sworn in to preside over the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on January 26, 2021. Members of the US Senate are sworn in as jurors Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021, for the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.
Planned Parenthood victory: Supreme Court nixes rulings that upheld Texas pandemic abortion ban
In a victory for Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday overturned two lower court rulings that had sided with GOP officials in banning most abortion procedures in Texas in an effort to conserve medical resources at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. KAMALA HARRIS' ROE V. WADE POSTS DRAWS TENNESSEE GOVERNOR'S RESPONSEThe ban was issued as part of an executive order by Gov. Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups had filed a lawsuit to stop the ban, arguing it was issued in bad faith, as abortion is time-sensitive and a part of essential health care. Many Texans left the state during the onset of the pandemic to end their pregnancies elsewhere, The Texas Tribune reported. In a tweet the day before the Supreme Court ruling, Abbott announced that Texas will fully end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood by Feb. 3, adding that: "Innocent lives will be saved."
Left-leaning groups pressure companies not to hire ex-Trump officials
A left-leaning advocacy group launched a campaign Tuesday which calls for major corporations to pledge not to hire former senior Trump administration officials who helped to implement what it described as "cruel and anti-democratic policies." Dubbed the "Campaign against Corporate Complicity," the initiative is a collaboration between the public interest groups American Oversight and Accountable.us. The campaign will keep a rolling list of former Trump administration officials and track their career moves following their exits from the White House. In an open letter, the groups called on American CEOs to shun senior officials as they enter the private sector. "As senior Trump administration officials seek refuge in corporate America, companies should fully vet applicants for their participation in cruel and anti-democratic policies," the campaign’s website says.
Global coronavirus cases top 100 million
The world has now seen more than 100 million cases of the novel coronavirus since the outbreak of the deadly disease began a year ago. The United States leads the world with most cases, with more than 25.3 million total cases as of this writing, according to estimates from the university’s Coronavirus Resource Center. India follows behind with some 10.7 million cases. Brazil, meanwhile, is third in the world for most reported cases of COVID-19, recording some 8.9 million cases to date. But the rollout of these jabs has been slow, with recently-inaugurated President Joe Biden hoping to speed the process by vaccinating 100 million Americans in his administration’s first 100 days.
Former Bush, Obama homeland security secretaries urge Senate to confirm Alejandro Mayorkas
EXCLUSIVE: Former Obama and Bush-era homeland security secretaries on Tuesday urged the Senate to "swiftly" confirm Alejandro Mayorkas to lead DHS, saying "any further delays" will "hinder" the country’s ability to respond to national security risks. The four former homeland security secretaries pointed out that in the past four years, DHS "has seen no fewer than six people — two Senate-confirmed, four acting — at the helm of the 24,000-person agency charged with protecting the American people and their homeland." "The president-elect could not have found a more qualified person to be the next homeland security secretary," they wrote. We urge the Senate to act swiftly to put Mayorkas in place." The letter comes after Mayorkas was voted out of the Senate Homeland Security Committee by 7-4, with Democrats and GOP Sens.
McCarthy: California's Newsom hiding data used to justify lockdowns
Gavin Newsom of hiding coronavirus data on Tuesday. McCarthy, who represents California's 23rd Congressional District, criticized Newsom for lifting a regional stay-at-home order less than a week after President Biden took office and failing to explain why the state dropped its ICU capacity threshold for determining lockdowns. At the start of last week, no regions appeared likely to have the stay-at-home order lifted soon because their capacity was well below 15%. But within a day, the state announced it was lifting the order for the 13-county Greater Sacramento area. "There is more uncertainty created by NOT releasing the data that only the state has access to," he said in an email.
Biden called Putin to discuss his ‘malign actions,’ Navalny, Psaki says
President Biden on Tuesday called Russian President Vladimir Putin to put him on notice about his “malign actions,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. Psaki said that Biden intended to discuss a range of hot-button issues with Putin, including an allegation that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans. She said Biden also intended to discuss Putin’s support for pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, the recently discovered SolarWinds hack impacting US computer systems and a desire to extend an arms control treaty. “He called him, called President Putin this afternoon with the intention of discussing our willingness to extend new START for five years. “His intention was also to make clear that the United States will act firmly in defense of our national interests in response to malign actions by Russia”Psaki said the call had been scheduled to occur after she began the early-afternoon briefing and that the White House would later release a readout describing the call.
Matthew Stafford lists Detroit mansion for $6.5M with Lions exit imminent
Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, 32, is leaving his team, his city and the largest infinity pool in the state of Michigan. Stafford’s mansion outside Detroit is for sale, listed for $6.5 million. “The original flooring is very unique and nice to have,” listing broker Jeff Baker of Michigan’s Max Broock Realtors told The Post. Stafford told the Lions he would like a “fresh start” after the team’s season ended earlier this month, so they started looking to trade him. Stafford signed a $135 million five-year contract in 2017, leaving $43 million remaining on his contract to the Lions.
White House still can’t say where COVID-19 vaccine supply stands
At her daily briefing, Psaki repeatedly danced around requests for hard numbers on the available jabs, at one point punting to a briefing by President Biden scheduled for later in the day. “The president is going to have more of an update later this afternoon,” she said, when asked point-blank how many doses are currently in the US stockpile. Pressed for an explanation on the holdup, Psaki, as she did Monday, fell back on the excuse that the Biden administration is still less than a week old. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a briefing on January 26, 2021. AP“As I started the briefing conveying, the president will have more to say on our vaccine supply and also assistance and cooperation that we will be doing with the states later this afternoon,” she said.
'Same problems' will resurface if Biden rolls back border wall construction, former NM governor warns
Susana Martinez warned Tuesday that it is "very wrong" for the Biden administration to halt the construction of the southern border wall, calling the fence a "piece of the security of our nation." "We're certainly going to have the same problems that we did at the very beginning of President Trump's administration," Martinez told "America's Newsroom." "There was not enough wall, there weren't enough tools to make sure our borders were protected." ARIZONA SHERIFF RIPS BIDEN'S IMMIGRATION ORDERS: 'POLITICAL THEATER'President Biden last week signed an executive order that ends the construction of the wall at the southern border and issued a 100-day "pause" on deportations of illegal immigrants. By the strike of a pen the president has now said no, we’re not going to send them back.
Newsom nears California recall vote threshold: Here's what would happen next
Once considered a pipe dream in liberal California, a recall campaign to oust Democratic Gov. For that to happen, recall organizers must obtain 1.5 million signatures by March 17. As of Tuesday, Jan. 26, petitioners have gathered 1.2 million signatures, according to Recall Gavin, one of two groups organizing the effort. If the recall qualifies for a ballot – which under California law would likely happen in the fall – voters would then have to decide who replaces Newsom. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHis critics, however, maintained that the move was to counter the growing threat of the recall campaign.
Puerto Rico declares state of emergency over violence against women: 'An evil that has caused too much damage'
The declaration from Puerto Rico Gov. DISNEY WORLD EMPLOYEE ALERTS POLICE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM, REPORT SAYSIn 2020, Puerto Rico recorded 60 femicides, the Miami Herald reported, citing the Observatory for Gender Equity, a local watchdog group. The previous year, two other island-based rights groups released a study finding that at least one woman is killed in Puerto Rico every seven days, the newspaper added. Puerto Rico’s state of emergency defines gender-based violence as actions resulting in physical sexual or psychological harm to others that are motivated by stereotypes, the AFP reports. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPVilmarie Rivera, who leads the Puerto Rico Domestic Violence Shelter Network, added that "the government has recognized that there is a problem that we have to address as a priority."
White House says 'all violence' will be reviewed when pressed on Portland, Seattle riots
White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday said "all violence" will be reviewed as part of the Biden administration’s effort to combat domestic violent extremism when asked about recent riots in the Pacific Northwest. On Friday, Psaki announced that President Biden had requested a "comprehensive threat assessment" on domestic violent extremism from ODNI in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Psaki told reporters that the National Security Council would also build a new capability to focus on domestic violent extremism, which she referred to as "DVE." On Monday, Psaki said the president "condemns violence" and supports "peaceful protests," but in referring to Portland and Seattle, said those activities were not peaceful. "President Biden condemns violence and any violence in the strongest possible terms," Psaki said.
Biden's DHS pick Mayorkas advances out of committee, heads to Senate floor for confirmation vote
Alejandro Mayorkas, President Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was one step closer to taking the position on Tuesday after the Senate Homeland Security Committee advanced his nomination. It will now advance to the Senate floor, when he is likely to be confirmed. Citizenship and Immigration Services and deputy Homeland Security secretary, would be the first immigrant to run the department if confirmed. ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BIDEN'S DHS PICKThe committee held a confirmation hearing for Mayorkas last week, but quick passage was delayed by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who cited Biden’s immigration plan as a reason for imposing the hurdle. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDemocrats pushed back, with Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., saying Mayorkas represented "the best of America."
Capitol Police apologizes, admits advanced intel showed Congress was target before insurrection
"But I am also here to tell you what we are doing to secure the U.S. Capitol from future threats — whether domestic or foreign." "We knew there was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target," Pittman said. Sund also coordinated with D.C. Metropolitan Police Department acting Chief of Police Robert Contee to guarantee additional support on Jan. 6. "However, I do believe certain challenges the department faced the day of the attack could have been overcome with additional preparation." That left officers without a clear line of communication operating with limited information about what was occurring and with little instruction from leadership.
Joe Biden portrayed as 'boring,' moderate but some of his policies are 'extreme': Perino
President Joe Biden has proposed some "extreme" policies that warrant more attention from the mainstream media, "The Five" co-panelist Dana Perino said on Monday. "Joe Biden sounds boring, but his policies are actually kind of extreme if you go through the executive orders. President Trump's personality was extreme, but his policies were actually, in some cases, pretty leaning right, conventional," Perino said on "The Five." The Five co-panelist said Biden's cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline is one of the examples of "extreme executive orders that really affect people at home." Being at the White House is not boring, but they also focus way too much on the White House itself and not enough on the entire federal government.
Biden commerce pick promises jobless Keystone workers 'we will make sure that you have jobs'
Gina Raimondo, President Biden's nominee for secretary of commerce, promised that the Biden administration will ensure that union workers who lost jobs due to the blocking of the Keystone XL pipeline will get new jobs. LAID-OFF KEYSTONE XL WORKER SAYS DECISION TO CANCEL PIPELINE 'IS GOING TO HURT A LOT OF PEOPLE'"Last week, President Biden signed an executive order canceling the Keystone pipeline, destroying 11,000 jobs including 8,000 union jobs. If you were confirmed as secretary of commerce, what would you say to those 11,00 construction workers whose jobs have been destroyed by the stroke of a pen?" "So for those workers, the answer is somebody else will get a job?" Buttigieg responded that he and the administration "are very eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good-paying union jobs, even if they might be different ones."
De Blasio, Stringer hail city pension divestment from fossil fuel firms
Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated action on the city’s long-discussed plans to divest employee pension fund investments from fossil fuel firms in a push for a “green energy”-backing local economy. “In New York City, we don’t just talk about fighting climate change — we put our money where our mouth is. Our city pension funds are divesting $4 billion from fossil fuels that are bad for our city, for our residents, and a bad investment. Stringer called the move “one of the largest divestments in the world” from fossil fuels. “Super powerful to hear New York City’s union leaders explaining why they are divesting their pension funds from fossil fuels,” he said.
Indian farmers battle police in protest against agricultural reforms
Wild video captured some of the thousands of Indian farmers battling police in New Delhi on Tuesday as they protested against agricultural reforms by breaking into the historic Red Fort complex in the capital. One farmer was killed in what police said was an accident after his tractor overturned, Agence France-Presse reported, but farmers said he was shot. Indian farmers gather at the Red Fort amid their ongoing protest against the new agriculture laws in New Delhi. RAJAT GUPTA/EPA-EFE/ShutterstockThe farmers have been demanding the withdrawal of new laws they claim will favor large corporate farms and devastate the earnings of smaller-scale farmers. The government insists that the recently passed agriculture reform laws will benefit farmers and boost production through private investment.
BlackRock’s Larry Fink urges companies to plan for climate change
Larry Fink is telling companies he invests in to show him how they will combat climate change — or else. “We are asking you to disclose how this plan is incorporated into your long-term strategy and reviewed by your board of directors,” Fink writes. The request appears to mostly apply to BlackRock’s actively managed funds, which make up roughly a quarter of the fund’s portfolio. Deese, 42, was BlackRock’s global head of sustainable investing, a role that put him in control of the fund’s climate change investment policies. He is now the president’s chief economic advisor and will play a key role in shaping federal ESG policies and regulations.
Tony Blinken confirmed as Joe Biden’s secretary of state
The Senate on Tuesday easily confirmed Tony Blinken to be President Joe Biden’s secretary of state. Blinken won broad bipartisan support in the 78-22 vote. At his confirmation hearing this month, Blinken praised former President Donald Trump for taking a tougher approach to China, but was grilled on Obama-era Mideast policies. Tony Blinken won broad bipartisan support in the 78-22 vote. Paul said he’s concerned that “the lesson to Blinken and Biden and his administration isn’t that regime change doesn’t work.
Twitter’s Hunter Biden crackdown includes blocking Dana Loesch from platform campaign
Twitter is still targeting users who share reporting related to The Post’s Hunter Biden exposé — this time by blocking conservative radio host Dana Loesch from joining Birdwatch, the platform’s new campaign to root out disinformation. “The violation was @Twitter locking my account for sharing a story I wrote about big tech’s reaction to the NYP/Hunter Biden story,” Loesch tweeted Monday, the day the platform launched the crowdsourced tool designed to target misinformation. Citing its “hacked materials” policy, Twitter locked The Post’s account for two weeks — as well as booted users who tweeted about the story. On Monday, Twitter launched Birdwatch, a Wikipedia-esque function that allows people to flag misleading posts and write notes that provide more context. “Let’s be real: @birdwatch will mainly be progressives gaslighting center and right-of-center stories,” Loesch tweeted.
Capitol Police chief offers ‘sincerest apologies’ to Congress over Capitol riot
Yogananda D. Pittman, the agency’s acting chief, offered her “sincerest apologies” on behalf of the department during a closed-door briefing Tuesday before the House Appropriations Committee. Yogananda D. Pittman apologized for the Capitol siege on January 6, 2021. Scott Applewhite“The Department prepared in order to meet these challenges, but we did not do enough,” Pittman’s testimony continued. The acting chief said more than 1,200 Capitol police officers were working at the site when the siege unfolded — leaving five people dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. “We know the eyes of the country and the world are upon us,” Pittman said, according to her prepared remarks.
Biden, at 63 Percent Approval, Admits Need to Boost Vaccine Goal
Howie Kurtz on President Biden getting some high approval ratings early, Biden saying daily vaccinations need to increase and support for impeachment running down party lines. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Shift to electric vehicles spurs bid to make more batteries in US
The auto industry’s quickening shift to electric cars is spurring investment in another emerging industry in the U.S.: manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for those vehicles. Much of that money will be used to build a factory in the U.S. for making battery materials, he said. Industry executives and lawmakers say the U.S. needs to reduce its reliance on China if it wants to lower costs and remain competitive in making electric vehicles and their batteries domestically. And yet, there is currently little production in the U.S. for critical battery materials such as lithium and graphite. The factory, when finished, is expected to make enough materials to supply batteries in more than one million cars annually, he said.
Biden to ban new permits for drilling on federal lands, waters for one year
The Biden Administration is set to extend a ban on new leases for oil and gas drilling and fracking on federal lands and waters for one year as it attempts to combat climate change, a source told FOX Business. Continue Reading BelowThe decision comes days after President Biden signed an executive order that putting drilling and fracking on hold for 60 days. Biden on the campaign trail called for the U.S. to phase out its dependence on fossil fuels. BUTTIGIEG DEFENDS BIDEN KILLING KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE AMID CRITICISM FROM UNIONS“I would transition away from the oil industry,” Biden said at a presidential debate in October. A fracking ban on federal lands would deliver a devastating blow to the U.S. economy, according to the American Petroleum Institute.
Liberal website Salon slammed for ‘disingenuous political smear’ against Sen. Cotton's military service
Liberal website Salon was slammed for publishing a "a disingenuous political smear" that questioned Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s use of the term "Army Ranger" to describe himself. "Rather, Cotton attended the Ranger School, a two-month-long, small-unit tactical infantry course that literally anyone in the military is eligible to attend. "Senator Cotton graduated from Ranger school and is more of a Ranger than a Salon reporter like you will ever be," Tabler told Sollenberger. "I graduated from the Ranger school, I wore the Ranger tab in combat with the 101st Airborne in Iraq. "There are surely some Americans who sincerely believe only those who served in the 75th Ranger Regiment should be called Army Rangers.
Senate confirms Antony Blinken as Biden's secretary of state
The Senate on Tuesday voted 78-22 to confirm Antony Blinken as the next secretary of state -- who will be a key figure in President Biden's efforts to restore alliances across the globe and forge a new foreign policy approach. ANTONY BLINKEN: WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BIDEN'S SECRETARY OF STATE PICKBlinken, 58, was a member of President Bill Clinton's National Security Council staff from 1994 to 2001. Blinken was confirmed once before by the Senate on Dec. 16, 2014, when Obama nominated Blinken to become deputy secretary of state under John Kerry. AFTER JOINING BURISMA, HUNTER BIDEN REQUESTED MEETINGS WITH ANTONY BLINKEN: STATE DEPT. Blinken will play a key role in reversing much of President Donald Trump's foreign policy moves, and adopt a more multilateralist approach to foreign policy matters.
Schumer suggests Biden declare 'climate emergency'
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer suggested Monday that President Biden consider declaring an emergency on climate change. "It might be a good idea for President Biden to call a climate emergency," the New York Democrat told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Schumer seemingly suggested Biden do for the climate what President Trump did for the border-- declare a national emergency to bypass legislative debate and use executive authority. "If today, the national emergency is border security ... tomorrow the national emergency might be climate change," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said on CNBC in 2019. DEM SENATOR WANTS BIDEN TO DECLARE CLIMATE 'NATIONAL EMERGENCY'"There may be things that are reconcilable," Schumer said about the ability to include climate rules in budget legislation.
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says Trump’s ‘not going to start a third party’
EXCLUSIVE: Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel says she’s confident that former President Trump won’t start a splinter party. TOP TRUMP ADIVISER PUSHES BACK ON PLANS FOR A THIRD PARTY"I’ve talked to the president (Trump). He’s not going to start a third party," McDaniel emphasized in an interview Tuesday with Fox News. The move came as the state’s Republican Party chair – strong Trump supporter Kelli Ward – was narrowly re-elected thanks in part to backing from the former president. "Already you’re seeing Biden putting forward policies that will bankrupt our country… already eliminating jobs in key states," the RNC chair charged.
Over 8M Americans have fallen into poverty as COVID-19 relief benefits expired
More than 8 million Americans fell into poverty over the past six months as social safety measures put into place at the start of the coronavirus pandemic expired, according to a new study published this week. The aid package included a temporary expansion of unemployment benefits at $600 a week and a one-time $1,200 stimulus check for most adults. The $900 billion bill included a second cash payment of $600 for most adults and an extension of federal unemployment benefits through mid-March. The disparity is even greater among minorities, according to the study, which found that poverty rose 5.4 percentage points for Black Americans since June. Almost 70 million Americans, or about 40% of the labor force, have filed for unemployment benefits during the pandemic.
Washington Post columnist slammed for claiming 'many conservatives' offended by Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
A liberal Washington Post columnist was called out Monday for claiming "many conservatives" would object to Harriet Tubman gracing the $20 bill but giving no examples. "Many conservatives will find the new Tubman bill distressing, even if they could barely tell you the first thing about Jackson," columnist Paul Waldman wrote for the liberal "Plum Line" blog. "As for replacing Jackson with Tubman, it’s possible that a few people would oppose it, but too few to be worth consideration. The only significant debate among conservatives about the Tubman $20 is which portrait should be used," he added, noting some conservatives favor an image of Tubman holding a pistol rather than a typical headshot. A Forbes column in 2016 by Frank Miniter headlined, "The New $20 Bill Is Making Gun-Rights Advocates And Conservatives Cheer," argued the opposite of Waldman's claim.
Discount retailers are pandemic winners, as big chains shutter
Manhattan was the hardest hit with 520 out of the 1,057 stores that closed and a loss of 17.4 percent of its chains. Discount stores and all-in-one shops, like Target, have succeeded during the pandemic, signing fresh leases and expanding their footprints in the city. Discount stores like Dollar General are also raking in the money and boosting retail leasing in the process. However, fashion tenants, Sabbagh said, are still sitting in limbo, unsure whether the dramatic shift by consumers to online shopping will stick around long term. “Fifth Avenue won’t go to zero,” Sabbagh predicted, “and Madison won’t go to zero.”
Beyond Meat inks deal with PepsiCo for snacks, drinks
Beyond Meat’s shares are sizzling on the news that it will launch a new line of snacks and beverages with PepsiCo. The El Segundo, Calif-based fake meat company on Monday announced a joint venture with the snacks and soda giant called PLANeT Partnership, sending Beyond Meat’s shares up more than 20 percent. Together the companies will develop a line of snacks and beverages made from the plant-based protein Beyond Meat uses in its burgers and sausages. The spike in Beyond Meat shares comes after they got clobbered in November. While Beyond Meat had said it was a “co-creator” of the burger giant’s upcoming McPlant veggie burger, McDonald’s said it is being developed “by McDonald’s for McDonald’s.
Martha Stewart launching line of cannabis products for dogs
Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart on Tuesday launched a line of cannabis-infused oil drops and soft-baked chews for dogs, months after the successful release of her cannabidiol (CBD) gummie treats for humans hit shelves in the United States. Last year, stay at home orders to stem the spread of COVID-19 limited people’s entertainment options and fueled stress and anxiety. Cannabis-infused edibles, like gummies and chocolates, and beverages were among the most highly-sought cannabis products. Stewart wants to bring those benefits to dogs with CBD oil drops and soft-baked chews, which she claims can help with mental and physical well-being, reduce stress and maintain joint health and movement. The products will be available on Canopy’s e-commerce Web sites and on Franchise Group’s The Vitamin Shoppe Web site next month.
Commercial building sales slumped in 2020, but deals are on the horizon
Commercial sales slumped in 2020 as quarantines crushed the global markets. Fidi’s 8 Carlisle St. has plans for a 50-story residential building. Expected to fetch around $100 million, it includes planning approvals for a 50-story residential building of nearly 400,000 square feet. In fact, the lack of transparency in the market is leading many building owners to hold their properties off the market. Similarly, in January, KBS Funds closed on the $12 million purchase of a 3,086-square-foot retail condominium at the base of a new residential building in Tribeca.
Tiffany’s lineup set for a major overhaul under new owner LVMH
French luxury goods group LVMH plans to overhaul Tiffany & Co.’s vast merchandise lineup to increase the focus on gold and precious gems and take its silver bangles upmarket after closing the $15.8 billion takeover of the US jeweler this month. The group is also considering building out Tiffany’s lineup in watches, another source familiar with its thinking said. “We will also prioritize Tiffany’s long-term desirability over short-term constraints,” Arnault said, according to a person who attended. At one point brandishing one of Tiffany’s signature robin’s egg-blue boxes, Arnault underscored the label could count on cash-rich LVMH’s resources. LVMH said fourth-quarter sales came in at 14.3 billion euros overall.
EU urges US to draft joint rule book to rein in tech giants
BRUSSELS — The European Union on Tuesday called on U.S. President Joe Biden to help draw up a common rule book to rein in the power of big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter and combat the spread of fake news that is eating away at Western democracies. “The business model of online platforms has an impact and not only on free and fair competition, but also on our democracies, our security and on the quality of our information,” von der Leyen said. In December, the Commission proposed two new pieces of EU legislation to better protect consumers and their rights online, make tech platforms more accountable, and improve digital competition, building on the bloc’s data protection rules, which are among the most stringent in the world. Von der Leyen said: “We want the platforms to be transparent about how their algorithms work. “There needs to be a framework of laws for such far-reaching decisions.”
Can big tech float NYC’s struggling leasing market?
The largest sublease on the market is 322,000 square feet on the top of Morgan North at 341 Ninth Ave., which boasts a very green roof. Smaller firms will also find an abundance of law firm spaces, and even offices of less than 2,000 square feet. Currently, space leased directly from property owners runs at an average of $82.60 per foot — subleases go for $62.79. Smaller firms will also find an abundance of law firm spaces, and even offices of less than 2,000 square feet. For instance, Transwestern closed 325,000 square feet of deals for charter schools last year and has already closed two deals for Democracy Prep Public Schools totaling 125,000 square feet in the Bronx for new construction and a temporary location.
Joe Biden to present racial equity plan, sign executive actions
President Biden will lay out his “racial equity” plan and sign a series of executive actions to jumpstart that agenda Tuesday. Executive orders are legally binding, and as a result, are published in the Federal Register. Executive actions, by contrast, are more often symbolic efforts to enact change. He is also expected to sign actions disavowing racism and xenophobia. Since taking office last Wednesday, Biden has signed dozens of executive actions and orders.
Trump backs ex-spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Arkansas governor
?Former President Donald Trump threw his support to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the administration’s former White House press secretary who is making a run for governor in her home state of Arkansas. “Sarah is strong on Borders, tough on Crime, and fully supports the Second Amendment and our great law enforcement officers,” Trump said in a statement to Fox News. “She loves our Military and Veterans — and her home state of Arkansas,” he said. “Sarah will be a GREAT Governor, and she has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”Sanders, who left the White House in 2019, announced on Monday she would run for governor in Arkansas, a job her father, Mike Huckabee, held from 1997 to 2006. “America is great because we are free, but today, our freedom and the rule of law are under attack,” she said.
Joe Biden’s $1.5B campaign haul reportedly helped by $145M in ‘dark money’
President Joe Biden’s record-breaking $1.5 billion campaign fundraising haul was boosted by millions in so-called “dark money” contributions from anonymous donors who will never be identified, according to a report. Contributors can write eight-figure checks to super PACs and joint-fundraising committees can bring in as much as $830,500, Larry Noble, a former Federal Elections Commission official, told Bloomberg. Reform groups point out the possibility of wealthy donors gaining discrete influence over decision makers without public knowledge of their actions through “dark money” contributions. “The whole point of dark money is to avoid public disclosure while getting private credit,” Meredith McGehee, executive director of Issue One, which advocates for reducing the influence of money on politics, told Bloomberg. “It’s only dark money to the public.”
Hollywood mansion, once home to Cher, sells for $88M at a loss
realtor.com Sonny and Cher filmed part of their TV show at Owlwood, and when the couple hit rocky times, CBS threatened to cancel the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour if either moved out -- so the pair inhabited separate wings. realtor.com Finally, Ameriquest Mortgage founder Roland Arnall bought the property in 2002 and expanded the property from 4 to 10 acres. They finally divorced in 1975, and music industry mogul David Geffen moved in with Cher for a few months before they sold the house. Arnall died of cancer in March 2008, soon after the subprime mortgage market came crashing down, and his widow sold the combined three-lot mansion to Shapiro in 2016. The mansion with hardwood floors and decorative moldings also served as a Grammy Awards brunch for Jay-Z in 2017.
Disgraced billionaire Steve Wynn lists Beverly Hills mansion for $110M
Ousted casino mogul and Wynn Resorts founder Steve Wynn, 78, seems to want to get as far away from his former Las Vegas-based company as possible. Wynn is selling off his assets in the Southwest following allegations of sexual misconduct at Wynn Resorts — accusations which he denies but that still cost him $20 million in investor settlement claims. In addition to listing his $25 million Las Vegas mansion this summer, the scandalized billionaire listed his 11-bed, 14.5-bath mega-mansion in Beverly Hills for an eye-popping $110 million on Jan. 22. He is said to have poured millions into renovating the house, led by architect-to-the-stars William Hablinski and Wynn Resorts’ interior designer Roger Thomas. In total, Wynn added 10,000 feet to the complex, including a palatial grand living room and an independent apartment, according to the listing.
McConnell urges Democrats to keep filibuster as Senate works towards power share
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday urged Democrats to keep the filibuster as he moves closer to a power-sharing arrangement in the chamber after relenting on his demand that the 60-vote legislative threshold be protected in writing. Two Senate Democrats publicly sided with McConnell on the filibuster issue Monday, so the Republican leader dropped his demand for written assurances before agreeing to a 50-50 power-sharing deal for Senate committees. “President Trump and others pressured us heavily, me in particular, to scrap this rule when it was protecting the Democratic minority. I said we would not do that to our colleagues in the minority,” McConnell said. So instead of building stable consensus, we’d be chaotically swapping party platforms.”Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday urged Democrats to keep the filibuster.
Inside NYC’s new high-tech, COVID-19-proof office towers
In fact, a bevy of newly constructed and redeveloped towers are poised to hit the market in Manhattan. In Hudson Square, 561 Greenwich St. is being combined with the adjacent 345 Hudson St. to create larger floor plates as floors become available. Another new project, Zero Irving, located on East 14th Street between Third Avenue and Union Square East on the site of a former PC Richards, is rising on city land. Neighbors include Facebook at 770 Broadway, IBM at 51 Astor Place and Netflix’s new 100,000-square-foot office in the renovation of 888 Broadway. “It’s very sophisticated and will be well-positioned to compete.”The Six at 106 W. 56th St. is a new boutique office project with 87,000 square feet.
Sen. Rob Portman on decision not to seek reelection: ‘It’s a harder time to find that middle ground’
One day after announcing he will not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022, Senator Rob Portman said increasing partisanship had played into his retirement. ROB PORTMAN NOT RUNNING FOR REELECTION IN 2022Portman, currently the top Republican on the Senate’s Homeland Security committee, has represented Ohio since 2010 and was reelected to his seat in 2016. After decades of government service, Portman said he looks forward to spending more time with his family after his term ends. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPLooking ahead, Portman said he believes finding common ground would best help the nation move forward. And that has to start with trusting each other and working with each other and finding that common ground."
Media critic calls out Biden for taking questions from 'pre-approved list of reporters'
Fourh Watch newsletter editor Steve Krakauer criticized the Biden White House for choosing reporters off a pre-approved list at a press conference Monday, similar to how the Biden team handled press avails during the campaign. "What you are going to get is no one asking tough questions," Krakauer told "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday. Krakauer explained the Biden campaign has a system used for the campaign, transition, and administration in which the team only calls on certain reporters based on a pre-approved list. "If you ask a tough question you might be taken off the list. The pre-selected reporters came from The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC News, Reuters, and Bloomberg News.
FBI 'reviewing' congressional requests for investigations into Parler, Facebook, Twitter roles in Capitol riot
The FBI is "reviewing" congressional requests for investigations into the "role" Parler, Facebook and Twitter played in the Capitol riot earlier this month, Fox News has learned. House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., last week requested that the FBI investigate Parler’s "role" as a "potential facilitator" of planning or inciting the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6. "We have no comment on the specifics of the investigation, but we are reviewing these requests from members of Congress," the FBI told Fox News. "We request you amend your request for an FBI investigation to include Facebook and Twitter and the roles those companies played to contribute to the January 6 riot." PARLER 'WELCOMES' FBI INVESTIGATION INTO COMPANY'S 'ROLE' IN JANUARY 6 CAPITOL RIOTNeither Facebook nor Twitter responded to Fox News’ request for comment regarding a potential FBI investigation into the platforms.
Haley says Biden rejoining UN Human Rights Council would 'fly in the face' of rights push
Ambassador Nikki Haley on Monday warned that a potential move by President Biden to rejoin the controversial U.N. Human Rights Council would "fly in the face" of the fight for human rights. "The U.N. Human Rights Council is a cesspool of political bias that makes a mockery of human rights," Haley tweeted. NIKKI HALEY SAYS BIDEN IMMIGRATION BILL WILL 'UNDERMINE THE RULE OF LAW'"If Biden rejoins the council whose membership includes dictatorial regimes & some of the world’s worst human rights violators, it will fly in the face of our fight for human rights," she said. Haley was part of the Trump administration in 2018 when it pulled the U.S. out of the Human Rights Council. "It is an affront to human rights defenders craving support from the United Nations."
Psaki holds White House press briefing with Biden domestic policy adviser Susan Rice
White House press secretary Jen Psaki is holding a briefing Tuesday with President Biden’s domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, to discuss actions the administration is expected to take to "advance racial equity." "Today, President Biden will take bold action to advance racial equity and support communities of color and other underserved communities," the White House tweeted Tuesday. The president is also expected to sign an executive order to end the Justice Department’s use of private prisons. Biden’s move is also intended to empower self-determination and advance racial justice for Native communities. Last week, Biden also signed an executive order that prohibits against workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
200 House Republicans sign letter to protect Hyde Amendment
Two-hundred House Republicans signed a letter Tuesday to protect the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of taxpayer dollars to fund non-governmental entities that perform or refer abortions. "We cannot allow the Hyde Amendment and other important pro-life safeguards to be decimated by Congressional Democrats. Accordingly, we pledge to vote against any government funding bill that eliminates or weakens the Hyde Amendment or other current-law, pro-life appropriations provisions," the letter states. DEMOCRATS FACE INTRAPARTY RESISTANCE OVER HYDE AMENDMENT AS LEADERSHIP PERSUES REPEALSome progressive Democrats argue that the amendment infringes on women's rights to get abortions using federal Medicaid benefits and disproportionately affects marginalized women. "Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to enshrine Roe into federal law, and pass the EACH Woman Act to repeal the Hyde Amendment," she said.
Fired New York Times editor says paper lying about reason for dismissal after pro-Biden tweet
Former New York Times freelance editor Lauren Wolfe shot back at the paper's claim that she was not dismissed solely because of a pro-Joe Biden tweet last week, saying the Times was smearing her reputation. Wolfe told the Post a manager from the company had dismissed her because the Times could not be associated with the tweet. We’ve always made clear that the newsroom employees should avoid posting anything on social media that damages our reputation for neutrality and fairness." Wolfe became the center of Twitter controversy after she reacted to then President-elect Joe Biden’s plane landing the day before his inauguration. She wrote: "Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now.
McConnell warns of 'scorched-earth, post-nuclear Senate,' promises 'nightmare' if Dems end filibuster
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell promised a "nightmare" for Senate Democrats and Vice President Kamala Harris if they move to end the legislative filibuster during the next two years. D-W.Va., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., McConnell relented on his demand that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., include a provision preserving the filibuster in their power-sharing agreement in the 50-50 Senate. MCCONNELL ENDS STALEMATE OVER FILIBUSTER, PAVING WAY FOR POWER-SHARING AGREEMENT WITH SCHUMER"The Senate exists to require deliberation and cooperation. "Technically, it takes collegiality and consent for the majority to keep acting as the majority at any time they do not physically ... have a majority," McConnell added. But, McConnell said, any progress on anything would be destroyed if Democrats get rid of the filibuster.
Rand Paul to trigger Senate vote on whether Trump impeachment trial is constitutional
Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday afternoon is expected to force a vote on whether the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump is unconstitutional now that he is out of office. That will force a vote on the point of order, requiring senators to go on-the-record about whether they believe the trial is constitutional. "I think there will be enough support on it to show there’s no chance they can impeach the president," Paul told reporters Tuesday. JONATHAN TURLEY, PROFESSOR WHO CALLED TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TO ATTEND SENATE GOP LUNCHEONBut Republicans have argued that the trial for Trump, a former president, would be beyond its jurisdiction. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., last week responded to Republican arguments that the Senate cannot constitutionally hold an impeachment trial for a former president.
Man fatally shoots mom in Manhattan NYCHA building: cops
A man fatally shot his mother inside an East Harlem housing project Tuesday morning, according to authorities and police sources. The 39-year-old woman was shot in the head inside an NYCHA apartment on East 108th Street near Park Avenue, part of the Lehman Houses development, just after 9 a.m., according to cops and the sources. EMS responded for a report of a cardiac arrest, and the woman was pronounced dead on scene, according to police and the FDNY. Her 22-year-old son fled after the shooting, but was taken into custody nearby — with a revolver in his possession — when police recognized him based on a witness’ description, police sources said. He was not immediately charged.
UN chief urges global alliance to counter rise of neo-Nazis
Getty ImagesThe secretary-general said it’s sad but not surprising that the pandemic has triggered another eruption of Holocaust denial, distortion and minimizing history. “Tragically, after decades in the shadows, neo-Nazis and their ideas are now gaining currency,”Guterres said US authorities have warned that neo-Nazis are on the rise across the country and around the world. “The continued rise of white supremacy and neo-Nazi ideology must be seen in the context of a global attack on truth that has reduced the role of science and fact-based analysis in public life,” he said. Guterres said fragmentation of the traditional media and the growth of social media are contributing to the absence of shared facts. Getty Images“We need coordinated global action, on the scale of the threat we face, to build an alliance against the growth and spread of neo-Nazism and white supremacy and to fight propaganda and disinformation,” he said.
Verizon takes fourth quarter hit from sale of HuffPost
Verizon said Tuesday that its fourth quarter profit and sales slipped due to higher costs and a $119 million charge related to the sale of news and opinion site HuffPost. During the fourth quarter, Verizon posted net income of $4.7 billion, down nearly 10 percent, due to a $523 million hit from severance payments, costs and a $119 million charge from the sale of HuffPost to Buzzfeed in November. Verizon said that its core media business, which includes Yahoo, appeared to turn a corner in the quarter, fueled by strong advertising sales. In its wireless business, Verizon reported 357,000 wireless retail postpaid net additions in the fourth quarter, driven by 163,000 phone and 275,000 other connected device net additions, partially offset by 81,000 tablet net losses. Although Verizon did not reveal how many of its users have taken advantage of its deal with Disney for the Disney Bundle, which is included in select Verizon wireless plans, it did shed some light on retention.
Woman accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop may be destroying evidence: feds
The Justice Department said it was concerned that the Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the US Capitol riots might be destroying evidence — and encouraging others to do so. She was charged with entering a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to Department of Justice records. APAfter US Magistrate Judge Martin Carlson ordered her release, prosecutors claim Williams “instructed” alleged co-conspirators to also scrub their social media presence, the outlet reported. The government has requested that the conditions of Williams’ release be amended to cut off her internet access and allow investigators to monitor her compliance, according to Law and Crime. The former boyfriend, Michael Prodanov, declined to comment to The Post last week other than to say he would present evidence “that will disprove” Williams’ claims.
Google halts donations to lawmakers who voted against election results
Google became the latest corporate giant to financially cut off members of Congress who voted against certifying the presidential election results this month. “Following that review, the NetPAC board has decided that it will not be making any contributions this cycle to any member of Congress who voted against certification of the election results,” a Google spokesperson told The Post in a statement Tuesday. Google’s announcement came about two weeks after rival Amazon said it would stop giving to the lawmakers who voted to overturn the election results, according to Reuters. Google’s NetPAC shelled out nearly $2 million in political contributions to candidates from both parties and other political action committees in 2019 and 2020, Federal Election Commission data show. Some of those prior contributions went to Republicans who voted against certifying the election results, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and California Rep. Devin Nunes, the data show.
Schumer mulling expanding lower courts to offset Trump’s judiciary appointments
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats are considering expanding the number of judges in district and circuit courts to offset former President Donald Trump’s appointment of more than 200 judges to the federal bench during his four years in office. Former President Donald Trump appointed 226 federal judges to the appeals and district courts. AFP via Getty Images“Second, traditionally, we have increased the number in the lower and circuit courts. So we could expand those,” he said, referring to district and circuit courts. Trump appointed 226 federal judges to the appeals and district courts, according to the Federal Judicial Center.
Robert Kraft massage parlor tapes to be destroyed, judge orders
A federal judge in Florida has ruled that videos recorded when New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft visited a massage parlor should be destroyed, according to court documents. US District Judge Rodolfo A. Ruiz II ruled Friday that footage of Kraft and other customers must be erased because they were filmed during unlawful surveillance, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. However, attorneys for the 79-year-old billionaire fought to get them destroyed because they feared the footage could be leaked. Chief Assistant State Attorney Al Johnson responded that his office “has no interest in maintaining possession of, or releasing to the public, any of the surveillance videos,” the report said. Police say they recorded Kraft paying for sex acts at the Orchids of Asia spa on consecutive days in January 2019.
Jonathan Turley, professor who called Trump impeachment trial unconstitutional, to attend Senate GOP luncheon
George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley will meet with Senate Republicans on Tuesday at their in-person lunch to discuss the constitutionality of the impending impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump. Turley has argued that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer the president. Many Senate Republicans have adopted this argument. House Democrats delivered the impeachment article against Trump to the Senate on Monday night, officially starting his trial. And if Trump is not convicted, the Senate cannot hold a vote on barring him from holding office in the future.
Former DNC Chair Perez mulls bid for Maryland governor
PEREZ SUCCEEDED BY SOUTH CAROLINA'S HARRISON AS DNC CHAIRPerez made the news in a new interview with the liberal podcaster Bill Press on "The Bill Press Pod." "I live here in Maryland," Perez told liberal podcaster Bill Press on "The Bill Press Pod." MARYLAND GOV. Republican Lt. Gov. And at least 10 other Republicans are considered possible contenders, including former Republican National Committee chair, 2006 Senate nominee and former Lt. Gov.
Green River Killer's youngest victim identified decades later using genetic technology
The youngest known victim of the infamous "Green River Killer," who terrorized the Seattle-area during the 1980s, has been identified using genetic genealogy almost 37 years after her remains were found by a baseball field in a suburb outside the city, the King County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday. SEATTLE-AREA MAN ACCUSED OF STEALING POLICE RIFLE DURING GEORGE FLOYD RIOTS CHARGED IN SEPARATE SHOOTINGSince 2003, Gary Ridgway, dubbed the Green River Killer, pleaded guilty to killing 49 women and girls. Four of those victims, including Stephens, had not been identified even by the time he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. "We are thankful that Wendy Stephens’ family will now have answers to their enormous loss suffered nearly 40 years ago." He was long a suspect in the Green River killings — so called because the first victims were found in the Green River, which runs through several south Seattle suburbs.
Tulsi Gabbard slams Schiff, Brennan, Big Tech as more 'dangerous' than Capitol rioters
Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, asserted that tech industry leaders and Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and former CIA director John Brennan are "domestic enemies" of the U.S. who are more dangerous than the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. 135 CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS SPEAK OUT AGAINST CONGRESS' PROPOSED NEW DOMESTIC TERROR LAW"The mob who stormed the Capitol on January 6 to try to stop Congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities were behaving like domestic enemies of our country," Gabbard said. Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, introduced a bill in 2019 that would create a new statute for a federal offense of domestic terrorism. "President Biden, I call upon you & all of Congress from both parties to denounce efforts by Brennan & others to take away our civil liberties endowed to us by our Creator & guaranteed in our Constitution. If you don't stand up to them now, then our country will be in great peril," she said.
New York Times opinion editor who resigned over Tom Cotton op-ed uproar lands new gig
The former New York Times editorial page editor who resigned following a staff-wide uproar over the publication of an op-ed by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton has landed a new job. James Bennet is set to begin work at The Economist for a year-long stint as a visiting senior editor. Rather, Cotton called for deploying federal troops if necessary to bolster local authorities dealing with riots in cities like New York. Opinion writer and editor Bari Weiss resigned from the Times a month later and said Twitter had essentially become its editor. Cotton ripped the Grey Lady at the time for surrendering to a "woke child mob from their own newsroom."
Ghislaine Maxwell wants charges dropped over Jeffrey Epstein plea deal
The arguments are among a dozen motions Maxwell’s lawyers filed Monday seeking to dismiss — or, at the very least, reduce — the federal charges she faces. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell pose together in 2005. Ghislaine Maxwell is charged with recruiting and grooming three teenage girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein. But they also claim that not enough black or Hispanic grand jurors were used to indict her in late June — in alleged violation of her constitutional rights. Prosecutors have yet to file their response to Maxwell’s motions to dismiss.
Senators to be sworn in Tuesday for Trump’s impeachment trial
Senators will be sworn in Tuesday afternoon to serve as jurors in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump for accusations that he incited the riot at the Capitol earlier this month by rousing his supporters to overturn the November presidential election. Democratic members of the House impeachment team walked the one article of impeachment for “incitement of an insurrection” through the halls of the Capitol Monday evening to the Senate, officially allowing Trump’s second impeachment trial to begin. Trump’s second impeachment trial comes a little more than a year after senators were sworn in for his first trial on Jan. 16 on two articles of impeachment – for obstructing justice and abuse of power. He was acquitted on both charges in a Senate vote in February. This will be the fourth impeachment trial in the history of the Senate.
Sen. Ted Cruz reintroduces congressional term limits amendment
A group of GOP lawmakers led by Sen. Ted Cruz has reintroduced legislation imposing term limits on members of Congress. Toomey, who will retire after his term ends in 2022, has also long backed term limits, though he did not co-sponsor Cruz’s 2019 amendment. When Cruz pushed for term limits in 2017 and 2019, his bills were never brought to the Senate floor, despite occasional endorsements from President Donald Trump and others. The Supreme Court ruled in US Term Limits Inc. v. Thornton that states cannot impose qualifications for prospective members of Congress that are more strict than those written in the Constitution. As part of its 1995 ruling, the court stated that the only way to impose term limits on Congress would be through a constitutional amendment.
PepsiCo, Beyond Meat partner to develop plant-based snacks, drinks
PepsiCo and Beyond Meat are teaming up to develop and produce new snacks and beverages made with plant-based protein, the companies jointly announced Tuesday. Operations will be handled by the brands’ newly created entity, PLANeT Partnership LLC. BEYOND MEAT STARTS PRODUCTION IN CHINABeyond Meat founder Ethan Brown added that he was “thrilled” to be joining PepsiCo on the new venture. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSThe demand for plant-based meat, in general, has only grown since the beginning of the pandemic, with brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods expanding in U.S. and international markets. And Impossible Foods has twice cut the wholesale price for its plant-based items in a bid to challenge the meat industry directly.
Iran executes another wrestler despite US, international outcry, reports say
Iran has executed another decorated wrestler this week despite international outcry and condemnation from the U.S. State Department, according to reports. Mehdi Ali Hosseini was put to death at a prison in the city of Dezful on Monday, Al Arabiya reported, citing a local news outlet. It is unclear, though, whether Iran’s regime forced Hosseini to confess to a crime he did not commit. Iran’s opaque judiciary and penal system repeatedly tortured Afkari into admitting a killing he did not carry out, according to human rights organizations and Western governments. Reports of Hosseini’s execution this week were met with further criticism from activist groups.
Exclusive: Here's Congress' anticipated timetable for the next coronavirus relief package
But, the process to put a COVID relief measure on the floors of both the House and Senate begins next week. The answer is "budget reconciliation." BERNIE SANDERS ON DEMS GETTING LEGISLATION THROUGH WITH FILIBUSTER: 'DAMN RIGHT WE WILL'Fox News has learned that the House Budget Committee will prepare a budget "vehicle" on Feb. 1. Fox is told the Senate will likely move its budget reconciliation vehicle on Feb. 5. Democrats used budget reconciliation to pass ObamaCare in 2010 because they couldn’t get 60 votes to overcome a filibuster.
Pipeline worker slams Biden for canceling Keystone XL Pipeline: 'Like a kick in the stomach'
A pipeline worker who has worked in the industry for 53 years is speaking out against President Joe Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. JUSTIN TRUDEAU ‘DISAPPOINTED’ IN BIDEN'S DECISION TO CANCEL KEYSTONE XL PIPELINEThe president signed an executive order last week revoking the March 2019 permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline. "Leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place would not be consistent with my Administration’s economic and climate imperatives." In response, Williams pointed to several environmental studies done by those involved in the project to ensure its safety. ALBERTA PREMIER: BIDEN DISRESPECTED AMERICA'S CLOSEST FRIEND BY CANCELING KEYSTONE PIPELINEWilliams, who is a second-generation pipeline worker, thought of his grandchildren, saying Biden should "look into their eyes" and tell them about the executive order.
Republicans slam Twitter's crowdsourced fact-checking program 'Birdwatch': 'What could go wrong?'
Republican lawmakers are raising questions about Twitter's new crowdsourced anti-misinformation feature called "Birdwatch," which allows users to add notes to tweets they believe are false in an attempt to "add context" for other users. On Birdwatch, no account and no tweet is exempt from annotation, meaning users can "add context" to tweets posted by news outlets, reporters and elected officials. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., commented that Twitter users currently have the ability fact-check others: "I thought that's what people already did on Twitter." "We apply labels and add context to Tweets, but we don't want to limit efforts to circumstances where something breaks our rules or receives widespread public attention." It is unclear when the new tools could become available for all Twitter users.
Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess urges Joe Biden to buy his electric cars
President Joe Biden is looking to buy hundreds of thousands of American-made electric cars — and Europe’s largest automaker thinks it can help. Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess made a sales pitch to Biden after the commander in chief pledged to replace the federal government’s gas-guzzling vehicles with electric cars. Volkswagen and its president, Herbert Diess, will likely have to compete with established American automakers for the federal government’s electric-car orders. Only about 3,200 of those vehicles were electric, though roughly 27,000 of them were gasoline or diesel hybrids. Electric vehicles are a growing part of Volkswagen’s business.
McConnell, Schumer inch closer to power-sharing deal after Dems back filibuster
“Today two Democratic Senators publicly confirmed they will not vote to end the legislative filibuster,” the top Senate Republican said. “The legislative filibuster was a key part of the foundation beneath the Senate’s last 50-50 power-sharing agreement in 2001. Sen. Joe Manchin is one of two Democratic senators who will not vote to end the legislative filibuster. In an effort to protect the Senate procedure, McConnell had sought a guarantee from Schumer that Democrats would not move to abolish it, something Schumer and his No. Talks between Schumer and McConnell stalled over the filibuster issue over the weekend.
My Pillow guy Mike Lindell permanently banned from Twitter
Twitter banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell from the platform after he used his account to spread baseless claims about fraud in the presidential election. Twitter said Tuesday that it permanently suspended Lindell — a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump — because of his “repeated violations” of the company’s civic integrity policy, which it implemented last fall to clamp down on misinformation. Twitter booted Lindell less than three weeks after it banned Trump from the platform while he was still in office, a controversial decision that raised questions about the company’s power to police government officials. Twitter said at the time that Trump’s posts created a “risk of further incitement of violence” following the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. The company’s Twitter account was still active as of Tuesday morning.
US exploring new bases in Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions
The U.S. military is exploring the possibility of using a Red Sea port in Saudi Arabia and additional two airfields in the kingdom amid heightened tensions with Iran, the military said Tuesday. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have blamed that attack, which temporarily halved Saudi oil production and saw a spike in oil prices, on Iran. Already, Saudi Arabia paid for improvements at the sites and are considering more, Urban said. Former President Donald Trump also deployed the first troops into Saudi Arabia since 9/11 over concerns about Iran. It remains unclear how Biden's relationship with Saudi Arabia will be during his presidency.
Biden's White House victory fueled by record-shattering $145M in 'dark money,' report says
It also tops the previous record of $113 million in dark money donations spent on behalf of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012. HOUSE DEMS REVIVE BILL AIMED AT STOPPING VOTER SUPPRESSION, DARK MONEY DONATIONSCritics of dark money, which obscures the source of the funds, argue that voters should know who's funding political advertisements and campaigns. Although Democrats have previously introduced legislation to crack down on dark money donations, it did not stop them from accepting anonymous donations themselves as they fought to defeat Trump. "We weren’t going to unilaterally disarm against Trump and the right-wing forces that enabled him," Guy Cecil, the chairman of Priorities USA, told Bloomberg. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHistorically, conservatives have dominated the dark money game, previously outspending liberal organizations by a nearly 4-to-1 ratio, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Arizona sheriff rips Biden's immigration actions as 'political theater': 'Stop this madness'
An Arizona sheriff warned on Monday that President Biden’s executive orders on immigration are "hasty" and encouraged the president to "stop this madness." Dannels pointed to statistics from 2019, noting that more than 1,000 gang members representing more than a dozen countries breached the southwest border that year. "It goes back to show you how vulnerable our southwest border is to include every American in this country if we don't have a secure border," Dannels said. In his first week in office, President Biden signed a number of executive orders, including the administration’s 100-day moratorium on deportations. I don't know why we can't look in the past and find balance in our processes, our programs, and stop this madness."
Ryanair pulling controversial 'Jab and Go' ads following investigation by UK standards authority
Ryanair has agreed to stop running its controversial "Jab & Go" advertisements — but the airline isn’t happy about it. Many of the ads also featured a photo of a syringe accompanied by the phrase "Jab & Go." In early January, the Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom (ASA) confirmed to Fox News that the ads had already generated "around 1,600 complaints." FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSA representative for Ryanair was not immediately available to comment for Fox News. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also stated last week that it’s "too early to say" if England’s lockdown would be lifted by the spring, Reuters reported.
Putin denies owning $1.35B palace shown in Alexei Navalny’s video
Russian President Vladimir Putin denied claims by poisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny that he owns an opulent, billion-dollar palace that was built with fraudulently obtained funds. The dissident last week alleged in a video that has been viewed by some 86 million people that Putin allies, including oil chiefs and billionaires, paid for the construction of the $1.35 billion Black Sea palace. “Nothing that is listed there as my property belongs to me or my close relatives, and never did,” Putin told students in a video conference Monday, the BBC reported. Alexei Navalny claims that Vladimir Putin owns this $1.35B palace. Vladimir Putin denied owning this $1.35B palace by Russia’s Black Sea.
McConnell retracts filibuster demand, paving way for power-sharing agreement with Schumer
McConnell, R-Ky., decided to relent Monday, he said, after two moderate Democrats doubled-down on their previous stances in support of the legislative filibuster. The Washington Post, meanwhile, suggested Monday that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., would be open to getting rid of the legislative filibuster. MCCONNELL RELENTS IN FILIBUSTER FIGHT, HERE'S WHYThe media attention on the filibuster -- because McConnell held up Senate business over the issue -- extracted two on-the-record statements from Democrats in favor of the filibuster. "Today two Democratic Senators publicly confirmed they will not vote to end the legislative filibuster," McConnell said Monday. He added: "The legislative filibuster was a key part of the foundation beneath the Senate’s last 50-50 power-sharing agreement in 2001.
'Stop the Steal' speaker seen on video in Capitol riots arrested
A Nebraska man accused of participating in the storming of the U.S. Capitol was arrested Monday in Omaha, the FBI said. TEXAS MAN ARRESTED IN DC WITH UNLICENSED PISTOL, OVER 80 ROUNDS AFTER TELLING COP HE NEEDED INFO ON OVAL OFFICEStraka's initial court appearance is Tuesday, the Omaha World-Herald reported. An eight-minute video filmed by Straka that was sent to the FBI allegedly showed Straka pushing forward with the crowd to get several feet from a Capitol entrance. They're saying we're going in. Straka moved closer to the entrance and was within a few feet of the doorway and then turned the camera on himself and allegedly said, "They're using gas.
Anthony Fauci reportedly the highest paid federal employee in the US
Dr. Anthony Fauci is the highest paid among all four million federal employees — including the leader of the free world. Fauci, 80, raked in $417,608 in 2019, the latest year for which the data is available, Forbes reported. Since 2014, his pay increased from $335,000 to the current $417,608, which is $17,608 higher than the presidential salary, Forbes reported. I have a government salary, Fauci answered, chuckling, but avoided mentioning his take, the largest in the entire federal government. The top doc qualifies for a full federal pension and social security under pre-1984 federal pension reform rules.
Majority of NYC residents support bus and bike lanes, poll shows
A majority of New York City voters support bus-only lanes and protected bike lanes — even if they come at the expense of parking spots, according to a new poll. The Siena College poll of 805 Big Apple voters — commissioned by transit advocacy group Transportation Alternatives — found support for bus and bike lanes at 58 percent and 68 percent, respectively, with majority support for both even from car owners. It’s really deep.”Nearly every demographic interviewed also showed majority support for protected bike lanes — which have run into opposition across the city when actually proposed. Pressed on whether they would still support the lanes if they replaced parking spots, two-thirds of bike-lane backers said yes. Conversely, half of bike lane opponents said they would reverse their positions if bike lanes did not impact parking.
AG nominee Merrick Garland to face questions over Hunter Biden probes in hearings
President Biden's attorney general nominee Merrick Garland will face a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee at a yet-to-be-determined date, but when the day comes he can expect to field questions related to the president's son, Hunter Biden. Should he become attorney general, Garland would be overseeing the investigation and would have the power to shut it down. Current chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is also expected to bring up the Hunter Biden investigation at Garland’s hearing. Another source familiar with the investigation told Fox News that the SARs were regarding funds from "China and other foreign nations." A Republican-led Senate investigation released in September indicated that Treasury records obtained showed "potential criminal activity" among Hunter Biden's transactions.
Is The Push To Impeach Trump Already Out Of Steam?
An article of impeachment against former President Trump was delivered to the Senate Monday night. An increasing number of Republican Senators say they're against holding an impeachment trial for the former President calling it unconstitutional. One includes, Louisiana's 5th Congressional District where Congressman-elect Luke Letlow passed away late last month due to the Coronavirus. There is a primary on March 20th that could set up an April runoff election and his widow Julia is one of the candidates. Julia Letlow discusses her late husband, what made her decide to run for office and what issues she believes matter most to her and the American people.
Justice John Cannon Few: The Duty To Listen
This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by Justice on the South Carolina Supreme Court, Justice John Cannon FewJustice Few shares the importance of a judge showing deference to the jury, how members of the judiciary separate their personal beliefs from both the facts and the law and how we can strengthen our democracy by listening to one another. Follow Trey on Twitter: @TGowdySC
Hannity says Biden’s policies will 'fail’ while media takes ‘sycophantic vacation’
Fox News' Sean Hannity said Monday that he correctly predicted that President Biden's first week in office was going to be disastrous. Hannity told his audience that socialism has been proven to be a failed approach to governing. He accused the media mob-- and 99% of journalists-- of being on a "sycophantic vacation" for not recognizing and reporting the warning signs of Biden’s first executive actions. This week the administration extended Trump’s travel restrictions to stop the spread of the virus – the same restrictions Biden called fear-mongering and "xenophobic" almost one year ago. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"Well, I guess that makes Joe Biden xenophobic and a fear-monger," Hannity said.
CBS places top TV station bosses on leave following accusations
Peter Dunn and David Friend, two heads of its TV station group, allegedly "cultivated a hostile work environment that included bullying female managers and blocking efforts to hire and retain Black journalists," the L.A. Times reported. The NABJ called it a "massive problem among CBS owned-and-operated stations" and urged the firing of both Dunn and Friend. Dunn, who has been with CBS since 2002, also served as president and general manager of CBS’ Philadelphia stations KYW and WPSG. Since 2005, he has served as president and general manager of WCBS-TV, the company’s flagship New York outlet. He told the L.A. Times in a statement that comments he made about employees or job hopefuls "were only based on performance or qualifications — not about anyone's race or gender."
Biden says Democrats don't have votes to impeach Trump
Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...Biden tells interviewer Dems won’t have necessary votes to convict Trump at impeachmentPresident Joe Biden on Monday dealt Senate Democrats a blow when he said in an interview that it seems they will be unable to convict former President Trump — once again — during an impeachment trial. Biden told CNN that he does not believe that Senate Democrats will get 17 Republicans to vote to convict the former president. He said that his opinion might have been different if Trump remained in office for a few more months. McConnell’s willing to deal now – because he knows Democrats – and Republicans, for that matter – lack the votes to eliminate the filibuster. The announcement comes as Democrats marched the impeachment case against Trump to the Senate Monday night for the start of his historic trial.
CNN’s Tapper asks Swalwell about how much contact he had with alleged Chinese spy
Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., who has been ensnared in a scandal tied to his past relationship with a suspected Chinese spy, was asked Monday about how much "contact" he had with the Chinese national known as Fang Fang, or Christine Fang. Swalwell, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing, was on CNN to discuss the Trump impeachment trial. He was asked by host Jake Tapper about the blockbuster Axios report released last year about Fang’s alleged attempt to target up-and-coming local politicians prior to his election into Congress. Tapper asked Swalwell if there are any updates on the case, and whether or not he would be willing to go into the extent of their relationship. FBI STEPPED IN AFTER SUSPECTED CHINESE SPY GOT CLOSE TO SWALWELL, OTHER POLITICIANS, REPORT FINDSSwalwell insisted that the FBI said he did nothing wrong and he learned nothing new since the Axios report dropped in December.
Biden needs a quick win on Covid, with or without Republicans
Joe Biden needs to emulate another aging star and quickly put some points on the board, just like Tom Brady. But Biden may be trying to do too much, which means his most important initiative may be blocked by the prevent defense that is Congress. Biden also faces a tough calendar, with a two-week window before the Senate impeachment trial of his predecessor. But a new president has a fairly narrow window to pass his first big initiative before losing the post-election momentum. Biden has plenty of time to fight cultural battles or try to pass an immigration bill that some conservatives are calling amnesty.
Roberts doesn't want to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial: Schumer
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is not interested in presiding over another Senate impeachment trial against former President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in an interview Monday night. There have been rumblings that Roberts would bow out before the Senate trial, which would make way for Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., to preside. "The Constitution says the chief justice presides for a sitting president. So it was up to John Roberts whether he wanted to preside with a president who is no longer sitting, Trump, and he doesn't want to do it," Schumer said. Biden told CNN that he does not believe that Senate Democrats will get 17 Republicans to vote to convict the former president.
Live Updates: Biden weighs in on Trump impeachment, says Dems won't have the votes to convict
President Joe Biden said in an interview Monday that it seems Democrats will be unable to convict former President Trump — once again — during an impeachment trial. His comments are a likely blow for Democrats and come as House Democrats presented an article of impeachment to the Senate Monday night. FAST FACTS Trump will stand trial weeks after the House voted to impeach him on a single count of "incitement of insurrection." The trial itself is slated to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 9, weeks after Trump’s final day in office. Republican denunciations of Trump have cooled since the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.
Accused Capitol rioter from NY identified thanks to varsity jacket
An upstate New York man was charged Monday in connection with the US Capitol riot — after being identified thanks to his high school varsity jacket. Brian Gundersen, 26, was spotted in footage broadcast on CNN wearing a jacket from Byram Hills High School in Armonk as he breached the Capitol on Jan. 6, a criminal complaint states. The FBI said it received several tips from the public about Gundersen being involved in the siege, including many images of him in his varsity gear. The chief said he believed the rioter was Gundersen, who had played varsity football for the high school, wearing the number “70,” which appeared on the jacket’s sleeve. “We all stormed the us capital [sic] and tried to take over the government,” he wrote on Jan. 8, according to the complaint.
Southern California Edison to pay $2.2B to settle wildfire claims
LOS ANGELES — Southern California Edison will pay $2.2 billion to settle insurance claims from a deadly, destructive wildfire sparked by its equipment in 2018, the utility announced Monday. “We have made another significant step toward resolving pending wildfire-related litigation,” Edison CEO Pedro Pizarro said in the statement. Total expected losses for the 2017 and 2018 events are estimated to be $4.6 billion, the utility statement said. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREInvestigations determined Edison equipment sparked both the Woolsey and Thomas fires. In recent years, utility equipment has been blamed for multiple wildfires across the state.
McConnell relents in Senate filibuster fight, here's why
But, they still have one annual option to advance certain legislation with fiscal impacts: It’s called "Budget Reconciliation." And, it has been said in recent days that Democrats are increasingly looking to budget reconciliation to potentially pass the next COVID package. In order to have a budget reconciliation "vehicle" to use for legislation, the House and Senate must first adopt a budget. But…You only get one budget reconciliation package a year – providing you can adopt a budget. TALKS BETWEEN MCCONNELL AND SCHUMER STALLED OVER POWER-SHARING AGREEMENTBudget reconciliation has more consequences for the Senate than the House.
Sen. Paul decries Capitol riot as 'chaos and anarchy that needs to be stopped'
Conservatives should support the Electoral College result of the 2020 election, regardless of objections by President Trump, because the institution protects the rights of states, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told "The Story" Wednesday. "Conservatives should know that the Electoral College is something we support because it supports state rights to run the elections," Paul told host Martha MacCallum. Paul added that those who believe the Electoral College result can be changed by the federal government after an election is an "absurdity." Lawmakers were told to put on gas masks and shelter in place as law enforcement officers tried to restore order amid the chaos. It would be chaos," said Paul, who went on to blast the demonstrations as "chaos and anarchy that needs to be stopped."
Game Stop is moving as day traders press play
On Reddit and chat forums, day traders were shouting it from the rooftops: Buy GameStop! The rally has been fueled by investors encouraging each other on social media to pile into GameStop shares and options. The company has become a high-profile battleground between bullish chatroom-driven day traders, especially on online platform Reddit, and hedge fund short-sellers, who have been betting against the stock. Some Reddit users egged others on when GameStop shares subsequently went into reverse, using an emoji to describe the stock as a rocket to the moon. Options for GameStop shares next expire Friday.
Ingraham: Democrats 'using and abusing the troops' for 'political theater' after condemning Trump proposals
Ingraham played a montage of top Democrats, including former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Sens. Fast-forwarding to present day, Ingraham pointed to how District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser will hold National Guard troops in Washington until at least March. They are using the military to ratchet up the drama of their kangaroo impeachment trial of former President Trump," the host said. It furnishes them with a back door way to execute their next agenda item: purging the military of any political opponents." Ingraham went on to explain that, according to The Hill, Democrats seek to use the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to address purported extremism within the Pentagon and related agencies.
Trump endorses Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Arkansas governor
Former President Donald Trump endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her run for Arkansas governor on Monday night, saying she will "always fight" for the people of the state and "do what is right." Sanders served as Trump's White House press secretary until June 2019. SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS: WHAT TO KNOWSanders announced on a nearly eight-minute video that she will defend those in the state for their "right to be free of socialism and tyranny." FORMER TRUMP PRESS SECRETARY SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS ANNOUNCES RUN FOR ARKANSAS GOVERNOR"She is a very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job!" Mike Huckabee, Sanders would create something of an Arkansas political dynasty should she win.
NY Times previously warned Lauren Wolfe about 'social media behavior' before 'I have chills' tweet: report
A new report from Vanity Fair shed light on what led to the New York Times' ousting of its freelance editor Lauren Wolfe. However, according to "senior" staffers at the Times who spoke to Vanity Fair, "Wolfe had previously been cautioned about her social media behavior." I’m not an ideology, I’m a hard-working person who can no longer pay her bills," Wolfe wrote on Saturday. "The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying," wrote Wolfe, who added, "Childish." The Times editor was mocked by critics, many of them invoking former MSNBC host Chris Matthew's infamous "thrill up the leg" remark about President Obama.
Biden says Dems won’t have the votes to convict Trump at impeachment
President Joe Biden on Monday dealt Senate Democrats a blow when he said in an interview that it seems they will be unable to convict former President Trump — once again — during an impeachment trial. House Democrats presented an article of impeachment to the Senate Monday night. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., one of nine House Democrats named as prosecutors in the upcoming trial, read the article of impeachment on the Senate floor. Biden told CNN that he does not believe that Senate Democrats will get 17 Republicans to vote to convict the former president. He said that his opinion might have been different if Trump remained in office for a few more months.
Biden doubts Senate will convict Trump, but says trial ‘has to happen’: report
President Joe Biden does not believe the Senate will convict former President Donald Trump at his upcoming impeachment trial. Biden made the prediction in a brief off-camera interview with CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins on Monday night. The president said he doubts 17 Senate Republican would vote to convict Trump of inciting the Capitol riot, which would be needed to clear the Constitution’s two-thirds requirement. “The Senate has changed since I was there, but it hasn’t changed that much,” Biden reportedly said. Senators will be sworn in as jurors Tuesday, but the trial then will be paused to allow Trump’s legal team to prepare a defense — and to allow Biden nominees to be confirmed in the meantime.
Glenn Greenwald warns of Dem 'bloodthirsty' attempt to exert complete control over modern political discourse
Large American corporations are colluding with mainstream media outlets and prominent Democrats to silence Americans in a "bloodthirsty" attempt to exert complete control over modern political discourse, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald warned Monday. GLENN GREENWALD SOUNDS ALARM OVER CANCEL CULTURE"They believe they are the party of science and rationality and the only way to disagree with them is you are either a deranged conspiracy theorist or exhibitionist, someone who is engaged in criminal conduct or terrorism," Greenwald said. "I really can't overstate how bloodthirsty they are in the control they are trying to exert over our discourse." Carlson admitted that he once dismissed Greenwald as "paranoid," but his repeated warnings now prove to be "prophetic" in light of the times. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"It's very chilling," he concluded, "and I really can't overstate how bloodthirsty they are in the control they are trying to exert over our discourse."
Piers Morgan rips media for not calling out Biden's 'Trump-sized lie' about vaccine rollout
Piers Morgan blasted the American news media for failing to call out President Biden's "Trump-sized lie" about the coronavirus vaccine rollout. "President Biden told Trump-sized lies about the vaccine roll-out - but the groveling US media was too busy putting halos on Saints Joe and Kamala to say so. The lie, Morgan stressed, came from Biden's exchange with a reporter last Friday, accusing the media of casting doubt in his long-set goal insisting it was "not possible." But to pretend his administration did nothing on vaccine distribution is palpably untrue; another Biden administration vaccine-related lie in fact. And ironically, the main reason President Biden will comfortably hit his 100m target is because his predecessor had already got the vaccine roll-out to the required daily levels.
NY Times claims Fauci has 'commitment to hard facts' after he admitted to paper he lied about herd immunity
The New York Times showered Dr. Anthony Fauci with praise for his apparent truthfulness after he admitted to lying to the public while serving the Trump administration. "For Dr. Fauci, 80, the past year has stood out like no other. As the coronavirus ravaged the country, Dr. Fauci’s calm counsel and commitment to hard facts endeared him to millions of Americans," the Times wrote. "In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did. "In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts.
NYC parents learning that the adults who run the system always put children’s needs last
Parents of public-school kids are now stuck fighting both the teachers’ union and City Hall — and realizing that the adults who run the school system don’t really care about the kids. City Hall seems to be giving him more excuses: City teachers got to jump to the head of the vaccine line, but Team Blas can’t say how many have gotten jabbed. The union won’t even prioritize teachers who are conducting in-person classes for the vaccine. Meanwhile, de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza just moved to ax Gifted & Talented programs citywide, infuriating parents who want their kids to learn. If not, the next mayor will be as big an enemy of the city’s children as this one has proved to be.
Tucker: Democrats' sweeping 'For The People Act' would 'enshrine fraud,' as lawmakers seek to stifle dissent
Democrats will control the federal government for decades or more if a sweeping new proposal touted as comprehensive government reform becomes law, Tucker Carlson said on Monday. 1 passes, all 50 states will be California -- the entire country will have ballot harvesting and mail-in voting. We need more mail-in voting, we need more ballot harvesting: More corruption! "At this point [Murphy's bill's criteria] would include everyone pretty much currently in power," said Carlson. "Under Stephanie Murphy's bill, anyone who criticizes Stephanie Murphy could be punished.
Albany pol threatens to subpoena Cuomo over nursing home deaths
ALBANY — The top Democrat on the state Senate Investigations Committee threatened to subpoena the state Health Department to release the total number of nursing home residents who died of COVID-19, because he’s tired of their months-long stonewalling. Skoufis, along with a chorus of bipartisan lawmakers, medical experts and family members, have been demanding that Gov. The state stopped reporting nursing home residents deaths that occurred outside the facility back in May, leading to questions and criticisms about the actual number of deaths sustained by that population. “It should not be tolerated, this holding back of information and defying legitimate requests, not just from me and others, but the Legislature itself asked for this information months ago. “He is the leader of a committee that has subpoena power and it has been 6 months.
Trump officially opens ‘Office of the Former President’
Former President Donald Trump has officially opened an office in Florida that will serve to continue his political agenda. The Office of the Former President “will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interest of the United States,” according to a statement. The office will also “carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism,” the statement says. The move comes less than a week after Trump left office. “We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told journalist Rob Crilly of the Washington Examiner.
Biden has embraced lunatic ‘critical race theory’ — but you can still fight it
On his first day in office, President Biden rescinded the Trump administration’s executive order prohibiting critical race theory training for federal agencies and federal contractors. But while the president’s order is binding at the federal level, state legislators still have a say in the matter. Critical race theory understands the world by viewing everything — society, economics, education, family, science — through the lens of “whiteness” and white racism. When they see it for what it really is, most Americans abhor critical race theory. As viewed through state and local media — where journalists are more likely to see their jobs as presenting both sides of controversies, rather than advancing the cause of social justice — the case against critical race theory will win hearts and minds.
Grenell: Forget Biden and Harris -- here's who's really calling the shots in the new administration
"Look, I’ve said it before but I think it’s worth repeating...she’s been given a portfolio as to domestic policy. Rice has no experience in domestic policy, Grenell said, "but she’s run the National security portfolio and certainly has run the U.N. With vice president Kamala Harris focussed on settling a 50-50 Senate, Rice will have the opportunity to assert herself in Biden's inner circle, Grenell said. "We got a vice president who need to spend most of her time in the Senate because it’s a 50-50 type. So Susan Rice is extremely excited that vice president Harris is preoccupied in the Senate and the shadow presidency of Susan Rice is front and center," he argued.
Sen. Rand Paul clashes with ABC's Stephanopoulos: 'You're forgetting who you are as a journalist!'
Stephanopoulos began the contentious interview by asking Paul if he accepts the "fact" that the "election was not stolen." SEN. RON JOHNSON CALLS OUT CHUCK TODD FOR IGNORING HUNTER BIDEN DURING ELECTION ON 'MEET THE PRESS'"Senator Paul, I have to stop you there," Stephanopoulos interrupted. After Stephanopoulos erupted at Paul to reitterate President Trump's claim that the election was "stolen," the senator shot back. "You say we're all liars, you're just simply saying we're all liars," Paul accused Stephanopoulos. ABC NEWS CALLS FOR 'CLEANSING THE MOVEMENT' OF TRUMP SUPPORTERS FOLLOWING CAPITOL RIOTS"I won't be cowed by people who say, 'Oh, you're a liar.'
This short seller just got a $2.75 billion bailout
The fund, run by ex-Cohen lieutenant Gabe Plotkin, is down 30 percent, the Wall Street Journal reported. The bailout comes as retail investors swarm online forums like Reddit board “wallstreetbets” to push each other to invest in cheap stocks with short positions against them using no-fee trading sites like Robinhood. “He was short in a market that no longer allows people to stay short,” complained one hedgie. About one-third Point72’s 2019 performance come from its $1 billion stake in Melvin. “We have great confidence in Gabe and his team.”“If Ken Griffin is giving $2 billion to Gabe Plotkin, he’s not doing it to be a nice guy,” said another hedge fund manager.
De Blasio backs more permits for food carts as restaurants struggle
Mayor Bill de Blasio took sides in a food fight Monday — backing legislation during the coronavirus pandemic that will dramatically increase the number of street food cart permits opposed by local restaurateurs. “This is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time,” de Blasio said, who pushed his own proposals in years past. The bill would create 4,000 new sidewalk and food cart permits by 2032 — nearly doubling the cap. Under current law, street vendors must sell their food 20 feet away from a food establishment. “Since the early 1980s, an arbitrary cap has been placed on the number of available food permits and general vending licenses.
Letters to the editor — Jan. 26, 2021
I write in response to Sen. Josh Hawley’s lachrymose lamentation, tinged with defiance, in your paper (“Welcome to life in the new cancel culture,” Jan. 25). Sen. Hawley’s piece should be required reading for every American of good will, regardless of political inclination. The Democratic Party, with scarcely any exceptions, has joined the feeding frenzy of cancel culture. Vincent PuleoStaten IslandI read with interest the senator’s column on censorship and the cancel culture, which he implies is raging in America. Cancel culture exists, and should be called out.
The push to decriminalize ‘streetwalking’ follows a deadly run of NYC ‘reforms’
Its recent criminal-justice “reforms” hastened the whirlwind — and now, with Hoylman’s bill, it is poised to make matters even worse. Just as there are no boundaries to human perversity, there is no shortage of New York politicians eager to accommodate it. Hoylman’s legislation would strike “loitering for the purposes of prostitution” from New York’s penal law. To cut through the fog, whether a disproportionate number of transsexual hookers attract the NYPD’s attention is open to question. But, in any event, cops couldn’t hassle transsexual street walkers — or any kind of street-walkers, for that matter — if they weren’t out walking the streets in the first place.
America’s urban schools are massively damaging children by refusing to reopen
In New York City, elementary public schools have opened part-time, but middle and high schools have been closed since November with no word on when they’ll return. He’s also been saying that reopening hinges on teacher vaccinations, but the city won’t even say how many there’ve been. Meanwhile, President Biden promised a 100-day plan to reopen schools but is already backpedaling. But the real concern, as I’ve noted here before, is that schools won’t open for in-person education in September either. And public schools are open full-time just a few miles away in suburban areas like Long Island.
Biden gives up on ‘unity’ for his first action item
For all President Biden’s talk of ushering in a new dawn of bipartisan unity, the reaction to his first legislative proposal tells a different story. Proud socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders loves Biden’s sweeping $1.9 trillion COVID-19 recovery/relief package and is already talking about using extreme tactics to push it through if Republicans balk. Sanders is talking about using “reconciliation” to ram the bill through with only 50 Democratic votes plus Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaker. But Biden’s trying to also, for example, impose a $15 federal minimum wage. Biden needs to aim for a genuine “unity” agenda.
City, state and federal leaders are all giving us pandemic chaos
City, state and federal, the anti-pandemic effort is an utter shambles, with both rhyme and reason conspicuously missing. Back in October, Joe Biden solemnly vowed “to shut down” the pandemic once he became president. But when CNN ran with that story, everyone from Politico to The Washington Post to Dr. Anthony Fauci debunked it. City Hall also can’t say how many teachers have been jabbed, even though the mayor says getting educators vaccinated is the key to reopening all the schools. And never mind that the rest of the state, even areas with higher rates, suffers no such ban and his own data show that restaurants aren’t significant virus spreaders.
Trump article of impeachment over Capitol riot sent to Senate
House impeachment managers on Monday walked to the Senate an article of impeachment accusing former President Trump of inciting this month’s Capitol riot, allowing his trial to begin. Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) Unlike Trump’s first impeachment trial last year, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts won’t preside because Trump is no longer president. At least 17 Senate Republicans must vote to convict Trump to clear the Constitution’s two-thirds requirement — a steep climb. “To state the obvious, President Trump did not resign,” Schumer said.
Dem congresswoman wrongly claims to be only single mother of young kids in Congress
Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., got called out on Monday after her office incorrrectly claimed she was the only single mother serving in Congress. The communications director for Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., who is also a single mom, flagged the claim in what appeared to be a fundraising email. "I am the only single working mother of young kids serving in Congress," the email read. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMace's communications director, Natalie Johnson, tweeted a screenshot of the email. She signed the tweet as "the employee of another single working mother of young kids serving in Congress."
Sen. Cotton: Democrats want Russia treaty extension after 'four years of beating their chests like Jack Ryan'
House Armed Services Committee member Tom Cotton, R-Ark., ripped President Biden's proposal to unconditionally extend the last remaining nuclear arms treaty between Moscow and Washington. Cotton previously said Biden is essentially giving a gift to President Vladimir Putin by proposing such an uncritical approval after "4 years of unfounded hysterical facts on President Trump and chest-thumping about Russia." "[T]he number one priority for Vladimir Putin was an unconditional extension of the new START Treaty because that treaty favors Russia," Cotton said Monday on Fox News. The White House said Thursday that Biden has proposed to Russia a five-year extension of the New START treaty. The treaty renewal proposal is also shortsighted in that China has become a growing international player since the current iteration of the START treaty came into existence.
Democratic senator presiding over Trump impeachment trial pledges impartiality despite call to convict
Under normal conditions, the Constitution dictates that Chief Justice John Roberts would preside over an impeachment trial. However, since Trump has already left office, Roberts is not constitutionally required to fill the role and Leahy, the Senate’s president pro tempore, will take his place. The position of president pro tempore is awarded to the longest-serving senator in the majority party. The Vermont senator called for then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to immediately move forward with an impeachment trial. "For the good of the country, he must lead his party in voting to convict President Trump and to prevent him from holding future office.
House Democrats present Trump impeachment charge to the Senate, allowing trial to begin
Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, one of nine House Democrats named as prosecutors in the upcoming trial, read the article of impeachment on the Senate floor. "President Trump gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of government," the article of impeachment says. Trump will stand trial weeks after the House voted to impeach him on a single count of "incitement of insurrection." The impeachment trial will proceed on a schedule crafted through an agreement between newly minted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Senate members will be sworn into their roles in the impeachment trial on Tuesday. In order to convict Trump on the charge in a Senate trial, at least 17 Republicans would have to cross party lines to vote with Democrats.
Janet Yellen confirmed by Senate as Biden’s Treasury Secretary
WASHINGTON — Former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen has been confirmed as President Biden’s Treasury Secretary, becoming the first woman to hold the role. Yellen was confirmed by the Senate on Monday evening in a bipartisan vote, 84-15, and became the third secretary in Biden’s cabinet to pass the confirmation process. A centrist, Yellen chaired the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018 and was also the first woman to hold that role. During her confirmation hearings in front of the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill last week, Yellen urged Congress to “go big” and pass Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package. Despite being one of the most experienced economists in the country, Yellen takes over the US Department of Treasury at a time of great turmoil.
Benson Monologue: Washington Post Caught Scrubbing Unflattering Kamala Harris Quotes
Listen To The Full Monologue Below:On Today's Guy Benson Show, Guy gave a fiery monologue on the Washington Post's scrubbing of unflattering Kamala Harris quotes from a previously published article. Guy Benson Said,"I would like to know the timeline of this and the decision making process behind this, and we still don't have those answers, right, if this happened. Or even after Biden was elected, is that The Washington Post trying to make things a little bit smoother sailing for Kamala Harris and her ticket? Is coming into office where she's the the number two, she's the vice president. They're shoving this potentially troublesome or nettlesome, quote, series of quotes from Kamala Harris into the darkness with no explanation, presumably guessing that no one would notice."
Donna Brazile On Impending Trump Impeachment Trial
Listen To The Full Interview Below:On today's Guy Benson Show, Donna Brazile, Former Chairwoman of the DNC & Fox News Contributor spoke about the impending impeachment trial in the senate of now former President Donald Trump. Donna Brazile said,"No time in the history of our republic, at least in my lifetime, has a president. Vice President Pence. The the speaker the House life was in danger. The reality is and if we don't hold president former President Trump responsible for this action.
Rep. Crenshaw on Biden lifting transgender military ban: 'People should serve openly'
Any American willing and able to serve in the military should be permitted to do so, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, said Monday after President Biden lifted a Trump-era restriction on transgender people serving their country. Crenshaw, a retired Navy SEAL officer, said on "America Reports" that however the "devil is in the details" on Biden's order. "Under Trump, transgender people could serve openly. What was not OK was to get taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery. Crenshaw said taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery in this aspect will hurt the military's medical readiness.
House Dems revive 'For The People Act' aimed at 'voter suppression,' 'dark money,' and gerrymandering
House Democrats are engaged in a new push to pass comprehensive legislation this month they say is aimed at strengthening voting rights, fighting voter suppression and gerrymandering, and restricting the use of "dark money" in federal politics. House Resolution 1, or the "For The People Act", is sponsored by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., and co-sponsored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif. In general, state election officials have been wary of federal voting requirements. 1 is an exercise by Pelosi in "cementing Democratic political power," in association with a bill aimed to provide for Puerto Rican statehood. "Overall the bill is designed to auto-enroll likely Democratic voters, enhance Democratic turnout, with no concern for ballot integrity."
Senate confirms Janet Yellen as first female Treasury secretary
The Senate confirmed Janet Yellen, the former chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, as Treasury secretary on Monday evening, putting into place a battle-tested economist who has pledged to implement the Biden administration's plan to prop up the nation's pandemic-scarred economy. “More must be done,” Yellen told the Senate Finance Committee during her confirmation hearing on Tuesday. This history-making Treasury nomination of Yellen was supported in a letter from eight previous Treasury secretaries, who served both Republican and Democratic presidents. But with unemployment still high, Yellen encouraged the Fed to not overreact to what turned out to be a temporary blip. She served as president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank from 2004 through 2010; in 2010, she was appointed as vice-chair of the Fed's board of governors in Washington.
Biden takes questions from mostly pre-selected reporters at first formal press conference as POTUS
President Biden held his first formal White House press conference on Monday, but most of the questions asked were from reporters that were pre-selected by his team. The pre-selected reporters came from The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC News, Reuters, and Bloomberg News. REPORTERS REPEATEDLY ASK PSAKI WHETHER BIDEN WILL CHANGE TRUMP'S AIR FORCE ONE COLOR SCHEME"So I guess I need to continue the practice of telling you all what I would've asked here," Roll Call correspondent Niel Lesniewski reacted." Fox News sent inquiries to The White House about its selection process by Biden's team of reporters who get to ask their questions and whether or not their questions are pre-screened. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBiden's presser pales in comparison to the daily press briefings held by Psaki, who has taken questions from virtually all reporters in the room, even providing some to ask another round of questions.
Former San Diego mayor launches exploratory committee to challenge Gov. Newsom: 'Ready for new leadership'
Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said on Monday that he is seriously considering challenging California Gov. Gavin Newsom in the next election, amid mounting support for a recall campaign seeking to oust the Democratic governor. Faulconer launched an exploratory committee to challenge Newsom and signed a petition in support of the governor’s recall earlier this month. The petition states that Newsom "has failed Californians," citing unaffordable housing, record homelessness, rising crime, failing schools, exploding pension debt and a locked down population. "That’s why there’s been this real sense of urgency to make a change in California, make a change at the top."
Biden touts mass vaccinations by spring but says, ‘We’re in this for awhile’
It’s going to take a long time to beat it,” he went on. Biden, who has only been in office five days touted the nation’s recently falling daily fatality and hospitalization rate but warned, “It’s going to take time. It’s going to take a heck of a lot of time.”“We’re in this for a while. In initially hard hit New York, officials have been begging the Biden administration for more doses of vaccine, which the state has run out of. Despite the enormous logistical crisis, Biden projected that anyone who wanted a shot would be able to get one by spring.
How the media earn distrust and other commentary
“ ‘West Wing’ was ‘General Hospital’ for rich white liberals, a seven-season love letter to the enlightened attitudes of the Bobo-in-Paradise demographic. This “illustrates the falsehood” of claims that Biden will “restore norms to Washington.” Even President Donald Trump didn’t fire President Barack Obama’s NLRB counsel. Chris Sununu’s slap at teachers’ unions for politicizing the pandemic. Unions “don’t like to be told” they can’t “cut the vaccination line” ahead of “more vulnerable populations,” including those 65 or older. The “openers” finally won last week — in that district, but not in nearby Montclair, where a union work stoppage prevented the scheduled reopening.
Goya Foods moves to muzzle its Trump-supporting CEO
Goya Foods has voted to silence its pro-Trump CEO Robert Unanue following his recent television appearances questioning the results of the presidential election, The Post has learned. “Bob does not speak for Goya Foods when he speaks on TV,” Goya board member and third-generation owner Andy Unanue told The Post last week leading up to the vote. “We should be growing more than we are,” a Goya source said. “More than 50 percent of the shareholders do not want Bob to be the CEO,” a Goya source said. “It will hurt the Unanue name and company if he continues,” a second Goya source and shareholder said.
Alan Dershowitz: Impeachment Trial Will Add To The Divisiveness Of The Country & The 2024 Election
A smaller percentage of them actually broke into the Capitol. An even smaller percentage of them destroyed property and an infinitesimally small percentage of them hurt and killed people. He didn't say kill a policeman. He didn't say destroy property. He didn't say steal Pelosi's computer.
Senate Balances Biden Agenda And Trump Impeachment
This week, Bret sits down with Founder and CEO of Punchbowl News Anna Palmer, The Washington Post columnist and AEI Resident Fellow Marc Thiessen and Political Editor at National Journal Josh Kraushaar to discuss how the Senate will balance the Biden Administration's domestic agenda with former President Trump's impeachment trial. The panel weighs in on the arguments Senate Democrats and Republicans are making when it comes to President Trump's impeachment trial, what will become of President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus plan and the important role of a cohesive Republican party in future elections. Follow Bret on Twitter: @BretBaier
The real reason Gov. Newsom is lifting California's stay-at-home order: Tomi Lahren
Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren chastized California Gov. later instituting this more recent regional stay-at-home order in early December before extending it in late December. — Tomi Lahren, Fox NationThe Fox Nation host wondered whether Newsom's decision to lift the stay-at-home order is based solely on political calculations. For Lahren's complete commentary and more episodes of "Final Thoughts," visit Fox Nation and join today. CLICK HERE TO JOIN FOX NATIONFox Nation programs are viewable on-demand and from your mobile device app, but only for Fox Nation subscribers.
Tom Vilsack: What to know about Biden's agriculture secretary pick
President Joe Biden is looking to continue filling his Cabinet with familiar faces by bringing back Tom Vilsack as the secretary of agriculture. Continue Reading BelowAs agriculture secretary, Vilsack will have input on policies that will affect climate and food aid programs – two major planks of Biden’s platform. JENNIFER GRANHOLM: WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BIDEN'S ENERGY SECRETARY PICKThe USDEC is a nonprofit that represents U.S. dairy producers, suppliers, traders and cooperatives, per the group’s website. He has served at several levels of governmentPrior to serving as Obama's agriculture secretary, Vilsack held a number of positions in his home state of Iowa. MARTY WALSH: WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BIDEN'S LABOR SECRETARY PICKAfter some early charity work, Vilsack found himself involved in the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce.
Biden hopes for 1.5 million COVID vaccinations per day, after 'nothing we can do' comments
President Biden says he’s "quite confident" that in roughly three weeks the nation will "be vaccinating people at the range of a 1 million a day or in excess of that." Biden said he was hopeful "1.5 million a day, rather than 1 million a day" could be achieved in a couple of weeks. Asked by reporters when anyone who wants a coronavirus vaccine will be able to receive one, Biden said "I think we’ll be able to do that this spring." It’s going to take a heck of a lot of time," Biden stressed. While Biden said he’s "confident we will beat this," he acknowledged that "we’re still going to be dealing with this issue in early fall."
Psaki claims it's not 'fair' to say Biden called Trump's COVID travel ban 'xenophobic'
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday it was unfair to claim that President Biden described his predecessor's coronavirus-related travel ban as "xenophobic," despite statements that indicated that was in fact his view of that policy. "I don't think that's quite a fair articulation," she told Fox News' Peter Doocy who reiterated Biden's use of the term "xenophobic." Doocy's comment came just after the White House announced a coronavirus-related ban on travel from South Africa. "The president has been clear that he felt the Muslim ban was xenophobic," Psaki said. He also, though, has supported steps, travel restrictions in order to keep the American people safe, to ensure that we are getting the pandemic under control.
Sen. Pat Leahy will preside over Trump’s Senate trial, not Chief Justice Roberts
Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy will preside over former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial next month — rather than Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who presided over Trump’s first trial last year. Leahy, a Democrat, said the chief justice won’t preside because Trump is no longer president. “The president pro tempore has historically presided over Senate impeachment trials of non-presidents,” Leahy, 80, said in a statement. He cited the 1876 impeachment and Senate trial of former Secretary of War William Beklnap, who had already resigned for allegedly taking bribes. Schumer on Friday confirmed that Trump’s trial will begin the week of Feb. 8 — as first proposed by McConnell and endorsed by Biden.
Georgia school board members refuse to wear masks during tribute to teacher who died of COVID-19
At least three members of a Georgia school board refused to wear masks during a moment of silence for a teacher who died of COVID-19, according to reports. But when it came time to do just that during a Cobb County School Board meeting Thursday, some members present still refused, according to the Macon Telegraph. “I’d like the record to reflect that some of you did not wear a mask — the final request of a Cobb teacher who died,” Susko said in response. “This happened tonight at the Cobb County Board of Education meeting,” she wrote. “The Cobb County Board and District’s hearts go out to the Johnson, Key, and Lindsey families,” the board also said.
National Guard to remain in DC at least until March
Several planned protests in Washington DC will keep the National Guard in the nation’s capital at least into March, US Army officials said. At least 5,000 of the 25,000 troops deployed to the city are to remain on duty — even as the size of the force continues to be drawn down. “We are posturing our forces to be able to respond to those threats if they emerge.”On Jan. 6, thousands of National Guard troops were dispatched to DC after supporters of Former President Trump stormed the Capitol building to stop Congressional certification of the presidential election results. US Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson, head of the National Guard Bureau, said that about 13,000 guard members remain in DC as of Monday — but will continue to be cut. Major Gen. William Walker, commander of the DC National Guard, also said that officials were not briefed on the possible security threats that prompted 12 members of the guard to be sent home before the inauguration.
Biggs introduces bill to bar government from gathering info identifying COVID-19 vaccine recipients
EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., on Monday introduced a bill that would bar the federal government from collecting information to identify who has received a COVID-19 vaccine amid privacy concerns related to the vaccine. UK DOCTOR WARNS WORLD MAY NEED ANNUAL COVID-19 VACCINE DUE TO VARIANTSThe COVID-19 crisis, and the resultant lockdowns that followed, brought a range of concerns from conservatives related to both liberty and privacy. Biggs echoed those concerns about privacy as he introduced the bill. However, he told the outlet that he doesn’t believe there will be a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate because "we almost never mandate things federally [with regards to health]." "I'm not sure it's [the COVID-19 vaccine] going to be mandatory from a central government standpoint, like federal government mandates," he said.
CNN's Acosta: Sarah Sanders will run 'gaslit' campaign for Arkansas governor
CNN anchor Jim Acosta said Monday that former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will run a "gaslit" campaign for Arkansas governor. Acosta quickly responded to Sanders video in a tweet of his own. Acosta, who previously served as CNN’s Chief White House correspondent, got into numerous squabbles with Sanders and other Trump officials duing briefings. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible. Sanders left the White House in 2019.
Democrats showing 'shockingly bad judgment' with Trump impeachment focus: Cornyn
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, admonished Democrats against pursuing another impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, saying Monday it shows "shockingly bad judgment." In an interview on "America Reports," Cornyn admonished President Biden to not squander the "precious first few days of a new administration" by expending his party's energies on the Senate trial. LEAHY EXPECTED TO PRESIDE OVER TRUMP IMPEACHMEENT TRIAL INSTEAD OF CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTSSEN. JOHN CORNYN: "This is unprecedented. I just think it’s shockingly bad judgment. I think what you want is for this administration to get off on a strong foot and develop some momentum."
'Smart politics' by Sen. Hawley to promote idea he's been unfairly punished: Kurtz
"MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz on Monday said Sen. Josh Hawley’s promotion of the idea that he has been unfairly punished is "smart politics." But social credit scores are new," Hawley wrote. "I for one am not going to back down," Hawley wrote in Sunday’s op-ed. Kurtz noted that "as a United States senator, Josh Hawley has not exactly been canceled." "This is smart politics from Josh Hawley," Kurtz added.
New York has better driving conditions than most states, survey shows
New Yorkers who fight traffic on the tri-state area’s clogged bridges, tunnels and expressways might take issue with a new survey that finds the Empire State has some of the nation’s best driving conditions. New York ranked 19th on Wallet Hub’s annual list of 2021 Best & Worst States to Drive In. Texas and Indiana topped the list for best driving conditions, with California and Hawaii coming in last. Gas prices under $2 in parts of the state last year may have also helped New York’s ranking. New York City still had the 14th-worst traffic conditions of global cities, according to the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard.
NJ Congressman asks Biden to fire US Postal Service board
The congressman accused DeJoy of conspiring with former President Donald Trump to “dismantle” the postal service and disrupt the delivery and counting of mail-in ballots in the election. “After several years of unprecedented sabotage, the United States Postal Service is teetering on the brink of collapse,” Pascrell wrote. “Through the devastating arson of the Trump regime, the USPS Board of Governors sat silent. The USPS Board of Governors consists of the postmaster general, the deputy post master general, and seven governors. Asked about Pascrell’s request Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she could not immediately comment on it.
Toy sales surge to a record $25.1 billion amid pandemic
Toy sales in 2020 were one for the record books — and the industry can thank the pandemic. Hot demand during coronavirus lockdowns for Barbie, LOL Surprise dolls, Star Wars and Pokemon merchandise helped fuel an eye-popping, 16-percent surge in toy sales to $25.1 billion last year, according to NPD Group. “2020 was an unprecedented year for the US toy industry,” said Juli Lennett, a toy analyst for NPD, a prominent research firm which released the report on Monday. The toy industry has struggled over the past few years due to the bankruptcy of one of its largest retailers, Toys R Us. Sales in 2018 were down one percent to $22.4 billion and were down 3 percent in 2019 to $21.7 billion, NPD said.
NYC’s biggest pension funds vote to divest $4B from fossil fuels
New York City’s largest pension funds have voted to divest their portfolios of an estimated $4 billion from securities related to fossil fuel companies, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Comptroller Scott Stringer, and trustees of two of the city’s pension funds said. “The New York City Employees’ Retirement System (NYCERS) and New York City Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) voted to approve divestments today and the New York City Board of Education Retirement System (BERS) is expected to move forward on a divestment vote imminently,” they said in a statement on Monday. In September 2018, the mayor and comptroller jointly announced a goal of doubling the pension funds’ investments in climate solutions from 1 percent to 2 percent, or about $4 billion within 3 years.
Joe Biden to 'speed up' putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
President Biden’s aides are working to “speed up” putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday. The plan to replace President Andrew Jackson with the Underground Railroad icon stalled under former President Donald Trump, who is an admirer of Jackson. “The Treasury Department is taking steps to resume efforts to put Harriet Tubman on the front of the new $20 notes,” Psaki said at a press briefing. Former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin delayed putting famous abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the new $20 bill. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas/File PhotoThen-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said in 2019 that Tubman would not be added to bills until 2028.
HHS pick walks back Biden’s ‘nothing we can do’ on COVID-19 claim
Speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Becerra made the remarks after being asked about the commander-in-chief’s remark on Friday. “I believe President Biden made it very clear, the plane is in a nosedive, and we gotta pull it up. And you’re not going to do that overnight,” the HHS nominee said, adding that, “But we’re gonna pull it up, we have to pull it up. Asked if he believed the pandemic’s trajectory could be shifted under a President Biden, Becerra expressed confidence in his new boss. “We can’t just tell the states, ‘Here’s some PPE, some masks, here’s some vaccines, now go do it.’ No, no.
Job losses from COVID much worse than 2009 financial crisis, UN says
GENEVA — Four times as many jobs were lost last year due to the coronavirus pandemic as during the worst part of the global financial crisis in 2009, a U.N. report said Monday. That is equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs – quadruple the impact of the financial crisis over a decade ago. “This has been the most severe crisis for the world of work since The Great Depression of the 1930s. Its impact is far greater than that of the global financial crisis of 2009,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder. The fallout was almost equally split between reduced work hours and “unprecedented” job losses, he said.
McCarthy questions Biden's change of mind on coronavirus travel bans as new restrictions announced
BIDEN TO REINSTATE COVID-19 TRAVEL BAN FOR MOST NON-US CITIZENS, SOURCES SAY"Has President Biden changed his mind on the efficacy of coronavirus entry bans?" "The president has been clear that he felt the Muslim ban was xenophobic," Psaki said, noting that Biden rescinded the ban on travel from certain Muslim-majority countries. Psaki also claimed that Biden and his team supported travel restrictions before he took office. CDC TO REQUIRE FACE MAKS DURING TRANSIT: REPORT"But he was critical of the former president for having a policy that was not more comprehensive than travel restrictions," she added. The questioning of Biden's current stance on pandemic-related travel restrictions followed a Reuters report on the CDC's new protective measure.
Can Democrats pass Biden's $1.9T coronavirus relief bill without Republicans?
The massive coronavirus relief proposal outlined by President Biden is already running into a Republican roadblock, but Senate Democrats may rely on a powerful procedural tool to pass the $1.9 trillion measure using their slimmest-possible majority. Established by the Congressional Budget Reconciliation Act of 1974, reconciliation can be used on certain tax, spending and debt limit bills. Lawmakers have enacted 21 budget reconciliation bills since 1980, most recently in 2017, when Republicans used it to pass President Trump's 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. BIDEN SPARKS BACKLASH AMONG SOME PROGRESSIVES OVER $1,400 STIMULUS CHECKS IN COVID RELIEF PROPOSALHowever, the bill could still be subject to the so-called "Byrd rule," which limits what can be included in reconciliation legislation. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said Sunday during an interview on CNN that Democrats would use budget reconciliation to pass the relief bill.
New York Times called out for ignoring Jacob Blake's admission he had knife during police shooting
The New York Times has ignored Jacob Blake's admission in a national interview earlier this month that he was in possession of a knife when he was shot and severely wounded by a police officer. While the Times' Jan. 5 story, "What We Know About the Shooting of Jacob Blake" does not call Blake unarmed during the shooting, it quoted police and state officials claiming he held a knife, not Blake himself. Bier added he had searched most prominent reporters on Twitter to see if they had mentioned Blake's admission about the knife and come up empty. National Review also noted outlets like CNN and USA Today had pushed the "unarmed" narrative. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"That does not affect the rating for this item because ratings are based on what is known at the time," USA Today reported.
NY Democratic Governor Cuomo says some COVID restrictions may be lifted imminently
Andrew Cuomo on Monday said New Yorkers should prepare to see some coronavirus restrictions lifted in the state later this week, amid a respite in confirmed cases. Cuomo says he expects to make a statewide announcement midweek loosening restrictions, as his administration believes New York is at the tail-end of the holiday-induced spike. "We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely," Cuomo said during his state of the state address. Rapid testing procedures alongside a growing number of vaccinated individuals will give the state the means to reopen safely, the Democratic governor said. Meanwhile, New York’s coronavirus vaccine rollout -- like others throughout the United States -- has proceeded at a slower-than-expected pace.
Kenyan man extradited to US for allegedly trafficking rhino horns and ivory
A Kenyan man has been extradited to the United States to face federal charges in New York for allegedly trafficking rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory over the course of several years, prosecutors said Monday. Mansur Mohamed Surur allegedly conspired with several other poachers and smugglers in the multi-million dollar scheme, which also included trafficking heroin, from 2012 to 2019, according to an indictment against him. In one of the deals, Surur allegedly met with an informant working for the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York in 2017 and offered to sell him four rhinoceros horns. In addition to the illegal ivory smuggling, Surur allegedly worked with one of his cohorts to smuggle 10 kilograms of heroin into the New York City area. Mansur Mohamed Surur allegedly conspired with several other poachers and smugglers in the multi-million dollar scheme.
Hedge fund billionaire warns inequality in US may spur ‘terrible civil war’
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio unleashed a tweetstorm warning that America is “on the brink of a terrible civil war” because of widening inequality. Dalio, the 71-year-old founder of the giant hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, tweeted on Sunday that he was pleased by Biden’s Inauguration Day rhetoric of unity. “I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war,” he tweeted. “Our country is still in a terrible financial state and terribly divided,” Dalio concluded at the end of his tweetstorm. “I will monitor how those good intentions are turning into good actions and keep you posted.”
China’s Xi warns against ‘New Cold War’ during Davos keynote address
“We should build an open world economy … discard discriminatory and exclusionary standards, rules and systems, and take down barriers to trade, investment and technological exchanges,” Xi said in his first address to the forum since 2017. ?Xi called on the G-20 nations and the European Union to strengthen their bonds to serve as the “main forum for global economic governance” and for closer economic cooperation between countries. Former Secretary of State John Kerry arrives for the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, January 20, 2021. “Meeting these targets will require tremendous hard work from China. But we believe that when the interests of the entire humanity are at stake, China must step forward, take action and get the job done,” ?Xi said.
NYC offices are going to look like your apartment when you finally go back to work
Employees have been working from their homes for so long, some companies are planning offices that will look more like home. “Nobody wants the stainless and bright white,” declared Craig Deitelzweig, CEO of Marx Realty, of the tenants that have been touring their buildings’ pre-built offices. At Savanna’s newly developed boutique office building at 106 W. 56 St., dubbed The Six, the elevator waiting area is covered in tufted dark leather. Warm finishes and furniture are also what’s on tap for the pre-builts at Marx Realty’s 140,000-square-foot 545 Madison Ave. at East 55th Street (inset). Marx RealtyA similar hotel-like vibe was chosen for Marx’s 10 Grand Central on East 44th Street near the train terminal.
What crisis? Industrial sites booming in NYC
With e-commerce growth, large new facilities are needed to process and ship goods to others closer to home, known as “last-mile” facilities. “The need for the last-mile has made industrial the hottest sector,” said Jimmy Kuhn, president and head of investment services at the commercial real estate brokerage Newmark. JLL expects a need for an additional 1 billion square feet of industrial space across the US with an astounding 30 to 40 million square feet in New York City alone by 2025. Handout“Prologis will be a player in the city and they have been buying existing buildings and buying development sites,” said Kossar. In Maspeth, Queens, RXR and LBA Logistics, a industrial real estate company, are creating a 1.1 million-square-foot “premier” logistics and distribution facility at a former Cascade box factory at 55-15 Grand Ave.
Yankee Stadium, Citi Field COVID-19 vaccine sites postponed indefinitely
Plans to convert Yankee Stadium and Citi Field into large-scale coronavirus vaccination sites have officially been postponed indefinitely — while 15 existing city inoculation hubs will remain closed as New York continues to struggle with a supply shortage, officials said Monday. “We want to get those to be full-blown, 24-hour operations but we don’t have the vaccine,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio of Yankee Stadium and Citi Field during a Monday press briefing. Plans to convert Citi Fields into a large-scale coronavirus vaccination site have been officially postponed indefinitely. Ellis KaplanThose sites were previously shuttered last Thursday — tentatively through Jan. 24 — when Moderna’s weekly shipment didn’t come through in time. The appointments that were scrapped at the sites are supposed to go ahead this week, starting Thursday.
Biden administration can’t say how many COVID-19 vaccines US has in reserve
WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday admitted that the Biden administration does not know how many COVID-19 vaccinations the US has in reserve. Psaki made the startling revelation during a briefing with reporters at the White House, where she was repeatedly pressed on the nation’s lagging coronavirus vaccine rollout. “Is there at least a ballpark amount that officials are aware of how much vaccine there is?” one reporter asked. The new commander in chief has faced growing criticism for his vaccination targets, which were already being met by the Trump administration causing critics to say Biden is aiming too lowGov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday called on Biden “to do whatever he can to increase the supply” and said the state’s reserves had already run dry.
Jennifer Granholm: What to know about Biden's energy secretary pick
Jennifer Granholm, President Biden's choice lead the Department of Energy, is a former Michigan governor who helped Detroit’s auto sector weather financial downturn. She is credited with helping push the nation’s largest automakers toward a green energy future. Fighting the climate crisis is a key part of Biden’s policy agenda. “She’s a good lady,” said retired United Auto Workers local president Pat Sweeney, who remembers Granholm for helping broker the Detroit auto bailout during the 2008-09 financial crisis. Granholm has said, if confirmed, she would leave the company’s board and divest her stock options.
Former Oregon substitute teacher indicted in connection with summer Portland riot, officials say
A former substitute teacher and school volleyball coach has been indicted for allegedly damaging a Portland Police vehicle during a riot in August, officials recently announced. Malia Lynne Trammel, 29, was arraigned on Jan. 20 on charges of riot, criminal mischief, escape, interfering with a peace officer and identity theft, the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office said. Internet records posted online indicate she was a "Long Term Substitute Science Teacher" for Gladstone High School. LEFT-WING RIOTS RATTLE US CITIES EVEN AFTER PRESIDENT BIDEN'S INAUGURATIONA phone number listed for Trammell was not accepting calls on Monday. A grand jury returned an indictment on Jan. 8, at which point Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt reinstated the case.
Americans still awaiting coronavirus stimulus checks as Biden reportedly offers $4B to Central America
Americans still waiting on coronavirus relief, including stimulus checks, from the federal government may be surprised to learn that President Biden is reportedly offering $4 billion to Central American countries for development. IF BIDEN HALTS BORDER WALL, IT COULD COST TAXPAYERS BILLIONS, CBP CHIEF WARNSMeanwhile, many Americans have not yet received their $600 stimulus checks that were approved as part of the $900 billion relief package passed in December. While some Americans have received checks, the rollout is still ongoing. Biden promised that border wall building won't continue under his administration, and critics say his immigration stance encourages Central American migrants to cross the border illegally. Fox Business' Megan Henney, Fox News' Jason Donner and Adam Shaw and the Associated Press contributed to this report.
White House condemns riots in Portland, Seattle: 'Smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting’
White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said President Biden condemned violence in Portland and Seattle, saying he supports "peaceful protests," but that "smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting," calling that activity "completely unacceptable." Psaki was asked during the White House press briefing Monday for Biden’s reaction to recent unrest in the Pacific Northwest. LATEST PORTLAND ANTI-ICE PROTEST PROMPTS FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE"President Biden condemns violence and any violence in the strongest possible terms," Psaki said. "Peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy but smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting, and actions like these are totally unacceptable." The demonstrators, most clad in black, spray-painted anarchy symbols on buildings, broke windows and marched under a banner that read, "We are ungovernable."
Tacoma, Portland see weekend of violent Antifa, anti-ICE unrest
Demonstrations persisted over the weekend in Portland and Tacoma, Wash., where anti-police crowds displayed Antifa messages and decried Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) even after President Biden offered a sweeping immigration overhaul last week. Several items were set up to create a barricade in the street where a large trash can was set ablaze. While officers were observing the protest, three people appeared to try to get onto the roof of a building downtown. The officer drove forward through the crowd, and then stopped and called for medical aid, the department said. In Portland, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Ore., was once again the target of protesters on Saturday night.
Leahy expected to preside over Trump impeachment trial instead of Chief Justice Roberts
"The president pro tempore has historically presided over Senate impeachment trials of non-presidents. When presiding over an impeachment trial, the president pro tempore takes an additional special oath to do impartial justice according to the Constitution and the laws," Leahy said. Politico last week reported that Roberts "wants no further part" in overseeing an impeachment after he presided over Trump's impeachment trial one year ago. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT ARTICLE BEING SENT TO SENATE MONDAYThe chief justice of the United States is constitutionally required to oversee impeachment trials of sitting presidents. In almost all cases, the vice president and the Senate president pro tempore are interchangeable as far as who oversees Senate business.
De Blasio ‘shocked’ Staten Island ‘autonomous zone’ bar owner not indicted
Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday he was stunned that a grand jury didn’t indict a controversial Staten Island bar owner for driving into a deputy sheriff. “These are law enforcement officers, sheriff’s deputies trying to save people’s lives.”“If someone hits another person with a car, that’s an offense right there,” the mayor said. “If you hit a law enforcement officer with your car, that’s something profoundly troubling.”“That should lead to an indictment,” he said. “I’m absolutely shocked.”A grand jury last week declined to indict Mac’s Public House co-owner Daniel Presti on charges that he drove into Sgt. The grand jury voted to indict Presti on charges that he operated a bar without a license but cleared him of the more serious charges related to the encounter with Matos.
Syria floats new bank note amid soaring inflation
DAMASCUS, Syria — A new, 5,000 Syrian Lira bank note goes into circulation Sunday, the largest denomination in the country reeling from a decade of conflict and a crippling economic crisis. Trading that year at 47 liras to the dollar, it’s now officially up to trading at 1,250 liras to the dollar. Syria’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported an average inflation rate of 200 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, with goods inflation reaching 300 percent. Iyed Bilal, the director of the treasury department of the Syrian Central Bank, shows the new banknote during a press briefing, in Damascus, Syria January 24. The Central Bank said that the new bank note was issued “to meet the need of the market, facilitate cash transactions and reduce their costs.”The newly-designed banknote bears on one side a photo of a solider saluting the Syrian flag.
Facebook, Amazon were biggest lobbying spenders last year: report
Facebook and Amazon spent more money lobbying Washington than any other American company last year as the feds sought to rein in their expansive power, a new report says. With the Federal Trade Commission looking to break up its business and Congress eager to grill CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook increased its lobbying budget by almost 18 percent to nearly $20 million in 2020, according to The Wall Street Journal. Amazon, meanwhile, shelled out about $18 million — a roughly 11 percent increase from 2019’s levels — as chief executive Jeff Bezos made his first appearance before Congress while the company unsuccessfully fought for a $10 billion Pentagon contract, the paper reported Sunday. Last year was the second straight in which the two tech titans outspent the rest of corporate America — including Silicon Valley rivals such as Apple and Google, which shrank their lobbying spending to $6.7 million and $7.5 million, respectively, according to the Journal’s analysis of federal disclosures. The spending came as the Trump administration filed blockbuster antitrust lawsuits against Facebook and Google along with attorneys general from dozens of states.
Lawmakers push back on $1.9T COVID-19 relief package as Biden digs in
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle confronted the Biden administration on it’s $1.9 trillion economic recovery package, lobbying the newly-installed White House to take a more targeted approach. Representing the Biden administration alongside Deese were Jeff Zients, Biden’s coronavirus coordinator, and Louisa Terrell, head of White House legislative affairs. The White House did not, however, broach any subject of pushing through the package without GOP support. A spokesperson for the Biden administration did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the call. The White House team is required to pass this legislation with some Republican support.
Former ‘Real Housewives’ star fined for wild house parties in Miami
Former “Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband, Lenny Hochstein — a.k.a the “boob god” — are in trouble with authorities over a series of parties at their Star Island home, racking up more than $3,000 in fines. The party got the couple cited for “unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary or unusual noise” by Miami officials. They were also cited for noise for a party the weekend prior, reports the Miami Herald, that got them two fines of $250. Lisa and Lenny Hochstein were fined $3,250. Guests were temperature checked upon arrival and could only access the outdoor space surrounding our house.
GOP Sen. Rob Portman announces he won’t run again in 2022
Rob Portman said Monday he’s not seeking re-election in 2022 — joining at least two other swing-state Republicans who will retire. He is a former House member and was White House budget director during former President George W. Bush’s second term. Also retiring in 2022 are Republican Sens. He said, however, that “I don’t excuse anything President Trump did on Jan. 6 or in the run-up to it.”At least 17 Senate Republicans would have to vote in favor of convicting Trump — a steep climb. Only 10 House Republicans voted to impeach Trump this month, and in Trump’s first impeachment trial last year a single Republican, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, voted to convict on one of two counts.
Hill Balks at Biden’s Covid Bill As Impeachment Trial Loom
Howie Kurtz on the second impeachment trial being delayed, Senators on both sides pushing back on latest COVID-19 relief bill and the passing of Larry King. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for governor of Arkansas: What to know
Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it official on Monday: she’s running for governor of Arkansas in 2022. While most Americans know Sanders from her time in President Trump's White House, back home in Arkansas she’s also long been well known for her political pedigree. Here are five things to know about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She joined the Trump administration the next year as a deputy White House press secretary. In July of 2017, she became White House press secretary, succeeding Sean Spicer, who resigned.
Miranda Devine: Please hold Dr. Fauci responsible for COVID-19 mistakes
FAUCI BACKS 'DOUBLE-MASKING' IN CORONAVIRUS FIGHT, SAYS 'LIKELY MORE EFFECTIVE'Yet, astonishingly, Fauci told CNN Friday that a "lack of candor" from the Trump administration had cost American lives. BIDEN'S 'NOTHING WE CAN DO' COMMENTS ON CORONAVIRUS TRAJECTORY CAUSES STIR"The guy I fought the most that day was Fauci," Navarro told me Sunday. "He was adamantly opposed to the travel ban. Trump imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31 and Fauci later credited the action with saving lives. Posing by his pool in sunglasses and novelty socks last June, Fauci told InStyle magazine he had no regrets about lying:"We were told .
DOJ IG investigating whether officials tried to overturn 2020 election
The Department of Justice Inspector General's Office announced Monday that they were investigating whether any current or former DOJ employees attempted to alter the results of the 2020 presidential election. DOJ WON'T CHARGE SEN. BURR OVER PRE-PANDEMIC STOCK TRADESWhite House counsel Pat Cippollone reportedly advised Trump not to do this, and Trump eventually decided not to pursue that course. Clark denied to the Times that he was involved in any plan to have Rosen removed, and said details of the talks he had with Trump had been distorted. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"There was a candid discussion of options and pros and cons with the president," Clark told the newspaper. Fox News' David Spunt and Jake Gibson contributed to this report.
Meghan McCain: Katie Couric, others calling for 'deprogramming' Republicans can go to hell'
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain said Monday that liberals like Katie Couric and others who had called for the "deprogamming" of some Donald Trump supporters could "go to hell." Couric and several others, including McCain's "The View" colleague Sunny Hostin, have referred to Trump backers as "brainwashed" or in need of "deprogramming" in the past two weeks. "I just have a different perspective on how the government should be run." McCain supported Biden, a close friend of her family, in the 2020 election, but the show's token conservative host has expressed sympathy for how Trump supporters are being portrayed by the media. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"That 74 million Americans are basically irredeemable people ...
'The Walking Dead' actor Ilan Srulovicz talks cancel culture, media censorship: 'It is Orwellian'
"The Walking Dead" actor Ilan Srulovicz appeared on "The Faulkner Focus" Monday to discuss cancel culture and what he sees as a growing trend of censoring conservative voices in America. "I felt like it was very important for a company to come out and take that stand," he explained. We have a big following and, essentially, I just wanted to start fighting back against the extreme kind of censorship that we're seeing nowadays. He went on to discuss the top five companies in America having too much control over the flow of information. We have to make it acceptable once again to disagree with each other and to have a diversity of opinion."
Amazon employees gave millions to Biden, strongly outweighing cash for Trump, data shows
Amazon employees showered Joe Biden's presidential campaign with cash during the 2020 election, funneling millions of dollars to the then-candidate — far more than they gave to Republican Donald Trump. Continue Reading BelowFigures published by the Center for Responsive Politics show that Amazon workers gave more than $2.22 million to Biden's presidential campaign during the election, and $934,747 to the DNC Services Corp. The third-highest donation by Amazon employees went to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Sanders, a self-declared democratic socialist who frequently battles with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, received $803,732 from individuals who work at the e-commerce behemoth. By comparison, then-President Trump received just $260,140 in donations from Amazon workers. Of the top 10 political candidates and organizations that Amazon employees donated to, Trump is the only Republican.
For second straight day, China sends warplanes into Taiwan airspace
China has sent warplanes, including fighter jets and bombers, into the South China Sea, breaching Taiwan’s airspace for a second day on Sunday – provocations that come as a test in the early days of the Biden administration. Beijing sent eight bombers and four fighter jets soaring into Taiwan’s airspace on Saturday and another 15 aircraft on Sunday. The US responded by dispatching a carrier group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt into the South China Sea on Saturday to promote “freedom of the seas” in the waterway, and the State Department released a statement confirming its support for Taiwan. Our commitment to Taiwan is rock-solid and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and within the region?,” the statement continued. In recent months, China has ramped up its naval presence in the region and criticized any military operations in the area by the US as “collusion” with Taiwan.
Bridgegate figure, ex-Christie aide Bridget Anne Kelly running for office
Bridget Anne Kelly, a former aide to then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie whose conviction over the 2013 “Bridgegate” scandal was overturned by the US Supreme Court announced Monday that she’s running for office. But the US Supreme Court last May overturned the federal convictions against Kelly and Baroni. Republican Bridget Anne Kelly is running as a candidate for Bergen County Clerk. Maybe the Supreme Court decided that she didn’t break any laws but it was certainly unethical,” he said.
Rudy Giuliani sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3B over election fraud claims
Rudy Giuliani has been hit with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit for pushing claims that Dominion Voting Systems rigged the 2020 presidential election, new court papers show. Rudy Giuliani has been sued $1.3 billion by the Dominion Voting Systems. Melissa Carone, who was working for Dominion Voting Services, speaks in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee in Lansing, Michigan on December 2, 2020. Dominion filed a similar suit earlier this month against pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell — who filed numerous unsuccessful lawsuits in an effort to overturn election results. A Dominion Voting ballot scanner is delivered to a polling location in Gwinnett County, Ga. outside of Atlanta on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, in advance of the Senate runoff election.
Italy’s prime minister looking to resign, then form new government
ROME – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is close to resigning but then hopes to form a new government that can count on a broader majority, national dailies reported on Monday. “My aim is to find an agreement that gives a clear political perspective to govern until the end of the legislation,” Conte said, according to La Repubblica newspaper. There was no immediate comment from the prime minister’s office. The prime minister has appealed to centrist and unaligned Senate lawmakers to join government ranks, but few have responded so far. Looking to put pressure on lawmakers, the main ruling parties have said snap elections, two years ahead of schedule, will be the only way out of the political impasse unless a solution is rapidly found.
North Korea’s ambassador to Kuwait defects to South Korea as diplomats flee
North Korea’s ambassador to Kuwait defected to the South in an ongoing sign of rebellion against Kim Jong Un. Ryu had led North Korea’s embassy in Kuwait since former Ambassador So Chang Sik was expelled after a 2017 U.N. resolution sought to scale back the country’s overseas diplomatic missions. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects an air defense unit in western area, North Korea. In early 2019, North Korea’s ambassador to Italy, Jo Song Gil, vanished with his wife from the embassy and resurfaced in South Korea. Tae was also a defector, fleeing his position as North Korea’s deputy ambassador to Britain before settling in the South in 2016.
NYC office towers welcome workers back with new tech, toilet protocols
Vaccinations are being distributed, the lifting of all COVID-19 lockdowns is in sight, and with that, confidence is returning to both employers and commercial building owners. Many real estate executives now believe companies will call their workforces back into the office starting in June and July. As a result, everything from build outs, technology and even toilets are currently being reimagined in an attempt to get tenants back to the office quickly. To air things out, Savanna’s Grand Central-area office building, at 521 Fifth Ave., will soon have usable outdoor terrace space at every setback. “When employees come back in June, they are saying they want it to feel post-COVID in a smart way.
Biden repeals Trump ban on transgender military members
President Biden on Monday repealed former President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. “President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a bar to military service, and that America’s strength is found in its diversity.”Trump announced in a July 2017 tweet that the transgender ban would be reinstated. Supporters of allowing transgender troops pointed out that the military spends more than $80 million per year on erectile dysfunction pills. The military lifted its ban on gay and lesbian members in 2011 after Congress in 2010 repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that was implemented during the Clinton administration. Debate on transgender military members lasted through most of former President Barack Obama’s administration.
Sen. Hawley files ethics complaint against Dems who linked him to Capitol riot
Sen. Josh Hawley on Monday filed an ethics complaint against the seven Democrats who last week filed one against him and Sen. Ted Cruz seeking their “expulsion or censure” for objecting to the presidential election results. He gave a fist pump to a then-peaceful group of Trump supporters at the Capitol hours before the building was ransacked. The ethics complaint against Cruz and Hawley has divided Democrats. Hawley’s Pennsylvania objection focused prominently on a state court’s ruling that mail-in ballots could arrive days after Election Day. Hawley wrote in his ethics complaint that the seven Democrats’ complaint linking him to the rioters “would constitute defamation per se” in “most jurisdictions.”Democrats accusing Hawley and Cruz of misconduct are Sens.
House GOP want to add Facebook, Twitter to Parler probe of Capitol siege
WASHINGTON — Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee want any FBI probe into conservative social network Parler and its involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol siege to also include a look into Facebook and Twitter. “Like you, we were disturbed and angered by the riot and we believe those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law,” they wrote. Amazon Web Services booted Parler from its platform earlier this month, forcing the social media site to go dark and leading to a flurry of litigation. The two Republicans charged that the probe was politically-motivated and noted that Parler’s employees had not donated as generously to Democrats as Facebook and Twitter. “During the 2020 election cycle Facebook employees contributed over $5 million in federal elections — 92.79% of which went to Democrats,” read the letter, citing Open Secrets.
Concha calls out NY Times for serving as 'extension' of Biden admin with report on president's faith
"It's funny how we're now actually ranking presidents based on most ‘religiously observant,’" Fox News contributor Joe Concha said Monday, comparing it to a ranking of the top quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl. His comments come after The New York Times described President Biden as "perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century" in a story published Saturday. NYTIMES RIPPED FOR LABELING BIDEN 'MOST RELIGIOUSLY OBSERVANT' PRESIDENT IN 50 YEARS"It's another example of The New York Times not serving as journalists, but basically as an extension of the communications team for the Biden administration," Concha said on Fox News’ "America's Newsroom." "I don't think that this should be the role of The New York Times in their straight news section," Concha added. MEDIA COVERAGE OF BIDEN'S INAUGURATION 'CERTAINLY A CONTRAST' WITH TRUMP'S: CONCHAHe questioned whether Biden’s policies warranted the "religiously observant" label.
China's Xi calls for unity in fighting coronavirus, climate change
Countries must cooperate more closely in fighting the challenges of the pandemic and climate change and in supporting a sustainable global economic recovery, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday in an address to the World Economic Forum. While Xi did not mention recent U.S. policies directly, he did call for sticking to rules, embracing diversity and avoiding confrontations over trade and technology. "A divided world cannot tackle the common challenges facing humanity, and confrontation will lead humanity to a dead end," Xi said. Xi said countries need to better coordinate their economic policies, avoid protectionism and other barriers to trade and cooperation to support a global economic recovery and ensure the stability of world financial systems. "Despite trillions of dollars countries around the world rolled out in economic remedies, the momentum of the global economic recovery remains very unstable, and there is great uncertainty about the outlook," Xi said.
Champ and Major, President Biden's dogs, move into the White House
The White House just became the dog house. The White House recently shared photos of President Joe Biden’s dogs, Champ and Major, on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. DOG MIRRORS INJURED OWNER'S LIMP IN VIRAL FACEBOOK VIDEO: 'LOVE HIM'The White House released a series of photos showing both dogs playing on the property, with the Washington Monument visible in the background. While they’re not the first dogs to live in the White House, Major is still making history as the first rescue dog to live in the residence. The group said, "From shelter pup at the Delaware Humane Association to First Dog at the White House, Major Biden is barking proof that every dog can live the American dream."
Liz Peek: Here's why Joe Biden could get very lucky in his first 100 days as president
Lucky Joe Biden. A year ago, President Trump was a shoo-in for reelection; one betting group put the odds of Biden beating Trump at 5-1. Biden campaigned (to the extent he campaigned at all) on taming the virus, relying on "science" to squash the bug. Joe Biden will have had nothing to do with that much-hoped-for event. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERConsequently, Democrats and their press lackeys will claim that Joe Biden conquered COVID.
Laid-off Keystone XL worker says decision to cancel pipeline ‘is going to hurt a lot of people’
The move swiftly eliminated the estimated 11,000 U.S. jobs – including 8,000 union jobs – the project would have sustained in 2021. At the time the cross-border permits for the pipeline were rescinded, he and his team were in Nebraska working on a pump station for Keystone XL. MONTANA GOVERNOR CALLS ON BIDEN TO RETHINK KEYSTONE PIPELINE DECISION: ‘IT’S A LIFELINE’"Just like the rest of the country, COVID hurt us bad. "We are very eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good-paying union jobs, even if they might be different ones," Buttigieg said. "I can't understand how the pipeline industry has become the villains," Crabtree said regarding the widespread condemnation of the Keystone XL.
Supreme Court rejects lawsuits over Trump emoluments case
?The US Supreme Court dismissed lawsuits that accused former President Trump of illegally profiting from his four years in the White House as “moot” on Monday. ??”The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit with instructions to dismiss the case as moot?,” the court wrote in an order released Monday. ?The attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia sued over whether Trump benefited financially from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, while the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sued over the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan. Donald Trump and his family cut the ribbon at the Trump International Hotel on October 26, 2016. Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesTrump’s legal team had challenged the lower court rulings to the Supreme Court.
Empty streets in Davos as World Economic Forum holds virtual meeting
The streets of Davos are normally crowded at this time of the year as influential leaders from around the world gather here for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Annual Meeting. “What makes Davos different is that you do not just have some heads of state or some top business leaders, you have practically everyone who counts coming together,” he added. The Davos Agenda will feature participation from heads of state and government, chief executive officers, civil society leaders, global media and youth leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. The WEF is pinning hopes on normality returning and plans a face-to-face meeting in Singapore in May. The World Economic Forum 2021 kicks off on Monday, January 25 and ends on Friday, January 29.
Inside the luxury apartments luring New Yorkers to Dallas
Dallas has seen an uptick in city-dwellers looking for an urban center that can still offer the VIP treatment. In the latest slew of luxury developments, high rises are the new way of luring people to the Lone Star state. One new development — Hall Art Residences —is banking on the upscale sensibilities of these transplants. This would be considered a steal in New York City, where an average two-bedroom luxury apartment lists for $8 million. The high rise grants home buyers access to white glove services such as reservations to area restaurants, museums, theater and private event coordination.
First dogs Champ and Major Biden arrive at White House
First dogs Champ and Major Biden, the family’s pair of German Shepherds, have officially moved into the White House. The two dogs were reunited with the first lady and President Biden on Sunday. Since moving in, Champ has been “enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace,” while Major has been “running around on the South Lawn.”The Biden’s dog, Major enjoys the White House grounds. Adam Schultz/White HouseIn photos shared by the White House, the pooches could be seen enjoying their new outdoor surroundings, which the first lady took them around to see for first time. When asked about the incoming feline friend on Sunday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she too wanted to know when the cat would arrive.
Gregg Jarrett: Pelosi seeks retaliation in Trump impeachment trial -- get ready for 'the sequel'
The first impeachment trial in the Senate a year ago was a baseless fiasco that ended in the easy acquittal of President Trump. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT ARTICLE BEING SENT TO SENATE MONDAY, AHEAD OF TRIAL NEXT MONTHIt is almost certain that the sequel will mimic the same bad ending. Inasmuch as Trump does not hold a federal office, a belated Senate trial of the former president would be invalid and unconstitutional. Some have argued that the value of a retroactive Senate impeachment trial is to bar Trump from holding future federal office. Did Trump truly "incite an insurrection," as the impeachment article alleges?
Will Democrats eliminate the filibuster in the Senate? What to know
Progressives and the left expect big things now that Democrats control the White House, House and Senate. Some Democrats have said Democrats should just ignore the need for a deal. And, perhaps most importantly, McConnell knows that if Democrats were to end the filibuster, he scores the best victory of all. Note, we didn’t say anything about changing any of the Standing Rules of the Senate to implement these filibuster changes. McConnell knows he can demand certain things from Schumer because Schumer needs McConnell to accept parts of various proposals.
LeBron James for US Senate calls ramp up amid Portman's decision not to see reelection
LeBron James is a four-time NBA champion, four-time MVP and 16-time All-Star. Rob Portman not seeing election in 2022, social media users floated the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s name for Portman’s seat. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COMPortman cited "partisan gridlock" as a reason why he is stepping away from Congress. James launched his More Than A Vote campaign to help African-Americans make their voices heard at the polls. It’s unclear whether James would give up a pretty nice lifestyle in Los Angeles for the cutthroat world of politics.
Biden reverses Trump ban on transgender individuals serving in military
FLASHBACK: TRUMP ISSUES ORDER TO BAN TRANSGENDER TROOPS FROM SERVICE EXCEPT IN 'LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCES'The Biden administration stressed that the U.S. military "thrives" when it is composed of diverse Americans who can "meet the rigorous standards for military service," and added that "an inclusive military strengthens our national security." "President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a bar to military service, and that America’s strength is found in its diversity," the White House said. Trump, in March 2018, officially authorized the ability of the Pentagon to ban transgender individuals from joining the military, with limited exceptions, after making the pledge to do so in 2017. There are already transgender individuals who are serving capably and honorably. This action would also send the wrong signal to a younger generation thinking about military service."
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman not running for reelection in 2022
Rob Portman of Ohio announced Monday that he won’t seek a third six-year term when he is up for reelection in 2022. Portman’s decision to retire rather than run for reelection will likely make the GOP’s hopes of recapturing the chamber in the 2022 elections more challenging. With Portman’s announcement, add battleground Ohio to the list of states with a GOP-controlled open Senate seat. There’s also a potential headache in Iowa, where 87-year-old GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley is staying mum so far on whether he’ll run for an eighth six-year term in the Senate. And in the battleground state of Wisconsin, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson hasn’t said if he’ll run for a third term.
Gaetz traveling to Wyoming to take aim at Cheney amid uproar over her Trump impeachment vote
One of former President Trump’s top supporters in the House of Representatives is targeting one of Trump’s biggest House GOP critics. Her impeachment vote should disqualify her from representing Wyoming & @HouseGOP!" Gaetz, a former Florida state lawmaker from the state’s panhandle region who was first elected to Congress in 2016, has been taking aim at Cheney since her impeachment vote. Last week Wyoming state Sen. Anthony Bouchard announced that he would challenge Cheney for Wyoming’s sole House seat. Meanwhile, three GOP county organizations in Wyoming have censured Cheney for her impeachment vote.
NBCU’s Peacock wins WWE Network exclusive US streaming rights
NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service will soon be the only place for wrestling fans to stream the WWE Network in the US. WWE and NBCU said Monday they reached a multiyear agreement that gives Peacock exclusive streaming rights to WWE Network for American viewers. Peacock will launch WWE Network on March 18 with over 17,000 hours of new, original and library WWE programming. This will include live-pay-per-view events such as “WrestleMania” and “SummerSlam.” “Fastlane” will be the first WWE pay-per-view event to stream on Peacock on March 21. The company originally launched WWE Network in February 2014 when it ended its traditional pay-per-view events business.
Supreme Court will not hear ex-politician Sheldon Silver’s appeal
The Supreme Court will not hear an appeal by crooked former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is serving a more than six-year federal prison sentence after being convicted on corruption charges. Silver’s Supreme Court appeal was a last-ditch effort by the former Albany powerbroker, who was twice convicted by New York juries on all counts related to kickback schemes he ran while in office. Silver had remained free from prison while waging a years-long battle to overturn his convictions on the corruption charges. In 2017, a New York appeals court fully overturned his first conviction after it ruled the jury had been given improper instructions about the definition of corruption. “My use of my office for personal gain was improper, selfish and ethically indefensible,” he said in Manhattan federal court.
GameStop shares spike another 50 percent amid short squeeze
GameStop shares soared another 50 percent early Monday, fueled by an epic short squeeze that has sparked an eye-popping rally in the video-game retailer’s stock this month. The early Monday surge — which recently left the stock up 48 percent at $96.73 — follows a Friday rally that had left the shares 51 percent higher. Short interest in GameStop shares on Friday stood at 102 percent of the shares outstanding, making it one of the most shorted companies on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. On Thursday, Citron suspended a livestream event to explain its short position on GameStop, saying there were attempts made to hack its Twitter account. GameStop has soared by more than 245 percent in January alone, capping a rally that has lifed the shares from from $4 last July.
House to deliver article of impeachment against Trump to Senate on Monday
More than a week after the House voted to impeach former President Trump, Democrats in the chamber will deliver the one article of “incitement of insurrection” to the Senate Monday evening. said he and some of his Republican colleagues think conducting a trial after Trump has already vacated the office is unconstitutional. US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right) and US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have given differing viewpoints on the impeachment of Donald Trump AFP via Getty ImagesMcConnell told members of his caucus to vote their conscience. ?The House impeached Trump for a second time on Jan. 13, voting 232-197 to approve the one article of impeachment. But unlike the last time in December 2019, 10 Republicans joined with all Democrats to vote against Trump.
EU weighs response to Navalny arrest, protest crackdown
European Union foreign ministers on Monday debated the 27-nation bloc’s response to the arrest of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and a weekend police crackdown that saw thousands taken into custody during protests in support of President Vladimir Putin’s most well-known critic. More than 3,500 people were reportedly taken into custody during the nationwide protests. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that "under the Russian constitution, everyone in Russia has the right to express their opinion and to demonstrate. KREMLIN: US COMMENTS ON PROTESTS SUPPORT LAW-BREAKINGHe and other ministers called for the immediate release of the protesters. The protests attracted thousands of people in major Russian cities, including an estimated 15,000 in Moscow.
Supreme Court ends Trump emoluments lawsuits
The Supreme Court on Monday brought an end to lawsuits over whether Donald Trump illegally profited off his presidency. The justices threw out Trump's challenge to lower court rulings that had allowed lawsuits to go forward alleging that he violated the Constitution's emoluments clause by accepting payments from foreign and domestic officials who stay at the Trump International Hotel and patronize other businesses owned by the former president and his family. The high court also ordered the lower court rulings thrown out as well and directed appeals courts in New York and Richmond, Virginia, to dismiss the suits as moot now that Trump is no longer in office. The outcome leaves no judicial opinions on the books in an area of the law that has been rarely explored in U.S. history. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe suits sought financial records showing how much state and foreign governments have paid the Trump Organization to stay and eat at Trump-owned properties.
1 in 5 Americans have confidence Biden can unite the country: poll
Americans definitely aren’t united on this question.?Just one in five Americans have "a great deal of confidence" in President Biden’s ability to make good on his goal to unify the country, according to a new poll released Sunday. While 22 percent said Biden will unify the country, 24 percent remained highly skeptical, saying that they have no confidence "at all" that he will be able to do so, the ABC News/Ipsos poll found. REPUBLICANS PAN MEDIA COVERAGE OF HUNTER BIDEN BAGEL RUNThirty-five percent said they have a "good amount" of confidence Biden could unite the country and 19 percent said they had "not so much" confidence.?Respondents to the survey were asked their opinion after watching a video of Biden’s inaugural address? urging Americans to see "each other not as adversaries, but as neighbors. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAt the same time, 71 percent of those who watched the entire or parts of Biden’s inaugural address said his message was "very" or "somewhat" convincing. The poll surveyed a random sample of 504 adults across the country between Jan. 22-23.
AMC nets $917M in financing to ward off bankruptcy
Movie theater giant AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. signed deals for $917 million in financing to survive the Covid-19 pandemic for months longer without resorting to bankruptcy, the company said Monday. Stocks in this Article AMC AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS INC $4.82 +1.30 (+36.88%)"This means that any talk of an imminent bankruptcy for AMC is completely off the table," said Chief Executive Adam Aron. The company had warned about its risk of bankruptcy since late last year. Investors have been willing to keep AMC afloat even as it burned cash and theaters stayed largely dark as infections surged late last year. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that AMC was in talks with its creditors and outside investors for a financing deal backed by European assets.
Coronavirus relief spending fueling a stock market bubble, BofA warns
The stock market is in a bubble that's being fueled by U.S. policy on coronavirus stimulus, Bank of America economists warned in a note to clients. Continue Reading Below“D.C.’s policy bubble is fueling Wall St’s asset price bubble,” the strategists, led by Michael Hartnett, wrote in a Friday note. The analysts are referring to the Federal Reserve's monetary policies and massive spending policies from Congress. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREGoldman Sachs also warned of an impending market correction in an analyst note last week. "The market is rising on good news but choosing to largely ignore weaker data and rising infection rates," the analysts wrote.
See inside Blair House, Kamala Harris' temporary home in Washington, DC
While Number One Observatory Circle undergoes repairs, Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff have temporarily moved into Blair House — so let’s peek inside. KAMALA HARRIS MOVING INTO HISTORIC WASHINGTON DC RESIDENCEFor now, the couple is staying at Blair House, which sits across from the White House. More specifically, "Winston Churchill’s frequent trips to Washington helped convince Roosevelt of the need for official diplomatic housing," according to the Blair House's official site. At 60,600 square feet in total, Blair House is actually larger than the White House. Each of the 14 guest rooms also includes its own full bathroom.
11 Chinese miners rescued after 14 days trapped in gold mine after explosion
Chinese rescuers on Sunday pulled to safety 11 workers who had been stuck 2,000 feet down a gold mine for 14 days — with 10 others still lost and at least one dead. Hundreds of rescue workers and officials applauded as the 11 survivors were hauled up one-by-one in baskets from the mine in Qixia on Sunday afternoon. The rescued men shielded their eyes from the sun after so many days in darkness. More than 600 rescuers have been working at the site of the explosion, which remains under investigation, officials said. Sunday’s rescue was reminiscent of the 2010 mission when 33 miners were pulled from a copper-gold mine in Chile where they’d been trapped more than 69 days.
Former surgeon general defends Fauci, Birx for staying on Trump coronavirus task force
Former Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams defended Trump administration coronavirus task force members Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx over criticism that they should have quit working for former President Donald Trump. Dr. Birx fought hard [and] saved lives." "If Dr. Birx or I weren't there, many medical/ public health conversations would've had no input whatsoever from a woman, or a person or color. Birx claimed on Sunday that someone was giving Trump different data than she was working with. Adams announced last week that he was stepping down as surgeon general at President Biden's request.
Minnesota bar owner faces lawsuit by state for defying 'unconstitutional' COVID-19 restrictions
Zarza added that she "knew what was at stake" when she decided to defy an indoor dining ban and now the Minnesota bar is being sued by the state. The Minnesota Department of Health on Saturday filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and bar in Lakeville after Alibi Drinkery opened on Dec. 16 in spite of the state’s coronavirus restrictions. Alibi's license reportedly expired on Dec. 31, and it has continued to operate without a license against state law, which prompted the lawsuit. Huff said that establishments operating in defiance of the state "do not get a free pass." Walz issued order 20-99 barring restaurants and bars from offering on-premises dining when COVID-19 cases in Minnesota were spiking ahead of the holidays.
CNN's Stelter mocked for praising 'refreshing' Biden press secretary Jen Psaki
CNN's media correspondent Brian Stelter has already vouched for the Biden White House's relationship with the truth, praising new press secretary Jen Psaki's "refreshing" commitment to delivering accurate information. Psaki has pledged to hold daily press briefings, a break from the Trump White House, which essentially mothballed the longstanding practice. CNN White House correspondent John Harwood tweeted that "truth" and "knowledge" were back on the day Biden was inaugurated. MEDIA MEMBERS DECLARE RETURN OF REALITY, TRUTH WITH BIDEN PRESIDENCY"The Biden administration telegraphed early how they were going to be honest," Carney said. On his first show of the Biden era, he declared that the Biden White House was a "break from the chaos and incompetence of Trump world."
Trump impeachment article being sent to Senate Monday, ahead of trial next month
"I think this is going to be really bad for the country," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said of the upcoming impeachment trial in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." MCCONNELL SAYS TRUMP 'PROVOKED' THE CAPITOL RIOT AS SENATE WEIGHS ANOTHER IMPEACHMENT TRIALThe House impeachment managers will begin their walk from the House side of the Capitol to the Senate side at 6:55 p.m. Monday. They'll arrive at the Senate at 7 p.m. and at that moment the Senate will officially be conducting an impeachment trial of the former president. On Feb. 2, Trump's legal team will have to submit its response to the House impeachment article. It takes a two-thirds vote for the Senate to successfully issue a conviction in an impeachment trial.
Biden's 'nothing we can do' comments on coronavirus trajectory causes stir
President Biden has drawn backlash for providing a pessimistic view of his administration's ability to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the near future. On Friday, however, he indicated that the trajectory of the pandemic can't be changed in the coming months, no matter what Americans do. "Haven't we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?" Biden says 'nothing we can do' to change pandemic 'trajectory' in coming months." FAUCI BACKS 'DOUBLE-MASKING' IN CORONAVIRUS FIGHT, SAYS 'LIKELY MORE EFFECTIVE'"I believe President Biden made it very clear, the plane is in a nosedive, and we gotta pull it up.
Nine miners found dead amid gold mine rescue effort in China
At least one of the miners was reported to have died from a head wound. Survivors had been getting liquid food sent through a makeshift shaft while trapped underground. The director of the rescue group, Chen Yumin, told reporters that the nine workers recovered Monday died more than 1,320 feet below ground. Rescuers work at the Hushan gold mine where workers were trapped underground after an explosion on January, 10 2021. A trapped miner being lifted from a gold mine in Qixia City in China on January 24, 2021.
Biden to sign ‘Buy American’ executive order
President Biden will sign an executive order on Monday aimed at boosting his “Buy American” efforts, following years of “Buy American, Hire American” initiatives from his predecessor. If the “Buy American” moniker sounds familiar, that’s because President Trump signed multiple executive actions focused on his “Buy American, Hire American” agenda dating back to early 2017. In April of that year, the 45th president signed an executive action encouraging federal agencies to purchase US-made iron, steel and manufactured goods. Speaking to reporters on a call Sunday, a senior Biden administration official was pressed about the similarities in the “Buy American” messaging. “So, you know, in practice, nothing happened.”Still, Trump repeatedly accused Biden of plagiarizing him while on the campaign trail over his embrace of the “Buy American” messaging.
AMC nets $917M in financing to ward off bankruptcy
Movie theater giant AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. signed deals for $917 million in financing to survive the Covid-19 pandemic for months longer without resorting to bankruptcy, the company said Monday. Stocks in this Article AMC AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS INC $4.57 +1.05 (+29.87%)"This means that any talk of an imminent bankruptcy for AMC is completely off the table," said Chief Executive Adam Aron. The company had warned about its risk of bankruptcy since late last year. Investors have been willing to keep AMC afloat even as it burned cash and theaters stayed largely dark as infections surged late last year. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that AMC was in talks with its creditors and outside investors for a financing deal backed by European assets.
House Oversight GOP says any FBI probe into Parler 'role' in Capitol riot 'should include' Facebook, Twitter
EXCLUSIVE: Republicans on the House Oversight Committee said any potential FBI investigation into the "role" Parler played in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot "should include" Facebook and Twitter, calling the recent request for an FBI probe from committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney "evidence" of the "growing alliance between Big Tech and Democrats." "But casting blame on a single social media company known for its conservative username while simply ignoring other social media companies known for sympathizing with liberal causes is blatantly and overtly partisan." "We request you amend your request for an FBI investigation to include Facebook and Twitter and the roles those companies played to contribute to the January 6 riot." "It is clear that Parler houses additional evidence critical to investigations of the attack on the Capitol," Maloney wrote. "After four years of peddling bogus—and later disproven—conspiracy theories about Russia, Committee Democrats are now resorting to outright xenophobia to deride both conservatives and social media platforms not approved by Democrats."
Judge blocks release of Capitol riot suspect seen with zip ties as prosecutors eye possible sedition charges
CAPITOL 'ZIP TIES' SUSPECT'S MOTHER ARRESTED IN TENNESSEE, CHARGED WITH CONSPIRACYBut Howell, who is seated in the District of Columbia, stayed the lower court's order pending a review. Federal prosecutors have argued that Munchel’s offenses are serious enough to detain him pending trial to ensure the community’s safety. Munchel is charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds, conspiracy and civil disorder. next Image 1 of 2prev Image 2 of 2In court papers filed Sunday, prosecutors said they had information that could lead to possible additional felony charges, such as sedition. Prosecutors have said Munchel traveled to Washington with his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, who has also been charged in the Capitol riot.
Texas man arrested in DC with unlicensed pistol, 80 rounds after telling cop he needed info on Oval Office
A Texas man who authorities said had an unlicensed firearm and nearly 80 rounds of ammunition inside his pick-up truck was arrested in Washington, D.C., on Friday after asking a passing bicycle officer for information about the Oval Office. Macias Santiago, a 37-year-old man from Midland, Texas, was placed under arrest for carrying a pistol without a license, unlawful possession of a firearm, unregistered ammunition and unlawful transport of a firearm, court documents said. Santiago stopped the officer, asked if he could park along Constitution Ave. and then "stated he needed information about the Oval Office," according to an arrest affidavit filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. That’s when the officer noticed there was a firearm holster mounted under the center dash and asked Santiago if he had a firearm in the vehicle. The officer asked where the firearm was located and Santiago told him the weapon was between the driver’s side seat and the center console.
World’s ten richest people gained enough wealth to buy COVID vaccines for all
The world’s 10 richest people added enough money to their fortunes last year to buy COVID-19 vaccines for every person on the planet, a new report says. The 10 richest billionaires saw their collective wealth increase by $540 billion from March 18 — around the time the coronavirus caused a historic crash in global stock markets — through Dec. 31, according to Oxfam’s analysis of Forbes wealth data. That’s more than enough to cover the estimated $141.2 billion cost of producing, distributing and delivering COVID-19 vaccines for the entire global population, the nonprofit said in its Monday report. Oxfam urged world leaders to address these inequities by increasing corporate taxes, closing tax havens and expanding social welfare programs. The group released the recommendations on the first day of the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos conference, which is being held virtually this year.
NJ corrections officer reportedly used ‘emergency holiday’ to attend Capitol riot
A New Jersey corrections officer took an “emergency holiday” to travel to Washington, DC, with a friend and take part in the “Stop the Steal” rally and deadly riot at the US Capitol, according to a report. She allegedly drove her Jeep Wrangler to DC along with Patricia Todisco, according to an FBI special agent. Text messages from Suarez’s phone also placed them in the building. In one clip shot outside the Capitol, Suarez can be heard shouting, “Stop the steal!” according to the affidavit. In one clip shot outside the Capitol, Suarez can be heard shouting, “Stop the steal!” according to the affidavit.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders officially announces run for Arkansas governor
Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is officially running for governor of Arkansas, she announced Monday. The two, Sanders said, agreed that they were “in this together,” referencing the fight to uphold freedom. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is seen with Donald Trump on June 18, 2019. “Everything we love about America is at stake, and with the radical left now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense. So today, I announce my candidacy for governor of Arkansas, and ask for your prayers and support,” Sanders said.
New bill would decriminalize sex work in New York
A new bill that would decriminalize sex work in New York — while still holding pimps and buyers accountable — is set to be introduced in the state senate this week, The Post has learned. That’s in contrast to complete decriminalization, which would green light all aspects of the sex trade. The new bill was created with the assistance of sex trade survivors and advocates. Krueger’s bill would do away with that, while also creating new ways to target sex buyers. They’re against aspects of the equality model because they feel penalties against sex buyers just pushes the trade further into the underground.
Impeaching Trump as a former president a 'moot point,' Rounds says
Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., came out firmly against the upcoming Senate impeachment trial for former President Trump, stating that not only does it raise constitutional issues, but it impedes President Biden's administration. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL IS 'STUPID,' 'BAD FOR THE COUNTRY': RUBIO"To begin with, I think it's a moot point, because I think right now Donald Trump is no longer the president, he is a former president," Rounds said. So I think it’s a moot point and I think it's one that they would have a very difficult time in trying to get done within the Senate." LIVE UPDATES: INCREASING NUMBER OF GOP SENATORS OPPOSE TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL"I know that the Biden administration would love to have more of their Cabinet in place, there’s a number of Republicans who also feel the same way," Rounds said. "We should allow this president the opportunity to form his Cabinet, and to get that in place as quickly as possible.
Man charged in DC riot reportedly has brother in Secret Service who led Michelle Obama detail
President George W. Bush poses with Jay Fairlamb (R), “Rolling Thunder” director of security, and veterans advocate Nikki Mendicino on May 27, 2007. FBIThe Secret Service did not immediately respond to the outlet’s request for comment. Jay Fairlamb (right), member of the secret service and brother of Capitol rioter Scott Fairlamb, seen in a Facebook picture. FacebookBut one associate told HuffPost that Fairlamb had been drawn to conspiracy theories long before the coronavirus hit the US. Preston “Jay” Fairlamb Jr. is the father of accused Capitol rioter Scott Fairlamb.
Hawley calls for ethics investigation into Dems who filed complaint against him
HAWLEY RIPS SENATE DEMOCRATS FOR ETHICS COMPLAINT, SAYS THEY'RE 'TRYING TO SILENCE DISSENT'"The complaint against me does not suggest that my objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes was legally improper. The Democrats who filed the ethics complaint against Cruz and Hawley were Sens. The ethics complaint against Hawley and Cruz, meanwhile, says that Cruz and Hawley "lent legitimacy to President Trump's false statements" and "to the mob's cause." The Democrats' complaint also raised questions about whether there was "communication or coordination between Sens. He said their complaint was a "manifestly partisan exercise" and called for an ethics investigation into the Democrats who filed the complaint against him and Cruz.
For wars of the future, Pentagon looks to distant past: The B-52
Conceived at the dawn of the nuclear age, the B-52 had an original role of deterring, and if need be fighting, a nuclear war. "The Air Force decided it needed capacity more than capability." And its fuel-guzzling engines were no longer made, requiring the Air Force to rely on a dwindling reserve of engines and parts. And alone among current Air Force bombers, it could be equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, its sole remaining nuclear capability. By overhauling the bomb bay, the Air Force saw ways to boost the B-52s' firepower further.
What Is Bitcoin?
This week, Phil Flynn, senior account executive at the Price Futures Group and the author of The Phil Flynn Energy Report, joins Abby in the classroom to help with her lesson plan on Bitcoin. They discuss how Bitcoin works, the arguments for and against the cryptocurrency, and its relevance to the economy today. Keep up with Abby after class on Twitter: @AbbyHornacek
Tacoma protest: Dozens gather where police cruiser hit pedestrians, light fires, damage buildings
Dozens of protesters gathered in Tacoma, Wash., Sunday night at the same location where a police cruiser reportedly plowed into a group of pedestrians after responding to reports of street-racing in the area. A reporter from the station posted a video that showed police officers standing in front of a business that had its windows shattered. The station said that the incident on Saturday night involved a group of people who surrounded the police car and started to pound on the window. The report, citing Tacoma police, said the officer involved was a 29-year veteran who has been put on administrative leave. Andy Ngo, a journalist who documents protests, posted videos on Twitter that purportedly showed scuffles breaking out in Tacoma.
Washington Monument lights go out, investigation underway
The Washington Monument lights went out on Sunday, leading officials to try and figure out why. "The exterior lights of the Washington Monument are currently out," the National Park Service tweeted on Sunday evening. BIDEN AND SON HUNTER ATTEND FIRST MASS AS PRESIDENT IN DC"The Washington Monument isn’t lit up tonight for whatever reason and it’s super creepy," one user wrote on Twitter. "The Washington Monument indeed is dark. WASHINGTON MONUMENT CLOSES THROUGH BIDEN'S INAUGURATION DUE TO 'CREDIBLE THREATS'On Saturday, the National Park Service announced that the monument would close "until further notice" to protect staff and visitors from the spread of COVID-19.
House Judiciary GOP pans media coverage of Hunter Biden bagel run
The House Judiciary GOP Twitter handle on Sunday poked fun at journalists who reported on an apparent bagel run for Hunter Biden while the presidential motorcade waited for his order to be completed. Matt Viser, the White House reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted that the motorcade was headed back from church at the time and was "diverted" so Hunter Biden "could make a food run at Call Your Mother, arguably the best bagel shop in DC." The House Judiciary GOP seized on the tweet and wrote, "This is the most coverage Hunter Biden has ever received by the mainstream media. In December, Hunter Biden acknowledged the probe but maintained he handled his affairs "legally." A spokesperson for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News that it is "very likely" that the Hunter Biden probe will be addressed at the Judge Merrick Garland hearing for attorney general.
Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan airspace days after Biden takes office
China ratcheted up activity in Taiwan airspace on Sunday by flying 15 fighter jets between mainland Taiwan and the Pratas Islands in the South China Sea, a report said. Reuters, which cited Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, reported that the jets included six J-10 fighters, two SU-30s and other military planes. A day earlier, China flew eight bombers and four fighters into the same airspace, the report said. China imposed sanctions Wednesday on more than two dozen former Trump administration officials, including outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, just as Biden was sworn into office. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., argued on Sunday that sanctions against former Trump administration officials are a "dangerous" and "insidious escalation of China's effort to influence American policy."
China fumes, accuses US of 'crazy provocation' after Amb. Craft announces Taiwan visit
Ambassador Kelly Craft to Taiwan -- accusing the U.S. of a "crazy provocation" and warning that it will pay a "heavy price" for the visit. "We wish to remind the United States that whoever plays with fire will burn himself. The United States will pay a heavy price for its wrong action." The angry response came after the U.S. announced that Craft would visit Taipei next week for meetings with Taiwan officials and diplomats. In its statement on Friday, the Chinese mission repeated its claim that "the Taiwan region is an inalienable part of China’s territory."
Live Updates: Increasing number of GOP senators oppose Trump impeachment trial
An increasing number of Republican senators say they oppose holding an impeachment trial for former President Trump. "Well, first of all, I think the trial is stupid. FAST FACTS Republican senators -- who will serve as jurors in the trial -- are rallying to Trump's legal defense, as they did during his first impeachment trial last year. Arguments in the Senate trial will begin the week of Feb. 8. House Democrats will walk the impeachment charge of "incitement of insurrection" to the Senate on Monday evening.
Texas teen tipped FBI off about dad’s involvement in Capitol riot
An 18-year-old Texas man tipped off the FBI about his father’s role in the US Capitol riot — and said he’d do it again. Jackson Reffitt — whose dad Guy Reffitt was charged last week in the Jan. 6 siege — told local outlet Fox4 that he acted out of moral obligation. “It was my moral compass.. to do what I thought would protect not only my family, but my dad himself,” he said. Investigators found out he had previously posted a comment on a website for a militia extremist group known as the Texas Freedom Force, according to the FBI. While he hasn’t been able to speak with his dad since the arrest, Jackson said he wishes that he could.
White House begins talks with lawmakers on COVID-19 relief
At least a dozen senators met for an hour and 15 minutes in a virtual call with White House National Economic Council director Brian Deese and other senior White House officials. Many hope to approve a relief package before former President Donald Trump’s trial, which is set to begin in two weeks, overtakes Washington’s attention. Senators also wanted more data on how the White House reached the $1.9 trillion figure. The two leaders of the House’s Problem Solvers Caucus, Reps. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., and Tom Reed, D-N.Y., as well as White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients and White House legislative affairs director Louisa Terrell joined the call. “We’re going to continue to push because we can’t wait,” said White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.
California homeowner fights off home invasion suspects, fatally stabs 1: cops
A California man was hospitalized following a home invasion robbery on Thursday after fighting off four attackers and fatally stabbing one of them, authorities said. Jedediah Boncutter, 18, of Kelseyville, was identified as the suspect who was fatally stabbed during the incident. He was pronounced dead at a local area hospital, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. His name isn't being released due to the violent nature of the incident, according to the department. Witnesses to the robbery are encouraged to call the Santa Rosa Police Violent Crimes Team.
China overtook US as top destination for foreign investment last year: WSJ
China overtook the U.S. as the world’s top destination for new foreign direct investment last year, as the Covid-19 pandemic amplifies an eastward shift in the center of gravity of the global economy. 2, saw direct investments by foreign companies climb 4%, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development said. Foreign investment in the U.S. peaked in 2016 at $472 billion, when foreign investment in China was $134 billion. In 2020, East Asia attracted a third of all foreign investment globally, its largest share since records began in the 1980s. “We must implement targeted policies to arrest the slide in foreign trade and foreign investment,” China’s premier, Li Keqiang, told the country’s cabinet in March.
Top hedge funds set performance record for clients making $63.5B in 2020, data shows
That was despite 2020 not being as profitable as the previous year for hedge funds as a whole, which saw earnings fall from $178 billion in 2019. RICH NEW YORKERS’ SECOND HOMES TARGETED IN PROPOSED ‘OLIGARCH’ TAXThe average hedge fund returned 11.6% in 2020, according to Hedge Fund Research data, lagging behind the S&P 500 index’ 16% gain. In that sense, 2020 was the year of the hedge fund,” Rick Sopher, LCH’s chairman, said in a statement. Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global Investors earned $7.0 billion and Ken Griffin’s Citadel earned $6.2 billion, according to LCH data. Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates, founded in 1975, held on to the No.1 ranking since inception, with $46.5 billion earned, even after a terrible 2020 during which LCH data show Dalio lost $12.1 billion.
Josh Hawley: It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America
Have you checked your social credit score lately? But social credit scores are new. For those who still believe in free speech and the First Amendment, this is the time to take a stand. Like the old-fashioned kind of credit score, your social credit requires a lot of maintenance. Until those get banned too for interfering in efficient social credit markets.
California campaign to fire Newsom nears threshold needed for ballot
Gavin Newsom is nearing its required threshold to qualify for a statewide ballot. Over the weekend, recall organizers said they have collected 1.2 million of the needed 1.5 million signatures needed by March 17 to qualify for a ballot. Rescue California, one of two main groups organizing the campaign, says their goal is to collect 2 million signatures to account for the fact that many of the signatures will inevitably prove invalid. CALIFORNIA IGNORES PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST, KEEPS CORONAVIRUS DATA HIDDENThis is the sixth recall effort the Democratic governor has faced in two years. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPublic frustration mounted in November when the governor was photographed at the upscale French Laundry restaurant in Napa amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Kremlin: US comments on protests support law-breaking
During the protests, embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Ross said on Twitter that "the U.S. supports the right of all people to peaceful protest, freedom of expression. THOUSANDS ARRESTED AT RUSSIA PROTESTS, INCLUDING OPPOSITION LEADER NAVALNY'S WIFEPeskov said the statements "indirectly constitute absolute interference in our internal affairs" and are "direct support for the violation of the law of the Russian Federation, support for unauthorized actions." The protests attracted thousands of people in Russia’s major cities, including an estimated 15,000 in Moscow, and demonstrations occurred in scores of other cities. Authorities said his five-month stay in Germany violated terms of a suspended sentence that was imposed in a 2014 fraud and money-laundering conviction, which he says is fraudulent and politically motivated. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHe is to appear in court on Feb. 2 for a hearing on whether the suspended sentence will be converted to 3 1/2 years in prison.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders set to announce run for Arkansas governor
Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is set to announce a run for Arkansas governor. Sanders, 38, is expected to make a formal announcement in a video on Monday. Mike Huckabee, Sanders had been widely expected to run for the office after leaving the White House in 2019 to return to her home state. Tim Griffin, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Jim Hendren, the Arkansas Senate President Pro Tempore, in the GOP primary race. Current Arkansas Gov.
Owner of illegal Queens nightclub fights with deputies during raid
About 75 people were found boozing and smoking hookah inside the basement club. About 75 people were found boozing and smoking hookah inside the basement club. About 75 people were found boozing and smoking hookah inside the basement club. The owner of an illegal Queens nightclub was arrested after fighting with deputies conducting a raid. The owner of an illegal Queens nightclub was arrested after scuffling with deputies conducting an early Sunday morning raid, authorities said.
It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America
Have you checked your social credit score lately? But social credit scores are new. For those who still believe in free speech and the First Amendment, this is the time to take a stand. Like the old-fashioned kind of credit score, your social credit requires a lot of maintenance. Until those get banned too for interfering in efficient social credit markets.
Miranda Devine: Biden's executive order blitz has done nothing but 'spit into the eye of normal Americans'
Since accepting office, President Biden has enacted a slate of executive orders that have done nothing but "spit into the eye of normal Americans who are not protected by great wealth or by protected jobs," Fox News contributor Miranda Devine said Saturday. The New York Post columnist made the comment on "Watters World" over the weekend reacting to a total of 30 executive orders signed by Biden since entering the Oval Office last Wednesday. BIDEN SIGNS 17 EXECUTIVE ORDERS REVERSING TRUMP POLICIES, RESTORING OBAMA-ERA PROGRAMSExperts fear that the Keystone XL oil and gas pipeline project on environmental grounds would kill jobs and lead to higher energy costs for struggling Americans. TC Energy, the Canadian company behind the pipeline, said it laid off 1,000 workers as a result of Biden's executive action. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., accused Biden last week of taking "several big steps in the wrong direction."
How Don changed Democrats and other commentary
Now conservative talk-radio networks are trying to “reinvent themselves” to compete with the “QAnon-dominated post-Trump market” in a “race to the bottom.” Similarly, the Republican Party is trying to figure out how to “include both QAnon kooks” and moderates. Alas, “this house cannot long endure half-kook and half-conservative.”Watchdog: NY’s Runaway Medicaid GrowthDespite a “once-in-a-century pandemic” that “decimated” revenues, Gov. Cuomo’s Medicaid budget is barely changing, with 4.7 percent growth planned for next year, vs. 4.5 percent this year and 4.7 percent last year, warns the Empire Center’s Bill Hammond. Now, “the accelerated shift to streaming means insiders expect the domestic box office” may never “fully recover,” making the Chinese market even more crucial for Hollywood dream makers. Liu riducles “the pretentiousness of PMC self-experimentation” and charges that the “ ‘vanguard corps of PMC elites’ have been actively undermining professional integrity,” rather than defending “the values of scholarship and human service” they claim set them apart.
Chuck Schumer makes history
On Wednesday, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer made history by becoming the US Senate’s first Jewish majority leader after Vice President Kamala Harris swore in three new senators. Schumer takes control of a Senate split 50-50, with the veep casting the tie-breaking vote. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, and California’s Alex Padilla made history, too. Warnock is the first black Democratic senator elected from a former Confederate state, while Ossoff is the first Jewish senator in Georgia history. Let us hope that the new majority leader can resist the radical left’s agenda.
Tish James’ lawsuit against NYPD over last summer’s riots is pure politics
James wants the court to appoint a federal “monitor” to oversee the department’s policing tactics in future protests and “ensure compliance with the law.” Where to begin? Consider that, as of April, the NYPD will already have a new outside monitor: James herself. The deputy AG will submit annual reports to the governor, the Legislature and James. James’ lawsuit is simply just another attack on the NYPD, which seems to be fashionable nowadays. The claim that the NYPD — now a “majority minority” police force — is racist, brutal and uncontrolled ignores basic facts.
Liberal authoritarians like John Brennan are real threat to democracy
Every time former CIA Director John Brennan appears on cable news to warn about some new “insidious threat to democracy,” I am reminded again that he deserves to be in federal prison. We still don’t even know what role Brennan played in spying on his political opponents during the 2016 campaign. But the Capitol riot has given authoritarians such as Brennan the pretext to advocate the chilling of speech. I’d rather have a bunch of nuts ranting on podcasts all day than one John Brennan deciding what we can say. To my ears, Rhodes, Brennan, Wallace and Boot are the ones who sound like a threat to “democracy.”
Florida cop fired over Facebook posts supporting Capitol riot
A police officer in Florida was fired for supporting the deadly US Capitol riot on social media and warning about imminent “Civil War,” according to local reports. The Kissimmee Police Department canned Andrew Johnson last week following an internal investigation into dozens of his politically-charged Facebook posts, the Orlando Sentinel reported. One of the messages, posted on Jan. 6, the day of the insurrection, read: “The silent majority will rise!! Screenshots of the posts were among 30 sent to the department on Jan. 12 in an email from a “concerned citizen,” the report said. He was placed on administrative leave without pay Jan. 12 and fired from the agency Jan. 14, after the probe found that the posts violated the department’s professional standards and social media policy.
Flashback: Nancy Pelosi praised unionists storming Wisconsin State Capitol
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone on record praising the storming of the Capitol as an "impressive show of democracy in action" -- the 2011 invasion of the Madison, Wis., state capitol, that is. Pelosi's previous comment's resurfaced following the disturbing assault on the U.S. Capitol earlier this month at the hands of a right wing-mob who stormed the halls of Congress hoping to prevent the certification of the U.S. presidential election. GROWING NUMBER OF GOP SENATORS OPPOSE TRUMP IMPEACHMENTTen years earlier, unionists stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol in an attempt to block a vote on collective bargaining reform. The occupiers were praised publically by Pelosi for their "impressive show of democracy in action." The House Speaker took to Twitter to express her "solidarity" with the activists as they attacked the Capitol, and sent senators into hiding until police managed to remove them from the building.
Trump adviser claims former president has no plans for third political party
Former President Donald Trump has reportedly dropped plans to create a third political party and will instead focus his energies on helping Republicans win back the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms, Fox News has learned. Since leaving the White House, speculation has mounted as to what Trump’s presidential plans may be. He has left the door open to another presidential run in 2024, and rumors have swirled that he would run as a third-party candidate, which would badly splinter an already fractured GOP. But Trump's 2020 campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said on Sunday that Trump "has made clear his goal is to win back the House and Senate for Republicans in 2022." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn a farewell address released just one day before he left office, Trump said that the work of his movement would continue, even as his term comes to an end.
Biden quietly embraces far-left ‘critical race theory’
This is basically a “culture war” project snuck into practice without any rational debate. Notably, Biden at the same time also disbanded President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission withdrew the final report it had just released. The report condemned attempts from the left to taint America’s founding principles by emphasizing slavery as core to the nation’s founding. Naturally, the Times decried the 45-page report, pretending it “defends America’s founding on the basis of slavery.” In reality, the report acknowledges the horror of slavery but also recognizes that America’s founding planted the seeds for its abolition at a time when slavery was practiced worldwide. If Biden doesn’t stop his de-facto support of this lefty lunacy, all his talk of rebuilding America’s center will prove nothing but deceitful noise.
Tishman Speyer tower at Hudson Yards is Spiral-ing up
It’s topping-off day Tuesday for The Spiral, Tishman Speyer’s $3.7 billion, 66-story Hudson Yards District skyscraper, beribboned with a band of cascading, landscaped terraces and hanging gardens. It’s a milestone for the 1,041-foot-tall tower and for Tishman Speyer President/CEO Rob Speyer, who steered the project from the outset. But a greater satisfaction might be that its first signed office tenant was Pfizer Inc. — the pharmaceutical giant that produced a COVID-19 vaccine in record time. Once the terraces are planted in the spring of 2022, the tower will stand strikingly distinct from the harder-edge giants at Related Cos.’ Hudson Yards complex to the south. “Work from home will once again be work from work,” he quipped.
Lawyer suspended after advising Facebook friend on murder cover-up
A Nashville lawyer had his license suspended after he advised a woman over Facebook how to shoot someone and make it look like self defense. Sitton then wrote that the woman should delete her post, typing: “As a lawyer, I advise you to keep mum about this if you are remotely serious. The woman deleted her post, but her ex had already screenshotted the comment and sent them to prosecutors, the Tennessean reported. The board recommended the lawyer’s license be suspended for two months, but the high court decided that sanction was insufficient, according to the newspaper. It’s not the first penalty against Sitton’s license; it was suspended in 2018 for failure to pay professional taxes, the paper reports.
Growing number of GOP senators oppose impeachment trial
A growing number of Republican senators say they oppose holding an impeachment trial, a sign of the dimming chances that former President Donald Trump will be convicted on the charge that he incited a siege of the U.S. Capitol. "I think the trial is stupid, I think it's counterproductive," said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.. Arguments in the Senate trial will begin the week of Feb. 8. A few GOP senators have agreed with Democrats, though not close to the number that will be needed to convict Trump. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said he believes there is a "preponderance of opinion" that an impeachment trial is appropriate after someone leaves office.
Chicago teachers vote to teach from home, defying district
The teachers union, though, opposes the plan over concern for the health of its members and called on them to continue teaching from home in defiance of the district’s plan. CPS officials said Sunday that they had agreed to delay the teachers’ return for two days to give the sides more time to negotiate. District officials have said a union vote to disobey the order to return to schools on Monday would violate the contract. They argue that if the district tries to punish teachers for staying home Monday, then the district would be responsible for a work stoppage. The district on Friday said it would begin vaccinating teachers and staff starting in mid-February and that the process would take months.
Indianapolis police investigate 'mass murder' inside house, including pregnant woman
Six individuals have been killed and one individual has been critically injured in what local officials are calling a "mass murder" in Indianapolis on Sunday morning. WOMAN KILLS 5 CHILDREN BEFORE SETTING HOUSE ON FIRE & TURNING GUN ON HERSELFPolice confirmed the woman, her unborn child, and the other victims inside the house have all been pronounced dead. "What happened this morning was a mass murder," Hogsett said. "A choice of an individual or individuals to bring, and I do not use these words lightly, terror to our community." "Coming for them today, coming for them tonight, coming for them tomorrow and the day after that.
Tensions emerge between Gov. Cuomo and Chuck Schumer amid pandemic, sources say
Democratic rule in D.C. amid the coronavirus pandemic could expose simmering tensions between New York’s two political titans — Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Chuck Schumer, the new Senate Democratic majority leader, sources who know both men said. Cuomo last March also blasted Schumer’s $2.1 billion bipartisan deal on COVID-19 relief with the Trump administration as “terrible” for New York state. “I say to Sen. Schumer, it would be nice if he passed a piece of legislation that actually helped the state of New York,” Cuomo told reporters during the spat last spring. Both Schumer and Cuomo opposed the SALT restriction, but the senate majority leader is now on the spot to try to undo it.
Sanders: Dems ready to use rare tactic to push through COVID-19 bill
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday warned that Democrats were ready to use a rare Congressional process to push through President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Sanders, the incoming chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said on CNN that Dems will employ the move — known as reconciliation — “as soon as we possibly can,” if Republicans don’t back the bill. “What we cannot do is wait weeks and weeks and months to go forward. Republicans used the Senate rule in 2017 to pass a tax cut bill and in an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, said the party would employ reconciliation to “pass legislation desperately needed by working families in this country right now.”“I criticized Republicans for using reconciliation to give tax breaks to billionaires…,” he said.
A West Virginia City’s Rising Fortunes Widen the Political Divide
Politically, Monongalia County is the least Republican county in West Virginia, the nation’s second-reddest state after Wyoming. Four years ago, Mr. Trump won the county by 10 points. The swing away from the president in 2020—which followed trends in other areas with more affluent and educated voters—was larger than in any other West Virginia county and one of the largest voter swings in the nation. BIDEN'S 'BUY AMERICAN' PLAN EYED WARILY BY OTHER COUNTRIESBut the growth, and uptick in prosperity, has helped widen a political divide. Ms. Walker, who wears a bulletproof vest when she leaves home, said she is hoping Mr. Biden will help unify the country and that people act with more civility.
'Unleash this monster and one day it'll come for you': Glenn Greenwald sounds alarm over cancel culture
Nobody will be immune or exempt from the cancel culture mob as long as the media continues to wield it as a weapon to silence their critics and limit free speech, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald warned over the weekend. "In the prevailing climate, the rational choice is to avoid social scorn and ostracization no matter how baseless the grievances one must appease," Greenwald wrote. "Unleash this monster and one day it will come for you," Greenwald wrote. "The rational choice is to avoid social scorn and ostracization no matter how baseless the grievances one must appease." "And rather than do that, they're now at the point where they're advocating censorship to force the audience to listen to them. "
Biden and son Hunter attend first mass as president in DC
President Joe Biden was spotted leaving Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood on Sunday, following his first attendance at Mass since taking office. In attendance with Biden was his son, Hunter, and and two of his grandchildren, Finnegan and Maisy. next Image 1 of 2prev Image 2 of 2Holy Trinity, located just a few miles from the White House, is where the nation's first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, often went to Mass and where Biden, the nation's second Catholic president, frequently worshipped when he was vice president. HUNTER BIDEN, UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, APPEARS AT WHITE HOUSE PRAYER SERVICEFollowing Sunday's church service, the Biden men were also spotted at Call Your Mother Deli. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, became members of Foundry United Methodist Church, a short drive from the White House that also counted the 19th president, Rutherford.
Thousands take to streets protesting Brazil’s Bolsonaro
“I had already been disappointed last year, but now with the situation in Manaus, I think (this government ) has to stop,” she said. The president has long resisted lockdown measures against the new coronavirus, arguing economic damage would be worse than the disease. “We ask for an impeachment of Bolsonaro because it is not just a crime he committed. Court, former Finance Minister Ciro Gomes and even singer Chico Buarque have called for the president to face impeachment for his response to the pandemic. A leading newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo, also published an editorial calling for impeachment on Friday.
Here’s what Marco Rubio has to say about a challenge from Ivanka Trump
Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday that anyone who challenges him in the 2022 primary — including Ivanka Trump — would be in for “a tough race.”“If you’re going to run for the Florida Senate, if you’re going to run in the state of Florida, you’re going to have a tough race,” Rubio said on “Fox News Sunday” when asked about the possibility of a challenge, specifically from former President Trump’s daughter. “Including a primary,’’ he said of challengers. Host Chris Wallace raised the prospect of the challenge in 2022, saying “there has been talk … about the possibility that Ivanka Trump might run against you in a Republican primary in Florida.”Politico earlier this month quoted a GOP fund-raiser in contact with then-President Trump saying her husband, New York City real-estate scion Jared Kushner, is working “to promote his wife’s political career. Meanwhile, earlier in Rubio’s Sunday interview with Wallace, the Sunshine State senator said he is opposed to a Senate impeachment trial for former President Trump. “The first chance I get to vote to end this trial, I’ll do it,” Rubio said.
11 Chinese miners rescued after 14 days trapped in gold mine after explosion
One of the miners being rescued from the gold mine in Qixia on January 24, 2021. Chinese rescuers on Sunday pulled to safety 11 workers who had been stuck 2,000 feet down a gold mine for 14 days — with 10 others still lost and at least one dead. Hundreds of rescue workers and officials applauded as the 11 survivors were hauled up one-by-one in baskets from the mine in Qixia on Sunday afternoon. Sunday’s rescue was reminiscent of the 2010 mission when 33 miners were pulled from a copper-gold mine in Chile where they’d been trapped more than 69 days. Weeks later, a larger hole was drilled and the miners were pulled to the surface as a captivated global audience watched.
COVID-19 cases spike among first responders following Capitol riot
Nearly 200 law enforcement and military members who responded to the riot have since tested positive for COVID-19, according to CBS News. About 150 National Guard members and 38 Capitol Police officers have contracted the virus after being in close proximity with unmasked rioters who did not practice social distancing when breaching the government building, the network reported. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered in the violent breach. 25,000 National Guard members poured into Washington to shore up the Capitol for President Biden’s inauguration, many of them forced to sleep in close quarters on the floor of the building. Jayapal blamed her illness on some Republican colleagues who did not wear masks while hunkering down with their colleagues to avoid attack.
1 in 5 Americans have confidence Biden can unite the country: poll
Thirty-five percent said they have a "good amount" of confidence Biden could unite the country. Thirty-five percent said they have a "good amount" of confidence Biden could unite the country. Thirty-five percent said they have a "good amount" of confidence Biden could unite the country. Americans definitely aren’t united on this question.?Just one in five Americans have “a great deal of confidence” in President Biden’s ability to make good on his goal to unify the country, according to a new poll released Sunday. While 22 percent said Biden will unify the country, 24 percent remained highly skeptical, saying that they have no confidence “at all” that he will be able to do so, the ABC News/Ipsos poll found.
Biden attends Mass at DC church, stops at bagel shop on way back to White House
The Super Bowl may be known for its commercials, but...U.S. President Joe Biden departs Holy Trinity Catholic Church on the first Sunday as the U.S. PresidentPresident Biden attended Mass on the first Sunday after he entered the White House — and then stopped on the ride back at a popular D.C. bagel joint. The nation’s second Catholic president went to Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, the same church President John F. Kennedy, the country’ first Catholic commander-in-chief used to frequent. Biden, 78, was accompanied by his son, Hunter, and Hunter’s two children, Finnegan and Maisey. Asked about the service, Biden said it was “lovely.”On the return trip to the White House, the presidential? motorcade ?pulled over and Hunter Biden jumped out to make a quick run to Call Your Mother, a popular deli near the church? known for their bagels.?Hunter stood at the takeout window for several minutes as the president and his granddaughters remained in the limo.??Biden attended mass at St. Matthew the Apostle with a contingent of Democratic and Republican congressional leaders the morning of his inauguration and Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband.?With Post Wires
Megyn Kelly partially blames CNN, media for Capitol riot
Megyn Kelly argued CNN and other media outlets partially share responsibility for the Jan. 6 deadly riot at the US Capitol — claiming the public “lost trust” in what she characterized as a lack of objective reporting of former President Trump. “They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity, and it wasn’t just CNN, all of them did. She said many reporters followed the “Jorge Ramos theory of covering Trump,” by describing Trump’s comments as racist and misogynist. Kelly, who was fired from NBC News in 2018 for controversial comments about blackface, was swiftly rebuked by many on Twitter. The media poisoned the faith in them to present unvarnished news thanks to their blatantly biased coverage of Trump.
ABC’s 'This Week' edits out Schumer’s unfortunate Trump gaffe on Senate floor
Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer was ridiculed on Friday for an unfortunate gaffe he made while criticizing former President Donald Trump’s supposed influence on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. But Schumer’s error was conveniently edited out in a clip that aired Sunday on ABC’s "This Week." Schumer was discussing plans to move forward with an impeachment trial of Trump, after the House last week voted to impeach the ex-president for "incitement of insurrection." When ABC’s "This Week" re-aired the segment, Schumer’s gaffe was noticeably absent. The transcript of Schumer’s speech now read: "Senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the insurrection."
Sen. Paul clashes with George Stephanopoulos over 2020 election results
Sen. Rand Paul and ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos on Sunday got into a fiery exchange over President Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election — with the Republican lawmaker claiming there were “two sides” to every story. But there were 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court, all were dismissed. Stephanopoulos countered that the reason 75 percent of Republicans agree is because they were “fed a big lie” by the president that the election was stolen. “I said it was a lie — that the election was stolen,” Stephanopoulos replied. But it doesn’t mean that I think there wasn’t fraud and that there weren’t problems that have to be investigated.
Virginia cop reportedly bragged that he used Nancy Pelosi’s toilet during riot
A Virginia police officer charged in the deadly US Capitol riots allegedly boasted to a pal that he used House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s toilet during the uprising, according to a report. The day after the riot, Fracker allegedly sent a video to a pal over Facebook showing him wearing a gas mask inside the Capitol and bragging about his exploits, The Daily Beast reported, citing an FBI search warrant application the outlet obtained. “Turning the camera towards himself, Fracker hits his chest multiple times,” the application reportedly states. Fracker, who is charged with unlawful entry into a restricted area and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, is on administrative leave. He is among several law-enforcement officers from across the nation charged in or suspected of attending the riots.
Florida cop fired over social media posts supporting Capitol rioters, warning of civil war
A central Florida police officer was fired last week after an internal investigation into his social media activity revealed posts discussing Black Lives Matter protests, showing support for the U.S. Capitol riot and warning another Civil War was imminent. An undated screenshot showed Johnson also posted a receipt for an ammunition order with the caption, "Thanks for my stimulus check!!!" Another screenshot showed Johnson shared a meme to his Facebook account in September that read, "A 17-year-old dropped 3 rioters. In another September exchange on social media, Johnson replied to a post by a Black woman who wrote that Americans should "get over" the 9/11 terrorist attacks. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe internal affairs investigation determined Johnson was the authentic author of the posts.
Chad Wolf: Biden immigration action 'absolutely' goes against the law
President Biden enacted several executive actions to restructure U.S. immigration policy upon his inauguration and former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf shared his skepticism with "Sunday Morning Futures" on the lawfulness of these orders. Wolf asked and answered three questions in challenge to the orders: Are they lawful? BIDEN TELLS MEXICAN PRESIDENT HE WILL END TRUMP'S 'DRACONIAN' IMMIGRATION POLICIES"They're moving resources to the border to process immigration, to process asylum claims," he said. Wolf said the department was on a path to return individuals within two hours of crossing the border and expressed that he hopes the Biden administration can understand these "real concerns and threats" to continue developing efficient border security. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"Hopefully they're looking at all that, they're understanding that," he added.
Biden's chief of staff insists Trump admin had no vaccine plan
President Biden's chief of staff insisted that the Trump administration's plan to roll out the coronavirus vaccine was nonexistent after Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared to completely debunk CNN's much-criticized report that the Biden administration was "starting from scratch" with its vaccine distribution plan. FAUCI DEBUNKS CNN REPORTING, SAYS BIDEN'S VACCINE ROLLOUT NOT 'STARTING FROM SCRATCH'"The way in which people get vaccine is chaotic," Klain continued. That's where we're behind as a country and that's where we're focused in the Biden administration on getting that ramped up." "I would say one of the biggest problems right now is I can't tell you how much vaccine we have, and if I can't tell it to you then I can't tell it to the governors and I can't tell it to the state health officials," Walensky said. "If they don't know how much vaccine they're getting, not just this week but next week and the week after, they can't plan."
Sen. Cotton: China sanctions are 'insidious escalation' of 'effort to influence American policy'
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., argued on Sunday that sanctions against former Trump administration officials are a "dangerous" and "insidious escalation of China's effort to influence American policy." China imposed sanctions Wednesday on more than two dozen former Trump administration officials, including outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, just as President Biden was sworn into office. The latest sanctions followed years of contentious relations between top Trump officials and their counterparts in Beijing. "This is not designed so much to punish Trump administration officials for taking a tough line on China, but to send a shot across the bow to Biden administration officials," he continued. The Trump administration took a hardline stance toward China during the former president’s term in office.
Unprecedented set of weighty issues now consuming Congress, so where do lawmakers begin?
A nearly unprecedented set of weighty issues is now consuming Congress. And what sort of security is necessary at the Capitol for a second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump? House impeachment managers haul over a single article of impeachment against Mr. Trump on Monday. Does it do any good to hold a trial vote after someone is out of office? A large swath of House Republicans wants to ditch Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., chairwoman of the House Republican Conference.
Fauci: Joe Biden’s 100 million COVID-19 shots pledge means doses, not people
President Biden’s pledge to distribute 100 million shots of COVID-19 vaccines in his first 100 days in office does not mean 100 million Americans will be vaccinated during that time, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted Sunday. What we’re talking about is 100 million shots in individuals,” the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director said. “At the end of a hundred days, you’re going to have some people who will have gotten both shots, and some will still be on their first shots,” Fauci added. When asked last week why he didn’t aim higher, he snapped at a reporter: “Come on, gimme a break, man! It’s a good start.”The CDC said it had administered more than 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the US as of Saturday.
CUNY selling luxe homes that house campus presidents amid pandemic
CUNY is selling the posh digs that typically house campus presidents at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and the College of Staten Island — to generate millions of dollars in revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Post has learned. J.C. RiceOther CUNY campuses that still have a residence for their presidents include Baruch College, Lehman College, Queens College and Brooklyn College. But CUNY’s spectacular $2.5 million waterfront mansion for the Queens College president facing Little Neck Bay in Douglaston sits empty. Current Queens College president Frank H. Weu resides at a home closer to the campus, not at the CUNY waterfront residence. She also said there is benefit to government coffers if an under-utilized CUNY property is sold to a private entity, because it ends up on the property tax rolls and generates revenues.
Protesters clash with authorities outside Portland ICE facility
Demonstrators calling for an end to deportations massed outside a federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, Ore. late Saturday, continuing a recent run of protests in the city, according to reports and social media posts. Abolish deportations!” the group of dozens chanted outside an ICE facility in the City of Roses, a video clip posted to Twitter shows. you will be arrested,” a recording played to the crowd additionally warned. When the order to clear out went unheeded, tear gas was launched into the mass of protesters. The protests come even though President Biden, as one of his first official acts last week, put a temporary halt on deportations.
Biden health advisers admit COVID-19 vaccination goal is not enough: 'We have to go faster'
The new head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said Sunday that the U.S. has to "go faster" than the Biden administration's current goal of 100 million coronavirus vaccinations in 100 days. Dr. Rochelle Walensky acknowledged that the administration faces certain constraints in its "race" against the virus. Biden's nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, echoed the sentiment that the administration's vaccination goal is on the low side. So far, no other strains have appeared, but some believe that it is only a matter of time. "The more virus that is out there, the more virus that is replicating, the more likely that we are going to have mutations and variants."
Russia, China benefitting from a Biden presidency, not America: Rep. McCarthy
"Just look at the first week of this administration," McCarthy told "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on Saturday night. CHINA SLAPS SANCTIONS ON POMPEO, NAVARRO, OTHER TOP TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALSMcCarthy went on to say that Biden is putting "America last" and has "now put China first." The U.S. has recovered roughly half of the 22 million jobs lost during the first two months of the pandemic. The slew of immigration moves has led to the expectation that thousands of migrants will reach the U.S.-Mexico border in the early weeks of the Biden administration. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPA spokesperson with the Biden administration did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment regarding McCarthy’s statements.
Sen. Marco Rubio blasts Trump impeachment trial as ‘stupid’
Sen. Marco Rubio summed up the coming impeachment trial against former President Trump in the Senate as “stupid” and said he would vote to end it at the first opportunity. The House, which passed a single article of impeachment against Trump for “incitement of an insurrection” on Jan. 13, is expected to deliver the article of impeachment to the Senate Monday evening. The Senate trial is expected to start on Feb. 9, giving the chamber time to confirm some of President Biden’s appointees and allowing Trump to work with his lawyers on crafting a defense. Rubio said the former president is entitled to “due process” to prepare his case and said the House didn’t even call witnesses to testify when it “rammed” impeachment through. But Sen. Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to break ranks and vote to impeach Trump at the first impeachment trial last February, said the former president must be held accountable.
Man busted for storing 900 propane tanks in Brooklyn warehouse
The manager of a Brooklyn warehouse was charged with reckless endangerment after fire inspectors nabbed him with a stash of more than 900 propane cylinders, officials said. Mohamed Mohamed, 58, who runs the Gowanus warehouse, was arrested after fire inspectors uncovered the combustible stockpile of 20-pound propane tanks on Friday, the FDNY said on TwitterFire inspectors said the cylinders were stacked “from floor to ceiling.”“He was charged with storing over 900 propane tanks in an unoccupied building,” a police source said. In all, the fire marshals uncovered 904 of the cylinders, the department said. Mohamed did not return a call seeking comment on Sunday. He was released on a desk appearance ticket, police said.
Deborah Birx denies Biden has been set up for failure on COVID-19 response
Dr. Deborah Birx on Sunday denied that President Biden has been set up to fail in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic — saying it was “important” to her that the new administration receive the necessary tools to tackle the crisis. The former White House coronavirus response coordinator said she ensured the Biden administration and others have access to data tracking outbreaks. “Because what was important to me even before the election was that people had access to data and the data I was seeing,” Birx said. Birx said she “always” considered quitting her post, saying that even close colleagues questioned her decision to work for the Trump administration. “Colleagues of mine that I had known for decades… decades in that one experience, because I was in the White House, decided that I had become this political person, even though they had known me forever.”
Sanders threatens to advance coronavirus stimulus with reconciliation if Republicans refuse support
That's what our candidates ran for in this election," Sanders said, claiming that’s why Democrats narrowly won back the Senate. Sanders has signaled a willingness to pass legislation without GOP support by using this special process that's reserved for tax and fiscal matters. The first test could be Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief legislation that is the first priority for the new Democratic administration. Biden's COVID-19 proposal also includes a provision to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, vaccine funding, money for schools and state and local governments -- priorities that may not fit into budget reconciliation rules. Earlier in that same year, Republicans attempted to use reconciliation to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.
States eye allowing concealed carry of guns without a permit
Republican lawmakers in several more states want to loosen gun restrictions by allowing people to carry concealed firearms without having to get a permit, continuing a trend that gun control advocates call dangerous. Fifteen states already allow concealed carry without a permit, and lawmakers in nine others have proposed allowing or expanding the practice. Most states require people to do things like get weapons training and undergo a background check to get a permit to carry a gun hidden by a jacket or inside a purse. He pointed to a multistate study published in 2018 by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons that found loosening concealed carry permit laws didn't lead to more homicides or violent crime. In Montana, the House recently passed a bill to allow people to carry concealed firearms without a permit in most places.
CDC director admits ‘we don’t have many doses as we’d like’ for New York
“Problem is, we administer about 80,000 dosages per day. So, 28,000 doesn’t get you through the day when you’re doing 80,000 dosages per day.”The state expects to get another 250,000 doses this coming week, in line with what it has been receiving in past weeks. Each state’s allotment is based on population, according to the feds. Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday also implored Biden to send more shots — and to allow states to use supplies designated as second doses as first doses. Biden has pledged to deliver 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine within the first 100 days of his presidency — but critics have noted that would merely keep the country on its current pace.
Trump impeachment trial is 'stupid,' 'bad for the country': Rubio
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told "Fox News Sunday" that the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is "stupid" and harmful for the U.S., even if Trump was responsible "for some of what happened" at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL DELAYED UNTIL WEEK OF FEB. 8, SCHUMER SAYS"Well, first of all, I think the trial is stupid. It was most certainly a foreseeable consequence of everything that was going on," Rubio said. ROMNEY ON TRUMP IMPEACHMENT: 'IF WE'RE GOING TO HAVE UNITY,' THERE MUST BE 'ACCOUNTABILITY'Rubio said it was "arrogant" for Democrats to pursue a Senate conviction in order to bar Trump from running for office again. "I think that's quite possible, and I think that's the future of the Republican Party, because, frankly, on that depends the future of the country."
US carrier group enters South China Sea amid tensions between China and Taiwan
A US carrier group entered the South China Sea to promote “freedom of the seas” on Saturday as Taiwan reported that China sent fighter jets and bombers into the island’s airspace, according to a report on Sunday. USS Theodore Roosevelt led the strike group into the South China Sea days after President Biden was sworn in at Wednesday’s inauguration at the Capitol – setting up an early test for the administration?, Reuters reported.?“After sailing through these waters throughout my 30-year career, it’s great to be in the South China Sea again, conducting routine operations, promoting freedom of the seas, and reassuring allies and partners,” Rear Adm. Doug Verissimo, commander of the strike group, ?said in a statement. Ch?ina, which claims control of large areas of the South China Sea along with Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan, has repeatedly criticized the US for ?sending navy ships to the region. The USS Roosevelt is part of a strike group composed of the guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill, and the guided-missile destroyers USS Russell and USS John Finn. ?On Saturday, China sent 13 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace – eight bombers, four fighter jets and one anti-submarine patrol aircraft ?Blinken said at his hearing that the US would continue to uphold its commitment to back Taiwan.?“There’s been a strong and long bipartisan commitment to Taiwan,” Blinken said, adding, “the commitment to Taiwan is something that we hold to very strongly.”
Bernie Sanders admits that he’s having ‘fun’ with mitten memes
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders admitted on Sunday that he’s having “fun” with the countless memes of him sporting simple, hand-knit mittens to the inauguration. “Not only are we having fun but what we are doing here in Vermont is we’re going to be selling around the country sweatshirts and t-shirts,” Sanders told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”“And with all the money that we’re going to be raising, which I expected is going to be a couple of million dollars, will be going to programs like Meals on Wheels and Feed [for] low-income seniors.”Sander’s campaign store already launched a black crewneck featuring the viral snapshot — which promised to give 100% of the proceeds to Meals on Wheels in Sanders’ home state. The campaign site said the sweatshirt has already sold out “due to overwhelming demand for this item.”“It turns out to be a good thing not only a fun thing,” Sanders said of becoming an internet sensation.
Biden administration blames delay in vaccine rollout on Trump White House
Members of the Biden administration admitted they were behind in getting the coronavirus vaccine into the arms of Americans across the country, but blamed the delay on “bottlenecks” and the lack of a comprehensive plan from the Trump White House. And we’ve got to pull it up,” Becerra ?said on CNN. Failure is not an option.”“But first you have to rescue people, you have to rescue the economy,” he said. And what we want to make sure is that the locals when they’re doing this, have a plan that’s clear,” Becerra continued. Pressed on a timeline for the vaccine by CNN anchor Dana Bash, Becerra said he can’t specifically say when that will happen, but claimed the Biden administration will be transparent about their plans.
FBI investigates 'IED attack' at California church targeted by protesters over anti-LGBTQ, BLM views
A fire and explosion were reported around 1:10 a.m. at First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, Calif., located about13 miles east of Los Angeles. No one was injured by the explosion, the City of El Monte said in a press release. El Monte Police Chief David Reynoso met with Mejia on Jan. 7, advising him not to react to critics or instigate violence. The post directed anyone with information to contact the FBI Los Angeles Field Office at 310-477-6565. At this very moment we must stand together to uplift one another in affirming the City of El Monte’s slogan, 'Welcome to Friendly El Monte.'"
Romney on Trump impeachment: 'If we're going to have unity,' there must be 'accountability'
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, expressed support for the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, telling "Fox News Sunday" that a trial is needed to achieve "truth and justice." TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL DELAYED UNTIL WEEK OF FEB. 8, SCHUMER SAYS"Well, we're certainly going to have a trial. "And, you know, if we're going to have unity in our country, I think it's important to recognize the need for accountability, for truth and justice." "It was not by President Biden, it was by President Trump. While the new president has called for unity, Romney said some of his executive actions during the first days of the administration have been divisive.
UK serial killer offered COVID-19 vaccine before millions of vulnerable, elderly
Sign up for our special edition newsletter to get a daily update on the coronavirus pandemic. One of the UK’s most notorious serial killers has been offered a COVID-19 jab before millions of Britain’s elderly and most vulnerable — a move condemned as a “national scandal,” according to a report. Levi Bellfield — who murdered three people, including 13-year-old Milly Dowler — received a letter offering him a vaccine in the coming weeks even as the program has only just been rolled out to those over 70, The Sun said. Most regular Britons remain under strict lockdowns in their homes because of the raging pandemic, with some care home residents among the millions of vulnerable still waiting for their shots. A spokesman for the ministry also insisted, “To suggest prisoners are being treated any differently to the general public is complete nonsense.”
NYTimes ripped for labeling Biden 'most religiously observant' president in 50 years
Conservatives ripped The New York Times for describing President Biden as "perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century" in a story published Saturday. "I think it is fair to say that Biden is sincere in a version of liberal Christianity, but the most religiously observant in a half century? Not even the most religiously observant liberal in that stretch (Carter)," the Washington Examiner's Jim Antle wrote on Twitter. "He's more religiously observant than the Republicans you told us were turning the country into a Christian theocracy?" People suggested her large family was extreme and that she adopted her children for show," Olohan wrote on Twitter.
Gingrich slams Pelosi as 'most dangerous Speaker of the House we've had'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. is "the most dangerous Speaker of the House we've had probably in American history" former Speaker Newt Gingrich told "Life, Liberty & Levin" in an interview airing Sunday. "She lives in an enclave that is guarded in San Francisco," Gingrich told host Mark Levin. They don't distinguish dog and human, but they'll show you the feces count that day around San Francisco ...""This is the same problem with [Vice President] Kamala Harris," Gingrich added. Gingrich added that Pelosi, whose father and brother were Democratic mayors of Baltimore, "has been in politics so long that she operates like a genuine machine politician of the old order. "Well, what you have right now with the press corps are left-wing lapdogs," Gingrich responded.
Christen Limbaugh Bloom: Seeking answers from God – if the way isn't clear, consider these 3 things
When seeking God’s guidance, it’s crucial for us not only to pray, but to turn to His Word. In verse 6, God tells us that in order to make our paths straight, we must fully submit to Him. God gives us free will and does not want to control us like puppets. There is a certain aspect of mystery to all of our lives, and God is gracious enough not to give us all the answers. And in every case, He did this as a way to test my faith in a deeper way.
Left-wing riots rattle US cities even after President Biden's inauguration
Left-wing riots have rattled a handful of cities across the U.S. even after President Biden's inauguration – leading to vandalism of government buildings and at least 20 arrests. In Seattle Wednesday, hours after the swearing-in ceremony, dozens of protesters marched demanding the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. At least three people were arrested, and broken windows were reported – including those at Starbucks' original Pike Place storefront. In Denver, protesters blasted both former President Donald Trump and Biden and allegedly burned an American flag. Rioters entered City Hall – but no one was hurt, nothing was damaged and no one was arrested, according to the local Bellingham Herald newspaper.
Kamala Harris' Roe v. Wade post draws Tennessee governor’s response: ‘Abortion isn’t healthcare’
Bill Lee spoke out last week after Vice President Kamala Harris issued a statement to mark the 48th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Harris’ message included a broader statement on Roe v. Wade that she released jointly with President Biden. V. WADE, QUESTIONS REMAIN IN PLANNED PARENTHOOD CONTROVERSIES"Abortion isn’t healthcare," Lee wrote Friday. In his message to Harris, Tennessee’s Lee invited his Twitter followers to mark Roe v. Wade’s 48th anniversary by donating $48 to Hope Clinic, a Tennessee-based pregnancy-support organization. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMeanwhile, the Roe v. Wade anniversary brought about several other efforts around the U.S. aimed at reversing, at least in part, the controversial 1973 ruling.
Biden quickly purges Trump allies from Voice of America, parent agency: reports
Along with other sweeping changes during his first days in office, President Biden on Thursday quickly removed reputed allies of former President Donald Trump from the Voice of America (VOA) news outlet and its parent agency, the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM). Voice of America’s director, Robert Reilly, and deputy director, Elizabeth Robbins, were removed from the government-funded broadcaster over longstanding Democratic fears it was turning into a pro-Trump propaganda outlet. Reilly was replaced by VOA veteran journalist Yolanda Lopez. Both Reilly and Robbins claimed their dismissals were illegal, NBC News reported and Robbins called hers "politically motivated." Jeffrey Shapiro, director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, another U.S. funded outlet that reports news to Cubans, also resigned, USAGM confirmed.
FOX News Rundown Extra: Ari Fleischer On The Mistakes President Joe Biden Must Avoid In His First 100 Days
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in as President and Vice President of the U.S.. The theme of President Biden's inauguration was "America United" despite the country's deep division. Fleischer detailed what President Biden should focus on in first 100 days and also what mistakes she should avoid. On the FOX NEWS Rundown Extra, you will hear our complete, unedited interview with. former President George W. Bush and FOX News Contributor Ari Fleischer.
John Fund: Change how we conduct elections — undecided NY congressional race shows what’s wrong
The race remains undecided due to a combination of flawed rule changes, overworked or incompetent election officials, and a dithering judge. On Monday, State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte will begin going through 1,028 disputed ballots and rule on which should be counted. Andrew Cuomo issued executive orders changing the state’s election law in late August, with just over two months to go before Election Day. Signatures of voters on absentee ballots should be compared to the signature of the voters on their registration record before they are accepted. That means giving our election officials better resources and training and restoring the safeguards against chaos and fraud that so many states dispensed with last year.
Russian police detain 3,000 people protesting Alexei Navalny’s detainment
But protesters defied the ban and, in at least one case in temperatures below -58 Fahrenheit, turned out in force. Leonid Volkov, a Navalny ally, called on them to do the same next weekend to try to free Navalny from what he called “the clutches of his killers”. Some of Navalny’s political allies were detained in the days before the protest, others on the day itself. The United States condemned what it described as “harsh tactics” used against protesters and journalists and called for Navalny’s “immediate and unconditional” release. “We call on Russian authorities to release all those detained for exercising their universal rights,” U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.
Florida man who was naked stole, crashed police car: report
A naked Florida man stole what news footage showed to be a marked police vehicle and crashed it in a wooded area, officials said. Officers responded to reports of a naked man running along Interstate 10 in western Jacksonville shortly before noon Thursday. Shenker then ran across the highway lanes toward the officer, officials said. The redacted report didn’t say how Shenker stole the vehicle. First Coast News footage of the scene showed the crashed vehicle to be a marked patrol car.
Latest Portland anti-ICE protest prompts federal law enforcement response
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Ore., was once again the target of protesters on Saturday night, according to news reports and posts on social media. Law enforcement officers from the Federal Protective Service were heard declaring an "unlawful assembly" around 10 p.m. local time and ordering the crowd to leave the area. "If you trespass on federal property with a weapon … you will be arrested," a recording played to the crowd said. WARNING: PROFANITYPORTLAND RIOTERS DAMAGE ICE BUILDING; POLICE DECLARE 'UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY'The federal agents were seen responding to the crowd with tear gas and other crowd-control tools. The same ICE building was targeted Wednesday, hours after the inauguration of President Biden in Washington.
LIVE UPDATES: Trump impeachment manager Eric Swalwell says Democrats will 'be ready' with witnesses if allowed
U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, who will help prosecute former President Trump for "incitement of insurrection," said House impeachment managers are prepared to call witnesses at the upcoming Senate trial. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross told Swalwell she'd like to see Trump's inner circle called to testify before the Senate trial about their speeches at the "Stop the Steal" rally on Jan. 6 that precipitated the Capitol riot, including Trump's eldest son Don Jr. and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Throughout U.S. history, no former president has faced impeachment. Follow below for updates on Trump's impeachment trial. Mobile users click here.
Seattle police chief vows to be tougher on rioters after some crimes not prosecuted
Seattle police will start cracking down on rioters who damage businesses, the city's interim police chief warned Saturday. That cannot happen," Diaz told reporters at a news conference, according to the Seattle Times. SEATTLE ANTIFA RIOTER CLAIMS DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY ISN'T VIOLENCEHe added that rioters seeming more focused on "lighting fires" and "breaking windows." BROADCAST NETWORKS BARELY MENTION POST-BIDEN INAUGURATION ANTIFA RIOTS IN PORTLAND, SEATTLEThree rioters were arrested for crimes that included burglary, assault and property damage. "What we saw today was not peaceful," Best said at the time, according to the Seattle Times.
Tacoma police cruiser strikes pedestrians, videos show
Shocking video footage posted on social media Saturday night shows a Tacoma, Wash., police cruiser plowing into a group of pedestrians. "He was afraid they would break his glass," Tacoma police spokeswoman Wendy Haddow said, according to the News Tribune of Tacoma. "I am concerned that our department is experiencing another use-of-deadly-force incident," interim Tacoma police Chief Mike Ake said in the statement, according to KOMO. The involved officer will be placed on leave during the investigation, Tacoma City Manager Elizabeth Pauli told The News Tribune. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Tacoma Police Department did not immediately respond to a Fox News after-hours request for comment.
Lawmakers urge NYC to use senior centers as COVID-19 vaccination hubs for elderly
It’s amazing no one has thought of this before: using senior centers as vaccination hubs for the elderly. In a letter sent Friday to Mayor de Blasio, the lawmakers, who hail from both sides of the aisle, urge the city to turn hundreds of senior centers into COVID-19 vaccination hubs to help schedule and distribute the much-needed inoculations. “Senior centers are already a trusted lifeline for many elderly New Yorkers, providing them with social interaction and information,” says the letter, authored by Queens Democrat Robert Holden. Eligible city seniors desperate to get the COVID-19 vaccine told The Post they can’t find available slots and are fed up with the convoluted online signup system. The system, requiring multiple steps online or by phone, “confuses and frustrates” the elderly, the councilmembers’ letter says.
Wall Street’s luck has run out with Biden’s SEC head Gary Gensler
To say Gary Gensler — nominated as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission — is the favorite regulator of the business-hating Massachusetts senator isn’t an overstatement. People who know Gensler tell me he is also intent on remaking the SEC in Warren’s image. “Wall Street’s top cop” could soon become the left’s enforcer of social-justice and other progressive causes on big business if Gensler has his way, these people say. Like any good progressive, Gensler got his card punched in academia. In Gensler, Corporate America’s luck just ran out.
Cindy McCain says Arizona GOP censure is ‘a badge of honor’
John McCain’s widow was censured by Arizona state Republicans for failing to support President Trump — and she took it in stride. “It is a high honor to be included in a group of Arizonans who have served our state and our nation so well … and who, like my late husband John, have been censured by the AZGOP. I’ll wear this as a badge of honor,” Cindy McCain tweeted Saturday evening. When endorsing Biden in September, Cindy McCain noted he was the only candidate in the race who stands up for our values as a nation.”The party also censured Arizona Gov. Arizona proved a crucial swing state which Biden won.
National Guard members tour DC after being kicked out of Capitol
Some guard members took photos of the frescoes of the Capitol Rotunda. National Guard members outside the US Capitol in DC. Some guard members took photos of the Capitol Rotunda. Capitol tours had been shut down since the start of the pandemic in March, but were exclusively reopened for National Guard members on Saturday. “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service.
Man used $2M in COVID relief for a Bentley, Tesla, Las Vegas condos: feds
A Las Vegas man allegedly stole about $2 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds meant for small businesses — all so he could buy luxury cars and homes, prosecutors said. Jorge Abramovs has been charged with bank fraud after allegedly applying for Paycheck Protection Program funds between April and June 2020, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Prosecutors charged that Abramovs used a variety of company names, including National Investment Group Corporation, National Legal Advisors In Care Of and National Investment Group, when applying for the aid. In total, Abramovs allegedly got away with $1,986,737.46 in fraudulent PPP loans, the complaint states. He allegedly used those funds to purchase a 2020 Bentley Continental GT Convertible for $260,982, a 2020 Tesla, and two luxury condominiums in Las Vegas ranging in price from $225,000 to $415,000, prosecutors say.
Katelyn McClure, NJ crowdfunding scam defendant, has sentencing delayed: reports
A New Jersey woman who faces up to four years in prison after pleading guilty to a role in a crowdfunding scam has had her sentencing hearing delayed, according to reports. McClure’s sentencing hearing was initially scheduled for Friday but was postponed for an undisclosed reason. McClure pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, the Daily News reported. D’Amico is still fighting federal charges filed against him while Bobbitt has pleaded guilty to participating in the scam and is awaiting sentencing, the report said. Officials for the crowdfunding site that was used in the scam pledged to make sure all the duped donors would have their money refunded.
Comparing presidential pardons through the years
A recent study comparing presidential pardons by the Pew Research Center shows that Trump granted clemency to just 2 percent of the 11,611 who applied, among the lowest for any president in history. “The emergency that made it necessary to punish them has long expired.”Roosevelt’s actions touched on the very essence of presidential pardon power, which is enshrined in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution. The presidential pardon sought to “restore the tranquility of the commonwealth,” according to founding father Alexander Hamilton. In addition to its role in healing divisions, presidential pardons can also address miscarriages of justice, Rudalevige said. Presidential pardons• Franklin Delano Roosevelt — 3,687• Harry S. Truman — 2,004• Dwight D. Eisenhower — 1,157• John F. Kennedy — 575• Lyndon B. Johnson — 1,187• Richard Nixon — 926• Gerald Ford — 409• Jimmy Carter — 566• Ronald Reagan — 406• George H.W.
Joe Biden’s far-left ‘unity’ will divide us: Goodwin
The story offers a useful way to view Joe Biden’s calls for national unity. Biden won the right to pursue the leftist agenda he campaigned on. But knitting together a fractured America around a far-left agenda was never going to work. Now that he’s won, he’s got to find other ways to keep the fault lines from widening. ‘Chilling’ ax at the TimesThe New York Times’ firing of an editor after she tweeted she had “chills” watching Joe Biden’s plane land is bizarre.
Texas court greenlights Sandy Hook defamation suits against Alex Jones
Defamation lawsuits filed against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones by the parents of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre can now move forward following a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court. The high court on Friday rejected Jones’ request to dismiss the four legal actions, the Austin American-Statesman reported. Jones has since acknowledged the killings happened, but claims his speech is protected by the First Amendment. A lawyer for the Sandy Hook families celebrated the rulings. “We are pleased Mr. Jones is learning that his frivolous efforts to delay this case will not spare him from the reckoning to come,” Mark Bankston told the Statesman.
Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe
A California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died just hours later — and authorities are trying to find out why. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced the death and the investigation Saturday in a Facebook post, but gave few details. The person had tested positive for coronavirus in December and had been vaccinated just hours before their Jan. 21 death. Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased,” the sheriff’s office wrote. An autopsy would be done Monday, the sheriff’s office told CBS’ Sacramento affiliate.
Portland police hunt for suspect wanted for suspicious package left outside of museum
The Portland Police Department in Maine have released photos of a suspect who placed a suspicious package in front of the Portland Museum of Art Saturday. A light colored pickup truck, which the suspect was seen driving, parked near the art museum around 11 a.m. The suspect was then seen carrying the package to the museum from his vehicle, reported Fox 23. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThough the package was not discovered until around 3 p.m., police reported. Portland Police officers allowed pedestrians to re-enter the area around the art museum at 6 p.m., but have asked for anyone with information to call (207) 874-8575, to try and help them locate the suspect.
Biden, UK's Boris Johnson discuss Paris accord, trade, coronavirus
President Biden had his first phone call with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday, where Johnson pressed the new president for a U.S.-U.K. trade deal. Johnson also welcomed some of Biden’s new executive actions. "They also discussed the benefits of a potential free trade deal between our two countries, and the Prime Minister reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade issues as soon as possible," the spokesperson continued. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DEFENDS REMOVING STATUE FROM OVAL OFFICEThe U.K. only recently regained control over its national trade policy after the end of a post-Brexit transition period. He spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Friday evening.
NY education leaders are exploiting the pandemic to drop all school standards
But the New York state teachers’ union is eager to hide the bad news by killing standardized exams. But the New York State United Teachers union, joined by the state Board of Regents, has written to ask (tell, more like it) state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa to suspend standardized testing for grades 3-8 and high school. won’t help students catch up, but only have them move up another grade without gaping holes in their education being revealed. Sadly, the Regents and the whole State Education Department basically do whatever the unions want — since (thanks to an oddity in the state Constitution) the educrats answer not to Gov. Indeed, SED and the Regents have gone along with every push to soften standards and blur accountability, especially since COVID hit.
33 missing children rescued during human trafficking probe in California
Authorities rescued nearly three dozen missing kids in Southern California during a human trafficking investigation, the FBI said. Of the 33 children rescued as part of “Operation Lost Angels,” eight were being sexually exploited when authorities swooped in to save them, according to the feds. Two of the kids had been previously rescued during the course of the operation, the agency said Friday. “It is not uncommon for victims who are rescued to return to commercial sex trafficking either voluntarily or by force, fraud, or coercion,” the FBI said. In 2020, the FBI conducted 664 human trafficking investigations across the country, which led to the arrests of 473 traffickers.
Texas man who tweeted 'Assassinate AOC' before storming Capitol arrested
The FBI has arrested a Texas man who tweeted "Assassinate AOC" before taking part in the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol. Garrett Miller’s arrest was for a combination of his part in the Capitol riots, where five were killed, and his online threats. The FBI was tipped off by local law enforcement of Miller’s involvement through videos he posted to Twitter. On news of Miller’s arrest, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, "Just wanted to incriminate myself a little." FBI RELEASES NEW WANTED POSTER OF SUSPECTED CAPITOL RIOTERSMiller continued to make threats until his Twitter account was revoked.
Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor
Arizona Republicans voted Saturday to censure Cindy McCain and two prominent GOP members who have found themselves crosswise with former President Donald Trump. A growing electorate of young Latinos and newcomers bringing their more liberal politics from back home have further hurt the GOP. After dominating Arizona politics for decades, Republicans now find themselves on their heels in the state’s highest offices. Ward pointed to GOP successes down the ballot, noting Republicans defied expectations in local races. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWard said she’s a "Trump Republican" who will "always put America first, who believes in faith, family and freedom."
Justice Department considers not charging all Capitol rioters, amid concerns of flooding the courts
The publication reported that the Justice Department is in the early stages of discussing this route, but Fox News could not reach the department to confirm the decision. Acting U.S. Attorney for District of Columbia Michael Sherwin vowed to "bring the most maximum charges we can based upon the conduct." Neither Pelosi nor Ocasio-Cortez could be immediately reached for comment, but both have responded to the attack on the Capitol with aggressive push back. Pelosi led the charge to see President Trump impeached from the White House for the second time, following the attack. And Ocasio-Cortez has pushed to have Republican lawmakers, who objected to certain state’s Electoral College votes, removed from office.
Biden is ignoring all the signs that Iran can’t be bribed out of its murderous ways
President Biden is eager to reengage with Iran and return to the nuclear deal. The IAEA said in November that Iran had accrued a low-enriched uranium stockpile 12 times that allowed under the accord. All this should be a wake-up call for the new president, but Biden looks to be sticking to appeasement. His choice for CIA director, William Burns, played a key role in the Obama administration’s 2013 secret talks with Tehran that led to the 2015 nuclear deal. Last year, he actually condemned the killing of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.
Letters to the editor — Jan. 24, 2021
Climate insanityIt was encouraging to read Bjorn Lomborg (“Joe’s Mad Earth Alarm,” Post Opinion, Jan. 16). Sadly, I doubt that any members of Congress, especially the advocates of the Green New Deal, have bothered to take the time to read it. Cuomo’s Green New Deal pipe dream (“Poisonous Green Dreams,” Editorial, Jan. 16). Moreover, any Green New Deal without extensive use of nuclear power is a forlorn hope, yet Cuomo is opposed to that. Sure, let people make their own decisions, but first give them the facts, not the “alternative” facts of paranoid fantasies.
NYC does too little COVID testing to open schools: teachers' union
The city will not be able to open its middle- and high schools because it lacks sufficient ability to test students and staff for COVID-19, the leader of the teachers’ union says. In doing so, the DOE agreed to test 20 percent of students and staff in 850 schools and early childhood education centers once a week. But middle and high schools stayed shut, conducting all instruction remotely. Mulgrew’s comments indicated those schools for grades 6 to 12 may not reopen for the rest of the school year until testing can ramp up significantly. “We look forward to adapting our successful testing model to serve our middle and high school students as quickly as possible.”Styer would not estimate a date for a further reopening.
NYC neighborhood fights to save Underground Railroad site from wrecking ball
First, though, they have to save it from the wrecking ball. “It’s beyond frustrating because you feel the history when you stand there,” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer told The Post. Meanwhile, the house has a crowd of local advocates on its side, including Harlem historian and preservationist Michael Henry Adams. Historian Joseph Amodio submitted a 36-page report on the importance of the home to the city Landmarks Commission. Robert Miller“Well, creating luxury housing for rich white people and almost no affordable housing doesn’t cut it,” Adams added.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges new trade deal in first call with President Biden
The PM urged Biden to strike a new trade deal with the UK on the call. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged President Biden to strike a new trade deal with the UK in a phone call on Saturday, marking the first official discussion between the two world leaders since Biden was sworn in. Johnson “reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade issues as soon as possible” and discussed “the benefits of a potential free trade deal” with Biden, according to a statement from Downing Street reported by the Associated Press. “President Biden has been clear that he will not sign any new free trade agreements before the U.S. makes major investments in American workers and our infrastructure,” Treasury secretary nominee Janet Yellen said earlier this week. The call with Johnson was at least Biden’s third with a foreign leader since taking office on Wednesday; the president spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday.
Judge: Kenosha shooter can’t associate with supremacists
KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — An 18-year-old Illinois teen charged with fatally shooting two people during a protest in southeastern Wisconsin last year is prohibited from associating with known white supremacists under a judge’s recently modified bail conditions. Kyle Rittenhouse was 17 during the Aug. 25 demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as hundreds were protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man. KYLE RITTENHOUSE PLEADS NOT GUILTY TO KENOSHA SHOOTING CHARGESProsecutors allege Rittenhouse, who is white, left his home in Antioch, Illinois, and traveled to Kenosha to answer a call for militia to protect businesses. Kenosha was in the throes of several nights of chaotic street demonstrations after a white officer shot Blake in the back during a domestic disturbance, leaving Blake paralyzed. The legal drinking age is 21, but in Wisconsin, Rittenhouse could legally drink alcohol because he was with his mother.
Biden has his first phone call with UK Prime Minister as president
President Biden had his first phone call with England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday, where Johnson pressed the new president for a U.S.-U.K. trade deal. Johnson also welcomed some of Biden’s new executive actions. "They also discussed the benefits of a potential free trade deal between our two countries, and the Prime Minister reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade issues as soon as possible," the spokesperson continued. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DEFENDS REMOVING STATUE FROM OVAL OFFICEThe U.K. only recently regained control over its national trade policy after the end of a post-Brexit transition period. He spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Friday evening.
Seattle Antifa rioter claims destruction of property isn't violence
Antifa rioters marched through downtown Seattle Wednesday in protest of President Joe Biden's inauguration, breaking windows at a courthouse and multiple businesses along the way, including the original Starbucks. "The reason people dress in black bloc is not to be scary," the Antifa militant told KOMO. SEATTLE ANTIFA RIOTERS DAMAGE FIRST STARBUCKS IN BIDEN PROTESTFor instance, R.H. Lossin, a teacher at the The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, wrote in The Nation, a progressive magazine, that it's a false equivalency to conflate violence against people with property damage. "Plateglass windows don’t bleed," Lossin wrote last June. People pour themselves into their property, using their earnings to pay for it, improving it, becoming identified with it.
President Biden appears to remove Trump’s Diet Coke button from Oval Office
President Biden appears to have gotten rid of the Diet Coke button his predecessor, President Donald Trump, used on the resolute desk in the Oval Office. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DEFENDS REMOVING CHURCHILL STATUE FROM OVAL OFFICE"President Biden has removed the Diet Coke button," Dunn wrote. "Eventually Trump pressed it, and a butler swiftly brought in a Diet Coke on a silver platter. Trump showed off the button to reporters with the Associated Press and the Financial Times in 2017. "Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button," Trump told a Financial Times reporter.
Charter Joe Biden’s private inaugural jet for only $12,000 an hour
Here’s to flying like a Biden baller! President Joe Biden wanted to take Amtrak from his home state of Delaware to his inauguration in the nation’s capital, but safety concerns pushed him to charter a jumbo plane from Jet Edge instead. Now, anybody can ride on that same jet — for a price. The Boeing Business Jet, promoted last month in Forbes Travel Guide as a travel option in a $250,000 package for Montage Los Cabos resort, can accommodate 16 passengers, has a forward lounge, features a bedroom with an en suite shower, an office and a second shower between the office and the forward passenger area. The cost ranges from $12,000 to $20,000 an hour, although, according to Forbes, “you also have to pay for the positioning flights before and after you are dropped off.”
AOC cheers wage increase for Teamsters at NYC produce market
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated a wage increase for Teamsters workers at a Bronx produce market, following a week-long strike that was set to end Sunday. “Our food produce workers wanted a $1 raise after risking their lives in COVID. They were denied, asked to pay more for healthcare, & told ‘you’re lucky to even have a job,’” she tweeted Saturday afternoon of the Hunts Point Produce Market workers. Now they’re getting a $1.85 raise and $0 out of pocket.”Ocasio-Cortez spent Inauguration Day picketing with the 1,400 Local 202 members who staff the market — which supplies 60 percent of the region’s produce. These workers did that,” said Kane Jr. while celebrating the wage increase with a champagne toast outside the union’s Bronx headquarters, flanked by state Assemblywoman Anada Septimno and City Councilman Rafael Salamanca.
Family of alleged serial killer victim plans to sue NYCHA for $25M
The family of a Brooklyn woman allegedly brutally strangled by an accused serial killer neighbor plans to sue the New York Housing Authority for $25 million over what they’re calling shoddy security. The legal claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, accuses NYCHA of wrongful death and negligence. NYCHA failed to heed numerous complaints from residents and local officials about a lack of security cameras, guards and functional locks, according to the document. But NYCHA also simply failed to follow its own rules, said lawyer Adam Deutsch, who reps Caballero’s family. “You’re not allowed to live in a NYCHA building with a criminal record,” said Deutsch, noting Gavin’s record of burglary and drug charges.
Teenagers now receiving COVID-19 vaccine in Israel
Israel is now vaccinating teenagers for COVID-19, after churning through 3.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, according to reports. “Education must be our top priority,” Blue and White leader and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz said. A national lockdown is set to continue until at least Jan. 31, according to the publication. Nearly 2.5 million Israelis have received an initial dose, and about 1 million have been given both shots. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to inoculate all citizens over the age of 16 by the end of March.
Former HHS Sec. Leavitt says state vaccination plans ‘getting too granular,’ slowing distribution down
Former Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said Saturday that state coronavirus vaccination plans are "getting too granular," in turn slowing distribution. Still, amid a rollout that has frustrated Americans still unable to get the shot, Leavitt expressed optimism for the weeks ahead. Some governors have enacted narrower vaccine qualifications than others, and some have relaxed their stringent guidelines after an underwhelming rollout. The federal government said Saturday it had delivered 41.4 million doses to states. Alabama was last, having only distributed 33.65 percent of the vaccine it’d been given, behind Virginia, California, Arizona and Georgia.
Sen. Rand Paul says Chief Justice Roberts won’t take Trump impeach trial
As Democrats plunge ahead with a post-term impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, a key question remains: Will Chief Justice Roberts take the case? Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky says he won’t — making the exercise “a fake, partisan impeachment,” the lawmaker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Friday. Chief Justice Roberts has two weeks to decide if he will preside over Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster“I certainly think there is a 14th Amendment avenue separate and aside from impeachment,” Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy told The Hill. “It’s going to be tough to get even a handful” of GOP defectors, Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.)
Democrats urge President Joe Biden to commute sentences of death row inmates
A group of Democratic members of Congress is urging President Joe Biden to commute the sentences of dozens of federal death row inmates. During former President Trump’s tenure, 13 prisoners were put to death, including three in his final days in office. President Obama had halted federal executions in 2015 but they were revived under Trump. “We must end federal executions for good,” tweeted Cori Bush, a Democratic congresswoman from Missouri, on Friday. The Democrats called for reforms in the criminal justice system that seeks to “rehabilitate and restore” rather than “penalize and execute.”
Biden’s DOJ seeks to extend his trans-rights order beyond sports
President Joe Biden’s lack of a confirmed attorney general isn’t stopping his Department of Justice from tearing up the previous administration’s directives — or pushing the limits of his executive orders. A lawyer named to temporarily head the department’s civil rights division issued a memo Friday undoing a last-minute Trump Administration attempt to restrict the interpretation of the Supreme Court’s 2020 decision that workplace sex-discrimination laws also shield transgender people. The directive from attorney Greg Friel pointed to Biden’s Inauguration Day executive order allowing transgender women to participate in women’s sport leagues as the basis for his decision to toss a Jan. 17 analysis, written by acting Assistant Attorney General John Daukas, that the department should not let the Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County extend to other situations. Biden’s executive order set off a heated identity-politics debate just hours after he took the oath of office Wednesday.
New Jersey man charged with assaulting cop during Capitol riot is a Secret Service agent's brother
Scott Kevin Fairlamb of Stockholm, N.J., who fought under the name "Wildman," was charged in federal court in Washington, D.C., with assaulting a federal officer and carrying a dangerous weapon, according to documents. CAPITOL RIOTER ALLEGEDLY DRAGGED COP DODWN STAIRS, ATTEMPTED SUICIDEAt least one person submitted a video that allegedly showed Fairlamb shove and punch an officer on the West Front of the Capitol. Fairlamb owns Fairlamb Fit in Pompton Lakes, N.J. He told CBS New York in May that he planned to reopen his gym in defiance of the state’s COVID lockdown because Gov. The MMA website Sherdog says Fairlamb fought under the nickname "Wildman."
Pitbull fatally struck by subway train after running away from owner
The struck pitbull was pronounced dead at the Animal Centers of New York. Officers remove a dead pitbull at the Central Park North-110th Street station after being fatally struck by the train. A wayward pitbull allegedly ran from its owner — and was struck and killed by a southbound Number 6 subway train at the Central Park North-110th Street station Saturday morning, officials said. The dog’s owner allegedly brought her into the subway station, and followed her onto the tracks when she “got loose,” said cops, who issued him a summons for entering the subway system with a non-service dog. MTA spokeswoman Kayla Shults said 6 trains were running on the express track during the episode.
NYC man chooses to go to jail rather than give dog back to his employer
Google MapsOn June 25, M&M sent a letter to Myrick calling the dog “company property” and demanding that she be returned immediately. Still refusing to give up Roxy, Myrick in August surrendered to the NYPD. “When they left the dog with him in March, [M&M] made no arrangement … to get the dog or pay for the dog in the interim,” said Myrick’s lawyer, William J. Kurtz. For now, a Queens judge — citing prior divorce-case custody rulings — is letting Myrick keep Roxy until the case is settled. M&M, however, said Roxy is a working dog and this is a case of ownership, not custody.
Accused Capitol rioter Garret Miller called for AOC’s assassination, court docs show
A Texas man accused of taking part in the Capitol riot allegedly called for the assassination of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. On Jan. 6, shortly after the riot, AOC posted the word “Impeach,” on Twitter. “Assassinate AOC,” Miller responded, using a now-suspended Twitter handle. Miller claimed the riots were “beautiful” in a separate post DOJAOC herself called Miller out in a separate tweet. “We acted with honor and we where [sic] not armed,” Miller posted.
Biden Cabinet nominee hired convicted domestic abuser who punched woman for refusing sex
His former girlfriend said in 2012 that Henriquez backhanded her across her face and punched her in the chest multiple times. Despite that, Mayor Walsh hired Henriquez to an $89,000-a-year special assistant job that involved antiviolence work in October 2018, with his office telling the Boston Globe at the time that the Mayor "firmly believes in second chances." Walsh then told the Boston Globe that he criticized Henriquez when he was convicted in 2014 and had asked him to resign from the state legislature at the time. "I also made clear at that time, and continue to believe today, that any violence against any woman at any time is totally unacceptable," the Boston Mayor told the Boston Globe on Nov. 9 after Henriquez stepped down. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPresident Biden nominated Walsh, who has a long history with organized labor, to be his Labor Secretary earlier this month.
Van Hipp: Dems & GOP unite in support of exceptionally qualified Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin
The Senate voted 93-2 to confirm retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin to be secretary of defense. Austin, who is our nation’s first African American secretary of defense, has a sterling reputation among former and current military leaders. Secretary Austin further stated that "we must help the Federal Government move further and faster to eradicate the devastating effects of the coronavirus." Make no mistake, Lloyd Austin has hit the ground running to keep America safe and he is leading. Following our initial conversation about Austin, Davidson would later introduce me to him at CENTCOM HQ.
Sen. Tom Cotton takes heat for past claim of Army Ranger status
An incendiary new report blasts GOP Sen. Tom Cotton for past claims to have served as an Army Ranger — but had to reach back to his first run for Congress, in 2012, to do it. “I did become an infantry officer and an Army Ranger,” Cotton, then an Army reservist running for Congress after a four-year infantry stint that included two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, said in a 2011 interview with an Arkansas news station. In fact, according to Salon.com, Cotton was never a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, but merely a graduate of the Army’s Ranger School, a tactical infantry course that thousands of service members attend annually. “Truth matters.”In his current Senate biography, Cotton, 43, a Trump-supporting conservative seen as a future GOP presidential candidate, makes no claim to Ranger status — but includes the Ranger Tab, the insignia given to graduates of the Ranger School, among his other military decorations. “Senator Cotton graduated from Ranger school,” Cotton spokesperson Caroline Tabler told Salon in an email, “and is more of a Ranger than a Salon reporter like you will ever be.”
Boosters jump to Joe Biden’s defense over coverage of his high-end watches
A fluffy fashion story on President Joe Biden’s pricey taste in timepieces is drawing bitter pushback from lefty defenders on social media. “Headlines complaining about Biden’s Peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody,” Laura Bassett, a writer for GQ, tweeted Friday. The ticker is one of a collection of high-end Swiss watches owned by the Scranton-born commander in chief, the report noted. Biden has also been seen wearing an Omega Speedmaster and an Omega Seamaster, each of which retails for up to $6,000. The implicit criticism of the new president set off reams of angry tweets, Fox News reported.
COVID outbreak drives US home sales to 14-year high
Americans went on a shopping spree in 2020, buying up more houses than they have in 14 years. Triggering the surge was the COVID-19 outbreak, which drove cramped apartment dwellers to hunt for space outside cities, the Wall Street Journal reported. Making the decision to move easier were record low interest rates. “Homeowners are smiling, because they are seeing price increases,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. And home sales should stay high as borrowing rates stay low, according to Doug Duncan, the chief economist for Fannie Mae, the government mortgage lender.
NJ congressman seeks to double the sentence for ‘insurrection’
A Democratic congressman from New Jersey is leading the charge to double the punishment for convicted insurrectionists in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots. “We can never let that happen again.”Gottheimer’s bill would double the maximum prison term for the crime of insurrection from 10 years to 20, the Washington Examiner reported. But as of now, the bill would be a symbolic gesture. Although 119 arrests have been made in the deadly siege at the nation’s capital, according to the Department of Justice, no charges of insurrection have yet been filed. Instead, suspects from multiple states are facing charges like unlawful entry, civil disorder, and theft of government property.
Biden administration defends removing Churchill statue from Oval Office
The Biden administration on Friday defended the decision to remove a bust of former U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office -- creating a bright video designed to remind people "what the Special Relationship is truly about." President Biden had removed the bust of former U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill from display in the Oval Office. "It’s a great honor to have Winston Churchill back." "The Biden White House is doubling down on removing the Churchill bust from the Oval Office, saying it is ‘just a bust of Winston Churchill,’ he said. The spokesman added: "We are in no doubt about the importance President Biden puts on the U.S.-U.K.
McCarthy raises "concerns" about Cheney impeachment vote, future in leadership
"Look, I support her, but I also have concerns," McCarthy told Gray Television’s "Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren." On the day of the impeachment vote, McCarthy made a floor speech that he'd support the censure of the president. These facts require immediate action by President Trump." What I said on the floor was that President Trump could have responded faster when the riots first started. FRESHMAN GOP REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE FILES ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AGAINST BIDEN"She said to the public before she told me," McCarthy said of the new freshman congresswoman.
California ignores public records request, keeps coronavirus data hidden
Trammell said they had, for example, requested data explaining why such services were forbidden while other retailers remained open. State health officials have said releasing the data would confuse the public. Each region had to have greater than 15 percent ICU capacity in order to escape the stay-at-home restriction. Adding to the complexity, the state uses a weighted percentage to determine ICU capacity. CHHS spokeswoman Kate Folmar said projected ICU capacity is based on multiple variables, including available beds and staffing.
Trump impeachment manager Swalwell on trial: 'If the Senate allows witnesses, we will be ready with witnesses'
Rep. Eric Swalwell, who will help prosecute former President Trump for "incitement of insurrection," said House impeachment managers are prepared to call witnesses at the upcoming Senate trial. "If the Senate allows witnesses, we will be ready with witnesses," Swalwell, D-Calif., told MSNBC Saturday morning. Swalwell said this trial would be different than the impeachment of Trump a year ago over soliciting foreign intervention from Ukraine into the 2020 presidential election. Witnesses were not allowed by the then-GOP-controlled Senate in the previous impeachment trial. BIDEN SUGGESTS DELAYED IMPEACHMENT TIMELINE MAY BE 'BETTER'House impeachment managers will frame the riot as a premeditated attack orchestrated by Trump, Swalwell said.
Thousands arrested at Russia protests, including opposition leader Navalny's wife
Tens of thousand protesters turned out in arctic temperature to demand the release of Alexei Navalny, Russia’s top opposition figure. Protests took place in 38 cities across Russia, with an estimated 15,000 in Pushkin Square in Moscow alone. Navalny had called for protests in response to the Kremlin’s decision to detain and imprison him upon his return to Russia. Over 3,400 protesters were arrested nationwide by the evening, including Navalny’s wife. Russian authorities arrested thousands during the protests after warning them not to gather due to COVID-19 safety restrictions.
Lawyer for 'QAnon Shaman' says Capitol rioter regrets being 'duped' by Trump
The lawyer for the so-called "QAnon Shaman" who stormed the U.S. Capitol shirtless and wearing a horned bearskin headdress said his client regrets being "duped" by former President Donald Trump, and that the former president "invited" his client and thousands of other supporters to the Capitol on Jan. 6. Let's roll the months of lies, and misrepresentations and horrific innuendo and hyperbolic speech by our president designed to inflame, enrage, motivate," Watkins told the news outlet. Watkins had previously pled with former President Trump to pardon Chansley before leaving office. 'QANON SHAMAN' CAPITOL RIOTER WANTS PARDON FROM TRUMPDespite issuing dozens of pardons to his political allies and even to rapper Lil Wayne, Trump did not pardon anyone who stormed the Capitol earlier this month. Chansley's mother, Marth Chansley, told Fox News she has "no comment" at this time.
Windsurfer Robby Naish’s Hawaiian estate hits market for $18 million
Wuhan, the Chinese industrial city where the coronavirus was first...Tech billionaires looking for a Hawaiian escape – rejoice! A 73-acre oceanfront property on Maui’s north shore has come on the market for the first time ever. Windsurfing legend Robby Naish, 57, who has won 23 world championships, is selling his estate on Kealii Point for a whopping $18 million. Just outside is a large swimming pool and, at the edge of the vast lawns, private walkways to the shoreline. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Michael Dell of Dell Technologies, and ex-Yahoo head Carol Bartz all own compounds in Hawaii.
Joe Biden stresses COVID, immigration in first calls with foreign leaders
Sign up for our special edition newsletter to get a daily update on the coronavirus pandemic. President Joe Biden stressed North American cooperation on the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and immigration in his first telephone calls with Mexican and Canadian leaders. In phone calls Friday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Biden promised to strengthen regional cooperation, according to reports. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks on the phone with President Joe Biden on Jan. 22, 2021. US prosecutors had claimed that Cienfuegos was the head of the H-2 drug cartel.
GOP senators push for constitutional amendment to ban court-packing
A dozen Senate Republicans are trying to block one of progressives’ fondest goals — packing the US Supreme Court with liberal justices — with a new amendment to the Constitution. West Virginia Sen. Shelly Moore Capito and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reintroduced a bill Friday that would decree a constitutional nine-justice limit to the Supreme Court, in a bid to keep a partisan Congress from stuffing it with judges who lean their way. “A nine-Justice court has worked for our country for more than 150 years,” Capito said Friday. “Increasing that number in a partisan effort to achieve a desired policy result is a never-ending proposition.”Left-leaning Democrats have been pushing to add more justices to the nation’s highest court ever since Republicans rushed to approve Justice Amy Coney Barrett for the seat previously held by liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg one week before November’s presidential election. Then-candidate Joe Biden flirted with the idea of court-packing in October, promising a national commission to study a court system he called “out of whack.”Ten GOP senators — but no Democrats — signed on to the Capito-Rubio bill, making the chances of it passing the evenly divided Senate remote.
Russia arrests 2,100 protesters calling for Navalny's release
Protests erupted in dozens of cities across Russia on Saturday to demand the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin's most prominent foe. Police arrested more than 2,100 people, some of whom took to the streets in temperatures as frigid as minus-50 Celsius (minus-58 Fahrenheit). PUTIN CRITIC FINDS SUPPORT FROM NHL STAR ARTEMI PANARIN ON SOCIAL MEDIANavalny’s wife Yulia was among those arrested. RUSSIA WELCOMES BIDEN'S PROPOSAL TO EXTEND NUCLEAR ARMS CONTROL TREATYUndeterred, Navalny's supporters called for protests again next weekend. He was transferred from a hospital in Siberia to a Berlin hospital two days later.
Ohio restaurant owner rips Biden's embrace of $15 minimum wage as bad for business
An Ohio restaurant owner is warning that any hikes in the minimum wage now will only hurt small businesses more. While Biden's action on the minimum wage only affects federal employees, he does support a $15 hourly wage for all workers. He said his business went through tough "obstacles" amid the pandemic, and a minimum wage increase right now is "unthinkable." Despite his struggles, the business owner is still finding ways to give back to the community. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"We started a thing called ‘Pizza with a Purpose’ with the Ohio Restaurant Association.
Florida firefighter charged in Capitol attack pleads not guilty in federal court
Florida firefighter Andrew Williams pleaded not guilty to two charges connected to the Capitol riots in a Washington federal court on Friday. ]Williams, a 32-year-old firefighter and paramedic in Sanford, Fla., is facing one count of unlawful entry of a restricted building and one count of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. FLORIDA FIREFIGHTER IN CAPITOL RIOT PHOTO WEARING TRUMP HAT, POINTING TO PELOSI SIGN RELEASED ON $25G BONDIn court documents, the FBI asserts that it has obtained two videos and one still picture of Williams inside the Capitol on Jan. 6. According to the filing, in one of the videos, Williams allegedly turns the camera on himself and then a voice can be heard saying, "We are storming the Capitol. The Sanford Fire Department placed Williams on administrative leave without pay shortly after his arrest.
This is why Trump’s post-presidential popularity could rise
In 1829, Adams lost his bid for a second term in the White House, but bounced back to serve 18 years in Congress. If Trump devotes himself to good works, who knows?”Among modern departing presidents, Trump is hardly the least popular, according to Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center. Former Presidents George H.W. By the end of Reagan’s presidency, Nixon’s transformation in the public mind was complete, sociologist Sherri Cavan declared in 1989. Former President George W. Bush was showered with press affection after Donald Trump took the White House.
Biden tells Mexican president he will end Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies
President Biden on Friday told Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador that he will reverse the Trump administration’s "draconian" immigration policies -- in a week in which the new U.S. president has signed a flurry of immigration orders. A readout from the White House said that Biden spoke with Lopez Obrador to "review bilateral cooperation on a range of bilateral and regional issues, particularly regional migration." Biden campaigned on ending the Trump administration’s stricter immigration policies and has made it a priority since being inaugurated. On Wednesday, Biden signed an order halting construction of the wall at the southern border while the administration studies whether it can redivert money that has been assigned to the project. Biden promised to end the program, but officials during the transition said that it may take longer to achieve.
Rep. Andy Biggs denies allegations that he helped organize Capitol insurrection
Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., denied any part in organizing the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol earlier this month that left five people dead, saying the allegations against him are an "assault on my reputation." The crowd of thousands was addressed by President Trump, who urged them to "fight" and march to the Capitol. The siblings wrote in a letter to the Arizona Republic that Biggs is "at least partially to blame" for the insurrection that left five people dead. Democrats have urged FBI Director Christopher Wray and Acting U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to investigate the role of elected officials in the uprising, including Biggs, Gosar, Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem and former state Rep. Anthony Kern. A government watchdog group has urged the House Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Biggs and other lawmakers for possible involvement in the insurrection.
GOP rep who offered to work with Biden says call for unity 'not off to a great start'
Rep. Beth Van Duyne, who offered to work with President Biden on bipartisan solutions, says the Democratic president has turned off some Republicans with a flurry of executive orders reversing the former administration's policies. "Looking at what he did in his first day, it's not off to a great start," Van Duyne, R-Texas, told Fox News. BIDEN SIGNS 17 EXECUTIVE ORDERS REVERSING TRUMP POLICIES, RESTORING OBAMA-ERA PROGRAMSVan Duyne is not alone in her disappointment. "It's $1.6 billion of wages he just knocked out with a signature," Van Duyne said of the reversal. "I quite honestly think I'm pretty much like most Americans who are sick of that fight," Van Duyne said.
This absurd tax is the very reason people are fleeing the Northeast
It was a personal property tax bill for my wife’s car — from a different state, Connecticut, which we had left three years earlier. (The total fee was $250 — $150 for the tax, $70 for interest, and $30 in debt collection fees.) But I didn’t know about it, because, for three years, I was never told. “Because I didn’t know about it — or even live in the state.”Why didn’t you apply for a waiver? Alamy“Because I didn’t know about it …”Then, it got worse.
Southampton, NY mayor Jesse Warren squatting in his home: landlord
The mayor of Southampton is a squatter, according to his landlord, who also happens to be a bitter political rival. Zach Epley, 33, says his family served their tenant, Mayor Jesse Warren, with a 90-day vacate notice in October but he refuses to move out and isn’t paying rent. Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren lives in this rental home on David Whites Lane in Southampton. Former Southampton Mayor Mark Epley Bloomberg via Getty Images“Why are you still here?” Mark Epley demanded, standing in the doorway. He followed me and my wife around … to the point where we were like, we don’t want him on this property,” Zach Epley said.
Two winning Mega Millions tickets — each worth $1M — sold in NYC
The $1 billion winning ticket may have been sold in Michigan, but two lucky New Yorkers won $1 million consolation prizes after Friday’s historic Mega Millions drawing. “I sold the winning ticket!” said Nasir Dar, 44, a cashier who’s worked at Bolla for three years. Bolla Market/Mobil gas station at 2228 Gerritsen Ave. in Brooklyn sold a $1 million ticket winner. Michael DaltonThe winning ticket was sold at a Kroger located in Novi, a northern suburb of Detroit — about a 30-minute drive from the city — the state lottery website confirmed. “I wish I had sold the $1 billion ticket, but I will settle for $1 million now,” he quipped.
Hawley, Stefanik call for investigation into Chinese role in coronavirus outbreak, as Biden restores WHO ties
Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., are calling for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak and China’s role in it -- just as President Biden moved to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO). "We must redouble our efforts to understand how CCP negligence unleashed a global pandemic and hold them accountable." "The United States will continue to be a full participant and a global leader in confronting such threats and advancing global health and health security." The lawmakers said that President Biden should push forward and demand a new investigation by the international community. Stefanik said that Biden "has the power to demand answers from the World Health Organization" as to why it promoted "Chinese misinformation" about the pandemic.
LA restaurant owner who went viral after being shuttered by Mayor Garcetti joins lawsuit against Newsom
Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra and public health officer Dr. Erica Pan over the state's coronavirus stay-at-home orders. Angela Marsden, owner of Pineapple Hill in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, appeared in a video that went viral in December in which she claims Mayor Eric Garcetti shut down her restaurant's outdoor patio while allowing a film crew to set up an outdoor dining area across the street. "There is no science nor data that justifies the blanket closure of all outdoor dining and beauty services," Harmeet K. Dhillon, managing partner of the Dhillon Law Group, Inc., said in a Friday statement. At the start of last week, no regions appeared likely to have the stay-at-home order lifted soon because their capacity was well below 15%. CA ATTORNEY GENERAL LAUNCHES CIVIL RIGHTS PROBE OF LOS ANGELES SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENTSuddenly, outdoor dining and worship services in that region were permitted again.
New Hampshire's former GOP Sen. Ayotte will 'definitely' look at 2022 bid, sources say
It’s the latest example of Ayotte increasing her political profile over the past year. There’s also speculation that Ayotte might run for New Hampshire governor if current, popular three-term GOP Gov. Chris Sununu decides to seek the Senate seat or decides not to run for elective office in 2022. Ayotte’s increased visibility is also putting her back on the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s (NHDP) radar. During a debate with Hassan in the 2016 general election, Ayotte called Trump a role model, but quickly reversed herself.
33 missing children rescued in major human trafficking investigation, FBI says
A multi-agency human trafficking investigation in Southern California has led to the recovery of 33 missing children, the FBI announced. More than two dozen law enforcement agencies and non-governmental agencies participated in "Operation Lost Angels," which began Jan. 11 as part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Several of the children returned to commercial sex trafficking after they were located by authorities, either voluntarily or no coercion, requiring authorities to make several interventions. In 2020, the FBI initiated 664 human trafficking investigations nationwide, making 473 arrests. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIf you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at (888) 373-7888 or visit https://humantraffickinghotline.org/.
Jill Biden brings cookies to troops, thanks National Guard for 'keeping my family safe' during inauguration
First lady Jill Biden surprised National Guard members at the U.S. Capitol on Friday and delivered cookies, a gesture of kindness "for keeping me and my family safe" during President Biden's inauguration earlier this week. "I just want to say thank you from President Biden and the whole, the entire Biden family," she told a group of Guard members in her first public appearance since assuming her new position. MORE THAN 100 NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERS IN DC TEST POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUSJill Biden's visit with the National Guard was particularly sentimental to her as she reminisced about her late step-son Beau Biden, a former Delaware Army National Guard member who spent a year deployed to Iraq. President Biden offered his thanks to the chief of the National Guard Bureau in a phone call Friday. "The National Guard will always hold a special place in the heart of all the Bidens."
How Biden’s executive orders will undo Trump’s business-friendly policies
Biden promises to be a re-regulator, reimposing many of the mandates that the Obama administration originally engineered in areas as diverse as the environment, the workplace, unions and immigration. One report described how his team was readying a “tsunami” of executive orders to reverse Trump policies. Some orders have already overturned Trump policies on immigration, such as reversing the travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries. Biden’s support for the Paris climate accords suggests that he will reverse Trump’s deregulatory actions on the environment. In all, The New York Times estimated that Trump had softened or rolled back nearly 100 environmental rules and federal actions.
Israel gave me a COVID-19 vaccine before the US got to my elderly parents
But on Jan. 2, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Thankfully, my life partner, Gidon, who is 85, received his vaccine two days earlier. Of course, I couldn’t resist posting our vaccination selfies on social media, but an instant later, I felt terribly guilty. At the time, many of my friends and even my elderly parents had no idea when they would receive their vaccinations. More than 38 percent of Israel’s population of 9 million is already vaccinated — the highest rate in the world.
Russian police arrest over 350 protesters demanding release of Alexei Navalny
Police tried to sweep protesters off the streets of multiple Russian cities Saturday but thousands across the country defied protest bans to march for the release of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Across Russia, upwards of 369 people were arrested in nearly 40 towns and cities as protesters defied bitter cold and a ban on the demonstrations. Law enforcement officers detain a man during a rally in support of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Moscow on Jan. 23, 2021. On Monday, a judge ordered Navalny jailed for 30 days. Law enforcement officers detain a woman during a rally in support of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Moscow on Jan. 23, 2021.
Gina Raimondo: What to know about Biden's commerce secretary pick
President Biden chose Gina Raimondo, the governor of Rhode Island, as his commerce secretary, tapping the former venture capitalist to oversee the department as the nation's business community struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Since being elected in 2015, Raimondo has cut taxes and rolled back regulations to support businesses, often putting her at odds with unions. Raimondo, the state's former treasurer, also overhauled Rhode Island's struggling pension system, which was on track to run out of assets. Under her plan, retirees would lose their annual cost-of-living increases and current employees would be moved to a hybrid pension system incorporating 401(k)s.The state passed the ground-breaking pension reforms in 2011. "We have serious reservations about Governor Raimondo being nominated to Commerce Secretary," Rhode Island GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki told Fox News in a statement.
Washington city's mayor rushed to safety after homeless-advocate rioters storm City Hall
The mayor of Bellingham, Wash., reportedly had to be rushed out of City Hall on Friday morning after rioters apparently advocating for the homeless stormed the building. "It was unsettling," Mayor Seth Fleetwood, who remained undeterred about asking those in a homeless encampment outside of the building to move 25 feet away, told KIRO-TV of Seattle. MAN ACCUSED OF CARRYING TASER DURING CAPITOL ATTACK APPEARS IN COURTThe rioters also spray painted the outside of the building, the Bellingham Herald reported. The Herald reported that those who breached City Hall left without incident and no arrests were made. The group that attacked Bellingham's City Hall also pulled down an American flag that was flying outside the building and began stomping on it.
FOX News Rundown Extra: What Republicans And President Joe Biden Can (And Can’t) Agree On
President Biden took office this week with the benefit of his party having the majority in both the House and Senate. That means the new President and the Democrats may still need the help of Republicans if they want anything to pass. On the FOX News Rundown this week, host Dave Anthony spoke to freshman Republican Congresswoman Stephanie Bice about what, if anything, her party and the Biden Administration can see eye-to-eye on. Rep. Bice of Oklahoma's 5th congressional district also discusses the politics behind President Trump's impeachment and why Republicans like her challenged the presidential election results over two weeks ago. On the FOX NEWS Rundown Extra, you will hear everything Rep. Bice had to say including her expectations for the Biden Administration and the state of the Republican party.
Trump's lawyers must get 72-hour warning if Treasury turns over president's tax returns to Democrats: judge
The U.S. Treasury Department must grant former President Trump’s lawyers a 72-hour warning if it allows his tax returns to be released to Democrats, a judge ruled Friday, according to a report. Neal had cited a law that requires the Treasury to turn over tax documents at the request of House tax committees. Democrats sued in federal court in a case that is still pending a year and a half later. It’s unclear if the Treasury Department under Biden will allow the House access to the returns. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDemocrats and the district attorney of New York City are also seeking his tax returns in separate cases.
Fauci gushes over Maddow and hints that Trump ‘blocked’ him
Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared very gitty during his debut appearance on “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Friday night and suggested the Trump administration previously “blocked” him from coming on the MSNBC program. “I’ve been wanting to come on your show for months and months,” Fauci confessed to the liberal star. “You’ve been asking me to come on your show for months and months and it’s just gotten blocked! Don’t do it,'” Fauci continued to a chuckling Maddow. “You might not see everybody as often as you want, but you’re not going to see deliberate holding back of good people when the press asks for them,” Fauci explained.
Lucky Michigan lottery player wins Mega Millions’ $1 billion jackpot
One lucky lottery player in Michigan has won the Mega Millions $1 billion jackpot. The Mega Millions pot rose to $1 billion late Friday, and a winner was announced around 1 a.m. Saturday. The winning numbers were 4, 26, 42, 50, 60, and 24. Officials said the jackpot — which works out to $739.6 million as a lump-sum, before taxes — was the third-largest lottery prize in U.S. history. The Mega Millions drawing comes two days after a person in Maryland found themselves holding the winning ticket for the $731.1 million Powerball jackpot.
California says some highway marijuana billboards must be taken down
In a downer for California’s legal marijuana industry, regulators say some highway billboards advertising such products must come down. The state Bureau of Cannabis Control on Thursday ordered billboard companies to stop selling space for cannabis marketing and take down existing ads on roads that cross state borders. The new decision covers about three dozen state and interstate routes, including heavily traveled Interstate 101 in Los Angeles. The decision heeds a ruling by a judge in San Luis Obispo County that found interstate highway cannabis ads are illegal under Proposition 64. “This makes it much harder for legal cannabis businesses to attract new customers, including customers that were shopping on the illicit market,” said Lindsay Robinson, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association.
Fauci gushes over Maddow during 1st appearance on her MSNBC show, hints Trump WH 'blocked' him
Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared very gitty during his debut appearance on "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Friday night and suggested the Trump administration previously "blocked" him from coming on the MSNBC program. "I've been wanting to come on your show for months and months," Fauci confessed to the liberal star. "You've been asking me to come on your show for months and months and it's just gotten blocked! It just got blocked because they didn't like the way you handle things and they didn't want me on." Don't do it,'" Fauci continued to a chuckling Maddow.
National Guard to keep 7,000 troops in DC until March
A few thousand National Guard troops could end up staying in the nation’s capital until mid-March, a U.S. defense official confirms to Fox News. The National Guard is in the process of meeting with various federal agencies to “determine their requirements” for troops to stay beyond January, the official said. About a dozen Guard troops were removed from their posts after being vetted by the FBI, including two who made extremist statements about the event. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president sworn into office on that date when he began his second term in 1937. Lawmakers from both political parties were fuming this week after learning that troops were forced to take rest breaks outside the Capitol.
Andrew Yang blasted after comparing BDS movement to fascism
New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang faced a social media backlash Friday after he wrote a column in which he likened the pro-Palestine BDS movement to Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses. In the column, entitled “My vision for New York City’s Jewish community,” Yang said he would be a “reliable partner” by cracking down on hate crimes and instances of anti-Semitism. Social media critics ripped Yang over his remarks, arguing the former entrepreneur went too far by likening the BDS movement to fascism. “Absolutely grotesque, ahistorical Nazi comparison by Andrew Yang on BDS, that is even to the right of anti-BDS organizations. The businessman previously drew criticism on social media after he said he had left New York City during the coronavirus pandemic because his two-bedroom apartment was too cramped.
Kevin McCarthy: ‘Everybody’ in US ‘has some responsibility’ for Capitol riot
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy continued to walk back his accusation that former President Donald Trump caused the deadly Capitol Hill riot, saying now that “everybody across this country” is to blame. “I also think everybody across this country has some responsibility,” said the California Republican. “The President bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. House Democrats moved quickly to impeach Trump for a second time, accusing him of inciting violence before the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol that killed five people, including a Capitol police officer. The Senate is expected to start the impeachment trial next week.
Bill Maher: Now that Trump is gone, 'We can't blame everything on him'
America faces a "problem" now that President Trump is out of office, Bill Maher asserted during Friday night's show. BILL MAHER DEFENDS TRUMP SUPPORTERS: LET'S NOT CONFUSE '5,000' CAPITOL RIOTERS WITH '74 MILLION' VOTERSAfter one of Maher's guests, Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby, blamed "Trumpism" for "infecting every state capital," his other guest, "The Fifth Column" podcast co-host Kmele Foster, pushed back. If we're thinking, 'It's Trump, Trump is the problem,' and as you mentioned already earlier in the show, Bill, we saw hundreds of people in the streets breaking windows after Biden won. Maher then wondered "can we do s--- anymore" as Americans, citing the rocky coronavirus vaccine rollout, "even if we can't blame Trump." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I think you're absolutely right, Bill," Foster agreed.
'Squad' members rip Trump death-penalty 'carnage,' urge Biden to commute killers' sentences
All 49 remaining death-row inmates in federal prisons should have their sentences commuted by President Biden, two members of the progressive "Squad" group of Democrats urged Friday. "For this reason, we urge you to immediately commute the sentences of all those on death row." The congresswomen said they appreciated Biden’s "vocal opposition to the death penalty and urge you to take swift, decisive action." Then-Attorney General William Barr announced in July 2019 the government would resume federal executions for the first time in 17 years. Trump voiced support for restoring the death penalty long before he became president.
LIVE UPDATES: Trump impeachment trial delayed until February
Lawmakers will wait several weeks before carrying out former President Trump's Senate impeachment trial following a brief standoff on Capitol Hill over timing, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Friday. Earlier in the day, Schumer said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., intended to deliver the article of impeachment against Trump on Monday – thereby triggering the impeachment process. Trump is charged with "incitement of insurrection" in connection with the Jan.6 riot at the Capitol. But each side will now have two weeks to prepare, delaying the onset of the trial until the week of Feb. 8. Follow below for the latest updates on Trump's impeachment trial.
Lena Dunham trolled after fantasizing about being Hunter Biden’s wife
Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Lena Dunham is getting less than raves from her followers on social media after fantasizing on Twitter about being the wife of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. “I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife,” Dunham tweeted Thursday. The former “Girls” star, who is no stranger to controversy, was later blasted by followers reminding her that Biden is off the market. “There is so much wrong to unpack in that sentence,” posted a third user. The Justice Department is investigating the younger Biden for possible tax fraud, and has also come under fire in recent years for his personal life, which included divorce, a drug abuse problem and a court battle over child support for a baby her fathered with a stripper.
Ingraham: Second Senate impeachment trial of Trump will be 'ugly, feudal farce'
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's commitment to holding a post-presidential impeachment trial of Donald Trump sets the stage for an "ugly, feudal farce," Laura Ingraham said Friday. "Chuck Schumer is pushing forward with a trial almost one year after the first impeachment farce that focused on Ukraine," said "The Ingraham Angle" host. "After initially suggesting a trial next week, the Senate reached an agreement earlier to push it to February 9th. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL DELAYED TO WEEK OF FEB. 8, SCHUMER SAYS"Where was their sanctimony and demand for justice when Minneapolis was smoldering? If Democrats insist on going through with this unconstitutional impeachment, Republicans have to ensure that they pay a heavy political price."
South Dakota unemployment rate drops below pre-pandemic levels, Gov. Noem announces
South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem touted her state’s low unemployment rate in a Friday afternoon tweet, noting it’s pre-pandemic standing as she refused to close businesses despite spiking coronavirus cases. "South Dakota's unemployment rate dropped to 3.0% in December," the Republican governor wrote. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Dakota has the third-best unemployment rate in the country, behind Nebraska and Vermont. Fox News could not immediately reach the South Dakota governor’s office for comment.
Hannity: Biden's 'unity' pledge 'rings more hollow than ever' with economy-crushing orders
President Biden's stated desire to foster unity and look out for the interests of the working class is belied by the series of economy-crushing executive orders he has signed, Sean Hannity told viewers Friday. "Two days ago, Joe Biden promised over and over again [to bring] unity [and] compassion ...," the "Hannity" host said. Just as we predicted, a flurry of what are divisive, extremely far-left executive orders have now been signed into law. The cost of insulin for low-income Americans is about to go up because of Joe's executive orders stripping away [prescription] price protections, and that's not all." Hannity also accused Biden of disrespecting the Constitutiton by indicating support for granting statehood to the District of Columbia.
NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang faces social media backlash for comparing BDS movement to fascism
New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang faced a social media backlash Friday after he wrote a column in which he likened the pro-Palestine BDS movement to Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses. The former Democratic presidential candidate pledged to "push back against the BDS movement," which he argued "singles out Israel for unfair economic punishment." Social media critics ripped Yang over his remarks, arguing the former entrepreneur went too far by likening the BDS movement to fascism. "Absolutely grotesque, ahistorical Nazi comparison by Andrew Yang on BDS, that is even to the right of anti-BDS organizations. The businessman previously drew criticism on social media after he said he had left New York City during the coronavirus pandemic because his two-bedroom apartment was too cramped.
Catholic bishops alarmed by ‘misguided’ Biden executive order
Catholic bishops criticized on Friday President Biden's recent executive order on applying anti-discrimination protections to certain groups, arguing it didn't properly account for religious liberty and furthered "false theories on human sexuality." Signed by bishops from across the country, the statement represented another sharp disagreement Church leadership had with the second U.S. president to identify as Catholic. The executive order referenced the Supreme Court's decision last year in Bostock v. Clayton County, in which Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a controversial opinion on what's protected under sex-based anti-discrimination law. The bishops argued, however, that the executive order didn't leave as much flexibility for religious entities as the Court did. Wednesday’s executive order on ‘sex’ discrimination exceeds the Court’s decision."
'Release them all, immediately': Email to ICE officers reveals chaos after Biden halted deportations
"Tucker Carlson Tonight" has since obtained an internal email sent Thursday to ICE officers in Texas that shows how the order was enacted. "As of midnight tonight, stop all removals," the email reads. The email goes on to say: "Release them all, immediately. The memorandum from the Biden administration to halt deportations did not call for people here illegally to be released from detention. This article is adapted from reporting broadcast on the Jan. 22, 2020 edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight"
Man accused of carrying taser during Capitol Attack appears in court
Gossjankowski could face more than 10 years in prison if he is found guilty on all charges. Gossjankowski, a 32 year old student at Gallaudet University, made his initial appearance virtually in a Washington federal court on Friday. Court documents filed by the government allege that Gossjankowski carried a taser when he was part of a mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6th. The filing goes on to point out that Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized as a result of the attack. "Officer Fanone reported that he was Tased multiple times in the back of his neck when he was assaulted by rioters."
Crenshaw blasts Biden admin, claims they don't like 'anything the American working class might actually want'
Crenshaw told host Brian Kilmeade that he was disappointed to see Biden sign several job-killing executive orders on his first day in office, including one canceling the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of preventing climate change. They don’t know why, they don’t have to tell you why, you’re stupid if you ask why," he said. "The truth is," Crenshaw added, "when you build pipelines ... you’re building a much cleaner and safer way than, say, transporting it by truck or by train. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I've got small businesses in my district begging me to do something about this," Crenshaw added. Here’s what it’s going to come down to: If you’re going to claim you’re the party of the working class, you actually have to support working, and they just won’t do that."
Xavier Becerra: What to know about Biden's HHS secretary pick
President Joe Biden surprised the medical community when he nominated California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to serve on his cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Under Becerra, the state of California sued President Trump over 100 times on cases focused on immigration, the environment, and healthcare. Montana Republican Steve Daines has also voiced his frustration at Biden’s HHS pick, taking to Twitter following the then president-elect’s nomination of the California attorney general last month. "Xavier Becerra is a disaster for religious freedom and pro-life issues," Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., said on Twitter following Biden’s announcement. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWith a split Senate, it is unclear if Biden's pick for HHS Secretary will be able to scrape through the confirmation process, though it is likely.
House Republican introduces bill to hold Supreme Court at nine justices
West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito reintroduced a bill Friday that would limit the number of justices permitted in the Supreme Court. 3 OLDEST SUPREME COURT JUSTICES SKIP BIDEN INAUGURATION DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC"A nine Justice court has worked for our country for more than 150 years," Capito said in a statement Friday. Following the death of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sept. 18, 2020, Republicans in the Senate rushed to push through a new Supreme Court justice – securing a third Republican-appointed justice under President Trump. Nine justices have sat on the Supreme Court for the last 150 years, but there is no language in the Constitution that sets or limits the number of justices permitted in the high court. Fox News could not confirm with the White House whether or not the president has yet to establish a commission to review the Supreme Court.
New York Times faces liberal backlash over report fixating on Biden's 'elitist' Rolex watch
The New York Times was blasted by liberals on Friday over a report drawing attention to President Biden's Rolex watch. NEW YORK TIMES CONTRIBUTOR LOSES THINK TANK JOB OVER TWEET SUGGESTING BIDEN SHOULD 'LYNCH MIKE PENCE'"They must be real bored at the Times. And now the New York Times is showing its 'fairness' by attacking Joe Biden for wearing a Rolex. "Biden’s Rolex which he wears every day and lasts for decades costs less than one of Melania Trump’s Chanel outfits; a jacket and skirt combo easily sells for $15,000. The New York Times has been at the center of multiple viral controversies this week.
Biden gets set to kill a Team Trump good-government reform
Just days in office and President Biden is already moving to end-run good government by ordering the Justice Department to start restoring an Obama-era practice that funds liberal groups instead of actual victims of alleged wrongdoing. The Trump administration put the kibosh on such slush-fund payments in 2017. Another example: Gibson Guitar Corp. was forced to donate to the private National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to end a criminal investigation into allegations it illegally imported exotic wood. If the federal government is to fund private groups, it should be via the normal appropriations process — not favoritism by Justice Department lawyers. Lefties — which is who will benefit — can get by without this extra little help from their friends.
Biden’s trans order undoes decades of feminist progress
Hours after Harris became the first female vice president, Biden signed an executive order that discriminates against her entire sex. For instance: Institutions that receive Title IX funding must allow biological males who identify as female to compete in women’s athletics. This, even though the very term “gender identity” would have befuddled those who enacted the law. “Under Bostock’s reasoning,” Biden’s new order states, “laws that prohibit sex discrimination — including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 . It also effectively reverses Title IX, instituted to give female athletes a level playing field through female-only teams.
Here are the odious factions that will likely choose NYC’s next mayor
Vibrant, it seems, but still very much at odds with competent governance — not that Gothamites would have it any other way. She is another-worldly mirror-image of the current mayor, which, given how he’s worked out, should be disqualifying. It’s how de Blasio became mayor, so don’t discount these two, either. He is an unmoored person for whom no left-wing niche is too obscure for pandering — and his number is legion in New York politics. Where have you gone, Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle?
Los Angeles County DA Gascon bars prosecutors from attending parole hearing for child rapist
Prosecutors in Los Angeles County are barred from attending an upcoming parole hearing to oppose the release of a serial child rapist as part of a series of controversial reforms implemented by District Attorney George Gascon. The pair are brother and sister, KTTV-TV, the Fox-owned station in Los Angeles reported. LA COUNTY DA GASCON'S PROSECUTORS ASK JUDGE TO BLOCK REFORMS THAT WOULD FORCE THEM TO 'VIOLATE THE LAW'"He raped me," the brother said. "It doesn’t sound like he’s the type of man who would be paroled, but he’s an actor, and he’s a sociopath," the sister said. On Thursday, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger penned a letter to the state Board of Parole Hearings asking the panel to deny Beltran's parole request.
National Guard mulls keeping a few thousand troops in D.C. until March
A few thousand National Guard troops could end up staying in the nation’s capital until mid-March, a U.S. defense official confirms to Fox News. The National Guard is in the process of meeting with various federal agencies to "determine their requirements" for troops to stay beyond January, the official said. NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA PARKING GARAGE HAS LAWMAKERS FUMINGThe ceremony went off with only a few minor arrests. About a dozen Guard troops were removed from their posts after being vetted by the FBI, including two who made extremist statements about the event. In a statement Thursday, the National Guard said about 7,000 troops would remain in Washington through the "end of the month."
With Trump gone, GOP lobbyists turn to Democrats with fiscal conscience
Now that the Trump team has left the White House, GOP lobbyists are shifting attention to their next focus: moderate Democratic senators. Continue Reading BelowGOP lobbyists tell FOX Business they are now targeting Democrats in Congress' upper chamber from red and purple states, specifically Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Jon Tester of Montana. “We plan on reminding these senators of the benefits of the tax cuts especially for small businesses,” one GOP lobbyist told FOX Business. TRUMP REVOKES RULE BANNING WHITE HOUSE STAFF FROM LOBBYING IN LAST-MINUTE MOVEPress officials for Manchin, Sinema, and Tester did not respond to a request for comment. Democrats in office are represented by the likes of ultra-progressives like New York Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as moderate Senators like Manchin who hails from a state that voted for Trump.
Squad member Pressley: 'Past time to end the Jim Crow Filibuster'
After the White House declined to weigh in on the filibuster debate Friday, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, didn’t mince words on where she stood. "It’s long past time to end the Jim Crow Filibuster," the Massachusetts "Squad" member wrote on Twitter. President Trump repeatedly browbeat McConnell over the current filibuster rule for legislation, when Republicans only held a 51-49 advantage in the Senate. Nixing the filibuster can be done by a mere 50-plus-one majority if Senate Democrats decide to do so. Because certainly 20 years ago there was no talk of tearing down long-standing minority rights on legislation," McConnell said in floor remarks Thursday.
University of Wisconsin library publishes reading list on 'whiteness,' microaggressions
In an effort disrupt what it calls "whiteness and white supremacy in libraries", the University of Wisconsin's Gender and Women's Studies Library has published a reading list for students that includes sections on "Whiteness"; "Microaggressions"; and "Decolonizing Research and Knowledge." "I think they're sort of contributing to racial tensions rather than trying to lower tensions and create a solution," Matthew Iverson tells Fox News. The reading list also includes articles both urging librarians to take a more activist role and criticizing the long-held belief that libraries should be place of neutrality where all books and ideas are welcome. And I think anyone who believes those sort of things lacks a certain level of human decency. I think they're sort of contributing to racial tensions rather than trying to lower tensions and create a solution."
Rove blasts publishing industry 'blacklist' push: 'Have we come to this as a country?'
Former Trump administration officials deserve gratitude for their service to America, not a campaign to hound them from public life, former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove told "Your World" Friday. That's one of the things that just, you know, have we come to this as a country, that we're going to blacklist people? CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut now we've got Americans who disagree with them about an election outcome, [so] we've got to blacklist them. We've got to put up a website so that they can't take care of their families or advance professionally. You know, it's just a sad, sad commentary that people would think that that's a reasonable thing to do and that that our society could justify accepting it.
Jill Biden visits National Guard troops, thanks them for keeping family safe
First Lady Jill Biden made a surprise visit to National Guard troops in Washington, DC Friday to thank them for protecting her family during her husband’s inauguration. “I’m a National Guard mom,” she told officers, in a reference to her late son Beau Biden, who served in the Delaware National Guard. “The National Guard will always hold a special place in the hearts of all the Bidens.”She added, “The White House baked you some chocolate chip cookies. Thousands of National Guard troops have since been asked to stay in Washington, DC until March to keep the nation’s capitol secure amid fears of rising homegrown extremismNow, 7,000 of those National Guard members will stay in the city until March 12 according to a Military.com report published Friday, citing a National Guard official. The FBI has so collared dozens of protesters in connection with the Capitol riot, including two New York men this week.
Phil Collins sells $40M Miami house he shared with ex Orianne Cevey
Phil Collins has evicted his ex-wife and found a buyer, so he’s kissing his fraught $40 million Miami Beach house goodbye. The house has 184 feet of private water frontage and offers views of the Bay and the Miami skyline. It has 184 feet of private water frontage and offers views of the Bay and the Miami skyline, according to the listing. Cevey alleges Collins verbally promised her half-ownership of the house, and the divorced couple, which has two children together, is still in litigation. A representative for Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Letters to the editor —Jan. 23, 2021
I didn’t vote for President Biden. In fact, I’m sorry that President Donald Trump was denied a second term (“Joe’s ‘Unite’ To Remember,” Jan. 21). Vincent PuleoStaten IslandI’m sorry, but color me skeptical about the possibility of Biden building any bridges (“Bridge Builder,” John Podhoretz, PostOpinion, Jan. 21). However, if he wants to please the 74 million Trump voters, he will have to appease them as well. At one point in his speech, he stated: “Without unity, there is no peace.” What exactly that means can be questioned.
Former Marine who went viral for saving dogs charged with attacking officer at Capitol riot
A former Marine who once went viral for his role in rescuing dogs from rising floodwaters has been charged with attacking a federal officer and inciting violence during the Jan. 6 uprising on Capitol Hill. Ryan Nichols was caught on camera pepper spraying a law enforcement official during the Capitol riot. FacebookNow, Nichols’ most recent cross-country trip has resulted in charges that include civil disorder, conspiracy and unlawful entry with a dangerous weapon, according to Department of Justice records. In another post, Nichols wrote: “Patriots stood their ground today!”“We aren’t done yet, either! “If you have a weapon, you need to get your weapon!” Nichols yelled.
‘Zip-tie guy’ at Capitol Riot had arsenal of weapons, including sniper rifle: feds
The Capitol rioter dubbed the “zip-tie guy” who was captured in a viral photo holding a wad of plastic handcuffs during the Jan. 6 riot had an arsenal of 15 guns, including a sniper rifle, in his Tennessee house after the siege, according to court papers filed this week. The guns were stashed in a black, five-foot safe inside his bedroom, an Assistant US Attorney in the Middle District of Tennessee wrote in a memo arguing to keep Munchel locked up pending trial. “15 firearms, including assault rifles, a sniper rifle with a tripod, other rifles, shotguns, and pistols, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition,” the prosecutor wrote of the weapons. The tactical gear Munchel was pictured wearing in the Capitol during the riot was also recovered from the home, according to the memo. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, were killed in the riot.
Schumer pushes Trump impeach trial to Feb. 8 as McConnell, Biden preferred
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday announced that former President Trump’s impeachment trial will begin the week of Feb. 8 — after President Biden indicated he wanted a two-week delay to focus on getting his administration up and running. “The House [impeachment] managers will come to read the article of impeachment at 7 pm on Monday, Jan. 25. After that, both the House managers and the defense will have a period of time to draft their legal briefs, just as they did in previous trials,” Schumer said. And that is what this trial will provide.”Hours earlier, Biden had indicated he would prefer that delayed timeframe. At least 17 Senate Republicans would have to vote to convict in order for Trump to be found guilty — a steep climb.
Capitol rioter allegedly dragged cop down stairs, attempted suicide
A geophysicist from Colorado allegedly dragged a police officer down a set of stairs during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — and then bought a plane ticket to Switzerland and attempted suicide in Westchester County in the days after the siege, it was revealed in court Friday. The officer was then beaten by the crowd of Trump supporters, including by a rioter with an American flag, a prosecutor said in court. Sabol admitted to clashing with a police officer at the riot, but claimed to be in a "fit of rage," Gianforte said. CAPITOL-AREA SECURITY FENCING STARTS TO COME DOWN FOLLOWING INAUGURATIONAfter the riot, Sabol traveled to the New York City area, where he contemplated fleeing the country and attempted suicide, prosecutors allege. At some point while he was in Westchester County after the riot, he bought a plane ticket to Zurich, Switzerland, a non-extradition country with the US, Gianforte said.
'We'll do something': Trump offers first remarks since leaving office
Former President Donald Trump was mysterious about his future plans in his first public remarks since leaving the White House earlier this week, but he suggested action is in the works, according to a report. Trump gave a short response before one of his aides told the Washington Examiner reporter to leave. So far, Trump has given little indication about what he plans to do following his term in office. Democratic lawmakers have moved forward impeachment proceedings over Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Trial proceedings will begin the week of Feb. 8.
Biden giving Putin 'exactly what he wanted' on nuclear arms treaty: Cotton
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., ripped the Biden administration Friday for its proposed extension of the sole remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the U.S. and Russia, telling "The Story" it places national security at risk. The White House announced Thursday that Biden has proposed a five-year extension of the New START treaty to Russia, which the Kremlin welcomes. The new START treaty is a one-sided treaty that favors Russia." The treaty does not cover small nuclear warheads and tactical nuclear weapons, Cotton contended, as well as some newer, "more sophisticated" systems that Putin has boasted about. In a statement, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said failure to renew the treaty would "weaken America’s understanding of Russia’s long-range nuclear forces."
Trump impeachment trial delayed until week of Feb. 8, Schumer says
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on Friday lawmakers will wait to carry out President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings for several weeks, following a brief standoff on Capitol Hill over timing. Earlier on Friday, Schumer said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., intended to deliver the article on Monday – thereby triggering the impeachment process. But each side will now have two weeks to prepare, delaying the onset of the trial until the week of Feb. 8. BIDEN SUGGESTS DELAYED IMPEACHMENT TIMELINE MAY BE 'BETTER'As previously reported by Fox News, Biden said on Friday that a delayed timeline might be "better" for him to get his administration up and running more quickly. Democrats have maintained that the Senate is capable of multitasking – juggling the critical tasks of confirming Biden’s Cabinet nominees, passing COVID-19 relief measures and undertaking the impeachment trial simultaneously.
On the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, questions remain in Planned Parenthood controversies
Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., told Fox News: "There isn’t any gray here: trafficking baby body parts is abhorrent and Planned Parenthood should have faced legal consequences." Both Stem Express and Planned Parenthood have denied similar allegations O’Donnell leveled in Daleiden's initial video with her. UPMC denied procuring tissue from Planned Parenthood and denied the organization’s doctors were involved in abortions that resulted in fetal tissue being transferred to the university’s tissue bank. She added that while she was "disappointed" she hadn't heard back on her August inquiry, she hoped the DOJ "investigation leads to real action against Planned Parenthood." At least one Planned Parenthood official, Jon Dunn, has acknowledged that their affiliate saw an infant born alive after an abortion.
Biden says 'nothing we can do' to change pandemic 'trajectory' in coming months
President Biden provided a grim outlook about the country’s ability to combat the coronavirus pandemic Friday while calling on Congress to move forward with additional stimulus relief measures. "If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as this pandemic rages on because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months," Biden said. Biden had pledged efforts to jumpstart the US economy and provide aid to struggling Americans would be his top priority upon entering the Oval Office. "Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?" "The American Rescue Plan asks Congress to provide rental assistance for millions of hard-hit families and tenants," Biden said.
Corey Johnson asks Biden DOT nominee Pete Buttigieg to OK NYC congestion tolls
“Congestion pricing has the capacity to generate significant urgently-needed revenue that will help prevent our public transit system from going down a death spiral of service cuts and fare hikes,” Johnson wrote in a letter to President Biden’s transportation nominee. The push to enact the tolls comes after the Trump administration declined for more than two years to give the MTA a clear answer on what type of environmental review would be required to institute the new fees. Originally slated to launch this month, the program now may not get off the ground until 2023, according to transit officials — even if Buttigieg gives the MTA the go-ahead on his first day in office. “With the positive environmental impacts that we can expect from reductions intraffic and the increased use of public transit due to congestion pricing, I believean expedited environmental review is appropriate,” Johnson told Buttigieg. Polly Trottenberg, who helped craft the congestion pricing program as New York City’s transportation commissioner, has been appointed to be his deputy.
Nearly 200 National Guardsmen sent to DC contract COVID-19
Scores of National Guardsmen sent to Washington, DC, to protect the nation’s capital during the presidential inauguration have tested positive for COVID-19, it was revealed Friday. Nearly 200 officers have contracted the virus after enduring cramped rest areas and close working quarters, defense officials told the Wall Street Journal. Members of the New York National Guard march in formation in front of the US Capitol on Jan. 22, 2021. EPAMore than 25,000 National Guard members from all 50 states were sent to DC for President Biden’s inauguration Wednesday amid heightened security concerns over the deadly US Capitol breach on Jan. 6. Roughly 7,000 of the National Guardmen will remain in DC until the end of the month to to assist with local law enforcement.
Breonna Taylor jurors file a petition to impeach Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron
Three grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case filed a petition with the Kentucky state government calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Daniel Cameron for mischaracterizing their findings, it was revealed said Friday. The petition, which was filed Friday, alleges Cameron failed in his duties and breached public trust for his handling of the case, the Louisville Courier Journal reported. The grand jury indicted one of the cops, Brett Hankison, after Cameron’s presentation to the panel, but only for bullets that ripped through a neighbor’s wall. “Neither Cameron nor anyone from his office mentioned any homicide offense to the grand jury. The officers, who had a no-knock warrant, killed Taylor on March 13 after entering her Louisville apartment and exchanging gunfire with her boyfriend.
Biden OKs Trump impeachment trial delay to get 'up and running'
President Biden on Friday indicated that he’s OK with a delay in the Senate impeachment trial for former President Trump. Biden praised the confirmation on Friday of his defense secretary nominee, Lloyd Austin, and the likely impending confirmation of other cabinet members. Some Democrats wanted to delay Trump’s trial to avoid distracting from Biden’s early legislative agenda. President Joe Biden says the Senate can prioritize approving his cabinet nominees before Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. At least 17 Senate Republicans would need to vote in favor of convicting Trump for him to be found guilty.
Texas sues to block Biden’s deportation freeze
The state of Texas filed suit Friday seeking to block President Joe Biden’s 100-day freeze on deportations, claiming it violated an agreement the state signed with the Trump administration earlier this month, officials announced. “I told @DHSgov and @JoeBiden last night to rescind its deportation freeze, which is unconstitutional, illegal, and bad for Texas and the nation,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a tweet Friday. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the freeze “unconstitutional” in a statement. The AG is asking a judge to issue a temporary restraining order pausing the deportation freeze while the case plays out in court. The suit ultimately seeks for a judge to nullify Biden’s deportation freeze altogether.
Biden’s 1M shots-a-day COVID-19 ‘goal’ was already reached — by Trump
President Biden’s “wartime effort” goal to vaccinate 100 million people against COVID-19 in 100 days relies on a daily average that was repeatedly bested under former President Donald Trump. Biden’s first full day in office on Thursday saw 1.3 million Americans inoculated against the deadly coronavirus, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News. Vaccinations also hit a record-high, 1.6 million on Wednesday, when Biden was sworn into office, according to the data. “We set that goal before any American had received a single shot,” Psaki said. “We want to set our own markers and markers for the American public so that they know we’re meeting our goal.
Insurrection, Impeachment, Inauguration
This week:On Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. FOX News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher breaks down the details of these actions and what is ahead for the new administration. On Thursday, President Biden announced his administration's 198-page plan to address COVID-19. Can the United States Senate conduct impeachment proceedings, while also addressing the economic and health crises the country faces? That was the gist of one question posed to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at a briefing on Friday.
Ari Fleischer: 'Big government is back' under Biden
President Biden's approach to tackling the economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic shows that "big government is back" in Washington, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said Friday. ARI FLEISCHER: He [Biden] said we're going to grow the economy with these investments. The president talks about raising the minimum wage and making sure no one's in poverty again. These are job-killers and it's big government, big spending, old-time liberalism. And Joe Biden is just giving them incentives to keep it all going instead of to reopen the country and help those people for real.
Reince Priebus: 'Tough time for the Republican Party’ but Biden's actions easy to unite against
Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told "America’s Newsroom" Friday that it’s a "tough time for the Republican Party" since President Biden was sworn in, but Biden's actions may make it easier for the party to unite. McConnell also mentioned there is still "plenty of time for President Biden to remember that he doesn’t owe his election to the far left." The former Republican National Committee chairman and Trump White House Chief of Staff added there are consequences to "winning and losing" a presidential election. …If you are Party Chair if you’re trying to keep the Republican Party together, and it is a tough time right now for the Republican Party, what Biden did was make it instantly easier to draw the lines and have everyone get in their corners and make the Republican versus Democrat dynamic live on, and he did it in one day. The entire White House right now [is]…trying to tick through what that 100-day press release looks like today, and this throws that all off.
More than 100 National Guard members in DC test positive for coronavirus
More than 100 National Guard members stationed at the Capitol have tested positive for COVID-19, defense officials said Friday. Pictures and reports of guard members working in close proximity to each other raised concerns about a potential outbreak. NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA PARKING GARAGE GETS LAWMAKERS FUMINGNo Wisconsin service members have tested positive either, Wisconsin National Guard Maj. Joe Trovato told Fox News Friday. The National Guard said it has been working with Capitol Police to ensure that the guard are in appropriate spaces. Greg Gianforte ordered National Guard members home after the inauguration.
SF Archbishop scolds Pelosi for attack on anti-abortion voters: She 'does not speak for the Catholic Church'
The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco issued a scathing statement Thursday in which he accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of impugning the motives of anti-abortion voters -- and described her remarks on abortion as "in direct contradiction" of Church teaching. "To begin with the obvious: Nancy Pelosi does not speak for the Catholic Church. She speaks as a high-level important government leader, and as a private citizen,’ Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said in a statement. Cordileone re-asserted Catholic teaching on abortion and noted that that teaching had been affirmed by Pope Francis, the Second Vatican Council and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Both President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are Catholics, with Biden becoming the second Catholic president in U.S. history this week.
Meghan McCain rips Biden for not wearing mask at Lincoln Memorial after signing mask mandate
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain slammed President Biden Friday for appearing to not follow his own mask mandate on the night of his inauguration. However, critics piled on the 46th president for appearing at the Lincoln Memorial without a mask during his inauguration celebration Wednesay night. In addition, several members of the Biden family similarly ignored COVID precautions. "We had President Biden ... him and his family, they're not wearing -- after mandating and requiring for people to wear masks on federal property -- he and his family were not wearing masks out," McCain said. McCain also bashed Dr. Anthony Fauci, now a White House adviser, over his inconsistent remarks about wearing masks early in the pandemic.
Media hypes nonexistent right-wing Inauguration Day violence, largely avoids left-wing violence
While small groups of right-wing protesters gathered outside various statehouses last weekend, there were no reports of violence by any Trump supporters during the inauguration itself. There was, however, left-wing violence fueled by Antifa that rocked the streets of Portland and Seattle on Wednesday night. Despite the overwhelming coverage the networks gave to the warnings of right-wing violence, the left-wing violence that actually took place was virtually ignored. According to NewsBusters, CBS devoted just 30 seconds on its Thursday morning program to the violence in Portland and Seattle. All three networks later avoided the left-wing violence on their evening news broadcasts.
NYC garbage man charged in Capitol riot sprung on a $250K bond
A city Department of Sanitation worker — who was arrested for participating in the Capitol riot after a Post story identified him— was ordered released Friday on a $250,000 bond. Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes Jr. sprang the QAnon believing trash hauler on a $250,000 bond secured by his sister and brother-in-law’s Middletown, New Jersey, home. Federal authorities tracked down Madden after a Jan. 14 Post story named him in footage of the deadly Jan. 6 siege that was circulating online. In the video, he is shown outside the Capitol wearing a blue Qanon hoodie and waving a Trump flag. He called out sick to attend the pro-Trump rally that devolved into the violent assault on the Capitol that left five people dead, according to court papers.
Washington Post caught scrubbing Kamala Harris ‘prisoner’ story
The Washington Post scrubbed an unflattering anecdote of Vice President Kamala Harris crassly laughing at the thought of a prisoner begging for a drink of water — then backtracked Friday after an eagle-eyed reporter took notice. Harris made the comments in a July 2019 Washington Post profile about her relationship with her sister and trusted aide, Maya Harris, when the former California prosecutor was running for president. But that story disappeared from the site — with its link redirecting to a newer version published on Jan. 11, sans anecdote. The updated version instead has a more general opening about past politicians turning to family members as their closest advisors. A Washington Post spokeswoman explained the update in a statement to The Reason.
Wall Street bigs press for speedier COVID vaccine rollout in NY
New York City’s business leaders are concerned about the state’s troubled COVID vaccine rollout — and they’re offering to mobilize their clout and resources to help speed it up. Reps from dozens of city-based firms led by Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon held a Thursday call with Larry Schwartz, a former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has been tasked with the vaccine rollout, sources told The Post. On the call, they urged Albany to let the city’s most powerful private businesses leverage their money and power to get Gotham out of its vaccine gridlock. The group also offered to potentially push the Biden administration to get more vaccine to the nation’s largest city.
Christie Smythe says she’s figuring things out with ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli
The lovesick former Bloomberg reporter who upended her “perfect” life for “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli said they are trying to patch things up — after things went sour when she went public about their romance. “I would love Martin to get out,” the re-smitten scribe gushed, stressing that she and Shkreli are figuring things out. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors,” he coldly told the mag through a rep. “That’s him saying, You’re going to live your life and we’re just gonna not be together,” she told Elle, tearing up. Christie Smythe says she and Martin Shkreli are trying to patch things up — after things went sour when she went public about their romance.
Biden warns of 600,000 COVID deaths as he signs wage hike, food aid orders
President Biden on Friday signed executive orders to raise pay for low-wage federal workers and increase food assistance for needy families as he warned of dark days ahead and a dramatic increase in COVID-19 deaths. He signed the reforms while warning of broader economic consequences if needy Americans are allowed to suffer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new orders require the federal government and its contractors to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour and boost supplemental food benefits by $100 every two months for three-person families eligible for free food at school. The new orders include a mandate requiring the federal government and its contractors to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Biden, who also is asking Congress to approve a large relief package, recounted his own father’s period of unemployment at his afternoon order-signing event.
Documents show how China-based firm scored a $1B N95 mask contract with CA
Gavin Newsom held back details from the public and lawmakers about a $990 million state N95 mask contract with a China-based firm scrutinized by Congress. But now, a trove of 848 pages of documents is available to the public, obtained by government watchdog group Judicial Watch. The documents provide details on how the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services selected BYD to make 300 million face masks for protection against COVID-19, a virus that originated in Wuhan. Also, in 2020, BYD filed defamation lawsuits against Vice Media for a critical story the outlet published in April and a separate lawsuit against the Alliance for American Manufacturing . The industrial park in Shenzhen, China, is the “world’s largest mass-produced face mask plant,” according to the BYD press release in March.
ISIS suspects carry executed man in wheelchair
A security camera captured the Daesh/ISIS suspects while they were carrying a member of the terror group, who was executed, in a wheelchair in order not to attract attention. Recently, the Turkish security forces increased their anti-terror operations against the terror group. The executed member by the terrorists was a foreign national, said a security source who requested anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media. Meanwhile, today, in anti-terror operations against Daesh/ISIS around the country, at least 29 people, most of them foreign nationals, have been arrested so far over their alleged links to the terror group. In response, Turkey launched anti-terror operations at home and abroad, especially in Syria, to prevent further attacks.
How media monetized polarization and other commentary
Media beat: How Media Monetized PolarizationHow did our public square become so intensely polarized? By sucking up advertising dollars, the Internet devastated traditional newspapers that treated opinion “like a volatile substance” to be “fenced off from ‘factual’ reporting,” Martin Gurri argues at City Journal. Malley “seems to believe that engagement with rogues is the only way to tame them,” and he would likely not seek a stronger deal as others on Team Biden have recommended. Olson agrees: While “no one should try to downplay the seriousness of the attack,” “putting new powers in the hands of the government . Let’s hope “other liberty-minded lawmakers” follow in the lead of the progressive 10.
Media spent Joe Biden’s first days slobbering over him
And you thought the media went gaga for Barack. A candidate in a do-or-die election who spent the bulk of 2020 in the basement. Twitter and Facebook went even further, banning links to the New York Post coverage; Twitter blocked the Post’s account altogether. No wonder a new survey from Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer found that only 46% of Americans, no matter their political affiliation, say they trust the media. Not that the media would say that.
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): How Does Impeaching A President Who Left Unifying The Country?
Email Embed+ Embed CodeEmbed the following code on your website:Watch the latest video at foxnews.comOn Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed how the Democrats' words about "unity" doesn't match up with their actions. "How do you unify a country when you're impeaching a president who's already left? How do you unify when when you have this double standard, one set of rules for Democrats, but a different set for us regular guys like Jimmy Failla and Jim Jordan? I hope he means what he said in the Address the other day, because there were parts of it that I thought were good. We're certainly not seeing the action."
Antony Blinken: What to know about Biden's secretary of state pick
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who voted against Blinken's nomination for deputy secretary of state under President Obama, said he supports Blinken this time, calling him "an outstanding choice." When Biden became vice president in 2009, Blinken also moved over to the Administration as Biden's national security adviser and later promoted to deputy national security adviser to President Obama. AFTER JOINING BURISMA, HUNTER BIDEN REQUESTED MEETINGS WITH ANTONY BLINKEN: STATE DEPT. Blinken was already confirmed once before by the Senate on Dec. 16, 2014, when Obama nominated Blinken to become deputy secretary of state under John Kerry. And Blinken's wife, Evan Ryan, was also confirmed as assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs during the Obama administration.
Maryland pushes back at Amazon’s claim it offered vaccine distribution aid: ‘Not aware of such a letter’
Amazon this week sent a letter to the Biden administration offering its help in distributing vaccines. Ricci added that "[w]e are not aware of such a letter," from Amazon offering assistance with Maryland's vaccination efforts. AMAZON DISPUTES CLAIM IT NEVER OFFERED TRUMP ADMINISTRATION CORONAVIRUS VACCINE DISTRIBUTION ASSISTANCEThe comments cast doubt on Amazon's statement Thursday that it had offered help to "all governors." We then wrote to all governors offering to help distribute the vaccine," an Amazon spokesperson told Fox News. Meanwhile, Amazon's letter to the Biden administration was titled "Amazon congratulates President Biden and Vice President Harris; lends support to vaccinating Americans."
Reporters repeatedly ask Psaki whether Biden will change Trump's Air Force One color scheme
"Will he keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?" WHO IS JEN PSAKI, BIDEN'S WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY? "This is such a good question," Psaki reacted. On Friday, the subject was resurfaced by Bloomberg News White House correspondent Justin Sink. "On the plane, we are certainly aware of the White House military unit's proposal that was submitted to them about reconsidering the color scheme of Air Force One."
Georgia Lottery Corvette winner who couldn't claim prize finally gets his car after Facebook post
It may have been easy money, but it still took a little work. A Georgia Lottery player who won a Corvette and Cash scratch-off game has found a car to buy with his winnings after running into some trouble claiming the prize. Dennis Kahler won the game in December after playing one ticket and was surprised to find there weren’t any Corvettes ready to go for it, just enough money allotted for him to buy one on top of an additional $250,000 cash prize. The issue was that the all-new Corvette Stingray is one of the hottest cars on the market, and many dealers either don’t have them or are marking them up for tens of thousands of dollars over list price. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Georgia Lottery has not responded to a request for comment on Kahler's situation from Fox News Autos, but Kahler said he was told there are still two winning Corvette and Cash tickets that are yet to be claimed.
Biden suggests delayed impeachment timeline may be 'better'
President Biden on Friday suggested delaying the timeline for President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings might help his administration get up and running faster. Biden said he wasn’t familiar with the full details of the plan, released by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Thursday, but added that the extra time might be "better." "The more time we have to get up and running to meet these crises, the better," Biden said. Democrats have maintained that the Senate is capable of multitasking – juggling the critical tasks of confirming Biden’s Cabinet nominees, passing COVID-19 relief measures and undertaking the impeachment trial simultaneously. The second would allow workers to turn down jobs that jeopardize their health, while remaining eligible for unemployment insurance.
More than 100 National Guard members in DC test positive for coronavirus
More than 100 National Guard members stationed at the Capitol have tested positive for COVID-19, defense officials said Friday. Pictures and reports of guard members working in close proximity to each other raised concerns about a potential outbreak. NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA PARKING GARAGE GETS LAWMAKERS FUMINGNo Wisconsin service members have tested positive either, Wisconsin National Guard Maj. Joe Trovato told Fox News Friday. The National Guard said it has been working with Capitol Police to ensure that the guard are in appropriate spaces. Greg Gianforte ordered National Guard members home after the inauguration.
Alaska's Murkowski pledges to stay with Senate Republicans despite issues with Trump
Moderate GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been very vocal for years that she’s no fan of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. And the lawmaker from Alaska acknowledged on Friday that she didn’t vote for Trump in November’s presidential election, saying "I wrote someone in." IN WAKE OF CAPITOL INSURRECTION, MURKOWSKI CALLS ON TRUMP TO RESIGNBut Murkowski, speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill, made it clear that she has "absolutely no desire" to leave the GOP and join Senate Democrats. DESPITE BACKING TRUMP IMPEACHMENT, MURKOWSKI UNDECIDED ON CONVICTING FORMER PRESIDENTFast forward two weeks and Murkowski said on Friday that she remains committed to staying in the Senate Republican Conference. Murkowski, who’s up for re-election in 2022, has served nearly two decades in the Senate, succeeding her father in 2002.
Alberta premier: Biden disrespected America's closest friend by canceling Keystone Pipeline
We have the biggest bilateral trade relationship between Canada and the United States," Kenney began. "But the biggest part of that trade is Canadian energy exports -- largely from our province of Alberta. Without Canadian oil, the next most reliable source of heavy crude would be the Maduro regime in Venezuela. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"There was a permit, legally approved [for the Keystone XL Pipeline]. So I would call on our friends in the United States to realize Canada is your closest friend and ally.
Texas AG sues Biden administration over ‘unlawful and perilous’ deportation pause
Texas Attorney Ken Paxton on Friday sued the Biden administration over what he described as an "unlawful and perilous" 100-day pause on deportations of illegal immigrants, claiming it would put Americans in danger and violated existing agreements. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel," Paxton said in a statement. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IMPOSES 100-DAY 'PAUSE' ON DEPORTATIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS"DHS itself has previously acknowledged that such a freeze on deportations will cause concrete injuries to Texas. I am confident that these unlawful and perilous actions cannot stand," he said. The Biden administration on Wednesday announced the deportation freeze, to go into effect Friday, of "certain noncitizens ordered deported."
CA attorney general launches civil rights probe of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the inquiry will seek to determine whether the Sheriff's Department engaged "in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing." "There are serious concerns and reports that accountability and adherence to legitimate policing practices have lapsed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department," he said in a statement. "We are undertaking this investigation to determine if LASD has violated the law or the rights of the people of Los Angeles County." The sheriff's department has garnered headlines in recent years for a number of controversial deputy-involved shootings, including the death of Andres Guardado. The Los Angeles County coroner's office ruled the death a homicide.
New York lost 1 million jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19
New York state shed 1 million jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 amid lockdowns and meltdowns in tourism and business activity, a sobering new report reveals. New York City lost the majority of the jobs from pre-pandemic December 2019 to December 2020 — 578,000, the state Labor Department data found. Jobs in the US as a whole dropped 6 percent, half the rate in New York City, which became the epicenter of the initial COVID-19 outbreak last spring. New York state lost 37,200 jobs in December compared to November of last year. The industry lost another 11,700 jobs last month compared to November as Gov.
Ticket brokers settle for $35M over charges of cheating customers
Three ticket brokers based on Long Island have agreed to settle civil charges that they cheated consumers by illegally purchasing tens of thousands of tickets for concerts, theater, sports and other events, and reselling them at substantial markups. The settlements resolved the first enforcement actions under the Better Online Ticket Sales Act, a 2016 law banning the use of “bots” and other means to evade ticket purchase limits for events imposed by online sellers. “Those who violate the BOTS Act cheat fans,” Seth DuCharme, the acting US attorney in Brooklyn, said in a statement. Under the settlements, the defendants will pay $3.7 million, and were fined a combined $31.6 million. Lawyers for the defendants did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
NY Times ousts editor who said she had ‘chills’ watching Biden plane land
A New York Times editor’s contract has been cancelled after she tweeted she had “chills” watching Joe Biden’s plane ahead of his inauguration. I have chills,” Lauren Wolfe, an editor working on the Live section of the New York Times, tweeted on Tuesday. “Thanks to Lauren Wolfe for reaffirming the fact that the NYT is a joke,'” tweeted ShaneLock8. “Lauren Wolfe getting fired by @nytimes for what she wrote could easily apply to others like Jake Tapper,” tweeted another user. Wolfe could not be reached and the Times had not immediately responded to questions about her status on Friday.
Trump says ‘we’ll do something’ but ‘not just yet’ in first post-presidential remark
Former President Donald Trump said Friday in his first public remark since leaving office that he will make a comeback in some form — but he’s not saying how. “We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told journalist Rob Crilly of the Washington Examiner. Trump has been virtually silent in the early days of President Biden’s administration. His preferred communication platform, Twitter, banned him after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, during which Trump supporters interrupted certification of Biden’s victory. Trump reportedly has considered forming a new political party called the Patriot Party.
As NY runs out of vaccine, White House says it’ll ‘look into’ it
During a White House briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki was not able to say what the Big Apple and Empire State — whose supplies of vaccines ran out Friday — could do to remedy the dire situation. “We’ve asked the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to look into exactly this issue and see what can be done,” Psaki said when pressed by The Post. “I don’t have any update beyond that, but certainly, we don’t want any states to run out of access to vaccine,” she said. White House press secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a press briefing at the White House today. “So, that’s why we have asked the CDC to look into what the options are.”Psaki said the CDC planned “to have the conversation with officials in New York and to look into what is possible.
Crime spikes in Salt Lake City as police department ends hiring freeze
Salt Lake City, Utah, officials have ruled to end a seven-month hiring freeze to allow the police department to fill almost 60 roles amid spiking crime and a surge in officers walking away from the job, according to a recent report. City council members voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow Salt Lake City Police Department to hire 59 people for the first time since June for jobs in need of filling, but stopped short of adding funds to the agency’s budget, local affiliate FOX 13 Salt Lake City reported. The need for more officers comes at a time when crime is on the rise and personnel numbers are declining, according to the report. The Salt Lake Tribune reported earlier this month that 67%, or 38 of the 57 officers who have left the police department in 2020, have resigned. According to the report, 38 officers left the year prior, with half quitting and the remainder retiring.
Kate Bedingfield: What to know about the White House communications director
Kate Bedingfield, the Biden-Harris White House's communications director, is an Atlanta, Ga., native. In the Obama administration, Bedingfield wore many hats -- serving as communications director and associate communications director for then-Vice President Joe Biden and as the deputy director of media affairs and the director of response. More recently, Bedingfield worked for Biden as his deputy campaign manager and communications director during the 2020 presidential election. In a statement in 2015, President Biden called Bedingfield "a key adviser" and "terrific asset." "I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women.
Psaki says she hasn’t spoken with Biden about riots in Seattle, Portland
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that she hadn’t spoken with President Biden about unrest in Seattle and Portland. "I haven’t spoken with him specifically about those events but it’s something our national security team … the homeland security adviser is closely monitoring, of course," she said when asked for the president's comment on unrest in Seattle and Portland. "We don’t want Biden -- we want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres," read another banner that the group marched under. Local activists are seeking answers after Seattle City Hall failed to publicly address Wednesday night’s protests, local KOMO News reported. "I’m waiting for Pres Biden to condemn violence/looting/arson last two days in Oregon & Washington state," Grassley wrote on Twitter.
Sen. Johnson: Mainstream media bias 'an enormous problem we face in this nation'
Media bias poses a greater threat to American democracy "than anything else," Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Friday while discussing the lack of coverage of the rioting in Seattle and Portland Wednesday. Where is the outrage on the rest of the mainstream media about that?" "The mainstream media will never admit their role in widening this divide and exacerbating the problem. That’s an enormous problem we face in this nation. It is an unequal and biased media and social media that has chosen sides," he said.
Smokers prioritized for COVID-19 vaccine in Pennsylvania: officials
Pennsylvania health officials this week moved to prioritize smokers for the COVID-19 vaccine. The Pennsylvania Department of Health's phase 1a vaccine distribution plan — the state’s current phase — now includes "persons ages 16-64 with high-risk medical conditions," with smoking listed. According to the state’s vaccine rollout plan, smokers in Pennsylvania are prioritized above educations workers, first responders, and postal service workers, among other groups. Even so, not all residents are thrilled with the move — with one Pennsylvania woman telling WTAE-4 that she was "astounded" by the news. Mississippi, too, has prioritized smokers its first coronavirus vaccine distribution phase.
Kamala Harris moves near Joe Biden — see inside her new home
Vice President Harris, 56, will leave her Los Angeles home and move across the street from the White House into Blair House at 1651 Pennsylvania Ave. While the VP is usually housed at the Naval Observatory, where Mike Pence previously stayed with his family, renovations have delayed the move-in. It also shortens her daily commute to work: Blair House is in eyeshot of the presidential digs while the Naval Observatory is about 3 miles away. At a massive 60,600 square feet, Blair House is larger than the White House. The network of rooms includes 14 guest suites — all with full bathrooms, three formal dining rooms and two large conference rooms.
Biden’s economic chief Deese warns of ‘very serious economic hole’
WASHINGTON — President Biden’s top economic adviser sounded the alarm over the US economy on Friday, warning: “Without decisive action, we risk falling into a very serious economic hole.”White House National Economic Council director Brian Deese made the remarks during a briefing with reporters as Congress begins to consider Biden’s $1.9 trillion rescue package. “Our economy is at a very precious moment,” Deese said in the James S. Brady briefing room. “We are 10 million jobs short still of where the economy was when this pandemic started last year,” he said. Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese speaks during a press briefing on January 22, 2021. Included in Biden’s rescue package are $1,400 checks for eligible Americans and $20 billion for a national vaccine program that will include community vaccination centers and mobile vaccination units to inoculate hard-to-reach communities.
Police union blasts Philadelphia DA for not ‘doing his job’ after murder suspect's release on reduced bail
"This goes right to the common theme of our district attorney here in Philadelphia. We’re leading the league, unfortunately, in murders this month alone, we have over 30," the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president said. McNesby went on to say District Attorney Krasner shows a "lack of effort" when it comes to people committing street crimes. McNesby said there’s a "long list" of crimes that continue to reoccur in the City of Philadelphia and District Attorney Krasner always blames everyone but himself. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president said there’s a move to vote Krasner out in May of 2021.
Biden White House announces new effort to focus on 'domestic violent extremism'
President Biden requested a "comprehensive threat assessment" on domestic violent extremism from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Friday in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. Psaki, during a press briefing Friday, told reporters that the National Security Council will also build a new capability to focus on domestic violent extremism, which she referred to as "DVE." "We are coordinating relevant parts of the federal government to address DVE," Psaki said, adding that the NSC is "addressing evolving threats," and reviewing the role of "social media, operational responses and more." The White House did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment on the matter. Speaking during the briefing, Psaki added that White House Homeland Security Adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall would be involved in the efforts, and other counterterrorism officials.
David Limbaugh: Biden & Co. are driving the American freight train leftward at full throttle -- we must resist
Meanwhile, Biden and his handlers are conducting the American freight train leftward at full throttle. Biden's actions are not in the spirit of compromise, and they will damage the United States, not undo damage. BIDEN HAS ‘BIGGER ISSUES’ TO WORRY ABOUT THAN FOLLOWING OWN MASK MANDATE: PSAKIBut in the spirit of humoring Biden's narrative for discussion purposes, let's ask ourselves what terrible damage Biden is trying to undo. Adding insult to injury and guaranteeing further damage to the United States, Biden will impose a temporary moratorium on oil and natural gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Everything is race, race, race.
Mega Millions jackpot hits $1 billion ahead of Friday lottery draw
Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot could be the third-largest lottery bounty in American history, officials said — clocking in at $1 billion. Lottery officials are set to draw six numbers at 11 p.m. Friday. It was the first time both lottery jackpots topped $700 million at the same time, for a combined offer of over $1.7 billion. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever, in 2018, was more than $1.5 billion. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever, in 2018, was more than $1.5 billion.
Portland and Seattle residents slam ‘weak’ response to Antifa riots
Residents in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, say they’re fed up with local officials’ “weak” response to the Antifa riots that swept through the cities Wednesday. I reached out to the mayor today [because] she needs to come out and say, ‘Stop! Her office instead issued a statement saying, “Violent threats, vandalism, and misogynistic and homophobic hate speech are unacceptable in our community. Mayor Durkan has consistently denounced individuals who are targeting small businesses and government facilities.”But Beach said the mayor was missing the point. “Last night a small group of people committed acts of vandalism in Downtown Seattle and were promptly arrested.
Eagle Creek Winter Sale takes 30% off top-rated luggage and travel gear
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Man charged in Capitol riot was ‘following the schedule Alex Jones’ promoted
An Alabama man charged in the US Capitol riot told an FBI agent he went to the insurrection while following a schedule promoted by Infowars founder Alex Jones, court documents shows. “I guess the overriding thing for why we were there that day is because they were certifying the fraudulent election that day, and so we, to protest that,” Watson told the FBI. Asked whether he got any direct guidance to take part in the rioting, Watson told an FBI agent: “No, it was kind of just what the mob was doing. I was, I was there, helping push on their backs.”William Wright Watson (left) was charged in the siege. Jones was spotted in the crowd outside the Capitol, the Independent reported, but seemingly did not enter the building.
Mother’s murder-suicide in December left five children dead: officials
A West Virginia mother gunned down her five young children before burning down her house and turning the gun on herself in December, officials said this week. The horrific Dec. 8 massacre left Myers’ three sons and two stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage dead. The children were identified as Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3 and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1. When asked by her children if she was bleeding, Myers replied that she drew it, witnesses told investigators. Myers was found dead outside the home near a picnic table, with the murder weapon lying by her side.
Symone Sanders: What to know about Kamala Harris' chief spokeswoman
Political strategist and social activist Symone Sanders has been named chief spokesperson and senior adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris. At that time, Sanders also did communications work for nonprofit consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. "But for some people it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it doesn’t matter where you went to school, it doesn’t matter what your parents do. It doesn’t matter that Sandra Bland had a job and was on her way to teach for her alma mater. In June 2016, Sanders told Politico she was leaving the campaign.
Capitol rioter accused of striking police with baseball bat ordered held pending trial
Emanuel Jackson, the man government prosecutors say repeatedly struck Capitol Police officers with a metal baseball bat, will remain in custody pending trial. Federal Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey called the charges against Jackson "very serious," adding that Jackson apparently had admitted he is the person in pictures and video shown repeatedly striking a Capitol Police officer with a bat. Jackson faces five federal charges, including assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon and obstructing an official proceeding at the Capitol. Court documents filed by the prosecution show several pictures, and a video, of the man they say is Jackson swinging a baseball bat at Capitol Police officers during the events of Jan. 6. Jackson is accused of attacking Capitol Police again hours later with a bat.
COVID-19 vaccine supply ‘predictability’ under Biden is solvable problem, health care CEO says
But a leading physician in Massachusetts says this ongoing problem is a solvable one under freshly inaugurated President Joe Biden, citing vaccine supply "predictability" as a key point in tackling this issue. AFTER RECEIVING THE COVID-19 VACCINE, IS IT SAFE TO SEE FRIENDS AND FAMILY? But vaccine supply predictability is of the utmost importance in ensuring this endeavor is a successful one. "Right now as a leader of a health care system, I have no idea how much vaccine we are getting next week. Yet an adequate vaccine supply isn’t of much use if no one is willing to take it.
Iranian supreme leader's website shares threatening image of Trump
The homepage of the official English-language website for Iran's supreme leader on Friday depicted an image of Trump golfing from an aerial view with the message, "Revenge is definite." It is unclear whether the suspended @Khamenei_site account in question was an official account belonging to Khamenei. The image shared a statement that Khamenei initially tweeted in December, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Friday. The @Khamenei_site account had 8,000 followers while another Twitter account linked to the supreme leader, 2Khamenei_ir, has 880,000 followers and remains active, according to Atlantic Council IranSource Editor Holly Dagres. The ayatollah also has several tweets on his profile that call for the "elimination" of Israel, or "Zionist regime."
AOC says she skipped inauguration, in part, because she didn't 'feel safe around other members of Congress'
But when pressed, the progressive rabble-rouser admitted that she’d also sat out the swearing-in due to security concerns, adding that she didn’t feel safe around her colleagues at the moment. AOC SAYS SHE THOUGHT SHE MIGHT DIE IN CAPITOL RIOT"I think we also had very real security concerns," Ocasio-Cortez admitted. "We still don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress." She added that a "very considerable amount" of members of Congress do not feel safe around their colleagues, over two weeks since rioters breached the Capitol. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"So I didn’t even feel safe around other members of Congress," she added.
Rubio demands clarity on Biden's 100-day deportation pause, amid fears violent criminals will remain in US
BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IMPOSES 100-DAY 'PAUSE' ON DEPORTATIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS"It is deeply troubling that one of the first actions taken by the Biden administration could undermine the safety and security of all Americans, including immigrants," he said. President Biden had promised during the campaign to implement a 100-day moratorium on all deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE.) On Wednesday, hours after Biden was inaugurated, Pekoske signed a memorandum to review immigration enforcement policies. That memo included a 100-day pause, beginning Friday, of "certain noncitizens ordered deported." He goes on to ask if the deportation pause would also apply to someone who was convicted of an aggravated felony but was released before the Jan. 19 memo.
Washington Post touts claim Biden inherited Cold War, Civil War, Great Depression, in addition to pandemic
Washington Post reporters touted a Democrat's framing of Joe Biden's presidency Friday as inheriting the Civil War, Cold War, and Great Depression all at once, in addition to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Washington Post correspondent Philip Rucker also shared the quote, although neither noted that Emanuel should have said "F," as he had already listed five choices. Emanuel's hyperbolic remarks about the Civil War also went unchecked, as the nation is not engaged in armed conflict. The Civil War from 1861 to 1865 killed more than 600,000 people and is the deadliest conflict in American history. Emanuel's quote served as another apparent example of expectation-setting by the Biden administration with an apparent assist from the press.
Schumer, Inhofe say National Guard wasn't booted from 'on high,' but by single officer 'without authority'
NATIONAL GUARD SOLDIERS ORDERED HOME BY GOVERNORS AMID OUTRAGE OVER BEING MOVED TO PARKING GARAGESchumer continued: "No one from anyone on high, but a few people said they had to leave. Pittman added: "It was brought to our attention early today that facility management with the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Office Building reached out directly to the National Guard to offer use of its facilities." NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA GARAGE GETS LAWMAKERS FUMINGBut Pittman's statement did not accept blame for any uniformed officers making any orders, as Inhofe said. At least three governors have recalled their National Guard troops from D.C., over the parking garage controversy. There was also loud bipartisan condemnation of the soldiers being forced into the parking garage.
Jonathan Turley: America 'living in a new age of yellow journalism'
Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley said in a column on Friday that Americans' trust in the media is at an "all-time low." "We have previously discussed how American journalism has been destroyed by years of openly partisan coverage in an age of echo journalism. Not surprisingly, the public has lost faith in what was once the leading nation in terms of journalistic practices and ethics," Turley wrote. A new survey by global communications firm Edelman found only 46 percent of Americans trust traditional media. Citizens are facing deep and violent divisions without trust in what is being reported in our newspapers, television programs, and Internet sites," Turley concluded.
Ford finally forced to recall 3 million cars over air bag concerns
Ford just lost a lengthy battle with the feds over orders to recall about 3 million cars — and it won’t be cheap. The affected vehicles from model years 2006 through 2012 have faulty driver-side air bag inflators that could rupture and send metal fragments flying into the air. Ford plans to replace the inflators in some 2.7 million cars in the US and about 300,000 in Canada and elsewhere at a cost of roughly $610 million, the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker said Thursday. The air bag parts were made by Takata, whose faulty inflators have led to 27 deaths and at least 400 injuries worldwide. The parts were responsible for the largest automotive recall in American history affecting more than 67 million inflators.
Instacart axes 1,900 employees, including its only unionized workers
Instacart will lay off its only unionized workers as part of a plan to ax nearly 1,900 employees stationed in supermarkets across the country. The grocery delivery firm employs several thousand shoppers who pack grocery orders at stores for pickup or delivery. Among them are 10 shoppers at a Mariano’s grocery store in Skokie, Illinois, who became the only Instacart employees to join a union last year. Instacart says the cuts had nothing to do with the fact that the workers are unionized. But the move outraged the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, which represents the Mariano’s staffers and has pushed for stronger protections for grocery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sandra Bullock sells Georgia beachfront estate for $4.2M
The actress has sold her massive Georgia estate in Tybee Island for $4.175 million —about $2.33 million under the asking price, People reported on Thursday. Inside Sandra Bullock’s Georgia estate Lindsey Mixon for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International RealtyInside Sandra Bullock’s Georgia estate Lindsey Mixon for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International RealtyThe two-residence compound, located just 20 minutes from downtown Savannah, includes seven bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and sits on about 2.75 acres of land. Inside Sandra Bullock’s Georgia estate Lindsey Mixon for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International RealtyBullock reportedly purchased the property in segments between June 2001 and March 2002 to combine into one estate for a total of more than $4.5 million, according to Variety (via People.) The exterior of Sandra Bullock’s Georgia property Lindsey Mixon for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International RealtyThe main house includes a gourmet kitchen, private home gym, basketball court and several screened-in porches. The beach view from Sandra Bullock’s Georgia Estate Lindsey Mixon for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International RealtyThe estate, sold with Celia Dunn of Sotheby’s International Realty, was reportedly purchased fully furnished.
Calls for Michigan official to resign after he flashes rifle at virtual meeting
A Michigan county commissioner whipped out a rifle at a virtual public meeting while a woman was criticizing the Proud Boys — prompting calls for his resignation, according to a report. People have called for the resignation of Vice Chair Ron Clous, of the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. Hentschel added that he saw nothing wrong with displaying a gun at a public meeting. He was just holding it.”In this screen grab taken from a Zoom meeting, Ron Clous holds a rifle at his home during a county commissioner meeting Wednesday, January 20, 2021, in Michigan. Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners via APBut other commissioners jumped to MacIntosh’s defense, calling the move troubling.
Cuomo says NY’s COVID-19 vaccine supply ‘may already be exhausted’
New York state will run out of coronavirus vaccines on Friday — if it hasn’t already, Gov. The Week 1 to 5 allocation will be exhausted by the end of the day, Friday,” he said. “It may already be exhausted.”During a virtual news conference in Albany, Cuomo said the state had distributed 97 percent of its vaccine stockpile and would be proceeding “week-by-week” from here. “We have 28,000 dosages in the state left from week 1 to 5,” he said,“Problem is: we administer about 80,000 dosages per day. Andrew Cuomo said that New York’s COVID-19 vaccinations “may already be exhausted.” Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew CuomoCuomo had argued that Pfizer was “not bound by commitments” that rival vaccine maker Moderna made to former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine-development initiative.
Fauci Says He’s ‘Liberated’ As He and Biden Warn of Surging Covid Deaths
Howie Kurtz on Dr. Anthony Fauci says he is feeling 'liberated' under new leadership, Biden signing another round of executive orders, Mitch McConnell suggesting Trump lawyers have more time before impeachment trial begins. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Alejandro Mayorkas: What to know about Biden's DHS pick
President Biden has nominated Alejandro Mayorkas to be the next secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who will take a key role in the closely watched area of immigration policy. Here is what to know about Mayorkas:BIDEN DHS NOMINEE MAYORKAS SAYS ICE SHOULD NOT BE DEFUNDED, DESPITE ICE CALLSBorn in CubaMayorkas was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to California as a child. If confirmed, he would be the first immigrant to serve as head of the Department of Homeland Security. In three EB-5 cases -- each involving high-profile Democrats -- Mayorkas intervened "outside the normal adjudicatory process" and "in ways that benefited the stakeholders," the report found. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I do think he's qualified," former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told ABC News.
Missouri court rejects prosecutor Kim Gardner's appeal in McCloskey gun case
A Missouri appeals court on Wednesday denied a second challenge from St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner to an order removing her and her office from prosecution of Mark McCloskey, who along with his wife, Patricia, pointed weapons at racial injustice protesters last year. Gardner had contended that the disqualification of her and her office from Mark McCloskey's case should not have also been applied to the case against Patricia McCloskey. Gardner's office said it would appeal the latest decision, meaning the Missouri Supreme Court would need to overturn her office's exclusion from the McCloskey case, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Gardner, St. Louis’ first Black circuit attorney, won reelection in November. If the ruling stands, a special prosecutor could be appointed to the case.
$20 bill with banana sticker expected to sell for upwards of $125G
A $20 bill with a Del Monte banana sticker permanently stuck to it — with the U.S. Treasury marking and serial number printed over the top — has a current high bid of $125,000 on Heritage Auctions. The banana sticker is located to the right of President Andrew Jackson’s head, the result of an obstruction during printing. "Collectors immediately fell in love with it," Dustin Johnston, Vice President of Currency Auctions at Heritage Auctions, said in a statement. Heritage Auctions says the banana bill's obstruction happened during the three-part currency printing process. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs of Friday afternoon, $125,000 remained the high bid on "The Del Monte Note."
Florida Gov. DeSantis on COVID-19 vaccine rollout: ‘We’re putting our seniors first’
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told "Fox & Friends" his state is prioritizing the senior population as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues. They're soldiers. We've done about 1.3 million reported vaccine shots, probably hundreds of thousands or more, because there's a reporting lag. But this is, we're putting our seniors first, and we're putting our Florida seniors first. And, if you doubled my vaccine allotment next week, I would be able to do double the vaccines.
Dem govs Whitmer, Murphy flout own coronavirus restrictions for Biden inauguration
Multiple Democratic governors defied their own COVID-19 gathering restrictions and travel recommendations to attend President Joe Biden's inauguration. The inauguration, however, violated Whitmer's most recent "gatherings and face mask order," which states that outdoor gatherings must be limited to 25 or fewer people. Around 2,000 people attended the inauguration, according to a Washington Post estimate. BIDEN SPOTTED MASKLESS ON FEDERAL PROPERTY HOURS AFTER SIGNING MANDATEMichigan state senator Aric Nesbitt called Whitmer's hypocrisy "nothing new." READ MORE AT WASHINGTON FREE BEACON
Illinois man who allegedly said he would 'kill' any Democrat held without bond
An Illinois man who allegedly threatened the lives of President Biden and other Democratic leaders before this week’s inauguration was ordered held without bond during a recent court hearing. Charging documents show the Dec. 29 voicemail was far from his first time leaving messages for members of Congress. MAN CHARGED WITH MAKING THREATS TO CONGRESSMAN, ALLEGEDLY SAYING HE WILL "KILL ANY [EXPLETIVE] DEMOCRAT"He would allegedly describe members of Congress using explicit language and pejorative terms and phrases about their race, political affiliation, appearance and religion "in almost every instance." Capriotti allegedly never identified himself in the voicemail, but described himself as a "nine-year Marine." Capriotti "also acknowledged that the voicemail messages he left in 2020 and years beforehand could be interpreted as hateful and threatening," court papers show.
Psaki holds White House press briefing with economic adviser Brian Deese
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and National Economic Council advisor Brian Deese briefed reporters Friday to detail President Biden’s latest executive orders aimed at helping American families and small businesses facing financial struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic. Biden will sign an executive order Friday to attempt to maximize the federal government’s existing resources to support families, with an emphasis on providing food assistance to low-income families. The second executive order will seek to provide improved protections and benefits for federal workers during the pandemic. The order will strengthen collective bargaining power for federal workers, among other initiatives meant to ensure they receive proper benefits, the new administration claimed. Biden's plan would also extend and expand unemployment insurance benefits "so American workers can pay their bills" and would push to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
Biden to order stopgap help as talks start on $1.9T aid plan
President Biden plans to sign two executive orders Friday to provide a stopgap infusion of financial relief to millions of Americans while Congress begins to consider his $1.9 trillion package to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The orders Biden is expected to sign would increase food aid, protect job seekers on unemployment and clear a path for federal workers and contractors to get a $15 hourly minimum wage. Biden plans to sign two executive orders on January 22, 2021 to help provide economic relief to millions of Americana suffering amid COVID-19. Joe Biden signs executive orders as part of the COVID-19 response in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on January 21, 2021. Several GOP lawmakers have voiced opposition to provisions in Biden’s stimulus plan for direct payments to people, state and local government aid and a $15 hourly minimum wage.
Mitch McConnell slams ‘wrong direction’ of Biden’s executive actions
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell blasted President Biden for taking the “wrong direction” on his first day in office — including stripping Americans of thousands of jobs by killing the Keystone XL pipeline project. “On the Biden administration’s very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction,” McConnell, now the Senate minority leader, said Thursday on the Senate floor. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell blasted President Biden for taking the “wrong direction” on his first day in office. Kevin Dietsch/Pool via Reuters“But because canceling a pipeline project just feels the green thing to do, the new administration killed all these jobs,” McConnell said. President Biden signs executive orders in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2021.
Chuck Schumer says Trump impeachment article going to Senate on Monday
WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will send a single article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, clearing the way for his trial to start next week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “Make no mistake, a trial will be held in the United States Senate and there will be a vote whether to convict the president,” Schumer (D-NY) said from the chamber floor Friday morning. “I’ve spoken to Speaker Pelosi, who informed me that the articles will be delivered to the Senate on Monday,” Schumer said. The Senate is constitutionally required to begin Trump’s impeachment trial at 1 p.m. the day after the article is transmitted. “This impeachment began with an unprecedentedly fast and minimal process over in the House,” McConnell said.
Schumer says senators will decide if Trump incited ‘erection’ at US Capitol
Majority Leader Chuck Schumer got a rise out of lawmakers on the Senate floor Friday when he fumbled his words and said that they will have to decide if former President Donald Trump incited the “erection” against the US. “Make no mistake, there will be a trial and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection against the United States,” Schumer said. Noticing his boneheaded slip-up, he corrected himself and said “insurrection,” but that didn’t stop online wags from roasting him. Chuck Schumer’s major slip of the tongue on January 22, 2021, had Twitter roasting the Senate majority leader. And one added: “Hardest stance Schumer ever took.”President Donald Trump speaks to supporters from The Ellipse near the White House on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.
Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin confirmed as Biden’s defense secretary
WASHINGTON — Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin has been confirmed as President Biden’s Pentagon chief, becoming the first African American defense secretary and overcoming strong confirmation headwinds from both parties. The Senate on Friday overwhelmingly voted to confirm Austin, 93-2. Austin, a four-star general who retired in 2016, needed to obtain a waiver from Congress to override a law which says a defense secretary must wait seven years from active service to take the top civilian post. Lawmakers had been wary about granting a second waiver after granting one to President Trump’s first defense secretary, retired Gen. Jim Mattis, but eventually voted to confirm Austin. Austin is the second member of Biden’s cabinet to be confirmed, following Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.
Biden has ‘bigger issues to worry about’ than mask mandate: press secretary
Psaki was pressed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on whether Biden was setting a “good example” for Americans by going maskless in light of his new mandate. “I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time,” she responded. It means wearing a mask, keeping social distance, limiting the size of any group we’re in until we have a vaccine. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden pose with their family during the “Celebrating America” event at the Lincoln Memorial after his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021. Each of us has a responsibility in our own lives to do what we can do to slow the virus.
Lloyd Austin: What to know about Biden administration's Secretary of Defense
Retired four-star U.S. general Lloyd Austin has made history Friday by becoming America's first Black Secretary of Defense. SENATE CONFIRMS BIDEN'S DEFENSE SECRETARY, LLOYD AUSTINCongress on Thursday approved a waiver for Austin to serve in the civilian position. Under law, a retired service member must be out of the military for seven years in order to be named defense secretary. When Austin retired in 2016, Obama praised his "character and competence," as well as his judgment and leadership. HOUSE, SENATE APPROVE CIVILIAN WAIVER FOR BIDEN'S DEFENSE SECRETARY NOMINEE LLOYD AUSTINAnd like many retired generals, Austin has served on corporate boards.
Broadcast networks barely mention post-Biden inauguration Antifa riots in Portland, Seattle
The three broadcast networks have dedicated less than a minute to the story on-air combined. TOM COTTON: ANTIFA RIOTERS WON'T STOP BECAUSE BIDEN IS PRESIDENTMarsh studied Thursday morning editions of "CBS This Morning," ABC’s "Good Morning America" and NBC’s "Today," and found that the chaos was largely ignored. Friday editions of "CBS This Morning," ABC’s "Good Morning America" and NBC’s "Today" didn’t mention the story either. The unrest damaged a number of businesses, including the first Starbucks in Seattle and the Democratic Party of Oregon’s headquarters in Portland. "We have actually been experiencing domestic terrorism for months in Portland and Seattle and nothing is ever done about it.
Biden administration’s push to pause deportations, border wall construction 'purely political': Activist
The Biden administration's move to impose a 100-day pause on deportations is "purely political," activist against illegal immigrant crime Don Rosenberg said on Friday. He's refusing to listen to the experts, many of whom worked in the Obama administration, with him because it's purely political. The Biden administration on Wednesday issued a 100-day "pause" on deportations of illegal immigrants -- a dramatic move that caps a slew of immigration-related moves on President Biden’s first day in office. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRosenberg went on to say, "The thing is, you know, they keep saying walls don't work and they're too expensive. They don't want a wall or a physical barrier because it does work, not because it doesn't work.
Portland business owner says riots causing 'devastating’ damage, urges officials to crack down
Portland, Oregon, business owner Stacey Gibson’s Subway franchise is one of many area businesses boarded up amid recent riots and unrest in the city. Gibson said the damage caused by rioters has been "devastating" to her community. PORTLAND RIOTERS DAMAGE ICE BUILDING; POLICE DECLARE 'UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY'"They come out here and they just literally destroy whatever they can, throwing things around," Gibson said. The damage that happens to the businesses down there is just devastating." "I don’t have any idea why they don’t, you know, just actually crack down on it.
Biden executive orders the 'wishlist of the far left,' Rubio says
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Friday said President Biden is "talking like a centrist" but is governing like someone "from the far left" by signing executive actions and orders in his first days in office that fulfill items on the "wishlist of the far left." BIDEN LAUNCHING PUBLIC HEALTH JOBS CORPS, HOST OF EXECUTIVE ACTIONS TO ADDRESS COVID-19"An important thing to point out this morning. President Biden is talking like a centrist, he is using the words of the center, talking about unity, but he is governing like someone from the far left," Rubio said. More than Obama, more than Trump, more than anyone," Rubio said, referring to the more than two dozen executive actions and orders Biden has signed since he took the oath of office on Wednesday. This is literally going down the wishlist of the far left and checking them all off," Rubio said.
Joe Biden putting 'Saudi Arabia first' by halting Keystone XL pipeline: Sen. Daines
Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., believes President Biden killing the Keystone XL pipeline shows he’s putting "Saudi Arabia first," not American workers. "It looks like he cares more about workers in Saudi Arabia than the workers in America," Daines said on "America's Newsroom." OBAMA PRAISES BIDEN'S EXECUTIVE ORDER BLITZ: 'THIS IS A TIME FOR BOLDNESS'Biden signed a total of 17 executive orders within minutes of entering the Oval Office for the first time on Wednesday. In addition to halting the Keystone XL oil pipeline project, Biden renewed the U.S. commitment to the Paris climate agreement, just three years after President Trump withdrew support. "This is a major infrastructure project that President Biden killed six hours into his presidency," Daines said.
Kimbereley Strassel: Biden's Inaugural Purge -- Dems prove they have no intention of playing by the rules
Then, hours after President Biden pledged in his inaugural address to show "tolerance and humility," the brass knuckles came out. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERThe general-counsel position is a Senate-confirmed four-year appointment at an independent agency; Mr. Robb had 10 months left in his term. No NLRB general counsel had ever been fired, and the Biden White House provided no cause for the action. So Mr. Biden ("we must end this uncivil war") canned him. Mr. Biden ran on, and won on, a promise to restore norms to Washington.
Realtor who took private jet to Capitol riot gets booted from PayPal
The Texas Realtor who flew on a private jet to take part in the US Capitol riot shamelessly begged for donations on PayPal for her legal fees and business losses — getting her booted from the service. “I am accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to my arrest and charges by the FBI for protesting at the US Capitol. Jenna Ryan took part in the Capitol riots after flying to Washington D.C. on a private jet. “PayPal has a policy to allow fundraising for legal defense purposes,” company rep Kim Eichorn told CBS News in an email. Seems like some people want to cancel me because I’m trying to get donations from PayPal.
Garth Brooks says Lady Gaga's glam squad 'saved a cowboy' at inauguration
Garth Brooks extended his thanks to Lady Gaga's hair and makeup team for helping him look his best for President Joe Biden's inauguration. They saved a cowboy today. GARTH BROOKS' INAUGURATION PERFORMANCE GETS RAVE REVIEWS: 'ALL THE FEELS'Brooks sang "Amazing Grace" after Gaga belted out the National Anthem. For the ceremony, the Country Music Hall of Famer stuck to his Oklahoma roots and wore a black cowboy hat, black blazer, black shirt, dark denim jeans, and cowboy boots. This wasn't the first time that Brooks performed at a presidential inauguration.
Lena Dunham fantasy about being Hunter Biden's wife in White House draws mixed reactions
Dunham, 34, took to Twitter on Thursday to share one of her fantasies, and it involves striking up a romance with President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. "I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden's beautiful wife," Dunham tweeted. President Biden's 50-year-old son has also come under fire in recent years for developments related to his personal life and his marriage. "Not sure he's exactly a desirable partner...," another reacted. LENA DUNHAM SAYS HER BODY 'REVOLTED' DURING MONTH-LONG BATTLE WITH COVID-19"There is so much wrong to unpack in that sentence," another said.
Florida man wanted in Capitol riot busted after returning to DC for inauguration
A Florida man wanted for allegedly storming the US Capitol was arrested when he brainlessly returned to Washington, DC, for the presidential inauguration Wednesday, officials said. "[He] decided that he should attempt to attend the inauguration rather than turn himself in to authorities," the court filing states. VIDEO SHOWS SUSPECT RAM FLORIDA DEPUTY WITH STOLEN VEHICLEWhen agents tried to arrest him at his home on Tuesday, and he had already fled back to Washington DC, prosecutors said. At a court hearing Thursday, a judge ordered him to remain behind bars, calling him a possible flight risk. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe events leading to his arrest in DC were not immediately clear.
Texas doctor fired, charged with stealing COVID-19 vaccine to give to his friends, family
A Texas doctor has been fired from his job and is now facing charges after stealing doses of the coronavirus vaccine to administer to his friends and family, prosecutors say. Hasan Gokal, who worked with Harris County Public Health, could be sentenced to up to a year in prison and receive a $4,000 fine if convicted on a theft by a public servant charge, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The complaint added that prosecutors believe the 48-year-old doctor gave the vaccine to nine individuals, including his wife. BIDEN FIRES BACK AT REPORTER OVER QUESTION ABOUT VACCINE ROLLOUT GOALThe district attorney’s office said the employee reported Gokal to supervisors and the doctor was fired following an investigation from Harris County Public Health. "Harris County would have preferred Dr. Gokal let the vaccines go to waste and are attempting to disparage this man’s reputation in the process to support this policy," he added.
Schumer: Pelosi will deliver Trump impeachment article to Senate on Monday
"I've spoken to Speaker Pelosi who informed me that the article will be delivered to the Senate on Monday," Schumer, D-N.Y., said on the Senate floor Friday. If one is not, then the standing Senate impeachment rules will go into effect, forcing the Senate to convene every day at 1 p.m., excluding Sundays, to consider the impeachment "until final judgment shall be rendered." The minority leader warned against rushing the actual impeachment trial after what's been called a "snap impeachment" in the House. "The Senate must and will do all three; COVID relief; confirmation of nominees and impeachment trial," Schumer said. "The Senate will also conduct a second impeachment trial," Schumer added, addressing some Republicans who have said a Senate cannot do an impeachment trial after a president has left office.
Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas 'a law-and-order state,' calls defunding police 'reckless'
Greg Abbott made clear his support for police during a recent roundtable discussion with law enforcement leaders, saying: "We will never turn our back on our law enforcement officers." The Republican governor detailed his support for police while speaking with nine law enforcement and public safety advocates at the headquarters of the Texas Department of Public Safety on Thursday. During a news conference after the meeting, Abbott said the Lone Star State "will always be a law-and-order state, and we must lead the way for the rest of the nation when it comes to supporting our police." "Defunding the police … endangers the lives of people in communities across the entire state," Abbott said, according to the report. Speaking to news station KVUE, Austin Mayor Steve Adler said public safety "involves more than just police."
Madison Cawthorn delivers pizzas to National Guard troops in parking garage, vows they 'deserve better'
Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn is vowing that "our troops deserve better" following reports of shabby treatment of National Guard forces stationed in the U.S. Capitol. The freshman congressman from North Carolina tweeted a video of himself delivering pizzas to the troops in a D.C. parking garage late Thursday night. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE:NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA PARKING GARAGE HAS LAWMAKERS FUMING"Our Troops deserve better," he added. Photos of Guard members sleeping on the marble floors of the Capitol quickly went viral -- until they later received cots. He added, "Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage.
Johnson & Johnson eyes 100M COVID-19 vaccines for US by April
Johnson & Johnson hopes to have enough COVID-19 vaccines for 100 million Americans by April as the feds ramp up nationwide inoculation efforts, a company official says. “I do know that J&J is making a very large supply … with the goal of having perhaps enough vaccines for 100 million Americans by spring, by this April or so,” McClellan told CNBC Thursday evening. J&J has nevertheless said it’s “confident” that it will be able to meet its supply commitments this year. A Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine being tested for a clinical trial on December 15, 2020. Michael Ciaglo/Getty ImagesPresident Biden’s administration “set a goal of a million doses per day,” McClellan told CNBC.
House progressives urge restraint in responding to Capitol riot
Progressives in Congress are calling for restraint in responding to the deadly riots at the US Capitol, according to a report. “We already have laws on the books. Sorry, but you are just gonna have to learn to apply them equally,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said in a tweet Thursday. Rep. Ilhan Omar was among the progressives in Congress who called for restraint in responding to the deadly riots at the US Capitol. Last week, several House committees sent a letter requesting documents from the FBI, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, ODNI and NCTC, according to Fox News.
William Burns: What to know about Biden's CIA director pick
President Biden has tapped William Burns to serve as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Burns has spent 33 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, making him one of the most experienced foreign policy actors. Biden and Burns crossed paths both during the Obama administration and when then-Sen. Biden led the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The bulk of his experience as an ambassador was during then-President George W. Bush’s two terms, during which Burns served in two pivotal roles. In an interview with the Foreign Service Journal, Burns outlined his view on America’s changing role in the international landscape.
Candace Cameron Bure responds to fans upset over who she follows: 'I follow left and right'
Candace Cameron Bure follows a wide range of people on social media. The 44-year-old "Fuller House" actress addressed why she likes to follow people who have differing views, experiences and perspectives. Bure also follows President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, conservative commentator Candace Owens and many other actors and actresses in Hollywood. 'FULLER HOUSE' STAR CANDACE CAMERON BURE TALKS BEING A CHRISTIAN IN HOLLYWOODBure said following various left and right-minded people "doesn't" make her blood boil"I don't get angry at it. "I just don't publicly want to talk about politics," she said.
National Guard soldiers ordered home by governors amid outrage over being moved to Capitol parking garage
The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) ordered the troops to move their rest area during their 12-hour shifts from inside the Capitol to the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center parking garage, the National Guard said Friday. But DeSantis, a Republican, is still bringing Florida's National Guard back to the Sunshine State. NATIONAL GUARD BREAK TIME IN CAPITOL-AREA GARAGE GETS LAWMAKERS FUMING"Last night, I ordered our Adjutant General to bring Florida National Guard soldiers home from the National Capital Region," he said in a tweet Friday. "I have instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state," Abbott tweeted late Thursday. NATIONAL GUARD SAYS THERE WERE 'NO CONFRONTATIONS' WITH PROTESTERS DURING BIDEN INAUGURATIONAlso condemning the situation were Sens.
CNN mentioned now-debunked report that Biden inherited no vaccine distribution plan whopping 47 times: report
CNN reported a now-debunked narrative about the Biden administration "starting from scratch" with a coronavirus vaccine rollout plan 47 times on Thursday before Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that the liberal network had been spreading misinformation, according to Grabien Media. CNN raised eyebrows Thursday with its alleged "scoop" that quoted unnamed Biden officials claiming, "There is nothing for us to rework. "We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution," Fauci responded, essentially revealing that CNN’s report was inaccurate. Grabien Media founder Tom Elliot, who monitors cable news, tweeted that CNN mentioned the "false" report 47 times on Thursday, while MSNBC covered CNN’s report 11 times. Lee also attempted to rely on Biden's earlier comments to validate her reporting, tweeting, "In the last hour, Biden said Trump's vaccine rollout had been a 'dismal failure.'"
Twitter suspends Antifa accounts with more than 71K followers
Twitter has suspended several popular Antifa accounts with more than 71,000 followers combined following Inauguration Day riots. Archived web pages of the accounts show they shared more than 71,000 followers and dated as far back as 2012. Their pages now read “account suspended” for violating Twitter rules. “Our comrades w The Base (@TheBasebk), an anarchist social center in Brooklyn, NY of 9 years now took this Twitter thing seriously. Today, Twitter took their account down, and now theres a void,” the group tweeted Thursday.
National Guardsmen allowed back into Capitol after being ‘banished’ to garage
The National Guard troops who were “banished” to a cramped parking garage amid outrage after protecting Washington, DC, in the aftermath of the deadly riots have been allowed back into the US Capitol. On Thursday afternoon, Capitol Police asked the National Guard to relocate the troops who had been using the Capitol to rest during their shifts, National Guard Bureau spokesman Major Matt Murphy told CBS News. “They were temporarily relocated to the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage with heat and restroom facilities.”Thousands of National Guardsmen were “banished” to a cramped parking garage after being forced to leave parts of the US Capitol grounds. The National Guard Bureau said that of the nearly 26,000 troops deployed to the capital for the inaugural, just 10,600 remain on duty. National Guard troops rest on a yard in front of the Capitol ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 19, 2021.
Russia welcomes Biden's proposal to extend nuclear arms control treaty
The Kremlin on Friday welcomed U.S. President Joe Biden’s proposal to extend the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two countries, which is set to expire in less than two weeks. The White House said Thursday that Biden has proposed to Russia a five-year extension of the New START treaty. BIDEN PROPOSES EXTENDING NUCLEAR ARMS TREATY WITH RUSSIA FOR 5 YEARS"We can only welcome political will to extend the document," Peskov said in a conference call with reporters. After both Moscow and Washington withdrew from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 2019, New START is the only remaining nuclear arms control deal between the two countries. Arms control advocates have strongly called for New START’s preservation, warning that its lapse would remove any checks on U.S. and Russian nuclear forces.
Vivek Ramaswamy: Big Tech's rise threatens country's future – beware the woke-industrial complex
Silicon Valley tech giants like Twitter and Facebook are now, undisputedly, the most powerful companies in the history of the world. It's a cultural revolution perpetuated not just by politicians, but by the leaders of big corporations – especially in Silicon Valley. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR OPINION NEWSLETTERDon’t private companies get to decide who uses their platforms? Likewise, repealing Section 230 would be a boon to big tech in the long run. The First Amendment applies to big tech censorship, a view supported by certain Supreme Court precedents.
Video shows suspect ram Florida deputy with stolen vehicle
Florida sheriffs released a video showing the moment a suspect drove an allegedly stolen car into a deputy as she tried to evade capture. The aerial footage shows the white Ford Taurus, which Manatee County authorities had been searching for after the driver fled a crash earlier in the day. As one deputy parked their vehicle in the path of the stolen car, they got out and started to give orders to the driver, authorities said. The driver, a 23-year-old woman, then "rapidly accelerated" into the deputy, sending the deputy flying. The deputy suffered "various injuries" but was set to be released from a local hospital, according to WFMY News 2.
Cotton backs Buck bill toughening penalties for rioters, slams lawbreakers 'no matter their party affiliation'
Buck at the time condemned "an unprecedented amount of violence from riots organized by Antifa and other radical leftist groups." "Those who use violence to advance their political agenda must be met with the full force of the law—no matter their party affiliation," Cotton said in a statement. Buck will officially introduce the bill on Monday, and Cotton at a later date. This is a federal crime, federal jurisdiction and the federal government should be prosecuting these." Cotton and Buck were among the lawmakers who did not object to the certification of the election results on Jan. 6.
Marjorie Dannenfelser: Roe's 48th anniversary – here's where the pro-life movement stands
We in the pro-life movement hope he will remain firm and unwavering on those stated positions. While we defend our federal gains and work diligently to win back the House and Senate, pro-life advocates should go on offense in the states. The pro-life movement should also continue building on its supportive infrastructure. President Trump deserves every bit of credit and praise for his pro-life legacy, and it will keep bearing fruit. The pro-life movement has endured difficult, even seemingly hopeless times before, and we know what it means to rise to the occasion.
A China-based firm scored a $1B N95 mask contract with California. A document trove shows how.
Gavin Newsom held back details from the public and lawmakers about a $990 million state N95 mask contract with a China-based firm scrutinized by Congress. The documents—mostly emails—show the role of lobbyists in arranging the deal and that California deviated from normal procedures in awarding the contract. NEWSOM WON’T SHARE DETAILS ON $1B MASK DEAL WITH CHINA"It would surprise Americans to see how a major Chinese company can so easily access government officials," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox News. Newsom signed a second deal with BYD in July, this time for 400 million masks with a $316 million price tag. Abby Browning of the Office of Emergency Services responded to Weideman.
Trump selects Mark Meadows, lawyers from first impeachment to handle document requests ahead of new trial
Former President Trump has reportedly chosen Mark Meadows, his former chief of staff, and the defense lawyers from his first impeachment case to handle requests for his White House records, according to reports. While all outgoing presidents select representatives to handle administration records, the choices are notable as Trump heads into a second impeachment trial, Business Insider first reported. "The people on this list were the same lawyers from the White House counsel's office who took extreme positions against Congress and refused to produce docs in the first impeachment," Neil Eggleston, former White House counsel in the Obama White House, told the outlet. GOP PROPOSES DELAYING TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL UNTIL FEBRUARYBusiness Insider reported the current White House, Congress and the judiciary have access to the records but Trump’s representatives can try to withhold it by claiming executive privilege as his lawyers did to the House during the first impeachment. Since Trump's term ended Wednesday, for the first time in history, the Senate impeachment trial of a U.S. president won't start until after he's already left office.
Sen. Chuck Grassley: Don't let Biden, Democrats exploit COVID to enact liberal laundry list
At her confirmation hearing held the day before the presidential inauguration, Janet Yellen sought to justify the incoming administration’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan. Using COVID-19 to masquerade a liberal policy agenda won’t get far in a narrowly divided House and Senate. For example, mandating a $15 federal minimum wage would wipe out small businesses hanging by a thread. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERFor his first 100 Days, President Biden also has signaled a radical immigration agenda that would seem to cast the door wide open to amnesty and open borders. Ramming through a liberal laundry list without building consensus and winning bipartisanship is more than likely a one-way ticket for a one-term presidency.
“Amnesty”? President Biden’s Immigration Policies Not Unifying Washington
In just his first few hours in office, President Biden signaled he will create a stark change in immigration policy. Some Republicans were quick to criticize President Biden's actions, calling them "amnesty." FOX News Correspondent Gillian Turner breaks down the Biden immigration policies, their motivation and whether there is any appetite in Congress to pass immigration legislation. Beyond a bold immigration plan, President Biden will need Congress to help him pass some of the big items on his agenda. Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday, discusses what he thought of President Biden's plan for his first 100 Days, the likelihood he can get any of his ideas through Congress and whether his pleas for unity will have an impact.
Red Hot Freedom
In statements made on MSNBC Thursday, former CIA Director John Brennan linked Libertarians to the violence and unrest at the United States Capitol on January 6th. Kennedy applies her Libertarian ideals and her belief in freedom to discuss the continued violence, hypocrisy, and political divisiveness she believes the United States is facing. Follow Kennedy on Twitter: @KennedyNation
Biden's policies already heading in 'wrong direction,’ McConnell says
Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...McConnell condemns Biden's Day One executive actionsJust one day after President Biden spoke of unity in his inaugural address to the nation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Democrat president is heading in "the wrong direction." McConnell, along with other congressional GOP members, has similarly taken issue with Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone Pipeline XL. Greg Abbott calling for the return home of his state's Guard members. Photos of Guard members sleeping on the marble floors of the Capitol quickly went viral -- until they later received cots. "I have instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state," the Republican governor wrote on Twitter, referring to Major Gen. Tracy Norris of the Texas National Guard.
Some Portland marchers express regrets about attack on Dem HQ, anti-Biden graffiti: report
one marcher yelled during a Portland, Ore., Inauguration Day protest that turned into a riot, according to a report. and "Black Lives Matter!" She told OregonLive she was marching to remind people that she doesn’t want people forgetting "Black lives matter" just because former President Trump has left office. Another marcher said he was rallying because "Black lives (expletive) matter. Marches like the one on Wednesday have frustrated police reform activists and Black Lives Matter members who say the senseless violence and destruction set the movement against police brutality back and turn people against the movement.
Stock futures fall after record week
U.S. equity futures were trading lower the day after the S&P 500 and Nasdaq notched record closes. Continue Reading BelowThe major futures indexes suggested a decline of 0.6% when the opening bell rings. The Nikkei 225 in Tokyo sank 0.4%, the Hang Seng in Hong Kong fell 1.6% and China's Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.4%. HOUSING MARKET STAYS TIGHT AS HOMEOWNERS STAY PUTThe first week of earnings season wraps up Friday morning with a trio of financial names reporting: Ally Financial, Regions Financial and Huntington Bancshares. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite climbed 0.6% to 13,530.91 after traders bid up shares in Big Tech stocks, including Apple, Amazon and Facebook.
Biden confronts reality, press casts it as clearing the Trump wreckage
"Biden Confronts a Confluence of Crises," blared the New York Times banner headline. CBS’ John Dickerson, writing in the Atlantic, said: "Joe Biden has a real shot at being a boring president. National Review’s Rich Lowry, writing in Politico, says Biden has set himself up for failure on the unity front. Lowry wrote: "On substance, Biden is not going to pursue a consensus, bipartisan agenda, but a progressive one. Biden wasn’t saying he didn’t expect disagreements, he was arguing that they can be resolved in a more civil fashion.
Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff will stay in Blair House while VP residence undergoes repairs
Naval Observatory (the observatory is still in use by the Navy) but the then-chief of naval operations "kicked out" the superintendent so that he, instead, could occupy it. His second-in-command, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, maintained a residence elsewhere in the following years. It wasn't until Walter Mondale, who served under President Jimmy Carter between 1977 and 1981, that a vice president finally moved in. It’s since been home to Vice Presidents Bush, Quayle, Gore, Cheney, Biden and Pence, and their families. Blair House, near the White House, serves as accommodations for the president's guests
NY Times cancels editor's contract after she rips Trump 'pettiness' over Biden plane: report
The New York Times has reportedly parted ways with one of its editors after she sparked mockery on social media over a tweet celebrating President Biden's arrival to the Washington, D.C., area ahead of his inauguration. She then knocked the Trump administration for apparently not providing a military plane to ferry Biden from Delaware. NEW YORK TIMES CONTRIBUTOR LOSES THINK TANK JOB OVER TWEET SUGGESTING BIDEN SHOULD 'LYNCH MIKE PENCE'"The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying," wrote Wolfe, who added, "Childish." Wolfe was also fact-checked by Twitter users who cited reports that the Biden team was offered a military plane but chose to fly private. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHowever, according to journalist Yashar Ali, who cites two sources, the Times has "canceled" Wolfe's contract.
Washington potato factory fire prompts evacuation over ammonia explosion fears
A fire at a potato plant in Eastern Washington on Thursday night prompted authorities to issue a Level 3 evacuation order due to the risk of an ammonia explosion. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office issued the "GO NOW" notice for all residents living west of Road U-SE and south of Highway 170 in Warden, Wash., before 9 p.m. PT as the fire threatened an ammonia tank inside the Washington Potato Company. The sheriff’s department said emergency responders might not be able to help those who decide to stay. HEAVY RAINS TO DRENCH THE SOUTH, WHILE WEST EXPECTED TO GET DROUGHT RELIEFThe door-to-door evacuation warnings had been completed by 11 p.m. PT a KREM-TV reporter in Spokane reported. Co. PIO says fire was reported to have started in a dehydration unit at the Washington Potato Co. Building expected to be 'total loss,'" he tweeted.
National Guard break time in Capitol-area parking garage gets lawmakers fuming
"Garage kept" may be great for classic cars -- but for National Guard members it may be disrespectful. Reports of shabby treatment of National Guard troops at the U.S. Capitol were sparking bipartisan outrage among lawmakers and other officials Thursday -- with Texas Gov. "I have instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state," the Republican governor wrote on Twitter, referring to Major Gen. Tracy Norris of the Texas National Guard. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tweeted about the parking garage reports, "If this is true, it's outrageous. NATIONAL GUARD SAYS THERE WERE 'NO CONFRONTATIONS' WITH PROTESTERS DURING BIDEN INAUGURATIONU.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., tweeted, "This is absolutely unacceptable and despicable treatment of our brave and dedicated National Guard who answered the call to serve.
Chris Cuomo rips CNN's own report on Biden WH 'starting from scratch' on vaccine rollout: 'No, they're not!'
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took a rare swipe at his own network Thursday night over its now-debunked report about the Biden administration "starting from scratch" with a coronavirus vaccine rollout plan. FAUCI DEBUNKS CNN REPORTING, SAYS BIDEN'S VACCINE ROLLOUT NOT 'STARTING FROM SCRATCH'"We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution," Fauci responded before elaborating on the Biden administration's own plan. Fauci later appeared on "Cuomo Prime Time," but even the CNN star was heavily skeptical of his network's reporting. "Another thing that I don't buy comes out of our reporting ... that people in the administration say they're starting from scratch with the vaccine. A small burb was placed at the bottom of the report reading, "This story has been updated with additional reporting."
LIVE UPDATES: Biden urged to condemn Portland, Seattle rioting
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Thursday night called on President Biden to condemn Inauguration Day protests that turned into violent riots in Portland and Seattle. More than a dozen people were arrested in the two Pacific Northwest cities, according to police reports Thursday, after demonstrators angry over Biden's election targeted government buildings and the Oregon Democratic Party building in Portland. Biden as of Thursday evening had not commented on the protests. Follow below for updates on protests/riots across the country. Mobile users click here.
LIVE UPDATES: Republicans propose delaying Trump's impeachment to February
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed delaying former President Trump's impeachment trial until February so the former president's new legal team will have time to prepare his defense. The Democrat-led House rushed a vote last week to impeach Trump for "incitement of insurrection" after a violent mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 and delayed the certification of President Biden's electoral college win. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she expects to transmit the article to the Senate "soon" to launch a Senate trial. But McConnell told his GOP colleagues on a call Thursday that a two-week delay would allow Trump to ready his legal defense and ensure due process. Follow below for updates on Trump's impeachment.
ADT home security technician pleads guilty to spying on over 200 couples having sex
A former ADT Security Services technician in Texas pleaded guilty Thursday to hacking home security footage so he could watch naked women and couples having sex, prosecutors said. Aviles added his personal email address to customers’ “ADT Pulse” accounts, which gave him real-time access to the video feeds from their homes, prosecutors said. In some occasions, Aviles claimed he temporarily added himself in the accounts so he could “test” the system, and in other instances, he accessed the customers’ accounts without their knowledge, according to prosecutors. During the computer fraud scheme, Aviles also admitted he kept tabs on the accounts of attractive women so he could watch videos of them naked, and he also watched couples having sex in their homes, prosecutors said. Aviles faces up to five years in federal prison.
Maryland Rep. Andy Harris prevented from entering US House chamber with gun
A Maryland congressman was reportedly prevented from entering the US House chamber on Thursday when his firearm set off the newly installed metal detectors. Republican Rep. Andy Harris was stopped after House security “saw a firearm on [his] person” and he never made it onto the floor while armed, a Capitol official told The Baltimore Sun. Harris returned to the House chamber security checkpoint about 10 minutes later, making it through without setting off the magnetometer, HuffPost reported. House members are allowed to carry firearms on Capitol grounds, but are barred from entering the floor while armed, according to the reports. Metal detectors were installed at select entrances to the House chamber to beef up security in wake of the Capitol riot.
Portland rioting against Biden inauguration leads to charges for 4, more likely to follow
Four people arrested in Portland, Ore., rioting on Wednesday were formally charged with crimes ranging from riot to unlawful possession of a destructive device, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced Thursday. About 150 people marched on the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon and a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building to protest against President Joe Biden's inauguration. Nuchraska was charged with rioting, unlawful possession of a destructive device, and criminal mischief. Trevor Colter, 26, is accused of throwing a projectile at officers as they tried to disperse a crowd at the ICE building. PORTLAND RIOTERS DAMAGE ICE BUILDING; POLICE DECLARE 'UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY'Nicole Rose, 25, also allegedly broke a window at the headquarters and was charged with rioting and criminal mischief.
Angel mom slams Biden immigration order as 'spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant'
Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald da Silva was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in 2002, told "The Ingraham Angle" Thursday that President Biden's order halting all deportations for the next 100 days is "spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant in this country." According to Gibboney, herself a legal immigrant to the U.S. from Hungary, the practical effect of the order is that "we are no longer citizens. AGNES GIBBONEY: I feel as a legal immigrant that this government is spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant in this country that contributed to this nation. As of January 20th, [the] United States officially became the socialist United States of America. But no, let's bring thousands more into our country who are not going to be able to contribute.
Ingraham: Biden immigration order shows new administration wants America 'united behind lawlessness'
The unity President Biden outlined in his inaugural address Wednesday is actually a vision of America "united behind lawlessness," Laura Ingraham told viewers Thursday. When Ingraham asked why Biden would sign such an order, she answered her own question. TUCKER CARLSON: BIDEN OPENS THE BORDER AND SHOWS WHO HE REALLY IS"In part, he's doing it to satisfy his party's radical open-border caucus. A crush of new illegal immigrants fully programmed by BLM-approved curriculum and far-left influence." "When a landscaper or a construction worker can no longer support his family ... because wages have been driven down due to the flood of illegal workers, Team Biden doesn't care.
Hannity: Biden 'already begging for a break' on first full day as president
Thursday marked President Biden's first full day as president, and the 78-year-old is "already begging for a break," Sean Hannity observed on his show Thursday. Biden was quick to dismiss an Associated Press reporter for attempting to question him on his previously-announced goal of having 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days in office. Reporter Zeke Miller asked whether the bar should be set "higher" to encourage a greater number of Americans to get vaccinated. "Apparently only one serious question from a reporter was a little too much for him to handle," said the "Hannity" host. Hannity also discussed the impeachment push against former President Donald Trump, urging Biden to call off a trial and back up his repeated calls for unity.
National Guardsmen ‘banished’ to DC parking garage, forced to leave Capitol: report
Thousands of National Guardsmen were “banished” to a cramped parking garage after being abruptly forced to leave parts of the US Capitol grounds Thursday, according to reports. Photos appear to show officers lying on the cement ground to rest and sleeping while leaning against concrete pillars inside the garage, angering some officers. The National Guard Bureau said the troop had been temporarily relocated because Congress is in session. “The National Guard continues to assist and support the U.S. Capitol Police. A US National Guard spokesman later told a FOX News reporter that troops will likely be moved to the Capitol Visitors Center amid outrage over the garage situation.
Miguel Cardona: What to know about Biden's education secretary pick
Here's everything to know about Cardona, 45, Connecticut's education commissioner:He was an ESL learner in Connecticut public schoolsCardona grew up in Meridien, Connecticut, speaking Spanish from birth with his Puerto Rican parents. He’s a lifelong educatorCardona currently serves as Connecticut’s education commissioner. Biden himself has advocated for most public schools to reopen within his first 100 days in office, and if confirmed, Cardona will be tasked with leading the effort. Still, during his hearing for education commissioner, Cardona said his work would center on public schools. Jeanne Allen, CEO of the Center for Education Reform, praised the choice of Cardona.
Denis McDonough: What to know about Biden's VA secretary pick
President Biden entered office Wednesday without any cabinet members by his side, as they await confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate. If confirmed by the Senate, Denis McDonough will become only the second non-veteran to serve in the roll. The soon to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs may not have any military or healthcare experience, but he is no stranger to the White House. "Good to see the roster of [Department of Veteran Affairs] leadership coming together," Bulter said in a tweet Wednesday. What he plans to doMcDonough said that he will prioritize "making our VA more welcoming to all veterans, including our women veterans, veterans of color and LGBTQ veterans," reported the Military Times.
Nashville parents criticize school board chair for taking Caribbean vacation while most schools were shut down
Nashville parents whose kids have been learning virtually from home since last spring are pushing for schools to reopen and criticizing school board chair Christiane Buggs for traveling internationally amid the pandemic. Surely, if it is safe enough to do these things, it is safe enough to open schools," a spokesperson for Let Nashville Parents Choose told Fox News Thursday. SOME SCHOOLS DIDN'T SHOW INAUGURATION IN CLASSROOMS OVER CONCERNS OF POTENTIAL VIOLENCEElementary school students temporarily returned to school for in-person classes in the fall, but middle and high school students have been at home since the pandemic first broke out last spring. "The actions of our School Board Chair are hypocritical, inexcusable and offer no hope to the over 55% of parents in our district that elected 'in person' for our district," Claxton said Wednesday. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Metro Nashville school board says they think schools may be able to reopen soon, but the timeline is uncertain.
Gingrich: Dems 'methodically trying to destroy conservatism' with Biden as 'pleasant cover'
President Biden's "radical" inner circle is working to "destroy" the legacy of President Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned on "Hannity" Thursday. "I think you are seeing the hysteria of the Biden system, because it’s not really about Biden himself," Gingrich told host Sean Hannity. "On the very day he was sworn in as president, he signed an executive order to destroy the 1776 Commission. Gingrich went on to contrast the "smiling" visage of Biden on the inaugural stage with the dangerous and divisive policies he immediately enacted upon leaving it. "He's just the pleasant cover, below which they are methodically trying to destroy conservatism."
Biden proposes extending nuclear arms treaty with Russia for 5 years
President Joe Biden has proposed extending a nuclear arms treaty with Russia before it expires next month, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a Thursday press conference. Russia has said for some time that it would welcome an extension of the New START treaty, which limits the number of U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons. The Trump administration made a late bid to extend the treaty, but its conditions were rejected by Russia. "Extending the treaty's limitations on stockpiles of strategic nuclear weapons until 2026 allows time and space for our two nations to explore new verifiable arms control arrangements that could further reduce risks to Americans," he said. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg earlier Thursday called on the United States and Russia to extend the treaty and to later broaden it.
Maryland Gov. Hogan pushes to reopen schools for hybrid learning
Larry Hogan is going all in on a push to reopen schools in the state for hybrid learning by the beginning of March. Reopening recommendations issued to Maryland schools from state health officials offer two learning scenarios for elementary students, secondary students, students with disabilities, special learning needs, or difficulty learning remotely, and career/technology students. Under option one, which has been recommended by state officials, students with disabilities, special learning needs, or difficulty learning remotely, and career/technology students would have daily-in person learning. However, elementary students would have hybrid learning with phased daily in-person learning if health and safety requirements can be met while secondary students would have remote learning with phased hybrid learning if health and safety requirements can be met. In addition, the state is prioritizing teachers and education staff for COVID-19 vaccinations, with plans from Maryland school systems already underway.
Ned Ryun: Biden's executive actions show the American people 'are not even an afterthought' to him
President Biden is not bothering to consider the welfare of the American people by issuing sweeping orders that will lead to thousands of lost jobs, and thousands of illegal immigrants on welfare rolls, American Majority CEO Ned Ryun told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday. "It's very clear from their [the administration's] actions that the American people are not even an afterthought," Ryun told host Tucker Carlson. Throw them onto our social welfare programs?" Oh, I don't know, maybe because he stood up and said, 'Hey, here's a shocking concept: why don't we actually prioritize the American worker and the American taxpayer to promote their interests and policies?'" CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"The left has completely taken over the Democratic Party ...," Ryun concluded.
Politico rips media's euphoric inaugural coverage: 'Tone down the Biden adulation'
Politico's venerable media writer Jack Shafer called out members of the press Thursday for their over-the-top coverage of President Biden's inauguration. "At a time when large portions of the country think mainstream media is a tool of the left, perhaps it’s time to tone down the Biden adulation," Shafer wrote in the piece, which was headlined "How About a Little Sobriety, Please?" Shafer began by jokingly calling for an "emergency system" in Washington D.C. to drain the city of "the torrents of praise, approval and adoration the press poured down on President Joe Biden." "CNN glowed almost as brightly about the event as a state media would have," Shafer said of the anti-Trump network. "In fact, it was very low-fi without the Mall-filling, cheering crowds, the parades and the balls that ordinarily pad the swearing-in."
Georgia man allegedly scams nearly $1M from grocery store
When this enterprising teen got a job at a Georgia Kroger, he got right to work – scamming nearly $1 million from the store during the two weeks he worked there, according to police. Police in Gwinnett County said 19-year-old Tre Brown scammed more than $980,000 from the Duluth, Georgia, grocery store where he worked in December and January. Brown created more than 40 returns for non-existent items and put them on credit cards, police said. He used the money to buy two vehicles, clothes, shoes and guns, according to police. Police said Brown totaled one of the vehicles he bought with the money before he was arrested, but “a large sum of the money” was returned after his arrest.
Kamala Harris will live at Blair House while official VP residence is repaired
Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff will temporarily reside in Blair House as repairs are made to the official vice presidential mansion at the Naval Observatory, a report said. The move, requested by the Navy, entails replacing chimney liners and other maintenance to Number One Observatory Circle, an aide to Harris told CBS News. It was not immediately clear how long Harris and Emhoff will have to stay in Blair House, which is across the street from the White House and is typically used to host the president’s guests. Once Harris and Emhoff officially move to the Queen Anne-style house on the observatory’s grounds, it will mark the eighth time a vice president has lived there. The house, which was built in 1893, is on 12 acres of the 72-acre grounds of the still-operational US Naval Observatory.
Florida man wanted in Capitol riot busted after returning to DC for inauguration
A Florida man wanted for allegedly storming the US Capitol was arrested when he brainlessly returned to Washington, DC, for the presidential inauguration Wednesday, officials said. “[He] decided that he should attempt to attend the inauguration rather than turn himself into authorities,” the court filing states. '”When agents tried to arrest him at his home on Tuesday, and he had already fled back to Washington DC, prosecutors said. Authorities attempted to arrest Samuel Camargo at his home in Florida, but he returned to Washington DC for President Biden’s inauguration. The events leading to his arrest in DC were not immediately clear.
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had no raise in 2020 - but still made $31.5M
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's annual compensation for 2020 remained unchanged from the year prior, holding steady at $31.5 million. JPMorgan is the first large U.S. bank to report the compensation of its chief executive. Dimon, 64, became CEO of JPMorgan Chase in 2005. The billionaire, a former chairman of the non-profit CEO group, The Business Roundtable, is consistently one of the highest-paid U.S. bank bosses. The latter move makes JPMorgan the first bank to operate branches in all of the lower 48 states.
Missouri diversity session tells teachers 'colorblindness,' 'all lives matter' are forms of white supremacy
Newly released materials shed light on a training session in which Missouri middle school teachers were pressured to endorse certain ideas about race and told that "covert" white supremacy included things like "colorblindness." Under "covert," the handout listed "all lives matter," "white silence," "claiming reverse-racism," "calling the police on Black people," and "treating kids of color as adults." "So, there's a saying -- go back with me to high school -- I was a high school debater," Sullivan responded. News of the training came on the same day that President Biden rolled backed his predecessor's executive order opposing critical race theory. LEGAL COALITION FORMING TO STOP CRITICAL RACE THEORY TRAINING AROUND THE COUNTRYSchools and governments across the nation have reportedly seen training like these in the wake of Floyd's death last year.
Obama praises Biden's executive order blitz: 'This is a time for boldness'
Former President Barack Obama praised President Biden on Thursday for enacting a sweeping slate of executive orders within hours of his inauguration as president. Biden signed a total of 17 executive orders within minutes of entering the Oval Office for the first time on Wednesday and an additional 10 orders related to the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday. "This is a time for boldness and President Biden is already delivering," Obama wrote on Twitter. Biden renewed the U.S. commitment to the Paris climate agreement, an international accord to reduce carbon emissions, just three years after President Trump withdrew support. Biden signed an executive order requiring masks to be worn on federal land and government buildings.
Tucker Carlson: Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border and shows who he really is
Joe Biden is all heart, closer to a religious leader than an accountant. It's all pretty hilarious if you know anything about Cesar Chavez the man as opposed to the bronze image in the Oval Office. CESAR CHAVEZ: FIVE THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT UNION LEADER'S LIFENo one in Central America believes Joe Biden really has any idea who Cesar Chavez was. Meanwhile, Luciano Dominguez-Trejo, arrested in this country for sexually assaulting a minor, gets to stay here, thanks to Joe Biden. Will any of these changes, these bigger things that Joe Biden has enacted on his very first day in office, actually help any living American?
Zillow fixes glitch that caused some real estate agents' sales to disappear
In the real estate business, word of mouth and good reviews go a long way. Continue Reading BelowSo some real estate agents were surprised and concerned when data like their listings or sales history recently disappeared from popular real estate website Zillow over the weekend. It says it’s the most visited real estate website in the U.S. with more than 200 million visitors each month. On Thursday night, Zillow said it had restored all past sales and that current listings would be restored to agents' profiles within two weeks. “Accurate and comprehensive data is central to our mission to simplify and streamline real estate transactions and deliver a more integrated experience to customers,” the company wrote in the post.
Joe Biden’s presidential term will be one long PC struggle session
It’s an odd way to seek national unity: call a significant portion of the American public white supremacists, racists and nativists. But to Biden’s speechwriters, steeped in academic victimology, racial inequity is always with us, requiring constant remediation from government. Reflexive invocations of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” have become the Tourette’s syndrome of left-wing professors and activists. The “systemic racism” conceit means that every American institution is illegitimate and needs to be reconstructed. Biden’s Cabinet nominees, whether in health, finance, environmental policy or education, have declared that eradicating systemic racism is their top priority.
President Biden appears to remove Trump’s Diet Coke button from Oval Office
President Biden appears to have gotten rid of the Diet Coke button his predecessor Donald Trump used on the resolute desk in the Oval Office. “President Biden has removed the Diet Coke button,” Dunn wrote. “Eventually Trump pressed it, and a butler swiftly brought in a Diet Coke on a silver platter. President Donald Trump’s Diet Coke button in the Oval Office. “Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button,” Trump told a Financial Times reporter.
Sen. Grassley calls on Biden to condemn protesting in Oregon, Washington
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, took to twitter Thursday night to call on President Biden to condemn Inauguration Day protests turned violent riots in Portland and Seattle. Portland police reported that roughly 75 people marched up to the Democratic Party headquarters and vandalized the building with spray paint and broke windows. "I’m waiting for Pres Biden to condemn violence/looting/arson last two days in Oregon & Washington state," Grassley said Thursday. The protests that proceeded Wednesday’s inauguration were reminiscent of the violent protests carried out last summer. "Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path," Biden said during his inaugural address Wednesday.
House progressives caution against expanding security state after Capitol riots
Progressive members of Congress are urging their colleagues to exercise restraint in responding to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Omar was one of the signatories to a Tuesday letter imploring congressional leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., not to expand U.S. national security powers. Their pleas came just after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a joint podcast in which she and Pelosi called for a "9/11-type commission." The commission's report precipitated the creation of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and called for the creation of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Part of the post-9/11 war on terror entailed controversial surveillance powers that were criticized for potential infringements on civil liberties.
Forget ‘unity’: Biden’s moralizing mantra is more likely to divide
Inaugural addresses are meant to be aspirational, so President Biden might as well have doubled down on his call for unity in his speech on Wednesday. But by making unity his goal and the standard by which he will be judged, Biden is setting himself up for failure. This is how self-styled unifiers end up becoming high-handed and divisive (Biden’s ex-boss, former President Barack Obama, often fell into this trap). Regardless, there are deep factors in our politics and society that make unity more difficult to achieve than when Biden came up in politics. This won’t be transformative, but there actually might be some unity around the proposition that it will be a welcome change.
Letters to the editor — Jan. 22, 2021
Michael Goodwin is correct, and Sen. Mitch McConnell needs to either step down as a GOP leader or be removed immediately (“Mitch’s betrayal hurts the nation,” Jan. 20). McConnell seems to forget that at least 74 million people just voted to reelect President Donald Trump, and Trump won Kentucky by a massive 62 percent. Being a conservative, not registered Republican, I will not vote Republican again. And they all blame Trump for the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, when there is evidence the riots were planned before the rally. John KirkwoodWestwood, NJIf McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate vote to impeach Trump, I am through with the Republicans.
Georgia couple ate, hid pot in ‘a body cavity’ during car chase: cops
A Georgia couple on a high-speed car chase with cops tried to hide their weed by actually eating it, authorities said. Passenger Brian Turner, 22, allegedly ate a bag of pot and driver Whitney Bailey, 23, allegedly hid marijuana in a “body cavity” during the chase in Carrollton Sunday night, WAGA-TV reported. The chase began when the owner of a Nissan sedan reported he loaned the car to Bailey but she refused to return it. Cops tracked Bailey in the stolen car and stopped her when they boxed her in. Police say Bailey stuffed the pot in her body but didn’t reveal where, the station reported.
Biden’s COVID war plan is a dud
President Biden released his COVID war plan Thursday, promising “help is on the way.” Alas, it’s far from clear the strategy will meet the challenge. That’s all great, but Biden’s goal of 100 million vaccines in 100 days, or 1 million a day, as Betsy McCaughey noted Thursday, won’t create herd immunity by July. For that, the nation needs to vaccinate at least 1.8 million people daily. The plan also puts a high priority on ensuring “equity, including across racial, ethnic and rural/urban lines.” How about just ensuring everyone gets vaxxed? Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned again Thursday of “a profound shortage” of the vaccine in the city.
The right — and wrong — way to probe the Capitol riot
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others on the left are pushing for a “9/11-type” commission to probe the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. It would be great to have a truly neutral probe of what went wrong that day — one that all Americans could trust to dig up and share all the facts. Worse, Pelosi and Hillary Clinton appear to want to probe, for the umpteenth time, the possibility of Trump-Russia collusion behind the turmoil. “There is strong interest in a 9/11-type outside commission” to review the Capitol rioting, Pelosi said Friday. “All roads lead to Putin,” Pelosi responded.
New York Times contributor loses think tank job over tweet suggesting Biden should 'lynch Mike Pence'
A contributing opinion writer for The New York Times was fired from his think tank job Thursday over a tweet that jokingly suggested former Vice President Mike Pence be lynched in order to unify the country. Now-former Niskanen Center Vice President for Research Will Wilkinson raised eyebrows Wednesday night when he offered some tongue-in-cheek advice for President Biden following his inaugural address call for unity. The apology was not good enough for the Niskanen Center, which said in a statement that it "appreciates and encourages interesting and provocative online discourse. As such, the Niskanen Center has, with a heavy heart, parted ways with Will Wilkinson. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPA Times spokesperson told Fox News, "Advocating violence of any form, even in jest, is unacceptable and against the standards of The New York Times.
Anita Dunn: What to know about Biden’s senior adviser
Veteran Democratic operative Anita Dunn will be joining the White House temporarily as a senior adviser to President Joe Biden. She advised former President Barack Obama during his first campaign and later served in his administration as a senior adviser and communications director. Dunn also served as a senior adviser on Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. She resigned from her position in the Obama administration later that year. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDunn is one of many Obama administration officials to be joining the Biden administration.
Dana Loesch 'cannot for the life of me figure out' why Dems won't denounce latest Antifa violence
The same Democratic lawmakers and liberal media members who have rightfully condemned the Jan. 6 Capitol at every turn are remaining mum as fresh Antifa riots break out in Portland and Seattle, national radio host Dana Loesch told "Fox News Primetime" Thursday. Police arrested eight people on Wednesday for vandalizing state Democratic Party headquarters in Portland hours afrer after President Joe Biden's inauguration. More than 150 rioters also caused damage to a federal immigration facility in the city. While Biden ran with an emphasis on "unity," Loesch questioned whether Democrats rush to denounce violence only when it fits their political agenda. TOM COTTON: ANTIFA RIOTERS WON'T STOP BECAUSE BIDEN IS PRESIDENT"I don't know why they don't go near this topic," she told host Brian Kilmeade.
Seattle Antifa rioters damage first Starbucks in Biden protest
Police made three arrests for crimes that included burglary, assault and property damage. The left-wing militants vandalized numerous buildings, used smoke canisters and moved objects into the roadway to create barriers, authorities said. The damage included Starbucks first location, which opened in 1971 on Pike Place. Images released by the Seattle Police Department shows the store's front windows smashed and police tape covering the entrance. One of the arrests made was of a 33-year-old man for property damage and burglary of the coffee shop, police said.
Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down
In Portland, Black Lives Matter-Antifa made good on their pre-announced "J20" (January 20) riot. When Portland Police responded, they confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar, pepper spray and homemade firebombs from Antifa. Later that night, Antifa regrouped in southwest Portland where they chanted, "F– Joe Biden" while marching to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Portland Police arrested seven, three of whom were also charged over riots last year. In Seattle, hundreds of Antifa shut down traffic in downtown as they trashed roads and started street fires.
Freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Biden
Georgia conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Thursday made good on her promise to file articles of impeachment against President Biden. "I’ve just filed articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden, we will see how this goes," Greene said. "President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama's Vice President is lengthy and disturbing," she wrote in a statement Thursday. REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE VOWS TO FILE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AGAINST BIDENGreene announced last week, just hours after the House’s historic second impeachment of President Trump, that she would bring articles of impeachment against Biden.
President Biden signs mask mandate via executive order for planes, trains, buses
President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Thursday that makes face masks mandatory for air travel and other modes of commercial transportation. "We'll be signing an additional executive action to extend masking requirements on interstate travel, like on trains, planes and buses," Biden said in a televised address, made on his first day in office. PRESIDENT BIDEN EXPECTED TO MANDATE MASKS ON PLANES, IN AIRPORTS AS PART OF EXECUTIVE ORDERShortly after Biden was sworn in as president on Jan. 20, he signed an executive action that made masks and social distancing mandatory on federal property. "Today's executive action on a mask mandate for interstate travel, including airports and planes, will provide much needed back up for Flight Attendants and aviation workers on the frontlines. Biden explained this mandate is meant to protect Americans from the new COVID variants that are being found around the globe.
Hawley rips Senate Democrats for ethics complaint, says they're 'trying to silence dissent'
In a complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee, a group of seven Democrats said Hawley and Cruz "lent legitimacy to the mob’s cause" and should be investigated for potential conduct violations. "Joe Biden and the Democrats talk about unity but are brazenly trying to silence dissent," Hawley said in a statement on the ethics complaint. "This latest effort is a flagrant abuse of the Senate ethics process and a flagrant attempt to exact partisan revenge." Hawley and Cruz were among the lawmakers forced to flee the Capitol during the unprecedented security breach. "The Senate Ethics Committee should investigate their conduct to fully understand their role," the complaint said.
White House says Biden is a 'devout Catholic' when asked about abortion policies
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki described President Biden as a "devout Catholic" after being asked about his stances on taxpayer funding for abortion. The former bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortion under most circumstances, while the latter restricts taxpayer funding of abortion abroad. "What is President Biden doing on those two items right now?" The Mexico City Policy, which blocks overseas funding for abortion, has repeatedly been reversed and reinstated by previous administrations. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBiden isn't the only politician to claim faithfulness to the Catholic church while supporting abortion access.
Newly elected DNC chair pledges ’50 state’ strategy
Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison on Thursday was formally elected by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as the party’s new chairman. Clyburn was a top Biden surrogate during the 2020 campaign and lobbied the president-elect to pick Harrison as DNC chair. Harrison’s naming as DNC chair by Biden was well received by national and state party officials. He did a fantastic job as state chair and has done a great job as an associate chair of the DNC the last four years." One of Harrison’s jobs going forward as DNC chair will be fundraising.
Feds charge NYC sanitation worker in Capitol riot after Post story
Federal authorities charged a city Department of Sanitation worker in the Capitol riot — after The Post identified him and revealed clear photos of him at the scene of the Jan. 6 siege, according to court documents. In an affidavit by an FBI agent supporting the complaint, the investigator repeatedly mentions a Jan. 14 Post story that helped authorities identify the Q-Anon-backing garbage man. “In the surveillance video, he is wearing the same blue hooded sweatshirt and carrying the same flag as seen in the New York Post article photograph,” the FBI agent wrote. Finally, an investigator from the city’s Department of Investigation interviewed someone who worked with Madden at the Sanitation Department, who identified him after being shown the Post article, according to court papers. Five people died in the siege after Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
De Blasio: ‘I want to be fair’ but Biden COVID vaccines won’t hit NYC right away
President Biden’s plan to boost production of coronavirus vaccines won’t solve the city’s looming shortfall, Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted Thursday while dancing around questions about when more shots will be available. New Yorkers seeking protection from deadly COVID-19 have seen their appointments canceled since de Blasio warned Tuesday that the city’s supply of vaccines would run dry by Friday. Dennis A. ClarkAdditional vaccines are expected to arrive sometime early next week, the department said, but it didn’t provide any additional details. “Demand is far outstripping supply and at the pace we’re on, New York City will run out of vaccine,” a spokeswoman said. “When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible — come on, gimme a break, man!
McConnell seeks two-week delay for impeachment trial so Trump can form legal team
WASHINGTON — Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Thursday proposed delaying Donald Trump’s impeachment trial until mid-February, giving the former president’s legal team time to mount a defense. In a statement, McConnell said he had offered a proposed timeline to new Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) which would see the House present the impeachment articles to the Senate on Jan. 28 and allow Trump’s legal team 14 days to prepare their pre-trial brief. Many Democrats have wanted to delay the trial to avoid distracting from Biden’s early legislative agenda, which includes an enormous $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package. On Thursday, McConnell said that Senate Republicans would not allow a “half-baked” trial process. said Thursday on CNN that Democrats would be happy to delay Trump’s impeachment trial if it meant the confirmation of Biden’s secretaries.
How NY’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout derailed — and where it stands now
More than a month after a Queens nurse became the first American to receive the coronavirus vaccine, New York’s inoculation rollout has slowed to a crawl, with stockpiles of the shots drying up. Why are supplies of the coronavirus vaccine running low in New York? Part of the issue is a delay in deliveries from Moderna — one of two manufacturers of a coronavirus vaccine — for which city officials are still seeking an explanation. Can I still get a coronavirus vaccine in New York? The city, state and various clinics have their own registration process.
Port Authority unveils plans to replace NYC bus terminal by 2031
New York City’s hellacious Midtown bus terminal is finally on the way out — with a replacement terminal set to begin construction as soon as 2024, Port Authority officials said Thursday. “Everyone knows the bus terminal. The terminal’s existing ramps, which stretch multiple blocks between 41st and 38th streets, will be replaced with an bus storage building and two new public parks. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is one of the New York region’s most important transit hubs, carrying 270,000 trips per day before the COVID-19 pandemic — mostly to and from New Jersey. The replacement facility is expected to cost between $7 billion and $10 billion, though the Port Authority declined to give a solid number, citing ongoing contingencies.
Dr. Manny Alvarez On President Biden’s Promise To Vaccinate 100 Million Americans In 100 Days
On today's Guy Benson Show, Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News Contributor and senior health analyst talked about President Biden's promise to vaccinate 100 Million Americans In 100 DaysListen To The Full Interview Below:
Fauci says working under Biden administration ‘liberating’
When fielding questions on the Biden administration’s plan to tackle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the nation’s top infectious expert said he feels free to "let the science speak" under the new administration — which he described as a "liberating feeling." Shortly before departing the podium during an appearance at a White House press briefing on Thursday afternoon, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked by a reporter if he feels "less constrained" under the new administration. "The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence and science is, and know that’s it — let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating feeling." That was literally a conversation I had 15 minutes ago with the president, and he has said that multiple times." Additionally, Fauci noted that the new administration would not be "starting from scratch" in terms of a coronavirus vaccine distribution effort.
GOP proposes delaying Trump impeachment trial until February
Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing delaying former Donald Trump's impeachment trial until February so the former president's new legal team will have time to prepare his defense. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she expects to transmit the article to the Senate "soon" to immediately launch a Senate trial. South Carolina attorney Butch Bowers will represent Trump in his impeachment trial and serve as the team "anchor," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said Thursday. And new Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., would also need to be supportive of the impeachment timeline. Under the McConnell proposal, the Senate would swear in the impeachment court on Jan. 28 and issue a summons to Trump.
New York Times contributor loses think tank job over tweet suggesting Biden should 'lynch Mike Pence'
A contributing opinion writer for The New York Times was fired from his think tank job Thursday over a tweet that jokingly suggested former Vice President Mike Pence be lynched in order to unify the country. Now-former Niskanen Center Vice President for Research Will Wilkinson raised eyebrows Wednesday night when he offered some tongue-in-cheek advice for President Biden following his inaugural address call for unity. The apology was not good enough for the Niskanen Center, which said in a statement that it "appreciates and encourages interesting and provocative online discourse. As such, the Niskanen Center has, with a heavy heart, parted ways with Will Wilkinson. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPA Times spokesperson told Fox News, "Advocating violence of any form, even in jest, is unacceptable and against the standards of The New York Times.
Joy Behar slams Sens. Cruz and Hawley as 'enemies of this country'
Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Josh Hawley, R-Mo. "enemies of this country" on Thursday, claiming the two Republican senators "are encouraging insurrections" and "violence." As Behar was sharing her takeaways from the ceremony she said that she wants to know, "How did Ted Cruz ever get in there?" "I consider him an enemy," Behar said, before saying she doesn’t "necessarily consider Mitch McConnell an enemy even though I think he’s a political enemy." "But I think that Cruz and Hawley are enemies of this country, that they are encouraging insurrections [and] violence," Behar continued.
Biden fires back at AP reporter over question about vaccine rollout goal: 'C'mon, gimme a break, man'
President Biden was quick Thursday to dismiss an Associated Press reporter who attempted to ask him a question at one of Biden's first events as president. While Biden signed executive orders meant to combat the coronavirus outbreak, AP White House reporter Zeke Miller pressed him about his previously-announced goal of having 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days in office. MEDIA MEMBERS DECLARE RETURN OF REALITY, TRUTH WITH BIDEN PRESIDENCY"When I announced it, you all said it was not possible," Biden told Miller. "It's a good start, 100 million," the president added before walking away from reporters. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDuring the election, Biden rarely took questions from reporters covering his campaign.
NRA loses bid to move New York AG suit from NYC to Albany
The National Rifle Association lost its bid Thursday to move the New York attorney general’s civil suit against it from Manhattan to Albany. “If the NRA has an office of corporation, it would be New York County unless and until the NRA amends their certificate of corporation,” Cohen said in the Thursday ruling. “It would be inappropriate to find that he AG cannot pursue her claims in state court just because the defendant would prefer to pursue them in federal court,” Cohen added. And therefore, the case should not only be moved upstate but should also be moved to federal court. On Friday, the NRA announced it would be reincorporating in Texas and “breaking free from the toxic political environment of New York,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said in a statement.
Biden’s militarized inauguration showcased Democrats’ insecurity
That’s what we witnessed at President Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday: a grim testament to the fundamental insecurity and fragility of the re-ascendant liberal elite. Having filled the nation’s capital with enough soldiers to invade a small country, the Democrats went further and suggested that the National Guard troops might not be trustworthy. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) observed, “The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. Greg Abbott, who was among the governors furnishing National Guard troops to the Capital, was dismayed. No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas National Guard.
Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down
In Portland, Black Lives Matter-Antifa made good on their pre-announced “J20” (January 20) riot. When Portland Police responded, they confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar, pepper spray and homemade firebombs from Antifa. Later that night, Antifa regrouped in southwest Portland where they chanted, “F– Joe Biden” while marching to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Portland Police arrested seven, three of whom were also charged over riots last year. Like their black-clad brethren in Portland, they used umbrellas to shield one another.
Joe Biden makes Scorpio most represented presidential zodiac sign
Joe Biden, a Scorpio, was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday — making the water sign the most represented zodiac sign among US presidents. Biden, 78 (born Nov. 20, 1942), joins past POTUS’ Theodore Roosevelt, John Adams, James K. Polk, Warren G. Harding and James Garfield as the sixth Scorpio head of state in the nation’s history. All of the aforementioned Oval Office all-stars were born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 22. Biden shares a number of those traits with Vice President Kamala Harris (a Libra, born Oct. 20, 1964). Similar to his unseating Trump as commander in chief, Biden’s birthday symbol unseated Aquarius (born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18) which was previously tied with Scorpio for the most presidential astrological sign.
Michigan man charged with assaulting Capitol cops with hockey stick, FBI says
A Michigan man carrying a hockey stick during the U.S. Capitol insurrectionist riot struck police officers who were outdoors trying to protect the building, the FBI said Thursday. Specifically, the video shows a large crowd of individuals gathered around an entrance to the U.S. Capitol," according to a criminal complaint. "It further shows the man with the hockey stick lifting the stick above his head and swinging it down rapidly, striking an individual on the ground several times. ... Foy raises his hockey stick above his head in celebration," the FBI said. Foy is the second Michigan man to be charged in the Capitol violence.
Chinese state newspaper shares left-wing supercut praising Biden press secretary
A Chinese Communist Party-affiliated newspaper shared a left-wing media company's supercut Thursday that favorably contrasted Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki with Donald Trump's first spokesman Sean Spicer. "Day 1 in the White House: How do the first WH press conferences differ under the Trump and Biden administrations?" "Liberal media outlets and Chinese propaganda outlets in lockstep celebrating the new administration's great relationship with the press," the conservative Washington Free Beacon's Brent Scher tweeted. The commentary was typical of the enthusiasm from the press greeting Biden on his first day in office. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPChinese state media were not the only ones who enjoyed the Recount's video.
Leon Panetta: Biden 'sending an important message to the world that the United States is back'
President Biden devoted his first moments in office to rejoining multinational efforts like the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization (WHO), moves former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said were a great first step. Continue Reading Below“It’s an important message to the world that the United States is back,” he told FOX Business' “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Thursday. “The key in a global world is not to run away from a global world, it’s to engage with a global world. “Whether it’s trade, whether it’s security, whether it’s finances, that’s the reality of the kind of world we live in,” he continued. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESS“Joe Biden recognizes the threats from China like we all do,” he said.
Twitter sued by survivor of child sexual exploitation
"Plaintiff John Doe was solicited and recruited for sex trafficking as a minor," reads the lawsuit brought in part by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE). "After John Doe escaped from the manipulation, child sexual abuse material depicting John Doe was disseminated on Twitter. Instead, a spokesperson told Fox News: "Twitter has zero-tolerance for any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation. The filing also details communication between John Doe, his mother and Twitter. DHS told Fox News it wasn't able to comment on pending litigation.
Fauci debunks CNN reporting, says Biden's vaccine rollout not 'starting from scratch'
Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared Thursday to completely debunk CNN's much-criticized report that the Biden administration was "starting from scratch" with its coronavirus vaccine rollout after anonymous sources claimed that the new White House inherited "no plan" from the Trump administration. During the White House press briefing, Fauci was asked directly by NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker if the new administration was "starting from scratch." CNN White House correspondent MJ Lee, who authored the controversial report, defended her reporting on social media, characterizing Fauci as "a holdover from the Trump administration." "Lee, after getting spun bad info by her source, labels Fauci a 'holdover from the Trump administration' !! "The only thing more embarrassing than MJ Lee’s fake news about Biden 'starting from scratch' on the vaccine is this tweet," Grabien Media founder and news editor Tom Elliott wrote.
Biden has ‘bigger issues’ to worry about than following own mask mandate: Psaki
President Biden has "bigger issues" to worry about than following his own rule about wearing a face mask on federal property, according to White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki. Hours earlier, he had signed a mandate requiring masks on federal property, as well as on interstate public travel. BIDEN SPOTTED MASKLESS ON FEDERAL PROPERTYFox News’ Peter Doocy questioned the press secretary about the Biden family’s maskless moments during a Thursday briefing. WHITE HOUSE PRESSED ON BIDEN'S UNITY MESSAGE AMID TRUMP IMPEACHMENT PUSH"I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time," Psaki said. "That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property.
'Squad' member Rashida Tlaib calls Ted Cruz 'dumba--' for tweet against Paris climate accords
Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib aimed a succinct insult at Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, on Thursday after he criticized President Biden’s pledge to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. Immediately after entering the Oval Office for the first time as president, Biden signed an executive order that authorizes re-entry into the climate accord in a 30-day process. Former President Donald Trump rankled Democrats in 2017 when he withdrew U.S. support for the Paris agreement. The Paris Climate Agreement was so named because it was adopted at an international conference held in the French city. In a lengthy statement on Biden’s executive order, Cruz asserted the renewed commitment to the climate pledge would "destroy jobs" that Democrats "don’t like."
Germany cautious to end latest COVID-19 lockdown due to risk of more contagious variant
Amid its latest COVID-19 lockdown and a promising decline in new coronavirus infections, Germany is hesitant to ease restrictions because of the risk posed by a more contagious variant. On Thursday, Germany’s disease control center said that 20,398 new cases were reported over the past 24 hours, nearly 5,000 fewer than a week ago. "Then it would be too late to prevent a third wave of the pandemic, and possibly an even heavier one than before. Merkel said that Germany won’t be able to open up everything at once whenever the lockdown ends, declaring that schools must open first. She pointed to Britain’s experience in December, when the new variant took hold.
Hedge-fund tycoon says investors are like frogs slowly boiling in a pot
If you start to feel warm — with a sudden urge to hop out of the stock market — there might be a reason for that. A prominent hedge-fund tycoon said investors are like frogs who are getting slowly boiled in a pot as he warned of the risks of easy money from the US government to offset economic damage from the pandemic. “Trying to figure out if the economy is in recession is like trying to assess if you had a fever after you just took a large dose of aspirin,” Klarman wrote, according to a report by the Financial Times (paywall). “The fortunes of those already at the top bounding swiftly upward,” wrote Klarman, whose fund reportedly underperformed the market in 2020. Or as Klarman told his possibly disappointed investors, “The market’s usual role in price discovery has effectively been suspended.”
Obama-era gaslighting is back and other commentary
Media watch: Obama-Era Gaslighting Is BackAfter four years of complaints from the media that “outgoing President Donald Trump treated them as an enemy,” we are about to return to “the gaslighting of the Obama era,” predicts Ben Shapiro at RealClearPolitics. Outlets are already “praising the newfound veracity of President Biden’s press team,” even though his press secretary has previously been accused of lying to the media. As it turns out, the commitment of many in our media isn’t to truth or facts. It’s to monopolistic control.”COVID journal: About Those Predictions of DoomAn “ominous” December story in The Atlantic insisted “Iowa Gov. But the “tsunami” never materialized — the magazine’s own numbers show Iowa cases “have fallen by 47.8 percent” since publication.
Amazon offers Biden vaccine assistance after months of silence with Trump
Amazon is offering itself up as an ally to President-elect Biden in his effort to distribute the coronavirus vaccines, months after lobbying the Trump administration to prioritize its workers. In that correspondence, according to the Wall Street Journal, which obtained the letter, Clark asked for help in gaining access to the vaccine for their frontline workers. Bezos purchased The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million in cash, acquiring it separately of Amazon. The president’s relationship with Amazon, Bezos and The Washington Post did not improve with time. “We offered the Trump administration assistance on vaccines, built new tools for researchers & public health authorities, engaged Operation Warp Speed on logistics & advised on testing, & flew in PPE from China when America needed it most.”
‘Cocaine bananas’ shipped to grocery stores in botched operation
A botched drug-trafficking operation resulted in banana shipments stashed with cocaine being accidentally sent to Canadian grocery stores, authorities said. Police in Kelowna said Tuesday that 21 kilograms of cocaine were shipped from Colombia as part of the failed drug deal, Global News reported. The discovery was originally made by workers at a Kelowna grocery store who found 12 packages of cocaine hidden under a banana shipment in February 2019. Later that day, another grocery store owner contacted authorities about also discovering the drug in the fruit delivery. Police seized the two shipments of cocaine, which they estimate amounted to more than 800,000 doses, and launched an international investigation.
New CDC director says COVID vaccine won’t be in pharmacies when promised
The coronavirus vaccine won’t be widely available in US pharmacies by late February as previously promised, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. “We are going to, as part of our plan, put the vaccine in pharmacies. In early December, an official with Trump’s Operation Warp Speed said he hoped to immunize 100 million people by the end of February. “Between mid-December and the end of February, we will have potentially immunized 100 million people,” Moncef Slaoui, the operation’s scientific adviser, said at the time. As of Thursday, the US had administered 17.5 million vaccine doses, according to the CDC.
Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): If Biden Wants To Move On, He Should “Stop The Impeachment Travesty”
Email Embed+ Embed CodeEmbed the following code on your website:Watch the latest video at foxnews.comOn Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) discussed what he expects from working with the Biden administration and if former President Trump can really start a "Patriot Party." And (President Biden) not even willing to say President Trump is gone, are you guys wasting time on an impeachment trial to convict this guy? If he really was sincere about putting some of this animus to bed, he would say, let's stop that impeachment travesty. "I don't think that's really a winner, ultimately. We need to keep the seventy-four million people that voted for Donald Trump and we need to keep them together.
Pete Hegseth: After Biden’s Victory, The Left “Have The Cover To Go The Full Cancellation Route”
"They see they may have won the political sphere, but they're fighting a much longer and larger fight. Joe Biden's in the White House, but they've always been focused on cultural institutions and the other levels of power. The political is the final consolidation of it, but they just continue sort of the long, long view, authoritarian take. Any institutions that's not decided the right of center will eventually, over time, become left of center is basically the principle. And so now that they've got the political realm, they have the cover to to go the full cancelation route.
Five Things You Don’t Know About Dana Perino
On the latest Hemmer Time podcast, Bill is joined by Co-Anchor of America's Newsroom and Co-Host of The Five, Dana Perino to discuss their new show and the challenge of covering the new administration. Dana tells Bill about her experience as President George W. Bush's press secretary, how she learned to quickly interpret the news and what change Americans can expect from the Biden administration. Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillHemmer
Parler 'welcomes' FBI probe of company policies after House Oversight calls for review of Capitol riot role
Parler said it "welcomes" calls from the House Oversight Committee for a "robust examination" of its policies and said it has been "cooperating and will continue to" with law enforcement efforts in the investigation into the Capitol riot earlier this month. Parler’s comments come after House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., requested that the FBI investigate the social media platform’s "role" as a "potential facilitator" of planning or inciting the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6. "Parler welcomes Rep. Maloney’s call to have the Federal Bureau of Investigation conduct a robust examination of our policies and actions," Wernick said. "It is clear that Parler houses additional evidence critical to investigations of the attack on the Capitol," Maloney wrote. Parler was removed from Google Play and the Apple App Store following the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
CNN hosts silent after network exec accused of ‘sucking up’ to Biden administration
The Biden administration has deep ties to CNN, as former CNN global affairs analyst Antony Blinken has been selected to serve as secretary of state and Jen Psaki left her contributor gig at CNN to serve as press secretary. CNN EXEC ROASTED FOR DECLARING BIDEN’S INAUGURATION FIREWORKS ‘INSPIRE OUR FRIENDS AND SHAKE OUR FOES’"This team truly understands optics. "’Head of Strategic Comms @CNN Worldwide,’ sucking up so bad to the Biden administration and underlining the reality that if anyone at CNN dares to critically and vigorously cover the Biden administration, they'd best find other work or risk a stern talking to," NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote with to caption an image of the tweet. CNN reporters and pundits who often paint themselves as the gatekeepers of journalism ethics didn’t seem to have an issue with Dornic’s pro-Biden message. CNN reporters and pundits have made a habit of scolding members of the media who they didn’t feel were tough enough on the Trump administration.
McConnell: Biden ‘took several big steps in the wrong direction’ on Day One
Just one day after President Biden spoke of unity in his inaugural address to the nation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Democrat president has headed in "the wrong direction." GOP LOOKS TO BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TO ‘LOWER THE TEMPERATURE’ BUT VOICES SKEPTICISM"On the Biden administration's very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction," McConnell said, adding that there is time for Biden to "remember that he does not owe his election to the far left." Republicans have taken issue with the Paris climate agreement, an international accord joined by nearly 200 nations with the intent of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reversing the human impact on climate change. McConnell, along with other congressional GOP members, has similarly taken issue with Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone Pipeline XL. Some congressional Democrats have discussed removing the filibuster, a move McConnell urged senators to rethink.
Publishing exec defends plans to publish Sen. Hawley's book amid industry 'blacklist' trend
Regnery Publishing president Thomas Spence says "blacklisting" conservative authors and Trump allies has become common practice in the publishing industry – but he won’t let the un-American trend compromise his professional standards. Simon & Schuster decided not to publish an upcoming book from Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., following the pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. HAWLEY SIGNS WITH CONSERVATIVE PUBLISHER AFTER SIMON & SCHUSTER CANCELS BOOK"Blacklisting is becoming a form of virtue signaling, almost a badge of honor," Spence told "America's Newsroom" on Thursday. I don’t know that the publishers at Simon & Schuster or Random House or other publishers would explicitly sign onto that." Simon & Schuster would have published Hawley's book, "The Tyranny of Big Tech."
Top Dem admits passing Biden immigration bill a ‘Herculean' task amid GOP opposition
BIDEN IMMIGRATION BILL CHANGES 'ALIEN' TO 'NONCITIZEN' AS PART OF OVERHAULThe Citizenship Act of 2021 would give protected status and an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the country as of Jan. 1. While it includes some border security provisions, including increasing technology at ports, it is less muscular in those areas than in past attempts at immigration reform. Menendez was one of the bipartisan Gang of Eight who in 2013 worked an immigration reform compromise. "I believe we can do so on immigration reform," he said. Citizenship Act of 2021 in the Senate, I know that President Biden and Vice President Harris are going to be strong partners," he said.
Ted Cruz rips Senate Dems for pursuing 'vindictive' Trump impeachment despite Biden call for unity
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, ripped his Democratic colleagues on Thursday for moving forward with an impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, arguing that the move runs contrary to President Biden’s call for unity. Senate leaders have yet to announce a date for the impeachment trial, which will mark the first time in U.S. history that a president is tried after leaving office. "It seems that Senate Democrats, the response they have to that is they want to start the new Congress the very first thing, with a vindictive and punitive impeachment trial," Cruz told reporters. Biden reiterated his call for unity during his inaugural address on Wednesday, pledging that he would be a "president for all Americans." The House impeached Trump on a single count of "incitement of insurrection" just days before he left the White House.
Lawmakers single out Parler in call for ‘robust’ FBI probe into Capitol Hill riot
Lawmakers are asking the FBI to investigate the role free-speech app Parler – a social media platform favored by conservatives and President Donald Trump’s supporters – played in the Capitol Hill riots, though planning and discussions also occurred on other popular social media platforms. Other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, actively seek to take down and moderate content deemed inappropriate, like violent acts amid protests. ALEX BERENSON: SHUTDOWN OF PARLER IS BIG TECH'S 'MOST DANGEROUS' MOVE YETHowever, there were still discussions about the riot occurring on those platforms. A Facebook spokesperson did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. In a statement regarding the FBI probe, a Parler spokesperson said the company will continue to cooperate with law enforcement efforts.
Biden plans temporary halt of oil activity in Arctic refuge
JUNEAU, Alaska — President Joe Biden’s administration announced plans Wednesday for a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge after the Trump administration issued leases in a part of the refuge considered sacred by the Indigenous Gwich’in. The plans, along with other executive actions, came on Biden’s first day in office. The agency held the first lease sale for the refuge’s coastal plain on Jan. 6. Pending lawsuits challenge the adequacy of the environmental review process undertaken by the Trump administration. “The Biden administration must faithfully implement the law and allow for that good progress to continue,” she said in a statement.
Bomb threat briefly shuts down Florida Capitol Thursday
A Florida man was arrested for threatening to blow up the Sunshine State’s capitol building, forcing authorities to lock down the statehouse for nearly an hour early Thursday, police said. Mark Wayne Clark, 61, was nabbed at a Tallahassee bar late Wednesday after police received a report of a bomb threat at the capitol, city police said in a release. The threat shut down the statehouse until about 9 a.m. while police scoured the building with K-9 units, but no explosives were found. Clark was charged with making a false bomb threat in reference to state-owned property. “Call notes indicate the caller overheard a white male wearing all camouflage clothing talking about having a bomb at the Capitol and it was going to go off at 8 a.m.,” the report said.
Biden says COVID will get 'worse before it gets better'
Sign up for our special edition newsletter to get a daily update on the coronavirus pandemic. Still, he admitted, “The brutal truth is it’s going to take months before we can get the majority of Americans vaccinated. “We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and it will take months to turn this around,” Biden said. “While the vaccine provides so much hope, the rollout has been a dismal failure thus far. I understand the despair and frustration of so many Americans and how they’re feeling,” he said.
‘Gimme a break, man!’: Biden growls at White House reporter
It’s a good start,” Biden said at the White House during his first full day in office. The reporter had asked Biden if his goal was ambitious enough given the current demand. President Joe Biden holds a booklet as he speaks about the coronavirus in the State Dinning Room of the White House on Jan. 21, 2021, in Washington. AP Photo/Alex BrandonBiden brushed off the question and abruptly got up from his desk and walked out with Vice President Kamala Harris in tow. Mercer University student Madison Moore, 21, said it was “humiliating to be called a liar on national TV by the former vice president.”
QAnon in crisis after Biden’s inauguration failed to bring ‘storm’
The QAnon movement was thrown into crisis this week when President Biden peacefully entered the White House — rather than be crushed by a long-promised “storm” and “great awakening.”“It’s obvious now we’ve been had. No plan, no Q, nothing,” one now-deflated follower wrote after the inauguration in a QAnon channel on Telegram with 18,400 members. “We gave it our all,” Watkins wrote in a Telegram post, minutes after Biden was sworn into office. Q believers have just allowed themselves to be strung from failed promise to failed promise,” he said. “Please, President Trump — please, please, I hope you have a plan,” she sobbed, saying she was about to have a panic attack.
Pharma bro and the journalist who loves him
As a journalist, falling in love with a person you are covering is about as taboo as it gets. Smythe began covering Brooklyn Federal Court for Bloomberg News in 2012, which is how she ended up reporting on Martin Shkreli. 'PHARMA BRO' MARTIN SHKRELI DENIED PRISON RELEASE TO RESEARCH CORONAVIRUS CUREI asked Smythe what she has to say to people who have told her she's been brainwashed and that Shkreli is using and manipulating her. And you don't know Martin. Smythe told me, "No, that was that was their interpretation.
Maryland store that sold winning lottery ticket identified
The winning $730 million Powerball jackpot ticket was traced back to a tiny Maryland convenience store in a town that’s well off the beaten path. Lottery officials confirmed Thursday that Coney Market, located in Lonaconing, had sold the sixth-largest lottery prize in U.S. history. Maryland lottery officials told Fox News that the store will be rewarded with $100,000. 27, 2019 - Powerball $758.7 million - Aug. 23, 2017 - Powerball $731.1 million - Jan. 20, 2021 - Powerball $687.8 million – Oct. 27, 2018 – Powerball $656.0 million - Mar. 30, 2012 - Mega Millions $648.0 million - Dec. 17, 2013 - Mega Millions $590.5 million - May 18, 2013 - PowerballThe Associated Press contributed to this report.
Illinois poised to end cash bail and possibly set alleged criminals free
While the nation’s attention was focused on the transition of power in Washington, Illinois state lawmakers last week passed a massive criminal justice reform bill that would, among other things, end cash bail. In such cases, the accused would remain in jail without the opportunity for cash bail. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who has been accused of being too soft on criminals, has praised the idea of ending cash bail. But others have warned that ending cash bail would do more harm than good. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut for Illinois’ criminal justice reform bill to become law, it will require the signature of Gov.
Inauguration protests damage Seattle's Original Starbucks, Amazon Go store
Starbucks and Amazon stores were targeted Wednesday night after a group of rioters damaged property in downtown Seattle following President Joe Biden's inauguration. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSThe Pike Place Starbucks store, otherwise known as the Original Starbucks, and an Amazon Go location were among the damaged properties. The store's windows were smashed and there is now caution tape spanning the perimeter of the shop, according to images posted on the department's Twitter page. Likewise, authorities released images of a damaged Amazon Go store. Representatives for Starbucks and Amazon did not return FOX Business' requests for comment.
CNN ripped as Biden 'PR shop' after 'scoop' that he inherited no vaccine distribution plan from Trump
A CNN producer pushed the story from reporter MJ Lee as a "great SCOOP" on "how bad this situation is with vaccine distribution." I listened in on govs calls on vaccine distribution. "Of course Team Biden is going to favor a narrative that Team Trump did none of the vaccine distribution legwork." Speaking to reporters on Thursday, top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci threw cold water on the notion the Biden administration was starting from scratch. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBiden continued to criticize the vaccine distribution to date from the White House on Thursday, calling it a dismal failure.
California wineries, restaurants sue Newsom over in-person dining ban
Gavin Newsom and the state public health officer this week in an effort to overturn the state’s ban on outdoor dining and wine tasting. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe state order bans dining establishments from providing any on-site service, indoor or outdoor. The owner of one restaurant in Sherman Oaks also filed a suit last month over the outdoor dining ban, alleging it was "a gross abuse of their power." And a judge previously ruled in favor of a group of Los Angeles restaurants who challenged a county outdoor dining ban in November, though an appeal is pending. "If we make it through the dining ban, we fear there won’t be enough local industry workers left to rebuild our staff."
Graham rips Amazon for offering vaccine help to Biden: 'It's disgusting' if they refused to help Trump
If Amazon chose not to help the Trump administration distribute the coronavirus vaccine across America, that is "disgusting," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Thursday. If they had this capability, they should have shared it with the Trump administration." Graham noted that while the first vaccines were not approved for emergency use before December, Amazon "knew it would work before the election." WHY DID AMAZON WAIT UNTIL BIDEN’S INAUGURATION TO OFFER HELP WITH VACCINE DISTRIBUTION? "I think what Amazon's doing is pretty disgusting if, in fact, they could have helped the Trump administration and they chose not to because they don't like him," Graham emphasized.
Biden unveils coronavirus national strategy, calls it a 'war-time undertaking'
President Biden unveiled his national strategy for coronavirus, calling it a "war-time undertaking" and signing a number of executive actions to "beat this pandemic." Biden, speaking from the Oval Office, outlined his administration’s coronavirus response, saying it is "comprehensive, based on science, not politics," and "based on truth, not denial." Biden, painting a grim yet realistic picture, said the death toll from the novel coronavirus will likely top 500,000 by next month. "We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and it’s going to take months to turn this around," Biden said. Biden, since taking office, also restored the National Security Council entity former President Obama created for addressing pandemics.
Biden plan to reopen schools subject to potential changes in coronavirus pandemic, official says
"The health and safety of students, educators, staff and families is paramount," Carole Johnson, who was picked by Biden to lead the nationwide testing program, said during a call on Wednesday. "The administration will always be honest about the challenges we face, including addressing how and whether changes in the pandemic may impact the reopening of schools or the ability of schools to reopen." "We need the money in order to really ramp up testing, which is so important to reopen schools and businesses." Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, has previously called for schools to remain open even as the coronavirus numbers spike. Fauci, similar to Zients, has also said that speeding the vaccination process would make it easier to keep schools open as the level of transmission in communities is lowered.
Klobuchar on impeachment: Americans are 'juggling' and so can Senate with trial and confirmation hearings
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., insisted Thursday that the Senate could handle "juggling" an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump while also working through the confirmations of several of President Biden's Cabinet nominees. Klobuchar told reporters that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. "has signaled willingness to allow this impeachment to go forward." Klobuchar and other top Democrats have signaled that they are willing and able to toggle between an impeachment trial, confirmation hearings and other legislative business as well. DURBIN SAYS TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL 'UNRESOLVED,' BUT CALLS IT A 'PRIORITY'"I see no reason we have to use some archaic way of doing business when America is struggling and juggling stuff themselves," she added. Some Republican lawmakers say an impeachment trial against Trump is no longer necessary now that he is out of office.
Media coverage of Biden's inauguration 'certainly a contrast' with Trump's: Concha
President Biden’s media coverage at the beginning of his presidency starkly contrasts with his predecessor President Trump, Fox News contributor Joe Concha said on Thursday. "I went back and watched some of the clips from 2017 when President Trump was inaugurated and it was called dark, it was called dystopian, it was called divisive. Certainly, a contrast between the two inaugurations," Concha told "Fox & Friends." Concha recalled the first question posed to the Biden administration at the first White House press conference after the inauguration. If you’re Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary.
Graham says Rep. Boebert should sue Democrat for slander over Capitol tour suspicion
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., should sue a Democratic colleague for slander for accusing her of offering a "large" group tour in the Capitol days ahead of the Jan. 6 riot. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., said on CNN Monday that he and Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., saw the freshman lawmaker giving a tour sometime between Jan. 3 and Jan. 6. The Tennessee Democrat said he and Yarmuth were walking through a Capitol tunnel when he saw Boebert with a "large group." BOEBERT BLASTS COHEN FOR 'IRRESPONSIBLE' CLAIM SHE LED CAPITOL TOUR BEFORE RIOT"If I were her, I would sue the guy," Graham said, "for slander and make him give a public apology. Boebert made clear her intent on carrying her Glock with her into the Capitol before coming to Wahington.
At least 2 Portland protesters arrested have prior history of unrest-related charges: Police records
At least two of the 15 people arrested during overnight protests and riots in Portland have been charged in connection with past unrest in the Oregon city, police records show. On Wednesday, Beeman and Bowen were among the 15 people arrested in connection with protests-turned-riots. Meanwhile, someone named "Davis Beeman," who was also 38 and from Vancouver, was arrested during a riot in August, police said at the time. He was charged with reckless driving and interfering with a police officer, the police press release states. LIVE UPDATES: ANTI-BIDEN ANTIFA PROTESTERS TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PORTLAND, SEATTLE OVERNIGHTOnce they reached the Democratic headquarters, people "broke out windows" and vandalized the building with graffiti, police said.
NYPD facing lawsuit over tactics during George Floyd protests
A coalition of attorneys filed a lawsuit against the NYPD on Thursday over the department’s handling of the George Floyd protests – in an attempt to change the “violent protest policing tactics” that lead to hundreds of “unconstitutional” and “brutal” arrests. “And, day in and day out, Mayor de Blasio has denied the brutal reality and done nothing to force NYPD transparency or accountability,” he added. A police officer puts a protester into a chokehold after dozens of anti-police protesters were arrested by the NYPD Strategic Response Group amid protests against the police-involved death of George Floyd on May 28, 2020. Moore added that the lawsuit could be combined with the AG’s suit down the line. Another attorney, David rankin, added, “There will be on ramps in having the community involved going forward.”The NYPD did not immediately respond for comment.
Bronx lawmaker accused of domestic violence proposes bill against animal cruelty
Bronx state Sen. Luis Sepúlveda, recently accused of assaulting his wife, has introduced legislation to combat animal cruelty. Albany insiders argued that Sepúlveda is not the best messenger right now to fight cruelty of any kind given his own domestic violence case. “Since the passage of the felony animal cruelty statute, there have been a number of egregious cases in which wild animals have been captured and tortured. This bill would allow these cases to be prosecuted under the felony animal cruelty statute,” Sepúlveda and Rosenthal say in a memo explaining the bill. “I have not admitted to any acts of domestic violence.
City of London to remove statues linked to slavery trade
LONDON – The City of London on Thursday approved the removal from its ceremonial Guildhall home of statues of two figures that symbolize the financial sector’s historic role in slavery. “The view of members was that removing and re-siting statues linked to slavery is an important milestone in our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse City,” the City’s political leader Catherine McGuinness said. Beckford was two times Lord Mayor of London in the 18th century and had plantations in Jamaica with slaves. In London’s predominantly white financial sector, the Black Lives Matter protests increased pressure to better reflect the wider population’s ethnic diversity. Britain’s financial services and City minister John Glen told a conference on Thursday that the Race at Work Charter launched in 2018 had attracted 50 firms to sign up to commit to tackling barriers.
Judge: NY lawsuit seeking NRA's dissolution can go forward
NEW YORK (AP) — A New York judge on Thursday denied the National Rifle Association’s bid to throw out a state lawsuit that seeks to put the powerful gun advocacy group out of business. Judge Joel Cohen’s ruling will allow New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit to move ahead in state court in Manhattan, rather than dismissing it on technical grounds or moving it to federal court, as the NRA’s lawyers desired. Cohen also rejected the NRA’s arguments that James’ lawsuit was improperly filed in Manhattan and should’ve been filed in Albany, where the NRA’s incorporation paperwork lists an address. The NRA’s lawyers said at a bankruptcy court hearing on Wednesday in Dallas that they wouldn’t use the Chapter 11 proceedings to halt the lawsuit. Rogers contended that because of the filing glitch James’ lawsuit should be considered a counterclaim to the NRA’s lawsuit and handled alongside of it in federal court.
Biden’s proposed $400B coronavirus plan may be difficult to facilitate in 3 months: Dr. Marty Makary
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marty Makary said Thursday on "America’s Newsroom," President Joe Biden’s proposed $400 billion coronavirus plan may be too large of an amount to spend on relief within a short three months. Biden announced last night he plans to invoke the Defense Production Act to accelerate the production of tests and vaccine supplies to combat the coronavirus. Dr. Makary provided insight into Biden’s Defense Production Act and also predicted coronavirus herd immunity may happen as early as March 2021. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP…I do see herd immunity happening as soon as March. We supplement that with the vaccine and vaccinated immunity we could be rushing into herd immunity a lot faster than people think.
Ron Klain: What to know about Biden’s chief of staff
President Biden has chosen longtime confidant and Democratic operative Ron Klain to serve as his chief of staff, and Klain is already making waves in Washington. Klain previously served as Biden’s chief of staff when he was vice president during the Obama-Biden administration and is a lawyer with extensive experience across Capitol Hill. Klain was a senior White House aide to Barack Obama and chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore. The chief of staff is one of the most important White House appointments, managing the president’s daily schedule. RONALD KLAIN, BIDEN'S NEW CHIEF OF STAFF, RAISES EYEBROWS WITH 2014 TWEET SAYING ELECTIONS ARE 'RIGGED'Klain described his appointment to chief of staff in a statement as "the honor of a lifetime."
Deb Haaland: What to know about Biden's Secretary of the Interior nominee
Rep. Deb Haaland was announced in December as Biden’s choice to fill the position that oversees U.S. natural resources and tribal lands. The 60-year-old was first elected to Congress in the 2018 midterms and now says she is "honored and ready to serve" as America’s Secretary of the Interior. "A voice like mine has never been a Cabinet secretary or at the head of the Department of Interior," Haaland tweeted. BIDEN’S CABINET PICKS: FULL LISTBiden’s historic pick of Haaland -- a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal -- has been hailed by fellow climate advocates like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. "I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and as a result I believe we need to do everything we can to stop Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court," Haaland tweeted.
Psaki hints Biden may skip bipartisan deal on COVID-19 if needed: 'Not going to take any tools off the table'
"We are not going to take any tools off the table," White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday, hours after Biden's inauguration. Still, Psaki said that Biden "is no stranger to the process of dealmaking," and his "clear preference" is to strike a bipartisan deal. While top Democrats endorsed Biden's stimulus proposal, a number of deficit-weary Republicans have said the aid package is too expensive, foreshadowing a looming battle between lawmakers over federal spending. On Tuesday, during Janet Yellen's confirmation hearing to be Treasury secretary, Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., warned Biden's plan "would be a colossal waste and economically harmful." There are limits on what legislation qualifies for reconciliation and how frequently the process can be used.
McConnell, Schumer spar over power-sharing as disagreement over filibuster hamstrings talks
Talks between Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer are stalled over a power-sharing agreement on how the Senate will run with 50 senators in each caucus but Vice President Harris giving Democrats a slight edge. "The legislative filibuster is a crucial part of the Senate. McConnell then accused Democrats of "liberally" using the filibuster to block GOP legislation during the past six years that Republicans controlled the Senate. Many Senate Democrats have expressed a desire to get rid of the legislative filibuster, which can be done by a mere 50-plus-one majority if the Senate decides it wants to do that. -- have said they hope to keep the legislative filibuster intact, citing a desire to preserve the tradition that forces the two sides to compromise to get anything done.
Twin suicide bombings rock central Baghdad, at least 32 dead
"This is a terrorist act perpetrated by a sleeper cell of the Islamic State," al-Khafaji said. A suicide bomb attack took place in the same area in 2018 shortly after then-Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared victory over the Islamic State, a Sunni militant group. Iraq has seen assaults perpetrated by both the Islamic State group and mostly Shiite militia groups in recent months. But the group has rarely been able to penetrate the capital since being dislodged by Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition in 2017. The Central Bank of Iraq devalued Iraq’s dinar by nearly 20% last year to meet spending obligations.
Riley June Williams, woman accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop, released from jail
A Pennsylvania woman charged with helping to steal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the US Capitol siege was released from jail, according to reports. Williams, who was arrested Monday, still faces theft, obstruction and trespassing charges and is due back in federal court Monday. Images from the Jan. 6 riot show Williams inside Pelosi’s office with the laptop, and she later bragged about the theft, the FBI said. “I DOMT [sic] CAREI TOOK NANCY POLESIS [sic] HARD DRIVES I DON’T CARE KILL ME,” said another message, the complaint said. The FBI also investigated allegations that Williams sought to sell the laptop to Russia.
The New Yorker's editorial union workers stage walkout
The walkout started at 6 a.m. Thursday and included copywriters, web production staff and other union employees. The union also released a survey on Wednesday suggesting a wide pay disparity among non-writer editorial staffers at the magazine, particularly women of color. On average, the union claimed the magazine pays its female staffers $7,000 a year less than their male counterparts. It said management also proposed retaining the right to decrease any union member’s salary up to 20 percent at any time. “We are devoted to fair pay all around,” Conde Nast said in a statement.
Kamala Harris’ husband gets @SecondGentleman Twitter account
The California lawyer became the nation’s first second gentleman as his wife, Kamala Harris, was sworn in as America’s first woman vice president — and he even got his own @SecondGentleman Twitter account. ?Former second lady Karen Pence’s old @SecondLady Twitter account was consequently shut down, though her old tweets can still be found archived at @SecondLady45. A screengrab of Douglas Emhoff’s new Twitter account, @SecondGentleman. “The Tweets, account history, and followers will transition between these accounts,” Twitter said. “Once this archival process is completed, Twitter will transfer the institutional accounts to the Biden administration to assume ownership, along with a new account: @SecondGentleman?,” the posting said.
Facebook defends Trump block, oversight board to rule on permanent ban
Facebook on Thursday defended its decision to suspend then-President Trump’s account in the wake of the deadly US Capitol riot, but said it was referring to its independent Oversight Board the call of whether to make the ban permanent. “The board was established last year to make the final call on some of the most difficult content decisions Facebook makes,” he wrote. Clegg acknowledged that the decision to silence a world leader was inherently controversial, and said Facebook did not take it lightly. Many argue private companies like Facebook shouldn’t be making these big decisions on their own,” he wrote. “It would be better if these decisions were made according to frameworks agreed by democratically accountable lawmakers,” he wrote.
Joe Biden will keep Christopher Wray on as FBI director
?President Joe Biden will keep Christopher Wray on as FBI director, according to a report on Thursday. The development comes as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki offered a lukewarm endorsement for Wray in her first news briefing Wednesday evening. Asked if Biden had confidence in Wray, the Biden administration spokeswoman wouldn’t commit. ??Wray has tried to keep a low-profile since succeeding former FBI director James Comey, but? sparked Trump’s ire for not making more of an effort to look into mail-in voting fraud claims during the 2020 presidential election. White House press secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a news conference at the White House on Jan. 20, 2021.
Luxury developments are crowding out Brooklyn’s hipster paradise
Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg attracts creatives and fancy new developments. The 69-unit Umbrella Factory at 710 Metropolitan Ave. MILLARCFurther evidence of change can be seen in housing costs. The median asking rent between East Williamsburg and Williamsburg has narrowed to a margin of only $200, from $2,800 to $3,000 in 2020, according to data from StreetEasy. The median ask in East Williamsburg is now $1.12 million while it’s $1.3 in Williamsburg. “East Williamsburg has the same vibrancy as Williamsburg.
Meghan McCain Kicks Off the Biden Admin by Complaining About Democrats’ Tone: “Stop Referring to Us as Enemies!”
When Behar asked why Ted Cruz and other “enemies” attended Biden’s inauguration, McCain went on a rant about “the Democratic coalition” operating in bad faith, particularly as it relates to conservatives. “I hope the Democrats stop referring to us as enemies,” said McCain. “How did Ted Cruz get in there? “Ted Cruz was one of the people who encouraged the insurrection on the Capitol. Yes, Ted Cruz is an enemy right now of this country.
Kevin McCarthy slams Biden for ‘virtue signal’ executive orders and ‘appeasing’ WHO
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday slammed President Biden’s first-day executive orders that reversed major Trump administration policies. The California Republican faulted Biden orders axing a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline with Canada and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and World Health Organization. Instead of demanding leadership change and reform… the Biden administration is rewarding failure — for the wrong priorities, at the wrong time,” McCarthy said. Biden stressed national unity during his first day in office, and McCarthy offered his own take on how to achieve early-term bipartisanship. He criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for saying Thursday that the House won’t be in session next week.
Pelosi says Trump impeachment trial to begin ‘soon,’ won’t have ‘get out of jail card’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said she expects former President Trump’s Senate trial to begin “soon” so that Trump won’t receive a “get out of jail card” because he’s left office. They’ve now informed us they’re ready to receive, the question is other questions about how a trial will proceed. But we are — we are ready,” Pelosi said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during her first weekly news conference under the new Biden administration on January 21, 2021. Pelosi said less evidence is needed than at Trump’s first impeachment trial, which ended in February with Republicans acquitting Trump of abusing his power and obstructing Congress.
David Bossie: Biden must report to Congress in 40 days – what will he say?
President Biden even went as far to say that the beautiful ideal of national unification is something that lies deep within him. The CNN headline "Biden targets Trump’s legacy with first day executive actions," was a complete contradiction to the president’s message in his inaugural address. President Biden and congressional leaders must not lose focus on what’s important. President Trump gave his first address to Congress on February 28, 2017. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWhat will President Biden have to report in 40 days?
Dems determined to 'punish' and 'degrade' Trump supporters with rhetoric: RNC chair
Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel argued on Thursday that Democrats are determined to "punish" and "degrade" Donald Trump supporters through their rhetoric. McDaniel made the comments on "The Faulkner Focus" reacting to statements from Ben Rhodes, an Obama deputy national security adviser, on MSNBC the day before where he painted Trump supporters as an "issue of Homeland Security." "A whole segment of the American population has been radicalized over what’s happened the last four years, and by the fact that Donald Trump is no longer there – they can no longer see Donald Trump representing their grievances in the highest office." He said the result would be "a lot of work" for national security officials. And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump."
House expected to approve waiver for Biden's Defense Secretary nominee Lloyd Austin
President Biden's nominee for Secretary of Defense is expected to clear an important hurdle Thursday in his pathway to confirmation of the new cabinet. The House will vote to approve a waiver for Defense Secretary nominee Lloyd Austin, a retired Army General, so he can serve in the civilian position. Under the law, a retired service member must be out of the military for seven years in order to be named defense secretary. BIDEN’S PICK FOR DEFENSE SECRETARY SUPPORTS OVERTURNING TRUMP’S MILITARY TRANSGENDER BANThe Senate must also approve the waiver and take a vote on his final confirmation. DEMOCRATS WHO OPPOSED WAIVER LETTING MATTIS SERVE AS DEFENSE SECRETARY NOW WANT ONE FOR BIDEN PICKThe House approved Mattis's waiver by a vote of 268-151.
Ohio priest decries suspension after attending DC Capitol protest: reports
An Orthodox priest was suspended from a parish in Ohio after attending a "Stop the Steal" protest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in support of then-President Trump, according to local reports. Hodges told the Lima News and the Dayton Daily News that he disagrees with the suspension, calling it "unjust." Archbishop Paul Gassios from the archdiocese confirmed Hodges’ suspension in an emailed statement to the Lima News but declined to comment further. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHodges has been affiliated with the St. Paul the Apostle parish in Sugarcreek Township. He currently serves as a "supply priest" who fills for priests on vacation or for other vacancies.
Biden executive order says schools should include transgender athletes in girls' sports
President Biden, in an executive order aimed at "preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation," is calling on schools across the country to allow transgender athletes to participate in the sport of their gender identity. The order also calls for equal treatment "regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation" in the workplace and in health care settings. "All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation," the order states. Transgender athletes in schools was a hot topic of debate last year, when 17 states introduced bills to restrict athletes’ participation to sports of their gender assigned at birth. Last year, a group of Republican senators introduced a bill that would revoke federal funding of schools that allowed transgender girls to compete in women's sports, but it didn't go very far.
Where does the vice president live? Kamala Harris moving into historic Washington DC residence
Vice President Kamala Harris will soon be residing on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in northwestern Washington, D.C., in a home occupied by her predecessors for more than four decades. She’ll be the eighth vice president to reside in the Queen Anne-style home, which was made the official house of the sitting vice president in 1974, according to the White House’s official website. The decision was later made to convert the home into the vice president's residence in 1974, but Vice President Gerald Ford never settled in before he assumed the presidency after Nixon's resignation. His second-in-command, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, maintained a residence elsewhere in the following years. It wasn't until Walter Mondale, who served under President Jimmy Carter between 1977 and 1981, that a vice president finally moved in.
White House: 'Critical' for Congress to pass Biden stimulus check, coronavirus relief plan
White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese called Thursday morning's jobs report "a stark reminder that we must act now" to get "immediate relief to families and spur our economy." Deese, earlier this week, said the emergency measures "are important," but said they are "not a substitute," and urged Congress to pass legislation. Former President Donald Trump late last year temporarily refused to sign a bipartisan compromise into law, as he called for $2,000 relief payments to Americans. Biden's new plans gets the total direct relief to Americans to the $2,000 level. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPIt is unclear, at this point, when Congress will begin negotiations on Biden's proposal.
Tale of two briefings: Jen Psaki treated much differently by press than Sean Spicer
CNN pundit-turned-White House press secretary Jen Psaki held her first press briefing on Wednesday and the mostly friendly questions were a stark contrast to the way media members treated the Trump administration's first event. PSAKI SAYS SHE WILL BRING 'TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY BACK' DURING FIRST WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFINGTrump press secretaries Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany were regularly scolded and criticized by the press over the past four years. President Trump eventually reduced the number of briefings as a result, as some reporters became heroes of the anti-Trump resistance for aggressively grilling the president’s spokespersons. Can you talk a little bit just about kind of the preparations for getting the--the White House ready and save for the--the president, the new president? How does President Biden plan to recover the United States' image around the world, and what is his priority globally?
McCarthy says Trump still has role in future of GOP, should 'continue to engage'
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday said that he still sees a future role for former President Donald Trump in the Republican Party similar to the role of other past presidents in their political parties. It also follows a comment from Trump during his farewell address Wednesday that "we will be back in some form." And he should continue to engage in that way," McCarthy said. McCarthy then called on Trump to "accept his share of responsibility" for the attack on the Capitol. During his conference, McCarthy also lambasted the new Biden administration over its initial executive actions, including rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, nixing the Keystone XL Pipeline and more.
World leaders laud US return to climate fight under Biden
BERLIN — World leaders breathed an audible sigh of relief that the United States under President Joe Biden is rejoining the global effort to curb climate change, a cause that his predecessor had shunned. Britain, which is hosting this year’s UN climate summit, looked forward to working with the Biden administration on the issue, he said. An activist holds a poster during a demonstration near the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, during the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Getty ImagesItaly said the US return to the Paris accord would help other countries reach their own climate commitments. A firm number is expected to be announced before the UN climate summit taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.
Biden, Harris attend virtual national inaugural prayer service from White House
?President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, their spouses and some family members on Thursday virtually attended the traditional national inaugural prayer service from the White House, while socially distanced and wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Neither spoke, but Biden gave a quick fist bump during the singing of the National Anthem by Patti LaBelle as the group all stood. Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff bowing their heads durng a prayer service on January 21, 2021 inside the white House. Alex Wong/Getty ImagesBiden, the second Catholic to become president after John F. Kennedy, regularly attends mass. He attended pre-inauguration services at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in a show of unity.
NYPD scaling back security around Trump Tower
The NYPD’s security presence at Trump Tower is going to be significantly scaled-back now that its namesake has turned over the role of commander-in-chief to President Biden, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday. “It’s still obviously a sensitive site, but it’s going to be a much lower security profile,” the mayor said during a press briefing. The NYPD had previously said that it would “re-evaluate” security around Trump Tower after Wednesday’s inauguration, with sources saying that the stretch of East 56th Street directly south of the tower is expected to re-open to vehicular traffic. The NYPD’s security presence at Trump Tower is going to be significantly scaled-back according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. ReutersThe NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for additional details on the security changes.
After Inaugural High, Biden Digging Into Vast Array of Problems
Howie Kurtz on President Biden inheriting a long list of problems, bridging the political divide in the country and Jen Psaki making her debut as new White House Press Secretary. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Chrissy Teigen followed by Joe Biden's POTUS Twitter account after being blocked by Trump
After years of bickering with Donald Trump on social media during his presidency, Chrissy Teigen became one of the first stars followed by President Joe Biden’s @POTUS Twitter account. Teigen, who feuded with Trump several times throughout his presidency, was blocked by the account as well as the former president’s personal account in 2017. ON INSTAGRAM, CHRISSY TEIGEN REVEALS SHE'S '4 WEEKS SOBER'As of this writing, The @POTUS account only follows 13 people with Teigen being the only celebrity. Fox News confirmed on Wednesday that Twitter had a hand in helping transition key Twitter accounts related to White House business from Trump to Biden. "As President-elect Biden is sworn in tomorrow, Twitter will facilitate the transfer of institutional White House Twitter accounts, such as @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS, and @PressSec," a Twitter spokesperson told Fox News.
House Oversight Dems demand FBI probe of Parler's role as 'potential facilitator' of violence in Capitol riot
"It is clear that Parler houses additional evidence critical to investigations of the attack on the Capitol," Maloney wrote. Soon after, Amazon Web Services also disconnected Parler from its servers. Suspension was a "last resort" to block access to violent content, Amazon Web Services said in a response to the Parler lawsuit, "including plans for violence to disrupt the impending Presidential transition." Parler is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep Amazon Web Services from blackballing Parler. Amazon has said that Parler demonstrated an "unwillingness and inability" to remove violent content from its site.
US vows to aid WHO in coronavirus response: Fauci
"I am honored to announce that the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization," Fauci said. "Yesterday, President Biden signed the letters retracting the previous administration’s announcement to withdraw from the organization." Fauci, speaking on behalf of the Biden administration, said the U.S. deeply values its relationship with the WHO, and will "look to strengthen [it] going forward." The official removal was set to go into effect July 2021 -- a move now reversed by the Biden administration. "This is a good day for WHO and a good day for global health," Tedros said.
Hunter Biden, under federal investigation, appears at White House prayer service
President Biden was joined by his family -- including his son Hunter, who is under investigation by the Justice Department -- at a White House prayer service Thursday, a day after being sworn into office. They were later joined by Hunter Biden and his wife during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner." In December, Hunter Biden acknowledged the probe but maintained he handled his affairs "legally." President Biden repeatedly pledged on the campaign trail to erect "an absolute wall" between the presidency and his family’s financial interests, but it remains to be seen how he accomplishes this. Family members also serve on two nonprofits, The Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.
'Impeachment is totally wrong,' flies against Biden's unity message: McCarthy
What they were doing on impeachment with having no committee look at it, no information, and people just vote on this. And now President Trump is a private citizen. McCarthy voted against it and was part of the majority of the House Republican caucus that challenged Biden's Electoral College victory over Trump. McCarthy said the effort to convict Trump after he left office would be a divisive action from a party stressing unity. Yes, President Trump has the ability to lead this party."
Capitol riot suspect seen pinning officer during attack arrested
Talk to your buddies and go home," McCaughey says to the officer in the video, according to court papers. Meanwhile, McCaughey can be seen pushing against the police shield — and into Hodges, court papers state. At one point during the Capitol attack, McCaughey told another person, "I'm not doing anything. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMore than 150 rioters at the U.S. Capitol have been arrested. Five people died during the riot, including one Capitol Police officer.
Capitol Police still investigating claims of Capitol 'reconnaissance' tours
U.S. Capitol Police are still investigating after House Democrats accused their colleagues of aiding Jan. 6 rioters by providing them with tours of the U.S. Capitol, Capitol Police confirmed to Fox News on Thursday. A Capitol Police spokesperson did not say whether Capitol Police are leading the investigation. "Members of the group that attacked the Capitol seemed to have an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the Capitol Complex. Some Republican members of Congress who have been staunch allies of former President Trump pushed back on Democrats' claims. "Congressman Brooks has not conducted any tours of the Capitol since Capitol access was severely restricted in Winter/Spring 2020 timeframe due to COVID-19 and regular Capitol tours were discontinued," a spokesman for Brooks told Fox News.
National Guard says there were 'no confrontations' with protesters during Biden inauguration
There were "no confrontations" between National Guard members and any protesters during President Biden’s inauguration ceremony outside the U.S. Capitol, National Guard spokeswoman Darla Torres confirmed in a statement to Fox News Thursday. Up to 26,000 National Guard troops were deployed across the nation’s capital ahead of the inauguration of the 46th president. The National Guard said it is coordinating with federal law enforcement to meet any continuing requirements while simultaneously working the logistics to return Guard members to their home states, families and employers. HOW LONG WILL DC REMAIN LOCKED DOWN, NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS STAY AFTER BIDEN INAUGURATION? Earlier gatherings in Portland involved Antifa protesters clash with law enforcement as they gathered to voice dissatisfaction with President Biden.
Portland police arrest 7 more on unrest-related charges, bringing total to 15
Portland police said Thursday they arrested seven more people during overnight protests and riots near the Democratic headquarters in the Oregon city, bringing the total number of people arrested to 15. LIVE UPDATES: ANTI-BIDEN ANTIFA PROTESTERS TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PORTLAND, SEATTLE OVERNIGHTOnce they reached the Democratic headquarters, people "broke out windows" and vandalized the building with graffiti, police said. "People moved dumpsters in the street and lit the contents of one on fire," the police summary said. PORTLAND RIOTERS DAMAGE ICE BUILDING; POLICE DECLARE 'UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY'"[P]eople from the crowd shouted at them delaying their efforts to assist whomever was in the vehicle," police said. Police announced late Wednesday the arrests of eight other people, who range in age from 18 to 38.
FBI now offering $75G reward for information leading investigators to DC pipe bomb suspect
Federal authorities are now offering a reward of up to $75,000 for information that leads investigators to the person they believe placed suspected pipe bombs at the offices of the Republican and Democratic national committees in Washington, D.C., the office announced Thursday. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced the reward for information that leads them to "the location, arrest, and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for placing suspected pipe bombs" on Jan. 6. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe images of the suspect released so far show the person wearing a grey-colored hooded sweatshirt covering their head, and dark-colored pants. The suspect is wearing white and dark-colored shoes with an intricate design, and appears to be holding a knapsack. The FBI asks that anyone with information call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5342), or submit tips online at fbi.gov/USCapitol.
Bitcoin falls more than 10 percent on fears of US crackdown
The price of bitcoin plunged more than 10 percent on Thursday amid fears of a US regulatory crackdown on the controversial cryptocurrency. While some investors have taken out profits, skeptics have raised concerns that it’s a bubble ready to pop. BlackRock on Wednesday authorized two of its funds to invest in bitcoin futures, bringing the token to the world’s largest asset manager. It said in an SEC filing that could use bitcoin derivatives for its funds BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities and BlackRock Global Allocation Fund. One bitcoin was trading at $31,113 Thursday morning at 11 a.m.
NHL star Mats Zuccarello loses on NYC condo deal
Tony nominee's BK co-op down from original pre-pandemic ask of...Called for slashing: NHL winger Mats Zuccarello dropped the price of his West 14th Street condo. NHL star Mats Zuccarello is skating on thin ice. The Norwegian-born player spent eight years in New York, where he made his name with the New York Rangers. He’s now a winger with the Minnesota Wild, “New York gave me so much. It will always be in my heart,” Zuccarello said after he was traded to the Dallas Stars.
Soho townhouse with celeb pedigree finds buyer with $13M ask
Brick buy brick: Kate Hudson may have passed on this townhouse, but some other buyers scooped it up. The 25-foot-wide brick and steel home, at 40 Sullivan St., first went on the market for $12.95 million in 2018 and was last asking $12.49 million. 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan St. All three of which homes were designed by Tamarkin and developed by Becker. That townhouse sold for $12.25 million in 2019. The listing broker of 40 Sullivan is Robert Dankner, of Prime Manhattan Residential.
New Mexico zoo sends endangered wolf pack to Mexico
The zoo is among others in the United States that have partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for decades on Mexican gray wolf breeding and recovery efforts. The endangered Mexican gray wolves being secured in a transport crate at the zoo in Albuquerque, NM. Officials with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Department of Agriculture in Texas and Mexican wildlife managers preparing to transport a pack of endangered Mexican gray wolves from the zoo in Albuquerque, NM. The zoo is among others in the United States that have partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for decades on Mexican gray wolf breeding and recovery efforts. A subspecies of the Western gray wolf, Mexican wolves have faced a difficult road to recovery that has been complicated by politics and conflicts with livestock.
Miami penthouse owned by celeb stylist Oribe on market for $2.1M
A Miami penthouse owned by the estate of the late celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales is now on the market for $2.1 million. Known simply as Oribe, the Cuban-born stylist helped create the world’s first batch of supermodels: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista. The 2,854-square foot-penthouse, built in 2018, is on the 51st floor of 650 NE 32nd Ave. It features four bedrooms and 5½ bathrooms, and comes with an open chef’s kitchen and black-out shades. The penthouse is being sold by his husband, Zaki Amin, and the listing brokers are Laura Cresto, Bill Hernandez and Bryan Searny of Douglas Elliman.
Feds offer $75,000 reward for information on Capitol riot pipe bomb suspect
The FBI and the ATF are offering a $75,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people suspected of planting pipe bombs at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Republican and Democratic national committees. The FBI tweeted a wanted flyer with a photo of the suspect on Thursday, showing a hooded person wearing sneakers, black gloves, dark jeans and a black mask. The pipe bombs, which a source described to Fox News as “the real deal,” were found outside the buildings in downtown Washington at about 1 p.m. on Jan. 6, according to the agency. Five people were killed in the riot, including a Capitol Police officer. Dozens of alleged rioters have been arrested and charged in connection to the siege, but the pipe bomb suspects remain at large.
President Biden ditches mask at Lincoln Memorial hours after mandate
President Biden was spotted going maskless at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night — hours after signing an executive order mandating the usage of masks on federal land to battle the coronavirus pandemic. The newly-inaugurated president went bare-faced not only during a televised address to the American people, but also outside the context of the speech, as he stood at the foot of the memorial, C-SPAN footage shows. The clip showed Biden standing before the towering statue of the nation’s 16th president, another person a short distance to his left at an angle that obscures whether they too were unmasked. The lapse in coronavirus safety precautions by the 78-year-old president came just hours after he signed an executive order mandating masks on federal property. That decree is in addition to 10 other executive orders Biden will sign across Thursday and Friday in the fight to stamp out the virus that has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans.
Mike Pence fights back tears, thanks Trump in farewell speech
Former Vice President Mike Pence held back tears as he bid an emotional farewell to his previous office and reentered private life after arriving back home in Indiana. Former Vice President Mike Pence was taken to Indiana directly from Wednesday’s inauguration. Michael Conroy/APThe Electoral College went 306-232 for Biden, but Trump alleged that widespread fraud tipped the results in swing states. “Let me also take a moment to thank President Trump and Melania for all they’ve done to make America great. Pence had nothing but kind words for former President Donald Trump after touching down in Indiana.
Pastor Brian Gibson: A Victim of the Cancel Culture’s Guilt by Association
As of January 20th, Pastor Brian Gibson, a Kentucky mega church founder, was still in hiding and moving multiple times a day under protection from former Special Forces agents because of numerous death threats. On January 5th, Gibson prayed with Trump supporters in Washington, DC. From there he learned what everyone else saw unfold, as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. The Atlantic also called the riots a "Christian Insurrection," while Religion News Service reported that rioters were "Christian Nationalists." On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Pastor Gibson talks about what happened to him, and the mood that's growing in the country that has made secular humanism the default religion of the nation.
Liberal WaPo columnist says Biden TV coverage 'embarrassingly complimentary' at times
Mainstream media coverage of the Biden inauguration was very admiring, often including jabs at the outgoing president. Sullivan acknowledged commentary from TV broadcasters "was at times embarrassingly complimentary." "By the end of the Trump administration, the national press was doing things differently, and better," Sullivan wrote. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSullivan wrote the Biden administration "closely reflects our values," referring to the national media. Sullivan praised White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s session with reporters Wednesday night, calling it "weirdly normal."
Pompeo tweets countdown until 2024 presidential election
It appears that now-former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is wasting no time in stoking speculation about his likely national ambitions. On Thursday, his first full day as a private citizen following the end of President Trump’s administration, Pompeo tweeted "1,384 days." That happens to be the number of days until the next presidential election, in November of 2024. After the speech, House Democrats called for an investigation into whether Pompeo violated the Hatch Act, which bars federal appointees from engaging in politically partisan activities. As of Thursday morning, Pompeo had nearly 922,000 followers on in personal Twitter account.
Shirtless New Yorker charged in Capitol riot said he’d be there with ‘ex NYPD’
A New York man photographed shirtless outside the US Capitol has been charged in the deadly siege after telling friends on Facebook he’d be there with “ex NYPD” and members of the Proud Boys, court documents show. Kelly later wrote in a separate chat on Jan. 9 that his brother took the photo of him standing shirtless outside the Capitol days earlier. Kelly then sent a Facebook message to a user on Jan. 6 with a photograph of him shirtless outside the Capitol. “Not worried about Antifa pricks, im going with a couple of old school Patriots,” Kelly allegedly wrote in the message. More than 150 alleged rioters have been arrested in the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.
Experts say it’ll take 15 more days to reach trapped mine workers in China
BEIJING — It will take at least 15 more days to get through a massive amount of debris and reach miners already trapped for 11 days since an explosion in a gold mine in eastern China, authorities said Thursday. “Based on expert evaluations, the extent of the blockage … is well is out of expectation,” the statement said. One worker has died from head injuries in the explosion, state media said earlier Thursday. The mine shaft is blocked 1,000 feet below the surface by 70 tons of debris that extends down another 330 feet. Yet demand for coal and precious metals continues to prompt corner-cutting, and two accidents in Chongqing last year killed 39 miners.
Rep. Clyburn says George W. Bush called him ‘the savior’ for endorsing Biden
Former President George W. Bush called House Majority Whip James Clyburn “the savior” for his endorsement of Joe Biden in last year’s presidential primary, the Democratic lawmaker revealed. “He said to me that Joe Biden was the only one who could have defeated the incumbent president,” Clyburn continued. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and former President George W. Bush take a selfie before the inauguration of President Joe Biden at the Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021. Former President George W. Bush talks with House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Former President Bill Clinton before President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said former President George W. Bush called him ‘the savior’ for endorsing Joe Biden.
Volkswagen Golf dead in U.S., but sporty versions will survive
Production of the Volkswagen Golf for the U.S. ended last week in Mexico and won't be starting up again. The automaker has confirmed that the Golf will be eliminated from its American lineup as soon as supplies of the current $24,190 model are exhausted. The Golf name will live on, however, when the high-performance GTI and R versions of the all-new eighth-generation Golf go on sale late this year. With the elimination of the standard model Golf, VW becomes the latest automaker to shift from low-priced compact cars in favor of an SUV-heavy lineup, although sales of the Jetta sedan will continue. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPTo help fill the gap left by the Golf, VW is launching the Taos subcompact SUV, which will slot into the lineup under its best-selling Tiguan.
Durbin says Trump impeachment trial 'unresolved,' but calls it a 'priority'
Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin on Thursday said he expects the House may send the article of impeachment to the Senate in "a day or two," maintaining that a trial for former President Donald Trump is "a priority." "The president needs to be held accountable," Durbin told reporters Thursday. TRUMP IMPEACHMENT TRIAL COULD HAMPER BIDEN SENATE AGENDADurbin said he thinks the House "did the right thing in impeaching the president for a second time." "They will be sending it over to us in a day or two, I imagine," Durbin said, while admitting the timeline is "unresolved." White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that Biden hopes the Senate can "multi-task."
Million-dollar muscle truck? Ram auctioning world's most powerful pickup to help veterans
Ram is sending the most-powerful production pickup ever made on a mission. The truck brand is auctioning the first example of the 2021 1500 TRX at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event in March to raise funds to help American veterans. The TRX is equipped with a 702 horsepower supercharged V8 and a high performance suspension designed for high speed off-road driving. The auction vehicle is a Launch Edition trim equipped with additional options and accessories that push its MSRP to $96,785 and also comes with an authentication kit and specially designed cover. The truck is scheduled to cross the auction block in Scottsdale on Friday, March 26, with bids accepted both on-site and remotely.
Son of Yaser Said, FBI Ten Most Wanted 'honor killings' suspect, pleads guilty to concealing him
The son of an FBI Ten Most Wanted fugitive sought for the "honor killings" of his teenage daughters has pleaded guilty to helping his father evade law enforcement for more than 12 years, prosecutors say. "Thanks to the dogged work of the FBI and its law enforcement partners, however, Mr. Said’s efforts were ultimately in vain." Owens said the family was celebrating New Year’s Day 2008 when Yaser Abdel Said invited Amina and Sarah out to eat. Yaser Abdel Said told Owens that he would be taking their daughters to a local Denny's, but instead drove them to Irving, where he allegedly shot them inside his borrowed cab in what were described as "honor killings." The office says Islam Said then "harbored his father inside a home in Justin, Texas that belonged to his cousin."
Philadelphia police ID second person of interest after Temple grad slain while walking dog
A second person of interest has since been identified and taken into custody, Philadelphia Police Capt. Davis reportedly paid a total of $3,200 in bail before he was freed on Dec. 29, 2020. "To ensure that he would not be released from custody on the new charges even after he finished serving his robbery sentences, our office requested that the court set bail at $250,000. The bail magistrate, however, denied our prosecutor’s request, and instead set bail at $100,000," Krasner said. Again, the bail magistrate instead set much lower bail, this time at $200,000," Krasner wrote.
World leaders express hope for President Biden’s administration
?World leaders, both friends and foes, hailed President Biden on his inauguration on Wednesday, ?with some hoping to repair frayed relations with the US and others praising him for taking action on the coronavirus pandemic and rejoining the Paris climate accord. French President Emmanuel Macron hailed Biden for immediately signing an executive order to reenter the Paris agreement, reversing President Trump’s decision in 2017 to withdraw from the global pact. With Biden, ?”?we will be stronger to face the challenges of our time. America seems to have changed, and how it’s perceived in Europe and the rest of the world has also changed,”? said Michel.?European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was more upbeat in her assessment. This new dawn in America is the moment we’ve been waiting for so long.
Pete Buttigieg to press for infrastructure plan during Senate confirmation hearing
Pete Buttigieg, President Biden’s nominee for Transportation secretary, will press the need for Congress to get behind an infrastructure package to help revitalize a US economy devastated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday. The former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and 2020 Democratic presidential contender said expanding the country’s infrastructure will not only provide for the safety of Americans, but also will give a much-needed boost to the economy. “We need to build our economy back, better than ever,” Buttigieg will tell the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, according to his prepared remarks. Buttigieg, 39, will relate his experiences as a mayor to how big projects can rescue a financially troubled town. Buttigieg will note that bad policies can be disruptive to certain communities.
Twitter locks Chinese embassy’s account over post about Uighur women
Twitter said it has temporarily locked the @ChineseEmbinUS account — which hasn’t posted since Jan. 8 — until the offending tweet is deleted. The post is currently hidden from public view, but Twitter requires users to manually remove tweets that violate its policies. China’s foreign ministry took issue with Twitter’s move, saying the Communist Party government has a “responsibility and obligation” to combat “disinformation” about its activities in the Xinjiang region. “We find Twitter’s restriction on the embassy account baffling and hope it will uphold the principle of objectivity and impartiality instead of applying double standard,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press briefing Thursday. With Post Wires
Antifa militants smash up original Starbucks during anti-Biden protest
Antifa militants chanted “f—k” President Biden during a rampage through Seattle after the inauguration — and smashed up the historic site of the very first Starbucks. Videos showed the mob chanting their allegiance to “Antifa” and repeatedly decrying the election of a left-wing president, Biden. “F—k Trump, f—k Biden too, they don’t give a f—k about you,” a large crowd chanted in one clip. Antifa militants smashed up the very first Starbucks in an anti-Biden protest in Seattle. Police shared images of the store covered in police tape to protect smashed windows.
Siegel: 'Disgraceful' if Amazon delayed coronavirus vaccine help for political reasons
Amazon offering to help distribute the coronavirus vaccine just hours after President Trump left the White House was "disgraceful," Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said on Thursday. That should not get in the way of public health," Siegel told "Fox & Friends." Siegel said that the United States "certainly could have used Amazon along with all their communications" to help distribute the vaccine. They're going to say their workers are frontline workers, which they are. WHY DID AMAZON WAIT UNTIL BIDEN’S INAUGURATION TO OFFER HELP WITH VACCINE DISTRIBUTION?
COVID-19 vaccines won't be 'in every pharmacy' by late Feb., CDC director predicts
As I said early on I’m going to tell you the truth here – I don’t think late February we’re going to have vaccine in every pharmacy in this country." STATES REPORT COVID-19 VACCINE SHORTAGES AND CANCEL APPOINTMENTSOther mishaps due to storage temperature issues or overestimating dosage needs have resulted in wasted supply. As of Wednesday morning, the CDC reported that nearly 36 million doses had been distributed, but only 16.5 million had been administered. WHY DID AMAZON WAIT UNTIL BIDEN'S INAUGURATION TO HELP WITH VACCINE DISTRIBUTION? CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE"We said 100 million doses in the first 100 days and we’re going to stick to that plan," Walensky said.
Michael Moore predicts Donald Trump's 'imprisonment' during farewell address
Michael Moore mocked Donald Trump on his way out of the White House on Wednesday, warning of possible convictions and imprisonment for the outgoing president. Trump left the White House bound for Florida ahead of the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Moore seized the opportunity to tweet more of his disdain for Trump over an image of him leaving the White House for the last time. "He has just left the White House for good. He now flies over the wreckage he has created, knowing we are not done with him," Moore tweeted.
Biden made US 'less safe' with the stroke of a pen, former border patrol chief warns
President Biden has drastically changed the safety and security of the United States border “with the stroke of a pen,” according to former Acting Customs Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan. Continue Reading Below“Our country is less safe today than it was the day before because of President Biden,” Morgan told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”Biden signed an executive orde on Inauguration Day which halted any further construction of the wall along the southern border. “By doing this ... the border patrol agents defending it are less safe. Senator, supported the Secure Fence Act, which partially funded the construction of 650 miles of fencing along the Mexican border through his first term as vice president. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE“It was hailed then as something very effective to safeguard our nation's border.
CNN exec roasted for declaring Biden’s inauguration fireworks ‘inspire our friends and shake our foes’
A CNN executive was lampooned on social media Wednesday night after the liberal network’s top spokesperson claimed a fireworks display celebrating the inauguration of President Joe Biden will "inspire our friends and shake our foes." CNN spent the majority of Wednesday gushing over Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ every move while constantly mocking the previous administration. The Biden administration already has an extremely cozy relationship with CNN, as former CNN global affairs analyst Antony Blinken has been selected to serve as secretary of state and Jen Psaki left her contributor gig at CNN to serve as press secretary. These images will inspire our friends and shake our foes," Dornic tweeted to accompany an image of a fireworks display from Biden’s inauguration. The tweet was swiftly roasted by critics, with many pointing out that there have been similar firework presentations during other administrations.
Biden spotted maskless on federal property hours after signing mandate
President Biden faced criticism for removing his face mask while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night hours after signing an executive order requiring masks on federal property to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That's why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It's time to mask up, America," Biden wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night. WHITE HOUSE PRESSED ON BIDEN'S UNITY MESSAGE AMID TRUMP IMPEACHMENT PUSH"Does Joe Biden's new executive order mandating masks on federal property not apply to Joe Biden while he's on federal property? Because here he is at the Lincoln Memorial with no mask just hours after signing it," Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk wrote on Twitter.
Democrats split on impeachment trial timing, as White House says Senate should ‘multitask’
Democrats are divided about the timing of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, worried it could hamstring President Biden's ability to implement his agenda in the early days of his administration. They are still weighing when to send the article of impeachment to the Senate to formally trigger a trial. He indicated that Democrats had already decided to move forward with a Senate trial, although he did not address specific timing. "There will be an impeachment trial in the United States Senate. So far, only one of Biden’s nominees — Avril Haines as director of national intelligence — has been confirmed.
Biden to sign 10 executive orders as part of COVID-19 response plan
President Biden has unveiled his national strategy to tackle the coronavirus pandemic ahead of two days of executive orders, with an added focus on advancing “equity.”Over the course of Thursday and Friday, the 46th commander-in-chief will sign 10 executive orders to set his administration’s Covid response plan in motion. Of the orders Biden will sign, the most notable is the one invoking the Defense Production Act, which allows for FEMA to force private US companies to produce needed supplies in a national emergency. Executive orders are legally binding, and as a result, are published in the Federal Register. Executive actions, by contrast, are more often symbolic efforts to enact change. In another move, Biden will also completely restore federal funding to the National Guard’s pandemic response effort, after the Trump administration cut most states’ funding by 25 percent last summer.
US workers file 900,000 new jobless claims as COVID-19 total tops 75 million
Americans filed 900,000 applications for unemployment benefits last week, a signal that layoffs are still going strong as the coronavirus hammers businesses and workers alike. The feds have now reported about 75.6 million initial jobless claims over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic — a number equivalent to roughly 47 percent of the nation’s workforce. The filings reported Thursday marked a slight drop from the prior week’s revised total of 926,000 and came in below economists’ expectations for 930,000, according to Wrightson ICAP. Nevertheless, jobless claims have now remained above the pre-pandemic record of 695,000 for 44 consecutive weeks as COVID-19 kills thousands of Americans each day. Workers claimed a staggering 16 million weeks worth of state and federal jobless benefits in the week ending Jan. 2, though that number fell from about 18 million the prior week, the US Department of Labor said.
Leslie Marshall: Biden's first 100 days – here's the bipartisan, united effort the nation can expect
After all the drama, including denying the validity of a free and fair election with zero evidence of widespread voter fraud and even an insurgent uprising at our Capitol that resulted in five deaths, Joe Biden can finally be called President Biden. Displaying humility and decorumGone are the days of a president personally attacking someone and taking so much time on Twitter. A former senator and vice president, he knows a lot of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate. "America’s back," as Biden once exclaimed, and the U.S. will rejoin the international community on Iran, climate change and the fight against COVID-19. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR OPINION NEWSLETTERBelieving in scienceWhen it comes to the fights against COVID-19 and climate change, Joe Biden will not make the issues political.
Tom Cotton: Antifa rioters won't stop because Joe Biden is president
Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday that renewed Antifa riots in Portland and Seattle - following the inauguration of President Joe Biden - prove the point he made over the summer that force is needed to maintain law and order. Cotton, R-Ark., said he remembers the media and Democrats blaming former President Donald Trump for Antifa violence in Democrat-run cities just a few months ago. SEATTLE PROTESTERS OPPOSE BIDEN AND POLICE, VANDALIZE BUILDINGS, CAUSE OTHER DAMAGE: REPORTSSEN. TOM COTTON: I remember the media and Democrats blaming all this Antifa violence on Donald Trump. Yet here we have Joe Biden in the White House and Antifa is still rampaging in the streets of Seattle and Portland and Denver. They hate America, they are not rampaging the streets because Joe Biden is president.
Pence touts time as VP, including Hoosier Justice Barrett, in return to Indiana: 'There's no place like home'
Former Vice President Pence wished new President Biden and Vice President Harris well as he returned to Indiana on Wednesday afternoon, while also expressing gratitude for his time as vice president. Pence touted a number of the Trump administration's accomplishments, including "a record number of principled men and women to our federal courts at every level, including three Supreme Court justices, including Indiana's own Justice Amy Coney Barrett." PENCE LEAVES BIDEN REPORT ON COVID-19 TASK FORCEPence also thanked his staff, his family, and congratulated Biden and Harris. He then thanked former President Trump, with whom he served for four years. "While we've just come back to Indiana today, I've already promised Karen we'll be moving back to Indiana come this summer," Pence said, visibly emotional.
White House pressed on Biden's unity message amid Trump impeachment push
President Biden began his term in office with a message of unity, expressing a desire to move past the rancorous division in the United States and bring people together, while Congress remains set to carry out an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump. During her first press briefing after Biden's inauguration, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by Fox News' Peter Doocy if the new president thinks the impeachment process should be dropped. Psaki said the administration believes that the Senate can hold the trial while also moving the country forward. BIDEN SWORN IN AS 46TH PRESIDENT, SAYS 'DEMOCRACY HAS PREVAILED' IN INAUGURAL ADDRESSPsaki said that for Biden, uniting the people will come from dealing with the problems the country is facing. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs for impeachment, Psaki said Biden will "leave the mechanics, the timing and the specifics" to Congress.
Biden Cabinet nominees trailed by ethics concerns
President Joe Biden took office Wednesday, but ethics concerns still trail some of his Cabinet picks. Biden's Commerce Secretary pick, Gina Raimondo, Homeland Security pick Alejandro Mayorkas and Labor Secretary pick Marty Walsh have all faced questions about favoritism or conflicts of interest in the last decade. BIDEN LABOR SECRETARY NOMINEE MARTY WALSH'S CAMPAIGN PAID HIS GIRLFRIEND'S EMPLOYER NEARLY $1 MILLION"It's extraordinary how many of these top Biden nominees are already under an ethics cloud. Mayorkas appeared before the Republican-led House Homeland Security Committee in 2015 to answer questions after the inspector general report was released. "The [Department of Homeland Security] Inspector General found that... employees perceived I exercised undue influence in these cases," Mayorkas told the committee, according to ABC News.
Tesla Model 3 car reportedly explodes in China
A Tesla Model 3 sedan exploded this week in a Chinese parking garage, according to local media reports. The car blew up Tuesday evening in an underground parking garage in a residential community in Shanghai, where Tesla opened a factory in late 2019, multiple Chinese media outlets reported. The electric-car maker told local media that the incident was likely caused by an impact to the underside of the car that damaged the battery. WeiboIt’s unclear whether the Model 3 vehicle was made at Tesla’s Shanghai plant or imported from the US. A Tesla Model 3 exploded in an underground parking garage in a residential community in Shanghai, according to local reports.
Pete Buttigieg: 5 things to know
Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg first made a splash in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary as the previously almost-unknown midwest mayor rocketed to the top of the polls. Here are five things to know about Buttigieg as he goes through the confirmation process. SOUTH BEND COPS WARN OF 'MASS EXODUS,' AS MORALE TANKS OVER BUTTIGIEG HANDLING OF SHOOTING"Morale around here has been terrible. That association earned him some flak from fellow Democratic candidates, who portray Buttigieg as a creature of big business. The firm eventually made an accommodation for Buttigieg to allow him to name the clients he served while at McKinsey between 2007 and 2010.
Sen. Tom Cotton: Xavier Becerra nomination – here's why Senate should reject culture warrior for HHS post
But his nominee to be secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, is a partisan culture warrior who undermines both pledges. SEN. MARCO RUBIO: JOE BIDEN IS PRESIDENT, NOW WHATBut Becerra is a lawyer and career politician. What Becerra lacks in public-health experience, however, he makes up for in enthusiasm for his party’s most radical views. Further, HHS has sensitive immigration responsibilities that a radical like Becerra would likely politicize. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs we fight to defeat the coronavirus, America deserves a professional at HHS – not a partisan culture warrior.
Biden-Harris inauguration: 5 key moments
The deadly violence at the U.S. Capitol just two weeks earlier loomed large over President Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. BIDEN CORONAVIRUS ADVISER HAWKED MASKS HE SAID WOULD 'DEACTIVATE' COVID-19Here are five key moments from Biden's inauguration:1. Trump skips, Pence attendsVice President Mike Pence attended Biden's inaugural ceremony on Wednesday after skipping outgoing President Donald Trump's farewell address at Joint Base Andrews. Trump was the first president in more than a century and a half to not attend his successor’s inauguration. U.S. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorts HarrisCapitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorted Vice President Kamala Harris into the Capitol building Wednesday ahead of the inauguration ceremony.
Tim Graham: On Biden's first day as president, liberal press gets giddy
People of all political stripes should allow some space for generosity and positive statements on Inauguration Day. For his part, CNN public relations manager Matt Dornic tweeted out a GIF of the song "Oh What a Beautiful Morning." Biden beat reporter Mary Bruce announced "of course, Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. I thought from Joe Biden today, certainly, he was commander in chief, but he was also papa in chief." Joe Biden believes – he’s eternally optimistic.
Obama, Bush and Clinton say inauguration highlights 'institutional integrity' of USA, ask for national unity
Former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in a video released by the inaugural committee on Wednesday wished President Biden well while also lauding the U.S. for accomplishing yet another successful transfer of power and asking for national unity. The trio were the only three former presidents who were at the Biden inauguration Wednesday. Obama said that he was proud to see his former vice president be sworn in as commander-in-chief and to see the first woman be sworn in as vice president on Wednesday. All three of the former presidents told Harris and Biden in the video that they are rooting for them, and Obama offered his former vice president help wherever possible. "And we will be available in any ways that we can as citizens to help you guide our country forward.
First 100 days of Biden, Obama, Clinton: Escalating spending to address economic challenge
The new president signed an order Wednesday declaring the "immediate termination" of funding for the border wall. On Inauguration Day, Biden signed an order for the U.S. to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. The approximately $800 billion bill had three spending categories. The expanded program was financed with a 62-cent-per-pack increase in the federal tax on cigarettes. Then-Vice President Biden opposed the escalation of U.S. involvement.
Kellyanne Conway, Piers Morgan spar over Trump WH coronavirus handling in contentious interview
"Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan welcomed former White House counsel Kellyanne Conway as a guest Thursday morning -- but the conversation soon became contentious. Conway responded by accusing Morgan of attacking her with a "screed" of allegations. Why didn't you wear a mask more often in the White House, on show?" — Kellyanne ConwayShe said she called the White House immediately during the riots and claimed she also told Trump what she thought about his election fraud claims while he was making them. Conway grew frustrated with the hard questioning, at one point saying, "I was invited to talk about the new administration.
President Biden Begins Term With Big Promises, Pleas For Unity
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President of the U.S. on Wednesday. The theme of President Biden's inauguration was "America United" despite the country's deep division. President Biden takes office having Congress on his side. Rep. Bice of Oklahoma's 5th congressional district, discusses where she thinks her party can find common ground with President Biden. She also weighs in on President Trump's impeachment and why Republicans like her challenged the presidential election results.
President Biden Aims For Middle Way During Inauguration Speech
This week, Martha is joined by President Dwight Eisenhower's granddaughter and author of How Ike Led Susan Eisenhower, Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Dan Henninger and Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee joins to discuss the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Follow Martha on Twitter: @MarthaMacCallum
Scenes from Inauguration Day 2021
McKenzie Levi, of Columbus, Ohio, was detained at a checkpoint and eventually released for dressing up as a crusader during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. James Keivom
Biden WH imposes 100-day 'pause' on deportations of illegal immigrants
Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...Biden administration imposes 100-day 'pause' on deportations of illegal immigrantsThe Biden administration on Wednesday issued a 100-day "pause" on deportations of illegal immigrants -- a dramatic move that caps a slew of immigration-related moves on President Biden’s first day in office. Part of that includes a 100-day pause, beginning Friday, of "certain noncitizens ordered deported." Biden had promised to implement a 100-day moratorium during the 2020 campaign, and the order from DHS fulfills that promise. The move, which means many illegal immigrants with criminal convictions and charges will not be deported in that timeframe, caps a slew of immigration moves by the new president, reversing many of the policies of former President Trump. Earlier in the day, Antifa rioters voiced dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden and clashed with city police.
Biden-Harris agenda set to confront these challenges
China is a threat to the United States economically, militarily in the South China Sea, in space, and in the Arctic. The migrants aim to reach Mexico and eventually make their way to the United States border. If people qualify under the law to remain in the United States, then we will apply the law accordingly. If they do not qualify to remain in the United States, then they won't," Mayorkas said. Despite the fact that more than 100 House Republicans voted against certifying his election, he may have some help from a group of House freshmen Republicans.
Anti-Trump activist faces new charges after accused of plowing car into pro-MAGA crowd: DA
A California liberal activist, who was charged with attempted murder after allegedly running over Trump supporters with her car last year, is facing new charges in connection with a separate earlier incident, the Orange County district attorney’s office announced Wednesday. PROSECUTOR: DRIVER TRIED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS AT SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RALLYThe attack left one of the victims with head injuries so severe they required staples, prosecutors said. Turner's defense lawyer, Ludlow Creary II, argued that Turner tried unsuccessfully to get help from deputies in Yorba Linda after her group was overwhelmed by a hostile crowd. She has pleaded not guilty on all charges, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing Orange County Superior Court records. Five additional protesters were also charged with crimes related to dueling protests in Yorba Linda, prosecutors said.
Doug Schoen: Biden inaugural message mostly hopeful, unifying – but these harsh realities await
Joe Biden delivered his inaugural address as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward," Biden said. To that end, while Biden’s speech was overall optimistic, he also denounced his predecessor without mentioning Trump by name. In many ways, Biden’s veiled attacks on Trump were indicative of how Biden will govern: as Trump’s antithesis. Ultimately, though Biden’s speech was in many ways forward-looking and unifying, his address also underscored just how deeply divided we are as a nation.
Stock futures add to records on stimulus hopes
U.S. equity futures were trading higher following a record day on Wall Street. Continue Reading BelowMajor futures indexes suggest a gain of 0.1% for the Dow and a rise of 0.4% for the Nasdaq. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREHopes were high that President Biden's administration will mean more support for the struggling U.S. economy. Permits for future construction were anticipated to fall to 1.604 million from 1.635 million, which was the highest read since August 2006. He also pitched a plan to pump $1.9 trillion more into the struggling economy, hoping to act quickly as his Democratic party now controls the White House and both chambers of Congress.
Baghdad rocked by suicide bombs; at least 6 dead
BAGHDAD — Twin suicide bombings hit Iraq’s capital Thursday killing at least six people and wounding at least 25 others, three police officials and State TV said. The police officials said two explosions hit a commercial center in central Baghdad. Iraqi state television reported they were suicide bombings. The police officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe bombings are the first in years to target Baghdad's bustling commercial area.
Biden fires Trump-appointed labor board attorney in break with precedent
President Biden in a break with precedent fired the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, a Senate-confirmed position, on his first day in the White House. The same day Biden named Lauren McFerran chairman of the NLRB. "President Biden’s continuous calls for unity and civil discourse upon taking his oath of office are already proving to be empty aspirations." — U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C."The Biden administration appears to be rewarding their friends in Big Labor on day one through this inappropriate demand. Kudos to President Biden for taking strong action on his first day in office to advance the cause of workers’ rights."
Capitol-area security fencing starts to come down following inauguration
Security fencing placed around the U.S. Capitol in the wake of a riotous breach earlier this month began to slowly come down Wednesday evening. The fencing and troops were added ahead of President Biden’s inauguration Wednesday – a day that always has heightened security every four years – to stave off the possibility of further violence following the Jan. 6 insurrection. HOW LONG WILL DC REMAIN LOCKED DOWN, NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS STAY AFTER BIDEN INAUGURATION? Once the inauguration celebration at the Lincoln Memorial was finished Wednesday evening, however, crews began to immediately remove the fencing. DC INAUGURATION SECURITY AT CAPITOL INCLUDES NATIONAL GUARD MEDICS TRAINED IN 'BATTLEFIELD TRAUMA,' EXPLOSIVESWashington, D.C., Deputy Mayor John.
Winning $730M Powerball ticket sold in Maryland
Thanks to math and bad luck, lottery players had another shot at a giant jackpot Wednesday night with a $730 million Powerball prize was on the line. The winning ticket was sold in Maryland, pushing the new jackpot to an estimated $20 million for the next drawing Saturday. Winning numbers for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing were: 40-53-60-68-69 and a Powerball of 22. The biggest prize was a $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot won by three people in 2016. Most winners opt for cash prizes, which for Mega Millions would be $716.3 million and $546 million for Wednesday’s Powerball.
Biden urges end to ‘uncivil war,’ asks for media truth, but can he pull it off?
It was as much a sermon as a political speech, more an exercise in healing than the recitation of an agenda. Biden sent a message to the media as well, calling for a rejection of the culture in which "facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured." As a measure of the media’s continuing Trump addiction, some liberal websites yesterday morning--on the day Biden was being sworn in--led with Trump stories. (And in a small box in the corner: "Joe Biden’s Chance at Greatness.") The political polarization that has gripped this country, fueled in part by the media, didn’t start with President Trump and won’t end with President Biden.
Kohl’s removes Jennifer Lopez, seven other brands from stores
Kohl’s said the coronavirus crisis would have a material impact on results this year as it removed eight brands including Jennifer Lopez, Juicy Couture and Popsugar from its stores and warned demand for women’s apparel would remain weak. The mid-priced chain reported a 24 percent surge in online sales in the quarter and more than 60 percent in April and said it had now reopened nearly half its US stores as lockdowns eased. Excluding items, it lost $3.20 per share, far worse than forecasts of a $1.80 loss, according to Refinitiv data. Kohl’s had been struggling in women’s apparel even before the pandemic as consumers shifted to online shopping and fast-fashion brands. “Exiting them [the 8 brands] will create focus and clarity on the brands that will continue,” Gass said.
Trump gets warm Florida greeting from supporters after arriving from DC
Former President Trump received a warm greeting from supporters in South Florida on Wednesday morning as he made his way to his Mar-a-Lago resort after leaving the White House for the last time as the commander-in-chief. Trump waved back to the crowd as his motorcade slowly made its way through the streets after Air Force One touched down in the Sunshine State. Earlier, Trump told another crowd of family members and White House staffers at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, "We've accomplished a lot. TRUMP LEAVES LETTER FOR BIDEN BEFORE DEPARTING WHITE HOUSETrump broke tradition by departing Washington, D.C., before his successor was sworn in but wished the Biden administration "great luck and great success." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFormer Vice President Mike Pence attended the Biden inauguration and did not attend the Trump send-off.
LIVE UPDATES: Pete Buttigieg faces Senate panel hearing over Transportation nomination
Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s nomination as President Biden's transportation secretary is scheduled to move forward Thursday when the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee holds a confirmation hearing. "I trust Mayor Pete to lead this work with focus, decency, and a bold vision — he will bring people together to get big things done." Buttigieg is just one of a number of nominees waiting to be confirmed in the Senate. On Wednesday, the Senate confirmed Avril Haines, Biden's pick for director of national intelligence, in an 84-10 vote. Follow below for updates on Biden's Cabinet confirmations.
Ingraham: Conservatives must oppose 'ruinous and divisive' Biden with 'passion, resolve, and good cheer'
The "ruinous and divisive" policies of the Biden administration will have a galvanizing effect on conservatives over the next four years, Laura Ingraham predicted Wednesday. "The Ingraham Angle" host noted that China's state-run news agency Xinhua had tweeted "Good riddance, Donald Trump!" BIDEN TO REENGAGE WITH WHO AFTER TRUMP CUT TIES OVER COVID, CHINA"They want Republicans to be vetted, surveilled, shamed, and deplatformed. The new president, the host proclaimed, "wants us to unite behind the idea that America is a racist country. Ingraham clarified that she doesn't believe Biden actually thinks the U.S. is a racist country dominated by White supremacists.
LIVE UPDATES: Anti-Biden Antifa protesters in Portland clash with police, large knife recovered, arrests made
Antifa protesters in Portland clashed with authorities Wednesday as they gathered to voice dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden, forcing officers to retreat and taking at least one police bicycle, authorities said. A crowd of up to 150 people gathered at Revolution Hall around 2 p.m. and marched to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon, Portland police Sgt. In total, eight adults were arrested for crimes ranging from rioting and possession of a destructive device to reckless burning. Police said they recovered some long poles and a large knife from people in the crowd. In Seattle, rioters caused damage to the city and at least two people were arrested.
LIVE UPDATES: Rand Paul says Trump impeachment would 'destroy' Republican Party
Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday he fears Republicans will "destroy the party" if they support former President Trump's conviction during his Senate impeachment trial. "But for Republicans who go along with it, I think they will destroy our party. Donald Trump isn’t everything in the party but he did bring a lot of people to the party." Trump is now out of office, making the idea of removing him moot, but opponents are eager to disqualify him from any future run for office. Follow below for the latest updates on Trump's impeachment.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Free speech, the First Amendment and our modern tech-filled world
Notably absent were any complaints that the British government infringed upon the freedom of speech. The first ratified amendment prohibited Congress from doing what the colonists never seriously complained about the British government doing -- infringing upon the freedom of speech. The remedy for hateful or threatening speech is not silence or punishments; it is more speech -- speech that challenges the speaker. To the antifederalists -- or Democratic-Republicans, as they called themselves -- the First Amendment prohibited Congress from interfering with or punishing any speech. The remedy for hateful or threatening speech is not silence or punishments; it is more speech -- speech that challenges the speaker.
This Day in History: Jan. 21
On this day, Jan. 21 …1977: On his first full day in office, President Jimmy Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders. 1861: Jefferson Davis of Mississippi and four other Southerners whose states seceded from the Union resign from the U.S. Senate. Convict-turned-author Jack Henry Abbott is found guilty in New York of first-degree manslaughter in the stabbing death of waiter Richard Adan in 1981. 1997: Speaker Newt Gingrich is reprimanded and fined as the House votes for the first time in history to discipline its leader for ethical misconduct. Speaker Newt Gingrich is reprimanded and fined as the House votes for the first time in history to discipline its leader for ethical misconduct.
Biden administration imposes 100-day 'pause' on deportations of illegal immigrants
The Biden administration on Wednesday issued a 100-day "pause" on deportations of illegal immigrants -- a dramatic move that caps a slew of immigration-related moves on President Biden’s first day in office. Acting Department Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske signed a memorandum to review immigration enforcement policies. Part of that includes a 100-day pause, beginning Friday, of "certain noncitizens ordered deported." Biden had promised to implement a 100-day moratorium during the 2020 campaign, and the order from DHS fulfills that promise. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSeparately, Biden's transition team has this week unveiled an immigration reform proposal that would include an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the U.S.
Greenwald sounds alarm over Biden domestic terror war: 'Literally nothing that could be more dangerous'
Democrats led by President Biden have launched a war on domestic terrorism to "essentially criminalize any oppositional ideology to the ruling class," investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald argued Wednesday. "There is literally nothing that could be more dangerous, and it's not fear-mongering or alarmism to say it," Greenwald told "Tucker Carlson Tonight." Biden pledged to confront the threat of domestic terrorism in his inaugural address, vowing to defeat "political extremism, [and] White supremacy" in light of the deadly riot at the Capitol Jan. 6. "Then there's a whole other group of people at whose expense they rule in," he added. "Some them consider them on the left, some on the right," but "it's time to break down those barriers."
Hannity pans Biden's 'truly unremarkable, totally forgettable' inaugural address
President Joe Biden delivered a "forgettable" inaugural address full of "liberal-socialist cliches," Sean Hannity told his viewers Wednesday. "Joe predictably meandered his way through a truly unremarkable, totally forgettable, prerehearsed set of remarks," the "Hannity" host pronounced. "The rest of the media mob were flat out lying to the American people, as usual. Hannity also called Biden's choice to make unity the theme of the speech "laughable and completely disingenuous." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHannity also announced that the vast majority of the media mob in this country "have officially started what will be pretty much a four-year-long vacation.
Former Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton share message of unity for President Biden
Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton wished newly minted President Joe Biden success in his new role with a touching video that aired Wednesday night. President, I’m pulling for your success. Your success is our country’s success and God bless you,” Bush says in the video. God bless you.”“Joe, I’m proud of you,” Obama said of his former vice president. We wish you Godspeed.”Notably absent was former President Donald Trump, who refused to attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony.
US to pause certain deportations for 100 days, says DHS
The US will pause some deportations for 100 days, according to the Department of Homeland Security — a moratorium promised by President Biden on the campaign trial. The move, which becomes effective Friday, is to “ensure we have a fair and effective immigration enforcement system focused on protecting national security, border security, and public safety,” DHS said in a Wednesday night statement. The deportation pause will enable DHS to focus on U.S.-Mexico border security and the coronavirus pandemic, the statement said. “Throughout this interim period DHS will continue to enforce our immigration laws,” DHS said. With Post wires
Judge orders NY county to review ballots in US’ last undecided congressional race
A New York Supreme Court judge on Wednesday ordered a review of more than 1,000 affidavit ballots in an upstate county with the nation’s last uncertified congressional race. DelConte ruled that affidavit ballots in Oneida County — the largest county in New York’s 22nd congressional district — are to be sent back to its election board and canvassed. The judge, in his ruling, cited the Oneida County Board of Elections’ failure to process over 2,400 “timely-filed voter registrations” from people who registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Under the ruling, those affidavit ballots that were denied, will now count. The court “cannot allow the Oneida County Board of Elections’ incomplete and improper canvass of affidavit ballots to compromise the true election results, nor to disenfranchise any voter,” DelConte wrote.
Seattle protesters oppose Biden and police, vandalize buildings, cause other damage: reports
Rioters gathered in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, causing damage to the city following the inauguration of President Joe Biden. At least two people were arrested during the unrest, one for property damage and another for assault, according to the Seattle Police Department. Seattle police tweeted photos of the damage and said multiple sites were vandalized, including what appeared to be an Amazon Go store. The group had initially been carrying a sign that read "Abolish ICE," [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] while another banner suggested they were protesting Biden and law enforcement, according to reports. Some in the group smashed windows, vandalized a building with graffiti, and forced officers to retreat.
Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden declares war on 'White supremacy'. What does he mean by that?
Joe Biden and his wife Jill are the mother and father of this nation, may their names emerge from our lips in praise forever. BIDEN: A rise of political extremism, White supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. Joe Biden is the president of the United States, not a high school debate coach. Bloomberg News has described a wall along our southern border as "a Monument to White Supremacy," so be certain not to support that. Colin Kaepernick, who seems to have the unequivocal support of corporate America, calls the Fourth of July an example of White supremacy.
Sanitizer in chief: Twitter loves Biden inauguration’s mystery podium cleaner
It didn’t take long for Twitter to adopt the hashtags "Sanitizer-in-Chief" and "Podium Sanitizer Guy" with users trading jokes and posing burning questions about the covert Mr. Clean. Admirers of the virus warrior such as @lia_d_mcdonald on Twitter quipped: "I came for @joebiden and @kamalaharris but I soon found out I was really there for podium sanitizer guy." Meanwhile another fan, @lilceliacdiseaz, posted: "Also the Head Sanitizer in Chief up there is truly an American patriot. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPEchoing her confidence in the cleaning champ, user @robert_riedl suggested: "The podium sanitizer guy should get his own marching band theme." Kid, I was the podium sanitizer guy."
Rudy Giuliani more popular in NYC than Bill de Blasio, poll shows
Even Rudy Giuliani is more popular with New Yorkers at the moment than Bill de Blasio, a new Siena College poll shows. De Blasio garnered a measly 28 percent favorable rating compared to Giuliani’s 32 percent in the survey released Tuesday. Andrew Cuomo had a 57 percent favorable rate, just above incoming Vice President Kamala Harris’ 56 percent. Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden received a 62 percent favorable rating, Vice President Mike Pence had 42 percent, and Trump won 30 percent. BILL DE BLASIO SAYS NYC WILL RUN OUT OF COVID-19 VACCINE BY FRIDAYThe survey also included how many New Yorkers viewed the pols unfavorably.
Who is Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary for Joe Biden?
President Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, held the first media briefing of his administration after his inauguration Wednesday evening, vowing to bring “truth and transparency” back to the White House. Psaki, a veteran of Democratic campaigns and administrations, will be the face of the all-female senior White House communications team as Biden settles into his presidency. Mecher has worked for both the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and former Rep. Steve Driehaus, a Democrat from Ohio. Colleagues in the administrationPsaki will be joined by a number of Obama-administration and Biden campaign veterans in the White House press shop, including Karine Jean Pierre, who will be deputy press secretary, and Pili Tobar, who will be deputy communications director. Kate Bedingfield, who served as the Biden campaign’s communications director, will take on the same role in the White House.
Leftist protesters wreak havoc in Portland, vandalize Oregon’s Dem headquarters
Leftist protesters wreaked havoc on the streets of Portland Wednesday evening, smashing windows at the state’s Democratic Party headquarters while chanting anti-cop slogans, according to police and a local report. Eight protesters were arrested on a range of charges as hundreds of black-clad demonstrators marched in the northeast section of the city, the police department said. Some of the arrests were related to vandalism at Oregon’s Democratic Party headquarters, where protesters shattered windows and defaced the building, the police said. One protester was charged with “reckless burning,” Portland cops said. The protesters, who were marching against police killings and “fascist massacres,” also threw debris at cops and swarmed officers, a local Fox affiliate reported.
Kamala Harris lauds ‘American aspiration’ at inauguration night concert
A beaming Vice President Kamala Harris lauded the power of “American aspiration” on Wednesday night, during her first address to the nation in her new role. Speaking with the Washington Monument lit up behind her during the “Celebrating America” inauguration concert Harris spoke about the nation’s determination and perseverance. “We are undaunted in our belief that we shall overcome, that we will rise up,” she said. We not only see what has been, we see what can be.”Vice President Kamala Harris at the Celebrating America Primetime Special on January 20, 2021. “The courage to see beyond crisis, to do what is hard, to do what is good.”“To unite, to believe in ourselves, believe in our country, believe in what we can do together.”
Vice President Kamala Harris blazed three trails with swearing-in
Kamala Harris shattered two centuries of history on Wednesday when she was sworn in as the first female vice president of the United States. Emhoff will also hold a norm-shattering role, becoming the nation’s first ever “second gentleman” and the first Jewish person married to a president or vice president. While the vice president does not make an inaugural address, Harris promised to legislate “for the people — always” in her first tweet as vice president. President Joe Biden congratulates Vice President Kamala Harris at the inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021. The two eventually repaired their rift, and the role of vice president was considered hers to lose.
In a pandemic raged economy, it’s buying time in the NYC real estate market
Even in today’s historically-worst commercial property market, things are not everywhere and always at their worst. The Orthodox Union, an influential Jewish advocacy organization, bought a 69,000-square-foot commercial condominium at 40 Rector St. for $24.85 million. Michael Pilevsky’s Philips International converted 40 Rector St. to individual, full-floor condo units and acts as the sponsor of sales. Real estate-focused law firm Belkin Burden Goldman signed for 30,598 square feet. Dime Community Bank expanded from 3,643 square feet to 19,401 sf.
Melania Trump’s Mar-a-Lago outfit criticized online after couple exited Air Force One
Melania and Donald Trump debarked from their final ride with Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport minutes before his presidential term ended Wednesday. "The 70s wants its curtains back," one Twitter user quipped at Melania’s fashion choice. KAMALA HARRIS, HILLARY CLINTON, MICHELLE OBAMA WEAR PURPLE AT BIDEN INAUGURATIONAnother Twitter user poked fun at the dress having orange hexagons. Meanwhile, multiple Twitter users joked that they associated the former model’s loose-fitting dress and sunglasses combo with that of a Floridian divorcée. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSome even shared that they thought Melania’s outfit change symbolized her true feelings about leaving the White House.
Media fawns over Biden throughout Inauguration Day: ‘Boy, did they lay it on thick’
The mainstream media fawned over President Joe Biden's every move on Wednesday, offering a stark contrast from the way the press reacted to his predecessor. Everything from Biden’s rhetoric to his marriage was complimented throughout Inauguration Day. "What a great love story between Jill Biden and Joe Biden," MSNBC host Joy Reid said at one point. CNN ANCHORS CAN’T HIDE EXCITEMENT AS TRUMP EXITS WHITE HOUSE: ‘HE JUST LOOKS LIKE A SMALL MAN’"God bless Joe Biden. "This is Joe Biden’s day, but actually it’s not Joe Biden’s day.
Unlike Trump, Biden in no rush to file for re-election
On his inauguration day in January of 2017, President Trump filed for his 2020 re-election. Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden apparently isn't following in his predecessor's footsteps. At her first briefing with reporters, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked Wednesday evening by Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy if Biden had filed, or has imminent plans to file paper for a 2024 re-election. But during the general election campaign against President Trump, Biden sparked more speculation last spring by telling donors that "I view myself as a transition candidate." If Biden waits until well into his first term to announce whether he will or won’t run for re-election in 2024, it won’t be without precedent.
LA superspreader task force breaks up "stripper parties"
As COVID-19 cases skyrocket in California, the Los Angeles County superspreader task force is cracking down on underground parties featuring booze, strippers, and hundreds of revelers. Last Thursday night, the task force broke up three parties, resulting in 137 arrests and the recovery of a discarded firearm. Pictures of the underground shindigs show stripper poles in lounges full of alcohol and hookah. Then on Friday, KTTV embedded with the task force as they broke up a "stripper party" at a flower shop in southeast LA County. LA County recorded 6,492 new cases and 262 deaths Wednesday, bringing totals to 1,038,092 cases and 14,384 deaths.
Who is Jen Psaki, Biden's White House press secretary?
Jen Psaki made her debut in the White House Briefing Room on Wednesday as President Biden's press secretary. She first began as deputy White House press secretary and was later elevated to deputy White House communications director. PSAKI SAYS SHE WILL BRING 'TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY BACK' DURING FIRST WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFINGDuring her tenure at the State Department, Psaki was known for her combative exchanges with reporters. In 2015, Psaki returned to the White House, this time as communication's director, which she served until the end of President Obama's second term. She added: "Rebuilding trust is central to our focus in the White House and in the press office."
Biden ditches military flags as part of Oval Office makeover
President Joe Biden took the oath of office Wednesday, and with new presidents come new White House decorations – especially in the commander-in-chief’s official workplace. And so it’s no surprise that staffers have moved around a lot of things, from artwork to the carpeting inside the Oval Office. One change the Biden administration made was to remove the military flags that had been on display during Donald Trump’s term in office. Archival photos show former Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon had displayed military battle flags in the office. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn general, the Oval Office "has changed very little except in its furnishings" since 1934, according to the White House Museum.
Biden says he has 'never been more optimistic about America,' calls for unity in remarks at Lincoln Memorial
President Joe Biden from the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night said he has "never been more optimistic about America" than now, while again calling for unity and saying "democracy has prevailed." "I’ve never been more optimistic about America than I am on this very day," Biden said. Standing beside Biden was first lady Jill Biden, his son, Hunter Biden, and daughter Ashley Biden. The Trump administration had sought to end the program since September 2017, mounting a number of federal legal battles. Meanwhile, Biden signed the instrument to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord — after the Trump administration officially left the agreement last year.
Biden put on a show of ‘unity’ — will he stick to it?: Devine
The good angel called for “unity” and “truth,” all the things a battered nation is longing to hear. The good angel did manage to prevent any overt criticism of Donald Trump. We face an attack on democracy and on truth.”After preaching about unity and truth, President Biden quickly got to work on undoing Trump’s accomplishments by issuing a slew of executive orders. But soon all was sweetness and light again, as the good angel told us that unity is possible: “If we show a little tolerance and humility. No doubt Biden-friendly media operatives will highlight only the work of the good angel as they assess Biden’s speech.
Here’s the official inaugural painting presented to Joe Biden
One of the gifts given to President Biden by members of Congress on Wednesday was an “optimistic” Civil War-era painting by a black landscape artist. and first lady Jill Biden presented Robert S. Duncanson’s 1859 work “Landscape With Rainbow” during the inaugural gift-giving ceremony. Getty ImagesThe first lady hand-picked the painting, depicting a lush green landscape with people and cows and a rainbow overhead, symbolizing renewal and hope. Normally, a painting such as this one would be on view during the traditional congressional luncheon that follows the inauguration. Leaders of Congress presented Biden, 78, and Vice President Kamala Harris with vases, flags and photos during the event.
Biden nominee Avril Haines confirmed as intelligence director
WASHINGTON — Former White House lawyer Avril Haines has been confirmed as the new Director of National Intelligence, becoming the first woman to lead the agency and the first nominee in President Biden’s cabinet to pass the vetting process. Haines is another holdover from the Obama administration tapped to join Biden’s cabinet. The 51-year-old served as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Obama’s deputy national security advisor. The intelligence official said she saw the Chinese Communist Party as a “global competitor,” but refused to dub Beijing an “adversary.”Avril Haines was confirmed as the new Director of National Intelligence on Jan. 20, 2021. Haines’ nomination was temporarily blocked by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Okla), as he sought information about the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program.
Canadian PM Trudeau ‘disappointed’ in Biden plan to revoke Keystone XL permit
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said he was “disappointed” in President Biden’s pledge to revoke a permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline — as the company behind it said work on the project was being suspended. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims the Keystone XL pipeline would support “thousands of jobs on both sides of the border.” AFP via Getty ImagesIn 2015, then-President Barack Obama blocked construction of the American portion of Keystone XL, but then-President Donald Trump reversed that move by issuing a presidential permit in 2017. In July, the US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that required the project to undergo an environmental review. At the time, TC Energy said work on the pipeline would continue north of the border pending approval in the US. Keystone XL would carry up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City, Neb., for further distribution across the US.
Russian dissident Alexei Navalny reveals Putin has billion dollar palace
Poisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny alleges in a new, viral video that Russian President Vladimir Putin owns an opulent billion dollar palace that was built with fraudulently obtained funds, according to reports. Navalny, in the footage, claims that Putin allies, including oil chiefs and billionaires, paid for the construction of the $1.35 billion Black Sea palace, the BBC reported. “[They] built a palace for their boss with this money,” Navalny says, according to the report. He added it was built “with the largest bribe in history.”The Kremlin shot back on Wednesday, denying Putin owns the palace. AFP via Getty ImagesThe video claims the palace is outfitted with a casino and an underground ice rink.
WH press secretary won’t commit to pushing Congress over impeachment
In her first briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Wednesday would not say whether President Joe Biden would press Congress to set aside its push to impeach predecessor Donald Trump, despite a call for unity in his inaugural address. Psaki, a veteran of the Obama White House and a former CNN contributor, dodged the question of timing twice at the briefing. The press secretary insisted Biden, a former senator and vice president, had a long history of bipartisanship. And she confirmed Biden signed an order halting construction of Trump’s signature Mexico border wall. Biden “signed a proclamation effective immediately halting further funding or construction of the previous administration’s border wall and terminating the so-called national emergency used to wastefully divert billions for wall construction,” she said.
EU ready for new US leadership under Biden: 'After four long years, Europe has a friend in the White House'
BIDEN, 78, BECOMES OLDEST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORYElsewhere in Europe, close U.S. allies finally saw a chance to come in out of the cold after strained security and economic relationships with the Trump administration. With Biden, "we will be stronger to face the challenges of our time. European leadership, however, warned that the world changed in the Trump years and that trans-Atlantic ties will be different in the future. The Europeans have invited Biden to a summit, quite probably in Brussels, in parallel with a top-level NATO meeting as soon as he’s ready. Michel said the EU’s priority is to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and climate change, rebuild the global economy and boost security ties with Washington.
Ahead of inauguration, Biden received message from Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth is among the world leaders to reach out to Joe Biden as he prepared to take the office of President of the United States. The 94-year-old monarch sent a private message to Biden before Wednesday's inauguration, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed to Bazaar. The rep maintained that the contents of the letter will stay between Biden and the royal. According to Bazaar, Harry, 36, attended a reception for British and American wounded servicemen and women in 2013, via an invitation from Dr. Biden. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg also reached out to Biden on the day of the inauguration and published the letter online.
Psaki says she will bring 'truth and transparency back' during first White House press briefing
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that President Biden asked that she bring "truth and transparency back to the briefing room," during her first press briefing of the Biden Administration. She added: "Rebuilding trust is central to our focus in the White House and in the press office." Psaki, a former CNN contributor, who served in the White House and as spokesperson at the State Department during the Obama Administration, said that she has "a deep respect for a free and independent press." Psaki touted Biden, saying he "will bring truth back to government," something she said she hopes "to deliver on as well." Trump, though, left Biden a letter before departing the White House on Wednesday.
Biden's call for unity flies in the face of media vitriol toward Trump supporters
MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson insisted during a panel discussion that "millions" of Trump supporters "need to be deprogrammed," a statement that was echoed by longtime journalist Katie Couric on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." The CNN anchor laughed hysterically as his guests mocked Trump supporters as illiterate "credulous Boomer rubes" last year. "My message was that diverse communities, including white [sic] Trump supporters, could work together to create a future where all of our children would have an equal shot at the American dream. MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude suggested on Tuesday that Trump supporters are also culpable for the devastation the coronavirus pandemic has caused the nation. The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment regarding President Biden's thoughts about the media's attacks towards Trump supporters and whether they undercut his call for unity.
Biden to new administration staffers: Be nice to others or 'I will fire you on the spot'
President Biden warned new members of his administration Wednesday that he’ll fire them "on the spot" if they fail to treat others nicely. "If you’re ever working with me, and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot," Biden told new aides during a swearing-in ceremony following his inauguration. "On the spot." "I expect you to do that for all the folks you deal with, all the folks we work for, the American people." "No ifs, ands or buts – everybody, everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity," Biden concluded during his remarks Wednesday.
Justin Trudeau ‘disappointed’ in Biden's decision to cancel Keystone XL pipeline
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said his administration was "disappointed" with President Joe Biden’s decision to revoke the permit for construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The controversial Keystone XL pipeline initially proposed more than a decade ago, would sustain about 11,000 U.S. jobs in 2021 and generate $1.6 billion in gross wages. The Obama administration rejected it, but President Donald Trump revived it and has been a strong supporter. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TARGETS HUNTERS WITH REGULATIONS ON DAY ONETrudeau raised Keystone XL as a top priority when he spoke with Biden in a phone call in November. Jason Kenney, premier of the oil-rich province of Alberta, said late Tuesday he urged Trudeau to tell Biden that "rescinding the Keystone XL border crossing permit would damage the Canada-US bilateral relationship."
Why did Amazon wait until Biden’s inauguration to offer help with vaccine distribution?
"We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination efforts," Clark continued. STATES REPORT COVID-19 VACCINE SHORTAGES AND CANCEL APPOINTMENTSAmazon's offer was welcomed by many following a sluggish rollout of the recently approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. An Amazon spokesperson also pointed to a letter that Clark sent to a CDC advisory board on Dec. 16 about vaccine distribution. On Wednesday, Clark offered Amazon's "operations, information technology and communications capabilities and expertise" to help distribute the vaccine. CORONAVIRUS IN THE US: STATE-BY-STATE BREAKDOWNOn Dec. 11, the FDA issued the first emergency use authorization of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine.
Nearly 20 Capitol Police officers test positive for COVID-19
Nineteen members of the US Capitol Police force have tested positive for the coronavirus — two weeks after a mostly maskless mob stormed the Capitol, according to a report. The infected officers were quarantining at home as of Tuesday, Bloomberg News reported, citing an official familiar with staffing issues. The cases come after pro-Trump rioters, few of whom were wearing masks, attacked the Capitol. Several lawmakers, who had to be evacuated during the chaos, have also since tested positive for COVID-19. The Capitol Police force is made up of 2,300 officers and civilian employees.
A first peek inside President Joe Biden’s Oval Office
An Ohio graduate student was killed in a freak accident...President Biden sits in the newly decorated Oval Office at the White House on Jan. 20, 2021. Family photos are seen behind President Biden's Oval Office desk. President Biden has already made the Oval Office his own. Meanwhile, behind the presidential desk are a slew of framed Biden family photos. Biden posed for photos in his new office sitting behind his desk wearing a face mask.
Suspect charged with butchering man, stuffing remains in suitcase
Benjamin Satterthwaite, 28, is accused of butchering 33-year-old Joshua Lockard, whose remains were found in the suitcases by two city employees in southwest Denver on Dec. 29, according to a police affidavit obtained by KMGH-TV. Satterthwaite was taken to a hospital while cops obtained a warrant to search his home. Police also found a bloody saw blade Satterthwaite bought from a Walmart on Dec. 27, authorities said. They also said he had a meth addiction and was recently kicked out a rehab facility, the outlet reported. Satterthwaite has been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.
Biden to staff: ‘I will fire you on the spot’ for ‘disrespect’ to others
President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned about 1,000 presidential appointees on a video conference that he will fire them “on the spot” if he hears that they have shown “disrespect” to people in their professional conduct. No ifs ands or buts,” Biden told the staffers, talking to a large video screen“Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity. “I said, ‘Yes’ — and I meant it — ‘and I can do it in one word, one word: possibilities, possibilities. '”Biden told his staff: “You’re my possibilities. “You’re going to try to keep us safe and secure from the threats and the unseen, to root out systemic racism,” he said.
Police discover cannabis farm in London financial district
LONDON – The first cannabis farm has been found in London’s historic financial district, where office buildings have been emptied because of lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19, British police said on Wednesday. The City of London Police said 826 cannabis plants were found in a building near the Bank of England. The police said there were reports of a “strong smell of cannabis,” which led to the raid. “We are now going to be the subject of endless jokes about ‘now we know what the Bank of England has been on,’” he said. It is very quiet around the Bank of England, I should say.”Reporting by Andrew MacAskill; Editing by Paul Simao
Biden needs to think bigger on vaccines — D-Day bigger
Biden said he will open 100 federal vaccine sites in school gyms, community centers and stadiums the first month. The US needs to vaccinate 1.8 million people a day to achieve herd immunity by July. Last week, a Biden transition official said it, but Biden himself needs to say it — forcefully enough to be heard below the Rio Grande. Finally, Biden has to keep the ­focus on the United States, not succumb to his party’s globalist sentiments. With the virus growing more dangerous, Biden needs to recognize the urgency of getting the nation vaccinated — and fast.
Ohio State grad student killed in freak parking garage accident
An Ohio graduate student was killed in a freak accident when her head got crushed between her car door and a toll booth in a parking garage, according to a report. Victoria Strauss, a 23-year-old studying social work at Ohio State, was leaving the garage in Downtown Columbus on Monday at 11:37 p.m. when tragedy struck, the Columbus Dispatch reported. The car lurched forward, causing her to become wedged between the vehicle and the toll booth. “She attempted to retrieve her card by opening her door and leaning out to pick it up,” local police said in a statement. “She inadvertently accelerated and collided with the parking kiosk.”Strauss, a Florida native, got her undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University, where she was on the dance team.
Jessica Tarlov On President Biden’s Inauguration Speech
On today's Guy Benson Show, Jessica Tarlov, Fox News Contributor and Head of Research at Bustle gave her take on President Biden's Inauguration Speech. Listen To The Full Interview Below:
135 civil rights groups speak out against Congress' proposed new domestic terror law
135 civil rights organizations signed an open letter to Congress on Tuesday urging them not to expand terrorism-related authority. The solution, they said, is not to create more laws to prosecute domestic terrorism, but to use the laws already on the books more effectively. Some Democrats have called for a new domestic terrorism bill that would establish new government offices to monitor suspicious activities within the country and combat terrorism, with a specific focus on White nationalists and neo-Nazis. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Wall Street Journal reported in November that then-President-elect Joe Biden would make a domestic terrorism bill a priority. Meanwhile, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who sponsored the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act in 2019, said this week he would reintroduce the bill after the Biden administration takes office.
Gen. Keane: Biden, Trump may have more 'commonality' on China policy than most believe
President Joe Biden's foreign policy as it relates to China may be more similar to his predecessor than many expect, Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) "The fact is," Keane added, "that the people around President Biden pretty much agree with the Trump's redefinition of the global security challenges that we're facing." Keane said Biden's circle, led by Secretary of State-designate Antony Blinken, appears to understand the power competition between the U.S. and China and the threat posted to America by North Korea and Iran. CHINA SLAPS SANCTIONS ON POMPEO, NAVARRO, OTHER TOP TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALSThe major differences between Trump and Biden, he added, are in matters of style and tone. "That is the opportunity facing the Biden team.
Ex-Obama adviser calls Trump supporters an ‘issue of Homeland Security’
An Obama-era deputy national security adviser painted Trump supporters as an "issue of Homeland Security" and called for government and Big Tech to regulate information on social media in a televised interview Wednesday afternoon. He said the result would be "a lot of work" for national security officials. "Can government work with these tech compani