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Stuck at home? Get in some yard, garden time

Stuck at home? Get in some yard, garden time shares email

Virus issues have taken over the newspaper, private conversations and the internet, and we aren’t talking plant viruses. COVID-19 is causing great uncertainty and fairly dramatic changes in our human behavior and plans. A few folks are in mandatory quarantine, more in self-imposed quarantine and hundreds of thousands are spending more time at home and getting out much less while we are trying to limit the spread of this new virus. The question becomes what to do with yourself with this unexpected full or partial staycation. Gardening and time in your yard should be one of your top priorities if you are among the “homebound well” folks. Doctors recommend time in the sun and fresh air to help prevent virus problems and that is besides the normal health benefits of being outside and getting the vitamin D our skin processes from UV-B rays from the sun. Most doctors suggest a minimum of 15 minutes per day in the sun. More is better for most people as sun exposure battles osteoporosis, depression, cancer, stroke and heart attacks.